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Zelensky Vows “Full De-Occupation Of Entire Territory” (ZH)
For Europe, From Russia, With Love (Vilches)
Kyiv Keeps US in the Dark on War Realities: NYT (Celente)
Is US/NATO (with WEF help) Pushing For A Global South Famine? (Hudson)
Ukraine to Ban ‘War and Peace’ From Being Taught in Schools (SN)
Is Lasting Peace Possible? (Hathaway)
Healthy Young People Are Dying Unexpectedly From A Mysterious Syndrome (DM)
Fifth Jab Being Considered In Israel (JPost)
Moderna Says Omicron-containing Booster Outperforms Current Vaccine (Stat)
How Fake Is Twitter’s User Data? (ET)
Twitter Will Reportedly Give Its Full Data Stream To Elon Musk (Eng.)
168,000 Deleted Files Recovered From Hunter Biden’s Laptop (WE)
What is a Woman? (Laura Dodsworth)
This Is What Erdogan Promised (IS.fi)















Apart from Zelensky’s nonsensical claim (no. 1001), there’s “For eight years they have been killing us” and “Emmanuel Macron has warned that the West must not humiliate Russia”. And I haven’t seen one person point out that the West CANNOT humiliate Russia.

Zelensky Vows “Full De-Occupation Of Entire Territory” (ZH)

French President Emmanuel Macron has warned that the West must not humiliate Russia if it wants to avoid an unnecessarily prolonged conflict that could spread beyond Ukraine. Since making the remarks days ago, he’s stirred anger among different allies – both in Europe and the US and UK. And he’s again come under fresh criticism and condemnation for the statement. He said last Friday, “We must not humiliate Russia so that the day when the fighting stops we can build an exit ramp through diplomatic means.” As part of the comments he offered France’s role as a “mediating power” in the conflict. This after having reportedly held calls with Russian President Vladimir Putin on pretty much a weekly basis since the invasion began in late February.

Macron has come under criticism from some corners of the EU for even holding the calls where he’s attempted to gain diplomatic concessions, and jump start talks again between Moscow and Kiev. But he hasn’t exactly been alone in his push for a diplomatic solution, given two other populous European nations and their leaders – namely German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi – have done the same. Entirely to be expected, Macron immediately received pushback from the Ukrainians, with Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba writing on Twitter that “Calls to avoid humiliation of Russia can only humiliate France and every other country that would call for it.” But the Macron comments have stirred anger in the US as well, with Republican hawk Rep. Adam Kinzinger saying “Emmanuel Macron is humiliating himself,” in weekend statements.

“Russia has already been humiliated, and true to their reputation the French are trying to raise the white flag.” Kinzinger, it should be remembered, has gone so far as to push the Biden administration toward erecting a no-fly zone, which would assuredly push the two nuclear armed superpowers into a WW3 scenario confrontation. Meanwhile, at a moment that direct Russia-Ukraine negotiations are essentially dead, but with Turkey still attempting to intervene diplomatically toward the erection of a UN-backed ‘grain corridor’ on the Black Sea, President Volodymyr Zelensky said in media statements Tuesday that even with the latest Russian gains in Donbas his country will not cede any territory for sake of a negotiated settlement.

“We have already lost too many people to simply cede our territory,” Zelensky said in a virtual address to an event hosted by Britain’s Financial Times newspaper. He said neither is stalemate “an option” and that ultimately “We have to achieve a full deoccupation of our entire territory.” Asked specifically about Macron’s ‘don’t humiliate Russia comments’ from days prior, Zelensky reponded: “We are not going to humiliate anyone, we are going to respond in kind.” The Ukrainian leader’s comments came as the last major holdout city of Sievierodonetsk in Luhansk province could soon fall to Russian forces. Zelensky further commented: “I don’t really understand … humiliating Russia. For eight years they have been killing us. What are we talking about here?”

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“..the European success we all know was always based on superb and cheap Russian energy.”

For Europe, From Russia, With Love (Vilches)

The real ultimate EU problem is ´negotiating´ from a position of extreme weakness it has dug itself into and should have always avoided. But at the same time, Europe cannot be anywhere independent from Russia. So the above will affect current and future European production of fuels to fertilizers and everything in between, from kerosene to diesel to gasoline affecting cars, trucks, buses, plastics, pesticides, agricultural, mining and industrial machinery, foodstuffs, water quality and availability, pharmaceuticals, ships, inks, airplanes, polymers, medical and industrial gases, sealing rings & membranes, power transmission, transformer and lube oils, etc., etc., etc.,. Attempting to execute the above under the described terms – and others not mentioned but technically even far more demanding – would be outright engineering and economics madness.

But simultaneously attempting many impossible projects as now required throughout Europe within an ultra-narrow 6-month time-frame and everybody at the same time is sheer nonsensical stupidity, doomed to fail. Why do it then ? Because it´s mandated by the prevailing post-Brexit-US-Anglo-Saxon Russophobia that now hypnotized European leadership foolishly and irreversibly endorses. Henry Kissinger knows it, but do they?. Naturally, the EU leadership has made mistakes all along the 21st century, both technical and political, as fallible humans cannot avoid it. But the captains of the European ship this time around are going a long step further by unbelievably forcing its sailors to run around the deck like a bunch of beheaded chickens with no sense of purpose in rapidly approaching shallow waters in what seems to be a deliberate suicidal attempt.

This has never happened before in recent history as the European success we all know was always based on superb and cheap Russian energy. The plan and policies were led by former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder who thought it out bottom-up, top-down, sideways, from left to right, from right to left, crossways, you name it. Until finally in the late 1990s reached the conclusion and convinced the European family of nations that Franz should marry Natasha. And so they remained happily married with many healthy and ambitious children until 2022 whereby the post-Brexit US Anglo-Saxon axis achieved the unthinkable by turning Europe against Russia yet again for the third time in a century as Prof. Michael Hudson has correctly observed. Meanwhile, absurdly enough, Poland is now proposing yet additional sanctions against Russia as if they did any good

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Zelensky has claimed 30,000-40,000 Russian casualties. Nuff said.

Kyiv Keeps US in the Dark on War Realities: NYT (Celente)

The New York Times, citing current and former U.S. officials, published a report Wednesday that American intelligence agencies have “less information than they would like about Ukraine’s operations and possess a far better picture of Russia’s military.” Beth Sanner, a former senior intelligence official, told the paper: “How much do we really know about how Ukraine is doing?” “Can you find a person who will tell you with confidence how many troops has Ukraine lost, how many pieces of equipment has Ukraine lost?” she asked. The Trends Journal has pointed out since the beginning of the conflict that it was nearly impossible to find the number of casualties suffered by Ukrainian troops in Google searches.

But if you were interested in finding out Russia’s war dead, there were dozens of article links. Zelensky vowed to fight for every inch of his country, but how he plans on doing that — without NATO joining the war — is anybody’s guess. The Times reported that the U.S. has a better understanding about Russia’s military’s condition than Ukraine’s. Even Avril D. Haines, the director of national intelligence, told the Senate in May: “We have, in fact, more insight, probably, on the Russian side than we do on the Ukrainian side.” Why did the U.S. agree to send Kyiv advanced rocket systems when it did not have a clear picture about the war’s development, and why has the Biden administration been so positive about Ukraine’s chances against Russia?

Stephen Biddle, a professor of international affairs at Columbia University, told the paper, “I’m not sure it’s in the interest of the American public or Ukrainian public to have Ukrainians be upfront about their losses if the result is it strengthens the Russian war effort. But that means we don’t really know both sides of the story.”

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“To put it simply: we are facing a crisis on top of a crisis.”

