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Rembrandt van Rijn Landscape With the Rest on the Flight into Egypt 1647


Elite US Unit Ready To Fight In Ukraine If Conflict ‘Escalates’ – CBS (RT)
US-Led Force Might Intervene In Ukraine Conflict – Petraeus (RT)
Hungarian Foreign Ministry Criticizes ‘Pro-war’ EU (RT)
Ukraine War Evolves: Slouching Toward Armageddon (Falk)
Ukraine Confiscates Russian Cargo Ships (RT)
Russia Urges UN To Prevent Ukraine’s ‘Terrible Provocation’ (RT)
Zelensky Calls On ‘World’ To Strike Russia (RT)
Net Zero Bombshell: The World Does Not Have Enough Lithium and Cobalt (DS)
Electric Cars In Germany May Fall Victim To Energy Crisis – Spiegel (RT)
A Judge is About to Rule on Pfizergate Case (BN)
Fauci’s Calendar: What Was He Doing in the Months Before the Pandemic? (CHD)
Fauci (et al) Fraud Finale? (El Gato)
EU Sets Out Commitment to “Legally Binding” Global Pandemic Treaty (DS)
Inside the Proton, the ‘Most Complicated Thing You Could Possibly Imagine’ (QM)





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America’s finest reduced to a propaganda stunt. And sitting ducks. On national TV. So Americans will think: now the Russkies will be afraid!

Elite US Unit Ready To Fight In Ukraine If Conflict ‘Escalates’ – CBS (RT)

The US Army 101st Airborne Division would not hesitate to enter Ukraine should a conflict break out between Russia and NATO, CBS News reported on Friday citing the unit’s military commanders. The elite division is currently conducting war games in Romania, close to the NATO country’s border with Ukraine. The unit’s commanders told CBS that they would be prepared to cross into Ukraine if the fighting escalates – without elaborating what that would entail – or if NATO were to come under attack. They highlighted that their current deployment in Europe, the first since WWII, is “to defend NATO territory.” “We’re ready to defend every inch of NATO soil”, Deputy Commander Brigadier General John Lubas told the news network.

In Romania, the 101st Airborne Division is holding joint live-fire ground and air assault exercises. According to Colonel Edwin Matthaidess, Commander of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, his division is the closest US unit to the fighting in Ukraine. He noted that the US troops, have been “closely watching” the Russian military while “building objectives to practice against” and organizing the drills to “replicate exactly what’s going on” in Ukraine. “It keeps us on our toes,” he added. In total, about 4,700 American soldiers from the 101st Airborne’s base in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, have been sent to Europe. NATO has repeatedly stated that it is not a party to the conflict and will not send its troops into Ukraine.

In late June, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that the US-led bloc would significantly increase the number of its forces on high alert from 40,000 to over 300,000. Since the start of Russia’s military offensive on February 24, Ukraine has received substantial military aid from NATO countries, with billions of dollars’ worth of weaponry pouring into the country – which Moscow has repeatedly criticized. The 101st Airborne Division, also known as the “Screaming Eagles,” has a distinguished military history. It took part in the airborne operations during the D-Day landings in Normandy in 1944 and in the Battle of the Bulge, where it fought in a complete encirclement. The unit was also involved in the Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

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“.. a multinational force led by the US and not as a NATO force..”

“Petraeus commanded US forces in Afghanistan from 2010 to 2011, presiding over America’s highest death tolls during the 20-year war, and increased civilian casualties.”

US-Led Force Might Intervene In Ukraine Conflict – Petraeus (RT)

The US and its allies might directly intervene in the ongoing conflict between Moscow and Kiev, even when there is no threat to any NATO member states, retired US Army general David Petraeus told France’s L’Express weekly on Saturday. Washington might form a new coalition of the willing in such a scenario and use it instead of NATO, Petraeus, who also briefly served as the CIA director, believes. Russia could take some actions in Ukraine that would be “so shocking and so horrific” that it would prompt a response from the US and other nations, he said, adding that they “might react in one way or another, but as a multinational force led by the US and not as a NATO force.” The military alliance would still likely be bound by its treaty and would only join the conflict if Article 5 is invoked, i.e. if one of its members is attacked, the general believes.

Petraeus also said that Moscow is not interested in escalating the conflict and turning it into a global war. A wider conflict is “the last thing” Russian President Vladimir Putin needs right now, he added. Earlier in October, Petraeus claimed that the US could wipe out all Russian forces in Ukraine, alongside with the Russian Black Sea fleet, if Moscow uses nuclear arms in Ukraine. On Saturday, he doubled down on these words by saying that Washington’s response to such a move on Russia’s part would involve “more than diplomatic … economic and legal actions.” At the same time, Petraeus said that his earlier words had described “just one” of “many options” America has in store in case Russia resorts to the use of nuclear arms, which he called an “extremely bad decision.”

The general also said that he still thinks there is nothing Russia could do to change the situation on the frontlines, which, according to Petraeus, is unfavorable to Moscow. Petraeus commanded US forces in Afghanistan from 2010 to 2011, presiding over America’s highest death tolls during the 20-year war, and increased civilian casualties. The general helped persuade then-President Barack Obama to deploy an additional 30,000 US troops to the country, but his counterinsurgency plan, which hinged on “securing and serving” the local population, flopped. He then became CIA director in 2011, only to resign the following year after having an extramarital affair with the woman who was writing his biography.

Judge Nap and Scott Ritter

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“..we need immediate peace instead of a longer war. Peace requires an immediate ceasefire and dialogue.”

Hungarian Foreign Ministry Criticizes ‘Pro-war’ EU (RT)

The Hungarian Foreign Ministry has rejected EU calls for Russia to be defeated in Ukraine, saying the bloc needed peace, not a prolonged conflict. EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson made several statements on the hostilities this week, stressing the bloc’s “determination, resolve and unity to stand by Ukraine as long as it takes.”She also insisted that “to end this crisis, first, Putin must lose.” Responding on Friday, Tamas Menczer, State Secretary at Hungary’s Foreign Ministry, accused Johansson of making “a very dangerous statement because it links the end of a crisis with a military event, about which we don’t know when will it happen or if it happens at all.” “This pro-war stance of Brussels extends the conflict and suffering. This is extremely dangerous and unacceptable,” he insisted.

Menczer reiterated the position of the Hungarian government, which is that “we need immediate peace instead of a longer war. Peace requires an immediate ceasefire and dialogue.” Hungary has remained relatively neutral since the outbreak of fighting in Ukraine in late February. It has refused to send arms to Kiev unlike many fellow EU members and consistently criticized the sanctions imposed by Brussels on Moscow. Budapest, which is heavily dependent on Russian fuel, was also able to negotiate an exemption for itself from the bloc-wide ban on Russian oil. Moscow, which has repeatedly invited Kiev to come to the negotiating table, has blamed the Ukrainian side for undermining any potential for a peaceful settlement of the conflict.

Earlier this month, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky signed a declaration that officially made it “impossible” to hold any negotiations with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. The move followed the inclusion of the Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions, and the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, into Russia as result of referendums in those territories. Kiev and its Western backers have labeled September’s votes a “sham” and continue to view the areas as parts of Ukraine.

More for oligarchs

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‘to be so far from God and yet so close to the United States.’

Ukraine War Evolves: Slouching Toward Armageddon (Falk)

[..] even if it can be argued that Russia/Putin have launched a war that is unlawful, immoral, and unjustified, the wider geopolitical context remains crucial if peace is to be restored and catastrophe avoided. For one thing, the Russian attack may be all of those things alleged, and yet form part of a geopolitical pattern of established behavior that the U.S. has itself confirmed in a series of wars starting with the Vietnam War, and notably more recently with the Kosovo War, Afghanistan War, and the Iraq War. None of these wars were legal, moral, and justifiable, although each enjoyed a geopolitical rationale that made them seem desirable to U.S. foreign policy elites and its closest alliance partners.

Of course, two wrongs do not make a right, but in a world where geopolitical actors enjoy a license to pursue vital strategic interests within traditional spheres of influence, it is not objectively defensible to self-righteously condemn Russia without taking account of what the U.S. has been doing around the world for several decades. Antony Blinken may tell the media that spheres of influence became a thing of the past after World War II, but he must have been asleep for decades not to notice that the Yalta Agreement on the future of Europe reached in 1945 by the Soviet Union, United States, and the United Kingdom was premised on precisely the explicit affirmation of such spheres, which in retrospect, however distasteful in application, deserve some credit for keeping the Cold War from becoming World War III.

Such compromised sovereignty of these borderland countries is descriptive of the prerogatives claimed by so-called Great Powers throughout the history of international relations, not least by the United States through the Monroe Doctrine and its extensions. In this sense, Ukraine finds itself in the long unenviable position of Mexico, and indeed all of Latin America. Many years ago the famous Mexican cultural figure, Octavio Paz, proclaimed the tragedy of his country ‘to be so far from God and yet so close to the United States.’

