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Paul Gauguin Tahitians at rest (unfinished) 1891


THE TWITTER FILES part 4: The Removal Of Donald Trump, Part 2 (ZH)
Elon Musk Should Probably Do A Little Housecleaning (NR)
Musk Forces A Free-Speech Reckoning For Politicians And Pundits (Turley)
US Republicans Pledge To ‘Roll Out Red Carpet’ For Musk (RT)
The EU Demands That The Balkans Pick The ‘Right’ Side (Marsden)
France And Germany Owe ‘Genocide Compensation’ To Donbass – Moscow (RT)
EU Nations Multiply Trade With Russia – RIA (RT)
Fascism in the EU (Vogel)
Catastrophic Losses, Failing Wonder Weapons, NATO Escalation (MoA)
Pentagon Gives Ukraine Green Light For Drone Strikes Inside Russia (Times)
Prejudice Against COVID-19 Unvaccinated Around the World (ET)
EU’s Oil Price Cap Creates a Price Cap… on Stupidity (Luongo)
Federal Judge Declines To Hold Trump In Contempt Of Court (Fox)
















Shellenberger’s format is hard to do in the Debt Rattle format.

THE TWITTER FILES part 4: The Removal Of Donald Trump, Part 2 (ZH)

On January 7, @jack emails employees saying Twitter needs to remain consistent in its policies, including the right of users to return to Twitter after a temporary suspension. After, Roth reassures an employee that “people who care about this… aren’t happy with where we are” Around 11:30 am PT, Roth DMs his colleagues with news that he is excited to share. “GUESS WHAT,” he writes. “Jack just approved repeat offender for civic integrity.” The new approach would create a system where five violations (“strikes”) would result in permanent suspension. “Progress!” exclaims a member of Roth’s Trust and Safety Team.

The exchange between Roth and his colleagues makes clear that they had been pushing @jack for greater restrictions on the speech Twitter allows around elections. The colleague wants to know if the decision means Trump can finally be banned. The person asks, “does the incitement to violence aspect change that calculus?” Roth says it doesn’t. “Trump continues to just have his one strike” (remaining). Roth’s colleague’s query about “incitement to violence” heavily foreshadows what will happen the following day.

On January 8, Twitter announces a permanent ban on Trump due to the “risk of further incitement of violence.” On J8, Twitter says its ban is based on “specifically how [Trump’s tweets] are being received & interpreted.” But in 2019, Twitter said it did “not attempt to determine all potential interpretations of the content or its intent.” The *only* serious concern we found expressed within Twitter over the implications for free speech and democracy of banning Trump came from a junior person in the organization. It was tucked away in a lower-level Slack channel known as “site-integrity-auto.”

“This might be an unpopular opinion but one off ad hoc decisions like this that don’t appear rooted in policy are imho a slippery slope… This now appears to be a fiat by an online platform CEO with a global presence that can gatekeep speech for the entire world…”

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Twitter thread by Name Redacted.

“They were ALL hired since @realDonaldTrump was elected.”

Elon Musk Should Probably Do A Little Housecleaning (NR)

1. @elonmusk , Your new company @Twitter has many ex FBI/CIA agents in high ranks. Should probably do a little housecleaning.
2. Kevin Michelena – current Twitter Sr. Corporate Security Analyst. Ex FBI Intelligence Analyst 12 years
3. Doug Hunt – current Twitter Senior Director. Ex FBI Special Agent 20 years.
4. Mark Jaroszewski – current Twitter Director Corporate Security/Risk. Ex FBI 20 years
5. Douglas Turner – current Twitter Senior Manager, Corporate and Executive Security Services. Ex FBI 14 years. Ex Secret Service 7 years.
6. Patrick G. – current Twitter Head of Corporate Security. Ex FBI Special Agent 23 years.
7. Karen Walsh – current Twitter Director – Corporate Resilience. Ex FBI Special Agent 21 years
8. Russell Handorf – current Twitter Senior Staff Technical Program Manager. Ex FBI 10 years.
9. Michael B. – current Twitter Senior Corporate Security Manager. Ex FBI 23 years.
10. Vincent Lucero – current Twitter Senior Security Manager. Ex FBI Special Agent 22 years.
11. Kevin L. – current Twitter Corporate Security Manager. Ex FBI Special Agent 25 years.
12. Matthew W. – current Twitter Senior Director of Product Trust, Revenue Policy, and Counsel Systems & Analytics. Ex FBI 15 years.
13. Claire O. – current Twitter Senior Corporate Security Analyst. Ex FBI 8 years.
14. Bruce A. – current Twitter Director, Corporate Security. Ex FBI 23 years.
15. Jeff Carlton – current Twitter Senior Manager. Ex FBI & CIA Intelligence Analyst 3 years.
16. What do all of these Twitter employees have in common? They were ALL hired since @realDonaldTrump was elected. Why, after Trump was elected, did Twitter hire over a dozen ex FBI/CIA agents and place them in Senior Management roles?
17. @elonmusk – how many “Jim Bakers” are imbedded in Twitter, possibly working against you? or…..”watching” you. I’d advise you to do some investigating and clean house.

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“Twitter executives were praised for their speed to impose “visibility filters” so the tweet could not be “replied to, shared, or liked..”

Musk Forces A Free-Speech Reckoning For Politicians And Pundits (Turley)

What these files suggest is an utter license to control political speech on social media platforms. Twitter executives often sound like overlords determining what the public should be allowed to read or say. This is hardly surprising, given the constant stroking by many politicians and pundits who say they are saving democracy by limiting free speech. In speaking to media figures in April, former President Barack Obama called upon “our better angels” to shape voters’ opinions. Similarly, President Joe Biden has said social media editors are vital to protecting citizens from their own misguided values or assumptions. Without enlightened editors, he asked, “How do people know the truth?” Such comments show total contempt for the ability of people to make up their own minds on subjects ranging from elections to vaccinations.

Yet social media executives readily embraced their role in framing “the truth.” Former Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal pledged to “focus less on thinking about free speech” and more on “who can be heard.” While some of us denounced his anti-free-speech agenda, others rose in defense of Twitter maintaining one of the largest censorship systems in history. Now, these Twitter files show precisely what it means to manipulate “who can be heard” — a process that went beyond controversial suspensions of users to include a broader, secret effort to suppress disfavored viewpoints. The new documents show Twitter using blacklists and “visibility filters” to interfere with user searches or to shadow-ban individuals and prevent their tweets from trending.

The new material also indicates that “visibility filtering” was directed at various Republican campaigns, throttling or reducing candidates’ visibility before the 2020 election. Most striking in the latest documents is how Twitter censors knowingly discarded even their own policies to hamper then-President Donald Trump in the 2020 election. In one tweet, Trump referenced a mail-in voting problem in Ohio that was found to be true. Nevertheless, Twitter executives were praised for their speed to impose “visibility filters” so the tweet could not be “replied to, shared, or liked,” and the staff received a censorship “attaboy”: “VERY WELL DONE ON SPEED.”

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“This is an investigation of Joe Biden, and that’s where the committee will focus in this next Congress.”

US Republicans Pledge To ‘Roll Out Red Carpet’ For Musk (RT)

US Republicans want Twitter owner and CEO Elon Musk to testify before the House Oversight Committee next year. By revealing how his predecessors censored stories damaging to the Biden family, Musk has already done “a great service” to the committee, incoming chairman Rep. James Comer told the New York Post. “I have reached out to Elon Musk through backchannels to tell him that we would love for him to come before the committee,” Comer told the newspaper. “I’m pretty confident he’s going to provide more information, but he is welcome to come before our committee. We will roll out the red carpet for Elon Musk.” In the final weeks before the 2020 presidential election, Twitter banned the sharing of links to a New York Post story sourced from a laptop belonging to then-candidate Biden’s son, Hunter.

The story, and later articles that followed, alleged that Hunter Biden potentially earned tens of millions of dollars introducing foreign contacts – among them Mexican, Chinese and Ukrainian businessmen – to his father. Documents released by Musk last week showed that some of Twitter’s former senior executives – including legal head Vijaya Gadde, safety chief Yoel Roth, and General Counsel Jim Baker – deliberately suppressed the story and removed election-related tweets on behalf of the FBI and other government agencies. Musk’s disclosures also revealed that Twitter moderators regularly deleted content at the request of “the Biden team,” and planned the suspension of Donald Trump’s account months in advance.

“[Musk is] doing a great service to the Oversight Committee and America by disclosing all of the emails and correspondence between the Biden campaign and the Democratic National Committee and Twitter,” Comer continued. He added that Gadde, Roth and Baker have all been summoned to testify about their role in the censorship operation. Comer and incoming House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan announced last month that they will lead a twin-track investigation into the Biden family’s foreign business dealings and the alleged politicization of the Justice Department by President Biden, when Republicans hold the balance of power in the House of Representatives in January. “I want to be clear,” Comer stated at the time. “This is an investigation of Joe Biden, and that’s where the committee will focus in this next Congress.”

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“Von der Leyen rhetorically dive bombed into the region this week, pointing out that the world is divided between autocracies and democracies and that the Balkans needed to pick a side.”

The EU Demands That The Balkans Pick The ‘Right’ Side (Marsden)

The Russia-Ukraine conflict reflects on the Balkans as a struggle between “autocracies and the law of the strongest” and “democracy and the rule of law”, European Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen said during an EU-Western Balkans partnership summit in the Albanian capital Tirana this week. The last Balkan country to actually ascend to European Union membership was Croatia, in 2013. And this year, the Balkans have had to contend with the spectacle of Brussels gushing over Ukraine and rushing to grant Kiev candidate status. For context, it took Albania five years to receive candidate status (which it did in 2014). It took Serbia three years (a candidate since 2012) and Montenegro two years (a candidate since 2010).

