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US Directly Involved In Ukraine Conflict – Moscow (RT)
West Advises Ukraine On Strikes With Supplied Weapons – Top Intel Official (RT)
Russia Strikes Foreign Fighters’ Base In Ukraine (RT)
African Nations To Make Case For Big Rise In Fossil Fuel Output (G.)
EU Facing Winter Energy Crisis – Borrell (RT)
Netherlands Faces Winter Of Smog – Media (RT)
EU Is Not Our Boss – Hungary (RT)
Canada’s Travel Ban Had No Scientific Basis (CS)
Are Lockdowns Effective in Managing Pandemics? (MDPI)
New Zealand Plans To Tax Farmers For Livestock Burps (TCS)
When The Just Go to Prison (Chris Hedges)
Top Epidemiologist Predicts Insurers Will Go After Covid Vax Makers (JTN)
An Honest Money Would Stop Inflation by Don Werkheiser (Greco)








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“No other confirmation of the direct involvement of the United States in hostilities on the territory of Ukraine is required..”

The US made itself a target. And all NATO countries too.

US Directly Involved In Ukraine Conflict – Moscow (RT)

Statements made by Vadim Skibitsky, a representative of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, confirm that the United States is directly involved in the ongoing conflict there, according to Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. In an interview with the Telegraph published on Monday, Skibitsky refused to answer questions about whose satellites are used for strikes when talking about American HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems. He did acknowledge, however, that they consult with Washington before launching strikes and that Washington has veto power over decision-making.

“No other confirmation of the direct involvement of the United States in hostilities on the territory of Ukraine is required,” Zakharova said on Tuesday, because the US doesn’t just arm and train Ukrainian forces but essentially shoots the weapons themselves. Zakharova stressed that the US is directly involved and that its distance from the situation is irrelevant. “They are fully involved. Now Kiev representatives are talking about their military involvement not only through the supply of weapons, but through personnel management in the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, direct instructions and the choice of targets,”Zakharova added.

Speculation has been ongoing about Washington’s involvement in the conflict. For example, in April French journalist Georges Malbrunot went viral on social media after claiming to have seen first-hand that Americans are “in charge” of the Ukrainian war effort on the ground.However, he stressed that this was not an official involvement as it was American mercenaries that he met in Ukraine. Nevertheless, skeptics have questioned the veracity of promises by US officials to avoid direct involvement or so-called “boots on the ground.”

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“Advises”? They supply the weapons, the intelligence, and have a veto on “decision-making”. They might as well pull the trigger too. And for all we know they do.

West Advises Ukraine On Strikes With Supplied Weapons – Top Intel Official (RT)

A senior Ukrainian military intelligence official has claimed his agency was getting advice from British and American counterparts on which targets to attack with Western-supplied weapons, like the HIMARS multiple-launch rocket systems. The Americans can ban any strike they don’t like, the general reportedly said. The revelation came on Monday in an interviewthat Major General Vadim Skibitsky gave to The Telegraph newspaper. When discussing Ukraine’s reported successes in destroying Russian military targets with weapons provided by the West, he claimed Ukrainian forces were using “real-time information” to direct fire. “I can’t tell you whether [we are directly tasking] British and American satellites, but we have very good satellite imagery,” the British newspaper cited him as saying.

The general did not claim that US officials were feeding targeting information directly to Ukraine, but said troops were getting feedback from Washington and London before launching rockets. This allows “Washington to stop any potential attacks if they were unhappy with the intended target,” The Telegraph said. US officials have frequently claimed that America does not have direct involvement in Russia’s hostilities with Ukraine, since it would put it at risk of escalating the conflict. Russia and its allies in Donetsk and Lugansk accused Ukraine of using the US-made launchers to strike non-military targets. In a recent incident a rocket attack hit a detention facility, where dozens of Ukrainian POWs were kept. Officials from the Donetsk People’s Republic showed images of what they described as fragments of HIMARS rockets used in the strike.

Over 50 of the prisoners were reported killed in what Russia alleged to be an assassination of potential witnesses and perpetrators of war crimes committed by the Ukrainian side. Kiev denied responsibility for the incident and accused Russia of hitting the prison camp in Elenovka. Ukrainian officials claimed the attack was meant to cover up either abuse of the POWs or the embezzlement of money.

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“..the best thing that awaits them if they are captured alive is a trial and maximum prison terms.”

Russia Strikes Foreign Fighters’ Base In Ukraine (RT)

Over 200 foreign mercenaries have reportedly been killed in a missile strike in southern Ukraine, Russia’s Ministry of Defense reported on Tuesday. The statement also added that over 20 units of military equipment were also destroyed during the attack. In its daily briefing on Telegram, the ministry reported that Russian Aerospace Forces delivered a blow to a temporary deployment point of the Ukrainian ‘foreign legion’ near the city of Nikolaev, using high-precision weapons. As a result, up to 250 foreign mercenaries were eliminated, according to the report. Russia also claims to have neutralized up to 500 nationalist fighters in the Kharkov region via high-precision strikes, as well as “a significant amount” of military equipment.

Last week, Russia also claimed to have killed over 40 foreign mercenaries, most of whom were Polish citizens, after a missile strike on a temporary deployment point near Konstantinovka in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). The week before that, the Russian military claimed it had killed up to 250 such soldiers in the same settlement. Kiev’s international military unit was created in late February at the request of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, and is officially known as the International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine. In April, the Russian military estimated their numbers at almost 7,000.

However, an updated estimate provided by the Russian defense ministry earlier this month suggests that only about 2,700 of these soldiers remain in Ukraine. Many of them were eliminated while others fled abroad, some complaining about disorder in the ranks of the Ukrainian forces and about poor equipment. Moscow has repeatedly warned that it will not view foreign mercenaries in Ukraine as combatants as defined by the Geneva Convention and that “the best thing that awaits them if they are captured alive is a trial and maximum prison terms.”

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“..developed countries by contrast must take the lead on sharp cuts to their emission..”

African Nations To Make Case For Big Rise In Fossil Fuel Output (G.)

Leaders of African countries are likely to use the next UN climate summit in November to push for massive new investment in fossil fuels in Africa, according to documents seen by the Guardian. New exploration for gas, and the exploitation of Africa’s vast reserves of oil, would make it close to impossible for the world to limit global heating to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels. However, soaring gas prices have made the prospect of African supplies even more attractive, and developed countries, including EU members, have indicated they would support such developments in the current gas shortage.

