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Spike Protein Is Still Circulating 5 Months From Vaccination (VT)
Early Vaccinees Are Twice As Likely To Catch Covid As Later Recipients (ToI)
New Mandate That MUST Be Enforced NOW (Denninger)
About The French Guyana Paper From The CDC (IM Doc)
A Last Word of Caution (VanDen Bossche)
Journalists: Covid-19 News ‘Censored’ To Create ‘One Official Narrative’ (PG)
Here We Go Again (Berenson)
Most Covid Patients In UK Hospitals Only Tested Positive After Admission (ZH)
A Long-term Perspective On Immunity To COVID (Nature)
Decline In UK COVID Cases Signals Coming “Inflection” For US (ZH)
In a Hall of Mirrors You Have To Break Some Glass To See Clearly (Kunstler)
The Jan. 6th Show Trials Threaten All of Us (Ron Paul)



Science can flourish only in an atmosphere of free speech
– Albert Einstein



Pfizer Purchase Agreement




McCullough: 3-5 years of turmoil





Fleming: what’s in the vaccines?





Weinstein Tucker



Twitter thread.

Since the “vaccines” have only been used for some 5 months, this means: “To infinity and beyond!”.

And since Covid is so similar to the flu, what happens if you catch that next year, or the one after that?

Spike Protein Is Still Circulating 5 Months From Vaccination (VT)

Robert Malone has said you need to measure duration, distribution, and amount for the spike protein. FDA never did this; one of our researchers did. They found spike protein is still circulating 5 months from vaccination in 100% of patients tested (6 people; random pick). And yes, they plan to publish this. But I wanted to give our followers advance notice. One of the 6 had spike in 15% of his monocytes!!! This is NOT limited to 5 months out… This could last for years, we just don’t know yet. The 6 were randomly picked. They wanted to use them as “healthy controls.” Then the researchers freaked out when they found this. Whoa. Anyone can verify this but nobody in academia will attempt to do this. The results will be too embarrassing. It will prove Malone was right the whole time about importance of measuring those 3 things. He said this on the Darkhorse podcast that was censored on YouTube.

THIS IS NOT NORMAL. The antigen is supposed to stick around for a week or two and vanish. Is it any wonder why people who have been vaccinated have long term symptoms? Part of this is permanent damage caused by the inflammation (which causes scarring which doesn’t heal)… The antigen (in this case spike) is SUPPOSED to disappear in 2 weeks. So this can explain long-term vaccine symptoms (along with permanent or temp damage from the inflammation and blood clots caused by the vaccine). Permanent damage is from scarring caused by inflammation. Anyone can replicate this if they have the proper assays. Will anyone? Will they be able to get it published? That’s the big question. Journals censor by deeming unfavorable research as “out of scope” for the journal.

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The spike proteins stay, but they don’t protect you (any longer, if they ever did).

Early Vaccinees Are Twice As Likely To Catch Covid As Later Recipients (ToI)

People vaccinated before late February are twice as likely to catch the coronavirus than other inoculated Israelis, according to new research. “We looked at tens of thousands of people tested in the month of June, alongside data on how long had passed since their second shot, and found that those vaccinated early were more likely to test positive,” Dr. Yotam Shenhar, who headed the research, told The Times of Israel. “This definitely reinforces the argument for giving a third vaccine dose to the elderly.” The report, published by the healthcare provider Leumit, comes on the heels of other Israeli studies that suggest a decreasing vaccine effectiveness, partly as a result of the Delta variant and partly because of the passage of time. However, British data indicates the Israeli studies may be overstating the case.

Data released by the Health Ministry on Thursday suggested that people vaccinated in January were said to have just 16% protection against infection now, while in those vaccinated in April the effectiveness was at 75%. The Leumit study looked only at the apparent waning of protection over time, and divided the vaccinated population into two based on inoculation dates, comparing early vaccinators to late vaccinators. Shenhar, head of Leumit’s labs, acknowledged that the early vaccinators group includes many people who raced to get shots because they have underlying illnesses, which may make them more vulnerable to infection. But he said that could not fully account for the stark effect seen in the data. Shenhar said the data should prompt the government to seriously consider booster shots for over-70s.

[..] In his study, the apparent waning effect in immunity was felt across all ages. For all age groups, early vaccinators were 1.95 times more likely to be confirmed coronavirus positive. Among those aged 60-plus, early vaccinators are twice as likely to get infected. For those aged 40-59 early vaccinators are 2.1 times more vulnerable, and among under 39s they are 1.6 more likely to catch the coronavirus. “In a previous analysis we showed that as time passes since the vaccine, the level of antibodies drops at a rate of about 40% per month. This new study builds a clearer picture of the effect seen in the months after vaccination,” said Shenhar.

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As I said in Rage Against the Vaccine, we are finding out that the vaccinated are the spreaders. This is such a blow to the official story, they’ll deny it as long as possible.

New Mandate That MUST Be Enforced NOW (Denninger)

Work in health care? I don’t care if you are in direct patient-care or not; if you work in a medical facility of any sort this applies to you if you took the jab. We now know if you become infected with Covid, and you had the jab, you will have a higher viral titer before becoming symptomatic, if you become symptomatic at all. That is, you, compared against someone who did not take the jab where you are both infected, are much more likely to transmit the virus to someone else before knowing if you get infected. Since viral replication occurs in hours per cycle, not days, testing, unless on an every day basis, is not sufficient to detect the risk. Nearly everyone coming into a medical facility is at heightened risk of one sort or another; people do not, generally-speaking, go into medical facilities if all is well. This is certainly true for hospitals and “urgent care” facilities.

Masks cannot mitigate this risk as the virus is in aerosols and when you exhale you will thus project it into the environment if it is present. It does not matter if you use an N95 or surgical mask; an N95 will still break the seal around your face when you exhale to some extent and thus you will exhale virus if you are infected. Therefore if you work in such a facility and you took the jab, given what we now know, you are hereby obligated from now until forever into the future, until Covid and any future mutation of it is no longer of material concern, obligated to use both Ivermectin on an every 3-day basis, and Budesonide on an every day basis, both as prophylaxis. This obligation is now attached and permanent so long as you remain employed.

Since people believe that there is nothing wrong with mandating people take non-sterilizing shots to work in health care then, given that you ****ed up and are now putting people at grossly-enhanced risk there is also nothing wrong with this mandate either. Said prophylaxis is to take place on video and be recorded each day for the Budesonide and every three days for Ivermectin. If you refuse you are fired and your medical credentials are stripped. If you infect someone without documented proof that you have taken this prophylaxis as a medical worker and have been jabbed you are charged with felony assault and if they die you are charged with depraved indifference homicide, which in most jurisdictions is Murder 2. If law enforcement will not bring these charges then the relatives of said person who is impacted has every moral and ethical right to personally enforce the appropriate penalties.

