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A War Russia Set To Win (Bhadrakumar)
Borrell Tells EU Members ‘Don’t Worry About Money’ For Ukraine (RT)
Ukraine Can Retake Crimea By Next Summer, Former Top US Commander Says (ZH)
Turkish Hub May Solve Nord Stream Problems – Gazprom (RT)
US Poised For Slowdown In High-end Munitions Deliveries To Ukraine (Fox)
Musk Compares Crimea To Pearl Harbor
US To See Winter Spike In Natural Gas Prices (RT)
Ghislaine Maxwell Breaks Silence On ‘Special Friendship’ With Bill Clinton (CB)
American Inquisition (Jim Kunstler)
Devastating Report On PCR Test Covered Up (DAK)
Boston University Makes New Covid Strain With 80% Kill Rate (PM)
Cancer Is a Man-Made Disease – Controversial Study (LS)
Biden Export Controls ‘Wreaking Havoc’ On China’s Chip Industry (ZH)
Will Comey and Mueller Be Prosecuted for Lies John Durham Uncovered? (ET)
Why the Jan 6 Committee’s Timing is both Terrible and Telling (Turley)
The Dark Side of Nuclear Fusion (Pepi Cima)



Fmr. US ambassador to the Soviet Union, Jack Matlock















“Contracted price for long-term Russian supply for Germany used to be about $280 per 1,000 cubic metres as against the current market price hovering around $2,000.”

“Russians will settle for nothing less than the ouster of the Zelenskyy regime.”

A War Russia Set To Win (Bhadrakumar)

Two massive terrorist strikes misfired spectacularly and a terrible beauty is born in the Ukraine war. These two carefully planned attacks in quick succession — on Nord Stream gas pipelines and Crimean Bridge — were intended as a knockout blow to Russia. According to President Vladimir Putin, people ‘who want to finally sever ties between Russia and the EU, weaken Europe’ are behind the Nord Stream blasts. He named the US, Ukraine and Poland as ‘beneficiaries’. India should expect the defeat of the US and NATO, which completes the transition to a multipolar world order. Last Wednesday, Russia’s domestic intelligence service FSB identified Ukraine’s military intelligence chief, Kyrylo Budanov, as the mastermind behind the Crimean attack.

The New York Times and Washington Post also pointed fingers at Kiev, quoting ‘sources’. While Nord Stream-1 has been crippled, one of the strings of Nord Stream-2 remains intact. Putin said last week that the pipeline could be restored and Russia could deliver about 27 billion cubic metres of gas. ‘The ball is on the side of the European Union, if they want — let’s turn on the tap,’ he said. But mum’s the word from Brussels. It is a profoundly embarrassing moment for the EU. The triumphalism has vanished as Europe is threatened by years of recession caused by the blowback from sanctions against Russia, where the US insisted on the cut off of energy ties with Moscow.

The EU has now become a captive market for Big Oil and is left to buy LNG from the US at the asking price, which is six to seven times higher than the domestic price in the US. (Contracted price for long-term Russian supply for Germany used to be about $280 per 1,000 cubic metres as against the current market price hovering around $2,000.) Plainly put, the Europeans have been nicely played by the Americans. India should take note of the US’ sense of entitlement. Basically, the Biden administration created a contrived energy crisis whose real aim is war profiteering. The Crimean Bridge attack of October 8 is much more serious. Zelenskyy has crossed a red line that Moscow had repeatedly warned him against.

Putin has disclosed that there have also been three terrorist attacks against the Kursk NPP. Russians will settle for nothing less than the ouster of the Zelenskyy regime. Russia’s retaliation against Ukraine’s ‘critical infrastructure’, something Moscow refrained from so far, has serious implications. Since October 9, Russia has begun systematically targeting Ukraine’s power system and railways. Noted Russian military expert Vladislav Shurygin told Izvestia that if this tempo was kept up for a week or so, it ‘will disrupt the entire logistics of the Ukrainian military — system for transporting personnel, military equipment, ammunition, related cargo, as well as the functioning of military and repair plants.’

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Borrell is not a diplomat, even if they call him that. “Diplomat” and “diplomacy” are words that have an actual meaning. He fits none of that.

Borrell Tells EU Members ‘Don’t Worry About Money’ For Ukraine (RT)

The EU has enough funds to back member nations that send weapons to Ukraine’s military, the bloc’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell said on Monday. His statement comes amid reports that the EU cannot fully reimburse states that are supporting Kiev’s forces. Speaking prior to a Foreign Affairs Council meeting in Luxembourg, Borrell said “there is enough money, don’t worry about money” before walking away. Despite the diplomat’s assurances, last week, Politico reported that the European Peace Facility, a €1.5 billion fund meant to assist EU countries in replacing weapons sent to Kiev, was unable to satisfy more than half the requests that it received.

According to the report, this angered Poland, which is one of Ukraine’s main backers in terms of weapon deliveries, with Warsaw presenting a bill for €1.8 billion ($1.75 billion). Poland later backed down, agreeing to 46% compensation, the outlet said. Meanwhile, the US and Ukraine have both been pressing the EU to do more to support Kiev financially – and in a more expedient manner. Last week, in an apparent reference to Brussels, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen urged international donors “to keep stepping up” their aid efforts, stressing that assistance should go in direct cash payments rather than in loans. Speaking to the Washington Post, one former senior treasury official noted that “I know they’re very frustrated” about the slow progress of aid, adding that “US officials want to see Europe deliver far more quickly.”

Earlier this month Oleg Ustenko, a top economic adviser to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky called the delays in EU economic aid “unacceptable,” citing the “extreme high pressure” the finance ministry is under. Last week Zelensky said that his country needs as much as $38 billion to cover next year’s estimated budget deficit and another $17 billion to start to restore critical infrastructure. Meanwhile, Washington has committed $8.5 billion in economic aid to Ukraine, with another $4.5 billion slated to arrive by the end of the year. However, according to the Washington Post’s sources, the EU has pledged €11 billion ($10.7 billion) but has so far only handed over roughly one third of that, which was in the form of loans.

Green screen

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Any first year psychology student can tell you about projection.

“..they are doing everything they can to prolong the war..”

“..young men who are now being conscripted as cannon fodder..”

Ukraine Can Retake Crimea By Next Summer, Former Top US Commander Says (ZH)

A top US general, now retired, has said he believes that Ukrainian forces can retake the Crimean Peninsula by next summer. Ben Hodges is the former commanding general of the United States Army Europe, and he’s predicting that “Crimea will be free by summer.” He told German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in statements published over the weekend, “When I look at the situation, I see that the situation of the Russians is getting worse with every week.” Hodges went on to explain that Ukraine’s military is likely to keep this momentum given “far superior” logistics and motivation to fight. “They say war is a test of will and logistics – and on both counts Ukraine is far superior,” Hodges told the German publication. “The Russians have to lose [the war]; otherwise, they’ll try again in two or three years.”

He said the Kremlin is betting big on its “one hope” that the West and NATO countries will lose resolve in their military support for Ukraine. The ex-top Army commander for Europe also said he expects to see more sabotage attacks against Russian assets and crucial logistics and resource hubs, such as with the recent bombings against the Kerch Strait Bridge and the Nord Stream pipelines: “So they are doing everything they can to prolong the war and spread fear and insecurity in the West. Any means will do: The young men who are now being conscripted as cannon fodder, as well as attacks on infrastructure in the West,” Hodges told FAZ. “I believe that we will therefore see more such acts of sabotage and attacks, or at least attempts, in the coming weeks and months.”

This comes as there’s been stepped up cross-border shelling and missile attacks against the Russian city of Belgorod, which lies just north of the Ukrainian border not far from the major Ukraine city of Kherson. But despite much of the past month witnessing headline after headline declare rapid advances of Ukrainian forces against the Russians in the east, the Kremlin on Sunday has announced significant new successes: Russia’s defense ministry says its forces repelled efforts by Ukrainian troops to advance in the Donetsk, Kherson and Mykolaiv regions, inflicting what it described as significant losses against the enemy. A ministry spokesperson said that “during fierce fighting, units of the Russian army held the positions they held, inflicting significant losses on the enemy.”

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South Stream.

Turkish Hub May Solve Nord Stream Problems – Gazprom (RT)

Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller said on Sunday that it would be possible to redirect all of the gas supplies halted due to the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines through a Turkish hub. “We are talking about all those volumes that we lost due to acts of international terrorism at the Nord Stream pipelines, so it can be significant volumes,” Miller said in an interview with Russia 1 TV, commenting on the prospects of creating a major energy hub in Türkiye. Miller highlighted that the company’s experience in preparing the South Stream pipeline project could be valuable.

The project, which would have brought an estimated 63 billion cubic meters of Russian gas annually through the Black Sea to Bulgaria and onward to other countries in Europe, ended up being canceled and replaced by TurkStream. “Thus, even if we talk about the technical documentation for the route, everything has been done for South Stream back then,” the CEO said. Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed building a major gas hub in Türkiye to handle supplies previously directed through the Nord Stream pipelines. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan backed the idea, adding that both leaders had ordered their respective governments to present construction plans as soon as possible.

