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Paul Gauguin Why are you angry? 1896


Early Covid-19 Therapy With Azithromycin+Nitazoxanide, Ivermectin Or HCQ (SD)
Oh Look, Fraud In Medicine! (Denninger)
WHO Recommends Life-Saving Interleukin-6 Receptor Blockers For Covid-19 (WHO)
California ‘Epsilon’ Covid Variant Contains Three Mutations (DM)
The Nasty Trade-Off (Denninger)
New Zealand Children Falling Ill In High Numbers Due To ‘Immunity Debt’ (G.)
Why Won’t The Lancet Admit It Was Wrong? (Unherd)
Science, Not Speculation, Essential To Find How SARS-CoV-2 Reached Us (Lancet)
The Chinese Miracle, Revisited (Escobar)
Majority Do Not Believe Biden Mentally Capable Of Executing Presidential Duties
Workers Are Funding The War On Themselves (DP)
Pressure Builds For Julian Assange To Be Released (ES)



I assure you, if it requires coercion, manipulation, gaslighting, 24/7 advertising, fear-mongering, silencing of dissenting opinions and experts, slandering of alternative options, tons of incentives, and indemnification from liability, then it isn’t required for health.





It’s safe



Note: Goldman puts this down to vaccinations (what do they know, they’re bankers). How about it’s because Delta is more transmissible and also much less dangerous?



“For every 1,000 confirmed cases for COVID-19, at least 140 hospitalizations, 50 mechanical ventilations and 5 deaths were prevented with treatment.”

US 34 million cases, 621,000 deaths. Ergo: at 5 deaths per 1000 prevented, this alone could have saved 170,000 lives.

Early Covid-19 Therapy With Azithromycin+Nitazoxanide, Ivermectin Or HCQ (SD)

In a prospective observational study (pre-AndroCoV Trial), the use of nitazoxanide, ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine demonstrated unexpected improvements in COVID-19 outcomes, when compared to untreated patients. The apparent yet likely positive results raised ethical concerns on the employment of further full placebo84 controlled studies in early stage COVID-19. The present analysis aimed to elucidate whether full placebo-control randomized clinical trials (RCTs) on early-stage COVID-19 are still ethically acceptable, through a comparative analysis with two control87 groups.

Active group (AG) consisted of patients enrolled in the Pre AndroCoV-Trial (n = 585). Control Group 1 (CG1) consisted of a retrospectively obtained group of untreated patients of the same population (n = 137), and Control Group 2 (CG2) resulted from a precise prediction of clinical outcomes based on a thorough and structured review of indexed articles and official statements. Patients were matched for sex, age, comorbidities and disease severity at baseline. Compared to CG1 and CG2 AG showed reduction of 31.5-36.5% in viral shedding (p < 0.0001), 70-85% in disease duration (p < 0.0001), and 100% in respiratory complications, hospitalization, mechanical ventilations, and deaths (p < 0.0001 for all).

For every 1,000 confirmed cases for COVID-19, at least 70 hospitalizations, 50 mechanical ventilations and five deaths were prevented. Benefits from the combination of early COVID-19 detection and early pharmacological approaches were consistent and overwhelming when compared to untreated groups, which, together with and well-established safety profile of the drug combinations tested in the Pre-AndroCoV Trial, precluded our study to continue employing full placebo in early COVID-19.

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“..let’s assume the 600,000 figure is accurate as the “base” across the country. If it’s 22% that’s 132,000 people who did not actually die of Covid-19.”

That’s 170,000 -see above- that need not have died from Covid, plus 130,000 that did not die from it. Roughly half of all US deaths right there.

Oh Look, Fraud In Medicine! (Denninger)

When you pay people to do something without proof the event occurred the outcome is simple: You get institutionalized, mass-fraud. Remember, this is from official “fact checking” sites: “We rate the claim that hospitals get paid more if patients are listed as COVID-19 and on ventilators as TRUE.” Hospitals and doctors do get paid more for Medicare patients diagnosed with COVID-19 or if it’s considered presumed they have COVID-19 absent a laboratory-confirmed test, and three times more if the patients are placed on a ventilator to cover the cost of care and loss of business resulting from a shift in focus to treat COVID-19 cases. Of course USA Today said that there was no evidence that hospitals would game this.

Except…. now there is evidence that not only did they game it, they committed mass-fraud in that they got paid for Covid-19 cases that never existed and deaths that were not Covid-19 caused. “A county in northern California announced last week that it revised the method in how it registered coronavirus deaths that led to a 22% drop in its death toll, a report said.” 22% eh? This is the second one, by the way. Alameda county did the same thing; their drop was 25%. So around 1/4 of all alleged “Covid-19” deaths, if this is representative (and it probably is) weren’t actually Covid-19 related at all. But the hospitals all got paid for them as if they were, and exactly zero of that money will be recovered — right? How much is that?

Well, let’s assume the 600,000 figure is accurate as the “base” across the country. If it’s 22% that’s 132,000 people who did not actually die of Covid-19. More to the point if none of them had ventilators used, and of course we know many of them did, the medical providers BILKED you and I, as we fund the government, out of some $1.716 BILLION in payments and, if half of them were put on vents that figure more than doubles.

Oh, and wait…. what does that do to the claimed “excess death”? I do recall writing an article or three on that in which it was quite clear that in fact uncorrelated data sets, that is, Social Security and the labor numbers, made clear that while there was excess death it was nowhere near what the government and CDC had claimed. Yes, “excess” people died, but many were pulled forward by six months to a year, mostly in nursing homes where 53% of those admitted die within six months. Note that this statistic is from 2010 which means that statistically-speaking those in nursing homes that Covid-19 “got” were highly-likely to have been dead from something within six months anyway. Said deaths were not “excess.”

All death is sad but falsely coding a gunshot or motorcycle wreck victim as Covid-19 in order to grab an extra $19,000 from the taxpayer is fraud, and inflating such statistics to inculcate fear ought to generate decades-long prison terms. We now have hard proof that in fact both happened in size and were not rare. WHERE ARE THE HANDCUFFS AND WHY DON’T JOE-N-HO SEND THEIR TEAMS AROUND TO GO “DOOR TO DOOR” LOCKING UP EVERY HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATOR AND CLINICIAN WHO DID THIS?

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Hydroxychloroquine is an excellent Interleukin-6 receptor blocker. But there’s no profit in it. So we must re-invent it.

WHO Recommends Life-Saving Interleukin-6 Receptor Blockers For Covid-19 (WHO)

The World Health Organization (WHO) has updated its patient care guidelines to include interleukin-6 receptor blockers, a class of medicines that are lifesaving in patients who are severely or critically ill with COVID-19, especially when administered alongside corticosteroids. These were the findings from a prospective and a living network meta-analysis initiated by WHO, the largest such analysis on the drugs to date. Data from over 10 000 patients enrolled in 27 clinical trials were considered. These are the first drugs found to be effective against COVID-19 since corticosteroids were recommended by WHO in September 2020.

Patients severely or critically ill with COVID-19 often suffer from an overreaction of the immune system, which can be very harmful to the patient’s health. Interleukin-6 blocking drugs – tocilizumab and sarilumab – act to suppress this overreaction. The prospective and living network meta-analyses showed that in severely or critically ill patients, administering these drugs reduce the odds of death by 13%, compared to standard care. This means that there will be 15 fewer deaths per thousand patients, and as many as 28 fewer deaths for every thousand critically ill patients. The odds of mechanical ventilation among severe and critical patients are reduced by 28%, compared with standard care. This translates to 23 fewer patients out of a thousand needing mechanical ventilation.

Clinical trial investigators in 28 countries shared data with WHO, including pre-publication data. Researchers worldwide compiled and analyzed the data. With the support of these critical partnerships, WHO has been able to issue a rapid and trustworthy recommendation for the use of interleukin-6 receptor blockers in severe and critical COVID-19 patients. “These drugs offer hope for patients and families who are suffering from the devastating impact of severe and critical COVID-19. But IL-6 receptor blockers remain inaccessible and unaffordable for the majority of the world,” said WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

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Catch up on your Greek alphabet, it’ll come in handy.