Just imagine: You’ve been waiting years for Brussels to make a commitment, or to even show signs that it’s serious about the relationship, and suddenly it only has eyes for Kiev and seems to have forgotten about your existence.So it’s not exactly surprising that the citizens of these countries would start feeling like maybe the bloc simply isn’t marriage material. At the moment, 55% of North Macedonians have a negative view of the EU, while just 21% of Serbs see the EU positively and a majority of them are now against joining the bloc. Even in Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina, confidence in European institutions has recently dipped. So it makes sense that the EU is running over there now for a big summit, worried about someone else stealing their loyalty – specifically Russia or China.

Serbia is a big friend of Russia, and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said recently that Belgrade’s ties with Albania and North Macedonia in particular have never been better – even though Albania has been viewed over the past couple of decades by the West as one of its staunchest allies, including militarily, by committing troops to its efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq. Serbia isn’t onboard with the EU and its anti-Russian sanctions and agenda, refusing to march in lockstep with Brussels on its foreign policy towards Russia. Vucic refused to sign the summit’s Tirana Declaration, whose top clause referred to Russia’s “escalating war in Ukraine,” and reiterated his disagreement with the bloc’s sanctions policy.

It’s not a stretch to imagine that Brussels could see a threat to its anti-Russia agenda in all of this, or be concerned that other Balkan countries that followed the Western sanctions lead could feasibly start comparing their economic and energy challenges to Serbia’s situation, which still enjoys the benefits of cheap Russian gas, comprising about 85% of its gas imports. So how does the EU handle this powder keg? With all the subtlety of a hand grenade. Von der Leyen rhetorically dive bombed into the region this week, pointing out that the world is divided between autocracies and democracies and that the Balkans needed to pick a side. “We notice very clearly that the Ukraine war is not only Russia’s cruel war against Ukraine, but also a question of whether autocracies and the law of the strongest will prevail. Or whether democracy and the rule of law will prevail. And this struggle is also noticeable in the Western Balkans,” Von der Leyen said.

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“..Putin said he was disappointed and shocked when he heard Merkel’s statement, adding that this was further proof that Moscow made the correct decision when it started its military operation in Ukraine..”

France And Germany Owe ‘Genocide Compensation’ To Donbass – Moscow (RT)

Berlin and Paris should pay reparations to the Donbass civilians who have been suffering Ukrainian attacks since 2014, according to Vyacheslav Volodin, the speaker of the State Duma – Russia’s lower house of parliament. His comments came after former German chancellor Angela Merkel admitted that the Minsk peace agreements had been just a ploy to provide Kiev with enough time to build up its military. Merkel’s confession means that Berlin and Paris – who brokered the deal – “bear moral and material responsibility for what is happening in Ukraine,” Volodin wrote on Telegram on Saturday.

The premeditated failure to fulfill obligations under the accords constitutes “not only a loss of trust, but also a crime for which the signatories of the Minsk agreements – Merkel, [former French president Francois] Hollande, and [former Ukrainian president Pyotr] Poroshenko – must answer,” he stated. “They will have to pay compensation to the residents of Donbass for eight years of genocide and damages,” Volodin added. According to the MP, the ongoing Ukraine crisis has been brought about by “the deceitful policies” pursued by the French and German leaders. Volodin recalled that in 2014, Berlin and Paris also brokered a deal between the government of the democratically elected Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich and the nation’s opposition to stop violent riots in Kiev. The unrest erupted in Ukraine’s capital after Yanukovich refused to sign an association agreement with the EU.

“It all ended with a coup d’etat in Kiev,” he stated, and “the genocide” of people in the Donbass. When the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics broke away from Kiev, Germany and France took part in signing the now-defunct Minsk agreements, which were supposed to pave the way for peace by giving the two territories a special status within the Ukrainian state. However, Russia has repeatedly accused Kiev of failing to implement the terms of the accords. Volodin’s comments came after Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was disappointed and shocked when he heard Merkel’s statement, adding that this was further proof that Moscow made the correct decision when it started its military operation in Ukraine.

Putin Merkel


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“Russia’s trade with Bulgaria and Greece reportedly soared 240% and 230% respectively..”

EU Nations Multiply Trade With Russia – RIA (RT)

Three quarters of EU member states boosted their trade turnover with Russia in the first eight months of 2022, RIA Novosti is reporting on Saturday, citing data collected from the bloc’s various national statistics departments. Russia’s trade with Bulgaria and Greece reportedly soared 240% and 230% respectively, while trade turnover with Slovenia doubled during January-to-August period this year. At the same time, Austria and the Czech Republic boosted their trade with the sanctions-hit nation by 80%. Meanwhile, Russia’s trade turnover with both Hungary and Italy surged 70%. Belgium and Cyprus also registered increases, of 60%. All-in-all, 20 out of the 27 bloc members saw a year-over-year increase of 34% in mutual trade with Russia.

In monetary terms the trade turnover surged to €177.3 billion compared to €132.4 billion recorded for the same period a year ago. At the same time, Russia’s mutual trade with Malta saw a dramatic decline of 80%, while both Denmark and Sweden reduced their trade with the nation by 49%. Luxembourg’s trade turnover with Russia also declined, by 28%. Drops in Russia’s mutual trade with Finland and Lithuania totalled 7% and 6% respectively. Portugal reduced its trade turnover with the nation by 3%. Trade between these seven countries and Moscow amounted to €14.2 billion, against €17.3 billion a year earlier.

As a result, Russia-EU trade turnover saw an increase of 28% in January-August 2022 compared to the same period a year ago, and amounted to €191.5 billion. Of these, EU exports to Russia totalled €36.2 billion, while imports from Russia amounted to €155.3 billion. Thus, the EU’s trade deficit for the first eight months of the current year amounted to €119.1 billion, reaching its highest since 2008, when it amounted to €151 billion for the entire year.

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“..filters out the vast majority of “crimethink.”

Fascism in the EU (Vogel)

Supreme command is in the hands of EU governments. Even though in most EU nations, the separation of powers is enshrined in the constitution, in practice that separation is not evident. Thus, EU governments are able to use a combination of often overtly abusive police action and the judicial system (judges also being dressed in black!) to subdue the citizenry and to control public opinion and public debate. The media, or the so-called free press, both private and public (with the alleged guarantees to ensure its impartiality, like in Germany), also plays a key role in controlling public opinion. Expressed in military terms, EU governments enjoy “full-spectrum dominance” in the entire public domain.

Under these conditions, it was not difficult to ban Russian media from the EU a few days after the beginning of the Russian Special Military Operation in the Ukraine on February 24, 2022. The few voices raised in protest against this massive and unprecedented censorship were easily silenced and suppressed. It is perhaps no coincidence that EU censorship was decreed by a German, namely the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. Germany is the European nation that has enjoyed the longest continuous censorship and strict media control anywhere: ever since Hitler ended press freedom in 1933, the Germans have been living with controlled media and the curtailment of speech. Free speech has now been banned in Germany for almost a century! Today, the very policies first applied by the nazis have become the norm and standard all over the EU.

An essential tool for managing and controlling public debate is to ridicule and frame the opposition. Thus anybody who does not buy into the official narrative is branded a “hater,” “denier” or “conspiracy theorist.” On that account alone, it is suggested such people are unfit to participate in the public debate. If they do so nonetheless, sharper weapons are produced. In that case, it is stated the culprit has “dangerous ideas” or that he is a “potential terrorist.” As such he needs to be taken care of, for instance thrown in jail or subjected to psychiatric treatment. Numerous EU journalists and others saying unwelcome truths have been indicted, thrown in jail or interned in a psychiatric ward. In case someone proves particularly difficult to deal with, he is eliminated by way of a car accident, a “lone wolf” or a suicide.

Fortunately, those violent methods rather rarely need to be applied. State censorship with the help of the police and kangaroo courts takes care of most cases. And even before that, the maintaining of “community standards” on social media such as Facebook, Apple (I-phone), Google, Youtube, Instagram, Amazon (until recently, Twitter as well) and other platforms filters out the vast majority of “crimethink.”

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“A unit that has 50% casualties is usually no longer able to fight and must be replaced. But the Ukrainians leave their units on the frontline until nearly nobody is left in them.”

Catastrophic Losses, Failing Wonder Weapons, NATO Escalation (MoA)

Newsweek spoke with a ‘former’ U.S. Colonel who, together with ‘volunteers’, trains Ukrainian soldiers. Here is what he says about Ukrainian losses: “Bakhmut is like Dresden, and the countryside looks like Passchendaele,” he said, referring to the German city destroyed by allied bombing in World War II and the infamously muddy and bloody World War I battlefield. “It’s just a horrible and miserable place. Ukraine closely guards its casualty figures, but its forces are believed to be suffering badly around Bakhmut. “They’ve been taking extraordinarily high casualties,” Milburn said of the units training with Mozart. “The numbers you are reading in the media about 70 percent and above casualties being routine are not exaggerated.”

Despite their “tremendous morale,” Milburn said the defenders “have an acute ‘regeneration problem,’ which means getting new recruits into the line as quickly as possible.” This means those being thrown into the fight have little beyond basic training. “Typically about 80 percent of our intake who are coming off of the line have never even fired a weapon before,” Milburn said. “We’ve got our work cut out for us.” A unit that has 50% casualties is usually no longer able to fight and must be replaced. But the Ukrainians leave their units on the frontline until nearly nobody is left in them. So the number of 500 casualties per day on the Bakhmut front seems realistic. Over the last months the daily report of the Russian ministry of defense listed on average some 300 Ukrainian casualties per day.

But the ministry does not report the casualties from Bakhmut as the operations of the private military contractor Wagner are not included in it. So the daily total over the last month, despite little movement of the front lines, must have been some 800 dead Ukrainians. In the 30 days between the two maps at the top at least 24,000 Ukrainian soldiers have left the battle field. It is no wonder that such high numbers can not be replaced. The mix of dead or wounded will likely be 1 to 1 as medical evacuation from the frontline trenches is extremely difficult. Most wounded will just die there. It is not only the men that are lost. The equipment they used is mostly lost with them. 24,000 men are the equivalent of 6 to 7 NATO brigades. The German army has now only 8 of those.

