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Wave Of European Ammonia Plant Closures To Exacerbate Food Crisis (ZH)
Russia Can Afford Complete Halt In Gas Supplies To Europe – Bloomberg (RT)
Hungary Says It ‘Won’t Even Negotiate’ Energy Sanctions On Russia (RT)
The Real World Consequences Of Europe’s Coming Energy Crisis (ZH)
You Have No Idea How Bad Europe’s Energy Crisis Is (FP)
Germany Vows To Support Ukraine ‘For Years’ (RT)
Britain’s Financial Support For Ukraine To Run Out By New Year – Times (RT)
50,000 Ukrainian Refugees Face Homelessness In UK (RT)
Putin Is Trapped And Desperate. Will His Friends In The West Rescue Him? (G.)
IAEA Assembles Team For Zaporozhye Nuclear Plant (RT)
Ukraine Relying On US-developed Blueprint To Fight Russia – CNN (RT)
EU To Suspend Visa Deal With Russia – FT (RT)
New York Times Calls For Merrick Garland To Indict Donald Trump (PM)
Mar-a-Lago Affidavit Reveals The Government Has No Case Against Trump (Brock)
The Truth About Lockdown (Lord Sumption)
Latest Covid Booster Shots To Be Released Without Human Testing (NYP)





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Ages of companies:

Twitter: 16 years
Facebook: 18 years
Tesla: 19 years
Google: 24 years
Netflix: 25 years
Amazon: 28 years
Apple: 46 years
Microsoft: 47 years
Sony: 76 years
Samsung: 84 years
Boeing: 106 years
IBM: 111 years
Nintendo: 133 years
Nokia: 157 years





If you were doubting they are creating a “you have nothing” society that needs to be built back better, then ask yourself why Europe doesn’t support its fertilizer industry. The consequences are clear enough. And sure, there’s the nitrogen narrative. But closing down both farmers and ammonia plants will lead to a civil war of sorts. Your leaders think they can win that. I’m not so sure.

Wave Of European Ammonia Plant Closures To Exacerbate Food Crisis (ZH)

A wave of European ammonia-plant shutdowns due to soaring natural gas prices has resulted in a devastating fertilizer crunch, worsening by the week, with as much as 70% of production offline. “Ammonia prices, though volatile, rose 15% in 3Q and could climb higher as Europe’s record gas prices curtail output and send ammonia producers to the global market in search of replacement supplies to run upgrade facilities — with winter still around the corner,” Bloomberg Intelligence’s Alexis Maxwell wrote in a note. As of Friday, 70% of capacity is offline across the continent, according to Fertilizers Europe, representing top regional producers.

“The current crisis begs for a swift and decisive action from EU and national policymakers for both energy and fertilizer market,” Jacob Hansen, director general of Fertilizers Europe, said in a statement.” Producers from Norway’s Yara International ASA to CF Industries to Borealis AG recently reduced or halted production because European NatGas prices hit a record high of 343 euros per megawatt hour, making it uneconomical to operate. “We confirm we are reducing and stopping production of some fertilizer plants in the different EU sites and this for economic reasons,” a spokesperson for Borealis AG said.”

Europe’s benchmark NatGas price soared nearly a third this week as Russian supplies to Europe via Nord Stream 1 pipeline have been reduced to 20% over the summer and face a temporary halt on Aug. 31 for three days. The region’s fertilizer industry association warned the energy crisis is rippling across many industries and could heavily impact the food industry. “We are extremely concerned that as prices of natural gas keep increasing, more plants in Europe will be forced to close. “This will switch the EU from being a key exporter to an importer, putting more pressure on fertilizer prices and consequently affecting the next planting season,” said Maximo Torero, chief economist at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

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Stop the sanctions, negotiate for peace, and you can have all the oil you want. Blaming this on Russia is just a stupid story.

Russia Can Afford Complete Halt In Gas Supplies To Europe – Bloomberg (RT)

Russia can shut down its natural gas exports to Europe entirely for more than a year, without inflicting significant damage on the national economy, Bloomberg has reported, citing strategists at Capital Economics. In light of the current price situation, Russia’s “balance of payments is in such a strong position that, if oil prices and oil exports remain at current levels, Russia could keep gas exports to Europe at 20% of normal levels for at least three years,” analysts at the consultancy said in a note seen by the agency. A year-long supply cut-off by Russia could happen “without adverse consequences for its economy,” Liam Peach, one of the economists at Capital Economic said. sAccording to Peach, despite reduced volumes, Russia’s quarterly earnings generated by gas exports could amount to $20 billion.

“Whether or not Russia turns off the taps completely will be a political decision and the length of any cut-off would depend on the size of offsetting oil revenues,” Peach said. Several European leaders have repeatedly accused Moscow of using gas as a weapon of political pressure, with the Kremlin rejecting the allegation. The latest technical problems with Nord Stream 1 pipeline, a key gas route from Russia to Europe, prompted Gazprom to slash deliveries, sending prices skyrocketing. Another major test for the market is expected to arise next week, when the energy giant halts gas flows through Nord Stream 1 for three days due for maintenance work, starting on August 31.

Chomsky Unprovoked

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Waiting for the next country to “fall out of line”. Not much time left.

Hungary Says It ‘Won’t Even Negotiate’ Energy Sanctions On Russia (RT)

Budapest refuses to negotiate any further EU restrictions targeting Russian energy because there is no current alternative to supplies from Moscow, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Saturday. The EU has slapped several rounds of sanctions on Moscow in response to the conflict in Ukraine, and is pushing for a complete phasing-out of energy supplies from Russia. “We’re not even willing to negotiate any sanctions on energy, be it oil or gas,” Szijjarto said at an economic forum in Tihany, adding that “the courage of the Hungarian government” has helped Budapest to withstand pressure from Brussels.

“There is no security of energy supply to Europe without using Russian sources,” Szijjarto stated, arguing that Russian gas cannot be replaced in the foreseeable future. The foreign minister added that the “largely misguided sanctions response” to Russia’s military campaign is one of the factors driving up inflation and contributing to a global recession.Hungary, whose economy is heavily dependent on oil and gas from Russia, was exempted from an EU-wide ban on Russian crude in May. The bloc banned the import of oil by sea, but Hungary continues to receive the commodity via a pipeline. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said last month that Europe has “shot itself in the lungs”with its ill-considered sanctions against Russia.

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“..the European people are being positioned to face the consequences while being told there will be no consequences..”

The Real World Consequences Of Europe’s Coming Energy Crisis (ZH)

The IEA is an institution that is hostile to carbon based energy and industries and calls for the end of all carbon emissions by 2050. This is why none of their bullet points from March that have been attempted have worked; because they aren’t designed to work, only promote further carbon controls while harming global power generation in the process. There are currently no practical replacements for oil, coal and natural gas; none. Especially not in a reasonable time frame that would spare Europeans from a full blown disaster. The only way green technology would be able to provide enough energy for the world’s populations would be if the human population was greatly reduced. Europe’s energy crisis actually helps the IEA agenda, just as it helps the UN and WEF climate agendas. But what about all the people that will suffer in the meantime?

Expect to see extensive energy rationing this winter in the EU. Around 80% of all EU natural gas is imported and Russia’s natural gas exports make up around 40% of Europe’s heating and electricity. With Russia now reducing exports down to 20% of their original levels, there is zero chance that the EU will be able to maintain their normal energy usage. Supply-side shortages will mean a price explosion going into winter as demand increases. Prices have the potential to double (or more) by the beginning of 2023. European governments will likely prioritize heating for public homes over energy for industry; they will do this to prevent civil unrest, as some government officials are already warning about. There is a chance that EU industry will be hobbled as energy supplies are rerouted for public consumption. We have seen something similar to this in China this year as their drought conditions worsen.

Civil unrest will probably happen anyway. Climate restrictions, green energy rules on carbon emissions and other ludicrous measures are making it impossible for Europeans to adapt to crisis events. Prices will be high, and price caps won’t help with supply shortages. When people start to freeze, there will be anger and desperation. The only legitimate short term solution to prevent a historic energy calamity in the EU this winter would be to remove sanctions on Russia. But, NATO has made it clear that this will not happen. So, the European people are being positioned to face the consequences while being told there will be no consequences. And, when the pain starts to hit, they will be told that it’s all for the “greater good.”

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Actually, we do.

You Have No Idea How Bad Europe’s Energy Crisis Is (FP)

Normally, Europe can refill its gas storage during the summer and coast in the winter, when usage is higher. Now, with colder months looming and Russia’s tightening chokehold on natural gas flows, Europe has been locked in a race against time to fill its tanks, which leaders have stocked by paying eye-watering prices. So far, experts said, European nations have been largely on track with their plans—but that doesn’t mean that they will be out of the woods come winter. In the winter, Europe typically “uses a lot of what it has in storage while, at the same time, importing lots of gas from other sources,” Munton said. “It needs both. But as we think about this winter, there is a very real threat that there won’t be any Russian gas at all.” In normal times, Russian gas supplies about 40 percent of European imports.

Without Russia’s supply in the winter, Munton added, European nations will be forced to rely on imports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) even more from suppliers such as the United States. The problem is that Asia—a larger LNG market—is also vying for the same supplies, which means prices are always going to be higher than old piped gas from the East. “That’s really the crisis that Europe and the world confronts,” he added. As Europe abandons Moscow’s energy supply, many leaders have rushed to secure alternative deals and supplies with other countries. Italy has secured more gas from Algeria while other nations have turned to Azerbaijan, Norway, and Qatar.

