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Paul Cézanne Curtains 1885


Many Aren’t Buying Public Officials’ ‘Stay-at-home’ Message (LAT)
Nine Out Of 10 In Poor Nations To Miss Out On Vaccines (G.)
Tenants, Landlords Face Imminent Crisis As Pandemic Lifelines Expire (ZH)
Texas Files Lawsuit To SCOTUS Challenging Election Results In 4 States (JTN)
Professor: Probability of Biden Winning ‘Less Than One In A Quadrillion’ (EW)
Swalwell Suggests Trump Is Behind Blockbuster Axios Report (Fox)
Biden Defense Secretary Nominee Under Fire For Industry Connections (IC)
Former Clinton Aide Confirms Ties to Epstein, MSM Silence Deafening (MPN)
Trump Exits Somalia (OffG)
Where’s the Hitler? (CJ Hopkins)
Melzer Calls For Immediate Release Of Assange After 10 Years Of Detention (UN)
American People Hire High-Powered Lobbyist To Push Interests In Congress (Onion)



Passionate science: Ivermectin is the miracle drug



I see a tsunami of violent lockdown protests in our immediate future. Maybe it’ll wait till 2021, but not much longer.

“..harm reduction aims to mitigate the risks of dangerous behaviors instead of trying to get people to cease altogether..”

Many Aren’t Buying Public Officials’ ‘Stay-at-home’ Message (LAT)

With the coronavirus running rampant in Los Angeles and hospitals projected to overflow by Christmas, officials have fallen back on a familiar refrain: Stay home. “My message couldn’t be simpler: It’s time to hunker down. It’s time to cancel everything,” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said last week. “If you’re able to stay home, stay home.” Some 33 million Californians are now under a new regional stay-at-home order that began Sunday night, a last-ditch effort to turn the corner on an alarming rise in coronavirus cases statewide. The blunt messaging worked to bend the curve in the spring, when fear of the novel virus and the insidious ways it might spread kept many indoors. But nine months later, the words seem to have lost their meaning.

The percentage of Angelenos staying home except for essential activities has remained unchanged since mid-June — around 55% — despite pleas from health officials in recent weeks for people to cut down on their activities, according to a survey conducted by USC. A similar story has played out nationwide, as millions of Americans zigzagged across the country to visit family over the Thanksgiving holiday, flouting the advice of health officials. “It’s not because the public is irresponsible; it’s because they are losing trust in public health officials who put out arbitrary restrictions,” said Dr. Monica Gandhi, an infectious-disease specialist at UC San Francisco. “We are failing in our public health messaging.” Health officials are up against a fatigued public, as well as a number of people who don’t believe in the danger of the virus, Gandhi said.

But she is also part of a growing number of experts who think there’s a better way to engage those who do want to take the pandemic seriously — by taking a lesson from the public health strategy known as harm reduction. Typically used to describe sex-education programs and needle exchanges for drug users, harm reduction aims to mitigate the risks of dangerous behaviors instead of trying to get people to cease altogether. When it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic, a harm-reduction approach would encourage masking and social distancing instead of demanding that people have no contact at all with friends or family they don’t live with. In other words, even during a pandemic, abstinence-only isn’t effective.

L.A., however, has adopted more of a “just say no” attitude. Last week the county became one of the only places in the nation to halt all outdoor gatherings among people who aren’t in the same household, prohibiting two friends from meeting up in a park or going on a hike with masks on. Gov. Gavin Newsom followed suit and included the ban in his regional stay-at-home order. California officials are desperate to reverse an unprecedented flood of new coronavirus cases up and down the state, and even their critics acknowledge the impossibility of the situation. But banning relatively safe outdoor activities risks alienating people who want to follow the rules but feel exhausted, disregarded and sometimes confused by them, Brown University health economist Emily Oster said. “Some of the things they’re telling you not to do are incredibly low-risk,” Oster said. “When you are so strict about what people can do, they stop listening.”

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Close the borders! But seriously, vaccines have become an entirely critiqueless issue. And thereby uninteresting. Once something is blown up to the status of a religion, it’s time to tune out.

Nine Out Of 10 In Poor Nations To Miss Out On Vaccines (G.)

Nine out of 10 people in 70 low-income countries are unlikely to be vaccinated against Covid-19 next year because the majority of the most promising vaccines coming on-stream have been bought up by the west, campaigners have said. As the first people get vaccinated in the UK, the People’s Vaccine Alliance is warning that the deals done by rich countries’ governments will leave the poor at the mercy of the rampaging virus. Rich countries with 14% of the world’s population have secured 53% of the most promising vaccines. Canada has bought more doses per head of population than any other – enough to vaccinate each Canadian five times, said the alliance, which includes Amnesty International, Frontline AIDS, Global Justice Now and Oxfam.

“No one should be blocked from getting a life-saving vaccine because of the country they live in or the amount of money in their pocket,” said Anna Marriott, Oxfam’s health policy manager. “But unless something changes dramatically, billions of people around the world will not receive a safe and effective vaccine for Covid-19 for years to come.” Supplies of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, approved in the UK last week, will almost all go to rich countries – 96% of doses have been bought by the west. The Moderna vaccine uses a similar technology, which also is claimed to have 95% efficacy, and is going exclusively to rich countries. The prices of both vaccines are high and access for low-income countries will be complicated by the ultra low temperatures at which they need to be stored.

By contrast, the Oxford University/AstraZeneca vaccine, which has 70% efficacy, is stable at normal fridge temperatures and the price has been set deliberately low for global access. The manufacturers have said 64% of doses will go to people in the developing world. The campaigners applaud this commitment, but said one company alone cannot supply the whole world. At most Oxford/AstraZeneca can reach 18% of the world’s population next year. The alliance has used data from science information and analytics company Airfinity to analyse the global deals with the eight leading vaccine candidates. They found that 67 low and lower middle-income countries risk being left behind as rich countries move towards their escape route from the pandemic. Five of the 67 – Kenya, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan and Ukraine – have reported nearly 1.5 million cases between them.

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You can’t go out, except when you get evicted.

Tenants, Landlords Face Imminent Crisis As Pandemic Lifelines Expire (ZH)

January is going to be a mess. America’s small-time landlords, along with their tenants, are in trouble as safety nets are set to expire. Tenants haven’t paid rent in months, with a looming eviction moratorium expiring at the end of December. According to Reuters, the lack of rental income for landlords has also been troublesome, with many skipping mortgage payments, potentially resulting in a firesale of properties in the year ahead. For 12 million Americans and their families – this Christmas will be their worst – as the extended unemployment benefits that have kept many of them afloat are set to expire later this month. Then on New Year’s Day, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s eviction moratorium expires, which could result in a massive wave of evictions in the first half of 2021.

At the moment, $70 billion in unpaid back rent and utilities are set to come due, according to a new report via Moody’s Analytics Chief Economist Mark Zandi. Last month, Maryland utility companies began to terminate customers with overdue bills, many of which were unable to pay because of job loss due to the coronavirus downturn. New research from the Aspen Institute warns 40 million people could be threatened with eviction over the coming months as the real economic crisis is only beginning. According to Stacey Johnson-Cosby, president of the Kansas City Regional Housing Alliance, landlords are also in deep turmoil. She said more than 40% of the landlords surveyed in her coalition said they will have to sell their units because of the lack of rental income.

