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    I’m glad I don’t live in Bustralia as get off the f…ken bus if you’re not vuxxed

    I live in Few Zepland there’ll be only a few of us unfuxxed left on this lead balloon of a banana republic



    The file has been deleted

    Thank god for everyone who saved it


    My objection was to the idea that there is any viable stopgap measure other than radical conservation/simplicity by design or default. Nukes are no exception

    Maxwell Quest


    Bravo, on your excellent defense on the accomplishments of Wikileaks!

    And yes, scientists must be free to disagree with one another and display their arguments before the scientific community. How else can we progress along the path of knowledge? When this is removed, and all thought is regimented from the top down, as in the days of Vatican supremacy, all new light is blocked out. Darkness and stagnation prevail. We are currently getting a taste of this with all of the bureaucratic top-down pandemic policies.

    And in the scientific community, I’m guessing that there is still a healthy contingent of brave truth-seekers by whose efforts the various disciplines are inched forward. I say “inched” because of the tremendous inertia they have to overcome by their respective dogmas and bureaucratic gatekeepers – the Anthony Faucis of this world.


    Mr house “s he says “well i don’t see why not, its such a simple thing”, which got me thinking, to these people that is all it is. A simple thing.”
    Yes, that is how my friends (except the one with myocarditis) above age 60 see it as well. “It’s just a shot, and then you have no restrictions. I took it and I am fine.” ….says the woman who had a mini-stroke, micro-clots, and high-blood pressure 5 months later which she in no way possible saw as linked to the vaccine.

    Userzeroid “What has wikileaks achieved thus far? How many people have been held accountable for collateral murder? ”

    TRK “ i live in a dumbveloped country.” lmao

    Of course, Wikileaks is just a journalistic endeavor – it disseminates information. It isn’t Wikileaks responsibility to *do* anything beyond share information. Why has nothing been done about “collateral murder”? Because we the sheeple are too busy making a living, watching TV (or it’s equivalent,) pulled into the political left/right dichotomy to come together and hold our political leaders and institutions accountable. We don’t know how to act together. We are so mesmerized by one-to-many communication that we don’t communicate effectively. In most cases, our education was so stultifying that many (like my 15 year old son, whom I was helping with a writing assignment yesterday evening) experience anxiety at reading anything that requires effort to understand, and are not accustomed to using mental effort and discipline to solve problem, or well versed in communicating complex ideas to others.

    It isn’t that folks *cannot* do these things…but they have never needed to do them. They lack the mental discipline…the neural pathways for doing them have atrophied from lack of use…or were pruned long ago and would need to be recreated. I think about what happens when I teach a new concept to a piano student, and the student struggles because the neural pathways need to be forged, used, and strengthened. This process requires real effort— not physical effort, but mental effort.

    Perhaps, as the narrative comes crashing down around the pandemic, enough folks will realize and feel the need to learn these skills. One can hope.


    Controlling the narrative

    “….waking folks from their ignorance is difficult to nearly impossible; even in the face of direct evidence/experience which contradicts their beliefs …..

    ….the tremendous inertia they have to overcome by their respective dogmas and bureaucratic gatekeepers – the Anthony Faucis of this world.”

    I stopped talking/informing. I’m not having success trying to help. I tired of being the enemy.
    I keep my 2m distance.
    I wear my favorite mask, hang it up on the mirror, and wash it when it smells.
    I don’t have a passport and will avoid spending my money in businesses that want a passport
    Opps, time to wash my mask.
    Time, or old age will resolve the debate.

    those darned kids


    a dicktastership of awfulgarchs.

    a kullervo


    The Everlasting Dissatisfaction has a place for you in the zero-sum game we humans call the Universe.



    Spike protein shedding from the vaccinated

    This is a topic that I’d like to know more about. I’ve done some searches on various search engines, and can only find one document, ironically, the documenting outlining the protocol for Pfizer’s clinical study of the vaccine!:

    PF-07302048 (BNT162 RNA-Based COVID-19 Vaccines)
    Protocol C4591001

    Page 69
    Additional information regarding the EDP may be requested by the sponsor. Further
    follow-up of birth outcomes will be handled on a case-by-case basis (eg, follow-up on
    preterm infants to identify developmental delays). In the case of paternal exposure, the
    investigator will provide the participant with the Pregnant Partner Release of Information
    Form to deliver to his partner. The investigator must document in the source documents that
    the participant was given the Pregnant Partner Release of Information Form to provide to his
    partner. Exposure During Breastfeeding
    An exposure during breastfeeding occurs if:
    • A female participant is found to be breastfeeding while receiving or after
    discontinuing study intervention.
    • A female is found to be breastfeeding while being exposed or having been exposed to
    study intervention (ie, environmental exposure). An example of environmental
    exposure during breastfeeding is a female family member or healthcare provider who
    reports that she is breastfeeding after having been exposed to the study intervention
    by inhalation or skin contact.