Germany has also expressed its hopes for a new LNG deal with Canada, which in turn has been considerably less optimistic. Others have invested considerably more into LNG infrastructure, with Germany racing to build five floating LNG terminals and the Netherlands, Finland, and Italy all preparing for more floating units to import gas. But in the immediate future, energy experts said there is only so much that countries can do to shore up their supplies. “There’s a limit to what you can do in the near term to bring additional supplies into Europe because there’s only so much LNG in the world,” said Jason Bordoff, founding director of Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy and a former special assistant to former U.S. President Barack Obama.

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The 10-year war scenario. Question: will Putin tolerate that? I don’t see it.

Germany Vows To Support Ukraine ‘For Years’ (RT)

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia could “could go on for years”, but Berlin will keep supporting Kiev all the way, Germany’s Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has said. “Unfortunately, we have to assume that Ukraine will still need new heavy weapons from its friends next summer,” Baerbock told the Bild tabloid on Sunday. “Ukraine is also defending our freedom, our peace,” the minister said, adding that Berlin will support Kiev “financially and militarily — and for as long as it is necessary, full stop!” Baerbock’s pledge comes despite her admission earlier this week that Germany’s military is facing an “absolute deficit” of hardware, due to arms shipments to Ukraine. Berlin has so far supplied artillery pieces, shoulder-fired rockets and anti-aircraft self-propelled guns to Ukraine.

Nevertheless, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has faced criticism throughout the six months of the conflict, for his apparent reluctance to send more sophisticated weaponry to Kiev. Baerbock said on Wednesday that Germany’s Iris-T anti-aircraft missile system will be sent to Ukraine in the coming weeks, and that more deliveries should be expected by the end of the year. In her interview with Bild, the diplomat pledged to “cushion the social imbalances resulting from high energy prices” in Germany, caused by a drop in deliveries of Russian gas to Europe, amid sanctions against Moscow. Baerbock also defended Ukraine’s claim to Crimea, which overwhelmingly voted to reunite with Russia in a referendum in 2014. “Crimea also belongs to Ukraine. The world has never recognized the annexation of 2014, which was against international law,” the Green party politician claimed.

Lord Dannatt

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Britain’s Financial Support For Ukraine To Run Out By New Year – Times (RT)

The UK’s financial support for Ukraine’s military will run dry by the end of the year, a Defense Ministry source has told the Sunday Times. London has already given Kiev more than £2.3 billion ($2.7 billion) in military aid, but whoever leads the country next will have to deal with strained public finances and declining public enthusiasm for a protracted conflict. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited Kiev last week, where he announced a new package of military aid to Ukraine worth £54 million ($63 million), on top of the £2.3 billion committed by the UK since Russia’s military operation began in February. Johnson promised to support Kiev’s military for “however long it takes,” and his likely successor, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, is known for her even more hawkish stance toward Russia.

“The reality, as one Ministry of Defence source acknowledged, is that the UK’s financial contribution to the war effort will have dried up by the end of the year,” the Sunday Times article noted. “This means that the new prime minister will very soon face the question of whether to commit billions of pounds of additional support at a time when the public finances are under intense strain.” Britain is currently grappling with soaring inflation – predicted to hit 18% in early 2023 – and record fuel prices. Driven by market forces, supply disruption due to the conflict in Ukraine, and Britain’s decision to cut off its energy imports from Russia, much of this price hike is being passed on to consumers, with energy regulator Ofgem raising the energy price cap on Friday by 80%. This move will see the average household pay more than £3,500 per year in energy bills.

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Victims of failed western policies.

50,000 Ukrainian Refugees Face Homelessness In UK (RT)

Some 50,000 Ukrainians could be homeless in the UK next year, as the government’s scheme to match refugees with British families breaks down, The Guardian reported on Sunday. With the cost of living spiraling, the opposition wants the government to boost payments to host families. Analysis by the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats and children’s charity Barnardos found that, based on feedback from British hosts, between 15,000 and 21,000 Ukrainians could be homeless by the winter, rising to more than 50,000 by mid-2023, the newspaper reported. To date, 83,900 refugees have arrived in the UK since March under the government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme, under which British households are paid £350 ($411) per month to house refugees for six months.

However, as of earlier this month, 1,330 Ukrainian households in England – 385 single refugees and 945 families with children – have left the scheme and are now homeless. It is unclear why these matches did not work out, but campaigners told The Guardian that some hosts signed up enthusiastically without understanding “the implications and consequences of this sort of responsibility,”while others are finding that due to the rising cost of living in the UK, £350 per month is no longer sufficient to support new additions to the household. A further wave of homelessness is expected from September onwards, when most of the six-month sponsorship agreements expire.

Minister of State for Refugees Lord Harrington has lobbied the Treasury to double monthly payments for those who can host refugees for more than six months, but the government has given no indication that it will act on his recommendations, and Harrington has taken to pleading with British households to join the scheme. However, while some of the activists who spoke to The Guardian said the impending crisis could be averted with more financial support from the government, a majority of sponsors aren’t motivated by money. According to a recent government survey, only a quarter of those quitting the scheme after six months said they were doing so because they could no longer afford to take part, and just four in ten said that more money would encourage them to extend their participation. A majority (58%) said they only ever intended to provide short-term accommodation. sYet Ukrainian refugees arriving in Britain under the scheme have been given visas for three years.

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Simon Tisdall in the Guardian. Does he really see things this way?

Putin Is Trapped And Desperate. Will His Friends In The West Rescue Him? (G.)

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” So wrote American author Henry David Thoreau in 1854. It’s a fate that is rapidly overtaking Vladimir Putin as he struggles to escape the disastrous trap he set for himself in Ukraine. Russia’s president keeps understandably schtum about his “special military operation”. But indefinite stalemate is not what he expected. He didn’t expect car bombs in Moscow and humiliating attacks on fortress Crimea, either. Least of all did Putin anticipate 80,000 Russian soldiers dead or wounded. Dying with them is his Peter the Great pipe dream of a “greater Russia”. Extinct already is his reputation as anything other than a killer and a crook. An endless military quagmire is not a scenario Putin can afford as slow-burn western sanctions corrode his economy and his military’s manpower and materiel are steadily depleted.

So what are his options? He could declare a specious victory, claim the Nato “threat” is neutralised and propose a settlement recognising Russia’s annexation of occupied areas. But he surely knows Kyiv will never willingly accept such terms. He could gamble on a huge battlefield escalation, for example, using Belarus to open a second front north of Kyiv – the region he failed to overrun in February. But it’s uncertain his generals have the capability or the stomach. He certainly dare not retreat. So as pressure on him grows to produce a breakthrough, Putin may well decide his best option is to raise the cost of the war to Ukraine’s backers – and undermine Kyiv’s resistance that way. In fact, he has already begun. It’s telling that British, French and German leaders all proclaimed long-term support for Ukraine last week. They know Putin is betting they will buckle.

The context is rising anxiety over Europe’s energy and cost of living crises, largely caused by the invasion and Kremlin cuts to gas supplies. The winter fallout from this coldest of cold wars could prove paralysing. Yet Putin may just be getting started. He has many means by which to undermine western unity and staying power. Europe is littered with easily exploited potential flashpoints and geopolitical faultlines bequeathed from Soviet times. Likewise, Russia has surprising numbers of allies and sympathisers scattered across a politically fractured European landscape. So will Putin’s friends in the west help rescue the beast from the east? Belarus’s Alexander Lukashenko is already in Putin’s pocket. Moscow ensured the dictator survived after his theft of the 2020 presidential election provoked nationwide protests. Lukashenko will do as he’s told.

Inside the EU, Viktor Orbán, Hungary’s prime minister, is seen as Putin’s Trojan horse. Like many on Europe’s far right, Orbán admires his intolerant nationalist ideology and shares his racist, homophobic outlook. He has repeatedly obstructed EU sanctions. Last month he cut a unilateral gas deal with the Kremlin. Orbán plainly cannot be trusted.

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Imagine the pressure on these people.

IAEA Assembles Team For Zaporozhye Nuclear Plant (RT)

The UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has cobbled together a team of independent experts to visit Ukraine’s Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, which is now under Russia’s control, the New York Times reported on Saturday. The plant and the nearby city of Energodar have been repeatedly shelled by Kiev’s forces in recent weeks. According to the outlet, the members of the delegation include Rafael Mariano Grossi, the IAEA chief, and 13 other experts from “mostly neutral countries.” The report also reveals that neither the US nor Britain have any representatives on the team, given that Russia had dismissed those countries as “unfairly biased” over their support for the government in Kiev.

The NYT report says the IAEA mission includes experts from Poland and Lithuania, countries that support Ukraine, but also others from Serbia and China, which have much warmer relations with Russia. A number of delegation members also come from Albania, France, Italy, Jordan, Mexico, and North Macedonia. The goal of the mission, according to Grossi, is to see what exactly is happening at the plant, inspect its integrity, speak to both Russian and Ukrainian staff there, and establish a permanent presence on the ground. The move follows a phone call between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron last week, during which the two leaders agreed on dispatching an international mission to the area “as soon as possible.”

The team will apparently travel on terms arranged by Ukraine and the United Nations, which means the experts will arrive at Zaporozhye via territory currently controlled by Kiev’s forces. Moscow had previously insisted that such a mission should arrive only via Russian-controlled territory. Moscow has repeatedly accused Ukrainian forces of attacking the nuclear plant, while warning that the shelling could trigger a disaster that would eclipse the 1986 Chernobyl incident. At the same time, Kiev insists that it is Russian forces who are shelling the site while stationing military hardware there.