“They are sheltering our citizens free of charge, and there’s nothing we can do about it,” said Johnson-Cosby. “This is their retirement income.” She said small landlords are frightened to speak out about non-paying tenants because social justice warriors and their “Cancel Rent” groups have attacked landlords. “What they don’t realize is that if they run us out and we fail, it will be private equity and Wall Street firms that buy up all our properties, just like they did with houses after the last foreclosure crash.”

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Louisiana followed suit.

Texas Files Lawsuit To SCOTUS Challenging Election Results In 4 States (JTN)

In a novel legal strike, the state of Texas has asked the Supreme Court to invalidate the election results in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia, arguing officials in those four battleground states violated the Constitution by making changes to how ballots were cast and counted without legislative approval. The lawsuit filed late Monday night by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton asked the justices to issue a temporary restraining order preventing the states “from taking action to certify presidential electors or to have such electors take any official action including without limitation participating in the electoral college.” The suit argues that changes made by the state’s governors, secretaries of states and election supervisors were “inconsistent with relevant state laws and were made by non-legislative entities, without any consent by the state legislatures. The acts of these officials thus directly violated the Constitution.”

“I’m worried about the credibility of elections, not just right now, but I’m worried about the credibility of elections going forward,” Paxton told Just the News on Tuesday afternoon in a phone interview. “I’m not making a fraud argument, I’m making an argument based on the Constitution. And what we know happened, which was that we know state law was changed by people other than the state legislature, which is the only constitutionally authorized changes that are allowed … My argument is that the law was violated, the constitution was violated. I’m not addressing whether there was 2 million fraudulent ballots cast in Pennsylvania. I don’t know, and there’s no way to know, the way the system got set up, the way the rules got changed.”

States are allowed in certain circumstances to appeal directly to the Supreme Court, bypassing lower federal courts, in disputes involving other states. Paxton argued the state of Texas was wrongly harmed by the unconstitutional acts of the other states. “These non-legislative changes … facilitated the casting and counting of ballots in violation of state law, which, in turn, violated the Electors Clause of Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution,” the suit stated. “By these unlawful acts, the Defendant States have not only tainted the integrity of their own citizens vote, but their actions have also debased the votes of citizens in Plaintiff State and other States that remained loyal to the Constitution.”

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Because Trump was so far ahead as of 3 a.m. on November 4, 2020.

Professor: Probability of Biden Winning ‘Less Than One In A Quadrillion’ (EW)

In a new lawsuit filed today, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to block four battleground states – Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, from casting “unlawful and constitutionally tainted votes” in the Electoral College. In the brief submitted to the Supreme Court, Texas includes a declaration from Pacific Economics Group member and USC economics professor, Charles J. Cicchetti, Ph.D. Dr. Cicchetti is the former Deputy Director at the Energy and Environmental Policy Center at Harvard University’s John Kennedy School of Government and received his Ph.D. in economics from Rutgers University.

According to Dr. Cicchetti, his calculations show the probability of Joe Biden winning the popular vote in the four states independently given President Trump’s early lead in those States as of 3 a.m. on November 4, 2020, is less than one in a quadrillion. Dr. Cicchetti’s analysis calculates that for Joe Biden to win all four states collectively, the odds of that event happening decrease to less than one in a quadrillion to the fourth power (1 in 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,0004). Stop and think about that. Given President Trump’s massive early lead on election night, the odds — according to Dr. Cicchetti — that Biden came from behind and beat Trump in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are so unlikely that it’s next to impossible. Dr. Cicchett’s work raises serious suspicions. How did Biden pull off this extraordinarily improbable win?

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You mean the report was false?

“Yes, noted pro-Trump, right-wing media outlet *Axios* spent a full year investigating a Chinese spy that infiltrated California politics because of Swalwell’s criticisms of the president.”

Swalwell Suggests Trump Is Behind Blockbuster Axios Report (Fox)

Rep. Eric Swalwell suggested Tuesday that President Trump was behind Axios’ bombshell report revealing that he was one of several politicians who was entangled with someone suspected to be a Chinese spy. Axios reported on Monday that a Chinese national named Fang Fang or Christine Fang targeted up-and-coming local politicians, including Swalwell, D-Calif. Fang reportedly took part in fundraising for Swalwell’s 2014 reelection campaign although she did not make donations nor was there evidence of illegal contributions. According to Axios, investigators became so alarmed by Fang’s behavior and activities that they alerted Swalwell in 2015 to their concerns, and gave him a “defensive briefing.” Swalwell then cut off all ties with Fang and has not been accused of any wrongdoing, according to an official who spoke to the outlet.

Swalwell, who was one of the most outspoken lawmakers who pushed the Russia collusion narrative since Trump took office, is now hinting that the president was behind Axios’ explosive reporting during an interview with Politico. “I’ve been a critic of the president. I’ve spoken out against him. I was on both committees that worked to impeach him. The timing feels like that should be looked at,” Swalwell said on Tuesday. Swalwell revealed that Axios first approached him about his ties to Fang in July 2019, which was also when he ended his short-lived presidential campaign. But the Democratic lawmaker seemed to suggest that intelligence officials involved in Axios’ reporting were trying to “weaponize” his cooperation with authorities.

“What it appears though that this person — as the story reports — was unsuccessful in whatever they were trying to do. But if intelligence officials are trying to weaponize someone’s cooperation, they are essentially seeking to do what this person was not able to do, which is to try and discredit someone,” Swalwell told Politico. According to Politico, Swalwell “refused to discuss his relationship with Fang” after Axios reported that she had sexual relations with at least two other politicians. He did, however, express confidence that he will maintain his seat on the House Intelligence Commitee. “As the story referenced, this goes back to the beginning of the last decade, and it’s something that congressional leadership knew about it,” Swalwell told Politico.

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The swamp.

Biden Defense Secretary Nominee Under Fire For Industry Connections (IC)

Last month, two progressive members of Congress sent President-elect Joe Biden a letter requesting that he commit to nominating a secretary of defense with no previous ties to weapons manufacturers. The letter, from Rep. Mark Pocan, D-Wisc., and Rep. Barbara Lee D-Calif., cited President Donald Trump’s Defense Secretary Mark Esper — a former lobbyist for Raytheon, one the country’s largest defense contractors — and called on Biden to adopt a different standard and find a nominee with “no prior employment history with a defense contractor.” But on Tuesday, Biden announced that he will nominate retired four-star Gen. Lloyd Austin III, once the top commander of U.S. forces in the Middle East, and now a member of the board of directors at Raytheon.

The company has been in the spotlight during the Trump administration in part because it supplies air-to-ground munitions for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen, and Austin’s role with Raytheon could be central to his confirmation fight. Austin oversaw U.S. operations in the Middle East until March of 2016, a year after the Saudi-led intervention began. He retired from the military the next month and later joined the board of United Technologies, a defense contractor that merged with Raytheon earlier this year. In 2019, Raytheon proceeded with an $8 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which included air-to-ground munitions. After congressional Democrats blocked the sale on human rights grounds, the Trump administration helped force the sale through by declaring a state of emergency.

