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The Most Important Question (Saker)
US Should Think Twice Before Contemplating ‘Decapitating Strike’ – Lavrov (RT)
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TEACH Your Kids, and LEARN Yourself (Denninger)
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Fighting the ‘Psyopcracy’ (Lauria)
What Did Nancy Pelosi Know and When Did She Know It? (Julie Kelly)
Do Covid mRNA Vaccines Damage Our Immune Systems? (Berenson)
The Sudden Decline In Birth Rates Post-Vaccination (Horowitz)





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Existential: “So, will we make it to December 31, 2023? Maybe, but this is by no means sure.”

The Most Important Question (Saker)

For Russia this war is clearly, undeniably and officially an existential one. To dismiss this reality would be the height of folly. When the strongest nuclear power on the planet declares, repeatedly, that this is an existential war everybody ought to really take it seriously and not go into deep denial. For the US Neocons this is also an existential war: if Russia wins, then NATO loses and, therefore, the US loses too. Which means that all those SOBs who for months fed everybody nonsense about Russia loosing the war to the general public will be held responsible for the inevitable disaster.

[..] I submit that the fact that the US ruling class is seriously contemplating both a “limited” use of “tactical” nukes and “decapitating strikes” is a very good indicator of the fact that the US is running out of Wunderwaffen and that the Neocons are desperate. And to those who might be tempted to accuse me of hyperbole or paranoid delusions I will say the following: This war is NOT, repeat, NOT about the Ukraine (or Poland or the three Baltic statelets). At its absolute minimum this is a war about the future of Europe. Fundamentally it is a war about the complete reorganization of our planet’s international order. I would even argue that the outcome of this war will have a bigger impact that either WWI or WWII. The Russians clearly understand this (see video above if you doubt that). And so do the Neocons, even if they don’t speak about it.

The current situation is much more dangerous than even the Cuban missile crisis or the standoff in Berlin. At least then both sides openly admitted that the situation was really dangerous. This time around, however, the ruling elites of the West are using their formidable PSYOP/propaganda capability to conceal the true scope what is really going on. If every citizen of the US (and EU) understood that there is a nuclear and conventional cross-hairs painted on his/her head things might be different. Alas, this is clearly not the case, hence the non-existent peace movement and the quasi consensus about pouring tens of BILLIONS of dollars into the Ukrainian black hole. Right now, the crazies are playing around with all sorts of silly ideas, including booting Russia off the UNSC (not gonna happen, since both Russia and China have veto power) or even creating a “peace conference” about the Ukraine without Russia’s participation (in a remake of the “friends of Syria” and “friends of Venezuela” thingie). Well, good luck with that! Apparently Guaido and Tikhanovskaia are not enough to discourage the Neocons and they are now repeating the exact same nonsense with “Ze”.

So, will we make it to December 31, 2023? Maybe, but this is by no means sure. Clearly, this is not an assumption the Kremlin makes, hence the truly immense strengthening of all of Russia’s strategic deterrence capabilities (both nuclear and conventional). God willing, the old adage “si vis pacem, para bellum” will save the day, as Russia is very clearly prepared for any time of conflict, including a nuclear one. China will also get there soon, but it is likely that 2023 will see some kind of end to the Ukrainian war: either a Russian victory in the Ukraine or a full-scale continental war which Russia will also win, (albeit at a much higher cost!). So by the time the Chinese will be truly ready (they probably need another 2-5 years) the world will be a very different place. For all these reasons I submit that 2023 might well be one of the most important years in human history. How many of us will actually survive it is an open question.

Why is Russia Conducting its Special Military Operation this Way?

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Twice is by no means enough.

US Should Think Twice Before Contemplating ‘Decapitating Strike’ – Lavrov (RT)

Reported comments by US officials about the possibility of a “decapitating strike” against Russia strongly suggest that Washington does not rule out the assassination of President Vladimir Putin, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with TASS news agency published on Tuesday. The minister noted that some “‘unnamed officials from the Pentagon actually threatened to conduct a ‘decapitating strike’ on the Kremlin…What we are talking about is the threat of the physical elimination of the head of the Russian state,” he said. The top diplomat went on to warn against such a line of thinking. “If such ideas are actually being nourished by someone, this someone should think very carefully about the possible consequences of such plans.”

Lavrov was apparently referring to a September article by Newsweek, which alleged that US defense officials are considering a number of options to respond against a potential Russian nuclear strike, including “a decapitation strike to kill Putin in the heart of the Kremlin.” Fears of a possible nuclear conflict have been sparked in the West after Putin said in September that Moscow would use “all means” necessary to defend Russia and its people if its territorial integrity is threatened. However, Moscow has repeatedly stated that it has no plans to deploy atomic weapons, maintaining that a nuclear war should never be fought.

The foreign minister also accused some of America’s partners of embracing a confrontational approach in the nuclear sphere. “They seem to have gone completely beyond the bounds of decency,” he said, recalling that former UK Prime Minister Liz Truss “without a shadow of a doubt declared during the election debates that she was quite ready to order a nuclear strike.” Lavrov also recalled Ukraine’s statements on the matter, saying “I not even mentioning the Kiev regime’s provocations, that go off the chart. [Ukrainian President] Vladimir Zelensky went as far as to demand preventive nuclear strikes by NATO countries on Russia. This is also beyond the bounds of what is acceptable,” he noted.

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“..the US-led military bloc “is essentially distributing digital weapons in an uncontrolled fashion” via Ukraine..”

Russia Issues Cyber Warning About Ukraine (RT)

Ukraine poses a global challenge to the international community, as the country is being used by NATO as a vehicle for the uncontrolled sharing of cyberweapons, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov said on Wednesday. Speaking to RIA Novosti, Syromolotov stated that the “threats posed by Ukraine in the information space are of a universal nature.” He went on to say that the US-led military bloc “is essentially distributing digital weapons in an uncontrolled fashion” via Ukraine. These activities could trigger “unpredictable consequences for all members of the international community,” the deputy foreign minister warned. “Today, it is Russia which is in the crosshairs, and tomorrow it may be any other state that Washington dislikes.”

Syromolotov did not elaborate on the type of weapons he meant, but noted that after Russia began its military operation in the neighboring state in late February, it faced “unprecedented external aggression in the information space,” with the number of cyber-attacks on Russia increasing by as much as 80%. Earlier, he claimed that these attacks mostly come from the EU and North America. In October, he said that the US Department of Defense and National Security Agency (NSA) encourage “Russophobia” among international hackers while leveraging the private sector, including tech giant Microsoft, to “implement their aggressive plans.” The US-based company has committed more than $400 million in support of Kiev.

In early August, Syromolotov also claimed that the US and their allies had admitted to creating a volunteer “IT-army of Ukraine” to attack Russian infrastructure. This came after General Paul Nakasone, the head of US Cyber Command, confirmed that Washington had “conducted a series of operations” in support of Kiev, including offensive, defensive, and information operations. In September, the Washington Post revealed that the US had developed a network of fake social media accounts to conduct psychological and information warfare and spread pro-Western narratives. It allegedly deployed hundreds of accounts over the past five years, to advance “anti-Russia narratives.”

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“..though the export of such weapons has been banned by Congress, media outlets such as Politico have suggested that President Joe Biden and even his Secretary of State Antony Blinken could potentially override this ban.”

US Adviser To Ukraine Calls For Cluster Bombs (RT)

Dan Rice, an American adviser to the Ukrainian military, has called on Washington to authorize the delivery of cluster munitions to Kiev to increase its “base lethality” and “win the war” against Russia. During an interview with CNN last week, Rice, who is officially the special adviser to the Commander-in-Chief of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, insisted that the US “really needs to” supply Kiev’s forces with cluster bombs. They are like throwing “a flame thrower at a bunch of ants” and would “multiply the artillery shells by five to ten times more lethal,” he argued, according to a transcript posted by the channel. “This is how you increase the base lethality and win the war. If we want to win it, we need to give them something like that,” he told the outlet, calling cluster bombs a “game changer.”

However, he noted that US President Joe Biden’s administration is not currently willing to supply such munitions to Ukraine, as it would anger Western European states that have signed a treaty banning these weapons. “According to our own policy, we have concerns about the use of those kinds of munitions,” US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told journalists earlier this month. The 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM) banning these types of weapons was signed by over 100 nations, including most EU member states. Russia, the US and Ukraine have not signed the Convention. One of the main concerns related to cluster bombs is the large amount of unexploded munitions left behind after strikes which pose a threat to civilians.

Rice, however, insists that Kiev forces would use these weapons responsibly and “clean up” after themselves “as soon as they liberate a town.” Russia has repeatedly accused Kiev of using Soviet-made cluster bombs both before and after Moscow launched its military campaign against the country. In March, the Ukrainian army reportedly used a Tochka-U missile with a cluster payload to strike the center of Donetsk, leaving over 20 civilians dead and dozens injured. In October, Russian officials accused Kiev’s forces of using a cluster munition for the US-made HIMARS rocket launcher to strike a river crossing in Kherson, which killed four civilians, including a journalist. Kiev has denied responsibility for the attacks.

The US is believed to be sitting on a stockpile of cluster munitions but has so far refrained from officially sending any of it to Ukraine. However, even though the export of such weapons has been banned by Congress, media outlets such as Politico have suggested that President Joe Biden and even his Secretary of State Antony Blinken could potentially override this ban.

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Putin Bans Russian Oil Exports To Countries That Implement Price Cap (R.)