Is US/NATO (with WEF help) Pushing For A Global South Famine? (Hudson)

U.S. Cold War strategy is not alone in thinking how to benefit from provoking a famine, oil and balance-of-payments crisis. Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum worries that the world is overpopulated – at least with the “wrong kind” of people. As Microsoft philanthropist (the customary euphemism for rentier monopolist) Bill Gates has explained: “Population growth in Africa is a challenge.” His lobbying foundation’s 2018 “Goalkeepers” report warned: “According to U.N. data, Africa is expected to account for more than half of the world’s population growth between 2015 and 2050. Its population is projected to double by 2050,” with “more than 40 percent of world’s extremely poor people … in just two countries: Democratic Republic of the Congo and Nigeria.”

Gates advocates cutting this projected population increase by 30 percent by improving access to birth control and expanding education to “enable more girls and women to stay in school longer, have children later.” But how can that be afforded with this summer’s looming food and oil squeeze on government budgets? South Americans and some Asian countries are subject to the same jump in import prices resulting from NATO’s demands to isolate Russia. JPMorgan Chase head Jamie Dimon recently warned attendees at a Wall Street investor conference that the sanctions will cause a global “economic hurricane.” He echoed the warning by IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva in April that, “To put it simply: we are facing a crisis on top of a crisis.”

Pointing out that the Covid pandemic has been capped by inflation as the war in Ukraine has made matters “much worse, and threatens to further increase inequality” she concluded that: “The economic consequences from the war spread fast and far, to neighbors and beyond, hitting hardest the world’s most vulnerable people. Hundreds of millions of families were already struggling with lower incomes and higher energy and food prices.” The Biden administration blames Russia for “unprovoked aggression.” But it is his administration’s pressure on NATO and other Dollar Area satellites that has blocked Russian exports of grain, oil and gas. But many oil- and food-deficit countries see themselves as the primary victims of “collateral damage” caused by US/NATO pressure.

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I notice Russian players shine in the NHL playoffs, and haven’t seen one word about banning them.

Ukraine to Ban ‘War and Peace’ From Being Taught in Schools (SN)

Leo Tolstoy’s ‘War and Peace’ and other classic historical novels that portray the Russian military in anything other than a negative light will be banned from being taught in Ukrainian schools, it has been announced. “All these will be completely excluded from foreign literature,” first deputy Minister of Education Andrey Vitrenko said in an interview with the TV channel Ukraine 24. “So, for example, ‘War and Peace,’ this will not be studied in Ukraine anymore,” he added. Vitrenko said that his ministry was working on compiling a list of books that will be banned in line with an announcement last month by Kiev’s Ministry of Culture and Information Policy that works of literature “promoting Russian propaganda” would be removed from Ukrainian libraries and replaced by Ukrainian books.

Quite how banning a book that is revered the world over and was first published in 1869 will stop Putin’s war machine is anyone’s guess. We have previously documented the increasing intolerance and censorship of all things Russian, even if they have absolutely nothing to do with Vladimir Putin or the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Wimbledon tennis tournament has banned Russian players from competing this year even if they denounce the actions of their own country. There have also been calls for Russian athletes to be subjected to ideological purity tests before they are allowed to compete in international tournaments. In perhaps the most ludicrous example of Russophobia, Siberian cats were banned from competing in international cat competitions.

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“Since capitalism is a predatory social and economic system, predatory personalities rise to power.”

Is Lasting Peace Possible? (Hathaway)

Militarists point to history and say it’s just one war after another. But that’s the history only of our patriarchal civilization. The early matriarchal civilization of south-eastern Europe enjoyed centuries of peace. UCLA anthropologist Marija Gimbutas described the archaeological research in The Living Goddesses. No trace of warfare has been found in excavations of the Minoan, Harappa, and Caral cultures. Many of the Pacific islands were pacifistic. The ancient Vedic civilization of India had meditation techniques that preserved the peace, and those are being revived today to reduce stress in society.

Our society, though, has a deeply entrenched assumption that stress is essential to life. Many of our social and economic structures are based on conflict. Capitalism’s need for continually expanding profits generates stress in all of us. We’ve been indoctrinated to think this is normal and natural, but it’s really pathological. It damages life in ways we can barely perceive because they’re so built into us. We don’t have to live this way. We can reduce the stress humanity suffers under. We can create a society that meets human needs and distributes the world’s resources more evenly. We can live at peace with one another. But that’s going to take basic changes.

These changes threaten the power holders of our society. Since capitalism is a predatory social and economic system, predatory personalities rise to power. They view the world through a lens of aggression. But it’s not merely a view. They really are surrounded by enemy competitors. So they believe this false axiom they are propagating that wars are inevitable. In the past their predecessors defended their power by propagating other nonsense: kings had a divine right to rule us, Blacks were inferior to Whites, women should obey men. We’ve outgrown those humbugs, and we can outgrow this one.

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Aaron Kheriaty, MD: “New levels of systematic mendacity. Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) is not a thing. These are cardiac deaths. Stop pretending we don’t know why they are elevated. Just f***ing stop. Enough of this. It’s only a mystery if you are blind.”

Healthy Young People Are Dying Unexpectedly From A Mysterious Syndrome (DM)

People aged under 40 are being urged to have their hearts checked because they may potentially be at risk of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. The syndrome, known as SADS, has been fatal for all kinds of people regardless of whether they maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. SADS is an ‘umbrella term to describe unexpected deaths in young people’, said The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, most commonly occurring in people under 40 years of age.The term is used when a post-mortem cannot find an obvious cause of death. The US-based SADS Foundation has said that over half of the 4,000 annual SADS deaths of children, teens or young adults have one of the top two warning signs present.Those signs include a family history of a SADS diagnosis or sudden unexplained death of a family member, and fainting or seizure during exercise, or when excited or startled, reported news.com.au.

Last year a 31-year-old woman, Catherine Keane, died in her sleep while living with two friends in Dublin. Her mother Margherita Cummins told the Irish Mirror, ‘They were all working from home so no one really paid attention when Catherine didn’t come down for breakfast.’ ‘They sent her a text at 11.20am and when she didn’t reply, they checked her room and found she had passed. ‘Her friend heard a noise in her room at 3.56am and believes now that is when she died.’ Ms Cummins stated that her daughter ‘went to the gym and walked 10,000 steps every day’. ‘I take some comfort in that she went in her sleep and knew no pain and I’m grateful for that. I always worried about the kids driving in the car but never saw this coming. I never thought I’d ever lose a child in my life,’

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Oh f**king stop already.

Fifth Jab Being Considered In Israel (JPost)

Due to the increase in morbidity, the epidemic treatment team will convene on Wednesday to discuss the provision of a fifth coronavirus vaccine to at-risk populations, KAN reported. According to KAN, a third vaccine for Israelis ages 5 to 12 is also being considered for those who want it. Medical staff would be obligated to receive a second or third dose. Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz, who himself had tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday, is currently in quarantine and is working from home, Maariv reported. He had already discussed with senior officials in his ministry about the recent spark in COVID-19 cases.

After the meeting was over, Horowitz urged the general public to “use discretion and wear a mask when necessary, including on public transportation.” He recommended that those elderly or at-risk should wear a mask in closed spaces, “even if it’s not mandatory.” The amount of COVID cases reported yesterday was the highest in Israel in over a month and a half, with approximately 3,731 testing positive, the Health Ministry reported. The Health Ministry is also considering bringing back requirements to self-isolate for those who test positive for the virus. The ministry also intends to examine in the coming days whether the level of immunity in the population has decreased following the morbidity increase, Ynet reported.