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A comment at Naked Capitalism confirms it once more: it’s the vaccinated. Who are free to travel, eat indoors etc., … and free to spread the virus.

About The French Guyana Paper From The CDC (IM Doc)

This is how science – the actual process – not the Fauci version – should be working. I have repeatedly stated that I am seeing much much more vaccinated positives than one would ever have expected. As I have stated, they seem to be much sicker (though not critically so) and they tend to happen in clusters. For the past two months, this has stuck out from the dominant media narrative. I have never had to fight the cognitive dissonance between the media and my own eyeballs in my life. I belong to a large non-public alumni group of my residency program that has literally thousands of IM docs all over America. The first thing a scientist does is to confirm that your observations are general or something you are just seeing. It was quickly obvious from that group that I was far from alone despite the “minimal breakthrough cases” media narrative.

So, then you do everything you can to hypothesize reasons why you are seeing what you are. I have been a physician for 30 years and that experience plays a huge role as well. Having this gigantic number of breakthrough cases just simply does not happen. I continue to see more than half the cases in vaccinated patients and so do many others. UNHEARD OF IN VACCINES BEFORE NOW. Part of hypothesizing why is looking to the literature for evidence. Seldom is this found in RCT at this stage. Case reports and series like this paper are critical. They are seeing the same breakthrough ratio. And they have done a lot more viral research than you can. This is a gold mine for my own questions.

Is there anything in the paper that could possibly explain what I am seeing. Lots of times, it is not in the headline part but in all the test results and discussion. And yes, there is a very important finding deep in the results. Why would clustering and sicker patients be so much more common in the breakthrough patients. – there must be a reason for that? If you look at the brief discussion of cT or cycle threshold you will see that the vaccinated patients have a SIGNIFICANTLY lower cT than the unvaccinated. That is the way the PCR test works. It basically means the vaccinated have a much higher amount of viral active particles than the unvaccinated. That would account for the breakthroughs I and my colleagues are seeing being a bit more ill. And it would explain the clustering.

The vaccinated breakthroughs have much higher viral load so they are much more contagious and the higher viral load makes them more symptomatic. So we now have a suggestion and strong evidence that the vaccinated population may be spreading much more virus than the unvaccinated. I would say that is a critical public health issue and must be further researched immediately. This Certainly needs much more work. THis is not confirmatory of any conclusions. But it is consistent with observation on the ground – unlike most of what the media has been spewing to the American people. But this is how science works. This paper is about the gamma variant but a conference yesterday with experts discussed that similar findings were being found in delta and lambda.

The suggestion in this paper is now on the front of my mind. I am even now thinking of ways to confirm or falsify these conclusions going forward. This is science. Another issue. The writers make the point that the breakthrough rate is extremely divergent from the expected rate. The difference is this paper documents what is happening in REAL LIFE. So much of what we are hearing on our media about vaccine efficacy is research being done in vitro. It is presented as gospel truth. I just want to scream.

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Maybe the next big wave after Delta will make people listen to VanDen Bossche.

A Last Word of Caution (VanDen Bossche)

The current expansion in prevalence of infectious Sars-CoV-2 variants is highly problematic because it erodes natural Ab-based, variant-nonspecific immunity in the non-vaccinated part of the population. The high infectivity rate that results from this expansion not only further enhances the expansion of these variants but may also drive natural selection of viral variants that are featured by an even higher level of infectiousness. Erosion, therefore, of natural Ab-based, variant-nonspecific immunity promotes breeding and transmission of more infectious viral variants in the non-vaccinated part of the population. On the other hand, mass vaccination promotes natural selection of increasingly vaccine immunity (VI)-escaping variants in the vaccinated part of the population.

Taken together, mass vaccination conducted on a background of high infectivity rates enables more infectious, increasingly VI-escaping variants to expand in prevalence. This evolution inevitably results in inclining morbidity rates in both, the non-vaccinated and vaccinated population and precipitates the emergence of circulating viral variants that will eventually fully resist vaccine-mediated immunity (VMI). This is why mass vaccination campaigns should not be conducted during a pandemic of a highly mutable virus, let alone during a pandemic of more infectious variants (unless transmission-blocking vaccines are used!). It is critical to understand that a rapid decline in viral infectivity rates that is not achieved by natural infection but merely results from expedited mass vaccination campaigns will only delay abrupt propagation of emerging, fully vaccine-resistant viral variants and hence, only delay the occurrence of a high wave of morbidity and mortality.

In contrast, mass vaccination campaigns that are progressing more slowly, especially when conducted on a background of relatively low infectious pressure, will result in a steadily growing propagation of increasingly VI-escaping variants and hence, cause a wave of morbidity and mortality that continues to grow bigger and larger as more and more people become vaccinated. It’s only when fully vaccine-resistant viral variants will become dominant that this wave will start to peak. To prevent more detrimental consequences of the ongoing evolution of Sars-CoV-2, we have no choice but to mitigate erosion of natural, Coronavirus (CoV)-nonspecific immunity in non-vaccinated individuals and exertion of strong immune selection pressure on immunodominant vaccinal epitopes in vaccinated individuals.

This is to say that we must stop mass vaccination and lower viral infectivity rates immediately. Continued mass vaccination will only lead to a further increase in morbidity and hospitalization rates, which will subsequently culminate in a huge case fatality wave when expansion of more infectious, vaccine-resistant variants will explode.

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No kidding.

Journalists: Covid-19 News ‘Censored’ To Create ‘One Official Narrative’ (PG)

Elijah, who came up with the group’s name and found it “therapeutic” to talk to others with the same concerns, told Press Gazette: “It’s been unprecedented the way Covid-19 has been reported in the UK but not just in the UK, worldwide. “There’s only been one official narrative played out in the mainstream media and that has not changed over time. “There’s only been one ‘scientific truth’ allowed to be discussed: the one endorsed by worldwide governmental regulatory bodies, even that has been very selective. This has given the public a distorted view of the truth which has been highly damaging.” Elijah said her biggest concern was about “censorship” of information online that goes against this narrative and referred to the Trusted News Initiative, through which the BBC, other publishers and tech giants flag up the most dangerous disinformation to each other.

