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René Magritte Promenades d’Euclid 1955


WHO Looks At Giving COVID19 To Healthy People To Speed Up Vaccine Trials (G.)
Fears That UK Will Not Cope With Brexit And Covid Vaccine Rollout (G.)
Azar Responds To Biden’s Vaccine Distribution Remark (JTN)
Ratcliffe: Interim Durham Report To Deter Biden From Shutting Down Inquiry (WE)
Water Futures to Start Trading Amid Growing Fears of Scarcity (BBG)
No Escape From Our Techno-Feudal World (Escobar)
Election Day Information Blackout: US Media Is No Friend of the People (SCF)
The Elite Strategy To Divide and Conquer (Curtin)
Toyota Will Not Invest In Electric Cars In UK Until At Least 2034 (G.)
Finding the Truth behind the American Hologram (CoIC)
China Boycott To Hit Australian Wine Hard As Fruit, Vegetable Prices Rise (G.)
Greece Wants EU Arms Embargo On Turkey (K.)





California has had a nearly identical case trajectory as Texas.

In TX, schools are open. Businesses are open. People can go for a walk.



To test vaccines that hardly work and could be very dangerous. It’s taking on Matrix-like proportions.

WHO Looks At Giving COVID19 To Healthy People To Speed Up Vaccine Trials (G.)

The World Health Organization is holding discussions on Monday about the feasibility of trials in which healthy young volunteers are deliberately infected with coronavirus to hasten vaccine development – amid questions over whether they should go ahead given the promising data from the frontrunner vaccine candidates. Some scientists have reservations about exposing volunteers to a virus for which there is no cure, although there are treatments that can help patients. However, proponents argue that the risks of Covid-19 to the young and healthy are minimal, and the benefits to society are high. The WHO advisory group meeting, which will focus on reviewing existing plans for “human challenge trials” and discuss associated technical concerns, will not include groups representing research participants or members of the public.

1Day Sooner, a non-profit organisation advocating for human challenge study volunteers, said it asked to attend the meeting but was turned away. In a statement to the Guardian, the WHO said the meeting was a focused technical consultation with scientific experts, and that such meetings were not usually open to the public but that future meetings could include civil participation. More than a dozen scientific experts are expected to convene as part of the advisory group on Monday, and observers could include representatives of the Wellcome Trust, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the US-based National Institutes of Health and the FDA.

Joshua Morrison, executive director of 1Day Sooner, said: “If the argument is, we’re just giving advice into what the studies should look like – we think research participants should be a part of that. And if the argument is that this [meeting] is completely separate from the ethical side of things, I do think that’s hard to disentangle from the technical concerns.” [..] The UK government has invested about £30m to back a human challenge trial, although ethical approval is pending, and similar studies are being planned in the Netherlands. Enthusiasm for such trials in the United States has reportedly waned since the positive vaccine results poured in last month.

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“ is possible that imported equipment necessary for dealing with the pandemic gets caught up in that..”

Fears That UK Will Not Cope With Brexit And Covid Vaccine Rollout (G.)

Well before scientists were sure that a vaccine would be ready for use in the UK by the end of this year, the government regulator – the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) – put out an urgent call for help. Its appeal, issued in September, was evidence that even if a vaccine were to be developed and approved soon, things would be far from plain sailing. The call to tender stated: “The MHRA urgently seeks an artificial intelligence (AI) software tool to process the expected high volume of Covid-19 vaccine-adverse drug reactions (ADRs) and ensure that no details from the ADRs’ reaction text are missed. For reasons of extreme urgency under Regulation 32(2)(c) related to the release of a Covid-19 vaccine, MHRA have accelerated the sourcing and implementation of a vaccine specific AI tool…”

The Cabinet Office, which coordinates policy across government departments and their responses to crises, was alerted. A company called Genpact won the £1.5m tender soon after. The MHRA said then that based on previous vaccination campaigns, there would be between 50,000 and 100,000 reports of suspected side effects for every 100 million doses over a six to 12-month period. This weekend there is real hope inside government that an end is in sight to the pandemic. News that the UK had become the first country in the world to approve the Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine, which the MHRA says offers up to 95% protection against Covid-19, has been hailed as a potentially decisive moment.

There are, however, no celebrations in Whitehall. Rather there is much caution, just as there was back in September. It is not only the administrative challenge of vaccinating much of the population safely that is worrying officials, but the prospect of doing so just as the deep mid-winter approaches – a time when NHS staff would, even in a normal year, be run off their feet. This year it is worse, however. The pandemic is still claiming hundreds of lives a day and a Covid-19 third wave may be round the corner, after festive relaxations, to add to intense pressures already on the NHS. And on top of it all, there are the hugely disruptive, and to some extent unknown, effects of Brexit on the UK’s trade and ability to import and export that are about to reveal themselves.

Those concerns also preoccupy an overloaded government machine and Cabinet Office. As Sam Lowe, a former member of the Department for International Trade’s Strategic Trade Advisory Group, now a senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform, says, there is a possibility that the two issues will intersect and collide, making matters worse. “There are going to be delays at the borders and it is going to take the EU and UK a while to get used to trading under the new system and it is possible that imported equipment necessary for dealing with the pandemic gets caught up in that,” says Lowe.

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“We do hundreds of millions of vaccinations a year. We’re leveraging the systems that are known and that work here in the United States.”

Azar Responds To Biden’s Vaccine Distribution Remark (JTN)

Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar during an interview on Fox News Sunday pushed back against a statement Joe Biden recently made regarding the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. “There is no detailed plan, that we’ve seen anyway, as to how you get the vaccine out of a container into an injection syringe, into somebody’s arm,” Biden said. “With all respect that’s just nonsense,” Azar said in response after the clip of Biden’s statement played during the interview. He went on to push back against Biden’s statement. “We have comprehensive plans from the CDC working with 64 public health jurisdictions across the country as our governors have laid out very detailed plans that we’ve worked with them on,” Azar said.

“We’re leveraging our retail pharmacies, our hospitals, our public health departments, our community health centers. We have the…kits that have the syringes, the diluent, the needles, the PPE to administer.” Azar continued: “This is being micromanaged and controlled by the United States military as well as our incredible private sector. We do hundreds of millions of vaccinations a year. We’re leveraging the systems that are known and that work here in the United States.”

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“This idea that there was not FISA abuse and it was a bunch of nonsense — look, someone is going to prison over that. It’s just a question now of how wide and how deep it was..”

Ratcliffe: Interim Durham Report To Deter Biden From Shutting Down Inquiry (WE)

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said an interim report from special counsel John Durham should be released as a deterrent against President-elect Joe Biden trying to shut down the federal prosecutor’s inquiry into the Russia investigation. President Trump’s spy chief also told Maria Bartiromo on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures that now that the election is over, publicizing Durham’s findings is not a political issue anymore. “I think the American people should know what’s happening in a two-year investigation into this, and I hope that that report will be forthcoming,” Ratcliffe said, adding, “The American people deserve a full accounting, but the special counsel regulations not only require a final report, they allow for interim reports, so I’d like to see an interim report that talks about this from the angle of someone that has not only the intelligence community documents that I have but the law enforcement documents.”

