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Roy Lichtenstein Femmes d’Alger 1963


“We’re Getting Ready To Overturn Election Results In Multiple States” (ET)
Pro-Biden Bug Also Suspected in Georgia’s Vote-Counting Software (Sperry)
How A Philly Mob Boss Stole The Election (Buffalo Chronicle)
Illegitimate President (Jim Quinn)
What is John Brennan So Worried About? (Ray McGovern)
Geopolitical Risks of the 2020 Election (Achim Dübel)
6,000 UK Volunteers To Be Injected With Covid Vaccine In Phase 3 Trial (G.)
300,000 New Yorkers Have Fled The Big Apple Amid Coronavirus, Crime (NYP)
Trump Plans Last-Minute China Crackdown (Axios)
As China’s Blockade Unravels Australian Economy, Everything Is At Risk (SCMP)
Girlfriend Keeps Referring To Herself As ‘Wife-Elect’ (Babylon Bee)



Prof Sucharit Bhakdi : Take those masks off your face





Smartmatic, Dominion, Hammer, Scorecard.

“We’re Getting Ready To Overturn Election Results In Multiple States” (ET)

Former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell, a Trump campaign lawyer, suggested in a Sunday interview that there is still more evidence coming out in President Donald Trump’s claims of voter fraud and irregularities. “We’re getting ready to overturn election results in multiple states,” Powell said, saying that she has enough evidence of election fraud to launch a widespread criminal investigation. “I don’t make comments without having the evidence to back it up,” she added, saying that elections software switched “millions of votes” from Trump to Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Powell notably provided legal counsel to Gen. Michael Flynn in 2019. She was named to Trump’s legal team in the past several days.

Powell said a whistleblower came forward and said the elections software was designed to “rig elections,” saying that “he saw it happen in other countries,” referring to voting systems Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic, or perhaps other software and machines. “We have so much evidence, I feel like it’s coming in through a fire hose,” Powell said, while noting that she won’t reveal the evidence that she has. “They can stick a thumb drive in the [voting] machine, they can upload software to it even from the Internet … from Germany or Venezuela even,” she said, adding that operations “can watch votes in real-time” and “can shift votes in real-time,” or alleged bad actors can “remote access anything.” “We’ve identified mathematically the exact algorithm they’ve used—and planned to use from the beginning” that allegedly switched votes to Biden, Powell remarked.

[..] “(W)e have concerns about the spread and effect of private equity investment in many sectors of the economy, including the election technology industry—an integral part of our nation’s democratic process,” wrote the lawmakers in their letters to the firms about a year ago. “These problems threaten the integrity of our elections and demonstrate the importance of election systems that are strong, durable, and not vulnerable to attack.” Later in the Sunday morning interview, Powell said that her team has “detected voting irregularities that are inexplicable” in states where officials believe they have valid systems. During the election, Republicans in the House were able to flip at least 11 seats while the GOP is poised to maintain control of the Senate. Some conservatives have questioned how such a voting pattern is possible for Biden to win the presidential election, let alone receive more votes than any other presidential candidate in American history, including President Barack Obama’s victory in 2008.

Sidney Powell

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“Georgia is now Ground Zero in the battle for control of the Senate.”

Pro-Biden Bug Also Suspected in Georgia’s Vote-Counting Software (Sperry)

A curious thing happened as Fulton County, Ga., election officials counted mail-in ballots at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena in the days after the election. In the early hours of Nov. 5, a surge of some 20,000 mail-in votes suddenly appeared for Joe Biden, while approximately 1,000 votes for President Trump mysteriously disappeared from his own totals in the critical swing state, where Biden holds a razor-thin lead. A poll watcher noticed the suspicious shift in votes while monitoring the interim election results on the Georgia secretary of state website. “I concluded from looking at these results that this was an irregularity, since there was no obvious reason for President Trump’s totals to have decreased while former Vice President Biden’s totals increased dramatically,” Voter GA co-founder Garland Favorito swore in an affidavit he filed this week with the secretary of state’s office.

Favorito suspects a variety of factors, including that votes were “artificially inflated” for Biden while using the same Dominion Voting system used by Antrim County, Mich., which erroneously transferred 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden. Last year, Georgia contracted with Dominion to automate vote tabulations in all 159 of its counties. “The software appears to have thrown votes from Trump to Biden here too,” he said in a RealClearInvestigations interview. “Or Biden ballots were manufactured.” The large disparity of gains between the two candidates “was something I had never witnessed before in my years of election monitoring,” said Favorito, a career IT professional who has been a leading advocate for election integrity in the state over the past two decades. He says he is not a Republican or Trump supporter.

On Nov. 10, Favorito sent his affidavit to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, recommending a full, by-hand ballot recount. The next day, his office announced it will conduct such an audit for the presidential race. Biden currently leads Trump by more than 14,000 votes in the state. “It’s a good first step,” Favorito said. “A recount will be able to determine if there was electronic vote fraud.” In addition to helping certify the presidential race, he said it’s imperative investigators identify the source of the irregularities before the state holds its two U.S. Senate run-off elections on Jan. 5 so they don’t repeat themselves. Georgia is now Ground Zero in the battle for control of the Senate. Republicans currently hold a 50-48 edge, but if they lose both Georgia seats, presumptive Vice President-elect Kamala Harris could cast tie-breaking votes to carry out the Democratic agenda.

Giuliani Says Election will Be Overturned We Have Proof

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No idea what to make of this really. But I do know the song for it:

Well, they blew up the chicken man in Philly last night.
Blew up his house too.

How A Philly Mob Boss Stole The Election (Buffalo Chronicle)

The innermost circles of the American mafia are abuzz. The Boss of the Philly mob — ‘Skinny Joey’ Merlino — is taking a victory strut, hobnobbing around the highest echelons of old-time mafia folk, mostly in Florida, describing what may have been the heist of the century: the 2020 presidential election. The feat is drawing praise from far-flung corners of the Italian American business community, which sees the thanks of a grateful administration as key to the revival of the community’s political influence. But an associate says that Merlino might just be willing to flip on Joe Biden and the Pennsylvania political operatives who ordered up some 300,000 election ballots marked for Biden. The source alleges that Merlino and a lean team of associates manufactured those ballots at a rate of $10 per ballot — a whopping $3 million for three days of work.