President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday delivered Russia’s long-awaited response to a Western price cap, signing a decree that bans the supply of crude oil and oil products from Feb. 1 for five months to nations that abide by the cap. The Group of Seven major powers, the European Union and Australia agreed this month to a $60-per-barrel price cap on Russian seaborne crude oil effective from Dec. 5 over Moscow’s “special military operation” in Ukraine. The cap is close to the current price for Russian oil, but well beneath the windfall price Russia was able to sell for this year and that helped offset the impact of financial sanctions on Moscow.

Russia is the world’s second-largest oil exporter after Saudi Arabia, and a major disruption to its sales would have far reaching consequences for global energy supplies. The decree, published on a government portal and the Kremlin website, was presented as a direct response to “actions that are unfriendly and contradictory to international law by the United States and foreign states and international organisations joining them”.

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“..mountains of domestic moderation requests.”

Every Social Media Company Censoring For Government – Elon Musk (RT)

All social media platforms work with the US government to censor content, Twitter CEO Elon Musk claimed on Tuesday. Documents released by Musk following his purchase of Twitter showed that the platform colluded with the FBI, CIA, Pentagon and other government agencies to suppress information on elections, Ukraine, and Covid-19. “*Every* social media company is engaged in heavy censorship, with significant involvement of and, at times, explicit direction of the government,” Musk tweeted, adding that “Google frequently makes links disappear, for example.” Musk was referring to internal Twitter communications published by journalist Matt Taibbi, which suggested that the platform’s senior executives held regular meetings with members of the FBI and CIA, during which the agencies gave them lists of “hundreds of problem accounts” to suspend in the runup to the 2020 election.

In addition to Twitter, the government was in contact “with virtually every major tech firm,” Taibbi claimed. “These included Facebook, Microsoft, Verizon, Reddit, even Pinterest.” CIA agents “nearly always” sat in on meetings of these firms with the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force, Taibbi claimed, explaining that although this task force was convened to fight alleged election interference by foreign states, it made “mountains of domestic moderation requests.” A lawsuit filed earlier this year by the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana alleges that officials from no fewer than 12 government agencies met weekly with representatives of Twitter, Facebook, and other Big Tech firms in 2020 to decide which narratives and users to censor, with topics ranging from alleged election interference to Covid-19.

A self-described “free speech absolutist,” Musk purchased Twitter for $44 billion in October. He has since released batches of documents shedding light on the platform’s previously opaque censorship policies. Published by several independent journalists, these document dumps have shown how Twitter suppressed information damaging to Joe Biden’s election campaign, colluded with the FBI to remove content the agency wanted hidden, assisted the US military’s online influence campaigns, and censored “anti-Ukraine narratives” on behalf of multiple US intelligence agencies. The FBI said last week that correspondence between its agents and Twitter staff “show nothing more than examples of our tradition [of] longstanding and ongoing federal government and private sector engagements.”

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Let’s see them do it.

63% of Americans Want FBI ‘Censorship’ of Twitter Investigated (ET)

A majority of Americans want Congress to investigate whether the FBI was involved in censoring posts on Twitter and other social media sites following new revelations from billionaire CEO Elon Musk’s release of the “Twitter Files,” a poll released on Dec. 26 found. A total of 63 percent of likely voters think Congress should probe “whether the FBI was involved in censoring information on social media sites” and only 22 percent oppose such an investigation, the poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports found. Another 15 percent said they weren’t decided. Rasmussen also found that 63 percent “believe it is likely that the FBI encouraged social media sites like Facebook and Twitter” to “suppress, silence, or reduce the reach of certain political speech and speakers.”

About 27 percent said it isn’t likely that the FBI didn’t try to silence or suppress political speech on social media, and 11 percent said they’re not sure. About 46 percent view the FBI unfavorably, while 50 percent view the bureau favorably, the poll showed. Some 74 percent of Democrats have a favorable opinion of the FBI, while only 34 percent of Republicans share the same perception. About 40 percent of Republicans, 28 percent of unaffiliated voters, and 10 percent of Democrats have a “very unfavorable” opinion of the law enforcement agency, it found. The survey was released after several journalists published Twitter’s internal communications, showing that the FBI had extensive communications with Twitter’s previous management before Musk’s takeover. Starting in early December, Musk endorsed the disclosure of that information, known as the “Twitter Files.”

House Republicans have signaled they’re willing to conduct a top-to-bottom of investigation of the FBI following the recent disclosures on Twitter. House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) have floated a Church Committee-style probe, referring to the 1970s investigations led by then-Sen. Frank Church into allegations of U.S. government spying on its own citizens. “We’ve been looking at a Church-style committee to look at this,” Jordan told Just the News last week. McCarthy also told Fox News, “We’ve got to get to the very bottom, and I think just subpoenas are starting, but you’re almost going to have to have a Church-style investigation to reform the FBI, the more that we are learning.”

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“ the beginning, we’ll make a lot more mistakes because I’m new. Hey, I just got here, man!“

Twitter Won’t Go Bankrupt Anytime Soon – Musk (RT)

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, has stated that the social media platform is no longer “in the fast lane to bankruptcy.” However, Musk said that there is a lot that needs to be done on the platform. “But overall it seems to be heading in a good direction,” he said. Musk said over the weekend on the All-In podcast that the company will not be filing for bankruptcy soon. He said, “We’ve got the expenses reasonably under control, so the company’s not in the fast lane to bankruptcy anymore. It has been quite a roller coaster. It has its highs and lows, to say the least, but overall it seems to be going in a good direction.” Following the podcast, Musk tweeted saying that Twitter is not secure yet and there is still “much to do.” The Twitter boss further shared on the podcast: “My error rate and sort of being the chief twit will be less over time but, in the beginning, we’ll make a lot more mistakes because I’m new. Hey, I just got here, man!”

He added: “If you look at the actual amount of improvement that has happened at Twitter in terms of having costs that aren’t insane and shipping product that, on balance, is good, I think that’s great. We’re executing well, and getting things done.” The billionaire first warned about the prospect of bankruptcy for Twitter just a few weeks after he took over the social media platform. After purchasing Twitter for about $44 billion at the end of October, Musk immediately made some drastic changes to the platform as he focused on free speech. Soon the company lost half of its top 100 advertisers which made up a large chunk of Twitter’s revenue. Since then Musk has been trying to generate revenue for the social media company, including charging $8 ($11 for iPhone users) a month for the Twitter blue checkmark.

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Schwab goes TikTok.

World Economic Forum Cancels Twitter (Schachtel)

Prior to its upcoming conference in Davos next month, the World Economic Forum (WEF) appears to have joined the cancel campaign against Twitter, taking to recommending Chinese state-controlled social media apps to “follow along” with Davos Man into the future. Twitter is noticeably absent from the entities listed on the organization’s “How to follow Davos 2023” social media pamphlet, and that appears to be no accident. To stay up to speed with all that is happening within the invite-only doors of the ruling class confab, the WEF recommends following along through a handful of social media sites. They include the U.S.-based narrative-compliant Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube, along with the Chinese social media apps TikTok WeChat, and Weibo.

Twitter, which has freed itself from the grasp of the WEF-endorsed censorship-compliant social apps, is no longer included. Through its founder Klaus Schwab and partner organizations, the WEF has a very cozy relationship with the Chinese government. Davos recently revealed that their China office now has 40 full time staffers. Moreover, every year in Beijing, the WEF hosts its “Annual Meeting of the New Champions,” which facilitates partnerships between international businesses and the Chinese Community Party. In 2018, the CCP awarded Klaus Schwab with its China Reform Friendship Medal, a medal for non-Chinese people who do the CCP’s bidding overseas. Davos 2023 will feature Shou Zi Chew, the CEO of TikTok, on stage. First reported by The Dossier, he will appear at an event titled “Tackling Harm in The Digital Era.”

In case you missed it, The Dossier has obtained an early, partial list of both events and confirmed speakers for Davos 2023. On the agenda for the 2023 conference includes event titles such as Why We Need Battery Passports, Leading The Charge Through Earth’s New Normal, A Living Wage For All, Enabling An Equitable Transition, and Beyond The Rainbow: Advancing LGBTQ+ Rights, among others. The Bird App has faced a ferocious cancel campaign following its change of management. Elon Musk’s pledge to turn Twitter into a free speech platform has met major resistance from the institutional corporate and governmental ruling class. Several WEF partners, such as BlackRock, have joined the attacks against Twitter, boycotting the platform in protest of its “content moderation” policies.

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“Use your head. It’s Winter.”

TEACH Your Kids, and LEARN Yourself (Denninger)

Cold is much more dangerous than heat is. I can always take off more of my clothes and as long as I can find a source of water and shade, which is not all that hard in most places (Death Valley and similar are exceptions, of course) I won’t die. In 0F cold with the wind blasting at 30kts if I’m caught without shelter and a means of keeping warm I’m dead within hours every single time. Easy times and nostrums make for soft people because thinking becomes optional, or so said people come to believe. When bad things happen soft people die. Don’t be one of them. You were conned into believing a pack of lies, starting with the weather and that this is “all man’s fault” when its warm and then, magically, “all man’s fault” when its cold and is “unprecedented” when utterly none of that is true.

Nashville, which is well south of Buffalo, had a daily mean record low of -5F in 1985. That is not “once in a lifetime”; I was an adult in 1985 and that is a 24 hour mean temperature! Buffalo had a -8F record recorded in 1993 and in fact had a two-day nasty cold snap over Christmas that year so save me the “never before” nonsense as I see plenty of single-digit high temperatures recorded across December in Buffalo, as was the case where I used to live that was at roughly-equivalent latitude, and it often snowed like Hell too because I was on the leeward side of a large lake just as Buffalo is. You were led to believe that magic little box in your pocket could always summon help immediately and you’d get it if you needed it. In short you were led to believe that whatever befell you wouldn’t impact everyone else like, for example, the dude with the tow truck.

