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Emil Nolde Zwei Schwimmer1914



This letter is from longtime Automatic Earth reader and commenter “Huskynut” in New Zealand, written for the people in his address book. It may be good therapy for everyone to put all their Covid thoughts and frustrations in writing.





I’ve never done an open letter before – never had something I felt so passionately about as the precipice on which NZ is currently balanced. We’re way beyond any realm of “adults sharing political opinions” and a long way into “a cult just took my country”. I need to send this, yet I fear it will miss the mark, in which case I will have wasted my last shot.

My parents my schooling and several mentors along the way instilled in me a strong moral compass: one that hasn’t changed over time. As a human being I’ve fallen short of the directions of that compass many times, and sometimes even wilfully ignored it, but never was it wrong in pointing due moral North. I thank everyone who has contributed to that fundamental grounding in morality.

My experience has been that genuine morality exists outside of thought and rationality. The urging of our conscience is experienced subjectively and with immediacy, though we may subsequently analyse and understand it. I can dissect and understand why it is objectively wrong to segregate kiwis into Haves and Have Nots on the basis of their vax status, but I don’t have to analyse it to feel and know it’s wrong. It’s wrong simply and immediately because it’s wrong – the justification follows later.

Ours wasn’t a particularly virtuous or political family, but I remember when for a time we took inmates from the local Linton Prison home on day parole to help them adjust to outside life. On seeing my Dad doing the dishes one night, one mentioned he’d never seen a man do the dishes before.

I remember when we came very close to fostering a 14yo girl from a poor start – presumably to also help address the one-sided gender balance of five males to one females – but lost out on the basis of my mother’s Catholic aversion to assisting her to obtain contraception. I remember when the Springbok rugby tour drove a wedge through NZ society how we discussed the evils of the South Africa apartheid regime.

Those and many similar events – from which I benefited but can take no credit – were the grounding and calibration of my moral compass, which endures. I wish I could say the same for the moral compass of our collective society, which points nowhere and everywhere simultaneously. In 2021 NZ, “Don’t discriminate” has become “Must discriminate”. “Be courageous” has become “shit bricks, hide and await further instruction from the state”. “Think for yourself” has become “STFU and Obey”.


In my youth and till recent times, it was well understood from basic first principles that it was inimical in a democracy for people’s movements to be tracked. Now with “track and trace” I watch people queuing to do it voluntarily with nary a thought or a care. It used to be that “looking someone in the eye”, or more properly said their the face was the standard to assess their truthfulness. Now covering the face in social situations is considered “normal”, and indeed mandatory.

Some anecdotes:
– A local couple I know has just placed their house on the market. Both are now unemployed due to jab mandates and they can’t pay their mortgage. Logically and intellectually, that was a foregone conclusion of introducing mandates. Now I know first hand real people, good people, that it is happening to. In 2022 it’s entirely possibly it could happen to me. My home, that I fought so hard to buy and have put much blood, sweat and tears into rehabilitating could become another small casualty on my country’s war on reason and truth.

–  My neighbour’s wife suffered a botched neck operation and hasn’t worked for six months. The surgeon who could have remedied it is now unavailable. He’s been promoted to brain surgeon at Wellington hospital – the previous surgeon was forced out for being unjabbed. Scarce, highly-skilled expertise, thrown on the bonfire of vanity that is our current jabbing crusade.

Nothing about those scenarios is remotely rational, normal or proportionate. Two years ago I would’ve sworn it could not happen in the country of my birth. Except, even back then, I felt it coming. I don’t know how or why – perhaps it was having a lot of time on my hands during the initial lockdowns, when I was out of work and couldn’t buy building materials. But I read, extensively and widely, and nothing I read remotely made sense, even in those early days.

The modelling was crude and implausible, and built on that of Neil Ferguson of the UK, who had a historical record of gross exaggeration. The NZ government cabinet papers were junk – and despite my tendency to hyperbole – in this case I mean it literally and accurately – they were junk: simply not fit for the purpose of decision-making on what was to impact the entire population’s liberties, livelihoods and liability (ie government debt).


When all this is done, Jacinda will leave NZ (she can scarcely remain) and ascend to a grossly overpaid job at the UN, for demonstrating her fealty to the globalist system. Those whose lives she is currently wrecking will not be so fortunate. That she was elected to represent and serve the NZ public will matter not a jot, as politicians increasingly identify with their international cohort ahead of their own country.

That is the tragedy of modern politics, sadly, and no amount of denial or “reserved judgement” will change it. Politicians change the “facts on the ground” and move on, whilst the horn-swaggled majority are passively “waiting to see” how it all turns out. Thus was history ever written, and those who pretend to study it whilst remaining silent on the need for urgent action at the junctures and pivots are the very worst of journalists liars.

I believe I grok what it might have felt like to be an awake person in 1930’s Germany. Whilst all around people were happily supporting the Nazi party, swept up in the material benefits of cheap cars, new autobahns, workers holidays, and effusions of national unity and emotion. Yet some few were awake and cognisant of where the demonisation and scapegoating of minorities was heading. And those people were, of course, unheeded and marginalised themselves.. voices drowned in the propaganda of the day.

Mandating via authority that individuals must receive an injection is – objectively – little different than medical rape. We can clutch our pearls and equivocate over the magnitude of the relative bodily invasions (and my impertinence in using the term), but the principle of the right to bodily integrity is fundamental. Post WW2, the victors were so appalled by Nazi medical experiments  they enshrined that abhorrence in the Nuremberg Code.


No-one. Should ever. Be coerced into a medical treatment against their free will. The only time that code gets a mention these days is when the press are mocking a protester who naively carried a sign drawing attention to it. In the new world, nothing even exists until the authorities acknowledge it exists.