The Guardian has seen a technical document prepared by the African Union, comprising most of Africa’s states, for the “second extraordinary session of the specialised technical committee on transport, transcontinental and interregional infrastructure and energy committee”, a meeting of energy ministers that took place by video conference from 14 to 16 June. The five-page document, and accompanying 25-page explanation, indicates that many African countries favour a common position that would inform their negotiating stance at the Cop27 UN climate summit, scheduled for this November in Egypt, which would entail pushing for an expansion of fossil fuel production across the continent.

The document states: “In the short to medium term, fossil fuels, especially natural gas will have to play a crucial role in expanding modern energy access in addition to accelerating the uptake of renewables.”Member states of the African Union will meet again, in Addis Ababa, this week to confirm the stance to be taken. They are expected to argue that Africa must be allowed to benefit from its fossil fuel reserves, as rich countries already have done, and that developed countries by contrast must take the lead on sharp cuts to their emissions.

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Of its own choosing.

EU Facing Winter Energy Crisis – Borrell (RT)

The EU may run out of gas during the upcoming winter season amid supply shortages, the bloc’s senior diplomat Josep Borrell has warned. “Europe is facing a perfect storm: energy prices are up, economic growth is down and winter is coming,” the EU’s high representative for foreign affairs and security policy wrote, in a blog published Monday on the website of the Diplomatic Service of the EU. There is “real uncertainty” over whether the EU will have enough gas and whether it will be able to afford it, Borrell said in the piece, titled “Europe’s energy balancing act,” describing the upcoming winter as “exceptional.” His comments come amid a reduced flow of natural gas from Russia, a major supplier to the bloc. Borrell warned that countries of the continent must prepare for a possible total cut-off by Moscow, and suggested that Europe has struggled to replace Russian supplies.

“The hard truth is that for this winter, we are approaching the limits of what extra gas we can buy from non-Russian sources. So, the bulk will have to come from energy savings, i.e. demand reduction.” he wrote. Last month the EU approved a plan that would see member states voluntarily reduce their gas consumption by 15%, to enable the bloc to accumulate the fuel ahead of winter. In case of an emergency, the voluntary reduction may become mandatory. According to Borrell, the bloc has managed to reduce the share of Russian gas in its imports from 40% at the beginning of the year to around 20% today, by buying more LNG and receiving gas via pipelines from Norway, Algeria and Azerbaijan. Russia has repeatedly said it remains a reliable supplier and honors its contractual obligations, but that international sanctions are preventing pipeline operator Gazprom from delivering gas to the EU at full capacity.

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Wood and brown coal. Take that, Putin!

Netherlands Faces Winter Of Smog – Media (RT)

Smog and particulate pollution will rise in the Netherlands this winter, public health authorities have warned. The rise is linked to more households choosing to burn firewood as gas prices skyrocket. Sales of wood and pellet stoves have increased by 30% since last summer, De Volkskrantreported on Sunday. Demand is now so high, the newspaper reported, that manufacturers are struggling to deliver enough of these stoves. Firewood suppliers, meanwhile, are already running out of stock, and sourcing more logs is a difficult proposition, as the Dutch forestry agency refuses to supply trees to the firewood industry. With gas and electricity bills at record highs, the shift among some consumers to wood burning will have environmental consequences, the National Institute for Public Health (RIVM) warned.

“The sale of wood is linked to consumption and it is indeed expected that this will not have a positive impact on air pollution,” a spokesperson told De Volkskrant. While the institute is investigating what measures can be taken to reduce this pollution risk, its powers are limited at present. It can warn households against lighting fires on days when the smog risk is high, but cannot enforce a ban. Health experts called for a ban last month, telling parliament that such a measure would be necessary in winter when more fires would increase the chance of smog. However, there is currently no other viable heat source to replace either gas or solid fuel, although the RIVM is investigating heat pump technology, according to the newspaper.

The Netherlands is not the only European country where wood fires are making a comeback. Poland gave its citizens permission to hoard timber for burning last month, while Latvians have rushed for firewood collection permits and Hungary has ordered a halt to firewood exports. In the UK, the London Fire Brigade said in May that its officers had responded to 100 house fires in the preceding months, started by people burning wood in open fires to stay warm. While gas prices throughout Europe were steadily rising since the end of the coronavirus pandemic, the increase accelerated sharply since Russia launched its military operation in Ukraine in February. The EU has begun phasing out Russian fuel imports in response, while Russian gas giant Gazprom has said that sanctions are impeding its ability to deliver gas to the region.

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The sole voice of reason in the EU. Something has to give.

EU Is Not Our Boss – Hungary (RT)

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban lashed out at the European Union on Monday evening in a Facebook post, reminding his followers that Brussels doesn’t dictate European affairs. “The European Union is not in Brussels. The European Union is in Vienna, Budapest and Warsaw, Berlin and Madrid,” the prime minister said. “Brussels is not our boss We are an independent, sovereign Hungarian nation. We make decisions together. If they’re not good for us, we’ll tell them. If they are not good and we can prevent them, the common decision will not be made.” Orban has made international headlines in recent weeks for his blunt statements criticizing the West’s policies. On July 28, the premier blasted NATO’s support for Kiev during a meeting in Vienna with Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer.

“The Hungarian assessment is that the concept of NATO supporting Ukraine with weapons and training officers, and the Ukrainians fighting against the Russians, is a construct that has now been shown not to result in a Ukrainian victory,” Orban said at a press conference. The prime minister has been a holdout amongst European leaders in jumping on board Brussels’ harsh sanctions campaign against Russia, particularly a total embargo of Russian natural gas. In his remarks criticizing NATO, Orban also made reference to the fact that sanctions on Moscow are causing serious economic hardship in the bloc. He said that a peaceful settlement needs to be reached in Ukraine because its absence it will spur economic recession in the EU that will be accompanied by political instabiliy.

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Or others would do the same.

Canada’s Travel Ban Had No Scientific Basis (CS)

On August 13, 2021, the Canadian government announced that anyone who hadn’t been vaccinated against Covid would soon be barred from planes and trains. In many cases, The Backward could no longer travel between provinces or leave the country. If you lived in Winnipeg and wanted to visit your mother on her deathbed in London or Hong Kong or, perhaps, Quebec City, you’d better get jabbed—or resign yourself to never seeing your mother again. Jennifer Little, the director-general of COVID Recovery, the secretive government panel that crafted the mandate, called it “one of the strongest vaccination mandates for travelers in the world.” It was draconian and sweeping, and it fit neatly with the public persona that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had cultivated—that of the sleek, progressive, forward-looking technocrat guided by fact and reason.

