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MC Escher Convex and concave 1955


It’s Gene Therapy, Not a Vaccine (Dr. David Martin)
COVID-19 And The New Great Depression- Jim Rickards (Diana)
Michael Burry Warns Weimar Hyperinflation Is Coming (ZH)
Hospitals Across US Report Sharp Drop In New COVID patients (JTN)
Spectacles-Wearers Two To Three Times Less Likely To Get Covid-19 – Study (RT)
The ZeroCovid Movement: Cult Dressed as Science (AIER)
Resign, Andrew Cuomo (Week)
How Wall Street Kills Grandma (DP)
Repentence (Kunstler)
‘Thank You,’ Says MyPillow’s Mike Lindell As He’s Finally Sued By Dominion (RT)
Lawmakers to Cable Providers: Why Do You Carry These News Channels? (Soave)
Building a Bitcoin Prison – Catherine Austin Fitts (USAW)





Do read the whole interview. I think I caught the essence.

It’s Gene Therapy, Not a Vaccine (Dr. David Martin)

A viral infection hasn’t been documented in the majority of what is called cases. There is no basis for that conflation other than the manipulation of the public. That’s the first half of the problem. The second half of the problem is that what is being touted as a vaccination, which as you well know when somebody says the word vaccination, the public understanding is that you are being treated with an attenuated or alive virus or a fragment of an attenuated and that the treatment is meant to keep you from getting an infection and it is meant to keep you from transmitting the infection that vaccine in the common definition of a vaccine is meant to do.

The problem is that in the case of Moderna and Pfizer, this is not a vaccine. This is gene therapy. It’s a chemotherapy agent that is gene therapy. It is not a vaccine. What is this doing? It’s sending a strand of synthetic RNA into the human being and is invoking within the human being, the creation of the S1 spike protein, which is a pathogen. It’s a toxin inside of human beings. This is not only not keeping you from getting sick, it’s making your body produce the thing that makes you sick. In that sense, it does sound like a vaccine? No, not at all because a vaccine is supposed to trigger immunity. It’s not supposed to trigger you to make a toxin. That’s how this differs.

It’s not somewhat different. It’s not the same at all. This is a public manipulation of misrepresentation of clinical treatment. It’s not a vaccination. It’s not a prohibiting infection. It’s not a prohibiting transmission device. It’s a means by which your body is conscripted to make the toxin that then allegedly your body somehow gets used to dealing with, but unlike a vaccine, which is to trigger the immune response, this is to trigger the creation of the toxin.

This is not going to stop you from getting Coronavirus. It’s not going to stop you from getting sick. In fact, on the contrary, it will make you sick far more often than the virus itself. How can you say that so definitively? Because the data is nothing but that, for people receiving by the time they got the second shot, 80% of people had one or more clinical presentations of COVID-19, 80% of people who have an infection according to RT-PCR have no symptoms at all. People are getting it more from the “vaccine?” Yes. You will get COVID-19 symptoms from getting the gene therapy passed off as a vaccine. You will get COVID symptoms from that 80% of the time. If you’re exposed to SARS-CoV-2 according to RT-PCR, 80% of the time, you will have no symptoms at all.

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First a pandemic. Then a depression.

“Significant macroeconomic after-effects of the pandemics persist for about 40 years..”

COVID-19 And The New Great Depression- Jim Rickards (Diana)

In a new book by James Rickards, the author explores both the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic impact. A prolific writer, Economist, and adviser, Mr. Rickards predicts years of economic turbulence ahead. In The New Great Depression, Mr. Rickards sees the pandemic through an historical lens, where crisis presents a gateway between one world and the next. With an eye towards history, he concludes that the Keynes practical definition of a depression fits, and we are now in a new depression that is more far reaching than a mere technical recession. Along the way, the author wades into controversial topics such as China’s role in spreading the virus and the lockdown that ensued (which he calls the biggest policy blunder ever).

Based on the pattern of four influenza pandemics he studied, he positions three scenarios among the most likely patterns to expect in the months ahead. He found that three of the four great pandemics since 1918 have followed scenario 2, which he stated as follows: “Scenario 2 also involves repetitive waves. The difference is that the second wave (arriving in 2021) would be far more lethal than the first wave of 2020, due possibly to a mutation or recombination of genetic material. This pattern was seen in the 1918 Spanish flu, the 1957 Asian flu, and the 2009 swine flu. In all three pandemics, a moderate yet lethal wave began in the spring and subsided by the early summer. Then, in the fall, a larger, super lethal wave of infections arrived.”

The timeframe of this writing was October of last year, so the winter wave we experienced could indeed be the lethal wave predicted. Beyond the virus, the book explores the economic conditions he expects post-pandemic. Mr. Rickards effectively looks at past economic crisis and how they evolved. His conclusions point to a period of economic decline. As is the case across topics, the virus has accelerated issues and trends that existed pre-pandemic – and the economy is no exception. Here is a view of that from the book:

“The best evidence points to slow growth for thirty years. A March 2020 study entitled “Longer Run Economic Consequences of Pandemics” by a Federal Reserve economist and two academics from the University of California, examines the economic impact of pandemics with at least 100,000 deaths, beginning with the Black Death in 1347. The authors conclusion states: “Significant macroeconomic after-effects of the pandemics persist for about 40 years, with real rates of return substantially depressed.”

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Burry basically says the same as Rickards.

