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René Magritte The song of the storm 1937



I was going to make this the shortest essay I’ve ever written. “Trump Will Win Because of Energy. Period.” But wouldn’t you know, things start popping up on exactly the topic it was going to be about… The difference in energy between Donald Trump and Joe Biden should be obvious to everyone, including Biden supporters, though they will try to ignore it, as well as the role energy plays in a campaign, as it does in life in general -not just human life either-.

People recognize energy, they feel it. it’s a primal thing, directly linked to survival. It doesn’t get recognized at a rational level, but somewhere much deeper. And it’s not even so much that Trump’s energy levels are above average, for a 74-year old (though they appear to be), but that Biden’s are so far below average – or perhaps exactly what you would expect for a 77-year old, which is why so few of them are running for president of the United States, a job that I think we would all agree requires a lot of energy.

When you take out of the equation which person you like or not, when you disregard their policy proposals, and you only look at energy levels, the difference is vast. And people will catch on to this. The first debate is in 9 days, September 29, and how do you prepare Biden for that? Trump last night suggested his handlers do it by applying ‘big, fat shots in the ass’, but even that wouldn’t do it.

Trump doesn’t need to hammer this point home too hard, it will be obvious no matter what. It may even be better for him to show compassion for Biden. One of the main instructions from his team will undoubtedly be to NOT go after Joe Biden so hard it will make him stutter. Because that would make Trump look like a bully, and give Biden points on compassion from the audience.

But I doubt Trump will be able to help himself. And perhaps, at least from his point of view, he should just be and remain who he is. Because that worked four years ago. Will these be the best-watched debates in history? Quite possibly. Meanwhile, as Trump yesterday worked all day -if we are to believe the reports- and then campaigned all night in Fayetteville NC, Biden was MIA.

That by now is a pattern. As is the mysterious lack of door-to-door campaigning by the Biden team. It may not be impossible to win that way, but it certainly would be a first. And it makes the team look like they have a similar energy level to Biden himself (In another mystery, we see people talk about finding it hard to get yard signs for the Biden campaign).

That leaves you with the impression that the Biden team really has just one message: Orange Man Bad. Not: vote *for* me, but vote *against* the other guy. the racist/rapist who killed 200,000 Americans and offends “our” troops”. That in turn appears to signal that what energy there is, is negative energy. Doesn’t look like a winning formula.

But if the media, including social media, keep on pumping out that same message 24/7, who knows how many people will buy into it? After all, Twitter and Facebook et al are even more important influencers today than they were in 2016. Then again, the Trump people seemed to be much stronger on social media back then, and why would they have squandered that advantage? But then again, again, they weren’t constantly censored and banned then.

Trump last night in Fayetteville:

‘Big, Fat Shots In The Ass’: Trump Again Suggests Biden Is On Energizing Drugs

Donald Trump has mercilessly taunted Joe Biden, telling supporters that his Democratic nemesis must be taking performance-enhancing substances and should undergo a drug test. Trump reiterated previous casual accusations that Biden is too senile to be a good fit for the US president’s office while talking to a crowd of supporters in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Using his nickname for his Democratic opponent, Trump said that “Sleepy Joe” is appearing conspicuously efficient during debates and public events.

“Don’t underestimate [him], he’s been doing this for 47 years. And I got a debate coming up with this guy,” Trump said as he grinned, before suggesting that performance-enhancing substances were behind Biden’s efficiency. “You never know, they gave him a big, fat shot in the ass and he comes out,” Trump claimed as his audience laughed. “And for two hours he’s better than ever before. The problem is, what happens after that,” the Republican president added. Adding insult to the injury, Trump said offering a drug test to Biden is an option.

Remarkably, this is not the first time the 74-year-old president has accused his 77-year-old rival of being on drugs. Over a week ago, he fanned the claim while speaking to Fox. “I think there’s probably, possibly, drugs involved,” Trump told host Jeanine Pirro. “I don’t know how you can go from being so bad where you can’t even get out a sentence…” he speculated without finishing the sentence.

Trump and Biden are expected to face each other during debates in Cleveland on September 29, in Miami on October 15, and in Nashville on October 22. Their vice-presidential nominees Mike Pence and Kamala Harris will have a one-on-one in Salt Lake City on October 7.



In that same vein, there was also this from Irishman Graham Dockery on August 27:

Trump Has Called On Biden To Take A Drug Test. Why Don’t Both Old Guys Take This Idea Seriously?

Trump is 74 years old and Biden 77. If elected, Biden would be the oldest president in history, and would assume office at the same age Ronald Reagan left the White House – himself exhibiting the telltale signs of Alzheimer’s disease. If Trump wins, he’ll beat Reagan’s record by one year. Ten percent of white Americans over the age of 65 suffer from Alzheimer’s and related dementias. After 65, the risk of dementia doubles every five years. Even if Biden was speaking coherently, he would have a one-third chance of developing dementia by the end of his first term. Likewise, while Trump may appear sharp, he’s twice as likely to be losing his marbles now than he was in 2016.