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And again: Oh f**king stop already.

Moderna Says Omicron-containing Booster Outperforms Current Vaccine (Stat)

Moderna said Wednesday that using a new version of its Covid-19 vaccine as a booster led to a superior antibody response against the Omicron variant compared to its current shot. The company said it plans to submit its data to the Food and Drug Administration in the coming weeks and that it hopes that the new booster will be available in the late summer. Moderna’s booster, called mRNA1273.214, is a bivalent vaccine, meaning it contains mRNA coding for the spike protein for both the original strain of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the newer Omicron strain. The company had previously released data showing that a bivalent vaccine containing mRNA coding for the spike protein for the original virus and the protein from the Beta variant of SARS-CoV-2 provided better antibody protection than the original vaccine.

Moderna said giving vaccinated volunteers a boost with mRNA1273.214 increased geometric mean titers, a measure of antibody levels, eight-fold. The FDA has been holding public hearings on how to choose which strains of the SARS-CoV-2 virus should be included in booster shots in the fall and who should receive those shots. Another meeting on whether and how the SARS-CoV-2 strain composition of Covid-19 vaccines should be modified is being held on June 28. However, companies have warned that choices will need to be made soon in order for vaccines to be available in the fall. In a statement, Stephane Bancel, Moderna’s CEO, said that the data mean this bivalent vaccine is “our lead candidate for a Fall 2022 booster.”

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Twitter likes the fakes and the bots, it’s all about the numbers.

How Fake Is Twitter’s User Data? (ET)

Over the last several weeks, the perception has grown that Elon Musk will not be the emancipator of Twitter, freeing it finally from its mysterious algorithms that throttle, block, and ban perfectly wonderful accounts solely based on the political vendetta of employees and management. It’s said that he has cold feet, as if Elon’s demand for better data is purely a cover for emotional doubt. That’s simply not true. What he has intuited—that Twitter underreports the sheer fake accounts and bot armies that use its platform—could in fact become another scandal for our age. Twitter says it’s only 5 percent. Elon has crowd-sourced the question and suspects it is closer to 20 percent. The truth is out there, but Twitter is not forthcoming. Why might this be?

Here is where we get to the core of the issue: the reach data provided by these companies—this pertains not only to Twitter but to hundreds of thousands of sites—form the basis of its pricing structure for advertisers and therefore drive the fundamentals of the business model. The business model is that these companies sell your content—which you provide because you want your views known—to advertisers so that they can sell to you. Advertisers are charged for access to your brain based on an overall estimate of how many users are on the platform and how broad is the reach. Accuracy is of huge importance here. But accuracy has not exactly defined the way these companies have long operated. The data are subject to manipulation in the extreme.

For example, Twitter has proven to be absolutely awful at policing the number of fake accounts that pretend to be some famous person with large followers. One might suspect that getting rid of such accounts should be part of Twitter’s main focus. I’ve dealt with it for years and spent far too much time getting rid of them. Who has such time? It’s ridiculous. But have a look at this problem which has been going on for many weeks now. Brownstone’s Martin Kulldorff has a famous Twitter account but I can easily search his name which turns up many fake accounts. Notice the slightly different spellings. This isn’t rocket science! Does Twitter do anything about it? Not in many weeks.

If this is any indication of the underlying realities, Twitter has a very big problem. Instead of focusing its energies on censoring good accounts, it might have applied its energies to solving a problem that affects all users.And yet there is more at stake. Consider that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has initiated an investigation into Twitter. If the company has falsely reported its real user base, that stands in violation of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act. Paxton has given the company until June 27, 2022, to produce evidence for how it calculates the numbers it has routinely touted to advertisers. We’ll see. It will probably end up in court.

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The full firehose. But Musk should first check how much of the data has been manipulated.

Twitter Will Reportedly Give Its Full Data Stream To Elon Musk (Eng.)

Twitter could comply with Elon Musk’s demand for more data about its users as soon as this week. According to The Washington Post, the company plans to give the billionaire full access to its full “firehose,” an internal database that includes details on the more than 500 million tweets posted to the service every day. In addition to representing a real-time record of what’s happening on Twitter at any moment, the trove includes device data and information about the accounts that access the platform. After Twitter accepted Musk’s $44 billion buyout offer in April, the billionaire announced in May the deal was “temporarily on hold” over concerns he had about fake accounts.

Twitter has consistently claimed that bots represent less than five percent of its daily users, a number Musk says he wants to confirm before moving forward with the acquisition. On Monday, Musk accused the company of committing a “material breach” of the merger agreement by allegedly refusing to disclose enough information about fake accounts. At the time, Twitter said it would “continue to cooperatively share information” with Musk as it worked toward completing the transaction. “We believe this agreement is in the best interest of all shareholders,” the company told The Post, reiterating its statement from Monday. “We intend to close the transaction and enforce the merger agreement at the agreed price and terms.”

How many bots and fake accounts there are on Twitter is important to Musk because that number would have a significant impact on his ability to monetize the platform through ads. Musk has committed about $33 billion of his personal wealth to buy the company, and he’s required to go through with the deal unless he can show Twitter misled him or that its value has changed.

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“..100% certainty that Hunter Biden “was the only person responsible for the activity on this hard drive and all of its stored data.”

168,000 Deleted Files Recovered From Hunter Biden’s Laptop (WE)

A cyber forensics expert commissioned by the Washington Examiner recovered over 168,000 deleted files from a copy of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop. Many of the deleted files were system files, application files, or duplicates of user files stored elsewhere on the laptop. Some of the recovered data, however, shed light on his financial dealings in 2018 and early 2019, as well as his personal dealings during that time frame. Also recovered from the drive were deleted pictures of government ID cards for two individuals linked to President Joe Biden’s son. Konstantinos “Gus” Dimitrelos, a former Secret Service agent who has testified in over 100 classified, criminal, and civil matters, retrieved the deleted files from unallocated space on the hard drive using a technique called data carving.

The existence of recoverable deleted user files adds another layer of authenticity to the hard drive, Dimitrelos said. “In order for user-created data — including personal photographs, bank records, invoices, business records, third-party data such as the driver’s licenses of other persons, chat conversations, and medical records, as examples — to exist within the unallocated hard drive space, the computer user would have had to manually delete the files,” Dimitrelos said. “Any Robert Hunter Biden recovered files in unallocated space was there as a result of deletions by the user ‘roberthunter.’” Dimitrelos has examined the Washington Examiner’s copy of the hard drive and determined with 100% certainty that Hunter Biden “was the only person responsible for the activity on this hard drive and all of its stored data.”

Many of the recovered user files were attachments to text messages that Hunter Biden sent to or received from his associates. The text messages contain markers indicating that an attachment was deleted. One of the recovered text attachments was a selfie he took in which he can be seen holding a vape pen. He attached the photo to a message sent to an unknown person Jan. 30, 2019. “That’s the weed vape pen that a Russian Escort left in my room before I came here this time,” Hunter Biden texted them.

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“..the doctor who prescribes hormones to children asked Walsh whether chickens cry..”

What is a Woman? (Laura Dodsworth)

It turns out that the best way to disrupt transgender ideology is to ask one simple question: what is a woman? Creator Matt Walsh asked each contributor the same question with purist focus in this brilliant and horrifying new film. The obstructions, circular reasoning and threats to walk off the set revealed that gender is like “a jenga tower”, as Walsh says. I spoke to Walsh about the film just a few days after its release. It has gone down a storm and Walsh was busy fielding interviews. He was also cautious; a publicist was off camera in our video call, and they recorded the interview. I don’t blame them for wanting to keep the record straight. What is a woman? is wildly controversial and successful, and that attracts peevish and disingenuous reviewers.