Michael Burry Warns Weimar Hyperinflation Is Coming (ZH)

“The life of the inflation in its ripening stage was a paradox which had its own unmistakable characteristics. One was the great wealth, at least of those favored by the boom..Many great fortunes sprang up overnight…The cities, had an aimless and wanton youth””Prices in Germany were steady, and both business and the stock market were booming. The exchange rate of the mark against the dollar and other currencies actually rose for a time, and the mark was momentarily the strongest currency in the world” on inflation’s eve.”Side by side with the wealth were the pockets of poverty. Greater numbers of people remained on the outside of the easy money, looking in but not able to enter. The crime rate soared.”

“Accounts of the time tell of a progressive demoralization which crept over the common people, compounded of their weariness with the breakneck pace, to no visible purpose, and their fears from watching their own precarious positions slip while others grew so conspicuously rich.””Almost any kind of business could make money. Business failures and bankruptcies became few. The boom suspended the normal processes of natural selection by which the nonessential and ineffective otherwise would have been culled out.””Speculation alone, while adding nothing to Germany’s wealth, became one of its largest activities. The fever to join in turning a quick mark infected nearly all classes..Everyone from the elevator operator up was playing the market.”

“The volumes of turnover in securities on the Berlin Bourse became so high that the financial industry could not keep up with the paperwork…and the Bourse was obliged to close several days a week to work off the backlog” “all the marks that existed in the world in the summer of 1922 were not worth enough, by November of 1923, to buy a single newspaper or a tram ticket. That was the spectacular part of the collapse, but most of the real loss in money wealth had been suffered much earlier.” “Throughout these years the structure was quietly building itself up for the blow. Germany’s #inflationcycle ran not for a year but for nine years, representing eight years of gestation and only one year of #collapse.”

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Nothing to do with a vaccine, or very little. Just 5% or so of Americas have been “vaccinated”.

Hospitals Across US Report Sharp Drop In New COVID patients (JTN)

The number of COVID-19 patients being hospitalized in the U.S. is dropping rapidly, as the infection rate in past weeks has also declined, as the total number of infections in the county nears the 500,000. The number of U.S. patients hospitalized currently is now just below 56,200, the lowest number since early November. The in-patient number declines as the virus death toll is expected to hit 500,000 this week. Expert have given several explanation for the decline and slowing numbers, foremost that more Americans are now vaccinated, especially among the elderly, the most at risk to be hospitalized and die from the virus.

At Massachusetts General Hospital, in Boston, the number of new coronavirus admits has fallen to about 10-15 a day, which is a decline of about half from early January, according to the director of the hospital’s group that tracks coronavirus hospitalizations. The decline has brought relief to intensive care staffers, having worked on the frontlines of the pandemic now for about a year. “People are smiling. They are optimistic. They’re making plans for the future,” one medical director in New Mexico told the New York Times. In Springfield, Missouri, a medical staff emptied the emergency coronavirus ICU wing that was built last spring. “We have not defeated this disease, but the closing of this unit, at least for now, is a tremendous symbolic victory,” said Steve Edwards, the hospital system’s chief executive.

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No wait. Didn’t we just find that the virus is airborne, and it’s not on surfaces?

And also: people who wear contacts rub their eyes more than those who wear glasses?

Spectacles-Wearers Two To Three Times Less Likely To Get Covid-19 – Study (RT)

Research from India has indicated that people wearing glasses are far less likely to become infected with Covid-19 than those without, which appears to support health advice to wear spectacles instead of contact lenses. Covid-19 can spread in many different ways, and one of those is through germs being spread to the eyes due to touching or rubbing. According to the new study, published at medRxiv.com and not peer-reviewed, people who wear glasses touch their eyes far less and are therefore less likely to spread the virus in this way. Researchers found that, on average, people touch their face 23 times an hour and their eyes three times an hour.

Health officials have advised those wearing contact lenses to switch to glasses during the Covid-19 pandemic to avoid potentially spreading the virus through such constant touching. In the study of 304 adults aged between 10 and 80, two-thirds of them male, 19 percent said they wore glasses. The researchers found this group were two to three times less likely to contract the virus. “Long-term use of spectacles may prevent repeated touching and rubbing of the eyes,” the report said, citing the eyes as possibly a “significant route of infection.” A similar study conducted in China and released last fall theorized that people who are infected with Covid-19 are five times less likely to wear glasses.

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Jury’s out. My main thing with ZeroCovid would be the complete lack of discussing prophylaxis.

The ZeroCovid Movement: Cult Dressed as Science (AIER)

This past year has given rise to some strange and novel methods of disease containment, including lockdowns and mask mandates. It is unsurprising that the natural next step in this progression has been the development of a movement known as “ZeroCovid.” Its growing influence is, perhaps, predictable given that for nearly a year we have been inundated by the views of so-called experts seeking to legitimize their myopic worldview that public health is determined solely by prevention of Covid-19. Rather than acknowledge to a weary public that their approach has been a failure, they are doubling down and attempting to save their reputations by claiming that the problem is not that lockdowns do not work, but that they have not gone far enough.

There is, apparently, some diversity of opinion among the ZeroCovid crowd as to whether the term is to be interpreted literally, as some of its most impassioned and vocal proponents argue, or whether it simply means a more extreme version of the ideology that has dominated societies around the globe for the past year: the belief that suppressing the coronavirus is a singularly important goal, to replace all others and to be pursued with no or only minimal consideration of the effects of doing so. ZeroCovid promoters appear to agree that much stricter border controls, lockdowns, and mask mandates are needed than exist in most nations today. Sam Bowman, one of the most prominent ZeroCoviders, claims for instance that the only way to address the coronavirus problem is with “lockdowns, school closures, travel bans, mass testing, contact tracing, and masks.”

