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Auguste Renoir The umbrellas 1881-6




The Washington Post said recently: “The anti-vaccine movement is comparable to domestic terrorism, and must be treated that way”, while the Guardian had this:

“When it comes to shifting attitudes to vaccines, it is crucial to distinguish between public information campaigns that seek to educate the public and those that seek to persuade them,” said Philipp Schmid, a behavioural scientist researching vaccine scepticism at the University of Erfurt. “[..] if you don’t proactively tackle the problem at all, you end up playing catch-up with the anti-vaxxers. In a way, governments have to work on a parallel vaccine rollout – immunising the public against science denial.”

But WHO spokesperson Margaret Harris said: “it’s very important for people to understand that at the moment, all we know about the vaccines is that they will very effectively reduce your risk of severe disease. We haven’t seen any evidence yet indicating whether or not they stop transmission.” And Dr. David Martin claimed: It’s Gene Therapy, Not a Vaccine. One might add: It’s not science, it’s a sales job.

Now, I don’t know exactly who the WaPo refers to when they say “the anti-vaccine movement”, or that German guy with “the anti-vaxxers”, but it appears there is a widespread movement going on to promote mRNA vaccines, both by governments and by the press. And we’re not supposed to ask questions. Well, I’m sorry, but I make a living asking questions. And I think asking questions is not just everybody’s right, it’s an obligation. So don’t come at me with “domestic terrorism” or “anti-vaxxers”, a term that has nothing to do with the topic to begin with. Asking questions is not the same as being against something.


In essence the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA substances are a giant experiment, nothing else. If you can tell me what the logic is behind injecting -soon- hundreds of millions of people with something about which the WHO itself says: “we haven’t seen any evidence yet indicating whether or not they stop transmission,” try me. And how you get from there to issuing “vaccine passports” is as puzzling as the entire propaganda campaign. Who’s engaging in “science denial” here? In its core essence, an Emergency Use Authorization is unscientific.

A vaccine used to mean something that relied on -mostly- dead virus material to get your body to produce immunity “material”. What mRNA does -in this case – is force your body to produce an S1 spike protein, which is toxic to your body. Someone compared it to sticking a USB stick in your body, but one you can never take out anymore. Actually, it’s more like sticking such a USB stick into -almost- every single cell of your body. Forever.

Can it be successful? Maybe, but we have no idea. No research. No clue what mRNA does in the long term. There’s a lot of concern about what it might do to our immune systems. So lots of questions. But we’re not allowed to ask those questions, because then we’re domestic terrorists. Or maybe we can ask them, but only after getting inoculated.


There’s an eery similarity here to the banning of Huckleberry Finn, the Odyssey, and Dr. Seuss. We apparently cannot be trusted to form our own opinions anymore. And if we apply the same rules that got Mark Twain and Dr. Seuss banned, how on earth can the Bible remain politically acceptable? I’m sure they’ll get to that yet.

And the press help shape this new world, and Big Tech becomes Big Brother. There’s nothing either journalists or 20-something social media “guardians” like more than to tell you what you can see, hear, read or think, and I bet you never imagined that’s what George Orwell imagined. Or Mark Twain, for that matter. There is no real difference between banning books and burning them.


The way this is broadcast to us, is that the mRNA substances are safe, based on the fact that not too many people have died from being “vaccinated”. But not only are short-term effects not the main worry about them, there are already plenty headlines like this:
• Injuries Reported to CDC After COVID Vaccines Climb by 4,000 in One Week
• 34 Spontaneous Miscarriages, Stillbirths After COVID-19 Vaccination
• Danger of mRNA Vaccines To Elderly: 16 Deaths In Switzerland
• Norway warns of Covid-19 vaccine risk after 23 die

When you see that in Germany, France and Switzerland, half of care home workers don’t want to get vaccinated, perhaps it’s good to ask a question. Or how about this: “About 60% Of Nursing Home Staff Declined Covid Vaccines, Walgreens Exec Says”, about which Whitney Webb tweeted: “Just wondering if people consider the 60% of nursing home staffers and 1/3 of US troops declining the experimental COVID-19 vaccine to all be “crazy anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorists”


I apparently have to be afraid of what reading Huck Finn or the Odysseus will do to me, my brain, the brains of my children and neighbors. But I’m not afraid of that at all, I think the books will enrich their brains, as they have mine, and I’m confident they will be able to figure out what is just and right in the words they read, and what is not.

