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Salvador Dali The knight of death 1934



If you’re Chinese or Russian, and you watch videos of the top three “most powerful” people in the US, Biden, Kamala and Pelosi, what do you think? You think all three are incoherent and should not be anywhere near any decisive, let alone nuclear, lever.

If you’re anybody anywhere, and you look at the top three “most powerful” people in the world, Xi, Putin and Biden, what do you think? You think two of them have got it together (nothing to do with you liking them or not), and one can’t even read coherently from a teleprompter.

Nowhere near half of Americans understand these two things to be true, but probably some 90% of Chinese and Russians do, as well as a vast majority of people in other non-US/NATO/EU countries.

Another threesome: Sergei Lavrov (Russia), Tony Blinken (US) and Liz Truss (UK) are all foreign ministers (or Secretaries of State, give the beast a name). Who would you trust to represent your own interests best in the field of diplomacy? It’s not even a question, is it? If the US or UK had a Lavrov, he would be their man (he would most likely decline). But they don’t. The US has a nobody (they have lots of those!) in the role, and the UK has someone with zero qualifications who dreams of getting the top job.

The world outside of the G7 or G20 (give the wheel a spin) sees this happening. Is it any wonder they clamor to be part of BRICS? The “collective west” is fast finishing off itself, and yes, you’re right, that is a dangerous moment. It’s also why it very much looks like the “collective west” is trying to open a second theater of war in Europe. One that looks a lot like the one they opened in Ukraine. And the EU, to its utter shame, does nothing to prevent this from happening – on its “own” soil!.

I know, there’s Crazy Nancy on her way to Taipei as well as we speak, we’ll get to that yet. Imagine: you’re 80-odd years old, and you want your legacy to be WWIII. Not your grandchildren, but live nukes. Just imagine that.

Kosovo’s unilateral secession from Serbia was recognized by the “main Western powers” in 2008. But not China, Russia, or the UN!. Not too long after Bill Clinton’s NATO bombed the heebeejeebees out of former Yugoslavia in 1990. Just because they could. Today, the US -and NATO- try to use a tiny sliver of former Yugoslavia to ignite a major fire in Europe, a second fire besides Ukraine.

Kosovo is the size of half a postage stamp, only two US states are smaller, Rhode Island and Delaware. 1.8 million people live there, it’s like one NYC borough. But you can use the historic hatred to rekindle the flames. Right, Blinken? Well, turns out there are still some Serbs living in Kosovo, because that’s where they grew up.

The brilliant Kosovo PM now has the fantastic idea to start a fight with these Serbs, over the fact that their cars have Serb license plates and they themselves have Serb IDs, a whole 14(!) years later. Yeah, that’s worth a fight, obviously.

So America’s “top diplomat” Blinken invited Kosovo president Osmani and PM Albin Kurti to DC last week.



I’ll let some people other than me explain this to you. First, political analyst Alexandar Pavic:

In Kosovo As In Ukraine, The Same Western ‘Invisible Hand’ Foments Conflict

In addition to the conflict in Ukraine, Europe is now faced with the prospect of renewed conflict in Kosovo, Serbia’s breakaway province (officially named Kosovo and Metohija according to the Serbian constitution). Kosovo’s unilateral secession was recognized by the main Western powers in 2008. This came nine years after NATO’s attack on Serbia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, after which NATO forces occupied the province and helped install an ethnic Albanian-led government dominated by former members of the Kosovo Liberation Army terrorist organization.

The current crisis was triggered by Kosovo’s ethnic Albanian Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, who initially wanted to force the majority Serb population in the north of the region to accept Kosovan license plates and ID papers starting from August 1, and to ban entry to the province or issue temporary papers to travelers with Serbian-issued plates and documents.

Kurti attempted a similar stunt in September 2021, triggering a crisis where local Serbs in northern Kosovo organized roadblocks and Kosovo police reportedly beat up and intimidated Serb civilians, while the authorities in Belgrade put the Serbian military on high alert and ordered overflights by fighter planes over the administrative border between Serbia proper and Kosovo. The EU eventually brokered a temporary agreement, pending a final deal that was supposed to have been reached by April 2022, under EU auspices. However, nothing has come of that.

