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Henri Gervex Rolla 1878


It’s Not Over. It’s Just Begun (Naomi Wolf)
FDA: Americans Should Treat COVID-19 Like the Flu (ET)
White House Warns Of Covid Surges In The Winter (Pol.)
US Senator Says Biden Admin Disinformation Board Likely Illegal (JTN)
Ukraine Will Prevail As Europe Did In 1945 – Scholz (G.)
Bono Showed up in Kyiv, Ukraine Along with Justin From Canada (CTH)
Europe’s Mad Ban on Russian Oil (Vilches)
Biden To Deliver Remarks On Inflation Tuesday (CNN)
Michigan Police Seize Voting Machine (JTN)
Courts Find No Government Coercion Of Big Tech On Covid ‘Misinformation’ (JTN)
Anatomy of the American Baby Formula Shortage (JTN)



“On Victory Day, let’s remember the heroic peoples of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and elsewhere that fought together, making unbelievable sacrifices to liberate Europe from the horrors of fascism. Nothing – including today’s NATO-Nazi marriage of convenience – can erase that history.”





Biden prostitute



MEP Christine Anderson







Renz Harari



Naomi Wolf works on the Pfizer docs with a whole team of people.

It’s Not Over. It’s Just Begun (Naomi Wolf)

On MSNBC that morning, Dr Anthony Fauci, that entangled mass of compromised spiritual matter, who had presided over the intentional wastelands of the pandemic; who had for two years delivered in his nasal Brooklyn cadences its lie-based soundbites with their dearth of scientific studies, that wrecked livelihoods, destroyed kids’ educations, and that drove whole communities into destitution — had declared, as if he were God Himself, that the pandemic was over. Well — okay then! I realized as we drove that my grief was not actually grief. As any pop psychologist will tell you, just beneath depression is rage. I realized — I was furious.

Brian and I had been fighting, side by side, relentlessly, for over two years, in a bitter, exhausting war to return America to — simply to normal; to its historic status as a great, free society, in which people could enjoy their Constitutional liberties. We were part of a loose community —a movement, say — of people braver and more dedicated than we; we were part of what you might call a liberty movement. But these heroes and heroines alongside whom we fought, were all pitiably few in number. There were maybe hundreds; maybe a few thousand. Many more perhaps were in sympathy with us, but our energies were still spread very thin. As I have written before, these heroes and heroines risked medical licenses, risked livelihoods. They were smeared and mocked by their peers. They were stripped of credentials. They staked their savings and lost them as they had their incomes taken away.

But they burned, as the rebels in 1775 had burned, to defend our way of life and our institutions. They would not let the dream of America die. They were the miserably few real doctors and real reporters, real activists and real lawyers. They were the truck drivers; they were teachers and cops and firefighters. They were patriots. They did not have easy lives. You know who had easier lives over the past two years? The damn quislings. The people who stayed at the cocktail parties and who mocked the unvaccinated. The doctors who were silent about vaccine harms when teens presented with heart damage, because they might lose their licenses if they breathed a word of what they knew.

The ex-Brooklynites who were supposed to be journalists but who smeared and attacked the medical freedom movement instead of reporting on Pfizer’s internal documents showing massive undisclosed medical catastrophes, in what is turning out to be one of the great corporate coverups of our generation. I realized the source of my rage: the labor and nightmares and isolation and persecution and money worries and — well — awful battles waged by us few hundreds, few thousands, had helped these quislings and collaborators have back what — what we had wanted them to have back; indeed, what we had wanted us all to have back; our America.

Naomi Wolf Pfizer

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FDA and CDC need to be disbanded.

FDA: Americans Should Treat COVID-19 Like the Flu (ET)

Several top Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials, including Commissioner Robert Califf, admitted that Americans will now have to accept COVID-19 as another respiratory virus, comparing it to influenza. Califf, Principal Deputy Commissioner Janet Woodcock, and top vaccine official Dr. Peter Marks wrote for the Journal of the American Medical Association that COVID-19 will be around for the foreseeable future while suggesting that it will require yearly vaccines targeting the most threatening variations of the virus. “Widespread vaccine- and infection-induced immunity, combined with the availability of effective therapeutics, could blunt the effects of future outbreaks,” the officials said, referring to another name for the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus.

“Nonetheless, it is time to accept that the presence of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, is the new normal.” The virus “will likely circulate globally for the foreseeable future, taking its place alongside other common respiratory viruses such as influenza. And it likely will require similar annual consideration for vaccine composition updates in consultation with the [FDA],” they continued. It’s a departure from the rhetoric that was expressed by public health officials in 2020 and 2021. In late October 2020, for example, current White House COVID-19 adviser Anthony Fauci said that President Donald Trump’s comparisons to the flu were false, telling NBC at the time “it is not correct to say it’s the same as flu.”

About a year later, Fauci told CBS News that Americans will “likely” have to deal with COVID-19 in a similar manner as influenza. “That’s entirely conceivable and likely, as a matter of fact, we are not going to be in a situation of this degree of intensity indefinitely,” he said when asked about the Omicron variant. Data published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that while cases have trended slightly upward in the United States, the numbers are a fraction of the cases that were reported in mid-January when the seven-day average stood at around 800,000 per day. As of May 6, the seven-day average was about 68,000 per day.