Transgender ideology is defeatingly complex and ever-shifting. The film’s success lies in its determined pursuit of the answer to one question. I asked Walsh why he focussed on this truth, whereas other activists have honed in on particular aspects, such as feminists arguing for women’s sex-based spaces and rights. “Philosophically it’s the best way to approach this issue,” he replied. “There are practical reasons why rights matter. I want to protect the rights of women and children, all those things matter and I care about them too. But the first thing is that it’s not true. That’s the important thing, first and foremost. Then we can establish all those other things. The loss of rights can be tackled after truth. Trans activists will ask why you care so much about what a woman is, but that’s sleight of hand.”

There was a palpable difference between the interviewees who were prepared to offer honest answers and those who would not. The first set seemed at ease. The trans man, in particular, was brutally raw, hiding nothing. In contrast, those who couldn’t answer the question seemed different – their body language was off, their answers evasive. They seemed to be thinking ahead, denial and defence almost visible on the surface, while cogs whirred just below. The social sciences professor replied with fallacious logic. In one of the more bizarre moments, the doctor who prescribes hormones to children asked Walsh whether chickens cry. A trans woman and a congressman flounced off camera. They didn’t just deny the simple biological truth (that a woman is an adult human female), they denied the concept of truth itself. The professor asserted that “invoking the word truth was condescending”.

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Google translate from Finnish.

This Is What Erdogan Promised (IS.fi)

The NATO process in Finland and Sweden has been at a standstill for three weeks due to opposition from Turkey. Not even NATO accession talks have been allowed to begin. There have been charges against Turkey, especially in Sweden. Turkey launched its publicity campaign on 13 May, five days before Finland and Sweden applied for membership in Brussels. “The Nordic countries are like guest houses for terrorist organizations,” said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan . Turkey’s violent drumming has raised the question of whether something went wrong in Finland’s diplomatic efforts in the spring. How did Turkey surprise Finland?

In an interview with IS, the president of the Republic Sauli Niinistö said that there was no reason to doubt Turkey’s position before Erdogan’s sharp exits. According to Niinistö, in a telephone conversation on 4 April, Erdogan clearly expressed his support for Finland’s efforts. – At the end of a rather long discussion, he said that you are applying for NATO membership, we will look at it favorably, we will assess it favorably , Niinistö says. Should the speeches have been treated with greater caution? – It is quite difficult to get started because it is not true if something is repeatedly reassured not only to me but also to our Foreign Minister and even to the Secretary General of NATO. It would have been difficult to justify a solution that we are not moving forward because Turkey’s positive position is not correct or we suspect it is not. Should this be the way to go? No.

Is it possible that there have been differences of interpretation between Finland and Turkey? – There is no possibility of misunderstanding. Besides, the continuation of the April 4 call is a bit ambitious. On 5 May, Foreign Minister [ Pekka Haavisto ] confirmed that he had a discussion with Turkish Foreign Minister [ Mevlüt ] Cavusoglu and stated that there were no problems. And NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg issued a similar statement on behalf of NATO in early May. – If there was still a clear perception in NATO on May 5 that there are no problems, then we have to believe it. That fact raises this issue more on the NATO table than on our table.

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Gonzalo: Whatever remains







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    V. Arnold

    Hi Ilargi;
    I read (as usual) you’re entire Debt Rattle; keep it coming please…invaluable information…
    I have no comment (other than this) because…what’s the point…

    Keep on keeping on…. 😉

    Dr. D

    “US NatGas Plunges on Reports of Explosion at Texas LNG Export Terminal”

    Boy those small planes are everywhere. Everyone in the food and energy sectors sure are careless all of a sudden.

    “16% of respondents claimed that they would like to see Russian President Vladimir Putin as the leader of the US.”

    More people want Vladimir Putin to be our President than who want Joe Biden. Most popular President in world history! 80 million votes!

    “The largest nuclear power plant in Europe, Zaporozhye, which can generate up to half of all nuclear power generation capacity of Ukraine, is operating normally. 33 coal mines, 2 oil fields and 14 gas fields taken over by Lugansk and Donetsk people’s republics during the special military operation continue to operate normally. The liberated territories are home to 57% of Ukraine’s steel”

    But I just heard it’s useless farmland and no people. So it’s not a real win. What gives?

    WEF: “By 2030?” What is it with these guys and their plans and release dates? Sir, 2030 is like tomorrow. Get rid of all ICE cars by 2030? That’s like the largest decommission and recycling plan since WWII. Larger than WWII by orders of magnitude. Deagle says 2/3rd of the population dead by 2030? What are they going to do, fall over in the street?

    Like, do they take the head of Nokia in the back and break his kneecaps if he says “2037” or “2040”? Wot a bunch of feckless morons. Btw, that’s not happening. 5G seems to have already failed after hundred-bil investment, and people don’t have money for fancy phones thanks the WEF’s other plans.

    Compartmentalization again?

    “the West CANNOT humiliate Russia.”

    You’re so right. So let’s ask, since the West has completely lost Ukraine and can’t prosecute the war, HOW would the West ever manage to even slow Russia at all, much less humiliate them?

    ““Russia has already been humiliated” said Kinzinger. By using a fraction of troops with their oldest gear to 1) Destroy essentially the entire Ukrainian army 2) possess and permanently absorb the entire Russian East 3) take Mariupol, hub of Nato Nazis, making a permanent land bridge with water to Crimea 4) land-lock the country and shut in half of Europe to Russian power permanently. Possibly 5) Collapse Europe with their pinkie-finger.

    I know! So Humiliating to be in that situation of winning against an enemy, like the United States, that’s too chicken-s—t to show up! It’s like the NFL beating up a little girl. That IS humiliating.

    “We have already lost too many people to simply cede our territory,” Zelensky said”

    Ze seems very unschooled in history. Yeah, the Sioux and Mohicans said the same thing. Welp, we’re just going to win then! Gotta take back the entire United States with all the warriors we don’t have. No choice! Said Sitting Bull never. Because we was not a deranged, demented moron.

    Reading the more complete Monkey Pox wargames. They said they will engineer it to be vaccine resistant in 2 years leading to 27M deaths, then 200M. Okay then! But aren’t those deaths really from the bad reaction of shingles to mRNA? I don’t think we’re on that path, but if correct, we’ll see this attempt at narrative change on schedule. They are mindless minions after all, and love their plans. They spent a lot of money on promoting the latest nothingburger out of thin air, and they didn’t do it to let it go to waste later.

    Like I said, although they’re not, they act like an alien race. Like lizard-insects. They MUST have everything be the same, with zero diversity, and it takes them forever to plan stuff. Once planned they so lack imagination that they can’t react to events and just plow forward regardless of what happens. Lost the war? Plow forward. Disease didn’t happen? Plow forward. No one believes them? Plow forward. Nobody cares about 1/6 and it’s just infuriating a public that can’t buy food? Plow forward. And the minions, the drones, the worker bees must know this, because they are humans out in public. But whoever the planners are, they are literally incapable of adjusting, ever, or not for months and years. Like until the new eggs hatch? It’s loony.

    What to do when it seems your enemy is like this? Change s—t constantly, of course! Change what your side of the chessboard looks like every 3 Scaramuccis. Plan to lose? Win. Plan to win? Lose. Plan depends on history of privacy? Release the transcript of the Ukraine call in days. Strategy depends on resistance to their plans? Do everything Fauci says and promote the vaccine. Plan depends on compliance? Let them push it until every human in America will strangle you if you ask them for compliance.