The Canadian Medical Association Journal, in a June 2022 article, observed that “Canada had among the most sustained stringent policies regarding restrictions on internal movement.” But recently released court documents—which capture the decision-making behind the travel mandate—indicate that, far from following the science, the prime minister and his Cabinet were focused on politics. (Canadians are hardly alone. As Common Sense recently reported, American public-health agencies have also been politicized.) Two days after announcing the mandate, Trudeau called a snap election—presumably expecting that his Liberal Party, which was in the minority in the House of Commons, would benefit from the announcement and be catapulted into the majority. As it turned out, the Liberals failed to win a majority in the September 2021 election.

In the meantime, roughly five million unvaccinated Canadians were barred from visiting loved ones, working or otherwise traveling. (Trudeau, for his part, stayed in power. Even though the Conservatives have won the popular vote in the past two elections, because of Canada’s parliamentary system, they have been denied the top job.) The court documents are part of a lawsuit filed by two Canadian residents against the government. Until last month, they were under seal. Both plaintiffs are business owners. Both have family in Britain. Both have refused the vaccine on the grounds of bodily autonomy. Both were reluctant to identify their businesses out of fear of losing customers

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“..we estimate that lockdowns may claim 20 times more life years than they save..”

Are Lockdowns Effective in Managing Pandemics? (MDPI)

The present coronavirus crisis caused a major worldwide disruption which has not been experienced for decades. The lockdown-based crisis management was implemented by nearly all the countries, and studies confirming lockdown effectiveness can be found alongside the studies questioning it. In this work, we performed a narrative review of the works studying the above effectiveness, as well as the historic experience of previous pandemics and risk-benefit analysis based on the connection of health and wealth. Our aim was to learn lessons and analyze ways to improve the management of similar events in the future.

The comparative analysis of different countries showed that the assumption of lockdowns’ effectiveness cannot be supported by evidence—neither regarding the present COVID-19 pandemic, nor regarding the 1918–1920 Spanish Flu and other less-severe pandemics in the past. The price tag of lockdowns in terms of public health is high: by using the known connection between health and wealth, we estimate that lockdowns may claim 20 times more life years than they save. It is suggested therefore that a thorough cost-benefit analysis should be performed before imposing any lockdown for either COVID-19 or any future pandemic.

WHO Treaty Christine Anderson

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“Face masks. Yes, face masks for cows.”

New Zealand Plans To Tax Farmers For Livestock Burps (TCS)

It seems like governments across the Western world are hellbent on destroying the lives of their farmers, and New Zealand is no different, with the government bringing in a “burp tax” for livestock. It’s become almost a meme to talk about the government taxing you for breathing in oxygen in the age of climate insanity and carbon taxes, but New Zealand is by far the closest to doing so. According to climate radicals in the country, cow and sheep burps are just too harmful to the environment due to the methane released, and they need to be reduced, and farmers need to be taxed into submission. “There is no question that we need to cut the amount of methane we are putting into the atmosphere, and an effective emissions pricing system for agriculture will play a key part in how we achieve that,” New Zealand Climate Change Minister James Shaw told BBC News.

Under the proposed legislation, the government would begin taxing livestock farmers for their gas emissions starting in 2025, with incentives and lower tax rates being offered to farmers that feed their livestock special anti-burp diets and plant more trees to offset their supposed emissions. According to WebMD, other strategies the government is recommending include “face masks for cows that trap and turn methane into water and carbon dioxide, a method that reduces emissions by more than 50% according to Zelp, the company that invented the contraption. Some farmers are already experimenting with feed made from seaweed. And scientists are tinkering with cow genetics to increase their digestive efficiency.” Face masks. Yes, face masks for cows.

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Daniel Hale.

When The Just Go to Prison (Chris Hedges)

Hale, a 34-year-old former Air Force signals intelligence analyst, is serving a 45 month prison sentence, following his conviction under the Espionage Act for disclosing classified documents about the U.S. military’s drone assassination program and its high civilian death toll. The documents are believed to be the source material for “The Drone Papers” published by The Intercept, on October 15, 2015. These documents revealed that between January 2012 and February 2013, U.S. special operations drone airstrikes killed more than 200 people — of which only 35 were the intended targets. According to the documents, over one five-month period of the operation, nearly 90 percent of the people killed in airstrikes were not the intended targets. The civilian dead, usually innocent bystanders, were routinely classified as “enemies killed in action.”

The terrorizing and widespread killing of thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of civilians was a potent recruiting tool for the Taliban and Iraqi insurgents. The aerial attacks created far more hostile fighters than they eliminated and enraged many in the Muslim world. Hale is composed, articulate and physically fit from his self-imposed regime of daily exercise. We discuss books he has recently read, including John Steinbeck’s novel East of Eden and Nicholson Baker’s Baseless: My Search for Secrets in the Ruins of the Freedom of Information Act, which explores whether the U.S. used biological weapons on China and Korea during World War II and the Korean War. Hale is currently housed in the Communications Management Unit (CMU), a special unit that severely restricts and heavily monitors communications, including our conversation, and visitations.

The decision by The Bureau of Prisons to lock Hale up in the most restrictive wing of a supermax prison ignores the recommendation of the sentencing Judge Liam O’Grady, who suggested that he be placed in a low-security prison hospital facility in Butner, North Carolina, where he could get treatment for his PTSD. Hale is one of a few dozen people of conscience who have sacrificed their careers and their freedom to inform the public about government crimes, fraud and lies. Rather than investigate the crimes that are exposed and hold those who carried them out to account, the two ruling parties wage war on all who speak out. These men and women of conscience are the lifeblood of journalism. Reporters cannot document abuses of power without them.

The silence on the part of the press over Hale’s imprisonment, as well as the persecution and imprisonment of other champions of an open society, such as Julian Assange, is stunningly shortsighted. If our most important public servants, those with the courage to inform the public, continue to be criminalized at this rate, we will cement in place total censorship, resulting in a world where the abuses and crimes of the powerful are shrouded in darkness. Barack Obama weaponized the Espionage Act to prosecute those who provided classified information to the press. The Obama White House, whose assault on civil liberties was worse than those of the Bush administration, used the 1917 Act, designed to prosecute spies, against eight people who leaked information to the media including Assange — although he is not a U.S. citizen, and WikiLeaks is not a U.S.-based publication — along with Edward Snowden, Thomas Drake, Chelsea Manning, Jeffrey Sterling and John Kiriakou, who spent two-and-a-half years in prison for exposing the routine torture of suspects held in black sites.

Also under The Espionage Act, Joshua Schulte, a former CIA software engineer, was convicted on July 13, 2022 of the so-called Vault 7 leak, published by WikiLeaks in 2017, which revealed how the CIA hacked Apple and Android smartphones and turned internet-connected televisions into listening devices. He faces up to 80 years in prison.

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I’d like to see that.

