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The WHO Is Building A Global Vaccine Passport (Bexte)
‘Unfriendly Visit’: Austrian Chancellor Meets With Putin (ZH)
Corporate Media Deploys the Big Guns on Ukraine (Ray McGovern)
A Fake Massacre For The Sake Of Real Sanctions (Milacic)
The Pimps of War (Chris Hedges)
The Fascinating Self-Immolation Of Europe (Denninger)
AIDS-Like “Chronic Covid” is Taking Over Europe, Australia and NZ (Chudov)
Kyiv Independent: The West’s In-Kind Answer to Putin’s Propaganda (MP)
US Firm With Ties to WEF, DOD Implicated in Bioweapons Cover-Up (CHD)
Another Suppressed Covid Treatment You Haven’t Heard Of (Blaze)
The Riptide (Jim Kunstler)
Jim Jordan Spots Major Shift In Hunter Biden Story (WE)
The Biden Family Scheme Unravels (Devine)



The Azov batallion accuses Russia of chemical attacks. And the entire western press parrots them. Next up is Bellingcat confirming this? Credibility is overrated in today’s world. There’s a new Russian massacre every single day, so no-one has the time to care about evidence.



Dotted line: Biden inauguration.






Zelkensky thanks Azov





“..the push for a global vaccine passport coincides with the WHO’s drafting of a global pandemic treaty, which would legally bind member states to the WHO’s International Health Regulations..”

The WHO Is Building A Global Vaccine Passport (Bexte)

The World Health Organization (WHO) has contracted German-based Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Systems to develop a global vaccine passport system, with plans to link every person on the planet to a QR code digital ID. Indeed, despite the minuscule threat posed by new variants and dubious-at-best vaccine efficacy, the WHO is adamant that a global QR code-based vaccine passport system is vital for all future health emergencies, not just COVID. “COVID-19 affects everyone. Countries will therefore only emerge from the pandemic together. Vaccination certificates that are tamper-proof and digitally verifiable build trust. WHO is therefore supporting member states in building national and regional trust networks and verification technology,” says unit head of the WHO’s Department of Digital Health and Innovation Garrett Mehl.

“The WHO’s gateway service also serves as a bridge between regional systems. It can also be used as part of future vaccination campaigns and home-based records.” It should be noted that besides the moral implications of implementing health-based restrictions in the wake of future pandemics — whether they be COVID, polio, or anything else — a global vaccine passport also brings up national security concerns, as the WHO and its backers would have access to these “home-based records.” In terms of feasibility, as previously reported by Reuters, T-Systems has a lot of experience developing discriminatory health apps, having worked to create Germany’s Corona-Warn-App tracing and Europe’s vaccine passport.

“Corona has a grip on the world. Digitization keeps the world running. Digital vaccination certificates like the EU’s are key to this. We are pleased to be able to support the WHO in the fight against the pandemic,” said T-Systems CEO Adel Al-Saleh. Moreover, as reported by The Counter Signal, the push for a global vaccine passport coincides with the WHO’s drafting of a global pandemic treaty, which would legally bind member states to the WHO’s International Health Regulations and allow the organization to dictate all future pandemic responses, utterly quashing national health sovereignty. The WHO began drafting its treaty in December 2021 during a special session entitled “The World Together.” The treaty is to be upheld by the WHO’s constitution, which under Article 19 “[provides] the World Health Assembly with the authority to adopt conventions or agreements on any matter within WHO’s competence.”

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Austria=EU but not NATO.

‘Unfriendly Visit’: Austrian Chancellor Meets With Putin (ZH)

On Monday Austria’s Chancellor Karl Nehammer became the first EU leader to meet face-to-face with Vladimir Putin since the war began on Feb.24. He said that talks were “open and tough” but that it was “not a friendly visit.” Following the meeting which was at Putin’s Novo-Ogaryovo residence just outside Moscow, the Austrian leader’s office issued a statement saying, “This is not a friendly visit. I have just come from Ukraine and have seen with my own eyes the immeasurable suffering caused by the Russian war of aggression.” Nehammer is said to have confronted Putin on multiple war crimes and human rights abuses alleged against Russian troops during the 75-minute meeting. Austria’s official statement of the meeting continued:

”I addressed the serious war crimes in Bucha and other places and emphasized that all those responsible for them must be held accountable,” Nehammer said, according to the statement. “I also told President Putin in no uncertain terms that sanctions against Russia will remain in place and will continue to be tightened as long as people are dying in Ukraine.” On what’s widely being alleged in the West as the ‘Bucha massacre’ – which left a reported 300 Ukrainian civilians dead, many of them in the streets – Nehammer described that when confronted Putin blamed Ukrainian militants, saying they were “responsible for the crimes in Bucha” and not Russian troops.

The Austrian head of state came under fire for the visit, as going to Moscow to meet Putin face-to-face was hugely controversial in some quarters among EU officials. However, Nehammer described the purpose as to confront the Russian President “with the facts”. “What is important is a personal meeting, phoning is one thing, but you really need to look each other in the eye, you need to talk about the cruelty of war,” Nehammer described of the rationale for the official visit. He told Putin that those guilty of war crimes “have to be brought to justice.”

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“At first I thought it a sickening flashback. Two nights ago, there were Judy Miller and former NATO commander Philip Breedlove on TV pontificating on Ukraine.”

Corporate Media Deploys the Big Guns on Ukraine (Ray McGovern)

Judith Miller and AF General Philip Breedlove are back! At first I thought it a sickening flashback. Two nights ago, there were Judy Miller and former NATO commander Philip Breedlove on TV pontificating on Ukraine. For younger readers, Judy was the NY Times Archdeacon blessing all those reports of “weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (that weren’t there) and ties between Iraq and al-Qaeda (that weren’t there either). As for Breedlove, as a sad sign of the times, he appears (via Radio Free Europe) on Reader Supporter News, with zero allusion to his pedigree on truth and falsehood. Breedlove’s all-too-familiar, damn-the-torpedoes line on the need to confront Russia head-on in Ukraine brought back more sickening memories. For this is precisely what he tried to do – behind President Obama’s back – when he was commander of NATO troops (2013-2016).

It got so bad that we Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) sought to warn German Chancellor Angela Merkel about Breedlove’s checkered record for credibility in advance of a NATO summit in early July, 2014. We urged Merkel to temper Breedlove’s distemper. Verbatim excerpts are below: “We longtime U.S. intelligence officers again wish to convey our concerns and cautions directly to you prior to a critically important NATO summit – the meeting that begins on July 8 in Warsaw. We were gratified to learn that our referenced memorandum reached you and your advisers before the NATO summit in Wales, and that others too learned of our initiative via the Sueddeutsche Zeitung, which published a full report on our memorandum on Sept. 4, the day that summit began.

“The Warsaw summit is likely to be at least as important as the last one in Wales and is likely to have even more far-reaching consequences. We find troubling – if not surprising – NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s statement at a pre-summit press event on July 4 that NATO members will agree to “further enhance NATOs military presence in the eastern part of the alliance,” adding that the alliance will see its “biggest reinforcement since the Cold War.” “The likelihood of a military clash in the air or at sea – accidental or intentional – has grown sharply, the more so since, as we explain below, President Obama’s control over top US/NATO generals, some of whom like to play cowboy, is tenuous. Accordingly we encourage you, as we did before the last NATO summit, to urge your NATO colleagues to bring a “degree of judicious skepticism” to the table at Warsaw – especially with regard to the perceived threat from Russia.

