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Jean-Léon Gérôme Truth Coming Out of Her Well to Shame Mankind 1896


Here’s the lowdown: the EU’s single market mechanism dictates freedom of movement for labor, capital, services and goods. These are not divisible; you cannot have one without the other. Still, that’s precisely what Theresa May, again, is proposing. She basically wants to keep the UK in the single market for goods, and make other arrangements for the rest. The EU will not accept that because it could have 27 other countries coming with their own versions of single market à la carte.

So why does she come with version 826 of what she already knows will not be accepted? And why did her cabinet comply? There are a few possibilities. Perhaps May has finally understood that there is no manner of leaving the EU left to her that will not lead to utter disaster. Maybe she just wants the whole thing to stop. Or maybe Boris Johnson et al, sensing failure for May, see a chance to dethrone her and take over power. Then again, maybe they all look for a way to blame the EU for their own failures.

It’s hard to say, really. What’s obvious, through the comments of industries like Airbus and Jaguar Land Rover, is that 100,000s of jobs are at stake, along with 100s of billions of investments in Britain. Large enterprises are often branched out all through the EU, and they need to comply with EU rules; separate rules for their business with the UK would be a nightmare.

And even smaller companies, to varying degrees, face those same problems. For all you may think of the EU, it has arranged the single market strictly and successfully. There are enormous advantages for companies in that. Take those away and they will look at relocating towards the continent, where they would regain those advantages.

There appear to be three options (and May’s plan is not one of them): a hard Brexit, new elections, or no Brexit at all.

A hard Brexit would be an unmitigated disaster, because everything in Britain runs according to EU rules and regulations. Changing that to British rules is a Herculean task, and one for which the UK is not at all prepared (and they just lost 2 years). An example: thousands of new border officials will be needed, something for which preparations reportedly haven’t even started in earnest. And that’s just one obvious example. A hard Brexit would ruin the country. Not because Britain couldn’t function as a country, but because it’s so utterly unprepared to do so.

New elections wouldn’t solve the issues, they probably would even necessitate an extension of the March 29 2019 date by which the UK is set to leave the EU. But they would open the way to have another look at what’s actually at stake. Do Britons really want to lose all those jobs, and see their standard of living deteriorate accordingly? Because from what I’m reading all the time, the Tories’ austerity has already hit hard, and infrastructure – roads, schools, hospitals, NHS etc.- is being dismantled. A hard Brexit on top of that would be very painful.

No Brexit at all : that’s the most interesting option. Quite a few of the protagonists involved must realize by now how bad things are. Not just May. And that’s where the jockeying for position starts. On the one hand the sociopaths want the power, on the other they want to deflect the blame if things go awry.

A nice angle is emerging for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who has so far insisted his party must protect the people’s Brexit voice: he can now make the case that since the Tories wasted two years, that vote has lost validity, because a ‘decent split’ is no longer possible. It would even be against national security (no joke).

A stronger case could perhaps be found in the campaign financing of the Leave campaign. It seems clear that there have been irregularities, it’s just a matter of how much. If it was too much, the entire referendum could be declared null and void. But what do the media focus on?

Yes, the Russians, who allegedly furnished capital for the campaign. At the very time that the May government comes out with a Novichok 2.0 tale, which has even less credibility than its older sibling (which led to 324 diplomats being expelled). Britain has a Russia problem. Or, its government does. The English football team and its supporters do not.

Cut out the Russia stuff. Focus on Arron Banks and the money flows around him. It may be the way for everyone involved, except for those close to Leave.EU, to get out of this mess unscathed. The path is clear, says lawyer Jessica Simor:

Why It’s Not Too Late To Step Back From The Brexit Brink

[..] the government does not deny that reversal is legally possible. Its position accords with advice, which I am told from two good sources the prime minister has received, namely that the article 50 notification can be withdrawn by the UK at any time before 29 March 2019, resulting in the UK remaining in the EU on its current favourable terms. [..] As a lawyer, I agree with them. Article 50 provides for the notification – not of withdrawal but of an “intention” to withdraw. In law, an “intention” is not a binding commitment; it can be changed or withdrawn.

Article 50(5) is, moreover, clear that it is only after a member state has left that it has to reapply to join. Had the drafters intended that once a notification had taken place, a member state would have to request readmission (or seek the consent of the other member states to stay), then article 50(5) would have referred not just to the position following withdrawal, but also following notification. Such an interpretation is in line with the object and purpose of article 50.

