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Paul Gauguin Van Gogh painting sunflowers 1888


Trump-Ukraine Whistleblower Revealed (GP)
Adam Schiff Coached Vindman Throughout Impeachment Testimony – Nunes (ZH)
Tulsi Gabbard Unleashes On Erdogan: “Radical Islamist Megalomaniac” (ZH)
We May Not Have A 2020 Election – Kunstler (USAW)
The Fumes of Fanaticism (Kunstler)
Boeing Employee Raised Concern Over Max Sensor Three Years Before Crashes (G.)
Over 50 Boeing 737NG Grounded Globally With Wing-Related Cracks (RT)
Union Calls On Qantas To Ground Entire 737 Fleet For Investigation (G.)
The Age of Anger Exploding in Serial Geysers (Pepe Escobar)
Russia-India Counter-Terrorism Group Vows ‘Credible Action’ (RT)
Famed Pathologist Michael Baden Says Jeffrey Epstein’s Death Was Homicide



Yeah, I know what I said: no more Debt Rattles. But then yesterday I found myself looking at the Epstein story, the whistleblower revealed, and some Boeing stuff, Jim Kunstler etc., and I was thinking: I should at least keep those for reference. So I injected them into the Debt Rattle format, and that sort of gelled. And so I decided I can perhaps do this, but I did give myself a deadline: it can not cost more than two hours in the morning. Which means some of these Things will be short, and some days there may not be one.

Oh, and we still need financial support, badly. People have been mighty generous this week, but we would need 52 such weeks in the year.



OK, now we know. What is the next step?

Trump-Ukraine Whistleblower Revealed (GP)

The anti-Trump whistleblower behind the Ukraine witch hunt was revealed on Wednesday night. According to investigative reporter Paul Sperry, one person’s name keeps coming up in the impeachment hearings that fits the description of the whistleblower — Eric Ciaramella. We have reported on Ciaramella previously at The Gateway Pundit. 33-year-old Ciaramella is a registered Democrat, worked for Obama, worked for Biden, worked for CIA Director John Brennan, he’s a vocal critic of Trump and he helped initiate the ‘Russia collusion’ hoax investigation! Ciaramella’s identity was an open secret in the DC swamp, says Paul Sperry.

Mr. Ciaramella is a CIA officer who specializes in Russia and Ukraine who was detailed to work in the National Security Council under Susan Rice in 2015. He was then moved into the West Wing in 2017 to ‘fill a vacancy’ where he was able to ‘see and read everything.’ The Gateway Pundit and others had already identified Ciaramella as Schiff’s CIA whistleblower. But we were not the first to point out that this dangerous Obama operative was working in the Trump White House and was given access to top secret information. Mike Cernovich warned the Trump administration about Eric Ciaramella back in June 2017.

Read more …

Vindman is yet another ‘witness’ whose import is heavily promoted.

Adam Schiff Coached Vindman Throughout Impeachment Testimony – Nunes (ZH)

Rep. Devin Nunes claims that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff was coaching Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, the director of European affairs at the National Security Council (NSC), as he told House committees that he “did not think it was proper” for President Trump to ask Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky to investigate former VP Joe Biden during a July 25 phone call. “I have never in my life seen anything like what happened today, during the testimony of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman,” Nunes told Fox News’ “Hannity.”

“It was unprecedented,” Nunes continued. “I mean, they’ve been bad at most of these depositions, but to interrupt us continually to coach the witness, to decide… what we’re going to be able to ask the witness.” “And, to see someone coach a witness, this isn’t the first time that Schiff — Schiff is very good at coaching witnesses.”

Read more …

I see more and more people suggesting Tulsi is really a Republican. Ostensibly because you cannot be a Democrat and not agree with Hillary and her DNC. Expect ugliness.