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It’s one after the other, with no time in between for scrutiny.

A Fake Massacre For The Sake Of Real Sanctions (Milacic)

Brussels is proposing to completely block Russian energy supplies and close ports for Russian ships. This is already a last-ditch measure, after which it will be simply impossible to introduce anything else. However, you’ve got to have something to justify the fast-growing tariffs and prices, so the images and “evidence” from Bucha arrived right in time. The investigation of the events in the Bosnian Srebrenica once allowed ratcheting up anti-Serb sentiments in Europe. Now, Zelensky’s “personal Srebrenica” allows the Ukrainian president to drum up more European support, and ideally, to bring about absolutely unprecedented sanctions against Moscow. The organizers of the “Bucha Scandal” are hardly bothered by the questions that any sane person would ask himself.

Why didn’t the Russian troops, retreating in perfect order and without any pressure from the Kiev garrison (the Russians are not falling back, they are simply moving their forces to the Donbass region) remove the corpses from the streets? They have all the equipment they possibly need to pick up all the dead bodies and take them to the crematorium in Bryansk, thus hiding the traces of their “crimes” once and for all. Why did the Russians evenly distribute the corpses throughout the city and did not shoot Ukrainian activists all in one place? Finally, why didn’t the bloodthirsty Russians burn down and mine the city during their retreat? They had enough time to do that. However, despite all these unanswered questions, Russia will be condemned. London, Washington, Paris and Brussels have already decided everything.

The emergency meeting by UN Security Council will end in nothing as both Russian and Western resolutions will be blocked and the parties will be left even more dissatisfied with each other. Bucha is only the beginning though. The directors working with the good actor, Mr. Zelensky, have surely prepared the second and third acts of this drama for us to watch. They are quite banal, but effective nonetheless. It might be a mass grave and some “torture chambers.” This time round they will prepare better, without hiccups. The victims’ hands will be tied with the same ropes, and secret protocols of interrogations and coerced confessions will be properly signed without errors. What they will hardly be able to explain to a thinking audience, however, is why the Russians would want to commit such atrocities in the first place.

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” Like some mutant strain of an antibiotic-resistant bacteria, they cannot be vanquished.”

The Pimps of War (Chris Hedges)

The same cabal of warmongering pundits, foreign policy specialists and government officials, year after year, debacle after debacle, smugly dodge responsibility for the military fiascos they orchestrate. They are protean, shifting adroitly with the political winds, moving from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party and then back again, mutating from cold warriors to neocons to liberal interventionists. Pseudo intellectuals, they exude a cloying Ivy League snobbery as they sell perpetual fear, perpetual war and a racist worldview, where the lesser breeds of the earth only understand violence.

They are pimps of war, puppets of the Pentagon, a state within a state, and the defense contractors who lavishly fund their think tanks — Project for the New American Century, American Enterprise Institute, Foreign Policy Initiative, Institute for the Study of War, Atlantic Council and Brookings Institute. Like some mutant strain of an antibiotic-resistant bacteria, they cannot be vanquished. It does not matter how wrong they are, how absurd their theories, how many times they lie or denigrate other cultures and societies as uncivilized or how many murderous military interventions go bad. They are immovable props, the parasitic mandarins of power that are vomited up in the dying days of any empire, including that of the U.S., leaping from one self-defeating catastrophe to the next.

I spent 20 years as a foreign correspondent reporting on the suffering, misery, and murderous rampages these shills for war engineered and funded. My first encounter with them was in Central America. Elliot Abrams — convicted of providing misleading testimony to Congress on the Iran-Contra Affair and later pardoned by President George H.W. Bush so he could return to government to sell us the Iraq War — and Robert Kagan, director of the State Department’s public diplomacy office for Latin America — were propagandists for the brutal military regimes in El Salvador and Guatemala, as well as the rapists and homicidal thugs that made up the rogue Contra forces fighting the Sandinista government in Nicaragua, which they illegally funded. Their job was to discredit our reporting.

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“Ukraine and Russia are at war yet Ukraine is not only allowing the gas to flow which Russia has to sell to fund itself but at the same time they’re still getting paid for the transport!”

The Fascinating Self-Immolation Of Europe (Denninger)

[..] to fill the gap between what was real and what was promised Europe put together pipelines and bought Russian gas and oil — specifically gas. Natural gas is hardly what you’d call “green” but it is more-efficient than coal, simply on energy content. Coal is carbon, or “C” where natural gas is almost-all CH4, or methane. CH4 has more energy that is released when it is burned compared with just the carbon part. But natural gas is not just burned for fuel; it is an essential feedstock for fertilizer, since nitrogen must be “fixed” in order to be usable. If this was not true you wouldn’t need nitrogen in fertilizer at all since about 79% of the atmosphere, which obviously is in contact with the ground, is nitrogen.

Modern agriculture relies on fertilization for the high yields it currently enjoys. Without them significant portions of the world population will undergo famine — and some will die. We have, in short, built a world population model around fossil fuel energy which is not just reliant on it to power cars for personal transportation — it is also reliant on to produce, process and transport the very food required for humans to survive in the density we currently have. Since Europe doesn’t have much natural gas resource where does Europe get all of this? Why, from Russia, which has it in abundance. Now of course trade with Russia is considered a very bad thing. Quite amusingly the people of Europe seem to think they can sanction Russia, essentially impounding or even stealing the money they pay for gas with and thus taking said gas for free, and continue to get more gas.

I’m not sure what sort of mental gymnastics were required to reach that conclusion, but reach it they did. What’s even more insane is the belief that being at war with someone will not ultimately result in them ceasing trade with you entirely, especially when they have something you need and there is another nation, with which they are not at war, willing to buy the product. Contemplate that today many cars are Japanese, Honda and Mazda, to name two. How many cars do you think Japan would have exported to the United States during WWII after Pearl Harbor while the US and Japan were busy with their soldiers all trying to kill one another? Now think about this: What if Europe was buying those cars from Japan, they were not at war with Japan but the US was, and in order to get to Europe the cars had to be shipped through the United States?

Do you really think we’d have “cooperated” with Europe in such an endeavor while the Japanese were blowing up our stuff and shooting at our guys? Do you think Japan would have continued to export said cars? This is the situation we have today with Ukraine in that Ukraine is not the supplier of any of the gas flowing through those pipes — Russia is. Ukraine and Russia are at war yet Ukraine is not only allowing the gas to flow which Russia has to sell to fund itself but at the same time they’re still getting paid for the transport! Exactly what sort of mental gymnastics are involved when you have two nations at war where both are continuing to engage in commerce with each other’s state-owned enterprises and other nations backing one of the combatants is also still engaged in commercial transactions with the belligerent directly via said state-owned enterprises they claim is at fault and don’t want to win? In what sort of insane world do you directly fund the nation who you want to lose a war?

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“Herd immunity is enjoyed only by unvaccinated countries.”

