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Vincent van Gogh The red tree house 1890



The FDA. the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, announced on Monday that it gave full approval to a vaccine. But it didn’t. Or rather, it did, but the approval is for a vaccine that doesn’t exist. Or rather, it exists, but it’s not being produced. Or rather, it’s being produced, but under different names and with different legal statuses.

The FDA is playing a game with Americans, in order to get them to submit to being vaccinated. And this has to stop. No more. The role of the FDA is to protect people, not cajole them into politically desired but illegal actions. Below are 3 -bullet points of- articles about the (non-) approval. One from Peter Doshi, senior editor at The BMJ, and a powerful foe to the FDA, one from Robert Kennedy jr, and one from Jill Malone, wife of Dr. Robert Malone.

But first, yet another lie -BIG, not noble- from Anthony Fauci, as told to Anderson Cooper. There is no approval for “the Pfizer product”, and Fauci knows that very well. Or rather, there is approval for a Pfizer product that is not available to anyone. And that should never have been approved the way it was in the first place, but that’s another story. Still, Fauci said it.

In theory, if he were called on it (but of course he won’t be by any reporter he talks to), he could say that the products are the same anyway. But he won’t say that, because he realizes full well that they have different legal statuses; they are “legally distinct” in the words of the FDA. So Fauci can’t say they are the same. Even if it’s just a matter of a different label on a vial.

Yes, it sounds crazy, but that’s the legal labyrinth the FDA and Pfizer have negotiated themselves into. Why? Kennedy says it best: Pfizer is unlikely to allow any American to take a Comirnaty vaccine until it can somehow arrange immunity for this product..

And: “If it says “Comirnaty,” it’s a licensed product. If it says “Pfizer-BioNTech,” it’s an experimental product, and under 21 U.S. Code 360bbb, you have the right to refuse. If it comes from Moderna or Johnson & Johnson (marketed as Janssen), you have the right to refuse. [..] If it doesn’t say Comirnaty, you have not been offered an approved vaccine.”

Jill Malone: The vaccine that is likely to be supplied for some time, WILL BE THE Pfizer – EUA vaccine. So any mandates based on full approval are meaningless.


Fauci Dismisses “Freedom” In Call For Vaccine Mandates: “The Time Has Come. Enough Is Enough.”

“There was some poll that showed about 30% of people who are not anti-vax, they were just waiting to get what they felt was the real final stamp of approval, which we just got today with the Pfizer product.” He continued, “And those 30% are saying when that occurs, they will feel very, very comfortable about getting vaccinated. So right away, you’re talking about 30%. I hope they come through with what the survey said.”

[..] “They’re going to give a lot of incentive and backing for a lot of institutions and organizations and places of employment to mandate, and that could be colleges, university, the military, organizations that employ a lot of people, some of the big corporations are going to say if you want to work for us in person, you’ve got to be there and get vaccinated.”

[..] “I know I respect people’s freedom, but when you’re talking about a public health crisis that we’ve been going through for well over a year and a half, the time has come. Enough is enough. We’ve just got to get people vaccinated.” “If we keep lingering without getting those people vaccinated that should be vaccinated, this thing could linger on, leading to the development of another variant which could complicate things.”

Here’s Peter Doshi, senior editor at The BMJ.

Does The FDA Think These Data Justify The First Full Approval Of A Covid-19 Vaccine?

On 28 July 2021, Pfizer and BioNTech posted updated results for their ongoing phase 3 covid-19 vaccine trial. The preprint came almost a year to the day after the historical trial commenced, and nearly four months since the companies announced vaccine efficacy estimates “up to six months.” But you won’t find 10 month follow-up data here.

While the preprint is new, the results it contains aren’t particularly up to date. In fact, the paper is based on the same data cut-off date (13 March 2021) as the 1 April press release, and its topline efficacy result is identical: 91.3% (95% CI 89.0 to 93.2) vaccine efficacy against symptomatic covid-19 through “up to six months of follow-up.”