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“Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer pointed out that any decision to transfer Russian assets to help Ukraine would have to be made in court..”

Ukraine Confiscates Russian Cargo Ships (RT)

Kiev has handed over nine vessels belonging to Russia to a Ukrainian company, the country’s authorities announced on Saturday. “The income received from managing the vessels will go to the state budget of Ukraine. The total cost of the ships is over UAH 532 million (nearly $14.5 million),” the Prosecutor General’s Office said in a message on its Telegram channel. The ships entered Ukrainian ports in late 2021 and early 2022 and, according to the agency, were transporting cargo. They were then “arrested” and transferred to ARMA, a government agency for the search and management of assets.

In August, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky announced that Kiev had confiscated $765 million worth of Russian assets on Ukrainian territory, and was going to seize more assets belonging to the Russian state, and to use the proceeds for Ukraine’s defense and reconstruction. On Friday, the EU said it would look into ways of using the €300 billion ($292 billion) worth of Russian assets it has frozen as part of sanctions against Moscow, to finance Ukraine. After a summit in Brussels, Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer pointed out that any decision to transfer Russian assets to help Ukraine would have to be made in court, as Europe was committed to the rule of law. Moscow has repeatedly condemned the seizure of its assets by Western nations and has described it as theft.

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Of course, the west says it’s Russia that threatens the dam.

Russia Urges UN To Prevent Ukraine’s ‘Terrible Provocation’ (RT)

Russia has formally asked the United Nations Security Council to prevent Ukraine from destroying the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric dam in Kherson Region. Such a disaster could result in the deaths of thousands of civilians, Moscow’s ambassador to the UN warned on Friday. Speaking at a Security Council briefing, Vassily Nebenzia noted that as the West chooses to ignore “any criminal acts” committed by Ukraine, the country has been “consistently conducting strikes on civilian infrastructure in its former territories”, including the town of Novaya Kakhovka in Kherson Region, which was recently incorporated into Russia. According to the envoy, most of the missiles are being launched from US-made High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS).

“Ukrainian forces are aiming at the Kakhovskaya dam in order to break it, causing the water level to rise and the adjacent areas to flood,” the diplomat said. Should this happen, Nebenzia warned, “thousands of civilians may be killed, and thousands of homes damaged.” The envoy said Russia has distributed a letter to Security Council members, calling on the UN leadership to prevent “this terrible provocation.” The Ukrainian military frequently shells settlements and civilian infrastructure in the Kherson Region. Aside from the Kakhovskaya plant, Kiev has been targeting the Antonovsky Bridge and a pontoon crossing over the Dnepr River in the city of Kherson, in a bid to disrupt Russian logistics in the area.

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin imposed martial law in Kherson Region, as well as three other former Ukrainian territories, amid reports that Kiev’s forces were preparing a large-scale offensive against the area’s capital city. A day earlier, local authorities announced the relocation of civilians from the province. Kiev’s forces have also repeatedly targeted Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, which is located in the neighboring region, with Russian authorities warning that the attacks could trigger a disaster that would eclipse the Chernobyl incident.

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Kolomoisky should withdraw his puppet.

Zelensky Calls On ‘World’ To Strike Russia (RT)

The world should make it clear to Russia that it would have to face immediate military response if it decides to use nuclear arms against Kiev, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky told CBC and CTV broadcasters in an interview this week. The Ukrainian leader accused Russia of using “terrorist” blackmail tactics and said that Moscow only understands the language of force. Zelensky accused Moscow of repeatedly threatening to strike “decision-making centers” in Ukraine, including with nuclear arms and said that the world should respond if such a strike does take place. “It does not matter if Ukraine is a NATO member or a non-NATO nation,” he said, adding that no one should be allowed to “blackmail [other nations] like a terrorist.”

According to the Ukrainian president, the world should tell the Russians: “If you strike Bankova Street [the Ukrainian President’s Office], there will be a strike at where you are.” If Moscow does strike Kiev, there should be “a strike at the decision-making centers” in Russia the next “second,” regardless of the results of the Russian attack, he added. Such a stance would be, in turn, not a blackmail but a kind of self-defense that would supposedly prevent those issuing a threat from following through on their plans, Zelensky argued. “One can talk about humanism for a long time,” the Ukrainian president told journalists, adding that his nation lives in a situation, where it has a “neighbor that does not understand anything but force.”

The Ukrainian president also squarely blamed all Russians for what happens in Ukraine. “The society of the Russian Federation must know that they attack our [Ukrainian] society,” he said, adding that the Russians “support a terrorist authority.” If the Russians “do not exert pressure” on President Vladimir Putin, “the world will isolate itself from you,” Zelensky warned, adding that nobody would talk to Russia since it only speaks “the language of threats.” The Ukrainian president also said that the world must itself decide who to talk to in Russia since “they are terrorists now. All of them.”It is not the first time the Ukrainian leader makes such appeals. Earlier, he already called on NATO to carry out preventive strikes on Russia to deter the use of nuclear weapons.

At that time, his words sparked an angry reaction from Moscow that accused Zelensky of trying to spark a third world war. Zelensky later walked back his remarks, claiming that he actually meant “preventative kicks” and blaming the ‘misunderstanding’ on the translation. The Ukrainian president then walked back his statement, claiming it was mistranslated and that he really meant to say preemptive sanctions, not “preemptive strikes.” Back in September, Putin said that Russia would defend its territory using all means available and would do “everything to ensure the security of its people.” At the same time, he also said that Moscow was ready for talks with Kiev and called on Ukraine to “to cease all hostilities” and return to the negotiating table.

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Not a bombshell.

Net Zero Bombshell: The World Does Not Have Enough Lithium and Cobalt (DS)

Influential elites are either in denial about the horrifying costs and consequences of Net Zero – witness last Wednesday’s substantial vote against fracking British gas in the House of Commons – or busy scooping up the almost unlimited amounts of money currently on offer for promoting pseudoscience climate scares and investing in impracticable green technologies. Until the lights start to go out and heating fails, they are unlikely to pay much attention to a recent 1,000 page alternative energy investigation undertaken for a Finnish Government agency by Associate Professor Simon Michaux. Referring to the U.K.’s 2050 Net Zero target, Michaux states there is “simply not enough time, nor resources to do this by the current target”.

To cite just one example of how un-costed Net Zero is, Michaux notes that “in theory” there are enough global reserves of nickel and lithium if they are exclusively used to produce batteries for electric vehicles. But there is not enough cobalt, and more will need to be discovered. It gets much worse. All the new batteries have a useful working life of only 8-10 years, so replacements will need to be regularly produced. “This is unlikely to be practical, which suggests the whole EV battery solution may need to be re-thought and a new solution is developed that is not so mineral intensive,” he says. All of these problems occur in finding a mass of lithium for ion batteries weighting 286.6 million tonnes. But a “power buffer” of another 2.5 billion tonnes of batteries is also required to provide a four-week back-up for intermittent wind and solar electricity power.

Of course, this is simply not available from global mineral reserves, but, states Michaux, it is not clear how the buffer could be delivered with an alternative system. Michaux sounds a clear warning message. Current expectations are that global industrial businesses will replace a complex industrial energy ecosystem that took more than a century to build. It was built with the support of the highest calorifically dense source of energy the world has ever known (oil), in cheap abundant quantities, with easily available credit and seemingly unlimited mineral resources. The replacement, he notes, needs to be done when there is comparatively very expensive energy, a fragile finance system saturated in debt and not enough minerals.

Most challenging of all, it has to be done within a few decades. Based on his copious calculations, the author is of the opinion that it will not go fully “as planned”. Last Sunday, Sir David Attenborough concluded six episodes of pseudoscientific green agitprop Frozen Planet II by demanding that the world embrace Net Zero, “no matter how challenging it may be”. Net Zero is a political command-and-control project, the full horror of which is yet to be inflicted on the general population. Michaux is quite clear what it entails: “What may be required, therefore, is a significant reduction of societal demand for all resources, of all kinds. This implies a very different social contract and a radically different system of governance to what is in place today.”

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Make that the entire German car industry. Who’s buying cars?

Electric Cars In Germany May Fall Victim To Energy Crisis – Spiegel (RT)

The current energy crisis in Europe could put the brakes on electric mobility in Germany and make e-vehicles unattractive to potential customers, Der Spiegel reported on Friday. With electricity getting ever more expensive, charging an e-vehicle is sometimes pricier than filling up a petrol or diesel vehicle, the newspaper writes. The combustion engine is more than €30 cheaper per month on average with a mileage of 15,000 kilometers, the publications writes. By the end of next year, an e-car should “clearly be at a disadvantage,” Der Spiegel quotes Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer from the Center for Automotive Research as saying.

