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Edward Hopper Cape Cod morning 1950


Data From India Continues To Blow Up The ‘Delta’ Fear Narrative (Blaze)
Here It Comes (Denninger)
‘Pingdemic’ Triggers Widespread Panic Hoarding At UK Supermarkets (ZH)
List Of UK Venues That Could Mandate “Vaccine Passports” Already Expanding (SN)
Italy Will Start Requiring Covid Vaccine Passes For Many Activities (JTN)
Thousands Protest as Italy Mandates Health Pass (GP)
49 Fully Vaccinated People In New Jersey Have Died From Covid-19 (Blaze)
42 People Quarantined At San Antonio Assisted Living Facility (Ksat)
Toka, the Most Dangerous Israeli Spyware Firm You’ve Never Heard Of (Webb)
The Trillion-Dollar Lie (Taibbi)
Facebook Cracks Down On Discussing ‘Hoes’ In Gardening Group (NYP)





Vaccine safety McCullough






Big Pharma: 25% of US economy



“About the whole “vaccines don’t stop transmission but they stop severe disease thing”:
Number of new severe cases in Israel (where 95% of the population over 60 and 80+% over 20 is fully vaccinated):
Week of 6/22-6/29: 3
Week of 7/15-7/21: 81
That’s a mere 2600% increase.”

Data From India Continues To Blow Up The ‘Delta’ Fear Narrative (Blaze)

The prevailing narrative from Fauci, Walensky, and company is that Delta is more serious than anything before, and even though vaccines are even less effective against it, its spread proves the need to vaccinate even more people. Unless we do that, we must return to the very effective lockdowns and masks. In reality, India’s experience proves the opposite true; namely: • Delta is largely an attenuated version, with a much lower fatality rate, that for most people is akin to a cold. • Masks failed to stop the spread there. • The country has come close to the herd immunity threshold with just 3% vaccinated. • Most people are now getting cold-like symptoms from Delta, but to the extent countries hit by Delta suffered some deaths and serious illness, they could have been avoided not with vaccines and masks, but with early and preventive treatment like ivermectin.

In other words, our government is learning all the wrong lessons from India, and now Israel and the U.K. Let’s unpack what we know occurred in India and now in some of the other countries experiencing a surge in cases of the Indian “Delta” variant. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) recently conducted a fourth nationwide serological test and found that 67.6% of those over 6 years old in June and July had antibodies, including 85% of health care workers. This is a sharp increase from the 24.1% level detected during the December-January study. What we can conclude definitively is that strict mask-wearing (especially among health care workers) failed to stop the spread one bit. Yet now they have achieved herd immunity and burned out the virus with just 3% vaccination (now up to 6%) with roughly one-sixth the death rate of the U.S. and the U.K. and less than one-half that of Israel.

[..] If you look at any chart from Scotland, which is now mainly over the curve, there is a complete decoupling of deaths from cases. The same thing is being observed in Israel, which is slightly behind the curve. The country has had just 20 deaths so far in July, but again, 15 of them were of vaccinated individuals. However, to the extent that there are cases, and the relatively rare serious cases, the vaccines have proven to be a bust in preventing them. The Western countries are relying on an exponentially higher vaccination rate than India with a much lower seroprevalence rate from infection. It’s simply not working. According to Israel’s Ministry of Health, the Pfizer vaccine efficacy against infection dropped 42% since the start of the inoculation drive in Israel, and efficacy against severe illness has dropped 60% among those vaccinated early on. Ditto for the United Kingdom.<

[..] the experience from India and the Delta variant teaches us the exact opposite of what the panic-mongers are pushing. Natural immunity, not vaccination, is king.

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“This was not an “accident” since the studies were published and known — it was deliberate blindness undertaken in the interest of speed and money before human safety and indeed human life.”

Here It Comes (Denninger)

The “spike unit” that the jabs are all constructed around, it has developed, something known to the NIH and the pharmaceutical companies before Covid-19 was claimed to exist in January of 2020. There is a transfer agreement from the NIH to a university dated prior to that time, and some evidence that the exact spike configuration found in Covid-19 was being discussed in scientific papers long before that. How can you have a scientific discussion, write papers on and transfer technology related to something that isn’t known to exist yet? Fauci was grilled on this the other day by Congress, asked directly if the spike in Covid-19 was identical to that in said paper, and refused to answer with a yes or no. He knows damn well what the answer is and if he lied that would be proved 4perjury and a criminal offense.

If he tells the truth then the etiology of Covid-19 is conclusively known to wildly pre-date the so-called “discovery” and now we must start asking all sorts of other questions; said questions degenerate very rapidly into criminal culpability on the part of many including a whole bunch of people right here in the US. Fauci looked very nervous in that hearing — exactly like a man who has been caught bull****ting since the start, there’s a half-million bodies piled up as a result and his neck is itching. When the jab trials started, in short, we knew that severe disease from Covid-19 was primarily a thrombotic event. We also knew that roughly 80% of the population had decent if not excellent resistance and would get nothing more than a mild or moderate cold or flu from it. That proof goes all the way back to Diamond Princess.

Hell, a couple reasonably well-known to me got hit by the ‘Ro in the early months, both elderly and quite morbid. He was dead in five days while she never even sneezed, a flat impossibility for two people who are married and sleeping with each other if everyone is susceptible as we were told. We investigated and learned why that has repeatedly happened; the science was published in June, peer-reviewed by September and published in Nature — long before the first jab went into the first arm. These are facts. We also knew, from decades of trying, that coronavirus vaccines had always failed in the past. We deliberately did not look at the thrombotic profile of the trial participants in the vaccines; specifically, we did not pull d-Dimer and troponin tests (both cheap) on the participants before the jab, and then sequentially on intervals (e.g. 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks) to detect whether we were in fact inducing damage similar to the disease.

