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Israeli Lab: Some Existing Drugs Could Stop Covid At Almost 100% (JPost)
Mefloquine Inhibits SARS-CoV-2 Infection In Physiologically Relevant Cells (BX)
Israel Reports Sharp Decline In Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine Efficacy (YNet)
5,522 People Have Died Within 28 Days Of Having A Covid-19 Vaccine In Scotland (DE)
English Care Homes Could Lose 70,000 Staff Over Mandatory Covid Jab (G.)
There Goes The Rest Of The Narrative (Denninger)
When Will Covid-19 Vaccines Be Fully Approved—And Does It Matter? (Sci.Mag)
When Will We FORCE A Stop To The BS? (Denninger)
Whitmer Kidnapping Defendants Claim Entrapment (ZH)
US Women’s Soccer Team To Boycott Scoring Goals Until Racism Is Defeated (BBee)





Vaccine covid



`from a a fected goldmine: CDC posting today: Attack rate for Gamma variant was 0% (0/6) among persons with a previous history of COVID-19 versus attack rate was 60% (15/25) among fully vaccinated [Pfizer] miners and 75% (3/4) among unvaccinated miners without history of infection



Ron Paul VAERS



9 in 10 adults in UK regions likely to have covid antibodies. In Scotland, 88.6% estimated to have antibodies, 90.0% for Northern Ireland, 91.9% for England & 92.6% in Wales. Office for National Statistics based on a sample of blood test results for week beginning June 28;



“Arkin and his team culled through a library of more than 2,800 approved-for-use compounds, identifying 18 drugs they felt could be effective..”

Israeli Lab: Some Existing Drugs Could Stop Covid At Almost 100% (JPost)

Scientists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem say they have identified several drugs that could potentially help treat, if not “cure,” people who develop COVID-19. Prof. Shy Arkin, a biochemist in the Alexander Silberman Institute of Life Science, told The Jerusalem Post that in lab tests in which cells infected with SARS-CoV-2 were placed together with the drugs for two days, “almost 100% of the cells lived despite being infected with the virus.” In contrast, without the preexisting drug compounds, around 50% of the cells died after coming in contact with the virus. Arkin and his team culled through a library of more than 2,800 approved-for-use compounds, identifying 18 drugs they felt could be effective. In unpublished work, the researchers were able to show that several of these compounds “exhibited remarkable potency against the whole virus in in vitro experiments.”

Two of them are Darapladib, used for the treatment of atherosclerosis, and Flumatinib, used for the treatment of certain blood cancers. Arkin said he was hesitant to share the names of any of the drugs, adding that he could not recommend them until they underwent proper clinical trials. The team focused on drug repurposing to potentially expedite any future regulatory steps. Since the drugs are already being used for other indications, their toxicity and side effects, for example, are known and approved. The way the drugs work is by inhibiting two targets in the virus: the E (envelope) protein and the 3a protein. The E protein is the most conserved of all virus proteins. For example, while the spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2 and SARS-CoV-1 (the 2003 virus) are only about 75% identical, their E proteins are roughly 95% alike.

This means the drugs would likely remain effective even when the virus mutates, Arkin told the Post. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines target the spike protein. In previous studies, E and 3a proteins were shown to be essential for viral infectivity. Arkin’s team was among the first to study the E protein of the first SARS coronavirus in 2004. As part of research that Arkin’s team has been conducting for more than two decades, they identified that the E protein is an ion channel, a type of protein family expressed by virtually all living cells that because of its structure has “served as excellent and frequent targets for pharmaceutical point interventions,” including for cystic fibrosis, epilepsy, arrhythmia, neurodegenerative diseases, hypertension, angina and more, the report said.

It is important that “a large arsenal” of drugs exist to fight SARS-CoV-2, Arkin said. “We should never be in a situation where in our arsenal we only have one firearm,” he said. “If we only have one and we rely solely on it, and then there comes a time that it fails, we will be in a very precarious situation.” Arkin believes his team is set for in vitro and in vivo studies, and he is looking for a pharmaceutical partner to help carry these trials through. Citing the success of Gilead obtaining US Food and Drug Administration approval for Remdesivir in record time at the start of the pandemic, Arkin said he was optimistic that at least some of these compounds could be approved for use against COVID “very quickly with the right partner.”

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Here’s another candidate,

Mefloquine Inhibits SARS-CoV-2 Infection In Physiologically Relevant Cells (BX)

Antimalarial drugs, such as chloroquine (CQ)/hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and mefloquine have emerged as potential anti-SARS-CoV-2 antivirals. CQ/HCQ entered the Solidarity and RECOVERY clinical trials against COVID-19 and showed lack of efficacy. Importantly, mefloquine is not a 4-aminoquinoline like CQ and HCQ and has been previously repurposed for other respiratory diseases. Unlike the 4-aminoquinolines that accumulate in the high pH of intracellular lysosomes of the lung, the high respiratory tract penetration of mefloquine is driven by its high lipophilicity. While CQ and HCQ exhibit activity in Vero E6 cells, their activity is obviated in TMPRSS2-expressing cells, such as Calu-3 cells, which more accurately recapitulate in vivo entry mechanisms for SARS-CoV-2.

Accordingly, here we report the anti-SARS-CoV-2 activity of mefloquine in Calu-3 type II pneumocytes and primary human monocytes. Mefloquine inhibited SARS-CoV-2 replication, including the gamma variant, in Calu-3 cells with low cytotoxicity and EC50 and EC90 values of 1.2 and 5.3 uM, respectively. In addition, mefloquine reduced up to 68% the SARS-CoV-2 RNA levels in infected monocytes, reducing viral-induced inflammation. Mefloquine blocked early steps of the SARS-CoV-2 replicative cycle and was less prone than CQ to induce drug-associated viral mutations and synergized with RNA polymerase inhibitor. The pharmacological parameters of mefloquine are consistent with its plasma exposure in humans and its tissue-to-plasma predicted coefficient points that this drug may accumulate in the lungs. These data indicate that mefloquine could represent an orally available clinically approved drug option against COVID-19 and should not be neglected on the basis of the failure of CQ and HCQ.