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Running out. Raytheon is raising its Christmas bonuses.

US Poised For Slowdown In High-end Munitions Deliveries To Ukraine (Fox)

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin signaled this week that the U.S. and its Western allies are having trouble keeping pace with Ukraine’s demand for the advanced weaponry it needs to fend off Russia’s invasion. That signal reflects dwindling supplies for Ukraine and fear in the White House of escalation that could lead to war between the U.S. and Russia. The risk of reduced U.S. stockpiles of high-end munitions has been reported almost since the U.S. began contributing to Ukraine’s defense. Now, nearly eight months since the start of the war, experts interviewed by Fox News Digital say the U.S. is at or very near the end of its capacity to give. They agreed that Austin’s remarks indicate that the initial rush of high-end munitions like HIMAR rocket launchers, Javelin anti-tank missiles, anti-aircraft Stingers and M-777 Howitzers is over.

These sources said there may be two factors at play that are contributing to this reality. One factor is the issue that Austin addressed directly this week – the U.S. is running low on equipment that it can hand over to Ukraine. At a press conference Wednesday, Austin was asked whether the U.S. and other nations are worried about running so low on domestic supplies of critical munitions that they can no longer help Ukraine. Austin dodged the question by stressing that the desire is there to get Ukraine what it needs, but he left unsaid whether Ukraine’s allies can actually deliver. “Well, it certainly is not a question of lack of will,” Austin replied. Austin had just concluded a meeting with officials from dozens of countries about Ukraine’s munitions needs.

As he described that meeting, he again talked about willpower but hinted at strained capacity to provide more for Ukraine, which is using up munitions faster than the world can deliver them. “We will produce and deliver these highly effective capabilities over the course of the coming months — and in some cases years — even as we continue to meet Ukraine’s most pressing self-defense requirements in real time,” Austin said of the most recent commitment to send HIMARS, vehicles, radar systems and other equipment. Mark Cancian is a senior adviser at the Center for Strategic & International Studies who spent seven years working on DOD procurement issues for the Office of Management and Budget. His assessment based on inventory levels, industrial capacity, and information from the Biden administration is that the U.S. has “limited” supplies of HIMARs, Javelins, Stingers and M-777 Howitzers. “There are some areas where we’re basically at the bottom of the barrel,” he told Fox News Digital.

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“From their standpoint losing Crimea is like [the] USA losing Hawaii & Pearl Harbor.”

Musk Compares Crimea To Pearl Harbor

SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk argued on Monday that Russia views Crimea as an integral part of its territory, and that Ukrainian or Western attempts to seize the peninsula could end in nuclear war. While Musk has previously backtracked on pulling his technological support for Ukraine, he has courted controversy for insisting that Crimea is Russia. “If Russia is faced with the choice of losing Crimea or using battlefield nukes, they will choose the latter,” Musk wrote on Twitter. “We’ve already sanctioned/cutoff Russia in every possible way, so what more do they have left to lose?” he asked, in response to a commenter asking him whether he reckoned the Ukraine conflict could devolve into a nuclear war.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has repeatedly stated that he intends to seize control of Crimea, along with the four former regions of Ukraine that recently voted to join the Russian Federation. Crimea overwhelmingly voted to rejoin Russia in 2014, and as such falls under the protection of Moscow’s nuclear arsenal. As President Vladimir Putin has stated, Russia’s nuclear doctrine allows the state to defend itself with “all available means” if its existence is threatened.“Whether one likes it or not, Crimea is absolutely seen as a core part of Russia by Russia,” Musk continued. “Crimea is also of critical national security importance to Russia, as it is their southern navy base. From their standpoint losing Crimea is like [the] USA losing Hawaii & Pearl Harbor.”

Crimea was formally a part of Russia from 1783 until it was gifted to the Ukrainian SSR by Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev in 1954. Musk claimed earlier this month that Khrushchev’s decision was a “mistake,” and suggested that Ukraine abandon its claim to the peninsula as part of a future peace deal with Russia.Musk’s peace plan was condemned by Ukrainian officials and their supporters online, with Ukraine’s former ambassador to Germany, Andrey Melnik, telling the billionaire to “f**k off.”Musk then said that he would take Melnik’s advice and stop providing free Starlink internet access to Ukraine, which he said would cost SpaceX $400 million to run throughout 2023.


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“..the real problem isn’t shortage but pricing.”

This is how the Ukraine is financed.

US To See Winter Spike In Natural Gas Prices (RT)

Natural gas bills are set to increase in all regions of the United States this winter, with surging demand and colder temperatures potentially forcing Americans to pay nearly 30% more over the previous year, according to projections by the US Department of Energy. A forecast published by the department’s Energy Information Agency (EIA) on Monday predicted a significant price hike over the winter months, suggesting some US households will pay an average of $931 for heating during the cold season – a 28% increase over 2021. Nearly half of all American homes are heated with natural gas.The agency went on to note that the Midwest will see the greatest increase in retail gas prices compared to other regions, though the South, West and Northeast will also experience climbing costs.

While comparatively colder temperatures are expected to contribute to the rising prices, the EIA previously said growing “constraints on liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports to Europe from Russia” were creating “strong international demand” for American gas. The resulting boost in US exports has used “almost all” of the country’s available gas capacity and driven prices upward, with the US reporting its lowest natural gas storage levels in three years last April. Efforts by some European states to curtail Russian energy imports in retaliation for the war in Ukraine have also prompted fears that residents will be unable to heat their homes come winter. In comments to the Wall Street Journal on Sunday, Italy’s Energy Minister Roberto Cingolani warned the coming months could be “dominated by fear and uncertainty,” observing that “the real problem isn’t shortage but pricing.”

“Citizens may be unable to pay their bills and businesses risk closing down,” he said, though voiced hopes the continent will “get through the winter fine” barring any “catastrophes” such as exceptionally cold weather or a major spike in energy consumption. EU leaders are expected to meet later this week to discuss a price cap on natural gas for the bloc in an attempt to head off an energy crisis, with the European Commission reportedly planning to create a mechanism allowing it to intervene to force down prices when they surpass a “dynamic” maximum level.

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“..he is another victim, only because of his association with Jeffrey. I understand that he, like others, can no longer consider me as a friend..”

Ghislaine Maxwell Breaks Silence On ‘Special Friendship’ With Bill Clinton (CB)

Ghislaine Maxwell, the imprisoned former girlfriend of the late, disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex trafficker, has broken her silence on those who were close friends. Among those friends was former President Bill Clinton whose friendship she described as “special,” she said in an exclusive interview with The Daily Mail. “It was a special friendship, which continued over the years,” she said of her friendship with the former president. “We had lots in common. I feel bad that he is another victim, only because of his association with Jeffrey. I understand that he, like others, can no longer consider me as a friend. “I said in open court in my statement that meeting Jeffrey Epstein was the greatest mistake of my life,” she said.

[..] She also spoke about her former friendship with Prince Andrew. “Yes, I follow what is happening to him,” she said. “He is paying such a price for the association with Jeffrey Epstein. I care about him, and I feel so bad for him. [..] Earlier this month it was reported that Maxwell, may be getting set to talk and that could mean a world of issues for some famous people. “Bill Clinton should be sweating bullets,” reporter Kari Donavan said for The Republic Brief. “It has long been suspected by court watchers that a notorious list of clientele for Epstein, allegedly including Clinton, would eventually emerge, and they may be right, according to investigators and lawyers who have followed the complex case.

“The shocking warning came out of a new documentary that investigated the role of Britain’s Prince Andrew and his close ties as a client of Epstein’s, when the comments were made that there could be further revelations about other clients of Epstein’s because his madame- Ghislaine Maxwell – who was recently convicted for crimes associated with Epstein has until June 2023 to cooperate with prosecutors, in possibly overturning more names,” she said. In a new documentary, “Prince Andrew Banished,’ Florida-based attorney Spencer Kuvin, who represents some of Epstein’s victims, said that Maxwell has until 2023 to cooperate with authorities to get her free from jail quicker.

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“The board accused her of “fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation” in her practice, “conduct that evidences a lack of ability or fitness,” and being “an immediate jeopardy” to public health.”

American Inquisition (Jim Kunstler)

Case in point: the persecution of Meryl Nass, MD, in the state of Maine by its Board of Licensure in Medicine. Dr. Nass is an internal medicine physician and a recognized expert in bioterrorism who famously uncovered the origin of the mysterious “Gulf War Syndrome” as a reaction to the US Army’s own anthrax vaccine. She has testified before Congress and in many state legislatures about vaccine safety. After the emergence of Covid-19, Dr. Nass spoke out and blogged about the dangers of the new vaccines, and in favor of early treatment protocols using ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. Her outspokeness attracted the ire of Maine Governor Janet Mills, and Mills’s sister, Dora Ann Mills, the “Chief Improvement Officer” at Maine Health, a huge network of twelve hospitals, 1,700 doctors, and 22,000 employees, deeply invested in the Covid vaccine program.