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Ha ha ha. The White House knows better than the FDA.

White House Warns Of Covid Surges In The Winter (Pol.)

Covid cases surged during the last two winters and are likely to again this year — unless the country can prepare and act, White House Covid-19 response coordinator Ashish Jha said Sunday morning. “If we don’t get ahead of this thing, we’ll have a lot of waning immunity, this virus continues to evolve and we may see a pretty sizable wave of infections, hospitalizations and deaths this fall and winter,” Jha said on ABC’s “This Week.” Congress needs to provide resources, Jha said, specifically $22.5 billion, a number that will help with a vaccine supply that’s dwindling. In March, White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Jeff Zients said: “If the science shows that fourth doses are needed for the general population later this year, we will not have the supply necessary to ensure shots are available.”

The money, once allocated, would go toward Covid vaccine supply and coronavirus testing. “If Congress doesn’t step up and fund these, I think, urgent and emergent priorities … they can’t wait until the fall, it will be too late,” Jha said. And the proof is in the jab. With cases increasing in the Northeast, deaths remain low because of high vaccination rates. “That’s not true for the whole country,” Jha said. With enough resources to get more people vaccinated and more therapeutics in place, he said, “I do think we can get through this winter without a lot of suffering and death.”

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“Federal funding available for the board and for Jankowicz’s salary “is ‘none,’” he said, because “Congress explicitly defunded it, just weeks ago.”

US Senator Says Biden Admin Disinformation Board Likely Illegal (JTN)

Sen. Bill Hagerty, R-Tenn., says the creation of a board within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) tasked with combating “disinformation” is likely illegal. Creating the board and hiring its new director without Congressional authorization violates several federal laws, Hagerty, R-Tenn., said. Knowingly and willfully violating one of them carries a $5,000 fine and up to two years in prison, he adds. Hagerty sent a letter to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas saying his “actions merit review by Congress, both as a general matter, as well as under the Congressional Review Act (CRA) and because the actions may be in violation of provisions of the Antideficiency Act.”

He told Mayorkas that “you will comply with the requirements” of the CRA when it comes to the creation of DHS’ disinformation board because the law requires “any agency action that falls within the definition of a ‘rule’ must be submitted to Congress for review before it can take effect.” Creating the board and hiring its new director, Nina Jankowicz, “may also be a direct violation of provisions of the Antideficiency Act,” Hagerty wrote. The law prohibits “making or authorizing an expenditure from, or creating or authorizing an obligation under, any appropriation or fund in excess of the amount available in the appropriation or fund unless authorized by law.” Federal funding available for the board and for Jankowicz’s salary “is ‘none,’” he said, because “Congress explicitly defunded it, just weeks ago.”

Citing a section of the fiscal 2022 Omnibus Appropriations Act, Hagerty said the law “specifically prohibits the Secretary of Homeland Security from using any funds provided by Congress to carry out Section 872 of the Homeland Security Act of 2002, which means it defunded any action to ‘allocate or reallocate functions among the officers of the Department of Homeland Security or to establish, consolidate, or alter organizational units within the Department of Homeland Security.’” Hagerty also put Mayorkas on notice, writing: “As you know, an officer or employee, including you, who violates the Antideficiency Act ‘shall be subject to appropriate administrative discipline,’ and, for willful violations, faces a criminal fine, imprisonment, or both.”

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The man whose country was defeated, for which 25-40 million Russians gave their life. Maybe that man should shut his face on Victory Day.

Ukraine Will Prevail As Europe Did In 1945 – Scholz (G.)

Ukraine will prevail over Russia as freedom prevailed over the Nazi dictatorship in 1945, the German chancellor, Olaf Scholz, will say in a TV address to mark the 77th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day, in which he will accuse Vladimir Putin of falsifying history. In the speech, which will be aired on German TV at 8.20pm CET (7.20pm BST) on Sunday, Scholz says the “legacy of 8 May” for his country must be to help to ensure that there will never again be genocide or tyranny in Europe. “I am deeply convinced. Putin will not win the war,” the centre-left politician says. “Ukraine will prevail. Freedom and safety will win, just like freedom and safety triumphed over servitude, violence and dictatorship 77 years ago.”

Scholz says it is “falsifying history and disgraceful” of Russia’s president to equate his own “barbaric war of aggression” with the fight against National Socialism. “It is our duty to state this clearly,” his speech says. In keeping with previous postwar German leaders’ messages on 8 May, Scholz thanks the Allied forces for their defeat of Nazi Germany, and says his country owes a debt to both Russia and Ukraine, which suffered millions of casualties in the second world war. Scholz has repeatedly declared Germany’s support for Ukraine’s defensive effort but diplomatic relations between Berlin and Kyiv have been frosty. Ukrainian diplomats have accused his left-liberal coalition government of stalling over embargoes on Russian energy and deliveries of military hardware.

The chancellor, meanwhile, appeared personally piqued after Germany’s president, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, previously a Social Democratic party (SPD) ally, was told last month he was not welcome to visit Kyiv along with eastern European leaders. Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy said last week he had made up with Steinmeier and invited Scholz to pay a symbolic visit to Ukraine’s capital on 9 May. The German leader did not give any indication on Sunday of whether he was likely to accept or not.