What happens when the roads become impassable? Even if your phone works that doesn’t mean someone can get to you. Never mind that this storm was forecast a week in advance so if you didn’t have blankets and survival gear in the car you had plenty of warning and decided to ignore it. Its WINTER. In WINTER it snows. It gets cold — life threatening cold. Cold is not “inconvenient” — it is deadly if you can’t obtain shelter from it or warmth to stave it off. That shelter and/or warmth had better be reliable, 100% of the time or you are very likely to die. If you have a good reason to go out in those conditions (such as work) you need emergency gear in your vehicle sufficient to survive for a day or two because you might need it.

I put over 30,000 miles a year on my rattrap vehicles in the late 70s and early 80s (Buick Skylark with the infamous garbage-can 231-V6 anyone?) and where I lived these sort of outdoor conditions were utterly common from Thanksgiving to roughly the end of March. If I had to go somewhere, I went — but I had proper snow tires on my car, I had emergency equipment in the vehicle and I never left to go anywhere without that stuff because if I crashed or broke down 20 miles from anything and couldn’t keep warm I was going to be dead and I knew it. Stop relying on technology; its great when it works but it doesn’t always work and sometimes the same thing that got you in trouble will prevent those who you would summon from being able to reach you. Its the same thing I tell people who go out in the backcountry — why don’t you have a PLB? Yeah, it costs a bit of money. Can you hike out 10 miles or more down that trail if you break your leg back there? Well? Use your head. It’s Winter.

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There is much more of this.

CIA Should Get Out of the Laboratory (John Kiriakou)

The Central Intelligence Agency announced in October 2020 — which was ignored until just the past few weeks, when it began circulating on social media — that it had launched something called C.I.A. Labs, “a federal laboratory and in-house research and development arm for C.I.A. to drive science and technology breakthroughs for tomorrow’s intelligence challenges.” [..] The new lab is actually not new. The C.I.A. has long had labs, whether overt or covert, where terrible things happened. Before we celebrate this new C.I.A. lab, let’s look at what its predecessors did.

MKULTRA is probably the best-known example of something awful that came out of a C.I.A. lab. The official explanation to Congress of the purpose of MKULTRA was the development of drugs to aid in interrogations. But it wasn’t quite that simple. Under MKULTRA, the C.I.A. experimented on unwitting Americans, including their own employees. The Church Committee’s investigators concluded that MKULTRA “aimed to develop mind-controlling drugs for use against the Soviet bloc” and “to produce a perfect truth drug for interrogating suspected Soviet spies and to explore other possibilities of mind control.”

MKCHICKWIT was a program whereby the C.I.A. would infiltrate foreign pharmaceutical companies to steal drug samples and information about the drugs’ development. It would then seek to duplicate or to modify those drugs in its own labs. A similar operation, dubbed MKOFTEN, started off as a study on dopamine before morphing into something far more sinister. By the end of the “study,” it had expanded to include the hallucinogen ibogaine and to LSD in the hopes of “creating a new pharmacologically active drug affecting the central nervous system to modify men’s behavior.” Thousands of active duty U.S. servicemen were unwittingly dosed during this operation.

Operation Midnight Climax was a program in the 1960s and 1970s, carried out in C.I.A. safehouses in San Francisco, to dose non-consenting individuals —mostly homeless men and prostitutes — with LSD and other drugs, monitor them from behind one-way glass, and determine if they would voluntarily reveal secrets. The prostitutes eventually were also taught to dose their clients and were then debriefed as to whether or not the johns had revealed any personal secrets. The C.I.A.’s very first foray into drug experimentation was Project CHATTER, in which both animals and humans were dosed with the drugs anabasine (a product of the tobacco plant, it is chemically similar to nicotine,) scopolamine (a drug used to treat motion sickness and post-operative nausea,) and mescaline (a hallucinogen similar to LSD and psilocybin) to see what the effects might be. The operation ended in 1953.

As you can see, the C.I.A.’s track record when it comes to developing things in labs isn’t a good one. And we only know about the above programs thanks to the Church Committee and the Freedom of Information Act. Otherwise, the information likely would still be kept from the American people.

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“..many examples have followed of completely false stories being planted into people’s minds to start and keep a war going..”

Fighting the ‘Psyopcracy’ (Lauria)

Cathy Vogan, the executive producer of Consortium News‘ webcast CN Live!, recently coined a new term to describe rule by psyops, or psychological operations: psyopcracy. According to Wikipedia: “Psychological operations (PSYOP) are operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals. The purpose of United States psychological operations is to induce or reinforce behavior perceived to be favorable to U.S. objectives.” William Casey, C.I.A. director under Ronald Reagan, said: “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

Thus the American people are continuously subject to a number of psychological operations otherwise known as “the news.” U.S. intelligence officials feed journalists disinformation to create a false narrative that is intended to mislead the public and cover-up what is actually taking place. The constant reinforcement of these lies becomes entrenched in the public mind and after time comes to be accepted as unquestionable truth. [..] Through such operations, the American people were led to believe for years that the United States was winning in Vietnam, when it was actually losing, as the Pentagon Papers proved. Since then, many examples have followed of completely false stories being planted into people’s minds to start and keep a war going, the fake WMD narrative in Iraq perhaps the most infamous.

Today the war people are being fooled about is in Ukraine. Sometimes a psyop doesn’t involve inserting false information, so much as leaving out what’s true. The American people, and by extension people around the world, have been led to believe that an unprovoked Russian madman started the war last February. That’s because they are purposely not told that the war actually began in 2014 after a U.S.-backed coup in Kiev led Russian speakers in Donbass to declare independence, after which the coup government militarily attacked them. Other facts are removed from the story, such as Russia’s proposed treaties with the U.S. and NATO last December that would have prevented Russia’s intervention in the Ukrainian civil war.

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“In one case, Irving even asked a senior Democratic staffer to ‘act surprised’ when he sent key information about plans for the Joint Session on January 6, 2021 to him and his Republican counterpart. The senior Democratic staffer replied: ‘I’m startled.’”

What Did Nancy Pelosi Know and When Did She Know It? (Julie Kelly)

Analysis of how law enforcement and intelligence services failed to prepare for the “attack,” a promise made by the committee in its original sell job to the public, is buried in a relatively brief appendix at the end. And despite confirmation the government was aware violence might occur—the FBI used a threat tag, “CERTUNREST2021,” purportedly to categorize in advance information related to January 6—federal and local agencies did not prevent what the Biden regime branded a terror attack comparable to 9/11. (FBI Director Christopher Wray’s name is not mentioned once in the report and it appears unlikely he sat for a transcribed interview.)

Even so, in the face of extensive evidence that those agencies were on high alert, committee members still faulted Trump: “Few in law enforcement predicted that the President of the United States would incite a mob attack on the Capitol, that he would send them to stop the joint session knowing they were armed and dangerous, that he would further incite them against his own vice President while the attack was underway, or that he would do nothing to stop the assault for hours,” the report dishonestly stated. Another official who escaped accountability in the report is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), the lawmaker mainly responsible for protecting Capitol grounds. Committee members avoided any criticism of Pelosi, instead allowing her to write the foreword. (It’s also unclear whether committee investigators interviewed the speaker.)

For two years, Pelosi has played the role of victimized bystander in the events of January 6 rather than being recognized as the incompetent steward of public safety she is—or worse, someone who was complicit in manufacturing the entire spectacle. After all, her filmmaker daughter just happened to be on site as the historic event, one usually considered a pro forma ceremony, went down. But a competing report also released last week by a handful of Republican House members did not let Pelosi off the hook; to the contrary, “Security Failures at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021” presented new disclosures about how Pelosi’s staff spent weeks ostensibly preparing for the electoral certification vote that afternoon.

“[Then] House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving—who served on the Capitol Police Board by virtue of his position—succumbed to political pressures from the Office of Speaker Pelosi and House Democrat leadership leading up to January 6, 2021,” the report authored by Representatives Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), James Banks (R-Ind.) and others revealed. “He coordinated closely with the Speaker and her staff and left Republicans out of important discussions related to security. Irving only provided information to Republicans after receiving instruction from the Speaker’s office. In one case, Irving even asked a senior Democratic staffer to ‘act surprised’ when he sent key information about plans for the Joint Session on January 6, 2021 to him and his Republican counterpart. The senior Democratic staffer replied: ‘I’m startled.’”

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Your immune system is shifted to see the virus as a harmless allergen.

I use Berenson’s take, but there’s much more from Igor Chudov: Booster-Caused IgG4 Immune Tolerance Explains Excess Mortality , leaning heavily on Rintrah Radagast’s The Trainwreck Of All Trainwrecks: Billions Of People Stuck With A Broken Immune Response .

Do Covid mRNA Vaccines Damage Our Immune Systems? (Berenson)

A group of German scientists released the research as a preprint in July, but it attracted little notice until Science Immunology formally published it on Dec. 22. It is not clear if the new interest comes because the paper has passed peer review or because Covid’s continued surge is troubling researchers. Like many other scientists, the German researchers measured anti-spike-protein antibodies that people produce after Covid vaccination. Both mRNA and DNA jabs cause the body’s cells to produce spike proteins like those on the surface of the coronavirus. Those proteins then cause the immune system to make antibodies – Y-shaped proteins which attach to pieces of the spikes. In the case of a real coronavirus infection, the vaccine-generated antibodies stick to the surface spikes on the coronavirus and keep it from attaching to our cells.

