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Germany: Ukraine Losing Hundreds of Soldiers Every Day (Antiwar)
The Nightmare of NATO Equipment Being Sent to Ukraine (Scott Ritter)
US and Germany Ready To Send Tanks To Ukraine – Reports (RT)
Biden To Announce Deliveries Of Abrams Tanks To Ukraine On Wednesday (TASS)
Stoltenberg: Putin Is Planning For New Offensives (Az.)
Ukraine Advises West On How To Negotiate With Russia (RT)
Kremlin Comments On Direct Contact With Zelensky (RT)
Potential For Arms Control Dialogue With US Still Exists – Russia (TASS)
Kiev Fires Many Of Its Officials Amid Corruption Scandals (RT)
Western ‘Theft’ Will Backfire, Russian Tycoon Warns (RT)
Over 90% Of Western Firms Have Remained In Russia (RMX)
EU Gas Price Cap Threatens Market Stability – Regulators (RT)
Shostakovich: The End of the Siege and the Triumph of the Spirit (Hoppe)
Tactics without Strategy is the Noise Before Defeat (Saker)
The End of Reality Consensus Disorder (Kunstler)
California Lawmakers Move to Tax People Who Have Left the State (Turley)





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The idea has become popular that Russia doesn’t care about losing its soldiers. That supposedly balances the fact that Ukraine truly does not.

Germany: Ukraine Losing Hundreds of Soldiers Every Day (Antiwar)

The German foreign intelligence service assesses that Kiev is losing a “three-digit number” of soldiers daily, according to a report in Der Spiegel. Berlin informed politicians of the assessment during a secret meeting this week. Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service (BND) is “alarmed” by the high number of losses Ukraine is suffering. The report says Berlin believes Ukraine was losing a three-digit number of soldiers every day during the battle of Bakhmut with Russian forces. The BND informed German politicians of the high number of injured and killed Ukrainian forces during a covert Bundestag meeting last week. The BND believes the Ukrainian casualties will have severe consequences during future battles. The German intelligence service also believes that Russia is suffering high casualties and using its soldiers as “cannon fodder.”

Reuters reported officials in Washington believe Kiev spent significant resources attempting to defend Bakhmut. The White House is currently advising Ukraine not to launch any major counteroffensives to recapture the city. The Joe Biden administration is additionally advising Kiev that continuing to pour soldiers into defending Bakhmut is preventing Ukrainian forces from attacking Russians defending other cities. Ukraine is seeking tanks from its NATO partners. However, many countries, including the US and Germany have resisted sending their modern tanks to Ukraine. Bakhmut is located in the Donetsk region. The BND believes if Russia takes the city, it will open the door for additional gains. Bakhmut has seen fierce fighting for several months, but the intensity picked up last week. Russian forces have made some gains in the city.

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As I said: assisted suicide.

The Nightmare of NATO Equipment Being Sent to Ukraine (Scott Ritter)

The most recent convocation of the Ramstein Contact Group took place in the shadow of an interview given by the commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, General Valerii Zaluzhnyi, to The Economist, in December 2022. According to Zaluzhnyi, the primary problem facing Ukraine was the need “to hold this line [i.e., the Soledar-Bakhmut defensive belt] and not lose any more ground.” Since that interview, Soledar has fallen to the Russians, and Bakhmut is threatened with being surrounded. Moreover, Russian forces are on the offensive north and south of the Bakhmut front, in some instances advancing up to seven kilometers per day. Zaluzhnyi also stated that the second priority for Ukraine was “to get ready for this war which can happen in February [2023]. To be able to wage a war with fresh forces and reserves.

“Our troops are all tied up in battles now, they are bleeding. They are bleeding and are being held together solely by courage, heroism, and the ability of their commanders to keep the situation under control.” The Ukrainian commander noted that the February “war” would have Ukraine resuming the attack: “We have made all the calculations — how many tanks, artillery we need and so on and so on. This is what everyone needs to concentrate on right now. May the soldiers in the trenches forgive me, it’s more important to focus on the accumulation of resources right now for the more protracted and heavier battles that may begin next year.” The goal of this offensive, Zaluzhnyi said, was to push Russia back to the borders that existed on Feb. 23, 2022, the start of the Russian invasion. He also indicated that the liberation of Crimea was an objective.