I’d say this has turned into a story not of political preferences or ideology, but into one of sheer incompetence. Britain risks being thrown back into the age of Marx and Dickens. I’m all for independence and sovereignty, and I fully agree the EU is a massive threat to both, but this is not the way to go about these things. Get in, stay in, while you can.

Oh, and as for incompetence, that’s something you’ll see everywhere as economies dwindle, it’s not a British trait. They’re just among the first to face the challenges. The vast majority of politicians in the west will be exposed as grossly incompetent once the markets start to really go down. It’s easy to make the impression that you know what you’re doing in times of growth, but the litmus test is trying to deal with crisis. Most ‘leaders’ will fail.



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    Jean-Léon Gérôme Truth Coming Out of Her Well to Shame Mankind 1896   Here’s the lowdown: the EU’s single market mechanism dictates freedom of mo
    [See the full post at: Gross Incompetence]

    V. Arnold

    I love that picture for all the obvious reasons and the darker message aimed directly at the viewer…


    Well Raul, you’ve changed your tune; what happened to “big beautiful Brexit” ?
    You have uncritically accepted the globalist-EU propaganda line that the UK will suffer terribly if it simply walks away with no deal ;rubbish. The big car manufacturers, airbus etc have too much to lose in capital sunk costs & future profits to cause unnecessary disruption;They are shit stirring,panic mongering for extra leverage and against a UK govnt of Tory traitors,quislings & self serving falstaffian wankers, they have sadly been successful.
    However the games still afoot;If parliament rejects this castrated vassal-state version of “brexit” then the UK simply leaves;real Brexit! What a majority of British people voted for.
    We have a Conservative party that neither conserves or cherishes our nation and a labour party that despises the white working class from which it originated;preferring to pander to the globalist puppets & trendy minority interests.
    The libdems are just neo-lib dumbs; a curse on all their houses. I predict a revival of UKIP or a new nationalist party very soon.


    I haven’t changed my tune; I merely say that with these people disaster is guaranteed.


    Yes Des.
    No pain, no gain.


    BTW the painting original name is “La Vérité sortant du puits armée de son martinet pour châtier l’humanité”. She is not out to shame mankind (or peoplekind as Justin Trudeau would correct us), but to punish it, chastise it, whip in hand.


    Brexit is becoming dramatic. You are correct. The incompetence and pending devastation are clear to see. My Dad was born 100 years ago. Today has the same feel as the lead up to the Great War. The Wiltshire poisonings are a repeat the Anthrax Terror seven days after 9/11 that helped ignite the current 17-year old Holy War against Islam.

    Will PM May ignore the victories of the England football Team in the World Cup? If so, the intention is another war in Europe. Who in the hell thinks they will make money from this calamity. Airbus and BMW are clear it is not them. There are vampire capitalists devoted to chaos and the free movement of labor and capital above all else. The need to be jailed.


    So why does she come with version 826 of what she already knows will not be accepted?

    David Davis, Secretary of State for Exiting EU, Steve Baker, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State and Suella Braverman, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, have all resigned.

    I expect May to call a spill vote at which she doesn’t stand. Boris will win. When it becomes clear he can’t do it either, he will call a General Election. Corbyn will win and call another referendum. Brexit will lose. Democracy in action.

    V. Arnold

    That is interesting; but I’m with Lavrov; “I stopped following steps of our partners from the Foggy Albion. I am not interested in this at all.”
    Britain has been relegated to irrelevance, IMO…


    It won’t win the World Cup either. I like Belgium, but the sweetness of France beating England in the final would be delicious.


    Raul; re world cup; bollocks to you ! England are a good team & I hope & believe they can win !& I’ve put money where my words are.You Spaniards have never forgiven us for smashing your armada eh ?


    I’m Dutch Canadian.

    Dr. D

    Classic bureaucracy: they offered a completely symbolic Brexit vote to shut up the UKIP, which was so accidentally mishandled in the lead up that they actually lost…just like they lost the EU referendums 3 times, lost HRC, etc… The people knew back when they refused the EU that this was an abusive, anti-democratic trap to put Europe into a single state under an unaccountable central bureaucracy, soviet-style, and indeed many of the key players are eastern bloc. This has been fully played out and revealed in Greece, Italy, France, Germany, and everywhere else that Brussels attacks, extracts, and vindictively, unproductively, punishes non-compliance while giving themselves 6-digit paychecks for not showing up. (Not that it would matter, since the EU votes are non-binding anyway.)

