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The End of Castle Europe and the First Day of Freedom (Batiushka)
World Economy At Risk Of Deglobalization – IMF (RT)
Tweaking The Dragon’s Tail To Ignite A Terrible Fire With China (Larry Johnson)
New Chinese Aid For Syria Sets Off Alarms In Israel (BD)
Japanese Firms In No Rush To Leave Russia (RT)
Kiev Knew Prison It Shelled Held Ukrainian POWs – DPR (RT)
Zelensky and US To Blame For ‘Bloodbath’ In Donbass – Russia (RT)
British Boats Assist In Transporting Russian Oil (RT)
UN, World Economic Forum Behind Global ‘War on Farmers’ (ET)
Zelensky’s ‘Elite Kraken neo-Nazi Battalion’ Destroyed – Russia (RT)
Gas Levy Could Triple Household Heating Bills In Germany (ZH)
Biden Admin Quietly Builds More Border Wall Amid Migration Surge (JTN)
Covid Reinfection Rate With Paxlovid Is More Than 40%, Not 2% As Marketed (DM)
Italian Court Orders Analysis Of mRNA Vaccines (Muac)



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“..the three aims of the Allied Special Operation in the Ukraine [..] have had to be extended..”

The more weapons are poured in, the bigger the territory becomes.

The End of Castle Europe and the First Day of Freedom (Batiushka)

It has now been officially admitted that the three aims of the Allied Special Operation in the Ukraine, the liberation of the Donbass, and the demilitarisation and denazification of the Ukraine, have had to be extended. This is firstly because of the resistance of the Neo-Nazi regime in Kiev to the liberation of the peoples of the Ukraine and secondly because of the support given to that regime by pro-Nazi regimes. Those regimes, known as ‘The Collective West’, are the regimes, representing only 13% of the world population, which have extended the war, both in time and in space.

This change was implicitly confirmed on 28 July by Dmitry Peskov, Press Secretary to President Putin, who declared that ‘the whole of the Ukraine needs to be denazified’. This means that most, or even all, of the Ukraine is going to be liberated, not just the Crimea, the two provinces of the Donbass and the surrounding four provinces of Kharkov, Dnipropetrovsk, Kherson and Zaporozhie. These fully- or partly-liberated provinces are being attacked from further away: clearly their liberation will not be complete until those attacks from further away have been stopped, even if that means proceeding right to the Ukrainian border with Poland. (And if NATO countries dared attack the liberated Ukraine from within their borders, then…).

As for the second aim of demilitarisation, which is ongoing in the Ukraine and has reached a high level as a result of the Russian destruction of military hardware and those willing to use it, it too has had to be extended. The extension is necessary because of the military hardware being sent to the Ukraine from the rest of the Collective West, that is, from Non-Russian Europe (just over 50% of European territory) and from the USA. Both have begun sending the Ukraine their weapons for destruction by Russia. However, the third aim, of denazification, both in the Ukraine and, as we explain below, even more in the rest of Non-Russian Europe, is far more complex. Let us explain this through what may at first seem to be rather academic historical considerations concerning English and Western history. Please be patient. There is a point to this.

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You make that sound like it’s a bad thing…

World Economy At Risk Of Deglobalization – IMF (RT)

Russia’s military operation in Ukraine and the subsequent Western sanctions on Moscow might push the global economy into geopolitical fragmentation, the IMF warned in a report published on July 26. “A serious risk to the medium-term outlook is that the war in Ukraine will contribute to fragmentation of the world economy into geopolitical blocs with distinct technology standards, cross-border payment systems, and reserve currencies,” the report states. According to the IMF, such a split would prevent the global community from jointly addressing global problems. “Fragmentation may also diminish the effectiveness of multilateral cooperation to address climate change, with the further risk that the current food crisis could become the norm,” the authors of the report warn.

The report notes that traditional economic and financial risks have been exacerbated by the conflict in Ukraine and its repercussions. Such risks currently include the effect of tighter monetary policy, slowing economic growth in China and rising energy prices. However, according to the report, there is “limited evidence of reshoring,” or trade deglobalization, at the moment, and overall, global trade “has been more resilient than expected since the start of the [Covid-19] pandemic,” which can be taken as a positive sign. Still, the IMF predicts that increasingly tight sanctions on Russia will eventually result in a drop in Russia’s oil exports to the global market and a “decline to zero” of Russian gas exports to Europe, which in turn would make “inflation expectations more persistently elevated” across the globe and tighten financial conditions as governments attempt to deal with rising prices.

“In this scenario, the shock would have a widespread impact, as higher global commodity prices and tighter monetary and financial conditions would affect almost all countries, albeit to different extents. Europe would be particularly affected in this scenario, with 2023… near-zero regional growth,” the IMF states. Still, according to analysts, “taming inflation should be the first priority for policymakers”despite the costs of tighter monetary policy, as “delay will only exacerbate [the costs].”

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Pelosi just released a doc stating which places she will visit. Taiwan is not on it.

Tweaking The Dragon’s Tail To Ignite A Terrible Fire With China (Larry Johnson)

The next two weeks could be two of the most dangerous in the history of the United States because it appears Joe Biden and his clueless national security team are bumbling their way towards a showdown with China that is fraught with the peril of war. The Chinese Government now rejects the One China Policy that has been the foundation of U.S./Chinese relations for 43 years. CSIS boils it down nicely: When the United States moved to recognize the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and de-recognize the Republic of China (ROC) in 1979, the United States stated that the government of the People’s Republic of China was “the sole legal Government of China.” Sole, meaning the PRC was and is the only China, with no consideration of the ROC as a separate sovereign entity.

The United States did not, however, give in to Chinese demands that it recognize Chinese sovereignty over Taiwan (which is the name preferred by the United States since it opted to de-recognize the ROC). Instead, Washington acknowledged the Chinese position that Taiwan was part of China. For geopolitical reasons, both the United States and the PRC were willing to go forward with diplomatic recognition despite their differences on this matter. The Chinese are now unyielding on their claim of sovereignty over Taiwan. It does not matter any more that Washington threatens action if China takes any steps to impose its “sovereignty”, China is going to demonstrate its sovereignty. One way it may do this is to deny Nancy Pelosi and any other dignitary from Washington, DC from flying to Taiwan and setting foot on “Chinese territory” without the permission of Beijing.

The United States does not have an embassy in Taiwan. It has a consulate, which is subordinate to the U.S. Embassy in Beijing. In other words, any official visit by a U.S. official must have country clearance from China. Got it? What makes the current situation so dangerous is that the Commander of US Forces in the Indo-Pacific region (aka INDOPACCOM) has ordered the Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group to the South China Sea as a “show of force.” This is a deliberate act to demonstrate to the Chinese that they have no sovereignty over this territory. The Chinese reaction to this provocation is alarming:

“The Chinese Army urged citizens to “prepare for war” in a social media post Friday that garnered thousands of likes, according to the state-sponsored Global Times. Chinese officials have issued stark warnings of possible conflict should House Speaker Nancy Pelosi follow through with her promise to visit Taiwan in August, pledging a “forceful” response. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) 80th Group Army’s post received over 300,000 thumbs-up on China’s social media platform Weibo within 12 hours “amid high morale among Chinese soldiers,” the Global Times said. “We must bear in mind the fundamental responsibility of preparing for war and charge on the journey of a strong army,” the 80th Group Army posted in a comment that received 8,000 likes”, according to Global Times.

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“..the aid “aims to improve local network infrastructure, especially in those areas hit hard during the Syrian crisis since 2011.”

New Chinese Aid For Syria Sets Off Alarms In Israel (BD)

A recent announcement of Chinese aid for Syria is setting off alarm bells in Israeli security circles. During a July 20 ceremony held in Damascus, an announcement was made that Syria will receive advanced communications equipment from China. According to the official announcement, the aid “aims to improve local network infrastructure, especially in those areas hit hard during the Syrian crisis since 2011.” Signed by Chinese Ambassador to Syria Feng Biao and Chairman of Syria’s Planning and International Cooperation Authority Fadi Salti Al-Khalil, the deal specifies that the equipment will be “delivered in two batches” to the Syrian Communications and Technology Ministry.

Relations between Israel and China are cordial, if somewhat strained in recent years by US pressure on Jerusalem to limit ties with Beijing. So on the face, having China in Syria is not in and of itself a major concern for Israel. But the economic or military improvements China could bring to Syria’s military is a reason for concern. Israeli defense sources told Breaking Defense that the exact type of the communication systems to be supplied to Syria is not clear, but it is expected to be of a type that will fill current gaps in Syria’s military communications network. And, the sources worry, this could be only the tip of the iceberg of Chinese assistance for Syria’s effort to rebuild its armed forces.

“We have indications that Chinese experts visited in recent months some Syrian military installations that were damaged heavily during the civil war,” one source said. “We believe that many [facilities] of the Syrian army will be rebuilt by the Chinese, who have the capability of bringing in thousands of workers to complete the work in the shortest time.” That source also warned that the Chinese may try to sell the Syrians some of their defense systems, which could complicate Israeli operations in Syria. “The Russian-made systems used by the Syrians are almost useless dealing with advanced weapon systems like those used by Israel,” the source noted.