“Raytheon manufactures the bomb components that are used in Yemen. He bears a direct responsibility,” Phyllis Bennis, who directs the New Internationalism Project at the Institute for Policy Studies, told The Intercept. “He was making money as a board member of this company that is directly responsible for the death and destruction there.” William Hartung, the director of the Arms and Security Project at the Center for International Policy, told The Intercept that picking Austin was “tantamount to making the position of Secretary of Defense the Secretary of Defense Contractors.” “The potential for conflicts is huge,” Hartung said. “Raytheon is deeply involved in controversial programs from unworkable missile defense projects to nuclear weapons — the new nuclear-armed cruise missile — to precision-guided bombs that have killed untold numbers of civilians in Saudi Arabia’s brutal war in Yemen. If Gen. Austin were to recuse himself from decisions on programs and policies involving Raytheon he could not carry out large parts of his job as defense secretary.”

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Mysteriously vanishing topics. There’s a lot of them.

Former Clinton Aide Confirms Ties to Epstein, MSM Silence Deafening (MPN)

A top Clinton insider has revealed that the former president visited the Caribbean home of notorious sex predator Jeffrey Epstein. In a long interview last week with Vanity Fair, longtime aide to Bill Clinton, Doug Band, noted that, contrary to the official line, his boss did indeed spend time on Little Saint James, the private island that the billionaire pedophile used as a base to traffick and rape women and children. Neither Band nor his interviewer appeared to realize the gravity of what he was revealing, the subject being touched upon only briefly towards the end of a wide-ranging 7,000-word conversation in which he noted that in January 2003, Clinton flew on Epstein’s notorious “Lolita Express” private jet to the island.

Band appeared to bring the incident up only as a way of distancing himself from the disgraced pedophile, who died under mysterious circumstances in a Manhattan prison in July last year. Band insisted that he knew nothing of Epstein’s misdeeds, but “got enough bad vibes that he advised Clinton to end the relationship,” refusing to travel aboard Epstein’s jet with his employer. Flight logs show Clinton made around two dozen trips on the infamous airplane. Band is certainly a source in the know. For years he served as Clinton’s most trusted aide and confidant, traveling by his side and arranging his appointments for him. The former president famously did not carry even a cellphone, meaning that everyone from journalists to even Hillary and Chelsea Clinton would have had to go through Band to speak to him.

Band’s testimony adds weight to others who have already said they saw him on the island. Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre previously stated that Clinton “strolled into” Epstein’s private villa with “two lovely girls” in his arms. “There was no modesty between any of them,” she said. “I remember asking Jeffrey what’s Bill Clinton doing here,” Giuffre said in an interview earlier this year, “and he laughed it off and said ‘well he owes me a favor.’” Epstein’s former IT and maintenance contractor also said he saw the former president on the island, an assertion that Clinton has denied. The former president was also photographed receiving a massage from Epstein victim Chauntae Davies while at an airport, on route via the Lolita Express.

While the press might be forgiven for focussing more on the pandemic and the election, the virtual silence from corporate media has been deafening. The bombshell that Clinton’s closest confidant — whom friends describe as being like a “son” to him — has been totally ignored by the New York Times, Washington Post, NBC News, MSNBC, CBS News, and CNN, with no relevant results appearing in searches on their websites. ABC News, which for three years sat on information that could have resulted in an arrest, also did not cover the story.

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Well, he appears to be trying.

Trump Exits Somalia (OffG)

These are things that might have been done earlier. During the last, flickering days of the Trump administration, activity is being witnessed across countries which have a US troop presence. Numbers are being reduced. Security wonks are getting the jitters. Is the imperium shrinking? Will President elect Joe Biden wake up and reverse the trend? With the Beltway foreign policy Blob advising him, most likely. In November, acting defence secretary Christopher Miller announced that the number of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq would fall from 4,500 to 2,500 and 3,500 to 2,500 respectively. Somalia has been added to the list of countries which will see US withdrawals in some number. The current troop presence stands at 700, tasked with assisting an African Union-backed peacekeeping force combat the al-Shabaab insurgency.

A good number are also there to train and support Danab, the Somali special forces with eyes on capturing and killing leaders of the insurgent movement. The ultimate objective of US Africa Command in East Africa, then, “is one in which terrorist organizations are not able to threaten the US homeland, US persons, international allies or destabilize the region.” This is a conflict that has a relentless air of eternity to it. Al-Shabaab counts itself as yet another, albeit more formidable militant group, that has thrived in Somalia’s unruly environment. Its claim to radicalised fame came with Ethiopia’s December 2006 invasion of the country. It was encouraged by the Somalian transitional government, with the intention of ousting al-Shabaab and the Islamic Courts Union from Mogadishu, captured by the fundamentalist alliance that June.

According to Robert Wise, the Ethiopian occupation transformed al-Shabaab “from a small relatively unimportant part of a more moderate Islamic movement into the most powerful and radical armed faction in the country.” Yet another salient lesson in the perils of foreign intervention. US administrations might have feared the messiness of the Somali scene. The death of 18 US soldiers in October 1993 in a failed effort to capture the warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid in Mogadishu stung. Cruise-missile humanitarians and interventionists would have to wait for the republic to find its feet again. The attacks of September 11, 2001 on the United States furnished the moment, incarnating the global terrorist phenomenon and the pretext for an international deployment of US forces, officially and covertly. On March 19, 2003, the capture and interrogation of Suleiman Abdallah heralded the return of US troops to Somalia.

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Good question. But good luck trying to find people who’ve read all this stuff for four years and now acknowledge they’ve been had 100%.

Where’s the Hitler? (CJ Hopkins)

All right, that’s it. I’ve run out of patience. No more excuses. Where’s the Hitler? Yes, you heard me. I’m talking to you. You respectable journalists and political pundits. You Intelligence officials and politicians. You fanatical liberals. You pseudo anti-fascists. All you members of the GloboCap “Resistance” who have been hysterically shrieking that “Trump is Hitler!” since he won the nomination back in 2016. Well, OK, it’s November 2020. The show is almost over. When do we get Hitler No, do not tell me “any day now.” You’ve been telling us that for four straight years. Do we look like a bunch of gullible idiots that you can whip up into a four-year frenzy of mindless hatred and paranoia by screaming “Hitler!” over and over, and then not produce an actual Hitler?

Well, we’re not. We remember what you said. You promised us Hitler, and we want Hitler, or at least a decent facsimile of Hitler. And don’t even think of trying to pretend that you didn’t actually promise us Hitler. You did. You want me to prove it? OK. Remember back in 2016, when The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Guardian, the Washington Post, The Inquirer, and other such “leading respectable broadsheets,” and online magazines like Mother Jones, Forward, Slate, Salon, Vox, Alternet, and countless others, warned that Trump was sending secret anti-Semitic “dog whistle” signals to his underground army of Nazi terrorists by talking about “international banks,” “global elites,” the “political establishment,” and even “corporations” and “lobbyists” … all of which was supposedly code for “the Jews,” who he was going to exterminate if won the election?

I do. I remember that, distinctly. How about after he won the election, when The Guardian reported that “white supremacy ha[d] triumphed!,” and The New York Times, NPR, Keith Olberman, and other verified news sources warned that America had descended into “racial Orwellianism,” or Zionist Anti-Semitism, or the “bottomless pit of fascism,” or whatever? Or when Michael Kinsley in the Washington Post confirmed that “Donald Trump is actually a fascist”? Do you remember all that? Because I certainly do. Remember Aaron Sorkin’s letter to his daughter warning her that millions of “Muslim-Americans, Mexican-Americans and African-Americans [were] shaking in their shoes” as they waited for Trump to round them all up and send them to the camps, along with the “Jewish Coastal Elites”?