The state bonuses for buying electric vehicles were also reduced by 25%. With an almost a year-long wait for an ordered electric car to arrive, the buyer will get a smaller bonus than they were expecting, the outlet writes, adding that there’s no longer any state subsidy for hybrid cars. In the current climate, consumers may have little desire to buy a new car. The situation was described as a “toxic mixture of energy crisis and inflation” by Sabine Jaskula from ZF, Germany’s second largest car systems supplier. Electric car production will collapse in Europe next year, she predicts, as only 11 million cars could roll off the assembly line across the industry instead of the planned 18 million.

Another ZF representative described the EU plans to stop selling petrol and diesel cars by 2035 as “illusory.” There’s also a shortage of public charging stations across Germany, according to Der Spiegel. In some metropolitan areas, a single station has to be shared between as many as 60 vehicles, and a large-scale station refurbishment is needed to provide enough charging spaces for everyone. According to veteran battery car dealer Wolf Warncke, “There is a risk that prospective buyers will turn their backs on e-mobility.”

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Brook Jackson. “Staff who conducted quality control checks were overwhelmed by the volume of problems they were finding.”

A Judge is About to Rule on Pfizergate Case (BN)

The last shred of hope for holding Big Pharma accountable for fraud now rests on a lawsuit against vaccine manufacturer Pfizer. In an update provided to Becker News, a judge is soon expected to issue his ruling on whether or not the ‘Pfizergate’ fraud case proceeds to trial. “The judge is deciding, as I type, whether we go to discovery or the case is dismissed,” Pfizer whistleblower Brook Jackson tells Becker News. After the CDC this week voted to add the Covid shots to its Childhood Vaccines Schedule, under the PREP Act, it has effectively been granted legal immunity to lawsuits. There is no legal immunity if Pfizer committed fraud, however. In September, Pfizer whistleblower Brook Jackson came forward with her explosive report about the company’s alleged malfeasance, citing ‘falsified data’ and manipulated clinical trials.

In January, she filed a lawsuit against Pfizer for committing fraud against the American people. In February, the judge ruled that the lawsuit, being led by attorney Robert Barnes, can proceed to pre-trial discovery phase. It is now on the verge of potentially going to trial. Brook Jackson is a former clinical trial auditor who was fired after raising her concerns. She first came forward with inside information and documented evidence about Pfizer’s operations in a BMJ investigation conducted by Paul Thacker. The report raises serious red flags that the FDA and Pfizer engaged in massive fraud to justify vaccine mandates. “A regional director who was employed at the research organisation Ventavia Research Group has told The BMJ that the company falsified data, unblinded patients, employed inadequately trained vaccinators, and was slow to follow up on adverse events reported in Pfizer’s pivotal phase III trial,” the BMJ reported. “Staff who conducted quality control checks were overwhelmed by the volume of problems they were finding.

After repeatedly notifying Ventavia of these problems, the regional director, Brook Jackson, emailed a complaint to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Ventavia fired her later the same day. Jackson has provided The BMJ with dozens of internal company documents, photos, audio recordings, and emails.” “Jackson has told The BMJ that, during the two weeks she was employed at Ventavia in September 2020, she repeatedly informed her superiors of poor laboratory management, patient safety concerns, and data integrity issues,” the report added. “Jackson was a trained clinical trial auditor who previously held a director of operations position and came to Ventavia with more than 15 years’ experience in clinical research coordination and management.” The U.S. government has moved to dismiss the case, which cites the False Claims Act.

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His entire calendar, minus redactions.

Fauci’s Calendar: What Was He Doing in the Months Before the Pandemic? (CHD)

On Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020, at 9 a.m., Dr. Anthony Fauci joined staff at the National Security Council (NSC) — the President’s national security and foreign policy advisory shop — for a meeting in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building about the novel coronavirus. Fauci would continue to have meetings in classified settings throughout the month. Fauci’s calendar entries included NSC meetings, White House Situation Room meetings and meetings in other classified settings, as COVID-19 was breaking in China. (To our knowledge, the existence of these meetings before Jan. 28, 2020, was not previously disclosed.) On Friday, Jan. 24, four days after China admitted human-to-human transmission of the virus, Fauci started attending a small group COVID-19 discussion that first took place in “Anthony’s Office” in a building next to the White House.

Anthony, in this case, appears to be an NSC employee and an expert in biodefense and China. Flashing back to December 2019, when patients in Wuhan were showing up at hospitals with unidentified pneumonia cases, Fauci attended the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation — National Institutes of Health (NIH) dinner and workshops on Dec. 19 and 20 — the sixth annual event for NIH staff and Gates Foundation executives. On the morning of Dec. 19, billionaire Bill Gates tweeted out his own hopes for the coming year and his now prescient prediction: “one of the best buys in global health: vaccines.” Today, we only know about these meetings, because our organization at OpenTheBooks.com, in partnership with the public-interest law firm Judicial Watch, sued the NIH in federal court.

NIH had refused to even acknowledge our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. So, for the first time, here is our exclusive release of Fauci’s official calendar. For a government bureaucrat, this sure was one tightly held calendar. The refusal by NIH to follow open records law was a strategy to delay transparency: NIH forced us into expensive taxpayer-paid litigation to slow-walk 156 pages of semi-redacted calendar production. Fauci’s calendar has 933 events during this five-month period — including 224 media interviews and 84 redacted events (only significant redactions that prevented analysis and understanding were counted, for example, phone number redactions were not included). It’s a document that NIH and Fauci didn’t want you to see … Why? What did Fauci know? And when did he know it?

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“..Tony made written response to questions to which he was required to provide verified answers under penalty of perjury but failed to sign them. They were instead signed by an underling.”

Fauci (et al) Fraud Finale? (El Gato)

The lawsuit Missouri et al vs about the whole of US public health is progressing in its exploration of the explicit and deliberate role of the us government and many of its agents including Fauci, Murthy, Biden, and Jankowicz (amidst a cast of dozens and several agencies) in the systematic shaping, suppression, and censorship of information regarding covid. As those quaint few who still believe in things like “the 1st amendment” may recall, this is a bit of a constitutional no no. The government is not allowed to dominate the press. This is a matter of sound and settled law. 2. A private entity violates the First Amendment “if the government coerces or induces it to take action the government itself would not be permitted to do, such as censor expression of a lawful viewpoint.” Biden v. Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia Univ., 141 S. Ct. 1220, 1226 (2021) (Thomas, J., concurring). “The government cannot accomplish through threats of adverse government action what the Constitution prohibits it from doing directly.” Id.

These practice date back to well before covid and appear to have been a widespread program by which one political party stifled the views of the other, enhancing left leaning messaging and suppressing the right. It’s been part and parcel of a behavioral package dating back to at least the beginnings of the obama administration, the politicized weaponization of the IRS, the FBI, and who knows how much media right up through such hit singles’ as “the Hunter Laptop is misinformation but the Steele Dossier is real” and “questioning the 2016 election is patriotism but questioning 2020 is insurrection.” The fun part of this is perfectly encapsulated by this quote: “Missouri AG Eric Schmitt: “No one has had the chance to look under the hood before – now we do.”

But a funny thing happened on the way to discovery: Most of the subjects of the investigation have been steadfastly refusing to testify (a crime for which Bannon just got jail). The refusals, prevarications, and slights of hand have been wild. It’s been the entire teflon tony playbook. But it looks like the courts have has just about enough of this slippery behavior. in an exemplary act of evasiveness, Tony made written response to questions to which he was required to provide verified answers under penalty of perjury but failed to sign them. They were instead signed by an underling. This astonishing action serves as its own indictment and fits neatly into a longstanding pattern of lying to Congress and to the American people and it appears that judge doughty (huge win for nominative determinism on that one) is declaring an and to the shenanigans.Folks are going to get deposed under oath, penalty of perjury, and under threat of contempt.

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As well as Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, Mask Mandates. What justification is left by now?

EU Sets Out Commitment to “Legally Binding” Global Pandemic Treaty (DS)

The document emphatically reinforces the EU’s commitment to a new “legally binding” pandemic treaty with a “reinforced WHO at its centre” and commits over half a billion euros (equivalently, dollars and pounds) to making it happen.

“Lastly, the EU believes it is vitally important to build on the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and to strengthen the global health architecture – with a reinforced WHO at its centre. The EU is determined to be a driving force in the negotiations on a new, legally binding, international agreement on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response and on targeted amendments to strengthen the International Health Regulations 2005. These complementary processes are a priority for the EU and provide a historic opportunity to find multilateral solutions to common challenges, based on the principles of collective solidarity, equity, fairness, inclusiveness and enhanced transparency. Moreover, the new Financial Intermediary Fund (FIF) for Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response, to which Team Europe has already pledged at least €588 million, will provide funding to support pandemic prevention, preparedness and response, including the implementation of the amended International Health Regulations and the new international agreement on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response.”