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When will Russia take out the offices of Ukraine intelligence?

Ukraine Relying On US-developed Blueprint To Fight Russia – CNN (RT)

During its conflict with Russia, Ukraine has been relying on a US-developed doctrine that involves both the military and civilians taking part in defensive activities, CNN reported on Saturday. The Resistance Operating Concept (ROC), which is said to provide a blueprint for smaller states to counter larger powers, was developed in 2013 in response to Russia’s conflict with Georgia in 2008. It was further enhanced after Crimea’s “nearly bloodless” reunification with Moscow in 2014, which “stunned Ukraine and the West,” CNN said. The ROC represents “an innovative and unconventional approach to warfare and total defense,” and guides the actions not only of the Ukrainian military, but also the civilian population.

“It’s all hands on deck in terms of the comprehensive defense for the government of Ukraine,” explained retired Lt. Gen. Mark Schwartz, who was in charge of Special Operations Command Europe during the development of the concept. “They’re using every resource and they’re also using some highly unconventional means by which to disrupt the Russian Federation military.” Schwartz said it was “just incredible to watch… despite the unbelievable loss of life and sacrifice, what the will to resist and the resolve to resist can do.” Explosions at Russia’s military facilities in Crimea – far from the front line in Donbass – earlier in August were signs that the ROC had been in play, claimed Kevin D. Stringer, a retired army colonel who led the development team for the concept.

Kiev never officially confirmed its involvement in the incidents, but CNN said it saw a Ukrainian government report confirming that it was behind them. Russia said the blasts at its Saki airfield in western Crimea were the result of an accident, while an ammunition depot in the north of the peninsula had been targeted in an “act of sabotage.” “Since you can’t do it conventionally, you would use special operations forces, and those [forces] would need resistance support – intelligence, resources, logistics – in order to access these regions,” Stringer said, explaining the alleged actions by Kiev. Civilian resistance under the ROC includes nonviolent actions such as boycotting public events, labor strikes, and even using satire and jokes as means of resistance. Violent actions, like using Molotov cocktails, arson and putting chemicals in gas tanks to sabotage enemy vehicles, are also part of the concept.

Generally, the doctrine calls for a major PR campaign to control the narrative of the conflict, preventing the dissemination of the other side’s message, and keeping the population united. Video footage showing destroyed Russian hardware and edited to catchy tunes forms part of the strategy, along with clips of Ukrainian troops rescuing stray animals, and daily addresses by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky – “whether intentional or not,” CNN claimed. At least 15 countries have taken part in some form of training on the Pentagon’s resistance doctrine over the past decade, Nicole Kirschmann, a spokeswoman for Special Operations Command Europe, revealed. The program isn’t universal. It’s being tailored in accordance with each country’s population, resources and terrain. CNN’s report mentioned Estonia, Lithuania and Poland as nations that have expressed enthusiasm for the ROC.

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“The Kremlin also expressed hope at the time that “common sense” would eventually prevail.”

EU To Suspend Visa Deal With Russia – FT (RT)

EU foreign ministers plan to back a suspension of the 2007 EU-Russia visa facilitation deal at a two-day meeting in Prague, next week, the Financial Times reported on Sunday, citing three officials familiar with the matter. In response to Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine, several member states have actively been lobbying for either a ban or heavy restrictions on the number of Russian citizens entering the bloc. “It is inappropriate for Russian tourists to stroll in our cities, on our marinas,” a senior EU official told the newspaper. “We have to send a signal to the Russian population that this war is not OK, it is not acceptable.” The suspension of the agreement would make the process of applying for all EU visas more complicated and expensive, as well as increasing waiting times.

“We are in an exceptional situation and it requires exceptional steps. We want to go beyond suspending the visa facilitation,” an EU official was quoted as saying. The official stated that additional restrictions could be adopted by the end of the year, according to the FT. Countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Estonia and Latvia have already stopped issuing visas to Russian citizens. Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said this week that Russian tourists pose a security threat to the country, and that a travel ban could incentivize some Russians to “pressure” the Kremlin. Others, including German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the EU’s top diplomat Josep Borrell, spoke out against a full ban on Russian travelers. They argued that the bloc should not punish ordinary Russians for the actions of their government. Moscow blasted the proposed measures as “flagrant nationalism” and xenophobia. The Kremlin also expressed hope at the time that “common sense” would eventually prevail.

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“..January 6 Committee, which hauled witnesses before the cameras to give hearsay testimony.”

New York Times Calls For Merrick Garland To Indict Donald Trump (PM)

The New York Times Editorial Board has called for the Biden administration’s Department of Justice to prosecute former President Donald Trump. The crimes of which he’s accused have not yet been fully elucidated, due to a heavily redacted affidavit, provided under duress by the DOJ to explain why a search warrant was approved for an FBI raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. The Times asserts that the “nation has been transfixed” by the overly produced, prime time hearings of the essentially partisan, Democrat-run January 6 Committee, which hauled witnesses before the cameras to give hearsay testimony.

The DOJ’s seeking of a search warrant to raid Trump’s home was not connected to any charges that may be brought by that Committee. The DOJ is seeking criminal charges against the former president for how he handled documents, while the January 6 Committee is searching for evidence that Trump was involved in planning the riot at the Capitol that occurred on that day in 2021 The Times asserts that there is no question as whether or not Trump spurred on an angry mob to enter the Capitol, saying that “When all else failed,” in his political redress to seek potential election improprieties, “he roused an armed mob that stormed the Capitol and threatened lawmakers.”

The results of the January 6 Committee, they say, is that “Mr. Trump must have known he was at the center of a frantic, sprawling and knowingly fraudulent effort that led directly to the Capitol siege. For hours, Mr. Trump refused to call off the mob.” They further encourage Attorney General Merrick Garland to seek an indictment against Trump, saying “If Attorney General Merrick Garland and his staff conclude that there is sufficient evidence to establish Mr. Trump’s guilt on a serious charge in a court of law, then they must seek an indictment too.” What the Times asserts is that “If Mr. Garland decides to pursue prosecution, a message that the Justice Department must send early and often is that even if Mr. Trump genuinely believed, as he claimed, that the election had been marred by fraud, his schemes to interfere in the certification of the vote would still be crimes.

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Kevin R. Brock is a former assistant director of intelligence for the FBI and principal deputy director of the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC).

Mar-a-Lago Affidavit Reveals The Government Has No Case Against Trump (Brock)

When two dozen or more FBI agents searched former President Trump’s residence three weeks ago, most Americans initially were left wondering what in the world must Trump have done. After all, a prodigious FBI search logically indicates an equally prodigious violation of some federal statute; therefore, it must be really serious. One former Department of Justice (DOJ) official told Politico that the evidence sought “was likely so pulverizing in its force” that it would “eviscerate” the possibility of the optics for such an invasive law enforcement action not being good. Well, it’s now pretty official: The optics aren’t good. Everyone in America, from plumber to president, is constitutionally protected from a government search that lacks adequate cause.

We now know why the DOJ wanted the affidavit — which is supposed to articulate the probable cause needed for a legitimate search — to be kept under seal. After the magistrate who authorized the search forced the DOJ to unseal a redacted version, two realities came into better focus. First, the affidavit confirmed that the FBI’s investigation was triggered in January 2022 at the request of the National Archives, which wanted certain documents, especially classified documents, that it considered to be presidential records to be turned over to it by Trump. Second, from what I have seen, I don’t believe the affidavit articulates how a federal law was or is being broken. For those who hold out hope that the affidavit’s redacted sections fill that gap, there is almost no chance that they do.

As to the first point, this matter is, as suspected, nothing more than a document dispute that was chugging along, appropriately, as a negotiation behind the scenes and apparently making some progress. I don’t see anything in the affidavit asserting a refusal by Trump to cooperate. Any clinging hope — in certain quarters — that the affidavit possessed “pulverizing” cause to believe Trump was engaged in a truly serious federal violation can — I think — be considered dashed. The pipe dream that Trump was engaged in espionage, actively providing secrets to an enemy I think is as fanciful as the Steele dossier’s Moscow hotel bed reverie. And, no, I don’t believe a smoking gun of espionage or something equally shocking will be in the redacted sections. If the FBI had that, it would have fronted that in the unredacted portions.

But that’s not all that’s needed — in this case in particular. A criminal violation of those statutes only exists if it can be established that the person being investigated was not authorized to possess, store, transfer or copy those documents. This is an easy element to establish against anyone in America. Except one person. The unredacted parts of the affidavit make no attempt to articulate cause that Trump was not authorized to have these documents in his home. The reason is that, as president, he had broad, legally intimidating authority, established by law and court determinations, to declassify any and all documents and to determine what is and is not a presidential record. Trump and his legal team have asserted that this authority was exercised while he was still president. Therefore, a violation of these fairly low-level and seldom-prosecuted document-oriented statutes cannot be proven.

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“..our children and grandchildren will be paying for it for decades to come..”

The Truth About Lockdown (Lord Sumption)

It was always obvious that you could not close down a country for months on end without serious consequences. The shocking thing that emerges from Sunak’s interview is that the government refused to take them into account. There was no assessment of the likely collateral costs of lockdown. There was no cost-benefit analysis. There was no planning. In government the issues were not even discussed. Sunak’s own attempts to raise them hit a brick wall. Ministers took refuge in evasive buck-passing, claiming to be “following the science”. Yet the critical question was never a scientific one. It was a political question, in which the likely hospital admissions and deaths from Covid were just one element.