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“..just 5% of Japanese companies that had operations in Russia have left [..] This contrasts with 46% for the UK, 33% for Canada, and 27% for the US.”

Japanese Firms In No Rush To Leave Russia (RT)

Japanese companies are no in a hurry to quit the Russian market, amid fears of being unable to return and having to find new suppliers, the Japan Times reported this week, citing a survey from the statistics center Teikoku Databank. According to the report, within the past month no Japanese companies have announced a suspension or cessation of operations in Russia. Since Russia became subject to numerous sanctions due to its military operation in Ukraine, 74, or about 40%, of the 168 listed Japanese companies working in Russia announced intentions to leave the country. Of these, however, most said they would only halt some form of operation, while a mere five companies said they would withdraw from the Russian market completely.

According to the survey, Japanese companies attributed their reluctance to withdraw from Russia to fears of losing their niche in what they consider an important emerging market and potential difficulties in finding alternative suppliers. Earlier this year, reports emerged that the Japanese government had urged the conglomerates Mitsui and Mitsubishi to retain their stakes in the Russian liquefied natural gas (LNG) project Sakhalin-2, which now operates under a new Russian operator, in order to ensure continued LNG flows. Also, a number of Japan’s major automakers, including Toyota, have suspended their activities in Russia over the past several months but have not yet closed their businesses in the country.Western sanctions against Moscow have forced many international companies to quit the Russian market. However, according to a Yale University survey, just 5% of Japanese companies that had operations in Russia have left, which is tied with Italy for the lowest shares in the G7. This contrasts with 46% for the UK, 33% for Canada, and 27% for the US.

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Gonzalo Lira @GonzaloLira1968
Azov Battalion POWs were killed with HIMARS rockets.
HIMARS are targeted by the Americans only.
Americans are providing targeting intelligence.
Americans deliberately targeted Azov Battalion POWs for assassination.
Not their first rodeo. The US did the same in Syria.

Kiev Knew Prison It Shelled Held Ukrainian POWs – DPR (RT)

Kiev knew exactly where Ukrainian prisoners of war were being held when it ordered a strike on the detention facility in Donbass, Eduard Basurin, the spokesman for the army of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), claimed. The attack on the prison near the village of Yelenovka on Friday morning claimed the lives of 53 people, with 75 more injured, according to the DPR. The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that the facility had held members of Ukraine’s Azov Battalion, whose fighters surrendered to Russian and Donbass forces during the siege of the Azovstal steel factory in Mariupol. The battalion is notorious for having fighters with nationalist and neo-Nazi views. “I would like to note that Ukraine itself determined the place of detention of prisoners of war, so they knew exactly where they were kept and in what place,” Basurin told journalists without elaborating.

The DPR’s ombudswoman, Darya Morozova, explained that Ukrainian authorities had previously insisted Yelenovka’s facility be a detention center for Ukrainian prisoners of war. “It was discussed, it was their proposal. That is, they knew perfectly well where the prisoners were being held, at their own request. That’s how cynically they took the lives of 50 of their own officers and soldiers,” she told Izvestia newspaper. In Basurin’s opinion, the prison was targeted “after the Ukrainian prisoners of war began to talk about the crimes that they had committed on the orders of their commanders.” As the orders to conduct those crimes, according to Basurin, had been issued by Kiev, the Ukrainian “political leadership” ordered the strike on the detention center using US-made HIMARS multiple rocket launchers “to hide those crimes about which Ukrainian prisoners of war began to speak.”

“I would like to note that even the lack of ammunition did not stop them from shutting the mouths of those Ukrainian prisoners of war who began to tell how they killed, where they killed and why they killed the civilian population,”Basurin said. He echoed the earlier remarks by DPR head Denis Pushilin, who claimed that the Ukrainians “deliberately” targeted the detention center in order to kill Azov members who had been providing accounts of possible war crimes committed by their commanders. Kiev has categorically denied these allegations and accused “the Russian occupants” of carrying out the strike. According to a statement by the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on Facebook, Russia’s aim was to accuse Ukraine of committing ‘war crimes’.

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“..after the Ukrainian prisoners of war began to talk about the crimes that they had committed on the orders of their commanders.”

Zelensky and US To Blame For ‘Bloodbath’ In Donbass – Russia (RT)

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is personally responsible, along with the United States, for the fatal shelling of a detention facility in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), Russia’s Defense Ministry claimed on Saturday. According to the ministry’s statement, a missile strike using US-made HIMARS multiple rocket launchers on a prison near the village of Yelenovka killed 50 POWs, while 73 were hospitalized with severe injuries. The ministry added that the remains of 48 Ukrainian prisoners of war were found and extracted from underneath the rubble, while two inmates succumbed to their wounds on the way to a medical facility. “All political, criminal and moral responsibility for the bloodbath against Ukrainians is borne personally by Zelensky, his criminal regime and Washington, which supports them,” the statement reads.

Earlier this week, Eduard Basurin, the spokesman for the DPR’s army, said that Kiev knew exactly where the POWs were being held, because Kiev “itself determined the place of detention.” The DPR official also noted that the prison could have been targeted by Kiev in order to hide atrocities “after the Ukrainian prisoners of war began to talk about the crimes that they had committed on the orders of their commanders.” The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that the facility had held members of Ukraine’s Azov Battalion, whose fighters surrendered to Russian and Donbass forces during the siege of the Azovstal steel factory in Mariupol. Kiev has categorically denied these allegations and claims Russia is responsible for the strike, saying that Moscow sought to blame Ukraine for committing ‘war crimes’. Russia and allied forces have repeatedly accused Ukraine of shelling civilian infrastructure with various heavy weaponry, including HIMARS.

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There’s still money to be made…

British Boats Assist In Transporting Russian Oil (RT)

British-crewed ships have participated in transporting Russian crude oil to Asia, The Independent revealed on Friday, claiming that the “small part” they play in the chain indicates “huge holes” in the Western sanctions on Moscow. A joint investigation of The Independent and the website Global Witness found that at least twice in May, British-crewed vessels based in the Suffolk town of Southwold “sped out from nearby harbours to help transfer Russian oil between vast tankers.” One boat was sent by a British company called STS Marine Transfers to move 14,000 tonnes of Russian fuel oil from one foreign tanker to another, while another, a catamaran called Endeavor that belongs to a company known as Wood Marine, delivered supplies and took the tankers’ crews ashore. The oil transfers took place outside UK territorial waters.

“After refuelling, the two tankers carried 165,000 tonnes of Russian fuel oil – worth more than £165m – onwards to the Persian Gulf and Singapore,” The Independent said. According to the outlet, the transfers “are one link in an international chain” that has helped Russia to quickly shift oil sales to Asia, as European buyers cut back. When approached by the journalists, one of the operators of the British ships said their boats just provide “a taxi service at sea,” and therefore there is no obligation to check where the oil comes from. Another company said it was complying with all international laws and regulations, and had not renewed its contract with cargoes originating from Russia.

“The exact number of transfers of Russian oil that have taken place off Britain’s coast is not known. They are not illegal, and there is nothing stopping British companies from taking part, but they are an indication of huge holes in Western sanctions,” the investigators claim. They added that, as “global shipping is among the most opaque and least accountable industries in the world,” and many things are happening “beyond the reach of individual nation states,” the industry significantly undermines Western countries’ ability to put pressure on Russia. The G7 has said it is aware of the problem and plans to introduce a price cap which would allow Western nations to curb Moscow’s oil revenue. The bloc has also been trying to lure China and India, major buyers of Russian crude, into joining the deal.

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“..High-level Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members within the U.N. system helped create the SDGs..”

UN, World Economic Forum Behind Global ‘War on Farmers’ (ET)

The escalating regulatory attack on agricultural producers from Holland and the United States to Sri Lanka and beyond is closely tied to the United Nations’ “Agenda 2030” Sustainable Development Goals and the U.N.’s partners at the World Economic Forum (WEF), numerous experts told The Epoch Times. Indeed, several of the U.N.’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are directly implicated in policies that are squeezing farmers, ranchers, and food supplies around the world. High-level Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members within the U.N. system helped create the SDGs and are currently helping lead the organization’s implementation of the global plan, The Epoch Times has previously documented.

If left unchecked, multiple experts said, the U.N.-backed sustainability policies on agriculture and food production would lead to economic devastation, shortages of critical goods, widespread famine, and a dramatic loss of individual freedoms. Already, millions of people worldwide are facing dangerous food shortages, and officials around the world say those are set to get worse as the year goes on. There is an agenda behind it all, experts told The Epoch Times. Even private land ownership is in the crosshairs, as global food production and the world economy are transformed to meet the global sustainability goals, U.N. documents reviewed by The Epoch Times show.

As explained by the U.N. on its SDG website, the goals adopted in 2015 “build on decades of work by countries and the U.N.” One of the earliest meetings defining the “sustainability” agenda was the U.N. Conference on Human Settlements known as Habitat I, which adopted the Vancouver Declaration. The agreement stated that “land cannot be treated as an ordinary asset controlled by individuals” and that private land ownership is “a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth, therefore contributes to social injustice.” “Public control of land use is therefore indispensable,” the U.N. declaration said, a prelude to the World Economic Forum’s now infamous “prediction” that by 2030, “you’ll own nothing.”