The document also trails a forthcoming “EU global health strategy” which “will provide the political framework with priorities, governance and tools, enabling the EU to speak with one influential voice and making the most of Team Europe’s capacity to protect and promote health globally”. This is a very disturbing document. For those of us who still hold to the evidence-based pandemic strategies of pre-2020, premised only on mitigating impacts by expanding emergency healthcare capacity and finding safe and effective treatments, and not imposing intrusive, harmful and unproven methods of trying to prevent the spread of a disease that is anyway harmless to most people, this bodes ill indeed for the current direction of travel in Europe and globally.

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“The proton is a quantum mechanical object that exists as a haze of probabilities..”

Inside the Proton, the ‘Most Complicated Thing You Could Possibly Imagine’ (QM)

More than a century after Ernest Rutherford discovered the positively charged particle at the heart of every atom, physicists are still struggling to fully understand the proton. High school physics teachers describe them as featureless balls with one unit each of positive electric charge — the perfect foils for the negatively charged electrons that buzz around them. College students learn that the ball is actually a bundle of three elementary particles called quarks. But decades of research have revealed a deeper truth, one that’s too bizarre to fully capture with words or images. “This is the most complicated thing that you could possibly imagine,” said Mike Williams, a physicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “In fact, you can’t even imagine how complicated it is.”

The proton is a quantum mechanical object that exists as a haze of probabilities until an experiment forces it to take a concrete form. And its forms differ drastically depending on how researchers set up their experiment. Connecting the particle’s many faces has been the work of generations. “We’re kind of just starting to understand this system in a complete way,” said Richard Milner, a nuclear physicist at MIT. As the pursuit continues, the proton’s secrets keep tumbling out. Most recently, a monumental data analysis published in August found that the proton contains traces of particles called charm quarks that are heavier than the proton itself.

The proton “has been humbling to humans,” Williams said. “Every time you think you kind of have a handle on it, it throws you some curveballs.” Recently, Milner, together with Rolf Ent at Jefferson Lab, MIT filmmakers Chris Boebel and Joe McMaster, and animator James LaPlante, set out to transform a set of arcane plots that compile the results of hundreds of experiments into a series of animations of the shape-shifting proton. We’ve incorporated their animations into our own attempt to unveil its secrets.

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Dog dewormer





Centripetal force










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    Fed Gov. Chris Waller’s house drive-by: oh man, is that ever the weirdest exhibition ever. Why? What on earth is the point of it? Why, oh why, must people worship deathand the symbols of death?

    Saddest thing is that Halloween has finally seeped into Australia after centuries of being gloriously absent. (So has St Valentine’s Day.) It’s not just another American import; it’s hugely popular in Italy among other places. Trick or treat is not at all a good or fun thing for kiddies to do: it gives them a grounding in extortion, threats and menaces.

    No wonder so much of the planet is in dire straits, with ceremonies like this as part of the glorious cultural background and training.


    @Ezlxa nothing infuriates me more than Halloween in the southern hemisphere. Not only is it a recently imported crassly consumerist joke, but the holiday itself makes no sense here. It is not autumn, it is not getting dark and scary, pumpkins are certainly not in season (and have to be imported). If it was in April/May and actually made some attempt to be connected to anything remotely culturally significant maybe it could fly, but for God’s sake it is just another embarrassing footnote in the history of an embarrassing country.

    Dr. D

    “Justin Trudeau Uses “Administrative Action” to Ban All Handgun Sales in Canada”

    Er…why? We were told it was because of all those thousands and thousands of gun deaths (actually suicides) and crime (actually illegal guns). Is Canada having shootouts in Moosehead and doing drivebys in Mississauga? No? They have brisk sales in handguns? No? So why take them unless you’re really, REALLY planning on going ape-s—t annoying like Ardern has? Starting open concentration camps like Oz?

    “Sandy Hook Families Seek $2.75 Trillion in Damages from Alex Jones”

    This is hilarious, Bill Hicks couldn’t have scripted it better. It’s this sort of complete, irrational, uncaring, unenforcable, unactionable, signal-only nonsense that makes nations collapse. Sort of like when they dug up the Pope and put his corpse on trial. Or when Caligula made his horse a senator.

    Carry on: I wouldn’t change a thing. Why not? They lay similar judgments on the rest of us and claim lifelong slavery isn’t debtor’s prison. Boo-hooing civil rights of a slavery ended 200 years ago, while today’s prisoners, judicial wards, and Nike sweatshops are all-good! Can’t support them and their modern slavery enough! That should really go over with the masses about as well as steak and ketchup.

    “The Middle Class Is Dying! 50% of All American Workers Made Less than $3,133 a Month Last Year”

    As the discussion on minimum wage and inflation. So…how did these 70M people live if they only made $3k? The underground economy is not that big.

    Assange: so why hasn’t Biden released Julian yet? I thought they were worried about threats to Democracy? For that matter, the case was set months ago: why hasn’t BRITAIN released him? for transport? Like the German gold in NY, the logistics of renting a small plane too much for them?

    “The US Army 101st Airborne Division would not” …Go AWOL and be court martialed and put in prison. Well I would think not! But that’s a pretty low bar to set. Newsflash: soldiers offer to go to war! News at 11!

    “Jens Stoltenberg announced that the US-led bloc would significantly increase the number of its forces on high alert from 40,000 to over 300,000.”

    …Then didn’t move a man or plane. No food was supplied, no extra bullets made. No extra integrated maneuvers were practiced. No tanks were shipped. They did put new drum brakes on our 70-year old planes and fed them some oats though. You never can tell.

    “NATO has repeatedly stated that it is not a party to the conflict …Ukraine has received substantial military aid from NATO countries,”

    Intelligence test. Everybody failed.

    How many men are in the entire 101st? Maybe 15,000. That’s 15 days’ shooting. What does the Russian army call the 101st, 0 miles from their own supply chain? A speed bump.

    Now this isn’t entirely true. It actually far worse than that: if 101st enters the war against Russia, Russia will battlefield nuke them…and everybody else…and kill all 15,000, plus 200,000 more in about 10 minutes.

    …But they will ALSO nuke NY, DC, Arlington, Maine, NOLA, Hawaii, SanDiego, San Francisco, Seattle, and both Portlands. So losing all 15k men from KY will be the least of our problems.

    …Maybe you’d like to NOT do this thing now?

    US-Led Force Might Intervene in Ukraine Conflict – Petraeus (RT) “

    And they might shoot if the aliens invade, but we’re not sure. Since he got bounced out of the military in record time, an act unseen by any other traitor or fiend they’ve ever protected, even General-shaped object Milley, what make you think he speaks for anyone? Sounds like if he tells them to start WWIII, they might bounce Petraeus out of the news too.

    But every discredited, murder-for-hire, pretend general — now defense shill gets limitless time in the non-news. So we think they actually represent and speak for the actual soldiers serving there.

    “The military alliance would still likely be bound by its treaty and would only join the conflict if Article 5 is invoked, i.e. if one of its members is attacked, the general believes.”

    So…he’s still pretending if Tallinn is attacked, we will trade all the states above for it? And Britain will trade London, and France will offer Paris?

    So if this war breaks out, Turkey will go ahead and invade Russia? And not change sides? On behalf of Brussels, who has no army of their own, but expects to use and kill all of Turkey’s, after meddling and belittling them for decades?

    No dum-dum: If anyone invokes Article 5, half the states will refuse. A few of the states will resign. Yes, a bunch would stay, etc, but if that’s the case it’s no different than if there were NO NATO AT ALL. Each country would pick their own side according to their position and disregard any previous NATO signatures. Because: war, duh. Whataya gonna do, sue me?

    AGREEMENTS MEAN NOTHING. These are politicians we’re talking about, they break their word every day, or twice a day if they can manage it. “The law is in my mouth”. I get up and INVENT the law according to what cheese I ate the day before. 15 Days to stop the spread, masks and social distancing, mandatory experimental injections, all without a fig of law. They had maskless dinners WITH the AMA, and flew to Florida and palatial Thanksgiving gatherings on the sea.

    There is no law. They are not-agreement-capable. Therefore there is no NATO. …I mean, BESIDES that NATO has no men, no money, and no arms. That should speak for itself.

    So when thoroughly-disgraced Petraeus says something, I listen to him about as much as Sponge Bob Square Pants.

    “The Hungarian Foreign Ministry has rejected EU calls for Russia to be defeated in Ukraine,”

    They’ve already gone far further, claiming they will be marching into Moscow and taking the whole nation. I don’t think that can be walked back. But why bother? The West will collapse on itself, all Russia and China have to do is endure. There’s not a minute the U.S. and London aren’t shooting themselves in the face, and Europe with Germany is setting off Claymores, “Front toward self.”