Confirming hundreds of similar studies, the German researchers found that levels of a crucial antibody called Immunoglobulin G, or IgG, rose dramatically after the second and third mRNA doses. Those increased antibodies have been the triumph of the mRNA vaccines. Then the German scientists took a step other researchers had not. They looked at the specific subtype of IgG antibodies people had produced over time. IgG antibodies come in four subcategories, called IgG1 through IgG4. IgG1 is the most common, while IgG4 is the least, accounting for fewer than 5 percent of all IgG antibodies under normal circumstances. One 2009 review calls it an “odd antibody.” Most notably, unlike the other three antibodies in its class, IgG4 does little to help other immune system cells attack viral or bacterial invaders directly.

Compared to the other IgGs, it rarely promotes “phagocytosis,” the process by which other immune cells “eat” the virus or bacteria to which the antibody has attached. A 2017 review found that it “plays a limited role in the immune process.” In fact, because it provokes a weaker immune response, IgG4 has been shown to become more common in people chronically exposed to allergens. Beekeepers famously develop higher levels of IgG4 antibodies to bee venom over time, for example. When the German researchers looked at the way the classes of IgG antibodies changed over time, they saw something they weren’t expecting. Shortly after a second mRNA dose, vaccinated people had almost no IgG4 spike protein antibodies. Only 0.04 percent of all the IgG antibodies were IgG4 at that point.

But then the level of IgG4 antibodies began to rise. And they skyrocketed after the third shot, topping 19 percent about six months after that jab. In other words, they rose from 1 out of 2,500 shortly after the second shot to about 1 in 5 a few months after the third. In people who had been infected after being receiving a third dose, the percentage of IgG4 antibodies rose even further, in some cases becoming more than half all anti-spike IgG antibodies, the researchers found. The researchers then checked whether the rise in IgG4 antibodies after the third dose had any appreciable effect on people’s overall ability to destroy the virus. They found it had.

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“It ranks alongside “died suddenly” both in terms of its magnitude to humanity and the shocking degree of silence in response..”

The Sudden Decline In Birth Rates Post-Vaccination (Horowitz)

In 2010, Bill Gates famously articulated a four-part equation to reducing the world’s carbon output. Seemingly bizarrely, his first component was reducing the population — through vaccination. “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion,” bemoaned Gates in his now infamous TED Talk. “Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10% or 15%.” Until recently, I thought this must have been a gaffe. After all, how could vaccines reduce the world’s population? Well, enter the COVID jabs – if you even want to call them vaccines – and we might have our answer. Questions about fertility issues, stillbirths, and neonatal deaths began to be raised last winter when Scotland experienced a month of higher infant mortality than at any time over the past three decades.

Then in the spring of 2022, roughly nine months after most young adults were jabbed with the COVID shots, COVID data analysists began noticing unusual drops in birth rates. The hope was that these numbers were just short-term aberrations due to some unknown transient cause. But months later, the evidence is growing too strong to ignore, suggesting a much longer-term problem, which bizarrely has garnered little concern from policymakers, governments, the medical establishment, or the media. It ranks alongside “died suddenly” both in terms of its magnitude to humanity and the shocking degree of silence in response. In fact, some media outlets were even celebrating the low birth rates without expressing any curiosity as to the sudden cause. While it’s impossible to prove definitively that the correlation equals causation, it’s stupefying that these shots are not under suspicion given that they are already tied to heart problems, blood clots, massive inflammatory syndromes, and menstrual irregularities and that the lipid nano particles are deposited largely in the ovaries and the testes.

When you are dealing with 1-in-1,000-year anomalies, it takes a civilization-changing event to account for the anomaly. COVID itself cannot be a factor in the sudden drop, because the birth rates were not declining nine months after COVID hit or even in the first year and a half. The other culprit could have been lockdowns, which perhaps disrupted travel, relationships, and cohabitation. But if that were the case, by now we should be seeing a bounce-back effect. Instead, as my friend “Gato Malo” points out on his Substack, the numbers are getting worse.

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    Lorenzo Monaco (Piero di Giovanni) Nativity 1406-10   • The Most Important Question (Saker) • US Should Think Twice Before Contemplating ‘Decapit
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle December 28 2022]


    Covid, Flu, etc ……. it’s exploding in super death-vaxxed Hong Kong:

    Coronavirus: Hong Kong hospitals, clinics battle surge in Covid and flu cases




    Sukharit Bhahkdi called it really early. Not specifically IgG4 but he was freaking out about immunoglobulin responses and here we are.

    If Geert throws a curve ball and we have mutational adaptation on top then I’m with Germ


    I read everything on these findings yesterday and today. What a complete shit-show. Mortality Natality Fatality

    House prices will come down if no one can work cause we are all sick.

    We may have watched the poisoning of the well.

    I’d like to see Chat gbt fix this pickle. Maybe it will though, seems pretty smart


    Excess non-Covid mortality above baseline (lighter shaded areas) in Super Death-Vaxxed Chile explodes to 16% out of nowhere!
    What on earth could it be?!



    Dr. D

    Far too long today. Following yesterday:

    I do not have an adequate model. Luongo is covering this today. People are lazy and jumping to “Red Pill” “Dollar Crash”, just like I did. But you can know who’ll win the boxing match but not how. Or when maybe.

    There are whole people, successful ones, who do nothing for price and only for time. That actually works better when used right. I do not have this model. What’s worse, to know what but not when seems more than adequate. It does not occur until long after that when is more important than what.

    This isn’t just myself. Marc Farber, Rick Ackerman, Peter Schiff, Jim Sinclair, so many others all said the same thing, going the same way. Gold up, dollar down, US cracks from the reserve currency, and so on. Well here we are 20 years later. Well that’s a retirement lifetime; it’s no good to be right “someday.”

    Folks like Ackerman may make money in the meantime, on the numbers, with the algos, fine but not so many of the rest of us. Yet all the same prescriptions: gold, oil, commodities, sell the dollar, stocks, bonds. Great. Some of this works today. But it didn’t yesterday. Some of this doesn’t work today and hasn’t worked in years. In the meantime, what are we doing? It’s the old broken clock thing.

    That’s a good example, but same with politics? “Whip Inflation Now”. Gingrich “Contract with America”, the Trump of his day? Howard Hughes, the Hollywood Elon? Give a hoot, don’t pollute, instead of AGW? Hurricane instead of George Floyd? Same old?

    Just asking. Of course it’s different. But it’s the same too. So timing matters. And what approach we take matters.

    “…there are now only four companies left in the trillion dollar market cap club…”

    Stocks down, housing down. Yet no unwind, no deflation? What are they in instead? Would stocks have worked? Yes. No. Would gold have worked? Yes. No. Would BTC have worked, 1,000x yes, 90% no. See? So what now?

    Texans as Young as 18 Can Carry Guns after State Drops Appeal”

    18 year olds are adult citizens unless I’m mistaken. And they used to start shooting at 12. What age did you have in mind? Whatever age Pelosi and McConnell are, minus one day?

    “Aussie Cops Ask Neighbors to Rat out ‘Anti-Government, Anti-Police, or COVID-Vaccine Conspiracy Theorists’”

    Not news. Thanks.

    “NY Congressman-Elect George Santos Admits to Being Total Liar”

    Also not news. “George Santos admitted to a laundry list of lies, ranging from his education, professional background, property ownership, and religion.” Plus marriage, orientation, being an open criminal, and being Jewish, and literally everything else he’s ever said. And was easily elected. But he’s in the right job. Still not news. And he suddenly came up with $700,000 personally to run campaigns. But not illegal action or nothing. Underpants Gnomes had Profit! Still not news. FBI never looks at anyone, CIA has no idea a felon who suddenly got a million dollars will be their new boss soon. Happens every day in Congress. Not news.

    “”Hochul is keeping the press of the looting low key, since its her neck of the woods. A disaster as governor.”

    Media covers for every DNC person anywhere under any condition. Even pedo flights, murder in his office behind his desk, or stealing $60B dollars while under FBI review. Not news.

    “ICE Can’t “Locate” Records of 378,000 Detainees” With ankle monitors. But, but, I thought they always showed up in court like good citizens!

    It’s Government: not news. They lose a million people and gosh, more than a billion dollars from it I would think – a bunch of whom are child traffickers – and no news, no consequences. Media covers for DNC anywhere under any condition. Imagine looting in Miami under Desantis, no ICE tracking under Trump? Total lie about every fact ever said under MTG and Eric T? Yup. Imagine the news anchors themselves were the brother of the governor, who were open liars, caught in lies, and also intentionally murdered 5,000 people in just a few months? Not news. Every day since at least Patton and Eisenhower fired on the wives and children of Vets protesting pensions in 1930. J Edgar approved this message.

    Today’s news:

    Sam Bankman. I have the strong feeling the point and target is Binance. They need to keep going until Binance falls. I don’t know why I have such a strong feeling about it, I have no evidence.

    Which means that all those SOBs who for months fed everybody nonsense about Russia loosing the war to the general public will be held responsible for the inevitable disaster.”

    Clearly the Saker has never been to America. We are a consequence-free zone. The largest suspension of all physics and reality ever attempted on earth.

    Fundamentally it is a war about the complete reorganization of our planet’s international order.”

    Build Back Better. What were the latest quotes that declared a “New World Order”? I think Biden said one last month. They’re not hiding it. Either the name, the architecture, the intent of major transformation, or that it will both reduce the population sharply and reduce standards of living to create greater income disparities than The Hunger Games. That’s openly advertised. It’s hard to mentally grasp how large the intended change is.

    “..the US-led military bloc “is essentially distributing digital weapons in an uncontrolled fashion” via Ukraine..”