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He’s on a photoshoot.

Zelensky’s ‘Elite Kraken neo-Nazi Battalion’ Destroyed – Russia (RT)

Russia’s armed forces destroyed the Ukrainian president’s ‘elite assault battalion’ and dozens of fighters from the notorious Kraken neo-Nazi formation, Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said on Saturday. Providing an update on the progress of Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine, Konashenkov said that on July 28, at the Krasnoarmeysk railway station in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), the Russian military conducted a direct strike “with a high-precision air-based weapon” on a train transporting “an elite assault battalion of the 1st Separate Brigade of the President of Ukraine.” “More than 140 nationalists were killed on the spot. About 250 more militants received injuries of varying severity. All military equipment that was in the echelon was disabled,” Konashenkov stated.

The next day, in the area of Bogodukhov in Kharkov Region, Iskander missiles hit the hangars of a meat processing plant where the Kraken nationalist formation had set up a temporary base, according to the military spokesman. “More than 30 Nazis and 10 units of military equipment were destroyed.” Kraken calls itself a special reconnaissance and sabotage unit under the Ministry of Defense, operating separately from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Moscow has accused the battalion of committing several war crimes since the beginning of the conflict. Also on July 29, Russian forces destroyed 30 Ukrainian servicemen, a warehouse with rockets for Grad combat vehicles, and military equipment in the settlement of Yasnobrodovka in the DPR.

In the area of Artemovsk, according to Konashenkov, Ukrainian losses amounted to 50 servicemen and eight units of military equipment. “In total, since the beginning of the special military operation, the following have been destroyed: 261 aircraft, 145 helicopters, 1,644 unmanned aerial vehicles, 361 anti-aircraft missile systems, 4,190 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 772 combat vehicles of multiple launch rocket systems, 3,217 field artillery guns and mortars, as well as 4,573 units of special military vehicles,” the general said.

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“..The levy should be accompanied by a relief package for lower-income households, otherwise the new charge could lead to a “social catastrophe..”

Gas Levy Could Triple Household Heating Bills In Germany (ZH)

Germany plans to introduce a levy for all its gas consumers beginning in October as the government looks to avoid a wave of collapsing gas-importing and gas-trading companies amid record-high natural gas prices, a new bill seen by Reuters showed on Thursday. Russia is further reducing flows via Nord Stream this week, to just 20% of the pipeline’s capacity, days after restarting the link at 40% capacity after regular maintenance. The German government has already intervened to rescue energy group Uniper, Russia’s single largest gas buyer in Germany. Uniper—and many other German gas traders and suppliers—have been reeling from reduced Russian supply and soaring prices of non-Russian gas.

Germany and Uniper agreed last week on a $15 billion bailout package, including the German government taking a 30-percent stake in the company and making more liquidity and credit lines available to the group. Under the plans of the government, all consumers of gas, including households, will have to pay an additional levy, which will go to support Germany’s gas importing companies, which struggle with a lack of Russian gas and sky-high prices of non-Russian alternatives. The details of the bill are set to be announced next month. Households and industrial consumers are expected to pay the levy through September 2024, according to the draft Reuters has seen.

“One doesn’t know exactly how much (gas) will cost in November, but the bitter news is that it’s definitely a few hundred euros per household,” German Economy Minister Robert Habeck was quoted by Reuters as saying on Thursday. Marcel Fratzscher, president of DIW, the German Institute for Economic Research, told Düsseldorf’s Rheinischen Post newspaper that German households should prepare for at least tripled costs of heating on gas. The levy should be accompanied by a relief package for lower-income households, otherwise the new charge could lead to a “social catastrophe,” Fratzscher added.

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Karine Jean-Pierre is ridiculous.

Biden Admin Quietly Builds More Border Wall Amid Migration Surge (JTN)

The Biden administration is quietly funding the completion of a segment of Trump’s border wall in Arizona amid an unprecedented influx of migrants crossing the nation’s border with Mexico. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas authorized Customs and Border Protection to fill gaps in existing barriers near the Morelos Dam outside of Yuma, Ariz., the New York Post reported.The department cited health and hazard concerns should migrants attempt to enter the U.S. via that route, saying the area “presents safety and life hazard risks for migrants attempting to cross into the United States where there is a risk of drownings and injuries from falls. This area also poses a life and safety risk to first responders and agents responding to incidents in this area.”

Some Republicans supported the decision to complete the portion of the border wall. “This may very well be the first time Biden has made a decision based on the actual facts, and the fact is an open border is a dangerous border,” Georgia Republican Rep. Austin Scott told Just the News. In a Thursday press conference, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre denied the administration was completing Trump’s border wall. “We’re not finishing the wall,” she said, per the Post. “We are cleaning up the mess the prior administration left behind in their failed attempt to build a wall.” Record numbers of migrants continue to surge across the southern border as the administration struggles to process the influx.


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“..Paxlovid can cause this issue by suppressing patients’ immune systems too early..” Say that again?!

Covid Reinfection Rate With Paxlovid Is More Than 40%, Not 2% As Marketed (DM)

Joe Biden has been re-infected with COVID after taking an anti-viral drug that leaves patients running a 40 per cent risk of flare-up of the virus shortly afterwards. Taking Paxlovid leaves COVID sufferers in danger of testing positive for the virus again very quickly after clearing their initial infection. When Paxlovid came to market in December 2021, studies from Pfizer indicated that only 1-2 percent of patients who took the drug tested positive for Covid again shortly after finishing their dosage. But other experts say the rapid reinfection rate is closer to 40 per cent, and that Paxlovid can cause this issue by suppressing patients’ immune systems too early, meaning their own bodies are unable to get a handle on COVID.

Dr. Jonathan Reiner, a prominent cardiologist and professor of medicine and surgery at George Washington University Hospital tweeted: ‘I think this was predictable.’ He continued: ‘The prior data suggesting ‘rebound’ Paxlovid positivity in the low single digits is outdates and with BA.5 is likely 20-40% or even higher.’ In a memo released by the White House, Dr. Kevin O’Connor said that the president will continue to isolate, just like he did when he first tested positive on July 21. Dr. O’Connor also said that the president would not be prescribed Paxlovid again.

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“Know what proteins are present in the vaccine..” Google translation.

Italian Court Orders Analysis Of mRNA Vaccines (Muac)

An Italian court seized by an individual opposed to anti-Covid vaccination has ordered the laboratory analysis of messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines, we learned this Saturday from the plaintiff’s lawyer. The court in Pesaro, near San Marino (east), has commissioned an expert to identify the contents of the Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech messenger RNA anti-Covid vaccines . These analyzes will be carried out in September, said lawyer Nicoletta Morante. According to her, this is “a first in Italy, and perhaps in Europe”. The complainant, who has already contracted the disease in the past, is a fifty-year-old working in particular in education, and whose activity in Italy is subject to the vaccination obligation. Refractory, he is under administrative sanctions, according to Me Nicoletta Morante.

In addition to “he asks to establish whether vaccinating people cured of Covid satisfies the good administration of medicine”, he wants to know what proteins are present in these vaccines and whether they contain “excipients for non-human or dangerous use. for health,” according to a summary of the complaint. The messenger RNA treatment allows the cells to reproduce proteins present in the virus – the “antigens” – in order to accustom the immune system to recognize and neutralize it. In support of the civil complaint presented to Pesaro, the lawyer produced the opinion of a medical researcher, presented as an independent virologist, who believes that mRNA vaccines do not fulfill the protective function for which they are injected. . These vaccines, he writes in the complaint, “do not have the declared functional conformation” and the immune response they engender “is ineffective”.


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WEF Ardern







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    Edward Hopper Sailing 1911   • The End of Castle Europe and the First Day of Freedom (Batiushka) • World Economy At Risk Of Deglobalization – IMF
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle July 31 2022]

    Veracious Poet

    Americans are providing targeting intelligence.
    Americans deliberately targeted Azov Battalion POWs for assassination.

    Veracious Poet

    TRULY HEARTBREAKING JAILHOUSE INTERVIEW with J6er Whose Son Turned Him In To FBI, Sentencing Monday- He DID NOT Enter Capitol, Nor Commit Any Violence – Biden DOJ Now Pushing for ‘TERRORISM” Charges…

    The Department of Justice has gone out of their way to completely destroy the life and family of Texan Guy Reffitt. Using techniques out of a Nazi Germany playbook, the FBI enticed Reffitt’s teenage son Jackson to secretly record conversations with his Dad in the family home, asking loaded questions to entrap him. Jackson was the star witness for the prosecution that nailed the coffin for his Father, who wept uncontrollably when he saw his son come to the stand to testify.