Truly the emperor not only has no clothes, but he’s mounting a child in the public square, whist the public sip their lattes and do their crosswords, lest their gaze fall upon the sight before them, and conscience compel them to utter the feeblest of peeps. This is the NZ of 2021, and – forgive me this indiscretion – I for one am fucking appalled.

This tyranny, this idiocy, this moral wasteland, will continue for precisely as long as it’s politically tenable – so long as politicians face no discernible backlash of opinion. That means every equivocating fence-sitter isn’t – as they might imagine – a passive observer. Rather, they’re an active enabler in the same way that passive German citizens in the 1930s enabled the full fruition and flowering of the Nazi regime.

Freedom to make one’s own choices around the benefits and risks of being jabbed is the only rational and moral basis for anyone – ever – to decide on a medical treatment, except in most genuinely extraordinary circumstances, for which Covid falls at least an order of magnitude shy of achieving. We need to abandon the virtue-signalling theatrics of “saving granny” or “saving the medical system from overwhelm” or whatever manipulative coercion is next invented. Recite after me these simple and readily-verifiable medical facts:

A jab (or two, three or twenty) does not stop someone contracting Covid
A jab does not prevent that person transmitting Covid
A jab temporarily lowers the risk of having severe symptoms from Covid FOR A FEW WEEKS ONLY


Oh, yeah, whilst the jab introduces significant risk of severe side effects. So much so that (in the US at least) the Covid jabs have in less than a year produced more reported side effects than all previous vaccines in total over the previous 30 years. In our munted reality, the marketing label on that one is: “Safe and Effective”.

There is no statistical correlation between countries with high vax uptakes and good covid outcomes. None. Not between countries, or within countries, where individual states are compared with others. If the damn jabs worked, that correlation should stick out like dog’s balls by now.

But those correlations don’t exist and so what has been published in their stead is a succession of ludicrously overbaked “models” prophesying doom, none of which have remotely approached reality, but all of which have stoked mindless fear and compliance. Goebbels would genuinely have bowed to the grotesque manipulators who carry this off. This chain of bullying has to stop:

– The bullying of business by Government – threatening them with hefty fines and turning them into arms-length petty enforcers, so that politicians do not have to front the public and face no direct backlash
– The bullying of staff and customers by business owners in “check your papers” petty tyranny. I need a vaccine pass to buy takeaway sushi now? Jesus Christ spare me..
– The bullying by families and friends of their counterparts in an urgent need to know their “status” as though that were the most normal thing in the world, when the right to medical privacy used to be a bedrock standard. Do you even remember those days?


It disgusts and appalls me that we’ve spent so many years uprooting and driving out the stain of pervasive bullying that was certainly a part of kiwi culture only for a cynical government to reboot the cycle and for a huge percentage of the country to actively participate or turn a blind eye. This jab-mania has become a religious fervour and a fresh batch of innocent witches is being set afire daily.

And yes, my choice of language contains hyperbole and vitriol. Yet it is not remotely an exaggeration. Whoever thinks this tyranny will all quietly disappear with time and patience is in for a horrible wakeup. Though, again, the lesson of history and psychology is that many – like the 1930s Germans – will employ every psychological strategy available to avoid facing the enormity of the reality surrounding and ahead of us.

Leaving the cult is painful, but you will become yourselves again. Or you can remain a servant to this Dear Leader, and the next, and the next. No tyrant in history has voluntarily relinquished power, and as mandates are extended and strengthened – as goalposts are now built on wheels to assist in relocating them – it’s blindingly obvious this will certainly not be the first autocracy to dismantle itself once the crisis de jour is over (hint: it will never be over).

Or, let’s take a moment to pull on that thread of “rationality” and see how long the garment hangs together. Once you’ve submitted to mandatory tracking and mandatory jabs, where exactly do you think you’ll draw the line and say “enough!”? Decades-old safety protocols were dropped to declare these jabs “safe and effective” – what happens when they drop those standards some more? Do they even need to test at all?

Can the next Fauci simply bless the coming vaccines like a Catholic priest with the host, and the faithful will line up for their next mandatory jab? Do we even need testing before we jab kids, or can we naively trust the Science knows what it’s doing? Once you’re comfortable with your movements being tracked 24 x 7, perhaps we can add your speech as well.

Are you OK if they mandate installation of an Alexa in your home to monitor what you say in private, for the good of everyone? It’d be really convenient. Should all government departments be allowed to share all your data with each other, because the more they know about you, the better the services they can deliver, right?


The specific scenarios don’t even matter – once you’ve surrendered your right to privacy and to bodily autonomy, you can give up any and all pretense to democracy. You don’t determine the State – the State determines you. And if you’re happy to accommodate and adjust rather than raising your voice now, the probability you’ll somehow grow a pair and decide to stand up somewhere later down the track is remote.

And if you don’t demand rights and freedoms for all – right now – before this toxic barrenness becomes firmly embedded and then built upon – then what? Is the current state of affairs “good enough” for the rest of your life? For your children?

Hence this plea to morality. To try and remind people of what they’ve forgotten – of the values they used to place stock in, and of the values that we as a country used to at least pretend we believed in.

The NZ of my (distorted, aging) memory used be a country with a good set of functioning moral compasses. There was some variation in the direction they pointed – one person’s North might’ve been another’s North East, but no-one’s pointed South. We pioneered the 40 hour work week and  women’s suffrage of the back of those collective moral compasses. Nobody needed a thesis, or a statement from an Expert to know that bullying was wrong, discrimination was wrong, exclusion was wrong.

As my neighbour observed yesterday, when we saw someone bullied, we didn’t always stand up to the bully, but we knew inside that was the right thing to do. So what’s changed? Now that people are been bullied all over and few are raising a voice, what gives? Is it simple cowardice? Because that can be remedied. A bunch of broken compasses cannot.