It remains unclear what a Biden administration will do with Durham’s work, but Attorney General William Barr elevating him to special counsel in October provides some protection against a swift dismissal. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and other Democrats have suggested that Biden could end Durham’s inquiry, to which Ratcliffe pointed to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuses detailed in Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s lengthy report from late last year. “Chairman Schiff has indicated he thinks that the Durham investigation should end — which is exactly why an interim report is appropriate. It would show whether or not there’s a good-faith basis to continue. It would protect the work that’s been done,” Ratcliffe said.

“So, I would encourage my colleagues over at the Department of Justice and at the FBI and, in particular, now special counsel Durham to consider doing that, so that the American people can get the full accounting that they deserve.” “Look, it’s not a question anymore whether or not there was illegal spying,” he added. “This idea that there was not FISA abuse and it was a bunch of nonsense — look, someone is going to prison over that. It’s just a question now of how wide and how deep it was, and I know John Durham has been investigating that, and I’m confident, and I’ve said that based on what I’ve seen I think there should be additional indictments, I’m not backing off of that, but he’s the prosecutor I’d like to hear from him in an interim report, and I think the American people would agree with me.”

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I try to never link to paywalled articles. But this is just too crazy. The inevitable outcome will be that those who need their water the most won’t be able to afford it.

Water Futures to Start Trading Amid Growing Fears of Scarcity (BBG)

Water is joining gold, oil and other commodities traded on Wall Street, highlighting worries that the life-sustaining natural resource may become scarce across more of the world. Farmers, hedge funds and municipalities alike will be able to hedge against — or bet on — potential water scarcity starting this week, when CME Group Inc. launches contracts linked to the $1.1 billion California spot water market. According to Chicago-based CME, the futures will help water users manage risk and better align supply and demand. The contracts, a first of their kind in the U.S., were announced in September as heat and wildfires ravaged the U.S. West Coast. They are meant to serve both as a hedge for California’s biggest water consumers against skyrocketing prices and a scarcity gauge for investors worldwide.

“Climate change, droughts, population growth, and pollution are likely to make water scarcity issues and pricing a hot topic for years to come,” said RBC Capital Markets managing director and analyst Deane Dray. “We are definitely going to watch how this new water futures contract develops.” Two billion people now live in nations plagued by water problems, and almost two-thirds of the world could face water shortages in just four years, Tim McCourt, global head of equity index and alternative investment products at CME, said in an interview. “The idea of managing risks associated to water is certainly increased in importance.” The futures will be financially settled, as opposed to requiring the actual physical delivery of water, and are based on the Nasdaq Veles California Water Index started two years ago.

The index sets a weekly benchmark spot price of water rights in California, underpinned by the volume-weighted average of the transaction prices in the state’s five largest and most actively traded water markets. Contracts will include quarterly ones through 2022, with each representing 10 acre-feet of water, equal to roughly 3.26 million gallons. Currently, if a farmer wants to know what water will cost in California six months from now, it’s kind of a “best guess,” Patrick Wolf, senior manager and head of product development at Nasdaq, said in an interview. The futures will allow market participants to see “what is everybody’s best guess,” he said.

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“Californian ideology”

No Escape From Our Techno-Feudal World (Escobar)

The political economy of the Digital Age remains virtually terra incognita. In Techno-Feudalism , published three months ago in France (no English translation yet), Cedric Durand, an economist at the Sorbonne, provides a crucial, global public service as he sifts through the new Matrix that controls all our lives. Durand places the Digital Age in the larger context of the historical evolution of capitalism to show how the Washington consensus ended up metastasized into the Silicon Valley consensus. In a delightful twist, he brands the new grove as the “Californian ideology”. We’re far away from Jefferson Airplane and the Beach Boys; it’s more like Schumpeter’s “creative destruction” on steroids, complete with IMF-style “structural reforms” emphasizing “flexibilization” of work and outright marketization/financialization of everyday life.

The Digital Age was crucially associated with right-wing ideology from the very start. The incubation was provided by the Progress and Freedom Foundation (PFF), active from 1993 to 2010 and conveniently funded, among others, by Microsoft, At&T, Disney, Sony, Oracle, Google, and Yahoo. In 1994, PFF held a ground-breaking conference in Atlanta that eventually led to a seminal Magna Carta: literally, Cyberspace and the American Dream: a Magna Carta for the Knowledge Era, published in 1996, during the first Clinton term. Not by accident the magazine Wired was founded, just like PFF, in 1993, instantly becoming the house organ of the “Californian ideology”. Among the authors of the Magna Carta we find futurist Alvin “Future Shock” Toffler and Reagan’s former scientific counselor George Keyworth.

Before anyone else, they were already conceptualizing how “cyberspace is a bioelectronic environment which is literally universal”. Their Magna Carta was the privileged road map to explore the new frontier. Also not by accident the intellectual guru of the new frontier was Ayn Rand and her quite primitive dichotomy between “pioneers” and the mob. Rand declared that egotism is good, altruism is evil, and empathy is irrational. When it comes to the new property rights of the new Eldorado, all power should be exercised by the Silicon Valley “pioneers”, a Narcissus bunch in love with their mirror image as superior Randian heroes. In the name of innovation they should be allowed to destroy any established rules, in a Schumpeterian “creative destruction” rampage. That has led to our current environment, where Google, Facebook, Uber, and co. can overstep any legal framework, imposing their innovations like a fait accompli.

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Problem is, it appears to work.

Election Day Information Blackout: US Media Is No Friend of the People (SCF)

While half of the United States is mesmerized by witness testimony describing the ‘irregularities’ that purportedly occurred in the 2020 presidential contest between the incumbent Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the other half has been left deliberately in the dark by an activist media. It has become almost a cliché to say that the United States is now fiercely divided into parallel universes, alternative realities, otherwise known as the Republican and Democratic camps. One of the primary reasons for this great divide, aside from the obvious ideological differences, is that just one side, that is, the left, predominantly controls the flow of news and social media content. Indeed, the ‘legacy media’ even feels itself bold enough to cast judgment on presidential messages via Twitter in real time.

If ever there was a recipe for disaster, as the most consequential election in recent memory remains up for grabs, this is it. On November 30, Bobby Piton, a mathematician and expert, testified at the Arizona voter fraud hearing where he provided compelling evidence that up to 300,000 “fake people” cast a vote in the contested election of Nov. 3. The data, if correct, was alarming in its implications since it meant the difference between Trump or Biden winning the fiercely contested swing state. Certainly the major media networks, in the interest of safeguarding the voting process and consequentially democracy itself, would be interested in providing its viewers with such news, right? Think again.

Not only was Piton’s riveting testimony sent to the memory hole by all of the ‘legacy’ media networks, but Twitter actually decided to block his account the very next day. Piton was treated as yet another ‘conspiracy theorist’ nutcase who will probably need to enter some sort of re-indoctrination internment camp before he can join polite society again. He certainly won’t be in need of company if the thought police get their way. Just days earlier, the social media platform also suspended the account of Pennsylvania state senator Doug Mastriano, who testified at that state’s election hearing. Twitter later said that Mastriano’s suspension was a “glitch,” which begs the question as to why these technological breakdowns almost always, without fail, target Republicans.

