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Odilon Redon Sunset 1902



When George Orwell wrote “1984” in 1948, not only did he foresee where advanced technology would bring society, he also foresaw that such technology would become available. At that time, this meant two enormous insights in one. A Big Brother may arise among power hungry forces, but it can do nothing without the technology to control and trace people. And 73 years ago, it wasn’t obvious that this would ever be reality.

But today it is here. If there’s anything the Covid era -virustime- teaches us, it is that. We are now all required to think the same, and act the same, as everyone else, and as scripted by powers that -more than ever- oversee our every move. What 1984 should have taught us, but didn’t, is that once you allow such powers to acquire such oversight, they will never let go. You need to stop them beforehand.

Because if you don’t, they will squeeze you ever tighter, until you have no freedom, no liberty, and finally no personality left: you will no longer be human in the sense that it has long been defined. There is a history and a name for this.


COVID, Learned Helplessness, and Control

Learned helplessness is well-documented. It takes place when an individual believes he continuously faces a negative, uncontrollable situation and stops trying to improve his circumstances, even when he has the ability to do so. Discovering the loss of control elicits a passive reaction to a harmful situation. Psychologists call this a maladaptive response, characterized by avoidance of challenges and the collapse of problem-solving when obstacles arise. You give up trying to fight back.

You could push back, but you have been made afraid at a core level and so you just give in. You’re left believing nothing will fix this. Helpless to resist, you comply “out of an abundance of caution.” American psychologists Martin Seligman and Steven Maier created the term “learned helplessness” in 1967. They were studying animal behavior by delivering electric shocks to dogs (it was a simpler time.) Dogs who learned they couldn’t escape the shock simply stopped trying, even after the scientists removed a barrier and the dog could have jumped away.

Learned helplessness has three main features: a passive response to trauma, not believing that trauma can be controlled, and stress.{..] You are not responsible, can’t fix something so systemic, and best do what you are told. The way out is to allow people to make decisions and choices on their own. This therapy is used with victims of learned helplessness such as hostages . During their confinement all the important decisions of their life, and most of the minor ones, were made by their captors. Upon release, many hostages fear things as simple as a meal choice and need to be coaxed out of helplessness one micro-choice at a time.


There is no such thing as overwhelming evidence that year-long lockdowns and mask mandates and “the vaccines” can achieve their alleged goals. But that doesn’t matter if and when there is central control over what evidence -and narrative- people are allowed to read and watch. With that kind of control, there is simply just one story, and no discussion.

Whereas discussion, with different views and opinions being submitted, is essential to come out of a situation like this. Two people know more than one, basic stuff. We’re good at it, if we try. But if you look at the media, and the entire medical field, there is on discussion happening. There is only one opinion, and it’s -state and corporate- sanctioned.

I don’t find the stories about the origin of the virus all that interesting -at this moment-, they act mostly as a distraction from what is more important: freedom, having a voice in one’s own life, making your own decisions, and saving lives in the process. The virus origin stories, crazy as they may be, have nothing to do with that: they merely make you watch a sort of battle of the gods, something that never gave anyone any power over their lives.

And in the meantime you may be “allowed” some extra basic human rights, but not too many, you wear a mask on your face, and you get injected with a substance that for 99% of people is both unnecessary for their survival, and potentially dangerous to that same survival. But it’s the only narrative that is “allowed”.

As for the potential danger, it’s not just the blood clots that the media are allowed to report on, it’s also the spike proteins the vaccines induce your cells to produce, and which are free to roam around your body, gathering in testes, ovaries, placenta and a whole slew of other organs.

All we can do is hope our immune systems are strong enough to fight off the vaccines.

Seldom should any substances have been subjected to more rigorous research than mRNA vaccines, and seldom have any been subjected to less. So the problems should not be a surprise to anyone. Facebook now “allows” you to say that the vaccines are not FDA approved, but not that they are experimental or haven’t been appropriately tested. Which is the same thing. What gives Facebook that power to begin with?

Professor emeritus of Medical Microbiology and Immunology Dr. Bhakdi doesn’t agree. But Facebook knows better, right?

And then you get things like this line: “Britain’s medicines regulator said Friday the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine is safe for adolescents aged 12 to 15 after a “rigorous review”, following similar assessments in the EU and US.” What rigorous review? Where is it? How much time did you take for that research? And if it was so rigorous, why are they still not approved? And what exactly is the benefit to these children? A 0.001% higher chance of survival? Vs a 10x higher chance of suffering adverse effects?