In January of this year, Dr. Nass’s license was suspended by the Licensure Board based on complaints by two “activists” that she was “spreading misinformation” and for her use of early treatment protocols with her own patients. The board compelled Dr. Nass to undergo a neuropsychological evaluation to determine if she was a drug abuser or suffered from mental illness. (Flag that, since it implies official defamation of her character.) The board accused her of “fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation” in her practice, “conduct that evidences a lack of ability or fitness,” and being “an immediate jeopardy” to public health.

For most of this year, the board refused to entertain any defense by Dr. Nass for her suspension until a hearing held last week, October 11, when she appeared before the Licensure Board with her attorney, Gene Libby. The hearing in its entirety can be watched on video at Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense website. (The first two-thirds the board prosecutes its case; the last hour Dr. Nass presents her defense.) Days before the hearing, the Licensure Board withdrew all the “misinformation” charges against Dr. Nass without explanation and now bases its case on Dr. Nass’s use of early treatment protocols.

The hearing was highly instructive on the tactics and strategies for defeating official persecutions against doctors in America (and broadly across all of Western Civ these days), since the Maine licensure Board acted with obvious ignorance and malice that is easily revealed. Dr. Nass’s attorney Gene Libby deftly got the Board on-record attesting to their own deliberate misconduct. For instance, he repeatedly invoked their charges against “spreading misinformation,” forcing the chair, an eye doctor named Maroulla S. Gleaton, to affirm that the charges had been precipitously dropped days before. There was also some lively discussion of the board’s imputations against Dr. Nass’s mental health and insinuations of drug abuse — Dr. Nass testified that she’d never been treated for mental health issues, had never taken pharmaceuticals for them, never took illicit drugs or been accused of it, and, where alcohol was concerned, enjoyed “about five drinks a year.”

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Google translate.

Devastating Report On PCR Test Covered Up (DAK)

Researcher Dr. Rogier Louwen of Erasmus MC concluded after extensive lab research that the PCR test as it is currently used is “pointless”. But the publication of his research is hindered and Louwen was fired by his employer. The ‘resurgence’ of the coronavirus is once again widely in the news. The number of ‘infections’ is rising, the media report daily. Millions of people are still regularly tested for corona. But how reliable is the PCR test? Since the start of the corona crisis, there has been considerable criticism of the test, as it is used, outside the hospital, without additional diagnostics.

This criticism does not only come from opponents of the corona policy. Marion Koopmans, member of the OMT and head of the virology department of Erasmus MC, acknowledged in November 2020 on NPO Radio 1: “You only test whether someone carries a piece of RNA that can be months old”. RIVM acknowledged on its website that large-scale testing of people with mild or no complaints has no added value. This leads to far too many ‘false positive’ results. Rogier Louwen, assistant professor who has been employed by Erasmus MC for 22 years, decided with a number of colleagues to test what a ‘positive’ result from a PCR test means. That research, subsidized by the EU, has been completed.

Louwen concluded that “indiscriminately using the PCR test in a population without too many complaints, and using it as the basis of the policy, is not useful”. He showed that the test is not only positive for pieces of SARS-CoV-2, but also for the presence of other viruses, bacteria and human DNA. However, Louwen was unable to get these interesting results published. According to him, this is due to active “opposition”. In fact, he was fired on the spot in June. That may also have to do with criticism he expressed about the vaccinations. According to Louwen, his situation is symptomatic of the one-sided way in which corona is approached. An open debate is not possible, he says. “People want to destroy you scientifically and personally.”

RFK: FDA is having an public meeting on Oct 19 to discuss adding COVID-19 Vaccine to the childhood schedule. This would give the pharma companies full liability protection and also likely lead to any school requiring it in the US.

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Boston University Makes New Covid Strain With 80% Kill Rate (PM)

Researchers at Boston University’s National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories have created a new strain of the Covid virus, echoing experiments which many believe led to the Covid-19 pandemic. The variant is a hybrid of the Omicron variant which spread over the winter and the original virus that was discovered in Wuhan, with this hybrid killing 80 percent of the mice researchers infected, according to the Daily Mail. Researchers found that when infected with the Omicron variant, a similar group of mice all survived and experienced “mild” symptoms. The new research, which has not been peer reviewed, centers around the role of spike proteins in the pathogenic and antigenic behaviors of the virus.

Researchers extracted Omicron’s spike protein, which binds to and invades human cells, and attached those to the original virus that emerged in Wuhan. Looking at how mice fared against the new hybrid strain, researchers wrote, “In…mice, while Omicron causes mild, non-fatal infection, the Omicron S-carrying virus inflicts severe disease with a mortality rate of 80 percent.” Researchers said that while the spike protein is responsible for rates of infectivity, other changes to the virus’ structure determine its deadliness. In addition to looking at mice, researchers also looked at how different strains affect human lung cells that were grown in the lab.

Researchers found that the new strain produced five times more infectious virus particles than the Omicron variant. Researchers noted that the hybrid virus is likely to be less deadly in humans due to differences in the immune systems of mice and humans. Boston University’s lab is one of 13 biosafety level 4 labs in the US. These labs are authorized to handle the most dangerous pathogens, and conduct experiments that often involve working with animal viruses to advance treatments and vaccines.

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“There is nothing in the natural environment that can cause cancer.”

Cancer Is a Man-Made Disease – Controversial Study (LS)

Is the common nature of cancer worldwide purely a man-made phenomenon? That is what some researchers now suggest. Still, other specialists in cancer and in human fossils have strong doubts about this notion. Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for roughly one in eight of all deaths in 2004, according to the World Health Organization. However, scientists have only found one case of the disease in investigations of hundreds of Egyptian mummies, researcher Rosalie David at the University of Manchester in England said in a statement. The rarity of cancer in mummies suggests it was scarce in antiquity, and “that cancer-causing factors are limited to societies affected by modern industrialization,” researcher Michael Zimmerman at Villanova University in Pennsylvania said in a statement.

“In an ancient society lacking surgical intervention, evidence of cancer should remain in all cases.” Zimmerman was the first to diagnose cancer in an Egyptian mummy by analyzing its tissues on a microscopic level, identifying rectal cancer in an unnamed mummy who had lived in the Dakhleh Oasis during the Ptolemaic period 1,600 to 1,800 years ago. David and Zimmerman also analyzed ancient literature from Egypt and Greece for hints of cancer, as well as medical studies of human and animal remains going back to the age of dinosaurs. They suggested evidence of cancer in animal fossils, non-human primates and early humans was scarce, with a few dozen uncertain examples.

As they analyzed ancient literature, they did not find descriptions of operations for breast and other cancers until the 17th century, and the first reports in the scientific literature of distinctive tumors have only occurred in the past 200 years, such as scrotal cancer in chimney sweepers in 1775, nasal cancer in snuff users in 1761 and Hodgkin’s disease in 1832. One possible reason cancers might have been comparatively rare in antiquity is that the short life span of individuals back then precluded the development of the disease. Still, the researchers did note some people in ancient Egypt and Greece did live long enough to develop such diseases as atherosclerosis, Paget’s disease of bone, and osteoporosis.

David and Zimmerman therefore argue that cancer nowadays is largely caused by man-made environmental factors such as pollution and diet. They detailed their findings in the October issue of the journal Nature Reviews Cancer. “In industrialized societies, cancer is second only to cardiovascular disease as a cause of death, but in ancient times, it was extremely rare,” David said in a statement. “There is nothing in the natural environment that can cause cancer.”

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“..Biden has forced all Americans working in China to pick between quitting their jobs and losing American citizenship..”

Biden Export Controls ‘Wreaking Havoc’ On China’s Chip Industry (ZH)

A Twitter thread translated by Rhodium Group China expert Jordan Schneider provides keen insight into the effects of the Biden administration’s new export controls on the chip industry. To review, the Biden administration last week laid out new rules on chip exports based on US concerns that China will use AI to improve military capabilities, support surveillance for human rights abuses and “disrupt or manufacture outcomes that undermine democratic governance and sow social unrest,” according to Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Export Administration Thea D. Rozman Kendler. The sweeping regulations will curb the sale of semiconductors and chipmaking equipment to its #1 geopolitical rival – which, as Bloomberg puts it, is “sending shockwaves through the $440 billion industry.”

In a Friday Twitter thread which he translated from Hedgehog Computing Group founder Xinran Wang (@lidangzzz), Schneider lays out the carnage in English: “To put it simply, Biden has forced all Americans working in China to pick between quitting their jobs and losing American citizenship,” Schneider writes, adding “One round of sanctions from Biden did more damage than all four years of performative sanctioning under Trump.” Every American executive and engineer working in China’s semiconductor manufacturing industry resigned yesterday, paralyzing Chinese manufacturing overnight.One round of sanctions from Biden did more damage than all four years of performative sanctioning under Trump. — Jordan Schneider (@jordanschnyc) October 14, 2022

Although American semiconductor exporters had to apply for licenses during the Trump years, licenses were approved within a month. With the new Biden sanctions, all American suppliers of IP blocks, components, and services departed overnight —— thus cutting off all service [to China]. Long story short, every advanced node semiconductor company is currently facing comprehensive supply cut-off, resignations from all American staff, and immediate operations paralysis.This is what annihilation looks like: China’s semiconductor manufacturing industry was reduced to zero overnight. Complete collapse. No chance of survival.