The scientists said it was not their job to think about the social or economic implications of their advice. They were right about that. The problem was it turned out to be no one else’s job. We are still paying for this negligence, and our children and grandchildren will be paying for it for decades to come. In 2020, U.K. GDP fell by nearly a tenth, the biggest hit to the economy for at least a century. According to Treasury estimates, 460,000 people left the workforce never to return. The policy took a wrecking ball to the public finances. The IMF estimates that government spending rose by more than £400 billion, or about £6,000 for every man, woman and child. Most of this was unproductive spending. It went on paying people for not working and supporting businesses forced to cease operations.

At one point, in the spring of 2020, the government was spending about twice as much on compensating for the lockdown as it was on the NHS. Borrowing rose to £330 billion, a peacetime record. Then there are the non-financial costs. Other mortal conditions went undiagnosed and untreated. In October 2020, after four months of lockdown, the Office for National Statistics reported more than 25,000 excess deaths at home from conditions such as cancer, heart disease and dementia. A year after the last lockdown ended, the NHS still has a vast backlog. Excess deaths, 95% of them due to conditions other than Covid, are running at about 1,000 a week. There has been a huge impact on mental health, with children and the poor worst affected.

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Tell them to fuck off.

Latest Covid Booster Shots To Be Released Without Human Testing (NYP)

The Food and Drug Administration is expected to approve new COVID-19 booster shots this week — before the vaccines are tested on humans, according to a new report by the Wall Street Journal. The new boosters are similar to the COVID vaccines currently available in the US with minor modifications that protect recipients from the latest version of the Omicron variant. Instead of waiting on data from testing in humans, the agency will use data from trials in mice — as well as the real world evidence of the safety of currently available COVID vaccines and test results from earlier iterations of boosters targeting older strains to evaluate the newest boosters, FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf said.

“Real world evidence from the current mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, which have been administered to millions of individuals, show us that the vaccines are safe,” Califf said on Twitter. “As we know from prior experience, strain changes can be made without affecting safety.” He added that modifying existing vaccines to include protection against different viral strains doesn’t require a change in ingredient and is a common practice the FDA does with flu vaccines. “FDA has extensive experience with reviewing strain changes in vaccines, as is done with the annual flu vaccine,” Califf said. Both Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech have submitted new COVID vaccine boosters to the agency for approval and the FDA hopes to roll out a booster campaign this fall.

However, some health experts are wary of the decision to release the shots without completed human trials. In June, two experts penned an op-ed demanding that the FDA not rush through the roll-out of the newest shots. “I’m uncomfortable that we would move forward — that we would give millions or tens of millions of doses to people — based on mouse data,” one of the authors, Paul Offit, told the Journal. Offit, an FDA adviser and director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, believes the comparison between flu shots and COVID-19 shots is not well grounded due to the differences in mutations and protection levels.

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    Samuel Peploe Beach scene 1907   • Wave Of European Ammonia Plant Closures To Exacerbate Food Crisis (ZH) • Russia Can Afford Complete Halt In Ga
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle August 29 2022]


    Thank you RIM, for presenting items we would otherwise miss.

    Trying to give away life jackets and waterproof thermal suits to people boarding the Titanic would have been a thankless task, inviting ridicule and insults. After all, the company brochure clearly stated that the ship was unsinkable.

    From Charles Hugh Smith a couple of years ago:

    ‘We need to start thinking beyond pretense and PR.’

    With the third class passengers now drowning, it’s fairly clear that the ship will go under some time in the next 12 months.

    Actually, I think 4 months for energy-dependent nations without a domestic oil supply and refineries etc. .

    I hear whisper that America soldiers stationed in Syria may be required to fight Russians or Iranians in the near future order to keep stealing oil.

    Kiwi dollar hovering around 61 cents US at the moment (72 cents US 16 months ago). And Bent oil on the way up again, it seems. Hmmm!

    V. Arnold

    McDonalds 1953

    The gods help me…I remember that menu…


    Yes we really actually do know the depths of Europe’s energy crisis. We know a very great deal about that space here on TAE.
    It’s a tad frustrating to know the content of the writing that will soon be written on the wall – before it is even written on the damn wall.


    August 19, 2022, The New York Times (NYT) published the documentary “Superspreader,” featuring yours truly, on FX and Hulu, both of which are owned by Disney
    The top institutional owners of The NYT are The Vanguard Group and BlackRock Inc. Combined, they have ownership in nearly 90% of all S&P 500 firms, and through their investment holdings they secretly wield monopoly control over all industries
    The takeaway from the program is that my integrity is in question because I run a successful vitamin and organic food company
    The same networks critical of how I fund my free information outreach with nutritional supplements and biodynamic foods advertised Hard Seltzer alcohol, Pop Tarts, Taco Bell and fad supplements, including a hair growth formula, a testosterone booster and a weight loss pill, during the program
    The timing of the documentary also ended up being ironic, as just one week before the “Superspreader” program aired, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reversed all of its COVID-19 guidelines, thereby proving many of my positions on COVID correct.


    I’m making a request here (because my wit and analysis is not the level I would hope for) – that Dr D breakdown that Guardian shit-piece about Putin. Please. I need a laugh. How many lines of lying AND stupid must a reader endure? What a piece of garbage.
    Thanks for the glimpse at “the other side” RIM as I seldom read anything out of substack and telegram posts. MSM is complete propaganda.

    While we are at it – this is where the aus gov is at right now on covid. FFS


    For more than 18 months, our governments and the media have been telling us:

    “the return to normal life will be possible thanks to the vaccine”,

    “you will regain your freedom when you are vaccinated

    “the non-vaccinated are responsible for the continuation of the epidemic”.

    But no real-world study has provided the slightest evidence to support this pro-vaccine injection marketing propaganda.

    And the analysis of official WHO data (available at WHO covid dashboard) is very disturbing.

    None of the champions of vaccination have succeeded in eliminating the virus, nor in avoiding strong resurgence of the epidemic, and very few have totally liberated their vaccinated people from the supposedly health liberating measures imposed without scientific proof of their effectiveness.


    What we are currently experiencing is a formulated written agenda, with which it will accumulate, yet more money and power. A gigantic act of desperation, probably the biggest that has ever occurred in the whole history of mankind. The cause of this act of desperation, in that the system to which the digital-financial system with its existence can no longer be kept alive with the previous business model. It was very close to its demise already during the world financial crisis of 2007 to 2008. If government banks, then had not mobilized huge amounts of tax money, and the central banks instructed oodles of money to be created out of nothing, the system would have collapsed there and then, but salvation was only temporary. The amount of money had to be continuously increased over a period of 12 years, and the interest rates had to be reduced several times so the system was made ever more unstable. In the long term, that could go nowhere, and last year it was to the point that the next collapse was threatening, and this collapse has been postponed through a final feat of strength, namely the reduction of interest rates to zero, and the injection of billions and billions for one final time.

    With that, however, a qualitative new situation has come about. A further deferral would require interest rates to be dropped into the minus range, and this would destroy the foundation of the current banking system. Banks cannot operate long term with negative interest rates. This means that a further deferral, with the previously used approach will not be possible. In the present situation, one can inject billions and billions into the system. However, with the growing rate of inflation, it will be driven into hyperinflation.

    The situation in which the digital-financial complex finds itself is between the alternatives of on one side, the final collapse, and on the other side, hyperinflation. So that means the total loss of the value of money. That means historically, we have arrived at the point in which the digital-financial complex, in the framework of the existing system still has the choice between the two various forms of collapse.


    Dark Brandon

    But the Democrats and the looney left are prepared to overlook grooming behaviour in order to defeat Trump. Why? Mean tweats. These people see mean tweats as worse than their children being raped.


    “At one point, in the spring of 2020, the government was spending about twice as much on compensating for the lockdown as it was on the NHS.” (Lord Sumption)

    Good lord.

    “Tell them to fuck off.” (RIM)

    We’re on it.


    McDonalds 1953

    Mc Adjective marketing.


    Appears to more evidence of the NZ Police/WEF state, desperately looking for dirt on “right wing reporters” (aka disobedient children), then just saying “fuck it, this is a police state, we will just ban them anyway” ….

    Dr. D

    “Sweden will hold general elections on September 11, 2022. At the same time, the country is rocked by a wave of violent crime that is unprecedented in modern Scandinavian history.”

    I’m sure these are all legacy Swedes, and White Supremacists. How dare they use and exhibit Swedish culture of not-grenading people.

    “Your leaders think they can win that. I’m not so sure.”

    I think they’ve been measuring compliance, scientifically, using all the methods of advertising honed razor-sharp for 100 years. They could be right about EuroPop compliance, or enough to make a mess. But “realizing” is not a linear function.

    “A year-long supply cut-off by Russia could happen “without adverse consequences for its economy,”

    This was thanks to NATO and Trump, who embargoed them (illegally) for years or decades, forcing them to be self-sustaining in every way. If only we were so prepared, but it looks like we will be as the US$ cut off.

    Whether or not Russia turns off the taps completely will be a political decision”

    “Russia” has never turned off the taps. Ever. Yet. YOU turned off your OWN taps. I know lies are very common, but this is reaching the level of breathtaking. You lover comes in, puts his hands on your throat and says, “Why are you strangling me? Why??? Why are you killing me? I love you.” Gaaaa—kk This is not knowing up from down, clear psychosis, total break from reality.

    “There are currently no practical replacements for oil, coal and natural gas; none. Especially not in a reasonable time frame that would spare Europeans from a full blown disaster.”