Anyway, one step back. Yes, the vaccines are completely unnecessary. Michael Yeadon, former Chief Scientific Officer of Pfizer put it like this:

“Ivermectin is an off-patent drug that is one of the most widely used drugs in the world, and we know it is able to reduce Covid-19 symptoms at any stage of the disease by about 90%, so there is no need for vaccines.”

A 90% reduction of symptoms means no need for vaccines OR facemasks OR lockdowns. That’s ostensibly better than any of the vaccines can achieve. And this could have started at least 6 months ago (I’m thinking of Pierre Kory’s Dec. 8 Senate testimony here, conveniently killed off by YouTube), and after 6 months of a 90% reduction, there is no danger left at all.

Dr. Pierre Kory said if you take ivermectin, you won’t get sick (and it’s safer than Tylenol). Renowned science writer Michael Capuzzo recently wrote The Drug That Cracked Covid. And couldn’t get it published. Here at the Automatic Earth, we’ve been discussing ivermectin for over a year, especially after our resident physician John Day switched to it from hydroxychloroquine to treat his Covid patients.

This is from a very recent report written by Pierre Kory and the team at FLCCC published in the American Journal of Therapeutics :

It should be noted that the concentrations required for an effect in cell culture models bear little resemblance to human physiology given the absence of an active immune system working synergistically with a therapeutic agent, such as ivermectin. Furthermore, prolonged durations of exposure to a drug likely would require a fraction of the dosing in short-term cell model exposure. Furthermore, multiple coexisting or alternate mechanisms of action likely explain the clinical effects observed, such as the competitive binding of ivermectin with the host receptor-binding region of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, as proposed in 6 molecular modeling studies.21–26

In 4 of the studies, ivermectin was identified as having the highest or among the highest of binding affinities to spike protein S1 binding domains of SARS-CoV-2 among hundreds of molecules collectively examined, with ivermectin not being the particular focus of study in 4 of these studies.27 This is the same mechanism by which viral antibodies, in particular, those generated by the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines contain the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The high binding activity of ivermectin to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein could limit binding to either the ACE-2 receptor or sialic acid receptors, respectively, either preventing cellular entry of the virus or preventing hemagglutination, a recently proposed pathologic mechanism in COVID-19.21,22,26–28

Ivermectin has also been shown to bind to or interfere with multiple essential structural and nonstructural proteins required by the virus to replicate.26,29 Finally, ivermectin also binds to the SARS-CoV-2 RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp), thereby inhibiting viral replication.30

Dr. Kory estimates that 500,000 deaths could have been prevented with ivermectin treatment. The same is likely true for hydroxychloroquine. And he’s probably deliberately lowballing it. Then there’s vitamin D, and zinc, and a dozen or so repurposed drugs. All put together, there is no doubt they make the vaccines superfluous.

And yes, if someone is responsible for 500,000 deaths, there must be an investigation, just like there must be one into the origin of the virus. Why suppress ivermectin and other drugs, and at the same time promote vaccines without properly testing them? Who made those decisions? But right now, it seems more important to make sure that no more people die unnecessarily. Take care of that first, and then investigate.


In “1984”, the idea is that everybody must do the same thing, and think the same thing. In 2021, they do. Nothing good can come from that.




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    Odilon Redon Sunset 1902     When George Orwell wrote “1984” in 1948, not only did he foresee where advanced technology would bring society,
    [See the full post at: Let’s Save Some Lives]


    We should listen to Robert Kennedy –

    Dave Note

    An ‘investigation’ like the Warren Commission?

    An ‘investigation’ like the 9/11 Commission Report?

    An ‘investigation’ like the WMD?

    An ‘investigation’ like the Jeffery Epstein affair?

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a public investigation on anything important that resulted in actual action and holding the guilty parties to account.

    Ever, in my adult life.

    I’ve seen an unending parade of scapegoats however come from ‘investigations’.

    And White Washes

    Lots and lots of White Washes

    Are they called Privileged White Washes now???

    a kullervo

    Human beings were created/(d)evolved from whatever (take your pick) to fulfill a purpose: to redecorate the planet.
    (… let that sink in and then get over it.)

    Dave Note

    Dr Pierre Kory was talking with Brett Weinstein awhile back and both agreed that NO amount of credentials or proven expertise in the medical space enough to protect or even convince the public you know what you’re talking about if the Official Narrative decides to drown you in the bath tub.