Likewise, former United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair’s think-tank has stated that the only way to avoid another lockdown is to bring coronavirus cases to zero. China, Australia and New Zealand are portrayed as successes by ZeroCovid proponents, and prove that suffering now brings with it the promise of eventual freedom. Even Australia and New Zealand, which before 2020 were considered beacons of liberal democracy, have recently been the subject of investigations or inquiries by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. The ZeroCovid proponents do not address the reality that China, Australia, and New Zealand have continually had to implement lockdown policies in response to new cases arising even after declaring victory over the virus, and that the latter two are island nations able to effectuate border control in a way that cannot possibly be applied to nations that are geographically proximate to others and in which the virus has already become endemic.

The “Covid Community Action Summit,” a conference held at the end of January, and led and attended by many of ZeroCovid’s main players – needless to say, over Zoom – offers a glimpse into the warped worldview that pervades the ideology. The architect of ZeroCovid, and the first speaker at the Summit, was Yaneer Bar-Yam, an American scientist who specializes in complex systems and quantitative analysis of pandemics and founded the New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI). The participants came from a variety of backgrounds: in addition to doctors and scientists, political consultants and communications specialists were in attendance. Many presenters had business interests in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, and those from the United States tended to be affiliated with Democratic Party politics and campaigns.

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Your daily Cuomo content.

Resign, Andrew Cuomo (Week)

“I want to get things done and be judged by results and by making a positive difference, and I can be obsessive in that pursuit,” boasts New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in his book American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic — the book he (supposedly) wrote himself about how he did such a great job managing the virus. Since that book was published in October, a devastating second wave of infections has struck New York, claiming roughly 13,000 more lives and counting in the state. Now Cuomo is reeling under a barrage of pandemic scandals. It turns out his administration concealed data about coronavirus cases in nursing homes, reportedly for fear of federal prosecution. And stories of his vitriolic abuse and threats directed at other Democratic New York politicians are coming out.

Yet even all that is only the start of Cuomo’s deadly, corrupt incompetence. So in keeping with judging him by his “results,” Cuomo should resign immediately and free New York state from his dismal misrule.The nursing home scandal has been bubbling for nearly a year now. It starts with Cuomo’s inexplicable decision back in March 2020 to order nursing homes to accept recovering COVID-19 cases even if they were still testing positive (instead of setting up some isolated quarantine facility, for instance). A recent Associated Press investigation found that at least 9,056 recovering patients were sent back to nursing homes and long-term care facilities — a number that is 40 percent larger than his administration had previously admitted. This unquestionably worsened the pandemic as it ripped through New York’s elderly population.

But that isn’t the only number Cuomo fudged on nursing homes. New York Attorney General Letitia James investigated the situation, and found that his people may have undercounted the number of deaths associated with nursing homes by 50 percent. Cuomo then admitted that instead of the 8,500 dead they had been reporting, the true number was over 15,000 — or about a third of the state’s total deaths. The scandal really blew up when the New York Post reported comments from Cuomo’s top aide Melissa DeRosa (in his book he writes, “she is the quarterback on my team and is responsible for managing all the pieces”), seemingly admitting they had deliberately faked the numbers as part of a cover-up. His officials “froze,” she said, for fear the truth was “going to be used against us” by federal prosecutors.

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“In all, 70 percent of nursing homes currently operate as for-profit businesses, far more than other healthcare facilities. Only about one quarter of hospitals, for example, are for profit.”

How Wall Street Kills Grandma (DP)

As governors in New York and Florida face political crises over their handling of the pandemic, the scandals have spotlighted how a disproportionate amount of COVID casualties have occurred in the nation’s nursing homes. The situation is a cautionary tale not only about political corruption, but about the consequences of a nursing home infrastructure being run by for-profit corporations — and now a study documents some of the body count. The analysis found that between 2004 and 2016, more than 20,000 Americans perished as a consequence of living in nursing homes run by private equity firms. The data showed that going to a private-equity-owned nursing home significantly “increases the probability of death during the stay and the following 90 days” as compared to nursing homes with a different ownership structure.

The study from University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago and New York University researchers evaluated data from 15,000 nursing homes across the United States, alongside Medicare patient data, to assess the impacts of private equity ownership on patient outcomes. In all, the researchers found that the deaths accounted for “about 160,000 lost life-years.” Private equity firms typically take over existing corporations with borrowed or investor money and then impose cost-cutting measures to maximize revenues — often in preparation for selling off the newly stripped down firms at a profit. In the health care sector, private equity buyouts have been associated with lower staffing levels, more frequent citations for health and safety violations, shortages of supplies like ventilators that are crucial for COVID patients, and other failings tied to the constant imperative to cut costs.

In all, 70 percent of nursing homes currently operate as for-profit businesses, far more than other healthcare facilities. Only about one quarter of hospitals, for example, are for profit. The new study — which updates the researchers’ previous findings — offers clues about why private equity ownership of nursing homes has resulted in higher casualty counts. As the paper noted, private equity-owned nursing homes have lower staffing levels than their counterparts, which is directly correlated with patient outcomes.

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“To what degree are we seeing simple cowardice?”

Repentence (Kunstler)

Ms. Shaw, a divorced mother with two children (and Smith alum, 1993) worked as a Student Support Coordinator in the Department of Residence Life (that is, a dorm counselor). She was asked to denounce herself in staff meetings about “systemic racism,” and complained about it through the proper channels, which only invited more hectoring abuse. In frustration, she finally posted a video on the web to expose the Stalinist bullying that was allowed to infect every corner of campus life at Smith. The admin offered her a cash settlement to shut up and get lost. Ms. Shaw turned it down but resigned anyway in a long letter to Smith President Kathleen McCartney that she made public about the college’s hostile workplace.