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“Bono’s appearance in any State Dept/CIA construct usually precedes the bombing of the proverbial milk factories and subsequent “babies are casualties of war” narrative.”

Bono Showed up in Kyiv, Ukraine Along with Justin From Canada (CTH)

It’s the new cool thing. It’s the latest rage on Insta. All the most virtuous people are doing it. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to support the movement. Travel to Kyiv, Ukraine, snap a few selfies… Social media archives will record history. According to pop culture, the Facebook, Insta, Twitter and YouTube social media campaign to save Kyiv, is bigger than the Berlin wall falling. The CIA, DoS, DHS and Nina Jankowicz have declared it true. When the conflict in Ukraine first began, the White House announced the victor would be the one who could “tell a better story.” The war in Ukraine would be determined by who was more likeable on social media. From that moment forth, winning the PR battle has been the focus.

Within days of the White House declaring the strategy, Google, DuckDuckGo, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all announced they would filter and block content that did not support World War Reddit. Anyone who was not supporting Ukraine and “churchill in a T-Shirt” ran the risk of being deplatformed; and so, the strategy has continued through today. After writing pro-Ukraine poems for Nancy Pelosi to read to congress, now Bono travels to Ukraine. I said on March 1st when Bono shows up, that’s the moment when you know western propaganda over Ukraine will soon apex. Bono’s appearance in any State Dept/CIA construct usually precedes the bombing of the proverbial milk factories and subsequent “babies are casualties of war” narrative.

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May I call you Ursula ?

Europe’s Mad Ban on Russian Oil (Vilches)

May I call you Ursula ? Thank you. “We will make sure that we phase out Russian oil in an orderly fashion [… a phenomenal bad joke of sorts… ] in a way that allows us and our partners to secure alternative supply routes and minimises the impact on global markets” you said. Question: will the Russians just idly watch you trying to execute such enormity at the EU´s preferred speed and political and geopolitical sequencing? And the Russians would never dare to strike back with natural gas or other restrictions no? For starters, what about nickel, uranium, and lithium? Not having them would be like trying to prepare tasty food without salt, pepper or mustard. Without uranium no nuclear power is possible, did you know? [ more on that later ]. Ursula, your pink unicorn wishful thinking is unfathomable gal.

This mad-ban requires EU approval with conditional support from Hungary, Greece, and others. So some special EU members will be exempted while regular EU ´kelpers´ will not. Now could that lead to serious friction ? How many years will it take all of Europe to reconvert its industry and supply chains? “This is why we will phase out Russian supply of crude oil within 6 months and refined products by the end of the year.” Okay, so Aunty Ursie you believe the Russians are dumb enough to let you phase this idea out nice and easy at your own pace and whenever you decide to act per your own special EU schedule. No market dynamics involved as Europe plays everybody else´s pieces too as grandpas would do with 3-year-old grandkids.

No way Ursula, the Russians play world-class professional chess while you play elementary school checkers, not even being good at that either. The instant Russia perceives the initial execution of your game plan regarding banning of Russian oil, they´ll make their moves, not yours. And those Russian moves will not be nice and pretty. For one, Europe will not have anywhere nearly ready its own diesel refining capacity by the end of 2022 while the middle distillate market is ever much tighter everywhere as demand recovers from the Covid pandemic. So the EU “plan” is to frantically search for hard-to-find or simply non-existent substitutes while investing tons of time, money, effort and risk. Well, the Russians know that already even before you start. Diesel is already in critically short supply in the EU. Furthermore, Europe will continue buying Russian oil and distillates via third countries once it introduces any embargo only that at much higher prices than today. Such old, quick and dirty business is known as “triangulation” Ursula.

The existential threat imposed on Russia by the EU with its macabre “Ukraine Plan” and sanctions has not left Russia any way out other than playing hardball for keeps. Furthermore, the Russian non-military retaliation domain is actually unlimited due to the full-scale and open-ended addiction that Europe has developed for Russian imports of different sorts including commodities of any and every imaginable type. Without such, Europe will cease to exist as we know it in a matter of a very few months, if not weeks. As Francis Fukuyama should posit, Europe´s dependency on Russian commodities is the end of its own history.

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They think they found a way to blame the GOP – and Putin, of course.

Biden To Deliver Remarks On Inflation Tuesday (CNN)

President Joe Biden will deliver remarks on inflation Tuesday, a White House official said, as his administration looks to further address one of the key economic concerns for voters heading into November’s midterm elections. “He’ll detail his plan to fight inflation and lower costs for working families, and contrast his approach with Congressional Republicans’ ultra-MAGA plan to raise taxes on 75 million American families and threaten to sunset programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid,” the official said in an email. A CNN poll released last week found 8 in 10 US adults said the federal government wasn’t doing enough to curb inflation, and a majority said the President’s policies have hurt the economy.

Even within the Democratic Party, just 7 in 10 approve of Biden on the economy (71%) and helping the middle class (71%), considerably lower than the 86% of Democrats who approve of his performance overall. Inflation rates have been increasing sharply since August 2021 and have been out of the normal 2%-to-4% range for a full year. The Consumer Price Index rose 8.5% for the year ending in March, a rate that hadn’t been seen since December of 1981. “It’s our job to make sure that inflation of that unpleasant high nature doesn’t get entrenched in the economy,” Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said last week, just after he announced a half-point interest rate hike to combat inflation.