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He’s done this 1000 times.

Melzer Calls For Urgent Release Of Assange After 10 Years Of Detention (UN)

The UN Special Rapporteur on torture, Nils Melzer, today appealed to British authorities to immediately release Julian Assange from prison or to place him under guarded house arrest during US extradition proceedings. He made the urgent call 10 years after Mr. Assange’s first arrest on 7 December 2010, amid an outbreak of COVID-19 at Belmarsh prison. Reports say 65 of approximately 160 inmates, including a number in the wing where Mr. Assange is being held, have tested positive. In an opinion rendered in December 2015, the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention found that since his arrest on 7 December 2010, Mr. Assange had been subjected to various forms of arbitrary deprivation of liberty, including 10 days of detention in London’s Wandsworth prison; 550 days of house arrest, and the continuation of the deprivation of liberty in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London which lasted almost seven years.

Since 11 April 2019, Mr. Assange has been held in near total isolation at Belmarsh. “The British authorities initially detained Mr. Assange on the basis of an arrest warrant issued by Sweden in connection with allegations of sexual misconduct that have since been formally dropped due to lack of evidence. Today, he is detained for exclusively preventative purposes, to ensure his presence during the ongoing US extradition trial, a proceeding which may well last several years,” said Melzer. “Mr. Assange is not a criminal convict and poses no threat to anyone, so his prolonged solitary confinement in a high security prison is neither necessary nor proportionate and clearly lacks any legal basis.”

The progressively severe suffering inflicted on Mr. Assange, as a result of his prolonged solitary confinement, amounts not only to arbitrary detention, but also to torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, Melzer said. He expressed particular concern about Mr. Assange’s exposure to COVID-19 given his pre-existing medical condition. “Prison decongestion measures seen around the world in response to COVID-19 should be extended to all inmates whose imprisonment is not absolutely necessary,” the expert said. “First and foremost, alternative non-custodial measures should be extended to those with specific vulnerabilities such as Mr. Assange who suffers from a pre-existing respiratory health condition.”

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“Jack Weldon gives us that access.”

American People Hire High-Powered Lobbyist To Push Interests In Congress (Onion)

Citing a desire to gain influence in Washington, the American people confirmed Friday that they have hired high-powered D.C. lobbyist Jack Weldon of the firm Patton Boggs to help advance their agenda in Congress. Known among Beltway insiders for his ability to sway public policy on behalf of massive corporations such as Johnson & Johnson, Monsanto, and AT&T, Weldon, 53, is expected to use his vast network of political connections to give his new client a voice in the legislative process. Weldon is reportedly charging the American people $795 an hour. “Unlike R.J. Reynolds, Pfizer, or Bank of America, the U.S. populace lacks the access to public officials required to further its legislative goals,” a statement from the nation read in part. “Jack Weldon gives us that access.”

“His daily presence in the Capitol will ensure the American people finally get a seat at the table,” the statement continued. “And it will allow him to advance our message that everyone, including Americans, deserves to be represented in Washington.” The 310-million-member group said it will rely on Weldon’s considerable clout to ensure its concerns are taken into account when Congress addresses issues such as education, immigration, national security, health care, transportation, the economy, affordable college tuition, infrastructure, jobs, equal rights, taxes, Social Security, the environment, housing, the national debt, agriculture, energy, alternative energy, nutrition, imports, exports, foreign relations, the arts, and crime.

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    Paul Cézanne Curtains 1885   • Many Aren’t Buying Public Officials’ ‘Stay-at-home’ Message (LAT) • Nine Out Of 10 In Poor Nations To Miss Out On
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle December 9 2020]

    Basseterre Kitona

    I see a tsunami of violent lockdown protests in our immediate future. Maybe it’ll wait till 2021, but not much longer.

    Definitely can feel it coming. My sense is that people might play it cool through the holidays which is time for home & family anyways. But come January & February, if the wanna-be tyrants in public service don’t ease up then they’ll be in for a world of hurt. Not enough cops to arrest everybody just because the governor wants it so.

    Mister Roboto

    I find this interesting: Dr. Chris Martenson says that YouTube and Facebook have banned his most recent video about the great helpfulness of Ivermectin in treating Covid-19.

    While Facebook and YouTube certainly have the legal right to do so as private companies, I still find actions such as these morally redoubtable. The only time I think there is a morally justifiable case for Big Tech/ Social Media to take stuff down is when something promotes negativity and hate without contributing anything worthwhile to the discussion. By no stretch of the imagination whatsoever do I believe that Dr. Martenson’s video could have been described as any such thing.

    Mister Roboto

    Definitely can feel it coming. My sense is that people might play it cool through the holidays which is time for home & family anyways. But come January & February, if the wanna-be tyrants in public service don’t ease up then they’ll be in for a world of hurt. Not enough cops to arrest everybody just because the governor wants it so.

    I think it’s morally right to avoid crowds and large gatherings whenever possible as long as the pandemic is raging. But government-mandated lockdowns do more harm then good because 1) how do you determine which human interactions are acceptable and which are not and 2) how do you enforce it short of arresting everybody who is out and about? People have to want to socially distance, and if the virus continues its spread because we chose not to, well then, we have only ourselves to blame as a society when the consequences of that have social, political, and economic knock-on effects that we failed to anticipate.

    Mr. House

    I wish someone would come up with what the odds would actually be, of a pandemic occurring in an election year, where “protesting” with people from all over your state does not spread the disease but going to church with your local community does. Remember December of 2018, when the stock market had a sad and lost like 20% in a month. Munuchin was on the phone with the banks whispering sweet nothings into their ears, and J Powell was still planning on raising rates a few times in 2019. Then Jan of 2019 he paused, then they started lowering rates, then in September of 2019 the REPO market started to have a sad, with rates jumping over 10%. The REPO market continued to be sad until March of 2020 with an even larger bailout then 2008. Still think thats the most likely explanation for everything we’ve exp. this year. History might be on my side, along with occam’s razor.

    Mister Roboto

    I wish someone would come up with what the odds would actually be, of a pandemic occurring in an election year, where “protesting” with people from all over your state does not spread the disease but going to church with your local community does.

    The virus is 20 times more likely to spread from person-to-person in an indoor gathering than an outdoor gathering. But I still think it’s a better idea to avoid both sorts of gatherings (I certainly do) as too many people are not wearing face-masks even now.

    Funny how “protesting” goes in scare quotes when it’s those other people who are doing it.

    Mr. House

    “When it becomes serious, you have to lie”

    Mr. House

    “The virus is 20 times more likely to spread from person-to-person in an indoor gathering than an outdoor gathering.”

    Wear your mask outside!!!!!!!

    Mr. House

    thank you Mr. Roboto. I’d never heard that before, not for the past year at least. Nobody has been repeating that every day for the past year. You’ve enlightened me.

    Mr. House

    @Mr. Roboto

    Was Russiagate real? Was that repeated almost everyday for four years? Please answer why the media only lies selectively

    Mr. House

    “Funny how “protesting” goes in scare quotes when it’s those other people who are doing it.”