    The Trust Horizon has been destroyed


    To continue along the ‘globalist’ theme, Fauci / the US / is just one actor re. collab. / payment to Chinese Labs, particularly the P4 lab in Wuhan.

    From France:

    In 2018 Macron visited China. He signed an accord to continue (note, continue) collaborating w. China on infectious diseases. (Collab. is of very long standing..)

    The then director, Yuan Zhiming of the P4 lab in Wuhan, studied in France. According to him (no surprise) the lab was set up partly as a reaction to SARS. A ‘good’ part of the setting up was paid by France, I’m not confident about the details, the sums *reportedly huge* so leave it aside.

    The Macron visit was after a visit by Cazeneuve, French PM, in 2017, to the Lab itself.

    Caz declared that France would support the lab to the tune of one million Euros every year for 5 years. (That was the promise, idk if paid.)

    link in F, i posted the essentials.


    Several other collaborative endavours were set up. Here is one example from the Insitut Pasteur, France.

    A 4-year research group (meaning it is set to go for 4 years), again in 2017, between the Insitut Pasteur and the Chinese Academy of Science, to study infectious, tropical, neglected diseases. A top F minister was there to oversee the signing of the accord. (Le Drian!) This collab. was planned way back in 2004, by Jaques Chirac, and the 2017 thing is a continuation. (gen. article, second link.)



    Here is a v. short report of the second Franco-Chinese summit on infectious diseases held in Wuhan, 2012. Session 3 is devoted to vaccines.


    (Some lab rats in F have been learning Chinese. Good pay in view.)


    In these veins, let’s not forget Science.
    Science isn’t a thing, its a process. Today driven by consensus thinking, but as noted, that’s dangerous.
    Dangerous not just in the loss of polishing that comes from expressing divergent hypotheses, but dangerous because of the bias that steers the result in a consensus direction that will likely be to the advantage of a powerful elite, not the population in general.
    Let’s not go there.


    Before jumping on the ivermectin bandwagon full force, keep in mind that, as with other pharmaceuticals, overuse can lead to resistance. Ivermectin resistance has already been observed in agriculture.

    What is left? Plant based medicine, minus the concentrations of specific plant constituents.


    Thank you, Noirette. I appreciate your comments very much. They’re thoughtful and quite enlightening, especially for me as an American. Also, I concur with you on the number of actors in this covid origination game. The argument about which country created the virus … It’s China!!! … It’s the US!!! … is a stupid distraction. “They” now have us arguing over something (the origin of a virus, for gods sake) that we can never know the truth about (ramping up on the race, religion, ethnicity, etc., differences they’ve been using to foment dissent for oh so long). We, the little guys, can do better than this. We need to knock off the arguments about “which country” is “doing something” … because any – ANY – country with money and power is or was at some point involved.


    I’ve tried to post a link three times to an article in the BMJ regarding a “covid 19 data leak to the EMA” and it isn’t uploading successfully. Hopefully it doesn’t upload now as three separate comments or y’all will, understandably, want to stone me. Germ can probably go to the BMJ and find the article based on the title and post a link. 😉

    Posting a copy/paste of part of the article without the link:

    “As it conducted its analysis of the Pfizer-BioNTech covid-19 vaccine in December, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) was the victim of a cyberattack.1 More than 40 megabytes of classified information from the agency’s review were published on the dark web, and several journalists—including from The BMJ—and academics worldwide were sent copies of the leaks. They came from anonymous email accounts and most efforts to interact with the senders were unsuccessful. None of the senders revealed their identity, and the EMA says it is pursuing a criminal investigation.
    The BMJ has reviewed the documents, which show that regulators had major concerns over unexpectedly low quantities of intact mRNA in batches of the vaccine developed for commercial production.

    EMA scientists tasked with ensuring manufacturing quality—the chemistry, manufacturing, and control aspects of Pfizer’s submission to the EMA—worried about “truncated and modified mRNA species present in the finished product.” Among the many files leaked to The BMJ, an email dated 23 November by a high ranking EMA official outlined a raft of issues. In short, commercial manufacturing was not producing vaccines to the specifications expected, and regulators were unsure of the implications. EMA responded by filing two “major objections” with Pfizer, along with a host of other questions it wanted addressed.

    The email identified “a significant difference in % RNA integrity/truncated species” between the clinical batches and proposed commercial batches—from around 78% to 55%. The root cause was unknown and the impact of this loss of RNA integrity on safety and efficacy of the vaccine was “yet to be defined,” the email said.