California ‘Epsilon’ Covid Variant Contains Three Mutations (DM)

Fully vaccinated people may still be at risk of infection from the California ‘Epsilon’ coronavirus variant, a new study finds. Researchers from the University of Washington and Vir Biotechnology, based in San Francisco, found that the variant had three mutations on the spike protein, which the virus uses to enter and infect human cells. These mutations could provide resistance to neutralizing antibodies generated by the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines.
What’s more, the mutations may be able to evade natural antibodies a person forms after being infected with the virus. Health experts say neutralizing antibodies are what protect people from the virus, and the variant’s ability to resist them could leave people in danger. The Epsilon variant is not believed to be more infectious than the original virus, though.

The Epsilon variant was first identified in May 2020 and was virtually nonexistent until October. It would later split into two separate versions, the B.1.427 and the more common B.1.429 mutation. It has remained a relatively quiet variant of the virus outside of California, not causing an outbreak similar to the Indian ‘Delta’ variant. Epsilon still managed to find its way into at least 44 countries, though 97 percent of the 49,221 cases worldwide have been recorded in the U.S. Of the 47,987 cases recorded in the U.S., more than 22,000 have been detected in California. Hawaii and Nevada also dealt with smaller outbreaks of the B.1.429 mutation of the virus. Researchers, who published their data in the journal Science on July 1, found that both types of the variant had the ability to evade the neutralizing antibodies found in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, which use messenger RNA (mRNA) technology.

Effectiveness of the neutralizing antibodies was reduced by 50 to 70 percent. They also found that neutralizing activity was reduced in 14 of 34 of the antibodies responsible for it. The data is worrying, and is an early sign that the current crop of COVID-19 vaccines may not be enough to permanently protect from the virus. Experts have long believed that a third ‘booster shot’ of the mRNA vaccines – produced by Pfizer and Moderna – would be needed in the future to protect from variants. Both companies have launched clinical trials for a booster shot as well.

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“If you refuse the “booster” you are at much higher risk of getting sick and dying. If you take the booster you are at much higher risk of the booster making you sick or killing you.”

The Nasty Trade-Off (Denninger)

All viruses mutate over time. All non-sterilizing vaccines potentiate mutation because they prohibit neither infection or transmission — they only suppress the severity of disease. We’ve known this for decades and in fact we know this is why Marek’s disease happened in poultry. Of course we ignored all of this because, well, Warp Speed. We now see evidence of more transmissible variation coming to the forefront. This is the natural evolution of a virus; the more-transmissible variant “wins”; the less loses. Whichever gets the person who can contract it (vaccinated or not, if the vaccine is non-sterilizing) that’s the variant that “wins” and gets to infect someone else. What isn’t yet solidly in evidence is whether those mutations have rendered the stabs effectively worthless.

But what’s bad news whether they are or aren’t is that if the spike protein, which we know is pathogenic, has ‘greater’ binding affinity and thus you want a “booster” to fight it said booster will also have a higher risk of causing nasty adverse effects because it is the spike that causes the problem and if it binds more in the virus so will the version of it used for the “booster.” In other words on the evidence you would expect a variation that produces more transmission to also produce more-serious adverse reactions from jabs that are designed to “protect” against it, all other things being equal. Now add to this that as titers wane you may have no choice if you took the original stabs because as that happens you may wind up with plenty of binding antibodies (which enhance the infection) but not enough neutralizing ones.

If you refuse the “booster” you are at much higher risk of getting sick and dying. If you take the booster you are at much higher risk of the booster making you sick or killing you. Meanwhile those who refused originally sneeze when infected, especially if they employ immediate countermeasures using existing drugs. Yeah, it’ll get some of those folks — but probably not all that many, as the “easy to kill” are already dead from the previous round. That sucks. Is this yet in evidence? No, because thus far boosters don’t exist. But it is exactly what I expect to happen.

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When a new and dangerous disease appears, what do you do? Why, you weaken the immune system of course! It may take a while, but after the first whole year you should definitely see the first results.

New Zealand Children Falling Ill In High Numbers Due To ‘Immunity Debt’ (G.)

New Zealand hospitals are experiencing the payoff of “immunity debt” created by Covid-19 lockdowns, with wards flooded by babies with a potentially-deadly respiratory virus, doctors have warned. Wellington has 46 children currently hospitalised for respiratory illnesses including respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV. A number are infants, and many are on oxygen. Other hospitals are also experiencing a rise in cases that are straining their resources – with some delaying surgeries or converting playrooms into clinical space. RSV is a common respiratory illness. In adults, it generally only produces very mild symptoms – but it can make young children extremely ill, or even be fatal.

The size and seriousness of New Zealand’s outbreak is likely being fed by what some paediatric doctors have called an “immunity debt” – where people don’t develop immunity to other viruses suppressed by Covid lockdowns, causing cases to explode down the line. Epidemiologist and public health professor Michael Baker used the metaphor of forest brushfires: if a year or two have passed without fire, there is more fuel on the ground to feed the flames. When a fire finally comes, it burns much more fiercely. “What we’re seeing now is we’ve accumulated a whole lot of susceptible children that have missed out on exposure – so now they’re seeing it for the first time,” Baker said.

The “immunity debt” phenomenon occurs because measures like lockdowns, hand-washing, social distancing and masks are not only effective at controlling Covid-19. They also suppress the spread of other illnesses that transmit in a similar way, including the flu, common cold, and lesser-known respiratory illnesses like RSA. In New Zealand, lockdowns last winter led to a 99.9% reduction in flu cases and a 98% reduction in RSV – and near-eliminated the spike of excess deaths New Zealand usually experiences during winter. “This positive collateral effect in the short term is welcome, as it prevents additional overload of the healthcare system,” a collective of French doctors wrote in a May 2021 study of immunity debt.

But in the long term, it can create problems of its own: if bacterial and viral infections aren’t circulating among children, they don’t develop immunity, which leads to larger outbreaks down the line. “The lack of immune stimulation… induced an “immunity debt” which could have negative consequences when the pandemic is under control and [public health intervientions] are lifted,” the doctors wrote. “The longer these periods of ‘viral or bacterial low-exposure’ are, the greater the likelihood of future epidemics.”

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Because they’re in bed with Daszak and Fauci.

Why Won’t The Lancet Admit It Was Wrong? (Unherd)

Someone needs to tell The Lancet the most basic tenet of crisis management: when in a hole, stop digging. Instead, this world-renowned medical journal seems determined to keep shredding its reputation, in tandem with a group of experts ignorant to the damage they have caused the scientific community as they have stifled debate regarding the pandemic’s origins. Early last year, just as the world was starting to grapple with the trauma of Covid, The Lancet published a highly-controversial statement in support of Chinese scientists, attacking “conspiracy theories suggesting that Covid-19 does not have a natural origin” and praising Beijing’s “rapid, open and transparent sharing of data”.

Clearly this was absurd given China’s cover-up, silencing of doctors and deletion of key data. But the statement, signed by 27 prominent experts, played a key role in shutting down suggestions the pandemic might have started with a lab incident, rather than spilling over naturally from animals. Scandalously, we later learned it was covertly drafted by British scientist Peter Daszak, £300,000-a-year president of Eco-Health Alliance charity and long-term partner of researchers at Wuhan Institute of Virology. Despite the global furore, Daszak’s gang has gone back into battle with a follow-up statement, as I revealed they were planning to do 10 days ago. Even the headline on The Lancet article — Science, not speculation, is essential to determine how SARS-CoV-2 reached humans — seems designed to gaslight their critics, given their previous stance.

This latest statement is more nuanced but again disingenuous. It claims “the strongest clue” is that the virus evolved in nature, while saying suggestions of a lab leak “remain without scientifically validated evidence”. Yet there is zero firm evidence for natural spillover, and significant circumstantial evidence to raise suspicions of a lab incident. Besides, any leak could have involved a virus sampled from nature. Other scientists, such as Alina Chan from the Broad Institute, have pointed out also that none of the linked articles claiming to support their claims actually provides any evidence of how SARS-CoV-2 might have naturally emerged in Wuhan.