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2000 mules coming right at you.

Michigan Police Seize Voting Machine (JTN)

Michigan State Police seized a voting machine as part of an investigation into possible unauthorized access to election equipment. Law enforcement and officials at Democratic Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s office had a warrant and took a voting machine from Irving Township into custody, officials told CNN and The Epoch Times. “The Township intends to fully cooperate with law enforcement, and the Township attorneys have been in contact with the Michigan State Police regarding this matter. The Township has no further comment at this time,” Irving Township supervisor Jamie Knight told The Epoch Times. County clerk Pamela Palmer told CNN that she did not know about any machine issue until police notified her of the equipment’s seizure. The 2020 election investigation has expanded in Michigan. “As we found out more information we’ve expanded our area to see if any other places were compromised,” Michigan State Police Lieutenant Derrick Carroll said. “We have gone to other regions.”

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Not every court will be this blind.

Courts Find No Government Coercion Of Big Tech On Covid ‘Misinformation’ (JTN)

Social media users alleged that federal authorities used an old gangster tactic to compel Twitter and Facebook to censor purported COVID-19 misinformation: “Nice place you’ve got here, be a shame if something happened to it.” Federal judges in Ohio and California didn’t buy those arguments, dismissing both First Amendment cases Thursday for lack of legal standing. Both claimed Facebook and Twitter might have punished the plaintiffs anyway under their own terms of service. “The 1st amendment is a dead letter,” Stanford University medical professor Jay Bhattacharya, also a target of censorship for his anti-lockdown Great Barrington Declaration, tweeted in response to the rulings.

“The judges are looking at this very technically,” faulting the absence of direct orders to censor, New Civil Liberties Alliance lawyer Jenin Younes, counsel in the Ohio case, told Just the News. She believes her three clients have better chances in the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, pointing to its 2019 ruling against the University of Michigan, which both the court and feds ignored. The 6th Circuit let a First Amendment group represent students challenging the university’s “bias response team,” agreeing it imposed an “objective chill” on their speech regardless of whether it had “actual power to punish” them. The student-run Harvard Law Review blasted the ruling at the time for a “lax view of standing” that “seemingly dispensed with the requirement that a plaintiff show actual injury.

The setbacks may take a backseat to a broader lawsuit filed Thursday. The attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana accused the Biden administration of “colluding” with Big Tech to censor information about the Hunter Biden laptop story, origins of COVID and security of voting via mail during the pandemic. Justin Hart, identified by MIT researchers as an “anchor” for data-driven mask skepticism on Twitter, sued Facebook, Twitter, President Biden, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and federal offices last summer in California, alleging “state action” against his posts. Murthy and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki publicly disclosed “within days” of Hart’s suspensions from Facebook and Twitter that the feds were pressuring social media to remove “misinformation super-spreaders” and that White House “senior staff” were directly contacting the companies.

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An unexpected emergency?! “..the Biden Food and Drug Administration was alerted by a whistleblower last fall..”

Anatomy of the American Baby Formula Shortage (JTN)

At the outset of his presidency, Joe Biden promised competence by a bigger, better government. A few days ago, one of his loyal allies exposed a gross incompetence by federal officials on Biden’s watch that defied that promise and inflamed a baby formula shortage now panicking parents nationwide. Rep. Rose DeLauro, D-Conn., a reliable liberal ally, unveiled documents showing the Biden Food and Drug Administration was alerted by a whistleblower last fall about potential contamination issues at the Abbott Nutrition baby formula factory in Michigan and failed for months to act aggressively. “The FDA reacted far too slowly to this report,” DeLauro said in releasing a letter to the Health and Human Services inspector general demanding an immediate investigation to an incident that has led to babies being sickened and dying and a belated recall that has emptied shelves of formula nationwide.

The congresswoman, the chairwoman of the powerful House Appropriations Committee, laid out a four-month-long trail of federal bumbles and stumbles: the report came in Oct. 20, the whistleblower didn’t even get interviewed for two months, the plant didn’t get inspected until Jan. 31 and the recall didn’t get issued until Feb. 17. “Why did the FDA not spring into action?” she implored during a congressional hearing. “Why did it take four months to pull this formula off store shelves? How many infants were fed contaminated formula during this time, by parents who trusted that the formula they were buying was safe? How many additional illnesses and deaths were there due to FDA’s slow response?”

Now the bureaucratic stumbling has escalated into a national crisis, as video of bare shelves and panicked parents harken in America some of the same fears and images as the bread lines and rationing that befell the Soviet Union in the early 1990s just before its collapse. The problems began even before the recall as inflation, labor shortages and supply chain slowdowns began putting pressure on the baby food staple last fall. In November, baby formula was already substantially more expensive and supply shortages had already risen to 11%. By the first week of April, the shortages had soared to 31%, and last week the number stood at a stunning 40%, according to statistics kept by Datasembly.