They were then packaged into non-descript cardboard boxes and dropped off outside the Philadelphia Convention Center. Sources who spoke to The Chronicle on the condition of anonymity say that Merlino picked up those ballots from two private households where a trusted handful of associates were busily marking ballots with Sharpie markers. They were paid more than $1,000 per hour, often producing thousands of ballots every hour for more than 60 nearly-consecutive hours. The ballots were purchased in cash. It’s thought that Democratic Party operatives working inside Philadelphia’s election office provided Merlino with crates of raw ballots just hours before polls closed on election night, which he transported to two private households in South Philadelphia.

By 10 p.m. that night Merlino’s operation was already generating more than 3,000 ballots per hour, which quickly scaled to more than 6,000 ballots per hour before midnight. But now, Merlino might just be willing to flip on Biden — in primetime Congressional testimony — if President Donald J. Trump is willing to issue the longtime mobster a full expungement of his decades-long criminal record. And, of course, Merlino wants to be pardoned for the election fraud itself and any crimes to which he may incriminate himself during his testimony. “He wants a clean record. He wants to fish and hunt on federal lands. He’d really like a job with the National Parks Service. You need a clean record to get those things,” explains one confidant. “But most of all he wants the thanks of a grateful nation for coming forward.”

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Jim Quinn takes no prisoners.

Illegitimate President (Jim Quinn)

“Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.” – H.L. Mencken. It’s now almost two weeks since the most crooked, rigged, fraudulent election in U.S. history. The engineered elevation of a handsy, sniffy, senile, empty portal, trojan horse by billionaire oligarchs, their Silicon Valley techno-geek social media censorship police, and the corporate media propaganda mouthpieces looks like it might succeed. Republican cucks like Romney and even the pliable Fox News talking heads have acquiesced to this third attempt during this ongoing coup like obedient lapdogs positioning themselves to profit from doing the bidding of their global oligarch masters.

Make no mistake. There was a master plan implemented by dark forces to steal this election, overriding the will of the American people. The anger of 70 million Americans is perfectly captured in the above quote from Mencken. If Trump and his allies are unable to prove fraud and overturn this sham of an election, myself and millions more will treat the Kamala Harris administration as illegitimate and do everything in our power to resist and insure its failure.

The level of fake news media propaganda about the “most secure fairest election in history”, and the vociferous blatant systematic censorship by Twitter, Facebook, and Google of anyone who dares to question the approved narrative of “a mostly fraud free election” on their social media platforms is all the proof a critical thinking person needs to realize this election was stolen by left wing oligarchs. Trump was too erratic, uncontrollable and resistant to their new world order agenda of climate extremism, population control through fear, communist economics, cash elimination, and ruling through a technocratic Big Brother surveillance state.

Trump, through naivety, foolishness or carelessness, allowed enemies of his administration to wield power and influence for the last four years. He chose swamp creature after swamp creature for key cabinet positions and seemed surprised when they stabbed him in the back. He failed to purge Obama loyalists holding middle level positions in the FBI, CIA, Dept of Defense, and numerous other agencies. They actively worked to subvert everything he tried to accomplish.

The military industrial complex apparatchiks are cackling like hyenas about how they misled him about troop levels in Syria and continue to ignore his orders to bring the troops home from Afghanistan. Obama and his gang of traitorous thieves conspired to bring Trump down before he assumed office and continued for the entire four years, assisted by a feckless mainstream media of faux journalists peddling fake news and disinformation fed to them by the Deep State coup collaborators.

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As I said last week: he’s afraid of being exposed.

What is John Brennan So Worried About? (Ray McGovern)

Former CIA Director John Brennan is apparently so worried that Donald Trump might release certain classified intelligence that he suggested this week that Vice President Mike Pence and the cabinet remove Trump via the 25th amendment. Brennan appeared this week on both CNN and MSNBC to spread alarm about what Trump might do as he continues to contest the election results and appoints new people at Defense, NSA (and possibly CIA) who may do his bidding. Brennan warned on CNN that it was “very, very worrisome” that Trump “is just very unpredictable now … like a cornered cat — tiger. And he’s going to lash out.” Brennan told MSNBC he was worried that Trump has called for the “wholesale declassification of intelligence in order to further his own political interests.”

Whom would he lash out at and what classified documents might Brennan be referring to? The CIA’s point man at The Washington Post, David Ignatius, has provided the answer: “President Trump’s senior military and intelligence officials have been warning him strongly against declassifying information about Russia that his advisers say would compromise sensitive collection methods and anger key allies. An intense battle over this issue has raged within the administration in the days before and after the Nov. 3 presidential election. Trump and his allies want the information public because they believe it would rebut claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin supported Trump in 2016. That may sound like ancient history, but for Trump it remains ground zero — the moment when his political problems began.”

Protecting “sources and methods” is a red herring. They can be redacted from a classified document. It’s the content of these files that has Brennan extremely nervous as they might reveal Brennan’s role in the Russiagate scandal. Of course, Brennan invoked the old trope of “national security” when it appears it’s his own security he’s worried about. As we noted at a similar juncture in March 2018 (in “Former CIA Chief Brennan Running Scared”), Brennan’s foremost worry — then, as now — was that Trump was about to expose him to the disgrace that befell ex-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe for malfeasance in connection with Russiagate. The president had just fired McCabe for repeatedly lying, and Brennan had good reason to worry.

That was before the true extent of the roles McCabe, his boss, former FBI Director James Comey, and Brennan played in the WMD-style fabrication of “Russiagate” had became more fully understood. Brennan landed on his MSNBC perch as a paid commentator on Feb. 2, 2018 and was riding high with adulation from the likes of former UN Ambassador Samantha Power, who publicly warned Trump that it is “not a good idea to piss off John Brennan.” Even back then, however, storm clouds were gathering. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA), who knew much more than he revealed, was warning of legal consequences for Russiagate conspirators. Referring to the weavers and tailors of Russiagate, Nunes told reporter Sharyl Attkisson on Feb. 18, 2018: “If they need to be put on trial, we will put them on trial. The reason Congress exists is to oversee these agencies that we created.”