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“..Come on, this is Hollywood where creative showmen can dazzle our minds with plots so twisted that when you leave the theater you keep wondering what it was all about..”

The Elite Strategy To Divide and Conquer (Curtin)

The Institute for Policy Studies has just released a new analysis showing that since the start of the Covid-19 “pandemic” in mid-March and the subsequent transfer upwards of $5 trillion to the wealthy and largest corporations through the Cares Act, approved 96-0 in the US Senate, 650 US billionaires have gained over a trillion dollars in eight months as the American people have suffered an economic catastrophe. This shift upward of massive wealth under Trump is similar to Obama’s massive 2009 bailout of the banks on the backs of American workers. Both were justified through feats of legerdemain by both political parties, accomplices in the fleecing of regular people, many of whom continue to support the politicians that screw them while telling them they care.

If the Democrats and the Republicans are at war as is often claimed, it is only over who gets the larger part of the spoils. Trump and Biden work for the same bosses, those I call the Umbrella People (those who own and run the country through their intelligence/military/media operatives), who produce and direct the movie that keeps so many Americans on the edge of their seats in the hope that their chosen good guy wins in the end. I am well aware that most people disagree with my analysis. It does seem as if I am wrong and that because the Democrats and their accomplices have spent years attempting to oust Trump through Russia-gate, impeachment, etc. that what seems true is true and Trump is simply a crazy aberration who somehow slipped through the net of establishment control to rule for four years.

To those 146+ million people who voted for Biden and Trump this seems self-evident. But if that is so, why, despite their superficial differences – and Obama’s, Hillary Clinton’s and George W. Bush’s for that matter – have the super-rich gotten richer and richer over the decades and the war on terror continued as the military budget has increased each year and the armament industries and the Wall Street crooks continued to rake in the money at the expense of everyone else? These are a few facts that can’t be disputed. There are many more. So what’s changed under Trump? We are talking about nuances, small changes. A clown with a big mouth versus traditional, “dignified” con men.

If you were writing this script as part of long-term planning and average people were getting disgusted from decades of being screwed and were sick of politicians and their lying ways, wouldn’t you stop the reruns and create a new show? Come on, this is Hollywood where creative showmen can dazzle our minds with plots so twisted that when you leave the theater you keep wondering what it was all about and arguing with your friends about the ending. So create a throwback film where the good guy versus the bad guy was seemingly very clear, and while the system ground on, people would be at each other’s throats over the obvious differences, even while they were fabricated.

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More Brexit fallout.

Toyota Will Not Invest In Electric Cars In UK Until At Least 2034 (G.)

Toyota will not invest in building battery electric cars in Britain until at least the mid-2030s, dealing a blow to hopes that UK car factories will take a leading role in the move away from fossil fuels. Johan van Zyl, the chief executive of Toyota Motor Europe, said that hybrid cars containing both internal combustion engines and battery-powered motors would be the only option for the next round of investment at the company’s plant in Burnaston, Derbyshire. Production of the Corolla at Burnaston is due to end in 2027, and Toyota has yet to decide to invest in production after that point. That means the first zero-emissions Toyota cars would not be built in the UK until 2034 at the earliest, based on the manufacturer’s usual seven-year product cycles.

At the same time, Toyota is also preparing to launch multiple zero-emission battery electric vehicles to cater for countries with the strictest rules. This includes the UK, where all hybrids will be banned by 2035. Continued production of hybrids with internal combustion engines at Burnaston would be a boon for employment at Toyota’s other UK factory, an engine plant at Deeside. However, in the longer term the future of both plants, and others in the UK such as BMW’s Hams Hall engine plant, could be called into question if they are not favoured for investment in zero-emissions technology. The factory at Burnaston started production of the Corolla hatchback in January 2019, after a £240m investment that was decided in 2017.

At the time, the investment was hailed as a vote of confidence, but future spending will be dependent on Toyota’s assessment of post-Brexit trading conditions. “By 2027, when this Corolla’s life cycle comes to an end, I think it will be not possible to produce a zero-emissions vehicle there,” Van Zyl said. “Therefore it will have to be a hybrid technology vehicle.” Van Zyl also warned that a no-deal Brexit would be harmful for the UK and the EU, with only weeks to go until cross-Channel trade moves to new regulations, which are still under negotiation. Brexit could add to the challenges facing the plant if no deal is agreed and 10% tariffs are imposed on 1 January. Some 90% of Burnaston’s products are exported, meaning they would be hit hard by such tariffs.

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“..civilization is effectively a heat engine whose power is expressed in the form of economic growth..”

Finding the Truth behind the American Hologram (CoIC)

“Tim Garrett, physicist/professor of atmospheric sciences who hypothesised that civilization is effectively a heat engine whose power is expressed in the form of economic growth, admits that we will never decarbonize.”

It’s rather jarring to see an expert like Tim Garrett, whose work I have followed for many years, come out and say so bluntly that we will not do the steps needed to save ourselves. And the reason is very simple… People will raise hell if their right to pollute and consume is severely curtailed. We see this today with people’s refusal to simply wear a damn mask and do what’s for the greater good in a global pandemic. Now can you imagine the outrage when they are told they have to drastically reduce their living standards to prevent catastrophic climate change, a threat we cannot see but which will nevertheless destroy us in the long run? The reality that humans are causing the climate to warm, with catastrophic consequences, demands radical government intervention in the market as well as collective action on an unprecedented scale.

This has been known for decades and those catastrophic consequences are now coming to fruition, yet we remain a carbon-based, growth-oriented civilization. The later the “peak” the harder the reductions, bearing in mind that it is the area under the lines (cumulative emissions) which ensures a 2°C outcome. The 2020 peak (above) indicates the “unprecedented” 10% reductions trajectory giving only a 50/50 chance of staying under 2°C. Not only do we need to halt future CO2 emissions, but we need to magically extract CO2 already in the atmosphere with technology that does not exist.

Quoting Prof Anderson from last month: “…in 2020 such technologies remain highly speculative, with a few very small laboratory/pilot schemes now operating, with other proposed technologies still in the imagination of academics and tech-entrepreneurs. This faith in utopian technology reflects a deep and systemic bias that has hugely undermined the real scale of the mitigation challenge and misinformed policy makers for many years. Our fate is sealed.

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“..Prices of summer vegetables, stone fruit, apples, pears, and table grapes are forecast to rise by between 15% and 25%.”

China Boycott To Hit Australian Wine Hard As Fruit, Vegetable Prices Rise (G.)

Australia may be able to divert a “limited amount” of wine to its allies in the UK and the US, but China’s tariffs will probably reduce the value of exports. That is the conclusion of the Department of Agriculture’s Abares commodities report, released on Monday, which lists trade tensions as a dark spot in an otherwise recovering industry. The report also warns that fruit and vegetable prices are expected to rise in Australia due to Covid-19 travel restrictions limiting labour available for harvesting. Prices of summer vegetables, stone fruit, apples, pears, and table grapes are forecast to rise by between 15% and 25%. By some estimates commodity markets exposed to China trade tensions are worth $19bn, with services worth a further $28bn of exports.