Tulsi Gabbard Unleashes On Erdogan: “Radical Islamist Megalomaniac” (ZH)

A day after the US House of Representatives in a historic vote overwhelmingly passed a resolution to recognize the Armenian Genocide, resulting in an immediate fierce rebuke from Ankara, Democratic Congresswoman and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard issued a video statement slamming Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan as “a radical Islamist megalomaniac” who for years supported ISIS. Erdogan has been “slaughtering the Syrian Kurds and he’s using terrorists from ISIS and al-Qaeda as his militia,” she explained, and has “been helping ISIS/AQ for years,” according to the social media video message.

She also reiterated her consistent position that the Islamic State was born of the externally funded and weaponized push to overthrow the Assad government. “He has denied this but is now openly using militias of ‘former’ ISIS/AQ terrorists, exposing him for what he really is: a radical Islamist megalomaniac who wants to establish a caliphate with himself as the Caliph — the supreme ruler.” The Democratic presidential candidate said Turkey is now doing this “openly” and “brazenly” but also reminded her audience that she’s been warning about this for years.

[..] Concerning the Saudis, she joined relatives of Sept. 11 victims on Tuesday to demand the US government release its full findings on the role that Saudi state operatives played in the 9/11 attacks. “We are 18 years removed from this terrible crime, and the victims of this crime, the families who are here today, the American people deserve all of the evidence to fully come to light,” the Hawaii congresswoman said.

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Jim Kunstler is one of very few people who agree with me that Trump is not the biggest factor, his antagonists are, in intelligence, in the Democratic party, and perhaps most of all in the media. The MSM have taken it upon themselves to control what you think. And if you get your news mostly from CNN or the NYT or WaPo, what defenses do you have?

We May Not Have A 2020 Election – Kunstler (USAW)

“What I am waiting for is if and when indictments come down from Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham. I am wondering whether the editors and publishers of the Washington Post and New York Times and the producers at CNN and MSNBC are going to be named as unindicted co-conspirators in this effort to gaslight the country and really stage a coup to remove the President and to nullify the 2016 election. I say this as someone who is not necessarily a Trump supporter. I didn’t vote for the guy. I am not a cheerleader for the guy, but basically, I think the behavior of his antagonists has been much worse and much more dangerous for the nation and the American project as a long term matter.

I really need to see some action to hold people responsible for the acts they have committed. . . . I am not an attorney, and I have never worked for the Department of Justice, but it seems to me that by naming the publishers and editors of these companies as unindicted co-conspirators, that allows you to avoid the appearance of trying to shut down the press because you are not going to put them in jail, but you are going to put them in disrepute. That may prompt their boards of directors to fire a few people and maybe change the way they do business at these places.”

“When all is said and done, I am not convinced there is enough there to convict President Trump of anything. At the same time, there is probably going to be a lot of legal actions brought against the people who started this coup against him, and that’s going to be extremely disturbing to the Left. I think one of the possibilities is we may not have a 2020 election. In some way or another, the country may be so disorderly that we can’t hold an election. There may be so much strife that we cannot handle the legal questions around holding the election, and it may be suspended. I don’t know what that means, but I am very impressed of the disorder that we are already in. It’s more of a kind of mental disorder between the parties, but it could turn into a lot of kinetic disorder on the ground and a lot of institutional failure.”

Read more …

And some more of that.

The Fumes of Fanaticism (Kunstler)

Judging by the volume of intemperate emails and angry social media blasts that come my way, the party of impeachment seems to be inhaling way too much gas from the smoking guns it keeps finding in the various star chambers of its inquisition against you-know-who. You’d think that the failure of Mr. Mueller’s extravaganza might have chastened them just a little — a $32 million-dollar effort starring the most vicious partisan lawyers inside-the-Beltway, 2,800 subpoenas issued over two years, 500 search warrants exercised, and finally nothing whatever to pin on Mr. Trump — except the contra-legal assertion that now he must prove his innocence.