From Kosovo to Ukraine, it seems there’s a pattern regarding agreements in which Western powers have a hand. Since the start of this year’s special military operation in Ukraine, Russian officials have repeated time and again that the West had never pressed Kiev to fulfill its part of the 2015 Minsk 2 peace agreement, intended to end Kiev’s standoff with the Donbass republics. Recently, former Ukrainian president Pyotr Poroshenko openly admitted that Ukraine never intended to fulfill the agreement but was merely buying time until it could build up an army capable of overrunning Donbass.

The situation with Kosovo is not much different. The EU brokered an agreement between Pristina and Belgrade in April 2013, the so-called Brussels Agreement, by which Serbia was supposed to dismantle its “parallel” police and judicial structures in Kosovo and convince the Kosovo Serbs to accept integration into the Kosovo police and legal system, without recognizing the territory’s independence. And the Belgrade authorities did this, despite a large public outcry over the move.


However, there was a second part to the agreement, by which Pristina was obligated to form an Association of Serb Municipalities, with substantial local powers and ties to Serbia proper. The Albanian part of the Brussels Agreement has not been fulfilled to the present day. Or, as Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic noted on July 31, that 3,390 days have passed since the Brussels Agreement was signed, and still no sign of the Association.

As in the case of Ukraine, the collective West has put absolutely zero pressure on the side it supports to fulfill its part of a signed international agreement. And again, as in the case of Ukraine, this has encouraged Pristina to take an increasingly belligerent stance, which may very well lead to a more serious conflict.

There’s an additional ingredient to the Kosovo mix, thanks to the Ukraine conflict. Namely, the Serbs – both in Serbia and in Bosnia and Herzegovina – stand practically alone among European peoples in refusing to join Western sanctions against Russia, and in consistently demonstrating open support for Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine. As a result, the government in Belgrade has been under constant, increasing pressure by the main Western capitals, as well as the EU and NATO, to change its policy and join the West’s collective economic suicide.

Since Belgrade has proven to be a tough nut for the West to diplomatically crack when it comes to opposing Russia, it’s not at all far-fetched to imagine that the Kosovo Albanians just might be seen by the West as a useful tool by which to additionally turn the screws on Belgrade. In the same cynical way in which the unfortunate Ukrainians are being used to pressure and weaken Russia.


Next, from RT, about Richard Grenell. No love lost on my part about him, but he did negotiate a bunch of peace deals, and knows the territory much better than Blinken.

Trump’s Kosovo Envoy Slams US Over Crisis

Richard Grenell, who negotiated a Kosovo-Serbia deal under the Trump administration after a turn in charge of the US intelligence community, blamed the “reckless” prime minister in Pristina for the renewed tensions with Belgrade on Sunday and slammed the State Department for enabling him. “What’s happening in the Balkans isn’t Russia. Whoever says this to you is trying to manipulate you,” Grenell tweeted on Sunday evening. “This is about Albin Kurti trying once again to give it [to] Serbia. He is living in the past.”

“The people of Kosovo want peace and jobs, Albin. Stop picking fights,” Grenell added. Serbian military was placed on high alert and local Serbs put up roadblocks earlier in the day, after Kosovo police showed up at two administrative crossings with Serbia, intending to enforce Kurti’s decision to confiscate Serbian license plates and documents. This would have effectively cut off the remaining Serbs living in the north of the breakaway province.

According to Grenell, this was all about Kurti “making unilateral moves to reject Serbian IDs and license plates inside Kosovo,” which he called “unnecessary.” Describing the PM a “far left radical and experienced fascist,” Grenell further called his actions “foolish” and “reckless,” and urged Serbian leaders to “not take the bait.” “Even the Albanians know Kurti is the problem,”Grenell tweeted. He also blamed Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who met with Kurti and Kosovo president Vjosa Osmani earlier in the week.

US President Joe Biden has “ignored the Balkans,” the envoy added, pointing out that he had negotiated multiple agreements between Kosovo and Serbia under President Donald Trump, trying to overcome the conflict through economic cooperation. Grenell also accused the EU of orchestrating war crimes charges against Kosovo President Hashim Thaci to punish him for working with Trump – resulting in Kurti and Osmani taking power.