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The clincher: the one thing left the vaccines were still supposed to do: protection from severe illness has also recorded a sharp drop of up to 60%.

Israel Reports Sharp Decline In Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine Efficacy (YNet)

Israel on Tuesday reported a sharp decline in the efficacy of Pfizer/BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccine after receiving data from a recent analysis. Data from the analysis conducted by the Health Ministry suggest the efficacy of the vaccine declines over time in preventing infection and severe illness. Health officials presented their findings during a meeting of the ministry’s Epidemic Management Team on Monday night, which showed that protection from coronavirus infections among vaccinated people decreased by 42% since the start of the inoculation drive in Israel. In addition, protection from severe illness has also recorded a sharp drop of up to 60% among those who were inoculated in the early stages of the vaccine rollout.

However, most people who had been vaccinated at the early stage of the vaccine drive appear to be over the age of 65 and findings may not reflect the vaccine’s efficacy among those in other age groups. Ministry officials deemed the findings disturbing but claimed those were only preliminary analyses of very raw data. It was not yet clear whether the results were linked to an apparent erosion of the vaccine’s protection against the virus or greater resistance of the Delta variant to the inoculation. [..] Last week, Israel began administering a third shot of the Pfizer/BioNTech inoculation to patients with compromised immune systems, including people who have had heart, lung and kidney transplants.

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920 per month over 6 months, when Covid deaths were 866 per month. Note: In Dec 2020, far fewer people were jabbed than later, so the 2021 per month number is higher.

5,522 People Have Died Within 28 Days Of Having A Covid-19 Vaccine In Scotland (DE)

Public Health Scotland have revealed that 5,522 people have died within twenty-eight days of having a Covid-19 vaccine within the past 6 months in Scotland alone. Due to dozens of freedom of information requests being made, asking Public Health Scotland (PHS) to provide the current total number of deaths of any individual who has died within 28 days of having a Covid-19 vaccine, PHS decided the best way forward was to publish the information routinely and periodically within their Covid-19 statistical report. The most up to date figures published by PHS and within the report released by on the 23rd June 2021, and they reveal that between the 8th December 2020 and the 11th June 2021 a total number of 5,522 people died within 28 days of having a dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.

According to the spreadsheet provided by Public Health Scotland; which includes the quantity of deaths by type of vaccine and the date they occurred, 1,877 deaths have been due to the Pfizer mRNA jab, 3,643 deaths have been due to the AstraZeneca viral vector jab, and 2 deaths have been due to the Moderna mRNA jab. This equates to an average of 920 deaths occurring every month due to the Covid-19 vaccines in Scotland alone. Outnumbering the average number of people who have died of Covid-19 in Scotland by 866 per month. A freedom of information request made on the 30th January asked the Scottish Government to reveal the total number of people who had died of Covid-19 since March 2020. To which the Scottish Government responded on the 11th March 2021 with – “The answer to your question is 596 deaths involving COVID-19 has been registered where there was no pre-existing medical condition between March 2020 and January 2021 (including).”

Public Health England has so far refused to publish any data on the number of deaths occurring within 28 days of having the vaccine in England, but it is not for the want of people trying. Dozens of freedom of information requests have been made to PHE asking the question but they never fail to respond with the statement that “Public Health England can confirm it does not hold the information that you have requested. However, using the data on the number of deaths due to the Covid-19 vaccines in Scotland we can estimate what the likely number of deaths are due to the jabs in England. Adjusting to the size of the population we estimate the actual number of deaths due to the jabs in England in the past 6 months could be as high as 57,470.

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How many people must lose their jobs before someone says STOP?

English Care Homes Could Lose 70,000 Staff Over Mandatory Covid Jab (G.)

Up to 70,000 care home staff in England could leave the workforce or lose their jobs because the government is insisting they must be vaccinated against Covid, with women and ethnic minorities disproportionately affected, according to an official estimate. In an impact statement from the government, officials believe between 3% and 12% of care home staff may still resist getting a Covid jab by the end of a 16-week grace period. The central estimate was that 40,000 could be left without jobs, but it could be as high as 70,000 or as low as 17,000.

In a separate statement on the public sector equality duty, the government said the policy of mandatory vaccination for care home staff was “likely to have a significant impact on ethnic minorities” as one in five members of the social care workforce are black, Asian or from another ethnic minority, a higher proportion than in the overall population of England. It added: “The evidence suggests that vaccine hesitancy is highest among black people, people of Pakistani and Bangladeshi heritage, and non-UK/Irish white ethnic groups.” The statement also acknowledged there was a “risk that issues such as lack of trust could be exacerbated by this policy” in relation to social care workers from minority ethnic backgrounds.

A group of Conservative MPs opposed to the policy had been repeatedly pressing the government to release an impact assessment before it called a vote on the issue last week. Boris Johnson managed to get the policy through the House of Commons but there was a sizeable rebellion of more than 30 MPs who joined with Labour and other opposition parties in opposing the policy. Defending the move in the House of Lords, James Bethell, a health minister, said: “We did not take lightly the decision to introduce this legislation. However, the risks that this winter will undoubtedly pose to the most vulnerable in our society make clear the choice that we must make, to do everything in our power to protect them.”

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“..there is no public health benefit to the jabs. These fully vaccinated people not only got the virus, they gave it to others. That, my friends, is what everyone claimed wouldn’t happen — if you got jabbed you protected other people. ”

There Goes The Rest Of The Narrative (Denninger)

There are 67 Democrats in the TX Delegation. I presume not all of them flew to DC; the news says “more than 50”, which is enough to deny the quorum and was the point of the exercise. There are now six confirmed Covid infections among them, and all are fully vaccinated. That’s a failure rate of roughly 10% for symptomatic infections, and not just preventing infection either — they transmitted it to each other as the infections were serial; not all got it on the same day. Since the CDC says somewhere between 6 and 24 (best guess 11) people are entirely asymptomatic and untested for each tested, symptomatic infection this means that more than half of the delegation in fact has the virus and is presumably, under the CDC’s claim of “asymptomatic transmission” spreading it to others.