    Ultimately, on 21 December, EMA authorised Pfizer-BioNTech’s vaccine.”



    Spike proteins are not parasites.


    Covid is a virus. If we are using ivermectin to cure a virus on a massive scale, viral mutation to adapt/resist the cure is most certainly going to be an issue. Same as antibiotic resistance by bacteria. We should not lose sight of this.


    @Germ … it’s on The BMJ and the title is: “The EMA covid-19 data leak, and what it tells us about mRNA instability”

    Maxwell Quest

    “Follow the Science”, they keep telling me. Hahahahaha! That’s a good one.

    That’s the little quip I keep hearing over and over. If they only knew. How does one transfer the essence distilled from years of research into one or two sentences. Good luck with that. Especially, when their mind is like a hardened bunker surrounded by machine gun nests just itching to blow away any threatening idea that dares approach.

    What is it the famous physicist, Max Planck, said, that “Science progresses one funeral at a time”? Why would he say such an unkind thing about his own profession? Possibly because he spent much of his career battling against the scientific orthodoxy of his day. All the high priests of science, who knew before investigating any new idea, whether it was correct or not, by how well it correlated with their prevailing scientific dogma.

    I remember telling someone about how the Tic Tac UAP’s were clocked at hypersonic speeds, yet no sonic boom was ever heard. “That’s impossible!”, they shot back, “The laws of physics would never allow it.” Oh, ok then, game set match. King me. Checkmate. Game over. That’s all folks. Never happened. Couldn’t have. It’s impossible because it’s different, strange, and wont hook onto anything in my little brain.

    This is what Max Planck was up against. This is what all geniuses are up against when trying to help the blind to see and the deaf to hear. Jonathan Swift gave the same idea a different spin:

    “When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.”

    Maxwell Quest

    While I’m here, I want to say how much I’ve appreciated everyone’s commentary the past few days. Some are so good they get me spinning in my chair. Ilargi should be proud of what he has created here. TAE has its Luke Skywalkers and Hans Solos. It is a force for light against the powers of darkness and oppression.

    Years from now when this is gone, and we have all moved on to other things, I will always look back with fondness and gratitude for the time we’ve spent together here at TAE.


    Apropos the uni-opinion world, and for them’s that’s interested in NZ politics (Doc R, I’m think of you), here’s a great article posted yesterday in one of NZ’s main dailies: https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/opinion/125352433/this-government-promised-to-be-open-and-transparent-but-it-is-an-artfullycrafted-mirage

    She notes the vast chasm between what Jacinda Ardern promised would be the “most transparent administration ever” (echoes of another glib charismatic frontman..?) and what has actually transpired – a remarkably opaque government that has massively multiplied the number of PR roles within all branches.


    Riot was used successfully against the Poll Tax in Britain. I would imagine the French would be amenable too. The Germans? Perhaps some sort of reciprocal European cooperation of riot could be worked out with participants from different countries being housed and fed by their hosts in whatever city was decided upon.


    @Maxwell Quest: “Follow the Science”, they keep telling me. Hahahahaha! That’s a good one.”

    You are so right! I heard an “expert” in an interview the other day saying that with the Wuhan lab leak stories and Fauci emails coming to light people might begin to question “follow the science” and that this could be “destructive to science” in the future. In the future? There are many of us who haven’t bought into “the science” for decades. And with good reason.

    Guys, we’ve gotta have faith. Forget the din that is being drummed up throughout MSM, forget Twitter and Facebook, forget the censorship of qualified medical professionals … have faith in PEOPLE. I do not believe we are going down without a fight. Karl Denninger is very bold in his statements and sometimes I think he’s a bit too confident in how quickly this all will fall apart, although I’m really hoping he’s right.

    I live in NY, one of the three worst states in the US for covid restrictions. We even have vaccine passports here at this point. The past 15 months have not been easy. But my family has ignored covid restrictions for so long I actually forget they exist (we have get togethers with 3-5 households present – indoors, no masks, lots of hugs). And we aren’t the only ones. While there’s a sliver of society buying into the covid BS, the rest of us are living our lives.

    DeSantis is doing a bang-up job, but we can’t all move to Florida.

    Ya gotta have faith … “they” can’t win this one. They got out over their skiis and are going to do a face plant. That’s my bet, at least at this moment, and I’m sticking to it.