“For a long time, we’ve been in this dark era of censorship that’s been embodied by the Trusted News Initiative which cuts across big tech and all mainstream media,” she said. “It’s been packaged around this war on disinformation or misinformation- where anything that’s gone against the official narrative has not just been ‘fact checked’ but has been suppressed or removed.” Ex-BBC radio journalist Gosling told Press Gazette he had interviewed two doctors who shared counter-narratives – Dr Tess Lawrie of the Evidence-based Medicine Consultancy in Bath who called for early treatment to take place post-Covid diagnosis, and Florida-based immunologist Dr Stanley Laham who called for the use of ivermectin and warned against the use of the approved but “experimental” vaccines – but that both were removed from Youtube on grounds of misinformation.

Gosling said he wanted to speak out against fear-inducing and sometimes inaccurate coverage. He pointed as one example to a BBC Newsround segment last month in which a contributor claimed the Pfizer vaccine was “100% safe” for 12 to 15-year-olds. Gosling submitted a complaint about the “shocking” and “disgusting” claim and the BBC has since removed the claim from the online article and video and published a correction. Gosling said: “Our main concern is that there’s a very powerful lobby behind many of these Covid measures, including treatment, lack of treatment and vaccines, obviously, but there isn’t much of a lobby in the other direction. And I think most of us feel that our employers of various sorts have not been representing both sides.”

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“Deaths began to fall in February. After March 1 – when only 1 in 13 Americans were fully vaccinated – they plunged further. In the five months since, perhaps 80,000 people have died from (or with) Covid – fewer than died in January alone.”

Here We Go Again (Berenson)

But as I said, even putting aside the issue of how we classify the partially vaccinated, Fauci and Murthy lied about what percentage of coronavirus deaths are now occurring in FULLY vaccinated people. It is much higher than the sub-1 percent figures they offered. This fact should have been obvious to anyone who has seen the data from England, Scotland, and Israel. Those countries vaccinated a greater percentage of their populations more quickly than the United States. They have also been much more transparent about reporting hospitalizations and deaths among vaccinated people. And in all three countries, hospitalizations and deaths have spiked since May – and vaccinated people have accounted for more than HALF of all deaths recently.

The difference does not come from the type of vaccines, either. Israel used only the Pfizer vaccine, which until recently was considered the better of the two mRNA vaccines. The United Kingdom gave many Pfizer doses too. So the comments from Fauci and Murthy defied credibility – how could other countries have so many more deaths in their vaccinated populations? The answer is that Fauci and Murthy are – intentionally – using the wrong denominator. They say “now” or “are.” But they are comparing deaths among the fully vaccinated – which have essentially been an issue only since May – with ALL deaths beginning from the day the United States offered its FIRST vaccine dose (or even possibly from the beginning of the epidemic).

The United States has had roughly a quarter-million deaths from Covid this year (the CDC reports 216,000, a number that will rise somewhat). It has had closer to 300,000 since the first dose was offered on Dec. 14. But more than half those deaths occurred in December and January, when essentially no one was fully vaccinated. Not even 2 percent of Americans were fully vaccinated as of February 1. Deaths began to fall in February. After March 1 – when only 1 in 13 Americans were fully vaccinated – they plunged further. In the five months since, perhaps 80,000 people have died from (or with) Covid – fewer than died in January alone.

Vaccine advocates rarely acknowledge the fact that deaths started dropping long before most people had received shots. In reality, even acknowledging that many people who received vaccines in January and February were older and vulnerable, seasonality and herd immunity seem to have had a greater impact on broad Covid trends than vaccinations.

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But are noted as Covid admissions.

Most Covid Patients In UK Hospitals Only Tested Positive After Admission (ZH)

Over half of those hospitalized with Covid-19 in the UK only tested positive after admission – suggesting that “vast numbers are being classed as hospitalised by Covid when they were admitted with other ailments, with the virus picked up by routine testing,” according to The Telegraph, citing leaked government figures. The takeaway? Oft-cited statistics published daily may far overstate Covid hospitalizations – and consequently, pressures on the National Health Service (NHS).

“The leaked data – covering all NHS trusts in England – show that, as of last Thursday, just 44 per cent of patients classed as being hospitalised with Covid had tested positive by the time they were admitted. The majority of cases were not detected until patients underwent standard Covid tests, carried out on everyone admitted to hospital for any reason. Overall, 56 per cent of Covid hospitalisations fell into this category, the data, seen by The Telegraph, show. Crucially, this group does not distinguish between those admitted because of severe illness, later found to be caused by the virus, and those in hospital for different reasons who might otherwise never have known that they had picked it up.” -Telegraph

In June, UK health officials instructed NHS trusts to provide “a breakdown of the current stock of Covid patients” between those who were hospitalized primarily for Covid and those admitted for other reasons. Thus far, the NHS has failed to publish this now-leaked information. Breaking it down, out of more than 780 hospitalizations dated last Thursday, 44% tested positive within 14 days prior to admission, while 43% tested positive within two days of admission, and 13% tested positive ‘in the days and weeks that followed’ – including those likely to have caught the virus in the hospital. “Experts said the high number of cases being detected belatedly – at a time when PCR tests were widely available – suggested many such patients had been admitted for other reasons,” according to the report.

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A Long-term Perspective On Immunity To COVID (Nature)

Immunological memory is not a long-lasting version of the immediate immune reaction to a particular virus; rather, it is a distinct aspect of the immune system. In the memory phase of an immune response, B and T cells that are specific for a virus are maintained in a state of dormancy, but are poised to spring into action if they encounter the virus again or a vaccine that represents it. These memory B and T cells arise from cells activated in the initial immune reaction. The cells undergo changes to their chromosomal DNA, termed epigenetic modifications, that enable them to react rapidly to subsequent signs of infection and drive responses geared to eliminating the disease-causing agent4. B cells have a dual role in immunity: they produce antibodies that can recognize viral proteins, and they can present parts of these proteins to specific T cells or develop into plasma cells that secrete antibodies in large quantities.

About 25 years ago5, it became evident that plasma cells can become memory cells themselves, and can secrete antibodies for long-lasting protection. Memory plasma cells can be maintained for decades, if not a lifetime, in the bone marrow6. The presence in the bone marrow of long-lived, antibody-secreting memory plasma cells is probably the best available predictor of long-lasting immunity. For SARS-CoV-2, most studies so far have analysed the acute phase of the immune response, which spans a few months after infection, and have monitored T cells, B cells and secreted antibodies7. It has remained unclear whether the response generates long-lived memory plasma cells that secrete antibodies against SARS-CoV-2.