AIDS-Like “Chronic Covid” is Taking Over Europe, Australia and NZ (Chudov)

When Omicron appeared around December of last year, the powers-to-be in most Western countries found themselves in a situation of mass vaccine failure, where a Covid variant Omicron, about infectious as measles, was spreading like wildfire, while at the same time evading vaccine immunity. So, the clever solution was to abolish containment altogether, wish “illness and death” on the unvaccinated people, and hope that the vaccinated world gains “herd immunity” while enjoying relatively low mortality. Unfortunately for them and for us, things did not work out this way. Hospitals are overwhelmed by the vaccinated. Endless Covid short term reinfections, plaguing the UK and the rest of the Western world, are sliding towards “Chronic Covid”. Herd immunity is enjoyed only by unvaccinated countries.

Chronic Covid is a situation where the vaccinated cannot develop natural immunity, cannot quickly clear infections, and remain ill and infectious for extended period of time. Such repeat infections progressively damage their immunity to the point of not being able to clear Covid at all. That would lead to people being chronically infected, infecting others, and overwhelmed with toxic Covid viral proteins, while remaining immunosuppressed. [..] in summary we have original antigenic sin inviting first several reinfections. These reinfections might seem mild outwardly, but fail to clear the virus for up to 9 days. The result of each reinfection is progressive damage to monocytes and the immune systems.

All of this is in addition to numerous reports, much discussed in my and others’ article, that mRNA vaccination itself is damaging to the immune systems. Some people even use term VAIDS to describe such immune problems. I explained this term in my article two months ago. How will it end up? I am not sure if it will end up well. I hope it does. It may actually end up with mass fatalities. I hope for as few as possible but dread that it could be very many.

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Not sure which part is similar to “Putin’s Propaganda”. The Kyiv Independent was set up for the express purpose of the Ukraine war. Since the set up happened in November, feel free to ask questions.

Kyiv Independent: The West’s In-Kind Answer to Putin’s Propaganda (MP)

As the Russian attack on Ukraine has come to dominate global news feeds, so has a previously little-known outlet called The Kyiv Independent. Since its inception in November of last year, the Independent’s profile has risen rapidly and has been promoted and endorsed by both social media giants and the corporate press. The Kyiv Independent has become the toast of the town. It seems virtually impossible to turn on cable news without seeing its reporters on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, or other networks. Its staff has been given the opportunity to write multiple op-eds in the pages of The New York Times and The Washington Post, something considered the ultimate seal of approval by many journalists. NPR listeners might also have heard interviews with reporters from the Independent.

But, while almost universally presented as a collective of unbiased journalists producing credible content, the Independent’s history, funding sources, and the proximity of many of its key staff to Western governments suggest that the news organization is not nearly as independent as its name implies. Since November, the outlet has amassed over two million Twitter followers, up from around just 20,000 one week before the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24. Twitter also constantly promotes its content on its homepage, encouraging hundreds of millions of people to read and follow them. The Independent has also managed to raise more than $3.2 million from two separate crowdfunding campaigns on GoFundMe and rakes in more than $72,000 per month from supporters on Patreon.

This is partially down to ringing endorsements from the likes of The Washington Post, CBS News and PBS, who endorsed their funding drives as the perfect way to do something to help Ukrainians. “Journalists with The Kyiv Independent have done tremendous work covering the war, offering the world constant updates as they fear for themselves, their families, and their homes,” the Post wrote. Meanwhile, the Times has regularly signal-boosted its coverage as well, recommending it to readers as a way to “avoid drowning in an ocean of information.” Another article instructing teachers on how to discuss the war states that “Ukrainian sources like The Kyiv Independent” are a “good starting point” as “reliable news sources.” In short, there has been nothing short of a ringing, wall-to-wall endorsement of the startup news organization. However, few, if any, of these reports and appearances hint at how close The Kyiv Independent and many of its staff members are to Western governmental power.

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Plus ties to CIA, Hunter Biden.

US Firm With Ties to WEF, DOD Implicated in Bioweapons Cover-Up (CHD)

As evidence of a potential bioweapons cover-up has started emerging, a company called Metabiota is gaining prominence. The links between Metabiota and several key players in the COVID pandemic and/or the Ukraine labs story are manifold, so there’s no really simple way to unravel it in a logical sequence. That said, let’s start with what Metabiota does and the connections of its founder, and expand from there. Metabiota’s mission is to make the world more resilient to epidemics by providing “data, analytics, advice and training to prepare for global health threats and mitigate their impacts.” Through data analysis, they help “decision makers across government and industry” to estimate and mitigate pandemic risks. But they also claim to support “sustainable development,” which seems to have little to do with pandemic risk management.

That term, “sustainable development,” is one promoted by Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF). It’s part and parcel of Schwab’s plan for a global Great Reset and transhumanist revolution (aka, the Fourth Industrial Revolution). It’s not surprising, then, to find out that the founder of Metabiota, Nathan Wolfe, not only has close ties to the WEF, but is also a rising star there. He’s a WEF Young Global Leader graduate and was awarded the WEF’s Technology Pioneer award in 2021. Metabiota was a core partner of a United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Pandemic Threat Program called PREDICT, which sought to identify viruses with pandemic potential. Contractors funded through this program have included the EcoHealth Alliance, headed by Peter Daszak.

The PREDICT program, directed by Dennis Carroll, appears to have served as a proof of concept for the Global Virome Project that Carroll founded. According to a recent investigation by U.S. Right to Know (USRTK), Carroll appears to have diverted government funds from the PREDICT program while he was still running it, to fund this personal side project, which was set up with the intention to collect, identify and catalogue 1 million viruses from wildlife in an effort to predict which ones might cause a human epidemic. Metabiota receives funding from several interconnected organizations and agencies, including:

• Pilot Growth Management, cofounded by Neil Callahan. Callahan is also a cofounder of Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners, and he sits on Metabiota’s board of advisers.
• The Global Virome Project, which reportedly paid (or was planning to pay) Metabiota $341,000 to conduct a cost-benefit analysis.
• In-Q-Tel, a CIA venture capital firm that specializes in high-tech investments that support or benefit the intelligence capacity of U.S. intelligence agencies.
• The U.S. Department of Defense’s Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). Specifically, in 2014, DTRA awarded Metabiota $18.4 million in federal contracts for scientific and technical consulting services to the DTRA’s labs in Ukraine and Georgia.
• By outsourcing work to private companies, DTRA is able to circumvent Congressional oversight. Russia is now accusing the U.S. of funding secret and illegal bioweapons research in these Ukraine labs, and claims this was the real reason behind its invasion.
• Rosemont Seneca, an investment fund co-managed by Hunter Biden. If Russia’s accusations turn out to be true, this tie may prove deeply problematic for the White House, as this means the Biden family was more or less directly involved in the funding of that research.

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Another Suppressed Covid Treatment You Haven’t Heard Of (Blaze)

One day, we will learn the extent of the malicious war that was waged by politicians and Big Pharma against COVID treatments. But if the newest study on proxalutamide in COVID patients reflects reality, you can add one more drug to the list of treatments that could have saved countless lives but which were purposefully stifled to please the gods of lockdowns, panic, and experimental injections. Last week, Kintor Pharmaceuticals announced the results of a randomized controlled trial of the use of anti-androgen proxalutamide, a prostate cancer drug, in mild to moderate COVID patients. It found that among the 721 American patients who received at least one day of treatment, there were seven patients in the control group who were hospitalized and one fatality compared to two hospitalized patients and zero fatalities in the proxalutamide group. Among patients with more than seven days of treatment (N=693), six patients who received placebo were hospitalized and one died, compared to no hospitalizations/deaths in the proxalutamide group.