Is ten percent failure rare? How about more than fifty percent? That sounds rather more like “worthless” to me. What say you? In addition a White House official also has tested positive after coming into contact with the delegation. Said person is also fully vaccinated and is symptomatic. They, since they are symptomatic, are presumptively contagious despite being “fully vaccinated.” How many White House officials were there? One? Boy, that’s a pretty good breakthrough case percentage isn’t it? Never mind the 10%+ symptomatic failure rate, which strongly implies at least half the delegation actually got infected, among the delegation itself. May I remind you that 80%, according to a study first published last summer, of the population has pre-existing resistance and thus would likely either by asymptomatic or only mildly so even if not vaccinated.

Have we improved anything at all other than, perhaps, individual outcomes with these shots? The data says, within the confidence interval, no. In other words there is no public health benefit to the jabs. These fully vaccinated people not only got the virus, they gave it to others. That, my friends, is what everyone claimed wouldn’t happen — if you got jabbed you protected other people. That claim was never in evidence; the original studies were underpowered to determine that and this was clearly stated in the study itself. The media and politicians, on the other hand, either didn’t read the studies or didn’t give a crap about the truth and talked you into taking a jab not to protect yourself if you are at specific risk but by lying to you that doing so would protect others.

We now know that claim was a lie. It was a lie by lack of knowledge before; now it is a straight-up knowing lie to repeat it. Add this to all the other lies. Why would you take any sort of personal health advice — now that it’s admitted that’s all the jab advocacy is — from the very same people who have been caught lying serially on virtually every topic related to Covid since last spring? You have to be a special brand of stupid to listen to people who get caught lying repeatedly, and then double-down on said lies. You’re only mistaken when you admit to that which is later proved false. As soon as you double-down on it you’re intentionally misleading people.

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People are so willing to ignore established scientific protocols, completely unaware that in doing so they step on the graves of the scientists who wrote them, AND those of the victims whose misery made them necessary.

When Will Covid-19 Vaccines Be Fully Approved—And Does It Matter? (Sci.Mag)

On 16 July, FDA accepted Pfizer’s application “under priority review”—meaning it will move faster than during standard reviews, which typically take at least 10 months; the agency now has until January 2022 to review the materials. That seems like a long time, but last week an FDA official told CNN that the decision is likely to come within 2 months. “The review … has been ongoing, is among the highest priorities of the agency, and the agency intends to complete the review far in advance of the [January] Date,” an FDA press officer confirmed to Science in a statement. FDA has not formally accepted Moderna’s application, possibly because the company has not yet submitted all the required materials.

Full approval could help overcome vaccine hesitancy, Eric Topol, director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute, wrote in a recent op-ed in The New York Times. “Some people who understand that the ‘E’ in ‘EUA’ stands for ‘emergency’ are waiting for full FDA approval before they receive a shot,” he wrote. “I think it’s fair to say that any number of us who are clinical infectious disease doctors and in public health are frankly a little surprised at how long the process is taking,” says William Schaffner, professor of infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. “I want [FDA] to be careful. I also want them to move it along,” Schaffner says. “Frankly, I’d like them to work on the weekends. The people who are vaccinating are working on the weekends. The virus is working on the weekends.”

About 30% of unvaccinated people say they were waiting for vaccines to receive full approval, according to a survey of 1888 adults conducted in June by the Kaiser Family Foundation. But the report cautions that for many people, FDA approval is likely “a proxy for general safety concerns.” Not everyone now focused on approval may actually get a vaccine, especially if they perceive the approval process as rushed or politically motivated. “For the people who are really dead set against getting the vaccine at this point, I don’t know that the FDA giving it full approval is going to make a huge difference,” says Krutika Kuppalli, an infectious disease doctor at the Medical University of South Carolina who says many of her patients are wary of COVID-19 shots.

But full approval may sway some people. For example, for members of groups that have been treated poorly by the health care system, signing a consent form to get vaccinated—a requirement for vaccines with an EUA—may be a psychological barrier, Gandhi says: “Signing a consent that says ‘experimental’ and the phrase ‘experimental’ brings up issues of experimentation on Black and brown communities.”

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Some lies are bigger than others.

When Will We FORCE A Stop To The BS? (Denninger)

Ok, enough folks. “I’m admitting young healthy people to the hospital with very serious COVID infections. One of the last things they do before they’re intubated is beg me for the vaccine. I hold their hand and tell them that I’m sorry, but it’s too late,” she wrote. “A few days later when I call time of death, I hug their family members and I tell them the best way to honor their loved one is to go get vaccinated and encourage everyone they know to do the same.” This sort of lie should cost Ms. LIAR her license and everyone who ran this bull**** should be ruined. Her “hospital” — any agency or entity that allows her to infest their premises should be flat-out destroyed along with every single person who works in any such place and gives her credibility by doing so. Why? This story is from Alabama. Now I want you to look very carefully at this table.

[..] According to that table not one person has died since the end of April in Alabama from Covid-19 according to that graph which goes through 7/20 — yesterday. What is “99% (unvaccinated) of ZERO (all people who died of Covid in Alabama SINCE APRIL)”? ZERO! But yes, Ms. Smiling Crazy Bitch is imploring people to get jabbed for what, she says, will stop becoming part of a wave of death that is happening right now. If someone died today, well, that’s one. Where are all the others? Oh, and the story? It’s not, allegedly, from today. It references a viral Facebook post from the weekend. AGAIN: Where is the pile of bodies in the above graph that Ms. Crazy claims are stacking up? If you look elsewhere you will find that perhaps Statista gave up. Why? Too small to matter.