Modern drugs can mask the symptoms of cognitive decline fairly well. Donepezil, Galantamine, Memantine and Rivastigmine are all used to boost memory, attention and the ability to perform simple tasks – like using a phone. Aside from these prescription medications, a candidate looking for a quick pre-debate fix could swallow some Adderall, a legal amphetamine that boosts cognition, short term memory and attention span, not to mention whatever experimental cocktails these two might have access to.

I’m not suggesting that either candidate is a chattering speed-freak. Trump’s opponents have beaten that drum before, accusing the president of railing Adderall every time he sniffs in a speech. Biden, on the other hand, looks like a man who could use an infusion from Doctor Feelgood. But it would be nice to know for sure. Most Americans would likely balk at the idea of sending a medicated husk to negotiate with allies and outwit adversaries. Let the two men competing for this position lay their cards on the table, and let the American public use this information to inform their decision.

After all, this is the leader of the free world we’re talking about, the man who, with a flick of his finger, could doom the planet to nuclear holocaust. It’s probably best if this leader remembers where he left the tapioca pudding.


Note that by now Trump’s advantage on energy says little about how the 2020 election will eventually be decided. It’s no longer possible for the US to NOT to sink into a deep quagmire because of mail-in ballots and the many days it may take to count them, the hundreds of lawyers that will be involved in various stages of that process -including many lawsuits-, and the Supreme Court, which will be a major election issue before November 3, and a possible/probable deciding factor sometime after that date.

Add to this that having the most votes, or even the highest numbers in the Electoral College system, no longer guarantees you a victory -because: lawyers and because: states may try to tamper with that system- and you end up with the most godawful mess ever. You would think everyone in Washington has an interest in not letting the city devolve into a circus tent where the clowns end up fighting the lions and tigers, but apparently they all have “more important” things to consider.

And all the time I’m thinking, guys, take care of your country, at least someone take care of it, you’re going to have to live in it together next year and the year after that etc.




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    René Magritte The song of the storm 1937     I was going to make this the shortest essay I’ve ever written. “Trump Will Win Because of Energ
    [See the full post at: Why Trump Will Win]

    Mr. House

    Take care of the country, i don’t recognize my country anymore. All i ever wanted was to find a nice girl, have some kids, and mind my business. Sigh


    My take on all this is, if Jerome’s handlers want Trump gone, they will instruct the Fed Chief to crash the equity markets. If not, they will see to it the Fed hits the throttle, full turbo, until the funny bucks in the street are ass deep to a tall Swede.


    ” …. instruct the Fed Chief to crash the equity markets”

    Money talks louder than words.
    Get your popcorn.

    madamski cafone

    What is winning in this election? I’m not sure that “winning” is even an option in this election.Charlie Sheen

    V. Arnold

    René Magritte The song of the storm 1937

    Ah Magritte, lovely, the rain detail is amazing…

    Why Trump Will Win

    …in this election winning is losing…
    Can’t say it better than that…

    The U.S. lost its soul in Vietnam’s War of Resistence; it killed it on March 19, 2003…


    @Ilargi – a link for tomorrow perhaps.. Matt Taibbi has a wonderful column just out deconstructing all the media incentives and changes that have led to the hyper-polarised situation we now see.

    It’s been discussed here plenty in terms of the quality (or lack thereof) in MSM analysis, but I dont think I’ve seen it analysed quite so eloquently before. Sorry I don;t seem to be able to post the link (and will avoid posting the full text here, but google: “Hate Inc: Why Today’s Media Makes Us Despise One Another”

    V. Arnold
    Dr. D

    Your picture is upside-down.

    More interesting is that Kamala “Worst-candidate-in-the-history-of-the-United-States-even-including-Hillary” Harris, is arguably NOT eligible to be President.

    Not to get too far out on this, but although she is inarguably a “Citizen,” she is not a “Natural Citizen” as defined by the Framers. That is, although she was born in the United States, neither parent was a citizen – or even attempting to be – at the time. Why did the Framers set this slightly higher barrier, and why for the Presidency alone?

    Imaging Putin getting one of his supermodel girlfriends pregnant. And imagine he flies her to New York only for the day of the birth. That child WILL (according to new and recently made-up Supreme Court decisions) BE a U.S. citizen. So you want that child to be President? You know, when Russia or Britain attacks and therefore installs this child as the leader under King George III or Vladimir the Impaler? No, of course not. Yet as a nation of immigrants, we don’t want to DIS-allow self-made citizens from Congress or even Governorships, for example Arnold Schwarzenegger. So that’s what we did.

