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Just a brief note on something I noticed yesterday and this morning. I’m not sure if this is predominantly a British issue, but even if it is, be sure it will spread to many nations. The issue is this: the narrative is being put on its head. It’s no longer the inoculation of millions upon millions of people with experimental and never approved substances that constitutes an experiment, the experiment now is NOT doing it.

You are now not a Covid guinea pig if you get one of the jabs that killed a estimated 20,000 people so far in Europe and the US and led to 100s of 1000s of severe adverse reactions. No, you’re a guinea pig if you don’t get a shot whose makers themselves say doesn’t protect you from infection. And don’t listen to Fauci et al who declare something “safe” because it only killed 20,000 people; they have no credibility left, they just still have the media on their side.

This is not a subtle shift, something one might expect when doing narrative control, it’s a full 180º, the “Ignorance is strength” variety. But if you read between the narrative lines, you might just pick up on the fact that this is coming from one of the most “successfully vaccinated” countries in the world, but where “cases” are skyrocketing once again.

And maybe just maybe this proves what the vaccine makers have said all along: that the vaccines do not protect you from infection. We should at least consider the possibility, and discuss it, and then act according to what we find. In the meantime, it looks like maybe whatever you do, you’re always a guinea pig.


Sturgeon Warns Against Treating Young People Like Covid ‘Guinea Pigs’

Nicola Sturgeon has warned against treating young people like “guinea pigs” by allowing them to get infected with coronavirus when lifting restrictions, amid fears they remain at risk of significant health impacts such as long Covid. Scotland’s first minister said the desire to live free of lockdown-style restrictions did not mean governments could “throw all caution to the wind”, while suggesting the “domination” of England’s plans to scrap Covid rules risked confusing other UK nations. The steep rise in infections across Scotland caused by theDelta variant may be levelling off, Sturgeon added. The current spike has led to six Scottish health boards being placed among the top 10 worst-hit regions in Europe by the WHO last weekend.

The levelling off gave her “more cause for optimism” that she would be able to confirm the move to level 0 of Scotland’s five-tier system of Covid controls in parliament next Tuesday, she said, before emphasising that the planned easing on 19 July “won’t be an abrupt end to basic protective measures like face covering, physical distancing, rigorous hand hygiene and advising on good ventilation.” However, she pointed out the “significant” impact the virus can have on younger people, even if there is a lower risk of death. She said: “I want to set out simply why we can’t just throw all caution to the wind. Firstly, this virus is still dangerous, as we see every day. It is still taking lives, though mercifully, thanks to the vaccines, it is doing so in far fewer numbers than we saw in earlier stages.”


One group wants the country shut down forever, the other does not.


Risking England’s Health: Not Everyone Can Choose To Stay Safe

In a letter to the Lancet, over 100 global scientists have warned that rushing ahead with reopening on 19 July – rather than waiting until more people are vaccinated – is dangerous and premature. Those concerns will be compounded by the relaxation of travel restrictions announced on Thursday. Allowing children and double-vaccinated adults to travel to amber list countries without quarantining on return increases the risk of importing new variants which could be more infectious or more resistant to current vaccines, just as opportunities for transmission increase. The health secretary, Sajid Javid, concedes we could soon be looking at 100,000 cases a day, but argues that hospitalisation and death numbers are what matter more than anything.

Unfortunately, he will not say what figures he expects or would tolerate. The link between infection and serious illness or death has been much weakened, but not broken. Vaccination rates vary widely; in some areas, fewer than 30% have received two doses. On Thursday, the UK reported weekly rises of more than 50% in Covid hospital admissions and deaths – both of which lag rises in cases – to 456 and 35 respectively. The government’s chief medical adviser, Prof Chris Whitty, has said that we are likely to see a significant increase in long Covid; experts fear that huge numbers could be affected. Though the government talks of personal responsibility, there can be no responsibility without choice. For too many, danger is being imposed upon them. Vaccines are widely available, and people can still cover their faces.

But masks are better at protecting people from the wearer than protecting the wearer. Young workers on public transport or in shops, not yet able to get a second jab, will be exposed to the virus by customers who choose not to wear masks. They surely need and deserve protection. Children are currently unable to be vaccinated. The immunocompromised are less protected by vaccines and more likely to become seriously ill if they contract Covid. Reportedly, the department of health will be issuing new guidance for the immunosuppressed and clinically very vulnerable. But while support for shielders is needed, confining them to quarters indefinitely is hardly a liberation.