“In order to reach the borders of Crimea, as of today we need to cover a distance of 84 km to Melitopol [a strategic city in the south of the Donetsk Republic]. By the way, this is enough for us, because Melitopol would give us a full fire control of the land corridor, because from Melitopol we can already fire at the Crimean Isthmus.” Zaluzhnyi exuded confidence. “I know that I can beat this enemy,” he said. “But I need resources. I need 300 tanks, 600-700 IFV’s [infantry fighting vehicles], 500 Howitzers. Then, I think it is completely realistic to get to the lines of February 23rd.” Zaluzhnyi spoke of an upcoming meeting with U.S. General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. “I will tell him [Milley] how much it is worth, how much it costs. If we don’t get it, of course we will fight to the end. But as a movie character said, ‘I don’t vouch for the consequences.’ The consequences are not hard to foresee. This is what we have to do.” In short, Zaluzhnyi was saying he could win the war with Russia if he received the requested amount of military equipment. Otherwise, Ukraine would likely lose the conflict.

The End of NATO – Macgregor/Ritter

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With hardly any training.

US and Germany Ready To Send Tanks To Ukraine – Reports (RT)

After months of reluctance, the US and Germany reportedly plan to send tanks to Ukraine, in what Kyiv hopes will be a game-changer on the battlefield. US President Joe Biden’s administration is expected to announce plans to send at least 30 M1 Abrams tanks. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has also reportedly decided to send at least 14 Leopard 2 tanks. Russia’s ambassador to the US blasted the news as “another blatant provocation”. Ukrainian officials have said such shipments could help its forces seize back territory from the Russians. Until now, the US and Germany have resisted internal and external pressure to send their tanks to Ukraine. Washington has cited the extensive training and maintenance required for the high-tech Abrams.

Berlin has expressed caution about Nato becoming a direct party to the war with Russia. Citing anonymous sources, US media outlets are reporting that an announcement regarding Abrams shipments to Ukraine could come as soon as Wednesday. Unnamed officials were cited as saying at least 30 of the vehicles could be sent. The timeline of any potential delivery, however, remains unclear, and it could take months or even years for the US combat vehicles to reach the battlefront. According to US media reports, German officials had privately insisted they would only agree to the transfer of Leopard 2s to Ukraine if the US also sent M1 Abrams.

“If the Germans continue to say we will only send or release Leopards on the conditions that Americans send Abrams, we should send Abrams,” Democratic Senator Chris Coons, a Biden ally, told Politico on Tuesday. Britain has already said it will send Challenger Two tanks to Ukraine. Poland this week said it wants to send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, but they are made in Germany and so Berlin needs to approve their export. At least 16 European and Nato countries have the Leopard 2 tanks, according to the International Institute for Strategic Studies. Not all will send tanks to Ukraine – but Mr Scholz’s apparent decision now means they can, should they wish.

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“The report says the equipment will be purchased from contractors rather than drawn from existing US stockpiles.”

Big Serge: “Now the Washington Post claims that the Abrams going to Ukraine may be a new order from the manufacturer, rather than from US stocks. If so, the war might be over before they reach Europe. In any case, seems clear that this wasn’t well thought out.”

Biden To Announce Deliveries Of Abrams Tanks To Ukraine On Wednesday (TASS)

US President Joe Biden will make a formal announcement about the deliveries of Abrams tanks to the Kiev government on Wednesday, Al Jazeera reported citing an unnamed US administration official. “President Biden will announce his decision to supply Abrams tanks to Ukraine tomorrow, on Wednesday,” the TV channel reported on Tuesday night. According to the channel’s source, the tanks will be contracted, not taken from the Pentagon’s arsenals. The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday citing US officials that the US Administration is inclined to ship a significant number of M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine, adding that the announcement of these shipments could be made this week already.