The Abares report argues that the causes of trade tensions with China “appear to lie mostly outside commodity markets” although not all rigorous applications of trade law, biosecurity protocols and technical trade rules can be interpreted as an escalation. It notes that growth in exports to China follows its accession to the World Trade Organization and Australia’s free trade deal, but defends Australia’s increasing reliance on China, by arguing the phenomenon is “not unique to Australia” and China is expanding trade with “many other countries”. The report finds that concentration of Australia’s export markets varies, and China’s share ranges from 10% of wheat exports to 79% of wool exports.

Australia’s markets for fibre are “more concentrated in China than other exports” but sectors with recently applied tariffs, including wine and barley, are “much less concentrated”. Wine is predicted to be the biggest loser, with a 28% price fall estimated for wine grapes. The report blames “measures implemented to combat Covid-19” for reduced demand for red wine imports in China, as well as anti-dumping security deposits imposed in late November.

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The arms industry protests.

Greece Wants EU Arms Embargo On Turkey (K.)

Greece will insist in this week’s European Council on a European Union embargo on selling arms to Turkey. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is also expected to tell his counterparts that the arms they sell to Turkey could be used against EU member-states. Athens’ main concern is Germany’s T-214 submarines. Germany is expected to deliver components of six submarines to Turkey, which will finish building them locally. Mitsotakis and Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias have repeatedly discussed the issue with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Foreign Minister Heiko Maas. Some countries, notably Germany and Spain, appear unwilling to implement an embargo because of the economic losses they would sustain.

Greece considers these misgivings unfounded, saying such cancellations have happened in the past. A notable precedent is the cancellation of the sale of two Mistral-class amphibious assault ships (helicopter carriers) to Russia after the latter invaded and annexed Crimea in 2014. Russia had ordered the ships in 2010 and France cancelled the order in 2015, selling the two ships instead to Egypt for 1.2 billion euros. The above precedent shows that Germany is capable of selling the T-214 submarines under construction to a third country and avoid financial loss. Germany had also cancelled the sale of a weapons system to Russia – in its case, combat simulators – after the Crimea invasion.

Spain has also provided components for a vessel, a helicopter carrier, currently being built in Istanbul. Spain is one of the countries that uses its economic exposure in Turkey to argue against an arms embargo. The Netherlands, however, with a far longer presence in Turkey and with far greater investments (over $30 billion) – through the presence of multinational firms such as ING Bank, Philips, Shell and Unilever – is one of the major proponents of the EU putting greater pressure upon Turkey to force it to stop its provocations in the Eastern Mediterranean. Not to mention the US Congress’ decision to push for the imposition of sanctions against Turkey over its purchase of Russia’s S-400 missile air defense system.

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    So sad on the climate change front. Speculation in water – wow, just wow.
    On rising fruit and vege prices – so if Aussies have to pay their own folks a living wage (instead of paying foreign workers a substandard wage) then prices will go up? Lots of stories like this in Canada too. Pathetic excuses for countries if we can’t pay our own nation’s workers adequately to provide one of the few things we literally can’t live without.

    Mister Roboto

    Peak Oil never went away, the whole picture of it is just more complicated than we thought it was twenty years ago.


    Did someone here yesterday really try to link people like Doc Robinson and myself to “anti-mask sociopaths” and “anti-vaxxers”? That really happened? No questions allowed then? Pfizer own data, once you look behind the facade, simply don’t look encouraging. Why would we want to bring people false hope, especially given that mRNA vaccines’ effect on immune systems is as untested as GMOs? The cost/benefit analysis makes very little sense. That’s what we’re here to discuss, not to glance over all that and cheer on shoddy science just because so many are desperate.

    John Day

    Ware County, Ga has broken the Dominion algorithm:

    Using sequestered Dominion Equipment, Ware County ran a equal number of Trump votes and Biden votes through the Tabulator and the Tabulator reported a 26% lead for Biden.

    Dr. D

    Yes, commented on vaccine article.

    Lots of election news, new fun each day. Walls being breached all over, obviously not reported. Too complicated and fast-moving to bother following.

    MI was allowed inspection of machines, I hear. Alito ups the ballot date, it seems. All pretty predictable if you read anything. This is very like the vaccine/disease thing. We all read it and were mostly dead-right, the media dead-wrong. All good examples of why we allow dissenting views and even seek them out.

    And why if you are against freedom of speech, freedom of opinion, freedom of expression — and incidentally, some of these same guys are jailing, firing, purging, institutionalizing, and book-burning like any modern-day blackshirts — you can be pretty sure you’re the Baddies.

    Note to self: Do the good guys quietly LISTEN to the other side, find out what they think and why, then calmly address their concerns while expressing their own opinions, or do they REFUSE to listen, shout them down, call them names, and use raw violence to force their fellow man to “Do what you’re told”? “I know better than you, I cannot be wrong, it’s for your own good”?

    Good guy. Bad guy. White hat. Black hat. This isn’t hard. Watch any movie, TV show, or read any book and tell me which is which. Which are you?

    John Day

    This is edgy-but-fun (unconfirmed scuttlebutt)
    5 million counterfeit ballots from China? No Problem!

    Chinese Royalty Claims 5 Million Counterfeit Ballots Were Printed in China – Shares Phone Call and Pictures

    Dr. D

    Changing focus: ominous rundown on what nations do when bankrupt. Like back-bill you for all the medical monopoly money they spent should you ever make a nickel afterward? They already do this for some Welfare.

    How about more or less requiring the liquidation of your whole estate so you kids can’t inherit?

    I’ve been hearing this winds in other corners too. How about we erase your 20K student loans — now interest-expanded to $200k — if you just promise to “Own nothing and like it”. That is, cede your house, all property, and live in a concrete flat in Moscow Cleveland where the only way life is tolerable is with VR goggles in your Second Life?

    Speaking of “Utopia” lots of movies and premonitions about this too.

    Rough stuff. Sounds like you need a Black Market (i.e. Capitalism) and hidden property that’s invisible and takes up no space. Like Bitcoin. BuyBuyBuy.

    This is your GFR, your WEF, your “Raw Green Deal”, “Misery spread widely”, i.e. Socialism, NeoFeudalism, where THEY own property, but you don’t. Using raw violence to make it all go down. A boot stomping on your face. Forever.


    We pollute our aquifers to make fuel. We cut down mountains for fuel. We use up water, foul farmland, and raise corn and sugar beets to feed our cars.
    We are unlikely to stop. When “they” take it from the little guy, there will always be some “national security” need to keep doing it. You wouldn’t expect a fancy guy to stop flying to really really really important functions, are you? It isn’t going to end until it’s all used up- everything, everywhere.
    Depopulation will work for a while- there’s a lot of energy in a human body.
    (Sorry, but it’s coming.)
    “In 2007, an eco-boat called The Earthrace broke records by circumnavigating the globe in under 61 days. But if that’s not a special feat in and of itself, it did so–in part–powered by human fat. Three members of The Earthrace crew actually underwent liposuction for the challenge; their combined 2.5 gallons of fat produced almost 2 gallons of fuel, which was enough to go 9 miles out of their 27,600-mile journey.”