And then Fyodor Lukyanov, the editor-in-chief of Russia in Global Affairs, chairman of the Presidium of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, and research director of the Valdai International Discussion Club.

Why Are Serbia And Kosovo On The Brink Of War Again?

Tensions between Belgrade and Pristina occur regularly, as a result of the fact that the Kosovo issue has not been resolved since 1999, when the province de facto gained independence after the US-led NATO campaign against the former Yugoslavia. However, this time there is a risk of more or less routine friction escalating into a dangerous conflict, because the context has changed dramatically.

The problem of Kosovo was solved at the end of the twentieth century in strict accordance with the then dominant approach, and in the seeming absence of an alternative. Disputes in most of Europe (ie. outside the former USSR) were settled according to the EU’s ideas of fairness, and where they could not be worked out amicably, pressure was exerted on those who rebelled, up to the use of military force (primarily American, as always).

[..] it was the EU that regulated the processes taking place locally, and, in general, this setup was taken for granted. Moreover, other powers which have been traditionally active and important in the Balkans – Russia and Turkey – indicated their presence (sometimes quite clearly), but did not pretend to have a decisive voice in the way things were arranged. This framework also defined the room to maneuver for the countries of the region, including those who were most loudly dissatisfied, like Serbia.

Now two main circumstances have changed. First, the EU is in such a vulnerable state that it is not ready to take full responsibility for the extremely complex political situation in its immediate periphery. It cannot promise membership, and more precisely – even if such a pledge were made, it doesn’t guarantee anything.

The EU’s management of the central Balkan problems – in Bosnia and Kosovo – has not led to the desired outcome over the past quarter of a century. Thus, it’s all the less likely that it will work out now. Because the second circumstance is that Russia and the West (the EU plus the US and NATO) are in a state of acute confrontation.

As a result, there is no reason to expect Moscow’s assistance in resolving the situation (be it Kosovo or Bosnia). Right now, the West’s favorite practice of “selective interaction” (we work together with Russia where we need it, we refuse to engage on other issues) can no longer be applied. There will be no cooperation: Russia and the West will be on opposite sides of the barricades everywhere, no matter the issue at hand. We are in a systemic cold war. And this reality can greatly influence what will happen in the Balkans.

The question is to what extent regional actors have retained their passion for showdown, revenge or expansion. There are suspicions that this zeal has been exhausted and emasculated. But if it still burns, then external forces will enter the fray this time, supporting opposing sides.

Blinken et al, which very much includes his EU counterparts, see the past struggles in the Balkans as something they can reignite at their convenience today. The initial boundaries are simple. Russia will come to the aid of Serbia. Kosovo will appeal to Albania. And then to NATO. So the idea is you got this hot cauldron, with 5-6-15 nations, and NATO can do whatever it wants in there.

But NATO has no chance in Ukraine, and it doesn’t have one in Kosovo. But it can ship billions worth of weapons in there and pay Raytheon. Problem I see with this genius plan is that Russia saw it coming from lightyears away. And that is the same issue as the difference between Lavrov and Blinken: they may have the same job title, but there’s no comparison.




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    Salvador Dali The knight of death 1934     If you’re Chinese or Russian, and you watch videos of the top three “most powerful” people in the
    [See the full post at: Theater Opening]


    Cannon fodder in the 21st century is much the same as it was in the 17th century, the 18th century, the 19th century and the 20th century. It’s just there is now a huge amount of it compared to earlier times -like five times as much- and the cannons tend to be more accurate and more destructive.

    Most wars since around 500BC have been chemical wars, and since 1914 wars have been fought to control energy reserves. It was the construction of the Berlin to Baghdad railway that had the British so worried they had to attack the Ottoman Empire in what is now called Iraq to secure the oil fields.

    History doesn’t repeat, it just rhymes.

    But this time it is rather different for the US and Britain because both have squandered the bulk of their energy reserves on unsustainable consumerism.

    ‘Interesting times’ get ever more ‘interesting’ as we fall off the Energy Return On Energy Invested curve on a planet that is highly polluted, stripped of its natural resources and undergoing the biggest extinction event since the Permian Extinction Event of 252 million years ago.