Let’s put perspective on this, assuming it’s accurate: The 7-day average according to that second site state-wide has been at or under 10 since April. Ok, Alabama has approximately 5 million people in it, or 1.52% of the total of the nation. Roughly 8,200 people die daily in the US of all causes, so in Alabama that would be 124 dead bodies. Do you really think three, four, five on a 7-day average state-wide — with lots of zeros — is material in the whole? How many of those are people who are seriously ill with other things? Most of them, as has always been the case with Covid. And has also always been the case if you’re positive at death or within 30 days of it you count and Biden just extended the hospital toe tag bounties for both admissions and ventilator use. People need to go straight to prison for this bull****.

10 years for Ms. Ex-Preggers tossing her new kid (along with any others she has) in an orphanage should wake her ass up for lying and threatening people that they will surely die in order coerce them to do something they do not otherwise want to do. If the jabs work so well why are both Malta and Israel, two of the highest-vaccinated percentage populations in the world, both taking huge case spikes? In addition explain India which has 6% of their population vaccinated (one of the lowest among the world) and their case rate has collapsed by 90%. How is that possible if the jab is the only way forward and the only way we can defeat this horrible virus? Is it not more likely that the jabs are nearly worthless in terms of infections and the virus is, in fact, following Farr’s Law — as places release lockdowns and strictures the infections which were delayed occur anyway? How many times has Australia breathed an “all clear!” sign of relief and then oops — guess not!

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J. Edgar Hoover must have been a fan of the Keystone Cops. But hey, the J6 people get convicted, so why not these schmucks?

Whitmer Kidnapping Defendants Claim Entrapment (ZH)

At least a dozen FBI informants infiltrated an anti-government group of aspiring extremists, and were involved in virtually every aspect of a plan to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, according to BuzzFeed. “Some of those informants, acting under the direction of the FBI, played a far larger role than has previously been reported,” according to the report. One ‘informant,’ an Iraq war veteran, “became so deeply enmeshed in a Michigan militant group” that he rose to second-in-command – telling members of the group to meet with other potential suspects, and even footing the bill to transport members to meetings. Another FBI ‘informant’ advised the militia group on where they should plant explosives, and offered to procure as many as were needed.

“Everybody down with what’s going on?” an Iraq War veteran in the group demanded to know when they ended their recon mission, well past midnight, at a campsite where they were all staying. “If you’re not down with the thought of kidnapping,” someone else replied, “don’t sit here.” The men planned for all kinds of obstacles, but there was one they didn’t anticipate: The FBI had been listening in all along. For six months, the Iraq War vet had been wearing a wire, gathering hundreds of hours of recordings. He wasn’t the only one. A biker who had traveled from Wisconsin to join the group was another informant. The man who’d advised them on where to put the explosives — and offered to get them as much as the task would require — was an undercover FBI agent. So was a man in one of the other cars who said little and went by the name Mark.” -BuzzFeed

Three weeks later, over a dozen men were arrested by federal and state agents in what one federal prosecutor described as a “deeply disturbing” criminal conspiracy hatched over several months via secret meetings, encrypted chats, and paramilitary-style training exercises. In total, 14 men were charged last year in the alleged plot to kidnap Whitmer. They’ve all pleaded not-guilty, and say the FBI set them up. They claim their talk never rose beyond the level of fantasy, and that they never intended to harm Whitmer or anyone else. The defendants claim there was no conspiracy to kidnap the governor – and instead say they were targeted because of their political views.

Read more …

Not everyone likes the woke girls.

US Women’s Soccer Team To Boycott Scoring Goals Until Racism Is Defeated (BBee)

People were stunned after the U.S. women’s soccer team lost to Sweden in the Olympics this week by a score of 3-0—until the team revealed they are boycotting scoring any goals until racism is defeated. “Yeah, we didn’t score any goals against Sweden last night, but that was totally on purpose,” said star player and beloved activist Megan Rapinoe. “This isn’t the time to score goals—when America is still racist. We totally could have beaten Sweden but we decided as a team that no goals will be scored until complete equality has been achieved in America. Also, we demand a hefty raise.”

Onlookers were stunned during the second half of the game when Rapinoe dribbled the ball all the way to Sweden’s unprotected goal and whispered “This is for you, people of color,” before kicking the ball straight into the air and running headfirst into the goalpost. “This may be one of the most powerful performances in the history of sports,” said Teen Vogue’s sportswriter who has never watched sports. The U.S. Women’s team is demanding to remain in the Olympic tournament and promises to continue its streak of zero goals. Inspiring!

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    Ilargi: “What DO the vaccines do?” The vital Q!

    They might create COV19 positives, Idk, in any case it will be extraordinarily difficult, or impossible, to find out, as data is not being gathered properly, so, no even crude, inspired, off-the-cuff, judgment is possible.

    Where is the autopsy data? Missing as well!

    (link 1 > one doc lamenting that.)

    Interesting: typing > goog any query with ‘covid’ > returns at top their mini Q-and-A, 1st line is:

    Will I test positive after Covid vaccine?


    Getting vaccinated won’t make you show up as positive on PCR tests. That’s because these tests look for copies of the genetic material of the virus as an indication that you have been infected.

    (huh ???)


    What is *actually* being injected, what is the specific content? I saw one report of a ‘saline solution mistake’ (link 2.)

    Nobody has nicked some vials and sent them off to a lab, afaik.

    Surely the likes of Dr. Yeadon or Dr. McCullough could make that happen somehow, but they… haven’t done that?

    Move sure to be condemned …. they are brave souls but not that brave.

    Rogue actors, for ex. a person posted by Swiss Civil Service to jab at one of the Centers (I know one of these guys) – can’t do it because the whole med-pharma-lab industry is controlled from the top down in a very detailed, rigorous, fashion. No lab will accept a request from Mr. X, a private person re. covid. (where I live.)