The drugmakers did not look because quite-obviously they did not want to know; if that showed up in the trials in any sort of statistically relevant percentage of the enrollees it would have instantly shut down the trials and freaked out the thousands in said trials who put themselves at risk. I remind you that in September of 2020 the first scientific paper was published indicating that the “Spike” was quite possibly the direct cause of the serious damage and virtually all Covid-19 deaths. Several papers followed starting in December of 2020, prior to mass-distribution of the jabs, confirming that the spike was directly capable of causing pathology — that is, severe damage — without the rest of the virus being present at all. Failing to halt the roll-out to prove that the vaccines, which all cause production of said spike in your body, would not cause the same effects was criminally insane and grossly negligent given the science at the time. This was not an “accident” since the studies were published and known — it was deliberate blindness undertaken in the interest of speed and money before human safety and indeed human life.


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The NHS app goes Ping when you’ve been close to a “case”: you need to self-isolate for ten days. Last week, it did that half a million times. Entire industries come to a halt.

‘Pingdemic’ Triggers Widespread Panic Hoarding At UK Supermarkets (ZH)

Britain’s supermarkets are struggling to ensure adequate food supply after reports of panic hoarding due to what the British press calls “ping-demic” – a reference to being “pinged” by the NHS test-and-trace system. We noted on Monday that ping-demic was likely to “lead to food shortages,” and that is precisely what is happening today. The Independent reports UK’s largest supermarkets are experiencing shortages after the number of people getting “pinged” on the NHS Test and triggered mass confusion. The NHS app sent a half-million alerts last week, notifying users they have to quarantine for ten days because of possible close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. This has caused a supply chain shock and disruptions as hundreds of thousands of people panic buy food and fuel to survive the quarantine.

British newspapers and social media users published pictures of empty supermarket shelves. “We’re very concerned about the situation,” Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng told Sky News when asked about panic hoarding at supermarkets. “We’re monitoring the situation.” Sainsbury’s, Britain’s second-largest supermarket group, warned about supply shortages: “We are working hard to ensure customers can find what they need. “While we might not always have the exact product a customer is looking for in every store, large quantities of products are being delivered to stores daily and our colleagues are focused on getting them onto the shelves as quickly as they can,” a Sainsbury’s spokesperson told Reuters.

The ping-demic comes after Prime Minister Boris Johnson lifted the remaining COVID-linked restrictions on movement and business at midnight on Monday, finally allowing people to move about more or less freely, even as new COVID cases are climbing in the UK and much of the EU. A meat industry body warned that Britain’s food supply chains are on the cusp of “failing” due to labor shortages. British supermarket Iceland had to close several stores in recent weeks due to staff shortages. Rabobank’s Michal Every points out that ping-demic is hugely disruptive to businesses as crucial staff suddenly don’t turn up to work when there are already labor shortages.

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ha ha ha

List Of UK Venues That Could Mandate “Vaccine Passports” Already Expanding (SN)

The list of attractions that could be forced to mandate vaccine passports as a condition of entry is already growing, with minister Nadhim Zahawi listing other “crowded venues” that may have to ban the unvaccinated. On Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a mockery of ‘freedom day’ – when all coronavirus restrictions were supposed to be lifted – by announcing that nightclubs would be made to check for vaccine status on the door. Despite widespread backlash to the idea and the potential for a defeat when it comes to a vote in Parliament, vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi indicated today that the program could be extended further. During a speech to the Commons, Zahawi said sporting and business events, churches, music venues and festivals would also be subject to the rules, which are expected to come into force at the end of September. “We reserve the right to mandate its use in the future,” he said.

Zahawi also asked venues to make providing evidence of taking the jab or a negative test a condition of entry before September despite the fact that it’s not the law. “Although we don’t encourage its use in essential settings like supermarkets, other businesses and organisations in England can adopt the pass as a means of entry where it is suitable for their venue or premises when they can see its potential to keep their clients or their customers safe,” he said. As we previously highlighted, some nightclub owners are already saying they will refuse to follow the law because the system will be unworkable and wipe out profit margins. It remains to be seen whether the entire issue is just a PR stunt to bully younger people into taking the vaccine or whether it will actually be implemented. The government previously assured the public that vaccine passports would not be introduced for domestic purposes, even going so far as to label the practice “discriminatory.”

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“to keep economic activity open.”

Italy Will Start Requiring Covid Vaccine Passes For Many Activities (JTN)

Italian officials approved a decree Thursday that would require Italians to carry passes that reflect their vaccination status to access various public places. Premier Mario Draghi approved the system called “green pass.” The system will start being implemented on Aug. 6, according to the Associated Press. The passes will start being required if Italians want to go to gyms, museums, movie theaters, and the inside of businesses such as restaurants. Draghi said that the passes are needed so that people can enjoy activities “with the assurance they won’t be next to contagious people.” The premier argued that the passes, which people can get if they can prove they received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine within the last nine months, are needed “to keep economic activity open.” Health Minister Roberto Speranza noted that approximately 40 million Italians have already downloaded a “green pass.”

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Thousands is not enough. Big protest weekend coming up in many places.

Thousands Protest as Italy Mandates Health Pass (GP)

Italy mandated their version of a vaccine passport today, called the ‘green pass.’ This gross violation of freedom sparked a wave of massive protests across the country. Just like the tens of thousands of French citizens who have been demonstrating in the streets for the past week, the Italian people were immediately outraged. Large crowds stayed well into the night and chants for freedom and “no green pass” rang out loudly. Protesters plan to continue the demonstrations throughout the weekend. The new measure forces people to show proof of vaccination if they want to engage in any of a wide range of day to day activities like eating indoors at restaurants. It also makes getting the jab compulsory for healthcare workers.