Or does cause lie in the Orwellian double-speak that permeates and underpins everything we’re told? We’re a “team of five million” until its time to throw a chunk of the team to the wolves. Nurses are “brave and on the frontlines” until they exercise their own medical choice to remain unjabbed, at which time they’re worthy of no reciprocal loyalty and can be summarily “let go”. Silence and compliance are virtues. Fear is truth.


I could go on, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past months is that facts are little more than an inconvenience to Believers, whether they’re the Jehovah’s Witness at the front door, or the Covid Cult member. I could provide dozens of links to all manner of science, from epidemiological to psychological, all driving gaping holes in the mainstream narrative.

And then, like clockwork, I watch the person’s defense to cognitive dissonance kick in and there’s a rapid retreat into their cosy Beliefs, where the government is Kind, all manner of Science is Settled and Jabs are Highly Safe and Effective.

Been there, tried that.. and yeah, I’ve been kind of a dick about it some of the time. I thought the people I’ve known for years, and who I know to be good, decent, caring folk would want to hear facts that challenged what they’d been led to believe, and it was a shock to find they didn’t. It turns out that in the contest between fact and well-financed propaganda, the latter wins every time!

The government spin doctors and the “nudge units”, the carefully crafted and paced cycles of abuse, lockdowns and partial – conditional – release affect people far more than lone voices. You have to admire the government goons – they are good at the shit they do, and when every Western country on the planet is saying and practicing some variant of the same schtick, a vast number of people just zone out and lock step.


So – my challenge to you is this. Over the Xmas period, in conversation with people you encounter, say “What’s happening in NZ isn’t right- it has to stop”. If people – being freely and fully informed – want to get jabbed, then they should have ready access to jabbers. But bullying and coercing people to get jabbed by taking away their jobs, or access to social facilities needs to stop, and immediately.  

I’m not asking you to take up arms and storm the ramparts, just to find and exercise your voice. What the government is doing, they are doing in your name (and mine). Find your sense of outrage and shame that your government is dividing and crushing citizens of this country. They are doing it in your name, and ostensibly for your benefit. And if it is actually OK with you, then our moral compasses may have diverged sufficiently that we’re now heading in different directions.

I see two possible outcomes – either as a society we wake up with a helluva start to realise we’ve fallen asleep at the wheel. We pull over, get some rest, and make a firm mental note to start paying more attention in future. Or we stay asleep, and we take that Thelma and Louise ride off the precipice. It’s not yet too late, but there is not a lot of clear road left ahead either.

I get that was a bummer of a read for a XMas story. But what’s XMas even about if it’s not joining in union with the rest of our society.

I genuinely wish you all the best for the year ahead.

Love and peace,




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    Emil Nolde Zwei Schwimmer1914     This letter is from longtime Automatic Earth reader and commenter “Huskynut” in New Zealand, written for t
    [See the full post at: An Open Letter to Friends]


    1. in US, many of the people who dies WERE lockdowned –in nursing homes.
    2. The pandemic could have been stopped in it’s tracks with readily available therapeutics, but the powers that want to be said go to hospital FIRST. Wrong.
    I take 1% ivermectin, 2 grams (20 mg) each week, in applesauce.


    Largely I agree, except that I don’t think cabinet papers are made public. There was also some value in taking advantage of being an island nation. Since it has become increasingly authoritarian in that self righteous way. I am not aware of any local venue for dissent or contrary views.
    As it happens that vaccines don’t protect against infection or transmission even by the asymptomatic, and likely in the future compromise of the immune system becomes apparent their position will be less sustainable.
    In large part I think conservatism amongst medical advisers is to blame but the politicians readily kow tow and are happy to go along with it all.


    good on ya huskynut, great post. i feel the same, am having the same experience across the ditch in australia. recently told close family that our relationship is way more important than facts or covid opinions, BUT how bout exposing yourself to the ideas floating around out there because serious shit is going on right now and wouldn’t it be great to be aware of the social terrain.
    brick wall. their worst fears are confirmed, i am lost to them.
    you are right it is hopeless. but there is an important lesson here for us if i can put my finger on it. something about trusted sources, but for god sake never trust a family/village member.

    we are all tribal on a low level that is inescapable, but we can appreciate this and play with it. i have enjoyed flip flopping from vax to unvax news sources for 2 years, and i could get high from cognitive dissonance. it takes effort to stay balanced when there is such a weight of emotion on both sides.
    but now the vaxxed news sources are no longer any fun, just pure dystopia.

    fully vaxxed and bullied friends (dont wanna talk about it, until I nudge them) are fricken over it and want their kids in school so they can work and pay bills.

    the rebels are hearing the message that science, moral society, and human goodness is on their side and in their hands. the particular trait that for genetic, population level, village level reasons are selected to preserve the species from group think, that only yesterday we were told must be eradicated from the gene pool. these rebels have got the message, now is the time for expression, it is so much more fun than the mandated depression.

    pfizr pipes up to counter the free vaccine omicron with their workshopped thought bubble: covid going strong into 2024!! they are finished. but only in reality. in medialand they will die hard. as someone who snorts cognitive dissonance as an extreme sport i can say it is not for everyone. the believers will die hard and they have their script writers working overtime on providing a soft landing. the universe is most accommodating, here’s to freedom of thought.

    the internet is fucking underrated and so is TAE

    merry Xmas.

    D Benton Smith

    For the most part, and for most of the time, individuals simply don’t give a shit about the tribe or the species . . . because they’re neccessarily too busy taking care of business for themselves and their tiny cohort of family and close friends.

    Now there is a challenge to the tribe ( AND the species ! ) and suddenly humans wake up (SOME of them, PARTIALLY) to the hard cold fact that Mother Nature doesn’t give a shit about them OR their species and is perfectly fine with just rubbing out the entiree lot in the blink of a “pandemic” (of one sort or another, be it viral, cognitive or spiritual matters not at all).