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View from Berlin.

Geopolitical Risks of the 2020 Election (Achim Dübel)

A drama is unfolding for Korea. President Donald Trump was a once in a generation chance for reunification on the East Asian peninsula, as President Ronald Reagan was for Germany almost half a century ago. With the victory of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the pro-war tendency in America that goes back to President Harry Truman returns to power. The consequences for Korea and many other nations around the world will be terrible. It was Reagan himself, not the CIA man President George H.W. Bush, who followed him, who pushed for the first covert and then overt operation to bring the Berlin wall down. It was Reagan’s Jacksonian sense of independence and his personal charm that convinced a reluctant Soviet leadership and domestic administration apparatus alike to follow. Reagan did most of the job in his second term, after he had gained control – and had survived an assassination attempt.

Now the old British-American war networks that have dominated U.S. administration since the murder of President John F. Kennedy will take over again. When the debris of the wall was still lying around in Berlin, George H.W. Bush in 1991 blocked Helmut Kohl in his effort to build a joint European house together with Russia. Under President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the tension with Russia led into the current New Cold War. The new de-facto President of the United States, Kamala Harris, will now stop every effort to bring regional peace and cooperation. Harris was the first candidate to drop out of the Democrat’s race due to her profound unpopularity, but she was always the war network’s preferred candidate. I predicted in May that the US military industrial complex would push Harris through regardless.

The popular contenders such as Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and President Trump were axed away with the most unfair means to clear the path for Harris to reclaim control of the US for the war network. Harris’ career is also well planned ahead. The demented and corrupt Joe Biden, who is easy to manipulate and blackmail, is for some the perfect profile of a politician. Biden will be kept as a kind of political hologram for the next four, maybe eight years, while policy will be run by Harris and the corporate networks she represents. And then she will become President herself. It is reasonable to expect Harris to run the country until 2032 or 2036. The war network appreciates continuity.

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“This includes the development of “memory” immune cells, which should protect against future coronavirus infections.”

6,000 UK Volunteers To Be Injected With Covid Vaccine In Phase 3 Trial (G.)

Six thousand British volunteers are to be injected with an experimental Covid vaccine modelled on an Ebola jab. It is the third Covid vaccine to enter large-scale clinical trials in the UK. Pursuing multiple candidates is essential to guarantee UK supply and ensure that most effective vaccine is identified, researchers stressed. Already undergoing large clinical trials in British patients are the Oxford Covid vaccine, and one being developed by the US biotech company Novavax. A phase 3 trial of the latest vaccine, developed by global pharmaceutical company Janssen (a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson), begins on Monday.

Phase 3 trials are designed to test the safety and effectiveness of drugs or vaccines in thousands of people. It will initially involve 6,000 volunteers from 17 sites across the UK, including Belfast, Bristol, Cardiff, Dundee, Leicester, London, Manchester, Sheffield and Southampton. A further 24,000 volunteers are to be recruited from other countries. Like the Oxford vaccine, the Janssen candidate uses a weakened common cold virus called an adenovirus to deliver instructions for making the coronavirus’s surface spike protein to our cells. Cells infected begin making the viral protein and expressing it on their surface, triggering an immune response. This includes the development of “memory” immune cells, which should protect against future coronavirus infections.

However, whereas the Oxford vaccine is based on an adenovirus from chimpanzees, Janssen’s vaccine uses a human adenovirus, which has been modified so it can no longer multiply or cause disease. The same virus forms the backbone of a recently approved Ebola vaccine, deployed during the 2019 outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Janssen’s vaccine has already undergone smaller phase 1 and 2 trials, and interim analysis of a single-dose study suggests that it induces a robust immune response and is generally well-tolerated.

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Too close for comfort.

300,000 New Yorkers Have Fled The Big Apple Amid Coronavirus, Crime (NYP)

More than 300,000 New Yorkers have bailed from the Big Apple in the last eight months, new stats show. City residents filed 295,103 change of address requests from March 1 through Oct. 31, according to data The Post obtained from the US Postal Service under a Freedom of Information Act request. Since the data details only when 11 or more forwarding requests were made to a particular county outside NYC, the number of moves is actually higher. And a single address change could represent an entire household, which means far more than 300,000 New Yorkers fled the five boroughs. Whatever the exact number, the exodus — which began when COVID-19 hit the city in early spring — is much greater than in prior years.

From just March through July, there were 244,895 change of address requests to destinations outside of the city, more than double the 101,342 during the same period in 2019. The escape from New York is fueled not only by coronavirus concerns, but economic worries, school chaos and rising crime, experts say. Michael Hendrix, director of state and local policy at the Manhattan Institute, which has commissioned surveys about the state of the city, was not surprised by the data. “I think people are afraid,” Hendrix said. “They’re afraid of catching a deadly virus and they’re afraid of crime and other quality of life concerns. One thing we also hear is about trash and cleanliness of the city.”

The institute’s survey of six-figure earners in July and August found that 44% of respondents had considered moving outside the city in the prior four months. They cited cost of living as the biggest reason. More than a third, 38%, said they thought the city was heading in the wrong direction and only 38% rated the quality of life as good or excellent. More than half, 53%, said they were very concerned about sending their kids back to school. Major crimes have been on the rise this year with the number of murders in the Big Apple hitting 344 by October, surpassing the count for all of 2019. The number of shootings through Nov. 8 is up 94% over 2019.

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Not sure what Axios thinks of this….

Trump Plans Last-Minute China Crackdown (Axios)

President Trump will enact a series of hardline policies during his final 10 weeks to cement his legacy on China, senior administration officials with direct knowledge of the plans tells Axios. He’ll try to make it politically untenable for the Biden administration to change course as China acts aggressively from India to Hong Kong to Taiwan, and the pandemic triggers a second global wave of shutdowns. Watch for National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe to publicly describe in granular detail intelligence about China’s nefarious actions inside the U.S Trump officials plan to sanction or restrict trade with more Chinese companies, government entities and officials for alleged complicity in human rights violations in Xinjiang and Hong Kong, or threatening U.S. national security.