    (from: Petroleumservicecompany “deiselhumanfatfuelcar”)

    John Day

    Blog’s up. You already saw the scoops.

    ​Bill Barr might resign as AG by end of year, according to the NYT. (Why?) I would ignore the analysis offered here, since it presumes a different situation on the political battlefield than what we are seeing. Barr also might-not-resign by end of year. Barr is Bush-CIA-Deep-State.​ Watch him.
    Barr served as Attorney General under President George Bush, before becoming the general counsel of GTE Corp. which eventually became Verizon – making him a multi-millionaire.

    ​Alan Dershowitz is evil pedo-island scum, but he is a live-player.
    ​Attorney Alan Dershowitz said on Sunday that he believes the Supreme Court may get involved in adjudicating on whether state legislators have the power to pick alternate Electoral College electors who would vote for President Donald Trump if legislatures determine there was voter fraud, even after an initial slate of electors has cast its votes on Dec. 14.
    “The unanswered constitutional question is do they have the powers—state legislatures—to pick electors after the voters vote if they conclude that the voters’ count has been in some way been fraudulent or wrong?”
    “That is a constitutional question we don’t know the answer to, and the Supreme Court may get to decide that question if a state legislature decides to determine who the electors should be and changes the electors from Biden to Trump – that will be the key constitutional question,” Dershowitz said.

    Alito Moves Up Deadline For Supreme Court Briefing In Pennsylvania Case, Bringing Within ‘Safe Harbor’ Window To Intervene
    ​ ​Originally, Alito set a Wednesday deadline for the state to respond to GOP Rep. Mike Kelly’s lawsuit alleging that a 2019 state election reform, known as Act 77, violates both the state and federal constitutions by creating a so-called “no-excuse mail-in” voting regime.
    ​ ​Many took the Wednesday deadline as political theater, as it would place the case outside the “safe harbor” window which requires​ ​that controversies “concerning the appointment of all or any of the electors . . . by judicial or other methods or procedures” to be determined” at least six days before the time fixed for the meeting of the electors,” according to Law & Crime.

    Demand destruction drives the price of oil down, so that only producers of the-easy-oil can keep pumping it.economically.
    US shale-oil is a goner.
    Currently, however, the threat of a major oil glut is very high. Markets should realize that the recent deal is a diplomatic effort to present a “success story to the press” while in reality members have been given the opportunity to do what they see fit to do. The cartel will be happy with $50 per barrel, but there is only so long prices can stay this high with the current market conditions.


    Response to: Finding the Truth behind the American Hologram (CoIC)
    “Now can you imagine the outrage when they are told they have to drastically reduce their living standards to prevent catastrophic climate change…”

    I find this to be a false flag. Perhaps the top 5% of households by income in the wealthiest nation states who would experience this “outrage.” Why? Because they are the households that do the larger share of polluting with their lifestyles and who own and benefit from shares in the large corporations raking in profit from the current system. For the rest of the human population of the planet, that would not be the case. How do I make this assertion? Mostly from my own life’s efforts to reduce my own carbon footprint, and seeing how easy it is do in many areas. And from an understanding of how the current economic system functions.

    We live in a society that has decided that it is preferable to go out and purchase something new and ready made or as a kit rather than craft it from items already on hand, already available. This is one of the factors that drives our consumption. People have lost the understanding that the creativity involved in using what one already has on hand, the process of crafting something unique is very fulfilling process of learning and growth. It doesn’t matter whether the “items on hand” are fall leaves or plastic yogurt cups, humans have an innate creativity that our consumptive society has blunted into choosing products to define oneself. Re-using and repurposing items is simply a different habit, it doesn’t reduce quality of life — in fact, it may enhance quality of life.

    Another example can be in transportation or appliance use. Building brand new electric cars is a large expenditure of natural resources, involves destroying native environments where the lithium is being extracted, and oil in the plastics for the parts. Alternatively, we could keep the cars we already have running well, make parts for them, and engineer new cars that are designed to be repaired and upgraded, so that cars are not designed to be junked after 5 or 10 years, but rather used for a few decades. The same could be done for our appliances. “Quality of life” is not diminished by repairing and upgrading existing products rather than endlessly junking old ones for new.

    Single-use plastics are rampant. Does quality of life diminish when we use paper or other simple compostables for disposable items and in other areas increase our use of reusable items? Yes, there might be a few more people with jobs washing dishes in our restaurants, but that is a vast improvement over oceans polluted with plastic. Do the items we purchase really need to be packaged in clear plastic, or any plastic at all? Humankind existed without disposable plastics for millennia — is our quality of life truly bettered in a significant way by using disposable plastics, rather than using either older methods (beeswax infused cloth, or a rubber seal with a glass lid and metal enclosure) or a reusable newer method (a flat, thin silicone disk or silicone seal with lid and metal enclosure) rather than plastic wrap to cover a food dish in the refrigerator?

    Of course, the economy I’m describing here is one that would not be pushing for endless consumption. Without endless consumption, we cannot fulfill capitalism’s need for endless expansion of the economy. Without endless consumption, we cannot fuel a monetary system that grows by creating new debt for every dollar (or other form of currency) created. The greatest beneficiaries of the current economic system are those who sit towards the top of that pyramid. And, yes, those who currently sit at the top of the economic system would experience an enormous shake up in their lives as they found themselves without the economic power they currently enjoy. That is why it is so difficult to change our current system, and move towards significant carbon reduction. To do so would require a different economic model, with different outcomes, no need for endless growth, different economic priorities. And a shift in priorities would disempower those currently in power.

    But, please, don’t try to tell me that we are stuck with this mess because the majority of the people are too addicted to Walmart, Amazon, and Dollar Tree to change their spending priorities. Advertising has been driving the priorities of “the consumers” for a very long time, and advertising is paid for by those who profit from it, and profit from the behaviors it engenders. Advertising (a flavor of corporate propaganda) could be used in a widespread way to encourage behaviors that reduce consumption. But what economic titan in the current system would fund that type of widespread advertisement?

    In the past hundred years or so our chemists and physicists have found myriads of ways for us to manipulate carbon molecules into a plethora of uses. Do we really suppose that if we re-purposed those minds to manipulating other types of molecules, ones that have a less deleterious effect on our planet, that this wouldn’t work? Do we have recourse of action to address climate change and eventually reverse it? I believe that, yes, there is cause for hope. But not with the economic and political status quo. I could make a call to revolution — but I don’t have to, because the seeds of destruction of the current status quo are already all around us. Yes, it would be wise to voluntarily go down the path of creating a new economic system that is not based on endless growth on a finite planet — some humans are pioneering this route — but, unfortunately, history shows that very often change does not happen in a smooth, linear fashion. Change often comes about with large disruptions and violence, because people with power are usually loathe to lose that power. Yes, the people in power right now would experience “outrage” with a migration to an economic system that sees themselves with diminished power. The rest of humanity, however, might breathe a collective sigh of relief.

