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René Magritte The seducer 1953



USA Today Headline: “A Tabloid Got A Trove Of Data On Hunter Biden From Rudy Giuliani. Now, The FBI Is Probing A Possible Disinformation Campaign

(The FBI is examining whether the material supplied to the New York Post by Rudy Giuliani is part of a disinformation campaign by Russia.)”


Seeing that makes me think: with Comey, Strzok, Lisa Page, McCabe et al gone, who initiates and approves such “examinations”? The aforementioned were all involved in setting up the Special Counsel led by former FBI chief Robert Mueller, and that was the most embarrassing episode in the Bureau’s history. Which is saying something given J. Edgar’s penchant for dressing up in women’s clothing.

The Mueller probe was all predicated on vague and unproven Russian “disinformation”, and it fittingly ended with it too. With absolutely nothing coming out of the probe, that was based on the Steele Dossier which the protagonists knew was false even before the probe started, Mueller and his right-hand Andrew Weismann in the end had nothing left but “13 Russians” and Julian Assange to “justify” their $30 million, 2 year “effort”.

The only people they could lay any -always unproven- blame or suspicion on were those who could not defend themselves against false accusations. And when Concord Management unexpectedly did raise a defense, Mueller was shut down by a US judge in no time. It’s pathetic. Mueller’s a liar and a coward, as I’ve said a dozen times now. He should be exiled to Mars.

But what’s worse than his reputation having been destroyed, is that he and his pals hammered the FBI’s reputation as well. So when I read in October 2020 that “The FBI Is Probing A Possible Disinformation Campaign by Russia”, I’m obliged to ask: where does that come from?

Because apparently at least some things haven’t changed yet, despite the Mueller horror show. What the FBI needs is a thorough cleansing, not another nonsensical politically driven opaque “investigation” of Russians. The obvious problem, of course, is that the same media who edged on that disaster will also report on this one without an inch of actual journalistic curiosity or integrity.

The media are in the same political wing as the FBI. They are all counting down the days until November 3, and they are all counting on their mishaps and misdeeds being forgiven and/or buried deep if Joe Biden wins, something they spare no effort to achieve.


But unlike the Democrats, in their present-day DNC, Hillary, Pelosi et al, setting, and the mainstream media, who have lost all credibility, the FBI will have a role to play in the future of America. All of the above have been caught in scandalous endeavors to halt a presidential candidate and then unseat a president, but unlike in the case of the Democrats and the media, the nation itself actually has the means to change the FBI.

And it will have to. Because it needs a domestic intelligence service that can go after people who attempt to subvert the workings -and laws- of American society. But yes, that means people like themselves. And once the FBI becomes complicit in such subversion, there is no-one left to investigate them. A classic problem, who will investigate the investigators?

Sure, in “normal” times that should be the House, but the Democrat House is also part of the entire “cabal”. Just remember Adam Schiff’s and Jerry Nadler’s shameless statements of having evidence of collusion when they very obviously did not. So that’s not going to happen. Or at least, that’s what they all think. But it must, Biden victory or not.

Ironically, an Amy Coney Barrett confirmation for the Supreme Court, in that regard, may be seen as a move to save the country, to save the integrity and moral fiber of the United States. Because if the House won’t, and the Senate can’t, save the country from the FBI turning rogue and siding with one side of the political system , the Supreme Court will have to. Or else.


A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for the entire DNC-FBI-MSM cabal. Which counts on all they’ve done to magically disappear under President Kamala. And that is not going to happen. If the FBI and Capitol Hill will not see to it, the judicial system will. How big a role Michael Flynn lawyer Sidney Powell will play in that depends on how much people like Bill Barr are willing to take on, but Powell is up to the task.

Of course there are legitimate questions about how exactly the New York Post and Rudy Giuliani got hold of the emails and other Hunter Biden-related material. But the fact that the Biden campaign after three days still hasn’t disputed its veracity is a major tell. All they have done is point to Russian disinformation -again- and now the FBI is “investigating” that. The exact same thing Mueller failed to prove.

In other words, we’re still caught in a circle-jerk, only now Facebook and Twitter have joined in too. But the real question should not be about the Russians, that’s always only been a ruse. It should be: how do we restore the reputation and credibility of the FBI that was so thoroughly annulled over the past 5 years?

If Biden wins, nothing will be restored. Because the FBI helped him win. If Trump wins, there’s a slightly better chance. Then again, Trump’s presidency didn’t change much. Comey, Strzok and McCabe disappeared, but new chief Christopher Wray is out there frustrating declassifications, and approving brainless probes like Russian disinformation in the Hunter Biden laptop case.

Which is not just useless, it’s an active attempt to direct attention away from what is actually there: the contents of the laptop. Which, again, remains uncontested by the Biden campaign.

If the FBI cannot be perceived by the American people as an impartial bureau, that will be a very big problem for many years to come. If people fear that it may -again- turn against a presidential candidate for partisan reasons, and lie through their teeth to achieve their goals, that will be it for the Bureau.




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    René Magritte The seducer 1953     USA Today Headline: “A Tabloid Got A Trove Of Data On Hunter Biden From Rudy Giuliani. Now, The FBI Is Pr
    [See the full post at: FBI = Disinformation]



    Shift the responsibility for something to someone else.
    Cannot pass the buck to the voters.
    The voters are powerless.
    The system has been rigged against the voters.

    Maxwell Quest

    Great analysis, Ilargi. It’s why TAE is a staple in my daily reading.