    Dave Note

    Fauci’s Dishonesty and Co-Conspirators

    Chris Martenson turns the Fauci emails inside out like a cheap skirt on a $20 hooker


    Mister Roboto- thanks for the Ruechel piece- I’m sending it to someone who had open ears at an all-vaccinated (except for me and mine) party. Though dense and long, the emphasis on how NOT dangerous the virus was if you were not institutionalized is an effective point to make.
    The tykes running around at the party were as yet unvaccinated and- I hope- will never be.
    Save the kids. When it comes to the adults, I cross my fingers as winter approaches.



    With all due respect, parasites are living organisms capable of evolving. Spike proteins are not organisms. Ivermectin is effective because it attaches to the same cell receptors that the Covid spike proteins attach to, thus blocking the Covid spike protein from entering the cells . At least that is my understanding since first hearing about Ivermectin from John Day more than a year ago.

    I’m sure the new Covid viruses being worked on in the same labs worldwide that produced the “novel” one will take that into account.

    /s off


    I place two comments on the debt rattle, but maybe I should have placed them here. I’ll look next time. For me, I may be denied insulin if I don’t take the jab. Oh well, it has been a good life.


    @ctbarnum: I responded to you on the debt rattle. I’m not Dr John Day and can only offer “John Q Public” advice but for gods sake, you should not get the vaccine.

    It appears that every medical professional for the past few decades has forgotten that ANY vaccine is only to be given to a healthy individual. That is the label on both human and animal vaccines so whenever an unhealthy individual or unhealthy pet is vaccinated, it is being used “off label”. This is overlooked by medical professionals for reasons I do not understand, and their stupidity has resulted in death.

    Has anyone really noted and also considered the people that were “excluded” from the initial covid-19 vaccine trials? Unhealthy individuals need not apply …

    You have several months of insulin left before you run out, is that correct? Hang in there. We’ll figure it out.


    “The EMA covid-19 data leak, and what it tells us about mRNA instability”



    @Germ: thanks! You’re a star. 🙂

    Not sure what I was doing wrong with posting the link, but this publication is important and got me wondering about the differences we’re seeing in vaccine reactions. Although maybe I’m getting paranoid.


    If you met someone who was not…well-read– , but they were interested, where would you direct them? Kory? Yeadon? Here?
    Let’s say they have never heard of the WEF, or ivermectin, or the reset, or even vaers. But they are fascinated that you refuse the vaccine.
    It’s interesting- I think of the frontline doctors, the FLCCC, Fuellmich’s group, Off-G, Webb, Denninger, the Slog etc…I see each as appropriate to a specific sort of person. None of them are for newly doubtful.
    Which is the go-to site for someone who isn’t so sure anymore- someone who comprehends there are other voices?

    This is such an off-g comment I think I’ll go repeat it over there.



    I saw that and responded. Those comments really did belong here. I’ve looked at multiple studies and figured the risk to benefit ratio really wasn’t in my favor even though I’m still fairly active. And the Lancet NNV range of 47-117 cemented the no vax decision for me on top of watching my 72 yo mother and 52 yo brother both seek treatment for side effects after the second shot. The doctor groupthink is astounding right now, as Raul notes here in a clear way. No any studies outside of healthy adults and they want to vaccinate children with a .003% chance of death? Astounding. I’ve had all the 70s based inoculations in school and old school getting the mumps and chicken pox, so natural immunity there. None of them were experimental.

    I have enough to last me until September (luckily the doctor overprescribed the short acting for 50 units/day when I only take a range from 12-20 units/day) and with any luck I can calculate a basil and bolus that gets me into October if need be. Almost seems I should take my master’s degree and hit up Texas…haha.

    DeSantis just just enough to get noticed and no more, which sends us left libertarians into a tailspin, but I do like his take on Big Tech and hope it sticks.


    I really have to proofread before I hit submit.


    @ Huskynut

    Jacinda Adern’s “most transparent administration ever” (echoes of another glib charismatic frontman..?)…

    Assume the “charismatic frontman” is this gentleman, still with much to say:

    Another of the “voices of authority”, whose protege is the current NZ Prime Minister.
    No doubt he would be proud of her performance…


    Many thanks to sumac.carol for bringing ivermectin resistance to our attention. Essential knowledge.

    To hold our own in any debate — regardless of whether we prevail or not — it is important that we be aware of, acknowledge, and deal with arguments against our position, otherwise we appear just as one-eyed as anyone else.