    Almost all of this ongoing disaster is a direct consequence of allowing banks and corporations and their fake economic theories, along with puppet politicians, to take control.

    We can be certain it will all end catastrophically quite soon, especially for nations attached to, and controlled by, the US and Britain.

    I’m making my preparations for economic-financial meltdown as fast as I can, but no one can prepare for an uninhabitable planet, which is what the maniacs in control of the western world are orchestrating.

    By the way, having grown up in England, I still use the French-derived spelling of theatre, rather than Webster’s.

    Dr D Rich

    It’s (the reason) not alcohol. The rest of the world drinks more than the United States.
    I wrote about this phenomenon several times and the perspective is far beyond anecdotal as the condition is more accurately prescriptive and descriptive.
    Three people closest to me in my life have been or are presently Caterpillar corporation CFO, Harvard MBA, Superintendent U..S. Naval Academy, two 4-star Admirals, Indo-Pacific CINC (or in charge of Nancy Pelosi’s safety), board of trustees as several large medical centers and CEO Beebe Healthcare Delaware. Well, that’s more three.
    None of these friends, classmates and acquaintances demonstrated more than mediocre to middling aptitude for what appears to be superior leadership. Their scholarly efforts were even more deficient. What they did demonstrate falls fairly in the legal category of fraud, yeah, the felony type. Each of the aforementioned never hesitated to undermine, sabotage or discredit a peer-competitor-rival. Each person never withdrew from the opportunity to seize credit for their target’s accomplishments. This misbehavior was routinely greased by alcohol and celebrated by the culture as “ruthlessness the institution expects from its best leaders”.

    And where the misconduct isn’t codified under some law, Medicine accurately labels these acts with terms terms such as projective identification, acquisitive projective identification, Narcissistic personality disorder, Antisocial personality disorder, Alcoholic games and then sends our worst out to “reverse engineer it” to torture “folk” naked, bound and powerless…for $81 million.
    The least that can be said is our/my country perfected the method for selecting and concentrating these monsters in the Leadership Class
    Reap the whirlwind.