I’m not overly concerned about Covid19, but I do take a cautious approach. Which means taking vit. C&D and zinc, with ivermectin in my near future. But it doesn’t rule my life, certainly not as much as the lockdowns in Athens do. And frankly, I’m more afraid of sticking a genetic USB stick that generates untested genetic material in my body for the rest of my life, than I am of a virus that is unlikely to kill me.

By now we should be asking what being ruled by fear for a prolonged period of time does to the mindset of not just individuals, but of entire societies. Well, for one thing, it makes it much easier to censor people’s thoughts and actions, to shape their lives before they themselves do it. Be very afraid, roll up your sleeve, and don’t ask questions. And if you behave the way we tell you to, you may be able, in a year, or two, three, to return to the “old normal”.

Which unfortunately absolutely certainly will no longer exist once you get there. Your society will instead look like a warzone because its economy has been ravaged by fear. For one thing, if “they” allow stores, bars, restaurants to reopen this summer (doubtful), it may well be because they can no longer afford the emergency support for businesses and workers. The very first thing to happen then is mass lay-offs. Which will snowball into more businesses closing and more lay-offs.

It’s simply all gone on too long. For our economies, our societies and our minds. And if only to help us (re)cover, we should ask questions. It’s a obligation.


I like this from John Scott Lewinski on fear:

Panic Has Become A Twisted New Virtue

The Covid-19 pandemic has warped humanity’s mindset, turning fear into an intellectual value. Panic is now the smart choice, and those who reject it are considered dangerous barbarians. Sociologists, political theorists and other experts credit the ongoing coronavirus pandemic with forging countless changes in global society. Some are practical, some psychological. Some are temporary, while others will remain in evolving forms.

It’s difficult to deduce if the most troubling change we’re seeing really resulted from the viral crisis, or whether it had been waiting under the surface noise of daily life for full exposure by Covid-19. For the first time in human history, fear is now considered a sign of intellectual superiority, while the choice to resist panic is seen as stubborn foolishness.

[..] If you don’t stay locked in your bedroom in favor of going about your life – still masked, scrubbed and distanced – you’re a fool. Even worse, you’re a reckless fool who lacks compassion for the people you might infect. Regardless, the underlying theme is “crisis” and desperation in place of “challenge” and problem solving.

[..] Finally, if we allow a little old-time religion into the fray and check in on the Gospel writers, we’re told Jesus wept in fear the night before defeating its temptations and facing the crucifixion. Halfway around the world, the Buddha stated: “The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Never fear what will become of you.” The current psychological zeitgeist would ridicule all of those figures or those authors and their protagonists as hasty and brainless for not running away and hiding from a threat indefinitely until it did its damage or decided to go away.

Those in the cult of alarm will say all of those references are fiction, and Covid is real life. I would motion over to Joseph Campbell and remind them that myths and their fables indicate cultural values. No one ridiculing their fellows for not wearing a mask while alone in their cars, dining outside of their own kitchens or even longing to get back to their workplaces has any part to play in any stirring touchstone story or in the real world events that inspire them.

Perhaps this new worship of trepidation is another symptom of the coronavirus that will pass. Until then, we live in hope for a vaccine against our 2020 affliction of dull, self-adulatory dread.


Fear is a healthy and useful natural reaction to events. It can save your life. But it’s not healthy for an individual to live in fear for a prolonged period of time, and fear should never take on a mass identity. Entire societies living in fear for a prolonged period of time are highly toxic to their citizens. In war time, societies are saved not by those who fear, but by the individuals who refuse to let fear lead their lives, and turn it into bravery. Because, as the Buddha says: “The whole secret of existence is to have no fear.”




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    Auguste Renoir The umbrellas 1881-6       The Washington Post said recently: “The anti-vaccine movement is comparable to domestic terro
    [See the full post at: Fear is the New Smart]


    RIM states:
    Fear is a healthy and useful natural reaction to events. It can save your life. But it’s not healthy for an individual to live in fear for a prolonged period of time.”

    I agree.