    Exclusive Audio: TRULY HEARTBREAKING JAILHOUSE INTERVIEW with J6er Whose Son Turned Him In To FBI, Sentencing Monday- He DID NOT Enter Capitol, Nor Commit Any Violence – Biden DOJ Now Pushing for ‘TERRORISM” Charges

    Formerly T-Bear

    Afewknowthetruth at 112517 31 July 1:41 am

    Thanks for that segment from The Saker. Normally I seldom read such offerings, normally they are nothing but ill considered, ignorant revisions of history. You provided a sterling example of re-examination, reappraisal and revaluate, drawing conclusions hitherto not considered, doing so without distorting or destroying the history itself as a means of self-validation. Reading it was refreshingly enlightening.
    Thanks again

    V. Arnold

    Edward Hopper Sailing 1911

    Lovely and so inviting….a beautiful day sailor sloop sailing off the wind on a beautiful day…

    Fond memories…

    V. Arnold

    Good to see you back T-Bear; with a vengence no less… 😉


    T Bear, I agree the writing and research was very revealing to me in the details. For those who missed it here’s another chance to check out this long but great piece.

    ‘The Special Relationship’: How the British Reconquered the United States and Established an Anglo-American Empire

    Armenio Pereira

    Tough times make men and women alike relearn what’s essential.

    No participation awards.
    No brownie points.
    The recipe for a healthy society.
    (Keeping in mind, however, that even healthy societies decay*, become sick, and disappear, leaving but a handful of mostly misunderstood – by future sentient beings – artifacts.)

    * Mainly because leaders grow soft, careless or simply lose the drive to weed out all those who suck.

    Dr. D

    “an additional levy, which will go to support Germany’s gas importing companies,”

    Huhwhut? They have no gas they CAN import, the money does them, nor the people of Germany any good. The least they could do is if you don’t get no gas, you get no bills neither.

    Bellingcat, whose every word from birth is a lie. ‘Nuff said. Every media outlet will quote him until the sun burns out.

    Height of the Cold War, Russia’s USSR allowed Voice of America, BBC, so they could say “See? We’re not so bad!”. The U.S. and London? Do not allow Russia Today, which is shot in American with American people, to tell anyone else’s side of the story or present any other information, regardless of true or false.

    Yup, they’re a cult. Only cults want you not to learn about and hear the other guy. Why? Terror. Control. If you have a good argument, a good religion, you’re willing to hear and debate and hopefully convert the other guy all day long. …Or is your argument no good and your religion make no sense?

    Spending too much time on WEF. Fun and revealing as it is, they’re really a distraction. Let me restate how:

    Doesn’t it seem a little too incredible for the WEF to suddenly appear, headed by a literal Bond villain, doing literal Bond villain things? 3 years ago nobody heard of them, or they were just one of a vast panoply of similar NGOs, Davosees, World Banks, IMFs, UNICEFs, etc. Boom, in the forefront. Why? Most of these guys don’t want press, and lay low since they don’t like the (bad) press that highlighting them usually gets.

    And it’s NOT that what they’re doing, saying, isn’t true. I think it is. They actually have these policies, these training camps, these leaders, these meetings. They actually brag about having world parliaments and governments in their pockets, on board with anti-national, anti-citizen agendas that will literally kill and enslave all humans on the planet under their perveiw. For a change, it’s not at all that what we’re saying, or the media is saying, is wrong. New approach.

    But have you given more thought to how they were constructed and funded? How they operated lo these 50 years? No, because we still don’t know how they are funded and who their backers are: despite non-stop coverage, no one’s gotten in and deciphered that, and the structure of NGOs is specifically created to be tax fronts, and influence machines that keep the real operators anonymous. Otherwise, like George and Bill, they’d just come out and do it personally, which is much more simple.

    So for 50 years since 1975, nobody ever heard of them, for the last 30 years they put through world leaders, no one reported as year after year they lacked up and used their cooperative club to install less-popular leaders in positions of power. Then one year, when? 2010? 2016? 2020? Suddenly they were all public and the media was all reporting more than if they were more powerful and relevant than the UN. Doesn’t that seem odd? Put it all together, doesn’t that seem odder? Who gave the order to go public? Who gave the order to the media to finally admit and report? Like Snowden back when, anytime they speak they have all the column inches they want, day after day if they feel like it. Meanwhile, any real candidates or issues are still ruthlessly shut out as ever: the People’s Party, Rand Paul, Nigel Farage, gosh there are so few they’re hard to name.

    If I were running this, funding this, for 50 years and suddenly realized in 2016 that things weren’t going my way then like a skin suit, I would arrange to have a second chameleon’s tail to sacrifice if anything went wrong. That is, here I am up there inside the IMF, World Bank, WHO, organizations with real long-term legal power people are fed up with and turning on. And I call my monkeys on the phone and tell waterboy Schwab “Hey old pal, your boss here. We’ve been working on this for 40 years, and guess what? Yes! The time has come to go public! Yeah, we always knew there’d be a day. Well, me and the other trillionaire backers have decided to put you in charge of the planet. Yes, no kidding! Well, you just get in front of the mike and tell the world what you’re doing, and we’ll call CNN and BBC and make sure they report everything you say. Got it?”

    “Yes boss. Wow, I’m so excited to be your boy I just creamed myself. I’ll get a second cat right away.”

    Meanwhile, what you’ve really done is arrange and pay for Klaus and all his ilk to be hung in the public square and drowned in the Baltic should anything go wrong. And if the peoples’ endless ire are expressed on Klaus and your puppet-stuffin’s, they aren’t going to have adequate steam left to come hang you, the real villain. Pull a casino heist? Gotta be a fall guy, somebody the po-po can nab and point to. Classic plan used for thousand years of their (mafia) history. Kill the king, the advisors and “bankers” the real backers and directors of events, escape. Peasants are happy. Yay, new King! Joffrey Baratheon gives Hope and Change! Child of the people, handsome as a model, and you should see him in blackface!

    Although you’ve sacrificed a knight, this leaves the IMF, UN, EU fake Parliament in place, where the real power lies, not in a Think-Tank thought-shaping group that never had any actual power whatsoever outside of club membership. And they were all members of a dozen other identical clubs anyway. More importantly, no one ever looks deeper, so when the CDC locks you down because the WHO has treaty sovereignty, when you eat the WalMart bugs in your BlackRock-owned house, listening to BlackRock-owned Neil Young rebel music on Spotify and paying BlackRock royalties for a CD you could own without paying, you think, “Gosh, we may not have won, but we sure at least got rid of those ONE group of Bond Villains making life hard on us! Don’t worry, we’re going to vote and snap right to winning freedom of speech and commerce back any day now, I’ve been donating to the DNC on my Fed Digital Currency and I’m sure AOC2.0 will bring a single vote up once every 4 years. Of course I’m a millennial who’s 67 years old now, but any day now we’re gonna force that vote.”

    Yeah. Bond villains? Why? These non-stop world-wide media people let him out there, promote him with this bad look? Like something so crazy, so campy, so off-base, off-message and off-brand it could literally be in Zoolander? Why? So suddenly all Madison Avenue, all the NY Times and all CNN didn’t notice he’s a little, well, not getting uptake and buy-in for worldwide audiences but keep him out there day after day, week after week anyway instead of replacing with “Cool DJ”? Really? Really-really? This is your story, argument, and belief? Why?

    No. I want his BACKERS. And if we take out the WEF I want anyone also participating in their terrible ideas to be expelled from every similar organization. But that won’t happen, will it? I can shout if they take them out, but people won’t actually fire all the Nulands and Pelosis and Ryans and Tedros-ing mass-murderer bank and military-payers will they?

    No. Not as long as we keep pointing at the WEF as relevant, they won’t.

    I’m sure I’ll comment on them again. What I say here isn’t doing much, or changing a thing because I could tell a million people to their face, quote the thousand documents in their own words and they won’t believe me – or believe them, the quotees, rattling on every day about promoting the end of all human rights and democide. But I do have to do my duty and get it out there as is my tiny job as a nobody from nowhere.

    Anti-Farm tax. Like I keep saying, and about non-farms in Wyoming vs Tesla-green Brooklyn too. What did they black out of that photo and not notice? Was that Dick Cheney’s house again? Or is it the nearby farm junkyard that isn’t very toxic compared to one day of Staten Island’s garbage but doesn’t play well in the ad?

    Other corners have noticed: they didn’t kill all the Mexican farmers, Indian farmers, all the Sri Lankan farmers, going to kill all the Dutch farmers, this month enact laws to kill all the Canadian farmers, for them not to also kill all the American farmers. They are just refining their plans on the little people, the minorities like the Native Americans, to perfect their Rez school, remove kids, rape, break culture, open concentration camp methods before rolling them out on you in New Jersey and Austin. So they’ll carpet bomb Canadian farmers next, clearly, then American, if there are any left after the last 60 years since 1965.

    ““..the three aims of the Allied Special Operation in the Ukraine [..] have had to be extended..” The more weapons are poured in, the bigger the territory becomes.”

    Yes, precisely. If Europe backed down from loving and cuddling Nazis and gave guarantees, Russia would have stopped with the Donbas and Crimea (obviously). They haven’t backed down a bit, and that’s expensive. They also haven’t come to any senses, anywhere in the 10,000 miles from Kerkov to San Jose. So Russia will just have to take the rest, through Odessa, and up to the Dnieper river. And that also probably won’t work, so they’ll keep going til they’re done feeling like it, and tell Europe how it’s going to be. Like Daddy. The only adult on the continent. As seen in Fatima, strangely Russia will be the Christian savior of the world.