    I read The Conversation, a blog / newlstter written by academics only but addressed to the general public. Among its purposes are to educate the public and dispel confusion. When it comes to the plague and its treatments, The Conversation’s consensus is clearly that any treatment not a vaccine is ineffective. (In the Australian vernacular, Ineffective = NBG, or No Bloody Good.) Every now and then I try to raise doubts in the comment stream, but it’s so easy for someone, an academic or another commentator, to throw up some study or other which confirms the status quo and leaves me voiceless.

    We have to be careful when arguing outside our specialties. Mine is not medical at all (town planning, history & philosophy of science), so anything I say must be rigorously backed up by counter-arguments from reputable sources. The TAE has been just great in this respect. Also, it is worth a lot to have an actual medical practitioner on board whose practical experience is that IVM is effective. Hard to argue with success, but of course the opposition will simply argue back that this experience is anecdotal, or not enough people in the case study, and the methodology is flawed, and so on.

    Take a lesson from Paul Hellyer, who was Deputy PM of Canada under the first Trudeau. Decades ago he was most concerned about globalisation and its dangers, wrote at least two books about it (e.g. “Stop Think”), and came to Australia on a lecture tour. He told us that the hardest thing he had to do was to stand in front of a roomful of experts and tell them all, “You are wrong.” They didn’t listen of course, and the globalism project has proceeded until the dangers are now very real indeed.

    We are all in Hellyer’s position.


    @ezlxa1949: “We have to be careful when arguing outside our specialties.”

    No we don’t. The medical professionals need to be certain in their presentation so that we have no arguments to counter what they’re saying. They have failed miserably.


    Not sure why we “dumb Q public” need to form the perfect argument to support every question we raise about covid, but the “scientists” who do the medical/epidemiology/public health stuff for a living – something like 40+ hours a week – don’t have to back up one single thing they say with …. hard evidence.

    Riddle me this, Batman …


    @ctbarnum: tired and logging off for now. Will posit some thoughts tomorrow.


    For years the neo-liberal dollar capitalist system was defined down to “There Is No Alternative” (TINA). This is the implementation of “1984” in real time. However, TINA fails as soon as Russia/China/Iran axis escapes the Swift Payment System.

    Likewise, there is an alternative for mRNA gene therapy. It is old fashion public health measures: universal testing, contact tracing, isolation, masking, social distancing and personal hygiene. Next winter, the western system will collapse if the vaccine silver bullet fails and if a coronavirus variant spike forces another lockdown. But, here too, there are alternatives: non-patentable treatments, national public health measures, and functional governments working for the public good.



    upstateNYer is right. They have failed miserably. That’s why their love of money has them using force instead of persuasion. The evidence is so far from what they are demanding that even us non-specialized can see it. I’m organizational psychology, but part of that education was a fairly good understanding of statistics, research procedure.methodology, and bias. It’s their job to convince us (through actual evidence through replication, not our job to just go along.


    I’ll see you tomorrow. Sleep well and know many of us John Q. Publics have reasoning abilities, so I thank you for that.

    Mister Roboto

    Very well said. The only flaw I perceive in your thinking is that you assume that the establishment has any interest at all in savings lives, helping ordinary people, or being rational in any way. One may as well hope incels will stop being such raving misogynists.

    Doc Robinson

    my parents said know: “If you met someone who was not…well-read– , but they were interested, where would you direct them? …newly doubtful.”

    The “Facts about Covid-19” page at the Swiss Policy Research site might be suitable. It’s comprehensive, and the tone is more matter-of-fact and verifiable than some of the more alarmist sites. It has hyperlinks to more detailed pages.

    For example, the Overview section says this about Lethality:

    According to the latest immunological studies, the overall infection fatality rate (IFR) of covid-19 in the general population is about 0.1% to 0.5% in most countries…

    Even when using the CDC’s numbers, this is true for the US. I checked, and the IFR is a little less than one-half of one percent (meaning the average survival rate for the unvaccinated is around 99.5%).

    Facts about Covid-19


    @Maxwell Quest #76756

    “Years from now when this is gone, and we have all moved on to other things, I will always look back with fondness and gratitude for the time we’ve spent together here at TAE.”

    Can’t put it more eloquently than that!

    Thanks to Raúl and everyone who make the time and effort to keep us informed and thinking.


    zerohedge has got the virologists on the run. What a barrage of articles.Good stuff out of you we will remember you.

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