Turner and colleagues took up the challenge of identifying antibody-secreting memory plasma cells in the bone marrow of people who have recovered from COVID-19 (called convalescent individuals). Memory plasma cells are rare, and those specific for a particular disease-causing agent will obviously be extremely scarce. Nevertheless, Turner and colleagues detected memory plasma cells that secreted antibodies specific for the spike protein encoded by SARS-CoV-2 in 15 of 19 individuals, approximately 7 months after infection. Notably, when the authors obtained samples 4 months later (11 months after SARS-CoV-2 infection), the number of such plasma cells had remained stable in all but one of the individuals analysed. Those plasma cells did not proliferate, which classifies them as bona fide memory plasma cells. Their numbers equalled those of memory plasma cells found in the individuals after vaccination against tetanus or diphtheria, and which provide long-term immunity to those diseases.

When Turner et al. tracked the concentrations of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 in the individuals’ blood serum for up to one year, they observed a biphasic pattern (Fig. 1). In the acute immune response around the time of initial infection, antibody concentrations were high. They subsequently declined, as expected, because most of the plasma cells of an acute immune response are short-lived. After a few months, the antibody concentrations levelled off and remained more or less constant at roughly 10–20% of the maximum concentration observed. This is consistent with the expectation that 10–20% of the plasma cells in an acute immune reaction become memory plasma cells5, and is a clear indication of a shift from antibody production by short-lived plasma cells to antibody production by memory plasma cells. This is not unexpected, given that immune memory to many viruses and vaccines is stable over decades, if not for a lifetime8.

Figure 1 | The immune response to SARS-CoV-2 infection. Data are becoming available that shed light on longer-term aspects of the human immune response to coronavirus infection. One component of the defence response is the production of antibodies that target viral proteins (red line). During the initial, acute phase of the immune response, antibody levels peak rapidly; this peak is generated by short-lived immune cells called plasma cells. Turner et al.1 present clinical evidence, from people who have had COVID-19, that long-lived, memory plasma cells that produce antibodies are generated in the bone marrow. These cells provide long-term antibody production that offers stable protection at a level of 10–20% of that during the acute phase (blue line). Memory plasma cells are a cell type that can be maintained for many years, if not a lifetime. Wang et al.2 have characterized antibody responses at between six months and a year in people who have been infected with SARS-CoV-2; their results also provide evidence for the generation of immunological memory.

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Where finance and Covid meet. These guys are good at spotting trends.

Decline In UK COVID Cases Signals Coming “Inflection” For US (ZH)

Just one week ago, as Dr. Anthony Fauci was cranking the Delta variant “fearmongering” up to 11 once again, JPM’s Croatian quant Marko Kolanovic was telling the bank’s clients that a looming inflection point for new cases in the UK (widely seen as a leading indicator for the direction of new cases in the US) would soon arrive, kick-starting demand for value stocks and reopening plays. Although Kolanovic is a Wall Street quant, not an epidemiologist, it turns out his view was correct. Because one week later, the number of new cases being confirmed in the UK and EU has fallen, even as the UK’s “Freedom Day” has come and gone. Deutsche Bank’s Jim Reid described the decline in new cases in the UK “nothing short of remarkable”.

According to Reuters data, the number of new cases fell for a sixth consecutive day, to 24,950 on Monday from 29,173 on Sunday. The total number of new cases over the past week, at just over a quarter of a million, is more than 20% lower than the prior week. While the UK’s economy-crippling “pingdemic” continues, and many have continued to isolate, meaning the UK is still a way’s away from achieving a return to “normality”. Additionally, despite the fast rise of cases to near peak levels, mortality is currently 95% lower than during the January peak. This should give confidence to investors that delta is not a serious threat to global growth. If the US follows the template of the UK, daily cases might be peaking in the next 12 days…while we think Energy-Epicenter stocks are going to start to rally beginning this week.

While the Delta variant continues to dominate “our discussions with clients,” Kolanovic claimed that fears about the variant are overblown. The UK, he added, appears to be following a timeline similar to what the world saw in India. This should give confidence to investors that Delta isn’t a serious threat to global growth. Well, that and the drop in mortality. Speaking of markets, Kolanovic suggested that this is the start of a rotation into cyclicals. Some might be tempted to attribute the drop in UK cases to a fluke, or the pingdemic, or some other factor. But as Kolanovic reminds us, the trajectory of India’s recent COVID flareup (the first national outbreak to be caused by the delta variant) was similarly swift, as JPM illustrates with a handy chart.

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Censorship is everywhere. Because it offers total control.

In a Hall of Mirrors You Have To Break Some Glass To See Clearly (Kunstler)

I’ll tell you what’s really funny: the new Sam Harris “Making Sense” podcast with Dr. Eric Topol, veep of Scripps Research. These two just can’t make sense of why the folks outside their Southern California smuggery bubble have any reservations about getting vaxed-up against Covid-19. It’s like a mental illness to them — all these selfish, Trump-driven, flag-smooching ignoramuses beyond the pale of Wokery, who are putting at risk their science-loving betters in the PhD hives of the New Normal, while that King Kong of Covid variants (code-name Delta) rages through the hillsides and canyons beneath Mulholland Drive. The insolence! Can’t these morons just follow simple instructions (available 24/7 at CNN)?

Okay, here’s why, Sam and Eric: Because every institution in American life has squandered its credibility in the service of a political program that seeks to destroy whatever used to be worth caring about in Western Civ, including free thought, free speech, free inquiry, free movement, truth, beauty, and the right to resist official coercion. Half the country has no trust in the government’s public health apparatus, led by the — shall we say — slippery Dr. Anthony Fauci. Should they believe NPR? The New York Times? CBS-News? Should they follow every bob and judder of Rachel Maddow’s Adam’s apple? Should they swallow every globule of obvious horse-shit served up by Jen Psaki?

Hey Sam and Eric, have you followed what went on in the US Department of Justice and the FBI the past five years, these supposed redoubts of rectitude? The manufactured “Russian Collusion” hoax? The official lying to FISA courts? The malicious prosecutions? The transparently seditious activities of CIA agent Eric Ciaramella & Co.? The hiding of Hunter Biden’s evidence-stuffed laptop? The enlistment of Facebook, Twitter, and Google in suppression of the news and censorship of opinion? Do you expect people to believe that the basement-haunting “Joe Biden” won an election with those slim victories in the Wokester-controlled, fraud-drenched city precincts of Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee, and Detroit? Or that Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray wouldn’t lie about it?

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Pelosi helping Putin ridicule America.

The Jan. 6th Show Trials Threaten All of Us (Ron Paul)

The recent felony conviction and eight month prison sentence of January 6th protester Paul Hodgkins is an affront to any notion of justice. It is a political charge and a political verdict by a political court. Every American regardless of political persuasion should be terrified of a court system so beholden to politics instead of justice. We’ve seen this movie before and it does not end well. Worse than this miscarriage of justice is the despicable attempt by the prosecutor in the case to label Hodgkins – who has no criminal record and was accused of no violent crime – a “terrorist.” As journalist Michael Tracey recently wrote, Special Assistant US Attorney Mona Sedky declared Hodgkins a “terrorist” in the court proceedings not for committing any terrorist act, not for any act of violence, not even for imagining a terrorist act.

