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Giovanni Strazza The Veiled Virgin 1850s
(Hard to believe this sculpture is made of -Carrera- marble)



With Omicron taking over at lightning speed, and what we know about it from South Africa and Denmark, it would seem that we can relax. It’s reported to be 100x less deadly than Alpha/Delta, and perhaps less deadly than the common flu. If you’ve had Alpha/Delta, you can still get Omicron, but an Omicron infection appears to make you immune to Alpha/Delta.

As far as we can see, nobody’s dying from Omicron, intubations are rare at best, and positive tests, even if they do end up in hospital, are mostly released as fast as they came in. It’s simply over. It’ll take another few weeks for this to become impossible to ignore, but it’s already there. A number of voices have called for treating it like the flu; Spain appears to have made that its official policy.

It’s over. And media, politicians and “experts” will need to jockey for position. They will not apologize for all the fear induced, or the human rights broken, they will make you believe that their new position is perfectly in line with what they’ve done over the past two years, and all that has changed is “The Science”.

The WHO hasn’t given up yet, and is giving it its last best according to today’s headlines:
“WHO Gives Grim Prediction On Omicron Spread”,
“WHO: More Than Half of Europeans Will Get Omicron”.
Half of Europeans will be “infected” with a “virus” that is 100x less virulent than Alpha/Delta, so who cares? They’ll catch the flu too. But the media will label them: “Covid cases”, making no difference between “variants”. And making you afraid of something you have no reason to be afraid of.

The best example I saw was in a local Greek paper -in English- that not just called every positive test a “case”, a widely accepted piece of nonsense, they labeled 31,000 positive testing kids “patients”. You go from a disputable “positive test” to a “case” to “patients”. How many of these kids needed medical attention? Maybe 100?

At least half of what people think they know about the past two years of their lives has been based on the distortion of language. And that distortion continues as the jockeying for position takes off. It works something like this, as illustrated by a tweet from the UK yesterday:

“MSM this morning:
• BBC: Cut self isolation period
• Guardian: End Mass Jabs
• The Times: End Free Tests
• Daily Mail: Scotland Against Lockdown
• Telegraph: Dodgy Covid Data
• Evening Standard: Covid is endemic

Can you see what’s happening? They’re moving to the winning side.”



The greatest proponents for all of these ruinous Covid measures… will be rewriting their own history..


This from CDC Director Dr Rochelle Walensky is almost verbatim the Great Barrington Declaration, mocked by the NIH’s Fauci and Collins for being written by “fringe epidemiologists”.



More Walensky: “US May See ‘Precipitous Decline’ In Omicron Cases”.

Also Walensky: “..the overwhelming number of deaths over 75% occurred in people who had at least 4 comorbidities, so really these are people who were unwell to begin with”. She said that in a video I posted January 9, that has now been pulled from YouTube. What it all adds up to so far is that the CDC secretly admits the number people who actually died FROM Covid has been exaggerated by a factor of between 10 and 100%.

And that the CDC, as Omicron cases skyrocket, prepares you for a ‘Precipitous Decline’ in these cases. Just so they can say: “I told you so” in a few weeks. It’s not only the worst comedy we have for you, it’s also the only one.


CNN has a lot of rewriting to do too, and they’ve started (it took them, and their team of experts, only 2 years to figure this out:)





Sadly, the spread of Covid may be over, having been “tranquillized” by Omicron, but the story is not. People are, and will be, talking about a return to normal, but there is no normal to return to. Not after two years. Take a child, anywhere between 0 and 7 years old. Anywhere in that age range, two years of their lives have been deeply disrupted, by school closings, other lockdowns, and maybe most by face masks. They’ve never had normal interaction with smiles, and other facial expressions, exactly when that is elementary to their development.

Restrictions have led many people into depressions, suicides, and less severe hence less detectable mental consequences. How many of them will never return to “normal”? We don’t know, but the numbers will be huge. We cannot return to normal, there’s nothing left to return to, we will have to build a new normal.