    Those dying post-vaccine: Where are the autopsies?



    Ivermectin. It’s as Aussie as Vegemite
    The path out of the pandemic is under our noses

    Ivermectin. It’s as Aussie as Vegemite

    Mr. House

    Our Platform


    Dr. D

    Pretty sure a big number are getting saline. Unf, it seems a big number are getting all variety of random things. No data to confirm or pattern it.

    Yes, “We don’t have an economic problem, we have a political will problem” –Foss
    “You can’t solve a spiritual problem with a political solution” (Rick Wiles, maybe?)

    Same as Tytler:

    That is, the only way out of your mess and bondage is Faith. Because as we see everywhere, NO ONE will do their jobs because they only fear the material and not God, have no spirit, eternal life, or fear of the afterlife. It’s ONLY when they dismiss this life and don’t care if they live or die they will have the strength to do what is normal, average, and good here, and do their jobs. That’s why the Black Hats fear it and hate God above all things.

    So although my duty is to see the truth, tell it, and keep my ship afloat, (so that I can keep lifeboat rations going that “Idiocracy” has dumped overboard while swimming drunk), really and of course the real purpose of life is a Spirit in a Material world. And this one’s so poor I don’t know why anyone would prefer it to an afterlife unless they were hard-core atheists. I mean, has nobody BEEN to the Spirit World, any psychonauting at ALL? Unless you’re dropping Scopolamine you’d be hard pressed to find ANY place in the 2nd sight worse than EVERY place in the 1st sight. I mean, unless you’re MacKenzie Scott. And supposedly that’s a far cry from heaven. No wonder in places as bad as Rome they might prefer to be burned alive than live under Nero. I know the urge.

    But that’s the FIRST thing you must have — not to make a Utopia — but to make things simply “not-bad”.

    Who tried? Like Poet, I tried every day of my life so far. No uptake. None. Starting with AIM, Wounded Knee (’76), Carter, Kissinger (need I say more), the obviousness of Reagan and Grenada, Panama, Papa CIA’s drug-running, Contras, EarthFirst/Greenpeace, nuclear, monetary, bombing serbs and aspirin factories, Giant Sucking sound, killin’ a million Iraqi children and worth it, burning Christian kids alive in Texas, passing a CLEAR duplicate of Reichstag Fire Decree, attacking ourselves, starting a World War we could never win, doubling down on SUVs-for-Jesus, Most-Wall-St.-Donated 1 month Senator as the most accommodating Wall St President, and onward!

    And through it all, Church says Bombs-fur-Jesus! It’s not IF Jesus would bomb Baghdad, but how much! No sin, no strength, no sacrifice, no magic.

    And through it all, what are all New-Age, Wiccan, gay-love friends? Oh peace! Never fight! Everyone is perfectly good! If every leader since Korea says bomb brown people, surely they must be good and have their reasons! Just this ONE time, it’s not IF you should bomb all nations world wide, but because we care, it’s how much! …And bomb all Christians too. Since “Spanish Inquisition” and a priest dun wrong generations before I was born, although I’ve never been to church and can’t name any. No strength, no sacrifice, no magic. And no responsibility anywhere or work, just blame. Sigh. I don’t think that’s “The Secret,” the “Law of Attraction,” Ms. Shirley McLoon.

    Love n’ Light n’ Beautiful Bombs, children.

    The Greenies say? “No, not today, I can’t change n’ plant a tree until EVERYBODY ELSE does. …Does whatever I tell them to.” No strength, no sacrifice, no sense.

    The Conservatives say? “Now’s not a good time for law, order, budgets, investigations, releases, whistleblowers, freedom, or peace.” No strength, no sacrifice, no tactics.

    “Mr. Gingrich, exactly how big a majority do we need to have before we can enact the things the voters sent us here for?” – Congress, 1994 (And 2010, actually)

    And the people say? “Go away, I’m busy getting poor.” …Well you’re going to be a lot MORE poor, right quick, if you don’t listen to me about government, oligarchs, law, banking, housing, pensions, and stocks. Proved regularly, then torrentially in ’01 and ’08. Zip. De nada.

    …Yeah, it’s been a long, lonely time. But really it’s all about Spirit, religion, belief. They don’t believe a durn thing, that’s why they behave as hypocrites: it merely means their minds are not synced to their actions, “mind” being a tiny film on top of what we humans do/are. Bernays can Coke/Koch are running their emotional lizard-brains underneath. But therefore they have no “Integrity,” integration. And therefore they are not whole, but broken. But working with any part other than that grease-film of your mind is a religious, spiritual activity. Therefore pointless and verboten, channeled into any activity that’s proven not to work.

    So could you say my life has been a miserable failure? Every attempt brushed aside? All efforts wasted? Every fixed house smashed again, every tree turned to toothpicks, every garden paved? Should have just admitted it and stock-traded a fat condo like so many? Winning or losing is not in our power. As someone once said, “I wish it need not have happened in my time,” “So do I. And so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” JRR

    Do we do the selfish right, only for ourselves? Or are we part of a whole, where all we do must be considered in the good of the others, the land, the animals? And not just today, but for the future? That tree we’ll never sit under, that child we’ll never meet. And that’s it: are we broken and small, or have integrity and attachment to the Great Source?

    You won’t solve this politically. The change has to come from within each man, and that means spiritually. It is impossible for that to sink into humans without hardship. …So here we are. The train arrives on time again. God’s time, and God’s train. Or the cycles of I Ching and the flow of the Tao if you wish.

    What am I supposed to do? Smash the houses, shoot every buffalo, and pave the gardens myself because (everybody) else will, given the chance? Smash and pave them, the smashers instead? I don’t think so. I guess that’s why it’s important WE’RE the focus. Not “them” somewhere. Don’t look to them, they only get away with what we allow. Allow in ourselves. That’s their secret weapon on us; but it could be OUR secret weapon on THEM.