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That’s a lot of lies.

Will Comey and Mueller Be Prosecuted for Lies John Durham Uncovered? (ET)

While special counsel John Durham’s prosecution of Steele dossier source Igor Danchenko appears to be headed toward acquittal, Durham has used the trial to make public a number of revelations that cast the entire Trump-Russia collusion narrative in a fresh light. Most prominently, Durham revealed that on Oct. 3, 2016, the FBI had offered dossier author Christopher Steele up to $1 million to provide any information, physical evidence, or documentary evidence that could back up the claims in his dossier. But despite the huge reward on offer, Steele did not provide any such information.Crucially, despite Steele’s failure to back up his dossier, a mere 18 days later the FBI proceeded to obtain a FISA warrant against Trump 2016 presidential campaign adviser Carter Page.

In its application to the FISA court, the FBI used the Steele dossier—specifically, its claim that Page was acting as an agent of Russia—as evidence.Then, after Donald Trump won the presidential election on Nov. 8, 2016, the U.S. intelligence community, which included the FBI, began drafting an intelligence community assessment (ICA) on Russian interference in the election. The ICA was issued in early January 2017, claiming that Russia had helped Trump win the election.The assessment included a summary of the dossier, claiming that it had been partly corroborated. The inclusion of Steele’s dossier in an official U.S. intelligence community product gave the dossier the credibility it had lacked up until that point.

It also gave the media, which had held back from reporting on the dossier between July 2016 and January 2017, the excuse it needed to start doing so. For the next several years, the dossier and its lurid claims became the centerpiece of the media’s campaign against Trump. As Durham has now made public, the inclusion of the dossier in the ICA was based on a lie.Another major revelation exposed by Durham in a pre-trial motion was that Danchenko had been on the FBI’s payroll between March 2017 and October 2020 as a confidential human source (CHS). By bestowing this coveted status on Danchenko, the FBI was able to conceal the existence of Danchenko from congressional and other investigators.

This was crucial, as Danchenko had told FBI investigators in January 2017 that the dossier was based on rumors and gossip made in jest. The admission that the Steele dossier was nothing more than bar talk needed to be concealed if the FBI was to continue its investigation of Trump. Appointing Danchenko as a CHS had another benefit for the FBI. As Danchenko’s handler, FBI agent Kevin Helson, confirmed in court last week, because he was an incoming CHS, Danchenko was directed to scrub his phone. Conveniently, that also meant scrubbing evidence of Danchenko’s alleged lies to the FBI, evidence that Durham now lacks.

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“Why, then, wait until the last hearing, especially if the House may flip to GOP control in a matter of weeks?”

Why the Jan 6 Committee’s Timing is both Terrible and Telling (Turley)

The Jan. 6 committee had a noble mandate but failed to use it to offer a credible investigation for citizens across the political spectrum. From the first to the final hearing, it presented a one-sided narrative in a tightly scripted, packaged production. No defense or alternative explanations for key events or statements were allowed; witnesses were largely asked specific questions to get them to repeat what they said in previously recorded interviews, as members read from a teleprompter. The committee could have been so much more. It could have followed the type of balanced inquiry that pursued allegations tied to the Pearl Harbor attack or Watergate. Even without Republican-appointed members, it could have insisted on balanced hearings with witnesses and dissenting views.

Nevertheless, the committee revealed important, often disturbing details. It was important for Americans to hear from figures like former attorney general Bill Barr and White House lawyers who struggled to counter unfounded advice given to Trump by outside lawyers on challenging the 2020 election. There were painful scenes of Capitol police overwhelmed at barricades and members of Congress hunkered down in offices. Yet, the focus on a single approved narrative gave the hearings the feel of an infomercial selling a product that most of us bought two years earlier. Subpoenaing Trump on the final scheduled hearing only reaffirmed how the committee was driven by political rather than investigative priorities. Indeed, the timing was embarrassingly transparent.

While Trump could appear without a challenge or the Democrats could retain the House, few experts are predicting either outcome. For more than a year, the committee said its investigation was focused on Trump’s intent and actions. Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) explained that the subpoena was essential because “he must be accountable. He is required to answer for his actions on Jan. 6. So we want to hear from him.” Why, then, wait until the last hearing, especially if the House may flip to GOP control in a matter of weeks?

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The Dark Side of Nuclear Fusion (Pepi Cima)

Reading what was written by the scientists who worked in nuclear fusion in the early years of the “atomic age” shows that the development of an energy source for peaceful use, energy “too cheap to meter”, is what motivated them more than anything else. The same arguments were brought forward by Claudio Descalzi, CEO of ENI, a major investor in fusion, addressing the Italian Parliamentary Committee for the Security of the Republic (COPASIR) in a hearing of December 9th 2021: fusion will offer humanity large quantities of energy of a safe, clean and virtually inexhaustible kind.

Wishful thinking: with regard to “inexhaustible,” we cannot do anything in fusion without tritium (an isotope of hydrogen) which is nonexistent on this planet and most of the theoretical predictions, no experiments to date, say that magnetic confinement, the main hope of fusion, will not self-fertilize. Speaking of “clean” energy, Paola Batistoni, head of ENEA’s Fusion Energy Development Division, at reactor shutdown envisages the production of hundreds of thousands of tons of materials unapproachable by humans for hundreds of years. However, the problem I am worried about here is a military problem, mostly ignored, even by COPASIR, the Parliamentary Committee for the Security of the Republic. There are many reasons to worry about nuclear fusion: the huge amount of magnetic energy in the reactor can cause explosions equivalent to hundreds of kilograms of TNT, resulting in the release of tritium, a very radioactive and difficult to contain gas.

On top of it, with the neutrons of nuclear fusion, it is possible to breed fissile materials. But the risks that seem to me most worrisome in the long run will come from new weapons, never seen before. To better understand this issue, let’s review how classical thermonuclear weapons work, the 70-year-old ones. Their exact characteristics are not in the public domain but Wikipedia describes them in sufficient detail. For a more complete introduction, I recommend the highly readable books by Richard Rhodes. There exist today “simple” fission bombs, which use only fissile reactions to generate energy, and “thermonuclear” bombs, which use both fission and fusion for that purpose. Thermonuclear bombs are an example of inertial confinement fusion (ICF), where everything happens so quickly that all the energy is released before the reacting matter has the time to disperse.

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    Vincent van Gogh Self-portrait with dark felt hat at the easel 1886   • A War Russia Set To Win (Bhadrakumar) • Borrell Tells EU Members ‘Don’t W
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle October 18 2022]


    I was recently talking to a GP friend here in the UK who told me “if there was a problem with the Covid vaccine we would have seen it by now”.

    So I sent him the video “Safe and Effective”

    And this tweet from Dr. Malhotra,

    This is his exact reply:

    “Enough. You’re a well meaning, anxious, self righteous pest.
    Please stop texting me this stuff. If I’m deaf and blind then it’s my choice. You can tell yourself you tried your best to convert me to whatever floats past your feed at any particular time.”

    Just about sums up the state of the medical profession today:

    – Zero intellectual curiosity,
    – Zero professional integrity,
    – Zero fucks given for patients’ welfare.

    And it only took £12.58 per jab:

    And now, they get paid a £525 “incentive payment” when they death-vaxx all the residents in a care home.

    GPs to receive incentive payments to deliver ‘accelerated’ care home Covid boosters

    And this guy is an experienced GP who runs a large practice and trains new GPs.



    Now combine that attitude -despite all the adverse events reported- with the CDC trying to get the mRNA on the yearly kids’ vaccine list though they derive zero benefit from it and tons of potential damage. And then see Bourla above saying it was “they”, not he, who promoted it. The future’s not getting any brighter.



    [paraphrasing] “It is difficult for a man to understand something when his salary is dependent on him not understanding it.” – Upton Sinclair

    Substitute for ‘salary’ any or all of the words or phrases: status, lifestyle, ego, access to sex, access to perks, bonuses, kick-backs…


    A while ago I heard the story about the Titanic not being sunk by an iceberg and the Olympic being sunk instead but didn’t follow it up.

    Undoubtedly Morgan would have been capable of conspiring with others to carry out diabolical deeds if doing so removed competitors and turned in a handsome profit for himself and co-conspirators; after all, he orchestrated the 1907 financial crisis, and then ‘came to the rescue’, increasing his fortune in the process.

    Evil knows no bounds.

    What characterises modern-day evil in ‘high places’ is the gross incompetence that accompanies it.


    Pfizer boss Albert Bourla throws his employees under the bus … someone needs to let him know that he is declaring himself to be a super-shite manager, a person unable to take responsibility for his own decisions, a coward and a totally untrustworthy person who we now know is also a liar-coward, someone who will lie because they cannot face the shame of telling the truth. What a total piece of scum, and how many billions did he make because of his bad employees, the ones who lied to him and bribed Fauci?

    This is so unbelievably cringe-worthy that I am wondering whether this is a deep-fake video of Bourla.