How does this happen? Because Wokery above all is about status, and the elite schools exist to confer status on the young people who can get into them, who then move on into an adult life of high-status (high-paying) employment facilitated by their old school connections. In prior times, the elite schools accomplished this by offering a superior education via superior faculty and superior curricula. Lately, the emphasis has shifted to promoting sham moral superiority, because it is a shortcut to gaining power over other people — and nowadays, elitism is no longer about excellence, but just raw power over others. As the Woke hysteria ramped up on campuses across the nation, and the various colleges and U’s started competing to out-do each other in moralistic fanaticism, Smith College vied with its sister schools and the other Ivies for Woke-est of all.

The moral black hole at the center of this vicious nonsense is the spectacular failure of authority of the people who run these institutions. Smith President Kathleen McCartney supported and encouraged the Woke inquisition on her campus. She gets paid the tidy sum of $515,461 a year. Maybe she didn’t want to give that up by taking a principled stand against bad behavior and bad ideas. Maybe she favors the rule of bad ideas and unprincipled behavior? Is she stupid or depraved? And, of course, what about her huge staff of vice-presidents and deans, not to mention the school’s board of trustees? To what degree are we seeing simple cowardice?

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The man must have sold a lot of pillows.

‘Thank You,’ Says MyPillow’s Mike Lindell As He’s Finally Sued By Dominion (RT)

Dominion Voting Systems has filed a lawsuit against MyPillow CEO and vocal Donald Trump supporter Mike Lindell over his election fraud claims, saying “the lie sells pillows.” Lindell is only the latest person to be legally targeted by Dominion over election fraud conspiracy theories. The company filed suit last month against Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, accusing him of pushing election conspiracies to “financially enrich himself.” Dominion is now suing Lindell for defamation, seeking $1.3 billion in damages. “MyPillow’s defamatory marketing campaign – with promo codes like ‘FightforTrump’, ‘45’, ‘Proof’, and ‘QAnon’ – has increased MyPillow sales by 30-40 percent and continues duping people into redirecting their election-lie outrage into pillow purchases,” the lawsuit claims.

Lindell fired back at the lawsuit and said “it’s been cancel culture for MyPillow” as his outspokenness has led to 22 retailers dropping his popular products from their stores. Lindell has alleged the election was rigged in Joe Biden’s favor through Dominion and other voting software systems through not only interviews, but also a two-hour documentary titled ‘Absolute Proof’, which aired earlier this month. He was previously booted from Twitter for his refusal to back down on his election fraud beliefs. “I’m very happy that they finally got that suit filed,” Lindell told CNBC of Dominion’s lawsuit. He previously invited one from the company multiple times and even to sue them earlier this month “for the American people” as a way to keep the discussion about alleged election fraud going. “My message to Dominion is thank you for finally getting this done, because it’ll be back in the limelight now,” Lindell said.

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“..the First Amendment prohibits Congress from infringing on free speech..”

Lawmakers to Cable Providers: Why Do You Carry These News Channels? (Soave)

Today two Democratic members of Congress sent letters to the presidents of Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, Cox, Dish, and other cable and satellite companies implying that they should either stop carrying Fox News, One America News Network, and Newsmax or pressure them to change their coverage. According to the lawmakers, these conservative channels are responsible for promoting misinformation and political violence. “To our knowledge, the cable, satellite, and over-the-top companies that disseminate these media outlets to American viewers have done nothing in response to the misinformation aired by these outlets,” wrote Reps. Anna Eshoo and Jerry McNerney, both of California.

Released in advance of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce’s Wednesday hearing on “Disinformation and Extremism in the Media,” the letter makes clear that some lawmakers do not want television providers to let their customers watch conservative news channels. (Disclaimer: I am interviewed regularly on Fox News and Newsmax.) Eshoo and McNerney ask the companies to explain the “moral and ethical principles” that undergird their decisionmaking with respect to which channels are carried, how many viewers tuned in to these channels during the four weeks before the the Capitol riots on January 6, 2020, and what steps were taken to “monitor, respond to, and reduce the spread of disinformation.” “The committee members also sent the letter to Roku, Amazon, Apple, Google and Hulu, digital companies that distribute cable programming,” reports The New York Times.

False claims do appear with some frequency on conservative news channels, streaming services, and social media. But they also appear in The New York Times, on CNN, and in other mainstream information outlets. The traditional remedy to misinformation is to file a defamation lawsuit. The federal government does not need to involve itself. On the contrary, the First Amendment prohibits Congress from infringing on free speech—and that includes the freedom of provide companies to decide what kind of speech appears on their platforms. Politicians are not in charge of setting the parameters for acceptable speech on the internet and television. That responsibility devolves to individual companies and individual viewers.

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“The easiest way to build the prison is to get freedom lovers everywhere to build the prison for you.”

Building a Bitcoin Prison – Catherine Austin Fitts (USAW)

Former Assistant Secretary of Housing and investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts says you have to be careful and fully understand Bitcoin. Fitts explains, “We do know they want to go to an all-digital system with central bank cryptos. The easiest way to build the prison is to get freedom lovers everywhere to build the prison for you. To me, Bitcoin has always been the prototype on the way to building the all-digital crypto system that they would love to put into place. You have $400 trillion in fiat (currency) and it needs a place to go. If you are trying to buy up all the gold, silver and farmland, the last thing you need is competition from retail. They want to shift them into crypto and get them to build the crypto train tracks. In a funny kind of way, it’s brilliant.