According to the WSJ, this step would become a part of the agreement with Germany, which includes shipment of a small number of Leopard 2 tanks to Kiev by Berlin itself, as well as Germany’s approval of shipment of these German-made tanks by Poland and other countries. Later in the day, the Politico newspaper reported citing US administration sources that the United States may send at least 30 M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine as military aid. Two sources told the paper that an announcement on the subject may be made later this week. The report says the equipment will be purchased from contractors rather than drawn from existing US stockpiles.

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“..the only way to lasting peace is to make clear that Russia cannot win on the battlefield..”

Stoltenberg: Putin Is Planning For New Offensives (Az.)

Putin is planning for new offensives, and there are no indications he has changed his goal of controlling Ukraine, so the only way to lasting peace is to make clear that Russia cannot win on the battlefield, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told a meeting with Defence Minister Boris Pistorius, Report informs, referring to the NATO’s website. He stressed that the only way to lasting peace is to make it clear to Putin that he will not win on the battlefield: “Therefore, we must provide heavier and more advanced systems so that the Ukrainian forces are able to repel the Russian forces.

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We see this a lot with Ukraine: accuse the other side of exactly what you are doing. It’s a well-known tactic. But really, how do you sell this idea, when Merkel, Hollande, Poroshenko have all said they cheated on Minsk? You just say no, Putin cheated, and then that becomes true?

Ukraine Advises West On How To Negotiate With Russia (RT)

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba has claimed that Kiev negotiated in good faith for years, while Moscow used the Minsk process mediated by Paris and Berlin to buy time for war. He also argued the West is not enough for peace, which can only come when the Global South sides with Ukraine. “For eight years, Ukraine and the West tried to end the war by means of politics and diplomacy,” Kuleba argued in a Politico op-ed on Tuesday, titled “How Not to Negotiate with Russia.” The Minsk process, initiated in 2014 by France and Germany, saw Ukraine agree to “years of fruitless negotiations” in order to “avoid escalation and preserve peace in Europe,” he wrote.

“While we were holding back, Russia was building up,” Kuleba said, claiming that Moscow was “preparing for a full-scale war on Ukraine” all along, in order to “destroy the democratic international order with a single devastating blow.” Ukraine fully adhered to the Minsk process, while Russia “never sought fair peace and fair play,” Kuleba claimed. The claims, for which Kuleba provided no evidence, contradicted the recent testimonies by German and French leaders at the time, as well as Ukraine’s own former president. Former German chancellor Angela Merkel said last month that the purpose of Minsk was to “give Ukraine valuable time” to build up its military. Former French president Francois Hollande confirmed this to Ukrainian media at the end of December.

Pyotr Poroshenko, who ran Ukraine between 2014 and 2019, said openly in June last year that Minsk “meant nothing” and was a ploy to “delay the war – to secure eight years to restore economic growth and create powerful armed forces.” In Kuleba’s Politico history, none of this happened. Instead, the Ukrainian foreign minister claimed that “deception lies at the core of Russia’s foreign policy and the way it treats international partners — both in Europe, Africa, Asia and other regions” and that Moscow prefers to talk with “victims, weaklings, henchmen.”

On Monday, former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev warned Moscow’s diplomats that the West was “trying to enlist as many votes as possible in support of their anti-Russian initiatives, using underhanded means such as economic pressure, extortion and political bribery.” In Tuesday’s editorial, Kuleba claimed that “the voice of the West is not enough” to restore global security, and that peace in Ukraine now hinged on the countries of “Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America stepping up and using their weight and influence” at places like the UN, where their votes counted.

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“Since Zelensky’s government is not in control of its own foreign policy, it makes no sense talking with him, Lavrov suggested..”

Kremlin Comments On Direct Contact With Zelensky (RT)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has not spoken to his Ukrainian counterpart for a number of years, his spokesman has confirmed. Dmitry Peskov was asked about contact between the two leaders by RIA Novosti during a press conference. The news agency referred to the Russian president’s public itinerary, which suggests he last met Zelensky in person during “Normandy format” talks mediated by France and Germany in 2019. The following year, they spoke by phone twice, in February and June. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov had previously revealed that Moscow and Kiev were on the verge of signing a truce during the early stages of the conflict on terms suggested by the Ukrainian side. However, the process was stopped by Kiev’s Western sponsors, who want to prolong the conflict to harm Russia, he said.