The Italian government issued the authoritarian mandates despite recent reports out of the UK and Israel that show the vaccinated account for 47% and 84% of all new covid cases, respectively. Democrats and their drooling media sycophants love to claim that America’s vaccine hesitancy is because of ‘wild right wing conservative disinformation’ that is ‘literally killing people.’ In reality, there is a worldwide resistance to this experimental vaccine. The mass uprisings in France, UK, Taiwan, Italy, Cuba, and many other countries, have sent that message loud and clear.

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That’s just the official number.

49 Fully Vaccinated People In New Jersey Have Died From Covid-19 (Blaze)

Forty-nine fully vaccinated individuals in New Jersey have passed away from COVID-19 through July 12, Garden State health officials informed NJ Advance Media on Wednesday. The outlet reported that according to New Jersey Department of Health spokesperson Donna Leusner, over half of the people who passed away had at least one underlying medical issue. “Of the 27 deaths of people with underlying conditions, 17 had cardiovascular disease, seven had diabetes and nine had cancer or other immunocompromised conditions, she said,” according to the outlet. “Five had chronic lung conditions, three had chronic kidney disease, one had chronic liver disease and five others are listed as ‘other chronic diseases,'” the outlet reported, noting that some individuals who passed away suffered from more than one underlying issue.

“All of the deaths were people over age 50, with 30 of them over age 80,” the outlet reported. “Thirteen of the deaths were people between the ages of 65 and 79, and six were between the ages of 50 and 64, Leusner said,” according to NJ Advance Media. The CDC reports that 48.8% of the total U.S. population have been fully vaccinated, while 56.3% have received at least one dose. [..] The CDC says that a small proportion of people who have been fully vaccinated will still become ill. “Vaccine breakthrough cases are expected,” according to the CDC. “COVID-19 vaccines are effective and are a critical tool to bring the pandemic under control. However, no vaccines are 100% effective at preventing illness in vaccinated people. There will be a small percentage of fully vaccinated people who still get sick, are hospitalized, or die from COVID-19.”

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Here, the fully vaccinated drag some innocent unvaccinated down with them.

42 People Quarantined At San Antonio Assisted Living Facility (Ksat)

Forty-two people are now in isolation after testing positive for COVID-19 at a San Antonio assisted living facility, a management company for the facility confirms. The positive cases were reported among 31 residents and 11 staff members last week at Heartis San Antonio Assisted Living and Memory Care on the far North Side. All 31 residents are fully vaccinated; four staff members are fully vaccinated, three have their first doses and four have not been vaccinated, officials said. In Bexar County, as of Wednesday, July 21, city COVID-19 records show the seven-day average of new cases is at 363.

Although the hospital stress locally is deemed “mild,” the city website also indicates that the risk level of contracting the virus is “worsening.” Heartis San Antonio said it is testing all staff and residents weekly, and they are also conducting health screenings on a daily basis. The first employees that tested positive for COVID-19 were “exhibiting symptoms at work and were immediately sent home,” according to officials. All of those who tested positive for COVID-19 are out of the assisting living facility and were relocated to a nearby partnered facility, officials said.

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No politician will put a halt to this. They’d be run out of town.

Toka, the Most Dangerous Israeli Spyware Firm You’ve Never Heard Of (Webb)

This past Sunday, an investigation into the global abuse of spyware developed by veterans of Israeli intelligence Unit 8200 gained widespread attention, as it was revealed that the software – sold to democratic and authoritarian governments alike – had been used to illegally spy on an estimated 50,000 individuals. Among those who had their communications and devices spied on by the software, known as Pegasus, were journalists, human rights activists, business executives, academics and prominent political leaders. Among those targeted political leaders, per reports, were the current leaders of France, Pakistan, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco and Iraq. [..] While the NSO Group has become infamous, other Israeli companies with even deeper ties to Israel’s intelligence apparatus have been selling software that not only provides the exact same services to governments and intelligence agencies but purports to go even farther.

Originally founded by former Israeli Prime Minister and Jeffrey Epstein associate Ehud Barak, one of these companies’ wares are being used by countries around the world, including in developing countries with the direct facilitation of global financial institutions like the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the World Bank. In addition, the software is only made available to governments that are “trusted” by Israel’s government, which “works closely” with the company. Despite the fact that this firm has been around since 2018 and was covered in detail by this author for MintPress News in January 2020, no mainstream outlet – including those that have extensively covered the NSO Group – has bothered to examine the implications of this story.

Toka was launched in 2018 with the explicit purpose of selling a “tailored ecosystem of cyber capabilities and software products for governmental, law enforcement, and security agencies.” According to a profile of the company published in Forbes shortly after it launched, Toka advertised itself as “a one-stop hacking shop for governments that require extra capability to fight terrorists and other threats to national security in the digital domain.” Toka launched with plans to “provide spy tools for whatever device its clients require,” including not only smartphones but a “special focus on the so-called Internet of Things (IoT).” Per the company, this includes devices like Amazon Echo, Google Nest-connected home products, as well as connected fridges, thermostats and alarms.

Exploits in these products discovered by Toka, the company said at the time, would not be disclosed to vendors, meaning those flaws would continue to remain vulnerable to any hacker, whether a client of Toka or not. Today, Toka’s software suite claims to offer its customers in law enforcement, government and intelligence the ability to obtain “targeted intelligence” and to conduct “forensic investigations” as well as “covert operations.” In addition, Toka offers governments its “Cyber Designers” service, which provides “agencies with the full-spectrum strategies, customized projects and technologies needed to keep critical infrastructure, the digital landscape and government institutions secure and durable.”

Julian Assange

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Good story telling.

The Trillion-Dollar Lie (Taibbi)

Stefanie Gray explains why, as a teenager, she was so anxious to leave her home state of Florida to go to college. “I went to garbage schools and I’m from a garbage low-income suburb where everyone sucks Oxycontin all day,” she says. “I needed to get out.” She got into Hunter College in New York, but both her parents had died and she had nowhere near enough to pay tuition, so she borrowed. “I just had nothing and was poor as hell, so I took out loans,” she says. This being 2006, just a year after the infamous Bankruptcy Bill of 2005 was passed, she believed news stories about student loans being non-dischargeable in bankruptcy. She believed they would be with her for life, or until they were paid off. “My understanding was, it’s better to purchase 55 big-screen TVs on a credit card, and discharge that in a court of law, then be a student who’s getting an education,” she says.