The administration also will crack down on China for its labor practices beyond Xinjiang forced labor camps. But don’t expect big new moves on Taiwan or more closures of Chinese consulates in the U.S., officials say. National Security Council spokesperson John Ullyot told Axios, “Unless Beijing reverses course and becomes a responsible player on the global stage, future U.S. presidents will find it politically suicidal to reverse President Trump’s historic actions.” Senior administration officials are discussing expanding a Defense Department list of Chinese companies deemed to have ties to the Chinese military. An executive order issued last week barred U.S. investment in 31 such companies, and any additions would likely face a similar restriction.

Officials plan to target China’s growing use of forced labor in the highly competitive fishing industry. Coerced and unpaid labor isn’t just a human rights concern — it can also give Chinese fisheries an advantage over rivals in an industry with geopolitical significance. Trump officials have been looking to move more hawkish China experts into senior roles across the government, another senior official added. “Director Ratcliffe will continue playing a leading role, in coordination with other national security principals, in delivering a necessary mindset shift from the Cold War and post-9/11 counterterrorism eras to a focus on great power competition with an adversarial China,” DNI senior adviser Cliff Sims tells Axios.

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…but maybe this is what Trump has in mind. “China last week left 21 tonnes of live Australian lobster to die in Shanghai warehouses awaiting customs clearance.”

As China’s Blockade Unravels Australian Economy, Everything Is At Risk (SCMP)

The tide turning against Chinese goods in Australia did not come as a huge surprise given the shifting geopolitical winds, but I was taken aback that China fuelled this particular fire by enacting what could be interpreted as a trade embargo by blocking the imports of multiple Australian goods. If the countries stay this course, it would be a sharply negative development after they just five years ago signed the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA), which had taken nearly a decade to put into place. The knock-on effect would be far more serious than just shutting down the trade agreement in a huff. The risk in relying too heavily on Chinese goods and supply chains so heavily reliant on China became apparent during the Covid-19 crisis, and is leading to a global rethink about what we buy, from where and at what price.

Untying such a trade relationship with China is tricky, though, because it is a two-way flow. Australia has become dependent on imported Chinese goods whilst China is its largest customer for raw materials and certain food products. China has the upper hand as there are many sources of the raw materials and foodstuffs it needs, while Australia can’t switch suppliers so easily and needs to find new buyers for its goods fast. In Australia the issue of reliance on China became even more raw with the realisation during the Covid-19 crisis that Australian manufactured medical equipment was being siphoned off and shipped out. Essentially, much of the country’s businesses and assets had been sold to the Chinese, presenting a potential national security issue as the Australians were no longer deciding where locally manufactured goods would be sold.

The Australian government has woken up to this and is now scrutinising foreign business acquisitions. But the recent blocking of the sale of Lion Dairy & Drinks by Japanese beverage group Kirin Holdings to China Mengniu Dairy is merely closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. Australia is taking issue with China on several fronts, and no punches are being pulled by the country’s commentators or politicians. One pressure point is Australia’s demand that China clarify what happened in the early stages of the coronavirus crisis when domestic flights from Wuhan were cancelled and international flights were allowed to continue. When China pushes back at Australia for having the nerve to even ask the question, Canberra interprets that as “punishment”.

Suggesting that Canberra “reflect on its own deeds”, China last week left 21 tonnes of live Australian lobster to die in Shanghai warehouses awaiting customs clearance. Chinese importers have been “advised” to stop importing barley, sugar, red wine, timber, coal, and copper ore and concentrates –and a ban on wheat is also expected. China can get its raw materials elsewhere. But as a friend of mine in Brisbane pointed out when trying get a water filter replacement and some kitchen storage boxes, she had only Chinese options.

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“At publishing time, Wendy had set January 20th as the perfect date for the two to unite…”

Girlfriend Keeps Referring To Herself As ‘Wife-Elect’ (Babylon Bee)

Sources close to Winston Davis say he is “totally screwed” as his girlfriend Wendy Fitzpatrick keeps referring to herself as “Wife-Elect” at any and every public gathering with close family and friends. This awkward situation is happening to Winston despite no clear moment in time in which it ever entered his mind that Wendy was “the one” or that he was even getting close to asking her the question to make such an interim title even remotely appropriate. “Uh, honey—” Winston could be heard starting to interject before Wendy went ahead and dialed up local caterers and contractors to make arrangements for the wedding, which was surely going to unify their two families who haven’t always gotten along, and bring about a glorious time of family healing.

Wendy had even started delegating bridesmaids to begin getting fitted for dresses and unironically telling members of her family that she was setting up an “Office of the Wife-Elect.” “Yeah I feel bad for the guy,” said Winston’s best friend, Paul. “It’s been an unhealthy codependent relationship from the beginning, but this recent turn of events is just pure cognitive dissonance.” “I keep telling him he needs to tell her straight up that an ‘Office of Wife-Elect’ isn’t a real thing and that he never officially asked her to be his fiancé, but I think he is afraid that will just make her mad,” Paul continued. “Like, there isn’t even an engagement ring.” At publishing time, Wendy had set January 20th as the perfect date for the two to unite into one in a wonderful winter wedding for W+W.