    Russia Urges UN to Prevent Ukraine’s ‘Terrible Provocation’ (RT)”

    So…as if I need to repeat this…Russia annexed all of Kherson then are blowing up THEIR OWN dam, in order to flood and ruin a few billion dollars of THEIR OWN CITY and Oblast. Why not? Makes about as much sense as anything else. California sets their own cities on fire every year and delays maintenance on their own dam to flood downstream Sacramento to 6’ deep, so same thing I guess.

    But of course in Russian fashion, they need to station their base on top of the dam they are shelling first.

    These tactics are so successful, we MUST give Ukraine $50B in Taxpayer dollars and free healthcare in the middle of a U.S. Depression where even our soldiers are on food stamps. Go on…tell me all about honesty in the media and how you’re fighting disinformation and defending democracy.

    “the world should tell the Russians: “If you strike Bankova Street [the Ukrainian President’s Office], there will be a strike at where you are.”

    “They should tell them this” because Ukraine is not in NATO, and they are a bankrupt nobody. Really? And Russia would believe them if they did? We’re going to trade Kherson for Honolulu? ORlly.

    “ Net Zero Bombshell: The World Does Not Have Enough Lithium and Cobalt (DS)”

    The world also has zero electricity. As we just discovered, less than zero. But having failed at everything else, the Green WEF, with the Three Stooges UK, failed to be able to CHANGE A METER. Yup, no “Smart Meters” in UK, because THEY DON’T WORK. But that’s reality: we ignore that! They release the “We’re shutting off your clothes dryer” ads even though they don’t have the meters to shut them off, don’t have the “smart devices” to make them, and don’t have any idea if you’re running it.

    …Just like we said. Hey WHYYYYY would they need to know, would anyone need to call their clothes dryer on their smart phone? …Unless they planned to nuke it from orbit for you, shut off your power, and ruin your clothes by leaving them wet in the middle of winter? Wow! What’s the catch? My baby will love wearing wet and cold clothes! Wrap him up good in that and some saran wrap.

    Dumb. Then Dumb^2. Then Dumb^3. Or maybe Dumb^16 for 256 dumbs.

    Don’t worry, Lithium is the LEAST of our dumb-de-dumb-dumbs right now. …And we still can’t and don’t recycle it. After it is released to the air. During any normal flood like Ian.

    “The last shred of hope for holding Big Pharma accountable for fraud now rests on a lawsuit against vaccine manufacturer Pfizer.”

    You’re kidding, right? We can try them any time, for any reason. Just like we can still bring Bush and Rumsfeld up for war crimes. Why are you protecting them and taking their side? Do you work for Pfizer, or do you not know the law? Hey, what’s the statue of limitations on murder?

    “Tony made written response to questions to which he was required to provide verified answers under penalty of perjury but failed to sign them.”

    Is that not defying a Congressional subpoena? And we just decided yesterday you get 6 months in jail for that, right?

    “his astonishing action serves as its own indictment”

    For contempt. He has contempt for the entire government, and all the American people. And why not? They never do anything. He killed 500,000 gay men and they promoted him. Stunning and Brave.

    “Inside the Proton, the ‘Most Complicated Thing You Could Possibly Imagine’ (QM)”

    Because, Science: they have no idea what they’re talking about. They say the “tiny rocks” theory of materialism isn’t true: “Protons” exist in a “haze” that doesn’t exist at all because it doesn’t even HAVE a form, you just said. Yet continue with Scientific materialism as if they didn’t JUST say that the sentence before. More to the point, we can be sure their “tiny rocks” materialism doesn’t work and is false because they haven’t moved forward on this theory in 100 years. Too soon? Maybe we could just try a little more, for another 100?

    …Science: resistant to all and any data. Even the more obvious, well-proven, century-substantiated ones. And they wonder why no one believes them or takes them seriously.

    So this “thing” that has no form, also has a form, and is a thing. Because “things” that have no form are really “things”. So when I look it up in the “Thing” dictionary, what’s there? A white line? Blank space?

    STOP THINKING ABOUT “THINGS”. There is no “thing”. It’s consciousness. Energy. I swear we are all going to die shortly with how stupid Science is and the brainless religion of priests and faith that’s grown up around it.


    Apparently, the vaccine-killed know something about the Fed we don’t know.


    The level of stupid has become worse from Covid. I’m blaming masking. People are next level idiocracy right now. I’m actually back building and working, growing, planting etc as I can’t justify staring at the shit show. People just dumb and don’t care.


    This article describes an encounter between servomechanism innovator, digital computing pioneer and creator of system dynamics, Jay Forrester, and Isaac Asimov, renowned author of science fiction (including “The Foundation Trilogy” and its fictional discipline of psychohistory) and works of popular science. Their lengthy exchange took place at a workshop in 1975 and four descriptions of it are extant. What emerges in passing is a possible link between Asimov’s thinking and Forrester’s work on “World Dynamics”. Most notable, however, is that the encounter saw the two exchanging ideas on how to think about the future, how to bring about a desirable future, and quite what that desirable future should look like. The two had fundamental differences on key points. The paper explores the unusual interaction, drawing out the points of disagreement and agreement in the views of the two and how they applied these to thinking about the future. © 2022 The Authors. System Dynamics Review published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd on behalf of System Dynamics Society.


    Michael Reid


    I post articles from Doug Casey’s International Man website because I feel they provide insight.

    Other than the article I figure you all would ignore whatever is trying to be sold on that site.

    The only use that I have seen for gold was on the pads of printed circuit boards.

    Everyone has their own strategy for survival and money in the bank is not one of mine. I like equipment, tools, stores and infrastructure items.

    The Ed Dowd video video linked by Germ yesterday articulated clearly some of what is going on. It was a little slow at the start but put things together.

    The central banks and politicians have bankrupted the world with regulatory, corporate, government and central bank fraud.

    The clot shot kills and maims.

    The west is collapsing.



    • Inside the Proton, the ‘Most Complicated Thing You Could Possibly Imagine’

    CHANGED to:

    Inside the Blood Drinking Satanist Cabal ruling the World, the ‘Most Complicated Thing You Could Possibly Imagine’

    The Collective West is a Gordian knot of lieslieslies and more lies…..

    The Satanist, as Putin refers to them, have a brain rot caused in part by years of incest and inbreeding.

    They are a perverted life form, certainly not human, but not quite mammals, not quite reptiles, not quite invertebrates, not quite insects, not quite slim mold, but a depraved ungodly amalgamation of the worst of all the other life forms.

    An abomination on the face of the earth.

    The famous mafia goon Al Capone died in jail from third stage syphilis eating his brain at 33. Sweet

    The Collective West Satanist should have such a Fate.

    However the Clotshot the Satanist unleashed on the world actually has components that seems the same as Prions, as in Mad Cow Disease.

    Their joke on Humanity is to make it go as mad as themselves.

    Life is full of surprises.

    Religion won’t save you.


    Mister Roboto


    It’s a war of change/distraction/diminishing resources.
    Weapons, …. covid, drugs, food, energy, education, mind control, politics, inflation, mercenaries
    Seeking peace

    Rembrandt van Rijn Landscape With the Rest on the Flight into Egypt 1647

    Hope – Leaving bad, going to better
    Suck it up
    While you were distracted – THE NATO WAR STARTED

    Russia keeps shooting itself in the foot. (nuclear power plant, LNG supply line, crimean bridge, hydro dam,)
    Ukraine has invaded and infiltrated the EU and NATO without a gun or firing a shot.
    (Using refugee women, children under 18 yrs, seniors over 60 yrs)
    The western alliance has cut off its nose by refusing to trade everything from Russia and enforcing resource shortage.
    Re-evaluation of our social/economic system called democracy, freedom, capitalism

    “lifelong slavery isn’t debtor’s prison”
    Lots of room for energy
    Further reading
    For equal spheres in three dimensions, the densest packing uses approximately 74% of the volume.







    @Dr. D

    The Middle Class Is Dying! 50% of All American Workers Made Less than $3,133 a Month Last Year”

    As the discussion on minimum wage and inflation. So…how did these 70M people live if they only made $3k? The underground economy is not that big.

    Fog a mirror and get a credit card with a $12,000 limit? Max it out? Get another one? All at 28% interest?

    The fuse is lit.


    War update – Winners/losers

    23 Oct, 2022 08:03
    HomeRussia & FSU
    Ukraine issues pensions warning to EU
    Kiev claims payments are in danger unless Brussels provides help
    Ukraine issues pensions warning to EU
    Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmigal at an event in Brussels, Belgium, September 2022. © John Thys / AFP
    Ukraine may not have the money to pay wages and pensions unless the European Union speeds up its financial aid, the country’s prime minister has warned. He said Brussels should act quickly to transfer all of the €9 billion ($8.8 billion) that was pledged to Kiev in May.