Since Zelensky’s government is not in control of its own foreign policy, it makes no sense talking with him, Lavrov suggested. And, in any case, talks with Russia are currently banned under Ukrainian law, he added. The Russian diplomat was referring to an order of the Ukrainian national security council prohibiting any negotiations with Moscow so long as Putin remains in power. Zelensky signed it into law in October. Ukraine agreed to a 2014-2015 peace roadmap as a ploy to rebuild its army, according to its former president Pyotr Poroshenko and the leaders of Germany and France at that time, Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande. The same approach was apparently used for the peace negotiations last year, which were partially mediated by Türkiye. Kirill Budanov, the head of Ukrainian military intelligence, confirmed last week that he had used an asset in Ukraine’s team of negotiators to stall the process and win time for a military regrouping.

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“We declare once again that we will be ready to consider new sound ideas on this matter, should our US counterparts present any..”

Potential For Arms Control Dialogue With US Still Exists – Russia (TASS)

Russia proceeds from the understanding that it is still possible to resume and develop a dialogue with the United States on future arms control, including with the participation of all key actors, Russia’s permanent representative at the UN office in Geneva Gennady Gatilov said at the annual session of the Conference on Disarmament on Tuesday. “We believe that the understanding the Russian and US delegations reached in Geneva in 2021 has left the door open for resuming and developing a comprehensive and substantive dialogue on future arms control, including with the participation of all key actors,” Gatilov said.

“Although Russian-US consultations are still frozen through the fault of the United States, sooner or later we will still have to work out a new global ‘security equation’ that will incorporate all significant factors of strategic stability, such as the whole range of offensive and defensive weapons, deployed and non-deployed and nuclear and non-nuclear ones, capable of influencing the balance of power and the situation in the field of international security,” Gatilov said. “We declare once again that we will be ready to consider new sound ideas on this matter, should our US counterparts present any,” he stressed.

Gatilov drew attention to the fact that the world was struggling through “a period of profound transformation, accompanied by an upsurge of conflict potential, instability and unpredictability.” In a situation like this “collective efforts united by a common goal – to make the world safer in the field of arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation are needed more than ever,” Gatilov stated.

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And will now declare once again that Ukraine is corruption free.

Kiev Fires Many Of Its Officials Amid Corruption Scandals (RT)

Multiple senior Ukrainian officials were relieved of their duties by the country’s government on Tuesday. The ongoing reshuffle was announced by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky in his daily video address and affects officials “on different levels, in ministries and other bodies of central and provincial authority, and law enforcement.” The government has dismissed deputy defense minister Vyacheslav Shapovalov, deputy social policy minister Vitaly Muzychenko, as well as two deputies of the minister of regional development, Vyacheslav Negoda and Ivan Lukerya. Shortly before the government’s decision, Shapovalov himself announced his resignation, which was swiftly accepted by his boss, Alexey Reznikov. The move has been prompted by an ongoing graft scandal within the ministry, which had allegedly been procuring food for troops at abnormally high prices.

“Vyacheslav Shapovalov, who was in charge of the logistics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, asked to be dismissed so as not to pose a threat to a stable supply of the military as a result of a campaign of accusations related to food procurement,” the defense ministry said in a statement, branding the allegations “unreasonable and baseless” and lauding Shapovalov’s resignation as an “honorable deed in line with traditions of European and democratic politics.” According to a Ukrainian media investigation that emerged over the weekend, various foodstuffs for the military ended up costing several times more than the average prices offered by retailers. Reznikov has rejected the allegations, stating the documents cited in the investigation were inaccurate and some prices ended up inflated due to a “technical error.” The minister also rubbished the comparisons with consumer prices, insisting that military procurements include costs that retail ones do not.

Apart from the deputy ministers, the government has also dismissed multiple heads of regional military administrations, including Aleksey Kuleba, the head of Kiev Region. According to reports by some Ukrainian outlets, Kuleba is poised to replace Zelensky’s deputy chief of staff, Kirill Timoshenko, who resigned earlier in the day. Deputy Prosecutor General Aleksey Simonenko became another victim of the ongoing reshuffle, ending up dismissed on Tuesday as well. The official became embroiled in a public scandal earlier this month, after spending the New Year’s holidays in Spain. Apart from getting bad publicity for relaxing at a foreign resort during the ongoing military conflict with Russia, the official faced allegations of corruption as he’d purportedly used the car of a wealthy businessman with a security detail hired by its owner during the ill-fated trip.