[..] the recent reports from Israel’s Ministry of Health caught my eye. In early July, they reported that efficacy against infection and symptomatic disease “fell to 64%.” By late July it had fallen to 39% where Delta is the dominant strain. This is very low. For context, the FDA’s expectation is of “at least 50%” efficacy for any approvable vaccine.

[..] evidence of waning immunity was already visible in the data by the 13 March 2021 data cut-off… And it’s hard to imagine how the Delta variant could play a real role here, for 77% of trial participants were from the United States, where Delta was not established until months after data cut-off.

[..] Despite the reference to “six month safety and efficacy” in the preprint’s title, the paper only reports on vaccine efficacy “up to six months,” but not from six months. This is not semantics, as it turns out only 7% of trial participants actually reached six months of blinded follow-up (“8% of BNT162b2 recipients and 6% of placebo recipients had ≥6 months follow-up post-dose 2.”) So despite this preprint appearing a year after the trial began, it provides no data on vaccine efficacy past six months, which is the period Israel says vaccine efficacy has dropped to 39%.

[..] —a total of three covid-19 related deaths (one on vaccine, two on placebo). There were 29 total deaths during blinded follow-up (15 in the vaccine arm; 14 in placebo). The crucial question, however, is whether the waning efficacy seen in the primary endpoint data also applies to the vaccine’s efficacy against severe disease.

[..] here we are, with FDA reportedly on the verge of granting a marketing license 13 months into the still ongoing, two year pivotal trial, with no reported data past 13 March 2021, unclear efficacy after six months due to unblinding, evidence of waning protection irrespective of the Delta variant, and limited reporting of safety data.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Meryl Nass, M.D. at

2 Things Mainstream Media Didn’t Tell You About FDA’s Approval of Pfizer Vaccine

Monday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a biologics license application for the Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine. The press reported that vaccine mandates are now legal for military, healthcare workers, college students and employees in many industries. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has now required the vaccine for all teachers and school staff. The Pentagon is proceeding with its mandate for all military service members.

[..] First, the FDA acknowledges that while Pfizer has “insufficient stocks” of the newly licensed Comirnaty vaccine available, there is “a significant amount” of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine — produced under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) — still available for use. The FDA decrees that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine under the EUA should remain unlicensed but can be used “interchangeably” (page 2, footnote 8) with the newly licensed Comirnaty product. Second, the FDA pointed out that the licensed Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine and the existing, EUA Pfizer vaccine are “legally distinct,” but proclaims that their differences do not “impact safety or effectiveness.”

[..] EUA products are experimental under U.S. law. Both the Nuremberg Code and federal regulations provide that no one can force a human being to participate in this experiment. Under 21 U.S. Code Sec.360bbb-3(e)(1)(A)(ii)(III), “authorization for medical products for use in emergencies,” it is unlawful to deny someone a job or an education because they refuse to be an experimental subject. Instead, potential recipients have an absolute right to refuse EUA vaccines.

U.S. laws, however, permit employers and schools to require students and workers to take licensed vaccines. EUA-approved COVID vaccines have an extraordinary liability shield under the 2005 Public Readiness and Preparedness Act. [..] At least for the moment, the Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine has no liability shield. Vials of the branded product, which say “Comirnaty” on the label, are subject to the same product liability laws as other U.S. products.

When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices places a vaccine on the mandatory schedule, a childhood vaccine benefits from a generous retinue of liability protections. But licensed adult vaccines, including the new Comirnaty, do not enjoy any liability shield. Just as with Ford’s exploding Pinto, or Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup, people injured by the Comirnaty vaccine could potentially sue for damages. And because adults injured by the vaccine will be able to show that the manufacturer knew of the problems with the product, jury awards could be astronomical.

Pfizer is therefore unlikely to allow any American to take a Comirnaty vaccine until it can somehow arrange immunity for this product.

[..] the FDA’s acknowledgement in its approval letter that there are insufficient stocks of the licensed Comirnaty, but an abundant supply of the EUA Pfizer BioNTech jab, exposes the “approval” as a cynical scheme to encourage businesses and schools to impose illegal jab mandates. The FDA’s clear motivation is to enable Pfizer to quickly unload inventories of a vaccine that science and the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System have exposed as unreasonably dangerous, and that the Delta variant has rendered obsolete.