    I support this site for over five years, but I keep seeing meme type post with no source and that is a real shame because I keep discovering some of them as easily verifiable fake news. Take a look at that video of the Body Bags. What is anyone supposed to make of it without a source? Yes I can click on it and read further, as I did, but if I am here on TAE, I expect more clarity because TAE is giving overall more clarity than the MSM. So make an effort to make a proper PROPAGANDA text quote above it.
    Thank you Raúl Ilargi Meijer

    John Day

    My younger son came down to visit yesterday, and I have been working on the new kitchen, so that’s myexcuse for being scarce. I’ll present one reading of the entrails that came to me,inspiredb y brave nancy Pelosi looking so presidential lately. Forgive re-posts already seen here, please. It’s hard to remember what came from where, and when I tabbed it.
    I’ll try to catch up on comments now…

    Dr. D

    “World Economy at Risk of Deglobalization – IMF (RT)”

    Still waiting. They keep pulling jenga pieces in time for the fall crash but nothing happens. For example: one minor millionaire, someone who’s barely rich just cleaned out all U.S. silver in all dealers coast to coast. For like $27 Million. As for usual, although they bought everything in all warehouses present and 3 months in the future (U.S. Mint) the price didn’t move 10c, nor did anyone note any “shortage.” That is, when you can’t buy a single thing, this commodity becomes unobtanium, the price never moves, and when it’s not delivered, no one defaults. As the price never moves, no one buys in, nor do any new mines open to help relieve the shortage. It’s just: “No Soup today. Shelves are bare. Nor tomorrow either.” That’s Socialism! Price-fixing below cost of production which means no shoes at all for anyone. No rule of law, which means when you default, fail your contracts, nothing ever happens…if you’re a Party Member. If people die for lack of shoes and soup: oh well! Premiums for a silver 1959 quarter go to 100-200%.

    Contracts mean nothing at all, as we just saw with LME Nickel defaulting: their big Chinese trader lost money, and so poof! They just reversed all the trades until he DIDN’T lose, and then all the guys who are NOT Party Members and Very Important People LOST all their totally correct and profitable trades instead. BECAUSE I SAID SO!!! This happened in ’08, and Flash Crashes, and some other places too. Oops! Sachs and Paul Pelosi lost money, so Backsies!

    Just picking on them all? Not today. What is the POINT of all this? Lenin crowed that Capitalists will sell him the rope he’ll double-cross and murder everybody with. Strangle everybody in their beds. So. Hot. Lie awake dreaming of it! To these guys, what is “Capitalism”? A quasi-meritocracy, their sworn enemy. I mean, if things ran on merit, Lenin, Pelosi, Romney, and Cheney would all be janitors cleaning vomit off a dive bar and giving hand-jobs in the alley. And who wants that? So they have to kill Capitalism and replace it with “Our Pals” be that whatever name, but atm we’re talking Socialist Central Planning where if you’re a pal – like Sachs – regulators destroy three companies to bail you out (Bear, Lehman, and AIG) then sack the taxpayers to give you the largest bonuses in history for collapsing. As in: NOT. CAPITALISM. ALL. GOVERNMENT.

    So Capitalism is their sworn enemy, they want “Stakeholder Capitalism” “Justice-Equity Capitalism” or whatever new euphemism Klaus has come up with for “Soviet Socialism” today, don’t care, can’t keep up, doesn’t matter, tl;dr. How do you, we, KILL Capitalism then?
    Well, install all 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto, already completed. Take over all the institutions and socially-indoctrinate the kids even if it kills them, already completed. Reduce the education, literacy, and culture to Idiocracy, already completed. Take the media and make it state-media propaganda, already completed. Make a Central Bank that controls winners and losers in every loan, already completed. But what’s left? CAPITAL. There are only two things: Capital (that is, actual objects) and CONTRACTS, (that is, promises). There’s a little bit of real object left and you don’t QUITE actually own nothing yet – just real close to it.

    So with no money, debt-backed, debt-issuers controlling things, no markets, no price-discovery, the Capital side is mostly locked up. That leaves the Contract side, but that’s psychological, internalized, legal. Already there is no rule of law, so rich lawyers can and do break the law and burn people alive in their cars by the thousands with no interest or investigations, but we need to also break the psychology of Capitalism: that of voluntary trade.

    And THAT is what the LME Nickel (and recent silver price) thing is. Prices are whatever I get up in the morning, have orange juice, and SAY they are. Oil is NEGATIVE $40/bbl? ‘CAUSE I SAID SO. Natural gas is $5 below production for Russia? Tesla is worth more than every car company combined, through the history of the known universe? I buy Bitcoin, Teslas, gold, wheat, and there is NO DELIVERY, nor any inclination to bother with delivering what I bought ever? Sounds like Comcast. Or Anthem Health Care. Or Pfizer who sells drugs that don’t work. Or Moderna who never had a product, ever, not even one drug before mRNA required and protected by insider government.

    No product, no delivery, no contract, no consequences. Just: you pay me. I deliver nothing. ‘CAUSE I SAID SO. Nice restaurant you have here, wouldn’t want anything to happen to it.
    So breaking CONTRACT is the last pin of breaking Capitalism, to be replaced by WHATEVER I SAY SO, which is Neo-Feudalism: raw power. Warlords. All against all of Dickensian Survival of the Fittest. That is: Eugenics. My (idiot) kids survive, yours are killed. Which needless to say is not what regular people think when they hear you want to install “Democratic Socialism,” but you can tell by their M4A voting record ObamaCare, bank-bailout, housing-foreclosure, brown U.S. child citizen drone-bombing what they really mean.

    So that’s the final step in ending Capitalism. We have no money, no pricing, no control. And now no contracts, no rule of law, no “or else”, no consequences if you’re a made man. Capitalism cannot survive that. If laws, contract enforcement ceases to exist in the biggest way, if your parents were Russian immigrants, we now steal their bank accounts. If you donate to a legal protest, we steal your bank accounts. If contracts are unenforced and unenforcable. That’s the Dark Ages, where local Lords do whatever they like. Or worse: ACTUAL Norman Lords also had RESPONSIBILITIES to their peasants – it was a two-way contract. To keep them alive and protect them. This has NO responsibilities to idiot sons except to rape and steal like invading armies.

    So that’s what SWIFT, LME, nickel and silver are right now: Zero supply, no price change or it goes DOWN, 100% “premiums” to get any, and no regulators or contract enforcement, no law anywhere.

    THE LAW IS IN MY MOUTH. Or I will shoot you in the face like Ashley Babbit, beat you to death after you’re unconscious and YOU will be the international villain in our Congressional non-investigation. What’s so hard to understand? Now Suck. Elon’s. C. And mine too.

    Now are you going to do anything about it? Create consequences for lies and murder? Return to #Logos? Not yet. They hate God and their children just that much.

    “Pelosi just released a doc stating which places she will visit. Taiwan is not on it.”

    Aw. Now how is China going to kidnap her, put her on trial, then stuff her with sawdust like a dodo in a museum while everyone, Right and Far Left alike back home applauds and finally sleeps soundly?

    “This contrasts with 46% for the UK, 33% for Canada, and 27% for the US.”

    We sure hate money. Sachs and Morgan are still trading there, making 30% on the Rouble rise while you can’t. Don’t worry: when they re-legalize investment, they’ll sell to you at the top.

    “British-crewed vessels”

    There was a British CREWMEMBER? On the high seas? Are you mental? I guess sink all ships worldwide, that’s the only solution to this British-have-honest-jobs problem. This is why we note the nation of REGISTRY. Can’t follow every port, crew member, every rod and screw.


    Taboo News about ……

    1. https://euobserver.com/ukraine/155620
    Orbán: West should focus on ‘peace’ not winning in Ukraine

    2. https://www.cnn.com/2022/07/27/europe/viktor-orban-hungary-race-speech-intl/index.html
    Hungarian leader Viktor Orban’s ‘mixed race’ speech condemned by ex-aide and Holocaust victims’ group
    3. Dr. Drew and Dr. Kelly Victory: “this issue is now so large”, (c-19 vaccines don’t work,) that the government is not going to come out and say they were not safe and didn’t work after people have lost their jobs, school opportunities; some have lost their lives” after taking the mass mandated products.
    I’m checking ….. Check the date

    4. https://www.veteranstoday.com/2022/03/02/blockbuster-drag-queen-zelensky-found-a-billion-dollars-and-a-villa-in-miami/

    More than a billion dollars are held in Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s accounts abroad. This was announced by the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the Opposition Platform – Party For Life Ilya Kiva.

    Zelensky has a 35 million dollar mansion in Miami, which is a few blocks from the president of Kazakhstan’s mansion on Collins Avenue, all while Americans are priced out of their own housing market.

    — Jose Prince of Peace (@ImperialLuis1) February 27, 2022

    George Webb – Investigative Journalist
    Breaking down Ukraine – let’s start with Zelensky’s $35M mansion in Sunny Isles, FL built by Kolomoisky and Pinchuk. $1.3B in the bank!!
    5. https://qcostarica.com/rumors-and-false-data-claim-ukraine-president-money-laundering-in-costa-rica/
    QCOSTARICA – Multiple Internet websites make claims that Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, is laundering money in Costa Rica.