And we should build that on the rejection of governments trampling on our rights and freedoms, on rejecting media that censor those who don’t share their one-dimensional “The Science” clickbait message, and on rejecting “The Science” itself, as incorporated by the likes of Tony Fauci. And Pfizer. If we don’t, our normal will be 1984.

The media is slowly admitting they overcounted any threats to your health, only one in ten of positive tests was a “case”, as in required a doctor, not all of them, but now they try to make you believe that you should lock up with an N95 mask because of a “variant” that is only a threat for one in 100 positive tests, if that.



What remains, however, is another threat. That of the consequences of mRNA “vaccines”, and even more, that of boosters. Carefully silenced by the media, but very real. The US VAERS system, which registers adverse events to vaccines, reported its 1 millionth case a few days ago, and some 20,000 deaths. This is just the US, and it registers only between 1% and 10% of what actually goes on. Health personnel are by law required to report to it, but they don’t, and nobody challenges them on it.

The EU has a system like that too, EudraVigilance, with the exact same issues. You set up a system with a legal mandate, and then let it slowly evaporate if that suits your purpose. It seems reasonable to presume total global deaths from the vaccines are at about 500,000 now. But those are just the people that drop dead immediately -like football players-, or within weeks.

More concerning is the effect of unleashing spike proteins with “vaccines”, and more with “boosters”, into organs all over the body of millions upon millions of so far reasonably healthy looking people. They can last for at least many months, and spread way beyond the site of injection. That is the real danger, and we won’t know how severe it is for a long time, because it has never been tested.

An interview Geert Vanden Bossche did with Dutch outlet OverNu (Google translate) provides one vision of where we’re headed. Geert is the guy who has warned for almost two years that mass vaccination into a pandemic is the worst idea ever.



The World after Omicron | The Beginning of the End

“Omicron will infect almost everyone,” says Vanden Bossche. “This will initially lead to a drastic increase in the number of sick people, especially among the vaccinated. Because their vaccinated antibodies can do little against Omicron, but at the same time will interfere with their innate immune system, I expect that the vaccinated will become seriously ill more often than the unvaccinated.”

The virologist sees the wave of contamination from Omicron as a blessing in disguise. The collective upgrade of the innate antibodies will lead to herd immunity, which will bring the transmission of the virus under control, and the Omicron wave will rapidly decrease in strength. “Actually, Omicron is a kind of natural vaccine,” says Vanden Bossche. “Omicron could be the last chance to get out of this crisis unscathed.”

However, the booster programs that have started worldwide imply that governments are not seizing the opportunity. Vanden Bossche fears those programs will have the opposite effect. To start with, they are once again exposing the population to the as yet little known side effects of the vaccines. Although the vaccines will cause a temporary increase in antibodies, those antibodies are still intended for the corona variant from two years ago. They won’t be able to stop the chance of infection with Omicron and the transmission of Omicron, but they will increase the pressure on the virus to change.

“These booster vaccinations will only cause even more problems,” Vanden Bossche concludes. Those problems will extend beyond the emergence of virus variants that will enter cells via a different domain of the spike protein. In those variants, the vaccinal antibodies will not attack the new binding domain. The vaccinal antibodies will also no longer prevent the virus from entering cells. The vaccinated antibodies that have become ineffective will sit like a cap around the virus. As a result, not only will the innate antibodies no longer recognize the virus, but the virus will also be able to slip into host cells even more easily, without having to take the usual route.

The scientific term for this type of phenomenon is antibody dependent enhancement (ADE). ADE is a notorious phenomenon, which has surfaced in studies into the possibilities of making vaccines against SARS-CoV-1, dengue and RSV. The major danger of ADE is the acceleration of the onset of the disease symptoms. They develop so quickly that the help of the body’s own immune system or medical treatment can come too late. In this way, ADE would make the successor to Omicron an extremely formidable pathogen. If nature really is ill-disposed towards humanity, the phenomenon may even start playing with an omicron vaccine a few months after mass vaccinations, although Vanden Bossche does not dare to put his hand into the fire.