Doctors who actually studied the pathophysiology of COVID came to the conclusion a long time ago that hormone levels helped facilitate the ACE2 and TMPRSS2 binding of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, and therefore, males seemed to be more vulnerable than females, and bald men seemed to be at greater risk as well. Brazilian board-certified endocrinologist and internist Flavio A. Cadegiani has been the leading voice in favor of using androgen blockers against COVID. A randomized controlled trial published by Cadegiani in 2021 demonstrated an 86% reduction in hospitalization. Another trial published later in the year showed a 78% reduction in mortality even among late-stage patients. This was all for the Gamma variant, which was regarded as the most fatal and pathogenic of all the strains of this virus.

[..] Kintor is the maker of proxalutamide, but unlike Pfizer, Moderna, Merck, and Gilead, which all made billions off drugs that the companies personally made and studied, Kintor doesn’t have the same financial incentive for corruption. The other drugs that were made standard of care are very expensive and come with automatic government contracts, whereas proxalutamide is available in Brazil for just $11 for a full course of treatment. The use of anti-androgens is just one of many examples of how doctors who actually understand pharmacology and biochemistry will innovate to treat ailments rather than allowing people to die. Whether it’s hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, nitazoxanide, metformin, aviptadil, budesonide, fluvoxamine, fenofibrate, famotidine, cyproheptadine, methylprednisolone, and dozens of other vitamins and supplements, the medical industry has shunned all research on cheap treatments.

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“A stable, agricultural Ukraine will be a benefit to a hungry world, while it will no longer be in a position to launch hostilities..”

The Riptide (Jim Kunstler)

[..] NATO has acted as a conduit for arming and training a 400,000-troop Ukrainian army, a violation of several formal agreements between Russia and the West. NATO, otherwise, does not have the will, or even the means, to engage militarily with Russia. And America, at the head of NATO, has so far refrained from starting World War Three by way of sending US troops or war-planes into Ukraine. So, Russia has gone about the plodding business of neutralizing Ukraine’s trouble-seeking military and rearranging the map so that Ukraine won’t be able to act as a proxy antagonist in America’s ill-conceived campaign to destroy Mr. Putin and his country.

The operation will probably end this month. My guess is that Mr. Zelensky will be allowed to remain president of what remains on the map, minus Donbas and the region along the Black Sea coast from Mariupol to Odessa. Mr. Zelensky will not have a functioning military to make trouble with. Other patches of Western Ukraine may be distributed among Poland, Moldova, Romania, and Hungary, leaving a large rump of Ukraine between Lvov and the Dnieper River devoted mostly to the growing of wheat. A stable, agricultural Ukraine will be a benefit to a hungry world, while it will no longer be in a position to launch hostilities or be of much use as a money-laundering facility. In short, with some luck, Ukraine will cease to be a threat to world peace.

Ukraine may have been “Joe Biden’s” last opportunity to screw things up on the world scene. As the military conflict resolves, Ukraine can’t be used by the White House as a shield to divert America’s attention from the political cancer of Biden family corruption, and the systemic illness of the nation’s institutions. Merrick Garland may not be able to contain the open case against Hunter Biden to mere rinky-dink tax violations — and if he tries to limit the US Attorneys in charge of the case, he will be setting himself up for an obstruction of justice rap some months from now. The laptop is out now, too many people have copies of the hard drive, and some are working diligently to make the mess of it more easily searchable. So, expect much more to come.

It won’t be easy for the Democratic Party to get rid of “Joe Biden.” Nobody can feature Kamala Harris in the oval office, and were she to somehow gracefully remove herself from the scene, next-in-line would be Nancy Pelosi who, in addition to being long-in-the-tooth, seems to be literally drunk half the time in her public appearances. And behind her: Patrick Leahy, Senate President Pro Tem, who is nearly as senile and incoherent as “Joe Biden.”

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“Remember, it started off as, ‘Oh, it wasn’t his laptop.’ Then it was, ‘Well, it was his laptop, but it was Russian disinformation.’ Now it’s, ‘No, it wasn’t Russian disinformation, but Joe had nothing to do with it,'”

Jim Jordan Spots Major Shift In Hunter Biden Story (WE)

Rep. Jim Jordan said on Sunday it “sure seems” the president’s son is on his way to being indicted, though the congressman acknowledged he could not say for certain. He pointed to an upswell in reporting on the authentication of contents on a laptop believed to have belonged to Hunter Biden, coinciding with a wave of grand jury activity. “You mentioned those two stories from the Washington Post 10 days ago,” the Ohio Republican told host Maria Bartiromo on Fox News. “I understand they were four minutes apart. One was at 11:00. One was at 11:04. So two eight-page-long stories four minutes apart from the news organization that said 18 months ago there was no story here, this was Russian disinformation. That tells you something is up. You don’t see the Washington Post do that.”

While the New York Post led the charge in reporting on the contents of the abandoned laptop, which contained emails detailing Biden’s business dealings and rollercoaster personal life, other major media outlets sought to cast doubt on its authenticity, and Big Tech companies even took steps to suppress its spread in the final weeks of the 2020 election. Jordan, who is the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, remarked how “interesting” it is that the “story has evolved” in recent weeks, coinciding with rising suspicions that President Joe Bidsen himself could be drawn into a federal criminal investigation, even as the White House has been adamant in asserting that the president is not involved and that his 52-year-old son did not commit any crimes.

“Remember, it started off as, ‘Oh, it wasn’t his laptop.’ Then it was, ‘Well, it was his laptop, but it was Russian disinformation.’ Now it’s, ‘No, it wasn’t Russian disinformation, but Joe had nothing to do with it,'” Jordan said. “And now, finally, it is, ‘Well, Joe had something to do with it, but he really didn’t do anything wrong.’ In fact, that’s what his chief of staff, Ron Klain, told us last Sunday on the Sunday shows,” he added. “So, my, how this story has changed. And now, we find out these text messages and emails that link the entire family, not just Hunter and Joe and — but also uncle, the — Joe’s brother, James Biden, is involved in this as well.”

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As I said before, you can’t investigate Hunter without also investigating Joe.

The Biden Family Scheme Unravels (Devine)

If the grand jury in Delaware investigating Hunter Biden’s business ventures does its job properly, it will be pulling on the threads that lead to the president, and already there are signs that is happening. Regardless of the extraordinary statement last week by White House chief of staff Ron Klain, that the president is confident his son has done nothing wrong, and that the inquiry has nothing to do with Joe Biden or anyone else in the White House, publicly available evidence says otherwise. It is not just the emails and other material on Hunter’s abandoned laptop that point to Joe Biden’s involvement in his family’s multimillion-dollar global influence-peddling schemes when he was vice president.

There is also the six-hour interview Hunter’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski gave to the FBI last year, along with a trove of documents, emails and encrypted messages. Bobulinski has publicly named Joe Biden as the “Big Guy,” referenced in emails, whose 10% equity in a joint venture with Chinese energy company CEFC was held for him by Hunter. Now the identity of the Big Guy has become a topic for the Delaware probe. At least one of the witnesses before the grand jury has been asked: Who is the Big Guy? Sources familiar with the investigation say Bobulinski has yet to appear, but if he does not testify before the grand jury, something is very wrong. Perhaps US Attorney David Weiss is saving the best for last.