When you state just that, these frothing hysterics reply that many background figures — if not the Golden Golem of Greatness himself — were indicted and convicted of crimes by Mr. Mueller’s crew. Oh yes! The Russian troll farm called the Internet Research Agency was indicted for spending $400,000 on Facebook ads (and never extradited or tried in a court-of-law). Pretty impressive victory there! The hacking of Hillary Clinton’s emails by “Russia”? Still just alleged, never proven, with plenty of shady business around the search for evidence. Paul Manafort, on tax evasion of money earned in Ukraine, 2014? We’ll see about that as the whole filthy business of the 2014 Ukraine regime change op under Mr. Obama gets reviewed in the months ahead.

George Papadopoulos for lying to the FBI? Stand by on that one, too; still a developing story. General Michael Flynn, for ditto? You may have noticed that General Flynn’s case is shaping up to be the biggest instance of prosecutorial misconduct since the Dreyfus affair (France, 1894-1906, which badly-educated Americans most certainly know nothing about). To set the record straight I’m forced to repeat something that these New Age Jacobins seem unable to process: you don’t have to be a Trump cheerleader to be revolted by the behavior of his antagonists, which is a stunning spectacle of bad faith, dishonesty, incompetence, and malice — and is surely way more toxic to the American project than anything the president has done.

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Haven’t really seen much of day 2, but it looks like more posing by Capitol Hill. If one person, dies, you get a crminal investigation. And when 346 die, you get a hearing in the House?!

Boeing Employee Raised Concern Over Max Sensor Three Years Before Crashes (G.)

In a second day of congressional hearings into Boeing’s handling of its ill-fated 737 Max plane, lawmakers were shown internal records revealing that three years before two fatal crashes one employee had expressed concern that an anti-stall flight system at the center of crash investigations could be triggered by a single sensor. “Are we vulnerable to single [angle-of-attack] failures with [the system’s] implementation or is there some checking that occurs?” a Boeing employee asked in an email from December 2015, nearly three years before the first Max 737 crash in Indonesia almost exactly a year ago. The employee, who has not been identified, was referring to a sensor on the outside of the plane that measured its angle in flight and could trigger a system, known as MCAS, to push it down if it thought the aircraft was at risk of stalling.

Relying on a single sensor, aviation experts say, is fundamentally dangerous. With no back-up any malfunction could trigger the plane into a dive – as investigators believe happened with both the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airline crashes, killing 346. The release of the document, in addition to warnings from Boeing’s chief test pilot that the MCAS system could engage without warning, adds to belief that Boeing overlooked safety in a rush to put the Max 737, its most profitable model, into production. The new email is among others unearthed during withering transportation committee hearings during which lawmakers have repeatedly assailed Boeing’s CEO, Dennis Muilenburg, over a failure to prioritize safety. “You have a systemic problem in your company. You’re driving profit. You’re not driving quality, and you’re sure as heck not driving safety,” the California Democrat John Garamendi told the chief executive.

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NG=Not Good.

Over 50 Boeing 737NG Grounded Globally With Wing-Related Cracks (RT)

Boeing has confirmed that it has grounded over 50 of its planes around the world, after wing-related cracks were discovered, while the company’s CEO has admitted to making safety mistakes. It’s the US aviation giant’s 737NG (Next Generation) model that is now under scrutiny. The plane is a precursor to the infamous Boeing 737 MAX, which killed 346 people in two crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia, and has been grounded since March. A Boeing spokesperson told AFP that some 1,000 planes worldwide had “reached the inspection threshold.” The problem these inspections zeroed in on was the so-called ‘pickle fork’ – a part of the plane that connects the fuselage to the wing. The US aviation authority this month ordered checks of Boeing 737NG planes that had made over 30,000 flights.

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33 planes at over $100 million a piece. When are the airlines going to sue Boeing?

Union Calls On Qantas To Ground Entire 737 Fleet For Investigation (G.)