There is talk by big banks that Bitcoin could go to $300,000 per unit by the end of the year. Fitts thinks, “This is absolutely possible. This is pure politics. This has nothing to do with economics. How much will the central bankers, who can print as much money as they want, spend to get you into this platform? Your guess is as good as mine. The sky’s the limit as to how much they can spend. Remember, once they decide to bring out the central bank currencies, and they have steadily been regulating the crypto currencies, Bitcoin and everything else, so the day they decide to take this to zero, they can do it. If you are going to invest into cryptos and build our prison for us, what you need to know is this thing could go to $300,000, and it can also go to zero. This is a highly speculative market, and you need to approach it accordingly.”

Fitts warns of a dark future if the central bankers get everything they want. Fitts says, “When they decide to shut down our bank accounts and say you all get on crypto, universal basic income and take that injection or you can’t transact on the financial system, this is instituting a totalitarian system through the financial system. . . . When they shut that trap door, what you need to think about is where are you going to buy food?” In closing, Fitts says, “We are in Never, Never Land. We have two groups in our society: One group that can print money, and the other who can earn money. What we saw last year is the people who could print money declared war on the people who earn money. They basically said we are going to shut down your businesses, and we are going to suck up and take your market share or buy you out with money we print out of thin air. . . . We have no pandemic. What this is is an economic war.”

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    MC Escher Convex and concave 1955   • It’s Gene Therapy, Not a Vaccine (Dr. David Martin) • COVID-19 And The New Great Depression- Jim Rickards (
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle February 23 2021]

    Dr. D

    From yesterday, for avocados, Russian orange trees:

    Should work fine as they don’t have constant rains like some places.

    “It’s Gene Therapy, Not a Vaccine (Dr. David Martin)”

    Gosh, I hate to defend this terrible, compulsory, untested, instant-death, non-vaccine, but his argument isn’t for much. Yes, it inspires the body to create the “toxin”, but only so the body will have it to react to. The only difference here is that in a normal vaccine, they inject the “toxin” into you, and here they have the body make it instead. So?

    And it doesn’t cause you to be cured, it mostly creates a mild case. Yes. So do classic vaccines. And you’re not “immune” later, you get a milder case. Yes. All those are true of old vaccines as well, although a bit different since an almost unnoticeable case of smallpox you would likely die of is different than a nearly-identical severity of a flu you were going to survive anyway. So it’s more similar to injecting you with the year’s flu rather than the year’s flu ‘vaccines’. You’ve got no argument. The vaccine causes you to have a milder case of smallpox, as does this one. And it does not stop transmission, as this one doesn’t either, except how ALL diseases the milder the case the wildly less transmissible, which they refuse to admit because it would stop masks, fear, money, and their power to stop protests, Yellow Vest and otherwise, and enforce regional, class-based fascism where if you’re rich, you can fly planes and get haircuts and $800 meals maskless, where if you’re poor, well…something happens but who cares, really? I’m dying, I can’t eat, it’s cold in here, please help, Blah blah blah, I’m bored already.

    “Bill Gates Warns of the Sacrifices We’ll Have to Make in Stirring Speech Given from His 650 Million Dollar Super Yacht”

    Now for the downside: obviously no testing, this method failed badly 100% of the time it’s been tried, often killed the hosts before as it’s been doing now, is totally unnecessary, with 0.54% up rate on a 99.97% safe disease, and worse, it has been suggested that it will soften you up to kill you later.

    It goes like this: in a normal disease, the body sees the intruder, sets the alarm, starts the clean up, conscripts other cells, the message spreads through the body, those cells wake up, start attacking, etc until the body is either fully on, or decommissions back to non-defense state. What did I say there? The key to immune response is TIME. The deadly part of Covid is TIME; you get a cytokine storm, too much immune response overwhelms you. What does the vaccine do? IT PRIMES ALL CELLS TO REACT IMMEDIATELY, that is, all cells recognize immediately and do not need to communicate with rising time, correctly-sized response, and it may (or may not) prime you to be MORE likely to have a cytokine storm when it sees the virus next time. Have we seen this yet? Not that we know of, the instant deaths seem to be different, and we should have had this appear by now if it was going to. But you see the many, many problems that a wee bit of testing might have prevented. Or since spike proteins are related to reproduction it may make some percentage sterile. Awesome, Richie-rich greenie-green dream come true: sterilizing the deplorables. A million private tragedies for those women and families. But they’re not curing disease, they’re collecting free tax money with no risk. That is, corporate welfare queens by the trillions, all deaths are good and legally covered. What’s not to like? But other than instant and common death, it may work great. Who knows? They certainly don’t, and don’t care.

    “Hospitals Across US Report Sharp Drop In New COVID patients (JTN)”

    Of course they did. On inauguration day they reduced PCR from 40 to 30. Magic! Just like we all said. Just like Trump said, although of course he’s always wrong although he was right. Same number of patients, same number of deaths, but flu and heart disease reappear and Covid disappears. A pandemic with no death rate. No one notices. No gears turn. Everyone does what they’re told and blames someone else.

    “The ZeroCovid Movement: Cult Dressed as Science (AIER)”

    They’re hilarious, the thought that they can do anything, it would work, they have power, or that anybody would listen to them. Hahahaha! You can’t even get people to stop doing heroin and shooting each other, but you’re going to have 0% deaths, 100% wins on a disease more transmissible than measles shows how psychotic, egotistical, and devoid of all reality and consequences they are and have always been. Tell you what: we’ll try it. On a military base, boot camp or somewhere. And if anyone gets Covid anyway, we chuck you out of an airplane. Oh wait, the Nov 11 NEJM says they DID, and it DID, and here’s your one-way defenestration, sans parachuteo.