    On violent psychosis, one of the things that’s equally disturbing is that they are doing nothing to mitigate this even in the short term. We hear about a shower or two. Maybe sorta having a gym open with heat or sumptin’. And then reversing with shutting off all food at the same time, raising prices when we will need all the help we can get. Since they haven’t even dusted off the War Footing, barely referring to it, we know there can be no possible conclusion except that they are actively and intentionally killing everyone. After 50 years of papers about how they need to actively and intentionally kill everyone. Not even denying it really. Another population IQ test, the Tiger and the Lady.

    “You Have No Idea How Bad Europe’s Energy Crisis Is (FP)”

    Yeah, that’s pretty ominous, and why I keep harping on any delays preventing gas storage. That was before I fully recognized how big NordStream II is.

    “It needs both. But as we think about this winter, there is a very real threat that there won’t be any Russian gas at all.”

    Only because of your own leaders, applying active Democide for another 60M Europeans, since they loved it so much last time and voted in the same policies for decades. But I see why the player positioning now: it’s because they CAN turn on Nord I and II at the same time and save the continent. And also expel the Yanks for daring to tell them to shut it off. So there are options, which is why the game board looks like this right now. They need the people to rise up and demand it.

    Without Russia’s supply in the winter, Munton added,”

    Every article, every time. WHY would you even suggest such a thing? WHY are all the sentences composed this way? RUSSIA is not shutting off the gas. RUSSIA has no intention, nor any benefit from shutting off the gas. RUSSIA – so far – is perfectly happy to fill all pipelines 100% every minute of the year. So his sentence looks like “When the snow-white star weasels come in winter from the Planet Weselton, Munton added.” Yes, that COULD happen, but it’s just fiction you’re making up wholesale.

    “There’s a limit to what you can do …because there’s only so much LNG in the world,”

    Yes, and the LNG terminal charging station in America just blew up. Coincidentally. So let’s see: no LNG this end; no LNG at that end, no ships in the middle… Great plan! S.N.A.F.U. I’ve got an idea! Let’s not change anything and steer into the wall!

    “Germany Vows to Support Ukraine ‘For Years’ (RT)”

    As breathtaking as every other thing said: Germany is not supporting Ukraine even NOW. Lie.

    “The world has never recognized the annexation of 2014, which was against international law,”

    Again, LIE. It was done under clear U.N. charter for self-determination, was U.N. monitored election, and IS recognized by an overwhelming portion of the world: the majority of world population. Just not in London.

    “50,000 Ukrainian Refugees Face Homelessness in UK (RT)”

    So does everyone in Britain thanks to BoJo the Clown.

    Putin Is Trapped And Desperate. Will His Friends in the West Rescue Him? (G.)”

    HuhWhut? Lies cubed? Now that we’ve established this Russia, we cube to RussiaRussiaRussia. And PutinPuppets of Putler.

    “Men lead lives of quiet desperation.” Like this journalist. Desperate clutching at writing. ProTip: News articles are not to begin with “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” or “It was a sunny morning in Muncie Indiana, the birds were singing…” JHC this is journalism. Get to the point and save the bulls–t for your novels, we’re on the clock here.

    “indefinite stalemate is not what he expected. He didn’t expect car bombs in Moscow”

    And using his PutinTelepathy™. All reporters are issued PutinTelepathy™ upon hiring.

    “it’s uncertain his generals have the capability or the stomach.”

    Definitely not a war reporter. We should send him to the front from which Brits, Yanks, and Canadians are running away like little girls and he can see if his Generals have the stomach to kill man after man, mile after mile, and never get tired and like it. “Shootin’ folks is a h—l of a good time” General Maddis. And yes, this is the sort of guy you SHOULD hire as a General, being a psycho unfit for the general population.

    No point line by line I could be at it all day. 1st World complaints of uninformed, useless milksops.

    “At the same time, Kiev insists that it is Russian forces who are shelling the site while stationing military hardware there.”

    Every day I read this: Russia is in the plant, using as a base, AND ALSO shelling themselves, in their own base. HuhWhut?™ Which I now use so often, I trademark it. The West: taken leave of their senses so long ago it’s but a dim memory.

    Ukraine Relying on US-developed Blueprint to Fight Russia – CNN (RT)”

    That must be why they’re losing so badly. Why would you emulate a nation that hasn’t won in 80 years, and kinda didn’t win that one? But the important people won: Daddy Warbucks and the Banks while 200,000 soldiers lost, so perfect outcome.

    ““It is inappropriate for Russian tourists to stroll in our cities, on our marinas,” a – COMPLETELY RACIST – senior EU official told the newspaper.” So proud. It’s not White Supremacy when I do it!

    “The New York Times Editorial Board has called for the Biden administration’s Department of Justice to prosecute former President Donald Trump. The crimes of which he’s accused” …are unknown.

    Do we usually prosecute a man, without a crime? This doesn’t merit any comment anymore?

    Refresher: First we have a crime, only THEN do we go discover and prosecute the person who committed the crime. Oh, and they are required access to all State’s evidence, all warrants and other material.

    If Mar-Lago comes up again, know that the government classifies everything. For no reason whatsoever except to feel important and prevent any oversight. Going about your workday, which would you prefer: classify everything so no one can ask and give you s—t about anything, no matter how small, OR keep all the real stuff open and on-record so people will second-guess your every move? Yeah, I thought so.

    Second, once it’s classified, literally no one reviews it to see if it should be un-classified, and to call you on your s—t. First, THEY would have to be classified, and not just that, but need-to-know of THIS specific event and document. Then they would have to take extensive initiative, overrule you, and unclassify, which would annoy literally every employee in government. You’re blowing their cover, reprimanding them, making them work, and for all the outliers: getting them arrested and imprisoned.

    So….these are the “Classified” records at Mar-Lago, and everywhere else in government. And why over the years, EVERYTHING we look at has slowly become classified. President’s calendar? Classified. Remember that? Anything he wrote in any meeting? Classified. So if he doodles on a Burger King napkin, it’s classified. 15 boxes of “Saw Jim on Friday” on Burger King napkins…I mean unless you want to present me with ANY evidence to the contrary. They can’t even adequately present an accusation, much less an evidence.

    You see this in Turley’s article: the FBI /DoJ swore up and down they could not possibly, ever release the warrant or 100 – thousand – secret agents would be killed!!! Judge said do it and a day later Lo! It WAS possible to release the warrant. Who knewd? And the same with this Black-lined warrant: if you ordered them to un-redact another 90% of it, they could do that too and risk nothing. Because governments always start with “Make Me.” Make me do my job. Make me admit what I did. Make me permit oversight of anything. DENIED. Cut off funding and they still probably don’t care. Why on earth would they ever allow oversight or declassification?

    As we know this is a constant problem with secret police and agencies, with democracies, with governments in general, and may be literally unsolvable. They always go bad given time, and they seem to only be cured with the de-facto overthrow of the government and their replacement, whether violent, partial, or complete. This is of course what the White Hats are gunning for so far, setting up the FBI like this, but remains to be seen if they can, if doing so would work, or if it would topple the government in general as every body and every thing is run by them, and visible representatives are just stand-ins.

    “For hours, Mr. Trump refused to call off the mob.”

    For about 15 minutes, while texts were coming in, he didn’t know there was a mob TO call off. Lies. More Lies. Lies cubed. Lies with every breath of every day. Lies,lies,lies.

    If they have a crime, present and prosecute it. If they’re using innuendo, it means THEY DON’T HAVE ANY CRIME.

    “Mar-a-Lago Affidavit Reveals the Government Has No Case against Trump (Brock)”

    “Latest Covid Booster Shots to Be Released without Human Testing (NYP)”

    I don’t remember the last time they tested things. This is Science, where the BJM and Lancet both say there is no Science, all the studies are bunk unless proven otherwise, and “Money is the Science.” If the last 100 years of watching this hasn’t clued you in.


    McDonald’s pioneered the fast food drive thru

    Now we have the fast food drive by.

    You’ve come a long way baby.


    Dr. D

    “A further deferral would require interest rates to be dropped into the minus range, and this would destroy the foundation of the current banking system.”

    Luongo is on this. Yes, Europe is flopping to a CBDC, so all banking and Central Banking, central control. They are the only money, the only issuer, previous plan was to be CO2 Carbon-backed, as desired by the Technocrats in the 30’s. However, AMERICA is run largely by the NY Commercial banks. Now they’re not the good guys, but why would they EVERY ONE KILL THEMSELVES DEAD by giving up 100% of their model and market, and handing all money and all banking to the Fed? Nope.

    Europe killed themselves with negative interest rates, like Armstrong said. They prob weren’t worried since they always planned to swap to Carbon-Credit backed Central Bank Digital Currency. However, if Russia isn’t onboard, they’re screwed. They HAVE TO have the world,with no alternate system. If America also isn’t onboard, they are totally, completely, irrevocably screwed. Aaaaaaaand, we are not. Not JUST the whole, incredibly armed, vast, violent population, BUT 5 layers of most powerful lobbyists, starting with Commercial Banking, Wall St., and every human in New York.

    Just adding that going to Central Issuance was the plan. And Davos vs NY is the gameplay right now.

    THEY. LOST. However, a lot of guys die during the march to Berlin.


    None of us is as stupid as all of us

    Government has metastasized into a permanent entrenched bureaucratic mafia.

    Gangsterism has replaced both fascism and communism.

    Here, hear,

    Let Putin explain it simple terms.

    Putin Explains How American DeepState Works


    Just Some Randomer

    @Dr D

    “At the same time, Kiev insists that it is Russian forces who are shelling the site while stationing military hardware there.”