Laughably, the article excuses Daszak’s incredible role in the World Health Organisation mission to probe the origins by saying this was done “as an independent expert in a private capacity” — as though he would have disregarded his personal, professional and financial ties to Wuhan scientists carrying out risky experiments in labs with known safety concerns. The statement even dares argue it is “time to turn down the heat of the rhetoric and turn up the light of scientific inquiry” when no one has been more forceful in pushing the idea that a possible lab leak was “baloney” and a “conspiracy theory” than Daszak.

Once again, regrettably, The Lancet has failed to detail all the conflicts of interest of these signatories such as a trio with recent or current Eco-Health affiliations. It is a shame also to see Jeremy Farrar, director of the Wellcome Trust, and two of his colleagues tarnishing one of science’s finest brands by adding their names again. Yet the most significant aspect of this latest stunt are that three of the more distinguished signatories of the first statement opted not to sign the follow-up. The reason is simple: they symbolise how this debate has shifted in recent months despite the best efforts of Daszak and his allies.

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Daszak’s lame retort.

Science, Not Speculation, Essential To Find How SARS-CoV-2 Reached Us (Lancet)

On Feb 19, 2020, we, a group of physicians, veterinarians, epidemiologists, virologists, biologists, ecologists, and public health experts from around the world, joined together to express solidarity with our professional colleagues in China.1 Unsubstantiated allegations were being raised about the source of the COVID-19 outbreak and the integrity of our peers who were diligently working to learn more about the newly recognised virus, SARS-CoV-2, while struggling to care for the many patients admitted to hospital with severe illness in Wuhan and elsewhere in China. It was the beginning of a global tragedy, the COVID-19 pandemic. According to WHO, as of July 2, 2021, the pandemic has resulted in 182 101 209 confirmed cases and 3 950 876 deaths, both undoubtedly underestimates of the real toll.

The impact of the pandemic virtually everywhere in the world has been far worse than even these numbers suggest, with unprecedented additional social, cultural, political, and economic consequences that have exposed numerous flaws in our epidemic and pandemic preparedness and in local and global political and economic systems. We have observed escalations of conflicts that pit many parties against one another, including central government versus local government, young versus old, rich versus poor, people of colour versus white people, and health priorities versus the economy. The crisis has highlighted the urgent need to build a better understanding of how science proceeds and the complex, but critical, links science has with health, public health, and politics.

Recently, many of us have individually received inquiries asking whether we still support what we said in early 2020.1 The answer is clear: we reaffirm our expression of solidarity with those in China who confronted the outbreak then, and the many health professionals around the world who have since worked to exhaustion, and at personal risk, in the relentless and continuing battle against this virus. Our respect and gratitude have only grown with time. The second intent of our original Correspondence was to express our working view that SARS-CoV-2 most likely originated in nature and not in a laboratory, on the basis of early genetic analysis of the new virus and well established evidence from previous emerging infectious diseases, including the coronaviruses that cause the common cold as well as the original SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV.

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No need to fall in love outright, Pepe.

The Chinese Miracle, Revisited (Escobar)

At the start of 2021, before the onset of the Year of the Metal Ox, President Xi Jinping emphasized that “favorable social conditions” should be in place for the CCP centennial celebrations. Oblivious to waves of demonization coming from the West, for Chinese public opinion what matters is whether the CCP delivered. And deliver it did (over 85% popular approval). China controlled Covid-19 in record time; economic growth is back; poverty alleviation was achieved; and the civilization-state became a “moderately prosperous society” – right on schedule for the CCP centennial. Since 1949, the size of the Chinese economy soared by a whopping 189 times. Over the past two decades, China’s GDP grew 11-fold. Since 2010, it more than doubled, from $6 trillion to $15 trillion, and now accounts for 17% of global economic output.

No wonder Western grumbling is irrelevant. Shanghai Capital investment boss Eric Li succinctly describes the governance gap; in the U.S., government changes but not policy. In China, government doesn’t change; policy does. This is the background for the next development stage – where the CCP will in fact double down on its unique hybrid model of “socialism with Chinese characteristics”. The key point is that the Chinese leadership, via non-stop policy adjustments (trial and error, always) has evolved a model of “peaceful rise” – their own terminology – that essentially respects China’s immense historical and cultural experiences. In this case, Chinese exceptionalism means respecting Confucianism – which privileges harmony and abhors conflict – as well as Daoism – which privileges balance – over the boisterous, warring, hegemonic Western model.

This is reflected in major policy adjustments such as the new “dual circulation” drive, which places greater emphasis on the domestic market compared to China as the “factory of the world”. Past and future are totally intertwined in China; what was done in previous dynasties echoes in the future. The best contemporary example is the New Silk Roads, or Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) – the overarching Chinese foreign policy concept for the foreseeable future. As detailed by Renmin University Professor Wang Yiwei, BRI is about to reshape geopolitics, “bringing Eurasia back to its historical place at the center of human civilization.” Wang has shown how “the two great civilizations of the East and the West were linked until the rise of the Ottoman Empire cut off the Ancient Silk Road”.

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“.. probably couldn’t find his way home after dark.”

Majority Do Not Believe Biden Mentally Capable Of Executing Presidential Duties

A survey conducted by the Convention of States Action in partnership with The Trafalgar Group has found that an overall majority of Americans do not believe that Joe Biden is executing the duties of his office or running policy, and that “others” are doing it in his place. The poll found that 56.5% of American voters do not believe Biden is fully executing the duties of his office, with only 36.4% saying they believe he is directing all policy and agenda. Even close to one third of Democrats (31.7%) said they don’t think Biden is in charge of anything. A whopping 83.6% of Republicans are adamant that Biden isn’t running the show, with 58.4% of Independent voters in agreement.

Mark Meckler, President of Convention of States Action proclaimed that “The American people deserve transparency from the Biden Administration as to the true state of the President’s mental and physical health, and leaders in both parties in Congress need to follow through on this immediately.” “The continued failure to ask hard questions and demand real answers is a disgrace to the foundation of our democracy,” Meckler added. Questions over Biden’s mental health continue to swirl as it is clear he cannot speak for extended periods of time and is often heard asking aides “what am I doing?”

A separate poll by Rasmussen earlier in the year found that 50 percent of Americans are “not confident” Biden is physically and mentally up to the job of being president of the United States. The clear cognitive decline of Biden has caught the attention of foreign media, with Sky News in Australia pointing out earlier this week that Biden “probably couldn’t find his way home after dark.” “Suddenly, the world’s greatest power is in the hands of a slightly dazed bloke who looks like he’s always waking up from heavy anesthesia,” said host Alan Jones.

Alan Jones

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Pensions and 401(k)’s are the only legit claims on actual money left. Make that “were”.

Workers Are Funding The War On Themselves (DP)

As the private equity industry launches ads to protect its lucrative tax preferences, we should remember that this industry is the unseen man behind the curtain driving many social ills — from high hospital prices to surprise medical bills to nursing home deaths to media layoffs to a housing crisis that has become a human rights emergency. A Businessweek cover put it best: You live in private equity’s world, even if you don’t know it. But a series of new reports remind us that there is another person behind the monocled, mustache-twirling oligarch running the Emerald City’s secret control panel — and that person isn’t a billionaire. It is the faceless pension official in a state capital or city hall who is using workers’ retirement savings to finance the Wall Street takeover of Oz.

In the process, teachers, firefighters, sanitation workers, and other government employees are being fleeced. Their retirement savings are being skimmed by finance industry executives, who are using the cash to lobby for self-enriching tax breaks while waging a class war on everyone else. All that money could end up bankrolling a new round of housing profiteering and infrastructure privatization, using workers’ money to wage a war on workers themselves. [..] In the popular imagination, a pension is known, if at all, as a shitty European hotel, a pool of extra cash that Gordon Gekko tried to pilfer in the Bluestar Airlines deal, or a small bit of subsistence pay that grandpa used to get back in the day, when times were different. But here’s the thing you need to know: Public pensions are a huge business and quite exciting to the world’s richest people in the here and now.