Sedky wrote in her sentencing memo, “The Government … recognizes that Hodgkins did not personally engage in or espouse violence or property destruction.” She added, “we concede that Mr. Hodgkins is not under the legal definition a domestic terrorist.” Yet Hodgkins should be considered a terrorist because the actions he took – entering the Senate to take a photo of himself – occurred during an event that the court is “framing…in the context of terrorism.” That goes beyond a slippery slope. He is not a terrorist because he committed a terrorist act, but because somehow the “context” of his actions was, in her words, “imperiling democracy.” In other words, Hodgkins deserved enhanced punishment because he committed a thought crime.

The judge on the case, Randolph D. Moss, admitted as much. In carrying a Trump flag into the Senate, he said, Hodgkins was, “declaring his loyalty to a single individual over the nation.” As Tracey pointed out, while eight months in prison is a ridiculously long sentence for standing on the floor of the “People’s House” and taking a photograph, it is also a ridiculously short sentence for a terrorist. If Hodgkins is really a terrorist, shouldn’t he be sent away for longer than eight months?

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    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle July 27 2021]


    From yesterday – Dr D Rich. I wish you well – looks like we all may have a few years of hardship and tough decisions even if they are easy to make.
    Madamski – yes I wondered if you were Bosco.
    Everyone else – we will need to dodge and duck and weave and face full frontally but what ever happens or comes your way – you all have my blessings and gratitude.
    This is not a test.

    V. Arnold

    Roy Lichtenstein Woman in Bath 1963

    Bernays would love that Lichtenstein; I don’t.
    It could sell anything from Chevrolets to lipstick…

    Yesterday was not fun here; quite the opposite…
    …but, it did show TAE’s tolerance of poster’s comments…
    A double edged sword if ever there was one…
    The upside is freedom of expression…regardless of price…
    The downside is the tyranny of some of the commenters…
    …for me? I’ll just watch it play out and hope TAE survives the crazies…

    a kullervo

    Life, that lethal STD…
    Regardless of what you do (ivermectin, vaccines, masks, science, progress, religion), living is hazardous to your health; looking at a newborn child, every mother should ponder this.

    Stick & Carrot = Fear & Hope
    Many are keen on the idea that we humans are a pretty sophisticated bunch – we aren’t, unless we escape from the slumber and disentangle ourselves from the dreams of hope and fear.

    Polder Dweller

    @TAE Summary from yesterday, thanks for the two different narratives, very useful. I had thought to do something similar but you saved me the bother (and probably better). The one minor change I would make would be to the very last line:

    “ – The Covid 19 response is all about money, power and control” and depopulation.

    My contribution to any summary you might produce today would be on my takeaway from the Vanden Bossche piece:

    Get vaxxed? Doomed if you do and doomed if you don’t.


    @polder: “Get vaxxed? Doomed if you do and doomed if you don’t.”

    That’s funny. Also sadly true.

    I found many of yesterday’s comments interesting. Madam/Bosco is allowed to be whomever he/she wishes. No biggie. If you don’t like someone’s comments, don’t read them. We have a choice.

    John Day’s description of keys and key rings was bone chilling. Also very well done and undoubtedly true, at least for the time being. This synthetic bio mess will blow up at some point in the future because the human body can’t take it. How soon? Anyone’s guess. The result? Not good.

    Veracious: Thank you for the suggestions. I’ve done a lot of self reflection during my life, yes it’s painful, but I haven’t spent much time thinking about ego’s role. Worthy of exploration.

    ctbarnum: good to see you back more! 🙂 Also great to hear you’re able to receive health services without a vaccination, and good comeback on the doctor stating the “technology has been around for 20 years”. Way to shut someone up. lol


    As an evolutionary biologist Bret Weinstein really needs to hook up with Dr Richard Fleming.

    Bret has had Geert Vanden Bossche on his show and understands the issues he brought up.

    But Dr Fleming’s discoveries would leave him speechless.

    RNA leaked outside the cell functions like a Prion.

    Prion contamination by the mRNA ‘vaccines’ in large swths of the global population is a long term Armageddon.

    The medical costs would be budget busting staggering.


    Kunstler, Denninger and even the level-heads like VDB are starting to get emotion in their voices and this I like. I think behind these computers and at our work and play we have spent quite some time looking from afar and offering insights and analysis – but shit is getting so up-close and personal so fast.

    With regards to the commentariat ‘vibes’ – I am of the opinion that it is all good but my preference (and I know it is not all about me but we are a collective and as such we listen to each other) – my preference is to see it as a bit like the talking stick. We all get a turn and there are no rules as such (Unless Raul says) but you kinda know when you are hanging on to the stick too long – which is also okay- but try to do it when you need to do it. It just works well like that. Rants are good too.
    If there are voluminous rants and chat room style things we loose something I think. There has been some incredible information sharing and sharing of perspectives and on the ground news stuff. I really need that and want that so I vote for focused cool thoughts.

    Locally my state Premier – Dan Andrews said on the telly tonight that the only way out of more lockdowns was to beat the virus and the only way to beat the virus was for absolutely everybody to get injected with an experimental gene ‘therapy’. Where do I go?
    Me and the cops are not real good friends. I beat them in court – long story – high stakes (like jail and stuff, wrongfully arrested etc. long hard expensive)


    Dr. D. RICH:

    I would like to try and give you a big picture view of what is happening to you regarding the vaccine mandate.

    Yesterday NYC major declared all city employees have to get vaccinated. Then a short time later Biden announced all veterans employees have to get vaccinated. Then California’s governor announced all state employees must get vaccinated. These 3 events were not random. They were carefully co-ordinated!

    Why? Remember a few days ago the CDC instructed all labs to switch to a test that can differentiate between covid and the flu, that mysteriously disappeared?

    The powers-to-be know, with the switch to a new test, that the number of covid cases will fall sharply!

    They are planning to tell everyone that the number of covid cases is falling due to the increasing number of people getting vaccinated!

    In effect they are doubling down on getting everyone vaccinated! You are unfortunately amoung the people that they can directly coerce!

    Notice that Biden didn’t say any other government employees, like the DofJ or FBI have to getvaccinated! I wonder why?

    John Day

    @Voracious Poet: I’m glad you got resurrected in this life and are going for broke in overtime, Brother.
    Bring it! What’cha got to lose? Thank You… 🙂

    John Day

    @Madamski-boscohorowitz: What if we call you “Robin”, your name?