    Looking back, were those protest bringing people together? Or were they dividing an already divided populace more? Which group was portrayed by the media as the jerks when they protested, i think thats the big tell. Both groups were protesting to help their “material” being. One because they wanted the economy to remain open, the other because they want a better shake within the economy. Seems like they had something in common. One group was portrayed in the media as if they had angels wings, and the other were a group of white supremacists

    Mr. House

    I see….. so clips of Rachael Maddow screaming like Joe McCarthy for four years were not misleading.

    Dr. D

    Germany to have oldest woman inmate. For poison? Terrorism? Mass murder? Nope. For merely speaking out loud.

    Right or wrong, the point here is “Opinions are Treason”. You will have our opinion, ONLY our opinion, or DIE IN PRISON. I mean, am I reading this wrong? Good thing they haven’t taken to prison for believing in Bigfoot or Santa Claus, but given the Co-Vid, or double-seeing lately, that’s only a matter of time. If you think your candidate won = prison. If you think bailouts are wrong = prison. If you think medicine might have erred somewhere somehow = prison. If you accuse foreign billionaires of doing exactly what the prospectus of their NGOs say they are doing = prison. If you believe in your religion = prison.

    It’s only logical, and inevitable. Congratulations Germany, congratulations Europe, you put China’s oppression to shame. But don’t worry, we’re right behind you.

    “It’s time to cancel everything,” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said last week.”

    I’m following them: they’re out, going to restaurants, launching their boat, flying to Mexico, having Thanksgiving, then so am I. I’m following their science.

    Super-lockdown refresher: So everything’s closed, right? How about hospitals? No, they’re open? How about grocery stores, surely a big public place for super-spreaders is closed? No? How about truck drivers? No? Truck repair? No? Plumbers, electricians, policemen, judges, coffee roasters, liquor stores, parts suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses, road construction…

    Congratulations: YOU DO NOT HAVE A LOCKDOWN. You have a fake lockdown, which is only fair, since you passed no legislation, and it has no power of law.

    …You know, beyond already having been rejected by State courts and the Supreme Court.

    And what did Germany do a minute after the court said it was totally, completely illegal (or was it Austria?) THEY CALLED ANOTHER LOCKDOWN. See, I knew Whitmer was of the German lineage. Law? What Law? The Law is in my mouth! Do what I say or the beatings continue.

    Clearly these guys have never seen a lightpost, but they’re cruising for it.

    Anyway, point being: what lockdown? That’s the same as the LAST lockdown. You know: the one that totally, completely, definitely, embarrassingly DID NOT WORK. For a YEAR. Just like all the studies said, like the WHO said, like Cuomo said, like Fauci said. Chart yesterday? Texas v California? Sweden v All?

    I don’t know what it takes, sometimes.

    “Texas Files Lawsuit to SCOTUS Challenging Election Results in 4 States (JTN)”

    Now we know what they were throwing chaff and wasting time for. This is slam-dunk, completely transparent case. The problem with PA was “Who has standing?” That is, what court? The Feds can’t in theory – of course they do this 1,000x a day and twice on Sundays – get involved in State law. So PA started the proper election amendment to the PA Constitution, said it was too hard, then just ignored their laws and rules. AG and Gov then just added a bunch of rules even the legislature didn’t pass, including a couple from Judges who ALSO got confused and thought they were the whole legislative/executive branch. But it was challenged, as it should be, and the PA Court said, “We don’t care, we want it as illegal as possible. Dismissed!” Now you CAN bring that to SCOTUS but, obstacles.

    Texas bringing it is crystal-clear. 1) States are suing other states. 2) The only Court for the is SCOTUS. 3) They are suing for equal process and rights. 4) There is no timing issue: “Can’t sue before and too late to sue after” because the wrong can only occur after confirmation. 5) They neither propose nor have to prove fraud, only procedure, which is well-established by both parties. 6) Don’t have to prove a reversal would change the election (WHY this is relevant is beyond me — as long as you only steal packs of gum constantly I can’t stop you? — but it’s often said) because it would change the outcome. 7) No one is being ‘disenfranchised.’ The Constitution says the Legislature, elected BY THE VOTERS pick the President. That will still happen.

    In response PA says, yes, they totally didn’t follow any law or procedure, but if you do anything about it, it will cause legal and procedural problems. Say what? YOU’RE the ones who caused this AFTER everybody told you not to AND by your actions clearly knew it was wrong.

    That was literally their response and argument. Yes, it was illegal and wrong. But you can’t change it just because it’s illegal. I suspect the Supreme Court will see otherwise.

    Now this WOULD be a problem if PA was at all Blue, both they might secede, retaliate to Texas, hang their legislature, whatever. But with 57,000 Red people at a random rally in Po-dunk PA, I propose they’re not. They’re more likely to hang their officials if they STOP the Supreme Court. That’s why everything Podesta and TIP said is empty and why he said they’d lose.

    “Professor: Probability of Biden Winning ‘Less Than One in A Quadrillion’ (EW)

    We’re just getting started and we have several thousand affidavits, hundreds of cases, evidence to follow up, PLUS a rap sheet of statistical impossibilities, but none of that matters except to arrest all the felons involved. The case doesn’t depend on fraud, only procedure. It simply follows the letter of the Constitution as written, as Pompeo said.

    “Trump Exits Somalia (OffG)”

    And everywhere else. He’s going to need the troops here. Okay, guess what else? IF it’s true about China, Swalwell, Kemp, Biden, THEN China will move up from hidden colonization to open colonization, that is, lighting our cities on fire and “accidentally” assassinating people, narco-style. You know, like daughter’s boyfriends-n-stuff. That basically means we’re under direct military attack, and naturally, boringly, predictably, same as all the other “Color Revolutions” with the same playbook, with the same people, and you know, seceding from the nation into a rebel attack vector like Podesta promised he would. Promised he would commit treason and open rebellion, open murder. Yeah, we know. You’ve been both doing it and telling us for years.

    We can deduce that Germany, France, certainly Iran, etc will all enthusiastically join with China in nuking the U.S. and burning it down to stop “populism” i.e. “democracy”. Schwab and the gang have openly said this, with Macron, etc… Their only enemy is “populism,” “democracy”, the people. ““We had got used to living as individuals in a free society, but we are citizens living in solidarity.” –Macron That is, you are not individuals. You have no individual rights, only the Great Society. They are in “Solidarity”, that is, with their communist, socialist brothers. You see, “Society” can have rights, but you don’t. You have prison. “Society” has free expression. You don’t. You have the Gulag. Same as it ever was. Solidarity of the workers, comrade. You know, except for Bezos, Schwab, Macron, Merkel, reporters who don’t quarantine, and apparatchiks who get extra jam rations. THEY own stuff. You’ll own nothing and be terrified not to like it.

    “When the Truth is outlawed, only Outlaws will tell the truth.”

    Since the #Truth is #Logos, all #Religion will be the first target. Too late.

    Doc Robinson

    Problems on the first day of the UK’s vaccination program:

    British regulators warned Wednesday that people who have a history of serious allergic reactions shouldn’t receive the new Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine as they investigate two adverse reactions that occurred on the first day of the country’s mass vaccination program.”

    “The medical regulatory agency also said vaccinations should not be carried out in facilities that don’t have resuscitation equipment.