When I was it that army it had 36 brigades plus significant reserve units. The same large downgrade happened with the general state of NATO. It is not ready for a war with Russia. The western wounder weapons have done little for Ukraine. The Russians have update their air defense systems to now detect and shoot down HIMARS missiles. They report some 10 to 20 of such kills per day. The shooting down of small and medium sized Ukrainian drones has dropped from 20-30 per day in the summer to 2-3 per day. Either the Ukrainians have run out of drones or the weather has made theirs unusable.

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Pentagon Gives Ukraine Green Light For Drone Strikes Inside Russia (Times)

The Pentagon has given a tacit endorsement of Ukraine’s long-range attacks on targets inside Russia after President Putin’s multiple missile strikes against Kyiv’s critical infrastructure. Since daily assaults on civilians began in October, the Pentagon has revised its threat assessment of the war in Ukraine. Crucially, this includes new judgments about whether arms shipments to Kyiv might lead to a military confrontation between Russia and Nato. This represents a significant development in the nine-month war between Ukraine and Russia, with Washington now likelier to supply Kyiv with longer-range weapons. “We’re still using the same escalatory calculations but the fear of escalation has changed since the beginning,” a US defence source told The Times.

“It’s different now. This is because the calculus of war has changed as a result of the suffering and brutality the Ukrainians are being subjected to by the Russians.” Washington is now less concerned that new long-range strikes inside Russia could lead to a dramatic escalation. Moscow’s revenge attacks have to date all involved conventional missile strikes against civilian targets. Previously, the Pentagon was warier of Ukraine attacking Russia because it feared the Kremlin would retaliate either with tactical nuclear weapons or by targeting neighbouring Nato nations. However, Washington does not want to be seen publicly giving the green light to Kyiv attacking Russian soil.

Its position on Ukraine’s attacks inside Russia was defined this week by Antony Blinken, the secretary of state, who said: “We have neither encouraged nor enabled the Ukrainians to strike inside of Russia.” However, a US defence source said: “We’re not saying to Kyiv, ‘Don’t strike the Russians [in Russia or Crimea]’. We can’t tell them what to do. It’s up to them how they use their weapons. But when they use the weapons we have supplied, the only thing we insist on is that the Ukrainian military conform to the international laws of war and to the Geneva conventions. “They are the only limitations but that includes no targeting of Russian families and no assassinations. As far as we’re concerned, Ukraine has been in compliance.”

Within these limited constraints laid down by the Pentagon, Kyiv is now adopting a more aggressive, more persistent offensive against targets inside Russia. Ukraine has been careful to use its own drones, not US-supplied weapons, to carry out the strikes. The drones, based on Soviet Tupolev TU-141 Strizh surveillance systems developed in the 1970s, have been reprogrammed to give them longer range and a sizeable munition for launching at low altitude. The modified TU-141s were deployed this week in three raids against military bases 300 miles inside the Russian border and on fuel tanks about 80 miles across the Ukrainian border, in each case evading air defences. The drones can fly at 600mph at low altitude, like cruise missiles.

Putin counter strike

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Prejudice Against COVID-19 Unvaccinated Around the World (ET)

[..] participants were presented with brief descriptions of a series of fictitious individuals and asked to imagine that these are people whom one of their close relatives intends to marry. They were shown two profiles at a time, side by side, and asked to rate each profile by saying whether they agree or disagree with statements such as, “I would be unhappy if this person married one of my close relatives,” and “I think this person is untrustworthy.” One of the six attributes describing these targeted individuals has been their COVID-19 vaccination status, randomly varying between “fully vaccinated” and “unvaccinated.” The other attributes were age, occupation, hobbies, personality, and “family background,” which distinguished between people “born and raised in [the respondent’s country]” and people who “immigrated from the Middle East.”

Across six countries—Germany, India, Indonesia, Morocco, South Africa, and the United Kingdom—selected to represent both affluent Western and developing non-Western nations, the unvaccinated were found to be disliked among vaccinated people (14 percentage points) as much as people with drug addiction (15 percentage points), and significantly more so than people who had been in prison (10 percentage points), atheists (7 percentage points), or people with mental illness (6 percentage points). In addition, the overall dislike of the unvaccinated among vaccinated people (13 percentage points) was found to be two and a half times greater than that of Middle Eastern immigrants (5 percentage points).

In fact, according to the paper, unvaccinated people face significantly more hostility than immigrants even in 10 countries that are deemed unfriendly to immigrants. Interestingly, discriminatory attitudes against unvaccinated Middle Eastern immigrants were found to be just as strong as those toward unvaccinated natives. By contrast, researchers found that the unvaccinated respondents on average showed almost no discriminatory attitudes toward the vaccinated. “The results demonstrate that prejudice is mostly one-sided,” the authors wrote. “Only in [the] United States and Germany do we find that the unvaccinated feel some antipathy towards the vaccinated. But even here we do not find statistical evidence in favor of negative stereotyping or exclusionary attitudes.”

“The observation that vaccinated individuals discriminate against those who are unvaccinated, but that there is no evidence for the reverse, is consistent with work on the psychology of cooperation,” said leading author Alexander Bor, a political psychologist at the George Soros-funded Central European University (CEU).

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“..Janet Yellen may be stupid, but she’s not that stupid. She knows what this price cap she’s championed will do..”

“..push capital investment into competing energy technologies — like nuclear, hydrogen and unicorn farts.”

EU’s Oil Price Cap Creates a Price Cap… on Stupidity (Luongo)

The EU and the US went forward with their long-debated, long-telegraphed move to put a price cap on Russian oil at $60 per barrel. By believing they can pressure suppliers into not hauling Russian oil lest they run afoul of the sanctions that support the price cap, they believe they can take only Russian oil off the market for the long run. Because of the way oil is actually traded in the real world, versus the way it trades in Janet Yellen’s head, this policy is actually much harder to implement than it actually looks. You don’t buy oil at the crude oil counter at Target or Wal-Mart. There isn’t a price tag you can look at and say yes or no too. As Tsvetana Paraskova at Oilprice points out, crude contracts are written based on a discount or premium to a benchmark price at a particular moment in time.

“Physical traders rarely trade on a fixed price,” John Driscoll, chief strategist at JTD Energy Services Pte Ltd, told Bloomberg. “It’s a much more complex space where they trade on formulas and spot differentials to a benchmark crude for the trading of actual cargoes as well as for hedging that follows,” said Driscoll, who has more than 30 years of trading oil in Singapore. To complicate things further, the EU wants to remain flexible to change the cap at its discretion. “The price cap is not set in stone – it “is fixed for now but adjustable over time,” the EU said last week. If this sounds like a recipe for complete disaster, it is. No matter what happens here, the quantity of oil to be produced under this cap, even if it isn’t successful, will go down. Period. See chart below. If you disagree with this then you might just qualify to replace Yellen as Treasury Secretary of the US.

That said, Janet Yellen may be stupid, but she’s not that stupid. She knows what this price cap she’s championed will do. So, as always, with these people the question you shouldn’t be asking isn’t, “Will this work?” or “How will Russia respond?” but rather, “Is this the point of the exercise?” [..] If everyone involved knows that price floors and price ceilings always and without fail create production shortages, then why did they do this when the world clearly need more oil? Because this is a feature of the policy, not a bug. By doing this, like every other intervention into oil delivery since the start of the war in Ukraine, the goal was to take Russia’s supply offline and hope that other producers would see the opportunity to take market share from the evil Russians while simultaneously trying to push capital investment into competing energy technologies — like nuclear, hydrogen and unicorn farts.

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The Mar-a-Lago invasion.

Federal Judge Declines To Hold Trump In Contempt Of Court (Fox)

A federal judge has declined to take action to hold former President Trump in contempt of court during a closed-door hearing on Friday, according to two sources with knowledge of the proceedings. Friday’s hearing was in relation to a federal probe into Trump’s handling of classified material at his Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago. Judge Beryl Howell urged lawyers from the Department of Justice and Trump’s team to work out the matter on their own during a 90-minute meeting in a Washington, D.C., federal court. The Justice Department has become increasingly frustrated with lawyers for Trump over the past few months for allegedly failing to comply with a subpoena asking for classified documents in Trump’s possession to be returned, sources tell Fox News.

[..] Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate was the subject of a search warrant executed in August by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, where classified documents were allegedly found to have been in his possession. Steven Cheung, senior communications adviser to Trump, told Fox News Digital that the former president and his lawyers will continue to cooperate. “The President and his counsel will continue to be transparent and cooperative, even in the face of the highly weaponized and corrupt witch-hunt from the Department of Justice. Hillary Clinton was allowed to delete and acid wash 33,000 emails after they were subpoenaed by Congress, yet absolutely nothing has happened to hold her accountable. If the Department of Justice can go after President Trump, they will surely come after any American who they disagree with. President Trump is the only one who stands in the way of the un-American weaponization of law enforcement,” Cheung said.

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Gonzalo – Unconditional Surrender Is Now Russia’s Goal



Judge Nap/ Macgregor



Chief John Smith, a Chippewa Native American who was reputed to be 137 years old when he died.



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    “The observation that vaccinated individuals discriminate against those who are unvaccinated, but that there is no evidence for the reverse, is consistent with work on the psychology of cooperation,” said leading author Alexander Bor, a political psychologist at the George Soros-funded Central European University (CEU).

    George Soros funded…….. Hmm?