The pressure on Weiss is immense, as the four-year investigation into the president’s son and his business partners, including his uncle James Biden, Joe’s younger brother, threatens to become an election issue in November. Alarm bells are starting to ring in Democratic circles as the White House stonewalls in the face of increasing media inquiries. In two absurd statements in recent days, White House spokespeople said the president stands by his pre-election statement that Hunter never received any money from China, and he continues to deny that he knew anything about his son’s overseas business dealings. The White House position is unsustainable.

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From a main stream sports channel in Australia





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    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle April 12 2022]

    V. Arnold

    “..the push for a global vaccine passport coincides with the WHO’s drafting of a global pandemic treaty, which would legally bind member states to the WHO’s International Health Regulations..”

    One way or the other, the galoots are going to attempt to control us rabble…
    Fuck Them!!!
    …over my cold dead body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    …..and I’m certain that will be the responce………..

    V. Arnold

    Jean Metzinger Soldier playing chess 1915

    Interesting…what does the #24 signify?


    Civilisation is totally dependent on energy.

    Freezers defrost but you can’t cook the food. You can’t use the car to go to the supermarket. Trucks can’t supply supermarkets. The internet fails and phones run out of battery. Industry can’t function. All transport stops. Water and gas stop flowing.

    Despite the freezing of hundreds of billions of Russian financial assets, infinite sanctions, plus supplying weapons to kill Russians, Russia is still prepared to continue energy supplies to Europe.

    European politicians are saying that they will destroy the Russian economy but need a few years to do it. Until then they will allow Russia to supply energy.

    What if Russia loses patience and decides to stop ALL energy supplies to Europe IMMEDIATELY?

    How long does Europe last until chaos destroys it?


    Raul – the Chris Hedges piece very much appreciated.
    This sums up what bothers me, what keeps me from my peace. These people are not actually evil – they simply live in a childish fantasy where effects and cause are kept apart. I see this in the constituents as extension of the pattern. They see the things – the cheap clothes, the disposable nappies – everything as an effect – with no causation. It just appears like magic – no consequences, either intended or otherwise. Empire just keeps on giving.

    It’s just wanting and hiding within the smokescreen of the worldy illusion and is an attempt to project guilt and judgement and attack on others. You see it is ‘they’ who do bad (Putin, Trump, Anti-Vaxxers) – ‘me’ don’t look at me I’m an effect. I am just a dream. I am innocent because the effects and evidence of my life are causeless. If there are bad things happening it can have nothing to do with me as I have no agency and do what I am told. Therefore I must be innocent.

    Problem with that is that it is a position of powerlessness.

    Me I am stuck between heaven and hell. Knowing I have chosen ego but I am more than effect. But still a dreamer of the dream. The Dream time.
    Purgatory as the Christians say.

    Love and compassion to all here – Lord knows I need like minded and curious minds near me during the great pondering.

    Dr. D

    “ The WHO Is Building a Global Vaccine Passport (Bexte)
    plans to link every person on the planet to a QR code digital ID.”

    If they don’t, they die. The entire system collapses. And into shortages and famines btw. That’s why they think they’re the good guys.

    Now since a QR code is the easiest thing in the world to hack, easier than an RFID, they will HAVE to go further into DNA or sub-cutaneous. As often discussed and actually accomplished and widely publicized.

    “Corona has a grip on the world.”

    What Corona? Can you show me? With evidence? The “cases” turn to death at what rate since Omicron? 0.0001%?

    “The WHO began drafting its treaty in December 2021 during a special session entitled “The World Together.”

    What sort of order does that remind you of? If that’s the goal, what position would nations and national sovereignty hold?

    So who votes for the WHO? How do we impeach them? Expose them? Remove them? Hold them accountable? I thought they wanted “democracy”.


    Just clarifying, as yesterday, this is the President’s state residence, not Putin’s.

    “Austrian leader’s office issued a statement saying”: “You have committed war crimes.” If you read it, that’s the legal imperative of what he says.

    So he went to accuse Russia of Nuremberg, and that they plan to arrest and execute them? Gee, great opener. I bet he got everything he wanted from that meeting and negotiation. No wonder they don’t bother meeting with anyone in the West anymore, it’s a waste of time. However, this is the national leader of a neighbor, so they have to waste the time, like it or not.

    ““I also told President Putin in no uncertain terms that sanctions against Russia will remain in place and will continue to be tightened as long as people are dying in Ukraine.”

    So Nehammer runs things now? Or he’s the waterboy for the real deciders? Either way doesn’t look good to me.

    “He told Putin that those guilty of war crimes “have to be brought to justice.”

    I’m sure Putin enthusiastically agrees on that point. So do I. So let’s have a bunch of trials for everyone accused and find out. Bush is still alive. So is Obama. Cheney was never really “alive” since he got the Darth Vader heart. But there are lots of courtrooms and lots of judges available. No obstacles at all.

    Brussels is proposing to completely block Russian energy supplies” ...And kill all their own people in Europe, from Finland to Sicily. We must MUST kill every European to bring Russia to heel, because Putin will be very, very SAD when he sees the West kill all their own citizens, and, in a pool of Russian tears, stop defending his country from first-strike nukes 4 minutes from Moscow.

    That’s the Plan! It’s going great!

    I would like to personally thank everyone in Europe for dying for me and my WalMart shopping/Netflix account. I truly appreciate you committing suicide – yourselves and your children – your whole nations and culture in fact – on my behalf, so I can be sure to keep that Credit card and 40oz Cokes coming, with that Citi card that still works. All 220 million of you. So thanks for helping out us NASCAR viewers, unemployed meth dealers, and city scoundrels, and keeping us alive a month or two longer, and as you know we’ll forget all about it in a few days and never think of you again.

    “government officials, year after year, debacle after debacle, smugly dodge responsibility for the military fiascoes they orchestrate.”

    Because no one will arrest them. Although each and every action they make is an open, provable felony. Why? Can someone explain? Can I join up so I can commit endless felonies?

    “Without them significant portions of the world population will undergo famine — and some will die. “

    If by “Some Parts” you mean “Here” and by “Population” you mean “Us,” then yes. YOU are going to have a famine and YOU are going to die. Right there in your town.

    You could get animals for fertilizer, but it doesn’t seem very likely though, does it? Their very next move is to outlaw chickens because there’s going to be a “Bird Flu”. Hasn’t happened yet, mind you, we have no reason to think it will, but we’re completely certain that will happen, right now, at the most effective time for us.

    Kyiv Independent: The West’s In-Kind Answer to Putin’s Propaganda (MP)”

    Yes. Nobody cares. And that’s the same as CNN after getting caught with “WMD and ties to Al-qaeda”, being in front of green screens instead of in Baghdad, and sniffing backpacks to test them for Sarin gas. About one per day for 20 years. 7,000 fake news scandals in a row. But this time! This time, mister, we’re telling the truth! –Luke Harding.

    Metabiota’s mission is to make the world more resilient to epidemics”

    What epidemics? Back when they started, their business model was to stop something we didn’t have, and hadn’t had in years? Funny.