Americans, told that the Pfizer COVID vaccine is now licensed, will understandably assume COVID vaccine mandates are lawful. But only EUA-authorized vaccines, for which no one has any real liability, will be available during the next few weeks when many school mandate deadlines occur. [..] While the media has trumpeted that the FDA has approved COVID vaccines, the FDA has not approved the Pfizer BioNTech vaccines, nor any COVID vaccines for the 12- to 15-year age group, nor any booster doses for anyone.

And the FDA has not licensed any Moderna vaccine, nor any vaccine from Johnson & Johnson — so the vast majority, if not all, of vaccines available in the U.S. remain unlicensed EUA products.

Here’s what you need to know when somebody orders you to get the vaccine: Ask to see the vial. If it says “Comirnaty,” it’s a licensed product. If it says “Pfizer-BioNTech,” it’s an experimental product, and under 21 U.S. Code 360bbb, you have the right to refuse. If it comes from Moderna or Johnson & Johnson (marketed as Janssen), you have the right to refuse. The FDA is playing bait and switch with the American public — but we don’t have to play along. If it doesn’t say Comirnaty, you have not been offered an approved vaccine..

And Jill Malone.

FDA Pfizer Authorization (Comirnaty): Key Points To Consider And Discuss

FDA Pfizer authorization (Comirnaty): Key points to consider and discuss.
These points are an aggregate of many minds, including Dr. Robert Malone. 23 Aug 2021
General talking points
• Why mandates if herd immunity isn’t possible?
• What happens 8 months after boosters?
• What’s the plan for the next variant?
• Why we’re messing with vaccine injury liability if the vaccines are safe and effective?

There are now TWO LEGALLY distinct (Pfizer vs. BionTech), but otherwise identical products, based on two FDA letters, as well as a press release. The analysis of these FDA products below is preliminary and subject to change.

Letter to Pfizer
• Extends EUA to allow supply of current Pfizer under EUA because limited supply of BioNTech version.
• “The products are legally distinct with certain differences that do not impact safety or effectiveness. (page 2, Pfizer letter) [..] here FDA quietly admits that the licensed Pfizer vaccine and the authorized Pfizer vaccine are identical with regard to safety/efficacy, but they are “legally distinct.” That’s code for one has manufacturer liability, while the other doesn’t. It is also code for “we don’t want to impose a mandate on the EUA product cause it is illegal, but we can probably get away with a mandate on the licensed product.”

[..] yes, we licensed the vaccine, but…there is a lot of the old vaccine out there, actually “a significant amount” and this amount will be considered an EUA and will continue to be used. Now, why would they do that? Why specify that identical versions of the product will be legally different? Because they need the license to impose the mandates. But they need the EUA to evade liability.

Along with the license comes liability for the manufacturer. (While all EUA products were given a liability shield.) the feds want us to THINK the vaccine we are receiving is licensed, which will make people submit because they think it can now be mandated , but instead we are almost certain to receive the EUA vials instead, to save Pfizer’s behind.

Press release

“On August 23, 2021, FDA approved the biologics license application (BLA) submitted by BioNTech Manufacturing GmbH for COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) for active immunization to prevent COVID-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2 in individuals 16 years of age and older.” The efficacy claims are based on outdated data. The press release indicates that the basis of the efficacy claims was as quoted below. However, those data are outdated, and captured with strains of virus (Alpha, Beta) that are no longer predominant. The efficacy claims are therefore invalid – it is quite clear that the vaccine is much less effective in preventing infection by the currently circulating strain (Delta)

In its letter to BioNTech, the FDA states “” We have determined that an analysis of spontaneous postmarketing adverse events reported under section 505(k)(1) of the FDCA will not be sufficient to assess known serious risks of myocarditis and pericarditis and identify an unexpected serious risk of subclinical myocarditis. Furthermore, the pharmacovigilance system that FDA is required to maintain under section 505(k)(3) of the FDCA is not sufficient to assess these serious risks.” The first sentence says that VAERS will be incapable of assessing known serious risk The second sentence says that the other pharmacovigilance systems that by law FDA employs (supposedly about 20 different databases when they were bragging about them last October) are similarly incapable of assessing known serious risk.