    Sure. No matter who dies, they win. All they need is greater death planetwide, by anyone except a few insiders. Easy as a caveman. Which is good for glue-sniffing cave men like them. Can’t even release a bioweapon correctly.

    “…though the export of such weapons has been banned by Congress,”

    So…I guess Congress doesn’t do anything anymore and should disband themselves? Really? That’s your legal and political opinion on this? Not news. Can’t say I haven’t reported the same for decades. Remember when the President bombed that aspirin factory for laughs? No impeachment. He was impeached for something else, a non-impeachable act.

    Putin Bans Russian Oil Exports to Countries that Implement Price Cap (R.)”

    Not news. Same old. “Banning” just means not delivering. To people who said they didn’t want it, at prices below the sale price. WTF is this? So you’re NOT sanctioning Russia, or you are?

    Twitter, which has freed itself from the grasp of the WEF-endorsed censorship-compliant social apps, is no longer included.”

    So we’re showing Twitter is legitimately off the ranch. And run by White Hats at least somewhat.

    “Use your head. It’s Winter.”

    I’m surprised by a lot of this. Yes, the conditions are extreme, unsurvivable even by my standards, they’re like extra-planetary storms from Planet Hoth. Yet 50 people nationwide in a week? Is that even deaths, or would they have driven drunk into poles anyway? My guess is 500 people were saved because they DIDN’T drive and have work accidents. Anyway, these people died in cities? Or even in the new country roads where even in rural areas the next house is under a mile away? Get out and knock? I didn’t look but it’s surprising you could die in your car in buffalo, right in the city. With or without your phone, isn’t there a doorbell, a doorman?

    MKOften. MKVote Early and MKVote Often. This was like 100 years ago. Imagine what they have now? Nope. MK never happened, it’s a conspiracy theory even though it’s admitted on Congressional record like the other conspiracy theories. The CIA never did it then, and they don’t have labs neither dose Vaping vials now. Nope. They’re pure as the driven snow, trust us. When has the CIA ever lied?

    “I thought this must have been a gaffe. After all, how could vaccines reduce the world’s population?”

    He told you, you were too stupid to listen to him and made fun of us who quoted him then. And still now. Nothing’s changed.

    Animals: Eagles like danger. As the symbol of our country.

    Who supports Elon Musk? He does some good things. Some bad things. Like the rest of us but on turbo because his money leverages his actions to such extremes. It’s not like he can just get out of Starlink and tell the Pentagon to suck it. Yet anyway. What’s he supposed to do, admit Tesla sucks and is 95% overpriced (now 55% overpriced) and collapse both the company and his fortune?

    And his actions in Twitter are just a very moderate status quo, only one from 30 years ago, where censorship is only as bad as the 90s. It’s not a revelation, it’s just that they’ve gone Left-Tyrannical at light speed as we’ve all well noticed at this point. But am I supposed to bring up every AI car death he’s had every time I also mention he’s stopped or slowed down the FBI desk in Twitter? Or vice versa? What did Poet say about there being Black Hats by no White Hats, only Grey? That’s true. None of us here are true White Hats either, I wouldn’t think. We’re also Grey Hats who intend and act for good things right now. We don’t get a free pass. But am I also to criticize people’s GOOD actions? Leave them no redemption, no forgiveness? No, that is the True Woke Religion of the Left, not the Right. Libertarians are capable of their being gray and understanding it. No man is either exclusively hero or villain – they are all heroes of their own stories – but we have an unusual number of villains right now as the pendulum has swung unusually far.


    Kids will be kids

    The Law of Unintended Consequences

    When we try to make a single change within a complex system, we often end up causing unintended consequences. These can be positive or negative. If we don’t anticipate unintended consequences, we can’t expect to achieve our desired outcomes.



    I knew a guy who worked on Formula One race cars. He would have to test them on the track after fixing them. One super hot car he tested did Zero to over 200mph in 9 seconds.

    He said it distorted your face from the g-forces something awful, you’d look like the Elephant Man as it approach 200.

    The radar display feedback machine doesn’t even have a third number on it’s display to record that speed.

    At 200mph in nine seconds, that display would record you doing Zero (00)mph

    Not sure the judge would buy that.


    How on earth did this make it onto an NIH website?

    By supporting and selecting only the one side of science information while suppressing alternative viewpoints, and with obvious conflicts of interest revealed by this study, governments and the media constantly disinform the public. Consequently, the unscientifically validated vaccination laws, originating from industry-controlled medical science, led to the adoption of social measures for the supposed protection of the public but which became serious threats to the health and freedoms of the population.”

    Big Pharma and its allies conned half of humanity into poisoning itself.


    Dr. D

    “Deranged Conspiracy Theorists Worried Leaders May Build a New World Order after Leaders Say They’re Building a New World Order” — BBee


    Its happening now
    Smart wars

    Weakening the economic/social/political USA systems with more opiates, less oil, more lies, more immigrants.

    Weakening the immune system and send misinformation about the causes

    Discourage international travel of the sheep with enhanced airport problems

    Encourage wasteful spending to reduce the accumulated savings of the sheep.

    Smart, sleeping, hidden, motion activated drones, to replaces cluster bombs as large amount of unexploded munitions left to do smart strikes against moving/advancing targets.

    D Benton Smith

    @DrD About that hunch you had about BTX/Binance , “I don’t know why I have such a strong feeling about it, I have no evidence”

    I don’t think it’s a case of “no” evidence. I think you may have “too much” evidence. Pretty much everything nasty that we’ve experienced since late 2019 has had a strong (understatement of the century) China component. It’s hard to unravel intricate Gordian knots & plots until after they’re long gone into the dust bin of history . . . . but in the case of BTX/Binance it’s a safe bet that China is at or near the center of it.

    The Markster

    A little girl in a yellow dress, cluster bomb cheerleading, fascist censors all around, and crashing fertility rates. All presented or not with absolute psychopathic calm and banality. What a world!

    Today is Holy Innocents Day, when Herod ordered the slaughter of an entire generation of toddlers. In the hazy days of my privileged imperial youth I remember thinking with smug satisfaction how lucky it was to live in a world evolved beyond such horror.

    Fully behind the curtain now, the ghoulishness explodes onto scene every day with more clarity. Thank God I have learned to water my spiritual garden! Thank God for TAE, and Picasso moths, and dancing eagles!

    Peace and love to you all, and Happy Birthday to me!


    @ Oxy(you’reno)moron – good to have you with me!

    And, Go Geert – it’s on like Donkey Kong!



    Just a glance shows the contrast in style and class






    I recall somebody here needs a job!

    In preparation for increased vaccination education, promotion, and outreach, The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) is requiring the services of a consultant to analyze the vaccine related conversations on social media and PHAC social media initiative and campaign performance.

    The consultant will analyze vaccine-related conversations, and their participants … ”

    TVASF – would be my input!


    The Collective West worship Satan and Mammon

    The Empire of Lies Military Industrial Mafia is maximized for Profit NOT performance

    Their weapons are crap at ten times markup

    Each ‘Patriot” air defense missile costs $3 million dollars each

    To shoot down a $20,000 drone

    Satanist apparently can’t do math

    She has


    Figmund Sreud

    Oh, Tesla, …

    … the most common side effects of Otezla include diarrhea, nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, tension headache, and headache. These are not all the possible side effects with Otezla. Ask your doctor about other potential side effects. Tell your doctor about any side effect that bothers you or does not go away.,q_lossless,ret_img,w_858/



    Emperor Palpatine is sporting a new Beanie!



    The Smell of Her Hair

    Hey, it’s like Burning Sulfur!


    Autonomous Unit

    Birth rates are not the metric to watch. Miscarriage rate is. I think the miscarriage rate is increasing due to the vax.
    Birth rates could be falling from the vax and/or people’s realization that the economy is going to crash, and therefore, maybe not the best time to have a kid.

    Similar to the Bill Gates quote about pop-reduction by vaccines. If more children survive due to better health,the desire to have many kids decreases. Although I agree sterilizing vaccines is within the possible plans of our dear psychopathic “elites”.


    Germ offers up the most salient, recent, COV19 ‘therapeutics’ news.

    Adding, by S. Latypova,

    Nobody Knows What is in the Vials

    Covid-19 injections are dangerous, non-compliant biological materials. Their production must be stopped until a full investigation can be done.


    She deals with the manufacturing process, its implementation, oversight, compliance, etc.

    Idk (?) about those microscop. pics etc. they might be just usual ‘junk.’ In any case, that arguments exist means that much is being hidden, twisted, obfuscated.

    John Day

    “Pfizer Aids COVID & Cancer” post is up, with pic of sanding baseboards as cold front blew in last week.