Vanden Bossche cannot predict exactly what the clinical picture of an infection with the post-Omicron virus will look like in vaccinated people. He fears that older people with underlying chronic diseases will no longer be the main target of post-Omicron, but that the occurrence of ADE will mainly affect children. After all, their innate antibodies are still little ‘trained’ by previous exposure to coronaviruses, which means that they will quickly be outcompeted by vaccinated antibodies. The chance of death from infection with the original coronavirus from Wuhan was a fraction of one percent, according to calculations by John Ioannides. “If the scenarios we are now talking about come true, we may be talking about percentages,” says Vanden Bossche. “Or maybe even tens of percents.”

If that pitch-black scenario materializes, the unvaccinated with well-functioning immune systems will be significantly more likely to escape than the vaccinated. That is certainly the case if those unvaccinated have recently come into contact with coronaviruses. But also unvaccinated people can still fall victim to the social disruption that such a disaster scenario will cause. In retrospect, historians will no doubt determine that a grossly wrong approach to the pandemic, followed by the collapse of all infrastructures and the outbreak of chaos, caused countless more victims than the original Wuhan virus itself could ever have caused.

“Of course I hope it doesn’t come to that”, Vanden Bossche sighs. “I hope we will be wise enough to stop mass vaccinations in time. I hope that we will still take measures that curb both the infection pressure and the disease at an early stage. But should those hopes fail, global catastrophe is the only logical outcome. There will be regions that will escape this coming catastrophe, but our regions are not one of them. “I see a gloomy outlook for Western countries, from the US to the EU, and from Israel to Australia,” says Vanden Bossche. “For Western culture, this could well mean the end.”

Africa probably still has the best chances, Vanden Bossche suspects. “I don’t mean the North African countries, nor South Africa, but the countries in between, where only a small percentage of the population has been vaccinated.” The virologist is aware that it sounds unlikely, as we have learned to associate Africa with hunger, bloody civil wars and corruption. “It is indeed ironic. Yet I suspect that if the rest of the planet continues on its path, Africa will be humanity’s last hope.”




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    Giovanni Strazza The Veiled Virgin 1850s (Hard to believe this sculpture is made of -Carrera- marble)     With Omicron taking over at lightn
    [See the full post at: After the Storm]


    It’s over?
    Um – not so fast.

    Geert’s most recent. Listen from 4 min 47 sec. Holy crap! https://www.facebook.com/MichaelMcDowellMinistries/videos/168968928766115

    those darned kids

    you are here:

    those darned kids

    you are here:

    those darned kids

    Vaccine effectiveness (against infection not severe disease) goes down the drain

    Draconian avoidance of omicron is not tenable. Omicron or a future variant will eventually find us all. It may even be preferable to encounter omicron a few weeks or months after your last vaccine than a year or two later, as the infection may be milder.


    UK Now Reports Myocarditis stratified by Age & Sex After Vaccine Or Sars-cov-2

    But regardless, these findings already clearly dispel the true misinformation online: Yes, sorry to break it to you, vaccines can have risks of myocarditis EXCEEDING risks of myocarditis from infection. Pls stop saying otherwise.


    Are the vaccines doomed, or are we?

    If anybody thinks the side effects are enough to cause a serious re-evaluation of vaccine policy all on their own: there is not nearly enough hospitalization and death yet. I’ve watched all-cause mortality graphs like a hawk looking for it. There are some minuscule signals. But nothing that can’t be easily ignored. For real public attention, we’ll need orders of magnitude (at least 2, but possibly 3) more vaccine injuries than we’ve currently got or likely to get. Maybe in 10 years, if there’s enough booster uptake and injuries because too much to ignore (but don’t bet against the power of wilful ignorance), we may see a serious re-evaluation of vaccine injury.


    Polder Dweller

    “David Sassoli, the president of the European Parliament, died early Tuesday following an immune complication, according to his spokesman.