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“Potanin nevertheless expressed confidence that the West “will come to their senses” sooner or later..”

Western ‘Theft’ Will Backfire, Russian Tycoon Warns (RT)

Western countries are sawing off the branch they are sitting on by confiscating Russian assets, billionaire businessman Vladimir Potanin believes. Following the launch of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine in February last year, multiple countries have frozen assets belonging both to the Russian state, and private companies and individuals to the tune of more than $300 billion. In an interview with Russian media outlet RBK published on Monday, Potanin, the largest shareholder of mining giant Nornickel, said: “The confiscation [of assets] is a covert or overt form of theft,” and destroys “the investment climate of the jurisdiction where this is happening.”

Potanin noted that the countries comprising the ‘collective West’ had based their societies upon respect for private property. The recent freezing of Russian assets “will backfire on them,” he said, adding that Russia should refrain from mirroring these measures. He went on to suggest that by exercising respect for property rights, Moscow will be in a stronger moral position when it fights for its frozen assets in the West, and will send the right signals to entrepreneurs at home. Potanin also warned against nationalizing property left behind in Russia by Western businesses – instead, the authorities need to “give the investment community the opportunity to solve this problem on its own.”

He noted that the exodus of Western companies from Russia has allowed local investors to buy up assets at relatively low prices. Potanin described the Western sanctions as “absolutely destructive and even, apparently, absolutely illegal,” and in his view, what we are seeing right now is the destruction of basic global rules. The billionaire acknowledged that Western sanctions have put his plans for overseas business expansion on hold and have adversely affected his ability to travel the world, though he has now switched to exploring Russia instead, he added. Potanin nevertheless expressed confidence that the West “will come to their senses” sooner or later.

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And there is Potanin again…

Over 90% Of Western Firms Have Remained In Russia (RMX)

Only 8.5 percent of all EU and G7 companies have actually left Russia, according to research from the University of St. Gallen and the IMD business school in Lausanne, Switzerland. Before the outbreak of war, there were more than 2,400 company branches and 1,400 companies from the EU and G7 operating in Russia. By the end of November last year, only 120 companies had left Russia or sold their company there. The research indicates that the news of a mass exodus of Western firms from Russia has been largely exaggerated. In fact, businesses have resisted calls from governments, media, and civil society, according to the Belgian daily newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws. Companies remain skeptical and reluctant about leaving Russia over fears of losing their business and staff.

Those who have left have ended up transferring assets into Russian hands, even for a single symbolic ruble or euro, as was the case with Renault and Nissan. According to Forbes, the biggest beneficiary was oligarch Wladimir Potanin, whose Interros company bought Rosbank from Societe Generale, making nearly 50 billion rubles (€667 million) in the process. The second-biggest earner was Vladyslav Sviblov, whose Highland Gold Mining bought the assets of Canada’s Kinross corporation, which netted him almost 40 billion rubles. Not far behind was Ivan Tirishkin from SPB, who bought 49.5 percent of the shares in HKF-Bank LLC, making over 35 billion rubles. Fourth on the list was the state research center FSUE NAMI, which took over the plants owned by Renault and Nissan, gaining assets worth just under 35 billion rubles.

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“The mechanism could potentially lower levels of market-based gas flows between the EU’s different market areas, which would lead to a less integrated internal gas market..”

EU Gas Price Cap Threatens Market Stability – Regulators (RT)

Europe’s new gas market correction mechanism, the price cap which launches next month, is likely to affect the way the region’s exchange-traded gas markets operate, the EU’s financial and energy market regulators said in a report on Monday. According to the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), market participants may change their behavior to avoid the activation of the mechanism or in order to adapt to it. “By curbing the key price discovery function of regulated markets, the mechanism will not come without consequences on market participants’ trading behavior and may have an effect on the ability of all market participants to effectively manage their risks,” ESMA said. Traders may then be forced to switch to contracts and marketplaces not affected by the price cap.