    So the people have been clearly opposed all along, and again each time there’s a vote, regardless (or because of) what they do. What’s a self-respecting fascist (or Soviet) to do? Well, exactly what Raul outlines, all of which lead to the Brexit and the referendum being “accidentally” cancelled, and the 13 Billion keeps floating the Euro-fascist project. There’s your money for NHS, school food programs, etc., plus your new non-compliance to the 30,000 new laws the EU passed.

    Would a hard Brexit hurt, cause a recession or depression as the whole economy is suddenly re-calibrated? Of course. But why don’t you ask Greece about the wonders of staying in the loving “family” of “Europe”. That Depression started the minute they signed up for the EU, they would only choose to experience it now instead of later, as the whole EU collapses…an eventuality which seems inevitable, and soon, now.

    But the Lords don’t want the people, they don’t want their fascist central-state project to go down in flames as all central-state plans do, but most importantly, they don’t want to be embarrassed. Much, MUCH better to kill a hundred thousand Englishmen and a million Europeans instead in the developing conflict. Profits are higher and more secure.

    So yes, there’s no democracy even in the off-decades when you have a referendum, the “democratic” institutions make certain of that, and Theresa May is just playing her part. She’s no real leader and has no business being there, they placed her specifically to be sacrificed when it all goes down as they arrange and order it to. Then they can attack the people some more, call it “Brexit” and get them to vote Remain (still unlikely), or lose it in procedural wrangling. …Doesn’t matter, so long as Brexit doesn’t happen and the people aren’t heard. Ever again.

    I say, surely, obviously that was what they were going to do. Of course they were. You knew that as far back as the European Common Market they’d always extract Britons (not their billionaire leaders) just as they have Spaniards and Greeks. Why act shocked now? But the question is what they wish to DO about it, and this I can’t say for them. Personally, I wouldn’t let it pass, and force a Brexit by any means necessary from sheer stubborn cussedness, to bring them to heel and regain my life and sovereignty, but how to do that within their institutions, I can’t say. At the moment, they could just run out the clock and let Europe collapse economically and socially, then step back, because it seems most likely that will happen anyway, as Tusk and Merkel and all force it along.

    Meanwhile Europe is hoping to cause a “right wing” backlash they can fight and blame for their thefts and failures while grabbing more power, but that’s not going as well as they planned. They needed violent, racist Nazis and they’re not getting them, even down in the Golden Dawn. Europe is complex and not my specialty, but when the winds blow hard enough it’s not hard to tell the direction. Get out while you can, however you must. From the day they joined and ceded their sovereignty, there were only bad decisions. Make one, take your lumps, and regain your soul, the heart of the Englishman. They will rise if you ask them. They always have. Godspeed.


    DR D; well said !
    Raul; why does a dutch Canadian want france to beat England & give the rottschild putain Macron something to gloat about ? vous sont quebecquois ?


    Because the English overhype themselves, Des.


    “Because the English overhype themselves”
    that’s it? pathetic.Actually modesty & understatement are traditionally English. Don’t confuse the tawdry idiots on the global stage with the everyday indigenous inhabitants of this isle.
    Any way,I shall leave you to your daily hand wringing over the hordes of illegal immigrants drowning in the med.
    Toodle pip.

    John Day

    If you look at actions, instead of words, Theresa May and Donald Trump are both easier to understand.
    Both are highly constrained by the situation, and their situations are different. Theresa May has every interest in actually preventing Brexit for her masters, so she runs out the clock after scoring own-goal.
    Donald Trump is doing what he is told by his masters, and doing it very badly, which does not serve them, and I don’t think he really likes serving anybody, but I am just speculating, because there is so much fog of war these days. One thing to consider about Trump is that he is comfortable using Paradox as a tool of social change. He says something really scary and repulsive that is the opposite of his ultimate action. Nuking North Korea becomes negotiating peace with north Korea, and maybe getting US troops out after that. I am inferring that no president really gets to BE president, but just to play president on TV. I think Trump can actually step the US down from global imperialist enforcer if he is allowed to. There is a deep-state power struggle between the neocons, and the faction sometimes called “rationalists”. Trump might actually serve the rationalists by doing everything Sheldon Adelson pays him to do. It all goes too far and creates an opposite effect. Risky. I’ll see how this works out, if I live through it.

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