    Sassoli, who was 65, had been under care in Aviano, Italy, Robert Cuillo, his spokesman, said on Twitter. He had been hospitalized since Dec. 26 due to a “serious complication due to a dysfunction of the immune system,” according to a statement released on Monday.”

    I’m sure it had nothing to do with the vaccines.


    those darned kids

    germ: i listened to an hour of the geert interview, and i really didn’t hear anything very scary. he actually seemed a little optimistic.

    have i missed something?

    John Day

    “And now for something completely different”
    Increase of SARS-CoV-2 RNA load in faecal samples prompts for rethinking of SARS-CoV-2 biology and COVID-19 epidemiology

    What they are showing is that SARS-CoV-2 multiplies and sustains in the gut bacteria in human feces, and transferring these infected gut bacteria to culture medium continues the process of viral load increase.
    4 antibiotics are found to drop the viral load to zero, presumably by killing the host bacteria, while other antibiotics either have no effect on viral load, or decrease it somewhat.
    This implies that certain bacteria “host” SARS-CoV-2 in the gut. This might continue a long time. I don’t know. This might keep seeding virus in long-COVID. I don’t know.

    The Ethical Skeptic article from November 15, the one with that Omicron-lineage chart shown here a few days ago, talked about the likelihood of aerosolized fecal spread through agricultural spraying of raw municipal waste, and made a good case for it. https://theethicalskeptic.com/2021/11/15/chinas-ccp-concealed-sars-cov-2-presence-in-china-as-far-back-as-march-2018/#comment-12008

    I left a comment there just now with this new information.

    I am just starting to ponder the implications…

    John Day

    Ilargi, I know you like musical references , “The Automatic Earth”…
    After The Storm, by Carly Simon

    those darned kids

    i must admit i liked the donkey they included on the zh version..








    The power brokers would not have gone through all this just to have it fizzle out. Pay attention! Agenda 2030 has a deadline.
    What if, just a thought here, that all the preceding was just to get everyone pissed off and to not trusting the govt and the med system. Then, they let the “real” viruses out. The ones with real lethality, not wimpy covid. All the preceding could just be a head fake. I would not put it past them. The world’s population is growing at over 200,000 per day so all the past two years deaths don’t even make a dent in the curve. If they want real de-population they had better get crackin. Maybe they will. The four riders may be stirring in their stables.


    “The best example I saw was in a local Greek paper -in English- that not just called every positive test a “case”, a widely accepted piece of nonsense …”

    Not sure I agree with this. It makes perfect sense to me to define a positive test as a case. Doing that creates a bright line rule. It makes sense in countries that are still trying to track and trace, and have people who test positive stay at home, and have their family members quarantine at home too. I realize that tests can be problematic if the cycle threshold is too high, but that is a separate issue. As long as the cycle threshold is appropriate, a positive test tells you something that is relevant from a public health perspective.

    What is the alternative? Defining a case as a person with symptoms? How do you measure that if many people with symptoms do not report? Defining a case as a doctor’s diagnosis? Again, how do you collect that data, and where do doctor’s draw the line? Does a case mean a hospitalization? If you move that far on the spectrum, and that’s the only data you are paying attention to, then you’ve pretty much given up on containment. For many countries that have given up on containment, a positive test might be an antiquated and useless data point. But for those that are still trying to track and trace, it is still the most relevant data point.

    Same issue with the “with/from” distinction, whether talking about deaths or hospitalizations. Of course we can conceptually distinguish the person who goes to the hospital with a broken bone, and happens to have an infection that is not causing disease. But for other cases, the distinction might not be so easy to make? How to draw the line? Are health systems set up to collect and filter data that way? Is it practical to expect that? When disease has multiple contributing causes, how do you deal with that when you are compiling data? I don’t think we can simply dismiss all of the data as meaningless. Rather, it is better to keep collecting it according to the same parameters (for consistency), but to recognize that it will never be perfect.