    Multiple people have sent me the same story, on various blogs, in the last 48 hours. Just released medical studies show that mRNA COVID “vaccines” teach the human immune system to ignore and tolerate coronavirus-spike-protein, and also cancer-cells.
    We have multiple kinds of immunoglobulins (“antibodies”) that we make to help us maintain health.
    IgM is the rapid-response immunoglobulin, like EMS.
    IgG comes in just before 2 weeks, and is the long-term learned antibody response. There are 4 kinds of IgG examined here, IgG1-4.
    IgG 1-3 antibodies bind to foreign proteins, like viral membranes, coat them, prevent them from working, and prepare them to be chewed-up by certain types of white blood cells.
    IgG4 is different, a tolerance-antibody, which tags a thing in the body as “Don’t-Destroy”.
    IgG4 responses are appropriate when the body is repeatedly exposed to non-harmful things like ragweed-pollen, which should not be ferociously attacked, because that causes more harm than ignoring them. When a person gets “Allergy Shots” of small amounts of what they are allergic to over a long time, and slowly increasing the amount, they are training this kind of immune response to ignore the allergen.
    The Pfizer/Biontech mRNA product is what has been primarily tested, and it is assumed that the Moderna product, being so very similar, has the same effect of inducing IgG4 antibodies to the spike-protein of SARS-CoV2, as well as IgG3 antibodies, “blocking antibodies” early-on. The graphs show that after the first and second shot, the blocking antibodies increase and predominate, but as the months go by, following the second shot, the IgG3 blocking antibodies wane, and the IgG4 tolerance-antibodies increase.
    This is the same time frame that we have seen for the transition from “vaccines” inhibiting the coronavirus initially, but seeming to make infection with the coronavirus more-likely after 5-6 months. The world is now 3 years into this pandemic, and should be over it for the most part, but cases of infection are increasing across the world, notably in the more “vaccinated” countries and cities. The coronavirus levels in city sewage are the highest that they have ever been. in highly-“vaccinated” cities.
    After a third “booster” injection of mRNA “vaccine”, there is essentially no measurable IgG3, just high levels of IgG4. The immune system has been taught to ignore the SARS-CoV2 spike protein from January 2020. There is more to the virus than the 20% which is the spike-protein. People who caught COVID before getting mRNA “vaccine products” will still have their natural antibodies to the other 80% of the virus, but those who were mRNA “vaccinated” first, will probably have little to no antibodies other than those induced by the injection. Most of the human population has a gaping hole, the very same gaping hole in its immunologic defenses.

    The world is therefore extremely susceptible to an infection which will breach that hole in the defenses of the “vaccinated”. An engineered military coronavirus could be designed specifically to exploit that vulnerability, but coronaviruses will naturally mutate to whatever works, and exploit it without laboratory assistance. The current strains of coronavirus in circulation are very contagious, especially to the “vaccinated” and “boosted”, but not often fatal, since they do not bind to ACE-2 receptors in the lungs and blood-vessels, as the pre-Omicron strains all did. The Omicron and later strains bind to the upper airways, like a “normal cold”.

    The same NK-cells (“natural killer cells”) that destroy viral-infected-human-cells also destroy mutated cells which become cancers if they multiply unchecked.
    The suppression of this cancer-surveillance function leads to rapid growth of existing cancers. This is seen with people who have been undergoing treatment for cancer, and suddenly worsen after “vaccination” and “boosting”. It would also allow new cancers to develop from mutated cells, which would take a little longer to notice, but would present as “suddenly developed cancer”. This is happening, too. I recently posted this story below.

    John Day

    Academic Medical Oncologist Angus Dalgleish in the UK has been trying to get government agencies to evaluate the sudden rash of cancer recurrences, new diagnoses and deaths among the “vaccinated”.
    Other cancer specialists agree with me about vaccine harm, but the authorities still won’t listen

    Other cancer specialists agree with me about vaccine harm, but the authorities still won’t listen

    ​ To summarize the timeline of adverse events we can say that some people get severe reactions like anaphylaxis and heart-inflammation quickly, which may kill them within hours to days. Other clotting disorders may kill them from bleeding, perhaps into their brains, within the first 2-4 weeks following the first or second injection.​ Production of large blood clots that block the lungs, major arteries, coronary arteries, or arteries feeding the brain, eyes or other vital organs may cause severe disability or death. Autoimmune disease, caused by similarities between parts of the spike protein, and normal proteins in the body, can cause chronic inflammation of organs like the liver and heart. Spike-protein in the bloodstream can cross into the brain, and cause it to be inflamed from autoimmune disease.
    The function of the mRNA “vaccine products” is to get into human cells and induce them to produce and release January 2020 COVID spike-protein, which process continues for half a year, based upon spike-protein being found in the blood of “fully-vaccinated” 2-shot recipients at 6 months following the second injection. mRNA usually is degraded by enzymes in human cells after a few minutes, but the mRNA in these “vaccine products” has been modified so that it is not ever broken down by those enzymes.
    What we see happening is analogous to the person getting “allergy shots” to become tolerant to pollen allergies. There is a long-term presence of January 2020 COVID spike-protein in the bodies of mRNA COVID “vaccine product” recipients.
    It stands to reason that this is what induces the IgG4 “tolerance antibody” response by the immune system. That has not yet been “proven”, but it is a useful way to look at what has now been revealed, and it fits well with our understanding. It provides a working hypothesis, unless that hypothesis must later be revised for new information about the mechanisms of action of these experimental products in human immune systems.

    ​ ​Professor Shmuel Shapira, who headed the Israel Institute for Biological Research from 2013 to 2021, and led Israel’s domestic coronavirus vaccine development program, has castigated the Health Ministry both over its push to impose lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, as well its support for the mass-vaccination campaign beginning in December 2020.
    ​ ​In a series of tweets, Professor Shapira criticized the Health Ministry for deeming Pfizer’s mRNA vaccines safe and effective, and lamented having received three doses of the vaccine himself.
    ​ ​“I am telling the unpleasant truth…about the vaccine that is neither effective nor safe,” Shapira wrote.
    ​ ​“I was wrong 3 times: In the first shot, in the second shot, and in the third shot. Who said that those who are injected do not admit that they were wrong?”
    ​ ​“People keep forgetting Israel was ‘volunteered’ as the Lab of the World. There was hardly any data but very brief and minimal size clinical studies.”
    ​ ​“A Global Disaster. Govt. Database Shows 10,000% Increase In Cancer Reports Due To Covid Vaccines.”
    ​ ​“The damage caused by the coronavirus and the halting of studies in Israel (second place in the world) reveal a wave of problems in reading comprehension. So we will explain to you slowly and in easy Hebrew. Hello First Grade: Those who are opponents and victims of injecting what is ineffective and unsafe are not opponents of vaccines, and certainly not vaccine deniers.”

    ​ Jessica Rose Ph.D. has more on the cover-up of deaths and adverse events from COVID “vaccination”. Information, already released, is “disappeared”.
    ​ ​The lost myocarditis, death, neuropathy and pulmonary embolism safety signals as part of the free text purge from the VAERS Foreign data set
    Prologue, results, evidence…

    ​ ​Questions about fertility issues, stillbirths, and neonatal deaths began to be raised last winter when Scotland experienced a month of higher infant mortality than at any time over the past three decades. Then in the spring of 2022, roughly nine months after most young adults were jabbed with the COVID shots, COVID data analysists began noticing unusual drops in birth rates. The hope was that these numbers were just short-term aberrations due to some unknown transient cause. But months later, the evidence is growing too strong to ignore, suggesting a much longer-term problem, which bizarrely has garnered little concern from policymakers, governments, the medical establishment, or the media. It ranks alongside “died suddenly” both in terms of its magnitude to humanity and the shocking degree of silence in response.
    In fact, some media outlets were even celebrating the low birth rates without expressing any curiosity as to the sudden cause.​..
    ​..Sweden is a perfect country to study because it never locked down and should not have been affected socially by the lockdowns. Yet not only did the Swedes experience a sharp decline in births nine months after their vaccination program, the numbers are further deteriorating over time.​..​
    ​..​Furthermore, any hypothesis as to the cause of the plummeting birth rates would also have to logically account for the rise in neonatal deaths. For example, lockdowns would not explain why the babies being born are experiencing more health problems. The spike protein embedded in the babies’ blood, however, would.​ ​Israeli researcher Josh Guetzkow obtained neonatal death data from Israeli health insurance fund Maccabi, which covers 25% of Israelis. He found a tripling of neonatal deaths in two of the quarters post-vaccination.​.. (What if the world is “sane” but the owners want to quietly kill half of us?)
    ​..​In a sane world, the makers of these therapies would be behind bars, but instead they are getting a promotion to concoct even more products with this same dangerous technology.​..
    ​..​Typically, failure of a corporate partner is an impetus for a government to break the partnership. In the case of vaccines, however, the more they fail, the more they are elevated, subsidized, and even mandated. Unless their definition of failure is the opposite of how humanity would define it.

    John Day

    About the existential nature of the Ukraine War for Russia, and also for NATO/USA-hegemony.
    William Schryver, Russia is in it to win it and will settle for nothing less
    I submit we can confidently assume Putin was as deadly serious on February 21, 2022 as he was on February 24, 2022; that he was not bluffing; that he was resolved to “raise the stakes” commensurate to whatever was required to achieve the objectives he had so carefully articulated.
    I submit that his domestic popularity AND the support of his generals correlates closely to the perception that he will not waver from those objectives, and that it has only been the misplaced sense that he might be failing, or at least stumbling, or that he might even pull back from his stated objectives that has resulted in meaningful criticism arising from his domestic supporters, be it in government, the military, or the general public.
    I further submit that, in my estimation, it is precisely the burgeoning faith that Putin will resolutely pursue and achieve his stated objectives that has resulted in the unprecedented willingness of China, Iran, India, and other geostrategically important Eurasian and Global South nations to not only openly support Russia in this conflict, but to also, in many instances, openly defy imperial decrees forbidding military and commercial relations with Russia.
    Indeed, I submit that a large proportion of the support Russia continues to command in Europe is directly correlated to a pervasive perception that the Russians “really meant it” when they solemnly, formally, and explicitly informed the United States and NATO that peace would henceforth be contingent on them “… rolling back the bloc’s military capability and infrastructure in Europe to where they were in 1997, when the NATO-Russia Founding Act was signed.”

    ​ M.K. Bhadrakumar summarizes with this statement, which makes me hope for a change-of-management in the US this winter, before that happens.
    ​ ​Ukraine war tolls death knell for NATO​
    ​The neocons in the Beltway have bitten more than what they could chew. Their last card will be to push for a direct US military intervention in the Ukraine war under the banner of a “coalition of the willing.”