    In his new book, “Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022,” former BlackRock fund manager Edward Dowd details data showing the COVID shots are a crime against humanity
    Insurance industry research in 2016 concluded that group life policyholders die at one-third the rate of the general U.S. population, so they’re the healthiest among us. Group life policyholders are those employed with Fortune 500 companies, who tend to be younger and well-educated
    In 2020, the general U.S. population had higher excess mortality than group life holders, but in 2021, that flipped. Ages 25 through 64 of the group life policyholders suddenly experienced 40% excess mortality, compared to 32% in the general population. In short, a far healthier subset of the population suddenly died at a higher rate than the general population
    American disability statistics are equally revealing. In the five years before COVID, the monthly disability rate was between 29 million and 30 million. After the COVID jabs, the disability trend changed dramatically. As of September 2022, there were 33.2 million disabled Americans — an extra 3.2 million to 4.2 million — a three standard deviation rate of change since May 2021
    Since May 2021, the overall U.S. population has experienced an 11% increase in disabilities, while the employed — which is about 98 million out of a total population of about 320 million — experienced 26% increased rate of disability. So, something was introduced into the workforce that caused working age people to die


    Carlson interviewed veteran journalist Glenn Greenwald in a 4-minute segment that provided the best ‘easy-to-understand’ summary of the Ukraine War you’ll hear anywhere. And what was so shocking about the interview, was how casually both men veered onto topics that are essential to grasping “How we got to where we are today” but which are entirely banned on all the other cable news channels. You are not allowed to know, for example, that Russia was “lured into the conflict in Ukraine”. That does not fit the script that has been passed-along from the Biden State Department to their lapdogs at the cable news stations. You’re also not allowed to know that the US does not fight wars “to spread democracy” or that “the US has no vital interests in Ukraine” or that “Russia is not really our enemy”. All of those topics are verboten. You’re not even allowed to think about these things, which is why– for the most part– they have been completely scrubbed from any-and-all discussion of foreign policy in the corporate media.

    That’s what makes the segment with Greenwald such a stunner, because it’s 4 glorious minutes of pure, unvarnished truth delivered from a platform that typically only produces, lies, disinformation and propaganda. That’s why I transcribed the entire interview. Any mistakes are mine. Here it is:

    Four Minutes of Undiluted Truth on Mainstream TV



    Dr. D

    “Twitter prioritized removing non-illegal speech over removing kiddie porn.”

    Not only that, they removed that speech while ISIS, al-Qaeda, Iran, and others could post anything, unharmed.

    BTW, this means Musk is a liar (of course) and is not a “free-speech absolutist.” Which is fine. He has a very normal, middle of the road, compromise-with-some-process position. It just that they moved ”
    the Road” he’s in the middle of that we normal people follow as far Left as moved from Paterson, NJ, to Oakland. Like 2,000 miles to the left, far out of sight of all normal people.

    “THE TWITTER FILES part 4: The Removal of Donald Trump, Part 2 (ZH)”

    This section shows that, like all people, they just make up rules and process to insure an outcome they already, seat of the pants, wanted. Wanted emotionally. That is to say, there is no truth or morality in them. Otherwise, occasionally enforcing it would go against what they like and be a PITA, and that never happens. Banality of evil stuff, and how they tell themselves they are not evil, “It’s just an algorithm!” (That we wrote and refine every day) “It’s AI, I don’ know nothin’!”(That if if doesn’t do what we like, we just override.) It’s just that no one else is allowed to have opinions unless they are MY opinions. And if so, I will keep beating them, wait: “Things you can [do] to effect different behaviors” until they do exactly what I do like, and nothing that I don’t like. Simple. Twitter also shows constantly breaking their own rules and process to get the desired outcome. That is: Definition of “No Rulez”; “The Law is in My Mouth.”

    This is why we have e.g. the Judicial Process we have, (and ignore all the time, hate, and don’t value). Because it forces layers of process and review. To a bunch of other “peers” we don’t know.

    Why, after Trump was elected, did Twitter hire over a dozen ex FBI/CIA agents and place them in Senior Management roles?”

    Because as Senator Schumer says, “They have 6 ways to Sunday to get at you…”

    Who is “They”, though?

    Yes, bad Kanye joke. Still guessing he thought this was the way, and to control a vote block, and is surprised at the response somewhat. He goes on InfoWars, supposedly the furthest-righty-right of Right, filled with core Nazis, and Jones tells him the Jewish thing is bulls—t and won’t support it.


    Meantime, remember the NYC DNC convention that invited Farrakhan and told the NYC Jews to STFU? That was the year BEFORE they approved closing all Jewish Temples and Parks under deBlasio, channeling Pilate and Tiberius. This s—t is bizarre, every day, how any of it exists in the same group is astonishing to me. Apparently it’s all fee-fees, not a lick of knowledge, morality, or fact in them. I was asked about it and I was like “Confused? Ilan Omar and the NYC party have done this for years? So why are you nuclear at Kanye for doing less than they did?”

    They were like, “What Omar, what conference, what Farrakhan?” Don’t “Whataboutism Me, mister!”

    It wasn’t that, I was like “WTF do your rules come from???” You have to-the-death support of the Squad that includes Omar, and other examples, HRC’s support for Grand Wizard Byrd, for example, and nothing. Bring it up, no action, no reaction, no shame, yet one random Monday some OTHER guy speaks – and a Black guy which is usually an infinity force field – and the rules, action, reaction, and shame suddenly DO exist again. And I’m the nutter for pointing out that this is very confusing and doesn’t make sense. When I ask, they’re like “No I didn’t.”

    The Mob said so, running to and fro over Twitterspace with torches and guillotines, and they’re nothing scarier than Mob Rule, and why we DON’T live in a Democracy, but a Republic.

    Watching. I’m off about Kanye here, but I’m in the ballpark.

    “many politicians who say they are saving democracy Committing serial felonies and Civil Rights Abuses by limiting free speech.” Fixed it.

    Always against Civil Rights! While every minute claiming the history of MLK and Civil Rights as the End of History, the Peak of Mankind.

    Anyway, Serial felonies, all the way up and down the line. No arrests? A new Abu Ghraib every day and nothing? Of course! It’s the FBI that was invented TO trample our rights and TO execute Civil Rights Abuses and attacks on the Constitutional process, balance, and sovereignty. Hey, they don’t stop kiddie trafficking, protect Epstein and every client at all costs, they don’t stop black neighborhoods from being burned all summer, what did you THINK they did with their time and budget?

    “Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal pledged to “focus less on thinking about free speech” (We don’t care about Free Speech) and more on “who can be heard.” (which is only people we like, and that’s even regardless of what social or ethnic group they come from)

    ““visibility filtering” was directed at various Republican campaigns, throttling or reducing candidates’ visibility before the 2020”

    This is arguably election tampering. And fits nicely with the new Supreme Court Case. The one that’s coming out on Jan 6. And – I missed this – was filed on 11-24 by a bunch of “Trumpeters”. No literally, 4 brothers who play professional Trumpet. Can’t make this up. Also keywords in the news, with Brazil going “Military Intervention” as a test case, “Peru president removed from office and charged with ‘rebellion’ after alleged coup attempt” – The Guardian. Sound familiar? Beta test!

    Yup, about time to arrest The Donald. We’ll figure out why later. Just like all those successful Impeachments!

    So when word-cloud that the FBI affected Free Speech to tip an election, at the direct behest of Congress and Biden, all come before the USSC – who are THEMSELVES being attacked or even potentially murdered – what do you think they will rule?

    I guess we’ll all find out.

    What was “24”? 2-24 (changed from 22/2/22 as I’ve noted and wondered) Russia invades,

    24/8 – 2021, Saudi – Russia agreement, ends the Petrodollar.
    24/10 – 2021, Official Evergrande collapse.
    24/1 – 50 year anniversary of the WEF and modern Derp State. (Since 24-1-1971. Same year as Nixon-Gold)
    24/2 – Russia starts Ukraine war.
    24/3 – Russia demands Rubles for oil, ending the Petrodollar, or at least declaring war on it/us.
    24/6 – USSC Ends Roe v Wade. (exact 50 year anniversary)
    24/9 – Attack on UK Pound
    24/10 – Trumpeters’ 2020 election case filed. Sunak removes Miss Truss, erasing democracy in the UK.
    24/11 – U.S. waives their response to the case.
    24/12 – ???
    (and others. I try not to follow secret code stuff unless it has blinding headlines)

    One side does this (White Hats) to demonstrate that they are in control. You can’t stop them, even to the dates. This tells people who are listening (Insiders and Intel wonks) that they’re on the losing side and better flip. The other guys do the same thing, or used to, on THEIR dates. 9-11 for example, but Rosh Hashannah as well. 666 on the S&P crash. I think they’re all stupid, but it IS happening. It’s like “The Language of Flowers” where you mail someone a death rose. (Chrysanthemum) They get the message.

    “By revealing how his predecessors censored stories damaging to the Biden family”

    Now, was it at Biden’s request? I don’t see how it could NOT be, as the FBI is the Executive Branch. No? Imagine the roles reversed: Trump orders the FBI to go down to all Social Media Headquarters, have FBI agents sit down in every department, and FORCE the promotion of the Proud Boys, erase all DNC candidates in an election, hide the Trump Charity scandal, and tirelessly promote Pro-Life by attacking and banning all people who support abortion, while he gives a “Red Reichstag” speech about how they’re all terrorists.

    Sound Cricket? I think not. And rightfully so!!! But “Biden: ‘Republicans May Have Standards, But We Have DOUBLE Standards’” –BBee A Classic!

    ““Von der Leyen rhetorically dive bombed into the region this week, pointing out that the world is divided between autocracies and democracies”

    And the EU – and the whole West – is the autocracy. A collection of kleptocratic oligarchs, which provably have no representation of the people, via Democracy, AT ALL. The EU parliament is Student Council, a show, sham body, just like the old Politboro it was based on, with many of the same people. Like Merkel, raised in the Soviet Stasi.