    John Day

    That is why it is so difficult to change our current system, and move towards significant carbon reduction. To do so would require a different economic model, with different outcomes, no need for endless growth, different economic priorities.”

    Mr. House

    “California has had a nearly identical case trajectory as Texas.

    In TX, schools are open. Businesses are open. People can go for a walk.”

    Perhaps, just perhaps, the books are being cooked. What is so hard to understand about “we live in an age of fraud”? If the cancer (fraud) isn’t removed or punished, it will spread to every other part of society. Just my two cents, no one is above it, don’t care what your “title” is.

    madamski cafone

    Just reading a mention of the magazine WIRED makes me ill.

    In memoriam:

    Mondo 2000

    Mr. House

    Another great comment.

    “Christophe says:
    December 7, 2020 at 2:10 am

    Anonymous wrote, “The result is a mess where people subconsciously believe death can’t happen unless Covid does them in. So of course the vaccine will be frantically rushed: the people doing it, and planning to get it, genuinely believe that they can’t die from it, but they will die from Covid; so it doesn’t matter how bad the vaccine is, it will still be considered better than the alternative!”

    Cripes! That would explain so many of the self-destructive behaviors we’ve seen recently. I believe good old Ockham would have bestowed an A++ on you for this one, Anonymous. If Covid is just our newest personification of Hades/Pluto/Hel, then the gods truly do still stride across the land with heavy footfalls. What a fascinating idea…

    Mask wearing is just signaling membership as a worshiper in the cult of the Great God Covid. And not so much social signaling to each other, as desperately, wretchedly hoping to catch the fleeting attention of that cruel and capricious God. “If I wear the plaid mask today, will Almighty Covid deem me, his most humble and obsequious servant, deserving to beseechingly, grovelingly exist for yet another day?”

    All the bizarre disinfection rituals and “social” distancing are nothing but futile propitiations to this new God of Death, that he might find them worthy of his fickle clemency. “Make every surface in thy abode like unto a sanctified altar to our Beloved Covid who reigns in the sterile realms of Death. And perform ablutions upon thy unworthy hands whenever thoughts of His divinity should enter thy awareness. And keep thee the sacred distance, that the planets too not stray and collide out of their protected spheres.”

    The curfews ensure that none will dare to defile the Great God Covid by venturing out during his jealously guarded hours of gloom and pestilence. Next they will tell us we must close and shutter our windows at night to protect from the miasma (and to preserve His hallowed darkness.) “The day is for frivolous, worthless men to scamper about in vain, but the sacred night belongs to our Mighty God. Keep ye this commandment or face the dire consequences!”

    And the cries for salvation! I almost want to weep listening to their impassioned pleading for some totem of protection. “Almighty Covid, bestow upon us a vaccine, derived from a piece of thine very own sacred body, that we too might partake in thy divine strength! This gift we will receive obediently in thy holy name. And woe betide those unbelievers who would disobey and forsake such a divine gift, for truly they will suffer for an eternity in the shadow-filled realm of Covid, the bringer of Death!!!”

    I think the Age of Reason may have truly come to a close.

    May whim and fantasy reign supreme with each mayor and governor delighting in his own caprice! At last, doctors can once again cavort round their bubbling cauldrons while incanting their charming mythologies to their disciples. Tiny magical vials, containing all our hopes and dreams, can be sent out on great pilgrimages across the continents to bestow their blessings on all the peoples. And, like Rumpelstiltskin, our farthest planet can throw one, last, mighty tantrum before disappearing into a chunk of ice. A mythic age has begun!”

    Boris Seymour

    RE: Texas and California –
    “California has had a nearly identical case trajectory as Texas.
    In TX, schools are open. Businesses are open. People can go for a walk.”
    CDC figures show:
    Cases / 100K
    4,323 – Texas
    3,316 – California
    Deaths / 100K
    78 – Texas
    50 – California


    Mr. House said: “Perhaps, just perhaps, the books are being cooked..”

    Hear, hear! Wouldn’t that best fit the facts? If not, where exactly is the excess mortality, pray tell?


    ‘The Covid-19 Vaccine; Is the Goal Immunity or Depopulation?’, by Mike Whitney:

    “..Here’s what I think is currently going on in our country and across much of the western world. A public health crisis– that was manufactured and gamed-out before the initial outbreak in Wuhan, China –has been used to short-circuit long-held civil liberties, strengthen the authority of political leaders, collapse the economy, dramatically remake basic social relations, and impose absolute control over work, school, gatherings and recreational activities. Public policy is now set by unelected technocrats who operate behind the cover of lofty-sounding organizations that are entirely controlled by the world’s biggest corporations and richest oligarchs. President Dwight Eisenhower anticipated this troubling scenario 70 years ago when he said:

    “Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.”

    Bingo. This is the state of affairs in America today. All real power has been conceded to a globalist oligarchy that operates behind the curtain of corrupt government officials and public health experts. This begs the question of whether the hoopla surrounding the Coronavirus emerged as a spontaneous and appropriate reaction to a lethal and fast-spreading pandemic or whether the hysteria has been greatly exaggerated (Infection Fatality Rate is 0.26% or 1 in 400) to implement a transformational political-social agenda that will not only eradicate democracy and basic human rights, but also pave the way for dangerous vaccines that will dramatically curtail population growth..”


    Mr.House so true that so many of the covid rituals are about as effective as religion (some may be worse owing to their unintended consequences). It is as if suddenly everything we did health-wise has no significance. All that matters is that we carry out the rituals, which are pronounced from on high – our gods.

    Mr. House


    His scenario rings more true to the reality most of us are living, but you won’t be able to convince certain people. They can’t fathom that the people in charge want to hurt you.

    Doc Robinson

    John Day (in yesterday’s comments): “What is the relative risk between each vaccinated group and each placebo control group, of feeling bad enough to stay home in bed for one or more days?”

    Data such as this seems to be withheld from public knowledge. The media relies on the limited information that the drug companies put in their press releases. For example, the Pfizer press release disclosed these numbers about side effects:

    “The only Grade 3 (severe) solicited adverse events greater than or equal to 2% in frequency after the first or second dose was fatigue at 3.8% and headache at 2.0% following dose 2.”

    This leaves out any “severe” reactions reported by less than 2% of participants.
    This also leaves out all of the “moderate” reactions.

    I had to look back to some Pfizer trial data published in August to find what is considered to be a “moderate” and “severe” reaction:

    A fever of 38.9°C (102°) qualifies as a “moderate” fever.
    Headaches and fatigue and muscle pain are considered “moderate” if they cause interference with activity (to qualify as “severe” it would have to prevent daily activity).

    So this Pfizer data indicates that an undisclosed percentage of their vaccine recipients had side effects bad enough to cause interference with activity, and 3.8%,of recipients got fatigue that prevented daily activity, and 2% of the recipients got headaches that prevented daily activity. (These are just the known side effects in the short term.)

    Once the public vaccinations begin, I expect there will be significant numbers of people who are unhappy about their bad experiences with the side effects. Word-of-mouth stories from family and friends will be more persuasive than a press release saying that the vaccine is “well tolerated across all populations.”