Top Epidemiologist Predicts Insurers Will Go After Covid Vax Makers (JTN)

Yale University epidemiologist Harvey Risch is expecting insurers to seek financial compensation from COVID-19 vaccine makers to cover “early unexpected mortality claims,” as they “they have a major financial risk that they have to figure out how to manage.” Insurers’ actuaries estimated COVID vaccinees would “live longer than they have” based on misrepresentations about “all-cause mortality … from the original [clinical] trials,” Risch told the “Just the News, Not Noise” TV program. In a followup interview he pointed to statements by insurers that offer group life insurance. OneAmerica CEO Scott Davison told a healthcare conference in December that death rates had risen an “unheard of” 40% in the working-age people it insures compared to pre-pandemic rates, when a “one-in-200-year catastrophe” would only bring a 10% increase.

Most claims aren’t filed as COVID-related deaths, he said. Public records show that Lincoln National, a much larger insurer, reported a 163% increase in death benefits paid out in 2021, the first year of the COVID vaccines: $1.4 billion, compared to $500 million in pre-pandemic 2019 and $548 million in 2020. It largely blamed a $41 million operations loss in the first quarter of 2022 on “non-pandemic-related morbidity, including unusual claims adjustments, and less favorable returns within the company’s alternative investment portfolio.” Lincoln Financial Group Vice President of Corporate Communications Kelly DeAngelis told Just the News the 2020 statutory filings didn’t include Lincoln Life Assurance Company of Boston. The 2021 supplement includes results from both companies, which merged that year.

Pfizer attacks

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An Honest Money Would Stop Inflation by Don Werkheiser (Greco)

This little vignette written by Don Werkheiser remains one of the best concise explanations of inflation I’ve ever seen. It was published in the spring 1982 edition of Green Revolution, the journal of the School of Living a non-profit organization with which I was associated throughout the 1980s and into the early 1990s.

A rural village has no money. All trade is by barter. A farmer comes to town and deposits 10 bushels of corn with a man who has a store room. This operator gives the farmer 10 receipts, each redeemable in a bushel of corn. But the farmer asks for receipts in smaller denominations. The storekeeper gives him 40 receipts for 40 pecks. The farmer trades ten of these corn-receipts for other products; they are each accepted at the value of a peck of corn. That acceptance constitutes the issue of corn notes as money. Such receipts are generalized credit instruments. They refer to stored corn, but not to any specific peck of corn. When the seller wants a peck of corn the receipt is redeemed. Otherwise it is spent again, and ownership of a peck of corn is conveyed to the next seller.

The next day the farmer returns to town and spends 10 corn notes (each of one peck of corn in value) for his wife’s birthday present. Now the farmer has doubled the money supply in circulation, but there is no inflation; there are redeemable goods back of them. What then is inflation? We must understand “money” and the storekeeper’s actions. The store room owner noticed that the corn notes were accepted in trade. So he made 40 more “peck-receipts” looking just like corn-receipts and then he spent them into circulation. That is inflation–counterfeit receipts passed as valid receipts. Assume that the counterfeit receipts were accepted at face value. In that case, the counterfeiter effected a robbery of commodities equal in value to 40 packs of corn, while those who accepted them received receipts which measured the extent to which they had been robbed.

So long as confidence lasts, the game would continue and receipts could be spent. New sellers would be holding empty receipts. The game would collapse when all the corn in the warehouse was redeemed, and holders of the 40 counterfeit receipts found no one who would take them in trade. Worse could happen if the counterfeiter had the skills of a politician. If, when confronted by angry holders of his counterfeit receipts he declared himself a benefactor of the community–and showed that the original issue by the farmer was too limited, and that his own issues stimulated industry and trade (he would not mention that the farmers issue was redeemable while his own was not). He noted that most people did not want corn; they wanted a medium of trade that they could use to speed up trade.

They were told: “If the game stopped then, the holders would be losers, but if they continued, they could all buy what they wanted. In fact if they elected him Mayor he would declare pseudo-corn-notes to be legal tender, and he’d also begin a program of public works. Soon everyone would be rich.” An ignorant public agreed. Elected Mayor, the counterfeiter issue another stock of corn-notes called “pecks” and declared them to be worth a peck of corn in the market (but not anywhere redeemable). On each note was a picture of a peck-basket, but what it contained was not specified. Just a peck of value.

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I am the change








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    Crackpot realism also plays a huge part in neoliberalism, particularly where employment is precarious. If, for example, an employer insists that workers feign belief in ideas that contradict centuries of biology, said workers have no choice but to do so. To do otherwise would result in the sack, a dark cloud over one’s future job prospects, reliance on an inadequate social safety net, and one’s replacement by someone who is prepared to mouth the official line. Even more damagingly, the same goes for highly-qualified engineers and physicists charged with telling the technocracy that it is entirely possible to run an advanced industrial economy on wind and solar energy or, indeed, chemists and agriculturalists paid to tell the technocracy that we can easily feed 8bn humans without artificial fertilisers. Anyone who even thinks about telling the truth to power in these areas will be labelled a “climate denier,” and replaced forthwith. And so, from top to bottom, we have a culture in which almost everyone turns a blind-eye to the most absurd policies even when they clearly break natural laws of the kind that cannot be changed by hurt feelings.

    Telling lies to power

    V. Arnold

    Odilon Redon The winged man (The fallen angel) 1880

    Interesting artist, Odilon Redon…
    You’ve posted other art by him; and I think I like his work…
    Thanks for today’s offerings…always look forward to your posts…


    China closes off the Taiwan Strait, did I get that right? First of many measures. But let’s start with not getting you your semi-conductors. People like Pelosi and Biden are simply too old to recognize the change in power dynamics since, say, 1990.

    Dr. D

    “Equifax Sent Lenders Wrong Info on Millions of Consumers, Causing Higher Rates, Denials”

    A.I. at work. Don’t worry, more technology will fix everything. Wait til your social credit score is in the same system. You know: the no-fly list no one knows how you get on or off it? Suuuuure. I trust these same people who can’t book a 2pm appointment without screwing it up to control the strings of my life.

    “Utilities Fear Lack of Transformers as Peak Hurricane Season Looms”

    More A.I.! More technology! Which will work great when there’s no grid. This is with Vegas and no hydro, MI with no nuclear, and the grid with no stability thanks to green sources. “Go Go Gadget Greenouts!” BuyBuyBuy that electric car! Official policy! Pete says so. With the money he got for being on vacation most of his term.

    “Oregonians to Vote on Gun Control Measure Opponent Calls “Strictest” in the Nation”

    Totally illegal. Perhaps by their State Constitution as well? And will very likely cause Eastern Oregon to secede. Podesta said states should secede though, and neighborhoods already seceded (CHAZ) and burned the government building with everyone in them, so I’m sure they’ll approve in Portland. Anarchy is good, right?

