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Johannes Vermeer The geographer 1668-69


July 7 2019, just another tequila Sunday. There are elections here in Greece, and the right wing will take over. Bad idea, because it will bring out the left wing resistance that have remained subdued while Syriza reneged on all their promises, but they were left wing, and how does left protesting left work exactly? They didn’t know. Better lay low. No more.

From now on in, it’s women and children first. And there are so many pent up grievances. Youth unemployment is still at 40%. While ever more Greeks are evicted from their homes through Airbnb alone. This ain’t gonna go well. That strong economy the right promises will be there exclusively for their own richer supporters, at the ever-increasing cost of the poor.


The US women’s soccer team just became World Champions again. That’s the last time in a very long time. Because traditional soccer countries now also have women’s teams. There’s a very peculiar division at the bottom of this. In Europe and South America and Africa, soccer is a men’s game.

In the US, baseball, hockey, basketball and American football have spent millions making sure soccer was turned into, and perceived as, a girly sport. Just so the best male athletes would not turn there. So the US, colleges, universities, have this decades-long tradition of women’s soccer. But they have no such tradition for men, while almost the entire rest of the world does.

That’s why the US women’s soccer team will never win again, and it’s also why the men’s team never will. No culture, no tradition, even as they easily could have them. This was very obvious to me in my Montreal days. In summer, in just about every city park, there were community and family gatherings of South- and Central Americans, and they were all playing soccer.

Still, Canada stinks at the game on an international level. Why? Because the hockey people don’t want the competition for male athletes. They cut it down wherever they can. All they would have to do is take the most promising 100 10-year old kids just playing in the parks in one city, and get them into a program. Within 10 years they’d have a national team that’s an international contender. Kids from Peru, Chili, Brazil, 100 different countries, and throw in the European kids that are there anyway. But no.


Still, I was going to talk about Trump again. Just to piss off the people some more who -stupidly- accuse me of supporting Trump. Though it is sort of the same thing: Greek PM Tsipras is set to lose (no results yet as I write this) because he never did what he promised. US soccer is set to lose because other domestic sports don’t want it to be successful. People are -mostly- blind.

First I saw this UK ambassador to Washington, one Sir Kim Darroch, has sent “secret” cables (memos) to his government about how Trump’s administration is supposedly “inept, insecure and incompetent”, as well as “uniquely dysfunctional” and “divided”. “We don’t really believe this administration is going to become substantially more normal; less dysfunctional; less unpredictable; less faction-riven; less diplomatically clumsy and inept.”

“Differences between the US and the UK on climate change, media freedoms and the death penalty might come to the fore as the countries seek to improve trading relations after Brexit, the memos said.” Oh, fcuking yeah, the UK is such a shining light on climate change and press freedom, right?! Who’s holding a certain journalist, one Julian Assange, in a maximum security prison again?

“Mr Trump’s publicly stated reason for calling off an airstrike against Tehran with 10 minutes to go – that it would cause 150 casualties – “doesn’t stand up”, Sir Kim said. Instead, he suggested the president was “never fully on board”. When I read that line, I thought Sir Kim was not-even-so secretly in favor of attacking Iran. Was that just me?

Oh, and earlier today I was wondering if they ever hand out these Sir and Dame titles to people who are poor or even destitute but who work 25 hours a day for the people around them, to make sure they can alleviate the suffering in their communities as much as they can. Or does that mummified “Queen” of theirs only bestow that “honor” on the upper classes? No, I do not care, I think I know the answer. Inglan is a bitch.

And if I’ve ever seen a dysfunctional, “inept, insecure and incompetent” government, it’s the one that these secret memos were sent to. From Cameron to May to soon Boris Johnson, let get real.


Then also today there were all these news reports about Jeffrey Epstein on how he’s finally being charged with abusing dozens of underage on his planes and his estates. This has been going on for decades (who was in charge during those years). What is the media focus? Trump, of course. But Epstein was thrown out of Mar-A-Lago I think 12 years ago for hitting on an underage girl. Does that mean we know for sure Trump was never involved? Nope.

But we do know that Bill Clinton flew 26 times in a few years on Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ bringing helpss girls so faraway places. So maybe he should be the main focus here, not Trump. Then again, it’s too late in the game now, isn’t it? US -and UK- media have bet all their money on the anti-Trump game. They have lost everything so far, and then they double down, everything on red style.