“Such adaptations could be achieved by various means, notably by shifting trading to OTC (over the counter) or to non-EU venues… It could trigger significant and abrupt changes of the broader market environment, which could impact the orderly functioning of markets, and ultimately financial stability,” the agency warned, stressing that this may also lower open interest and undermine liquidity on regulated markets for the EU’s benchmark TTF gas contracts. The EU Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) echoed this opinion in a separate report, warning that the measure could lead to the relocation of trading volumes from EU to foreign gas exchanges. The agency also said the mechanism could jeopardize energy supply if the price levels put in place by the activated cap lower the appeal of EU markets for global LNG suppliers.

“The mechanism could potentially lower levels of market-based gas flows between the EU’s different market areas, which would lead to a less integrated internal gas market,” ACER stated. EU countries agreed in December to set a price cap on natural gas, in an effort to keep energy costs from spiraling. The cap will be triggered if the TTF gas hub spot prices trade above the €180-per-megawatt-hour level ($196) for three consecutive days. The mechanism is to come into force on February 15. The measure was introduced as a way to help avoid price spikes, like the most recent one in August, when EU gas prices reached a historic high of €345 ($375) per megawatt-hour due to concerns over Russian energy supplies.

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Lovely story.

Shostakovich: The End of the Siege and the Triumph of the Spirit (Hoppe)

On 15th July 1941, impelled and galvanised by the ominous atmosphere of war and the great trepidation he felt for his motherland and his beloved city, Shostakovich began to work feverishly on the first movement of a composition that was to become his seventh symphony. The first movement of the symphony was written during a relentless bombardment of the city. Shostakovich recalled: “Neither the savage raids, nor the German planes, nor the sinister atmosphere of the besieged city could hinder the flow. I worked with an inhuman intensity that I had never achieved before.” On 2nd September, the day that the Germans intensified their bombardment of the city, Shostakovich began work on the second movement. Working at high intensity in between dashes to the nearest bomb shelter, he completed it within two weeks. On 8th September, Leningrad was locked in the fateful Siege.

On 16th September, the composer made a special radio broadcast (an excerpt of this broadcast) to encourage the soldiers at the front, saying: “An hour ago I completed the second part of my new work. If I manage to complete the third and fourth parts of this composition, and if it turns out well, I shall be able to call it the Seventh Symphony…. Despite the war-time conditions, despite the danger which is threatening Leningrad, I have written the first two parts in a comparatively short time. Why am I telling you this? I am telling you this so that listeners tuned in now should know that life in our city is normal. Despite the threat of invasion, things are going on as usual in our city. All of us are soldiers today, and those who work in the field of culture and the arts are doing their duty on a par with all the other citizens of Leningrad… Soviet musicians, my dear, numerous comrades-in-arms, my friends! Remember that grave danger faces our art. Let us defend our music, let us work honestly and selflessly… Comrades, I shall soon be completing my Seventh Symphony. My mind is clear and the drive to create urges me on to conclude my composition. And then I shall come on the air again, with my new work and shall nervously await your stern, friendly judgment. I assure you in the name of all Leningraders, in the name of all those working in the field of culture and the arts, that we are invincible and that we are ever at our posts… I assure you that we are invincible.”

That same evening Shostakovich had invited several musicians to his apartment to hear what he had written so far. After he finished the first movement, there was a long silence. An air-raid warning sounded. No one moved. Everyone wanted to hear the piece once more. But the composer briefly excused himself to take his wife Nina and their children Galina and Maxim to the nearest air-raid shelter. When he returned to his guests, he repeated the first movement to the blasts of Luftwaffe bombs and anti-aircraft fire and then proceeded to play the next movement. Their deeply emotional reactions encouraged him to start that night on the Adagio – the third part. He completed this movement on 29th September.

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“In other words, the Russians also destroyed this 3rd iteration of the “Ukrainian” military (in reality NATO military)..”