That’s because while fewer and fewer workers today get pension benefits, there is now $5 trillion in public pension systems that have accrued government workers’ retirement savings over decades. That giant pool of capital, overseen by appointees tied to Wall Street-bankrolled politicians, is the fuel behind the finance industry’s conquest of America. Pension money is deferred compensation: Millions of public-sector workers — who are often paid less than their private-sector counterparts — have accepted lower up-front wages in exchange for pension contributions to fund their future retirement benefits. Two decades after pension officials began funneling more of that money into private equity, hedge funds, and real estate, roughly one fifth, or about $1 trillion, of the cash is now in these opaque “alternative” investments.

These investments generate outsized fees for financial firms, bankroll the Wall Street’s political machine, and capitalize the corporations that are pillaging the middle class.

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But not hard or fast enough.

Pressure Builds For Julian Assange To Be Released (ES)

Pleas for Julian Assange to be freed from prison are being stepped up amid warnings that the WikiLeaks founder is suffering “severe psychological abuse”. The United States administration is appealing against a UK court decision in January not to extradite him, but no date has been set for the hearing, so Mr Assange remains in Belmarsh prison. His legal team said on Wednesday that permission to appeal has been granted by the High Court on a limited basis, allowing only “narrow, technical grounds”. Mr Assange’s fiancee, Stella Moris, said: “Six months ago, Judge Vanessa Baraitser blocked the extradition of my partner, Julian Assange, because consigning him to the US prison system would have amounted to signing his death warrant. That should have been the end of it.

“The case is rotten to the core, and nothing that the US government can say about his future treatment is worth the paper it is written on. This is a country whose agents plotted to kill Julian on British soil, who harried his solicitors and stole legal documents; who even targeted our six-month-old baby. “I am appealing directly to the Biden government to do the right thing, even at this late stage. This case should not be dragged out for a moment longer. End this prosecution, protect free speech and let Julian come home to his family. “The current administration admits that the Trump Department of Justice lacked independence. It seems inconceivable that President Biden would want to continue with this case – because Julian’s freedom is coupled to all our freedoms, and no democratic society can ever make journalism a crime.

“If the Biden Administration does not end this now, the case will limp through the courts while Julian remains in prison indefinitely, unconvicted, suffering and isolated, while our young children are denied their father.” Speaking to journalists outside the Royal Courts of Justice on Wednesday, having visited Mr Assange in Belmarsh earlier in the day, Ms Moris said: “The High Court delivered its decision that it will allow limited permission for the US Government to appeal January’s decision to block Julian’s extradition. “That means he is still at risk of extradition where he faces a 175-year prison sentence and, according to (Judge Baraitser), is certain to lose his life if he is extradited. “The US Government should have accepted the Magistrates’ Court’s decision – instead, it keeps this case going.

“The case is itself falling apart. The lead witness of the US Department of Justice now admits that he lied in exchange for immunity from US prosecutors. The lawyers of Julian were spied on, their offices were broken in to. Even our six-month-old baby was targeted while he was in the embassy. “And now the High Court has limited the grounds on which they are to appeal, so the case is falling apart.”

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    “But it wasn’t listed as a potential side effect until last week, when the MHRA released its most up-to-date safety surveillance data.”


    Polder Dweller

    I assure you, if it requires coercion, manipulation, gaslighting, 24/7 advertising, fear-mongering, silencing of dissenting opinions and experts, slandering of alternative options, tons of incentives, and indemnification from liability, then it isn’t required for health.

    Very well formulated, that’s a keeper.


    The immunity debt experienced in NZ is something that has been on my mind since the beginning of lockdowns. I think it is just ‘in the mix’ of the rolling shit-show but it will definitely hit in the places where people aren’t getting sick. I am quite healthy – eat well grow alot of my own food and eggs and honey and the rest get at least 4 hours a day of exersize etc. Still every year I get a bit of a cold or run down with some little bug or something. Not since COVID though – no one in this town gets sick The parents all talk about it at school pick up because we are used to being annoyed by germy kids.
    Always something cooking in the background..

    Polder Dweller

    (Google translate) The Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel, placed under observation at the hospital on Sunday, will have to remain hospitalized for another “two to four days” because of the persistence of symptoms of the coronavirus.

    He had been transferred to the hospital after having tested positive for Covid-19 and to “carry out additional analyzes” .

    His current state of health is considered “serious but stable”.

    Symptoms after a European summit

    Xavier Bettel, 48, began a ten-day period in isolation on June 27, less than 48 hours after a European summit in Brussels where he had met the other leaders of the European Union. The head of the Luxembourg government then presented mild symptoms (fever, headache).

    No other participant had been considered as a contact case, the barrier gestures having been respected, having then indicated the government of Luxembourg. Xavier Bettel received a first injection of the AstraZeneca vaccine on May 6.


    Veracious Poet

    Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious spiritual people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. ~ John Adams

    Can the liberties of a nation be sure when we remove their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people, that these liberties are a gift from God? ~ Thomas Jefferson

    A man full of himself has no room for the Infinite…

    Bad men cannot make good citizens. A vitiated state of morals, a corrupted public conscience are incompatible with freedom. ~ Patrick Henry

    A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right. ~ Thomas Paine


    China being so zen and cool over there next to the war-monger west is still super hooked on GDP (waste and pollution measured with cheering), international resource (wealth) extraction and an absolute mother-trucking arsenal of weaponry.
    I just don’t see it. I see Egypt. I see Mars. I see Mad Max. I see desert and famine on the horizon with war lords on their 4 horses.

    Mister Roboto

    Yeah, mostly what China accomplished is arranging for itself to hit the energy-availability wall just as hard as we will here in the USA. Sure, they’re doing stuff we’re not doing like building these massive solar-power arrays, but what they’re going to find out is all the equipment associated with that build-out needs to be periodically replaced, and the big question is, will the energy to do that be there for them?

    absolute galore

    I would like to clarify a comment I made yesterday about James Kunstler, since it was perhaps interpreted in a way I did not intend.

    wrote: My thanks to absolute galore for zeroing in on JK’s “special genius”. Which is to:
    — predict the imminent collapse of… everything – (pretending that collapse is ALWAYS just around the bend)
    — entertain your readers (because they’ve spent their entire lives being distracted, titillated, enraged, scared, and otherwise manipulated by our 24/7/365 global propaganda system and we don’t know any other way to exist without continuous external stimulation.)

    In other words JK is, like every other Well Known Figure, just an Entertainer. Someone who’s real job, while pretending to talk about Serious Issues, is to divert you from your responsibility to yourself & your family to try to solve those very issues.

    …I remember when JK, who use to be an unknown architectural critic, “discovered” collapse and jumped aboard the gravy train.

    In my opinion, this is not only unfairly disparaging, but completely wrong. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jim a couple of times, first driving up to Troy to hear one of his lectures. He took the time to speak with me one on one “backstage.” I subsequently went to visit him at his home in Greenwich, NY, where I interviewed him for a blog I was doing at the time.

    He is not only gracious and generous with his time, but also someone who “walks the walk”, preparing as best as any of us can for coming hard times. To say that he is “pretending” and “jumping about the [collapse] gravy train” is simply not true.

    Remember, his seminal book about our modern day troubles is called “The Long Emergency.” Sure, he has managed to make some kind of living while focused on this topic–and one reason he is successful at it is because he believes it one hundred percent. Good for him that he is able to do this.

    I think one reason his predictions don’t materialize in the timeframe he suspects they would has to do with one of his own catchphrases–we are living in a time where anything goes and nothing matters. So the disturbances and facts of the matter that are plainly visible to him–and “us”–are simply ignored, while the deck chairs get rearranged so that the vast unsustainable business that he is such an admirable and entertaining critic of can float along for another few weeks or months or years.

    It’s the same phenomena that has me turning to the MSM each day, expecting to finally see Ivermectin vindicated as a potent salve for Covid or reading about Hunter Biden’s long jail term. Nope. Not today. Not tomorrow. But at some point the whole mess will definitely hit the fan hard.