    I know what happens when humans are fearful for a long time with no apparent means of escape.
    I was in a marriage rife with verbal and emotional abuse for 11.5 years. The last 2 years my ex became a full blown alcoholic, was sick and in and out of hospitals for over a year with a mysterious illness (it turned out to be from a lapband eroding into his stomach.) He was taking so many pills as well (most of them psychiatric in nature) that on top of his generally unsavory traits his behavior was even more erratic. I remember so many times when he was in a drunken stupor and I wondered whether I should call an ambulance…fearful what would happen if he died there in front of me, fearful of what would happen if he didn’t require hospitalization and my ex had sobered up, and was angry because I’d called the ambulance. He attempted suicide in front of me, with the chidlren in the house.

    Constant fear causes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder — which is, basically, a central nervous system that has become super-sensitized to specific stimuli, and when exposed to even the smallest portion of that particular stimuli, will mount a very strong, very immediate freeze/fight/flight/fawn response. Up until 6 months ago I was in individual therapy for most of the time for 8 years. It took 6 years for me to realize that the reason why I was making no real progress was because therapy wasn’t helping me address the trauma. The last two years I engaged in trauma therapy, and finally had guidance in dealing with what I’d been through and the psychological aftermath of the experiences. I can now recognize the emotional flashbacks and triggers easily and quickly, I understand what is happening to my mind and body, and can generally manage the PTSD.

    No. As a society, we don’t want to have large populations with PTSD. Unmanaged PTSD tends to lead to anti-social results.


    Fear can only be confronted with knowledge. One of the questions to ask is: How long after vaccination do extreme harmful effects manifest? Within the first 6 weeks of vaccination, I am told. Reference TWIV This Week in Virology. Online round table conversations by scientists with scientists who work with or have worked with viruses and vaccines.


    So I have a thought today… what are the chances that I am infected with the Pfizer virus, given I work in an office where 60% of my coworkers got “vaccinated”?
    If I am Pfizered by others who participated in vaccinations, do I owe payment to Pfizer, in the same way that traditional farmers’ fields may be pollinated by a neighbor’s Monsanto crop, and thus owes Monsanto?
    I’m not sure I saw that coming.


    Here is a TWIV link with a short talk about the Johnson and Johnson vaccine and some comments on the mRNA vaccines starting at 1:18 minutes:


    “I’m more afraid of sticking a genetic USB stick that generates untested genetic material in my body for the rest of my life, than I am of a virus that is unlikely to kill me.”

    Since the virus has the very same RNA as that “USB stick”, as you call it, effectively you are saying that you are more afraid of putting a USB stick with unknown code in it, than you are of putting a USB stick with the very exact same unknown code, except that this code is part of a computer virus, so it will not just take over your computer, but any other computer it can get into. Plus, this USB stick, you happen to know exactly how many times this unknown code will run, while the virus will try to run the code as many times as your processor will allow, and if it completely runs your computer to a standstill till it freezes up, so be it.

    In other words, you are saying you understand nothing of the science, because you are less afraid of the option that is intuitively obviously more dangerous.


    And I thought that I have it bad. My wife eager to “get it” in a few days told me: You get vaccinated or else”, in her maniacal belief that there is “a pill for everything”. Wish you luck, what ever that means.
    @ luckybucky, Kimo and Doly
    Yesterday my brother-in-law and wife stopped by our home sine vac place was nearby. Nothing short of, what I gathered. a one of the highest points in their life. I had to excuse myself being busy in the backyard since my talk to them week before landed on deaf ears.
    Oddly, despite my posted links related to major skepticism when it comes to Covid, no doctors on this site would give us their OWN OPINION what is going on. All we have the linked posts, not different than by any other commentators. All we have are the update how tomatoes and squash are doing in the garden, bike ride to the work but but God forbid a honest professional assessment of the Fu***ing thing.
    When fu^^ing kultsommer makes comment on art it is not that I want to throw my 12″ art d**k on the table but to give educated insight of a different angle to view the art to those interested. Nothing else I expect from the doctors.

    madamski cafone

    @ Doly

    “In other words, you are saying you understand nothing of the science, because you are less afraid of the option that is intuitively obviously more dangerous.”

    My. We’re not presumptive, are we? Normally, I think one should address others with respect… unless they show a lack thereof. So I’ll just say that you show, to my eyes, even less knowledge of the viiral pandemic situation than the person you claim knows “nothing of the science”.

    Oh boy. When it comes down to street violence, this is going to be a doozy.

