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Alberto Giacometti Tête Noire 1957


Trump Can Come. But Let Him Know Britain Won’t Stand For His Bigotry, is the headline of an article for the Guardian by Owen Jones. It’s just one of many articles, and one of many ways, I could use to point out what’s wrong in our world. In a TV appearance on ITV he apparently added:

“At the end of the day, if he comes – no one is saying he should be barred from the country by legal means – we’re saying we will take to the streets and say we reject racism, bigotry and will stand for the values most people in this country believe in.” Jones went on to insist “most” of the United Kingdom are against President Trump so it was in the country’s best interest to stand up for their beliefs.

That got him a lot of flack from right wing viewers, who see him as ‘far left’. But it doesn’t matter if he’s left or right, he’s just terribly wrong. Because his own country, Britain, is as we speak exposing itself ever more as the racism and bigotry capital of the world. Who then are Britons to protest perceived racism and bigotry in someone who’s not British?

Jones should focus on cleaning up his own pig sty before speaking out about Trump, because if he doesn’t, he himself is a bigot. As are all his fellow countrymen and women who are planning to protest with him on Friday July 13 when Trump visits. You really think you don’t have enough to do at home? Or are you just trying to divert attention away from that?


I don’t want to read Jones’s article, because I already know what’s in it. Jones is part of the echo chamber that feeds off itself on a 24/7 basis with every word Trump speaks and every move he makes. Why read any of it anymore? The problem of course is that the chamber has made any and all constructive discussion impossible about all things Trump that badly do need such discussion.

And not only do they increasingly lose the fake discussion they try to energize all the time, they are giving birth to a whole new development that expresses a deep fatigue with the echo chamber and its machinery. Not based on left vs right, but on echoes vs thinking.

We find that the Democrats routinely rig their own primaries, and Nancy Pelosi isn’t even trying to deny it. Upcoming lawsuits, discovery and investigations will reveal ever more not-so-fine details about the Dems. And then they will end up in the same position as Owen Jones: clean up after your own pigs first, and then perhaps you can speak.


So what do we -predictably- get on the heels of this? We get people who are ‘supposed’ to be in the echo chamber, but escape from it. Too deafening, too blinding to think for one’s own. We get Candace Owens and Kanye West, who only have to cast a sliver of doubt on their supposed roles of “every black person must vote for Hillary, and denounce Trump”. Or else.

We get writers like Caitlin Johnstone and Jim Kunstler, themselves miles removed from anything right-wing, expressing the hope they derive from Kanye et al. Simply because what he says doesn’t emanate from the NYT-WaPo-CNN cacophony. People who like me would much rather address where Trump goes wrong, but find that as soon as they do, their words are sucked up by, and lost within, that same cacophony.

Which has monopolized the discussion, and thereby made it impossible. There is no space for our voices, no space for nuance, no space for questions. They’ll come after Kanye with all they got, but they must be careful. If the Dems lose the black vote, they’re done and toast, and going after Kanye will look a lot like going after all blacks. They can try and channel Obama, but would he dare go after Kanye?

Whose message, in no more than few handfuls of words, is simple: love conquers all. Or in old Jamaican: Live it Up and Love it Up. How do you credibly attack that? Even if he uses those words to support Trump? It won’t be easy. And then they will see more prominent black voices sound sympathetic to Kanye, and thereby to Trump. Ain’t life a bitch?

Caitlin Johnstone really got stung by the happy fever:


Happy New Universe Day

Could something big be in the works? Something which transcends all our little echo chamber walls and ideological boundaries, which comes not from the repetitive thought loops in our minds but from our deep evolutionary drive to survive? I hope so. And call me naive and deluded if you like, but right now I’m seeing plenty of reasons to hope.


And Kunstler is not that far behind:



Speaking as a white cis-hetero mammal, I’m not quite as dazzled by the president, but it’s a relief to see, at last, some small rebellion against the American Stasi who have turned the public arena into a giant holding pen for identity offenders — though it is but one corner of the triad-of-hysteria that also includes the Hate Russia campaign and the crusade against men.

This nonsense has been going on long enough, while the country hurtles heedlessly into a long emergency of economic disarray. Next in line after Kanye and Candace, a popular Twitter critter name of Chance the Rapper endorsed Kanye endorsing Candace, more or less, by tweeting “black people don’t have to be Democrats.”

[..] Of course, the whole Kanye / Candace dust-up may be forgotten by the middle of next week, and the country can go back to gaslighting itself into either a new civil war or world war three. Candace seems to have drive, guts, and stamina and there’s no sign that she’s going to shut up. Won’t some Ivy League university please invite her to speak, just to see what happens?