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Musk SNL







Joe Rogan Vikings



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    V. Arnold

    Henri Gervex Rolla 1878

    Fantastic nude…almost photographic…but better because it’s not a photograph…


    “Another technology – in the broadest sense of the word – that looks set to go the way of the dodo is the once ubiquitous shopping high street. The once prestigious department stores were already in freefall before SARs-CoV-2 began its world tour. But two years of lockdowns have devastated retail businesses of all kinds, leaving shuttered-up shopfronts along every high street in the country, with the Welsh city of Newport claiming the record for having a third of its former shops empty.”

    The age of dissonance


    “We do believe there are others out there,” Mr Kohlmeier told the broadcaster.

    Yah think!

    Dr. D

    Talking about $15 gas and preparing, a key thing, and not sure anyone can get around it, is trains have stopped running. This is Union Pacific that was in serious spats with mistreating workers, but they parked a train on the main line. Okay, whatever. Government does….nothing. Full approval. So coal is stopped, and fertilizer at planting. No trains are adjusted, no lines are built, no rolling stock is ordered.

    And one other thing is delivered by train: chlorine for municipal water. Aaaaand without that, sure you can filter your water, maybe, but take a shower? Wash clothes? In what will off and on be pure typhus? No. And with that system, and no wells, no cisterns, outlawed, there really is no alternative. No infrastructure. Certain, lead-pipe, wrapped and cinched pure mass death. Aaaaaaand the government does? Nothing. Power shortages also stop water treatment plants, leading to cholera. Aaaaaaand the government does? Nothing. Baby formula should be a FEMA national security like the oil reserve, like Obama’s mask raid the easiest prediction to see in history. It will kill 10,000 babies as once lactation stops, that’s it. Aaaaand the government does? Nothing. Actually, they wildly encourage all these things by every means at their disposal. With my money.

    WHO requires an uprising. Sounds good to me! They don’t have an army, it will be very short and blood-free. You just send them a video like this: “Hahahaahahahaha! Make me.”

    Fauci, CDC, FDA. Yes but he ALSO said the pandemic WASN’T over. So do these other organizations. And that’s the expression of real power, to let you know it. Like an abused wife, to have to SAY, to agree, to believe yourself that we-were-not-at-dinner-Wednesday, it was Thursday instead, or be beaten for it. Then tomorrow he beats you because How could you say it was Thursday, you stupid fat cow? Don’t tell me I said Thursday yesterday, don’t you lie about me! This is about you! Being stupid, crazy, helpless, powerless. Will-less. A non-being. And at last you will now do what you are told.

    That’s why I never tire in the slightest in repeating the truth, over and over, every day, years and decades, ever. I can do it all day, I can do it all night, I can write 3,000 words a day, it energizes me. Clearly. More’s the pity for all of you, but somebody has to tell the truth some time.

    FDA chief says top cause of death is misinformation.” He’s right: HIS. Literally as heart, cancer, hepatitis rage in 12-year-olds. “I Did That!”

    “White House Warns of Covid Surges in the Winter (Pol.)”

    Cold season is in the winter? Genius! Quick, call the AMA!

    “The money, once allocated, would go toward Covid vaccine supply and coronavirus testing.

    We have all vaccines, everywhere. Rates and deaths are higher than ever. Multiples of 2020. No one notices? Among all the vaccinated. No one notices? No, they are the abused wife, they no longer have an internal reality beyond not being beaten again. This is the joy and glee, the purpose of being for abusers. The act that makes life worth living. A reward in itself, the only drug: your torture and your tears. POWER.

    “US Senator Says Biden Admin Disinformation Board Likely Illegal (JTN)”

    To impeach when the new Congress comes in.

    I am deeply convinced. Putin will not win the war,”

    Showing at this point no one can be discredited, regardless of what they say. But we’ve now spent a lifetime in that state. “Mission Accomplished.” The Chancellor is just showing that the Nazis won. Imported and installed here, in the DoD, then CIA, and used the German national wealth to set up BlackRock and Vanguard and slowly take all the boardrooms.

    Kiev is in such a war that 100% of all people have visited Ukraine with no problems this month. That always happens in real war zones and not photo-ops. Don’t you know Ukraine is an existential threat? While they also have the lights on, the water running, and importing caviar?

    Michigan Police Seize Voting Machine (JTN)”

    What? A voting machine? They already wiped all those that day-of the election, in full compliance of the law that says save the records 22 months, and showing nothing suspicious at all as it’s never happened before and doing so risks felony jail sentence for everyone. As Rudy said on his American tour, we know this is the best election every because: we can’t see the ballots, we can’t see the machines. Nothing says innocence like that. A full stonewall and armed standoff of the suspect, barricaded in his house so we can’t get into the kitchen to see the body and start forensics.

    But the economy hasn’t quite collapsed. If they did election forensics, the economy, and national, inter-national confidence would crater (and it will). So it has to be Somebody Else’s Fault. But obviously they are frustrated and will be down there the day after. They’ve been creeping in on them for months now, least of which is AZ, but WI, MI, PA. If it does nothing but stop 2022 rigging with all the spotlights, it will be worth it.


    RIM, DrD, VP, Red, others… really appreciate your diligence and tenacity in (repeatedly) telling “your truth” (as I poach from Gibran).

    Please don’t stop! It’s helping many of us maintain what’s left of our sanity.