    As more and more Americans get wind of what is actually going on, and instinctively jump out of the DNC’s handbasket to hell before election day, we may have just one more chance to turn things around. It’s difficult to say what a second Trump term would look like, since he seems to have no plan or driving principles other than self-promotion, but the alternative is clear, and it’s ugly.


    we have two systems of justice? One for Democrats, one for Republicans, one for the well connected, vs. one for the rest of the Americans.”


    FBI ‘Has To Come Clean’ About Corruption Evidence, Potential Child Porn On Hunter Biden’s Laptop: Sen. Johnson


    Who’s going to blink?
    The FBI has had the laptop evidence nearly a year. So by virtue of their suppression of evidence in the Impeachment hearings, the FBI and Director Wray have come to a Comey moment just ahead of the election. As more evidence in FBI possesion drips out from the NY Post day by day, they choose between:

    1. Do nothing and appear felonious complicit in a cover-up to get Biden elected. Perhaps they can use a child molestation investigation excuse to have delayed corruption charges, although with the cat out of the bag, time is up.


    2. Torpedo Joe Biden, and likely Kamala by association, to salvage any reputation the agency might have remaining.

    By my estimation, Joe steps down so that the FBI’s hand is not forced, in hopes Kamala gets elected to pardon the entire Biden family. I see the DNC looses the election either way, and Joe wins the Big House instead of the White House.

    V. Arnold

    @ V. Arnold
    Stay safe. Don’t step into anything soft.

    Thanks zero; we’re good to go here…


    I guess when I take a break from the news in October, surprises happen.

    Dr. D

    “who will investigate the investigators? In normal times that would be the House.”

    Or not. Governments always and only protect governments. Governments always unite to fight and mass murder the people instead. So therefore asking the government to investigate the government is a fool’s game. As we’d know if anyone read the Declaration, Constitution, and Federalist. Because you cannot ever prevent this from occurring, you MUST keep the government small enough not to be able to make more mischief, and cut off all their funding that you can. If not, you’ll get lost in the weeds of “But, but, the FBI! But, but, the President! But, but, the Supreme Court that authorized hundreds of transparently false FISA warrants and oversaw 300 cases of unmasking while supporting the complete erasure of the 4th Amendment in the Patriot Act and doesn’t know what “infringed” means!”

    Don’t. And don’t show me your stupid surprised face. They’re not your Daddy. Stop being a child. They’re your rival, and most often your abuser. Cut them off.

    that depends on how much people like Bill Barr are willing to take on,”

    Well nothing, clearly. And as he’s the Bush Crime Cartel’s life-long fixer and has as long a list of crimes as Mueller, hardly a surprise. So how you gonna make them? With a strongly-worded letter? Knock it off.

    But let me add one thing: Trump and Giuliani were the key team in taking down the NY (Italian) Mafia. Giuliani was a life-long pit bull prosecutor, and still pretty sharp. Even as Mayor he was known for getting bored, needing, searching for some new thing to do and focus his energy on. Rudy also is one of the few, the only one, actually putting things out there, getting things done.

    What was Cheeto’s part? As a real estate developer, he was going to be attacked, extorted, shake down by any mafia out there. And? And that meant from his young days he had to be circled and kept squeaky clean or else he’d actually BE blackmailed and cave. Because you can’t swim in an open sewer like NY and not get dirty. As we saw from 2 years of DNC All-Star team under Mueller. Bupkus. So now? Same team, same project, bigger project. Deep State crime families, not pikers like the Italian Mafia, but REAL shakedowns and murders like the U.S. State Dept and Military Industrial Complex. Run by the likes of Biden and Clinton, but they are only the public face of a circle that has many larger, darker families like the Sacklers and the Kochs, many now outed like all Bush NeoCons, as all supporting Biden and the DNC.

    So – Shock – Barr is slow-walking the indictments any semi-literate citizen could have made with PUBLIC documents by now. What do you do with that? Well slow-walking means Barr’s plan has two parts: to save his own skin and get inside by finding the evidence and documenting it. …For later disposal. And part two is to keep investigating going forever so the investigation never closes and he never needs to refer indictments until everyone is already dead of boredom. Justice delayed is Justice denied.

    Barr is working then, as Trump — quoted Trump story here — said he went over there and Barr said, “Just one more thing.” He has to. Trump says “Bill, you don’t need another thing. Just do something.” And then? Aw shucks Cleetus, you shore stumped the Duke Boys this time!

    And then you fire Bill, with his fabulous legal work and legal mind and hand the prosecutions to the next guy. The Scaramucci model. Hey, has DumDum ever fired anyone and put in a “temporary” replacement that takes the ball the next 20 yards, Mr. Grenell? So stay tuned. But you won’t get it from ANYONE in the FBI, CIA, House, Senate, or Courts. They are against you. You’re on your own.

    “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.” – Geo. Washington

    John Day

    Thanks Dr D. You have hit on one of my sincere hopes, which is that the bush-crime-family will be uprooted. It is pivotal, and when Poppy Bush died, a lot of obligations to Poppy died with him.
    The Bush crimes go back to the Chinese Opium Wars, and never changed business models much. Poppy was in Dallas when JFK was assassinated, and always said that he “couldn’t recall” where he was that day. He was doing the family business, just like his idiot son was doing, as he read “My Pet Goat” as an alibi, while Dick CHeney ran the war room on 9/11/01.
    The war was on us first, then oil and gas countries with brown Muslims second.


    Who watches the watchers?

    The only thing I can think of is an external government body on the lines of Veritas. They would recruit and infiltrate these organisations and generally monitor what is going on. The trick is to ensure that they are not politically biased, etc.

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