    By the way, Kunstler is also a talented painter, and has documented his small town on the Battenkill over the years. Personally, I am indebted to him, along with John Michael Greer, Ivan Illich, and Gail Tverberg (and to a lesser extent Orlov) as having a big influence in how I see the world these days.

    Dr. D

    California ‘Epsilon’ Covid Variant Contains Three Mutations (DM)”

    …And according to all recorded history, mutations make it LESS dangerous. So, happy? NO! The fear-demic cannot be stopped. Then you would stop listening to us and go do something useful like chuck us out of power. Then how would we take our tax-free jets to Epstein island? Really.

    FBI confiscates lego sets. Stunning and brave.

    He also owned a flag. I rest my case.

    “Based on LEGO Evidence, FBI Believes Capitol Rioter Was Also Planning Attack on Hogwarts Castle” -BBee

    These are not serious people. They’re clown people. Witness the life-long journalists with “Trauma” in “Therapy” for watching one news event in which unarmed people hurt, apparently nobody. Beclowned. “Not-agreement-capable” because they are “Not-reality-capable.” How long do you think that can go on? https://www.vice.com/en/article/4avqqn/reporters-survived-capitol-riot-struggling

    Well, if your plan is to destroy everything and bring the nation to abject misery, it’s going great, but if it’s the build and improve things, not so well. Which tells me their backers, supporters, defenders, participants, are working for China and other enemies of the United States – or rather its core principles of universal human rights – and fiercely against anyone who DOES support merit, prosperity, and human rights. Like Zuck and Dorsey. So, WHY would a group do this? What would be their reason or goal? Uh-huh.

    Border crisis worsens. Admin fights FOR 4x increase in fentanyl and human trafficking, rushing 1M people into the U.S., 10M people in 10 years. Huh. Funny. And why? Drug running and human trafficking because they care so much, from the goodness of their hearts?

    Am I kidding? “Utah BLM Says Anyone Flying American Flag Racist” an organization that has the full defense and support of the U.S. government and many states and cities, with every assault, murder, and arsonist released. “If you attack black people in black neighborhoods, maybe you’re one of us!” Since morally you should “Punch a Nazi”, if you burn down anything with a flag, you’re okay! Like 20 cities with $1.2B of damage.

    Boy Scouts Pay out Nearly a Billion for 60,000 Sex Abuse Victims and Almost No Arrests Were Made”

    It’s impossible to be arrested unless you own a lego set. You can’t judge me. Diversity of tactics and lifestyles, you bigot. Think I’m kidding? I’m not going to post the same arguments from the same people planning to normalize this (all) behavior, such that “men do what is good in their own eyes” except to say that RBG wrote in her book 1) sex work should be legal and 2) the age of consent should be 13 — you do the math — but just point out that Facebook is the top child trafficking site, has full support of Congress and the courts, and business is brisk. They can’t figure it out but they can stop lego sets? ISIS had a Facebook account almost the whole time they existed. Gee is that a group that, I dunno, promotes violence and hate online? Yes, but it’s violence and hate Zuck LIKES. The only rule is POWER. The only reason for power is POWER. …For the mentally ill.

    Dubai on fire. After ships in the M.E., Romanian and Caucus chemical factories and refineries, some in the U.S., one each day. But there’s nothing going on. No Cyber Polygon starting out there to make its way here. Nope! And groceries are not stockpiling extra food either.

    What can I say? Not a serious people. So they will die. And being only one person, knowing they’ve heard 50 years of warnings that all came true, I can’t help them. They can only help themselves. But that’s always been true. The point of government and other programs is a Con: they create your CONfidence in their welfare and medical support will be there, then like other Cons, betray them when the time is worst. Fatally, as they are a monopoly at that point, there is no alternative group and you go from full free health to zero killing — as we’ve proven — 100M in the 20th centory. No one learns. Note UK’s National Health, not only backlogged long enough for patients to die (as is Canada), not only talking about erasing (killing) the mentally infirm in several locations and institutions (i.e. murder and eugenics), but now doing the soft-kill of thousands at the earliest opportunity, not only with Covid and the response, but with a open-murder drug cocktail they’re being investigated for. …After allowing gang murders on the streets of England, underage rape gangs, and watching children go white with hunger, the envy of Dickens. You trusted them instead of yourselves. When you saw the warning signs, you did nothing. This is why you don’t centralize and that government is keenly unsuited for these activities. “Government is FIRE, it is FORCE” that is, VIOLENCE. So if you want violence, or stealing, corruption, lies, and fraud, government is your man. It’s essentially all they understand and aren’t even especially good at it. If you want medicine train a doctor, not a minister.

    What? They can’t be that bad? Well after erasing MacDonald, Canada’s 1st P.M., they just erased the inventor of mRNA. ‘Cause we don’t listen to scientists on mRNA, we listen to the science on mRNA. Got it? Clown World.

    “June 11, 2021, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology,1 Dr. Robert Malone, spoke out on the DarkHorse podcast about the potential dangers of COVID-19 gene therapy injections, hosted by Bret Weinstein, Ph.D. The podcast was quickly erased from YouTube and Weinstein was issued a warning.
    Wikipedia Scrubs Malone’s Scientific Contributions”

    All dials point the same direction: against Science and everything it stands for. Ask Daszak and the Lancet. For POWER. Power for power’s sake. Murder for murder’s sake. Because it feels so good. And no one does murder or defends it quite like government. Get the government, and it’s Murder by Numbers,

    “you can join the ranks of the illustrious
    In history’s great dark hall of fame
    All our greatest killers were industrious
    At least the ones that we all know by name
    But you can reach the top of your profession
    If you become the leader of the land
    For murder is the sport of the elected
    And you don’t need to lift a finger of your hand.”

    …The people will do the murders FOR you, and cheer! My god, a narcissistic orgasm, unending. You tell them to kill themselves and they do! Power. And they deserve it. No fault of mine! Sleep like a baby, cozy and warm. If these maggots are so weak as to believe you, aren’t you really doing the world a favor? Aren’t you really the hero in your story?

    “Why Won’t the Lancet Admit It Was Wrong? (Unherd)”

    Because then they wouldn’t be able to kill people by the thousands and laugh. In service of their masters and religious cause.

    “EU exempting Private Jets from Climate Taxes”

    Nacissists. ‘nuff said.

    ““Socialism with Chinese characteristics”.

    That is, where the government owns the means of production in a perfect merger. Unlike Fascism, where the means of production owns the government in a perfect merger. In neither do the people matter, only Party officials and oligarchs, misery spread universally. Look at Europe!

    ” Workers Are Funding the War on Themselves (DP)”

    The Con, as they pretend you’re awaiting a Nigerian fortune while stealing it all. The Con requires you to be complicit and credible. No con runs without your consent. If it didn’t, it would be violent robbery, open and opposed.

    “The Biden administration found out anyway by reading my emails.”

    And everyone – all the rubes, muppets, and marks, go “no he didn’t: that’s ridiculous” after 50 years of this, after the Church commission, after the Pentagon papers, after Cheney and Plame, after Obama charged more whistle blowers than all Presidents combined. After Clapper perjury. After Snowden, after Manning, after Trump. “No it isn’t” is their thoughtful, intelligent defense. “Daddy wouldn’t, daddy didn’t, and if he did, then Tucker deserved it.” The narcissist’s mantra. And so they die by millions. Is that injust? Wrong? You tell me. It’s your world, I’m just living in it.

    A man full of himself has no room for the Infinite…

    Another clown day in clown world.

    absolute galore

    I was about to post that Vice article that Dr. D linked to, but wanted to get my Kunstler fan boy post up on its own first.

    Anyway, the Vice article has a fairly hysterical (in both senses of the word) headline:
    ‘So, So Angry’: Reporters Who Survived the Capitol Riot Are Still Struggling
    The reporters who survived the insurrection are still covering Congress. But things don’t feel normal.