    Peter Oborne Absolutely Demolishes Liz Truss

    Indeed he does, but the interesting part of this commentary was the evident divide between the super-rich and the traditional conservatives. This divide has been recurring over and over again since Thatcher was put in place and she decided to persue monetary policies that scrapped most financial regulation and as a result created the hedgefund industry – the people who use the economy as a casino. It sounds as though the conservatives have had enough of the hedgefund leeches and are totally fed up with them promoting complete idiots into positions of power. This is quite a turn around for the conservatives but they have themselves to blame and they will all express a deep admiration for Thatcher, the person who started the decline. The conservatives adopted the “easy money” idea, where they could get rich by lending money, gambling on different deals selected using insider information, they loved this stuff and some of their biggest donors have been found out to be total crooks. Now their fantasy has reached its inevitable conclusion … the scumbags that gamble on the economy are now the ones who own the economy, and as is the case everywhere else, they are promoting idiots (Ardern, Trudeau, Macron, Zelensky, Biden etc). Ooops.


    @ aspnaz – “It sounds as though the conservatives have had enough of the hedge fund leeches and are totally fed up with them promoting complete idiots into positions of power.”

    I’m afraid nothing could be further from the truth.
    Ensuring that complete idiots are in positions of power is exactly what they want – it ensures that the profits keep pouring in.

    And the billionaire-owned UK media ensures that the ‘conservatives’, and the working class, will keep voting against their own interests.

    “Tory donor makes huge profits from falling pound”

    Veracious Poet

    RFK: FDA is having an public meeting on Oct 19 to discuss adding COVID-19 Vaccine to the childhood schedule. This would give the pharma companies full liability protection and also likely lead to any school requiring it in the US.

    Anecdotal: This evening I went shopping at a grocery store & as I approached the checkout I heard what can only be described as a child crying with wild animal sounds intermixed ~ When I entered the checkout aisle I saw the cause, a boy in the child seat of a cart (almost too big to fit), who when I tried to communicate with him made no acknowledgement of my presence, no eye contact at all…

    I asked the mother how old the child was she responded 3 years old. He looked like 4-5 years old I replied, to which she said “He’s a nonverbal autistic”.

    I asked, “Has he always been nonverbal”? She replied He was an ordinary baby, learning to talk, until at a year old he got his vaccinations (childhood schedule, obviously) ~ He hasn’t spoken a word since & continuously makes strange noises & “growling” sounds 😐

    BTW, remember that article awhile back about how “vaccines” adversely affect boys with African genomes?

    You guessed it, this was a medically damaged little black boy…

    Made me quite nauseas, the mother seemed like a geniunely sweet person ~ I can only imagine the challenges she will face because of the “medical” mafia.

    Without honest, forthright leaders “the people” suffer at the hands of tyrants, charlatans & sociopath profiteers 😐

    Of course (as has been accentuate by recent conversations about the town), in general “the people” are too ill-informed and/or willfully ignorant to know the difference.

    Be kind to each other, humanity may be in it’s last days…



    Dr. D

    “UK Announces Plans to Crack Down on Climate Protests” Fixed it. Like China! NYT says they can only dream of being as wonderful, tolerant, and anti-hate speech as North Korea.

    “The Home Office said the proposed public order legislation would create a new criminal offence of interfering with infrastructure such as oil refineries, airports, railways, and printing presses.
    Such an offence would carry a maximum sentence of 12 months in prison, an unlimited fine, or both.”

    So 12 lashes or slavery for life. Got it. And for disrupting Exxon and Shell and Rupert Murdoch or other pals. Got it.

    From NewsWeek. On the fatal errors of Intolerant Twitter astroturfing. Not kidding:

    “Warping the debate in this way allows delusional and contradictory thinking to go unchallenged. Thus, we get the argument that Putin is a madman who will kill indiscriminately to achieve his aims—but he is also somehow definitely bluffing about using nuclear weapons. And he’s only using that bluff because he’s losing the war—but if he’s not stopped in Ukraine, he will go on to conquer the rest of Europe. Putin’s regime must fall because he has killed or jailed all the liberal reformers and yoked himself to a hardline Far Right, but somehow he will be replaced by a liberal reformer when his regime collapses.
    It’s nonsensical, and a real debate would expose some of the delusions in this thinking. But we aren’t allowed to have one.”

    What he doesn’t mention is that we well know and have check stubs for, the all of Twitter, FB, and Social Media is PAID, fabricated, bots, from the same Derp State, Direct Bat-phone to Congress, FBI, CIA and other known liars, to erase people and run the woke mob to and fro. Let’s not even go that far: this is what NEWSPAPERS do to DEMOCRACIES. What Mark Antony did speaking at Caesar’s funeral (in Shakespeare). It’s an old, old story, which is why we are NOT a democracy, and democracies collapse into ruin and mob violence almost immediately. We are a Republic, with a Constitution that limits government and protects human rights. Some directly by name which they also ignore, but some others presumed but also inalienable.

    Read a lot of comments on Covid this week, only most of what you would expect. Even among those caught on to it, no solidarity, no reason to believe the Narrative™ won’t be able to fabricate anything it feels like, regardless of how stupid, illogical, or counterproductive. One said a person thought they were vax-injured but fretted it would delay them getting their new booster. …Darwin? I’m lost.

    Noting that Austin Fitts had a chilling perspective on it. The method and color of the Covid+ project is exactly like having an overseer, a bank or investment firm, call for a corporate restructuring by cutting head count. Except in this case with literal heads. They’re saying “Cut 10% (let’s say) of your population to avoid bankruptcy.” Do it fairly, equally, in every department.” But there’s something more here. It’s as if they said “Or else.” Russia seems to have done it, kinda-sorta, hard to tell. China seems to have, even though it’s a common, previous tech Sinovac. So WHO is the “Or else”, and WHAT is the “Or else”?

    Not jumping the shark here: is it not a person? Is it just “physics”? Of oil and food limits? How can that be when we don’t ship the oil we already have and waste half the food? Decide for yourself, but this is an accurate read on the process CV – and other causes of death, mind you! – have gone through.

    Yesterday: “If the leaders of NATO and the collective West, above all representatives of the USA, do not sit down at the negotiating table with Russia and accept the right of the Russian people in the former parts of Ukraine to self-determination, renounce the Nazi regime in Kiev and give up from the further expansion of NATO, we can expect the imminent start of a total nuclear war…”

    I disagree that far would happen. Not that it couldn’t, but prophesy and other non-logics preclude it. However, NATO CANNOT renounce the Nazis they are, nor stop expansion. They — Davos — would collapse and cease to exist. Yet they won’t get to “total” nuclear war. Pick somewhere in between, but that’s a line of history 10 miles wide where “mostly anything” can happen.

    “Arthur Burns said it wasn’t his job to stop the war or the Great Society programs. These were political choices”

    That is correct and what Armstrong says. As presently constituted, the Fed controls the monetary/market side. How can they possibly do that if they have no control over the budget side? That is: Congress prints Infinity Dollars, then tells the Fed not to have it cause inflation. The Fed does their best, as you see, and are pretty successful. Until now. Not that they’re not successful, but there are limits to all systems. To “do their best”, Powell is now raising rates – which compounds Federal debt interest payments – and destroys the domestic economy. He does save NY commercial banks and the currency, though. For now.

    Costs? And again note this comes from CONGRESS, as they print money, budgets originate in the House: Destruction of the poor. Destruction of Europe. Collapse of banking worldwide. Collapse of the economy worldwide. Destruction of emerging markets. Vilification and blame of the U.S. Collapse of unprotected domestic banks. Collapse of all regional and state budgets. Crime. Violence. War. Breakaway of the Global South and (slower) rejection of the US$ reserve status. Boomerang collapse of US$ and NY Commercial Banks due to interconnection with collapsed, war-torn Europe, but a few months slower.

    “Biden has forced all Americans working in China to pick between quitting their jobs and losing American citizenship,”

    This has never happened before and probably can’t happen now. Practically there’s no legal mechanism for it, if that matters in today’s “make up the law” environment. But yes, this is quite similar to the U.S. oil embargo on Japan that required Japan to start WWII. …Or would you say WE started WWII? ‘Cause I would. Anglos at work. Never a moment to honor a treaty, always creating another war.

    So when they lament “Oh however did we get into a two-front world war??? Woe is me! Those evil Asians!” Eating two bugs and one potato between you, you can point to this and everyone’s blind ignorance and open support of it.

    “Russians will settle for nothing less than the ouster of the Zelenskyy regime.”

    I disagree. If they wanted him, he’d be gone. NATO would just hire a replacement actor, since Ze doesn’t exist and doesn’t run or decide anything anyway. C’mon people, this has been going on since Nixon. Leaders are figureheads and some half the time are probably their body doubles photo-op in the car while the real guy sleeps.

    Anyway, what would be gained for any bother? Or even for Kiev itself? Nada. Take all the “Russian” parts, hand near-Odessa to the Romanians, Leave Lviv and the Nazi West to Poland, and Kiev can be a city-state like Montenegro With Ze firmly in charge of all 10 square miles. You’d trade that for International Condemnation for assassination and regime change? Wha?