    VA, I agreed with your art comment whole-heartedly and as I took care of the animals this morning I was pondering the “Why”. Why is it better because it’s NOT a photograph (again, I agree). Sure as heck could not come up with a rational answer so I’m content to just say, “Because it just is…”


    Don’t pity me Dr.D. Keep the rants coming. Your sense of humour is needed and appreciated.

    Dr D Rich

    I’m so glad Naomi Wolf is on it.
    How did I ever cope without her…


    Quite the contrast between Degas L’absinthe painting yesterday and today’s Henri Gervex Rolla

    Did we experience a mood swing?

    Is Rolla what happens after you have a couple glasses of Absinthe?

    I gotta get me some of that trendy green liqueur!



    Naomi Wolf. I like her now but she beat me over the head with the Beauty Myth as a late teen. What I can’t like flowers now? Or fresh fruit? The Beauty Myth made many a good point but had more holes than a sieve in it’score logic.
    However… we all get older and revise or update attitudes and assumptions.

    I have been deeply attempting the empty silent listening mind. What else can you do when you look upon madness?
    Clown World is fun to laugh at – until it isn’t.
    Much love to you all


    1. How many times can you say, “Putin is lying”, after every time you failed to tell the truth?
    2. How many times can you say, ” Good thing you were fully vaccinated”?
    3. How many times can you blame Putin for the high price of gas, and inflation?
    4. How many times will you accept the lies from your media and your leaders?
    5. How many times will you accept the lie, “Our social/economic system is the best in the world”?
    6. How many times will you accept the lie, “any embargo, any sanctions, will hurt Russia more than us.”?
    7. How many times will you accept the lie, “there is no COVID-19 misinformation”
    8. How many times will you accept the lie, “whistleblower are accepted by your rulers”?
    9. How many times will you accept the lie, “shortage of baby formula will kill babies, (lactation is dead)”?
    10. How many times will you accept the lie, “Trump lead an overthrow of the gov.”?
    11. How many times will you accept the lie, “Its Somebody Else’s Fault.”?
    Who hairbrushed the pubic hair from today’s Henri Gervex Rolla painting?

    Mr. House
    those darned kids

    Here’s 2000 Mules on bitchute.


    I was just thinking: but there are situations where lactation just isn’t sufficient! (Preemies with insufficient suck reflex and the milk just never comes in at sufficient quantities…) then realized, well, I suppose the profession of wet nurse could always be resuscitated. The *are* old world solutions to so many of our problems. As an added bonus: the children who utilize a wet nurse get antibodies along with their sustenance, something formula cannot provide.


    John Day posted about Galicia and Poland, in some detail, prev. thread. Some old people remember western Ukraine, Galicia, being part of Poland. Poland leader’s words suggest annexing Ukraine is planned…

    Yes.., along the same lines, Transnistria and Moldova would go to Romania, and Hungary might embrace Transcarpathia (I’m not clear on the exact extent of that territory.) Were this to take place, these lands would become part of the European Union.

    As I understand EU rules, practices, as made public, if an EU country annexes some territory to become part of it… E.g. the Republic of Ireland integrates Northern Ireland, I believe guarantees have already been made that no problems vis à vis the EU would arise; or Spain takes over Andorra, no doubt Macron would abdicate as Prince of Andorra and all would be in a happy EU family.. 1.

    In such cases, supposedly, integration takes place though some conditions may be set and some time to comply awarded etc. The EU is automatically, robotically, expansionist, and in these cases the successful integration is largely the onus of the country taking over the territory, so Brussels would not object, imho. The EU dreams hopes of some part of Ukraine would be fulfilled.

    It follows, a good part of the East Ukr. would become Russian (Russia will only take those parts that agree / want that, see Kherson, or where agreement is high enough to block a civil unrest / insurgency situtation) or possibly ‘Independent’ but de facto under Russian control — unlikely as there isn’t much reason for such a pretense by now.

    In 2014, there were many ppl saying Ukr. will be split up, most opined in 3 parts, me amongst them, so this is not original thinking, it has been expected for a long time. The 8 years of stasis (causing many civ. deaths in the Donbass) were possibly due to some kind of blockage in the US, and the need for Russia to have time to organise, arm, putting off confrontation.

    A very small ‘rump’ Ukraine would be left over, most likely landlocked, dependent on the powers that manipulated it, not a good position to be in, not viable long term. Imho it would end up, after some time, also spilt, or deserted.

    We are moving to, not a new Cold War, which served expansionist powers on both sides and left a lot of others alone, so indifferent to or accepting of the status quo, but to a whole new arrangement.

    DBS, yes (prev. thread.)

    Note 1. the position of Scotland is different. Pre-Brexit, leaving the UK would have meant it left the EU, and might struggle to re-join as a ‘new’ country, not appreciated by Brussels, say — and post-Brexit, similar, to join the EU it becomes a ‘new’ country seeking ‘new’ membership, though the previous belonging would probably be considered a + point. The sure way in would be agreeing to becoming part of a United Ireland for ex. 🙂 🙂


    The cupboard is bare.
    Canada told Ukraine, no more military hardware can be spared.
    The USA told the same lie.
    I think that if you want to know what is happening then … “follow the money”

    TAE Summary

    I wondered about the expression on the young man’s face, clicked the the picture and the descriptive text says this:

    Gervex found his inspiration in a long poem by Alfred de Musset (1810-1857), published in 1833. The text recounts the destiny of a young bourgeois, Jacques Rolla, falling into a life of idleness and debauchery. He meets with Marie, a teenager who found in prostitution an escape from misery. Rolla is seen here ruined, standing by the window, his eyes turned to the girl sleeping. He is about to commit suicide by poison.