    “Documents published by the two companies showed that people with a history of severe allergic reactions were excluded from the trials, and doctors were advised to look out for such reactions in trial participants who weren’t previously known to have severe allergies.”

    “The U.K. began its mass vaccination program on Tuesday, offering the shot to people over 80, nursing home staff and some NHS workers. It’s not clear how many people have received the jab so far.”

    John Day

    Vitamin-D Christmas

    Firstly, two of my close family members are much improved from COVID today, on ivermectin, zinc and doxycycline treatment.
    Secondly, people need to be people, and part of that is getting together to maintain the bonds of kinship at Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    This is human identity, not an optional consumer choice. This is core human life.

    So far this year I bought over $500 worth of vitamin-D in 5000 unit (125 microgram) dosage and gave it away.
    It may have been a lot more than $500. I didn’t keep track.
    There was an outbreak of 6 cases among staff at Jenny’s school recently.
    She gave away $120 worth of vitamin-D and I prescribed ivermectin, zinc and doxycycline for 3 people as a favor.

    Yesterday morning I ordered #200 bottles of #100 capsules each of 5000 unit vitamin-D for $670 to give to anybody and everybody by Christmas.
    I gave a bottle to a panhandler I often donate to yesterday morning on my bike commute to work,
    I gave another bottle to a school crossing guard who waves at me.
    I explained to both guys why to take it every day. I’m out now.
    The new vitamin-D should come in next Monday or Tuesday.

    Second time posting this:
    Vitamin D Insufficiency May Account for Almost Nine of Ten COVID-19 Deaths: Time to Act. Comment on: “Vitamin D Deficiency and Outcome of COVID-19 Patients”

    Third time posting this:
    It’s a small study, but it helps define vitamin-D dose for hospital inpatients, or anybody who needs to get vitamin-D levels up quickly. 60,000 units per day is 12 of the 5000 unit pills of vitamin D3 that we can buy at the store. That’s the daily dose for about 2 weeks. Most people got into the mid-normal range on this dose and nobody’s level went above the normal range. The people who got vitamin-D cleared the virus sooner, based on repeat testing. Thanks to commenter “Amazed”.

    “Amazed” sent this link to the blog, and Ilargi posted it at The Automatic Earth this morning.
    Pierre Kory is a critical care pulmonologist who is completely sick of people dying slowly in his ICUs, because they did not get early treatment for COVID before their lungs and other organs failed.
    He is part of Professor Paul Marik MDs large group of academic physicians, “not a politician”, as he has to defend himself.
    He points out that no CDC money has gone into investigating existing drugs to treat COVID, only vaccines and novel patented creations like remdesivir, things that will make profits, if we wait long enough.
    The data in favor of ivermectin treatment of COVID, prophylactically, and at every stage of illness, is powerful and of high quality. It is ignored by the CDC. (Why?)
    Pierre Kory, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine at St. Luke’s Aurora Medical Center, delivers passionate testimony during the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing on “Early Outpatient Treatment: An Essential Part of a COVID-19 Solution, Part II.”

    23 studies all show ivermectin to be an effective treatment for COVID-19.
    You really don’t need a meta-analysis. Not one of them failed to show benefit. None showed harm. (second posting)
    Ivermectin is effective for COVID-19: meta analysis of 23 studies

    ​Dr Marik’s group at Eastern Virginia Medical School has a treatment protocol, with multiple additional therapeutic options also cited. This addresses all stages of illness. Ivermectin and zinc are core treatments. This most recent update is from 11/30/20. (posted several times)​

    ​ In Los Angeles the Mayor again freaks out and calls for everybody to stay home, not even meet outdoors, to eliminate direct human contacts.​
    ​About 55% of LA residents have been staying home, a stable percentage, since mid June. People are increasingly exhausted by this deprivation of human mingling and social contact.​ We are a profoundly social species.
    It is obvious that permanent societal quarantine is a failed plan, even before you look at the economy.
    ​This LA Times article presents a mitigation strategy of masking and distancing, but it fails to mention vitamin-D or ivermectin.
    How can we be so blind and so stupid for so long?
    Do we need help to be this blind and stupid?
    Where is “the science”?​

    ​In the rest of California. A short and sensible video by this sheriff
    California Sheriff Slams Gov. Newsom’s ‘Dictatorial’ Lockdowns, Won’t Be ‘Blackmailed, Bullied Or Used As Muscle’ To Enforce


    UpstateNYer, prev. thread. Russia-Russia-Russia was chosen by the Clintonistas and the servile Obama (2016) as an easy distant enemy, scapegoat, bogey-man. Russia is not that powerful and everyone was quite certain that under Putin (or a successor chosen by him) Russia would not do anything rash or foolish following the US hysterical blame-game.

    Moreover, the Trump-plan of tightening relations with Russia to isolate China (pick one of the two other powers to neutralise no. 3) was in the cards. Plus, of course, economic ties between the US and China are considerable, whereas Russia belongs to a different circuit, cutting it off economically costs the USA nothing. Russia is a *safe*, even cartoonish, traditional, external enemy. Ironically, it is quite possible that Putin (aka Russian Gvmt, PTB, etc.) would have preffered Hillary as Prez. See Uranium One deal. Plus, it is always easier to negotiate with corrupt ppl on the take (Clintonistas) than an unknown quantity – Trump.

    was ref. to this:

    The Biden’s ties to China are being surpressed. Trump’s trade ‘crusade’ against China was one of the reasons for trump MEGA HATE.


    ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Psychological Warfare Disguised as a Pandemic Threat’, by John Whitehead:

    “..This is how you persuade a populace to voluntarily march in lockstep with a police state and police themselves (and each other): by ratcheting up the fear-factor, meted out one carefully calibrated crisis at a time, and teaching them to distrust any who diverge from the norm..”


    We did it! TAE.
    We can see!
    It’s an elephant!

    “…… things that will make profits, if we wait long enough.”

    Mr. House

    Have any of you guys seen the story about the boyfriend of the daughter of Georgias governor?

    Mr. House

    Saw some pictures of the car, looks like it got droned almost. People said they could hear the explosion from a mile away.

    Dr D Rich


    The CDC added: “Each analysis demonstrated that, following directives from organisational and political leadership for universal masking, new infections fell significantly.”


    There is a massive problem with unilateral lockdowns this late in the game…it doesn’t take individual situations into account.

    I service computers and peripherals for a living, have my own company doing this. I have a few clients at a local retirement community. The rules at the retirement community are less strict than they used to be for their independent living residents — an attestation form must be filled out by each visitor, residents can have two adult visitors at a time, up to twice a week. The retirement community checks the attestation form and takes temperatures, ensures the visitor has a mask on, but doesn’t cross-check to ensure that each resident only has two visits per week.

    For Thanksgiving, my household and my sister’s household met at my parents’ home. Why not? Back in September/October my sister’s household came down with Covid-19. They don’t take the virus seriously and didn’t get tested, but my parents were visiting several times just before anyone had symptoms and as the first couple of member’s of my sister’s household fell sick. My parents were living with me at the time, and didn’t think to take any precautions at my home afterwards, etc. When my mother fell ill, she tested positive (PCR) for Covid-19. The following week my partner and I also developed symptoms, and tested positive for Covid-19. We are all fine, my kids never tested positive, my father never tested positive, never had symptoms, but tested positive for antibodies to Covid-19. So, why not get together? Immunity definitely lasts 3 months, probably lasts 6 months or more. My parents and my partner and I realize that after the new year we will need to start being careful again, and by next March take great precautions again, as my children live half time with a girl with cerebral palsy. This will be complicated by my sister’s family’s attitude that Covid-19 is “absolutely no big deal”…it may not be for their household of seven, but as a household with close contact with someone immunocompromised, I cannot share her cavalier attitude. However, at the moment there is no danger, so why act like there is danger?