Nor is there much choice for exhausted NHS staff who face a soaring workload again, or for patients whose operations are being cancelled because hospitals are treating growing numbers of Covid patients or staff are having to self-isolate. If anything, the authors of the Lancet letter are too generous in describing this as “a dangerous and unethical experiment”: that terminology suggests a degree of scientific rigour and concern. Instead, this is a political wager, in which large parts of the population are not players but gambling chips.




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    Alessandro Allori Portrait of a Lady c1560       Just a brief note on something I noticed yesterday and this morning. I’m not sure if t
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    When will people wake up?
    How much more evidence do we need?

    Ivermectin was associated with reduced inflammatory markers (C-Reactive Protein, d-dimer and ferritin) and faster viral clearance by PCR. Viral clearance was treatment dose- and duration-dependent. In 11 randomized trials of moderate/severe infection, there was a 56% reduction in mortality (Relative Risk 0.44 [95%CI 0.25-0.77]; p=0.004; 35/1064 (3%) deaths on ivermectin; 93/1063 (9%) deaths in controls) with favorable clinical recovery and reduced hospitalization.”



    Vitamin D:

    “25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] is an important immunomodulator, whose deficiency may aggravate the incidence and outcome of infectious complications in patients admitted to the intensive care unit. The most recognized extra-skeletal action of vitamin D is the regulation of immune function.”


    Craig C.

    “they just still have the media on their side.”
    The media IS their side, owned/controlled by the same individuals. Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street, G-S, run it all. They are the largest individual stake holders of the stock of media, big pharma, airlines, hospitality, property, and on and on (OH! even owning stakes in hospitals and on the boards to boot). They supposedly control 40% of all publicly traded companies. Many of my friends have questioned how it is possible such a big covid conspiracy is possible, certainly the rich CEO’s of the airlines and hospitality industry wold be speaking out – they say! When I explain they are owned by the same people profiting off the pandemic, and if they speak up they lose their jobs, I get a blank stare. OK, I say to them, lets put it another way, so you lose 50% value in company A but gain 200% in company B, you keep promoting B (pharma) and tell A to stfu or they lose their jobs (oh, and by the way they get to buy more A at reduced prices). Still getting the blank stare over here, nobody believes me…
    Yes I am leaving out how they also control the .gov but I am too exhausted to continue. Be well everyone!


    The big change appeared to happen when Matt Hancock was ousted as UK Health Minister, (this due to his flouting lockdown rules while caught on camera outside his office in a “clinch” with one of his top aides). Enter Mr Javid to take his position, an apparent friend and ally of Mrs Johnson. So all this has come about since Javid became Health Minister, with Mr Witty (UK Chief Medical Adviser) predicting doom and gloom, – and apparently having been set upon by a band of thugs with large grins on their faces, who had him in a headlock in Hyde Park 🙂 Some pretty hyped up alarmist talk coming from the article quoted. Do they sound a little worried? So yeah, watch Javid, and the numbers, and Mr and Mrs Johnson, who I suspect are two of a kind. Is the fear campaign starting to falter? There certainly didn’t seem to be too much fear showing when over 60,000 fans packed the Wembley stadium for the semi-final of the European cup, with barely a mask in sight!

    Dr. D

    “Sturgeon has warned against treating young people”

    Young people are at no risk. According to their numbers. Liar. The end.

    “weekly rises of more than 50% in Covid hospital admissions and deaths”

    50%??? Oh my God! Oh wait, 35? Yeah, that’s statistical noise of the over-80. According to your own numbers. Liar. The end.

    I never realized how keeping children from algebra was a path to mass-murder, but here we are.


    Lots of scare stories in the media here about the “scary” Delta variant, yet the county I live in recorded exactly ZERO cases of any strain just the other day.

    Of course, the media and feds are lying. And will continue lying.

    Doc Robinson

    More upside-down narrative, blaming the unvaccinated for any immune escape and variants resistant to the leaky vaccines:

    Shweta Bansal is an associate professor of biology at Georgetown and heads the university’s U.S. COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking Project…

    “The more geographically clustered unvaccinated individuals are, the higher the chance an unvaccinated person will interact with an unvaccinated person, which creates an event with a high chance of transmission,” Bansal said… “With every transmission event, we increase our chance of a new, yet unknown SARS-CoV-2 variant developing,” Bansal said. “And that new one could be one against which our current vaccines aren’t effective.”


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