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Jusepe de Ribera A philosopher holding a mirror 1630




The term Russian roulette was possibly first used in a 1937 short story of the same name by Georges Surdez: “‘Did you ever hear of Russian Roulette?’ When I said I had not, he told me all about it. When he was with the Russian army in Rumania [sic], around 1917, and things were cracking up, so that their officers felt that they were not only losing prestige, money, family, and country, but were being also dishonored before their colleagues of the Allied armies, some officer would suddenly pull out his revolver, anywhere, at the table, in a café, at a gathering of friends, remove a cartridge from the cylinder, spin the cylinder, snap it back in place, put it to his head and pull the trigger. There were five chances to one that the hammer would set off a live cartridge and blow his brains all over the place.”


The game we know is 5 empty chambers, theirs had one! I suggested the Russian Roulette metaphor recently for the vaccines after I wrote Five Alarm Fire, commenting on research funded by the British Heart Foundation which seemingly involuntarily between its own lines exposes the risks involved in the present line of vaccines imposed upon everyone but a few hard-headed:

I think Russian roulette is a good “model” for the vaccines. The classic six-shooter gives you a great 5 in 6 chance (83.3%) to live. Would you take it at those odds? And then they tell you to do it again, boosters. Still feel lucky? Hey, the odds are the same….

Got a few good comments on that from new commenter “bpeptide”:

Russian roulette – i like the analogy, but the odds of bad shot outcome are probably closer to 1 in a 100, than 1 in 6. That is still too high for a vaccine!

I think the risk ratio is not so important, the point is that risk is involved in the first place. Especially when publication of that risk is suppressed. “Informed Consent” may have been swept under the carpet by now, but it’s still an important legal “entity”. It’s the LAW!.

I asked a friend yesterday what he thought would happen if local media headlines would, besides “20 Covid deaths today”, also say “10 Covid vaccine deaths today”. Not even thinkable in the present landscape, but crucial for informed consent.

100s of 1000s across the world have died from the vaccines by now, and many millions have had severe adverse reactions, but none of these things are reported. There are “systems” like VAERS in the US and EudraVigilance in the EU that pretend to keep track of adverse reactions, but they themselves say they catch maybe 1-10% of those. And even they are already at some 40,000 deaths. But as long as the media don’t report on it…

“bpeptide” continued:

[..] the risk depends on which cells are instructed to manufacture the spike protein. if it is a muscle or fat cell, then the risk is lower because the spike protein does not immediately enter the blood circulation. It is stuck in the medium of fat and muscle and skin, and the immune system has time to respond. On the other hand, if the shot gets injected directly into the blood stream then it is the vascular system, heart, and brain that get instructed to manufacture the spikes protein. that is where the danger lies…this is why i really do think the bad outcome is related to where in the arm the injection lands. If it pricks a vein and enters the blood circulation directly, than that is where we get the worst, vascular and heart short term bad outcomes. Russian roulette….

My personal impression is that it doesn’t really matter all that much. Sure, some ways are more direct and lethal, but as the British Heart Foundation article confirms once more, spike proteins can do their damage anywhere in the body, even without a virus present. It’s all a toss-up, it’s a Russian Roulette! And that was my whole point.

We are injecting 100s of millions of people with something that carries risk to their lives. And to the lives of those around them, because we know it doesn’t prevent infection or transmission of the virus. And that is a risk to your life all by itself. Because it induces your cells to produce the very spike proteins that the virus uses to get into your cells and make you sick.

I don’t want to get into the details of that now, I just want to make the point that these things carry risk, and substantial risk at that, and that people should be made aware of that risk before they are “jabbed”.

They are not. Instead, their governments even try to force them to “take the vaccine”, or they can lose their jobs, freedom etc. That is so fundamentally wrong, where do we begin? And now they want to force it on your children… Where is their informed consent?

And don’t let’s forget that the worst consequences of the vaccines will probably come in the long term. For instance, the spike protein-related auto-immune ADE, or antibody-dependent enhancement, a concern for many health professionals, takes 6 to 36 months to show itself. We just don’t know. But it’s because we don’t know that we should not be doing this.

We should not have politicians and so-called experts putting a gun to people’s heads. Everyone understands that. So why is it happening everywhere? Yes, Covid itself carries a risk as well. But it’s not that bad a virus:



It could have been “fought” with vitamin D, zinc and perhaps ivermectin, melatonin, HCQ, that would have stopped 50% or more of all “cases”. It’s not a really complex story. But all these other options had to be swept off the table to make room for an emergency authorization for untested vaccines. And now, here we are.

I said a few days ago that we will soon see the moment that the vaccines kill more people than the virus. But even if I’m wrong in that, what remains is that being vaccinated with any of the 4 vaccines currently applied in the US is a risky game, just like Russian Roulette, that people should only agree to on the basis of Informed Consent.

They are not. Crucial info is withheld from them every day and at every step of the process. That is highly illegal.

The future risk of the vaccines injected into people today is very real, Moderna et al did plenty research into the risk of spike proteins, and the results were terrible, they never got an approval for any mRNA “vaccines”. We’re playing Russian Roulette, but not with an individual, with millions of people at the same time, and therefore with the societies they are part of.