    Now note, this has never gone to court. Arguably McCain, being born in Panama (Military base) might not be eligible, but both his parents were citizens. Almost certainly Cruz and Rubio are ineligible, which is why they wanted them installed for ultimate removal leverage, better and easier than Nixon. So we don’t know what the Court MIGHT say because they make s—t up all the time: 2A, unlimited spying Patriot, civil forfeiture, Citizens United, whatever. But from the face-reading of the Constitution, as per the Federalist papers, Harris is not eligible to be President. And neither therefore Vice-President.

    Of course everybody knows nobody follows the law anymore. It was just floated a minute ago to both impeach the President for nothing, or to make the Court 1,000 members large to flood out elections, electors, and Conservatives, so the more obvious thing to do for now is to let them promote the worst candidate in the whole United States, one that even black people hate with every fiber, thank God every minute she speaks and leads the party with her dreadful baggage, and let her lose on her own merits. You can always take up this case later if necessary.

    But anyway, the riot thing failed, and you could tell the very hour their DNC internal polls came out and a) suddenly, there were riots! They weren’t peaceful! b) it was Trump’s fault. c) Trump was the one paying the rioters and fundraising to bail murderers and pedos out of jail d) actually Biden was the law-and-order candidate. Oh and he’s for jobs at home against China too.

    So since their violent gambit failed and as Nancy said “I don’t understand why there aren’t riots coast to coast” Joke’s on you Nancy! You haven’t left the bubble-of-dinosaurs in 50 years. They are just going to play plan B. I mean C. I mean D. I mean F. I mean F-37. That’s it. Where the pandemic that doesn’t kill anyone and Fauci and Birx say is safe to vote in will lead to a Biden landslide.

    You know how they said: not only does Electoral College allow small states to matter, but perhaps accidentally more important, it keeps you from knowing WHERE among 50 states to cheat. If it was a popular, you’d just sit home in Fairfax and stuff all 3 million votes at the county office. But when you don’t KNOW where, you have to rig all 50 States, each with different rules, right down to different counties.

    Well, the new plan solves all that. Now you just allow all the voting results to come in, see where you lost, then find mail-in votes with 20,000 Chinese mail-in voter IDs in THOSE counties. Lo! The election changes! As already reported! And amazing, they are psychic, they can report this result 3 months before it happens! Amazing, just shows how awesome and honest they are.

    When that doesn’t work, which it won’t, — and Podesta already said so last month — you get the contested election you want, which goes to the court you just lost but wouldn’t have worked anyway. Both sides claim victory, and the Derp State uses their operatives in the military to remove Trump regardless of the outcome. How can I say that? I didn’t say so, I’m just some dummy on the internet. THEY already said so in public. They “Will not concede under any circumstances” “they are going to remove him on Jan 20 if he knows it or not” and recently via the “82nd Airborne”.

    So they have fast-forwarded past all good candidates (whhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy?) past all campaigning, past all debates, past all votes and all vote counting, past all legal arguments, ALREADY to splitting the military into factions and open military civil war. But we knew all this decades ago. They’re just openly telling you now, if you bother reading anything.

    So: directly to Civil War and Generals arresting Generals. Got it. One problem: the military and military Intel is who installed Cheeto in the first place. The overwhelming majority of dog-faces, (excepting the Air Force, of course) support staunch Constitutionalism and 80% voted Ron Paul for example. So although they can cause a Civil War and get a bunch of folks killed, I don’t see how they can win there either.

    But killing folks is both their means and the end goal, so….

    Carry on. As you were, men.

    Anyway, don’t worry about the election. It’s a pointless sideshow. Nobody cares what happens there anymore.

    Mister Roboto

    I think the big central banks of the world are covertly on Trump’s side. For pity’s sake, starting the very afternoon after US Election Day 2016, they flooded the world’s financial markets with an overwhelming tsunami of printed money. Just look at a graph of any of the three major US stock-market indexes, and you will see it start to go steroidally up, up, up starting in exactly mid-November 2016. Why this would be so, I’m not sure. Perhaps these bankers understandably wish to see the horny-for-a-nuclear-war-with-Russia US Deep State reigned in. I’m pretty sure few of any of us would be here to talk about this topic if Hillary Clinton had won that election.


    The incumbent has an edge.
    Oh, and the press (CNN!) wants Trump to win, because hate is as profitable as strife and anxiety.
    The only democrats who want Biden to win are the rank and file, but they are worth less than nothing- especially to the democratic leadership.


    I prefer thr option of four good hours a day from Biden over 24 hours of Trump disruption. The news cycle is not where problems are solved. Divide and sell is the business model, but journalism is not a business. MBAs have engineered that quite dysfunctionally. All those outside the US have no idea about what the people want, so you are wrong 90% of the time.

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