    I do think we are “all friends here”, but we don’t all agree and we all have some buttons to push, and it’s work, but we seem to be doing the damned work, even when we feel the strain, and we seem to feel the strain together… That is some kind of “reality-check”.



    I think the best way to deal with idiots like dan andrews is to just ignore him! Just because he is priemer of the state of Victoria, doesn’t prevent him from being an idiot! Probably a corrupt idiot at that!

    John Day

    The most important piece of information presented today is that spike-protein was still circulating in 6 of 6 subjects tested 5 months after “stabilized” mRNA “vaccination” with Pfizer or Moderna products.

    This means that the genetic message in whatever cells are impregnated by the injected incubus continues to make the cells produce Spike-Protein on and on and on and on…
    mRNA in nature has a very short life, measured in minutes.

    If this is, in fact, the case, then it explains a LOT.
    Why do people keep having heart attacks and strokes months after “vaccination”. PING!

    Why do so many mRNA “vaccinated” people test positive for spike protein in their noses? PING!
    (Rapid antigen tests detect spike protein in the nose, which we all assumed meant active infection in the nose.)

    Is this THE FEATURE? It has been postulated that the pandemic was to make everybody get The-Shot, and that The-Shot was the bioweapon.
    I have openly speculated about what might be the reason for desiring everybody to have spike-protein in their blood, by infection or “vaccination”.
    That was before the official punchline became “Vaccine-no-matter-what-then-boosters-forever”.

    My keyring analogy from yesterday is not only apt and chilling, this answers the final dangling question.
    (Rod Serling would be on this blog if he were still alive, by the way.)

    “I want to say this in a Rod Serling voice: Picture a world where viruses can be designed with biomolecular modeling computers to precisely fit like keys into locks, the pieces of a human cell membrane which cross the whole membrane. Attached to the keychain holding the first key is a second key, which then unlocks a second membrane protein, causing the transmembrane protein complex to flip the keyring from outside to inside the cell.

    Picture several more keys on that ring, designed to mate-into and turn again and again and again, the little machines that make proteins and RNA, and with each turn, a part of that same keyring is produced, and with another set of turns, new keyrings are assembled for export.

    Picture that there is room on the ring for another key or two, and you are imaginative, what functionalities would you like to add?
    Would you like to make some part of the cell or animal work better?
    It’s so much easier to make it work worse…”


    “Our Bayesian reanalysis of all six available remdesivir publications provides a more detailed and complete picture of the current state of evidence than is currently available, suggesting that remdesivir has little to no effect against COVID-19.”



    @oxy: ” … but shit is getting so up-close and personal so fast.”

    This is an astute observation. I remember reading many times over the past decade++ that the collapse is already happening (yes, we all know that) BUT … many of us live at a good distance from the collapsing edges and don’t experience it directly so are watching from afar. But as time goes on and the edges decay inward, it gets closer and closer, engulfing more and more segments of the population. That we’ll get to feel it first-hand when it reaches us.

    And here we are, with an exponential acceleration in the past 18 months. Are we having fun yet?


    John Day:

    I think your idea that the vaccine may be the bio-weapon is likely correct. That explains why Biden is doubling down on vaccinating everyone. For now coercion, but later by force?



    Sadly, remdesivir only purpose was to separate the dying from their money before death!

    madamski cafone

    @ John Day

    Robin is my functional name. (I recall some folks here mistook me for a woman because of that.)

    Establishing terms: the word ‘friend’ to me is a term of love albeit platonic, agape, whatever. Robin-bosco-madamski offers this gauge of explanation: to like is to approve, to love is to accept. (There is a butt-load of unacceptance around here, beginning with difficulty accepting personal truth despite a willingness to face unpleasant political facts.) So, if by ‘friend’ you mean ‘like’, then we have competing cliques, affiliation networks, centered around mutual approval of some of us according to mutually approved beliefs. One is either in or out, or staying out of it altogether, or straddling the fence.

    There are many people here whom I dislike and dislike me. Popularity ratings, more or less, based on individual likes/dislikes, even loves/hates. Either way, this stuff doesn’t amount to much.

    There is no one here that I hate. There are a few here that I actively love, yourself being one of them. There are others that I ‘passively’ love, which is to say that I don’t hate them despite them being very unlikable to me. I try, with much pathetic failure, to love everyone who posts here. But I pay little attention to my like or dislike of whomever, because those checques typically evaporate before they can be cashed. Passing mood swings based on ego-driven, mostly fear-based, impressions.

    Those are the terms by which I say that, imo, we are hardly all friends here any more than we were hardly all friends with our fellow classmates in grammar/high school and beyond.

    In the end, “we” here are just so many pieces of text.

    btw, why do I love you? Because I see you project yourself positively into others every day. You make yourself available. Where your tires meet the tarmac, you earnestly engage with best wishes aforethought, and how can I not love that?



    Re: saline vaccines. I don’t believe for a minute that anyone close to the levers of power received a covid vaccine. Period. They know better.

    It’s possible, and even likely, there are different versions of the vaccines being injected, hence the tracking of lot numbers for each person to evaluate results. It’s possible some vaxx were saline, but I think it’s more likely some were “regular” flu vaccines so people would get some symptoms from the shot, thus keeping the side effects narrative relatively stable.


    Fact checking

    Are there link to the contracts
    Pfizer Purchase Agreement

    My search found the following info
    You can contact NPR pharmaceuticals correspondent Sydney Lupkin at [email protected].

    Pfizer’s Coronavirus Vaccine Supply Contract Excludes Many Taxpayer Protections
    November 24, 2020
    4:46 PM ET

    When the Department of Health and Human Services released Pfizer’s $1.95 billion coronavirus vaccine contract with Operation Warp Speed last Wednesday, the agreement revealed that the Trump administration didn’t include government rights to intellectual property typically found in federal contracts.

    The drugmaker has downplayed its involvement in Operation Warp Speed, the Trump administration’s more than $10 billion program to make a coronavirus vaccine available in record time. Although Pfizer didn’t receive government funding this spring toward research and development of the vaccine, it nevertheless received one of the largest Operation Warp Speed supply contracts to date on July 21.

    Pfizer is working on the vaccine with BioNTech, a German company. They announced results of final efficacy analysis last Wednesday, revealing that the vaccine is 95% effective. The company announced that it submitted its request for emergency use authorization on Friday.