    No reliable source ( since when do banks “kiss and tell”) has revealed evidence of the claims of Zelenskyy’s alleged fraudulent investments in Costa Rica made by multiple Internet websites.


    What makes you think that the UN and the Red Cross will check it out

    Americans are providing targeting intelligence.
    Americans deliberately targeted Azov Battalion POWs for assassination.


    The Russian Defense Ministry announced on Sunday that it had officially invited independent experts from the UN and the Red Cross to investigate the shelling of a detention center in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). The bombing on Friday killed 50 prisoners, and wounded dozens more.

    Figmund Sreud

    Re Cynthia Chung for the Saker Blog, the original article at:

    ‘The Special Relationship’: How the British Reconquered the United States and Established an Anglo-American Empire

    … lot more – perhaps of interest – articles there: https://risingtidefoundation.net/

    … fwiw,


    Positive Dennis

    There is no bank leak in Costa Rica, nor was there a news program where supposed a Ukrainian corpse moves. It was a climate protest where a false dub was placed over the top. These things are easily googable. Raul needs to up his game. Note I am a Patreon supporter.


    I appreciate Dr.D thinking outside the box on the WEF and the real villains hiding behind the curtain. I guess there are different levels of useful idiots, from antifa to Trudeau to Uncle Klaus. Human beings being human, I’m not sure it matters.

    Have we hit our Caligula Moment in US politics yet? Rome got rid of the Julio-Claudians to be replaced by Augustus wannabes. Which had a short run of a few centuries. Even after getting rid of Rome, 100% gone, we ended up with a bunch or aristocratic inbreds who ran a Dark Age for a thousand years.

    My point being: even if we hanged them all – puppets and puppet masters – they’ll just be replaced by new puppet masters. “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” We cleaned up the Nazi thing and, 75 years later, the Nazis are back!

    Don’t get me wrong, there’s a certain sense of self gratification in executing any of them. The more the better. I also think things could be so bad this time that we lose the UN, IMF and NGOs for good. Whether we do or don’t, there will still be psychopaths to try and run everything.

    “Menschliches, Allzumenschliches” as Nietzsche would say.

    I’d say the key is if we have a diligent population which keeps a check on the psychopath’s power or a spoiled, irresponsible population which allows it to run unchecked. We’re reaching peak psychopath power now. Along with enormous Super States which should never have been allowed to grow to the size they are. After the crash, people will be more attentive to the danger and buy themselves a period of time for civilised living.


    These things are easily googable.
    I did but you did not. Show us your work to support your opinions.


    COVID. Imho big Pharma succeeded beyond its expectations. They have been trying it on for a long time, in the sense of creating panics, diseases, etc. and providing ‘vaxxes’ to stop them. The last time was swine flu, H1N1, in 2009.

    I remember it well because the Health Min. at the time in F, Bachelot (originally a pharmacist, you couldn’t make it up!) ordered hundreds of millions of vaxxes and then after 50 ppl or so died, the vax was considered rubbish, and she, Bachelot, was ousted/quit.

    The institutional controls on those kinds of medecines (so called preventatives) were still working back then.

    Mind you, Buzyn who was the H. Min. in 2019 in F was also ousted. She put Ivermectin on the list of poisonous substances in Jan 2020, just before the WHO pandemic declaration and the lockdowns in Europe. She was subsequently shunted to a high paying zero-duty WHO job, and has now re-joined the F Gov. Admin Apparatus in a well paid post at the “Cour des Comptes.” She is a Macron nomination and faithful ‘groupie.’

    —This is independent of how, why, Sars-cov-2 was created and unleashed or escaped, other story. —

    I’m pretty sure many Gvmt. ppl, even very high level officials, in F, in CH, in Italy, have absolutely no idea about how it was created, where it came from, etc.

    World, typically: Trump and Bojo.

    They know nothing at all about ‘germs’, public health, Wuhan labs (previous to outbreak) or anything even vaguely related, and have no math skills or any knowledge they can rely on, they are dependent on ‘advisors’, and these are shills for Mega Corps (Pharma but not only), shady creeps selling alarmist shtick (e.g. Ferguson) who have understood that desperate hysteria brings in bucks / favors, or at least allows you to keep your job.

    A myriad of other opportunists who embrace ersatz problems they can then pretend to fix (e.g. see the huge amounts of money spent of test-n-trace, on faulty protective equipment, in GB, etc.) jump on the train.

    Basically, chaos and hysterical upset always creates sweet financial opportunities; the attendant hype has to be driven up +++. Note the MSM encourages it because fear, angst, violence, hate, death, raises their views, revenues. Plus, they are under Gvmt. control (under threat -> they can be shut down.)

    It was Gvmts. who awarded the Big Pharma Cos. with non-liability clauses and blanket ‘immunity’ from prosecution for their vaxes. Allowing the vaxes to be deployed with a top marketing strategy (e.g. slice-n-dice the population, with some privileged ppl at the top of the line, etc. making the vax ‘desirable’ like a designer bag) plus minor pizza and dollar incentives for the gutter class.

    Of course, many ppl. in Gvmt. are major shareholders in Big Corps, and did expect (and get) welcome *** dividends. But that is not my main point here.

    The Gvmt types supported the Vax solution to the manufactured Covid crisis because it was for them the only way forward. Lockowns (useless of course) could not be kept up (loss of revenues for many, disruption of everything..), etc. A ‘medical’ panacea applied to a ‘medical problem’ might provide a ‘solution’ in the sense of ‘assuring ppl something is being done’ and as the media is controlled, vaxes became the be-all and end-all, the holy grail, the savior.

    The long-lasting advisories of masking and social distance (which don’t impact the rich and is sweet for controlling the poor) were always good to enforce, but couldn’t ever be seen as ‘sufficient’ …Only a modern ‘tech’ new-world creation would be accepted.

    So Big Pharma, with blanket immunity, could not, and did not, dial down. They went into a giddy tailspin of earning more than any corp-group at any time in recent or ancient history.



    After being unable to receive its supply from Ukraine, Egypt, one of the world’s biggest wheat importers, bought the grain elsewhere. According to media reports, in June the country purchased more than a million tons of wheat from Romania, Bulgaria, France and Russia. Bloomberg reports that Egypt now has more than seven months of wheat stockpiles.

    Veracious Poet

    Veracious Poet

    These celebrity-owned jets are the biggest CO2 polluters…

    For the uber-wealthy, a private jet is not just a luxury, but it can also be a pretty lucrative business. Celebrities can enjoy traveling anywhere on a moment’s notice, and when they themselves aren’t in the air, they can rent the jet out for others to use.

    But while owning a personal getaway plane might sound like a dream, for the environment, it can be a nightmare.

    Earlier this month, Kylie Jenner came under fire for a 17-minute private jet flight from Camarillo to Van Nuys. The flight shaved off only about 30 minutes of travel time, according to Google maps.

    Experts estimate that an hour of flight time aboard a private jet introduces about two tonnes (also known as metric tons) of carbon dioxide into the air, meaning Jenner’s flight could’ve produced about a half tonne, or 500 kilograms, of CO2 during its brief flight. The average person, meanwhile, produces around 8 tonnes of CO2 — per year…



    Carlos, Dennis, thanks for your support. Much appreciated.

    There appears to be an increase in the demand for me to check every word and picture I quote. As I explained a few days ago, that is not possible. Quoted text is what it is, and the source is always there. Bit hard for RT, I know, but they’re too interesting to not use just for that. I get them on my phone, not laptop, and use them. Pics are just what they are.

    Carlos: Take a look at that video of the Body Bags. What is anyone supposed to make of it without a source?

    Sorry, I thought we all knew that’s an old “joke”. That someone printed Ukraine on. That video is ancient. Why use it? Because the same thing happens again.

    Dennis: There is no bank leak in Costa Rica, nor was there a news program where supposed a Ukrainian corpse moves.

    You ask for proof, but provide none. How do you know “There is no bank leak in Costa Rica”? I’ve seen 99 hints at Ze’s fortune and his Miami mansion, and I used no. 100. “A news program where a Ukrainian corpse moves”? What news program would show such a thing? MSNBC?

    We live in a very heavily censored world, and we have to try and be flexible while trying to scratch behind that surface. There is no other option, other than to trust only MSM sources. But if we did, we would never be the wiser.


    “The average cow emits a whopping 220 pounds of Methane gas a day”

    More lies. The average cow eats about 24 pounds of feed a day. To emit almost ten times this much as Methane would require a serious change to the laws of Physics and Chemistry.

    A quick google shows that cows can emit up to 200 liters per day, some sources say 250 to 500 liters per day. A cow would have to be is serious bloat condition to emit 500 liters a day and I’m not sure if it is even physically possible without the cow being in serious trouble.

    Lets take the worst case of 500 liters per day. This is 500/24.04 X 16/454 = 0.7 pound of Methane. Not 220 pounds per day. And this is true if every cow on the planet is in extreme distress and is being fed irresponsibly and somehow survives this abuse.