    Every day I read this: Russia is in the plant, using as a base, AND ALSO shelling themselves, in their own base. HuhWhut?™ Which I now use so often, I trademark it. The West: taken leave of their senses so long ago it’s but a dim memory.

    I actually had this argument with a Normie and his response was that the Russians outside the plant are shelling those inside the plant ‘Because they’re so stupid’.

    How can you reason with someone who’s not only drunk that much Kool-aid but is actually doing the backstroke in it?


    The £5,180 bus stop to nowhere will come in handy for this British winter.

    The homeless can arm wrestle the Ukrainian refugees for them.

    They can build campfires in them to heat their non existent food supply.

    England as thirdworldshithole.

    This will be the beginning of the UK’s Century of Humilation

    They deserve it.



    Civil unrest is happening …. NOW. (read the blogs …. read TAE)

    I’m allowed but You are not allowed to tell lies, insult, calling name, yell or act impolite towards “your better”/your politicians. – Trudeau

    (Quiet quitting, work to rule, avoiding direct confrontations, not your responsibility, loaded dice, russian roulette)
    Blind leadership ….
    Not enough energy ….. not enough money …….. not enough time ….. not enough motivation to help the sheeps ….
    “lack of common sense”

    • You Have No Idea How Bad Europe’s Energy Crisis Is (FP)
    • Britain’s Financial Support For Ukraine To Run Out By New Year – Times (RT)
    • 50,000 Ukrainian Refugees Face Homelessness In UK (RT)

    Worst outcome – NATO wins against Russia
    Best outcome – Russia wins against NATO
    In other words
    it was not their job to think about the social or economic implications of their advice. They were right about that. The problem was it turned out to be no one else’s job. We are still paying for this negligence,
    Who is in control
    Gut Bacteria Control Our Minds To Get The Food They Want; How Countering This Can Fight Obesity
    Aug 17, 2014 12:43 PM By Anthony Rivas

    Microbial Mind Control

    Microbial Mind Control
    MARCH 7, 2017

    Just Some Randomer

    @Zerosum – pretty sure I’ve been dealing with quite a few people with microbial-level cognitive processes recently. In fact, having a committee of microbes doing their thinking for them might actually be a step up in some cases.


    Looks like the WEF’s motto “Build Back Better” really means “Bad Break Bros.”

    John Day

    @aspnaz: You seem to have misconstrued m meaning when I said that energy/resource availability decline is happening, and that the-owners are contriving an energy/supply crisis just ahead of what is already in process, so as to maintain their control-narrative (propaganda).
    I did not mean that their intentions were beneficent to the rest of us. Nearby I mentioned that the crisis of human political economy might be mitigated by concerted-action/killing-more-folks. Our owners seem to be working on the killing-more-folks branch of that decision-tree. It’s easier for them to conceptualize their model remaining in power.

    : Hang in there, friend. We bear the message that there is urgent work for each of us to do, which will improve our near-term survival, which will be hard. This is an unpopular message. All of us seek models to understand our world and to guide our decisions into the future, but we only desire the easy-answers that come from such models, not the hard answers.
    It is easier to say “everything will be ok for me”, or even to say, “we’ll all die, no matter what we do”.
    We see those approaches here with variations, but they really absolve the individual of any responsibility to take difficult personal initiative.

    @Dr.D: The graph of CO2 levels in our planetary atmosphere over geological time does imply that life will exist on the planet with changes in CO2, even huge increases, but all of human-species existence exists in that little low spot that you point out as such. We are actually concerned with our own lives, and those of our younger family members, so the climate-change concerns are completely practical. We are always being played, against our own best0interests, and it’s really a lot right now.
    Whether there is a lot of oil in the arctic, or whether it is fossil or abiotic in origin are similar intellectual debates. I think it’s not going to be made available to ordinary people in our lifetimes. Maybe I’m wrong.
    As it currently stands, 90% of humans are dependent upon oil and natural gas for life, compared to 200 years ago, and more of us than that would probably die if the electric grids went dead for a few months in the industrialized world. The owners seem (to me) to be toying with their models of decreasing the human herd. They want good enough models to act upon with certainty of success. Everybody wants that. I wish them failure in their endeavors, but I think they are working on getting rid of lots of us.
    We don’t know the ultimate cull rate of these genetic-code-vaccine-products upon our numbers. We don’t have an actionable model for that, do we. We can avoid them now. Some of us had enough information to avoid, to never accept the experiment as it was initially presented, to give up employment on the principle of standing with the new “untermenschen”.
    Shutting down energy flows in a war-economy in EU/UK is being tried out. How much will people take before they quit cooperating? How does one not-cooperate when one needs electricity, food, water and fuel to survive, and cooperation is required to get all that?
    One might need to be at the point of utter capitulation of hope. I’m not sure, myself…

    I wrote another essay yesterday. I thought about it while mowing the heavily overgrown and dense and wet 0.8 acre lawn in 4 sessions, totaling 7 hours, this weekend. 3 weeks of rain in Yoakum…

    D Benton Smith

    I just thought of a quick and easy (and fairly accurate) way to separate the three categories of humankind: good guys, bad guys and undecided.

    The good guys are the people who are actually trying to make things work.

    The bad guys are people who are actually trying to make things NOT work.

    And the undecided do not understand what the fuck is happening and are so afraid to look that all they can manage is to go on not knowing what to do or which direction to do it in. They’re frozen, hypnotized by the fact that there is a fact shining straight into their eyeballs that they either can not or will not identify for what it plainly is. The paralysis of indecision.

    If they DID that (i.e. actually SAW what they were looking at) then they would know in an instant what those headlights meant for their immediate future . . . and jump.

    So, in review, the good guys are trying to get us all through this mess as best they can. The bad guys are working hard to make sure that nobody except them gets out of here alive, and the herd is frozen in the headlights. The frozen-in-their-tracks herd’s near future is either going be an eye opening experience, or it’s lights out.

    D Benton Smith

    How crazy is it to want something really really badly (like OBSESSIVELY) and at the very same time . . . in fact as part of the actual process of trying to get and possess that obsessively wanted item . . . to NOT WANT (to violently FORBID) all of the working and doing which MAKES that coveted item in the first place?

    Yeah? Well that’s how crazy our “elite” “leaders” and their silly minions are.

    The way out of this vicious circle is contained in the parable of “Little Black Sambo.” I highly recommend it. The way for the sane to survive the hungry tiger is to keep the greedy tiger running round and around the tree you’re in, chasing its own delusion until the tiger melts down into a pool of butter.

    John Day

    Trust And Consequences
    Pleasant photo in banana-shade

    Reading Marx the other day helped me get perspective on changes-of-system. Marx’s world was changing from the ancient feudal system to the new industrial economy. Everybody was displaced. Nobles didn’t like it, and said so. Newly-landless peasants didn’t like it, and had no say; just died young. Life expectancy in England among factory workers was 28 years. Three of Marx’s 6 kids lived to adulthood, and their lot was much above average.
    Around 1848, when Marx was writing Das Kapital (which was a paid job, with content he had to include) Europe was going through revolutions to end the old monarchic system, and industrialists, and their factory outputs, drove these revolutions in Sicily, France, Germany, Italy and the Austrian Empire. Naturally, proletarian revolution, which was already underway, and the platform of the Communist Party of Germany, which commissioned wordsmith Marx, was advised. Marx didn’t feel this way later, but everybody liked the original rousing call to arms, and wondered why he didn’t go further with all that.
    By the time Marx died in 1888, the productive-engine of industrial economy had created more ecological niches for humans than just owner and laborer, so the Marxian synthesis based on owner-laborer tensions became increasingly obsolete. Otto von Bismark, Germany’s “Iron Chancellor” was a master of that transition, becoming chancellor of Prussia in 1862, and remaining chancellor of united Germany until 1890. Bismark mended a lot of European economic problems.
    Now, with energy resources becoming more expensive to extract, and in shorter supply, due to depleting the easy reserves first, and the same things happening with fossil-water in China and the US, and lithium, copper rare-earths, and stable patterns in the oceans and atmosphere, we need to look at everything as it is.
    We need to look at ourselves, humans as we are, and the failing , corrupted global wealth-management system as it is.

    How do we manage to cooperate? Cooperation on big tasks, especially big tasks over an extended period of time, is our most powerful asset. Groups of people coordinate without structure when fairly small, under 150. The Romans used 100 men as a military group, with a Centurion over them. Centurions reported upwards and commanded downwards. It worked. We see that pattern everywhere. At each layer a lot of information is discarded and simplified. Commands going down multiple layers tend to get cumbersome and stupid by the time they reach the level of the people who have to carry out orders.
    As systems get bigger, they need more command-and-control layers, which are expensive, and reduce task-appropriateness at ground level, when they are working optimally. They get worse over time, because the top layers are soon just giving orders to suit their selfish interests, which really degrades the functionality of the whole system to do whatever it was designed to do.
    “You Are Here”, of course, as are we all.

    Bureaucratic systems usually have self-correction features designed-in. These are expensive, like long lists of government regulations for military parts production, but the system gets dysfunctional too quickly without these features, so it is the cost of sticking-around at that level of size and complexity.