• The risks in pregnancy remain unknown. “although not FDA requirements, the company has committed to additional post-marketing safety studies, including conducting a pregnancy registry study to evaluate pregnancy and infant outcomes after receipt of Comirnaty during pregnancy.” The prescribing info says: “There is a pregnancy exposure registry for COMIRNATY. Encourage individuals exposed to COMIRNATY around the time of conception or during pregnancy to register by visiting .” WHY ARE THEY DOING A PREGNANCY STUDY?

FDA has licensed the BioNTech vaccine for 16 and up
• All of the authorized vaccine on shelves and in freezers will remain only authorized, until the new product with Cominaty labelling arrives.
• 3d or booster doses and vaccine for 12-15 year olds remains under EUA
• Why not also approve the Pfizer version? Why leave it under EUA?
• When the press says the “Pfizer vaccine is fully approved.” It is not. The vaccine that is likely to be supplied for some time, WILL BE THE Pfizer – EUA vaccine. So any mandates based on full approval are meaningless.

THE BLA acknowledges LONG term myocardial issues with a 5 year follow up consistent with the lower range for LTFU for Gene Therapy Products. Is FDA quietly acknowledging the Gene Therapy classification? These products have been classified by FDA as Gene Therapy Products which require UP to 15 years long term follow up in studies. This was acknowledged by Moderna in their 2Q 2020 filing.

Using superior CDC published methods, normalizing for people vaccinated, Children’s Health Defense estimates 176x reports of VAERS deaths associated with C19 vaccines compared with flu vaccines. 35x the number for H1N1 (where stimulated reporting is speculated) Using CDC published methods we estimate under-reporting of VAERS deaths to be 5- 15x. for a total of 30,000-90,000 deaths, mostly non-C19. Underreporting for lifethreatening events may be 24-64x. IN ADDITION – (Israel MOH, combined with Dagan study), we have estimated between 35-86,000 EXCESS USA deaths due to Covid in those vaccinated (>=1 dose)




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    Vincent van Gogh The red tree house 1890     The FDA. the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, announced on Monday that it gave full approval
    [See the full post at: The Lies Must Stop]


    In short, no, the FDA is not trying to get rid of Pfizer supplies first. Their negotiations with each other simply failed to come up with a way to provide Pfizer with immunity, while the political pressure for a full approval became too much to bear.

    Dr. D

    Possibly, yes. I’m not an expert, but seems that Van Gogh is actually a Leo Gausson,

    People also ask
    Did Van Gogh paint the Red Tree House?
    Leo Gausson painted The Red Tree House in 1889 or 1890. … Many internet cites incorrectly list this work as a Van Gogh painting.”


    Great post Raul.


    Well, the painting is amazing. 🙂

    And, there is a silver lining to this dreadfulness. I can tell my co-parent when the boys are 16 that I would let them get the comirnaty but not the Pfizer. And then vaccination won’t happen. Nice. Totally legal. And I can change my mind later.

    On of my kids was exposed to someone with Covid yesterday. Now he is home from school, quarantined. Apparently, if he were vaccinated he wouldn’t require quarantine. Totally hilarious, since the vax doesn’t stop infection nor transmission.


    Thanks Rual, that’s the scam I tried to point out in the last debt rattle. I’m still not clear about whether the non-Pfizer vaccines are still covered by EUA, did they also receive letters from the FDA that their products are “interchangeable”?


    “On of my kids was exposed to someone with Covid yesterday. Now he is home from school, quarantined. Apparently, if he were vaccinated he wouldn’t require quarantine. Totally hilarious, since the vax doesn’t stop infection nor transmission.”

    Ah, but it did, or rather that was the original premise and is the ongoing theory behind vaccine induced herd immunity. It’s amazing how cognitive dissonance works.