    This is very common everywhere, but it’s really Urban vs “Rural” divide, except in states that are completely urban like New England. Cities have concentrated, centralized power, and tremendous legacy power, but we’ll see how they go when they’re on fire from food riots and embargoed by farms and water.

    “EU Facing Winter Energy Brainpower Crisis – Borrell (RT)” Fixed it. “I’m going to hold my breath until you give me a pony!!!”

    “reduce their gas consumption by 15%, to enable the bloc to accumulate the fuel ahead of winter. In case of an emergency, the voluntary reduction may become mandatory.”

    Or else what? Germany invades Spain? That will use some gas. Suck it. I would refuse everything.

    “The sale of wood is linked to consumption”

    Government at work. People buy things to use them??? Quick, call in a committee of expert economists!

    “Canada’s Travel Ban Had No Scientific Basis (CS)”

    Nor anything else we or anyone have done. Scienz is dumb things we can’t ask questions about and that don’t work.

    “…we estimate that lockdowns may claim 20 times more life years than they save..” Proof.

    If this treaty goes through, you can bury democracy altogether.”

    Hahahahaha! Come Make Me. Suck it. Me and everyone will disobey everything for all time, and increasingly more as you behave like petty twits. Like there are no street drugs with people driving BMWs? Paying zero taxes? Same here. You make it illegal, I sell it ‘cause the price goes up.

    “When the Just Go to Prison (Chris Hedges)”

    Well, sort of, but you can’t release classified information. It’s the REPORTERS that have immunity. Like Assange. Revealing state secrets is a crime that endangers things. If they find out who it was, you’re in trouble. Now I don’t want him to go to jail for alerting the people to massive crimes and failures, but I can’t do nothing either. Is 4 years not too easy? And if 4 years for him, shouldn’t it be 40 years for Cheney and Bush? 400 years for the WEF/Green “Chloros” shutting off food planetwide?

    V. Arnold

    Sure Dr. D; and unicorns dance in my garden every morning as the sun comes up…


    TAE proves it every day.
    The truth, the lies.
    The good, the bad.
    Its been said before.
    Its been tried before.
    Its not new.
    Its old news.
    Its not all opinions.

    • US Directly Involved In Ukraine Conflict – Moscow (RT)
    • West Advises Ukraine On Strikes With Supplied Weapons – Top Intel Official (RT)
    • Russia Strikes Foreign Fighters’ Base In Ukraine (RT)

    Prepare for winter
    There is “real uncertainty” over whether the EU will have enough gas and/or whether it will be able to afford it,

    • Netherlands Faces Winter Of Smog – Media (RT)

    • EU Is Not Our Boss – Hungary (RT)
    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, said that a peaceful settlement needs to be reached in Ukraine because its absence it will spur economic recession in the EU that will be accompanied by political instability.
    Truth is classified information that the gov. don’t want you to know.

    • When The Just Go to Prison (Chris Hedges)
    Counterfeits work, until there is nothing left to buy.


    Biden and Kamala holding a join press conference discussing foreign policy



    Welcome to the old USofA
    Chuck Schumer, the Senate majority leader, angered by Rand Paul daring to ask for accountability over how $40 billion in U.S. taxpayer money was going to be spent in Ukraine, accused Paul — for doing his duty as a senator — of strengthening Putin’s hand, before allowing this very money, being doled out with zero oversight, to underwrite a Ukrainian entity which, with the active support of the U.S. State Department and U.S.-funded NGOs, labels Paul an “information terrorist” and threatens the Kentucky senator with prosecution as a “war criminal.”

    SCOTT RITTER: Chuck Schumer’s War on Free Speech


    Globalists working on World Domination


    Michael Reid

    Died Suddenly: Why Do Birds Fall Down From The Sky… Every Time You Erect Your Towers?


    Michael Reid, thank you for that link. I am not a scientist, not by a long shot. I have felt for a long time the real problem is that we are all being poisoned. Then the answer to that poisoning is more poison. I can feel it in the air, and when I get far enough away from it all I feel better. Lately, when I try to watch a video on my laptop with it on my lap, I start to feel ill, I can’t watch more than a couple minutes. When I hold my phone up to my head to talk, I feel sick as well (so I only talk on speaker now). Same with wearing headphones. I wonder, am I just going crazy? I don’t want to end up one of those people out in the woods with a cabin covered in tin foil…

    I do believe there are “bugs” or “germs” or whatever. When I get sick, like a cold, it’s a different thing. I can feel my body trying to expel something with the coughing and congestion for example. But there’s definitely something else, in the air so to speak. But that makes me crazy to say so, so I should shut up and take my drugs.


    ZH has a useful critique of the BBC “documentary” unvaccinated
    I tried to view the original program but is made unavailable outside the UK (even with a VPN) Now I know I need not bother. It is made on the “reality TeeVee” model. Six days of filming and discussion are reduced down to an hour of snark, GOTCHA! moments and strange off-topic diversions.

    Times where the interviewees won and the “protagonists” lost the argument are edited out. The host, the MDs and scientism-ists, and the “fact checkers” are up against some well-informed interviewees.

    I’m not surprised but I had hopes. The show is promoted as an honest attempt to reach across the divide but is a crass re-hash of existing “muh science” browbeating and Kamala-logic. Logical fallacies galore – muh Authority, muh Higher Power (aka muh Science), alphabet soup, others


    In South Africa an imediate threat of medical apartheid. Please read and share.

    Please listen to Sabelo’s message about forced medication and concentration camps proposed in South Africa
    After August 5th, 2022, if you do not tell them HELL NO, you will not be able to refuse medications, examinations, quarantines or forced isolation


    I don’t want to end up one of those people out in the woods with a cabin covered in tin foil…

    I do. Let’s not confuse association, the accusing retarded sheep wear the foil, everyday, with their collective delusions.

    As soon as the red sun bites the mountain
    I shut my rickety door
    I sleep on a mattress of soft green grass
    and the curve of a wooden pillow
    and when the moon shines through the pines
    before clouds return to stream
    clear night dreams go far
    but not to the world of men


    The Mountain Poems of Stonehouse, Bill Porter (Red Pine), trans.

    US Govt Officials antagonize and threaten Russia, China, and its very own US Citizens. How do you think it’s going to work out for the US Govt Officials? Patience is running thin by all those threatened.