    But later in the article, the full war means that NATO’s opportunity to back off has essentially expired. While they have no hardware to fight the continuing war with. It’s been well-established now, to the world but primarily the Ukrainians, what their goals were: to minimize civilian suffering and prevent hardship and death for Slavs in the crossfire of NATO’s war. Not sure Ukraine will care, but the point is now made and they can compare an ACTUAL attack by Russia to the careful police actions up til now.

    “Borrell Tells EU Members ‘Don’t Worry About Money’ for Ukraine (RT)”

    As the Fed above, they can print “money”. However, they cannot print, have no tanks, shells, or men. Those aren’t keyboard-warrior moves. It will also collapse the currency, AND the nations + Economies of EU member states. But as I said, they will collapse and be removed anyway if they can’t sack and plunder Russia, so they have nothing to lose. Only the people do, and they never consider them for an instant. So Bob’s yer uncle – nothing could be easier. Operators standing by, Nuke your City today!

    Examples? “though voiced hopes the [European] continent will “get through the winter fine” barring any “catastrophes”

    That is, if we only destroy every small business in Europe, and cripple the people, killing grandmas by the ten-thousands, it’s a win! Because we #Care, so, so much. Just like Covid. We will shut down the whole continent to save one grandma even if if kills every small business in Europe. Now we’ll KILL every grandma if it kills every small business in Europe. …I see a trend here…

    Whole article is bizzaro world though. “Don’t worry about money” he says. And then because money’s not an object, he will only pay under half. What? Then he is slow to cut the check and needs arm-twisting. Then somehow Yellen pops up like a gopher, and says “Go ahead and you better give: it ain’t my money you’re spending.” Then it’s a straight gift, not a loan, unlike what is always recommended to all American people and businesses, ever, even for PPP, Covid, school. Even compared to lend-lease of WWII. Like Kiev is the Capital, the King and Ruler of the planet, as I keep saying and it’s not a joke. Zero quid pro quo: just present tribute to Caesar. It’s almost as if the Kahzars run things, you know, as if they’re a mafia. Kahzars being the people originating from Ukraine.

    Then US wants to see – EUROPE – pay money. Not us. Hey we have a press too, so if you care so much, why does Europe have to be so quick? And again, that money buys you nothing, as we’re not even delivering HIMARs for like 3 more years. So Europe…money…to pay U.S. Weapons profiteers? Who then won’t deliver product? Won’t mine the ore until long after Kiev falls? I’m getting lost here.

    “A top US general, now retired, has said he believes that Ukrainian forces can retake the Crimean Peninsula by next summer.”

    I’m baffled as to why he would say such a thing, and not because it’s a lie – they tell nothing but those. If they made any attempt take Crimea, Moscow would nuke London and NY. The End. They always would have, even in 1999, So now that it’s officially and long-term a Russian Oblast tell me again how that’s going to happen. Just like Jens and Biden everyone says we’ll nuke the entire Russian Army but nothing bad will happen after.

    I’d say he just sounds like an idiot, and makes the whole military sound like an idiot, but I’m sure the people nod their knowing heads and love it. “Land War in Asia” size idiot.

    “Musk Compares Crimea to Pearl Harbor”

    Sure, except Russia has a better claim to Crimea than we have to the Kingdom of Hawaii. Or did we forget again? Ask the Indians how those treaties with the Anglos go. Oh, and the East Ukraine too, which was never part of independent “Ukraine” ever. It was put under the administrative command under the USSR, which Biden and NATO will die defending the will of Stalin. And against any “Self-determination” as legally enshrined by the UN.

    “European Commission reportedly planning to create a mechanism allowing it to intervene to force down prices when they surpass a “dynamic” maximum level.”

    We must end Capitalism to save it. No free markets! Anywhere. In any thing. …Except the bankruptcies of bakeries and pubs and the death of grandma, then free markets everywhere. Let me know how this “Means of production controlled by the state” works out for you. I know it’s never been tried before.

    Maxwell: HuhWhat? I can’t even follow this. Logic brain…Melting. Reality…Dissolving.

    Like the PCR test. Yeah, we know it didn’t work. From month THREE, almost 3 years ago. It gave false positives on PAPAYA. Creating a fake test is how they got the fake pandemic kicked off. That and moving all Flu numbers into Covid. Other than that they had H1N1 numbers like Obama, and no case for a deadly, murdering, population-culling vaccine to avoid certain bankruptcy and shed load before a war.

    Cancer: So speaking of, ever heard the rabbit hole that when they created polio vaccine, they used monkeys? And those monkeys (accidentally) cross-contaminated to species a cancer-causing factor? Such that at exactly that time, 1950-60 cancer exploded? No wonder they love vaccines so much. Stochastic Population control. It’s both technical and far in the past though, but I think it opened their eyes to new horizons of both “Limits to Growth” and infinite profit.

    “The [Jan 6] committee could have been so much more.”

    No it couldn’t. Or it would have had to ask – as EVEN AOC ASKED – who opened the 2,000lb Columbus Blast doors from the inside? Why did capitol police abandon their posts to Ray Epps? Why did they wave everyone through with selfies? Why did an Antifa member – paid thousands by CNN – say “I can’t believe we got them to do this” on camera? Why were there zero weapons and zero people killed, but OathKeepers on record and video as helping the police? Why are the only deaths and injuries outward, on the people and protesters, not the Police or Congress?

    Hey: Doesn’t NANCY PELOSI run all that at the top? Did she know anything? Like enough to have an IMAX camera crew on site and say something like “The moment I’ve been waiting for”?

    Uh, no. You cannot have ANY real investigation, because in courts of evidence, all the camera footage would be run. We’d find the capital bomber in no time and walk him back to the front door of the FBI building.

    How many AR-15s did Jesus own?

    “Then Jesus said to them, “But now, he who has a money bag, let him take it, and likewise a knapsack; and he who has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one.” Luke 22:36

    Translation: “Each of you — pawn your last jacket and buy a modern assault weapon.” Any questions?

    Redneck: “the U.S. is running low on equipment that it can hand over to Ukraine.” Is Austin lying? Not a trick question: “Appear weak when you are strong” –Lao Tzu. Bottom of the barrel? But you’re not back-filling our OWN army? You’re fired. And court-martialed for treason.

    Redneck. Yes, you’ve got my vote. Your Honor.

    “So I sent him the video “Safe and Effective”

    Don’t worry, he will never, ever watch it. He will know it is wrong before looking at the evidence. That’s Science! And actually, his response is even worse than that. “I’ll kill anyone they ask me to. And I’ll even kill them for free!”

    That Bloke


    I had the exact same response from a GP friend. He will no longer talk to me.


    The Dark Side of Nuclear Fusion excerpt

    The wind and photovoltaic revolution, rendering the already proven nuclear fission obsolete despite the urgency of decarbonization, are making fusion unappealing even before it’s proven to work. At the same time, possible military applications should discourage even the investigation of fusion tritium technologies. At the very least, new research regulations are needed.

    Really? I think Germany just re-adopted their previously rejected nuclear power because they have no carbon fuel.

    D Benton Smith

    Let’s add a term to the geopolitical lexicon, that term being, “Useful Idiot-Savant”.

    They are characterized by nearly impeccable reasoning skills in one zone of thought, and gob-smackingly moronic blindness in another.

    The blind spot will in most cases pertain PRECISELY to the core falsehood upon which their wealth & power (such as it is) depends. In other words, they know which side of their bread the butter is on, and they are pathologically loyal to those who wield the butter knife.

    There are myriad examples, and I’m sure that you know more than a few. Beware! Despite the glimpses of Heaven that can be seen in their area of expertise, their blind spot can get you literally killed, and instantly dispatched to Hell in a hand basket.

    Dr. D

    @ That Bloke – “He will no longer talk to me.”

    Oh – I have lots of people who will no longer talk to me over Covid issues.
    And that’s just fine.

    People’s response to the Covid psyop is showing us their true character.
    It has revealed to us who would have been the Nazis, and the “Good Germans”, in WW2.


    It’s interesting that Putin actually used the word ‘satanists’ while referring to the Collective West in one of his sterling speeches.

    Well, the Blooding Drinking Satanists of the Collective West spew Lies like a fire hose of vomit all over the globe.

    Their Lies on this present level are stage 4 cancer.

    The Lies are metastasizing into every organ of the Collective West body politic.

    It’s a marriage of the trans-national global mafia and the criminally insane, attended to and facilitated by the terminally incompetent.

    Like two scorpions at the bottom of a tequila bottle fighting for the Worm.

    The West is a collection of Ass Clowns waiting for it’s ship to come in.

    The ship however is sinking beneath the waves as we speak.

    So Sad.


    D Benton Smith


    That is one fine and righteous rant and I really, really like it


    Incredible Shrinking England and it’s Sty in the Eye partner in crime Olde Blighty have really put their foot in it this time.

    No amount of James Bond wet dreams will save it’s bacon this late in the Great Game.

    The English peasants will never revolt, they have been bred for centuries to accept their fate as barnyard animals to be bossed and ordered about by Toffs and Inbreds.

    Less Truss is the cherry on top of the ridiculous rancid sundae the UK has devolved into.

    A gooey puddle of has-been Imperial boo-whoism.


