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    What a passionate response we get when we only so much as mentioning the mighty Hebrews.

    It is not just here, we all know there are hundreds of sites dedicated to spewing out how it’s all the Jews fault. TAE is not one of them but does attract some level of the ‘blame others’ crowd by the nature of our discussions.

    Is the reason people wake up in the morning and spend their most valuable time and energy blaming the Jewish people for everything rather then spending it on building a better life for themselves merely because it is easier then risking failure? I think so

    But there are many that think that Jews are indeed the most evolved humans and they naturally become a target of lesser evolved ones since the latter generally don’t have the capacity to rationally manage their impulses and feelings such as fear and envy.

    Pretty weird ah?

    But then again it is truly odd how the Jews have been getting so much special focus and attention for the past several thousand years.

    Look today in the year 2012 after there are practically no Jewish people remaining in Russia and the ones that are there have been so brutally oppressed for generations yet read any media from there and most of the coverage is related to Jews, similar to many other places where they have never seen or talked to a Jew.

    Are they really so unique?

    in reply to: Prediction is Very Hard, Especially About the Future #1771

    Fellow readers and commenters of TAE I’ve been reading this blog since 2007-8
    And have added very few comments but decided to add to this heated Jew envy debate this time.

    1)It is a fact that the financial and economic negative discussions (be it with good intentions) forums and blogs naturally attract negative minds which thrive on lack of self responsibility and blame anything other then themselves for not reaching their potential, easiest to blame are the ones that do not fight back AKA the Jew who is busy building a better life for their children while the blamers well.. spend their precious time um.. blaming

    2)Blaming tiny Israel or its so called foreign policy is not only blaming the victim but are based on irrational lies and are identical to the unimaginable horrors inhumane treatment of the Jewish people who shared the European continent for hundreds of years with the blamers of those days.

    3)El Gallinazo despite your arguments (and many other negative commenters here) your written words clearly put you in the camp of blamers vs the pious and hard working Jewish people who are only struggling with their sovereignty and consistent declarations of war against them precisely because they do not do what you accuse them of, Israel would not be pointed at as ‘the bad guys’ if they defended themselves like say the Russians or Brits etc.

    Shame on you, you owe a humble apology to your incredible Jewish ancestors who consistently carried the burden of the losers and blamers for many many generations.

    Remember no one died for their sins, they live in a world of consequences and is one reason Jewish people are in the top percentile of all competencies.

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