    The next day I needed to fill out an attestation form to visit a client at the retirement community. I was supposed to answer the question about whether I had been in close contact with a group of more than 10 people in the past 14 days. I knew that if I answered in the affirmative, I would be denied entrance to the facility. I also knew that the entire group of people at my Thanksgiving gathering (with the possible exception of my own children, who have not been tested yet for Covid-19 antibodies,) including myself, are immune right now and that whether or not we congregated all together was irrelevant, since my parents watch my sister’s children three days a week and my household and my parents get together 2 – 4 times per month. The question presumes that the “more than 10” people congregating together don’t already congregate communally in smaller groupings.

    (I live in Arizona — no laws here about not meeting with others.)

    Rules with no exceptions are fertile breeding grounds for ridiculous decisions and ridiculous behaviors. They cause both injustice and incentives for flouting the rules.

    I understand the concern about people not congregating unnecessarily when there is widespread virus spread. (My kids’ schools have reverted back to online learning.) The “harm reduction model” is probably the best one to use.

    Mr. House

    Wonder who the person was that leaned on Politics and Prose so Xi could have the time to push his book……….

    Dr. D

    Okay, but this is an article from the Independent from a reporter in NY that claims there is a CDC study. Okay. But the AAPS page says there isn’t. The 20-nation study says there isn’t. The ormer CDC studies say there isn’t. DENMARK says there isn’t. The Nov 11 NEJM says there isn’t. States with high masks have high Covid cases and deaths. States without masks don’t show any difference, or are in fact much, MUCH lower. All of Africa, a continent larger than the U.S., Europe, and China combined, has no show, not wearing masks. Sweden, which doesn’t, is better than NY. NY, one of the mask states, has been perpetually bad despite continuous mask rules that people say are well-obeyed.

    So what’s the logic again? I have a white coat? It could be true, but I’m not seeing support for the theory in any of 10 basic directions, NOR in the published science.

    Mask Facts

    Still, thanks. At least it’s data, it’s a link.

    We COULD stop seeing each other, stop supporting each other, in full lockdown until the sun grows dark, but that’s the only way. Guess what? IT WOULDN’T STOP IT EITHER. It’s been a year. CDC rules say it’s over at 1% infection rate. Is that going to sink in sometime? So take your pick: 99.997% safety rate WITH human rights and freedom, or 99.997% safety rate with NO human rights, no freedom, and boot on the face, never seeing your family again, forever.

    Apparently people hate their families and friends a lot, want them abused and enslaved, and never want to see them again.


    It seems to me that Twitter, FB, Google have in hindsight taken a large commercial risk in openly declaring their partisanship around the election. It’s one thing to be known to be influencing one way or the other, and another to be seen so blatantly censoring “wrongthink”.

    There was a steady stream of conservative voices eg Kunstler moving to alternate platforms such as Parler. As the “war” breaks out for real, I expect the trickle away from usage of the openly partisan FANGS to turn into a herd migration. FB, Twitter, YouTube – what drives their value (I use that word very loosely) is the ability to monetise eyeballs to advertisers. But what drives value for their users is the presence of other users they relate to. Take away the presence of their peers, and even the most non-partisan platform user will lose interest and move away.

    Of course, US-based users are only a small percentage of the total user base of the big platforms, and their loss wouldn’t be hugely material to the platforms (though it may open legal challenges from shareholders whose interests have been neglected by Zuck, Jack et al). But the availability and motivation of those users to move opens the door to new competing platforms to break the current cosy monopoly, which is a new development. With luck we may finally see the viability of competing platforms.

    If Trump is somehow able to hold onto power (unlikely, yes but not impossible), he will also ratchet up pressure on the FANGS as utu for their actions in the election. I still have my fingers crossed for some “creative” to occur within the impending destruction.


    @Dr D Rich

    It’s hard to keep track of the BS coming out of the CDC but reality seems to be finally catching up.

    Decrease in Hospitalizations for COVID-19 after Mask Mandates in 1083 U.S. Counties


    I had to jump down to the comments section to post this, without reading any prior comments or subsequent articles: how many days do you think it will take for Google/YouTube to take down the video of Dr. Kory’s testimony? 24 hours? 48 hours? Because they WILL do it, they’re that evil.

    Mr. House

    Why does a doctor have to beg, BEG, to have people review his data that would save lives and prob tons of money? I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, WE LIVE IN AN AGE OF FRAUD! Why would our betters who some seem to worship want this problem to drag out?

    Mr. House

    Just came across this with regards to those REPO market troubles i mentioned earlier

    Watchdog Report: Fed’s Billions in Emergency Repo Loans to Wall Street Didn’t Go Away in June; They Just Went Dark


    “no CDC money has gone into investigating existing drugs to treat COVID, only vaccines and novel patented creations like remdesivir, things that will make profits”

    It goes without saying that no money will ever be spent by CDC on plant-based pathogen destroyers, you know, horseradish, garlic, spoke cider vinegar and hot peppers, the kind of stuff that you grow in your backyard and herbalists have used forever.

    madamski cafone

    Cezanne was to watercolors what Rembrandt was to oil paint.

    V. Arnold

    Salvador Dali The Sick Child. Self-Portrait in Cadaqués 1921

    I was struck by this painting; but couldn’t quite figure out by what…
    It’s flat; which fits the sick child perfectly…


    It is O.K. for me to steal your vote and vote for you. After all possession is 9/10 of the law!

    So far 17 states have joined Texas but this isn’t being reported by the MSM so obviously it didn’t happen.

    SCOTUS is bundling all election cases together because they have no intension of overturning their master’s fraudulent election results.

    Lockdowns have served their purpose, de-electing President Trump!

    So if you have allergies, like me, you shouldn’t get the vaccine. That means I won’t be able to get Ontario’s vaccine passport!

    So, Russians can’t drink vodka after getting the vaccine? That is outrageous! (O.K. I don’t drink very much, if at all. Well at least for 40 years or so.)

    In 1983 while working in a Sibean coal mine, my Russian construction crew drank on the job as well as off the job. Actually 24 hours a day. Being sober was not their normal state of being! If I found vodka bottles, I just ignored them! My crew saw that so we got along just fine!

    I used to watch my Russian crew disembark from their bus to get a clue to how the day was going to turn out. If they merely stumbled off the bus, then it was going to be a productive day! If, however, they flowed off the bus, well many flowed into empty wooden parts crates to sleep it off!

    The test for my crane operator was if he could climb up onto the crawlers and into the cab, then he was sober enough to operate the crane! If he couldn’t then it was the wooden crate for him!

    Yes, those were the good olde days in Mother Russia!


    Mr. HOUSE;

    The reason the REPO market has gone dark is that they drowned in a sea of Fed money!


    The Great Reset:

    Everyone talks about the Great Reset but most have no clue to what it really means.

    I will explain what it means to you, in very simple terms.

    It is a war on your savings by the elites!