    “Three quarters of EU member states boosted their trade turnover with Russia in the first eight months of 2022”

    #Winning! We signaled SO HARD. Of course we bought a lot more guns for Russia in Ukraine, but at least we Signaled about it.

    “Supreme command is in the hands of EU governments.”

    …And the EU governments are in the hands of the Corporations. Follow the Science that follows the Money.

    “NDP daily losses of +500.”

    10 months, x 30 days = 300 days, x 500 = 150,000 men. That’s Von der Lyin’s number. Since another 100,000 men fled to avoid fighting (more crickets, only RUSSIAN men flee) that’s most of the country.

    “Washington is now less concerned that new long-range strikes inside Russia could lead to a dramatic escalation. Moscow’s revenge attacks have to date all involved conventional missile strikes against civilian targets.”

    Since Putin didn’t nuke us, we’re going to bomb him daily now. “We” being the USUK. We bomb Russian nuclear bases 300 miles inland every day now. I’m sure nothing will happen and they’ll just keep getting bombed without doing anything to us. Derp State: Lose, then double-down. Their only play in the whole playbook. Extortion by escalation.

    Although Russia has been very clear they have no intent of using nuclear weapons on anyone, including Ukraine, they also said, the only reason they would authorize nuking Kiev, London, Berlin, and NY is exactly this: direct attack on Russian soil. Which the U.S. said they authorize, promote, and desire.

    “[Hate the vaccinated] Significantly more so than people who had been in prison, atheists, or people with mental illness”

    Well, yeah, because THEY are atheists who are mentally ill. That means they’re practically family! We HATE all religion – oh wait, not really, only Christians – and we hate anyone who professes order and healthy limits like speech, gender, crime, etc.

    “…Janet Yellen may be stupid, but she’s not that stupid. She knows what this price cap she’s championed will do..”

    …Kill all humans on earth. On purpose. Because there’s no such thing as unicorn farts. Always a best time for mass murder! Mass murder is our god! Ugh. It’s not that complicated, people. They shut down 3,000 farms in a food crisis, and are trying to shut every farm in Canada.

    “The Justice Department has become increasingly frustrated with lawyers for Trump over the past few months for allegedly failing to comply with a subpoena asking for classified documents”

    Time to arrest Trump and get this show on the road. Like arresting the FBI for 100,000 counts of civil rights abuses, crime, theft, entrapment, election tampering a la Treason, arresting Trump is also an act of Civil War. But the difference is, they WANT a civil war. They NEED a civil war. …But they also need to WIN the Civil War, because once punches start flying, it all just falls like dominoes, like the Game “Go”, and whoever has more chips and position wins 30 days later.

    They’ve been losing both for years. I don’t think they can win anymore, not even make a national mess of any notable size. So: arrest away, my friends. I’ll get the popcorn.

    From the Internet: “There are many jokes about what will happen to people who took an essentially untested mRNA gene therapy. They never get old.”

    “Zelensky Named Forbes Magazine’s Money Launderer of the Year” – BBee

    “Jack Dorsey Defiantly States He Has Never Heard Of Twitter” –BBee

    “Biden Decides to Read ‘Art Of The Deal’ after Getting Ripped Off in Griner Trade”

    “Brittney Griner Flees Back to Russia in Terror after Seeing American Flag” – BBee





    D Benton Smith

    Sixty seconds Sunday School : (only partially tongue-in-cheek)

    The mainest and best reason that you should treat other people truly well ( that is, seek to benefit THEIR enlightened best interests at least equally to your own) is that they are a part of you. You and they are part of the same world and are inextricably part of each others very real existence. No way out of that one, and it’s especially relevant about one’s enemies.

    Smash your own thumb with a hammer on purpose (because it’s a “bad” thumb and isn’t working properly any more?) if you want to. But I’m telling ya that won’t work vey well in the medium to long run even if it does temporarily distract you from the things you should probably see and fix in your own self, because it damages something that you cannot get away from.

    This is not say you should let others abuse you. Letting someone descend into evil and self-destruction by condoning their crimes is NOT in their enlightened best interests. Nevertheless, if this current globe spanning mess winds up devolving into kinetic internecine war you can’t blame the lack of a good solution on the bad guys. They’re too stupid to know. YOU are the one who still has their wits about them, so that’s who has to fix it. Duh! (sorry for the mocking tome, but I mean REALLY! Who else could do it? The insane morons who are trying to harm you ?)

    There’s only one way out of this: Truth, the WHOLE Truth, and Nothing But The Truth, so help you God.

    So there’s Sunday’s sermon. Go and sin less than usual.

    Dr. D

    Ideas on another front: Remember the Glomar Explorer raising the Soviet sub? Backstory: WHY was that sub (probably) trying to nuke the U.S. from Hawaii?

    We pay attention exclusively to MacKinder lately, but for the 100 years since WWII, the main pressures have been not TWO Way – the U.S. and Russia – but THREE-way: U.S., Russia, and CHINA. Nixon’s whole point in visiting China and getting away with appeasing commies at home was that he would break China away from Russia, prevent an alliance, and get them suspicious of each other. We do the same with Russia as well because we don’t need a two-front war with half the planet fighting us Atlantic AND Pacific.

    The Sub sank (probably) because they (someone, Dr. No) tried to get Russia to Nuke San Diego and blame it on CHINA. Then the U.S. would nuke China, get in a war, both would destroy each other, and the USSR would emerge victorious, last man standing. …Yes they really are crazy enough to believe these things.

    But that’s not the only time: the U.S. (it is alleged) attacked RUSSIA from Siberia to make it look like China did it. And so on. And on. And on.

    Which leads us to today: Biden/WEF, all the Davos Men, back to 2016 and before say “RUSSIARUSSIARUSSIARUSSIARUSSIARUSSIARUSSIARUSSIARUSSIARUSSIARUSSIA”
    We say, others say, Trump says, “Russia’s the size of Italy, isn’t our REAL geopolitical threat from China, who has completely gutted and displaced all American industry and science? Even military manufacturing R&D and development?” (Sandia Labs, Hyper missiles) NOPE. 3/4s of the “Political Class”, 100% of Davos Man, deny ANY involvement of ANY China with every fiber of their being and focus on Russia, which can’t invade and is no threat to us at all. As Russia Defends almost exclusively using Russian-gauge rail lines, they’re not even a threat to f’n Poland.

    No matter. Russia is under our bed, about to occupy us with fewer men than live in Texas, with a GDP smaller than California, instead of China, which has 3x our population and equal to our GDP. It’s a joke. Logic: there is none.

    BUT: somebody’s pulling the strings for our $110B attack on Russia. Somebody is making the U.S. fight Europe’s war. Davos, right? Maaayyyy-be. Why jump to conclusions? Who else is in line with Davos, their dream and goal for life on earth? Who thinks the model of North Korea – or China – is the ideal for us all? , NY Times. WaPo. Google. Schwab. Merkel. Von der Lyin’.

    So wait: the WEF and China are on the same page? Yes. The page that makes the U.S. attack Russia exclusively on their own dime? Yes. That destroys the U.S. military AND the Russian economy? Yes.

    So wouldn’t CHINA be your first suspect? As said, the U.S./China/Russia have been trying to get the other two into a war that leaves them intact and on top for 100 years.

    And didn’t CHINA be the one we are sure runs NPC units: McConnell? Pelosi? Royce? Clinton? Boehner? Feinstein? Biden? The same Davos crowd – and their peers in Europe – that are fighting a stupid, pointless war?


    So why isn’t this CHINA? China from the first, China to the last, getting the U.S. and Russia into a world war that lets CHINA occupy a defeated U.S. AND take 10,000 miles of RUSSIAN resources and food areas? Lebensraum, if you will. …Because otherwise – without that food, resources, and room — China will collapse.

    Sound like a motive? Sound like the power-patterns we see out there? But to question China is racist. To outlaw Russians by ethnicity is not.

    Let the U.S. and Russia fight. Pull every lever, blackmail every leader to make sure it happens. Sit back and watch the show. Best part: they all think it’s Them! Xi Heil!


    Maintaining of “community standards” on social media such as Facebook, Apple (I-phone), Google, Youtube, Instagram, Amazon (until recently, Twitter as well) and other platforms filters out the vast majority of “crimethink.”

    Read more @TAE

    The WEB has Moderators for War, Covid, Politics, Sanctions, Propaganda, Free Speech, FBI & CIA

    Opinions – Truth and Lies
    Who watches FOX NEWS
    Four Minutes of Undiluted Truth on Mainstream TV

    Four Minutes of Undiluted Truth on Mainstream TV

    (The last thing you’d ever expect to hear on a mainstream news channel, is the truth. But—strange as it might seem—that’s exactly what happened on Wednesday night on the Tucker Carlson Show.)


    Oh my. Iggy as Jennifer kicks bosco as madamski’s ass down the street like ab old beer can. The dude rocks the dudette look.


    In a market economy, this is inevitable. That is fine of itself: let me sell my organs to enrich my kids’ estate if I so choose. But the market is neither open nor honest, and neither are its participants, and so the above bit of shock humor gets its deep belly-punch line from being merely accurate.

    Organ donations surge in Canada after legalization of assisted suicide 01/08/20


    “Get off this estate.”
    “What for?”
    “Because it’s mine.”
    “Where did you get it?”
    “From my father.”
    “Where did he get it?”
    “From his father.”
    “And where did he get it?”
    “He fought for it.”
    “Well, I’ll fight you for it.”

    Today we usually say that we bought it since land inheritance rarely happens anymore. We speak of legal rights including those purchased in the form of land deeds.

    Today, we would not say “I’ll fight you for it”, because we’ve replaced “fight” with ‘right’: ‘It’s mine by right’ rather than the honest truth ‘It’s mine by fight.’

    I think the era of rights is about passed, and a new era of fights is begun.