I’m thinking: guys, you lost, time to find a new game plan. But they don’t have the flexibility nor the intelligence required. Aaron Maté wrote another scathing -must read- essay on the Mueller Report , putting its credibiltiy at the same level as the Steele dossier, but one half of America doesn’t even want to see that. It only wants to see more damning reports, damn evidence, about their favorite orange piñata.

And no, talking about that does not make me a Trump supporter. Let’s say I’m looking at that like it were a game of soccer, and I point out to you that the other team has absolutely nothing while they’re already 10-0 down (that’s a very big score in soccer).


But a third thing i saw today really made me think Trump can’t lose in 2020. The Guardian of all places had a review of a book entitled American Carnage: On the Front Lines of the Republican Civil War by Politico writer Tim Alberta, in which Trump effusively praises Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, among other things by comparing her to Evita Peron.

“Trump says he first saw Ocasio-Cortez during her primary against Crowley, while watching TV with political advisers. “I see a young woman,” he says, “ranting and raving like a lunatic on a street corner, and I said: ‘That’s interesting, go back.’” Alberta then says Trump “became enamored” and “starstruck” by Ocasio-Cortez. “I called her Eva Perón,” Trump says. “I said, ‘That’s Eva Perón. That’s Evita.”

[..] Trump does row back on his praise, telling Alberta: “She’s got talent. Now, that’s the good news. The bad news: she doesn’t know anything. She’s got a good sense, an ‘it’ factor, which is pretty good, but she knows nothing. But with time, she has real potential.”


I still remain convinced that the one dimensional Trump haters, the same people who would accuse me of supporting him, don’t understand how or why that means he will win easily in 2020. Well, that, and they have nobody to put up against him. Joe Biden is not just a joke, he’s an old and stale joke. Kamala Harris is an attempt to cross Obama with Hillary. Bernie Sanders is a wonderful man, but he should be the campaign manager for a younger prospect, but who isn’t there.

And Tulsi Gabbard is being actively suppressed by the DNC, like Bernie Sanders four years ago. All the rest of the field are mere bystanders. It’s the exact same feeling of the GOP ‘contestants’ standing against Trump in 2016. They’re there to fill up space, and to create the illusion there’s an actual conversation or dialogue or contest happening.


Personally, I think it would be great if the Democrats have a valid candidate next year, at the level of Trump or better. The Donald should have stayed in real estate. But instead he’s the President, and now everybody has to deal with that. And you don’t do that by continuing to blame him for everything that happens under the sun. That ‘tactic’ has failed for three years.

Those past 3 years of media bias against him, plus the Mueller report debacle, should have made this clear. But what we see today is that neither the Democrats nor the press that supports them have anything to fight Trump with. While he compliments their main future asset for her talent, and for her likeness to a world-famous tragic actress-turned-politician and Broadway darling.

That’s why he’ll win.



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    Johannes Vermeer The geographer 1668-69   July 7 2019, just another tequila Sunday. There are elections here in Greece, and the right wing will t
    [See the full post at: Why Trump Will Win In 2020, And Easily]


    After I posted the essay, I see that Zero Hedge has a post that says Trump was the only person who helped both the prosecutor, and an attorney for one of Epstein’s victims, with information against Epstein.

    And FusionGPS, the Dem-paid co behind the Steele dossier, tried to link Trump to Epstein and came up diddly-squad.

    I am getting seriously tired of the fake anti-Trump squad, the DNS, the MSM, all of them. It is, indeed fake news.



    Tusli Gabbard will not win but at least if she gets in the next set of debates the idiotic never ending wars will get some TV time . That subject will not get any tv time from the MSM. Almost 5 trillion spent on war from 2000. The Warmongers are making a few very rich and the rest of us poorer or dead. The DNC requires 130,000 donors so even a $1 donation gets here in the next debate.

    95,345 (up 441 yesterday). Let's try to pass 100,000 this week! Please share with your friends. Getting some merch from shop.tulsi2020.com counts! Donate link –> tulsi.to/donate-now-fb

    Posted by Tulsi Gabbard on Sunday, July 7, 2019


    Detention Centers:

    Those people are living in better conditions than where they came from. They are better off. They are lucky.
    – paraphrasing Trump

    Read between the lines …. pick a story that make you comfortable Its only beginning Its going to get worst.

    The rich and powerful have made life for those refugees so bad that the conditions in the detention centers are better than where they came from.
    Those refugee made their own bed, let them lie in it.
    The refugees don’t want to go back home. Why would they want to go back to their home?