    Kill – Many word, same result
    murder : premeditated killing of one human being by another:
    synonyms: killing · homicide · assassination · liquidation · extermination · execution · slaughter · butchery · massacre · manslaughter · patricide · matricide · parricide · fratricide · sororicide · filicide · infanticide · uxoricide · regicide · slaying · eliminate · terminate · dispatch · finish off · remove · destroy · rub out · cut out · cut · cancel · get rid of · expunge · obliterate




    It seems that every square meter of the Earth is producing methane at some level. Vast amounts are produced underground, there are methates on the seabed and in permafrost, and anything that rots produces methane.

    Despite all this methane is almost non-existent in the atmosphere. The NOAA records methane as 1900 parts per BILLION. Rounding it up to 2000 means that in 1 part in 500,000 is methane!

    Methane is of course highly flammable so I suspect its time in the atmosphere is short-lived. The idea of spending ANY money in ‘combatting’ methane shows how brain-washed most people are.


    CO2 levels are higher, 420 parts per million according to the NOAA, or about 1 part in 2,400!

    CO2 is essential for life on Earth. At 1 part per 5,500 all life on Earth would end apart from some weird bacteria.

    Human activity is only responsible for 4% of the annual production of CO2, about 1 part in 60,000. All the trillions spent on ‘saving CO2’ will save a tiny fraction of that.


    Despite the above Western politicians are willing to destroy civilisation to ‘fight’ [insert name of disaster here].

    All too often it is activists influencing politicians, with scientists, engineers and accountants excluded.

    It is easy to see that most ‘green’ initiatives will fail but they still go ahead. When they do fail the ‘solution’ is to do MORE of the same!


    Ayn Rand quoted and highlighted (for dummies) even.
    As a small exercise simply google “rearden” or “rearden in atlas” – anything that is without direct reference to the book. You will be prompted to line of manufacturers whose owners, obviously, associate themselves with Hank, which makes it for the good laugh. What happens to any Company when some entity from MIC-complex or some local politician who “knows people” and seeks reelection, swings by and makes an offer? Resolute, echoing “NO” as an answer? That’s what quote above preach.
    Does anybody knows a single Co. that emulates, even close, ethics of the Ayn’s fiction, which is just that?



    While it is true that human activity accounts for only 4% of annual production of CO2 I made the false assumption that all CO2 was replaced each year at 420 ppm. I have no idea of how many ppm of CO2 is produced annually!

    Formerly T-Bear

    R.I.M. at 112749

    Careful there, you have a reader who is exactly 90 days younger than that corrupt, synapse challenged, reprobate currently illegally occupying the White House, District of Criminals between Virginia and Maryland. Isn’t it enough to have the image of that as one’s future without having to carry the assertion weight of being too old to know what is going on around oneself since the 1990’s? Gods be willing, when you get to that point in your life that you not also have to contend with the same.


    Pelosi says, “We come in peace.” [“We come in friendship to Taiwan, we come in peace for the region,” Pelosi said during the meeting with Tsai Chi-chang, the deputy speaker of Taiwan’s parliament.]

    Yeah, uh-huh. I think that most of the planet has by now grokked to the fact that the US may come in peace, but wants to leave in war. The US can take any difficult situation – or even a minor somewhat-difficult situation – that requires a bit of careful, mature diplomacy and turn it into a cage match to the death. Preferably other people’s deaths, but with weapons supplied to all sides by the US.

    Did it in Afghanistan, creating the mujahideen, who became the Taliban, to get the Russian-Afghanistan war started. Later, got a bunch of countries to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan, because now they were the enemy. Told Iraq we were going to rid them of their despot, Saddam Hussein, then got a coalition of the willing to bomb the fuck out of the place. In real democratic-like fashion, held a 5-minute show trial and hung Hussein faster than shit through a goose. Left the country in ruins and full of deleted uranium. Got some countries to do a kinetic action in Libya to help them with their despot, Ghaddaffi. Didn’t even bother with a trial for the guy – just raped him with a knife and killed him beside the road. Left Libya in even worse straits than we left Iraq.

    Sold/sell weapons to Saudi Arabia to blast Yemen into starvation. Here’s our stance on Saudi Arabia; try to suss out what our policy is, exactly:

    The Biden administration in 2021 announced an end to U.S. military support for “offensive operations” carried out by the Saudi-led coalition against Yemen’s Houthi rebels and suspended some munition sales.

    On June 8 2022, the Biden administration confirmed that United States military personal were deployed and conducting operations within Yemen.

    This is just some of the fairly recent stuff. Immediately, we also have Ukraine going on. Here’s Lindsey Graham gloating that as long as the US arms Ukraine, “they will fight to the last person.” And, he says, “I like the structural path we’re on here.”

    So now we have to do something about Taiwan too, given that, you know, it’s so close to das homeland and part of our sphere of influence, under our purview so to speak, and all that horseshit. So we come in peace and offer war:

    This is about a new bill introduced by Bob Menendez and Lindsey Graham together:
    Senator Menendez’ remarks on the bill:

”We noticed the warning indicators for Ukraine in 2014 and didn’t take motion which may have deterred additional Russian aggression. We can’t afford to repeat that mistake with Taiwan.

    “That is why I’ve labored with Senator Lindsey Graham to introduce the bipartisan Taiwan Policy Act of 2022.

    “Our legislation would reinforce the safety of Taiwan by offering virtually $4.5 billion in safety help over the subsequent 4 years and recognizing Taiwan as a “major non-NATO ally” — a strong designation to facilitate nearer navy and safety ties. It would additionally increase Taiwan’s diplomatic area by its participation in worldwide organizations and in multilateral commerce agreements.

    “The laws would additionally take concrete steps to counter China’s aggressive affect campaigns, impose crippling financial prices if Beijing takes hostile motion towards Taiwan (reminiscent of monetary, banking, visa and different sanctions) and reform American bureaucratic practices to bolster assist for Taiwan’s democratic authorities. In quick, this effort can be the most complete restructuring of U.S. coverage towards Taiwan since the Taiwan Relations Act of 1979.”

    Opinion | This Is How the U.S. Will Stand With Taiwan

    “We come in peace.” Snort. Somebody sure hocked a mighty big loogie into the gene pool on this side.


    The corruption, chaos, coarsening, and unravelling of our society may all stem, at least in part, from the fact that our brains and bodies are so inflamed. And the fact that all of this dysfunction is celebrated, normalized, and sought after is a sign of a society in the grips of a mass poisoning event.

    The reason it feels like we are living in an insane asylum is because we are. Upwards of 95% of the population may be dealing with pervasive subclinical encephalitis and post-encephalitic syndromes. So logic, reason, empathy, desire, connection, and all other human attributes are affected by the way that this interferes with brain and bodily functions.