    Like I said before: Mormons in Symmetry

    Forming lines inherently offends, even terrifies me, but it can be useful.

    Why is it that it takes black gospel singers or Jewish cantors to teach white people to look up to the sky and belt it out fer chrissake?


    Today’s Yogi tea bag exhortation: Let your need be to help those in need.

    Relevant song: The Original sans David Spade


    Why Xmas music must die but, being as immortal as the fluorescent lights in shopping malls, can never be slain: Slay Ride

    And The Little Drummer Boy thought he had it rough.

    Speaking of whom: What Can I Give?

    Forgive the dancing: they enjoyed it even if you may not have. 😉


    Puddle in the Rain

    If I don’t take a pic, people freak out at an old man staring and smiling at a puddle in the rain. People have a hard time recognizing simple happiness in the small things. A cell cam gives me cover to just look and feel nice. Otherwise, cars slow down passing by, and next thing you know you’re an item of suspicious mention in the local neighborhood blockwatch email chain.

    Like a paraschizo using a cellphone to cover that he’s talking to voices in his head


    Re. Assange. Afewk asked, at

    Debt Rattle December 10 2022

    Why a sudden U-turn by the Guardian and company now?

    1. Trump can be blamed for the indictment in 2019. Obama held off. (see 2 links below) So, Dems => Nobilis, Trump => Horribilis!

    2. The pro-Assange cause is quite successful WW. Russia and Xi have both ridiculed the US for their hypocritical *free speech* screechy BS by pointing to Assange, a non-violent person, a journalist, reporter, blogger (depending on def.), made to suffer horrors. Mega embarassing -> no counter-argument is at hand. Australia is being blamed as well, why do they not defend their citizen?

    3. The Guardian (and maybe similarly the NY times, to a lesser degree .. ?) were publishing some of Assange’s docs, takes, etc., and very keen on the *New Journalism* (wikileaks, the new era, internet, public participation, etc.) as that might make them more relevant, better ‘news’ purveyors, which would surely rapidly augment revenue.

    At the Guardian, Brit. authorities intervened pronto and forbade all wiki news, even destroyed servers (I have read.)

    So some MSM have a grudge against their controllers, and want to claim more leeway, independence, etc. Vassals aren’t happy all the time.

    one news link, Chicago Tribune

    indictment Assange US official doc


    In addition to having a fake government that generates fake narratives about everything -finance, economics, energy, the environment, education, health- it seems that Orcland also has a fake sewage system.

    ‘Do not swim: Auckland beaches overwhelmed by faecal bacteria after heavy rain’

    Auckland’s Council’s water quality monitoring website Safeswim shows the public is warned against swimming at the majority of the city’s beaches due to a high risk of illness.

    The Safeswim map uses a ‘green’ water droplet icon for ‘low-risk’ beaches and a ‘red’ water droplet icon for ‘high-risk’ beaches.

    And after the weekend’s downpours, most beaches are red as Safeswim’s water quality models predict that levels of faecal indicator bacteria breach national guidelines for swimming.

    When contaminated by human or animal faeces, the water can contain disease-causing bacteria, viruses and protozoa (such as salmonella, campylobacter or giardia). These can cause illnesses including gastroenteritis, respiratory illness, ear and eye infections and skin infections.

    In addition, there are multiple ‘black’ water droplet icons, which warn of an overflow from the Watercare wastewater network.’

    (I won’t mention the quality of the air that people in Orcland breathe. But you can guess.)

    The interesting thing about urine and faecal matter is that just about the very worst thing you can do with them is to mix them with water and send them down a pipe. All the sustainable societies that ever existed used them on the land to maintain soil fertility.

    But industrial civilisation is not interested in maintaining soil fertility unless it is achieved by looting and polluting and via the use of petroleum and coal.

    The implosion is taking a while to manifest but it’s definitely coming at an accelerating pace. Natural systems are incredibly resilient. But if you throw enough shit at them, you can overwhelm them.


    More propagandist bullshit:

    Economists hail end to zero Covid in China but huge human toll is feared

    “there is almost no natural immunity, because most people have never been exposed to Covid.”

    WTF – “never been exposed”? After three fuckin’ years?!



    Thanks for those thoughts.

    I must admit that 20 years ago, even 10 years ago, I read much of the Guardian’s reporting.

    But these days I only check the headlines occasionally to see what mind-control garbage is being fed to the proles.

    That said, it is one step up the ladder from MSM, which occasionally informs me about things I need to know but most of the time is loaded with the worst kind of rot one can imagine: misreporting of health matters, misreporting of wars, misreporting of economic and financial matters, the latest antics of ‘the royals’, celebrity politics etc. and advertisements for stuff I will never buy.

    Figmund Sreud

    Felix of made a interview-round lately – about 1/2 dozen in total, … yammering about economy, politics, geopolitics, etc. Here is one set of notes that were made. Note: Felix predicted events pretty well right on for 2022, … he has been pretty accurate all along. Here is his view for 2023 and beyond. Worth pondering, …

    The tightening process followed by the world’s central banks in 2022 has been contributing to the global economic slowdown.

    China is suffering the most from this slowdown & it will take the nation years to get through it (through 2028). Europe/UK is in the second-worst shape, and will experience long-term structural challenges (e.g., energy, political shifts, war repercussion) that will disadvantage it going forward.

    The US is in a relatively better position. It’s still benefiting from the massive fiscal stimulus issued post-pandemic. While interest rate-sensitive segments are getting hit, the services sectors are doing ok.

    In total, the global economy will struggle through mid-2023.The US will experience a mild recession. Most other nations are likely to experience a more serious one.

    Stocks will perform poorly, too through at least Q1 2023, even US stocks as 50% of S&P earnings come from outside the US.

    The hiking/tightening into a weakening economy is likely to trigger a major credit event as money becomes more expensive/scarce. China is the likeliest candidate as the deflation from its collapsing real estate loan market is severe & the contagion risk to foreign banks is high. The central banks will be forced to pivot when the credit event occurs. To be clear: Felix thinks Jerome Powell will not be able to pause and keep rates high for a prolonged period – the credit event will demand he revert back to cutting rates/easing.

    This is why Felix expects the markets to decline from here until such a pivot happens. His best guess on timing is that something will “break” by late Q1, forcing the pivot response. That policy pivot will unleash a recovery in financial asset prices through the rest of 2023 and well into 2024. He expects commodities to run even more bullishly, persisting through 2025.

    As financial assets rebound, Felix expects this will be led in the first phase by the growth stocks & bonds. Then the leadership will transition to the cyclical stocks & commodities (energy, metals and precious metals)

    What happens to inflation? CPI and commodity prices will decrease from here until the pivot. Following the pivot, the stimulus will have the biggest boosting impact on scarce resources. In Felix’s mind, that’s commodities – especially now that global trade is becoming increasingly bifurcated (US/WEST vs BRICs). Inflation could roar back to double-digits through 2025/2026.

    During this period, bonds yields will rise again as investors start demanding higher returns for the higher inflation cost. Felix can see UST 10 year yields above 8%. Ultimately, those high rates are going to trigger another economic downturn after 2025.

    That’s why Felix predicts the next decade will be a “decade of the rollercoasters”, swinging the economy & the markets from bust, to boom, back to bust.

    And this is a uniquely bad environment for the passive investing strategies & vehicles that dominate the investing landscape today. To protect & grow wealth through this coming decade, investors will need to actively manage – most people should focus less on picking investments and more on picketing the right advisor to guide them through this era.

    The dominance of the West is likely sunsetting. Geopolitically, the coming decade will be one of decline/de-globalization for the developed world. It’s now a divided world and supply chains will never return to what they were. It will be less efficient, more pricey and more inflationary. And the ones who will suffer most will be the bottom 99%.

    Felix worries about a trend towards socialism in the world’s democracies, and if things get bad enough, true social unrest/revolt/revolution. He also worries about more ‘administered’ governments (more Soviet-style controls).

    In Felix’s opinion, the US made a tragic blunder by weaponizing the dollar & the financial system vs Russia in response to the Ukraine invasion. It shocked the rest of the world and added a massive incentivized nations to accelerate their de-dollarization plans. He sees the end of the Petrodollar and the end of the US dollar as the single world reserve currency as likely inevitable now. He thinks the influence of the US on the world will be “less and less” over the coming decades.

    In the short term, Felix expects the dollar to strengthen again through Q1 as things deteriorate. But should a pivot indeed happen in Q2, the dollar will start weakening upon its announcement. Bond yields will follow a similar trajectory. Felix thinks bonds will have a “great 6 month rally” starting when the pivot is announced.

    In terms of the strength of the rally of the stock rally a pivot will unleash, Felix thinks stocks could go up 2x between mid-2024 through end 2024.

    In terms of his own portfolio, Felix is “neutral” right now and looking to go “net short” heading into 2023. Between now and end Q1, he expects most assets to decline (even gold), so he recommends most investors build dry powder now in order to be able to deploy it in the post-pivot bull cycle.

    Felix encourages the average investor to follow active professional financial advice in this market, but to get it from a seasoned advisor who has experience & respect for the kind of macro cycles we’re dealing with.

