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    Jesus of Nazareth

    An open letter to Spartacus:

    In honor of your bravery, Spartacus, I now turn to my fellow slaves (or perhaps you think of yourselves as citizens, either way…) and address them.

    I propose we pause a moment and reflect on something we might do in response to the brave words of Spartacus. Stop the system from working. Just stop it dead. On one day. DEAD. Lend me your ears, fellow slave-citizens….

    Amid the pandemic hysteria it is good to remember H. L. Mencken said, “The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.” A cynical outlook you might say. But let’s entertain the thought for just a minute or two.

    So who’s out to save/rule us? I could diverge into speculation here, but most of us have a pretty good idea that it is a level (or two, or three?) above the world’s elected leadership. The billionaires are planning something for us. Why wouldn’t they? They’re technologically capable. Whatever DARPA has is 20 years ahead of what we’re aware of. They’re motivated. If we keep procreating and consuming, we’ll overwhelm planet by… oh, wait. That’s already happened. They’ve gotta step things up to avert utter disaster. And it goes without saying that they’ve got the means. The wealth transfer is strategic and ongoing. Global serfdom, here we come…. Or, do we?

    By now, some of are with me and some of you are wondering how far off the deep end I’ve gone. I realize this. I wonder myself. However, there is a peculiar quality to this madness, if that’s what it is. It has a clarity about it that far exceeds reality. Maybe this is how people get a Messiah complex? But you don’t need to know all that…

    My fellow citizens, I call you to action. Let us join Spartacus and rebel. He’s made it clear where this is all headed. Let us dedicate ourselves to taking back the empire (or planet, in this case.) It’s urgent business. But it’s also soul stirring, authentic and life-giving. And best of all, its pretty simple. We’re upholding the whole system.

    The entire thing is on our collective backs. We don’t have to participate in this system any longer. We don’t need jobs. We can build something better. Hell, if we have to, we can build a new economy and a new society based on our not-so-old hunter-gatherer tribal origins. A network of permaculture ecovillage tribes–groups of 100-150 people, networked with each other, bartering, sharing the surplus, coordinated yet decentralized, playing on our best evolutionary strengths—engaged full time in restoring the sacred relationship with the land, with all creatures—restoring, in effect, our humanity. Because, let’s face it. That is what is in in shortest supply. The corporations have taken over. Where now, is humanity?

    OK, perhaps I’m starting to sound grandiose, melodramatic, or, if you give me the benefit of the doubt, revolutionary. But I guess that comes along with madness. The evidence is mounting up. I have gone crazy. But then, sanity is no measure of mental health in a sick society. Crazy is a badge of honor.

    And, as long as we’re crazy (since this particular form of madness is contagious), we might as well do crazy things. Crazy people are known for fighting battles. Spartacus is leading one. Seems like a smart enough guy to me. Let’s join his army! Overthrow those bastards by withdrawing our support.
    Strike Nov. 8-11.
    -Jesus of Nazareth

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