    “The most important thing for us is that it comes as soon as possible,” Denis Shmigal told German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Saturday. “We need it so that our financial system can survive. Whether it will come in the form of a loan or a grant is less important.”

    Shmigal warned that “in an extremely negative scenario,” Ukraine could end up “not paying wages and not paying pensions.”

    The premie minister accused Russia of attempting to create “a humanitarian catastrophe” in Ukraine that could “trigger a new migration tsunami.” He called for the seizure of Russian assets that were frozen after Moscow launched its military operation in February, so the funds can be used for Ukraine’s recovery.

    Putin threat reports are false – Scholz
    Read more Putin threat reports are false – Scholz
    The damage from eight months of warfare amounts to “more than $750 billion,” the official claimed.

    He said Ukraine will need more than 10,000 mobile power generators and warming centers during the winter. Alexander Kharchenko, an adviser to Ukraine’s energy minister, said this week that around 40% of the country’s energy infrastructure sites have been “seriously damaged” by recent waves of Russian strikes.

    Kiev began receiving German IRIS-T air defense missile systems this month. However, the country now urgently needs more ammunition and anti-drone jammers in order to counter aerial attacks, Shmigal said.

    Russia has stepped up its missile and kamikaze drone attacks on Kiev and other major Ukrainian cities this month, repeatedly hitting thermal power plants and power lines, among other targets. President Vladimir Putin said the intensification of the strikes was a retaliation against “terrorist attacks” on Russian soil, including a truck bombing that damaged a strategic bridge, connecting the Crimean Peninsula with Russia proper.

    Sweet Kenny

    The Democrats will be getting desperate, we could have war within weeks as a Hail Mary – nothing left to lose.


    While you are distracted
    The mercenaries are blackmailing the stupid EU leaders with invasion of migration.
    Give us €9 billion or else.
    Meanwhile, Europeans are skipping meals to pay for utilities.


    On energy, some articles at top post. France.

    Macron’s Twitter statement about F going all electric.

    Une Union européenne comme continent tout électrique, le plus vite possible, c’est la réponse la plus pertinente pour tenir nos objectifs climatiques, réussir notre réindustrialisation et renforcer notre souveraineté européenne.

    Quick trans: — EU as an all-electric continent .. is the best reponse to attain climate change objectives, succeed in re-industrialsing, and reinforce European sovereignity. —

    The gvmt. Ordnance on mandating electric black-outs in France was published on Sept. 22, 2022. It details the principles, the times (middle of the day) and more that E cos. will have to respect / comply with…in F. (1)


    The MSM reported not one word about it.

    Note in F there is a Ministery of the Energetic Transition (lit trans, everyone will know what that means), wiki in eng.


    So F is set to go all electric, and to cut electricity, even to households.

    1. Note such orders are perhaps over-reaching, as there are physical constraints (how to manage the grid), as well as legislative and financial ones (the electric industry has been liberalised, is no longer the property of the F state, though that might be reversed.)


    to continue, EU ‘leaders’ have lost the plot and haven’t a clue about what to do. E.g. now ex-EU GB is descending into chaos.

    Armenio Pereira

    The inevitable is hassle-free, in spite of our prejudices.

    The art of living may well be learning how to seamlessly integrate with the unavoidable.

    Adapt or die?
    Adapt, and then die.

    The (paradoxical) art of living: how to effectively occupy one’s waking hours doing a bunch of poorly thought-out things.

    Armenio Pereira

    “Religion won’t save you.”

    Nothing to be saved, ’cause we aren’t really lost, only oblivious of what life’s all about (to kill, until one gets killed; otherwise, how would you feed yourself and your loved ones? If you are a vegetarian of some sort, please remember that plants are living entities, and that trees don’t bear fruit all year ’round, and not in quantities enough to feed large groups – after all, paradise was intended for Adam and Eve, not for Adam, Eve and an extensive cohort of descendants.)

    Religion will – eventually – give you peace of mind.
    That’s enough.


    RE: batteries and rare minerals for said

    We have some nice low-tech battery designs that haven’t been pressed very far at all. I suspect if the US Patent Office wasn’t a dysfunctional troll headquarters, we might have the freedom to investigate some of these other avenues.

    Compressed -air storage

    Courtright-Wishon water system is a battery.

    RE: proton

    One of the fundamental ‘particles’ observable around us, and knowledge of which is required to perform some basic chemistry, is still a mystery box object. <sarc>Sure…I fully trust Bill Gates to rewrite my DNA, which has been bequeathed to me by a direct line of natural replication since the dawn of organic molecules on this planet.</sarc>


    Today’s Rembrandt van Rijn selection is beautiful.

    The lighted “portals” are a source of great possibility. Consciousness is all around us, is us.

    As above so below………

    LOVE to All.

    Maxwell Quest

    “Inside the Proton, the ‘Most Complicated Thing You Could Possibly Imagine’ (QM)”

    For those who want to know more about the structure of matter, as it was explored back in 1908 using equipment that is light years ahead of the latest scientific equipment known today, I would recommend a small book called Occult Chemistry written by Annie Besant & C.W. Leadbeater.

    In the textual extract below, the “physical atom” referred to is not what we commonly refer to in the periodic table, but the smallest component of which they are all built.

    If this is your first introduction to this kind of material, it will come as a shock to the ego, and you will be tempted to dismiss it out-of-hand. For the few whose bravery and curiosity urge them forward, a whole new world will open up.

    A snippet from the book’s Appendix:

    Therefore, one physical atom is not composed of forty-nine astral or 2401 mental atoms, but corresponds to them, in the sense that the force which manifests through it would show itself on those higher planes by energizing respectively those numbers of atoms. The dots, or beads, seem to be the constituents of all matter of which we, at present, know anything; astral, mental and buddhic atoms are built of them, so we may fairly regard them as fundamental units, the basis of matter.

    These units are all alike, spherical and absolutely simple in construction. Though they are the basis of all matter, they are not themselves matter; they are not blocks but bubbles. They do not resemble bubbles floating in the air, which consist of a thin film of water separating the air within them from the air outside, so that the film has both an outer and an inner surface. Their analogy is rather with the bubbles that we see rising in water, before they reach the surface, bubbles which may be said to have only one surface — that of the water which is pushed back by the contained air. Just as such bubbles are not water, but are precisely the spots from which water is absent, so these units are not koilon, but the absence of koilon — the only spots where it is not — specks of nothingness floating in it, so to speak, for the interior of these space-bubbles is an absolute void to the highest power of vision that we can turn upon them.

    That is the startling, well-nigh incredible, fact. Matter is nothingness, the space obtained by pressing back an infinitely dense substance; Fohat “digs holes in space” of a verity, and the holes are the airy nothingnesses, the bubbles, of which “solid” universes are built.


    Screaming Beagles have been deployed? Fauci’s tortured zombie dog army defends Ukraine bio lab sites?

    Must me a typo, word on the street is the woke rainbow gender fluid Creaming Eagles are gearing up for duty, “pounding” wood with their Romanian bros… Was it Bruce Lee that said “boards don’t hit back”?
    Yep, the cream of Amuricas Elite tranny war machine will turn the tide… right Choo Choo ?

    Joe “shower with daddy” Biden wonders who his Daddy is? Who’s your daddy pedophile Joe? Does Jill and the kids all call you Daddy on demand ? Govern me harder Daddy !

    Will the vaxxed Sheep ever turn on their vax masters? Wolensky, 5x jabbed, one month after her last jab gets covid, again. Most of them don’t even know they’ve been brainwashed into the cvd cult. Unknown knowns as Rumsfeld proclaimed-

    Donald Rumsfeld, Gilead & Bird Flu
    April 28, 2006

    The bird flu scare will put the entire media spectacle
    in a different light. It is, in many ways, a microcosm
    of the lies and manipulations, ranging from mundane
    drives such as greed to the deepest of plans by the
    powers that be to eliminate large portions of the
    world’s people.

    What are the odds that the number two man in the Bush
    Reich would be making profits from Iraq while the
    number three man would stand to do the same through
    bird flu?

    Flu vaccine gets made each year from the strains of
    the previous year’s flu that researchers guess will be
    the closest to flu of the on-coming season.

    That may be one reason why there are high infection rates
    among those who get the vaccine.
    Another reason could be that the vaccine itself lowers
    the body’s natural immunity system.

    The ineffectiveness of vaccines does not, of course,
    prevent their manufacturers, with the complicity of
    their friends in government and the media, from
    selling millions, if not billions, of dollars of them.

    The climate of fear works to create a demand in the
    fear-stricken population. It then becomes popular for
    a politician to demand stockpiles, which is what Bush
    did in November 2005, and is what the World Health
    Organization is demanding world-wide.