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    Roy Lichtenstein Femmes d’Alger 1963   • “We’re Getting Ready To Overturn Election Results In Multiple States” (ET) • Pro-Biden Bug Also Suspecte
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle November 16 2020]

    V. Arnold

    Roy Lichtenstein Femmes d’Alger 1963

    I have no idea about the Lichtenstein or much of anything else but; civility seems to be in short supply here and most of elsewhere as well…
    No thank you………..
    …the Hermitage abides…

    V. Arnold

    The U.S. is much like a broken clock; it may still tell a time, but not the correct time…can we say unreliable? 😉


    civility seems to be in short supply here


    V. Arnold


    No big deal…just one poster is all…
    Sorry, I should just keep quiet and let it play out…


    The lies are just taken as truth these days. If you suggest any comment opposite the dominant narrative you just seem like a crazy person. If you work hard and in your community and build your own house with your own damn hands and grow your own fruit and veg and care for your wife and children and do your best by the environment – it doesn’t matter – your just an extremist.
    If you just do your best to be a thoughtful and hard working human and try to get to the bottom of things and find the truth of what is happening in the world but still suggest that when the media says (and I mean blanket media – all media) that all of Trumps claims of voter fraud are completely unsubstantiated, that maybe, just maybe – coz it is going through the courts and there have been questionable reports … maybe there may be some substance to Trumps claims..
    But I am a russia lover – always have been and the chicks are hot.

    Sometimes at night I worry that one day there will be no comments section and no TAE and it will be the ministry of truth for me. Orwellian.

    John Day

    Tom Luongo on the color revolution being carried out in the US. Thanks Eleni in Athens.
    Act III of a color revolution is the most dangerous. It is the one where chaos can reign for months and the balance tipped by the slimmest of margins. But in the end it always comes down to the willingness of the people to decide their future.
    Because taking down the U.S. is such a monumental undertaking they had to create a problem global in scale, COVID-19.
    The U.S. has everything against it in this situation. The oligarchy and its quislings are firmly in command of the narrative. There are real, deep divisions to keep people fighting each other while the oligarchs proceed with their plans.
    Trump is trying to marshal a counter-revolution on the ground and in the courts.

    Building Back Better, A Respectable Conspiracy, Tessa Fights Robots
    A conspiracy is an agreement between two or more individuals to work together toward a shared goal, without disclosing it—or its known or possible implications—to those outside the group. In that sense, our entire history is a collection of conspiracies.​..
    ​Thus, once somebody is well-fed and financially secure a million times over, the desire to have more turns into a psychosis—which I believe is what we are dealing with today—psychosis on the highest level, plus a very sophisticated machine of manufacturing consent.
    ​ ​Thus, the project of “manufacturing consent” has been around for about a hundred years, notably starting with the legacy of Edward Bernays, the father of “public relations.”…
    Psychologically, we are used to accepting certain conspiracies as “normal” and viewing other ones as totally insane. For example, we know not to believe commercials on TV—and we don’t get all that surprised when a particular product suddenly turns out to be bad for us. We expect brands—and politicians—to exaggerate the usefulness of their products and ideas and to downplay the harms. We all know about Big Tobacco. Many of us know about Teflon, sugar vs. fat, glyphosate, asbestos, and DDT—which were at some point marketed to us as “safe” and “beneficial.” We have no problem accepting that kind of a corporate conspiracy. We are also eager to believe that a foreign country could be potentially seeking our demise.​..
    ​Where the mind stumbles in disbelief is the kind of “domestic” conspiracy whose plot puts us, proud Western citizens, in a position of pests who occupy or contaminate a coveted resource. We don’t like the conspiracies in which we are viewed in the same way a foreign invader views a local population or in a way the European settlers viewed the indigenous.​.. ​We’re thinking, yeah, everyone is trying to pull the blanket toward themselves—but there are certain things that just don’t happen!
    ​ ​One really has to do a lot of massaging of the physical reality in order to fit this mess into a politically correct explanation. So, there has to be an international agenda—and it just so happens that all major Western leaders are suddenly singing in sweet unison about the Great Reset. They are!

    ​ Look how reasonable Klaus Schwab is.
    I don’t see any details, but he wants capitalism to reform itself to be nice to everybody, and he’s already working on it with a lot of the better, nicer capitalists.
    No details yet. Soon.. (Thanks Travis).​
    ​ ​Of course, we remain far from our goal of achieving a better global economic system for all. The Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics are just one of many initiatives that are needed to get to such an outcome—and time is quickly running out. But in a world where pessimism is increasingly the order of the day, and narrow and short-term self-interest is still alluring, initiatives like these demonstrate that a more inclusive and sustainable model is possible. It is up to us to replicate and follow such an approach. When that happens, those who follow the path of stakeholder capitalism will soon find that it leads to a more inclusive and sustainable economy for all.

    ​Own Nothing and Be Happy, The Great Reset’s Vision of the Future:​
    World Economic Forum’s video tells us about the plans for humanity in the year 2030
    (OK, i’ll own nothing and be happy, but then who owns everything? What does “own” mean?​ Do I have “rights”?)

    Dr. D

    It struck me considering the necessity of both revealing our generations-old elections fraud in the biggest way, and the necessity of fixing it with a re-election, that the only way this COULD happen is for the election to be close. If there was a Trump landslide, they would have called it rigged and continued as the last 4 years. If a Biden landside, it would never be discussed, and indeed might never have elections again, as is being threatened in Germany. The only way things would be investigated and counted is if the election were made to be razor-close all over.

    And an addendum for the suspicious, just as losing the House (via 2018 election fraud that was just as transparent as now) allows the administration to keep power while demonstrating to the American people how bat-crazy and violent the Social Democrats and Antifa/BLM are. Their hatred for both the Bill of Rights and you owning anything. While they go out without masks and meet for $800 dinners. The Right has been saying this since Nixon or Rand in 1957 and no one believes it even when day-by-day, year-by-year, it unfolds exactly the way those John Birch lunatics predict. Google “Dark Winter”.

    But this is the same here: note that each day one more fraud is discovered and one more House member flips red. So then…we have 51/52 Senate majority and ~220 Red House majority. When all elections had this level of fraud, it’s not hard to do. In a “target-rich environment”, you can flip whoever you want. The NSA and your insider moles know what happened, then although little doubt they do have actual warrants, they “back-construct” the fraud by having some 1st level fool just “happen to see” something on a recount.

    Point? Unless it’s close, it won’t be believed. Unless it’s close, they won’t work “together”, call for a reelection, whatever. And why? Because unless we get somewhere there – and that requires a GOP majority, however small — we won’t call for a nationwide recount, re-election, audit, and comprehensive election reform. Both sides have to want it. If there was landslide Red, why would trench-Democrats want it? They will rather say it was rigged by Russia instead.