    One thing that is crystal clear to me, and that is that species do not last, and that the current one is smack in the middle of its own E.L.E. and not doing so well. A new virus (let’s call it MoroniCon) is sweeping through the herd so fast that even the vaunted Internet cannot even track it. Will Homo Sapiens Sapiens survive ? Sure don’t look like it. Looks instead like roughly half of them are fixin’ to kill the other half . . . which by my mathematics is two halves equals one whole.

    In which case there will soon be a new dominant species, which may or may not be of the family Sapiens or even the genus Homo . . . because the current iteration of “Big Dog of Life Forms of Earth” . . . has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that as a species it is just smart enough to get into extinction level trouble , and not even close to being smart enough to get out of it.

    Don’t worry one little bit. Mom will fix it.

    John Day

    Quoth Huskynut Andrew:
    “This tyranny, this idiocy, this moral wasteland, will continue for precisely as long as it’s politically tenable – so long as politicians face no discernible backlash of opinion. That means every equivocating fence-sitter isn’t – as they might imagine – a passive observer. Rather, they’re an active enabler in the same way that passive German citizens in the 1930s enabled the full fruition and flowering of the Nazi regime.”

    People seem primed for the paradigm-shift to “COVID is over”.
    I remember the Vietnam War paradigm shift after the Tet Offensive.

    The deaths are already here (everywhere), as are the adverse, disabling events.
    Omicron is the free airborne vaccine, which you’ll catch if you need it.

    This pandemic has been used to make vast populations of humans compliant with authority, to change their programming permanently. How permanent is that? Is there snap-back?
    Why is Canada like Australia, but Texas and Florida are somewhat different?

    The “Great Reset” is next on the agenda, with WW-3 as backup, to assure fearful compliance.

    Hoard cash, y’all. I would, but I can’t , because I’m spending it on the homestead, instead, and I’m outta’ work for non-compliance with vaccination, and telling people at low risk, who already had COVID, to avoid vaccine risk, while the whole clinic pushed it on them.

    At least hoard some beans , rice, salt and cooking oil…
    Stand your ground and be noticed.

    PhoenixVoice sets a good example.

    Go Girl!


    Hi Huskynut,

    Oceania has been one of the canaries in the coal mine and I appreciate you taking the time to resonate the importance exercising our voices.

    It’s funny, I was talking with my sister last night and our parents used to have a cabin home in Appalachia. This was in the late 80’s and she was like, “Do you remember those billboards that said Bill Gates was the antichrist?” I was like, “Yep, and they also had those churches that brought in live rattlesnakes.”

    Have you had any Jacinda Arden is the antichrist billboards erected lately?

    Kidding aside, I think I will incorporate what you wrote here in my next response to HR.

    There is no statistical correlation between countries with high vax uptakes and good covid outcomes. None. Not between countries, or within countries, where individual states are compared with others. If the damn jabs worked, that correlation should stick out like dog’s balls by now.

    If Supreme Court upholds this OSHA ETS in the states, they are planning to shut my badge off and bar me from the office unless I submit to masking and testing. Needless to say, that’s not happening.

    John Day

    I think it gets better if you keep working through all of your fecal material that rises to the top when you start looking inside with divine guidance (love/truth.

    Boscohorowitz said:
    if one really follows divine guidance, shit happens, and it can be one crazy roller-coaster. With an extremist like me (reality being extremely real, you see, and me being extremely addicted to reality, it being where I keep my stuff including breath of life), you can count on seriously manic lunacy. That’s how miracles are made, best I can tell. You lose most or all of your friends, very often your wife*, you question your sanity 60/60/24/7/365, so does everyone else, and you do what inner guidance tells you, period.
    *I won’t. We’re tried and tested and then some.

    What stories about Jesus to believe? What stories about ANYONE, living or dead, ancient or recent, to believe? Stories are illusions, even the details of a person’s diary. The only truth is action/consequences. Remove the illusion that one knows what one is doing, let the dao speak and act freely through you, and lord have mercy, you’d better talk real fast or run even faster.”


    Chose a title

    Yesterday is Gone

    Tomorrow is Here


    Hmmm, I think bosco is on to something. He certainly speaks from experience and speaks to it honestly.

    “If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, even their own life—such a person cannot be my disciple.”


    Disciple of Whom or What?


    New Zealanders gave up their guns. NZ gave up their guns, so what is left, a severe tongue lashing by the public against the government? hahahaha!

    The NZ government doesn’t fear the people, which it should.

    Look at the French. The government is well aware of a deep, long tradition of the french public chopping heads off.

    No such history in NZ, so absolutely no fear of the Sheeple by the Mass Formation Psychopaths.

    The Sheeple are there to be sheared, 24/7 in NZ.

    “Pierre Laval, the puppet leader of Nazi-occupied Vichy France, is executed by firing squad for treason against France October 15, 1945….”

    Didn’t waste much time from the end of the war in May to act against vermin like Laval.

    That’s how the French would deal with a traitor like Jacinda Arden.

    But then again, NZ doesn’t have any backbone like the French have repeatedly demonstrated over the years.

    Instead NZ will let her grift a cushie job with her Satanic Globalist Overlords and live in mask-less wide open luxury sipping umbrella drinks.

    Looks like NZ has no first or second amendment. (or third, fourth, or fifth….)

    Looks like NZ sheeple only have tongue lashing as the only tool in the box, good luck with that!


    ” It may be good therapy for everyone to put all their Covid thoughts and frustrations in writing.”