    Clearly, biological warfare is the arm of the future.
    It is deadly, can be used to pinpoint specific
    populations, and can be blamed on nature.
    What more could a psychopath want?

    April 28, 2006

    Same theme, same peddlers

    Michael Reid

    Thank you Maxwell Quest.
    I have not read it yet but I am always seeking additional knowledge, It sounds interesting. Ivermectin fixed up my work horse.

    Michael Reid

    @ Susmarie108:

    The Shiva song sounded regenerative. I wish I understood the language

    John Day

    “Cooperative Ecosystems” post is up, gotta’ go mow some more before it rins

    Gail Tverberg, Why financial approaches won’t fix the world’s economic problems this time [There is a lot of focus upon energy-poor Europe.]
    ​ ​The issue is a physics problem. The economy doesn’t run simply on money and debt. It operates on resources of many kinds, including energy-related resources. As the population grows, the need for energy-related resources grows. The bottleneck that occurs is something that is hard to see in advance; it is an affordability bottleneck.
    ​For a very long time, financial manipulations have been able to adjust affordability in a way that is optimal for most players. At some point, resources, especially energy resources, get stretched too thin, relative to the rising population and all the commitments that have been made, such as pension commitments. As a result, there is no way for the quantity of goods and services produced to grow sufficiently to match the promises that the financial system has made. This is the real bottleneck that the world economy reaches.​ [Eliminating a lot of claims on the economy would reduce the strain. You and I have some claims…]

    Why financial approaches won’t fix the world’s economic problems this time

    ​ ​“The Communist Party of China always implements its decisions.”​ [There is a hardening of policy, and power is concentrated in Xi Jinping alone.]
    ​ ​Accordingly, failure to resolve the Taiwan issue, for example, would be a failure of Party policy, which is unacceptable to the new political leadership. The soft period of Chinese diplomacy is over.
    ​ ​A public demonstration of the new course was the incident with former Party General Secretary Hu Jintao, who was forcibly escorted out of the hall just before the end of the event. The politician only looked around in confusion, but found no support from his colleagues.
    ​ ​Hu Jintao advocated maintaining good relations with the U.S., and was also an opponent of a military solution to the Taiwan issue. Such a former CPC Chairman’s escorting out of the hall is a clear demonstration of the renewed anti-Western foreign policy of Beijing, which, apparently, is ready for any measures, defending its sovereignty and the role of a superpower in the modern world.

    ​ Xi Jinping shows narcissistic and sociopathic traits. He has concentrated all power in his hands, and eliminated all non-allies from the Central Committee. He has also eliminated young rising stars from any proximity to power. This speaks to his interests being more personal than national, which makes the nation subject to degradation when any ill health befalls this 69 year old man. Xi-the-despot is in for the duration, unless he dies, but then what?​
    ​ ​When Xi’s recent predecessors were in charge, party congresses were occasions to elevate younger leaders for grooming as eventual successors. Xi himself took this path to the top.
    ​ ​But he has shunned the practice. In 2017, he did not anoint a successor, and again at this party congress Xi, 69, has left few clues about his plans for eventual succession. None of the new Politburo Standing Committee members are young enough to be considered true successors to Xi in five or 10 years’ time.
    ​ ​”Even a quick glance at the Politburo … obviously doesn’t seem to indicate a person who’s there to be a successor,” Saich said. “So it’s clear Xi intends to rule. He intends to rule as the key figure. And it pushes any question of succession off into an unpredictable future.​”​

    John Day

    ​ Meryl Nass MD explains how this life-impairing “adverse event” was buried in the footnotes of the report.​ She would have died if not treated emergently in the ICU.
    Moderna vaccine caused Type 1 diabetes in a 1 year old girl in their clinical trial–reported by Alex Berenson
    Anthrax vaccine also caused this side effect​ (Implies autoimmune dysfunction destroying the cells in the pancreas that make insulin.)

    ​ Polio Vaccines and the Origin of AIDS 1994​ (Never say “oops”!)
    ..It is now known that the early polio vaccines were contaminated with at least one monkey virus, SV40. The transfer of monkey viruses to man via contaminated vaccines is particularly relevant to the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), since the causative agent of AIDS, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), is thought to be derived from a simian precursor virus. Furthermore, human infection with this virus appears to be a relatively recent event. We hypothesize that the AIDS pandemic may have originated with a contaminated polio vaccine that was administered to inhabitants of Equatorial Africa from 1957 to 1959.

    ​ ​Dr. Aaby was one of the first scholars to study the non-specific effects of vaccines and he has become the world leader in the field. For over a century it was assumed that a vaccine only had an effect on the specific disease that was targeted. Dr. Aaby’s research shows that vaccines change the immune system in ways that are unexpected. There are positive non-specific effects when a particular vaccine changes the immune system in ways that also provide protective effects against other diseases and negative non-specific effects when a vaccine changes the immune system in ways that leave one more vulnerable to other diseases.
    ​ ​Dr. Aaby’s research in the late 1970s showed large positive effects from a measles vaccine. Children in Guinea-Bissau vaccinated against measles not only developed fewer cases of measles, they also died less frequently from other diseases as well. But in 1989, the W.H.O. introduced a new measles vaccine. ​ ​Dr. Aaby and his team discovered negative non-specific effects from this formulation — girls vaccinated with the new measles vaccine died at twice the rate as unvaccinated girls.​..Dr. Aaby was awarded the Novo Nordisk Prize in 2000 — the highest honor in Denmark for advances in medical science.
    ​ ​Over the last three decades, Dr. Aaby and his team have studied the non-specific effects of the other vaccines administered in Guinea-Bissau. His findings in connection with the DTP vaccine — the most widely administered vaccine in the world — are the most shocking. Across multiple studies, Dr. Aaby found that children vaccinated with DTP have 5 times higher (95% CI: 1.53-16.3) all-cause mortality than children who were not injected with DTP. He and his team also found sex effects — girls were more likely to die following DTP vaccination than boys.​..
    ..Dr. Aaby, Dr. Benn, and their team have shared their findings with the World Health Organization on multiple occasions. To date, the World Health Organization has done nothing. Indeed the W.H.O., under pressure from the Gates Foundation, uses DTP vaccination coverage rates to measure whether a country is meeting its vaccination goals (and is thus eligible for additional funding). Given that the DTP shot kills 5 times more kids than it saves, the W.H.O./Unicef vaccine program throughout the developing world is a crime against humanity that must be prosecuted by the international criminal court.
    ​Dr. Benn goes on to explain that their massive research project has shown that three live attenuated vaccines appear to offer more benefits than harms: oral polio, measles by itself (not MMR), and tuberculosis (called BCG)… these three live attenuated vaccines are NOT available in the U.S…
    ​..All of the other vaccines studied by BHP — adjuvanted, recombinant, and genetically engineered protein subunit vaccines — cause more harms than benefits.
    ​ ​So according to the best data set in the world, ALL of the vaccines on the U.S. schedule cause more harms than benefits.
    ​[Thanks for this, Bill. The question of Tetanus vaccine alone, without diphtheria and pertussis, arises. Tetanus deaths in the US fell steadily and fast until 1940, reaching a low level, presumably due to sanitation and shoes reducing soil-contaminated puncture wounds. In 1940 Tetanus toxoid vaccine was introduced, and cases and deaths fell more gradually into very low numbers. There is no neonatal Tetanus in the US, but it has been prominent in poor nations, related to poor sanitation and nutrition at birth. Tetanus kills. It’s hard to find a clear risk:benefit analysis for just Tetanus vaccine.]

    John Day

    ​ Professor Ugo Bardi: The Proud Holobionts: (Healthy gut bacteria are necessary for good immunity, mental health and clear cognition, for instance.)
    A holobiont (“whole being”) is an ensemble of creatures that live together in symbiosis — helping each other. All the living creatures of Earth are holobionts, and the ecosystem itself is a giant holobiont (that some call “Gaia”). You are a holobiont, we are all holobionts. And even things like companies, states, ideas, markets, and more, are holobionts The concept of holobiont gives us a paradigm on how to arrange our existence in harmony with all the creatures that surround and help us.

    Thanks Charles: Sublime reason: when Isaac Asimov met Jay Forrester
    ​ ​This article describes an encounter between servomechanism innovator, digital computing pioneer and creator of system dynamics, Jay Forrester, and Isaac Asimov, renowned author of science fiction (including “The Foundation Trilogy” and its fictional discipline of psychohistory) and works of popular science. Their lengthy exchange took place at a workshop in 1975 and four descriptions of it are extant. What emerges in passing is a possible link between Asimov’s thinking and Forrester’s work on “World Dynamics”. Most notable, however, is that the encounter saw the two exchanging ideas on how to think about the future, how to bring about a desirable future, and quite what that desirable future should look like. The two had fundamental differences on key points.