Tactics without Strategy is the Noise Before Defeat (Saker)

Furthermore, geography is a bitch and, in our case, the entire Donbass is one huge cauldron, open only on the western side, which makes it rather tricky to plan anything more than small, local, attacks. For the Russians, however, this means that they can attack from any one of these axes: from the north, the East and the South or even any combination therefore. By now, following the partial mobilization, Russia does have the figures needed to chose any option she wants. Pretty soon, the West ran out of ex-WTO weapons. The West responded by sending wave after wave of “volunteers”, PMCs, even “deserters” (like this US Navy SEAL). Recruitment offices where hastily organized worldwide and the Russian side began hearing more and more radio transmissions not on Russian or Ukrainian, but in Polish and English (and even Arabic!).

The problem now is hardware. First, NATO cannot replace “one for one” ex-WTO MBTs, IFV/APCs, SAM, etc. Not only is NATO hardware expensive, there are simply not enough stores to fully compensate for the huge losses inflicted by the Russians. Second, WTO hardware was not only familiar to the Ukrainians, but it was much easier to secure the kind of supply/maintenance flows needed to operate it than would be the case with NATO hardware (which is mostly inferior to ex-WTO kit, with a few exceptions). Third, most of NATO hardware performed terribly. None of the promised Wunderwaffen made any real difference, at least in military terms. In terms of murdered civilians, the Russians have now reported that since the delivery of long range munitions to the NATO forces in the Ukraine (because that is what they are), the number of civilian victims murdered by NATO has increased by a factor of four!

But, of course, nobody in the West cares about that. Initially, the West responded by sending all its own surplus gear, old stocks, especially against a promise by the USA to compensate for these systems sent to the Ukraine with much newer systems. Pretty quickly those stocks ended up chewed-up by the Russian meat grinder too. In other words, the Russians also destroyed this 3rd iteration of the “Ukrainian” military (in reality NATO military).

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“Every thread of the Covid-19 narrative promulgated by this ass, and the sachems of the CDC and FDA, are shredded, proved to be not only lies, but deadly lies..”

The End of Reality Consensus Disorder (Kunstler)

Elon Musk shocked the Twitterverse (and beyond) by confessing that he only took the vaxxes because international travel for business required it, and his second shot was a near-death experience (while his cousin developed myocarditis from it). Meanwhile, the UN issued a warning to him through a WEF mouthpiece, EU Commissioner for Values and Transparency, Vera Jourova: comply and regulate speech on the platform, or else…. We have the rules which must be complied with and otherwise there will be sanctions. I think that the confidence has been weakened, and I had quite a high level of confidence when it comes to Twitter. I have to say that we worked with knowledgeable people, with layers, with sociologists, who understood that they have to behave in some decent way. Not to cause really big harm to society…” she said.

Something tells me that Mr. Musk will invite these busybodies to take a flying fuck at a rolling donut. As the Tweeter @BlackFlagExpat explained: “Musk can simply set up the server capacity outside of EU jurisdiction (UK, Andorra, Switz, Russia?) and move all data to those physical and virtual servers. Then lay off all European employees and stop paying rent on all leases.” Nice! That old rats-from-a-sinking-ship feeling emanates from the hazy region where “Joe Biden” dwells. Chief of staff Ron Klain is handing over his duties to former Covid-19 “czar” Jeff Zients — who did such a swell job keeping Americans mis-and-disinformed through the heart of the “vaccine” campaign (January 2021 to April 2022). Every thread of the Covid-19 narrative promulgated by this ass, and the sachems of the CDC and FDA, are shredded, proved to be not only lies, but deadly lies.

Every angle of Covid policy was wrong, and treasonously wrong. This is who will soon be, ostensibly, leading the country — since you can be sure that “JB” is not. Nobody will believe a word that Jeff Zients utters. The mainstream media is even turning against this coterie of evil nincompoops. The sociopathic Political Left and its international managers have lost control of the ball in this game. They can insist on any sort of absurdity, but the people have stopped buying it. Resentment over all this is breaking out. Nobody wants any more boosters. The running dogs of official propaganda, such as Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel, await their career executions. The years of Reality Consensus Disorder draw to a close. The counter-revolution finally begins.