Australia’s aircraft engineers association has called on Qantas to ground all of its Boeing 737 aircraft after cracks were discovered in one of its planes. Steve Purvinas, the federal secretary of the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association (ALAEA), said the fleet of 33 should be “grounded until such time that Qantas can establish which aircraft are safe and which aircraft aren’t”. According to Purvinas, the crack was discovered in a part of the plane known as the “pickle fork”, which is part of the landing gear. “It is a primary structure which takes the load off the wing,” he told the ABC on Thursday. “This could cause loss of control of an aircraft, and Qantas shouldn’t be flying them.”

“The first [crack] found on a Qantas aircraft was about an inch long, it’s very small. But these things do propagate very quickly when they’re under load…It’s when that grows, and that grows very quickly, that you have problems.” He told the ABC on Thursday that another crack had been found in a second plane overnight. On Thursday morning, Qantas announced it would bechecking more than 30 of its Boeing 737 aircraft after cracking was discovered in one plane during a maintenance check. But Purvinas said the airline should go further and ground the fleet.

[..] The problem came to light after Boeing said that it had found cracking in a part of the 737NG (the model before the troubled 737 Max) called the “pickle fork” on jets being overhauled in China. Nearly 5% of 810 inspections subsequently conducted have found cracks in the part, which attaches the plane’s fuselage to the wing. Purvinas told the ABC that repairs on this kind of crack take “months to fix” and require a special Boeing team.

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The IMF. All the way down.

The Age of Anger Exploding in Serial Geysers (Pepe Escobar)

The presidential election in Argentina was no less than a game-changer and a graphic lesson for the whole Global South. It pitted, in a nutshell, the people versus neoliberalism. The people won – with new President Alberto Fernandez and former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (CFK) as his VP. Neoliberalism was represented by Mauricio Macri: a marketing product, former millionaire playboy, president of football legends Boca Juniors, fanatic of New Age superstitions, and CEO obsessed with spending cuts, who was unanimously sold by Western mainstream media as the new paradigm of a post-modern, efficient politician.

Well, the paradigm will soon be evacuated, leaving behind a wasteland: $250 billion in foreign debt; less than $50 billion in reserves; inflation at 55 percent; the U.S. dollar at over 60 pesos (a family needs roughly $500 to spend in a month; 35.4 percent of Argentine homes can’t make it); and, incredible as it may seem in a self-sufficient nation, a food emergency. Macri, in fact the president of so-called Anti-Politics, No- Politics in Argentina, was a full IMF baby, enjoying total “support” (and gifted with a humongous $58 billion loan). New lines of credit, for the moment, are suspended. Fernandez is going to have a really hard time trying to preserve sovereignty while negotiating with foreign creditors, or “vultures,” as masses of Argentines define them.

There will be howls on Wall Street and in the City of London about “fiery populism,” “market panicking,” “pariahs among international investors.” Fernandez refuses to resort to a sovereign default, which would add even more unbearable pain for the general public. The good news is that Argentina is now the ultimate progressive lab on how to rebuild a devastated nation away from the familiar, predominant framework: a state mired in debt; rapacious, ignorant comprador elites; and “efforts” to balance the budget always at the expense of people’s interests.

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Don’t really know what to make of this, let’s see.

Russia-India Counter-Terrorism Group Vows ‘Credible Action’ (RT)

Moscow and New Delhi will boost cooperation in the fight against terrorism and destroy militant “safe havens” around the world, the two countries’ counter-terror working group said in a joint statement. Meeting in India’s capital on Wednesday, the working group condemned “terrorism in all its forms and manifestations,” and called for deeper ties on counter-terror issues, including through “intensifying exchange of information” and “regular meetings at [the] experts level.” The two parties also stressed the need for “credible, irreversible … action against terrorists” and terrorist “safe havens” – particularly in the South Asia region – “without double standards.” Drug trafficking and other avenues of funding for militant groups, as well as countering extremism on the internet, were also touched upon.

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Strongly denied by the NY medical examiner.