    It seems that a media campaign to downplay side effects has already begun. Some recent headlines:

    Side effects from the COVID-19 vaccine means ‘your body responded the way it’s supposed to,’ experts say

    Washington Post
    ‘Absolutely normal’: Covid vaccine side effects are no reason to avoid the shots, doctors say

    The Philadelphia Inquirer
    COVID-19 vaccines can cause side effects. Here’s why that shouldn’t stop you from getting the shots.

    Public needs to prep for vaccine side effects

    Trump Covid vaccine czar says side effects ‘significantly noticeable’ in [only] 10% to 15% of recipients

    Pfizer press release

    earlier Pfizer vaccine trial data published in August

    Mr. House

    “Now it is 1984
    Knock-knock at your front door
    It’s the suede/denim secret police
    They have come for your uncool niece

    Come quietly to the camp
    You’d look nice as a drawstring lamp
    Don’t you worry, it’s only a shower
    For your clothes here’s a pretty flower.”


    I just finished the Edward Curtin piece, and I thought it was just superb. How refreshing and rare these days to read something with the ring of truth in it.. maybe it’s not a coincidence that he was one of the very few, early on,
    to call the panicdemic for what it was. Bravo, Mr. Curtin.

    madamski cafone

    I learned yesterday there is such a thing as a Zoom office Xmas party. In a business run by two credentialed psychiatrists.

    Everybody under 40 found an excuse not to be there. Over 40’s knew too well where their bread is buttered and endured the nightmare folly.

    Jesus wept.


    phoenixvoice: your entire comment was thoughtful, well written, and quite lovely. Thank you for taking the time to post it. Quote: “I could make a call to revolution — but I don’t have to, because the seeds of destruction of the current status quo are already all around us.”

    I agree.

    There’s this rather fascinating idea held by many that the majority of Americans are represented by the people you see on Twitter, Real Housewives of wherever, HGTV (house flips), our TV advertisements, our political leadership (cough, cough, hairball coming up), those in the top 10% living extravagantly in 5,000 sq foot houses, etc., etc. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

    I read a comment once from a person who honestly believed Americans never hang their washing up to dry. That we only tumble dry our clothes. I remember thinking, just where did you get THAT idea?

    Very [VERY] few Americans I’ve met are onboard with, or live their lives embracing, the pointless waste, the endless wars, the declining work ethic, the victimhood mantle, and all the other rubbish that is peddled as the “American People.” If you want to know Americans, you need to leave the coastal areas and turn off the TV.

    PS … “Greece will insist in this week’s European Council on a European Union embargo on selling arms to Turkey.” As well they should. Erdogan is probably clinically insane. I have felt sorry for Greece for so many years. What a beautiful country that has become the whipping post for the European Union. My heart goes out to you.

    madamski cafone

    One needn’t leave the coastal areas. Just talk to people.


    The biggest killer of truth for seniors is the web.
    Or should I say, “the web make available all kind of knowledge, at the push of a key, what used to take brains, time, money and dedication to acquire.”
    Tomorrow, Virtual Learning.


    > One needn’t leave the coastal areas. Just talk to people.

    If only it were so easy! One of the masterstrokes of the [faux] left and wokesters, who both IMO actually work
    for the Very Few, is to make so many words and ideas simply off-limits to polite (or any) conversation..
    PC has been a long term project, and it is paying off well for the aforementioned. See Ed Curtin’s piece:
    anyone not going along with the neoLibFascist plan is simply labeled a “deplorable”, and either
    dismissed, or unpersoned.



    Since 1634 America has been a settler colony and then nation. It is fertile ground for newborn religions from the Quakers and Southern Baptists to the Mormon Corridor. After closing of the frontier, Jonestown and Waco lit up. MAGA is the latest rebirth.

    Corporate media is ignoring it hoping it will go away. But it can’t when so many middle-class lives have turned into hellholes.

    It is not unlikely in 2021 that the pandemic will continue rage with no national public health system. The Trump Family stays in the White House. The Pentagon continues to bomb the 3rd world and prepares a first strike on Russia and China as the war with Iran escalates. The Biden Administration runs either coast from the DNC on Russian hacked computers. Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler are chief honchos of the mandatory vaccine program in rural America.


    @Zero sum,

    The biggest killer of truth for seniors is the web.

    I would have thought that most seniors would be educated enough at that point in their lives to suss out the truth for themselves? The internet to me has just become the next iteration of the boob tube.

    That’s why I find myself here, at Mr. Mejier’s blog- here is a fair-minded man with fair-minded commenters!


    John Day:

    It is sad, even here on the TAE, only a few seem the least bit concerned about the massive election fraud!

    The 87 and 113 or 0.26 number is exactly what Sydney Powell said it was.

    But again nobody cares.


    Response to WES, who was following up on John Day’s comment about our US election and the idea that no one, even on TAE, cares:

    I continue to be astounded at the level of fraud taking place in this election. Some mornings over my first cup of coffee (reading TAE) I think, “Wow, this election is actually going to be overturned.”

    Then I realize the chances of that happening are slim because “the powers that be” won’t allow that to happen. But if anyone thinks having Biden (aka Harris) in office will end this… y’all are under estimating Americans (see my previous comment).

    The Trump Phenomenon is not just about Trump. If idiot leftest democrats think this is going away, they’ve got another think coming. Everyone … EVERY SINGLE PERSON … I know is utterly fed up with the radical left nonsense.

    It might take years to shake out. I may not be alive to see it. But make no mistake. This will shake out. Forget about the current rantings of the “blue check” democrats, the bleating on MSM from both the left and the right coasts, and the whining background noise from the [large] urban areas dolloped around the country.

    Drill down and take a close look at the breakdown of the voting in this country. Geographically, the vast majority of the US is red. And the vast majority of those red areas are the people growing food, generating energy, providing water, and actually WORKING to keep things going.

    Think those blue dollops are important? Think that the big tech and the big finance and the big healthcare “GDP” that those areas generate are important? Really?

    What goes around, comes around. It be comin’ around.

    Like I said, I may be dead by the time this shakes out, but do not underestimate Americans. We cut our teeth on revolution (no offense to Britain intended).

    John Day

    @WES, It’s bigger than the election fraud that got JFK in, instead of Nixon. This really does seem much, much bigger and international, hence actually treasonous.
    We shall see how this plays, but no path is good.
    That being said, I really believe that honoring the real votes of Americans will be far better than not, especially this time.
    So much scheming has been done, and it needs to fail.


    @madamski wrote:

    “I learned yesterday there is such a thing as a Zoom office Xmas party. In a business run by two credentialed psychiatrists.

    Everybody under 40 found an excuse not to be there. Over 40’s knew too well where their bread is buttered and endured the nightmare folly.”

    Jesus wept.”

    Ah! The bread!……at my old age I have only begun to understand ..*status quo*. If the kids succeed in burning this bitch/bastard down…I have informed them that I may not have enough energy to help them build the NEW WORLD…… take it easy ok?


    Oh yeah…and about those clitoris enlargement pills….do they work for ….well…you know..



    John Day:

    Yes 2020 election fraud is in the multi-millions compared to JFK/Nixon election fraud.