    One of my takeaways from all of this is that it has been a waste of time to try to convert the gatekeepers. Pan, Zuckerberg, Gates, Schwab etc. will never come to their senses because they are not physically capable of it — quite literally their brains and body are too damaged right now. If they are involved in any way, they will only makes things worse. That doesn’t excuse their actions, it just suggests that we should put our energies into replacing them rather than convincing them.

    But isn’t there something wrong with expecting unaware, uninvolved and unsuspecting members of the general public to choose who should lead their countries? Isn’t this a receipt for chaos and corruption?

    Yes, quite obviously it is. By and large, whoever is chosen to take on this leadership role turns out to be a mirror of the mentality which put them there.

    This seems to come as a shock to most. The electorate appears to want someone on the platform who miraculously rises above their own moral, intellectual and visionary shortcomings. They want a bold, brave and bright Moses figure to lead them out of the desert of their daily afflictions, which, they believe, must have been caused by the previous ‘useless leaders’ they had such unreasonable hopes for.

    So the merry-go-round continues. Each time getting more surreal and more systemic in its inability to address the real needs of the country, its people, or any fundamental sense of direction and purpose.

    But for the aware, it’s no longer about choices. We must take the tiller and face the music.

    It’s not a lullaby or a sonata, but a hand to hand grappling with those who want to destroy us. Which, in some cases, includes those indoctrinated ones who live amongst us and follow orders.

    Michael Reid

    Michael Yon: We’re On the Edge of Global Holodomor & World War Three

    Michael Yon discusses the energy crisis from Germany and how Europeans are looking to freeze this winter. The “flash to bang” is slow, right now there’s plenty of food, but production is in sharp decline. We’re going into global famines which will affect everyone on the planet. These circumstances are all due to government and globalist policies related to climate, migration, etc. The elites are trying to run farmers out of business. They want to make us their cattle and serfs, the complete control of humanity is what they’re shooting for. We’re arguably already in WWIII. Pandemic, war, and famine go together, they’re the triangle of death. If you get one, you get the other two, every time, no exception. Most serious famines don’t last for more than two years, but some can last up to ten years. Yon even expects cannibalism. NATO can’t tie its shoe and it looks like the EU will fall apart.

    Michael Yon: We’re On the Edge of Global Holodomor & World War Three


    Anticlimatic, perhaps you should change your online name to cherry-picker, or anti-science, or even anti-life.

    Whilst it is true that the atmospheric methane concentration is around 1900 ppb, it is rapidly approaching 2000 ppb, and that figure is close to THREE TIMES the pre-industrial level of 750 ppb (determined from gas trapped in ice.

    What is more, one molecule of CH4 has a heat-trapping potential of 86 times that of CO2 over a 20 year period, so the 2 ppm of methane in the atmosphere has a heat-trapping potential (or CO2e) of 2 x 86 = 176 ppm CO2.

    Adding the effect of methane to the effect of carbon dioxide we get the 420 ppm [of CO2] plus 176 [CO2e] giving us 596 ppm Co2e.

    Compare that with the recent long term (800,000-year} average of 230 ppm atmospheric CO2, plus the long-term average of less than 1 ppm CH4.

    And of course there is N2O, with a multiplier of 190, to consider. And there are numerous other gases at significant heat-trapping potentials, many of them not natural but concocted by industrial humans and released into the atmosphere by irresponsible industrial humans.

    So we are looking at 700+ actual heat-trapping concentration versus pre-industrial less than 300.

    It’s hardly surprising that glaciers are rapidly disappearing, that the Antarctic ice cover is the lowest on record, and that the Arctic ice cover consists of less-thn-5-year-old ice, much of it formed from freshwater at a higher temperature than the normal freezing point of sea water (salt being a frezzing point depressant..

    It’s a bugger when you have an Honours Degree in Chemistry and have studied spectroscopy and the nature of matter, have done a huge amount of environmental monitoring , actually know what is happening and why, and are surrounded by ignorant fools and fossil-fuel-sponsored trolls with opinions that do not comply with the laws of physics and chemistry..

    Of course, the main reason for the huge imbalance in geochemistry is the fact that industrial humans are de-sequestering carbon [ that was sequestered tens or hundreds of millions of years ago], and putting that carbon into the atmosphere in the form of CO2 at the rate of about 40 billion tonnes a year. That plus an overshoot of the human population of around 7 billion that is a direct result of overuse of fossil fuels, commencing in the early 1700s.

    We are now 300 years into the worst experiment ever conducted on this planet, and the effects are now dire.

    Pity the children.

    John Day

    Thanks for good links
    Red: Consiousness of Sheep

    How might the “US stand with Taiwan”?
    Let’s posture for war with China, which will increase the power of US and Chinese ruling elites, and might also work for Japanese ruling elites.
    Everybody still gets Taiwanese chips for the moment, but war and no-chips could break out at any moment. Such Suspense!
    the Chinese navy plans live fire drills within 10 miles of the taiwanese coastline, in 3 places , this week.
    I think the US navy should intervene with guided missile cruisers and nuke subs, not aircraftcarriers, and Taiwan shouldhave land-based anti-ship missile batteries in place.
    That’s just what I think.
    This testing and trying of defenses will potentially go on for a long time.
    Taiwan renounced their One China (and we’re it) policy a few years ago, but did not have a voter referendum, just a new government policy. A referendum would be good, right?
    Itmakes more sense for mainland chinese and US politicians to have the spectre of war with each other ever-at-the-ready going forward, but the risks are big, too.
    the Taiwan Strait could “go-live”, though probably with missile-cruisers, not troop ships trying to invade.


    A little more good news. The Russians are slowly grinding the US-sponsored fascists to pulp -the ones that are not defecting or running away, that is- and have made further advances in the liberation of eastern Ukraine. There is even the prospect of a collapse of the Ukrainian defence line.

    Michael Reid

    The Great Rehash, Part Two: The Future’s Cold Eyes

    The Great Rehash, Part Two: The Future’s Cold Eyes


    The English tenor Nigel Rogers passed away early this year. I have not heard
    much of the music he was most known for,
    like Monteverdi’s ‘Orfeo’, but a couple of his recordings of John Dowland’s songs
    have stayed in my memory; his voice is unforgettable. Here’s an obituary:


    Thanks for the link to JM Greer’s latest,

    Veracious Poet


    Perhaps I should repeat what I have been saying for a very long time:

    1. Planetary overheating [due to excessive atmospheric CO2 from burning fossil fuels] is a real phenomenon with deadly consequences in the short term and catastrophic consequences longer term.