    “How a Philly Mob Boss Stole the Election (Buffalo Chronicle)”

    Like I said about being time-constrained to mark only the President and no downballot. Easily seen, best-known red flag among hundreds.

    What Quinn misses is: you think they don’t know? You think they didn’t get warrants for surveillance? They’re trying to stop a Civil War that’s been methodically set up for detonation for generations, since 1968 at least. If you want to just jump in and arrest, you can, but then we have the open Civil War and isn’t that a loss? Like I said, you could kill 800,000 people in about 20 minutes. A couple dust-ups at a Red Rally hardly compares. Get a grip. We can always Civil War later if need be.

    But that’s why Brennan lost his mind and wants Pense to remove him immediately. That’s why the Pentagon is being swept out. That’s why the troops ARE coming home for Christmas. Because we’ll need them here.

    “300,000 New Yorkers Have Fled the Big Apple Amid Coronavirus, Crime (NYP)”

    That’s an entire major city. And if I know New Yorkers, I bet that many again have houses upstate and 2nd homes in Florida – they’re just not official yet. Compare that ridiculous headline with street cameras on the “Today” Show, etc. It’s a ghost town, like London. “Babylon, oh Babylon, destroyed in an hour.” And it didn’t take any Horsemen, just one DeBlasio. One Lenin in a Socialist system can kill 7 Million Ukranians. And all the Jews.

    “Trump’s presidential shield of protection expires the moment he steps down Jan 20”

    And he and all his family will be killed soon after. I mean: were they unclear? Did Kathy Griffin have to paint you a picture?

    Well boys, if you’ve got evidence, don’t dawdle: cough it up. Stand and Deliver.


    Sometimes at night I worry that one day there will be no comments section and no TAE

    I wonder, how many people exchange/communicate, their ideas of truth on this blog?
    I bet that its less than the number of people who got covid19 and died from covid19.

    I don’t think that anyone has changed/been convinced to change their opinions because of anything that I have said.



    1. Vaccine or drug side effects are not *side* effects. Like a side of fries or a side of coleslaw. They are DIRECT effects of said vaccine/drug.

    2. But we love our euphemisms, don’t we? Despite most of them being nothing other than fraud. Verbal con jobs.

    3. When you die you’ve only departed, lost your battle or passed away. In excruciating pain, your doctor will ask you if you’re experiencing discomfort.

    4. A lockdown is now a firebreak (Wales), circuit breaker (UK), rollback (Texas), or a dimmer switch (from one of the docs in Biden’s Covid task force).

    5. Go against the prevailing political narrative and your outright censorship will be labelled as violation of community standards or violation of terms of service.

    6. Debt creation is termed quantitative easing or stimulus.

    7. The deliberate and systematic destruction of our economy and a decent standard of living goes by the name of the Great Reset/Green New Deal and Build it Back Better. Riiight. As if we’ll see any ACTUAL building in this wreckage of a western civilization.

    8. Lies are bad enough. But you can easily spot and fight most lies. Euphemisms, on the other hand, are extremely insidious and much more dangerous. Euphemisms are the trained Judas goats calmly leading you to slaughter.

    – from Sky

    D Benton Smith

    @Michael Reid (conversation carried over from preceding TAE post)

    I really like your questions, and would like to take them up one at a time. Here goes :

    reference : ” Today my worldview is no longer intact. Is yours?”

    Well it sure has been majorly “de-illusioned” recently, but to be simply frank I would have to say that yes, it is very much intact. It seems to me that in a round-about sort of way you are saying the same thing, aren’t you ? Your old “world view” is no longer intact, you say. But does that not ALSO mean that your new view of the world is being formed ? You are more aware today (although maybe uncomfortably so) than you were a year ago, isn’t that so ? Stick with it and eventually your revised (and smarter) world view will feel much more intact than it does at the moment.

    ref : ” I have spent most of my life developing weapons for the USA. At this point I am ashamed of that. The USA is the biggest bully in the school that wants to beat you up and steal your lunch money. Where have I gone wrong in my thought process?”

    The most highly intelligent (and admirable) human being who I have ever associated with was in precisely the same situation you now find yourself in. Her name was Ann Cardinal. She had scored the highest marks ever recorded on IQ and aptitude tests for her employment in the GSA. During her 40 years long active career She had served as personal secretary to two separate 5 star general members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. And would you like to know what she thought about that ? She thought that she had made the best decisions and performed the best actions of which she was capable at the time, based on the situations at that time, and information available to her (which was a hell of a lot of information !). NOW she thought that circumstances had changed, and new information was available and she was adjusting her opinions and actions accordingly. Sure sounds like good advice to me.

    reference : ” Leave Venezuela alone and every other country for that matter is my current thinking. Military should only be used for defense and not extracting the wealth out of the rest of the world…which in my opinion is what sanctions are all about. What are your thoughts? ”

    My thoughts are very very long and very very complicated . . . although they are founded on very very short and simple basic premises. Essentially , history provides what should be extremely convincing evidence that there are things about human nature, and perhaps the nature of nature itself, that leads to violence, armed conflict, full scale warfare, and the rise and fall of various forms of empire. Your choices are quite limited, in the sense that no matter what you choose to do about that situation you ARE going to be part of it. You can be perpetrators, victim, refugee , attempted reformer or some new solution of you own invention. Regardless of which strategy you choose, you SHALL be a participant ( even a suicide participates to the degree of removing a player from the board ).

    There are LOTS of bullies who would like to steal your lunch money. What you choose to do about that is irrevocably up to you. My advice is to inform yourself and become as aware of the world you inhabit to the absolute pinnacle of which you are capable . . . and act accordingly.

    a kullervo


    How’s your grasp of French today? Pas mal? Suivez-moi donc, s’il vous plaît (avant que la censure arrive.)
    (HOLD-UP: long-ish – 2h 50mn – French documentary on the plandemic, no subtitles)

    À bientôt


    “300,000 New Yorkers Have Fled the Big Apple Amid Coronavirus, Crime (NYP)”

    Perhaps the SARS-CoV-2 is somehow connected to the city itself. What a city has become? We don’t talk about population growth much, the overcrowding, congestion, sanitary issues and that dirty little secret …homelessness evolving and descending into schizophrenia. So yeah, I agree with Dr. D quite a clickbait. Probably not leaving New York state…but the city.