    Possibly, yes. I’m not an expert, but seems that Van Gogh is actually a Leo Gausson,

    After doing extensive research, I’m pretty convinced that Anthony Fauci painted it.

    The buildings look a bit odd, the leaves at the top look very van Gogh.


    Thank you, Raul.

    We’ve known for a LONG time just how low these guys could go. But to see it done so blatantly is astounding.

    FDA, CDC, WHO and every single agency in every country that is behaving like them … y’all are done now. Pick up your marbles and go home. You can fool some of the people all of the time, perhaps, but not all that many of them.

    They must be getting awfully desperate, these bureaucracies, to pull this. Let the destruction continue. It’s easier when they do it themselves.


    They only *thought* they had anti-vaxxers before. This covid vaccine debacle should ice that cake up right pretty.


    To me they’re not looking desperate, at all- brazen is the word I’d choose.

    “comirnaty” drips with contempt: “Like It, Proles!”.


    Well at least he’ll have an occupation, then, while he’s sitting in prison. Fauci, that is.


    Who would or could adjudicate?


    Robert Kennedy Jr was interviewed by Mike Adams the other day. Adams expressed incredulity at the complete lack of law suits and legal challenges to the Plandemic at local, state, national and international levels and the lockstep verbatim talking points that come out of every MSMediawhore orifice on Planet Earth simultaneously (probably just coincidence theory) day in and day out.

    Kennedy said one overlooked avenue of redress was the red State Attorney Generals. He said most want to be Governor in there respective state and are generally risk takers when political career advancement possibilities come into view. He said state AGs have tremendous legal power in their states. He suggested starting to apply pressure on state AGs and to encourage individual parents lawsuits against local and state schools in order to financially cripple them with a cascading avalanche of legal cases against them. It will ultimately destroy their budgets.

    As much as that sounds logical, there is no longer ANY RULE OF LAW ANYWHERE globally much less national, state or local law enforcement. Sure the Pathocrats will have courts enforce fines on people for ‘disobeying’ the Narrative, the rest of case law as it has been known for a couple centuries is gone with the wind.

    Short of state AGs and some renegade local county sheriffs, there is no legal rescue party in sight against the Satanic Monsters masquerading as ‘health professionals’.

    There is no court at Nuremberg looming, hell they don’t even obey the medical Nuremberg Code set out after WWII now and it’s written as plain as day.

    So with NO laws being obeyed as regard to medical ethics, it leaves asymmetric warfare tactics as the only course left to stop the Psychopaths like Fauci et al.

    As James Kunstler recently wrote about the “new pussification of the armed forces”, that goes double for the U.S. Judiciary and court system.

    If it were up to me I’d roundup every cowering cowardly spineless judge in the country and lock them all up at hard labor breaking rocks until the day they all died a miserable pusillanimous prolonged death in jail.

    Jail them all without except, let God sort them out.


    Maybe we should send the Taliban the kick the U.S. judiciary’s ass.

    We can tell the Taliban they can recognize a US judge by the wide yellow streak of ladies silk sewn down the back of their black robes.

    Polder Dweller

    “If it were up to me I’d roundup every cowering cowardly spineless judge in the country and lock them all up at hard labor breaking rocks until the day they all died a miserable pusillanimous prolonged death in jail.”

    Having a bad day, Oroboros? I sympathize. I keep hoping that Fuellmich is going to come up with the goods, but he’s been saying that the judiciary in Germany is all bent, too. In any case, he says he’s going to go over their heads and straight to the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Let’s just hope that they’re not bought, too.


    The Trust Horizon, a term that I think was coined here at TAE in the old days, is irreparably broken.

    Almost everyone in every ‘professional’ (cough, I just threw up in my mouth a little) occupation on the Late Great Planet Earth is corrupt to their core.

    Catherine Austin Fitts recently addressed this issue by saying that the US FED and other central banks around the world can print ‘money’ in almost endless amounts. In the long run that craters but in the medium and short term, it means you can BRIBE ANYONE.