    My letter to a friend written a month or two ago, before Omicron:



    First, here are things we probably agree on:
    1) We are both trying to improve our odds. There’s no guarantee with any approach
    2) The vaccines diminish symptoms, hospitalization and deaths from Covid for a limited amount of time
    3) Long Covid is a real problem and affects a lot of the people who get Covid

    That said …

    What we were originally told about the vaccines was not true. We were told by Fauci, Biden, Gates and Wallensky that if you got the vaccine you wouldn’t get Covid, get hospitalized or die from Covid. You wouldn’t need a mask any more. Your life would go back to normal. We were told if 70% of the population got vaccinated we would reach herd immunity. These things are now known to be misinformation. The CDC now says we cannot expect to reach herd immunity ever with the vaccines and that boosters must continue indefinitely even if everyone gets vaxxed (The vaccines will never get us back to normal and your anger at the unvaccinated is misplaced.) There is still a lot we don’t know about the vaccines. But the same people still expect us to do what they tell us to do. Yes, science is a learning process but I have to question either their honesty or competence.

    Up until recently Covid 19 vaccines in the US only had Emergency Use Authorization. Emergency Use Authorization is only available for vaccines for diseases for which no treatment exists. It was unquestionably in the best interest of Pfizer, et. al. to have no such treatment found and approved so that they could get ‘warp speed’ authorization for the vaccines and the consequent billions of dollars in profits. Despite being around for 20 months there is no non-vaccine treatment for Covid 19 (This may change with the Pfizer drug which BTW is $700. It is claimed that the mechanism of the Pfizer drug is the same as that of Ivermectin.) The standard of care is essentially if you get Covid go home and if you get sick enough go to hospital. This is unbelievable. One might ask why the CDC, FDA, NIH or WHO didn’t investigate existing drugs to find something that could be prescribed before hospitalization. Anyone who claimed to have found such a drug was mocked and demonized. One might think that when these claims were made one of these agencies might have investigated Hydrochloroquine or Ivermection or even Vitamin D to see if it was true. But only vaccines were pushed as a possible solution to Covid Why is this? (OK, rhetorical. It’s the money.)

    The mRNA vaccines work by getting your body to create spike proteins which your immune system then creates antibodies for. Spike proteins are the part of the virus that does the damage. The virus has three phases. The first is in the respiratory system and lasts several days. This is often not so bad. In the second phase the virus gets in to the vascular system through the lungs. The spike protein on the virus attaches to the lining of blood vessels and this damage can cause clotting and other problems. The third phase is inflammation as the body tries to deal with the damage done to cells by the virus. This phase is the most dangerous and causes the respiratory problems that kill people. The reason the vaccines are effective is because the spike protein antibodies help to stop the virus at stage 2. The reason they are dangerous is because the vaccines themselves generate spike proteins that can cause the same damage as stage 2. A lot of people have suffered adverse effects from the vaccines but this is ignored by the mainstream media.

    The Lancet reports that vaccinated people infected with Covid 19 transmit the disease at about the same rate as the unvaccinated (23% vs 25%). According to British statistics people over 30 are twice as likely to get Covid 19 if they are vaccinated than if they are not. It appears that the vaccinated have milder symptoms on average than the unvaccinated if they contract Covid. Given that the vaccinated are about twice as likely to have Covid and just as likely to transmit it, it is the unvaccinated who are at higher risk from the vaccinated than vice versa. Whenever I hear people saying that unvaccinated can’t come to events because they threaten the vaccinated it sounds ridiculous. “I am protected and you aren’t so you are a threat to me.” I was allowed to come to the office when no one was vaccinated but now that other people are vaccinated I am not. Am I a bigger threat than I was previously? Are they at more or less risk now that they are vaccinated? This seems illogical and punitive.

    The vaccines have unknown side effects. British statistics show that the death rate for all causes per 100K in the last 6 months are about double for the vaccinated as the unvaccinated. Deaths from causes other than Covid are not being attributed to the vaccines but there is definitely a correlation. When Pfizer did their tests they saw something similar but only reported deaths from Covid 19. The vaccines have long term effects that are unknown. Yes, they protect people short term, but the vaxxed pooh pooh the possibility of long term problems. In my experience a lot of vaccinated people are now emotionally invested in vaccines being good. Similarly people not wanting vaccination are emotionally invested in vaccines being bad. Everyone needs to admit that they are biased and make allowances for the other side. We need to avoid the attitudes “I hope all the unvaccinated die” or “I hope all the vaccinated die”. I’ve heard both. I heard from you “If only Covid were as deadly as Ebola it would force the unvaxxed to get vaxxed.”

    There is research that shows that the vaccines modify the immune system. I read about this but it is above my pay grade. However it is very believable that when mRNA enters your cells it has effects we don’t yet understand that alter the immune system. Yes, as you state mRNA tech has been around a long time, but this is the first widespread use in humans. To claim it is some tried and true technology that is totally understood is ridiculous. Does it mess with your immune system? There is evidence that it does and we should err on the side of caution. My ex-sister-in-law was a thalidomide baby and the effects on her children have been devastating.

    You are willing to get a booster every 6 months in perpetuity. OK for you, but given what we don’t know this sounds extraordinarily risky for young children. Are there long term studies of how this will affect children in 5 years? Of course not. Everyone knows that young children are at little risk for Covid 19 itself. No young children died in Oregon from Covid. The official reasons for giving children the vaccines are 1) they can still get Covid and some (mainly the comorbid) suffer consequences and 2) to protect their elders. This just sounds crazy. A treatment with unknown long term consequences given to children to protect their parents, teachers and other adults. Just. Crazy. The official answer is just trust us and to put the burden of proof on the people who think it sounds risky. Just. Crazy.

    Some make the argument that we should mandate vaccination so as not to overrun hospitals with patients. OK. Let’s make a rule that people should be forced to take health measures that prevent hospitalization and lets apply it evenly which would mean a lot of measures besides Covid vaccination. Do we want to go there as a society? Should the government get to tell people what to eat and drink and what they need to inject in their bodies and what entertainment is allowed so they can be kept out of the hospital?