Still, she asked for financial aid: “I was like, ‘My parents are dead, I’m a literal fucking orphan, I have no siblings. I’m just taking out this money to put my ass through school.” Instead of a denial, she got plenty of credit, including a slice of what were called “direct-to-consumer” loans, that came with a whopping 14% interest rate. One of her loans also came from a company called MyRichUncle that, before going bankrupt in 2009, would briefly become famous for running an ad disclosing a kickback system that existed between student lenders and college financial aid offices. Gray was not the cliché undergrad, majoring in underwater basket-weaving with no plan to repay her loans. She took geographical mapping, with the specific aim of getting a paying job quickly. But she graduated in the middle of the post-2008 crash, when “53% of people 18 to 29 were unemployed or underemployed.”

“I couldn’t even get a job scrubbing toilets at a local motel,” she recalls. “They told me straight up that I was over-educated. I was like, “Literally, I’ll do your housekeeping. I don’t give a shit, just let me make money and not get evicted and end up homeless.” The lender Sallie Mae at the time had an amusingly loathsome policy of charging a repeating $150 fee every three months just for the privilege of applying for forbearance. Gray was so pissed about having to pay $50 a month just to say she was broke that she started a change.org petition that ended up gathering 170,000 signatures. She personally delivered those to the offices of Sallie Mae and ended up extracting a compromise out of the firm: they’d still charge the fee, but she could at least apply it to her balance, as opposed to just sticking it in the company’s pocket as an extra. This meager “partial” victory over a student lender was so rare, the New York Times wrote about it.

Gray still owed a ton of student debt — it had ballooned from $36,000 to $77,000 — and collectors were calling her nonstop, perhaps with a little edge thanks to who she was. “They were telling me I should hit up people I know for money, which was one thing,” she recalls. “But when they started talking about giving blood, or selling plasma… I don’t know.” Sallie Mae ultimately sued Gray four times. In doing so, they made a strange error. It might have slipped by, but for luck. “By the grace of God,” Gray said, she met a man in the lobby of a courthouse, a future state Senator named Kevin Thomas, who took a look at her case. “Huh, I’ve got some ideas,” he said, eventually pointing to a problem right at the top of her lawsuit.

Sallie Mae did not represent itself in court as Sallie Mae. The listed plaintiff was “SLM Private Credit Student Loan Trust VL Funding LLC.” As was increasingly the case with mortgages and other forms of debt, student loans by then were typically gathered, pooled, and chopped into slices called tranches, to be marketed to investors. Gray, essentially, was being sued by a tranche of student loan debt, a little like being sued by the coach section of an airline flight. When Thomas advised her to look up the plaintiff’s name, she discovered it wasn’t registered to do business in the State of New York, which prompted the judge to rule that the entity lacked standing to sue. He fined Sallie Mae $10,000 for “nonsense” and gave Gray another rare victory over a student lender, which she ended up writing about herself this time, in The Guardian.

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The Onion and Babylon Bee need to take a serious look at their business model. What was crazy yesterday no longer is today.

Facebook Cracks Down On Discussing ‘Hoes’ In Gardening Group (NYP)

Facebook’s censors are digging deep — flagging the word “hoe” in a western New York gardening group because they apparently confused the tool for a disparaging term for women. A group called WNY Gardeners has been repeatedly flagged by the social network for “violating community standards,” when its more than 7,500 members discussed the long-handled bladed implement, which is spelled with an “e,” unlike the offensive term. When one member commented “Push pull hoe!” on a post about preferred weeding tools, Facebook sent a notification that read, “We reviewed this comment and found it goes against our standards for harassment and bullying,” a moderator said.

“And so I contacted Facebook, which was useless. How do you do that?,” Elizabeth Licata said. “You know, I said this is a gardening group, a hoe is gardening tool.” Licata said she never a response from the company, but a Facebook representative told The Associated Press that some of the enforcements had been corrected, and an actual person will check supposedly offensive posts in the future before the group is sanctioned or deleted. “We have plans to build out better customer support for our products and to provide the public with even more information about our policies and how we enforce them,” Facebook said in an emailed statement.

The extra set of eyes did not prevent a subsequent post in the group from being automatically disabled because of “possible violence, incitement, or hate in multiple comments,” Licata said. “Kill them all. Drown them in soapy water,” and “Japanese beetles are jerks,” were some comments Facebook deemed offensive, according to the moderator. The gardening group snafu was not Facebook’s first hoe faux pas. This winter, the social network apologized to residents of Plymouth Hoe, an area of the coastal city of Plymouth in England, for repeatedly flagging posts that referenced the seaside attraction. “These posts were removed in error and we apologize to those who were affected. We’re looking into what happened and will take steps to rectify the error,” Facebook said at the time.

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    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle July 23 2021]

    Mister Roboto

    Alex Berenson’s claim about hospitalizations and deaths in the UK soaring are at odds with what I saw on the graphs furnished by Google. But perhaps he has a more up-to-date source of information, so I’ll continue to look at those as time goes on.

    Mister Roboto

    And since V. Arnold apparently isn’t up yet, I’ll just say that the color-contrasts in the painting really are strikingly beautiful. 🙂

    V. Arnold

    Edward Hopper Cape Cod morning 1950

    Ah, another Hopper…wonderful; had many mornings like that…

    On another note: from yesterdays debt rattle by Ilargi;
    No-one’s getting booted or blocked. While quite a few perhaps could blab a bit less.