    There isn’t one in ten thousand people in any country that if you offer enough ‘money’ they won’t sell out.

    Many people have a delusional sense of pride and tell themselves that They would never sell out for money but that’s BS hubris. Everyone has a price, and as it’s looking right now out across the Plandemic landscape, just about everyone in a position of power HAS sold out. And they will double and triple down on their deal with the devil.

    So please, put a sock in all the happy talk.

    I see no balls anywhere.

    Unlimited money printing practically means unlimited bribery.

    And it has worked and is working in spades.

    Unlimited bribery.

    The currency collapse is VERY connected to the Plandemic

    And they’re coming for your children by the way.

    Who you gonna call, Ghostbusters?



    “So please, put a sock in all the happy talk.”

    And follow the other option, which is … idk, giving up? What exactly would that look like?

    Please put a sock in all the “we’re-all-doomed” talk.


    Prescient words written in 2003-
    Good people, get motivated to fight back any and every way you can-
    Point of No Return

    Yeah . . . It’s that real this time around
    Immortal Technique . . . Revolutionary Vol. 2
    It’s on now motherfucker
    Lock and load!

    This is the point of no return I could never go back
    I’ve gone too far, there ain’t no coming back for me
    Auschwitz gas chamber full of Zyklon-B
    Motherfuckers made me out of self righteous hatred
    And you got yourself a virus, stuck in the Matrix
    A suicide bomer strapped and ready to blow
    Lethal injection strapped down ready to go
    Don’t you understand they’ll never let me live out in peace?
    Concrete jungle, guerilla war out in the streets
    Nat Turner with the sickle pitchfork and Ma Chatte
    The end of the world, motherfucker you not ready
    This is the point of no return and nobody can stop it
    Malcolm little running up before Elijah Muhammed
    The comet that killed the dinosaurs, changing the earth
    They love to criticize, they always say I change for the worse

    Like prescription pills when you miss using them, nigga
    The Templar Knights when they took Jerusalem, nigga
    And figured out what was buried under Solomon’s temple
    Al Aksa the name is no coincidental
    I know too much to government is trying to murder me
    No coming back like cutting your wrists open vertically
    How could the serpent be purposely put in charge of the country?

    Genetic engineered sickness spread amongst me
    My people are so hungry that they attack without reason
    Like a fuckin’ dog ripping off the hand that feeds him
    Immortal Technique is treason to the patriot act
    So come and get me motherfucker cause I’m not coming back

    This is the point from which I could never return
    And if I back down now then forever I burn
    This is the point from which I could never retreat

    Cause If I turn back now there can never be peace
    This is the point from which I will die and succeed
    Living the struggle, I know I’m alive when I bleed
    From now on it can never be the same as before
    Cause the place I’m from doesn’t exist anymore

    This is the point of no return nigga you better believe this
    Mary Magdalene giving birth to the children of Jesus
    The evolution of the world, bloody and dramatic
    Human beings killing monkeys to conquer the planet
    The kingdoms of Africa and Mesopotamia
    Machine gunnin’ your body with depleted uranium
    This is the age of microchips and titanium
    The dark side of the moon and contact with aliens
    I started out like Australians, criminal minded
    Broke into hell, tore it down, and built and city behind it
    South Paul, murderous, methadology, nigga
    Remember that I’m just a man, don’t follow me, nigga
    Cause once you past the point you can never go home
    You’ve got to face the possibility of dying alone
    So tell me motherfucker, how could you die for the throne?
    When you don’t even got the fuckin’ heart to die for your own

    It rains acid, one day the earth will cry from a stone
    And you’ll be lookin’ at the world livin’ inside of a dome
    Computerized humanity living inside of a clone
    This is the place where the unknown is living and real
    Worm went to Planet X and the Seventh Seal
    Universal truth is not measure in mass appeal
    This is the last time that I kneel and pray to the sky
    Cause almost everything that I was always ever told was a lie

    This is the point from which I could never return
    And if I back down now then forever I burn
    This is the point from which I could never retreat
    Cause If I turn back now there can never be peace
    This is the point from which I will die and succeed
    Living the struggle, I know I’m alive when I bleed
    From now on it can never be the same as before
    Cause the place I’m from doesn’t exist anymore


    A bribe is weak. Blackmail is much more effective, especially for a judge. Nowadays, it’s probably both- accept the bribe or the contents of the manila envelope will be revealed.