    @ kultsommer

    “Oddly, despite my posted links related to major skepticism when it comes to Covid, no doctors on this site would give us their OWN OPINION what is going on.”

    Doctors here have done so many times in the last year. Maybe they’re tired. Maybe no one owes you jack squat.

    Like I said, the street-fighting will be spectacular.



    The vaccines are a cipher. We don’t know what’s in them because it’s a trade secret. So…trust an unknown virus that seems to behave just like all previous viruses have for all of human history, or trust an untested ‘miracle drug’ that we aren’t even allowed to investigate.

    Science is a mighty river, info deposited in the glacier, melting, flowing out into the ocean. You cannot plant a flag on a sandbar in that river and declare it “The Science” and be done. The sandbar will be gone before you can say “C. Everett Coop!”


    Right phrasing would have been: Doctors have POSTED A LOT OF LINKS that could have been done by any commentator on this blog. Not A PERSONAL PROFESSIONAL OPINION like of I have to listen to, or read, from doctors from other side of the globe. You are right – nobody owes me jack squat and I am OK with that. But reading how’s doctor’s garden doing during the major “pandemic”? At least conceal the “Dr”.

    Michael Reid

    Dear sir,
    I have also forwarded this excellent essay to my parents who will likely get the mRNA vaccine.

    This last year my worldview has imploded. I seriously don’t trust anything in the mainstream media. As a retired surgical, ICU, medical and mental health nurse I know what we have been doing in the west is simply incorrect. Living in Canada I have emailed my provincial minister of health on multiple occasions pointing out how health policy is incorrect from a medical standpoint. No response. I have sent messages to some of the nurses that I have met and have risen to prominence and no response. I have sent messages to my family and friends and no response. I don’t feel crazy. I know I am intelligent. I know I am educated in the issues we are facing with COVID-19.

    So I ask myself why I am being ignored. Canada owes tremendous debt and especially my province. And we have many retired civil servants drawing pension and we have a health care system funded by the government that spends tremendous amounts of money on maintaining and saving people who have nothing positive to contribute to the country.

    If we lived in a reality of small groups of people existing on their efforts many would have been left to die a long time ago. I do not have financial knowledge but I suspect those holding our debt have tremendous power over over our governments. If this is correct we can understand why the government is implementing a pile of shit health policy to avoid insolvency. Also we have moved most of our manufacturing to the Far East and the west adds little of real value to any items of critical usefulness.

    So here we are, but the story gets worst.

    It seems to me all of the problems we currently face are due to over population. If there were very few people in our world then our actions would have insignificant impact on the world. But that is not our current reality. But a major culling may be the only sustainable way forward and may be a goal of the global elite

    V. Arnold

    Auguste Renoir The umbrellas 1881-6

    I love that painting, beautifully done, and the little girl with the hoop stick game is a nice touch…

    A timely piece Ilargi; fear rules the day and is being encouraged across the MSM.
    The toxic personality ripping your essay and Dr. Day’s gardening, while treating patients on the Covid front lines is just precious and just one more glowing example of the rampant ignorance and fear in a dying culture of excesses…


    So much anguish, anger, distrust, fear and alienation being expressed. I share some of that. Not sure what to do with it.

    V. Arnold

    So much anguish, anger, distrust, fear and alienation being expressed. I share some of that. Not sure what to do with it.

    So do I.
    The only thing I know, is that we must be aware of our inner feelings; fear, anger, alienation, anguish, and distrust. Being aware, minute by minute gives us choices. Denial eliminates the possibility of choice and with it the ability to see our present, in the moment, feelings. We lose our rational mind to the irrational thus being/feeling trapped.
    This is not an easy thing for most of us; but must be done if we’re to be free of the garbage perpetually being thrown our way…
    As Ram Dass would say: Be here now…

    madamski cafone

    Well. Thanx for sharing that with us, kultsommer. I’m sure we all feel better now. btw, this is not a covid site altho covid has become the predominant topic.The founding basis of this site is: what we gonna do when the (oil) well runs dry? Dr. John Day’s garden remarks address learning how to raise food in a post-petroleum world. Last I heard, having food is crucial regardless of whatever bug’s going around.