    Gosh, how many reporters were killed during that battle?! But the bravery! To see your comrades in journalism fall before your eyes and yet have the courage, the bravery, the patriotism, to continue covering Congress. I am overwhelmed and speechless. Can we please just say it: Front Line Heroes! We Salute You!

    Maybe things don’t feel normal because they ringed the place with troops and barbed wire?

    absolute galore

    Reminds me of that old riddle. A plane crashed on the border of the United States and Mexico. Where were the survivors buried?


    @absolute: you’re knocking it out of the park today. 🙂 Thanks!

    Dr. D

    Talk about gravely serious people. Xi’s 100-year speech:

    According to him, what are they fighting and gloriously winning? The Opium War, that is, the Anglos, the West.

    Because words have no meaning, or only the double-meaning of POWER, wut?

    “This enabled China to transform itself from a highly centralized planned economy to a socialist market economy brimming with vitality, and from a country that was largely isolated to one that is open to the outside world”

    They’re a Socialist/Capitalist culture that’s fully open/closed.

    Channeling Agent Smith, they’re also a “Historical Inevitability”, a “Manifest Destiny” if you will.

    He’s not wrong, the Anglos and their poodles in Europe are the real enemy and do plan to unseat/burrow into China. They did in fact destroy and impoverish China for 100 years of the Opium Silver Banker’s War.

    Their enemy is therefore quite clearly offshore in Taiwan and the war must be completed. They are and must, “seize the initiative of history”, which can only mean the offensive, not defensive path.

    Do I overstate their perspective? “We must ensure it is our people who run the country” Xi, what other people except the Chinese WOULD run the country? Who do you have in mind here that is so close you need to mention them?

    Is it the same people who do “sanctimonious preaching from those who feel they have the right to lecture us. … we will make sure the destiny of China’s development and progress remains firmly in our own hands.”?

    And is that related to your new turn towards rapid militarization? “We must accelerate the modernization of national defense and the armed forces..safeguarding our interests.” And building of 100 nuclear silos overnight? To “promote high-quality development of the Belt and Road Initiative” is that what they’re for? Seems a strange tool for that job.

    “we will never allow any foreign force to bully, oppress, or subjugate us. Anyone who would attempt to do so will find themselves on a collision course with a great wall of steel forged by over 1.4 billion Chinese people.”

    Apparently this has also been translated, “blood on the steel wall” Again, who do you think is subjugating you? What does that mean? You can’t take the China Sea right out to Australia and the Philippines?

    “China’s complete reunification [with Taiwan] is a historic mission and an unshakable commitment of the Communist Party” “We must take resolute action to utterly defeat any attempt toward “Taiwan independence,”

    Well I can think of one island who won’t like that. But anywhere there’s prosperity, attacks are sure to follow.

    Mister Roboto

    The Vice article about the Capitol reporters also brings to mind that RT editorial about all the shrieking and whimpering by what passes for the left in the UK over ending lockdown restrictions: The quasi-left comfortable classes in the Anglosphere at the very least have truly become pampered, poofy powder-puffs who will most certainly not be able navigate collapse once it is even more seriously under way. (I might not be able to, either, especially if they switch off the power and the heat just for shits and giggles next winter as some here were suggesting yesterday, but that’s entirely beside the point.)

    Mr. House

    If you will not allow price discovery in the stock market, housing market, business market, or any market, then you are lying. If you are willing to lie about things like that then you are desperate. If you are desperate then you are willing to lie about anything else, cough cough COVID cough cough.


    a great wall of steel forged by over 1.4 billion Chinese people.” Which was stolen from Aboriginal land using Anglo Silver Bank middle men.
    I still want to go fishing by a running stream in the shade but I’ll have to wait till the dam breaks and the trees grow back.
    On a lighter note – quantum level meditation seems a worthy goal given the current circumstances.

    Mr. House

    Its as simple as that people, stop listening to the fake lying words and watch the truthful honest actions.

    Mister Roboto

    cough cough COVID cough cough

    Mr. House is contagious and he’s going to infect all of us! Quick, somebody give him a PCR test run at 167 cycles!

    Mr. House

    And you can’t begin to regain trust in a person or institution until they stop lying, generally thats a good rule of thumb.


    Mister Roboto the quasi-left comfortables are headed for more toilet paper hoarding and a crash course in remembering to turn off the lights when leaving the bedroom – you know bill-shock and all that.
    WEF has them owning nothing too and they have further to fall and much to realise. Lockdowns are a little teaser.

    I cut a bunch of firewood from dead trees today in anticipation of when our turn comes for heat and fire. It was nice to be working in winter in the sun when it has been so grey.

    Mr. House

    What i’d need to see before i really start to panic about a “sickness” 😉

    Mr. House

    Mr. House

    Yinz guys have any ideas why anyone would want to kill the president of Haiti? Was that the island the Clintons embezzled all those donated funds for victims of an earthquake?


    How the USA system works vs how we pretend that it works.
    • Oh Look, Fraud In Medicine! (Denninger)
    Its going to happen in your hood
    ” mutations have rendered the stabs effectively worthless.”
    What happened when Europeans came to the Americas.
    “The longer these periods of ‘viral or bacterial low-exposure’ are, the greater the likelihood of future epidemics.”
    ” in the U.S., government changes but not policy. In China, government doesn’t change; policy does.”
    cognitive decline
    ““others” are doing it in his place.”

    No longer exists
    Nobody is taking care of the petty cash

    “Pensions and 401(k)’s are were ….”
    $5 trillion in public pension systems that have accrued government workers’ retirement savings over decades…… the cash is now in these opaque “alternative” investments……
    These investments generate outsized fees for financial firms, bankroll the Wall Street’s political machine, and capitalize the corporations that are pillaging the middle class.

    The Karnak Temple Complex, commonly known as Karnak (/ˈkɑːr.næk/,[1] from Arabic Khurnak meaning “fortified village”), comprises a vast mix of decayed temples, chapels, pylons, and other buildings near Luxor, in Egypt. Construction at the complex began during the reign of Senusret I in the Middle Kingdom (around 2000–1700 BC) and continued into the Ptolemaic period (305–30 BC)
    The web ….
    “influence in how I see the world these days.”
    The USA social/economic system
    No con runs without your consent.

    You remember, too?
    “Yinz guys have any ideas why anyone would want to kill the president of Haiti?
    Was that the island the Clintons embezzled all those donated funds for victims of an earthquake?”

    absolute galore

    The one big glitch in China nuking us out of existence is that we do happen to be a pretty decent customer of all the crap they churn out over there. Maybe someone will whisper that little tidbit in his ear? Then again, if they get rid of us, they have the domestic marketplace all to themselves. They can have everything made in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and put all the mainlanders on Universal Income. Cause, you know, robots.

    Just like they did a high-speed industrial revolution in 20 years time, complete with the now famous “China used more cement in 3 years than the U.S. did in the entire 20th Century” fast fact-o-the-day, it seems they will complete a nice nuclear arsenal arms race in short order as well. Hurray for sanity.

    Meanwhile, today is laundry day here at absolute galore world headquarters…ugh. It’s one of the few things I miss about owning my own home (and one of the reasons I bought one in the first place.) Washing machine plus clothesline. Now that’s civilization.


    How many wars can the USA do at the same time?


    Dr.D I know it is all but impossible for many Americans to conceive of a publicly-funded health care system that works better, and at lesser cost for the same service with better health outcomes, compared to a private one. However this is the case. Studies comparing Canadian and American health care systems confirm this. Yes, there are wait times, but in the end the overall result is Canadians have better health outcomes at lower cost than do Americans.

    Extremely important article about how our pension funds are being directed by bankers for bankers. So hard for many to get their heads around – much easier to complaining n about the “lazy” welfare recipients next door.

    Mr. House


    This should have been apparent after they completed their first four years of trying to join the paper aristocracy. Can’t really feel bad for people, i did research and decided never again after finishing college, why couldn’t they? This is crux of everything wrong with the world, absolving personal responsibility and forcing others to suffer due to others dumb mistakes.