    I remember Nixon when conceding the election to JFK, saying “You won this election fair and square!”

    What most people don’t know is by saying that, Nixon was saying to JFK that his people had done a better job of stuffing the ballot boxes than his people had!


    When it comes to using energy wisely, in my field of electricity, great strides have been made in my life time.

    The one that touches everybody is lighting. First we had incandescent lights which created more heat than light. Then florescent lights which produced more light using less energy. They still however generated a fair amount of heat in the process of converting electricity to light.

    Now we have LED (light emitting diodes) lights. These have moved the process of converting electricity to light to where most of the electricity is converted to light not heat. The impact of this lighting revolution can be seen in the reduced demand for electricity from power companies. Naturally they are not too happy about this.

    Another area strides have been made is in electric motors. Usually when buying industrial electric motors you have the option of paying more for a more efficient electric motor.

    Computers which seem to effect everyone on the planet are far more energy efficient than the old 1980s desk top computers, especially the display monitors. Remember the heat emitting CRT monitors? You could warm your hands from their heat!

    So, despite all the moaning and groaning about the environment, some things are getting better.

    I have a cottage in the 1000 islands of the St. Lawrence River. When I was a boy, in 1970 the river was so clogged with seaweeds, that one could see ducks walking on top of the mats of weeds floating on top of the water!

    Then they banned phosphates from laundry detergents. They also instituted strict septic tank/tile bed rules. No more dumping raw sewage directly into the river as many were then doing!

    There was one island cottage doing just that! One night some cottagers on an adjacent island, after a few beers, went over and plugged the sewage hose with cement, causing their toilet to back up! A few days later the sawed of cement hose was seen on the ground!

    So over time the quality of the water flowing in the river has greatly improved. How do I know?

    We have seen the return of wild life that wasn’t there in 1970. We now have loons, osprey, bald eagles, and swans! Loons will only come if the water quality is good. Today you can clearly see the bottom of the river and there are no longer mats of weeds floating on top of the water.

    Now everyone is using 4 stroke outboards verses the old 2 stroke outboards that required oil mixed into the gas.

    So yes progress is being made. Some people just choose not to see it.


    Here is a link to an excellent assessment of the vaccines and their impacts. Jon Barron may not be known to most (not an MD) but he is extremely knowledgeable in the area of immune systems. He sells herbal pathogen destroyers and other products prepared for elite athletes but his assessment of the vaccines is that they are useful. Note: according to him, you need to have some reaction to the vaccine (fever etc) to indicate that your body has generated an immune response. Worth the read and written for the lay person.

    The COVID Vaccines and What They Mean


    “It is sad, even here on the TAE, only a few seem the least bit concerned about the massive election fraud!”

    We have been conditioned all of our lives.
    No proof of wrong doing.
    Yes, I still vote
    Yee, I still enjoy watching Xmas lalalang reruns.

    Dr. D

    “we could keep the cars we already have running well,”

    We already do this constantly in the muscle car hobby, because new cars stink so bad mechanics don’t prefer them, despite that each day the non-computer cars recede 50, 75, even 100 years into the past. You can buy great new blocks, rockers, carburetors, parts, all to new metal specs far better than imagined in 1965. The car will indeed keep running another 45 years, and it’s easily provable that saves far more energy, far more environment than a new electric, which are both higher BTU initially and impossible not to scrap in 10. It’s the old “1970’s Volvo is the most ecological car at 17MPG”. It already exists. It’s creation is already amortized.

    “we cannot fulfill capitalism’s need for endless expansion of the economy.”

    Why is this a need? Capitalism has existed as long as people and that wasn’t needed before. What would you call the long slumber of the Middle Ages? Did people not make and sell things? Was the government all powerful, centrally planning each person’s day? Did all people live on a Commune? So what Capitalism do you mean? Honestly, because we find a lot of problems are with aggregating or being unspecific with words. The Left is having this right now as many say they’re not in the Global Reset, that it’s not a “Leftist” view.

    As you note, changing emphasis, but even keeping “Capitalism” it would all straighten itself. But we don’t have Capitalism. When debt is too high, they hand infinite money to insiders to forestall bankruptcy, then alter all laws and norms, set up more protected monopolies by force and central edict. Sounds like a King or Caesar to me. …If they collapsed as they should, A) it would never have got that bad, bc no bailout 1994, 2001, 2008… B) the debt would be wiped out, prices would drop (like houses and colleges), competition would return. I propose it’s the debt that drives the over-consumption. If you don’t protect the debt with guns-n-fraud, then no prudent person would ever allow zero-down 5% NINJA loans and 5-figure credit lines for bankrupts. The economy would SLOW. Like to a sustainable level. A cash-basis level. Only a government-protected central bank can force such recklessness and income inequality. And by FORCE I mean, when you set up this system, you legally demand people work faster and faster, transfer more to rentiers, or we throw you in the street or in jail.

    Election is so vast with so many moving parts right now it beggars mentioning. It’s enough that like a tide, it’s breaching the levee everywhere, in so many places is scarcely matters where. ..Which is what John Podesta said back in July TIP War Game? …Not in details but what did “we’ll lose and fallback” mean? Lose so far back that they ultimately have CA, OR, WA secede? …Or rather, the tiny 1/3 of those states on the coast and minus San Diego. I.e. The “Nation of Jefferson”, easily re-absorbed on imminent failure like the CHAZ. …You know, the Chaz that only days after creation, erected a wall, borders, and their police shot two black children in a hail of 300 bullets?

    So again, why did Podesta assume they would lose in here, at the point the Pentagon counted heads and picked sides? And that’s what’s happening.

    It’s more important to reveal it than even to fix it, and that takes time. They’re using the now-polished slow-walk method of leaking bread crumbs to the press, so they deny A, then B, then C, then D, now down to Q. …Although granted they still religiously say “baseless” “without evidence” tossed in every 3rd sentence all day. But like Hunter, reporting it just puts it in public mind. If they have to deny it, Americans figure it’s true. …Gee, I wonder why.

    So on slow walk, they’re in “Safe Harbor” day, and like virtually everything reported, a fact that isn’t real. There is no such constitutional date, so therefore the Constitution overrules State and Federal customs and laws. Alito did carefully dodge this added objection by changing his case to this morning, 8Dec. however. Why add trouble? But they make up everything and ignore the Constitution all the lives of all living men, so now is no different. The rules are what they can enforce and get buy-in for. What is it, 70% think the election was rigged, including 30% of Democrats? 58% of Georgians want to erase the vote and send to the Legislature?

    It takes time. So they made the time. What else can you do? So Dominion, paper boxes, re-tests, re-counts finally chew through nationwide. “Confirming Electors” and “certifying the vote” means nothing. Hawaii already showed that. Better, when the fraud comes out, it means they committed knowing felonies by confirming known fraud. They had a chance and they picked sides.

    And if you want to know why GA is stalling so hard, note that the day Gov Kemp changed his mind and allowed any election inspection, his daughter’s boyfriend died in a car crash the next day. Coincidentally, of course. And so will anyone else who pops up their head. Again, coincidentally of course. Completely on accident.

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