    What’s to fear? Life is short enough; it will all be over soon anyway. Day, if they don’t want y’all, take a little holiday and help books elsewhere. Same all over ‘cuz we’re going there anyway. All local, all unpaid, all part-time. Beat the rush.


    I’m getting booted off TAE as a commenter and have to keep logging in. Getting blocked as a “spammer”, as well. Probably blabbing too often here.

    No-one’s getting booted or blocked. While quite a few perhaps could blab a bit less.


    Ivermectin. It’s as Aussie as Vegemite
    The path out of the pandemic is under our noses

    Paywall?! I never link to those.

    Mister Roboto

    Unless you’re dropping Scopolamine you’d be hard pressed to find ANY place in the 2nd sight worse than EVERY place in the 1st sight.

    Well, the Lower Astral Plane is reported to be a consistently nasty place.


    Notice the ‘Five Eyes” countries, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States, are Batshit Full-facist Cognitive Dissonance (BFCD)

    Is this a ‘feature’ or merely serendipity?

    Is there something about English speaking countries that lends itself to brain damage?

    Did Orwell and Huxley with their totalitarian blueprint novels give the English speaking countries a leg up on sophisticated psyop propaganda?

    I mean even Goebbels worshiped the English speaking Bernays.

    Instead of Béarnaise sauce, modern propaganda should be called Bernays sauce.

    The secret sauce of the subliminal modern mindfuck.

    Mr. House

    Also interesting

    madamski cafone

    “I’m not naturally funny, though working on a quip along the lines of “The people who brought you Iraqi WMDs want you to trust the people who brought you the opioid epidemic.” Any thoughts on that ‘joke’ or any others in a similar spirit you have?”

    Great premise/punchline. Sterling, imo.

    “Didn’t have a problem posting on TAE until today so … ??”

    Berfore indluging paranoia, I recommend comsidering that the internet in general is now heavily overworked by general traffic while being tasked to do increasing surveillance while trying to sell 1000 ads per website visit while running on increasingly slim profit margins while being made of Swiss cheese in terms of security from hackers and crackers.

    “His comment today was in response to a comment I made yesterday in response to his comment yesterday criticizing everyone for doing nothing to stop any of this. Just to clarify.”

    I know. And he did paint with a wide brush… but he did so on a very broad canvas. I felt it was apt. He’s tired, discouraged, and earned the right to gripe.


    I’m not feeling the tense depression y’alls describe, maybe because my relatonship with normative culture has been like this since age 18. I’ve felt like a dog without a leash loose in downtown keeping an eye out fopr the dog-catcher since I realized that sanity is highly illegal in our culture. Oh, it’s a drag, and I’m reveling in the maskless freeedom, and don’t have to report to a job, but I think it’s also because I have no belief, not one iota, that I can do anything to stop the tide.

    When the river rises, you don’t try to stop the river. You try to behave as lovingly and wisely as possible because for all you know you may be underwater in a few hours. It may be easy for me to say that as someone with few years left, but I have kids albeit grown, one with kids of his own… and I’ve been watching this tsunami cross the ocean from afar since I was young but moreso since 1999 when I climbed aboard the internet, used its amazing research abilities and soon learned that our basic paradigm was beyond help, that we’d dop nothing about fossil fuel depletion or climate disruption or Darwinian creation of super-micropbes and super-insects and on and on and on and on and on….

    It is what it is, and the first thing people want from me is what is so olften hard to find: a real live burning smile and a display of joie de vrie. As John said, a “Tet offensive” will happen. The dominoes already stacked to tumble over and just need the right catalyst, which will surely arrive: “you can’t fool all the people all of the time”. (BTW, speaking of Abe the Tyrant, I think he deserves some benefit of doubt: the man got murdered. He had one helluva bully pulpit at the time of his assassination, and might well have handled Reconstruction with sufficient aplomb for us to not live in such an ambiguously, therefore irresolvable, apartheid state.)

    I was out this AM for a car factory recall service.

    The tech laughed when I said he looked funny without a mask and said I did too. The coffee machine served coffee again. The hand sanitizer was blissfully out of hand sanitizer, praise Zeusquali and the heavenly mafia. Walking outside to kill time and keep my bones from seizing up, some youngblood walked around with a mask on… but with dicknose. As if he liked wearing a mask so long as he could breathe.

    Very few masks, period.

    Tet offensive systempunkt? Professionals like John and his wife saying, NO. Das Kovid kulturkampf is mostly employed and pressured through the traditional means: access to money. (Remember when pee tests for drug use weren’t mandatory? Forcing many happy potheads with depression issues to switch to alcohol, the worst drug on the plaenet outside tobacco?) It takes teachers and nurses and anyone hard to replace telling their workplace they will no longer comply. Labor Unionism 101. Saul Lewinsky can tell you how it’s done.

    I sold things on the phone ages ago. The trick to it all was attitude more than technique. The trick was what a mentor/employer called the ‘courage of conviction’. Display your courage of conviction, firmly, not angrily (let THEM get angry and then ask them to calm down and be civil; let THEM embarrass themselves and act like the shrieking unreasonable person they are being); and watch them start nodding in acquiescence. People with no firm opinion of their own fold when confronted with the real thing.

    Face to face is still orders of magnitude more powerful than media… but everyonbe’s terrified to use it.

    Stand up on your hind legs and bark like a real dog, ok? There is no substitute for adamant determination — ask the Buddha if you don’t believe me.

    But it requires risk, that thing forbidden in today’s off-the-shelf lifestyle-by-indoctrination. You might get fired. Probably not. But if so, you’ll probably get hired back with compensatory bonus once your attorney is through with them 6 months from now.

    Lead, don’t follow. Don’t waste time “opposing”, that gets you judoed over society’s shoulder. TPTB LOVE opposition per that famous Gandhi dictum: “then they fight you, then they win.”