    Over and over. Kind of interesting, really. It took a while. I didn’t know they had this kryptonite, and I’m not sure anyone else did. Atlas Shrugged was the instruction manual for one faction of anti-globalists, but its goal was to let them hang themselves via compliance. They want to be the boss? Let them. Knowing they don’t have any brains and need to use yours not to collapse in miserable failure. Stop being their co-dependent and let the people see what happens if they enact their dreams. Like $10 gas Biden says is happy-happy good times. Green joy, best economy evah. But that’s not in there.

    Just look for it. It’s fascinating. Because who, what human ever, has zero capacity to adjust for changes? Responses? What kind of mind is unable to do that? Why does it take them 6-12 months, and endless public committee meetings to decide, then distribute “the memo”. A minion-memo if you will. They’re incapable of acting or deciding without a few rich book deals and a palatial 5-star conference with expensive hookers? What sense does that make?

    Meanwhile, we on the ground just change our minds and respond randomly again. Chaotically. Which again, is their kryptonite. They got mostly compliance, but there are a few cranks and outliers as 100% of human history? Go bananas as if they got no compliance and march around in jackboots until even the compliant are alarmed and resisting. It’s as if they never heard the concept of diversity, variation, and bell curve. As if wherever they come from, they’re all hatched from the egg as perfect clones of each other, where any variations are murdered at birth by the worker bees. And also somehow they cannot grasp, after years or centuries, that humans are not like that.

    Why? By gum, that’s stupid. How, after being so smart in so many ways, are they possibly this dumb about one thing that the essence of being human, for years on end?

    Anyway, yes, look for it. It’s fascinating. And alien. And inexplicable. …But very, VERY exploitable. Since we’re just re-writing history all the time, we should add it as a whole chapter in Sun Tzu’s “Art of War.”

    Don’t obey. Don’t not-not obey. Confuse-a-cat. I’m happy to do that all day long. It’s hilarious.

    “But simultaneously attempting many impossible projects as now required throughout Europe within an ultra-narrow 6-month time-frame and everybody at the same time is sheer nonsensical stupidity, doomed to fail. Why do it then?”

    Why do it? Because that was “The Plan.” They are the mindless minions. Minions mind the mindless minion Plan.

    “if you were interested in finding out Russia’s war dead, there were dozens of article links”

    Yes, and all of them were made-up estimates from the 17 Intel agencies. If we have actual casualty numbers (and probably do) none of them are being admitted or leaked at all.

    Also because “NY Times”, they are lying. Since everything in war is an estimate – things happen too quick, with too much bad intel to be absolute – It’s transparently easy to estimate Ukraine’s war dead. They are using middle-aged home guards as front-line troops. They are training men for 30 minutes and sending them up. Those stories are also in the NY Times. Now I’m not a war intel guy, but it would be easy to calculate how pinned down they are, that is, how many living men must be tied up, and what their starting size was. A minus B. Boom, go for half-caf soy latte with double-estrogen shot.

    That tells me almost the entire Ukrainian army has been destroyed. Which is well-expected and be a miracle if it weren’t, since it was entirely massed in the East and surrounded and kettled in 5 days, 3 months ago. Kissinger confirms for me.

    So, NYT said it? It’s a lie. A perfect record of lying. “All the Lies that We Can Print.”™

    I’m not sure it’s in the interest of the American public” …to know the truth, Columbia Professors say. Democracies can only make good, clear choices if they have no information about anything and are completely in the dark at all times. “Democracy Dies in Darkness”, Columbia Professors Reeeeee! ..Unless it’s pro-war, pro-death, pro-collapse, and pro-narrative. Then Darkness is demanded, even if we need Congress to outlaw truth by law at Twitter and Facebook.

    Grain will not go anywhere until Ukraine is safe”

    It’s Ukraine’s mines that stopped it. So…sounds like Ukraine is running a global extortion racket and blaming Russia. It’s working great since the U.S. and all Western media are enforcers for the same violence and racketeering.

    “Ukraine to Ban ‘War and Peace’ from Being Taught in Schools (SN)”

    I thought “The Narrative”™ was against banning books? They’re sure winning the war on tolerance. Tolerance can’t lift its head anywhere they roam. Burning books? Check. Grabbing guns? Check. Viewing and sorting people according to race? Check.

    “Since capitalism is a predatory social and economic system, predatory personalities rise to power.”

    It’s amazing to read this as all paradigms, from all sides, start from the basis of Marxism. Pro-Russia? Marxist. Anti-Russia? Marxist. Reporter? Marxist (but I repeat myself). Economist? Marxist. Student? Marxist. Apparently people’s love of mass-murdering failures is essentially infinite.

    Okay: define “Capitalism”. Why would the ability to own any property at all be “predatory”? Does my stapler prey upon you? If I own a jacket, did that make you cold? Using Covid-logic? If I make stuff, does that harm you? Is that why you hate me working so much and do everything to both stop me working and to steal it? Is stopping me from working and stealing my stuff for yourself not, possibly, “predatory”?

    What’s a “Predatory Personality”? It’s not in the DSM manual. Is that somebody who looks at people who work and have and make stuff to try to steal it from them, by force if necessary but by telling astonishing lies if that will work?

    Hathaway is astonishing lies as well. Matriarchal societies don’t have war? Hahahaaha! AYFKM? Tribes have nothing but war all the time. They’re just very small wars because they are very small tribes. That doesn’t mean each side doesn’t lose 5% every year. The Iroquois and Cherokee are both considered matrilinial societies and sent warriors 500 miles every year for centuries to murder each other for no reason anyone could even remember. They were also not “Capitalist” in any normal sense of the word.

    Where do they find these lying, uncurious, uneducated, blindingly ignorant and prejudiced boobs?

    Our society, though, has a deeply entrenched assumption that stress is essential to life. Many of our social and economic structures are based on conflict.”

    Yes, and we also have a deeply entrenched assumption that cooperation is essential to life. That’s what a “Corporation” is. In-Corporating. Becoming “One Body”. Nearly all social and economic structures are based on cooperation BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT SOCIAL STRUCTURES ARE. That’s what Economic structures are: voluntary exchange, being voluntary COOPERATION. If not, they are not “economic” structures, they are not social structures: they are merely violence.

    So when 99% of all your structures, government, churches, clubs, chat rooms, media, entertainment, 90% of all GDP are based on cooperation, you’re going to make the claim that the society is foundationally based on conflict?

    Okey-dokie then. Hit me with your argument, maestro. Explain to me how we have the most complex society in history, with the highest division of labor, when no one is cooperating with anyone. Go.

    Healthy Young People Are Dying Unexpectedly from a Mysterious Syndrome (DM)”

    It started exactly April 2021 from a baseline of near-zero, but we can’t think of anything strange and health related that happened then.

    “Fifth Jab Being Considered in Israel (Jpost)”

    Yes, but this is just because the other four worked so perfectly.

    Moderna Says Omicron-containing Booster Outperforms Current Vaccine (Stat)”

    Moderna? That was banned in 7 countries? “Safe and Effective”. So safe we were banned in Canada! Nothing says “safety” like banning a legally-required vaccine.

    “It turns out that the best way to disrupt transgender ideology is to ask one simple question: what is a woman?”

    I liked the one where they asked the Masa tribe “What is a woman?” They all laughed hysterically. At us. So easy a cave man can do it. There is no one dumber than educated schmartz people. No one.

    What I don’t like is, THEY ARE OUTLAWING GAY AND TRANSGENDER PEOPLE. They will cease to exist. I mean, talk about oppressing minorities! If there are no genders, then there are no people who are sleeping with the same gender. Duh.