    Maxwell Quest

    “Ivermectin fixed up my work horse.”

    Thanks, Michael. I took my second dose this morning, along with a handful of other stuff on the FLCCC early outpatient protocol. Had a good night’s sleep. Feels like a cold now. Most of the aches are gone.

    As for Occult Chemistry… I’ve noticed that things like this tend to come into our lives at the proper time, when we are ready for the next step so to speak. If it arrives too early, when the foundation is not yet ready, then it flies past our awareness unseen. That’s ok, and is it should be.


    Word association.

    Whenever I see/hear Black Hawk I immediately add down. Black Hawk Down

    ‘Following the ousting of the central government in 1993 amid the civil war in Somalia, the United Nations Security Council authorizes a military operation with a peacekeeping mandate. After the bulk of the peacekeepers withdraw, the Mogadishu-based militia loyal to Mohamed Farrah Aidid declares war on the remaining UN personnel. In response, U.S. President Clinton deploys Task Force Ranger – consisting of 3rd Battalion/75th Ranger Regiment, Delta Force operators, and flight crew of the 160th SOAR – to Mogadishu to capture Aidid, who has proclaimed himself president.

    Blackburn is severely injured when he falls from one of the Black Hawk helicopters, so three Humvees led by Staff Sergeant Jeff Struecker are detached from the convoy to return Blackburn to the UN-held Mogadishu Airport. During the ensuing battle, Grimes was separated from the rest of Eversmann’s chalk after surviving a RPG explosion….Sergeant Dominick Pilla is shot and killed just as Struecker’s column departs, and shortly thereafter Black Hawk Super Six-One, piloted by Chief Warrant Officer Clifton “Elvis” Wolcott, is shot down by a rocket-propelled grenade.


    So, if a bunch of ‘insurgents’ with handheld weapons can bring down helicopters, just what do the Americans think they are going to achieve against smart drones and guided missiles?

    Oh, I forgot, “Russia is on its knees and close to running out of weapons.”


    Many of the Samskrt chants/mantras are regenerative if you are open to it.

    “I wish I understood the language”
    In the beginning, better NOT to know Samskrt (which is a sacred language). Let go, and go with it where you are.

    A few weeks back you advised upstateNY to choose what was in/on her mind. This would be an example of a wise choice. This selection (and so many others) will take you to places unknown and unexpected.

    Always remember, “What you seek is also seeking you.” Rumi

    LOVE to Baba Hanuman


    The scriptwriters have done a good job in propagandising the west.


    “The Middle Class Is Dying! 50% of All American Workers Made Less than $3,133 a Month Last Year”

    Not saying all is awesome with the average American worker, but you have to read these figures correctly.

    $3133/mo is the number for EACH WORKER. We know this because the data is coming from the Social Security Administration, which tallies this on a per-worker basis, not a per-household basis. Now consider that many workers live in two-income households—that is how they are getting by.

    The average rent for a single family home may be $2450/mo. But how about apartments? And again, very few people are living on the difference between $3133 and $2450–refer to the two-income household above. Also consider that many live not in single family homes, but in apartments, especially in the city. And a not inconsiderable number are not paying rent at all–they own their homes.

    TAE Summary

    Coalition of the Willing


    According to the Ukrainian president, the world should tell the Russians: “If you strike Bankova Street [the Ukrainian President’s Office], there will be a strike at where you are.” If Moscow does strike Kiev, there should be “a strike at the decision-making centers” in Russia the next “second,” regardless of the results of the Russian attack, he added.

    In some ways I want Zelensky to get his wish. If the NATO world agrees with Zelensky then Russia will know that there is no point in using tactical nukes in Kiev, it will first have to neutralise the USA nukes. Once NATO moves into Ukraine, which is obviously going to happen given all the US troops in the area, the Russians will have a choice: recognize that this is a war with the USA or keep on pretending that this is a war with Ukraine.

    Obviously the USA wants the war, while Russia wants the west to keep on failing without him lifting a finger, something that is already happening. The USA’s only chance to win is to drag Russia into a war on the pretext that the USA is defending Europe. Only then will the European people support the continued sanctions and presence of the USA in Europe.

    All this would change drastically if Russia played the trump card, which is to not nuke Kiev, but nuke a US military base somewhere outside Europe in response to the US army being in Ukraine. It would be a terrible development, but basically unavoidable. It would put the USA on notice – in case they have any doubters – to either stop attacking Russia or full scale armagedon comes next.


    Fred Reed paints a pretty interesting if stark picture of what nuclear war would look like. He makes the point that there need not be wholesale destruction to take the country down:

    On Going Seriously Boom


    The words of General Betray-us suggest that we are being set up for something.

    Veracious Poet

    Newsmax on Thursday dropped Lara Logan over comments the she made about immigration while appearing on the network with host Eric Bolling.

    Logan claimed, without producing any evidence, that she was made privy to a U.N. plan to “infiltrate 100 million illegal immigrants” into the U.S. and “dilute what they called the pool of patriots.”

    During the Wednesday segment with Bolling, Logan claimed, “I spoke to a man who was actually holding the documents in his hand. He told me about it, right? He said he infiltrated the global cabal at the U.N. level, right? And one of the things that he was able to tell me about, from his own personal experience, what he witnessed himself was these documents that showed the time there is a plan, and this was several years ago.”

    “The plan was to infiltrate 100 million illegal immigrants, and at that point, there were already 40 million, and these people would dilute what they called the pool of patriots,” she continued. “Their words, right? And they would not be taught that America is a great country and trained to sing the national anthem with pride, and so on and so on. They would be taught all the negative things that we’re told about the U.S. today that our own children are taught.”

    Last November, Logan was reportedly pushed out at Fox News over comments she made comparing Dr. Anthony Fauci to infamous Nazi doctor Josef Mengele.

    One month later, the Emmy Award-winning journalist announced she would be leaving Big Tech platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, because she can no longer “in good conscience contribute to platforms who glorify & enrich themselves at the expense of children who they knowingly exploit.”

    “I am leaving Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. I cannot in good conscience contribute to platforms who glorify & enrich themselves at the expense of children who they knowingly exploit,” she wrote. “Discovering recently that animals are sexually abused/exploited along [with] children was a shock.”

    “I had no idea such a depraved ideology was being pushed on this scale or the insidious ways the worst of humanity is normalized, promoted & quietly glorified by the same platforms who censor free speech from truckers, doctors, naturalists, vaccine injured & so on,” Logan added. “It’s wrong.”



    Putin must get nervous about this. Maintaining the delicate balance between Israel and Russia is a must for him. If Israel and Iran get an almost direct confrontation happening Russia will have to side with Iran. If he does not then his alliances are worth nothing and countries will take notice. If he shows overt support for Iran , Israel will most likely move to support Ukraine as that is the next logical step if the two countries become more antagonistic to one another. How much influence Putin has over the Iranian’s I don’t know , very little I would guess and he needs their weapons for the foreseeable future to bolster his efforts in Ukraine , it is becoming an increasingly tangled web.


    I can’t see the need for Ukraine to blow the big hydro dam at present. Blowing the dam is a defensive move to bring about a very long pause on that front. At the moment the Ukys are advancing and Russia is withdrawing. The Ukys want to get at the Russians on the other side on the Dnieper , blowing the dam will prevent that. Do the Uky’s have the means? That is going to require some pretty big boom-booms.For the Russians however it will give them a big breather whilst they get their shit together.
    Can’t help but think that annexing all that territory in Eastern Ukraine has put the Russians in a very tight spot. Half of the three oblasts has not yet been taken and in Kherson they are still retreating , ALL of that territory MUST be retaken and HELD by Russia as it is now Russian sovereign territory.That pretty much negates all chances of negotiations from on Ukraine’s side , what is left to negotiate? Russia will have to turn all of Ukraine into a waste land and force a negotiation that way but is Ukraine in charge of it’s own future?
    The only gain for Russia is it get’s to use the leverage of a tactical nuclear strike in defence of it’s own territory as per the Russian rules of engagement. I don’t see that threat as a game changer. If he does do that I think he is done, China and India , pretty much every other country , even Iran will find it almost impossible to continue support and it also opens up the chance of false flag from the Western side.

    I watched a very long doco , six or seven hours , on the Kursk sinking back in 2000. The Russian navy’s behaviour was beyond incompetent , Mchales navy and Gilligan’s island plus Dr. Strangelove combined. Putin nearly lost his arse over it. Can’t help but think that those old incompetent and corrupt values have not been eradicated, with the navy brass lying to Putin and the Russian people , such bald faced bullshit. That was only twenty years ago , has the old culture been transformed? Time will tell the story.

    Anyway the world has always been like this, on average it is still the best time to be a human on the planet , there is less war and more food and freedom than any time in history…..and , we got the inter-knob to play on!

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