    Bit of stuff on Felix:

    … fwiw,



    The Duran addresses the “coup’ attempt in Germany where the conspirators were going to overthrow the German government and install Prince Henry the 13th


    Jumping the “Sieg Heil”

    TAE Summary

    A Tale of Two Narratives : Twitter Edition

    * The Mainstream Narrative
    – As a worldwide ‘public square,’ Twitter should be heavily regulated for misinformation and spamming by hostile interests. Twitter bears a responsibility to take action against disinformation and hate. Content moderation on platforms like Twitter is absolutely necessary to safeguard our democracy. As a private company Twitter is under no legal obligation to protect free speech and everything Twitter has done is within the law. Twitter and other social media platforms were instrumental in combating disinformation about Covid 19, climate change, election integrity and the war in Ukraine
    – Elon Musk is an arrogant, toxic person. He doesn’t really care about free speech. His goals in purchasing Twitter are political. His takeover of Twitter is the most terrifying development in recent history. His purchase of Twitter will destroy it by driving away advertisers and providing a platform for Neo-Nazis and other hate-speechers. Under Musk, Twitter is a scammer’s paradise. Elon Musk decimated the staff of Twitter (breaking Federal labor laws) while restoring accounts that spread disinformation. Control of Twitter involves national security risks and Musk’s takeover should be investigated by the US Government.
    – The so-called “Twitter Files” are a feast for conspiracy theorists and have re-enlivened the influence of entities like QAnon. Journalists like Matt Taibbi writing about the Twitter Files are selling their souls to do PR work for the richest man in the world. The Twitter Files entries are sloppy, anecdotal and devoid of context. They are a nothing event about nothing event. The hysteria surrounding the Twitter Files is being used by Republicans for political gain.
    – The Hunter Biden laptop story was difficult and the truth was not known early and so caution was justified. There is no evidence in the Twitter Files that the government was involved in the suppression of the Hunter Biden Laptop story. There is nothing on Hunter Biden’s laptop that actually implicates Joe Biden. James Baker took the careful approach and urged Twitter to weigh both sides of the Hunter Biden Laptop story before proceeding.
    – Hate speech has dramatically increased since Must took over Twitter and these hateful tweets will lead to violence against the already marginalized. Right wing accounts such as those of Donald Trump, Project Veritas and the Babylon Bee should continue to be banned.

    * The Counter Narrative
    – Twitter management was openly against free speech and used techniques such as “Visibility Filtering” to limit the reach of some posts. Twitter had secret blacklist files to limit the distribution of certain tweets specifically targeting right wing users. Twitter and other social media platforms have been instrumental in distributing disinformation and hiding the truth about Covid 19, climate change, election integrity and the war in Ukraine. Twitter censorship was used by the Democrats for political gain
    – Elon Musk is a hero. He bought Twitter to restore free speech. Twitter, pre-Musk, was a major accomplice and enabler in selling-out America’s future. Twitter was bloated with excess and left wing employees.
    – The Twitter Files show that the DNC and FBI were directly involved in suppressing free speech and prove that the 2020 elections were not free and fair. Twitter was clearly involved in election interference. The government interactions with Twitter were similar to Nazi propaganda methods. Twitter employees and their government contacts should be made to answer for their actions before congress. So-called journalists criticizing Matt Taibbi for his work on the Twitter Files are embarrassing in their uniformity and mindless support of a corrupt system.
    – The files on Hunter Biden’s laptop prove that Joe Biden used his office to make money and Twitter’s suppression of the laptop story was done to help get Joe Biden elected. It is a bigger scandal than Watergate. James Baker was involved in RussiaGate at the FBI and the Hunter Biden Laptop suppression at Twitter. Baker deleted some of the content that should have been in the Twitter Files.
    – The claims that hate speech has increased on Twitter since Musk’s takeover are utterly false. Hate speech is not tolerated on Twitter. Twitter largely ignored child trafficking issues until Musk took over. Lifting the ban on Donald Trump, Project Veritas and the Babylon Bee on Twitter are victories for free speech.

    Michael Reid

    Emanuel Pastreich discusses the ills of U.S. Empire, the sham of American elections, and how academia has been utterly corrupted. In reality, politics is determined via false flag operations which cause mass trauma (e.g. 9/11). The goal of Operation COVID-19 was the totalitarian takeover of local and central governments around the world by the power elite, IT companies, and private intelligence firms. The technocrats have been learning how to modify behavior through experiments at DARPA, RAND, and Guantanamo Bay. Israel was the pioneer in developing these technologies for social control. He explains how nations states seem to have conflicts while simultaneously cooperating symbiotically via multinational corporations. Finally, he talks solutions.

    Emanuel Pastreich: COVID-19 Was a Global Coup by Private Finance, IT, & Intelligence Complexes

    D Benton Smith

    Hot damn! What an opportunity. I hardly ever get to disagree with (or in this case add to) anything Dr D says, because his observations just nail it almost every time.

    Well, actually, the only disagreement isn’t actually a full-on disagreement with anything he said. The difference of opinion is more along the lines of where he chose to end off the investigative and explanatory data trail: China.

    Oh its China alright, just like Doc said, except not really.

    Agreed, that the U.S. descent into wackdom was and is a Chinese campaign of long range warfare. BUT you can’t lay the blame at China’s doorstep because the idea to do that did not originate in China.

    Us old guys remember that the PR Narrative back in the day is that it was President Nixon and the (mostly) American Industrialists who hatched the plan of shipping America’s industrial capacity to China where slave labor would make cheap shit to sell to American’s for hugely increased profit margins, in exchange for which China would “buy” US debt (T-Bills) in an endless carousel of treasonous fraud that (along with the Petro Dollar arrangement) was reckoned to cement the Empire’s hegemony for the next thousand years.

    Except it wasn’t Nixon’s idea. Tricky Dick got it (was compelled, actually) by way of renowned incomparable Machiavellian, Henry Kissinger . . . . who in turn was not his own man.

    Above Henry is the murkiness I not too fondly refer to as “The Cabal”.

    So what was the plan, really?

    My conspiracy theory is that The Cabal knew (from previous experience) that the China gig was one of the last tricks in their bag to prop up the dollar based hegemony that was already predictably near the end of it’s workable life span. All Ponzi schemes must come to an end and this one was in an accelerating death spiral due to lack of TANGIBLE ownership of the commodities which petrodollars only abstractly represent.

    So the plan was to steal Russia and it’s vast vast vast natural resources. Must have looked great on paper. How was the Cabal to know that it’s ancient enemy (the Rus) had learned a thing or two and were ready for them when the betrayals and aggressive encroachments reached a certain fever pitch. (at the very least they were not very surprised. ) And how was the Cabal to know that when they set off to make the US even more stupid than it already was that America would exceed their expectations and become SO incompetent that the once mighty empire wouldn’t even be able to tie it’s own shoelaces . . . . much less beat Russia in a land war in Asia, which the Russians had been prepping for for a decade or so.

    And China? They got a problem or two. First of all, getting OUT of the dollar isn’t as easy at it looks.

    China is working hard (ineffectively, just to keep their doors open now that they (at the Cabal’s insistence) have fucking ANNIHILATED their own customer base in both the US and Europe. Can’t sell much to folks who don’t have money (Hey, will ya take another wheelbarrow of incredible shrinking dollars for that TV set? No? Well how about a container ship of Euros?). China’s Ponzi has run out of fresh suckers. Think Japan, only writ large.

    The only way this dog’s breakfast of a genius plan was going to leave the Cabal in charge of anything is if the “whatever is left” was a very very very small population of severely weakened and disorganized refugees who could still make and run a hyper-advanced high technology civilization with 1/10th of it’s previous population and 1/100th of the money.

    That’s what they’re working on now. And failing as usual. They will be in jail, the ground, or lunatic asylums well within the current decade. It takes decades to turn the momentum of the collapse they’re engineered, and the momentum toward the demise of the Cabal is still accelerating. There is no way to reverse that momentum even if they knew how . . . and they don’t have the foggiest clue about how. Lying, cheating stealing and killing is all they know how to do and even then they require others to actually DO the doing.


    The funniest thing about Glomar Explorer was that the CIA dudes got obsessed with a Saturday morning cartoon visualization of a CLAW descending to grab the Soviet sub and bring it to the surface.

    Their highly-experienced deepwater professionals told them that this was NOT the way to recover materials from a deep water wreck. But they were so obsessed with the idea of a cartoon claw, that they ignored all expert advice and went ahead with it.

    As predicted, the sub broke apart as they attempted to lift it with The Claw, forcing them to finally do what the professionals had advised, but with the wreck now broken apart and scattered on the sea floor.

    My own experience in the corporate world reflects that same mentality. BEFORE I experienced a series of mergers, my call center had a Director who, at LEAST once a month, would pick a cubicle, log in, and take customer care calls all day. ANY customer could maltreat her, berate her for failings in the organization, the products, whatever. Open to whatever direct feedback customers felt like giving, rational or irrational, customers who had no idea they were talking to someone 6 levels up from my own position.

    Years later, after a series of mergers, nobody did that shit anymore. I once told someone several levels up that they need to log in and take calls all day – oh dear, you would think I had run over their dog. I’m quite sure the look in their eyes would NOT have been more mortally offended and revolted than if I’d delivered some crass personal insult. Like, if I’d suggested the company take up a policy of genocide, MAYBE their disgusted, horrified, angry look would have approached, but not equaled, what I saw. And all I was suggesting was a way to DIRECTLY tune in to reality.

    Incidentally, there was a time I was in a position charge of anywhere from 30-70 people at various times and I made SURE to log in and take calls where people under me could SEE me do it AND then never, ever EVER bring it up. Never pat myself on the back, never wax self-righteous. While management was ordering me to bring them mylar balloons and ice cream. “For morale.” Which I refused to do. I ASKED them how it made them feel and they told me it offended them as patronizing, condescending.

    By the end, of course, they thought it was appropriate to force me to inject poison while listening to Ibrihim X kendri tell me the thoughts I know I think, the person I’ve been is a FALSE self but HE has access to my TRUE self, which I cannot perceive, and whatever my false self, the one I’ve been intimately familiar with all my life, does, HE sees my TRUE self, which I cannot see, which is horrible in all ways no matter what my false self has always done or thought.

    Thanks, employer. Surely, it is Corporations who should take the same role as the medieval catholic church and teach us morality and do so as a monopoly.

    …but before that insanity, 2 trends seemed to dominate management:

    1.) The frontline employees ruin everything. They Must Be Stopped. Practically every policy and process seemed to be formulated ultimately upon the idea of They Must Be Stopped. They Are Ruining Everything.