Famed Pathologist Michael Baden Says Jeffrey Epstein’s Death Was Homicide

New York City’s former chief medical examiner insisted Wednesday that Jeffrey Epstein’s death was a homicide. Forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden was hired by the pedophile’s brother, Mark Epstein, to observe his autopsy after he was found hanged in his Manhattan lockup in August. “I think that the evidence points toward homicide rather than suicide,” Baden insisted on Fox News Wednesday. “The brother is concerned that if [Epstein] was murdered, then other people who have information might be at risk,” Baden insisted, suggesting powerful players may have been involved in the death.

“If they think he has information, his life could be in jeopardy.” Baden said there were signs of “unusual” activity “from day one” of the autopsy, saying the wounds were “more consistent with ligature homicidal strangulation.” Baden noted three fractured bones in the sex attacker’s thyroid that he insisted he has never before seen from a hanging death in 50 years of examinations. “Hanging does not cause these broken bones and homicide does,” he insisted on Fox. “A huge amount of pressure was applied.”

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Saw this map of remaining elephant populations and noticed most of them are where recently researchers said the origin of mankind is.






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    [See the full post at: Things October 31 2019]

    V. Arnold

    And so I decided I can perhaps do this, but I did give myself a deadline: it can not cost more than two hours in the morning. Which means some of these Things will be short, and some days there may not be one.

    This is your baby; the beauty of that, is that, you can do as you please.
    I’m reminded that the best writers write for themselves and not to please others…


    Hey Raúl, I just became a Patreon (as Thumbnail). I just couldn’t bear the reality of no more debt rattle. I have been selfish for nearly 10 years – not offering any financial support while you have worked away tirelessly to help keep us informed. It is you and Nicole who along with David Holmgren that have put me in this quite strong position – off-grid with water and financial security – over 100 fruit and nut trees and a owner built passive straw house. I had the shit scared out of me by being educated on the energetic, financial and environmental realities of the world by the wiser and diligent among us and I thank you. I thank you very, very much. I would also like to thank the community of commenters here on this site, offering additional and often very insightful information to the rest of us (I’m talking to you Dr D) – we all rally around your work and your generous offering.
    The media landscape is just so incredibly corrupt and deceitful these days and I think if you stopped writing I would just turn away from the internet and just work my garden. But then I would not know what was coming …….

    Dr. D

    Can open a page each day where commenters can tag the articles and links. That might be better protected on a different site (IRC?), but the world already knows to come here.

    Speaking of: https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/second-consecutive-quarter-what-americans-spent-most-money
    The economy is so good, all positive GDP is coming from buying new RVs! Problem: RV industry says sales have never been more dismal, they are shutting down. So…here’s where the BLS is fabricating line-items, because everything said by adults in the U.S. is a lie. …Thus to say, bad economy: donations are down.

    “Adam Schiff Coached Vindman Throughout Impeachment Testimony – Nunes (ZH)”

    This was incredible: new resolution (not investigation) allows the Republicans all normal rights of questioning, cross-examinations, etc only and entirely at the permission of the DNC. That is to say: no rights at all. This was seen here where Nunes asked Vindman basic questions: what did you know? what happened next? who did you talk to? and Schiff said, “Answer this, don’t answer that” to him through the whole interview. …Because Vindman would have to say he told Schiff and coordinated testimony with him, etc. That’s what Nunes means by “I have never in my life seen anything like what happened today.”

    “Tulsi Gabbard Unleashes On Erdogan: “Radical Islamist Megalomaniac” (ZH)

    A lot of this is right, but I wouldn’t call him “Radical”, maybe “Forceful”, and yes, he wants to reclaim the Ottoman empire under Islam, by taking Greece up to Serbia, as well as the middle east through Israel. Despite what I said yesterday, Tulsi is also not a Republican: she is a moderate Democrat. The twist with that of course is that Trump has Bill Clinton’s 1992 platform, only to the LEFT of it, as Trump is a “Citiot” from the nation’s second most liberal city who went to the Clinton’s wedding. Um, left? Liberal? Progressive? Manhattan isn’t Alabama or Utah, folks. Don’t believe me? Write down their platforms line-by-line and compare. Now compare to his depiction in the media as Hitler, and tell me where we are. But that’s not far off, as that’s exactly what the left is saying of Biden and Obama now.