    Consequences. For you and not for us. See? That’s not so hard. Instead, they chucked US out of a plane without economic parachute and watch US die. Chucking altitude corresponding directly to wealth status. First class flight = no mask.

    “Michael Burry Warns Weimar Hyperinflation Is Coming (ZH)”

    Pop quiz: does hyperinflation look like this?
    When you compare between competing currencies?

    “The easiest way to build the prison is to get freedom lovers everywhere to build the prison for you.”
    She is exactly correct. Look out for this. And they did it with the building of the internet. Just as I said, warned, and no one cared. Personally I believe someone pre-released their digital universal, trackable currency into the wild before they did as a sort of digital vaccine. But that doesn’t make it harmless, just less evil, lethal, and workable than their original plan. You’re still going to have to do some work and get the bait while destroying the trap. Sorry I can’t do better than that while increasing your money 200 fold, you’ll have to figure out how to bear it.

    Savanah Hernandez
    Today officially marks Biden’s first month in office, so far he has:

    -Excused human rights violations by the CCP as “cultural norms”
    -Allowed biological men to play in women’s sports
    -Forced our military to sleep in freezing parking garages
    -Spent 483 million in taxpayer dollars to keep the Natl guard in Washington DC
    -Said minorities are too stupid to use the internet
    -Put migrant kids in overflow facilities (aka “put kids in cages”)
    -Raised gas prices by canceling the Keystone Pipeline
    -Put us back into the Paris Climate Accord
    -Rejoined the WHO (who is tied to/covers for China)
    -Lied about the COVID vaccine supply
    -Started having Kamala make head of state calls for him
    -Rescinded the “1776 commission” geared toward pro-America curriculum
    -Hired the most useless press secretary our country has ever seen
    -Normalized double masking
    -Played Mario Kart

    Erased thousands of jobs.
    Made Texas dark and didn’t help after.
    Refused to help with $2,000 while passing laws about where twice-impeached presidents are buried.
    Set up a border fence inside a city
    Arrested AntiFa for ‘protesting’.
    Killed a couple thousand Covid patients.
    And much, much more.


    <strong• It’s Gene Therapy, Not a Vaccine (Dr. David Martin)

    >”Once you’ve adopted a belief, facts are not welcome because what they do is, they not only indict your belief but they indict the energy that you hold that says, “I have to believe what I’m told.”

    The minute you try to engage with facts, all you do is trigger conflict.”

    What do you think? Have they cast aspersions on hydroxychloroquine or any other protocols that could possibly treat the symptoms of SARS-CoV-2?

    ( aspersions: an attack on the reputation or integrity of someone or something.)

    1. I’m too old and I will no longer be contributing to the gene pool,
    2. My kids have stopped making kids

    Therefore, Gene Therapy,
    could be/possibly changing/having an effect to the future of humanity only if my grandkids are going to procreate.

    “Therefore, Gene Therapy, could be sterilizing the deplorables and reducing pain????”


    Dr David Martin … is he a doctor?


    Repentance (Kunstler)
    I attend a very liberal church. It could be described as “woke.” Of course, it is very different when one voluntarily attends a place striving to overcome social biases vs. being a wage-slave and having it presented as a condition of employment. I understand that at my church, overcoming biases is an extension of traditional views of “Christian love.” However, what the folks at my well-intentioned church often fail to understand is that a their zeal to overcome certain biases needs to be coupled with broad strokes that bring disparate groups together. The church’s principles embody this idea, but people are imperfect and while they are busy accepting, understanding, and embracing specific sets of “traditionally marginalized” others (people of color, LGBTQI, etc.) they struggle to understand the “conservative uncle at Thanksgiving dinner” and don’t realize that this is where they most need to bring their “anti-bias” skills to bear. This frustrates me…for I see the economic pain shared in so many eyes, no matter their ethnicity nor sexual orientation, and see efforts such as “The Poor People’s Campaign” as an opportunity to bring disparate groups under one banner. It doesn’t matter our political stripes and gripes, whether we willingly mask or push against masking…most of us are adversely affected by the corruption and corrupting influences (“profit is king”) of the “really existing” economic system.

    And yet, at my church so full of well-intentioned people, working towards justice…they are mostly blinded to the ideas of “economic justice.” They are myopic to it, and while they organize food and clothing drives, and donate to charities benefitting the poor…they lack understanding that clothes and food — while needed — only address immediate needs, and do nothing to address the system that created the need. Charities — while helping many — do not (usually) address systemic problems either and can inadvertently (and perversely) perpetuate systemic problems as they strive to maintain (or grow) their own presence.


    @Dimitri: “Dr David Martin … is he a doctor?”

    I didn’t bother to research because it doesn’t matter to me, but I don’t get the feeling he is a medical doctor. More like Dr Jill Biden, I imagine. Or, I don’t know, like listening to Bill and Melinda Gates about how to solve our global medical/health problems, which is simply bizarre.


    PS … @phoenixvoice: you’ve nailed it with this summary. I’ve worked in the nonprofit industry for nearly 3 decades and have yet to convince a, for example, Board of Directors that we should pay staff more because to not do so is actually contributing to the reason why we need to provide the services we are providing.


    A PS about Dr David Martin … I found his interview powerful and compelling even if he isn’t a medical doctor. When I asked my sister (she is, indeed, a medical Dr) how it is we are performing a mass medical experiment of an untested vaccine on our citizens, she had no answer.

    Polder Dweller

    So now I’m officially confused.

    My understanding was that a vaccine works by giving you a version of the disease your immune system can handle and then it learns from that how to handle the bad version e.g. cowpox => smallpox.