    Defiance is not opposition. It’s just doing what you intend to do, period. You may get in trouble, you may win and become a hero. You won’t know until you try. No guts, no glory. Same old, yadi ya, ho hum.

    And don’t forget to smile.

    madamski cafone

    “Pretty sure a big number are getting saline. Unf, it seems a big number are getting all variety of random things. No data to confirm or pattern it.”

    Makes sense. So long as the checks cash, Big Pharma’s happy.


    I’m sorry, Raul, I didn’t mean to imply you were doing the booting. Apologies!! Just having a problem today that I’ve not had in the past. Probably need to update my browser or something.

    TAE Summary

    * Votes you might wish you had made
    – Rose Perot in 1992
    – Ralph Nader in 2000
    – Ron Paul in 2012 (write in)
    – Jill Stein 2016

    * US Politics
    – Abe was a tyrant
    – Bernie was not Hillary, Donald was not Jeb
    – We need a people’s party
    – Spiritual problems can’t be solved with political solutions; The soul, not the class, must struggle
    – People need to wake up and smell the shit
    – Something wicked this way slouches toward Washington
    – Nukes and F15’s are now the foundational principles of America; The Democratic republic is dead; Now come the days of the King; May they be blessed

    * Bite first, remove corn husk later

    * There will be blood … laced with spike proteins

    * “Time to deal with the unvaxxed”; Give him a pass; It’s not him but the spike proteins in his balls that are talking.

    * The incel says “We must inject’em”
    “They hesitate, we don’t respect’em”
    He teases his fetish
    Projects his unmet wish
    A plectrum jabbed up his sweet rectum

    * Covid Daily
    – Spike protein antibodies inhibit natural antibodies
    – FDA approval will finally prove that the vaccines really are safe and effective
    – Many people have antibodies but don’t know it
    – Many existing drugs stop Covid
    – The jab doesn’t protect others or even the jabbee
    – Pfizer jab efficacy is decaying
    – One of the last things they do before they’re intubated is beg me for Ivemectin. I hold their hand and tell them “There, there. Shut up while I stick this hose down your wind pipe.”
    – Vakzinazis hide the origins of Covid
    – Most doctors prefer to treat only GMOs
    – No one knows what’s in the jab
    – Death-by-vaxx = No autopsy
    – The unvaxxed are the new lepers
    – The jab is from the same people who said Iraq had WMD’s and that opioids aren’t addictive
    – Covid is the Morning Star; The jab may blunt the spikes but the ball still packs a wallop
    Morning Star

    * Speaking English damages the brain; Hyper verbosity is a prolix fixation; Tune in, turn on, Blab less; Just smile and give’em a Vegemite sandwich

    * Ron Paul: Why have Covid vaccine deaths doubled in a week?
    Albert Bartlett: The greatest failing of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function

    madamski cafone

    “While quite a few perhaps could blab a bit less.”

    Could you be a bit more passive-aggressive? asked madamski, passive-aggressively.

    madamski cafone

    “The incel says “We must inject’em”
    “They hesitate, we don’t respect’em”
    He teases his fetish
    Projects his unmet wish
    A plectrum jabbed up his sweet rectum”

    I hopefully anticipate a rousing sea chantey next.

    madamski cafone

    “He might have answered your question in that long bit he added to the previous comment-thread just now. Not always easy to parse out what he’s trying to say.”

    Poor form. It’s like how TPTB hide the truth: they cover it with a swarm of reportage. Oh well. He owes me nothing.

    Dr. D

    Test run! 33,000 websites down. …But only Amazon, FedEx, Capital One…nobody important.

    Now whooda knood?


    I want to reach out to all at TAE, and thank Raul Ilargi and the Comment Crew for all of the great links and analysis that you have posted over the years.

    I’ve followed TAE since back when it was ToD Canada, and along with a handful of other blogs, it has been a major influence on my thinking over the last decade and more. I want to let you know what your work has meant to me, as I expect the lights to start going out across the accidental commons that is the open Internet over the coming months and years.

    When the morning comes that I launch TAE and get a 404, it will be too late to let you all know. (And too late to donate, which I have now done, insofar as I can.)

    Wishing you all the best – While I hope that ‘404 day’ never arrives, if it does I want you to know that you were heard, and that I and many others have appreciated and reflected on your words.

    madamski cafone

    For once, I’d say this was either Russian work or someone trying to make it look like Russian work. I say Russian. Trying to do all it can to keep the idjut men and women, wearing USA FLAG Depends and pretending to run the country like kids wearing towel-capes to be superheroes, from trying to start a real shooting war. Putin has no interest in wiping out 100 million people, but will if forced to.


    madamski cafone

    When I first learned there were such things as ‘voluntary incels’, and that they bragged about it albeit via self-pity, I “knew” that things were hopeless.

    Mister Roboto

    I also have a certain ability to socially shut out the noise of society. It’s shutting it out on the astral level in the past five years that I seem to be having difficulty with.


    Wishing you all the best – While I hope that ‘404 day’ never arrives, if it does I want you to know that you were heard, and that I and many others have appreciated and reflected on your words.

    Thanks Dan.


    The msm are reporting joe had a townhall meeting yesterday. Per CNN it was of course a roaring success, not-with-standing joe’s brain farts. Their not even trying to hide this anymore!

    Then someone posted a picture of joe’s townhall meeting from the back! Looks like only the front 3 rows are occupied! Likely just DNC staffers. No Joe Public! Looks a lot like hillary’s big non-crowds! You know where they only show hillary to hide the fact that there was no crowd at all!


    I can’t help but stare at those eyebrows on that tik tok vid. Could they possibly be real?


    It looks like the dems have something to hide! The orgins of covid! They just defeated a bill to reveal covid’s orgins. China joe hard at work! Actually it is Obama they are protecting, not the Chinese!