    If you’re Trans, what gender are you Trans-ing into? Women don’t exist, so therefore you are illogical, with a pancake on your head. You’re trans-ing into yourself? Only if genders exist would it be possible to transition between them. Objectively exist. Not as a social construct. Women have been wearing pants and therefore “Cross-dressing” a long time. Does that make them men?

    Everyone would nuke the planet rather than care, but quite obviously this annihilates heterosexuals as well. There is no “Hetero” if there are no genders. And that will utterly destroy both men AND women. So let’s see: bad for gays, bad for trans, bad for heteros, bad for women, bad for children, bad for adults, bad for fairness, bad for safety, bad for humans universally. Yup, LET’S DO IT! You can’t stop me, I do what I want! I will DIE on this hill!!! Reality does not exist! I control all!!! See the planet bend to my will. I will make them all pay, bwahahaha!

    Wow Gary, sometimes I think I’m being hyperbolic, just collecting clues way out here on the fringes. Good to have confirmation. Not that these walking, lying hand grenades keep it a secret. Or their raw, seething hatred for us.

    And apparently all men, women, and children on the face of the earth.


    “Emmanuel Macron has warned that the West must not humiliate Russia”.

    Pure projection of a Western Psychopath.

    Everything they say about anything is projection.

    A message from the Children of the World to Zelensky:

    “I’m rubber, you’re glue, everything you say about me bounces off and sticks to you”

    This is the intellectual pinnacle of the West






    Zelensky in character

    I’m Kicking My Ass


    In your dreams. Get real.
    Franz should marry Natasha and live happily, forever, in la-la-land

    “we are facing a crisis on top of a crisis.”

    Is US/NATO (with WEF help) pushing for a Global South famine?

    Is US/NATO (with WEF help) pushing for a Global South famine?
    34988 Views 132 Comments June 06, 2022
    Stop the bullshit.
    Look at where the grain elevators are located. Russia does not control the grain. All the grain must be trucked out. It will not be enough to avoid starvation.
    Highest storage capacity grain elevators in Ukraine 2020: rating
    29 January 2021
    Think …. how will millions of displaced Ukrainians be feed?
    The grain needs to be sent to where the Ukrainians have gone, (Poland), to be fed.
    Ukraine will be an unhabitable, destroyed, waste land for decades

    Mr. House

    This is what happens when humanity leads an empty consumer lifestyle and believes in nothing except MOAR:

    Mr. House

    I can kill babies because ME, and i can force you to get a shot because ME. All while dressing it up in the imagery of its what is “best” for society!


    • Fifth Jab Being Considered In Israel (JPost)
    Has the level of immunity in the population decreased or increased following that morbidity is increasing?
    Who is dying? Who is surviving? Why?


    What if reality actually happens?
    What if your magical thinking is flawed?
    What if your meddling actually dampens
    And all that you’ve promised is nothing but fraud?

    All the good people will cheer at your downfall.
    Sensible folks will breathe sighs of relief.
    History will cough you out just like a hairball
    And you’ll disappear like a composted leaf.


    Not like it used to be

    1. Migrants are increasingly leaving their homeland due to bad living conditions and have no expectations of improvements.

    2. Migrants are increasingly arriving in other countries because they are seeking better living conditions and have expectations of improvements.

    Mr. House

    Funny: Why did the abortion protest picture focus on that girl in the center? Any guesses?

    Perhaps its because she’s the most attractive of the lot? Look at the two on either side of her, look at the arms of the other protestors in the photo but not in the photo. These people don’t “believe” in human nature but are so dense they can’t even identify their guilt in perpetrating it


    Re: the Cat 994H fuel burn. Not true. Maybe 1800 liters/hr. Not gallons. Still a lot and we get the point.



    Ironic…so many statements about women, all made by men.

    Matriarchal societies in one area of the globe, in one epoch apparently experienced little war.
    No, THIS matriarchal society HAD war, so matriarchy does not lead to peace!

    I can kill babies (i.e. choose not to be a conduit of new human life) because of ME.

    (I read this and I understand why teen girls might like to grow into men who will never be asked to change their bodies and risk their lives in pregnancy, who will never have to be “the weaker sex,” never realize that the decision to raise children coupled with the decision made by someone else to withhold financial support for those children means years and years of poverty, and a much more difficult life than had ever been imagined.)

    We can fight no-genderism by defining what a woman is. What is a woman? The sophisticated cannot understand the question.

    What is a woman? *I* am a woman.

    I am delighted to *be* a woman, and to take on the role of *mother*. I am there for the skinned knees and sniffles, the tears and angers, the failures and achievements of my kids.

    But…I *understand* the angst of the young women in Mr. House’s photo. They want to choose their way. They don’t want others to make the choices for them. Don’t call them “baby-killers.” To do so is propaganda. Yes, we need young women to become mothers, and motherhood is honorable and fulfilling. Let the young women choose, don’t impose upon them. Empower women, support mothers. Don’t make them dependent upon men.

    Because…even as I delight in my own womanhood and motherhood…there is a part of me that is embittered, betrayed, and angry. When I embarked on the journey of motherhood, the man at my side promised to support me financially and emotionally. He broke that promise. In 2018 he tried to steal the children from me and to destroy me financially. He arranged his income deliberately to hide the bulk of it so that the court would order very little child support. Even with generous financial help from friends and family during that crisis, as a result I’m trying to figure out when I can declare bankruptcy. So much I’ve had to deal with, heaped upon me, that I didn’t choose. I have been impoverished for 10 years. I will probably never fully recover from the financial setback. I will not be able to help my children pay for college.

    My 14 year old daughter tells me that she never wants to have children. Isn’t it obvious why she would feel that way?

    If you want women to be mothers…empower them.

    Mr. House

    “But…I *understand* the angst of the young women in Mr. House’s photo. They want to choose their way. They don’t want others to make the choices for them. Don’t call them “baby-killers.” To do so is propaganda. Yes, we need young women to become mothers, and motherhood is honorable and fulfilling. Let the young women choose, don’t impose upon them. Empower women, support mothers. Don’t make them dependent upon men.”

    I agree with all this, but here is your problem “Don’t make them dependent upon men.” How is this possible? We’ve seen in the last 30 years as the US has transitioned from making things to services, that this has become a possibility. But on the other hand, the reason that most of us come here and read and comment, is because we realize that this too shall pass. When life gets more real, as in you can’t work from a computer screen all your life and have to get your hands dirty, in other words we transition back to a more “traditional” life style, how does that statement work? We are all dependent on something, better it be your family and local community then some faceless borg that tells you want you want to hear in a trade for your sovereignty and power. Do you think those strong empowered women fighting for the right to make their own choices would have been fine with forcing everyone else to get the shot? From my personal exp. i would say 100% yes.

    Mr. House

    And is the picture that clear, are they baby killers or saints? Did they not have any say in getting pregnant? Or is all abortion due to the fact that the mother would not survive child birth? Here we are again back at personal responsibility. We know masks don’t do much to stop covid, but losing weight will greatly reduce your risk of a bad outcome with it. Which do we do?

    Mr. House

    I care not if people have abortions, its not my business. But i do care about the hypocritical reasoning they use to not have feelings of guilt.

    Mr. House

    Heck and with all the “great” changes we’ve had over the past 40 or 50 years, is society better off? Everything and i mean everything has been going the way of “liberalism” for the past 40 or 50 years, are things better now then they were before?


    Re: the Cat 994H fuel burn. Not true. Maybe 1800 liters/hr. Not gallons. Still a lot and we get the point.