    ….Whatcha got? Re posts are cool but what do you *think*? I’m all ears.

    Peace Kiddies! Got some shoes to cobble

    D Benton Smith

    I think I just realized what must be the big flaw in Democracy , and why democracy keeps getting abandoned and running off the rails like it does : Democracy just won’t stay put !

    No sooner do we fix something but 10 minutes late it’s broken again. Don’t you just wish it would stay operational long enough for us to get some other important things done ? I mean, it would be really nice if I could go to work long enough to pay the mortgage and buy some food. Not to mention ball games, barbecues and the occasional beer at the pub.

    Don’t ya sorta yearn occasionally for the good old days ? When you could just wake up in the morning and know what was expected of you and what you had to do ? You did whatever the King damned well TOLD you do, right?

    But now, with all this Democracy and everything. Sheesh ! They never told you that being the boss was such a thankless job. And not only that, but being your OWN boss was so much worse ! I mean NOBODY seems to like what you say or do. Everybody in the whole damned democracy seems to have a different opinion than you do, and INSISTS upon yelling it at you. I mean, gimme a break.


    Things are uncomfortable and unsettling – around here there and everywhere. Face it. This moment is for following the anguish (not ignoring or denying) – for shattering myths/beliefs and letting go.

    It is surprising to discover/uncover the depths of our attachments to “ideas”. It requires courage to be objective and actually DO SOMETHING/CHANGE SOMETHING based on new insight. The revolutionary first step is to catch yourself in the act of holding on.

    TAE community members are always free to expand the narrative; it is what I appreciate the most (after the ART) about this site. I am happy to see many references to Charles Hugh Smith as his POV is always well researched, contemplated and presented. I have a desire to cast a wider net, to go beyond the moment and reflect on root causes. We are where we are due to the influence of money and the moneychangers who manage it to their eternal benefit.

    “If there’s a figure who could compete with Mark Zuckerberg for the award of most destructive influence on modern American political life, it would be Charles Koch. He and his late brother, David, are the hard-right, libertarian gazillionaires behind almost every cruel, malign, extreme, divisive campaign that the GOP has run on in recent decades. Anti-regulation. Check. Anti-union. Check. Anti-healthcare. Check. Anti-environment. Check.”

    Charles Koch Attempts an Apology Tour after He and His Father Financed a Political Hate Machine for Six Decades

    Maxwell Quest

    Several days ago, I had pretty much given up hope. From all appearances we were staring down the barrel of a new authoritarian Dark Ages, as the ubiquitous online references to Orwell’s 1984 suggested. I asked myself, how could it be possible for that knucklehead Trump and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani to stand against the entire western empire? Against all the Silicon Valley information oligarchs, against big media, against the CIA, against Wall Street, against the EU?

    Then, a few brave whistle blowers starting coming forward here and there to expose the election fraud they witnessed. At the same time, election analysts got hold of data and started pointing out mathematical irregularities, impossibilities even. Then on Saturday, Sidney Powell stepped forward threatening to “Release the Kraken”, claiming, “We have so much evidence, I feel like it’s coming in through a fire hose,…”

    Well, now we have ourselves a fighting chance. This woman is a powerhouse. You do not want to see her sitting across from you in the courtroom. Might as well take the plea. And unlike Trump and Giuliani, she doesn’t take to blowing smoke where there is no fire.

    Don’t misunderstand, I don’t think that Trump is the savior of anything. The structural problems are just too great at this point. The capitalist operating system is overloaded with viruses. Most everything is corrupted, high-jacked from its intended healthy function in order to serve wealth extraction.

    Today, I’m much more optimistic. What originally looked inevitable, now looks more like a crossroads, an opportunity for this nation to either step forward and reassert its democratic ideals and the rule of law, or else roll over and submit.


    @ Geppetto

    ” …. but what do you *think*? I’m all ears.”

    1. I don’t think that anyone has changed/been convinced to change their opinions because of anything that I have said.

    2. I think that TAE helps me see the elephant.

    3. I think that Mother Earth created people to be an intelligent (?), producing factory to improve the spreading of microscopic life.


    I agree. Listening to Sydney Powell is like drinking clear water. Aux Armes!


    Sidney Powell Drops a BOMB: ‘We’ve Identified 450,000 Ballots that Miraculously ONLY Have a Vote for Joe Biden’

    Sidney Powell Drops A BOMB: ‘We’ve Identified 450,000 Ballots That Miraculously ONLY Have A Vote For Joe Biden’

    Those ballots did not have any votes for anyone or anything on the down ticket.
    A judge would like to see the proof.

    John Day

    @Straightwalker: Hi brother. I started reading the North Kohala poems. We are bound to know some of the same people. I’ll guess Chris Cackley the events organizer is somebody you met, a Buddhist.

    For All-Y’all:
    Who gets to assign losses in the breakdown?
    Nobody wants to accept massive losses.
    There are multiple-competing-claims-on-real-wealth, as Nicole likes to say.
    Who will assign the losses?

    It will matter.


    RE: What!!!! Those ballots did not have any votes for anyone or anything on the down ticket.
    A judge would like to see the proof.
    RE: This woman is a powerhouse.


    There are some folks out there who voted for President only. It happens. Who does this and how common is it? Could it happen randomly 450,000 times spread across numerous battle ground states? What are the Biden-only ballot numbers nationwide? How do nationwide numbers compare to battleground numbers?

    Not sure how Biden-only ballots were identified by the Powell team. Is that information “published” by the States?

    How about the Trump-only ballots? What are the numbers? What are the numbers compared to the Biden-only?

    Just because a ballot is marked Biden-only it is considered suspicious?