    I had an odd, mild headache for 3 days that didn’t respond well to Tylenol nor ibuprofen following spending 3 hours in a house in close proximity to someone that had received dose 3 of Moderna vaccine two or three days prior. I’d like to know if this sort of a symptom from exposure to the recently vaccinated is common? It could be an immune reaction on my part — I already survived a full covid infection. (Ha-ha, maybe it boosted/updated my anti-covid antibodies.)

    When I try to search this out, I mostly find a lot of articles debunking “vaccine shedding” from the covid vaccines — of course, they only mention that “the covid virus” cannot be shed, or that the “vaccine components” (i.e. the nanoparticles) cannot be shed, ignoring the elephant in the room that was suspected in the Pfizer clinical study. (Although, I’ve seen nothing that suggests that the lipid nanoparticles *can’t* be shed, however, I agree that this is less likely, since they are more likely to be rapidly taken up by the body’s cells rather than expelled through the lungs or pores. Got to wonder what *does* happen to those lipid nanoparticles with the stabilized pseudo-uridine…sure, the hijacked cells get destroyed by the immune system…but does the mRNA get destroyed in the process? Or just released somehow?)


    My article “Spartacus” yesterday was meant for my 10,000 daily readers. But by now 1 million people have read it. Not all on my site. But even there it will be 2x more than any article I posted before in 12 years. Crazy. People are tired, and want to know more.


    Preprint: “The SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant is poised to acquire complete resistance to vaccines”
    When it escapes, vaccine-induced antibodies to legacy spike will enhance infectiousness.

    The comments section is very much worth reading too.
    Yeadon is there.


    The Spartacus letter has been deleted? (link says so) Hope thousands saved it. Wonder where it will resurface, as I’m sure it will.


    I did a google search ITS AT LOTS OF PLACES

    COVID-19 – The Spartacus Letter.pdf | DocDroid › covid-19-the-spartacus-lette…
    Its not at


    Thanks, zero, good to hear.

    Maxwell Quest

    “My article “Spartacus” yesterday was meant for my 10,000 daily readers. But by now 1 million people have read it.”

    Congrats, Ilargi. Lots of cross posting on that one. One never knows which spark will ignite the fire that eventually burns away the dead wood of falseness.


    A quote from my favorite sociologist, whose work turned many of my ideas about human society on their head:

    “This solidarity can grow only in inverse ratio to personality… Solidarity which comes from likenesses is at its maximum when the collective conscience completely envelops our whole conscience and coincides in all points with it… when this solidarity exercises its force, our personality vanishes, as our definition permits us to say, for we are no longer ourselves, but the collective life.” – Émile Durkheim

    On the flip side of this is deviancy, or those who break the rules and norms because their personalities have not been fully absorbed by the collective. Durkheim argues that a certain amount of crime is necessary in order for a society to evolve and grow. Too much, however, and it is destructive. One only need look back through recent history to realize that many of today’s statues and monuments carry the names of yesterday’s rule-breakers.

    A related example… My formative years were darkened by the oppressive psychological bludgeoning of a Catholic parochial school education, with all the hair-pulling, slapping, pin-sticking, hitting, choking, guilt, and meanness of a Dickensian novel. However, there were always one or two “juvenile delinquents” in each grade who fought back, sometimes going as far as to climb out of the window during class to the gaping amazement of the obedient, who sat by quietly and meekly. Only many years later did I discover that these were actually the “healthy” ones — Those who put up resistance to having their little spark of life (their personality) crushed out by the system.

    God bless them! God bless Julian Assange. And God bless all who oppose any form of tyranny, whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.


    @phoenix: we’ve talked about shedding here at various times. Vaccinated don’t shed the virus as that’s not what is in the vial. They *could* shed the spiked protein they produce following mRNA injection.

    You won’t find literature on it. Most people who have experienced problems point to the vaccine studies themselves, which [don’t remember exact wording] basically excluded people who spent time with pregnant/trying to get pregnant women, etc. Question would be, why???

    I believe it happens to varying degrees, at times. Consider yourself lucky if you only experienced a headache. Mine was much worse following indoor, extended contact with a close relative on the day of his vaccination.


    I hate cops – but this one has my respect.

    Dr. D

    Glad I’m not Spartacus. That looks like more attention than I am comfortable with.

    But what do you mean by “copy”? TAE copied it, ZH copied it, and the internet is forever.


    5 min of sense.

    “In his interview CJ discusses his early awakening to the existence of the Deep State, his experience of being in New York on 9/11, the red flags he saw from the very earliest days of the “pandemic” and more.”