    2.) Management would get silly ideas in their head. They’d imagine they had a solution to item #1 above, a simple thing that would solve it and immediately full-bore enact it as prioritized above all other concerns. Like dreaming of a cartoon claw grabbing a Soviet sub. And it would f everything up until we discovered all the necessary workarounds, which we would not inform management of, and eventually the new initiative would fade from memory.

    I’m not entirely sure our Masters Of The Universe haven’t screwed themselves up in some essential fashion. What with their revulsion for interacting with reality at a base level and a revulsion for having to interact honestly with people who DO, what with their paranoia that it’s everyone else that ruins everything and their cartoon dreams that XYZ Thing will be The Answer…

    Did they already add rudimentary brain chips, upload themselves, try to alter their own dna, try to add rudimentary brain-augmenting nanotech? Engage in weird permanently psyche damaging rituals or brain damaging “enlightening” chemicals?

    Their continual trying and re-trying stupid crap. Their hate for basic human things like common sense, 2 sexes, eating meat, children, families, 2+2=4 etc. If they have high IQ’s, they are still “cognitively challenged” like a cluster B on steroids. weird insect reptile robot weirdos. Like they bootstrapped themselves into worse idiocy by first getting into the corporate managerial mindset, but then applied some Glomar Explorer cartoon claw solution to THEMSELVES, just so in love with the idea OF – finally THIS will be the answer.

    December 10, 20221:12 AM
    China’s Xi calls for oil trade in yuan at Gulf summit in Riyadh
    BEIJING, Dec 9 (Reuters) – China’s President Xi Jinping said in Riyadh on Friday that China and Gulf nations should make full use of the Shanghai Petroleum and National Gas Exchange as a platform to carry out yuan settlement of oil and gas trade.


    An excellent update on Ukraine from Brian. Diminishing support for the Ukofascists because the NATOstan fascists are running out of stuff to send.

    Figmund Sreud

    @zerosumChina’s Xi calls for oil trade in yuan at Gulf summit in Riyadh

    Surprised? Don’t be, … after US unilaterally froze something like well over U$600-billions of Russian assets, why would Chine continue to risk trading in U$S? Just watch, … dollarization of ‘worldly’ financial system will accelerate exponentially from now on! Watch with impish glee!


    Figmund Sreud

    For all those in a cold flat in the UK with a woolly hat on your head:

    As one diplomat puts it, “foreign policy has come home to roost”.


    Dr. D

    U.S. grabbing Russian assets: another move straight from China to collapse us and move the financial center to China. Workin’ like a charm and you don’t have to suggest that to anyone in the USUK-land twice! Shut up and I’ll take your money!

    Oh yes, Benton, that’s exactly how it is, as Jb-hb says. I have no idea how they get up and get their pants on in the morning.

    The “Elite” pinheads probably always did drugs, maybe just the “Ritual brain space technique” kind, but they DEFINITELY do drugs now. Pharmacopoeia, Aka, Sorcery. As YouTube aggravatingly won’t shut up, it autoplayed a SBF interview from someone who does drugs. That is, they are a local expert on performance-enhancing compounds, from the bottle snap-shot on his messy FTX desk in the news article. Huh. (The rest not only do daily drug cocktails but microdose Acid — and it shows in their work)

    Although claimed they never do drugs, never drink, and as nerds only play sexless board games on the floor of their multi-million dollar Bahama estate, his desk says he takes, at a minimum, EMSAM.

    ““Stimulants when you wake up, sleeping pills if you need them when you sleep” — that was the formula for FTX’s success, according to a tweet from Bankman-Fried.

    Others took ADHD drugs like Ritalin – and to be fair, may have since childhood – but Ritalin is a type of meth, a powerful stimulant and highly controlled substance. So they took that and all those brain-drug cocktails too. EMSAM is used to increase attention, energy, reduces sleep, and causes compulsive behaviors which would be useful in his position, such as compulsive clicking and gambling. It has not only serotonin but dopamine. People using it for cognitive function also find it causes you to hyper-intellectualize. As in, your self associates only with mind, and no longer bothers itself with emotion, feels anything, or cares.

    …As you can see from his interviews.

    Because of this, sex is far easier and better, as you can say whatever to get it and not care about the other person when you drop them, to say nothing of common side effect of increased libido. Which we saw in their reports of wide “polyamory” which is just people hooking up with no plan, concern, purpose, or emotion.

    So basically, this drug they’re taking turns a normal, intelligent, wealthy child into heartless psychopaths and sex toys. His parents should be so proud since they probably prescribed it for him. And the rest of these “Masters of the Universe” throughout Silicon Valley and NY.

    Back to JB-HB, so…this is supposed to make you smarter, your decisions better? More able to “#Win”? No! Being mentally and emotionally bent, a compulsive, heartless, unthinking gambler, makes you more likely to #Lose. And not get away with it, as you are unable to comprehend – that is, “Feel” – you are in trouble, nor emotionally care about the consequences.

    And although not as severe, ALL Americans are on drugs and have been since childhood. So in what ways are we bent? We’ll never know unless we stop and compare.

    Too much going on, don’t mean to write so much:

    “SBF Tried to Destabilize Crypto Market to Save FTX: Report”

    This is very complicated and hard to interpret, but FTX – perhaps not just because, but to make money to prevent bankruptcy – specifically attacked other exchanges and currencies – that is, “Market rigging” – that included attacking Tether, the world’s largest Stablecoin and whose instability could crash all (off Blockchain, that is “all”) cryptos worldwide. Tether that Binance is neck-deep in, and is an open, obvious fraud. Making Binance most of an open, obvious fraud. Which would collapse them in the exact same way. Duh.

    CZ and Binance know what Bank Fraud is up to, because THEY DO THE SAME THING (but less of it). Because those are the same tools and the bench all of them have to use. So they’re all fully aware.

    So CZ told him to knock it off or else. Because HIS company, Binance would fail (and all of the industry all of them have worked on for 10 years). Bank-Fraud did not, so CZ pointed the fake FTT Token gun at his brains, then pulled the trigger a few times. Problem solved: FTX killed, Tether and Binance saved. …For now.

    Crypto’s not that big, people. You can’t hide massive attacks in the slurry of worldwide volume and anonymity. …We leave that for London, NY, and the Bahamas. And rigging via the Fed, ECB, and SEC with Gensler.

    All this is important and is going to matter, but I can’t decipher it yet. Is it on a schedule and intent, or a unexpected outsized response? Whose side is CZ on, a Chinese national, relocating the company out of China, when we know FTX is 100% “US” Derp State?

    “In 2021, [only then??] Binance was put under investigation by both the United States Department of Justice and Internal Revenue Service on allegations of money laundering and tax offenses.[7][8][9] The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority ordered Binance to stop all regulated activity in the United Kingdom in June 2021.” – Wiki.

    Wot a coincidence. FTX is the same process as Tech, Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Central American Drug Cartels: Super-fund one owned Cartel and play favorites with financing, media, and regulation until the over-funded/over-leveraged favorite drives all competition out of business. Then control the industry in monopoly pricing and steal all the small players, spend it yourself on palatial beachside homes, then set international prices and terms. …Still protected by government, mind you, in a Corporate-State merger Benito had a name for. Then, if you wish, collapse the core. In the case of Tech, collapse it only on enemies we don’t like, while keeping it running for our minions. In the case of WalMart collapse it on Main Street. In the case of drugs, supposedly to arrest the final cartel, the last man standing (This never happened and never will as it was the CIA-funding arm itself, run by GH Bush). Or in FTX, to collapse crypto so nobody uses it, or uses only YOUR coin, on YOUR terms. Terms such as “We can see everything” “We can and will shut you off any time for any reason.” Which is what central/private banking already IS. It already IS the CBDC token. As Mooselini proved.

    It’s the same thing, run by the same people, for the same reason, for the same purpose, over and over again.

    Wal-Mart. Microsoft. Facebook. Amazon. H. Bush and his paid employee Pablo Escobar. So. Boring. But people never catch on or stop helping them, so who am I to say? If they love monopoly, hate choice and low prices, and want literal fascism stomping on them every day, maybe I’m the crazy one.

    So go ahead, put your money in unregulated exchanges that each and every show no coins and no assets. But when they collapse, I can only say, “Sounds like they need some trustless money.”

    Which they all HAD in their hands, safe, trustless, direct money, and gave back in exchange for corruption. If they want it, I can’t stop them. It’s a free country.

    Dr. D



    Biden Calls For $50 Billion To Help Ukraine Track Down Notorious Russian Arms Dealer

    Pedo Presidementia scores again, nothing but net.




    From zerohedge and twitter
    Russia launched 15 Iranian suicide drones against power infrastructure in Ukraine’s port city of Odesa on Saturday. Ukraine shot down 10. But 5 got through. Now 1.5 million people are without electricity.


    The age of old teaches you, usually after considerable fight, how much you have lost since you were young. But it also teaches you how much more you have than you realized when you were younger, how even the reduced portion of strength, memory, energy, flexibility, and time you have left is nonetheless vastly more than you could imagine just, oh, ten years ago.


    A pent up bunch. Sorry.

    [the first after listening to Spartacus]

    Where is my soul when my brain is disordered
    By poisons, intrusions, and covert distortion?
    How do I stand before God when I’ve murdered-
    With all of my memories bent out of proportion?

    Why hell is stupid:

    The little child is taught to show great reverence for his God-
    When what he needs when things go wrong is someone who will listen.
    He’s got complaints and gripes and craves a simple, gentle fraud:
    A caring ear that won’t bestow eternity in prison.

    A theme I haven’t pinned down yet:

    It isn’t the gift- it’s the gracious reception.
    It isn’t the giver- it’s the one who accepts it.
    This is the realm of the giving of gifts.
    What’s earnestly given is graciously taken.

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