    Not everyone is as likely to go to hospital with Covid. People with comorbidities are much more likely to have adverse Covid effects and end up in the hospital and die. This is rarely addressed. Vitamin D has been shown to be a predictor of infection, seriousness and mortality from Covid. I get no credit for improving my odds by keeping my Vitamin D levels high and avoiding comorbidities through diet and exercise. People like you laugh at it. “Oh, you trust your immune system? With that and a buck you can buy coffee at McDonalds!” It’s one size fits all and that size is the vaccines.

    So for me 1) I have reduced my risk by diet, supplements and exercise 2) I don’t have comorbidities like obesity 3) I generally avoid crowds 4) I trust the information from doctors actually treating patients about the ability of Ivermectin to combat Covid 5) I don’t want to damage my immune system and double my future mortality risk by getting the shot. I see my biggest risk as long Covid. My daughter has some long Covid symptoms (mainly loss of smell) and says it is quite disturbing. Some claim that Ivermectin reduces the chances of this but I’m not sure of that. The Covax vaccine is a traditional disabled-virus vaccine and doesn’t mess with your immune system. I might be willing to get Covax. Unfortunately it may never be available in the US. There is no profit in it for big pharma. It is being rolled out in Iran. Maybe I should go there to get it.

    I don’t want to get in to a mask discussion. I will just say that ventilation is more effective than masks at preventing Covid 19. We never hear about that.

    I am also skipping a description of how patients in hospitals are treated with a deadly combination of remdesivir and ventilation.

    I compare our current situation to the demonization of fat in the 1970’s. The US government and all it’s industry funded experts agreed, everyone (including me) believed the experts and bought into it and it became policy and the obesity epidemic of today followed. I believe we are seeing the same kind of thing again.

    I also compare our situation to the Iraq war: claim an existential threat, get government experts to agree, get the MSM to beat the drum, roll out an expensive plan to address the problem, demonize those who disagree, when the profits have been realized and the whole thing is shown to be based on lies and ends in disaster no one is to blame, it was all honest mistakes based on the best data we had available.




    Further discussions with my friend convinced me that further discussion with him are a waste of time.


    I will repeat that guns are not absolute power and control. But we worship them as the primary modern power appliance, or something. Our media has taught us to revere gunpowder ballistics as the Final Answer since Tom Mix wore cowboy chaps.

    Bang Bang You’re Dead; Brush Your Teeth and Go To Bed

    Self-actualization is a formidable weapon. You can kill a self-owning person but you can’t rule them. I’d rather be euthanized than enslaved.

    Kill ‘Em with Costumes, that’s my motto.


    I love Swedes. My wife is pure Norveejhun. But ABBA was a sick thing to do to the world, Sweden. I mean: you know it’s all wrong but you can’t stop.

    That said, the two ladies are a formidable vocal combination.

    Nonetheless, I believe that they did something awful to our local space-time continuum when they did this: Is Nothing Sacred?


    Thank you for this Huskynut. I have missed your comments here. Stay strong. It feels like an endgame is approaching one way or another. Thanks to Raul also, for providing a beacon of sanity in this rapidly maddening world.


    More or less a Waterloo although it is pretended to be otherwise:



    Wow, that was a grand slam, Dark Matter. Bravo!


    “Disciple of Whom or What?”

    That be Jeebus F. Christ. One of the more radical statements He made among many. The Man had a gift for getting into trouble, even His home town.


    Nolde set to music:




    We wish you well and identify with all you say. It helps to know that there are others who feel the same way we do, who live this ongoing nightmare in NZ (and elsewhere in the world). For us, a red light appeared when JA made the announcement around the middle of last year that she had purchased 10 million doses of Pfizer “vaccine”, – a double dose for every Kiwi in the land. That was when the hairs rose on the back of the neck. How far will we have to go to dodge this bullet, to refuse this thing on principle? We were a happy Kiwi couple in our early 60s, eat mostly vegan, thin, fit and healthy, no debt and reasonably well-off from having saved (yes, those pesky savers) and gone without. And yet, here in NZ 2021, we seek a place to hide away from “hunters” with their needles. And we aren’t the only ones. We are trying to grow vegetables, – (it’s a steep learning curve and the soil and climate are not optimal where we live), drawing on childhood memories of holidays with Nan and her huge veggie garden, of parents digging roots of spuds in their retirement, of Mum hunting for white butterfly eggs with her reading glasses on the end of her nose, and father spraying his tomatoes for blight. Why? Because we see the writing about to appear on the wall in this land of QR codes, – “thou shalt not enter a supermarket without a vaccine passport”. Our imagination moves forward in leaps and bounds, trying to connect the dots before they appear. The next one might be “thou shalt not have a bank account without a vaccine passport”.

    Have read much of the history of Nazi Germany, the persecution of the Untermenschen. It’s unfathomable to believe that we in NZ in 2021 find ourselves standing outside a cafe, masked up, with some hot harassed barista racing over to the door to take our order, while we are stared out, glowered at indignantly by the self-righteous feasting on their greasy chips at table, most of them older, obese, and no doubt on a concoction of pills.

    We wish you well Huskynut in our quest to retain/regain some normalcy, some reasonable quality of life without fear – of a “vaccine”.

    Thanks again RIM. Where would we be without TAE?
    Emil Nolde Zwei Schwimmer 1914. NZ is still a beautiful place.
    It’s summer, the sun shines, the days are long and the beaches with their flowering pohutakawa trees are never far away, and we can still swim in the blue ocean…


    Bosco- in all the Bible versions I read (including the King James)….I never came across the verb “hate” from His mouth. Perhaps it was censored by the sacred priests and authorities.🤔😁

    those darned kids

    husky: thanks, and best of luck. i said to my wife quite a while back that nz was a test case for the rest of the planet. uh oh.

    dark matter: i wrote something similar to my dad way back because i was worried about the injectable products. it didn’t work, and he spent two weeks in hospital. i won’t even bother asking him about any additional injections.