    The West and especially Americans: “Former Yugoslavia was Communist, and BTW what was that car? …aaaah Yugo! That’s all that I need to know.” Late Joe Bageant described it brilliantly that Americans view the world through twisted
    “Discovery channel” lenses, aka everything behind the borders they see they compare to some American sh**t where,
    of course, latter wins. Incapable, even for a moment, to put ideological issues on side and view the region of interest
    in it’s own historical contest. In this case former Yugoslavia , that puts one in danger to immediately being labeled as a communist. What a mighty little country it was, with that “lion head” (see the map above)!
    Slovenia, “head of the lion” had an dismay illiteracy rate before WWII! Now it is most advanced Slavic nation! Croatia, Nazi puppet state during the said war, gained peninsula of Istria (see “lions chin” on the map) and half of today’s coast and islands in 1945, that the World goes “Ahhhh” just see it – present from Fascist Italy to Tito’s partisans that they could not say no. Now….Croatia is the only country in the history of the world that, not only pisses over the legacy that gave her additional real estate but outright denounces the leader who made it possible! He’s a commie, you know, and “we were not Fascist but were fighting a Communism” is the new meme peddled recently by them (and the Germans too). Film footage of Sarajevo before WWII and some by Wehrmacht soldiers during the occupation depicts the “early XIX century town”, that miraculously sprung into modern European city with “mini skirts and hot pants” just a few decades later. Open travel allowed Yu-.citizens to have access to “western goodies” just enough not to turn into consumer-zombies. And, even more appalling they were all returning to the jaws of “dictatorship” and using their world-valuable passport over and over! In that “Godless communist country” religious man, in early 70’s, packed his luggage and “normally” boarded the plane to trip to Mecca, like any other free man. Well, he had brought variola vera back in the country upon the return, but that is beside the point. Yu-work place: imagine the company that you are not afraid of the director or v-director and what that does to your sanity? They couldn’t do anything to you as long if you are a good worker and clock on time. You could walk by them and not even nod if you do not like them! But you “pretend to work and they pretend to pay you”, cries the West. Not true! But what if I want to have my own business? You can, but limited, so that the kids of those “business people” are the most normal human beings that one can meet. Compare that to front of 90210 High School where brats in tennis outfits commandeer gray haired drivers dropping them off. That business allowed one to have main house, house on the (former Italian) coast, Mercedes in the garage and allowance for the kids to go to summer school in England and study abroad, aaaand, oddly, no desire to spread just to ruin the competitor. Tomorrow I can fly any place on the Earth, meet Arnold in Thailand and teach him all that he needs to know about art. Price for that is that for two long decades I work for an asshole who hates my guts paying me $50/hr and I hate his guts just looking at him. What a healthy relationship, spread all over the country and that I know by talking to the people of all professions. Ever heard of the “coolest customers/clients” who turn into monsters in time of downturn? I’ve met them.
    Yu-art-architecture-design have so much merit so the MoMa in NY had recent exhibit for that powerhouse of creativity, and many items are in permanent collection. Music. Google “Put na Istok” (Journey to the East) progressive rock-jazz by Korni Grupa. done in 1972, in the “thick of communist iron fist”. Yu-engineers were building bridges and dams all over the Middle East. Marvel of engineering, bridge from the mainland to (former Italian) Croatian island Krk (Wikipedia) done by Yu-engineers and Yu-work force. Bridge on Cratian Peljesac, recently opened, is done by Chinese engineers and workers. Beauty of the “free market”.
    “YU-socialism with the human face” that will never be repeated again. What does that mean? People who did not want to participate in the communist theater were allowed to just be. In my case, most of my friends and later that I’ve heard from others the best defense of joining was “that it Party was so grand for some crazy like me to be part of it.” And… that was it.
    Despite of that, in my growing years, when I would pull my head into the living room to say hi-and-by to my parents it did not escape me on quick glance on our B&W TV how 5-layer carpets were prostrated before Tito anywhere where he went.
    I thought that ALL presidents are like that, true statesman, or the way I see him now archetype of a “Good King”. I need a pause now…..
    I could go on. I realize that system lasted as it did, but it was real nevertheless. Tears on May the 4th 1980 were real and not some NK performance. Tito’s funeral with roster of attendees was real. Don’t tell me how “real” is this where we re now. I do not have to write about it when Jim Kunstler, an American, can say it better then me. Role of the US to expedite Yu-destruction can not be denied, and it’s restless nature is shown in article today.

    V. Arnold

    If you’re Chinese or Russian, and you watch videos of the top three “most powerful” people in the US, Biden, Kamala and Pelosi, what do you think?

    I should think the Chinese and the Russians would be terrified of the possibilities, given the public personas of those three intellectual cripples…
    Which in itself is a dangerous combination…
    Thank the gods we have people like Lavrov and Xi; both have proven to be competent in their positions…
    I’m also hoping Xi and Lavrov have made it abundantly clear they will not tolerate any nonsense from the U.S. I’m confident they have communicated that position; but have little confidence our intellectual cripples in charge have understood the message…


    Here in Taiwan we have endless TV clips – I am at the outlaws, so the TV is always on – of Pelosi when she was younger telling us how she poked her nose into the Tainanmen square protests because they were fighting corruption and a few other buzz phrases like democracy, rights etc. Yes, the super-corrupt Pelosi, the super-anti-democratic Pelosi, the anti-human-rights Pelosi reminds me of Zelensky: he knows he can say anything and that there are enough retards watching to believe him. Pelosi and her “look at me” magic roundabout show is just the same, cut from the same cloth, the absolute opposite of what the average good person aspires to be, but the average good person is a retard, so the snake can hypnotise them.

    At the end of the day, the people here have to go along with it because only the USA is retarded enough to start a war with China over Taiwan – of course, they would fight the war to the last Taiwanese as in Ukraine, but at least the politicians will all get their cut of the weapons sales.


    It looks like “Pelosi in Taiwan, Act 1” is the response of the owners to the fact that China backed Russia and therefore ruined their plans to take over the whole world, now having to settle for their imprissonment and enslaving of the west while the rest of the world, BRICS+, live it up. It is such a petulant fit that you have to think that they have run out of ideas and are now just smaking whatever comes to mind.