    To nail it down further, don’t we also need to know how many hours it takes to move 500,000 pounds of earth?



    How long does it take a Cat 994H to move 500,000 pounds of earth/rock? Not long. Minutes.*

    That is a rather loaded question to say the least! It depends upon many factors, like what is the mining setup? Is It a trucking operation (the most common) where the Cat 994H picks up the earth /rock and dumps it into the bed of a large mine truck to be hauled away?

    Then there is the issue of the Cat 994H’s bucket size. That depends upon the type and density of earth/rock being moved. The heavier the material the smaller the bucket size.

    Since there are so many variables involved there will be no simple answer.

    But I will take a Cat 994H with a 20 cubic yard bucket and another with a bigger 25 cubic yard bucket.
    I will then assume about 2,500 pounds per cubic yards. (Could be lighter or heavier.)
    I will then assume a rather conservative 1 minute for a load and dump into a truck cycle. (A good operator could easily do 2 cycles per minute.)

    20 cubic yard bucket times 2,500 pounds times 1 minute = 50,000 pounds/minute.
    25 cubic yard bucket times 2,500 pounds times 1 minute = 62,500 pounds/minute.

    So to move 500,000 pounds of material could take anywhere from 8 to 10 minutes.
    500,000/50,000 = 10 minutes.
    500,000/62,500 = 8 minutes

    Another factor to be considered is how big are the trucks and how long between trucks does the Cat 994H have to wait? Truck haul distances plays a huge role in mining efficiency. Then overall mine efficiency could easily reduce the tones process per hour moved downwards greatly.

    So it isn’t just a single Tesla battery that require moving huge amounts of earth.
    A pound of copper requires moving a lot of earth too!

    John Day

    Thanks for the mining-facts, WES. I believe they said that big cat burned 1800 gallons of “fuel” in a 12 hour shift, so 150 gallons of diesel/hr.

    Farmer McGregor

    @Antidote “Re: the Cat 994H fuel burn. Not true. Maybe 1800 liters/hr. Not gallons. Still a lot and we get the point.”

    It doesn’t say 1800 gallons per hour, but over a 12 hour shift. That’s 150 gallons per hour which is still an exaggeration according to the Cat Performance Handbook chart to which you refer. The chart says 994H fuel consumption can be as high as 52 gallons per hour under heavy usage.

    52 gallons per hour doesn’t surprise me; my little 3-cylinder Kubota easily sucks down well over a gallon an hour under ‘heavy’ usage (heavy for it, that is). 50 gallons is a LOT of diesel, currently worth over $300 at the local retail station. Very likely there is more energy embedded in the manufacture of those batteries than they will ever “save” during their usable life

    Should have just burned the diesel fuel in the car rather than the big-ass loader.

    John Day

    The traditional question is “What is a ‘man’?”
    Well, that’s important, because everybody knew what a woman was.
    Is Dad a “real man”?
    Does Dad protect Mom and the kids? Does Dad “bring home the bacon”?
    Is Dad “a good man”, reliable, dependable in the long term to support the family?

    I don’t intend to take anybody’s side or oppose anybody, but I’ll point out that women-raising-children require support. that’s the basic deal. “Men” want to reproduce, too, so a contract for support works for Women, Men and Children, and the species continues.
    Some “people” break contracts, even women, sometimes. Men not-infrequently have a strategy of breaking contracts, conscious or unconscious, or subconscious, or hidden from consciousness, or sequentially-in-consciousness…
    Phoenixvoice’s ex is that kind of “man”.
    Phoenixvoice’s daughter despairs of that kind of a life, “having children”.

    Lyndon Johnson sent “young men” to kill and be killed in Vietnam, and created a “Great Society” based on “Guns and Butter” where women could have children without “Good Men” or even “Real Men”.
    There were problems being “married” to the federal and state governments.
    See “married to abuser”.

    People are the apex predator of our world, and some people are the apex-predators-of-apex-predators.
    Other people are their prey.
    Some people are not either.
    Some people visit TAE.
    TAE generally disparages human predator-prey relationships, but there’s that question, “What are human-predator and human prey/”


    There is a weekly “farmer’s market” within walking distance of my house. I live in a smallish town on the coast, well away from any large urban areas, but more importantly, most of the vendors come from inland where most of the farms are. I know that some of these people drive a long way to bring their goods to this market, which is only open for about 3 hours, and then go about 12 miles down the road to an evening market in a nearby town.

    Today I was talking with one of the vendors I regularly buy citrus from, and I remarked that it must be getting expensive to gas up that stake-bed truck of hers. (This morning gas here was $6.15/gal, and about $7/gal for diesel.) She said she drives 150 miles each way (so 300 miles round trip) to get here, and on a good day, the truck gets ~13 mpg. Wow. That means that one fruit seller has to pay for around 25 gallons of fuel just to break even on the transportation cost. I might add that she told me her truck has 425,000 miles on it–it will obviously need to be replaced at some point, it isn’t going to run forever. I really don’t know how she has held her prices steady for the last year or two.

    Elsewhere in the market there is another vendor I buy pasture-raised pork, chicken, and eggs from. He only drives about 80-90 miles round trip. The meat is much better and healthier, but it certainly isn’t cheap compared to its supermarket feed-lot raised equivalent. Last week a customer came by to buy some meat, and I’m pretty sure it was his first time buying meat directly from the grower, because he made a very pointed comment about how expensive the meat was. I just don’t think most people understand how much it costs to raise food and get it to market, not to mention the value of the hours and hours of labor involved.

    The way things are going, however, these small growers and ranchers are going to be one of our only semi-reliable sources of food before too much longer.


    Pentagon divulges number of US-funded biolabs in Ukraine
    US insists 46 “peaceful” facilities were all about public health and safety

    Fact Sheet on WMD Threat Reduction Efforts with Ukraine, Russia and Other Former Soviet Union Countries
    JUNE 9, 2022

    27 May, 2022
    Ukraine’s biolabs riddled with corruption and neglect – Russia
    The network of US-sponsored biolabs in Ukraine has been suffering from safety issues and rampant corruption, Moscow claims

    “According to official data, only three laboratories with a BSL-3 biological safety level have had the right to perform such studies. These are the Odessa Anti-Plague Institute, the Institute of Epidemiology and Hygiene in Lvov, and the Public Health Center in Kiev,” Kirillov stated.
    The institute has had a large collection of some 654 pathogens, including anthrax, cholera, and other infectious diseases, Kirillov added.
    Attempts to improve the biolabs’ safety have been hampered by rampant corruption, the official claimed, citing a report by the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU). According to the document, the US-based engineering company Black & Veatch spent some 37.8 million hryvnia (some $4.7 million at the time) to upgrade three “veterinarian laboratories” back in 2013.

    “According to an independent evaluation, the actual work cost some 17.7 million hryvnia less compared to the declared value,” Kirillov said, adding that the data obtained by the Russian military suggests that the funds had been funneled to several shell companies and vanished “benefiting American and Ukrainian officials.”


    The way things are going, however, these small growers and ranchers are going to be one of our only semi-reliable sources of food before too much longer.
    Food shortage and money shortage for a lot of people.


    Useless eaters, picking trash
    In hopes of just a bit of cash-
    Or under some harsh master’s whip:
    The kind of future most would skip.

    It stands to reason that humans- having destroyed most of their predators- should produce their own within the species. Everything human predators do indicates they know who they are and recognize each other. They methodically kill for gain- not in self-defense.
    Perhaps “predator” isn’t quite right.

    Veracious Poet


    If you want women to be mothers…empower them.

    But why, when the Infinite has given his daughters all the “power” they will ever need?