    Ukraine war tolls death knell for NATO

    ​ Bernard at Moon of Alabama details the “Union State” which is being formed between Russia and Belarus:
    ​ ​Belarus has received a number of high end weapon systems and, as Putin announced, will also soon be able to use Russian nukes:
    ​ “​I would like to remind you that, as part of the consistent implementation of the Russia-Belarus military doctrine, we work on joint military planning and have an operational Russia-Belarus regional force grouping. Our countries’ divisions and military units currently undergo coordination training in Belarus. We have created a joint air defence system that is already on combat duty. We have agreed to continue taking all necessary measures to ensure the security of our countries, prioritising training of the troops, improving their combat readiness and continuing the practice of regular joint exercise and other operational and combat training events, mutual supplies of essential weapons and producing new military equipment together.
    ​ ​I believe it is also possible to continue implementing President Lukashenko’s proposal on training the Belarusian Army combat aircraft crews that have been re-equipped for potential use of air-launched ammunition with special warheads.​”​

    ​ Turkey’s President Erdogan criticizes western “provocation” of Russia, and retains a position of intermediary between neighbor Russia and “allies” in NATO.

    John Day

    Investigation of illegal FBI behavior censoring Americans and influencing the 2020 election is an opening for attack against the Deep State within the US.
    Press the attack, culprit by culprit.
    The FBI paid Twitter $3.5 million to censor conservatives.
    The FBI pressured Twitter to give them information that would legally require warrants, though they did not have warrants.
    Leading up to the 2020 election, the FBI would eventually hold weekly meetings with Twitter and tell them whose tweets to squelch and which accounts they wanted to be suspended. Almost all were those of conservatives.
    The FBI knew the Hunter Biden laptop story was real, they knew it was coming out — weeks before the 2020 election — and they told Big Tech to expect a “Russian disinformation” drop and squelch the story. That means the FBI corrupted the election to help Joe “totally showered with his daughter, Ashley” Biden.
    There are so many former FBI employees at Twitter that they have their own Slack channel.

    ​ ​THE TWITTER FILES: HOW TWITTER RIGGED THE COVID DEBATE – By censoring info that was true but inconvenient to U.S. govt. policy – By discrediting doctors and other experts who disagreed – By suppressing ordinary users, including some sharing the CDC’s *own data*
    2. So far the Twitter Files have focused on evidence of Twitter’s secret blacklists; how the company functioned as a kind of subsidiary of the FBI; and how execs rewrote the platform’s rules to accommodate their own political desires.
    3. What we have yet to cover is Covid.

    ​ ​Every social media company censoring for government – Elon Musk​ (so more criminal investigations, please.)

    Rep. James Comer Calls For Defunding the FBI Until Congress Gets Answers About Twitter Collusion

    Rep. James Comer Calls For Defunding the FBI Until Congress Gets Answers About Twitter Collusion


    Angus Dalgleish is a Professor of Oncology at St Georges Hospital, London.

    ” …my own take on this was soon to change very dramatically when my own son developed myocarditis after having a jab he did not want but that he needed for work and travel purposes. I also then found out that one of his friends in his early thirties had suffered a stroke and that a niece of my close colleague had a fatal heart attack at the age of 34…”

    Other cancer specialists agree with me about vaccine harm, but the authorities still won’t listen


    Dr D Rich

    1 g of linear acceleration


    Pick a non-liar
    Santos or Biden

    George Santos Admits He Lied a Lot – But Maybe Not About Everything!
    George Santos, congressman-elect from the third district of New York and international man of mystery.
    Santos, 34, this week admitted that he fabricated much of his résumé before winning his midterm election last month.
    With campaign lies exposed, Santos could face legal consequences
    Rep.-Elect George Santos Admits He Lied About Work, Family and Education
    Congressional Democrats are calling on New York Republican Congressmember-elect George Santos to resign.

    Dr D Rich

    So which one is it now?
    Changpeng Zhao, Binance noticed the obvious fraud ineptitude and RICO trainwreck that is was and ever shall be at FTX and Alameda btw of and by the way from Stanford U. Then CZ Binance acted responsibility on behalf of its shareholders and pulled the financial rug out from under Sam Bankboyee-Friedcheeseman.
    And now we’re supposed to understand that SBFFTX was really a genuine part of Team Biden er ah I meant Team USA for THE Ukraine and against all things Russia’s ally China.



    This new paper discusses the poisons Molnupiravir and Paxlovid.
    But realise – all mRNA death-vaccinees are, by definition, immunocompromised.

    “Within days of treatment, we detected a large number of low-frequency mutations in patients and that these new mutations could persist and, in some cases, were fixed in the virus population. All patients treated with the drug accrued new mutations in the spike protein of the virus, including non-synonymous mutations that altered the amino acid sequence. Our study demonstrates that this commonly used antiviral can ‘supercharge’ viral evolution in immunocompromised patients, potentially generating new variants and prolonging the pandemic.


    D Benton Smith

    Andrew Milburn , CEO of the Mozart Group, is transparently MI6, on loan to CIA and USMC for the joint operation branded as “The Mozart Group” for the sole purpose of placing US and British soldiers into Ukraine as “mercenaries”. It’s a “revolving door” , financed in full by US/UK taxpayers.

    Just look at the dudes background! Solid British foreign service class parents, best of school, graduates prestigious British law school and then . . . . . wait for it . . . . for no discernable reason up and pops over to the USA to enlist as a grunt in the United States Marine Corps.

    And now this total Brit “US Marine” is running the MAIN conduit for putting United States and English soldier “boots on the ground” forces into Ukraine to run advanced weapons systems and intelligence liaison.

    Oh, yeah. Who could doubt such a plausible fairy tale?

    I often wonder why they even bother. Telling stories that transparently false and shallow seems such a waste of time.


    I’m probably that guy still looking for a job. No job because I would not take the injection which does not vaccinate (TIWDNV) Over 100 applications sent out now. shows how many applied after you apply. Some are in the thousands. Sometimes for a single open position.

    I’ve had a few texts and emails reaching out to me for further interviews only to reply and get no response. But they’re buried deep in hundreds to thousands of applicants.

    I would need a rubber stamp with TVASF for that job Germ mentioned. When my arm got tired of stamping, I’d switch hands.

    I’ve been reading some retrospectives (although it is all still happening) of the pro-injection-that-does-not-vaccinate takes on the not-a-vax mandates. A lot of them seem steeped in the general wokeist/neomarxist viewpoint. They therefore see everything as RESOURCES, with the dominant factor being ACCESS TO them. Therefore when a person who doesn’t not-vaccinate loses their job, they explain/describe it as that person losing access to a resource. As if it were the same as receiving welfare or a gift.

    They totally fail to understand that if I was making x amount of dollars, I HAD TO BE delivering value IN EXCESS OF that dollar amount. ie I am the resource that society, including wokeists, lost access to when I was fired.

    That they can only conceive a job as sort of a natural resource, just sitting there to be taken or not, says quite a lot about them. Homo erectus wandering the Serengeti. I wander around. I find stuff and take it. The simplest, most primitive understanding of the world around them. One that negates all of society- even the give and take quid pro quo ingroup action of a basic tribe let alone a civilization. So primitive, it goes backwards over the threshold of humanity. Back to being more socially primitive than velociraptors, meerkats, or wolves.

    The “un-notvaxxed get into car accidents more” story? Could it be that the not-vaxxed are getting sick way more than the un-not-vaxxed, leading to them driving to their jobs less?

    The southwest airlines story was interesting. I am seeing many comments from different sources in different places saying pilots calling into a call center to get scheduled to do flights were waiting on hold for 20+ hours. And so the crews are sitting AVAILABLE TO FLY in pilot lounges, waiting rooms, hotel rooms, etc waiting to be assigned to flights.

    And here I sit, a call center warhorse, used to all kinds of weird awful technical and interpersonal problems, used to hacking through the bureaucracy to get my people from A to B by all available means, used to crushingly high call volume, sitting on my hands with over 100 applications and no takers. I checked the Southwest site. They aren’t even hiring for that position.

    Interacting with a large corporation can ruin your day, your week, your month, your year. Having someone working with you who knows the 10 different ways your account can be blown up – yes, despite the simple thing you “only” wanted to do today – and cares, and can even undo it if someone else already did it to you, and cares enough to check and notice it happened to you before you do is priceless. It will save you tens of hours of your life. The company never measures this sort of thing, so it is unaware and unappreciative, but a bunch of people, doing the right thing constantly, keep entropy at bay.

    The basis of civilization isn’t agriculture. There’s plenty of groups that have practice agriculture and never developed civilization. The basis of civilization is bureaucracy.

    This is because the Sumerians, the Egyptians, all those starter-civilizations, had sophisticated irrigation systems, which arose FROM the bureaucracy. No bureaucracy, no big irrigation systems, no civilization. You can have agriculture all day long with no writing, no libraries or librarians. The Mongols destroyed the irrigation systems in Iraq when they came through. Population levels only recovered in recent MODERN times with the petroleum fueled green revolution agriculture. They destroyed the irrigation system, yes, but massacred the bureaucracy that made it run as well.

    You look at societies we can find that were in transition – the Incas, Mycenean Greece. We find records being kept either solely or primarily for bureaucratic purposes. FIRST the bureaucracy, THEN, very soon on the heels of that, its record-keeping. From THERE it spreads out into religious texts, the setting down of tales from the oral tradition, everything else.

    As bureaucracy is the root of all civilization, the – sorry to be so hokey – HONOR held by that bureaucracy determines the level of civilization. Management, concerned with political maneuvering, cut off from reality, makes demands at least 50% of the time that only have to do with their own position and progress within the bureaucracy. The other 50% of the time, they are guessing.