    The response was predictable; passive aggresive, blah, blah, blah…
    Unfortunate given our host offers uncensored commenting for all posters…
    A few, abuse that privilage with the majority of comments on any given post; discouraging many of us from saying anything further…
    This is Ilargi’s home, so-to-speak, and not respecting that is abuse; pure and simple…
    Given most of us are adults (?) I don’t think discretion is a step too far…
    Stay classy ya’ll…

    V. Arnold

    I would much apprciate removing the whole woman in red schtick…



    Here It Comes (Denninger)

    Karl goes over some of the same ground as Dr David Martin regarding the Covid ‘discovery’ timeline.

    Hmmm, kinda problematic, wouldn’t you say?

    Finally the brilliant analytic minds of Denninger and Martin overlap.

    The Covid tale is a yard of lies and knots, Gordian Knots.

    It needs to be picked apart at a deep forensic level that most commentator can’t muster.

    Gordian Knot




    The VAERS system has been ‘captured’ along with pretty much everything else regarding Sars-CoV-2.

    It’s telling to watch one highly qualified, impeccably credentialed physician after another grapple with the insane amount of utter outright corruption and lies surrounding the Plandemic.

    These are highly trained, logical individuals who seem at wits end to comprehend how such a state of affairs is even possible.

    It like witnessing the ritual dismemberment of the social Trust Horizon in the Roman Colosseum and looking up to see the Emperor’s thumb turning down.



    Mr. House
    absolute galore

    I don’t have a huge problem with people “overposting.” I just scroll on by. Especially a post that consists of just a link, with a cute description that does not tell me what I’m going to. I will maybe do one of those now and then just for kicks, but otherwise, can’t be bothered. No harm no foul. (GIFs on the other hand, please, stop. MySpace anyone?)

    I get why Taibbi needs to charge for his journalism, certainly worth being paid for. But linking to partial articles is a little frustrating. Interesting, he is saying the student loans not being eligible for bankruptcy is a fallacy (though does not get into why in the intro only part outside the paywall). Funny because Chris Martenson in his video just yesterday made a big point of the unforgivable student loans. Oops.

    Here’s a few headlines from the NYT front page, in case anyone is interested in how the 68% are viewing things:

    Forget Mask Mandates. Vaccines Are the Only Answer for Fighting Covid-19.

    Why Vaccinated People Are Getting ‘Breakthrough’ Infections
    The vaccines are effective, but they are not a golden shield, resulting in some vaccinated people getting infected, mostly with mild or asymptomatic cases.
    A health care worker registered Mia Fontes, 15, for her second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine in New York City.

    They Live in a Virus Hot Spot but Won’t Be Vaccinated

    Staten Island’s recent uptick in coronavirus cases foretold a larger increase across New York City.

    The Morning Newsletter: Vaccine Mandates Are Divisive but Effective

    What Scientists Know About the Delta Variant

    Covid Updates: Travel in Australia-New Zealand Bubble Is Suspended

    And we were worried how the media would survive without Trump….Right from TDS to CDS!

    absolute galore

    Hopefully this time will work, but maybe too much pasting and the software does not allow it. I will try posting in sections, I think it is important.
    Anyway this is from a NYT newsletter I receive. A masterpiece of propaganda. I like the way they try to put it in the context of vaccines historically, as if the mRNA “vaccines” were in any way comparable.
    Good morning. Vaccine mandates are controversial. They’re also an effective way to save lives.
    How to save lives
    Vaccine mandates are controversial. They’re also effective.
    Before Houston Methodist became one of the first hospital systems in the U.S. to mandate Covid-19 vaccines, about 85 percent of its employees were vaccinated. After the mandate, the share rose to about 98 percent, with the remaining 2 percent receiving exemptions for medical or religious reasons, Bloomberg’s Carey Goldberg reported. Only about 0.6 percent of employees quit or were fired.
    Schools — including Indiana University and many private colleges — that require students and workers to get vaccinated have reported extremely high uptake.
    A recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey of Americans who had been opposed to getting vaccinated and later changed their minds found that mandates — or restrictions on the unvaccinated — were one common reason. One 51-year-old man told Kaiser that he began to feel as if he had “limited options without it.”
    The French government will soon require that people show proof of vaccination or a recent negative test to eat at a restaurant, attend a movie or participate in many other activities. After President Emmanuel Macron announced the policy last week, the number of vaccine appointments surged. Italy announced a similar policy yesterday, The Times’s Marc Santora explains.

    absolute galore

    It’s true that these mandates often generate intense criticism. In France, more than 100,000 people marched to protest Macron’s policy. In the U.S., critics sued, unsuccessfully so far, to stop Indiana University’s mandate. Some Republican politicians have also tried to stop mandates, including Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida and Gov. Mike DeWine of Ohio.
    The mandates are also not 100 percent effective. Some people will receive exemptions, as was the case at Houston Methodist. A small number may forge vaccine records. And some vaccinated people will still contract mild versions of Covid, through so-called breakthrough infections.
    But even with the opposition and the exceptions, mandates can play a major role in reducing the spread of Covid and saving lives. That’s especially true now that the Delta variant is fueling a rise in cases. “The takeaway message remains, if you’re vaccinated, you are protected,” Dr. Céline Gounder, an infectious disease specialist, told our colleague Apoorva Mandavilli. “You are not going to end up with severe disease, hospitalization or death.”
    A ‘staggering’ success
    Covid is a new disease, and the debates over Covid policy can seem new, as well. But they’re often not wholly new. They instead echo longstanding debates. Vaccine mandates fall into this category.
    Throughout history, societies have struggled with when and how to require vaccines. Opponents of mandates have argued that individuals should be allowed to make their own health decisions — and bear the consequences: What, they ask, is more personal than deciding whether to inject a medicine into one’s body? Supporters of mandates have replied that society has a duty to protect its citizens, including those who cannot be inoculated (like young children and some immunocompromised people, in the case of Covid) and are therefore put at risk by people who voluntarily refuse vaccines.