    On the video where the Aussie TV chap says:

    …. “This is the largest clinical trial ever (he is reffering to COV vaxes), we will have enormous amounts of data (…) The message for the public is, it’s safe, it’s effective, it will help protect you (goes on to quote, and others, like your Nonna..) ”

    Is extravagantly nonsensical and duplicitous. Yet, it is apparently fine to broadcast on MSM, and is expected to ‘have an impact’, i.e. boost vax-taking numbers, and shore up the self-congratulatory moral righteousness of the newly vaxxed.

    I have also seen the various Cov vaxes rollouts called *experiments.*

    They are nothing of the kind, and there isn’t any data at all, as it is not being collected by anybody (even rogues, afaik, as it can’t be done, it is all too dodgy, one can’t even make some solid assumptions..)

    The VAERS, Eudravigilance, and other data bases collecting reports of adverse effects are there as a sop to the public (docs must know it is BS) — one can complain somewhere! It is official! As well as to support the myth of ‘data collection.’ Of course, whatever is logged in them can be dismissed, even thrashed, as the entries are spontaneous, individual, voluntary, and never checked, collated, analysed, etc. (Imho, many adverse effects reports have been removed, that is just me, one can’t prove that, so who knows.)

    And then the message it is safe is banged out again, when in fact the previous argument was ‘the data will tell, be useful’ — well I am kicking in open doors I know.

    The crux is, this is what the MSM does, and how that whole circuit (or circus, heh) functions is what has to be questioned, analysed and *in fine*, torn down.


    Just discovered that the comments on yesterday’s debt rattle are still rolling in. Some of the discussion revolved around control of the narrative, with the astute observation that using the term “elite” to describe “them” is, in itself, a nuanced form of control. The suggestion was put forth to come up with a different term.

    Could be interesting to open that “competition” back up today and see the results, if anyone is interested in sharing their ideas on a better term to describe the scum that hold financial power in today’s world??

    Or not … your choice. 😉

    , I was hoping you’d weigh-in on the control topic yesterday. Good response.


    @Noirette, always insightful comments. Thank you. I found it highly informative when Dr Malone mentioned in an interview that the FDA had the ability to demand stringent collection of adverse events by pharma companies since these vaccines are issued under an EUA … but the FDA opted not to exercise that right. That by itself should cause some head scratching, but it hasn’t.

    As I mentioned in the past, the CDC and FDA are not captured by pharma. They’ve been sleeping with pharma for decades and the sooner we come to terms with that and act accordingly in our personal decisions, the better off we’ll be. I imagine we can toss the AMA, Lancet, and the rest of the alphabet soup institutions into that mix as well.

    Dr. D

    We ARE a publicly-funded government-run health care. Congress already has exercised complete control. And yes, we already have higher costs than Switzerland, with worse outcomes than Cuba. …Just the way Congress wants it.

    Careful with Canada, as we are their safety valve, a whole industry of visiting the U.S. for spot care. Like Europe, they could not afford it without our paying all Defense, and GST/PST very nearly cripples Canada as it is and they’re now depending entirely on financial and housing booms. Also my point was that, like all such plans, it does in fact work great — until very suddenly it doesn’t. Then all the death backlogged from 50 years of debt it paid back in one great war/collapse/default. Like Russia. And Britain is doing that – collapsing and refusing — right now, with the same immovable object, the bane of egos: “math”.

    When did it start getting really bad here? 1992, the exact year the government got entirely involved. At the direct behest of the corporations, erasing all competition by law, along with most charities.


    This is by design, exactly as warned by people like us. The whole PURPOSE of “HMO’s” (jargon of the time) with their bulls–t sales pitch was to utterly destroy any function of private health and move it into a national, federal health care with universal medical records. And in December of 2019 we saw exactly why. NO resistance to anything, NO possibility of avoiding vaccines while Julian Assange and Glenn Greenwald suddenly get “mis-diagnosed” and disappear of natural causes. …The orders under Obamacare was the Doctor MUST do as prescribed by the administration, even if it’s wrong, and without a private system to fall back on, the doctor would ALSO disappear, live under a bridge, and die de-licensed of natural causes if he doesn’t cooperate.

    Add to this doctors ordered to “ask about guns” in their microscopic 15-minute sessions, and consider any ownership or dissatisfaction with CNN or the establishment a sign of mental instability, Red Flag laws, and diagnosing all dissenters, including the President, with open mental illness and you really see what was going on.

    Very, very narrowly missed, and only with a horrendous, vicious, 30-year, dog-and-cat fight than continues today. As Biden jacks epipens and insulin. Today. Imagine your options for you and your children given the benevolent touch of the total state under Covid, the world’s most survivable disease at 99.97%.

    And all for the profits. Profits? What? It’s been nationalized. Yes, and you notice under Obamacare, insurers, not doctors wrote the law, and Pharma stocks, all rose, not fell, as drug prices all rose, not fell, Shkreli and Wall St rose, not fell, and the middle class took +10% yearly rises compounded for decades, worse than any pressure since the nation was founded, and immediate worse national outcomes.
    The only worse outcome possible than what we have is if Congress had succeeded. They are a thousand times worse than cash, and provably so on any level you’d like to name. Now if only we could get competition in that OTHER half of medicine: Insurance, which is ALSO totally run by Congress, Wall Street, and Corporate profits, outside of any competition or market-pricing one can think of. The “Profits” Health insurers paid HRC and Obamacare for are guaranteed by the state, with the merger of corporations and government as elegant as Comcast and benevolent as Halliburton.

    Under the state it’s illegal to be a single doctor, or nearly so. But I also can’t open up an honest health insurance company. Can you?

    If only we could have the technically-poor medical care and insurance system of 1979 we’d probably be twice as healthy.

    Instead, we’re nearing the full collapse of no health care at all. As seen in no Dentists and Cancer screenings for a YEAR, entirely against medicine and at Congresses’ full request AFTER funding the lab that created it in the first place. This is BEFORE we go bankrupt with pumping $2T a night, is imminent and fatal, banks and the internet lock up, and outside of Army tents, there’s no existing non-technical system to get any healthcare at all.

    Sure, tell me again about how good Congress is at helping my doctor. The system before they got involved was the worst possible…except for all the others worldwide. Ask Britain with their intentional drug-cocktail murder nursing home investigation. Yeah, that’s EXACTLY your script of 1936 stuff. Same path, same reason, same math. History repeats despite all the shouting I can do.

    Dr. D

    Gosh, what a sad statement. Wish I didn’t have to make it.



    “I don’t believe “they” have control of 65% of the world’s hearts & minds. You seem to be primarily referencing the hearts & minds of western societies … how about we include the so-called 3rd world societies…and try to gauge where their hearts & minds are?”

    Thanks for catching my sloppy generalizing – which, unfortunately, blurred the points I wanted to make. You are absolutely correct that what i’m describing is the deliberate destruction of our Western Industrial Civilization executed BY Westerners directed AT Westerners. And the Plandemic has focused on the major Western countries for the last 18 mos. In fact I did an analysis last December on how effective the West was in protecting their citizens from the “ravages” of C-19 vs the results from the mainland Asian countries – using deaths / million of pop. as a proxy for their success (or failure). What I found was that the 14 significant countries of mainland Asia (24% of world pop) had average death toll (per million pop.) of FIVE while the US, Canada & the 12 major EU countries (10% of world pop) had an average death toll (per million of pop) of SIX HUNDRED & THIRTY THREE. In other words the richest, most technologically advanced Civilization that has ever existed on this planet did 125 times WORSE at protecting their people than an area that is, in total, poorer and less “advanced”. (Considering the narrative that we’ve been spoon fed for generations) how is this possible? Unless it’s intentional. Unless it’s part of the overall plan. AND unless it’s scripted and organized and executed by people with more resources and more power than any member nation.

