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    I’d almost think the PTB see less need for military age men given drone technology. Why make a vaccine that hits them so hard.

    V. Arnold

    Yes it is. It would be expensive even for 200 pills.

    Wow!!! Thanks so much…almost pulled the trigger…so-to-speak…
    I’ll keep looking… 😉


    @ VArnold: I just placed an order with Kachhela for a friend:

    100 Hydroxychloroquine Tabs $ 10

    100 Doxycycline LB Capsules $ 5

    100 Ivermectin 12mg tabs$ 5

    120 Azithromycin 500mg tabs $ 20

    Shipping charges $ 40

    Total $ 80 USD

    V. Arnold

    Holy shit! That’s incredibly cheap…lucky friend.
    I tried dealing with Kachhela, but they only tale USD, which I can only do with a debit/credit card, which they do not take…
    Trying to do a money transfer from Thailand via my US bank to India is beyond my ken, not to mention expensive as hell…
    Of course, the bandits I can use, take credit/debit cards no problem… ;-(
    Thanks for that information…


    For info
    Not cheap

    Stromectol (Ivermectin)
    Is it safe to buy Stromectol from your pharmacy?
    Our products are sourced only from facilities certified by authorities in the countries we import them from. has a rigorous process for selecting our partners, so that you, our customer, get the safest medicine. We are also a Certified Canadian Pharmacy that adheres to the requirements imposed by the Province of British Columbia.
    How much does Stromectol generic cost at your pharmacy?
    Generic Stromectol 6 mg starts at $33.99 for 4 tablets, while the 12 mg dosage starts at $101.99 for 50 tablets.
    What is the price per tablet?
    At our pharmacy, Stromectol 3 mg starts at $3.50 per tablet for the generic version and at $9.05 for the brand version.
    How much is the shipping?
    Our shipping fee is a flat rate of $10.00 per order. Our pharmacy focuses on getting you the lowest prices on high quality products.
    How do I order from your pharmacy?
    Ordering Stromectol from us is very simple. You can place the order online or call Customer Service at 1866.920.3784. For additional information or for the ordering process, visit our How to Order page.
    Are your Stromectol prices competitive?
    Yes, we are taking great pride in offering some of the most competitive prices across Canadian pharmacies. In some cases, we might be able to either match or beat our competitors’ prices. Please call our friendly customer service at 1866.920.3784.
    Can I buy Stromectol over the counter from you?
    No, Stromectol requires a valid prescription from your doctor. We do not sell this product without a valid prescription.


    I bought 48 tubes of “Horse Wormer” Ivermectin as soon as I heard of it’s effectiveness against covid last year at Chris Martenson’s website “Peak Prosperity”. I have been handing them out to people who might need it. Recently, a musician friend came by because he caught covid and it was getting bad. I gave him some Ivermectin paste and zinc. He was better in 4 days. It seems that most people think that it is getting suppressed to generate more money for big pharma. It has to be GREED that is pushing this right? No. The power brokers behind the scenes had just manufactured another imaginary hobgoblin to keep the populace scared so they can be controlled. ANYTHING that makes that hobgoblin diminish in size or effectiveness is suppressed relentlessly.

Viewing 6 posts - 81 through 86 (of 86 total)
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