    I say owners in recognition of Dr D’s great analysis of WEF as scape goat rather than WEF as rulers of the world, a totally credible analysis given the weird tendancy for the owners to hide like cowards while WEF boasts about its ability to “centrally plan” the world and steal all our stuff.

    Dr. D

    Yes, the point was they honestly and non-ironically created and used the WEF. But if things get hot, they’re willing to sacrifice it and all their friends for greater goals of staying anonymous and escaping with the heist money. I think it would only be 4-D chess if they created it for the sole purpose of scrapping it later, not that like every billionaire with 10 companies, they’re willing to bankrupt business 2 to save the other 9. WEF is drawing the short straw and is put in the firing line.


    As I saw the right half (image) of Blinken’s tweet, my first thought was: A bunch of hungry cannibals, “Would you like some eyeballs with that?”. But then i corrected myself: Just a bunch of politicians bickering over influence, money and cannon fodder.

    John Day

    Adewknowthetruth said:
    “Interesting times’ get ever more ‘interesting’ as we fall off the Energy Return On Energy Invested curve on a planet that is highly polluted, stripped of its natural resources and undergoing the biggest extinction event since the Permian Extinction Event of 252 million years ago.
    Almost all of this ongoing disaster is a direct consequence of allowing banks and corporations and their fake economic theories, along with puppet politicians, to take control.
    We can be certain it will all end catastrophically quite soon, especially for nations attached to, and controlled by, the US and Britain.”

    Thanks: i like English spellings myself, and sometimes got graded wrong on spelling tests for it as a kid. I don’t think this will “end catastrophically”, because I don’t think this will end at all.
    Those of us planning ahead, and preparing, get to keep doing stuff i a die-off-slowly world until our times eventually also come…

    John Day

    Thanks Kultsommer: We liked visiting Croatia, and swimming. seeing ancient Roman sites, in Pula. So much history everywhere. The Croatians were nice and clearly got-things-done. The nice big apartment buildings and public worlks, made under Tito were everywhere and. There were Yugos in 2005, when we were there. “Sloveniais like Austria with a different language” , quoth our German friends, and it sure seemed that way on the trains. Beautiful countrysides…


    @ John Day
    You are one open minded traveler. Yugoslavia was an odd ball for sure and many of us loved it just the way it was.
    Now it is obvious more than ever that regular folks really have no say in any system beyond what it allows

    Speaking of traveling, check that “Journey to the East” that I recommended above if you are into prog jazz-rock.


    I still cannot understand that USA, power groups, Corps, Gvmt., and ppl, supported Biden as Prez, via a kind of National Loyalty Obligation (“it is what it is”..?), neglecting Int’l politics entirely.

    (The election was stolen, imho, Trump was the winner, but that is tangential.)

    Somehow ‘selecting’, then ‘championing’ a head of State who has so many casseroles (F for pans, that are proverbially tied to your feet, you need to walk dragging along all that heavy iron, steel, aluminum, and teflon.. so stumble along, achieving little..) – A man who is senile, can’t even read the teleprompter, can’t walk around on his own, looks and drools like a terminal geriatric patient, has a wife who seems to be a caretaker and abuser, etc., .. would have ..

    NO impact on International Relations. (Plus by ricochet, no impact on US actions in world geo-politics..)

    When Biden was elected many ppl in Europe were shocked, they could not believe the US would do the Politburo thing and put a half-dead body on the ‘throne’. Many ppl predicted the weakening, some said, .. soon, the end, of US hegemony.

    Ppl started to laugh at the US, how could this be? Specially, like, heh, *et alors*, etc. the elections are rigged, so they can’t rig them to put some popular / interesting / smart person to appear in public as the figurehead? Like an Actor?

    Obama was hailed as a superstar, black (fantastic prop), suave, with a black wifey, kiddos, “Democrat”, thus ‘on the side of the ppl,’ etc.

    Trump was seen as ‘from the other side’, a successful entrepreneur, more ‘right wing’ (socially conservative?) and so on, this was judged to be “le retour du balancier”, aka the accepted sway of politics in places with “democratic values.” Btw, Trump was well known in France before his election, via his books, huge popular sellers. Link is just to one bookseller, fnac.

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