    Why would God’s beautiful daughters, sisters, mothers be obsessed with *MOAR* 😕

    Answer: Because All like sheep have gone astray, having turned, every one, to their own way

    Many of us matured within a society inhabited by a majority of “women” who were nurturing, caring, demure, community-oriented “givers”, whom mostly placed their life goals towards the sanctity of family, the normal social contract + generally ALL life on earth.

    Whereas the last 50 years has produced a steadily imploding CULTure of increasingly know-nothing, self-obsessed, unhinged harpies…

    Supporting & following the diktats of NPD sociopaths ALWAYS will drive even the apathetic into madness, which is especially horrific when embodied by gender warfare & infanticide for EVIL purposes.

    The Infinite’s sons, who were created to be protective leaders were, of course, the underlying *FAIL* factor that led western civilization into the swarmy hands of “The Owners” & their “Annointed Ones”, who then spread chaos to divide & conquer for exponential wealth & power…

    Feminism then became an unwitting pawn in this debacle, torching the social contract from the family up 🙄

    Women are, & always will be, the “weaker sex” physiologically, to that end rejection of the Infinite’s Plan inexorably ends the same: Chaos & needless suffering…

    EGOcentricity that justifies suicidal/homocidal actions, if not rejected by social norms, will eventually engulf the civilization that is poisoned by it.


    Passing “your” CONSEQUENCES onto others is a spiritual malady, especially concerning the unborn, leading to a dark path for the perpetrator. This is The Way.

    CHOOSE wisely, know that ALL who are born into this realm will suffer & die, inevitably…

    Blaming bad CHOICES on scapegoats, to deflect responsibility, has led DIRECTLY to mass formation psychosis.

    The CONSEQUENCES were unavoidable 😕

    In contravention of the EGOcentric mind (that CHOOSES to conscientiously block out the Infinite), the unvarnished Truth of real reality is that spirituality has to be lived to grok it ~ You can’t fake your way to the Peace that will set you free.

    Sorry, just calling an Ace an Ace, after 60+ years of drowning in CULTural chaos, lost in EGO, then reconnecting with the Spirit within & find refuge on an invisible island paradise of Love, Healing & Creativity…

    I wish my brothers & sisters would STOP! believing lies that feed & expand EGO!!!

    I know in the core of my being we’re ALL on planet Earth to Love & Help each other, God’s children were never meant, nay created, to be selfish pigs always seeking *MOAR* 🙄

    The Infinite will not be mocked!

    Nothing personal,


    Veracious Poet

    People are the apex predator of our world, and some people egomaniacs aka bad boys & girls are the apex-predators-of-apex-predators.

    Other people innocent victims or ignorant fools are their prey.

    FIFY John 😕

    Veracious Poet
    Michael Reid

    ” I know in the core of my being we’re ALL on planet Earth to Love & Help each other ”

    And that is the truth but then it gets complicated when there is more than one


    On the subject of what is a woman?

    For me being a male, a woman raises my heart beat!


    @Gary: “Many of us matured within a society inhabited by a majority of “women” who were nurturing, caring, demure, community-oriented “givers”, whom mostly placed their life goals towards the sanctity of family, the normal social contract + generally ALL life on earth.”

    Yes, we were the fortunate sons and daughters who grew “up” in that mostly stable society. I credit that early life experience for firmly establishing my REVERENCE for ALL life on earth and for my ability to lead with/be LOVE in daily living.

    Anyone/everyone can find the Way to PEACE, COMPASSION, LOVE. Access/channels are OPEN if you choose it. No one need ask for empowerment from some outside source – as the Source is and always has been within. Ask and you shall receive. Everlasting empowerment is yours – by this choice alone.

    Even more important is your statement: “the unvarnished Truth of real reality is that spirituality has to be lived to grok it”. This has been my experience as well. Add to it the UNDERSTANDING that comes from a quiet/silent mind. When the mind is silent the Heart talks. The language of the Heart is LOVE.

    @phoenix – your contributions here are valued and appreciated. You are powerful through the sharing of personal experiences and reflections. Your LOVE shines through.

    LOVE to ALL.

    Veracious Poet

    When I first experienced a quiet/silent mind (while in a sober, conscience state), my EGO went REEEeeee! 😳 , followed by my spirit/heart going *WOW* 😀

    I now receive the gift more & more, as I increase meditation/prayer, experiencing the gift of clarity without judgment, a new role where I’m blessed as a friend & caretaker 🙂

    My subconsciousness is still a playground for my diminished EGO ~ After giving sincere thanks as I prepare to sleep, I humbly ask for my brain to continue to be rewired.

    The important state to pursue In the Now, is to surrender to the Spiritual, *NOT* the EGO…

    I too was blessed by a community of sane, loving “givers”, which was critical to countermand the nightmare I was often subjected to @ home 😕

    Glad I learned/knew, early on, that the Bad Boys were nothing but a pathetic pack of losers…


    @willem: We had a good turnout at yesterday’s Farmers Market held in the grassy green meadow next to the Art Gallery where I work. Nearly 1/3 of the producers drive approximately 45 miles upriver/downriver and over a mountain pass to get here, they all have expanding fuel costs ($6.97/gallon in town). Am so grateful for the beautiful offerings they bring each week!

    My strategy to help these hard-working, committed souls is to buy as much of their produce/products as I can possibly eat + more. We all need to eat more veggies and fruit, right? I also try to gift everyone an extra something – so if the green onions are a dollar fifty cents I hand over a ten and say keep the change. Am also considering rounding up a couple of market sponsors whose money could be pooled and directed to the producer participants as “gas money”. Small rural towns are fragile, protecting the “heritage” human infrastructure such as Farmers Market – is an essential task.


    Michael Reid

    Putin points to boomerang effect of sanctions



    Hidden warfare
    Chips and neon gas

    Low on gas: Ukraine invasion chokes supply of neon needed for chipmaking
    Production of gases used to make semiconductors at risk.

    Ninety per cent of neon production is in Russia and Ukraine. As of 2020, the company Iceblick, with plants in Odessa and Moscow, supplies 65 per cent of the world’s production of neon, as well as 15% of the krypton and xenon. Neon gas is extracted as a byproduct of iron smelting from neon rich iron ore.

    The Top 10 Semiconductor Companies by Market Share

    Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. accounts for 54% of the global market share
    Taiwan, South Korea, and China combine for 87% of the global semiconductor market

    TSMC, short for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, is by far the world’s largest chip manufacturer. It’s also the sixth most valuable company in the world with a market cap of over $600 billion, and supplies chips to the likes of Apple, Intel, and Nvidia.

    TSMC and Samsung are the only companies capable of producing today’s most advanced 5-nanometer chips that go into iPhones. However, the Taiwanese company is one step ahead and set to produce its 3-nanometer chips in 2022, offering the most advanced foundry technology.

    Other companies on the list include China’s largest chipmaker SMIC, one of the 60 Chinese companies blacklisted by the U.S. in 2020. On a country level, Taiwan accounts for 63% of the foundry market, followed by South Korea with 18%. In both countries, the majority of the market share belongs to a single company.

    The chip challenge: Keeping Western semiconductors out of Russian weapons
    Military weapons such as drones, guided missiles, helicopters, fighter jets, vehicles and electronic warfare equipment all need chips and experts say they often use older chips that are well tested out. Now, under new U.S. sanctions even some of the most basic chips cannot be shipped to prohibited Russian entities.
    Progress in Importation of US Equipment Dispels Doubts on SMIC’s Capacity Expansion for Mature Nodes for Now, Says TrendForce
    5 March 2021

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