    According to Dr Martin the mRNA vaccines get your cells to produce toxins like the ones you would get from Covid and then your body or immune system learns how to handle the toxins, so that you can also handle the virus if you catch it, but your immune system doesn’t actually knock out the virus. Am I missing something here?

    At what point do your cells say enough is enough and stop producing the toxins?

    I’m lost.


    I’m opting to be in the control group. Considering everything else that’s dodgy about these “vaccine” trials, I decided to forego randomization.


    Daily commercial sound and visual pollution, especially when the unremarkable owner of the Factory, Injury Law firm or the Used Cars Lot wants to be on the TV to charm us, spilled over into the center of national election and still continue. And we think that Escher is weird.
    One think that I find remarkable is how Germany had found strength from within to go from Weimar to industrial power hose in no time. Text book sample that other countries can adopt if found themselves in financial vortex and sanctioned from the rest of the world. Sans Nazis, of course.


    Don’t pay attention to what I say.
    I’m not a doctor, I just a blog commentator.
    I will not be adding anything to the future DNA, therefore I know that I’m no longer affecting the future of mankind.
    Therefore, the vaccine might just reduce the negative sickness of the impact of covid19.


    Someone pointed out somewhere that they aren’t advertising these miracle mechanisms of modern medicine. (The MSM is doing that heavy lifting for them, bless their complicit little hearts). The same person wrote (said?) that they are not forcing the military to take them, which is not the usual way of doing things. All else aside, the liability factor seems to loom large in this whole tragicomedy.
    The poke wouldn’t help me get back to normal, anyway. I have never been normal.


    I’m going to try to post a link. First time for me so it might not work, but here goes:

    I’m pretty sure Raul posted that link back in November and that’s where I got it?

    From that article:

    ““There is a race to get the public vaccinated, so we are willing to take more risks,” Tal Brosh, head of the Infectious Disease Unit at Samson Assuta Ashdod Hospital, told The Jerusalem Post.

    When Moderna was just finishing its Phase I trial, The Independent wrote about the vaccine and described it this way: “It uses a sequence of genetic RNA material produced in a lab that, when injected into your body, must invade your cells and hijack your cells’ protein-making machinery called ribosomes to produce the viral components that subsequently train your immune system to fight the virus.”

    “In this case, Moderna’s mRNA-1273 is programmed to make your cells produce the coronavirus’ infamous coronavirus spike protein that gives the virus its crown-like appearance (corona is crown in Latin) for which it is named,” wrote The Independent.

    Brosh said that this does not mean the vaccine changes people’s genetic code. Rather, he said it is more like a USB device (the mRNA) that is inserted into a computer (your body). It does not impact the hard drive of the computer but runs a certain program.

    But he acknowledged that there are unique and unknown risks to messenger RNA vaccines, including local and systemic inflammatory responses that could lead to autoimmune conditions.

    An article published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a division of the National Institutes of Health, said other risks include the bio-distribution and persistence of the induced immunogen expression; possible development of auto-reactive antibodies; and toxic effects of any non-native nucleotides and delivery system components.

    Dr. D

    Thanks Phoenix, my frustration makes me less than charitable, but that is exactly how it is, and one reason it’s so much more frustrating. They are good and well intentioned, so it’s not like you can punch them or something, even if one would would do such a thing.

    But in that case, what CAN you do? You have social credit with them and still can’t break through. So what can I do from the outside before they send their uncle to the electric chair and sleep like a baby, as is being discussed on national TV?

    Dr. D

    Thank God major Bitcoin correction.

    So high it was getting bizarre. Even $10k lower in 24h it’s only back to the price 10 days ago. So…buy?

    Doc Robinson

    “Brosh said that this does not mean the vaccine changes people’s genetic code. Rather, he said it is more like a USB device (the mRNA) that is inserted into a computer (your body). It does not impact the hard drive of the computer but runs a certain program.”

    So a USB thumb drive that’s put into your computer cannot have unintended and unforeseen consequences, like infecting and corrupting your hard drive?

    Dystopian novel idea:
    Vaccine “passports” that indicate that the holder has not received the faulty vaccines having whatever long-term effects that were discovered too late. This passport would be required before someone is allowed to procreate.


    Far as I can see, the issue is pretty straightforward: a regular vaccine provokes a natural reaction while an mRNA “not-vaccine” provokes a non-natural one, the follow-up of which is entirely unknown, as in: when does it stop, does it ever stop? Does it become a permanent part of you? Dr. Martin appears right to raise some questions, and he’s of course far from the first to raise them.


    It’s a USB that you can’t remove.


    @my parents said know: haha, the control group! Yes, that is how I’m going to respond to well-meaning friends and relatives who inquire about my vaccine status going forward!


    Love the Esher cartoon. Showed it to my wife. Then had to explain it!
    So not everyone is capable of understanding the cartoon!


    The problem of suing someone is usually the discovery process.
    Dominion has probably solved this problem by judge shopping with a little help from the deep state.
    That MyPillow’s Mike Lindell has the evidence I have no doubt.
    Being able to introduce the evidence into court is 100% in doubt!
    The deep state judge will rig the law so that Dominion is protected from the truth!
    That Mike Lindell will lose, isn’t in any doubt!

    (P.S. If I knew how to, I would provide a link to some evidence.)


    I must have a serious discussion concerning “the control group”
    for the grandkids (they are under 10).


    Its so nice to see that the TV does not show Biden reading from a prompter.
    His delivery sounds and looks soooooo presidential.


    The two financial articles flagged for our reading pleasure present “almost” two opposing views of our current economic situation.