    But as a sensible American moderate, even on the left side, Tulsi only looks like Eisenhower because the Twitter, the media, and the what small part of the DNC that is allowed to speak without being beaten and expelled for it are now to the left of Mao. …Again, I’m not kidding: Mao at least believed in the existence of governments and borders, while the present SJWs do not.

    P.S., while we’re on that, Omar wins more points from Storm Front for refusing to recognize the Armenian Genocide. …By the “Young Turks”, a bit off-color point for Mr. Cenk. Maybe he should rebrand?

    “We May Not Have A 2020 Election – Kunstler (USAW)”

    The government cannot indict the Press, for better or worse, that’s the job of the people. And that may be happening, as Obama comes out – again – against the circular firing squad ruining the party, this time against the gross intolerance of cancel culture. So he waits for Dave Chappelle to make it okay before joining with us Right Libertarians in actually having a Bill of Rights (of Man) and a 1st Amendment. But it shows it may be the high-water mark, and if so, the people may shove out this bad press, as we’ve already seen with HuffPo, Vice, CNN, etc. collapsing, being sold, and bankrupt. In that case, this Social Democratic Authoritarianism, known by some of its flavors such as Nazism, may be behind us, and the country tipping back towards skepticism and rules of law and process. Thank God. And only a couple journalists have been arrested so far, very few citizens shot; about the best outcome one could hope when starting from such a bad location.

    I’m not kidding when I say I can feel the wind on my face of these Jacobins, doing what Harris, Beto, Alinsky, and all planned for everyone who disagrees with them and their religion – like Manning, Dan Hale, etc. But we’re not quite out yet. And since we didn’t take our punishment but called a reprieve, we’re in no way cured or honest yet either. Take Israel or Nineveh for example, called out for redemption and got it, only to collapse maybe 20 years later. …Because no alarm, no danger, no chastisement, no reform. What can I say? Human nature. And so probably for us, probably piling our lack of morality, lack of real reform on with upcoming food and oil restraints. Still, always happy to avoid the Jacobins, people so proud of mass-murder they proudly publish a magazine promoting their historic values of intolerance and murder.

    “Russia-India Counter-Terrorism Group Vows ‘Credible Action’ (RT)”

    Guessing this is to hunt down the guys – Anglos, Deep State — who would keep Indian civil unrest on tap to extort Modi’s compliance, and also try to promote the nuclear war between India and Pakistan. You know, the one that would provide cover for the compounding central bank debt wall problem. Just guessing.

    “Famed Pathologist Michael Baden Says Jeffrey Epstein’s Death Was Homicide”

    Ridiculous to think otherwise. You don’t break your neck in three places by leaning against a sheet of paper. So…anybody going to do anything, Mr. law and order President?

    The elephant thing is about habitat. The elephants are an afterthought. Luckily, there is no special reason we can’t share the viable habitat, even in a space age. Go see “Black Panther”.

    Wow, Oxy, you are wonderfully set up. Goes to show what happens if you have a direction and lean against it day after day. Although being hard work, safer retirement than having a 401k in Wells Fargo and owning an $80,000 RV on credit.

    We are changing, and with media being no good at all, it is indeed pointless to quote them. Sort of a tethering problem, letting them control the Overton window instead of us, when far from fact-checking, they don’t even call sources anymore and ask for statements.

    However, without facts, information, what do we discuss? Our own pre-made biases? Then what? Transmit our biases to the next generation, just cause, free of the supporting evidence that substantiates it?