    absolute galore

    For these reasons, vaccine mandates cause intense disputes. But when supporters win the argument, public health has often benefited. Guy Nicolette, an administrator at the University of California, Berkeley, pointed out to The Washington Post that colleges have long required other vaccines, like the one for measles. “It’s staggering how well a mandate works on a college campus,” he said.
    Dr. Aaron Carroll, Indiana University’s chief health officer, has noted that the country’s victories over many diseases — including smallpox, polio, mumps, rubella and diphtheria — have depended on vaccine mandates by states or local governments. “That’s how the country achieves real herd immunity,” Carroll wrote in The Times. (In the U.S., a national mandate may be unconstitutional.)
    When states and school districts have opted not to require vaccines, a disease can often spread needlessly, Carroll explained. That has been the case with human papillomavirus, a sexually transmitted disease known as HPV that can cause cancer. It’s also been the case with influenza, which kills about 35,000 Americans in a typical flu season.
    Covid now seems certain to join influenza and HPV as diseases that American society chooses to accept. But it is a choice. Companies, schools and communities that decide to enact vaccine mandates will almost certainly save American lives by doing so.
    Mark Barnes, a former health official in New York City, told Bloomberg that he expected the number of these mandates to grow in coming months. “We’re going to see more vaccine mandates by large organizations of all kinds,” he predicted.


    DImitri’s paper describes where Jews were no longer allowed to go as per July 8, 1942. Same difference. We need major demonstrations.

    Dr. D

    Empty shelves, UK. Hey, is that just like Venezuela and Argentina, when a broke, corrupt government starts printing money and nobody works? Ah, IF ONLY we had some examples of this, of Socialism, in history, maybe we would know. Oh well. We probably need more government, more helping, and more UBI.

    Police are jumping the lines and joining the protesters in France. That’s the tipping point for the end of Macron and the end of the 5th Republic, ending the same way as all the others since 1789: death, prison, repression, inflation, despair. But like us, national character expressing over and over.

    Speaking of a failing UK, pointlessly flexing its muscles like Argentina, they’re deploying to hold some islands they can’t hold and don’t own, this time in the Pacific. against China. Yeah, those are the largest, most expensive sitting ducks ever created.

    I think their, Mattis’, desire to force CRT and high heels for Navy Seals, while avoiding training in, you know, not running into things on the open seas, is a way to bait China into believing we’re weak and stupid while we (the Anglos) still have some strength left. This is related to giving China out whole Sandida labs, the stealth bomber blueprints, the Secretary of State’s whole email server, and I can’t even remember all the others.

    So here we are again, trying to get them to move early, not slow in their own time. Like back when we tried to force them to revalue their currency (certain death) and they countered the Fannie/Freddy with “Twist” rather than causing US certain death. …That we could blame on them and get belligerent, etc. I guess, being fools, they think everybody else in nations are fools too. China say: “Why hurry? You’re dying a thousand deaths. Isn’t that good enough?”

    “42 People Quarantined At San Antonio Assisted Living Facility (Ksat)”

    Yes, but is anybody “Sick”? As in, if we didn’t have scare tests, would they just think it’s the flu? Like Delta, nobody tracks it, nobody knows. Health is bad for business, medical and media alike. As you see in NJ – and so probably in Scotland – a huge # “died with vaccine” died of cancer or kidney failure. Yes CV put them over the edge, but what, 90 days earlier? When everyone’s lying, these numbers are hard.

    In student loans, so many sides. First, as I always say, it’s ILLEGAL. That is, unconstitutional to prevent discharge in bankruptcy. The Clintons didn’t care and I guess nobody else does either.

    Second, you knew this, what are you doing? Did you somehow not notice every parent, adult, and official lies to you with every breath?

    Third, this is BANK WELFARE, which is why the Clintons put it in, as well as killing Glass-Steagal. What do you have if you collect money but have no risk whatsoever? That’s right, a handout, free money. FROM the poorest, TO the richest. Direct transfer from taxpayers to corporations in a complete merger. Four, if failing, so will the entire United States, as most of our debt is now student.

    Four, really? As this article points out, they have no game, no case, and the rules are in favor of the debtor if you pay $500 bucks and ask any (bankruptcy) lawyer, pay $100 bucks and read some books. Since money is free, zero banks DGAF, and will give loans for cars, houses, cards, etc, a day after bankruptcy. The house is rigged IN YOUR FAVOR. If you know you can sneak around the back of the table and see the dealer’s crooked hand every day. The people demand to be victims, REFUSE TO FIGHT. Now I know if a fraction did this, they’d close the loopholes, but if 90% of the people did something, they’d vote out the illegal laws in the first place. If it’s only you and five friends, there are a ton of gray exploits.

    I understand, but when everyone on the road is a con man or a thief, is conning the con man and robbing the thief really unethical? If you were a pickpocket and pickpocketed back to the mark, who are you stealing from? Don’t make your world like this and you won’t need to find out. Until then, the banks have provided sheets of exploits for anyone who looks.

    “I got it wrong. Beginning in the 2010s, judges all over the U.S. began handing down decisions in cases like Gray’s that revealed lenders had essentially tricked the public into not asking basic questions, like: What is a “student loan”? …The phrase “Just asking questions” today often carries a negative connotation.” –Taibbi

    Do as you’re told.

    Taibbi’s Article list:
    “The American Press is Destroying Itself.”
    “It’s Official: Russiagate is this Generation’s WMD” / “List of Official Russia Claims that Turned out to Be Bogus”
    “The Left Is Now the Right” / “Democrats Have Abandoned Civil Liberties” / “Which is the Real ‘Working Class’ Party Now?”
    “The Sovietization of the American Press”
    “Rachel Maddow is Bill O’Rielly”
    “On White Fragility, thoughts on the smash hit.”
    “DiAngelo writes like a person who was put in timeout as a child for speaking clearly.”