    That nearly $2 billion contract will pay for 100 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine at a price of $19.50 per dose if the vaccine is OK’d by the Food and Drug Administration. The government also has the option to buy up to 500 million more doses. The other Operation Warp Speed agreements pay for vaccines regardless of FDA approval or authorization.
    If you are interested, in more details, look at how the contract was written with Israel.
    The benefits and protections are favorable for Pfizer.


    (I would include “quotes” but I’m not permitted to “cut and paste”)
    Here is an opinion of that contract.


    Vaccines For Data: Israel’s Pfizer Deal Drives Quick Rollout — And Privacy Worries
    January 31, 2021
    Daniel Estrin

    Israel paid a premium, locked in an early supply of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines and struck a unique deal: vaccines for data.

    The nation of some 9 million promised Pfizer a swift vaccine rollout, along with data from Israel’s centralized trove of medical statistics to study “whether herd immunity is achieved after reaching a certain percentage of vaccination coverage in Israel,” according to their agreement.

    “We said to Pfizer … that the moment they give us the vaccine, we’ll be able to vaccinate at the speed they’ve never heard of,” Israel’s health minister Yuli Edelstein tells NPR.

    Israel’s small size and technologically advanced public health system offer an attractive model for Pfizer to demonstrate the impact of the vaccine on an entire population. Pfizer has not signed a similar agreement with any other country, company spokesperson Jerica Pitts says.

    The vaccines-for-data trade-off has sparked impassioned debate in Israel among data privacy experts, biotech researchers and the country’s own medical ethics board, weighing the potential benefits of mining the population for vaccine insights against the potential abuse of millions of personal medical records.
    I could not find the contract with Canada. Lots of second hand reporting by news media but no documents.
    Here is what Canada has to say. ( I could not find the contracts)
    COVID-19 vaccine agreements
    On behalf of PHAC, and based on advice from the COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force, PSPC is leading negotiations and finalizing agreements with suppliers of COVID-19 vaccine candidates.

    The Government of Canada has committed over $9 billion to procure vaccines and therapeutics and to provide international support. PHAC is responsible for managing this funding as the client department. A majority of that amount has been allocated for the up to 409 million doses of vaccines and vaccine candidates secured for everyone in Canada.

    All vaccine candidates will require Health Canada authorization prior to being used to vaccinate anyone in Canada.

    Canada makes it difficult to find out information from its site.


    Interim Order Respecting the Importation, Sale and Advertising of Drugs for Use in Relation to COVID-19
    Explanatory note
    Interim Order Respecting the Importation, Sale and Advertising of Drugs for Use in Relation to COVID-19

    (This note is not part of the Order.)
    Narrative should be based on facts, which should not be hard to find

    madamski cafone
    those darned kids

    (still can’t post a link)

    Drug Supply Security Act of 2015 (FDA overview)

    ht tp s:/ /ww w.fda .g ov/m edia/93779/download

    go to page 16.

    does pfizer have indemnity to this act?

    Dr. D

    It’s hazy and I’m missing something, but I feel the “40%”, the “clumping and severity” they are seeing in breakthrough cases suggest “saline” in some similar number, picked somehow. So, send Batch A, B and C to certain towns, or at a time window. There is adequate confusion and crossover and time lag to hide that Galveston is one way and Waco is another.

    Same time, who would you spare? Gov’t of course, if you could, but how about health care, which is national security but more, would go ape with high-science knowledge and disassemble your narrative if they were all disabled. While if all of them are fine, they will uniformly say “What are you peasants talking about? Everyone I know took it and is fine.”

    However: messy. Suppose a doctor got it at the clinic and not at the hospital, so they got a public dose? And then all the logistics? HOW on earth would you make 5-10 different batch types, TRACK them, DIRECT them? I’m not sure it’s possible without many, many steps that would raise flags.

    Suppose they’ve been doing this locality/variant plan for years with the flu vaccine? Would even that give them enough structure to control multiple directions? It seems quite difficult.

    Anyway, at our side, they’re in a rush because they know the data will come out and the time-lag and rising arguments mean whatever they’re doing will become obvious after September. —Although that won’t stop them from simply telling more different lies, still supported by Brooklyn editors who say vaccines work but everybody gets it afterward. Masks work except that everyone who wore them got sick. On and on. Survive the point of impact, and perhaps they will have to fall back on the defensive.

    Dr. D

    P.S. this is why they wanted centralized, one-stop national digital medical records, to track this. Another thing they’re mostly behind on. But they pointed out Google will sell them whether your phone is traveling or you’ve been bedridden for days. Compensating, not stopping.


    Drug Supply Chain Security Act
    (Title II of the Drug Quality and Security Act)
    Overview of Product Tracing
    p. 17
    After products are serialized
    • Only buy and sell products encoded with product identifiers
    (unless grandfathered under section 582(a)(5))
    – Repackagers (beginning 11/27/2018)
    – Wholesale distributor (beginning 11/27/2019)
    – Dispensers (beginning 11/27/2020)
    • Verification product at the package level, including the
    standardized numerical identifier (NDC and serial number)
    *see respective sections of 582 for specific verification requirements
    – Manufacturers: starting 11/27/2017
    – Repackagers: starting 11/27/2018
    – Wholesale distributors: starting 11/27/2019
    – Dispensers: starting 11/27/2020
    • Enhanced product tracing by 2023 at the package-level


    @john day

    John you are ‘loved’ by robin madamski morrison so your good to go bro.


    Son, you love the brain of a psychopath


    madamski is a cunt by her own admission albeit one of high intellect. Robin Morrison is a dickhead by his own admission albeit one of high intellect. So I say to whatever you like to identify as, commence to have sex with yourself.

    Mr. House


    This was obvious from the start back in 08, and what going on now reminds me of the exact same thing? Always moving goalposts and something that will never end, hmmmm i wonder?

    John Day

    @Robin/Madamski: Thanks for the “Friends” song by Buzzy Lineheart. It jumped to mind when I saw it, but Bette Midler’s (hit) version.
    Thanks for the kind words. I do try to be useful.
    I feel like I’m “Friends” with everybody here, though it’s not always clear how to best communicate.
    Look at Voracious Poet opening up about nearly dying, being reintroduced to the light, and engaging life-in-overtime with that candle still burning.
    We are engaging more deeply. It’s work that seems worth doing, … now.

    John Day

    Awww, Man! Don’t kill the buzz !

    We wuz all startin’ to groove.

    John Day

    @Robin/Madamski/Boscohorowitz: The old dude singing “Oh Death” in 1983 was right on.
    The cartoon seemed like it was made by somebody who never met Death.

    I got interviewed by Death in the ocean, trying to save a Hungarian lady, in 1986.
    Death interviewed us both, deeply, thoroughly, without secrets.
    Death sort of spat in the (allegorical) dust and went away pissed-off.
    We had wasted Death’s time. We were nowhere near ready.