    (Ok, back to your suggestion): I don’t believe the people who are organizing this “Reset” give a rat’s ass about the “3rd world” and what they may or may not think. Too much money does bad things to people. If you have enough money to pay for a global Plandemic-to-order then it’s likely that you’re not too concerned about Malaysian public opinion. And in case that there was some global “right to choose” implied with your suggestion let me point that very few of out Western countries can still be considered democracies in any realistic sense of the word. (including the US, Canada, the UK, Spain, Germany, France, etc, etc)

    But having said all of that you will notice that Raul posted an article (on Julian’s BD) about “Indonesia’s Harsh Lockdown”. Now that the West has been terrorized into submission it’s now time to spread some of that fabled Western Expertise to some of our less fortunate neighbors.


    “then how come THEY are able to completely control the narrative and thus win the hearts and minds of most of the world’s population? “

    Let me try a bit of personal experience from many years ago: I began to “wake up” to the reality of the world we actually live in when my kids were in their early teens. And I tried to share my insights with them but, to my horror, I found that it was too late. Mother Culture’s influence through the media and their peers was stronger (and more exciting) than my perspective on the world. What was to become their world. I came to realize that Mother Culture had stolen my kids from me. (mission: destroy the nuclear family) And I never got them back.


    “If we can’t win the minds of our loved ones…“

    You & I have mixed success at influencing the opinions of those we care about because (hopefully) we’re open & honest about our POV and the people we’re trying to influence can weigh our opinions with their conscious minds. BUT, way too often, they’re weighing our input against “opinions” that were instilled in them without their conscious awareness. They never heard Mother Culture whispering sweet nothings in their ears. In other words it’s a stacked deck. A rigged game. We lose out to an invisible advisor that they don’t know even exists!


    “they most certainly can’t win the minds of EVERYONE”.

    Yes they can because propaganda (a) WORKS and (b) it’s INVISIBLE.

    I know you can’t buy this because you don’t feel hypnotized and besides you’re too smart. But try this: Ask everyone you know if they feel that they’re influenced by advertising (which, of course, is just commercial propaganda). Iv’e been doing this for years and am still waiting for my 1st “yes”. But the US advertising industry takes in almost a quarter of a trillion dollars a year! One side here doesn’t know what it’s doing and I don’t think it’s Business.


    “Controlling the narrative is not complete control. To believe that to be true, is to believe we might as well crawl in a hole and pull the dirt down on top of ourselves.”

    I’m an old man. I’ve had 3/4 of a century to watch the evolution of the American Way of Life™ from “Leave it to Beaver” all the way down to “Drag Queen Storytime”. The more I see, the more I learn, the more fascinated I become in the degenerate ingenuity that we homo sapiens are capable of as we devolve further into a means of existence that Mother Nature never intended for this hopelessly lost species. But i’m riding this bus to the last stop. I’ll need the full story in order to write my account in my next life. ;^)

    BTW, “crawl in a hole” is Kübler-Ross’s 4th stage (Depression). Which means you’re only one stage away from accepting that Propaganda is Real. Come on , brother! You can do it! We can double the number of Believers on TAE overnight! As Arlo said: “It’s a movement”.

    and: “I call them elites because it’s a term everyone understands”

    Uh huh. Because everyone “understands” that those who have stolen our wealth as a nation and now are intent on stealing our very lives are properly to referred to as “Elites”? Sorry but i’m afraid that the fact that the media ALWAYS, WITHOUT FAIL refers to them as our (benevolent) Elites makes more sense to me. But then I believe that propaganda exists so my opinion won’t count for much here.

    Mr. House

    ” History repeats despite all the shouting I can do.”

    Thats because they don’t understand history, so its just shouting 😉


    “For every 1,000 confirmed cases for COVID-19,” What does this mean? A positive test result? I think this is not the same use of ‘case’ as in US 34 million cases. Otherwise the figures don’t make sense.

    island raider

    “Now I will tell you the answer to my question. It is this. The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power. What pure power means you will understand presently. We are different from the oligarchies of the past in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites. The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their own motives. They pretended, perhaps they even believed, that they had seized power unwillingly and for a limited time, and that just around the corner there lay a paradise where human beings would be free and equal. We are not like that. We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. Now you begin to understand me.”
    George Orwell, ‘1984’

    John Day

    “And now for something completely different…”

    Cowpea curculio is a weevil that can be very destructive to the crops it attacks.
    This pest is just as destructive to southern peas as the boll weevil is to cotton.
    The cowpea weevil is originally from Mexico and Central America.
    This weevil arrived in North America in the 1800s.
    ​ ​David Riley, professor of entomology at the University of Georgia, has been conducting research on cowpea curculio for the past eight years. He says weevils wreak havoc on southern pea crops when the peas start to flower. “The cowpea weevils will come into the fields and search for young developing pea pods to lay their eggs in,” says Riley. “They will eat a little hole and lay an egg inside the pea pod. The egg will then hatch inside the pod, and the little grub will start to feed on the pea. It eventually eats the pea. When it matures, the grub will come out of the pea pod, drop to the ground, and then it will pupate in the soil.”

    Cowpea Curculio Wreaking Havoc in the Southeast

    ​ A few years ago I started growing “field peas”, Whippoorwill type, once the most grown type in the US, grown by Thomas Jefferson, “once the standard”. They grow in all soils, and keep producing all season. Those are good characteristics. The peas (beans, actually, but African beans, not new world beans) are smallish, dense and benefit from being soaked and cooked longer than “Queen Ann” blackeyed peas that you buy in the store. They have done fine for me. I never had weevil problems, so I never learned more about weevils, but I decided to try other kinds of blackeyed peas last year, so I started learning about weevils.

    Last year, and this year, I have also grown Mackey Peas, a Texas heirloom, a bigger, softer pea, with more pea mass and a nicer flavor and texture. Halfway through last season, growing them in Yoakum, I noticed more and more weevil damage to pods and peas. This year I grew them in Austin and grew the whippoorwill peas in Yoakum. It’s the peas, not the place. The weevils find them. It got so bad that most pods had a minority of the peas good, or none at all, empty pods. I just took the row out, and Jenny is taking it to friendly chickens that don’t complain. The Whippoorwill peas in Yoakum are doing fine. I won’t plant Mackey Peas again.

    John Day

    More of the same…

    Here is the lowdown on growing Field Peas, from Hoss Tools, information that I found over the weekend.

    I have ordered some Misssissippi Purplehull peas, the most disease resistant variety they sell, developed by the Mississippi Ag. Experiment station in 1973. They call it a “crowder” type of field pea. It is not sold as weevil-resistant, but nothing is. https://hosstools.com/product/mississippi-purplehull-pea/

    I also ordered some Red Ripper a vining type of “Crowder” pea, widely sold, widely planted in Texas, an old variety. It’s good for eating, or as a cover crop, and drought tolerant. They don’t say anything about weevils. I’m going to do the test. https://hosstools.com/product/red-ripper-pea/

    The Mackey peas are out to the chicken yard. I’ll plant these 2 types when they come in. I’ll see how many I get after the weevils are through, and if I like them better than whippoorwill peas

    Interesting points I learned are that the weevils don’t attack new world beans, like black beans and pinto beans, or at least don’t do much harm. New world beans and weevils co-evolved, so the beans developed a defense (or they would have been eradicated). A strategy is to plant beans before cowpeas (typically planted earlier in spring) to attract the weevils to a futile effort. The new world beans developed a chemical that blocks the digestion of starch by the weevils. The African beans (cowpeas) don’t have that protection. Another strategy is to plant the cowpeas/field-peas/southern-peas in August and grow them into the fall. The weevils save up fat for winter in the fall, and lay fewer eggs, so they do less damage than in spring and summer.

    It’s a lot of work shelling southern peas, at least for what you get, but it’s more work shelling black beans. I looked up high (Combine harvesters, outta’ my league) and low tech ways of threshing them. The best I came up with uses burlap bags, beaten with sticks as they hang, and the beans let out a hole in the bottom. All the methods involve beating them with sticks and separating the beans from the pile of husks. This looks easiest:

    I might try growing pinto beans next year.
    I really am focused on how much work for how much food, now. This is probably the main factor in how traditionally grown varieties were chosen and developed. It includes factors like insect loss and time to process and shelf life all together.

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