    D Benton Smith


    You’re on a roll. Go ORO!



    With the biggest economic crisis in living memory looming over Britain, Dagenham Liz has decided – or more likely was coerced – to put the man who, by his own admission, left Britain wholly unprepared to cope with a pandemic in charge. That’s right, our new rhyming slang Chancellor has blood on his hands even before winter kicks-in and the poor start succumbing to hunger and hypothermia. Worse still, it appears that – even without the fig leaf of a ballot of MPs, still less a vote of the party members or an even more necessary general election – Hunt is now the de facto Prime Minister, with Truss – assuming she doesn’t resign or isn’t sacked in the next few days – left as a mere puppet, taking her instructions from the fabled “men in grey suits” whose Machiavellian scheming takes place behind the curtains.

    If I try really, really hard, I can even raise a nanoscopic hint of sympathy for Truss. Because an unholy coalition of IMF, Bank of England and Government technocrats, aided and abetted by establishment media editors and disgruntled failed politicians, ought not to be allowed to force a sitting Prime Minister and Chancellor to reverse their economic policy. In a democracy, that role is supposed to rest with the electorate. And while it is convenient for opponents of the Tory government to align themselves with the forces of technocracy, they might want to consider first, that this is more or less what the technocracy attempted to do to Corbyn and McDonnell in 2016, and second, that the same would very likely be done to any Labour Prime Minister and Chancellor whose economic policies went against the increasingly extremist neoliberal orthodoxy.

    I dare say we will wait in vain for a politician to be brave enough to call for an investigation into the role of the Governor of the Bank of England in forcing the sacking of the Chancellor. Nevertheless, the Governor’s very public announcements of policy which would ordinarily have been activated in private, sounds for all the world akin to telling Truss, “Fire your Chancellor and reverse course or I will unleash the mother of all pensions crises.”

    Whether the central bank should be bailing out pension funds, or even supporting the value of the pound at this point ought also to be a matter of policy. Arguably, British electorates over four decades have voted consistently for policies which both undermine the value of the pound, and – particularly since 2008 – render most pension funds unsustainable. In such circumstances, having the central bank use up foreign reserves and print currency in a – likely doomed – attempt to prevent further runs on the pound (which, among other things, devalues pensions) is likely to go the same way as it did on Black Wednesday three decades ago when speculators like George Soros roasted the government.

    The crisis is now baked-in anyway. The only question to be answered is how bad the losses are going to be. The point is that a government attempting to ride out the crisis in order to reframe economic policy in a way which takes a realistic view of the UK’s – very weak – economic circumstances is no more unreasonable than assuming that it can carry on depleting essential foreign reserves and printing ever more funny money in an attempt to sustain a financialised economy which is no longer sustainable.

    It is here though, that any sympathy for Truss evaporates. Because, unlike Corbyn and McDonnell in 2016, Truss and Kwarteng were in government when they attempted to turn the clock back to 1979. So that, not only is their third-rate Margaret Thatcher tribute act wholly out of step with today’s economic circumstances, but – more important in a democracy – it goes against the manifesto commitments that they were elected on in 2019.

    Of course, Truss – if she were bright enough – might argue that after two years of lockdowns, broken global supply chains and blowback from energy sanctions on Russia, Britain is a very different place to what it was in 2019. And as such, an entirely new policy platform is needed. She may be right. But if so, the only way in which this can be done legitimately is to follow Theresa May’s example in 2017 when, following resistance from her own backbenchers, she called – and promptly lost – a general election, standing on her own policy proposals.

    Here though is where Truss’s own incompetent scheming removes all legitimacy from her. Because she and Kwarteng knew full well that cutting taxes for the rich, funnelling huge bungs to energy companies, and leaving a massive hole in the government budget would crater their standing in the polls. Not least because of the Tory Party’s obsession with using austerity cuts in an attempt to balance the books. In other words, Truss attempted a coup of her own – forcing illegitimate and wrong-headed policy onto a party and a wider electorate that had neither voted for nor approved of it… one last binge for the hedge fund managers before the UK economy collapsed and the opposition parties were left to clear up the mess.

    The Tory Party was likely facing a long period in opposition as a result of the antics of the previous Prime Minister. But in just weeks, Truss seems to have plunged Tory fortunes to an all time low. As Matthew Goodwin explained in a recent newsletter:

    “There has been no honeymoon period, no bounce in the polls. For the first time in modern history we have a prime minister who has failed to inspire even an initial display of warmth from voters. And all the key indicators of how the prime minister and her government are performing are moving in the wrong direction…

    “Between the week before Truss walked into Number 10 Downing Street and today, the Conservative Party’s average share of the vote has continued to slide from an already low 32 per cent to just 23 per cent… In my own polling, conducted two days ago, I have Truss and her party on an even lower 19 per cent. This is lower than anything that was recorded during the mass resignations that culminated in Boris Johnson’s downfall or the Partygate scandal that preceded it. William Hague, Iain Duncan Smith, Jeremy Corbyn never fell this low…

    “Were these kinds of numbers replicated at an election then the Conservative Party would simply cease to exist in its current form. An entire generation of MPs — Theresa May, Jacob Rees-Mogg, David Davis, Sajid Javid, Andrea Leadsome, Penny Mordaunt, Iain Duncan Smith, Greg Hands, Grant Shapps, Kwasi Kwarteng, Therese Coffey, James Cleverly, among others — would be wiped out…”

    Although, historically, party support has tended to return as a general election draws near, this is not a law of physics. Indeed, there is every chance that Tory fortunes will sink even further. Which is why – out of naked self-interest if nothing else – hundreds of MPs who risk being ousted at the next election, will want to be done with Truss sooner rather than later… but even the proposed “government of all the (lack of) talents,” wedded as it would be to the failed neoliberal orthodoxy, will be submerged by a global economic tsunami that is already visible.

    A very British coup


    My two cent
    The emperor’s new clothes

    (Taken from the Hans Christian Andersen fable of the same name, in which a vain king is sold imaginary clothing (i.e., nothing at all) by two weavers who promise him that it is visible only to the wise and cannot be seen by those who are ignorant, incompetent, or unfit for their position)

    The media knows and are silent about the fact that the majority knows.
    (Everybody is playing dumb)

    A war Russia set to win
    The Europeans have been nicely played by the Americans
    MK Bhadrakumar – Former Ambassador
    Noted Russian military expert Vladislav Shurygin told Izvestia that if this tempo was kept up for a week or so, it ‘will disrupt the entire logistics of the Ukrainian military — system for transporting personnel, military equipment, ammunition, related cargo, as well as the functioning of military and repair plants.’
    (individuals or companies,(banks), exploiting the local populace for their own financial, political, and/or social gain.)

    • Borrell Tells EU Members ‘Don’t Worry About Money’ For Ukraine (RT)

    • US Poised For Slowdown In High-end Munitions Deliveries To Ukraine (Fox)

    Problems: inventory levels, industrial capacity, (forgot to mention financial capacity)
    @ Germ
    You are identifying the mRNA problems

    Just about sums up the state of the medical profession today:

    – Zero intellectual curiosity,
    – Zero professional integrity,
    – Zero fucks given for patients’ welfare.



    Developing deadly strains

    Covid is not the only thing :

    World’s Deadliest Virus: ‘Spanish Flu’ Reverse Engineered, Recreated

    It is not just the possibility of accidental release, it is also the possibility of deliberate release!

    Some people, like Bill Gates, think the human population should be less than a billion. What if they had the opportunity to ‘make it so’. Ebola was touted as one of the best ways to reduce the human population, then three different strains appeared in three different countries around the same time.

    The US has dozens of biowarfare labs dotted around the world, like the ones in Ukraine. Who knows what horrors are being created? Again, the worry is accidental or deliberate release.

    Is there ANY oversight? If brief descriptions of all of the lines of research were presented to the public how many would be approved and how many would be regarded as ‘crimes against humanity’!


    The follow up:

    Making any kind of prediction is always risky… especially about the future. Nevertheless, there is a growing consensus that a recession is on the way – I would argue that had it not been for rigged official data, a recession would have already arrived. Less clear though, is what kind of recession we are going to get. Will it be one of those brief and shallow downturns which most people barely even register or, most likely, is it going to be deep and long?

    Within the official data – which is a measure of what the economy was doing in the summer, not what it is doing today – we find a few disconcerting indicators which decision-makers appear to have overlooked. The number of vacancies – which, remember, the Bank of England economists feared would presage an inflationary wage-price spiral – had fallen significantly from last year’s high… even before the summer tourist season had come to an end. The number of hours worked – a better measure these days than rigged unemployment data – continues to fall – a sure sign that employers are having to cut workers’ hours as business slumps. Insolvencies are rising again – although as of August, not yet to a point to be of concern to mainstream economists.

    There are also what we might call “common sense” indicators that the economy is slowing. The rise in purchases of body-warming goods such as sweaters, hot water bottles and blankets, together with the high demand for firewood and chimney sweeps, points to a population which intends making serious cuts to its energy consumption… even as higher prices are only just kicking-in. The big decline in second hand car sales also suggests an economy in which consumption and credit are in steep decline.