    Yes, they intend to totally doestroy the value of your money!


    Mr. House:

    O.K. I am a sucker. What happened to the governor’s daughter’s boyfriend?

    He knocked her up?


    In a normal year, cases of “influenza like illness” in Korea go parabolic in December. They call it “inffuenza like illness” because they do not actually test everyone to confirm whether it is the actual influenza virus (or if it is, which strain). If it looks like the flu, they treat it like the flu and classify it as ILI.

    This year the line for ILI cases has barely ticked up. So far, from the flu perspective, the healthiest year (by far!) in recent memory. There is still not a confirmed case of flu in people (birds yes, people no)

    Is that because cases are misclassified as Covid? Nope. Those numbers remain low (on a comparative basis), and the KCDC treats every positive PCR test as a “case.”

    Looks like this is going to be a healthier than expected winter!


    The current abuse of government powers to enforce another lockdown reminds me of the futility of the Russian communist party’s successive 5 year programs promising to finally reach a worker’s paradise.

    The Russians kept waiting for it to arrive but didn’t lift a finger to help make it happen!

    The communist pretended to pay their workers and they in return pretended to work!

    We know how that turned out!

    Pass the vodka, please!


    Speaking of vodka, I often wondered why the Russian communists, if drinking was such a big a problem, didn’t stop making vodka?

    For the same reason our politicians here don’t dare close liquor stores, labeling them essential services, during their lockdowns!

    Mr. House

    Any of this sound like the past 20 years?

    The NWO global conspirators manifest their agenda through the skilful manipulation of human emotions, especially fear. In the past centuries, they have repeatedly utilized a contrivance that NWO researcher and author David Icke has characterized in his latest book, The Biggest Secret, as Problem, Reaction, and Solution.

    “The technique is as follows: NWO strategists create the Problem – by funding, assembling, and training an “opposition” group to stimulate turmoil in an established political power (sovereign country, region, continent, etc.) that they wish to impinge upon and thus create opposing factions in a conflict that the NWO themselves maneuvered into existence. In recent decades, so called opposition groups are usually identified in the media as ‘freedom fighters’ or ‘liberators’.

    New World Order Definition

    The following article is extracted from an excellent analysis of the New World Order by author Ken Adachi which can be found at

    The term New World Order (NWO) has been used by numerous politicians through the ages, and is a generic term used to refer to a worldwide conspiracy being orchestrated by an extremely powerful and influential group of genetically-related individuals (at least at the highest echelons) which include many of the world’s wealthiest people, top political leaders, and corporate elite, as well as members of the so-called Black Nobility of Europe (dominated by the British Crown) whose goal is to create a One World (fascist) Government, stripped of nationalistic and regional boundaries, that is obedient to their agenda.

    Listen to globalist banker, Paul Warburg:

    We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent. (February 17, 1950, as he testified before the US Senate).

    Their intention is to effect complete and total control over every human being on the planet and to dramatically reduce the world’s population by two thirds. While the name New World Order is the term most frequently used today to loosely refer to anyone involved in this conspiracy, the study of exactly who makes up this group is a complex and intricate one. For further research sources, please see the side bar on the left.

    In 1992, Dr John Coleman published Conspirators Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300. With laudable scholarship and meticulous research, Dr Coleman identifies the players and carefully details the New World Order agenda of worldwide domination and control. On page 161 of the Conspirators Hierarchy, Dr Coleman accurately summarizes the intent and purpose of the Committee of 300 as follows:

    A One World Government and one-unit monetary system, under permanent non-elected hereditary oligarchists who self-select from among their numbers in the form of a feudal system as it was in the Middle Ages. In this One World entity, population will be limited by restrictions on the number of children per family, diseases, wars, famines, until 1 billion people who are useful to the ruling class, in areas which will be strictly and clearly defined, remain as the total world population.

    There will be no middle class, only rulers and the servants. All laws will be uniform under a legal system of world courts practicing the same unified code of laws, backed up by a One World Government police force and a One World unified military to enforce laws in all former countries where no national boundaries shall exist. The system will be on the basis of a welfare state; those who are obedient and subservient to the One World Government will be rewarded with the means to live; those who are rebellious will simply be starved to death or be declared outlaws, thus a target for anyone who wishes to kill them. Privately owned firearms or weapons of any kind will be prohibited.”

    Why the Conspiracy is Unknown

    The sheer magnitude and complex web of deceit surrounding the individuals and organizations involved in this conspiracy is mind boggling, even for the most astute among us. Most people react with disbelief and skepticism towards the topic, unaware that they have been conditioned (brainwashed) to react with skepticism by institutional and media influences. Author and de-programmer Fritz Springmeier (The Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines) says that most people have built in “slides” that short circuit the mind’s critical examination process when it comes to certain sensitive topics. “Slides”, Springmeier reports, is a CIA term for a conditioned type of response which dead ends a person’s thinking and terminates debate or examination of the topic at hand. For example, the mention of the word “conspiracy” often solicits a slide response with many people.

    What most people believe to be “Public Opinion” is in reality carefully crafted and scripted propaganda designed to elicit a desired behavioral response from the public. Public opinion polls are really taken with the intent of gauging the public’s acceptance of the New World Order’s planned programs. A strong showing in the polls tells them that the programming is “taking”, while a poor showing tells the NWO manipulators that they have to recast or “tweak” the programming until the desired response is achieved.
    The NWO Modus Operandi

    The NWO global conspirators manifest their agenda through the skilful manipulation of human emotions, especially fear. In the past centuries, they have repeatedly utilized a contrivance that NWO researcher and author David Icke has characterized in his latest book, The Biggest Secret, as Problem, Reaction, and Solution.

    The technique is as follows: NWO strategists create the Problem – by funding, assembling, and training an “opposition” group to stimulate turmoil in an established political power (sovereign country, region, continent, etc.) that they wish to impinge upon and thus create opposing factions in a conflict that the NWO themselves maneuvered into existence. In recent decades, so called opposition groups are usually identified in the media as ‘freedom fighters’ or ‘liberators’.

    At the same time, the leader of the established political power where the conflict is being orchestrated is demonized and, on cue, referred to as ‘another Hitler’ (take your pick: Saddam Hussein, Milosevic, Kadaffi, Trump? etc.). The ‘freedom fighters’ are not infrequently assembled from a local criminal element (i.e. KLA, drug traffickers). In the spirit of true Machiavellian deceit, the same NWO strategists are equally involved in covertly arming and advising the leader of the established power as well (the NWO always profits from any armed conflict by loaning money, arming, and supplying all parties involved in a war).

    The conflict is drawn to the world stage by the controlled media outlets with a barrage of photos and video tape reports of horrific and bloody atrocities suffered by innocent civilians. The cry goes up “Something has to be done!” And that is the desired Reaction. (Syria is the most recent thing that comes to my mind)

    The NWO puppeteers then provide the Solution by sending in UN ‘Peace Keepers’ (Bosnia) or a UN ‘Coalition Force’ (Gulf War) or NATO Bombers and then ground troops (Kosovo), or the military to ‘search for Weapons of Mass Destruction’, which of course are never found. Once installed, the ‘peace keepers’ never leave. The idea is to have NWO controlled ground troops in all major countries or strategic areas where significant resistance to the New World Order takeover is likely to be encountered.”

    Just something to consider

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