    Look around …. see what is happening to the refugees at other detention centers. They still don’t want to go home.


    Survivors of the deadly air strikes on a migrant detention centre in Libya that killed at least 60 people have protested and asked for urgent evacuation.

    Since the attack on Tuesday evening, hundreds of migrants and refugees from Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia and other countries have been sleeping outside the Tajoura detention centre, in east Tripoli, reluctant to return inside for fear of another attack.

    V. Arnold

    Why Trump Will Win In 2020, And Easily

    But what we see today is that neither the Democrats nor the press that supports them have anything to fight Trump with. While he compliments their main future asset for her talent, and for her likeness to a world-famous tragic actress-turned-politician and Broadway darling.

    I’m surprised to hear myself agree with you on this; but when all is said and done; Trump has no opponent that can beat him. True that!
    The disarray of the US two party system is beyond anything I can remember in my lifetime.
    But then, the entire country, is in worse shape than during the Great Depression from what I’ve read of that time.
    Even Noam Chomsky has said such: Chomsky points out there was at least an expectation that things would get better. I don’t hear or see that in today’s U.S..
    That summarises, IMO, the present state of affairs in the U.S.A…

    V. Arnold

    Johannes Vermeer The geographer 1668-69

    The Vermeer is outstanding; love it…

    Dr. D

    No, no, can’t be! MSM polls say every candidate will beat Trump sharply, and Buttigeig will tie. …Even though he beat HRC BEFORE anyone saw he was pretty much NOT the devil, does basically ordinarily things, including backing away from three wars, and before the (fake) economic and unemployment numbers were up. Remember how the Dow would crash 10,000 points if he were elected? (and Brexit too?) Yeah. Every part, every word from any adult in any media, anywhere in the borders of these United States, is breathtaking. A breathtaking lie.

    A lie like cutting the mics of the candidates like Yang and — I kid you not — pasting a fake motion-captured pimple on Tulsi’s face. Are we in 6th grade here? (A: yes)

    All to do the expected, the inevitable, the boring, so obvious even mainstream people can see it, to engineer Biden’s support to organically transfer to Harris over a racial narrative. Not only to aggravate race relations, although it’s a given that must be encouraged, but to get a black Hillary in, one who imprisons poor minority children to private prisons for profits on truancy, lets bank fraud go, and to show true character, sleeps her way to the top — not a slur, not a joke — then openly talks about it. This is their chosen candidate, not Tulsi, who can capture those many disaffected Trump moderates.

    Meanwhile, Bobby Frank O’Rourke and Booker are literally campaigning in Mexico, exclusively with non-citizens, to erase all laws. Buttigeig then says to win they need to go further Left, much, much further away from the swing voters, further away from the majority view, and DEFINITELY further away from Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Is Trump paying them to do what they’re doing or something? It’s incomprehensible. But, okay.

    Now I know why South Park isn’t on. They’ve finally found it impossible to exaggerate or represent a world weirder or more illogical than the one we actually see. It’s unsatirizable. But they’re still calling to go further. Much, much further. On an transoceanic bullet train where we’re both going to stop all fossil fuels, AND regularly fly to the moon and vacation on Mars. But that’s okay. I can’t stop them. I guess they’re going where they’re going now, and getting what they’re getting. You have the right to believe what isn’t true, but you don’t get to escape the CONSEQUENCES of believing the things that aren’t true.

    Is this how parties like the Whigs and the Democratic-Republicans ceased to exist, vanished, joined the choir invisible, were no more? So sadly, it’s already impossible to find any path where Trump does not take 2020, perhaps in a sweep, including the House and inevitably the Supreme court by a strong margin. Congratulations on beating Tulsi and being the avowed, approved war-and-corporation party. I thought we had one of those already.

    Ken Barrows

    You can laugh at this statement in November 2020: Trump won’t win any state that he didn’t win in 2016 (I think he won 30 of 51 jurisdictions that have electoral votes.). If unemployment–the official U3 rate–rises to 4.0%, he won’t win at all.

    Most people, despite the scandals and the fierce rhetoric, don’t change their minds from election to election. One side will have a better turnout and will win. It’s that simple.


    >>Those people are living in better conditions than where they came from. They are better off. They are lucky.
    – paraphrasing Trump<<

    Yet nobody with any significant reach talks about the fraudulent debt-based money systems that create the poverty that cause people to flee their homeland.
    ESPECIALLY, the liberals, but also the conservatives.
    The mind control is near complete.

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