    “If Russia’s accusations turn out to be true, this tie may prove deeply problematic for the White House, as this means the Biden family was more or less directly involved”

    No it won’t. We already know they’re true. No one will report it. CNN and Kiev Independent will report it instead. And they’ll want war. And also ban anti-war expert Scott Ritter (Iraq) which they did only yesterday. …It was a “mistake”. 100% of the time in the same direction.

    “ Another Suppressed Covid Treatment You Haven’t Heard of (Blaze)”

    Every day now I am struck by how, if they had gotten the death count they spoke of, that they put in their 201 war games, that they claimed were happening in NY and UK but weren’t, Russia would have no leverage and the West would win the war. Also about electric cars and some other eyewash established at the same times. So this tells me they created this plan between 10-20 years ago, and have been driven to crush their own nations, peoples, and economies as a pre-requisite to the aggressive attack and conquest of Russia. Which is why they were so mad at us who told them to take their green agenda and stuff it. No Green Agenda = no world war. Or one we (they) would lose anyway.

    So would these same people kill 1/3 or more of their own people to win WWIII? Why not? There’s literally no difference in killing them BEFORE you declare war, or if they die DURING the war, and since these same people have the same wars, always voluntarily, it’s literally like choosing where to place the comma, before or after the verb. So they kill 25M of us, THEN invade Russia, who then has no Commodity producer leverage over Joe and BoJo.

    That there was not enough death, or too slowly, is the reason they are losing, and openly, worst of all: embarrassingly. So now it’s AFTER, and they admitted they mis-calculated, and their latest provocation to Russia was supposed to be swallowed, not responded to, and therefore there will be famines and hypothermia, with the complete heat death of all Europe.

    Response? None. They have made no plans, no responses, no mitigations for the immediate famine in Europe. That is to say: they widely approve of it. If they were mad or worried, they’d do something, right? No fertilizer, no Victory Gardens, no initiatives, no rationing. But they’re fretting over Tesla stations and instead of spring planting. So clearly they like, want, and desire unnecessary mass-death for their own people, where they could easily get the gas, oil, and fertilizer, at least for a while, by several methods.

    THEY ARE EMBARGOING THEMSELVES. Not “Russia”. Germany. Russia will sell Europe anything they want to buy. Europe refuses to exist by buying, they wish deeply, in their hearts, to die like animals, to no end, for no victory, and in service of no cause. ‘Cause someone on the TV said something once.

    Europe’s PMCs wrote “We need 25M deaths” on a spreadsheet, and being cooperative, trusting, collective sort of fellows, the people of Europe enthusiastically comply.

    “‘Oh, it wasn’t his laptop.’ Then it was, ‘Well, it was his laptop, but it was Russian disinformation.’ Now it’s, ‘No, it wasn’t Russian disinformation, but Joe had nothing to do with it,’”

    Just like all other lies. And everyone always believes them, and the next lie, and the next, no matter how many people and how many times they are proven wrong. Why? Because nobody is ever arrested. Think of the millions – or at least 1M – who would have lived out their lives in peace and harmony if only they had arrested Grandpa Bush for the Businessmen’s [i.e. ‘fascists’] Coup in 1930. Or “The Crazies in the Basement” of Cheney and Rumsfeld under Reagan. “Iran-Contra” which was the CIA self-funding without Congressional oversight first got too large to hide. It’s pretty easy: 1) they committed mass felonies. 2) You are the top Federal policeman. 3) Do your job, arrest them, and move to an open trial by the DoJ in Federal Court. 4) Everyone plays golf in a nation that has both law and order. 5) the Republic continues to exist.

    No 1, 2, and 3? No #4 and 5. Here we are. We are going to devolve in famine, and have stress that may make us cease to exist.

    Dr D Rich

    Perhaps now, Black Lives Matter, BLM, should be recognized for what it is and has always been.
    Anti-Black Panthers

    Oh hell while we’re at it
    Barack Obama, the anti-Malcolm X despite effecting the exact same sartorial splendor with none of principle, morality, integrity or fearlessness.
    Barack is definitely no George Jackson.


    “They are fooling no one honest and informed”. Nice to know why I’m not fooled. Thanks for the compliment. Too bad at least 80% of the people in my society are dishonest and uninformed.

    I wish I could believe in Magic Money trees. Unfortunately 10 cent chocolate bars made too strong an impression on me as a kid.

    Mister Roboto

    WRT the CPI chart, I think it’s worth pointing out that the manic money-printing that is playing such a big role in our current inflation is something that began under Trump. I recall hearing a statistic that said, if I am remembering it correctly, that eighty percent of all the dollars in existence as of New Year’s Day of this year had been minted in the previous twenty-two month period. Of course, if we hadn’t done that, the pandemic would have initiated the massive deflationary compression that various central banks have been holding at bay by printing up money and using it to buy various financial assets (mostly bonds but in the case of the Bank of Japan also stocks) ever since late 2008. So I guess we’re well into “pick your poison” territory, aren’t we?


    You are not alone ……
    TAE shows the way …..
    Read more …
    Also, Read the comments …….

    • A Fake Massacre For The Sake Of Real Sanctions (Milacic)
    Comment eg.
    News videos dated after the withdrawal have already emerged showing the mayor happily announcing that the Russian troops have left. The smiling mayor made no mention of the supposed slaughter. And a video of another official from a day or 2 later, also smiling, no mention of any killings.

    The artistically arranged propaganda video from 4 days after Russian forces left didn’t show any flies buzzing around the “corpses,” which also lacked visible wounds or blood.

    Finally, the UN responded with a denial to Russia’s repeated requests for an official investigation. That pretty much says it all.
    Why is Europe suddenly so interested in helping refugees?
    The same Europeans who wanted to ‘burn their old blankets rather than give them to Middle Eastern refugees’ are now collecting donations for the Ukrainians.
    Karolína Augustová
    Published On 25 Mar 2022

    white supremacy – the belief that white people constitute a superior race and should therefore dominate society,
    ethnic cleansing – the mass expulsion or killing of members of an unwanted ethnic or religious group in a society.


    The cluelessness exhibited by this Gates-funded vaccine shill is extraordinary.
    She has no idea that herd immunity for Covid is happening – but only in those countries with very low vaxx rates.


    those darned kids
    Mr. House

    “Of course, if we hadn’t done that, the pandemic would have initiated the massive deflationary compression that various central banks have been holding at bay by printing up money and using it to buy various financial assets (mostly bonds but in the case of the Bank of Japan also stocks) ever since late 2008.”

    What came first, the chicken or the egg? 😉

    I still subscribe to this thesis:

    A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Systemic Collapse and Pandemic Simulation

    Which i was told by someone at naked capitalism before my most recent ban ( you can read all about it in last fridays links section) had no basis in reality.

    Mr. House

    That discussion on the Australian sports channel is amazing. Good to see people at least talking about it.

    What I want to know is, with all this doom and gloom and fear around what the spike proteins do, etc, is it better to be unvaxed in the long term? For someone like me, who stayed healthy and unvaxed through this whole thing, and got a pretty textbook case of what was called Omicron in February (along with my unvaxed husband), what possible health issues should I be worried about?