    Jim Rickard sees a long economic depression of slow or no growth.
    Michael Burry sees a crack up boom ending in hyperinflation (a recession/depression usually soon follows).

    Both scenarios are possible.

    We could even see both. If we follow the 1920s/1930s scenarios we will first see a crack up boom followed by a long depression. Barry followed by Rickard.

    It is also possible we just see Rickard’s long depression only.

    One thing we do know is that each new dollar of debt now produces less than one dollar of new growth. In other words a dollar of government spending now only produces a multiplier of less than one or a fraction. Each time the government spends a dollar the multiplier fraction gets smaller and smaller.

    We have now reached the time where governments must continually spend more money just to keep the economy from collapsing! If the government were to only spend the same amount as last year, the economy would start contracting!

    A normal healthy economy does not need government spending to grow. So clearly the government has interfered in the economy so much for so long that the private economy is so badly distorted that it is no longer able to grow. An example of this is “financial repression of interest rates”, denying the market place a signal on the price of money. There are no longer any free markets left!

    Notice we now hear terms like crony capitalism, privatize the profits and socialize the losses! We know this isn’t capitalism at all!

    The danger of governments continually borrowing and spending more is at some point people start losing trust in the government’s money. Look for currency markets to see it first. The problem is nobody knows exactly where that point is! It is like predicting which snowflake causes a avalanche!

    One thing we do know for sure is government borrowing and spending has started going up exponentially!

    That semts up both Burry’s and Rickard’s scenarios.

    I don’t like either option. I also don’t like the MMT option either. There are no good options left, only bad and worst.



    Maybe they don’t need a teleprompter anymore now that they have micro-chipped joe!


    “Maybe they don’t need a teleprompter anymore now that they have micro-chipped joe!”
    Did joe go to China or did the experts sneek in to the USA to do the implant.
    Will an Xray reveal the maker and model number of the chip?

    John Day

    @Dr.D: Digging trenches is a lot of work. Planting seedlings farther and farther north is successive generations takes a lot of time, something like 4 months per mile, judging from the distances they used for each jum and an estimate of 8 years for a seed to grow to where it could bear fruit. You may note what sort of an economy invested in all of those years and all of those trenches for such modest production of lemons. I like the training of the trees close to the ground, though. That’s possibly worthwhile, “Espalier” growing is what the French call it. You can train a tree close to a south facing brick wall, too.



    It wouldn’t be hard to sneak into the White House and micro-chip joe because Obama had the White House bugged before he left!


    The freeze damage and deaths in Texas is directly due to deregulation and privatization. Energy producers couldn’t be bothered to spend the money to winterize their natural gas facilities and cut their profits. The exact same reason PG&E didn’t bother to maintain their power lines and killed 84 when Paradise CA burned down. This will keep repeating until C-suite executives who kill Americans are jailed for manslaughter.

    The Coronavirus pandemic has killed half a million Americans for the same reason. A prompt thorough public health response in New Zealand (#174) limited the deaths to 26 and in Australia (#111) to 909 deaths. Roughly equivalent to 10,000 Americans dying instead of 500,000. The reason for the difference is Big Pharm, Hedge Funds, and their bought politicians whose sole goal is to increase corporate profits; not save human lives.

    This has led to disinformation and confused messaging since the truth is unwelcome. The mRNA jabs are more like gene therapy than traditional vaccines. If you are rich or Jimmy Carter, the brain cancer genome is identified and selected genetic portions of the tumor reproduced and injected to trigger an immune response to the cancer. If diagnosed with cancer, long term effects are hardly the main concern. A conscious high-level decision was made to give billions to Pfizer and Moderna and protect their patent rights. Public Health and alternative treatments were ignored. Global corporations developed Warp Speed mRNA “vaccines” with no long-term health studies. Humans are the guinea pigs. The mRNA injections seem to be working and no adverse effects are reported for except some allergic reactions so far and perhaps a hematological reaction.

    The ultimate outcome is that all trust in government and the media is gone. The US is nearing Civil War casualty levels. America’s little people are in the same vulnerable position as the Texas Veteran who was scammed with a $17,000 energy bill automatically deducted from his banking account due to the big freeze.

    V. Arnold

    Vietnam vet

    Yes, the U.S. could more aptly be named “Death Becomes Us”….
    The vaccine circus is just ludicrous; anybody with an operational brain would say “fuck no!” to the bullshit they are spreading as truth…WTF!!!
    It’s all lies…
    With the present exception of Sputnik V; there are no proven, viable, vaccines out there…
    The Moderna and Pfizer are so suspect as to be not viable for this one…
    Profilactics’ are the only sure route to follow at this time, IMO…
    Vit D3
    Vit C; 4 grams per day (min)
    Lots of water = 4 liters a day minimum
    Excercise that ups breathing from normal to hard…minimum 20 min/day…
    Walking…30+ min/day

    V. Arnold

    Vit D3 = 5000 IU min. per day…


    Clues as to Dr. Martin’s job description:
    Dr. Martin received his undergraduate (BA) from Goshen College, his Masters of Science from Ball State University, and his Doctorate (PhD) from the University of Virginia.


    Dr. Martin is a Fellow of the Batten Institute at the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia.

    David Martin, PhD

    Perhaps the most valuable contribution of Doc Martin’s interview is the opening of the question of exactly what these mRNA preparations should be called. ‘Gene Therapy’ sounds too, well . . . therapeutic – almost as benign as ‘vaccine’.

    How about, instead of ‘vaccine’: “Genetically Induced Pre-Infective”; and, instead of ‘vaccination’: “Genetically Induced Pre-Infection” ? (“GIPI” for short?)

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