You want to put a bullet in your head, whether it’s with a 1-in-6 or 1-in-1000 risk? Fine, but at least find out what that risk is. And don’t let some politician or expert coerce you into doing it before you know.

What your government is doing today is playing the Vietcong role in the movie The Deer Hunter, in which American prisoners of war are forced to play Russian Roulette.

But you know what? At least that was all fiction.






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    Jusepe de Ribera A philosopher holding a mirror 1630     Wikipedia: The term Russian roulette was possibly first used in a 1937 short story
    [See the full post at: Covidian Roulette]


    I can take my tinfoil hats off but if you get vaccinated you can’t take the shite out of you. What price the graphene oxide, metals and parasites! alleged to make up the adjuvant?


    More things we are not allowed to see. Just like vaccine deaths. It’s comical somehow.


    the media don’t report on it…
    We’re playing Russian Roulette, but not with an individual, with millions of people at the same time, and therefore with the societies they are part of.

    Let’s redo the math …. each of the guns are 1-in-6 …. therefore 1 of 6 guns will fire, therefore 1 in 6 person will be dead
    change is in the air


    I didn’t see these posted (apologies if ….)


    Personal carbon allowances revisited. Francesco Fuso Nerini et al.

    Abstract. Here we discuss how personal carbon allowances (PCAs) could play a role in achieving ambitious climate mitigation targets. We argue that recent advances in AI for sustainable development, together with the need for a low-carbon recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, open a new window of opportunity for PCAs. Furthermore, we present design principles based on the Sustainable Development Goals for the future adoption of PCAs. We conclude that PCAs could be trialled in selected climate-conscious technologically advanced countries, mindful of potential issues around integration into the current policy mix, privacy concerns and distributional impacts.

    Encouraging low-level grifters! (the sum is small on purpose, so it seems ‘normal’, ‘legit’..)

    NHS document shows GP’s to be paid an additional £10 for every child they inject with a Covid-19 Vaccine on top of the £12.58 already received.

    NHS document shows GP’s to be paid an additional £10 for every child they inject with a Covid-19 Vaccine on top of the £12.58 already received – & Google are trying to hide it

    Summary on Vaxxes by Gail Tverberg. Perhaps useful for sending on? 5 Aug. 2021.

    COVID-19 Vaccines Don’t Really Work as Hoped


    It appears that discussion and evidence will no longer convince people. Only knowing people who die will get people to reconsider. We are in the sorry position where only immense suffering can change our minds.



    French riot cops brutally arrest 2 women… but retreat in face of big crowd of anti-Covid pass protesters in Paris mall.

    RT, 5 Sept. 2021. –> The links therein go to Twitter, brief vids.

    This mall in Paris is one of the few open to those who don’t possess a COV-Sanitary-Pass. (Why some are exempt is of course a question of influence, etc. and makes a mockery of the measures as being concerned with health. *Les Halles*, where the mall is = a famous tourist landmark, spot. So, unvaxxed persons could enter it, be there, without facing penalties.)


    French riot cops brutally arrest 2 women… but retreat in face of big crowd of anti-Covid pass protesters in Paris mall.

    I shared those videos on Twitter, don’t want to put them here.

    Saw this on a Dutch newssite, can’t find a English-language source for now:

    The government of Italy will decide this month whether it will oblige citizens to be vaccinated against the corona virus. The vaccination coverage in the country is decisive, said Minister Renato Brunetta during an interview in Cernobbio.

    According to the minister, the government is aiming for a vaccination rate of between 80 and 90 percent. If that target is not met, legislation will be passed to force people who do not want to be vaccinated to get vaccinated.

    Such a vaccination requirement would apply to all Italians aged 12 and older. At the moment, more than 71 percent of Italians who are eligible for a corona jab have also been fully vaccinated, the government has calculated.


    Darkmatter “ Only knowing people who die will get people to reconsider.”
    Either that or obvious vaccine adverse reactions. But even those two situations are subverted by the narrative in many cases. (Case in point: friend with mini-stroke and micro lots in 80s who cannot connect that diagnosis with the jabs.). I’m concerned that it may take many, many people dying/very sick and vaccinated/vaccine injured so that it becomes obvious via anecdote that the vaccines are deadly. But the vaccines may not be deadly/morbid enough for that outcome to come about. Alternatively, if enough of us refuse vaccination, are dismissed from public life, and public life ceases to function for the vaxxed, that can cause the mandates to be relaxed, but it won’t necessarily break the covidian cult, it may just cause the cult leaders to shift tactics.


    @ phoenixvoice
    The battle will be similar to “anti-smoking”.


    If the HEPA filters on the HVAC installed recently work…
    Then why is the school district defying AZ law and mandating masks?

    If the HEPA filters and/or the masks work…
    then why are all of the students sitting in proximity the day before a student tests positive rounded up and sent home to quarantine?

    (I’d be curious to know how many Covid cases actually develop during all of these quarantines.)