    The man you criticise has posted numerous personal opinions both here and on his own damn blog. Do some digging if it means that much to you, or continue making an ass of yourself. I dunno, maybe you should schedule an appointment with a doctor and give him an earful. Or maybe learn some manners before someone kicks your ass hard enough to make an impression on your consciousness.


    P.S. I normally dislike the word ‘punk’, since its etymology demeans an ancient profession, but I’ll make an exception for you, punk.



    I am rather surprised by your No Doctor Comments!
    I sense frustration, which is exactly what the MSM wants you to feel.
    Dr. John Day has given us very clear opinions of his viewpoints as a treating Doctor.
    He has kindly responded to many of our comments about the virus.
    I have been following his advice for over a year now and I can tell you having some knowledge about the virus, has rid me of living in fear of the virus!

    Raul has a special separate note about dealing with the virus from Dr. John Day that you should look up. I would link it for you, if only I knew how but I don’t!


    I think over the past year or so we at TAE have seen, virtually blow by blow, how government health organizations all over the world, and the corrupt vaccine industry, have corrupted all efforts to deal with the virus.

    They have consistently put their best interests above ours.

    We have also seen how the media helps both the governments and drug companies achieve their evil ends.

    From this we have learned not to trust any of these actors and to disect their every word and actions with suspicion. It is only by onstantly doing this, that we learn the real truth.


    When I first glanced at the painting, the first thing that struck me is how bright the 2 women’s and the girl’s faces are! For a second, I thought they were wearing masks!


    Michael Reid:

    Yes, the manner in which the virus has been handled in Canada has likely surprised many Canadians.
    It does help if one becomes aware of how corrupt our leaders really are.

    Remember Sparkle Sock’s multi million dollar deal for a vaccine he had with a unknown Chinese company? If you had seen the deal as a money laundering kickback scheme then you wouldn’t be surprised that nothing came out of it!

    Do you remember Sparkle Socks setting up new Chinese companies to buy virus masks, etc with no public accountability? Again just another money laundering operation!

    Do you remember Sparkle Socks awarding a huge contract to build from scratch a new vaccine plant on unsuitable land in Montreal causing delays that won’t be ready until 2022? In his home riding? There are already existing vaccine facilities in Canada.

    Then there is the federal government’s so called head health Dr. Tam in Ottawa. I am sure she has really inspired great confidence in you! Again she is corrupt which is why no one listens to her anymore! The only thing I would entrust into her care, are my favorite 5 pet insects: a horse fly, a house fly. a black fly, a mosquito, and a tick. Why would I be willing to entrust my pet insects fate into her care? Because I know she would kill all of them!

    Also with Sparkle Sock’s $600 million per year in media tax credits, the media never say anything bad about him! So don’t count on the media to keep you informed!

    Noticed despite no clean drinking water, the Indian Chiefs never directly critize Sparkle Socks? Oh, yeah the corrupt Chiefs don’t have to publically disclose how they spend taxpayers money in their reservations! Harper got heavily critised by the Chiefs because he wanted to impose public accountability on the Chiefs to try and improve Indian self government operations to benefit ordinary Indians. Nope, we can’t have that!


    On the off chance that any of you fellow truth-seekers are located in the Puget Sound area, and apropos of today’s topic, I’m starting an aikido study group in my back yard. Figure out how to get in touch if you’re interested. Shouldn’t be too hard.


    This post is so true. Our minds do not like uncertainty. My old brain hates change.

    Messenger RNA dispersed in lipids and injected into humans is a new way to induce an immune reaction. Different from traditional vaccines that use live or killed viruses. This raises toxicity and immune response concerns since these formulations have not been tested in laboratory animals (which takes years). Gene therapy has been used to treat cancer where long-term effects are not of particular concern. The dengue fever vaccine failed after injection because if infected with one of the three wild variants, the vaccine caused severe adverse reactions. The mRNA vaccines could be produced now and increase corporate profits, and hopefully return the economy to normal. The risks are ignored and the media disparages anyone who points out the uncertainty.

    My take is fairly simple. The billionaires and multinational corporations simply do not want to pay for a functional national public health system that can control the virus as proven in Asia, New Zealand and Australia. This would make government supreme over global big business, once again. Ending their ability to take profit over lives. The establishment simply does not care that half a million Americans have died, so far. As a result, the Western Empire (US, UK & EU) has been shown to be so corrupt and incompetent that it will not survive the pandemic intact. There is a reason there is a Green Zone around the US National Capitol.