    Who would adjudicate?
    Give me the little monster tied to a chair in my basement. I’d be happy to to do justice to him.


    I would even wear a mask.



    TAE Summary

    * The Covid Daily
    – Kate Brown mandates outdoor mask use, citing poor ventilation of outdoor venues; Local LEO’s might not be so keen on arresting the maskless; Andrew Jackson responds: Kate Brown has made her decision, now let her enforce it.
    – Mold produced Penicillin; Scum produced Comirnaty
    – Israel needs boosters
    – Christina Parks for Surgeon General
    – Vaccines don’t work for the immuno-surpressed
    – The Pushers Maxim: The first one is always free
    – Question for Pfizer: Which types do you recommend the vaccine for?
    – Note to Fauci: Freedom is Yang worship word. You will not speak it

    * Note to all you happy people: Please restrict you happy talk to happy hour in happy valley
    – We don’t put socks in things, we put socks on things. Please don’t abuse socks
    – Let’s all give up on three: One, two, two and a half, two and three quarters ….

    * Blackmail is more effective than bribery; Guilt trumps greed every time

    * Lots of new commenters will lead to runaway comment inflation and ultimately comment devaluation; Trade in your comments now for food, water and a propane powered hair dryer before a wheelbarrow of comments will only get you a loaf of bread; Remember that comments eventually return to their intrinsic value

    * Afghanistan, mandates, protests, dementia, incompetence: Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy fortnight

    * Etymology:
    – CO: Carbon monoxide, a toxic substance
    – Mir, the Russian word for ‘world” and “peace”
    – NA: Not Available
    – Ty: Maker of beanie babies, i.e. cute stuffed animals thought to be valuable someday
    – COMirNATy: A toxic substance intended to facilitate Pax-Russia, which, while not actually available, has convinced the public of it’s cuteness and future value

    * Go outside to do a small task
    Be sure that you put on a mask
    “But what does that gain me?”
    In response they detain me
    “Big Brother has spoken! Don’t ask!


    @my parents said

    There’s an old mafia truism

    1# Buy them off

    2# Scare them off

    3# Kill them off

    Usually in that order

    But as you pointed out, you can mix and match, be creative, who said organized crime isn’t a performance art.

    On a related note.

    All of the resistance movements, in every country during WWII, performed with distinction. But they were never going to win against the Nazis.

    It took a very large standing army (Russia) which lost millions of people and tanks and aircraft, fighting like hell for years to finish off the Third Reich.

    The Allies on the Western front by the way were responsible for only 5% of German ground combat causalities during the entire war.

    The Russian army was responsible for 95% of German ground combat causalities.

    Let that sink in a moment when you think of sacrifice.

    The analogy to the Plandemic is that a small scattered resistance movement is going to take down the Global Covid Cabal Drug Overlords is nonsense. It’s sad and silly.

    You can’t even get Assange released.

    Hey, maybe we can take comfort that the rag-tag Taliban drove the Uberpower from the battlefield.

    Yay, that’s the ticket!

    Oh, I forgot, it took them 20 years of blood sweat and tears.


    We have a product for you
    you must inject this into your body with a needle we will stick you with

    it is for your own health
    it is for others health

    we care about you and we will force our care into you

    we will not let you travel
    we will take your job and not let you work
    we will isolate and threaten you, imprison you and fine you
    we will censure and not let you speak

    we will force our care into your children, they can’t vote
    it is up to us what we do to you and your children

    you will do what we tell you, or we will make life miserable for you
    we own you

    – No fucking way



    The Allies on the Western front by the way were responsible for only 5% of German ground combat causalities during the entire war.

    True but the western powers made up for it by killing more Germans after the war than they did during the war.