    Thanks but unfortunately it had no effect on D. Originally the letter had links in it and he disregarded them all as being from unreliable sources. For example, with McCullough he linked back to his Wikipedia page which says he spreads vaxx misninfo. I asked him what sources he found reliable and he said CNN, CDC, NIH, WHO and apparently Wikipedia.

    The friend and his wife both had Covid. He said the first 5 days were not bad but then they took a turn for the worst and went to the hospital. They both have weight issues. In the hospital he was afraid he might die and said only monoclonal antibodies saved his wife’s life. His wife BTW is a nurse. This was pre-vaccine and they both got the vaxx ASAP because they were told they might get Covid again and they didn’t want to go through a repeat. Now they have both been boosted. I have empathy (or is it sympathy) for him. He’s gone through something I haven’t and has a different perspective. We’re still friends.


    “I think bosco is on to something.”

    Fixed that. 😉

    “in all the Bible versions I read (including the King James)….I never came across the verb “hate” from His mouth. Perhaps it was censored by the sacred priests and authorities.”

    “If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, even their own life—such a person cannot be my disciple.”

    It checks out, which surprises me. I thought it was like an obscure tweaked translation, but it’s pretty mainstream

    ‘Don’t trust anyone over 30’? (Just joking, especially since the Christ we know was 30-33 years old.)

    I think ‘hate’ was used for shock value, just like “If your hand or your foot causes you to stumble, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life maimed or crippled than to have two hands or two feet and be thrown into eternal fire. And if your eye causes you to stumble, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life with one eye than to have two eyes and be thrown into the fire of hell.”

    Interestingly, this is preceded by “Woe to the world because of the things that cause people to stumble! Such things must come, but woe to the person through whom they come!” a politico-socio-moral statement; it is followed by “See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven”, a spiritual-divine-moral perspective.

    Jesus seemed pretty clear to me about politics: you can’t fight City Hall, and why bother when your stake in this game is way outside City Hall’s purview. You can’t save society (and because of this may very well not be able to save your ass), so focus on the one thing you can reliably save: the sanctity of your individual consciousness, your existential freedom, and your ability to do good not evil within that freedom. Never fool yourself into believing that life isn’t good enough to die like a hero for it. The lower wild animals all know this. In the wild, every day of survival involves at least a bit of raw courage and heroism. The animals in our imprison-and-torture-for-protein-profits meat factory systems are heroes just for breathing, for enduring, and we are de facto cowards of absurdly low standing for tolerating this.
    No, I don’t mean stop eating meat. That just gives your conscience a phony windshield wash while your, uh, k carma is filthily encrusted with grime and gore. It’s not like the meat man pulls an animal out and sets it free in some tolerably survivable pasture because you’ve stopped eating meat. Nor do I say stop eating meat, period, for we are carnivores and almost all critters are omnivores, even cows. I just say that one’s karma can’t be cleansed of this day’s daily bread unless you kill the sucker yourself. It’s your life, your conscience, not that of some some rancher or some butcher. To cleanse oneself of one’s karmic past one would need to go about liberating livestock from these obscene, virtually ‘living blood’*, black magic death dungeons. That would get at least some of the grime off.


    (*living blood): “The life of every creature is in its blood. That is why I have said to the people of Israel, “You must never eat or drink blood, for the life of any creature is in its blood.’ So whoever consumes blood will be cut off from the community.” Leviticus 17:14 “The fear and dread of you will fall on all the beasts of the earth, and on all the birds in the sky, on every creature that moves along the ground, and on all the fish in the sea; they are given into your hands. Everything that lives and moves about will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything. “But you must not eat meat that has its lifeblood still in it.”

    Nowadays that has become lameass Judaism’s thrice-cleansed kosher bullshit, when it was more likely meant to mean that you KILL an animal, preferable as painlessly as possible (painless killing is good for flavor too, btw) before eating it. No bleeding a live animal for their blood (the way Mongol warriors did their horses in hard times, but only then, cutting a horse’s leg vein and sipping some blood before sealing it up with some kind of heat-or-chemical cautery ); no cutting off a limb today, then another tomorrow, of a living animal. No eating fish while they’re still breathing (I think that the Nipponese are the most spirituo-morally elevated — and spirituo-morally depraved peoples of our time, a people of gentle quiet extremes).

    (*lameass Judaism) btw, all religions are lameass sucktards per my estimation… but the wisdoms their scriptures and conventions convey is priceless. Stay out of jail, stay out of church… except to visit. Visit prisoners, be they of penal incarceration or religious dogma. Crash the party but get out before the cops come or you wreck your car driving home. Either way, always out something in the collections plate.

    I have a story in the back of my head about the 40-400: 40 brave souls who liberate 400 cattle from a local raise’n’kill horror show. It’s really a fantasy wish fulfillment cuz I’m way too old now to do something as worthy and fun as the above. Being a Boomer, I give it a bit of a Guns of Navarone vibe. I will go to my grave with a karma as filthy and nasty as anyone’s except for this: I know I am scum, and I will use this crushing knowledge to maybe do something right at the right time for once.

    Counting the Cost

    Keeping the Change

    I always wonder what wonderful woman a great guy like Jesus lost to His ministry. I wonder if He found erotic comfort in Mary Magdalene as the popular folklore likes to believe. I wonder what it felt like to visit His home town with a posse of disciples and feel so disempowered by his homies’ rejection and ridicule of Him that He couldn’t raise cab fare much less the dead: “When the Sabbath came, he began to teach in the synagogue, and many who heard him were amazed. “Where did this man get these things?” they asked. “What’s this wisdom that has been given him? What are these remarkable miracles he is performing? Isn’t this the carpenter? Isn’t this Mary’s son and the brother of James, Joseph, Judas and Simon? Aren’t his sisters here with us?” And they took offense at him. Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor except in his own town, among his relatives and in his own home.” He could not do any miracles there, except lay his hands on a few sick people and heal them. He was amazed at their lack of faith. Then Jesus went around teaching from village to village.”