    Perhaps the most tragic, given that Britain is supposedly a nation of animal lovers, is the big increase in the number of pets being abandoned, together with the big decline in people taking in pets from rescue centres. Although Britain’s animal rescue charities make a virtue of not euthanising unwanted pets, it is surely only a matter of time before they will be forced to do so, as their costs spiral upward even as donations dry up.

    These though, are only indicators of an impending downturn if you take them seriously. Unfortunately, government and central bank economists do not, because they remain fixated on neoclassical economic models which are both mathematically exquisite and fundamentally wrong. And so, rather than taking their feet off the accelerator before the economy crashes, it is only when we witness widespread redundancies, a housing crisis and several banking and financial sector crashes, that they are likely to reverse course. By which time it will be far too late to prevent economic and political chaos.

    It is for this reason that we ought to take seriously Friday’s announcement from Royal Mail. As Dearbail Jordan at the BBC reported:

    “Royal Mail has announced plans to cut 10,000 jobs by next August, blaming ongoing strike action and rising losses at the business. The postal company said it will begin notifying workers of its plan, which includes up to 6,000 redundancies. Apart from the redundancies, the firm will cut roles through natural attrition, for example by not replacing workers who leave.

    “Royal Mail also said it expects its full-year losses to hit £350m. It said this included ‘the direct impact of eight days of industrial action’ as well as lower volumes of parcels being posted.”

    Mention of the current industrial dispute with the Communications Workers Union implies that the final job losses are still up for negotiation. However – as I have argued previously – strike action in a slowing economy often benefits employers by saving on wage costs at a time when business is slacking anyway. And while it is possible that Royal Mail will lose customers as a result, this is unlikely to be permanent in a market in which price and location are more important than loyalty.

    Far more worrying, then, is Royal Mail’s acknowledgement of falling custom. Because, despite the company performing a valuable social service by delivering important letters and documents – such as medical information, legal papers and service contracts – its main business is servicing other businesses. We might not, for example, welcome the mountain of junk mail delivered to our homes. But this form of business advertising helps keep Royal Mail profitable without making our letters too expensive to send. The other arm of Royal Mail’s business being business-to-business and business-to-consumer parcel deliveries.

    In one sense then, Royal Mail is like the proverbial canary in the coal mine. It’s announcement of a business slowdown great enough to warrant up to 10,000 job losses, indicates a big slowdown across the economy. Put simply, businesses are sending out fewer goods and are cutting back on their advertising budgets. And this, in turn, indicates that households and businesses across the economy have been curbing their spending. And in its way, this is also a backward-looking indicator – Royal Mail’s losses could get far worse as winter draws in and energy prices spike upward.

    At this point, government and central bank are stuck. Further interest rate rises together with austerity cuts threaten a massive collapse in demand and a crisis on a scale not normally seen outside the developing states. On the other hand, further government spending – especially if it is unfunded – together with interest rate cuts risk a run on the currency which would seriously undermine the UK’s balance of payments… most likely making essential imports like food and energy unaffordable. One reason why we now have a crisis and paralysis at the heart of government is precisely that there is no politically acceptable way out of the trap. All that remains is to allow the UK economy to shrink – either by inflating its value away, or by allowing the mother of all asset crashes to render most of it worthless anyway.

    One way or another, we are all joining the infamous “de-growth coalition” now.

    Your recession is in the post


    Save the rich or bankrupt the rich
    The Fed’s Dilemma: “QT Will Break Something, And No One’s Talking About It”


    Chinese Chips

    The US does not want to create the situation where China does not gain from the chip plants in Taiwan.

    They could be destroyed in a moment OR it would be a MAJOR incentive to invade Taiwan and take direct control of these plants.

    It would be devastating for the West.

    John Day

    @Germ: Thanks for the exchange with the GP who is a businessman and trains other physicians, cannot admit that he was wrong, and disparages you and tells you to disappear instead.
    I don’t now what it might take to show him the error of his ways.
    Dr. Malhotra had such an expensive epiphany when the booster gave his healthy dad a fatal heart attack.

    John Day

    I think that SORRY poster is a picture of Terry Thomas, the English comedian.
    “Mind the gap” in his front teeth.

    John Day

    Dr.D alluded to the Khazars, from Ukraine, and what some call “The Khazarian Mafia”.
    Who/where were the Khazars in history?

    Where/what is “North Caucasus”?
    Looks like a lot of different ethnicities separated by mountains, north of Georgia.


    “Trudeau’s arbitrary 30% fertilizer emission reduction target would ONLY REDUCE EMISSIONS BY 0.00028%!…Why is our government jeopardizing food supply for meager gains?”

    Because the bans on fertilizer are not really about emissions, although that is how they are characterizing them. What the fertilizer ban is really about is limiting the consumption of natural gas used in its manufacture.


    “Pfizer boss Albert Bourla throws his employees under the bus…”

    All these people who get megabucks for “leading” their companies have actually internalized the fiction that it is because they are “adding value,” pushing up the stock price with financial tricks like buybacks or LBOs, etc., or promoting their company with clever PR. But, in the West at least, they never step up to the plate and say “the buck stops here”, taking the responsibility for the failures of their companies.

    In places like Japan they at least have the dignity to apologize deeply and resign. Here they have no concept of the real reason they get the big bucks.

    John Day

    I have seen a very credible case that the US Army recovered bodies of American soldiers frozen since 1919 or so, after their airplane went down in Greenland. One of the 3 had the pandemic influenza, and they have continued it in the lab since then. I think it was 1970s or early 1980s when they recovered the frozen corpses.


    Zelensky working from home.


    John Day

    A 50 m section of Nordstream pipe is missing. Gone. The article discusses explosives necessary to do that, but I think it’s just removal-of-evidence. What kind of explosive would remove 4.1 cm thick steel pipe with a thick steel reinforced concrete casing? Nuclear would, through inductive heating, but they didn’t say that. It would be easier for Swedish investigators to remove it, though clearly not “easy”.
    Did Russia secretly use a tactical nuke on their own pipeline?

    John Day

    I lifted this from a Saker article: Cui Bono? The Big Picture

    Cui bono? The Big Picture

    The USA has depleted all its economically viable sources of oil and gas, all its remaining sources have woefully low EROI and hence are super costly (energy wise and hence price wise) to extract, process and transport. Fracked shale oil is nothing like crude oil, it has the API index and volatility of paint thinner, which is why the trains used to transport it are called “bomb” trains. You cannot make diesel, the indispensable workhorse fuel, from fracked shale oil.

    Russia, along with the Caspian area, has in aggregate gone past the peak of oil production, with declining EROI (with only a few fields pre-Peak eg Kashagan). However compared with the USA, the Eurasian oil and gas sources have a far higher EROI, which is IMPOSSIBLE for the US to economically compete with. The fact the the USA is now depleted of easy, cheap oil is the reason they are now stealing oil from Syria and also why they hijacked several Iranian oil tankers. Pipeline terrorism was the only way the US could sell uneconomic LNG to Europe, just as provoking a war was the only way the US could “sell” their obsolete old ordnance to Europe. Dirty tricks and devious skulduggery is how the US “free market” and “rule based order” operates, indeed how it has always operated. …

    At present the European currencies have fallen against the USD, primarily as a result of their own energy sanctions against Russia which has caused the recession of their own economies. The European industrial sectors are poised to collapse from energy starvation. Once the BRICS+ currency arrangements and financial systems, which bypass the USD, get up and running, there will be massive flight of away from US bonds and securities and the massive international repatriation of US dollars back to the US, which will result in hyperinflation and devaluation of the US dollar, resulting in their inability to afford any imports.


    This video with Michael Hudson and Ralph Nader explores the private bank called “the Fed”.

    On the Federal Reserve with Ralph Nader


    Yes, declining EROEI is the major reason why all established economic-financial arrangements are in terminal decline. And that is why there is no discussion about falling EROEI in any ‘official’ circle.

    “There’s a hole in the hull and we’re sinking.”

    “I can’t hear you.”

    Shouting at the top of his voice: “There’s a hole in the hull and we’re sinking.”

    “I can’t hear you.”

    Wheat breakfast biscuits can be considered a staple food. The 1kg box that was $5 earlier in the year went to $5.20 and has now gone to $5.80.

    Methinks that is much greater than 16% devaluation of the purchasing power of the fiat currency I have access to.

    Can’t complain though. I understand in other nations devaluation of fiat currencies is at the rate of 8o% per annum.

    Diesel now costs more than petrol (for the first time in NZ history). So we can expect the devaluation of fiat currency to accelerate, practically everything being moved by diesel. .

    Demand destruction seems to be holding the lid on international oil prices, with Brent hovering around $90 US for quite a while.

    Credibility destruction amongst so-called leaders in NATOstan nations continues unabated. 🙂


    According to the Military Summary channel, Russia has continued its attacks on power stations and electrical distribution systems, and has knocked out a major communication centre. Also, taking ground (liberating from fascist occupation).

    Massive Ukrainian losses of personnel and equipment, as usual.


    Alex suggests the politicians will lose interest in Ukraine when they can no longer skim off their cut of the money flow, which is now getting rather short in Europe.


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