    ABC (Australia) ran an anti-IVM hit piece yesterday, very similar to the Rolling Stone article of a day or two before that.

    Totaler Krieg.



    In ancient Israel lepers were required to keep at least 4 cubits or about 2 metres distance from others. If one was downwind from the leper, it was 100 cubits at least.

    Today, depending on the part of the world you’re in, the physcial distancing requirement is anywhere from 1.5 to 2 metres, or 3 to 4 cubits.

    I guess we’re all lepers now.


    The ABC article I referred to above has as its first line:

    A growing number of people are importing an unproven treatment for COVID-19, prompting warnings from the nation’s pharmaceutical regulator.

    So for the time being importation into Australia is a fact. How soon before they close off that avenue remains to be seen.

    It links to another ABC article reporting on the bright idea in Queensland of not letting unjabbed people go to the hairdresser. The hairdressers are resisting—good. If the worst comes to the worst, my cutting my wife’s hair would be a tonsorial catastrophe!


    Well, we all know the lies won’t stop, as they have too much invested in the lies. What needs to happen is we all need to stop believing them. Coming soon to an area near you.


    The FDA approval of “Comirnaty” vaccine stinks to high heaven. If for no other reason than it was approved without a public hearing that they said earlier would be held.

    This documents that greed trumps science — profits outweigh public safety. There are known risks from injecting the product and possible unknown reproductive and long-term risks plus questions about the duration of effectiveness and the degree of prevention of transmission, if any. All left unaddressed. The US federal government intentionally chose propaganda and gene therapy alone to combat the virus. 649,632 Americans have died as a result.

    My guess is that FDA upper management got the blessing from their lawyers to allow the use of the already Pfizer produced vaccine sitting in storage under the Comirnaty vaccine approval without putting new labels on the vials. Likely impossible due to the product ships at 0°C and -60°C (-130°F and -76°F) with dry ice.

    Those in the military or working where there is no bubble and weekly tests and who don’t want to risk an injection are in an impossible position. Play Russian Roulette or risk jail/homelessness. Mid-level managers could try threatening a lawsuit by hiring a lawyer or joining a class action lawsuit to see if this mess is legal but they won’t to keep their incomes going. No wonder there is so much cognitive dissonance.

    As schools reopen, kids without social distancing, ventilation, air filtration and masks will have classroom outbreaks and bring the Delta variant home. Remote learning has been discontinued. Leaving home schooling as the only alternative. Humans are driven to protect their children. Angry, frightened, trapped people run amok.

    A political clean sweep is needed to survive.


    Just learned that yesterday afternoon in parliament, a vote to stop the Morrison Government granting $50 million in public money to oil and gas corporations to frack the Beetaloo and McArthur Basins failed – opening up the largest new fossil fuel basins in the country against the consent of Traditional Owners. The loyal opposition also voted for the grant.

    We are squandering our resource base as fast as we possibly can, and never mind the consequences because there won’t be any. Both major political parties regard climate change as a myth, and if it isn’t, technology will always save us.

    Covid has conveniently shut down a lot of possibilities for protest, and even before it struck the feds were working out ways to silence and/or destroy charities who make any sort of political noise.

    I am bitterly ashamed of where Australia has gone and is going. No integrity, no reason, no honour; only galloping greed and terminal stupidity.

    Sorry to be so glum. I do have my cheerful monents.


    America’s $1.5 billion Kabul Embassy To Be Abandoned

    Plans have drastically changed as on Wednesday during a Pentagon press briefing a military spokesman confirmed that the embassy will be completely abandoned.

    As Forbes has recently reviewed, US taxpayers have sunk a whopping $1.5 billion to erect and maintain it soon after the post 9/11 American invasion of Afghanistan in 2001

    “After the US military leaves Kabul on Aug. 31, no Americans will guard the $1.5 billion dollar US embassy in Kabul,” Fox’s Pentagon corresponded Lucas Tomlinson reports.

    Wow, it looks like a box store near the mall


    $1.5 billion




    “Comirnaty” sounds like something out of the Soviet Union. Lovely Slavic tone to it.

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