    @Dr.D: Interesting theory on the WEF, but sounds a bit too “4D Chess-y” to me. In any case, even if the WEF could be used as a fall guy, the members, as you say, are also members of dozens of other identical clubs. So taking them all out of play would affect all those other clubs, too. And as they say, what you call that is “a good start.”

    This is not to mention that the BACKERS would suffer the setback of losing a big part of their army of serviles, and have to go set up their recruiting station again.
    But you are correct that you need to go back to the root backers. To kill the nest, you need more than bug spray—you need the ant trap.

    Figmund Sreud

    “World Economy at Risk of Deglobalization – IMF (RT)”

    Maybe, … de-dollarization most likely, first! You may want to hear this guy out! From France, Louis Gave says things that USasian analysts very much shy away from saying, … at least out loud. Two part vid at:

    De-Dollarization Is Accelerating, Propelled By China & Russia | Louis Gave

    … btw, if you don’t have an hour and a bit to spare, interviewer offers his notes at:


    … fwiw,


    Armenio Pereira

    no merit – no blame

    What would be of Christianity without the Iscariot, of the Jews without Adolf, of Samson without Delilah, of Biden without Trump?
    Surfin’ the paradoxical wave we must, until we drown.
    As Douglas Adams put it, flying is a matter of forgetting how to fall.


    Bishko. Spot on!

    Not only are the feed and methane generation figures false, other statements in the video are false.

    Although methane has a short life in the atmosphere it is not ‘destroyed’: it is oxidised to carbon dioxide (which is a greenhouse gas).

    The multiplier for methane is not the 34 that was stated, but is 86 over a decade, and the instantaneous multiplier (versus CO2) is around 300.

    However, the problem is NOT cows and sheep; it is emissions from the petroleum sector, which is largely or completely unregulated. And of course, the potential for destabilisation of methane clathrates via increasing temperatures.

    What is more, New Zealand’s emissions of carbon dioxide have been increasing inexorably since NZ signed onto the Kyoto Protocol!

    One has to understand that it’s all bollocks, and NZ is a world leader in Orwellianism.

    Not only do we have:

    War is peace.
    Ignorance is strength.
    Freedom is slavery.

    But we also have:

    Education is ignorance.
    Stupidity is intelligence.
    Sickness is health.
    Impoverishment is wealth.

    The level of ineptitude and deceit displayed by the NZ government (and the fake NZ mainstream media) almost matches that of the Biden administration.


    The push to define Taiwan as a US “national interest” is now well underway. See the following article. Part of it is apparently behind a paywall, but you get the general idea:


    On a personal level, I hate to contemplate Taiwan getting trashed by all this. I have spent lots of time there over the last dozen years, and can speak from personal experience when I say that it is a delightful place with wonderfully friendly people. It is clear from surveys in recent years that most of the public would prefer that the country be allowed to go its own way, but many realize that it ultimately isn’t going to work out like that.

    Speaking as a US citizen, I think our involvement is likely to make the inevitable transition even worse for the average Taiwanese citizen. When it comes to foreign policy these days, our fearless leaders can’t find their a## with both hands.



    Many reasons given in the article by Guillaume Richaud
    July 31, 2022 at 8:10 pm
    Ukraine: 5 minutes to understand why Zelensky calls on Donetsk residents to evacuate
    1. A decision motivated by the destruction of gas networks and the lack of heating next winter in the region.
    2. to protect his people. Nearly 200,000 people are still believed to be there. By making the decision to make them leave this territory, thousands of lives would potentially be preserved.
    3. Lack of resources also comes into play. The population represents “a burden” in this area, since it no longer works. “If we can stop losing logistics to feed 200,000 people and we can allocate it to weapons and food for soldiers, it would be better,”
    4. “52,000 children are in Donetsk Oblast”.
    5. does not in any way announce a withdrawal of Ukrainian military forces from Donbass. On the contrary, the soldiers “will be able to concentrate on defensive lines against Russia”, without worrying about the populations there
    6. These evacuations will also solve “a secondary problem”, according to military aviator Xavier Tytelman. In general, 80% of the population of Donetsk fled in the face of the arrival of the Russians. Among the remaining residents, some are sympathetic to the invader and inform him about the movements of the Ukrainian army. The more the region is emptied, the easier it will be for Ukraine to recognize those who do not support it.

    The inhabitants of Donetsk will be evacuated by land, but “especially not by plane”. Trains and transport will be chartered.


    Raúl Ilargi Meijer,

    The URL to Your blog AutoE, has been on my bookmark bar, for the last couple of years or so. Tonight I registered for the first time. I really like some of your art. In fact Claude Monet, well obviously they are not originals, has been mounted in my man cave since 1993.

    I particularly like your blog now, well mainly because, you post a decent amount of content, from websites, my British Government, does not allow me easily to see.

    Some of your posters – may have come across some of them on The Saker’s blog or elsewhere.

    They are totally brilliant. Way above my league.

    I can’t write like that. I’m still learning.

    I won’t be 70 years old, till next year

    Thank you.


    John Day


    John Day

    I got blocked from posting right after I posted that comment this morning. I tried to edit a typo or 2. 80% of the time it lets me. 20% of the time it locks me out, no matter how many times I prove my humanity.
    Picture with okra harvest, and musings/entrail-readings onPresident Pelosi https://drjohnsblog.substack.com/p/president-pelosi

    Nancy Pelosi is flying to Taiwan with a whole aircraft carrier group going ahead and not one, but many military planes in a huge defensive formation.
    Nancy unfurled a banner in Tiananmen Square back in 1991, when she was just a little Congresswoman, standing between 2 tall white neocon guys.
    It was a photo-op 2 years after the 1989 incident (largely arranged by the US), and the Chinese shut it right down, but they didn’t forget it.
    So, from a Chinese perspective, the most actually-powerful elected official in US government, second-in-line for the presidency, behind a president who will be ousted later this year, and a VP who can never, ever be more than a bad stage prop, certainly not POTUS, goes to China’s trigger-point-red-flag with a huge air-sea armada as an open challenge. (Recall how Agnew was removed before Nixon was deposed.)
    This can only be completely intentional on the part of American Ruling Elites. China can see this. Xi just talked to babbling-Joe. Xi gets it, I’m sure.
    This simultaneously signals a change of direction and a change of leadership. Nancy P. is plausible as an actual POTUS, not a string puppet.
    The Biden Crime Family was deeply tied into Ukraine and China by graft. There is enough in the press to convict Joe and Hunter. Joe and Hunter can take the fall for Ukraine and also tar China,. This will justify more hostility towards China, which will crash the American consumer economy, but reduce the trade deficit. It will set the stage to rebuild American industry. China can play into this now by sending fighter planes up to scare fearless Nancy, and the Chinese Navy to threaten brave Taiwan, and the brave American navy with the Ronald Reagan carrier group.
    Xi is kind of stuck. He has to look strong at home against this American provocation, which it really, clearly is, but how can he look strong at home without looking mean and threatening to brave Nancy Pelosi in the US? He can’t. He’s caught in this trap. Nancy looks Presidential and Joe looks befuddled and beholden to China.
    Nancy P. has been looking at the POTUS job a long time, but did not look electable, but she would be re-electable, especially if the US goes to “war” with China.
    The timeline would need to go pretty quickly, because Europe needs to be friends with Russia again before the weather cools off, before October. Europe can’t sustain its economy. It has proven that, and after a no-energy winter, it might not be able to revive. NATO/EU shoving Russia down the basement stairs failed spectacularly. Russia never even lost balance and is stronger every day. China is economically very strong, but has a lot of exploitable weak points, both economically and militarily. Russia has proven unassailable, so China becomes the enemy of choice now.
    In my opinion, this would also signal a transfer of power to the “nationalist”, “rationalist” American elites, and under a strong and believable chief executive. The American power-muddle would be settled, not by The Donald, but by The Nancy.
    You might consider this scenario overly fanciful, but it would be a pivot to allow a lot of policies to change quickly, which is practical, and it would give the Democratic Party some kind of hope to hang onto power in 2024, even presuming that they lose the midterms badly this November.

    Was/is Taiwan an “inseparable” part of China? Wikipedia has this:
    From the late 13th to early 17th centuries, Chinese people gradually came into contact with Taiwan and started settling there. Named Formosa by Portuguese explorers, the south of the island was colonized by the Dutch in the 17th century whilst the Spanish built a settlement in the north which lasted until 1642. These European settlements were followed by an influx of Hoklo (a Han group) people including Hakka immigrants from the Fujian and Guangdong areas of mainland China, across the Taiwan Strait.
    In 1662, Koxinga, a loyalist of the Ming dynasty who had lost control of mainland China in 1644, defeated the Dutch and established a base of operations on the island. His forces were defeated by the Qing dynasty in 1683, and parts of Taiwan became increasingly integrated into the Qing empire. Following the First Sino-Japanese War in 1895, the Qing ceded the island, along with Penghu, to the Empire of Japan…
    So, after about 200 years of Chinese imperial rule, as something of a backward colony, Taiwan entered the modern era with 50 years of Japanese rule, followed by a form of industrial fascism under Chiang Kai-shek, with American overlordship. After that, Taiwan became a neutral territory, in an agreed stalemate between the American Empire and a rising China, which could not yet militarily contest it. During this time of peace, Taiwan became the foremost chipmaker in the world, with manufacturing excellence in other fields, similar to that of South Korea and Japan.
    Taiwan makes the chips that no other nation (Russia maybe?) can do without. No country can do without Taiwanese chips, but neither China nor the west can allow the other to completely control Taiwanese chipmaking. Making Taiwan a battlefield would be a horrible loss, but losing Taiwan would be political death.
    Posing to make Taiwan the next battlefield in WW-3 definitely looks do-able. A risky plan for Taiwanese, Chinese and Americans, in that order.