    Maxwell Quest

    Been too busy to write lately, but still find time to read a few articles, view a Vid or two, and read the comments. Anything I could possibly add is already being echoed by another. Having said that, I’ll go on to negate it…

    “Who tried? Like Poet, I tried every day of my life so far. No uptake. None.” – Dr. D

    This is despair talking, and who hasn’t felt it’s gloom now and then. Dr. D does not seem to be the type to hide his candle under a bushel; therefore, his light shines on all that come within his orbit, which is job one. Otherwise, our complaining would be like the authoritarians, because others won’t bend to our will or accept our teaching.

    Mixing metaphors now, the ripples each human life sends out are so numerous they cannot be counted, and they go out whether we see them or not, whether we intend them to or not. The ‘uptake’ is there, whether good or bad. During the life review, which arrives immediately after our transition, we will be shown every influence our life has produced, including its second and third order effects: how just one act of kindness cheered a man, who decided to say something nice to his wife, who found the courage to give up smoking, which made the children so happy that they pet the dog whose tail then wagged in delight.

    Don’t despair. The knowledge of life we accuse others of being blind to is not easily won. It is not free, but must be purchased. The price is high. Mythology is full of this teaching. The Golden Fleece is not given to any unworthy slob who just stumbles upon it. It is the result of an epic journey in which every challenge and obstacle must be vanquished before the prize is won. So, do your duty, follow your path, follow truth, always be kind to those less fortunate than yourself. And if they are teachable, but not yet ready for Calculus, teach them addition instead.

    Mister Roboto

    Words of truth, Maxwell quest.

    Mixing metaphors now, the ripples each human life sends out are so numerous they cannot be counted, and they go out whether we see them or not, whether we intend them to or not.

    That’s why I think and feel that it’s important to pray every day. Because even if my everyday actions aren’t “much of a much”, at least I’m making an effort to broadcast out some “good vibes”.

    Mister Roboto

    those darned kids

    “Jenny, my humanity-compass, my wife, has been feeling tremendously pressured and torn. It’s not that she doesn’t see the power dynamics and the stakes.”

    i actually thought of copying and pasting your entire post, just changing the names and details.

    may peace be upon us all.


    Will of Love = LOVE

    How to LOVE in Weaverville, CA where everything around me – the conifer forests, trees, manzanita, animals, rivers/streams/lakes, are drying and dying due to extreme relentless heat and zero rain? How not to see it, feel it – as it is in my face on every morning hike/walk, drive into town, throughout Trinity County. Fuck my polarized glasses as they clearly reveal which trees are the next victims to lay over. Today a dead deer, fox, and skunk all crushed to death on the road in a desperate attempt to get at water. At times it feels unreal because it is so real.

    Am I just gonna stop walking and living because I can’t stand to be in the world facing the destruction? Is it possible to honor my anguish, fear, and sadness yet choose not to live in it??? To be in this world and not of it?

    The only Way is LOVE.

    Whatever I am doing, I do it with LOVE.
    Whatever I am thinking/saying, I think/say it with LOVE.
    Whatever I am feeling, I feel LOVE.

    There is great LOVE in the effort to LOVE.

    madamski cafone

    “Mixing metaphors now, the ripples each human life sends out are so numerous they cannot be counted, and they go out whether we see them or not, whether we intend them to or not. The ‘uptake’ is there, whether good or bad. During the life review, which arrives immediately after our transition, we will be shown every influence our life has produced, including its second and third order effects: how just one act of kindness cheered a man, who decided to say something nice to his wife, who found the courage to give up smoking, which made the children so happy that they pet the dog whose tail then wagged in delight.”


    madamski cafone

    Wow. Try listening with Closed Captions on. The bots have no clue either:

    The reason what said this not sense make

    madamski cafone

    We mentioned satire earlier.

    The news killed satire.

    madamski cafone

    911 was an inside job, right? SO, methinks, is the controlled demolition of Biden by hios handlers:

    CNN: Fact check: Biden makes false claims about Covid-19, auto prices and other subjects at CNN town hall

    There’s also an element of damage control in this, but damage control while achieving complete destruction is the essence of controlled demolition, right?



    Om Tat Sat

    madamski cafone

    “Today a dead deer, fox, and skunk all crushed to death on the road in a desperate attempt to get at water. At times it feels unreal because it is so real.”

    This obscure music is my personal threnody for the nonhuman victims of our time:

    Owl Blindness

    Mister Roboto

    Probably no country in the developed world is being more hammered by the dreaded Delta Variant than the UK. So I looked at three separate graphs provided by Google and The New York Times for Covid new cases, deaths, and hospitalizations. The interesting thing about the graph is that you can compare what is happening now with the Delta Variant surge with what happened last autumn/ winter with the Alpha Variant that came to be known as the “British Variant” at the time.

    With the previous Alpha Variant surge, new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, all went up very dramatically. With the current Delta Variant surge, new cases are now up just as high as they were back around New Years Day, but deaths are very dramatically not up at all, and hospitalizations are up only a little bit, and ICU admissions, which this graph also tracks, are only up just the teeniest, tiniest tich. So it appears that perhaps the Delta Variant might turn out to give the people infected with it an immunity to Covid without them having to pay a terrible price in suffering in the hospital for it. Though I have no doubt the fear-porn in the UK media is currently being ratcheted past 10 all the way up to 12 right now!


    There’s this, which I thought very interesting, concerning weather manipulation.

    I grow much quieter every day-
    Such vicious things are being said.
    But now I’ll answer back and say:
    Some must survive to bury the dead.

    I would say I have experienced near heaven on earth too often to count. Then again, it doesn’t take much to make me happy. I’m a nature kid.
    Eternal life bothers me. No matter how nice something might be, going on forever sounds horrible.


    Suggestion for the name of uberlords: The Humorless.

    madamski cafone

    “I grow much quieter every day-
    Such vicious things are being said.
    But now I’ll answer back and say:
    Some must survive to bury the dead.”

    You and Emily Dickinson. Bravo.

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