    In trying to determine if Biden-only ballots are truly legitimate, they would need to cross check them against the voter rolls including matching the signatures. Those ballots would NOT be in the system had they flunked the REGISTERED voter roll and signature checks. So in 450,000 instances across the battleground states these rogue, Biden-only ballots slipped through?

    Would investigators have to go further by contacting those Biden-only voters for verification – verification that they submitted the ballot after selecting the Presidential nominee – and nothing else?

    What would you need to do in order to “pull off” a President-only markup scheme? How would you find the ballots to mark up? They are not sitting around in piles at the Post Office. Would you go to shared mailbox spaces (like at apartment complexes or Post Offices) and ask folks to hand over their ballot so you could do what YOU wanted with them? Who would surrender their ballot? I just can’t wrap my head around how you would implement this “scheme” on a large scale. Can you?



    I thought we were gonna work on “letting go”? Lots of questions that have too many answers. I liked you first idea , “….to go beyond the moment and reflect on root causes”. Good idea…I like.



    This might speak to some of your 3rd *thought*


    D Benton Smith


    How ( as in the step-by-step kind of “how”) could a scheme of such magnitude actually be executed is not a substantially useful question because It doesn’t matter if a specific crime is possible . It only matters if a specific crime was actually committed .Each of the examples you suggest are possible, because they have been done many many times in the past. As have numerous other scams ( such as ballot harvesting, false voter addresses, false registrations and simple theft.) With hundreds of thousands of employable criminals, and hundred of millions of dollars to pay them, the physical task is not particularly difficult. It’s not even a very big job, compared to moving and selling a 128 tons of heroine, 200 tons of pure cocaine, 500 tons of meth, and gawd only knows how many thousands of tons of weed). (about $150 billion each and every year, all told) . Compared to that job a few million bunko ballots is practically nothing. But that’s just ballots. We haven’t even mentioned computer hacking and software yet.

    The forensic evidence of specific crimes is piling up like backlogs in Smithsonian warehouse. Listing each case (and its attendant evidence) is certainly possible. Just start web searching. But I think you’ll find it boring as hell, as sleep inducing as bookkeeping, and in the end not very useful at all to you personally. From what I’ve seen, the election fraud of 2020 has involved many many millions of fake votes for Biden. Perhaps tens of millions. The lion’s share was down with hacking and software.

    The real problem is not the evidence. The problem is the Gatekeepers . They only have to say “Nope. We don’t see a prosecutable case here, and so we’re not going to prosecute.” Forcing a corrupt gatekeeper to allow scores of criminal cases into a corrupt court system is going to be tough. Ultimately it is all going to come down to the question of which side has the raw power to enforce its will upon the institutions we count on to enforce the laws.

    I wish I could say I’m optimistic about that. In my personal opinion It very much remains to be seen.


    Although described as ballots, I wouldn’t assume they’re all necessarily physical or mail-in ballots as opposed to electronic vote records.
    Bev Harris at Black Box Voting was documenting the way Diebold voting machine records could be manipulated without trace over 15 years ago. There was little doubt in my mind at the time that this was not a bug, but an intended feature.
    And Greg Palast in “the best democracy money can buy” documents other instances and methods of extensive voter fraud, again a good decade ago.
    Spoiler alert – neither one mentioned ze Russians as the naughty culprits.. 😉
    Its the age-old story.. when being deceitful, don’t go small. Make the crime huge, make the lie huge.. and a large number of people will reflexively reject the possibility it could be true, because the corolory – that the world really contains *that much evil* is a reality too devastating to admit.
    I haven’t felt this excited about a new TV show in ages – Powell and Kraken vs the Deep State.
    Bring. It. On!


    @ Geppetto
    re.: my point #3
    Humans are colonized by many microorganisms; the traditional estimate is that the average human body is inhabited by ten times as many non-human cells as human cells, but more recent studies estimate that ratio as 3:1 or even 1:1.
    Viruses, Bacteria, and Parasites in the Digestive Tract

    Dr. D


    Those are great questions, and long-reported, long-known, as Husky shows. So long and so many, so unprosecuted I even forgot some of them.

    But roughly the Biden vote: Yes, of course a single candidate votes happen. b) the level this goes way-back and is well-known. c) this level was dead-on average for Trump tickets. d) this average was way, way off-sigma on Biden tickets. It’s called Bedford’s Law, it’s the biggest, easiest, most well-known of the anomalies. That is no proof, but it’s a red flag for follow-up.

    So if they won, do the follow up. No skin off your nose. Shut those Trumper up. …Which is the other easy red flag. They want no re-audit, no re-count, no follow up, and are getting all the legal teams involved in asking fired. So the ACLU doesn’t believe in legal representation for unpopular plaintiffs now? When black voters have been disenfranchised? How times have changed.

    A quick search will find, as he says, 10,000 boring, sleep-inducing articles describing 1,000 different time-tested vote-fraud methods, each of which pick up a few ‘thou, and all of which were used at once. WaPo: Biden voting is 15% divergent from exit polls in Boston, a level which has never been seen before in U.S. history. Ya don’t say.


    The girl friend as wife-elect.

    The European popular press is absolutely shameless. You’d think Biden was a warrior sent from heaven by God, riding a mythical horse, to drive Evil from the Land.

    Paris Match’s cover features a presidential looking Kamala Harris, with the title,

    “I’m the first woman vice-president but not the last!” 🙂

    — This brings me to note that the fact that Biden is a practising Catholic and Trump now according to himself a non-denominational Christian. An old division that seems to escape notice in the US – let’s call it the Papist against the Puritans – of course it is relevant in the US via the Evangelical vote.. but more than that is not alluded to. Whereas in Europe I have heard many ppl say, Biden is Cathlolic, like Kennedy, he is /insert positive descr./

    About the presidential shield, all over the intertubes and the MSM it says Trump will (or may..) be prosecuted, his days are numbered. But they never say for what. How can one talk of prosecution without invoking a deed, or the suspicion of certain actions, or at least very common knowledge of previous accusations, of repeated efforts to bring a person to justice for x or y …? What am I missing?

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