That’s right, resistance against the resistance, and not from some right-wing bunch of nuts. But from people who are fed up with being told what to think and do and write. Kanye and Candace have now become the voices for everyone who’s not completely deaf yet. And it’s in the nick of time.

Did Trump start WWIII? No, the US bombed a few sheds in the desert. Did Trump bring Kim and Moon around the table? He certainly played a major role in that. Should he get a Nobel Peace Prize for that? Hell, why not, they gave one to Henry Kissinger, and Barack Obama. So why not Trump and Xi and Kim Jong-Un?

A new world, a new universe even? Do we need those? But it won’t be “forgotten by the middle of next week” either. There are far too many people who don’t want any steenking echo chamber to tell them what to think anymore. Who see them for the pig sties they are, trampling in their own filth.


For Britain to hit the streets to protest Trump’s alleged bigotry, racism, misogyny is so completely nuts it’s hard to find what to say, in view of their own government’s treatment of their own fellow citizens, let alone ‘foreigners’ like the Yemeni’s bombed to shreds with weaponry that same government sells to Saudi Arabia.

If you live in that kind of climate and you think protesting Trump is the thing to do, you probably deserve the government you got. But yes, Britain has a long history of longing to be held superior to other people(s), and the more than longing is shattered, the more they seem to want it. The US is not much different, if at all. The French suffer from it too. A superiority complex born of fear.

That’s what a ‘journalist’ like Owen Jones should be writing about. About how his own people can solve their own problems. Until then, not another word about Trump.

As for America? They have Kanye and Candace and Scott Adams now. That should suffice to help them along on the path to smashing up the echo chambers that cause so much physical and mental damage. Think for yourself. Don’t let a newspaper or TV channel think for you.

As for Trump, you can’t read or watch any story that’s negative about him anymore and think it has credibility. And they did that to themselves, the overpaid NYT/CNN/MSNBC crews. They didn’t need any help.

Meanwhile, all politicians on all sides in both the UK and US are the very people you should least want in their positions. It’s what our political systems determine: sh*t floats to the top. And until we separate politics from money altogether, that’s not going to change.

I’ve always steered clear of that whole Kardashian clan, they make me shiver, and all they stand for. But wouldn’t it be simple logic for them to wind up in the White House? First a game-show host, then a Facebook family? When it comes to that, Britain is far behind.



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    Alberto Giacometti Tête Noire 1957   Trump Can Come. But Let Him Know Britain Won’t Stand For His Bigotry, is the headline of an article for the
    [See the full post at: Live it Up and Love it Up]

    V. Arnold

    Righteous rant Ilargi. With a bit of wry thrown in? 😉


    Alternate truth

    Alternate reality – There was a chemical attack.

    Alternate reality – There was no bombing.

    Alternate reality – there is a nobel peace prize for the USA/Trump


    I don’t buy it that Trump had anything to do with the good that is happening in Korea. Moon and Un were on this trajectory long before Trump. The US is checkmated by North Korea. Any move by the US military against the North would end in disaster.
    When Kissinger and Obama get the Nobel, is it even relevant anymore?

    Jef Jelten

    Trump had about zero to do with Korea. This had much more to do with it and should be repeated far and wide on a regular basis;

    “Revolution by Candlelight: How South Koreans Toppled a Government
    South Korea’s Candlelight Revolution was the culmination of a sustained protest movement that brought out over 16 million people—almost a third of the country’s population.”

    Revolution by Candlelight: How South Koreans Toppled a Government

    And the fact that Un is not Il. So you have two entirely different leaders in north and south so let us pray that they can reunite despite western interest in having that not happen.

    This is all classic Trump, a deal is looking eminent and he comes along to put the TRUMP stamp on it so he ends up looking golden.

    I don’t hate or like trump but you are getting a little carried away with the pom poms there Ilargi.

    V. Arnold

    I must say Ilargi; I do not understand the painting; Tête Noire 1957.
    Any suggestions…

    Chris M

    It could be said that a revolution of the kind that Caitlin Johnstone alludes to is similar to a repentance, a turning away from what we innately know is evil and towards what is good and perfect.

    As participants in this blog, one of the greatest evils we discuss on a day to day basis is the evil of undervaluing people through our conduct of trade. Our money is based on the monetization of debt. It should be based on the monetization of people’s production, their talents being used to create and to also serve their fellow human beings. Until we honestly address this issue, we will continually be under the system of debt and bondage which keeps us from the freedom to fully be what we were meant to be, to be people that love our neighbors as ourselves.