    Can open a page each day where commenters can tag the articles and links.

    That would seem a bit bland, but as I said, Things can be short, Two hours fly by.

    Thus to say, bad economy: donations are down.

    Donations are not down, ad revenue is. It appears widespread. Google and Facebook just keep the loot for themselves these days. Zero Hedge has greatly increased their ads. But they have people who do only that, and they have many people who must be paid, including that ad people. At TAE, there’s only me at the moment. That must be possible.

    Also, you need to wonder if you want to plaster your site with all these things. It’s where ad blockers came from. The best/worst example is still the Independent, which has become partly unreadable because of ads spreading over articles.


    oxymoron, that is great. It’s humbling to see someone say you have played a small part in their decision to turn their lives around, and then to see that succeed to such an extent.


    Also, Dr. D,

    I think people need to get used to the changing situation with sites like this, that they will disappear without active support. It didn’t used to be like that. You can force them to do that by disappearing behind a paywall, or you can remind them every now and then that the landscape has drastically changed. It’s a process that has taken place over multiple years, and maybe I should have rung the alarm earlier. From January first this year, for instance, revenue was halved once again. Without any chances in readership.


    Ha! Watching the impeachment hearing, and who’s there? Jerry Nadler! Haven’t seen him in ages. Where did he go?

    “The resolution lays the groundwork for an open hearing”:, says Jerry. You could have done that 37 days ago, Jerry. And you should have. The groundwork was always there, it’s absurd to suggest this resolution was needed to make that possible.

    Oh no, some wanker mentions Putin as a reason to support the resolution. Sad people.


    If i get the Dems’ ‘logic’ right, and I’m still not sure I do, then based on their House majority and the fact that only Congress can declare the US to be in a war, Nancy Pelosi tomorrow morning could announce ‘we’re at war with Russia’.


    ” … it can not cost more than two hours in the morning.”
    We, those who are here comenting can help you with our input. (including me.) There are good journalist out there that we can re-post their findings in the comment sections. ZeroHedge accepts input from many bloggers. There are other places that accept inputs from other sources .
    (eg. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/ )

    • Trump-Ukraine Whistleblower Revealed (GP)
    There are good comments in the original article.

    FLASHBACK: Mike Cernovich Was First to Report on Dangerous DNC Operative Eric Ciaramella in 2017 – A Biden, Obama, Brennan Spy in the Trump White House

    “When are the airlines going to sue Boeing?”

    They should. BUT, where will the money come from? RIGHT. Not from the elites.

    I would like to bring you attention to this article and the comments
    Fed Has Shovel, Digs Bigger Hole


    Ha, Karl Denninger, haven’t seem him in ages. And then reading through Karl’s post, i’m thinking, you really think this stuff must still be explained to people today? But yeah, maybe it must , and maybe I should get back into doing just that as well. It does feel silly though. You still didn’t get that?

    You and your wife own a small, 2 bedroom “starter” house. You decide to have a family. You need a bigger house. Your house has gone up in value by 50% over the last 10 years. Good, right? Wrong! The new, larger house has gone up by the same percentage; in dollars it’s gone up by much more!

    50% of $100,000 is $50,000. But 50% of $200,000 is $100,000! Not only that but the property taxes have gone up by that same 50% and they’re due every year forevermore into the future and, what’s worse, the interest is due on the loan too.

    So you say “well but I sell the $150,000 house and made $50k!” Ah, Grasshopper, but the $200,000 house is now $300,000, and you only have $150k! You got ****ed out of another $50,000; if there had been no price change your net requirement was another $100,000. It’s now another $150,000 instead!


    IMPEACHMENT: Will John Solomon testify?
    There are a lot of links supporting this narrative.

    Debunking some of the Ukraine scandal myths about Biden and election interference

    Debunking some of the Ukraine scandal myths about Biden and election interference
    John Solomon Reports October 31, 2019

    Facts do matter. And they prove to be stubborn evidence, even in the midst of a political firestorm. So here are the facts (complete with links to the original materials) debunking some of the bigger fables in the Ukraine scandal.