    The poem can be found here and is, as it says, quite long. It tells how Rolla was raised by his father to be a gentleman but only inherited enough money to last three years.
    Here is some of the poem (abridged), translated from French by Google Translate:

    She is asleep, look: — what a noble and candid forehead!
    Everywhere, like pure milk on a clear wave,
    Heaven over beauty spread modesty.
    She sleeps naked and her hand on her heart.
    Doesn’t the night make it even more beautiful?
    That these soft lights quiver around her,
    As if, in spite of himself, the dark evening spirit
    Spreads his black cloak quivering over this beautiful body?
    Rolla considered with a melancholy eye
    The beautiful Marie sleeping
    Marie was expensive. —
    To pay her for his night with her
    He had spent his last pistole.
    His friends knew it.
    He had given his word
    That no one, in broad daylight, would see him alive.
    Three years, the three most beautiful of beautiful youth.
    Three years of voluptuousness, delirium and drunkenness,
    Were going to vanish like a light dream,
    Rolla turned to look at Marie.
    She felt tired, and had gone back to sleep.
    Thus both fled from the cruelties of fate,
    The child in sleep, and the man in death!
    Rolla so pale beside her,
    That she remained mute and paler than him.
    Rolla got into bed, slowly, gently, next to Marie.
    His drowsy gaze on her blue eyes, their fresh breath united,
    Floated, then rose, then died in spite of itself.
    Marie with a sigh half-opened her eyes and looked at Rolla.
    Ah! she said, trembling, what’s the matter with you today?
    Said Rolla, you don’t know, my beautiful,
    That I’ve been ruined since last night?
    I came to see you to say goodbye.
    Everyone knows it, I have to kill myself.
    So you gambled? —
    No, I’m ruined.
    Ruined ?” said Marie
    And, like a statue she stared at the ground with big astonished eyes.
    Ruined? ruined? you don’t have a mother?
    No friends? or parents?
    Why are you killing yourself?
    She rolled over on the edge of her bed.
    His gentle gaze had never been so gentle.
    Two or three questions floated on his mouth;
    But, not daring to ask them, she came to him
    Her head on his and took a kiss.
    She finally whispered: I don’t have any money,
    And, as soon as I have some, my mother takes it from me.
    But I have my golden necklace, do you want me to sell it?
    You can keep what it’s worth.
    Rolla replied with a slight smile.
    He took a black bottle which he emptied without saying a word;
    Then, leaning over her, he kissed her necklace.
    When she raised her heavy head,
    He was already nothing more than an inanimate being.
    In that chaste kiss her soul was gone,
    And, for a while, both had loved.


    Re: Noirette and expansionist “policies”.
    It seems that when the pie has stopped growing, and started shrinking, the only way to get more is to take it from someone else. Fully scalable.

    Doc Robinson

    “In that chaste kiss her soul was gone,”

    I believe the correct translation is:
    “In that chaste kiss his soul was gone,”

    Doc Robinson

    Thanks, by the way, to TAE Summary for posting the ending of that poem, providing context for the painting.


    When I see something like the baby formula thing, first thought is: this is as old as (wo-) mankind. No way -most- women didn’t figure this out before for profit industry did.

    And that’s just the 1950s-60s. AD. Not BCE. But DIY.

    Mr. House

    I’m having issues posting a link from the drudge report which i’m shocked that drudge actually posted. I’ve posted it twice now and both times no comment shows up, what gives?

    Mister Roboto

    Mr. House

    Anyways if any of you feel so inclined drudge posted a link title “MRNA trials committed fraud?” Which leads to a post at the naked emperor substack. Nothing here that none of us don’t already know, but the fact that drudge would post it speaks volumes!

    those darned kids

    everyone’s favourite sociopath!

    those darned kids


    “As an added bonus: the children who utilize a wet nurse get antibodies along with their sustenance, something formula cannot provide.”

    Well, yes, that is true, although now they might also be getting the spike proteins from the vaccines the wet nurse took….


    Do like the elites. Pay more …. go organic
    Don’t use a vaccinated wet nurse
    Use a wet nurse from the outback.

    Michael Reid

    I started watching the 2000 Mules US Election Fraud Documentary by Dinesh D’Sousa and thought I was on that issue like following all the information I could find and I was certain the election was stolen from Trump. And look what has happened since…

    I took a break to check the mail and found this.

    It must be said that the US still displays the accoutrements of a proud republic, but, at this point, it’s for show only. The inner workings of the US are not that of a republic, nor even a democracy. The US is quasi-capitalist/quasi socialist amalgam that’s run by a corporatist oligarchy. Whilst it still has an elected president and congress, those individuals are, at this point, cardboard cutouts who are only allowed to pursue their personal pet projects if they fit in with the unelected Deep State that’s truly in charge.