    Taking it up a notch, I’ll use my experience navigating the body of research/practice in the realm of organic orcharding. In the sphere there is very little politicization of knowledge. However, there is still a huge range of perspectives as to what one needs to do to grow a healthy orchard. This lack of certainty requires that I, like others, have to parse thru available info and exercise my own judgement – not easy, requires mental effort to study and deal with uncertainty. The connection to covid – for sure information about the pandemic is highly politicized. However, I would argue that in this realm too, I suspect that even reasonable knowledgeable experts may hold differing opinions, or opinions that evolve with the knowledge development. What’s the average person to do? I guess navigate the pandemic like we navigate so many other aspects of our lives- consider the available information, make our best guess/judgment as to what is the best info, cross our fingers and get on with living. No one can be expected to give us all the answers. What fun would that be anyway!!!!

    V. Arnold

    What’s the average person to do? I guess navigate the pandemic like we navigate so many other aspects of our lives- consider the available information, make our best guess/judgment as to what is the best info, cross our fingers and get on with living. No one can be expected to give us all the answers. What fun would that be anyway!!!!

    I agree; that’s called “owning it”. Owning it means taking full responsibility for the whole enchilada.


    Q: If you were to tell the whole world one message, what would it be?
    A: I would advise those so inclined to listen that their bloodlines are, today, in great danger of mass extinction! Mass number of bloodlines, that is to say.
    ~Red Shield (Bloodline Protector) in his “natural law” required Q&A revelation circa 2011-2012

    A potential mechanism is now in play!
    The West’s Obituary* —

    That unique antibody this vaccine causes cells to produce can potentially be turned into something that attacks the body, ADE style. This can result in 10x the attacks as the original disease.

    What did “the R” have to say about vaccines and Big Pharma?
    1. “Humans are notorious for making bad choices and blaming others, fate, the government or whomever for the sorry state of their condition. Look at the fast food industry growth and the rise in health care costs. HFCS, Pharma, vaccines and so many others…and yet stupid humans just keep marching to the same tired beat.”
    2. “The pharmaceutical industry is very large and powerful, and exists as a middleman of sorts between humans and their natural remedies.
    Unfortunately for humans, these pharma are profit based first and foremost.
    Remedies to every issue facing humans can be found in NATURAL LAW, including health related. It is up to the human to choose direct participation…or farm out these needs to a party with clearly vested interests!
    Another great example of FREE WILL!
    Laughing out Loud!
    No one would say the information isn’t out there to those who seek it out!
    Check and MATE!”

    “Check mate” is associated with the end of the game, right?
    Caveat emptor, people.
    Caveat emptor.

    “At some point, the remaining bloodlines will be similar enough in power and stature to know that coexistence is the next logical evolutionary step….referred biblically as the thousand year peace. At that point, there wont be many left, at least relevant to the current population level. 500 million at most.
    THEN things get interesting!
    Thanks for playing!”


    madamski wrote, “btw, this is not a covid site altho covid has become the predominant topic.”

    Agreed, it’s not. If you want something else to talk about, start here:
    Declining sperm counts: Nature’s answer to overpopulation?

    If the current trend continue, sperm counts reach zero by 2045. We go extinct.


    You should correct two misspellings: Odyssey and Dr. Seuss:
    “There’s an eery similarity here to the banning of Huckleberry Finn, the Odysseus, and Dr. Suess. We apparently cannot be trusted to form our own opinions anymore. And if we apply the same rules that got Mark Twain and Dr. Suess banned,…”

    V. Arnold

    @ johnsiman

    I have no idea what you’re blathering on about….
    Could you be a bit more clear and a bit less pedantic?





    This could be anecdotal but no one’s commented so far on the fact that at least here in Europe the mRNA vaccines seem to be targeted to the oldest population while the you ger folks get AstraZeneca and what ever else con mess down the pike. Could it be a CYA move? The elderly have less to loose in case side effects tend to show up later in life


    madamski wrote, “btw, this is not a covid site although covid has become the predominant topic.”

    So, self elected council, which one is?
    Or shall I check A&E for 911 truth to tell us is it pandemic or “pandemic” which so far I did not get?
    I may went bit too hard on the site’s Dr. Had to use “the garden” as a metaphor of utter silence from the medical profession when it comes to explaining “all the things Covid related” that does not add up.