    2. The responses to overheating promoted by ‘the powers that be’ are all scams, are all fraudulent, are all unscientific (anti-scientific) and are focused on:

    a) preventing the scientifically illiterate masses from realising the nature of the predicament
    b) keeping up business confidence and consumption rates
    c) providing banks, corporations and opportunists with opportunities to make short-term profits by participating in the various scams.

    I see that the international price for benchmark Brent oil has fallen again (currently $96.78)

    Since everything in the mainstream economic system is perversely counterproductive, this fall in energy price will stimulate consumption to some extent (causing faster depletion and faster plkanetary meltdown), whilst at the same time deterring further extraction projects.

    Sri Lanka seems to have fallen out of the news. Has it been provided with enough liquid fuel to keep it staggering on for a few more months, or is it in the process of ‘going medieval’? as James Howards Kunstler describes loss of fossil fuels and the collapse of industrial systems.

    Population Overshoot meets Peak Oil, meets Unravelling of Ponzi Finances, meets Fake Economic Theories (especially GDP), meets Fake Political Systems.

    No wonder ‘the powers that be’ are so keen to trigger more war.


    Vaccine adverse events, German data
    382,890 viewsAug 3, 2022

    Dr. John Campbell
    2.41M subscribers

    Safety of COVID-19 Vaccines, German transparent report

    Up for half a day- over 6,000 comments, worth reading

    Fauci, Wolensky, Bidens Heads should roll for this crime… Pharma CEO’s heads should roll.

    Crimes against humanity- Govt in collusion with Pharma and Healthcare – retarded American sheeple who have poisoned themselves through propaganda and uniformed consent don’t care. They’re more concerned with their pronouns and aborting clumps of cells and supporting War.

    Can’t say I’m troubled by their injuries and deaths- they blindly trusted and willfully shamed others for not doing the same. Fuck them. I’m surrounded by them in Seattle and literally speak with hundreds of these sheep weekly. They don’t hear it, won’t hear it, and don’t give a fuck about these last years of supporting Crimes.

    Individually at surface level they are not evil, but the collective cult mentality which they support makes them so. 3-5 years and they’ll all be dead eh ?


    If I were a an AI bot collecting instead of disseminating, I would have noticed that the past week or so has seen an extraordinary uptick in “This cannot go on.”
    I expect this means something must happen- we random crickets are now chirping in unison. I expect their reaction must be: “this cannot go on.”


    The mischievous wind blows my papers around-
    The orphaned green leaves wrenched too early from stems
    Find the bunnies of dust and preform a hoedown,
    While the waters display their most precious of gems.

    The last 18 months have been the windiest months I recall in my 67 years. This is interesting as the jet stream has been chaotic.


    Are you responsible for posting about the Stonehouse Mountain Poems?
    A fine book, translated beautifully by Porter. It is one of the few books I keep near my bed, always reliable for its irreducible purity of spirit and calming influence. No one I know has ever heard of it.


    @ citizenx
    How can an average normal person find the truth and make the right decision
    Misrepresentation of Germany’s Data on Unverified COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects
    Lori Robertson – 7h ago

    Germany has a similar vaccine safety reporting system that is now being misrepresented in the U.S. by two popular purveyors of misleading information on the COVID-19 vaccines.
    Former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson, who has wrongly used VAERS data in the past, said in a July 20 Substack post: “This morning, the German Federal Ministry of Health posted a stunning tweet, admitting that 1 out of every 5,000 Covid jabs cause ‘serious side effects.’” He claimed the statistic “implies that almost 300,000 Americans and Europeans have suffered severe side effects after receiving mRNA shots from Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna.”

    He also posted on Instagram: “The German government admits hundreds of thousands of people have had severe side effects following mRNA shots.”

    Fox News’ Tucker Carlson similarly included the claim on his show on July 21 and 22. “Germany’s Ministry of Health found that 1 in 5,000 Germans have suffered ‘serious side effects after a COVID-19 vaccine,’” Carlson asserted on July 21. “That would mean that in the U.S., if that number holds constant across countries — and why wouldn’t it? — it would mean more than 100,000 Americans may have been seriously injured by the COVID vaccine.”

    Read the report ….. read the diversions ….


    ‘…..All indications suggest that the cabal now finds itself in a race against time. With economies collapsing across the world, the window to implement their plan is closing as their global influence rapidly wanes. Their system has run its course and they know it, it explains the uncommon haste with which they are trying to push through their demonic Great Reset. Anger is erupting around the world, and people have much to be angry about. Covid, famine, energy shortages, inflation. All are issues that individually are devastating, the compound effect of them all together ushers in a perfect storm, the likes of which the world has never seen. The only thing that will prevent the Great reset is a critical mass of awakened people who refuse to comply. For that to happen it requires that people understand that all the current world problems stated above can be traced to one source. It is the Central Banking Cartel, headquartered in the City of London. It has controlled through proxies the American and global financial system since at least 1913 when it illegally created the Federal Reserve System in America. It has been used as a weapon of war on humanity ever since. This cartel is heavily invested in all the major multi-national industries, especially the defence sector. As it was prior to WW1 when “The Merchants of Deaths”, the weapons manufacturers, were all owned by the same bankers. All wars are bankers’ wars, the Ukraine conflict going on now, is essentially no different.

    It is a cabal that thrives on chaos and devastation. It creates depressions so that it can buy up assets at pennies on the dollar. It overturns Governments and slaughters innocent civilians. Its business model has been the trade in human misery and suffering since the days of the East India Company more than 300 years ago. It is the same cabal that launched the greatest crime against humanity in history with the Covid lie. And once again the Devil didn’t hide his evil, they told us, it was about de-population. And that same stated de-population goal is at the heart of their absurd, “Green New Deal. When the Devil keeps telling you he wants to kill off most of humanity, surely you have to accept he exists?

    The American author Henry David Thoreau, said, “For every thousand men hacking at the branches of evil, there is one hacking at the root. ” The Bidens, Johnsons, Macrons, et al, are just the branches, as are the Schwabs and the Gates. They are merely the frontmen, the foot soldiers for the truly powerful forces that created and own them. The crimes against humanity committed by these “lesser men” are unprecedented in history. Alas a punishment commensurate with their crimes does not exist. Yet, removing these disgusting people alone, even if they are eventually held to account (we can hope) will change little. It is not enough to clip the branches if the root stays in place. It is the central banking system and the power it wields that must be destroyed, least it take root again.

    The Devil can no longer convince enough of the World that he does not exist. The evil that he is can only exist when good men do nothing, and we are seeing good men around. the world unite in resistance against the common enemy. The time has come when all people need to understand what is going on and what is at stake, or it might be the Devil who gets to decide the future of humanity. And that cannot be allowed to happen.’

    The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled


    Gravity is tomorrow’s algorithm.

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