    The crab bucket phenomenon has been mentioned here many times. One’s hometown, one’s natal family, one’s nuclear family, one’s tribe, one’s church, one’s colleagues, one’s fellow citizens are all crabs just like you. When you decide to truly climb out and find freedom, they will try and stop you. But they’ll stop trying to stop you once they decide they want to keep their claw after all. Even in His trial, Jesus could have set Himself free with an understanding with Pilate. PIlate practically begged Him to. He didn’t want the trouble a martyr’s backlash might bring. JC’s followers weren’t attacking Roman garrisons, after all.

    But, imo, Jesus just couldn’t take it any more, nor did He want to become another Solomon or David, a victim of His own success succumbing to the inevitable narcissism this produces in all humans, of which Jeebus was an oddly-crafted member, or so the story goes. Nothing stinks like success, and nothing kills like victory, Winning and losing at once: now THAT’s a champion.

    Just Another Crackerjack Fool and His Caramel-Coated Wisdom



    A well-written, on-target piece Huskynut. Thank you for your effort.

    In particular, I appreciate this comment: “My experience has been that genuine morality exists outside of thought and rationality.”

    Yes, it is called LOVE. Love is pure LIGHT – of understanding/knowing, beyond thoughts or words, undisturbed by life and living, of what is always TRUE/good/right. You refer to it as a compass, always “on” true North. We may get off track and lose our way but we are never lost. Let us always REMEMBER: The Light of Love is always “on”. We are LOVE/LOVED.

    I will take your challenge – and see where it leads. Will be in the company of family (12 of us) in Southern CA for a week; plenty of time to explore where we are as family/people. Three of us are unvaxed (and had Covid) + 2 kids whose parents are vaxed/no to boosters/no to vaxing the kids + grandparents/yes vax/yes boosters.

    LOVE to All. Om Shanti Andrew.


    Thanks but unfortunately it had no effect on D.”

    But now you know where you stand. Now your conscience is free: that was awesome, clear due diligence. I will study it later on just to clear some of the covid cobwebs that two years of this crap has pout in my mind.

    Many many Germans would never admit to their enthusiastic embrace of Nazism in the years after 1945, either. Now you also have a platform to cut short further bullshit from D with remarks as swift and severe as, “Look fucker. You risk your silly ass the way you want to, I’ll risk mine the way I want to. You go stand in the center lane of a busy freeway and call it safety and public duty. I’ll call it crazy, catastrophe, collision, carnage, and call you roadkill. I tried, fucker. Now shut the fuck up and leave me be. I tried to help you, now piss off.”

    Respect is not earned from the willfully self-deluded nor from young children. It is demanded. People too stupid to know their ass has been kicked deserve another one. Some people need Special Ed in that way. Don’t deny them what they need. They can’t help being stupid. Help them. 😉


    I agree. Very well done, Huskynut. It has a deep even emotional tenor accompanying its logic.


    Many people believe that Biden and Fauci are prophets.

    A prophet ….. serving as an intermediary with humanity by delivering messages or teachings from the supernatural source to other people.

    What did Jesus say about the prophets?
    Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s. clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

    1 : one who utters divinely inspired revelations:
    2 : one gifted with more than ordinary spiritual and moral insight

    Discipline is the practice of making people obey rules or standards of behaviour, and punishing them when they do not.


    Thanks for the illumination, Bosco…. now I know…. so much for skim reading for any spiritual Insights 🥴🤐


    I know that tossing this in here is like feeding Mogwai after midnight but still, who isn’t a sucker for a CIA-sponsored ‘limited hangout’ trial balloon?

    CIA advisor and expert in foreign conflicts believes the US is ‘closer to civil war than anyone would like to believe’ and claims America is no longer a democracy but an ‘anocracy’


    “Fixed that”

    Crossed my mind when I typed it that you might pirouette off it. My head is still spinning.


    “Crossed my mind when I typed it that you might pirouette off it.”

    Yea, I spin, I twirl, I burn like a dervish in a cheesecake apron.


    You have seen into the depths of my soul: I am fanatically silly. G’nite, gentlefolk. I think I;ve figured out how “reindeer” could fly.


    A dream come true
    Coming faster than the models
    Coming faster than lab work detecting, analyzing and counting abilities
    It smells


    1985 like Dr D said it has been a long plan

    V. Arnold


    1985 like Dr D said it has been a long plan

    Nicely done…thanks…


    My pleasure I hope you are well fed over there. The best food I ever tasted in my whole life was where you reside – or at least in the south of Thailand… Incidentally it was cooked and prepared by the Myanmar immigrants

    Veracious Poet

    It’s interesting that people that preach rational civility find it so necessary to deprecate Christmas as Xmas…

    Or choose to use vulgar words to express annoyance, contempt, or impatience of religious symbologies.

    I’ve studied religions extensively, finding all to be greater or lessor cults, but I’m not so threatened by them to resort to gutter language in some sort of non-ending angst filled battle…

    I always notice when people resort to such behavior, it reveals who they really are 😐

    Moreover, I’m actually not surprised at all by AZ, AU et al. diving off the deep end into totalitarianism, they stayed with the crown for far too long & never probably even acknowledged Natural Law’s legitimacy.

    America isn’t far behind…

    Then again, maybe the tech/info age was too much for humankind at large, with masses floating along the timeline like flotsam & jetsam in a stream, no real conscience to measure at all.

    There’s no longer a sense of social stability, morality, ethics, jurisprudence or even the illusion of egalitarian restraint…

    We’re hanging by a thread & most, trapped in their self-centered trances, have no idea how wrong things actually are.

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