    Yes, the optimistic scenario is that the coronavirus pandemic is now over. We are past the peak.

    The oligarchy will intentionally bury any mention of the pandemic until it is forgotten just like the Spanish flu was after WWI. This is the only way the current exploitative political/economic system can continue. But the increasing number of ill and dead from vaccine side effects and long-COVID will add to the unrest already caused by the utter corruption, incompetence, and inequality. It is now plainly obvious that the western corporate/state Empire is incapable of dealing with the next pandemic, climate change, a war with Russia; or being decent, trustworthy and working for the common good.

    The world, the universe, is theirs to pillage. Today’s western leaders will never voluntarily returned ethnic Russian Eastern Ukraine to Russia to insure Detente and avoid a nuclear war.

    Towards the end of the 21st century if the USA breaks apart due to escalating chaos for profit, Mexicans with Eurasian aid could well liberate the lost territories with a majority Hispanic population. A North American ethnic regional civil war risks going nuclear.


    Mark Dolan’s prediction really nailed it:
    “in a similar way to those who now claim never to have supported the Iraq war”


    A little like Germany after WWII, when everyone who had served in the army claimed: “I was the cook.”


    We are not antivaxers but…


    Recently, new-onset autoimmune phenomena after COVID-19 vaccination have been reported increasingly (e.g. immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia, autoimmune liver diseases, Guillain-Barré syndrome, IgA nephropathy, rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus). Molecular mimicry, the production of particular autoantibodies and the role of certain vaccine adjuvants seem to be substantial contributors to autoimmune phenomena. However, whether the association between COVID-19 vaccine and autoimmune manifestations is coincidental or causal remains to be elucidated. Here, we summarize the emerging evidence about autoimmune manifestations occurring in response to certain COVID-19 vaccines. Although information pertaining to the risk of autoimmune disease as a consequence of vaccination is controversial, we merely propose our current understanding of autoimmune manifestations associated with COVID-19 vaccine. In fact, we do not aim to disavow the overwhelming benefits of mass COVID-19 vaccination in preventing COVID-19 morbidity and mortality. These reports could help guide clinical assessment and management of autoimmune manifestations after COVID-19 vaccination.


    Beware of pandemicists and vaccinators.


    [..] VE showed a pronounced negative dip among 35-54-year-olds in whom the odds of medically attended illness were > 4-fold increased for vaccinated vs unvaccinated participants (p < 0.005).

    [..] Our findings suggest vaccine mismatch may negatively interact with imprinted immunity. The immunological mechanisms for imprint-regulated effect of vaccine (I-REV) warrant investigation.

    V. Arnold

    Giovanni Strazza The Veiled Virgin 1850s (Hard to believe this sculpture is made of -Carrera- marble)

    Lest this amazing masterpiece go unremarked:
    Incredible and genius; I could gaze on it for days…


    V Arnold. Yes. Isn’t It marvelous?


    “What it all adds up to so far is that the CDC secretly admits the number people who actually died FROM Covid has been exaggerated by a factor of between 10 and 100%”

    I have no idea what you call “dying FROM Covid”. Maybe it’s different from what you’d call “dying from COVID”. Because as you say, a lot has been hanging on people distorting language and being coy about what they mean when they use words.

    Let’s take it literally, as most people would. “Dying from covid” for most people would mean that somebody catched covid and died within a month of catching it, that would not otherwise be expected to die during that timeframe.

    Well, luckily we have statistics of deaths in most developed countries. So we do in fact know how many excess deaths have been happening during covid waves, and we can compare it with the number of reported covid deaths. And if you do actually check the numbers, you will find that they match pretty well, except that in the USA, especially in the first wave but also afterwards, there is an unexplained number of excess deaths. Eventually the reports should come out with the full causes of mortality, and people can discuss whether covid cases were under or over reported to their heart’s content, but the data we have so far suggests that in any case they appear under-reported.

    It’s true that the omicron wave is a lot milder, so excess deaths from now on will probably not have any big new peaks.

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