    @kultsommer I’ve had the same experience with family and friends with the vax. I’ve had to literally walk away, it’s like talking to a freshly-minted religious zealot. Nobody reads the fine print when they got the jab, which gave me pause. They just hear “safe and effective” repeated 1000 times, shouted from the rooftops by the media and turn their brains off. Not that the fine print would have deterred them. It never concerns them that the manufacturers all sought and received protection from legal action. That the WHO says it’s still not totally sure the mRNA vaccines prevent the spread, but my MD cousin says it does, because he heard it from a guy in youtubes or hallway and because Science™. Never enters their minds that we pursued half-assed lockdowns and face-panties and the hail-Mary of vaccines, at the expense of anything else. They jumped on the bandwagon, and demonized any other response other than half-assed, economy-shattering, capricious lockdowns. They marginalized any other medical preventative or treatment as quackery, as they were instructed by the media and Experts™.

    When I bring any of these concerns up, eyes glaze over. Like a religious zealot, they are stuck with their sunk costs. They already got the jab, or they have their eyes on the prize, getting the jab will make everything go back to normal. Emotionally and intellectually, they can’t listen to any other view because it’s too painful to revisit earlier bad personal decisions. They react with contempt, anger, nonchalance. Double down, triple down quintuple-down, whatever it takes to ignore that friend/brother/cousin who dissents. Like many here I count my lucky stars that I re-found TAE this year or I may have lost my f*ing marbles in 2020.

    We’re stuck in binary thinking here in the USA, you are either a good citizen or a moron. A double-masking, vaccine-queuing groupie who believes everything parroted in the MSM, or a stupid misinformed anti-vaxxer misanthrope. No middle ground, no nuance is permitted. Because NYT and The Atlantic and Science™, as long as Science™ bends to support my viewpoint.

    My best guess is that the mRNA vaccines are an end-run around the regulatory process, so the tech can be deployed more broadly and with even less oversight from our milquetoast already-captured regulatory bodies. Nothing is known of mRNA long-term effects. Before the covid-19 vaccines, there were fewer than 2000 persons tested in such a way that might indicate long-term effects. There’s no science there. We’ve extrapolated that tiny practically non-existent base of data and assumed that it’s “safe” enough for 100 million people. In quality systems (any industry) extrapolation is a no-no. If ran this study at work I’d get hounded back to intern status if not tossed out of the building. As it is, we’re running the largest non-informed-consent clinical trial in history. Good luck to us all.

    I thought about making a cartoon character named Mr. Na, who introduces the wonders of the mRNA tech to a new generation

    Dr D Rich


    Ask the right questions and people get really uncomfortable. My profession en masse should not be trusted. My profession is overrun by veritable pathological narcissists and bonafide Antisocial personality disordered people. Hervey Cleckley recognized it several decades ago. An associate professor at my medical school pointed out the afflicted in the professorial ranks, chief of psychiatry being the most prominent specimen.

    Reread my posts from covid inception.
    Bad flu year. I’ll stick with it.
    You don’t put Fauci, Redfield and the likes of Dave Tam in charge unless you’re looking for people skilled at hiding their inadequacies and covering up their past failures.
    Stuffed suits and useful men abound.

    Mister Roboto

    That NYT hit-piece on Ivermectin was disturbing, because what it told me was that the globalist powers that be don’t really care about helping all those people who are sick and dying. They care about whatever other agenda they have that doesn’t have helping all those people who are sick and dying as one of its priorities. I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised, but I’m still quite disgusted. We do have an awful lot of poor people with health problems in the USA. Maybe somebody wants there to be less of them around. I’m no fan of conspiracy theories, but it’s starting to become difficult to arrive at any other conclusion, at this point.


    “mRNA does not linger in our cells for long. Once it has passed its instructions to the protein-making machinery in our cells, enzymes called ribonucleases (RNases) degrade the mRNA.

    It is not possible for mRNA to move into the nucleus of a cell as it lacks the signals that would allow it to enter this compartment. This means that RNA cannot integrate into the DNA of the vaccinated cell.

    There is no risk of long-term genetic changes with mRNA vaccines.


    SARS-COV2 is RNA too, and it reprograms your cells without any concern at all for your well-being, because it can.

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