    Doc Robinson

    “Especially given that the overwhelming majority of the political world claims to support vaccinations.”

    Adding to an earlier comment by phoenixvoice, this is a recent example of how political considerations interfere with medical considerations:

    This past week, CDC director Rochelle Walensky overruled the CDC’s vaccine advisory committee (consisting of “medical and public health experts”) in order to expand the booster shot eligibility and bring the CDC’s policies more in line with what President Biden wants.

    How did Walensky become the head of the CDC? She didn’t work her way up through the CDC organization. “Dr. Walensky, chief of Infectious Diseases at Massachusetts General Hospital, has been appointed by President-elect Joe Biden to serve as director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

    Doc Robinson

    Spike protein was injected into mice, and subsequently found in their salivary glands, etc, which suggests that the “shedding” of spike proteins could be feasible.

    In vaccines, such as mRNA vaccines, the translated SP [Spike Protein] is released into interstitial fluid/blood, distributed to many organs and triggers an immune response…

    Herein, we show that SP had a body-wide biodistribution, slow regional elimination, except for the liver, which showed an accumulation, and differential organ uptake. SP uptake was highest for the lungs, and this was followed by kidney, heart and liver, but not in brain parenchyma. SP was present in the choroid plexus, but there were no detectable SP levels in CSF. Thus, the brain vascular barriers were effective in restricting the entry of a viral protein (SP) into brain parenchyma and CSF in young healthy mice. Also, SP was present in the salivary glands

    While there was signal on the whole mouse, including the skin, it was most pronounced for the neck (mainly salivary glands) and the upper abdomen (mainly the liver)…

    Spike protein multiorgan tropism suppressed by antibodies targeting SARS-CoV-2

    Veracious Poet


    I think there’s still hope for us. I’m troubled by the use of natural immunity and religious/medical exemptions as the basis for legal fights against vaccine mandates. I understand it’s a platform for the argument, and the easiest one to fight for, but the legal fight should be based on constitutional rights.

    Well, this will probably once again fall upon deaf ears, but what the hell…

    The “constitutional rights” never existed. The US Constitution is a guideline of do’s & don’ts for Federal & State government, ie guidelines…

    When several states wouldn’t ratify the newly written Constitution, due to failure to include the newly acquired Natural Rights that the colonists had fought long & hard for, a Bill of Rights was added to ensure that government wouldn’t ignore the American experiment, which inevitably was the case.

    Since the entire effort (Constitution + Amendments) was made subservient to Emergency Powers (first seized by Lincoln & then permanently enshrined by FDR) “citizens rights” are honored, or not, by capricious .GOV officials…

    Of course for elected officials this was somewhat controlled (which is no longer the case with obvious election fraud), but totally out-of-control within the #DERP-STATE bureaucracy.

    Otherwise this thing drags on for months if not years as the courts keep tossing the hot potato onto the next level and the lawyers get richer and richer.

    All part of the plan, since lawyers are TPTB’s managerial class.

    Veracious Poet

    Big photo psyop today with Resident Xiden:

    I wonder how big a percentage of the Sheeple believe that “important” people like Slow Joe are actually injected with one of the cyto-toxins?


    Veracious Poet you have the best word play today:

    Resident Xiden

    My last one today:
    Karmala Harrisment
    What you end up getting for voting for Resident Xiden: and him dragging along that woman


    zerosum – democratic math


    Are there words that will not get pass the gatekeeper?




    650K reads / 1500 comments for Spartacus letter on ZH. Mostly affirmative comments and noise. A few contrarian ones of note.

    “If SARS-CoV-2 is a virus similar to SARS it can not be a “blood disease”. A respiratory virus can not be a blood borne pathogen. It would also be nearly impossible to transmit through respiratory droplets. It is either a respiratory disease or it is not.”

    “It is like “coronavirus” is the do-everything, pixie dust of the virus world. Like the symptoms range from the sniffles to your internal organs imploding……..but there’s “natural immunity”?”

    “Funny how it “eats your blood vessels away” but the survival rate is 99.7%. Funny how it is a deadly bioweapon that is the greatest pandemic the world has ever seen, but if you are under 65 you have a better chance of dying from lightning strike.”

    This entire “letter” is a thumbnail description of this psyop…….right down to its anonymity and choice of pseudonym.

    Doc Robinson

    Research Conclusions:
    “This study provided in-vivo evidence that inadvertent intravenous injection of COVID-19 mRNA-vaccines may induce myopericarditis. Brief withdrawal of syringe plunger to exclude blood aspiration may be one possible way to reduce such risk.”
    Intravenous injection of COVID-19 mRNA vaccine can induce acute myopericarditis in mouse model

    CDC policy:
    Inject Vaccines Rapidly Without Aspiration. Aspiration is not recommended before administering a vaccine.