    This article says that massive death is the only assured outcome of a Chinese attempt to invade Taiwan.

    This article from The Saker blog is one-sided, and misses that China’s rhetoric is at least as strong as that of the US.
    China cannot discard her rhetoric, as the US can still choose to do. (Taiwan is not Ukraine. There’s a lot of water in between. There are other differences, too.)
    The current hot war of words regarding Nancy Pelosi’s announced visit to Taiwan is reaching a dangerous nexus and threatening to spill over into military action.
    China considers this belligerent approach as a threat to their stated One Country, Two Systems policy as well as a threat to the 1992 consensus. The two sides of the Taiwan Strait reached the consensus in 1992 that “both sides belong to one China and will work together toward national reunification”. It defines the fundamental nature of the cross-Strait relationship and lays the political foundation for its development.
    Taiwan is being used as a casus belli (an act or an event that either provokes or is used to justify war) in the very same way that Ukraine was used and is currently used. A war of media, tremendous even brutal propaganda to their own citizens to paint the enemy as evil to justify their own actions, continual accusations using a human rights platform, and doubling down!

    Taiwan is a distraction

    Xi can’t back down. Joe will likely be leaving sooner, rather than later.
    ..China state sources are reporting that – in a moment perhaps intent on humiliating the US administration – Xi warned Biden “those who play with fire will get burned.”
    Bloomberg cited Xi as saying, based on early Chinese state media reports, that “China firmly opposes separatist moves toward Taiwan independence and interference by external forces, and never allows any room for Taiwan independence forces in whatever form.” As usual, Biden was urged to stick by the one-China policy, with the US president reiterating that the US intends to.
    In the face of Xi’s firm words on the Taiwan issue, Biden affirmed that the United States does not back Taiwan independence.
    Not only did Xi again lay down China’s ‘red lines’ on Taiwan, but the Chinese leader stressed Beijing vehemently opposes the “intervention of other powers,” according to quotes in China state media.
    The warning comes just hours after the USS Ronald Reagan nuclear-powered ‘super carrier’ has entered waters of the South China Sea, triggering PLA snap military drills in the area in response.


    Ukraine will continue to destroy it and turn it into more rubble, before letting Russian occupy it.

    John Day

    North Korea has recognized the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics. Here are some reasons why. there may be more reasons.

    Why Did North Korea Recognize Ukraine’s Breakaway Donbass Republics?

    Cynthia Chung looks at an excellent topic, that of the overnight change of US foreign policy from anti-imperialism under FDR to pro-imperialist, especially the British Empire, under Truman. who Roosevelt never trusted, and rightly so. (Joseph Stalin believed that “Churchill’s gang” poisoned FDR and was insulted that Russian diplomats were refused their request to see Roosevelt’s body. Eleanor Roosevelt was refused a visa to the USSR for this affront.) Thanks Michael R.
    ‘The Special Relationship’: How the British Reconquered the United States and Established an Anglo-American Empire

    ‘The Special Relationship’: How the British Reconquered the United States and Established an Anglo-American Empire

    What is “Russian soil”? What is “Ukraine”? Hit it with HIMARS and find out?
    Kiev will not hesitate to attack Russian soil if it deems it necessary, Aleksey Danilov, the head of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, threatened during a live broadcast on Wednesday.
    The security council closely follows all the missile and air strikes Russia launches against Ukraine, Danilov said, adding that Ukrainian authorities are well aware of all the locations in Russia from which the attacks have been carried out. Kiev possesses “enough political will” to order a strike against these targets if such a need arises, he added.
    “If needed … anyone [in the government] will act without hesitation and sign anything that needs to be signed to destroy these objects,” Danilov said.

    Medvedev shows a map of “Ukraine” as being everything within about 80 miles of Kiev, but nothing more than that.
    Former Russian president presents future map of Ukraine
    Medvedev offers Kiev a visual on its worst case scenario

    This is now a recurring theme.
    Worldwide Monkeypox Health Emergency (PHEIC): For Bill Gates, It’s “Moneypox”: Simulation of Fictitious Monkeypox Virus Pandemic in March 2021, Goes Live in May 2022

    Figmund Sreud

    Interesting. Bloomberg:

    When sanctions made the Fortress Russia he helped build seem less impregnable, Maxim Oreshkin came up with a signature gambit to try and break the economic siege.

    On March 23, Vladimir Putin struck back, demanding that Russia’s adversaries in Europe pay their massive bills for its natural gas in rubles.

    Oreshkin, the president’s 40-year-old economic aide, was author of the gamble to tear up contracts and upend decades of precedent, according to officials familiar with the matter.

    Since the Feb. 24 invasion, he’s emerged as a key member of Putin’s inner circle on economic policy, one of several insiders with western financial experience now helping steer the Kremlin’s response.

    Russia’s war on Ukraine wasn’t yet a month old and its blitzkrieg was already turning into a slog. The economic blowback was harsh, too, as the government struggled to avoid a default and the ruble went into in a nosedive. […]

    Meet the Russian Architect of Putin’s Economic Counterattack



    Figmund Sreud

    @ V. Arnold – Fond memories…

    No kidding, … that painting brings fond memories to me, too! Sailing a Folkboat Class sailboat (Swedish: Nordisk Folkbåt) back centuries ago while I still resided in Szczecin, Poland.

    Anyway, … here is an example of one: https://youtu.be/NxbgxpwzQmg

    … mine was 1968 model, strictly sail powered – no outboard.

    F.S. … reminiscing.


    Whilst I thought Cynthia Chung’s Article on The Saker’s Blog was totally Brilliant, I first read it here. Her historical analysis of the last few hundred years, was extremely good.

    However, I had already read
    “CENTURY OF WAR A: Anglo-American Oil Politics & the New World Order Paperback – Illustrated, 1 April 2012
    by ENGDAHL F.W. ”

    Globalistan: How The Globalized World Is Dissolving Into Liquid War: An Antidote to THE WORLD IS FLAT Paperback – Illustrated, 1 Jan. 2007
    by Pepe Escobar ”

    But she missed a hell of a lot out, and her article title is completely ridiculous, though if she is a professional “journalist”, She might not have chosen the title herself..for what she provides absolutely no evidence…about what is going on now

    “‘The Special Relationship’: “How the British Reconquered the United States and Established an Anglo-American Empire”

    Who exactly is “the British”

    I actually know some of the people, who work in The British Civil Servce, and try to avoid British Politicians, cos they haven’t got a clue either.

    The Idiocracy in the UK at these Senior Levels (sure they have all been brainwashed, and hopefully tripple jabbed), is not quite as idiotic, as The American Civil Service and Government

    Come on – Who in The UK is in control of Anything?


    Veracious Poet

    The level of ineptitude and deceit displayed by the NZ government (and the fake NZ mainstream media) almost matches that of the Biden administration.

    Veracious Poet

    Two-Tiered Justice: Three Suspects Who Killed Ethan Liming, Stomped On His Chest, Broke His Neck and Took His Car Are Indicted on Lesser Charges

    The U.S. Marshals Service arrested three MEN accused of fatally beating 17-year-old high school student Ethan Liming to death outside the school founded by LeBron James in June.

    The three men beat Liming to death and later bragged about it to friends.

    According to reports, Ethan Liming, whose father is a pastor, tried to calm the situation in the parking lot when he got jumped and hit in the head from behind. The suspects broke his neck.

    We learned from the police report that the suspects took Liming’s car and prevented his friends from driving him to the hospital.

    Liming was later pronounced dead in the parking lot.

    A grand jury in Summit County, Ohio, indicted brothers DeShawn and Tyler Stafford, ages 20 and 19, respectively, and their 21-year-old cousin, Donovon Jones, in connection with the early June incident fight that was allegedly started over the use of a water-bead gun.

    Court papers from earlier this week show the grand jury indicted DeShawn Stafford on two counts of involuntary manslaughter – felonies in the first and third degree, respectively – and one count each of first-degree assault and fourth-degree aggravated assault.

    Tyler Stafford was indicted on single counts of first-degree involuntary manslaughter and first-degree assault, while Jones was indicted on two counts of first-degree assault, records show.

    Two-Tiered Justice: Three Suspects Who Killed Ethan Liming, Stomped On His Chest, Broke His Neck and Took His Car Are Indicted on Lesser Charges

    Only a fool negotiates with sociopaths, terrorists & small children.

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