    Doc Robinson

    V. Arnold,

    One interpretation (with online translation attempt):

    Tête noire, vers 1957-1959
    Un des aspects philosophiques du projet de Giacometti : arriver à faire le portrait d’ « un homme fait de tout les hommes, qui les vaut tous et que vaut n’importe qui », selon le mot de Sartre en 1964. Ce plâtre peint de 1958 Grande tête illustre cette tentative sans cesse recommencée de fixer un réel en permanente mutation qui a animé l’artiste sa vie durant, aboutissant à une des plus hautes expressions de l’art du XXe siècle.

    (Definitions of fixer: verb, Déterminer de façon précise…)

    Black head, circa 1957-1959
    One of the philosophical aspects of Giacometti’s project: to paint a portrait of “a man who is all men, who is worthy of them all and who is worth anybody”, in the words of Sartre in 1964. This plaster painted with 1958 Great head illustrates this constantly renewed attempt to fix a permanently changing reality that animated the artist throughout his life, resulting in one of the highest expressions of 20th century art.

    (Definitions of fix: verb, Determine precisely…)


    John Day

    I’m going to speak up on my own for Caitlin and Ilargi here. I’m a sensitive, entitled, 60 year old white male vegetable-gardening fixie-rider who grew up on Marine Corps bases during the Vietnam war and is no stranger to fist-fighting, or meditations on universal compassion. My patients range from PCP-using black male schizophrenic gang members with 3 little teardrop (murder) tattoos, to white women with PTSD from guys like that.
    There is a disturbance in the force. Everybody is feeling it. Everybody feels tense. Hell, drivers are almost hitting me several times on one commute, due to an urgency, coupled with a blindness. People are feeling the stress of the impact coming and looking at their smart-phone porn, shouting “LA-LA-La-lalalalalaaaa!”
    The last time the Zeitgeist awoke was 1967, and it was the left that jumped the social consciousness, Walter Cronkite, Jim Morrison and The Grateful Dead. BAM! Oil peaked in the US after that, but not the world. The zeitgeist slept, and was carried on as a fake ghost, like Marx is carried by Marxists, Keynes by Keynesians, and Jesus by Christian hierarchies. https://michael-hudson.com/2017/12/he-died-for-our-debt-not-our-sins/
    Things being cyclic, the Zeitgeist is at the extreme of a Yang swing, and about to turn hard Yin, so it is appropriate that the political right, out of left-field, become filled with the Holy Spirit and start emanating the light of universal loving-oneness out of their entire beings.
    I’ve read about this kind of esoteric stuff, but at 9 years old in 1967, I was like the little lame boy who couldn’t follow the pied piper into the maountain.
    We’ve all heard for years that we, as a species, need to evolve from materialism to spiritualism, or die, and we’ve all examined things pretty closely and figured we’re doomed.
    The Way of the Tao is Reversal.
    Cheshire Cat

    John Day

    Oh, I find Michael Hudson has an interview out on the ubiquity of debt-cancellation in the ancient world. This is really an ideal aspect of the Tao reversing.


    Nothing will change as you say, ‘And until we separate politics from money altogether, that’s not going to change’. This obsession with money is at the root of all man’s evil.

    V. Arnold

    Doc Robinson
    Thank you, very helpful.
    I had clicked on the image but didn’t get much from what it offered.

    John Day
    Iben Thranholm posits that the main problem of the west is spiritual; and I tend to agree with you both.
    Heres a link;
    Interestingly, the patriarchs of the Russian orthodox church also identify a loss of spirituality as the primary problem for the west.
    From one pov it seems too simple and from another pov it seems quite profound. I tend to the latter.


    V. Arnold,

    I had come across Tête Noire recently and the link to Kanye was obvious. But overall I’ve long given up trying to find pictures that are reflected in article content.

    If you Google Giacometti Tete Noire, you find he did a lot of similar paintings and drawings. And you can also see how Pinterest is trying to monopolize art the way Facebook does the interwebs. I refuse to link to Pinterest.


    Money can’t be separated (or eliminated) from politics short of ending its use altogether, and that could (only?) be accomplished through the simple (though not necessarily easy) abandonment of a single belief–and a lie, at that: that all “exchanges” must be balanced. Debt forgiveness isn’t a reversal, it’s a partial reset of the game. And changing from debt-based to production-based economics wouldn’t end the profit motive, Chris, which is the driver of the societal dysfunction.

    V. Arnold

    Thanks Ilargi; I do not use any social websites; facebook, twitter, pinterest, or any other.
    I comment here and 2 other blogs and that’s it.

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