    A fine comment found at NC/WC this afternoon:

    > [commenter name redacted]
    September 27, 2021 at 5:35 pm

    Disappointed to see your “the right (“freedom”)” logic, Lambert. The vaccines are bad news not only for lovers of “freedom” but also lovers of the precautionary principle. Nobody knows the long term effects of these things so the claim that they are safe and effective is just bunk. It’s simply outside the realm of knowledge at this point.

    The importance of the above point cannot be overstated. Dune, which you have been fond of quoting long before the recent movie, makes it a supreme commandment: though shalt not disfigure the soul. Forcing the immune system to mass produce Spike Protein B and its antibodies will, of course, have costly and unpredictable effects. To change the underlying mechanics of a complex system is to totally wipe clean the known parameters of possible system outcomes. Obviously the Biden people know this and while we could toss out nefarious conspiracy theories all day, I think destroying the one control group that cannot be manipulated by outright lying about the data, non-vaxxed people, is a reasonable guess as to why they are using such brutish tactics.

    Please don’t dismiss the vax hesitant/resistant as “the right.” And if you must, perhaps it’s time to re-consider why the terms right and left got their names; or at the very least, be more forthright in disclosing your values (maybe the emerging chaos of antibody dependent enhancement is your thing, but I doubt it). <

    Wish I could have written that..


    @Doc Robinson,

    If injected IV, what type of cell(s) would be used would be used to build out a version with the spike protein?


    > This entire “letter” is a thumbnail description of this psyop…….right down to its anonymity and choice of pseudonym. <

    they like to make sure We Understand, like The Captain in Cool Hand Luke.


    What we’ve got here is failure to communicate. Some men you just can’t reach. So you get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it. Well, he gets it. And I don’t like it any more than you men.


    @Doc Robinson,

    Diameter of a typical (human) capillary is 0.001mm (Area=785,714 nm^2)

    mRNA LNP diameter = 90-140nm (Average Area=10,391 nm^2)

    Outer Diameter of a 25 gauge needle=0.515mm (500X the capillary diameter)

    roughly 70 LNP can occupy the cross sectional area of a capillary.

    Red Blood Cells move thru capillaries single file.

    At any given moment, only about 5-10% of our capillary beds have blood flowing through them.


    Chooch- I will take your advice and read it again, as I meant to (but the weather has been too nice for screen time). It was an extremely emotional read. It made sense. I know I should be cautious in such realms. These are sad times when it is so.
    I still think there is a criminal conspiracy. It has to do with repurposing illnesses to create a false pandemic (and a subscription medical intervention service). I also think there is a synthetic spike protein pathogen. This is rare and likely dispersed into the system. Shooting everybody with a “vaccine” to produce it (or its amazing doppelgänger) seems connected to that other criminal conspiracy.
    “We are good/you are bad” seems to be the purpose of the whole exercise. It’s a diversionary tactic, for sure, and it’s a doozy.
    It’s still an amazing read. If “they” did it, “they”‘re getting awfully good.


    I will wait and see if “Spartacus” does more. He’s fed up. Let’s see where it goes next.
    My mate read it and found favor with it. This is a big plus. He won’t get punctured, but he is highly skeptical of any malicious übermensch ideas.
    “We” like to think each of us individually can wait this out. I am not so sure. I think we are indeed in ww3. “I” may well need to learn to function in the larger “we”.
    No war is like the last war.
    For the KD crowd, capitalist goals can be mighty violent (opium wars). For those who have watched endless hours of online documentaries, all wars are bankers’ wars.

    Still, it is an awesome piece of propaganda. I hope he’s for real.

    Like Assange. Bless him, but if the kill switch ever needed to be pulled…..


    all the 2000, 5000, 10000- word essays about what’s being done to us by what mechanisms during the “pandemic”- eloquent, well-composed pieces with all Is dotted and all Ts crossed- have been notable. Normalizing through repetition what they claim to be decrying is my take,
    but I’m cynical (not by nature).

    What shall one do?


    my parents,

    They are creating a list of all who read and shared that one so they know who to round up. Just kidding, still not Australia.

    Remember when the space shuttle burned up on reentry. It was due to damaged tiles that shield the vehicle from the extreme surface heating on reentry. The launch video captured pieces foam insulation hitting the shuttle. It was dismissed at first because it was foam. Eventually they built a cannon to fire a piece of foam of similar size and velocity. It damage the tiles.

    In the moment, everyone has bought into the idea that the spike protein is pathogenic once it enters the blood stream. What if it isn’t?


    stuff like that.


    Why would injecting the covid “vaccine” into the deltoid muscle somehow keep it out of the bloodstream?

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