    The Constitution says that if it’s not delineated in the Constitution it is an area left up to the states. Legally, state law trumps CDC guidelines. In practice, CDC guidelines establish legal precedent in litigation, therefore the district gets better CYA by following the CDC rather than AZ law. The best interest of the children is left in the dust.

    those darned kids

    Life is a risk. I am very lucky to still be here but with costs. To stay sane humans minimize the risks of eating, shelter, reproduction and raising families. Then there is the constant human warfare to take others’ resources. Russian Roulette is apt metaphor for the world under the rule of the western neoliberal cult. Multi-nationals are using the coronavirus pandemic to get richer at the expense over everyone else. The actual risks of death and lifetime disabilities from COVID-19 and/or the for-profit mRNA vaccines are hidden by big lie propaganda, useless mandates, and scapegoating the unvaccinated. The US Public Health System that minimizes the risks of illness to the nation’s population is no longer functional. All this for the very few.

    Either there is a new Reformation to take control of government from the greedy indulgent Upper-class and its Overseers for the people or western civilization collapses into chaos.


    In college, we used to play “beer hunter”, where you would shake up hard one of six cans of beer in a six pack we then each take turns opening one of the six cans of beer next to your head…much more fun than covidian roulette


    I am not a nurse or doctor. But i found this on the internets about vaccine administration:

    Note the requirement to provide the Vaccine Information Sheet (VIS) to the jabbed. LOL, i guess they are still working on VIS for the new Covid “vaccines”

    Also note on page 6, the risk and warning of mis-administration of shot in the deltoid muscle:

    “It seems like a large ‘target,’ but proper deltoid injection is critical in order not to hit the underlying bone, shoulder capsule, blood vessels, and nerves. If you have never given an IM injection or haven’t given one for a long time, you should refresh your skills by watching a video and having hands-on, supervised practice before you attempt it.”

    In our rush and haste to vaccinate hundreds of millions of people by the fourth of July, how many shots were not administered correctly? How many shot 💉 administrators were tired or not properly trained, because of the haste and urgency? Hmmmm….

    Dr. D

    “Informed Consent” may have been swept under the carpet by now, but it’s still an important legal “entity””

    They’re missing something else: they are not protected by the EUA in cases of fraud or intentional harm.

    Also, let’s not go crazy: IF indeed it is harmful, probably measures will be created to mitigate the grave harm or even remove it altogether. Mostly. Heart damage is hard to heal even if there is no additional harm from this moment forward. However, it would take months or years to develop that, and we’re not starting because everyone is resisting as all medical discussions are censored and denied.

    only immense suffering can change our minds.”

    We’ve killed maybe 6 million people, largely innocents, in the last 25 years and we’re still throwing parties. Right now people are dying in families a day after the shot and STILL supporting everything. Outlook not so good. Although we don’t think so, though, Humans are a collective and the deadly monkeying around by some lead to the survival of the whole.

    If expected, many will be injured and die and be unable to cover by October. We’ll see.


    Ok, let’s compare Covid vax to Russian roulette
    You die one out of 6 times with Russian roulette – that’s a 16% chance
    Around 150 million people have been vaxxed in the US alone
    That means 24,000,000 of us are or will be dead – Where are they hiding al those bodies??

    BTW, before the vax was available I knew someone who got Covid and got HCQ – he said his temp went down a bit – maybe instead of suffering for 10 days, he suffered for 9. Wow, what a breakthrough
    Isn’t it better to get the vax and not suffer at all??
    Check with all the hospitals- 90% of the Covid patients are unvaxxed.
    The roulette game is in not getting vaccinated
    Lockdown 2, here we come. Thanks unvaxxed



    Check with all the hospitals- 90% of the Covid patients are unvaxxed.
    The roulette game is in not getting vaccinated
    Lockdown 2, here we come. Thanks unvaxxed

    Shame there is no vaccine for your stupidity-

    I had covid, my immune system works just fine. So you got jabbed, but your vaccine means you can still get, and give covid. Your vaccine does not protect you, nor is it effective- oh maybe your vaxd temperature will be one degree less when you get covid. Maybe you will die from your beloved fake vac.

    I blame morons like you for creating the “variant” because you are not using a sterilizing vaccine- so it is you that helps create more tyrannical lockdowns. Now go get your booster idiot- obey dumbfuck.


    “Humans are notorious for making bad choices and blaming others, fate, the government or whomever for the sorry state of their condition. Look at the fast food industry growth and the rise in health care costs. HFCS, Pharma, vaccines and so many others…and yet stupid humans just keep marching to the same tired beat.”
    “The pharmaceutical industry is very large and powerful, and exists as a middleman of sorts between humans and their natural remedies.
    Unfortunately for humans, these pharma are profit based first and foremost.
    Remedies to every issue facing humans can be found in NATURAL LAW, including health related. It is up to the human to choose direct participation…or farm out these needs to a party with clearly vested interests!
    Another great example of FREE WILL!
    Laughing out Loud!
    No one would say the information isn’t out there to those who seek it out!
    Check and MATE!”
    ~A majority OWNER of Big Pharma

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