    “rejection of King’s “dream” of racial harmony — not even as a description of the obviously flawed present, but as the aspirational goal of a better future — has become a central tenet of this brand.”

    “For DiAngelo to suggest history should re-cast Robinson as “the first black man whites allowed to play major league baseball” is grotesque and profoundly belittling.”

    “It takes a special kind of ignorant for an author to choose an example that illustrates the mathematical opposite of one’s intended point, but this isn’t uncommon in White Fragility, which may be the dumbest book ever written. It makes The Art of the Deal read like Anna Karenina.” Etc.

    He sounds like the Docktor.


    Yes, these are tough times and we may get freaked out or annoyed but I agree with V – ‘stay classy’, well at least mostly or where possible.
    Me. I took a Valium for the first time in 2 years an hour ago. Highly unusual for this nature boy but I’m open to anything if the need arises.

    Watched V for Vendetta again – loved it. The state sanctioned vaccine injection death sentences was a nice touch.

    Mr. House

    This is how they will make a twice a year shot permanent for everyone. Each year a new variant will arise which the last shot doesn’t stop. They’re starting to lay the foundation now.


    Mr. House

    But if the shot only produces the spike protein then what does it matter which “version” of it you have?


    During a speech to the Commons, Zahawi said sporting and business events, churches, music venues and festivals would also be subject to the rules, which are expected to come into force at the end of September. “We reserve the right to mandate its use in the future,” he said.

    You reserve the right?!? Really? Well I reserve the right to stockpile piano wire and maintain easy access to lampposts. Just in case. For future use, you understand….

    The tree of liberty is very thirsty.

    Polder Dweller

    I just watched this:

    “EXCLUSIVE! Dr. David Martin Just Ended COVID, Fauci, DOJ, Politicians in ONE INTERVIEW”

    and David Martin comes across as genuine and convincing, saying very serious things about Fauci (in particular) and others, which would be serious grounds for slander (much more serious than what Rand Paul recently said in congress). He says he has sent his evidence to the DoJ and other bodies for investigation and gets nowhere. What am I missing here? Is this some kind of extremely elaborate hoax, because it doesn’t seem like it. How come there is


    no moratorium on giving the vaccines, not in the US and not in other countries around the world?


    Things that make you go “hmmm”. Abridged version: woman in eastern Ontario goes to hospital with COVID like symptoms. Gets diagnosed with previously rare tick-borne illness. Her doctor said he had only seen one such case previously in his career but now sees one per week. Cases have quadrupled across the border since last year.
    I get ticks ALL THE TIME as do others around here who spend time outdoors. I have read pretty widely on Lyme and long-haul Lyme is shockingly like long-haul COVID. Other interesting note: people use ivermectin for Lyme. I just find this all very surprising.
    Link to story about woman: https://www.google.ca/amp/s/ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/one-of-the-scariest-things-i-have-ever-been-through-rare-tick-borne-disease-on-the-rise-in-ontario/wcm/afa54d0b-7447-482c-a9a2-44a35e445285/amp/

    Mr. House

    Hasn’t it been speculated that Lyme was created in a lab?

    Mr. House

    “You walk into this room at your own risk, because it leads to the future, not a future that will be but one that might be. This is not a new world, it is simply an extension of what began in the old one. It has patterned itself after every dictator who has ever planted the ripping imprint of a boot on the pages of history since the beginning of time. It has refinements, technological advances, and a more sophisticated approach to the destruction of human freedom. But like every one of the super states that preceded it, it has one iron rule: logic is an enemy and truth is a menace. This is Mr. Romney Wordsworth, in his last forty-eight hours on Earth. He’s a citizen of the State but will soon have to be eliminated, because he is built out of flesh and because he has a mind. Mr. Romney Wordsworth, who will draw his last breaths in the Twilight Zone – The Obsolete Man”


    @sumac: “I have read pretty widely on Lyme and long-haul Lyme is shockingly like long-haul COVID.”

    Yes, it is. (first-hand experience)

    Dr. D

    Kunstler interview, Doctor Martin says in effect: “Jan 2, days after COVID was supposed to have released, China has paperwork they had 40 positive, confirmed viral PCR tests. PCR is a DNA test, and the DNA was not yet sequenced, regardless of the test. So how did they a) already have an on-the-shelf test for a virus that doesn’t exist?” Or Docktor asks b) they didn’t and made it up to create a fear-story from thin air.

    He says almost all of this CV sequence was around since 2002, via Chapel Hill / Fauci (see long patent list) and variants had actually been released into the wild already before – YEARS before. –See sewage tests and Ft. Deitrick.

    KunstlerCast 347 — Chatting with David E. Martin About Covid-19, Vaccinations, and Other Mass Casualty Events

    There’s a lot more in there, you can shingle a barn with the smoking guns.

    those darned kids

    well, that’s another one..

    i teach music. i’ve had one cancellation because of covid (notice how it’s named something every culture can pronounce. hotel, taxi, covid..), and now have had my tenth cancellation because of vaccines (two of whom were hospitalized).

    most wouldn’t see it that way (i don’t mention anything); i guess they’re just coincidences.

    my papá (91 – i thanked him for his genetic makeup on his last birthday) ended up in the hospital for 10 days with pneumonia shortly after his second injection of pfizer brew. i pleaded with him before hand to not do it, but alas, the voices are many. he now has mobility problems which family members attribute to his hospital stay. i haven’t mentioned the shots since before he had them as, frankly, i don’t want to argue or frighten.

    my son’s best friend, 20, an excellent guitarist, spent the night in hospital with back, leg and shoulder pain. i know neither the name of the brewmaker, nor if it was the first or second injection.

    can’t all the people (not the t.v. faces, real people) clamouring for ¡¡¡MANDATORY!!! see all the pain?

    can’t they see?