    That’s too harsh. I’ve been in skip-level meetings where I tell a VP what’s REALLY happening, and if it is something horrifying, horror DOES often register on their faces. Within a week or two, I tend to see some initiative that appears to be related to that conversation. But then the middle-managers IMPLEMENT it and it goes to shit. It’s nothing to the VP to do something addressing real reality occasionally. Addressing real reality won’t hurt his/her position in the slightest. But for the middle managers, it’s a dagger aimed at their heart. A plan to address reality is breathing air that could have otherwise been breathed by whatever would have helped the middle manager’s game-play inside the system.

    Hear about that giant cylindrical aquarium that burst in a German hotel recently? There was a MANDATE to turn down ALL thermostats. As a result of the Ukraine situation. The aquarium held tropical fish. So the aquarium was heated, but they lowered the temperature of the room it was in. Late at night, when it got cold, it burst, causing a horrific amount of damage and of course killing a lot of expensive fish.

    I’ll bet SOMEONE thought about the effect of lowering the temperature. (or someone who WOULD have was already fired for not not-vaxxing.) Yet the thermostat setting of the hotel was obediently lowered.

    The root of civilization is bureaucracy. It functions to the degree that it operates with, weird as it is to say, a knightly honor. You cannot believe, unless you have lived it yourself, the intelligence and decency with which I have seen lowest-level functionaries execute their jobs in the face of maltreatment by the very people that need them, psychotic bosses, irrational and evil policies, processes, and systems. There are people out there right now keeping the most mundane, necessary things going – on the lowest pay, with little to no thanks, or negative thanks, with unimaginable endurance. They KNOW the right thing NEEDS to be done, regardless of whatever else might be coming at them from all angles.

    The degree to which they stop is the degree to which everything will stop. The aquarium, the Southwest airline debacle, the firing of the most thoughtful and principled people for not not-vaxxing, these are all extremely bad signs. Degrading the lower levels of bureaucracy is at least as bad for civilization as farming out the raising of children away from mothers to $18/hr daycare workers. At least as bad.

    Either the social contract was broken, and someone that could have spoken did not, or the person that would have was already gone for not not-vaxxing. So the giant aquarium shattered.

    I wander around. I notice stuff. I take it.

    Black hats/white hats/grey hats? What’s a White Hat?

    A White Hat is someone who feels OWNERSHIP. An aristocrat “owns” a country, a fiefdom, a steel trust, whatever. By virtue of owning it, they MANAGE it. A low-level bureaucrat feels a sense of ownership of their organization, their society, the people they are supposed to help, so they engage with a broader awareness of management. If they are virtuous.

    The black-hats have no ownership. No management, no stewardship. They see it as having access to resources and taking them. There is, apparently, no higher level of understanding of things controlled than as if they were raw “resources” Stuff is just THERE. And I take it.

    And while they fantasize that they are depriving enemies of “resources,” it’s themselves they deprive. Which they can do for as long as they can tell themselves they are winning. Until they can’t. I remember seeing on a clusterfucknation comment years ago, someone proposing a pharmaceutical should be invented for sociopathic whackos with a winning-deficiency. You take it and feel like you are winning, so the rest of us can run society along semi-rational lines. I remember a post on zerohedge mathematically, in excruciating detail how, if we had just ASKED the banksters how much money they wanted and just GAVE it to them directly, how much destruction would have been avoided in the 08 fiasco.

    White Hat just means ownership. Once you own a thing, you find yourself – magically – intelligently managing and defending that thing. If you are a flat-headed Homo Erectus wandering around finding and taking things, you can never own anything.

    I felt that I owned my company, my organization, my customers, my stockholders. I felt that I held them in the palm of my hand, to the extent of my position and responsibilities. I owned my world and was therefore a part of it. And that was the travesty, I suppose. I felt they were mine, but they never felt I was theirs.

    Because the Masters of the Universe, geniuses that they are, operate on an strategy that would be recognizable to yeast in a bottle of sugar water.

    ps. Dr D talked awhile back about Covid already being out before the official narrative says. Escaped in the US and brought to China?

    Anyone remember? I distinctly remember an article over a year ago about how they found Covid19 in blood donations from October 2019.


    The answer for Nazi-infested Oceania is obvious: sanction the UN representatives of Non-Airstrip nations and ban their attendance at the UN.

    UN resolutions endorsing NATO attacks on Non-Airtrip nations could then be passed unanimously, and cluster bombs, butterfly mine attacks on civilians, attacks on nuclear facilities, gas warfare, bioweapons, breaches of old-style conventions such as Geneva etc. could be made perfectly legal and not subject to enquiry in NATO-run inter-Oceania courts.

    12% versus 88% still don’t look good odds to me. Especially when we consider Oceania has a well-documented record of military failure since it beat Japan by depriving it of oil and converting Japan into Airstrip Nine (not counting the Oceania’s re-invasion of Grenada, which was a resounding success after Grenada broke some Oceania rules and had its punishment, and the similar re-invasion of Haiti for similar reasons).

    12% versus 88% still don’t look good odds to me. Especially when we know that Eurasia has better ‘wonder-weapons’ and Eastasia has more people.

    I’m sure the kleptomaniacs who are Party Members in control of Oceania will steal as much as possible from the inhabitants -as they did in the 1930s- before abandoning all pretence that they care about the welfare of the proles.

    1933 “Give us your gold. We’ll pay you $28 an ounce,” [The following week:] “Gold is now worth $35 an ounce.”

    1971 “As a temporary measure, we have decided to close the gold window. ”

    2023 “We believe that a gold-and-commodity-backed financial system will be very destabilising for the economy and will continue with the operation of our digital printing presses.”


    What a hoot!

    The current bi-valent Death-Vaxx ‘booster’ targets the original Wuhan strain and BA5.
    Both these variants have left the scene already.



    Be afraid – VERY AFRAID!

    COVID cases appear to be “ready for one more swing”

    Oh yes – there’s certainly more than one swing coming for the death-vaxxed.
    Hotez is such a creepy little homunculus.

    He even has his very own autistic daughter – but of course her autism, in no way, has anything to do with her jabs.
    Can you imagine how many times he had his daughter vaxxed?


    D Benton Smith


    That was brilliantly observed and said. Sure hope you stick around here , but sooner or later someone with an important job to get done is going to notice you and there you’ll go. Remember us when you’re famous.



    Southwest had a staffing crisis, and declared a “State of Operational Emergency” before the bad weather hit.
    I wonder why all those compulsorily death vaxxed Southwest staff are calling in sick in such high numbers.
    What could it be?



    What factor in the shots provoke the 1gG4 response? The spike? Or the LNP? Because if it’s the LNP, then pharma is not necessarily mass culling (it’s just a happy side-effect!)- they are merely getting the majority to be immune-unresponsive to it, thereby opening it up to be tolerated by the “vaccinated” so they can stab people with their various magic poisons again and again.
    Dr. Mallone says he was an inventor of the mRNA platform- the LNP part? Wasn’t that the breakthrough?


    The coldest winter for Airstrip One was 1947. The sea began to freeze in Channel ports. The presence of salt lowers the freezing point, so the temperature of the water was around minus 3oC. It takes persistently cold weather to freeze seawater.

    The second coldest winter in living memory was 1963.

    I’m too young to know the freeze of 1947 but I’ll never forget the winter of ’63.

    It began to snow the day after the fake winter solstice celebrations. The family had gone from Southampton to Bournemouth. On the return to So’ton, snow and ice impeded the movement of vehicles up a particularly steep hill north of the New Forest. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. The longer route through the New Forst would have been less hazardous.

    Anyway, by gathering brush and putting it under the back wheels (few front-wheel drive cars in those days; only recently gone into mass production) we eventually managed to get up the hill and home.

    The following morning we woke to deep snow, which remained for weeks.

    I trudged to 2 miles to school. Only 1/3 of the boys had made it.

    The snow remained. Then it melted slightly. And then froze, making the roads like ice rinks.

    Salt was spread on vital routes. Salt killed the bodies of cars in those days.

    Then it snowed again.

    And partially thawed.

    And snowed again.

    The temperature hardly went above 32oF during the day until the Ides of March. And at nighttime it was always below freezing. For more than two months the temperature was below freezing. The water in the pond froze solid and the fish that had been cared-for for many years were never found.

    We burned a lot of coal.

    Since then, Planetary Overheating has delivered increasingly mild winters to Airstrip One. I recall on one occasion I visited family (yes, I used to travel) the daffodils were out a full month before what was regarded as normal. The temperature in early February had been a cosy 8oC.

    In more recent times the messed-up Jets Streams have delivered wild fluctuations, with generally warmer winters for all of Europe, interspersed with Arctic Vortexes that bring everything to a standstill.

    I believe one reason for the delay in military action in Ukraine has been the slowness of the freezing of the ground, due to the overall upward trend in temperatures.

    For some reason, many people insist that there is no upward trend in ambient temperatures despite abundant evidence there is.

    Airstrip Five has experienced the warmest winter (also very wet, consistent with overheated oceans) since records began and looks to be heated into a period of baking hot.

    Yesterday, late in the afternoon, I had to quit work, the heat was so intense on my skin. That is partly due to the very clear air at the moment and the fireball in the sky having a surface temperature of several thousand degrees.

    It is the time of year when the affluent on Airstrip Five tow miniature houses up and down the country, attempting to get back to nature whilst at the same time bringing many the comforts and conveniences of home with them. The temporary depression of international oil prices has resulted in liquid fuels being sold at prices not seen for about a year.

    That all changes around one month from now.

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