    The second episode occurred on U.S. soil back in August 2016 when Ukraine’s then-ambassador to Washington, Valeriy Chaly, took the extraordinary step of writing an OpEd in The Hill criticizing GOP nominee Donald Trump and his views on Russia just three months before Election Day. You can read that OpEd here.
    And it clearly adds to the public perception that Ukraine’s government at the time preferred Hillary Clinton over Trump in the 2016 election.
    In another words, the Burisma investigations were active at the time Vice President Biden forced Shokin’s firing, and any suggestion to the contrary is pure misinformation.

    Hunter Biden’s and Archer’s firm received monthly consulting payments totaling $166,666, or three times the amount cited by the media. In some months, there was even more money than that paid. You can review those bank records here.
    The monthly payments figures are confirmed by the accounting ledger that Burisma turned over to Ukrainian prosecutors. That ledger, which you can read here, also shows that in spring and summer of 2014 Burisma paid more than $283,000 to the American law firm of Boies Schiller, where Hunter Biden also worked as an attorney.

    Myth: President Trump was trying to force Ukraine to reopen a probe into Burisma Holdings and its founder Mykola Zlochevsky when he talked to Ukraine’s new president, Volodymyr Zelensky, in July of this year.
    The Facts: Trump could not have forced the Ukrainians into opening a new Burisma investigation in July because the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s office had already done so on March 28, 2019, or three months before the call.
    The prosecutors filed this notice of suspicion in Ukraine announcing the re-opening of the investigation. The revival of the case was even widely reported in the Ukrainian press, something U.S. intelligence and diplomats who are now testifying to Congress behind closed doors should have known. Here’s an example of one such Ukrainian media report at the time.
    So the activities and allegation now at the heart of impeachment actually pre-date Giuliani starting work on Ukraine. You can read the prosecutors’ account of their 2018 effort to get this information to Americans here.

    Doc Robinson

    Boeing CEO pleads cluelessness at yesterday’s hearing.
    Yeah, right.

    Boeing’s CEO was at a loss for words when he was interrogated by Congress over the company’s attempts to move lawsuits filed by the families of those killed in one of the 737 Max crashes to Indonesia…

    Peter DeFazio, the chair of the committee, later hammered Muilenburg, questioning how, as CEO of the company, he could not be aware of the company’s legal strategy in dealing with the two 737 Max crashes, which killed 346 people.

    DeFazio: This took me 30 seconds with a Google search. June 13th, Business Insider: “The company is arguing for the cases to be moved from the US to Indonesia.” And you would have us believe that you are not aware? Your legal team, they’re so far distant from you? You don’t talk to them? This hasn’t been discussed on the board?

    …You’re looking at hundreds of millions, billions of dollars of claims — you’re trying to move to a country, and this expert says [quoting Business Insider’s story again]: “Having a trial in a another country, with a different legal culture, less scope for close scrutiny of Boeing, would render the cases ‘worthless.'”

    And you don’t know that that’s happening, that you’re making that pleading?

    Muilenburg: Congressman, I’m aware of those articles … but … as I stated earlier …

    DeFazio [interrupting]: Would you please respond to the committee, after you consult with your lawyers, have they filed to move these cases to Indonesia, in any court in the United States, or do they intend to?

    Muilenburg: Mr Chairman, we’ll follow up with that information.

    Brian Kabateck, a lawyer representing multiple families of those killed in the first crash, told Business Insider that the cases should stay in the US as: “These aircrafts were designed in the US, conceived in the US, built in the US, sold in the US.”

    “I think everything critical that went wrong on that aircraft happened as a result of something that happened in the United States,” he said.



    “Saw this map of remaining elephant populations and noticed most of them are where recently researchers said the origin of mankind is.”

    Something deeply poetic about that map and your observation.

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