    Mister Roboto

    can’t all the people (not the t.v. faces, real people) clamouring for ¡¡¡MANDATORY!!! see all the pain?

    Those people are religious fanatics now. Religious fanatics don’t see things they’re “not supposed to” see, even if it’s right in front of their smug faces.


    Denninger touched on something that I am curious about — I’ve seen hints about getting jabbed after naturally acquired immunity may/does change the naturally occurring immunity so that it is less robust. The Denninger article above references an unnamed study.
    Anyone know the study being referenced?
    Or, how OAS is a factor in this?
    (OAS is how pre-existing immunity calls up inefficient antibodies to current [mutated] virus…so how is a Covid jab causing OAS in naturally immune folks…is it undoing OAS and creating its own flavor of OAS?)
    And, if OAS is a thing, doesn’t that mean that boosters may be ineffective?


    The swiss researcher that isolated the lyme pathgen said it was an accidental lab leak, from Plum Island NY, just off shore of Lyme Ct.
    Bitten: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons
    “A riveting thriller reminiscent of The Hot Zone, this true story dives into the mystery surrounding one of the most controversial and misdiagnosed conditions of our time-Lyme disease-and of Willy Burgdorfer, the man who discovered the microbe behind it, revealing his secret role in developing bug-borne biological weapons, and raising terrifying questions about the genesis of the epidemic of tick-borne diseases affecting millions of Americans today.”

    those darned kids


    those darned kids

    hmmm… i guess my link was bad. i tried twice..

    Those people are religious fanatics now.

    i had linked to an image search for fully vaccinated +mask. you can get t-shirts, too.

    those, of course, are the vestments.

    those darned kids

    shoot, my son has survived both corona AND lyme. covid was super easy for him; lyme another story.

    he should seek reparations.

    absolute galore

    The NFL rule is the same thing they are doing with businesses like bars and restaurants–if a case is reported, they must shut down.
    But as per the NYT own headline today about breakthrough cases, does that mean if there are cases not started by an unvaxxed player, no forfeit is required? Science me that, Batman.

    (Please consider all my posts this morning as one looong one and do

    Mr. House
    absolute galore

    Jim Kunstler quotes a medical source this morning:
    …the rate of reporting [adverse reactions] to the VAERS system in the US and Europe is very poor: somewhere between 1 and ten percent of actual events being reported. This obviously means that the actual death rate is likely much higher. So, I would not be surprised if the real number of ‘vax’ induced deaths in the US is in the range of 100,000 or more, much more.

    We throw around #s like that on TAE as well. But. While I have heard 2nd or 3rd hand believable reports of people dying of Covid, I have not heard a single such report of serious side effects (that is, not just temporary pain or feeling crappy for a day or two) never mind deaths related to the vaccines. Especially if these deaths were in people younger than 65 and/or with no comorbidities, I would think even the lapdog media would be hard-pressed to keep these expirations out of the news cycles.

    An average of about 8,000 people die every day in the U.S. Are we doing the same thing we accuse the “other side”of doing with Covid deaths? Such as listing a car accident victim as death by vaccine if they were on the way home from the shot? I’m exaggerating a bit, but I am skeptical of the death claims. Again, the slightest tendency to make overblown claims will only hurt the very real concerns about these vaccines, so I’m curious what others think.


    Doctors can no longer ignore the fact that they took the Hippocratic Oath. “First, do no harm.”

    Mr. House

    ” I have heard 2nd or 3rd hand believable reports of people dying of Covid”

    Same here, i know no one who’s died of covid and only one family member who was “diagnosed” with covid. I know no one who has had adverse reactions to the vaccine. That is why i stick to the financial answer, this is to cover up the collapse of the system we’ve all been waiting for since 2008. Klaus Schwabbs great reset is the tell. If you and i and some other Joe schmoes have figured out this isn’t going to last, do you think the ruthless murdering people that get to the top are not aware?

    Say in your town you saw people practicing to rob a bank, they even tell you that is what they’re practicing to do, and about two months later the bank gets robbed. Who would be the first people you question with regards to robbing the bank? Now what if those people were the towns elder council? See the problem we have?


    The UK and the other 5 eyes are now committing ritual Seppuku.

    The US has 50 states with 50 different approaches;

    Texas vs Californicate

    So the Blue States will fall into lockstep with the 5 Eyes, basically collapse of critical infrastructure, food water the grid and ‘citizens’ will die hundled into their cellars eating the last of the tinned beans.

    The Red states will carry on.

    The UK is making all ‘subjects’ put an app on their phone that tracks their positions 24/7. If someone tests ‘positive’ with the 90% faulty bogus PCR ‘test’ (cough-gag-cough), the central server ‘Pings” the phone of anyone who physically crossed their path within x number of hours and tells them to ‘self isolate’.

    This is Insane.

    About 20% of the critical workforce, including the food sector, have already been ‘Pinged” and are not coming to work. Shelves are bare in [place already and no petrol deliveried to stations. Sweet!

    It won’t take long to collapse the food chain with the Ping-demic

    Do the math, the people’s paths crossing thing will exponentially increase as a Cascade Effect and soon the entire UK population will be self isolating cause they ‘crossed a black cat’s path’.

    Mission Accomplished!

    City-State Death.

    Looks like Synthetic Superstition not Science to moi.

    Naomi Klein begged and warned her UK friends not to Brexit without a written Constitution enshrining basic human rights into the core of the nation’s legal structure.


    Totalitarian Dystopia on Big Pharma steroids.

    Roid Rage



    Not sure I get the premise. The numbers I use all come from VAERS and its EU and UK equivalents. Which officially add up to some 40,000 deaths so far. These systems are known -not just rumored- to underreport events by 90% to 99%, for obvious reasons: they require filling out a lot of “paper” work. Why you think the media would latch on to this when they ignore everything else that is negative for the vaccine narrative I don’t understand either.

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