    We both lived through cold, exhausting hours in the water.
    We both had children later.
    Our children got to meet each other.
    Zsuzsa cooked for all of us together at her house in Szeged in 2005.

    John Day

    Dr.D. said,
    “Galveston is one way and Waco is another.”
    Hey, that’s how it is for me. I live in Austin.
    Where You live, Man?


    John Day:

    I worked with a number of Texans in the coal mine near Window Rock, back in the seventies. One of them was Speedy! One night while back in Texas, drunk, Speedy, driving his fiberglass bodied Corvette, went off the road and somehow managed to find and side swipe the only fence post in all of Texas! The repair bill was huge!

    John Day

    DrD also said:
    “Same time, who would you spare? Gov’t of course, if you could, but how about health care, which is national security but more, would go ape with high-science knowledge and disassemble your narrative if they were all disabled. While if all of them are fine, they will uniformly say “What are you peasants talking about? Everyone I know took it and is fine.”

    However: messy. Suppose a doctor got it at the clinic and not at the hospital, so they got a public dose? And then all the logistics? HOW on earth would you make 5-10 different batch types, TRACK them, DIRECT them? I’m not sure it’s possible without many, many steps that would raise flags.”

    I’ve been pondering this, too, and like you, I suspect they may be wingin’-it on a lot of this.

    I suspect the COVID cat got out of the bag in May/June 2020 at Fort Detrick (but I’m not married to the scenario).
    We don’t have to know all the dovetail-joints of this construction to know to drag our heels, drag our heels, drag our heels , and keep looking out for clues as to what’s realy going on.
    There might not be an Occam’s Razor, but maybe Occam’s Switchblade is trying to shiv us in the kidney from behind.
    Let’s presume that “they” need to (eventually) get rid of the 90% of us that are worthless-eaters, worthless-users-of-petroleum-products and lithium-ions, diabetics-going-blind-with-amputated-toes and so on.
    The assumption that our “owners” (per Carlin, George) realize that “we” are going over the Seneca’s Cliff of cheap-energy-good-ores-and-aquifers, and are frantic to have at least half of us die pretty quick really simplifies the interpretation of events.
    The first tranche to go could sure be the medically vulnerable, who mostly used resources and didn’t produce value for Globo-Cap. Send the COVID-infected to nursing-homes by law!
    People with bad diets and low vitamin-D levels was another demographic they didn’t want to save with cheap vitamin-D pills. Being dark-skinned in winter in a northern city took out a lot of pawns, some of whom had regular jobs, but in northern cities…
    Now they are pushing the kill-shots on all the English kids with water on the brain and incurable diseases. Well, that’s pretty obvious through Occam’s Switchblade. Kill that tranche now, but say they need extra protecting, so we’ll give them the vaccines that kill babies, which we are not yet giving to all babies and children, because …. something-or-other.

    It is “Opposite World”, but I’m going to call it something less-off-putting and more genteel in a blog post that’s Brownian-motion-bouncing-around in my cranium.

    Michael Reid

    @ Antidote

    Everyone has their issues and nobody is perfect. I extract things of value to me and ignore the rest. The value for me is the ideas expressed and some are profound. Yet some ideas are noise or incompatible with my way of thinking. And if one prejudges what may be found then there are hidden gems that one may never discover.

    John Day

    @Wes: I’m glad Speedy survived the mishap. What year vette?
    I liked the 1965s really well, though I never had one, but did drive one once.
    1963-1967 were all very sweet, but deadly, yeah deadly.
    It’s also good that I never had a Yamaha 350, back when I wanted one.
    (I never even wanted a Kawasaki Mark III 500 cc triple-wheelie-death-bike.)

    Mr. House

    What if both sides are lying to us with the goal being to drive us insane? At this point i dont consider anything out of the realm of possibilities

    Mr. House

    speculation or wishful thinking? seems to fit some of the trends of the last 20 years:

    “What’s happening was scripted decades ago (Operation Lock Step, etc.). Net-energy-positive petroleum production is about to collapse, which in conjunction with GSM and decline in food supply and corruption and psychosis permeating decision making bodies will bring about rapid collapse of the real economy. The future looks awful, since our standard of living will tank and a big chunk of the present population will become permanently insupportable. The clot shot cull seems well timed as a means to implement what economists call demand destruction on a large scale, as large as possible, having the effect of giving survivors — particularly those who actively reject the injections, since they still have survival instincts and facility for rational thought, problem solving and real leadership — a better fighting chance to surmount the greater hardship to come

    Speculation: All the “variants” are actually the spike protein injections at work, taking their toll on the schmucks.

    Therefore: We should welcome masks for the schmucks. It will stop them shedding and endangering the rest of us before they wither and die.”

    Mr. House

    Speculation (i like that term better then theory) from March of 2020

    OPERATION LOCK-STEP – The Sinister Agenda behind Covid-19

    Mr. House
    Dr. D

    “What if both sides are lying to us with the goal being to drive us insane?”

    They are. This was discussed in history books concerning Eastern Europe in the 30s. I believe it was the same in the Russian revolution, nothing but rumors. They have no imagination and a tired playbook. Luckily for them, the public would rather die than read or question anything, so it repeats over and over.

    So there is no “out of the narrative”, no “off the ranch”. There is still truth, but as per their religion, their job is to make truth no longer matter, only power. The only thing that matters, and the only win they have is if we fight, ignoring them up on the hill, selling arms and intel, making sure both sides smash equally all the way down. While you stay strong.

    The load-shedding is exactly what they wanted in the Green New Deal, certain choices leading to certain mass death nobody coulda knowd. But the people wouldn’t buy it and spit out the hook for DECADES no matter what. Maybe first time ever. …And they’re still at it today with no combustion engines, carbon-free 2030, which in engineering terms is like next Tuesday. If they tried it, more people would die than famine and war combined, which is why the green horse is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Not that ecology would be a bad thing, but very difficult, reductive, consensus-building, and taking decades or centuries to build a new way. …And a new consciousness.

    So if the people won’t do it willingly, we’ll MAKE them. These are the same people who IF they do it willingly, blame the victims. So let me get this straight: you’ll lie to me from birth, bribe me, punish me, and if I refuse, arrest and force me, yet we’re in a world of free will where it’s all my fault. Right.
    What was that today? Work was voluntary, but if you didn’t work you got half-rations? –Animal Farm ‘Freedom’ like that.

    “No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die.”

    What is it with masks? Are people not fighting enough or is it that we won’t dismiss science and go back to the stone age? It’s getting me run-down.

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