    Feudalism was a system with a command and payment hierarchy that went from King to serf and back, and mostly did nothing except trickle-up some food and work and wealth. Occasionally the king called for workers or an army. The king and nobles operated a protection racket, promising protection from other kings and nobles. There were some skilled tradesmen. This kind of system arose throughout the world with local variations. There was not necessarily “trust”, because wherever you lived, it was just the world as you knew it.
    Industrialization destroyed that system, but it provided a flow of stuff, and human societies had to learn how to channel the flow of stuff. It turned out that factory-economy was unbalanced, so some balance was created by exporting weapons to un-industrialized countries, via armies that stole their stuff, made them buy the outputs of factories, and killed anybody who got in the way of that plan. World War-1 almost destroyed that colonialist model, and WW-2 did finish it off, because it was not an efficient use of human resources, natural resources, or factory outputs, compared to a financialized global economy without overt enslavement of peoples, just financial enslavement…

    Also following WW-2 there was further experimentation with hierarchical/totalitarian command-economy vs distributed control of economic decisions about production, consumption and trade. There is no pure system, of course. Any system has mixes of local-control and hierarchical control. Importantly, when a system collapses and reforms, its bureaucratic institutions are new and the corruptions of time have not yet set in. At the end of WW-2 the US had most of the bank-owned gold in the world, because FDR devalued the dollar against gold so that the rest of the world sent gold to the US for American factory goods. The US also had a completely unbombed factory production system, and lent to European countries for cheap so they could buy American stuff and rebuild. That made total western economy grow. Everybody in the Marshall-Plan countries liked it. The command-economies of the USSR and China did similarly well at first, but could not keep up after a decade or because of lower efficiency-at-ground-level, evidenced as making millions of left-boots and the “Cultural Revolution”.

    “Winning the cold-war” encouraged the accelerated corruption of western financial-imperialism. Under the Cheney-Bush regime US/NATO sought to control all of the countries producting “easy oil” and cheap commodities through the “Global War On Terror”. This changed the equation from the benefits of “capitalism” being attractive to the fear of getting treated like Iraq and Libya got treated. It was costly to support this global military, so maximum tribute had to be extracted from all the tribute paying countries, and maximum-pressure had to be maintained to keep non-tribute-paying peoples suffering (Cuba, Venezuela, Iran).

    The dominant western financial system has been internally corrupt, as evidenced in 2008, and it was not improved after that, merely made more promises of future profits and dropped more bombs. The internal-losses of gross corruption are invisible to most of us, but hinted at: “Derivatives are weapons of financial mass-destruction”. The overt costs of the western financial-imperialist system to support western military are also very high. There is no carrot, only stick, and now Europe is getting the stick to keep the corrupt system from collapsing. This is a very-short-term reactive measure, not even a medium-term can-kicking.

    While the dominant global trade system, based on the $US, which is just a floating-currency, based on the ability to buy oil with it, and pay debts in it, has very high costs, maintained by fear, it is also creating a new crisis. The crisis is the shortage of food and oil. This can drive indebtedness a little farther, and can drive all of the people using this system into further austerity, or crisis-and-death. This is desperate for the system because it also reduces system-efficiency to just keep it intact.
    If there was any choice other than freeze, starve or both, any rational person would take it.

    Rational people get to make their own personal decisions, but big decisions for nations, governments and corporations are made by “representatives”, who are subject to bribes and threats within the system. That helps keep the system working. It’s a cost of the current system. At some point, like in Sri-Lanka recently, the people come after the “representatives” of the system. The people are without any working support system at that point, and have lost all trust in representatives.

    Lack of trust in representatives, and lack of trust in the system are good internal-control mechanisms to sustain the functionality of the system. Russians are purported to deeply and broadly distrust their political and economic system. Chinese are constantly trying to protect any wealth they have by getting it and some family members to manage it into other countries, though that is made very difficult by the government.

    Most of us born in the west since 1924 have little recollection of anything other than the postwar Bretton-Woods based system, and the post-gold version based on the “petro-dollar”. Like the medieval-serfs, it’s the only world we have ever known, “the world”. There is not much to trust or decide about, since we know of no other option. We may have a house or mortgage, but there is a lot of “rent” payable to banks and governments with that. We have to earn money within the system or soon become homeless. More and more become homeless.

    The rest of the world-of-nations now has choices forming between the corrupted and very expensive global-financial-imperialism model and a new model, the BRICS model of global trade and finance. There is a BRICS Bank. Instead of using petrodollars as the reserve currency, upon which deals are calculated and contracted, the BRICS system uses either bilateral currency swaps, or a combination-basket of currencies and commodities (wheat, oil, gas, gold, etc.). It also needs electronic security. It is bound to already be undergoing attacks. The potential long-term payoff is the efficiency of not needing to support a destructive global military threat and rapacious financial resource and wealth extraction schemes.

    The short term payoff to adopting the new system, as soon as it gets a perceived “critical mass”, will be the option to repudiate existing $US debt. The group of countries that stands to benefit the most from that is the group of countries which owes 75% of that debt, North American and Western European countries. Right now, the screws are being put to Western Europe to undergo energy and financial austerity to support a regime in Ukraine that conscripts any man it can catch and sends him to a trench with a rifle to die by Russian artillery, in order to support the American military-industrial-complex and Globo-Cap, which owns it.

    Humans coordinate their efforts in groups through our natural abilities, coordinated by hierarchies and bureaucracies, and based upon habit, trust, self-interest and fear. As our bureaucracies and institutions age, individuals find more and more ways to insert straws into them to suck out the flow of resources, lowering system-efficiency. As that process goes on, only fear remains as a coercive motivation, and there is the force of habit. Every four generations or so, a system collapses, usually as another, more efficient system is arising next to it, and presenting a choice, at least to some participants. The new system always has some problems to work out, but they are worth working out because of efficiency. There is usually also a sweetener. As feudalism was replaced by factories, the peasants lost their right to the land, and the new business class got a lot of it. The new business class became the new center of power. They ended up finding ways to share to keep the society from breaking down in revolutions.

    At this point in history the engines of industrial production are past their peak, and will keep declining in total output. The days of making a lot of anything being the road to competitive-success are closing. The current class of global-financial-capitalist owners do not support the wellbeing of any society or nation. They extract the wealth of nations for themselves. They rely on nations to enforce their “property rights”, which are denominated in $US. That enforcement is carried out through global military threat and the control of trade routes and financial mechanisms. There is profit for fewer and fewer humans in this system, and the representatives who serve their interests are more and more obviously harming the lives of the people who elect them, and the people are noticing. This does not make the news, but awareness is growing, even as it is broadly misrepresented to control hungry and desperate people.

    Trust is built up gradually over a long time, and over the course of many tests. Trust remains in the $US financial system for fewer and fewer people in even the west. The Europeans are undergoing a crisis, and the (grrr) Russian Bear keeps not biting them, as they grow hungrier and more desperate and can’t pay bills. They are told to look forward to 10 years of cold and hunger. The boy crying “Wolf” is the corrupt representatives, who are preparing for a winter of discontent, but they can’t really prepare, because that would mean changing sides. Changing sides would mean accepting what the people need from the Russian suppliers of gas and oil, as they are doing by subterfuge, already. This winter, subterfuge will not supply enough gas and oil and there will be an energy crisis in Europe, rolling blackouts.

    The alternative is to give up on the Ukrainian government beating Russia, which everybody knows is impossible, and to open the Nordstream-2 pipeline.
    That would cause the coming collapse of European financial institutions to come at a time when reliance upon Russian energy had been broadly accepted.
    The acceptance of Russian energy as a practical part of European economic survival would mean that the progress of a financial restructuring would include this as a basis. That would mean that the $US system would not have primacy in every way. It could not be used exclusively. This would mean that Europe would use parallel financial systems. As time proceeds one financial system will be preferred every time a deal must be done. Over time, the more efficient system will be used more often. This appears to be the nascent BRICS system. As the BRICS system reaches some tipping point, the obvious solution to many problems will be to default on $US debt and eliminate the cost of debt service.

    John Day

    Links you may or may not already have seen, pertaining to above essay:

    Each of us will need to work on local efficiencies of survival this winter. The global crisis of food and fuel is already set-in-motion, even if it causes the $US global financial system to collapse sooner. That engineered crisis of hunger and desperation to support Globo-Cap is discussed here:
    How “Food Shortages” & Economic Collapse Protects the Status QuoEngineered Food & Poverty Crises Secure Continued US Dominance ,Colin Todhunter

    How “Food Shortages” & Economic Collapse Protects the Status Quo

    Consciousness of Sheep has this complimentary essay (or audio) about “Cost Push Prices”, which looks at the current decline of cheap resource availability as raising prices after decades of globalisation lowering prices, and that there is no fix for it with tightening money supply. Money is tight already. That worked back in the days of plentiful cheap resources, when worker’s wages could just be suppressed, but it brought us to this time which is more like 1848, when workers had so little as to favor the flames of revolutionary fervor. The social contract has been broken by the owners, and killing off a bunch of folks is not going to be a path to a society that can cooperate on big projects, such as we face.

    In Brief: Cost-push prices, It’s not just the price, Let’s talk about windfalls

    John Day

    Third try to get some links posted. I’ll break things up more and also put a dead-space in the RT links, which have appeared on TAE already, at any rate.