    National Self-Perception

    Veracious Poet

    The major failing of humanity, which has impeded further evolution from the primitive state, boils down to it’s absolute inability to differentiate between two (2) factors.

    1> Normal, healthy initiative & imagination that is aligned with the Loving, Healing & Creative Power of the Infinite.

    2> Pathological initiative & imagination that is aligned with toxic EGO.

    Natural Law, when properly applied, could separate the wheat from the chaff, LOVE from iniquitous HATE, but unfortunately sociopaths have effectively removed Natural Law from collective human conscience…

    Disaster & calamity arise directly from this failure to hold the depraved strictly accountable, the resulting state of non-stop malovent abuse creates debilitating cognitive dissonance > mass formation psychosis, among other resolvable maladies.

    P.S. It’s hard to fathom that TAE is still following Gonzalo Lira 😕

    After he was snatched for over a week, interrogated & released apparently shaken, doesn’t anyone see the forgone conclusion that he was “turned” as controlled opposition, if only based on his resulting demeanor while still under “their” thumb?

    The mind boggles…

    Michael Reid

    @ VP

    Re Gonzalo Lira

    Are you suggesting that he be canceled because he got arrested?

    I try to keep an open mind.

    The fact is I watched his video and did not see anything wrong with it. I foresee the western world imploding. I spent my day digging and removing rocks from the soil as part of the preparation for a garden so we can live without money.

    Dr. D wrote about the US water supply and if lack of chlorine or power could unleash disease of biblical proportions.

    Things could get very bad.

    If I knew Russian that is where I would be headed


    So how about this:
    Musk creates a nostalgic “safe twitter classic” where the same old same olds can romp all they like. At the same time he creates twitter, where free speech tumbles like waterfalls.
    Miffers and snowflakes can ignore the latter. Or they may want to wander onto twitter where they may be (gasp) disagreed with.

    I posted this on the slog, as well. It was sort of off topic there, as it is now.

    Lira was telling us his take on what was happening in Ukraine. Now he’s selling doom and gloom and hopelessness. Cut him some slack. He’ living it more than most.

    Doc Robinson

    teri: “they might also be getting the spike proteins from the vaccines the wet nurse took”

    They might also be getting “vaccine mRNA” in the breastmilk. Despite the assurances that the mRNA would stay near the injection site, a study found “vaccine mRNA” in breastmilk samples of recently vaxxed mothers.

    Around 13% of the lactating mothers (4 out of 31 mothers tested) had “detectable vaccine mRNA” in their breastmilk.

    “Five breastmilk samples from 4 mothers had detectable vaccine mRNA, out of 309 samples from 31 mothers tested.”

    Neutralizing Activity and SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine mRNA Persistence in Serum and Breastmilk After BNT162b2 Vaccination in Lactating Women
    Yeo KT, Chia WN, Tan CW, et al.
    Published online 2022 Jan 11.

    Veracious Poet


    If Gonzalo was still a threat, as he was before being grabbed, do you think Azov would have let him go?

    Sure, it’s safe for him to talk about certain info (probably scripted) to pick up on where he left off, but a “turned” agent can be used or various “intel” purposes, to be determined as needed…

    Infowars & all that jazz ~ “doom and gloom and hopelessness” is a BIG part of that.

    Could be wrong, guess we’ll see 😐

    Around 13% of the lactating mothers (4 out of 31 mothers tested) had “detectable vaccine mRNA” in their breastmilk.

    Probably a feature, not a bug…

    those darned kids

    Trudeau wears a mask in Canada with a 90% jab rate, for show.

    But in Ukraine with 35% jab rate, he doesn’t.

    “Trust the science”


    Gonzalo Lira:

    Since his arrest he has switched to topics outside of the Ukraine.
    No surprise here.
    He has safe and unsafe topics.

    The war on the west’s vaccinated people is just starting to be noticed.
    Unexpected and sudden deaths can only go unnoticed for so long.
    Dogs causing hepatitis in kids only works for those with dogs.
    Vaccines good for increasing demand for doctors, hospitals, drugs, and undertakers.
    Vaccines great for reducing average life expectancy.

    Here in Ontario at least half the people are still wearing masks.
    Clearly fear was driven deeply into these people.
    They are likely also the vaxxed.
    The vaxxed should be scared but they don’t know that yet.
    Somewhere anger will surface amoung the vaxxed.
    But I know better than to hold my breath.

    Armenio Pereira


    “Celebrate Life”, they say.
    Oh Life! Mighty killer! Hooray…
    No need to deplore,
    contradictions galore.

    (mindfulness ? foolishness)

    Day succeeds night,
    night follows day.
    Every time memories are created
    everyday (we and) they fade away.

    (all) Symbols are aesthetic superstitions
    Symbols are superstitious memories.

    Sweet memories – life preservers;
    bad memories – mind corroders.

    Memory’s a corrosive embalmer.

    Armenio Pereira

    (Mnemosyne . farewell to arms)

    Water always find a way.

    Water is an alien invader;
    humans, the ultimate bio weapon developed by Earth to derail Water’s plans.
    Tarnished and polluted, Water will depart.
    Weapons, once again, become a thing of the past.

    (“me-me-me-me-me!” Yeah, get over it.)

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