    I mean, I know I was supposed to suffer and die, but I didn’t. Now what?


    I’ll be damned, Bob Malone has broke free of the “cult of vaccination”




    For me, there is a big difference between dying a natural death and death by a man made experimental drug. Given all the info we had in advance(death rate in mRNA animal trials) I’d describe any harm by “vaccine” to also be self inflicted.

    Granted covid is likely a bioweapon and man made. However we had no control over it. We still have control over what gets injected into our body. Furthermore, covid has a death rate of well below 1%. For any healthy person it is not life threatening. I do not consider it a threat to me and I have a significant heart condition.

    I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. I’m just surprised you would ask if it’s better to be unvaxxed. We do not know what the spike proteins will do long term. After 3 months everyone is on their own(plus the trials were so flawed I wouldn’t even say 3 months can be known). Will any vaxxed person still be alive 10 years from now? We don’t know. I doubt any will be alive and healthy. Will any young person live to see 50?

    All that risk for a drug no one ever needed to put in their body. Exactly what is the benefit of being vaxxed? There is none, except pleasing authority. That’s hardly a benefit when you must surrender your self respect.

    I don’t think the issue is about dying as we all will do that. The issue now is about living with dignity. I look around me and see 80% still choosing to wear masks. I’ll remain in the 20% no matter how small the percentage gets.


    @Kassandra: I have the same questions.

    For those of us who are unVaxed and got Covid (I had Delta), finding data on the ongoing/long-term impact(s) of the spike protein from natural infection seems to be impossible; it is understudied/unavailable.

    We shouldn’t be surprised that there is little or no data available – as TPTB are not seeking evidence in support of natural immunity.

    @Mr. House: RE: The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy article you linked – really ties it all together. Thanks for sharing.

    @Dr D: RE: “So who votes for the WHO? How do we impeach them? Expose them? Remove them? Hold them accountable? I thought they wanted “democracy”.”

    Interesting just how often the WHO shows up in the piece that Mr. House link above. If they succeed with their current agenda, we are doomed in ways that will be difficult to undo. How are WHO “mandates” enforced/who enforces them?

    @oxy: great pondering in #105954. Am inspired to reply. Heading out the door now, so it will be much later today. Curious Minds can build on what you have started.

    LOVE to All.


    To clarify: I am unVaxed and stand by that decision. My Heart would not allow me to give up my life for an unproved injection that was being FORCED on the innocent and fearful (that is how I perceived it). I took my chances. I got Covid. One day we may find the truth – in my mind that means that the virus was a man-made creation.


    @Dr. D: “So would these same people kill 1/3 or more of their own people to win WWIII? Why not? There’s literally no difference in killing them BEFORE you declare war, or if they die DURING the war, and since these same people have the same wars, always voluntarily, it’s literally like choosing where to place the comma, before or after the verb. So they kill 25M of us, THEN invade Russia, who then has no Commodity producer leverage over Joe and BoJo.”

    A very interesting point. It is also worth considering that many of the “winners” of 20th century wars (if indeed they can be called that in view of what they suffered) were nations that were willing to absorb the highest casualty counts: Russia, China, Vietnam, for example.


    The Philosophical Salon article is good. Thanks.

    In other topics: NC used to be a great, ahead of the curve economics blog. I don’t know what’s happened the last few years. It’s changed. Not much on economics anymore; some on economics, but that’s not its focus now. So many interesting, informative, and good voices that used to comment there are now gone. It is a big internet. Glad I found TAE.


    Rule of my thumb: no new drugs for at least five years after they went to market.
    Integrity is the choice between doing what is convenient and what is right.

    The following may help to understand the global situation in the west is what is really under siege. Degrowth is upon us! It’s the resources stupid. We don’t have what is required to keep growth for growth’s sake going. Real growth died earlier this century and it has been smoke and mirrors ever since. Financial adventurism, MMT, and the like. Fantasies that work only in computer games, i.e. models.

    In conclusion, a fair-shares assessment of resource use
    shows that high-income nations bear the overwhelming
    responsibility for global ecological breakdown, and
    therefore owe an ecological debt to the rest of the world.
    These nations need to take the lead in making radical
    reductions in their resource use to avoid further
    degradation, which will likely require transformative
    post-growth and degrowth approaches.



    The philosophical Salon article AND the some of the comments (Who D. Who, for example) are very good. Thanks, Mr. House.

    Bird flu and billy gates…on ice age farmer.

    You’ll eat nothing and you’ll be happy.


    “ The WHO Is Building a Global Vaccine Passport (Bexte)
    plans to link every person on the planet to a QR code digital ID.”

    Highly unlikely to work for a number of reasons the first, and probably the strongest, reason against it working is the people most likely to follow along are lining up for their booster as I type this. If the some of the worst things happen, as pointed out on this site, the most likely will no longer be with us. It may by accident reduce the coming famine as well. Thought they would kill off the un-compliant with a famine and feed all the digital QR’s with CBDC. Opps it isn’t following the model again! Now what? Must be missing some inputs. Try again might be enough time to get it right before they come a huntin’.

    Figmund Sreud

    So, … it’s official from now on (per CBC Radio):… we, Canadians, have to be fully vaccinated (and regularly boosted up to date, too!) so we are fully protected from all the possible, most adverse effects of COVID-19 infections!

    … so, there! Vaccines are “save and effective”, still!

    … phlunkin’’ dump trucks!



    On Friday, April 8, the Eleventh Circuit held oral argument on the government’s appeal of a nationwide injunction issued against the federal contractor vaccine mandate.

    …the questioning and comments from the Eleventh Circuit’s panel did not provide a clear insight into how they will resolve the federal contractor vaccine mandate. We do not expect a decision from the Eleventh Circuit for several weeks.

    IMO, having listened to the arguments, one judge will side with mandate. Not sure on the other two, 2 to 1 either way.


    Veracious Poet


    Oh hell while we’re at it Barack Obama, the anti-Malcolm X despite effecting the exact same sartorial splendor with none of principle, morality, integrity or fearlessness.

    Barack is definitely no George Jackson.

    Wow, so you think Malcolm X & George Jackson were admirable role models? 🙄

    Although 60s/70s radicals (actually criminal sociopaths/psychopaths) shared “common cause” with the later more refined versions, they failed to achieve the fame, wealth & power they lusted for…

    Malcolm ran out of time to transition his shtick into a community organizer shell game, but Alinsky’s mentoring successfully propelled the likes of the Clintons, Obamas et al. into infamy, along with numerous SJW scams like BLM & other wannabes seeking legitimacy a to warrant presence on Think Tank Row in the District of Clowns.

    Just confirms how hopeless waiting for humanity to transcend beyond generational lies, psyops, brainwashing & other sociopath schemes actually is…

    Once the present reckoning is complete, will anyone left not be part of some murderous tribal mass psychosis?


    Is this democracy?
    Ukrainian opposition leader arrested

    © Telegram / Zelenskiy /Official
    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed his delight on Tuesday after Kiev’s successor to the Soviet-era KGB arrested the country’s most prominent opposition leader.

    Medvedchuk heads the second largest party in the national parliament, the “Opposition Platform – For Life.” He was previously placed under house arrest, last year, as part of Zelensky’s clampdown on dissent, which was granted tacit approval by the regime’s Western supporters.