    Not really explained here is that the countries that are “enforcing sanctions” are only “enforcing” them. The Economist is a Rothschild-owned publication.
    Sanctions war isn’t going as planned – The Economist
    https://www.rt. com/news/561634-sanctions-ukraine-china-economist/

    Whence cometh the butter for thine bread?
    Only one in three UN members back new anti-Russia resolution
    International support for Ukraine has dropped dramatically since March
    https://www.rt. com/russia/561627-un-ukraine-resolution-support/

    In April, Bulgaria refused to pay for its contracted gas from Russia in Rubles, but Euros were made useless to Russia. Bulgaria quite receiving Russian gas. Bulgaria has contacted Russia in regards to reactivating that contract, presumably to pay in rubles, and to extend the terms of the contract, in order to buy the entire amount of gas, by means of extending the delivery-months lost since April into 2023.
    https://www.rt. com/business/561607-bulgaria-eu-russian-gas/

    John Day

    That worked. Here are the others:

    Any “reason” counts to justify an action, necessary for survival. This moral-high-ground will be easier and easier to “hold”.
    German Lawmakers Break Ranks, Demand Halt To Weapons For Ukraine Amid “Escalation Spiral”
    As predicted, Europeans weary of being told to make “sacrifices” in what for them is a somewhat distant conflict on the continent’s eastern periphery will reach a point of saying enough… for some within Scholz previously pacifist Social Democratic Party, that time is now. Yet critics of the letter are already calling it “capitulation” and other denunciations which come close to essentially saying the signatories are ‘traitors’ to the German and European cause while standing up to Russian aggression.

    Charles Hugh Smith , Economies can burn out, too, and they’re already sliding into the final stages of burnout.

    Thanks Germ: (“Effectiveness” is a one-way measure. “Efficacy” can be positive or negative. The vaccines have markedly negative efficacy this year.)
    Increasing SARS-CoV2 cases, hospitalizations and deaths among the vaccinated elderly populations during the Omicron (B.1.1.529) variant surge in UK
    CONCLUSIONS There is no discernable vaccine effectiveness among ≥18 years of age, vaccinated third dose population since the beginning of the Omicron variant surge…


    It will be interesting to see if more Europeans die ‘supporting’ Ukraine than Ukrainians!


    I have been on ‘vac’ but I did read in many of the prev. threads reports, stories about what ppl on TAE were doing, experiencing, thanks to all, sharing stuff with far away ppl is for me a top reason to be on the internet…I’ll give some reports from the ground here soon.


    For those interested in the VAX-harm to pregnancy/live births.

    In France Soir newspaper (MSM) in F, “Brutal drop in births in Germany and Switz.” Note: France is not mentioned, it happens to others who are disliked, even hated.

    The charts are easy to understand, the first shows births by year, for Germany, 2016 to 2022 (in red, and very low.)

    The second is births per month (Jan-May) per year 2015 – 2022, for CH, with below a comparison of no. of Vaxes and births, lined up so to speak.

    For CH, the data presented is clearly partial, only for part of /year./ It is hard to interpret. (Personally I’m convinced a strong causal link vax -> live births down exists.)

    Birth rate CH

    2019 – 2020 – 2021

    86.17 – 85.91 – 89.64

    Lockdown (partial) in CH was on March 15, 2020. Fewer babies born in 2020 (as comp. to 2019) Why? Maybe more pregnancies than usual were terminated? Idk. Is the shift from 86.17 to 85.91 significant statistically? In view of the perpetual downtrend? Probably not.

    Then we see a jump UP in 2021, the bad year of 2020 with lockdowns / covid restrictions, etc. led many couples to ‘get it on’, and pregancies begun in late March- April – May… gave rise to births in 2021. Well known phenomenon, an oft-quoted ex. is of an electricity black-out in NY, with sharp rise in births 9 months later.

    A drop after an increase is to be expected. Ppl who had a baby ‘early’ or ‘by surprise’ etc. aren’t rushing to have a second. Births, in a sense, may have been pushed forward (occured earlier than usual), just as COV19 created premature deaths (thru mistreatment, older ppl died too early.)

    Population nos. should be taken into account. The pop. of CH rose and rose 2019, 20, 21. Part of that growth (can’t quantify it) in 2020 was ‘returnees’ – Swiss ppl / ‘green’ carders equivalents, living and working abroad, hot footed it back home as it was obvious that CH would be a better place to live, than, say, Italy or Germany, lockdowns would not be strict, etc. I personally know 4 ppl who returned to CH in 2020 because ‘plandemic’ and not one who left. Plus, endless stories of ppl welcoming others, sleeping in living rooms, etc.

    It is all very complicated and afaik (in CH) no serious analyisis is being done, or if the excess deaths are attracting any official attention, no reports to the public.

    D Benton Smith

    Imagine if you will a life in which from the moment of birth absolutely every needed or wanted item is provided by others, given rather than made by oneself.

    Well in that case the recipient might “learn” or conclude that the only way to get something is to take it from someone else. There’s no other way to get it, is there? Can’t MAKE the thing which is needed or wanted it because that would require knowing how to make things, and that capability is missing from the skill set of someone who has never made anything at all, nor even had the notion that there was a way or means of getting things EXCEPT the way of taking the things from others. The three most popular ways of getting around this impasses is to promise payment and then not pay it, or lie about what really is going on, or threaten to harm or kill if the loot isn’t handed over (straight up armed mugger style.)

    Quite a vicious circle.

    And in addition to that it is also an immense, virtually impossible to solve problem as well. The problem arises from the makers of things not wanting to have their stuff taken for nothing in return. Folks who work hard and invest time, effort and resources to make stuff are understandably not too keen on the notion of having the stuff they’ve made then taken away from them without compensation, permission, or even so much as a “thank you very much for your contribution, you valuable and wonderfully skilled, generous, brilliant and noble human being .”

    They are more inclined to say “No. It’s mine, you can’t take it. I won’t let you.” They tend to become particularly reluctant to be robbed when they are not even acknowledged as being the skilled , brilliant and noble SOURCE of literally EVERYTHING that gets made, but are instead reviled as being stupid, low life, deplorable useless eaters who the world would be better off without. Some of them internalize such psychological abuse and become compliantly self-abasing slaves, or derelict husks. There are others, however, who take offense at the easily disprovable slander, and these become revolutionaries of one stripe or another.

    Luckily, this latter group are also the ones who actually know how to make things and how to make things work. Including revolutions.

    You can see how this becomes an existential problem for the pathologically incompetent and stupid takers whose only skills are lying, cheating, stealing, killing and BREAKING shit. No wonder they get so viciously desperate when it all starts coming apart. They literally don’t know what the fuck to do about it. No big surprise there because they are, after all, the folks who have no clue about how reality really works.

    They hope and think and try to believe that they know how. They even profess to know and hire experts to testify that their wacky notions are correct, but they very demonstrably do NOT know, because their solutions always fail. . . . . often in dramatically tragic fashion.

    Perhaps the most tragically hilarious consequence is that they eventually (and always!) come to the brilliant conclusion that complete destruction and failure of EVERYTHING was their intended intention to begin with, and just LOOK at how successfully they are wrecking the joint! Sheer brilliance, they insist.

    Sad, really, but that’s the stage they have come to. Their final solution to themselves being totally incompetent human beings, is to have no human beings at all . . . . including themselves! They shall become TRANS-humans and prevail over the Universal Reality itself! Oh my freaking gawd.

    Well, I wish them bon voyage, and good luck achieving that personal goal of becoming nonexistent. I would be more than happy to help them with it.


    Without this community, I would be lacking critical info to make beneficial decisions.


    “At the same time, Kiev insists that it is Russian forces who are shelling the site while stationing military hardware there.” So I guess we are to believe that Russia wants to create a second Chernobyl on territory they soon hope to annex.

    I pretty much embrace what @John Day said yesterday, i.e., “It looks to me like depletion is real and is being “managed” by inserting artificial crises and shortages just before it becomes common-knowledge, so as to maintain initiative in the control-narrative war-room.”

    However, this does not necessarily mean, (nor is it likely, @aspnaz) that “the billionaires are saving us.” Rather more likely is that the artificial crises are a mechanism for avoiding elite accountability. This is necessary to avoid the dilemma posed by them saying “The world is in this mess because were either wrong or ineffective before. But trust us and do what we say now, we’re right this time!”

    Day has his finger on the point about the CO2 graph presented by Dr. D. The range on the scale where humans were present is very small, with a geologically low CO2 level. Fairly low levels of atmospheric CO2 can be toxic (to humans, at least). I can relate my own experience from my time spent stationed on a US Navy nuclear submarine decades ago.

    The ship was designed to spend extended intervals submerged without coming up for air. What enabled us to do this was that we conditioned our atmosphere using Oxygen generators, Carbon Monoxide-Hydrogen burners, and CO2 scrubbers. The scrubbers were necessary to keep CO2 levels in the ship below 1%, and a few times when the scrubbers malfunctioned and the atmosphere on the ship approached that level, everyone started getting bad headaches. Going higher would have increasingly adverse medical effects.


    “The scrubbers were necessary to keep CO2 levels in the ship below 1%, and a few times when the scrubbers malfunctioned and the atmosphere on the ship approached that level, everyone started getting bad headaches. ”
    Let’s put this in perspective. 1% CO2 equates to 10,000 ppm. That’s over 20X higher than today.


    @chett: Yes, you are correct, and I dropped my decimal point in my thought there.

    Veracious Poet


    citizenX writes…

    Chett- Open your mouth , stay on your knees, your masters have something they want to give you.

    Fuck off you fucking retarded pos. Clear and vulgar enough for you?

    TAE use to be such a nice neighborhood. Oh well, things change.
    I suggest you switch to decaf.

    Michael Reid

    The victims in this play are, unfortunately, the average people, who simply hope to have a decent life. They will be caught unawares and unable to even understand what has occurred, let alone take action to save themselves. Those who have not spent the previous years educating themselves and preparing an alternative life will suffer most greatly.

    It Will Happen Suddenly

    John Day

    Thanks Michael Reid, for the Doug Casey article, but I don’t think getting a second passport will be the right route to enhanced survival, as Mr. Casey recommends. I think the changes will be everywhere, and becoming a refugee will be a bad plan, myself. Shelter in place, but pick your place wisely.

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