    Formed in 1991, to replace the KGB, the SBU is Ukraine’s main intelligence and security agency.

    Medvedchuk, who opposed the 2014 Kiev Maidan, and believes the country’s Western turn to be detrimental to Ukraine’s interests, has led his party since 2018. He previously served as Chief of Staff to former President Leonid Kuchma, in the early 2000s.

    Some Western commentators have labelled him as Vladimir Putin’s “closest ally in Ukraine.” However, the Russian President has described Medvechuk as a “Ukrainian nationalist.”

    In 2019, Opposition Platform – For Life won 13% of the vote in a parliamentary election, making it the country’s largest opposition faction. Last year, polls showed that it had passed out Zelensky’s Servant of the People as the most popular party in the state.

    That seemed to prompt a crackdown by Zelensky, who closed media outlets associated with Medvedchuk. Soon after, the politician was arrested on politically motivated “treason” charges.

    Medvedchuk has rejected accusations of being “pro-Russian,” insisting his party represents millions of ordinary Ukrainians. In February 2021, he accused Zelensky of seeking to establish a dictatorship in Ukraine and suppress the legally elected opposition.

    Authorities in Kiev also charged Zelensky’s predecessor Petro Poroshenko with treason, back in December 2021 – on the same charge as Medvedchuk: illegally buying coal from the breakaway regions of Donetsk and Lugansk and thus “financing terrorism.” Poroshenko made a big deal out of publicly returning to Ukraine in January, and a Kiev court refused to jail him.

    Unlike Medvedchuk, Poroshenko has substantial support in the West.

    Ukrainian opposition leader Medvedchuk has house arrest prolonged as prosecutors bring new charges of ‘treason & aiding terrorism’

    The US and its allies have sought to justify their support for Ukraine by saying Zelensky is a democrat fighting for freedom, and have presented Russia’s actions towards Kiev as motivated by a fear of democracy.

    Moscow sent troops into Ukraine on February 24, following a seven-year standoff over Kiev’s failure to implement the terms of the Minsk agreements and end the conflict with the breakaway regions of Donetsk and Lugansk. Russia ended up recognizing the two as independent states, at which point they asked for military aid.

    Russia demands that Ukraine officially declare itself a neutral country that will never join the US-led NATO military bloc. Kiev insists the Russian offensive was completely unprovoked and has denied claims it was planning to retake the two Donbass republics by force.


    Do a search of arrest Medvedchuk to get more reports

    Veracious Poet


    Melatonin/Sunlight – this is absolutely fascinating!

    Watch if you’re interested in Covid treatments:

    I take a 10mg melatonin tab once a week two hours before going to bed. I’m a 60 y.o.

    Figmund Sreud

    BoJo in Kiev? Official BoJo Tweet:


    Thank you to those who replied. I have no regret regarding my decisions, I agree with you. I’m just honestly curious what the physical effects are for people like me, and what I should do to care for myself. I was 48 hours from having to quit my job due to the mandates, and I would have.



    I read half dozen comments on that twitter feed of BoJo and I became extremely nauseous. In the future, please put up warning alerts. Thank you.


    I love the medcram video: be a pet; stretch out in a sunbeam and snooze in the preferred method of your species. It’s medicine that’s been approved for tens of thousands of years.


    To those worried about vaccinated people getting sick and how that impacts unvaxxed people.

    The Covid scam is a PCR test, there is no virus. Belief in Covid the Virus is just buying into their game. As I said right at the start, two years ago, this entire scam depends on PCR testing and marketing. Stand back and look at it and be honest about what you see.

    I used to live in Africa and when there was an epidemic, the first you would know about it would be long queues of sick people lined up outside clinics: these people were queuing because they were sick and as a result decided to go to the clinic. It was always very real and it took a few days to actually find out what was happening. That is how REAL pandemics work.

    The Covid scam used a mass media campaign to strike the fear of god into everybody, young and old: granny may die, you may kill her by infecting her. The campaign tells people to go get tested, the tests are processed in government contractor labs which set the number of cycles as required by the government, the number of cycles controlling the number of false positives. The false positives are scared into believing in “asymptomatic cases” (new “science” created for this scam), then feeds “case numbers” back into the marketing which heavily focuses on cases, not illness. The amount of positive feedback is controlled by the governments changing the cycle number, depending on how many “asymptomatic cases” they need for their next policy change.

    I have friends who claim to have had Covid this year, surprisingly I do not have any friends who claim to have had flu this year, but the number of people claiming to have had Covid is about the same as claim to have had flu in a pre-Covid year. Now, isn’t that amazing.

    The most disappointing aspect of Covid is that the general public were willing to beleive anything: I include “asymptomatic case” in that as well as “inferior natural immunity”. All these people went to school, all these people can read, yet Covid comes along and they let the snake oil salesmen con them: a bit like being conned into believing that some new potion will prevent you from vaopurising, paying the money, yet knowing there is no danger of vaopurising. What happened to people’s brains?

    PCR is still being used, depite being completely pulled apart as a scam. China, Russia, USA, Europe, they were all in on this scam, China is still using it to lock down Shanghai.

    Some believers still say to me “overall death rates went up so Covid must exist”: of course they went up, that’s what happens when you stop people exercising to keep healthy, withdraw healthcare from the sick etc. What did you expect to happen? That a sedantary indoor lifestyle was now more healthy than an active outdoor lifestyle?

    The Covid scam is an abuse of society by the leaders of society. It is a first world plan geared to helping the rich keep their wealth and power despite their continual theft having destroyed everything in it path, now including society. These people want to be the leaders of the future and Covid is a tool they are using, this has never had anything to do with health, they are conning you, they are using persuasion mechanics to nudge you to do what they want.

    There is no Covid Virus, there is nothing more to fear than there was in 2019.

    Dr. D

    “our current inflation is something that began under Trump.”

    Absolutely. However, there was no need to bailout checks as there was no need for lockdowns. 1.5% effect, now reported. No one would have noticed. No one would have cared. The death rates were similar to Hong Kong, or Barak’s H1N1 days. Was that not The President’s plan? He promoted HCQ and IVM, forced no lockdowns but wasn’t going to have the Army invade the States either? Sorry if your governors were morons, following the people, who follow Pfizer-pfunded CNN. Am I supposed to go to your house and stop you from being voluntary idiots? What kind of pfreedom would that be?

    a fair-shares assessment of resource use shows that high-income nations bear the overwhelming responsibility for global ecological breakdown”

    Whut? We are nowhere near the resource consumption and anti-environmentalism in every possible way compared to China and India and possibly Africa. Our doing everything would have no effect on the overall environment relative to them. But: live in a cave if you feel so strongly about it. It’s a free country. Oh wait: you DON’T and you WON’T because you don’t actually believe it but want somebody ELSE (i.e. “the poor”) to live in a cave for you. And have. And are. Look at Flyover America and the ghettos of Baltimore. Got it.

    “The Ukrainians have the courage of a lion.” –BoJo, “And we’re 2,000 miles behind you, and fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian! …Just like we did when we funded and helped Hitler.”

    What was the Solzhenitsyn quote? “We know they are PCR scamming, they know they are scamming, they know we know they are scamming, we know they know we know they are scamming, they openly report it doesn’t work and are scamming, but they are still scamming.”

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