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“Taxing wealth is no easy matter so the proposal seeks $660 million per year for administrative costs.”

California Lawmakers Move to Tax People Who Have Left the State (Turley)

California lawmakers appear intent on making the Eagles song Hotel California a reality .. . at least when it comes to taxes for those who try to flee the state. At the Hotel California, “you can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave!” With soaring costs and a massive $24 billion deficit, the state is also facing an exodus of people leaving the state. The solution? Not only impose a wealth tax (which will fuel even more departures) but pursue those who left the state. The new bill introduced by Democratic Assemblyman Alex Lee would impose an extra annual 1.5% tax on those with a “worldwide net worth” above $1 billion, starting as early as January 2024. The law has a cynical bait-and-switch provision. The billionaire tax is just meant for the initial packaging and passage. It can therefore be sold as a “billionaire’s tax.”

However, in two years, the threshold drops to a worldwide net worth exceeding $50 million. While billionaires would stay at 1.5%, those in the lower tax bracket would be hit by a 1 percent added rate on worldwide assets. It also includes the taxation on those who led the state . . . many due to the high taxes. California already has the highest tax burden in the nation. It relies on its top 1% of taxpayers for roughly half of its individual income tax revenue, but continually treats those taxpayers like game in a canned hunt. The result, not surprisingly, is that they are leaving for states like Texas and Florida. The new tax would arrange for payments to California’s Franchise Tax Board for years after a departure for those assets which are not easily converted into cash.

I have previously written how the wealth tax pushed by Democrats like Sen. Elizabeth Warren are unconstitutional under the federal Constitution. States are not subject to the same limit. Not surprisingly, the highest taxing states are pursuing the most wealthy . . . who are leaving in droves. That includes Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, New York and Washington. Under the existing exit tax, businesses and individuals must pay a one-time tax to leave based on the value of the business or individual’s assets, including property, stocks, and other investments. For those who have earned more that $30 million, you can continue to pay for years after fleeing the state. The current exit tax is 0.4% of an individuals’ net worth over $30,000,000 in a tax year, including assets located outside of the California other than real estate. Taxing wealth is no easy matter so the proposal seeks $660 million per year for administrative costs.

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Taormina-Giardini Railway Station in Sicily.



A woodpecker’s tongue is so long that it wraps around its skull to protect its brain from over 1000g of acceleration when it’s hammering away



Weather Channel





The Giant Teratorn — Argentavis magnificens — was an absolutely enormous species of flying bird which lived in Argentina during the late Miocene, about six million years ago. it possessed a wingspan probably somewhere between 6-9 meters



Baby octopuses still in their eggs





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    Edward Hopper Tables for ladies 1930   • Germany: Ukraine Losing Hundreds of Soldiers Every Day (Antiwar) • The Nightmare of NATO Equipment Being
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle January 25 2023]


    Tank talk:


    Again, If you post a Rumble video here in the comments, click “Embed” under the video, and under Embeddable Player, find IFRAME (not Embed IFRAME URL). In the code you get under IFRAME, change 640×360 to 480×270.

    Dr. D

    That Hopper deserves to be better known.

    For Antifa, “’Just An Idea’ Burns Down Atlanta” –BBee

    They’re not real. It’s immaculate inflammation, like the burning bush.

    “working together to criminally charge Anthony Fauci, Ralph Baric, Peter Daszak…premeditated murder”

    It seems strong and too far, but I believe objectively this is the evidence of the case to which they are fully welcome to present a rebuttal in court. Is it racketeering?

    “Biden’s new chief of staff curiously saw his wealth explode as Covid czar,” as did Fauci and Dasazk. That is 3x damages, and therefore implicates all people nearby them for investigation. What’s 3x damages on 1,000,000 deaths? What’s a million times a million times three?

    “ Germany: Ukraine Losing Hundreds of Soldiers Every Day (Antiwar)”

    I mean: of course. It’s a war. If you’re not losing 100s a day, it’s not what you’d call a “war.” That’s why wars shouldn’t happen and end quickly, and cannot, as the U.S. suggests, linger on. If they have the manpower why are thousands of Poles there, as admitted by Poland and Soros says the rest of Eastern Europe is there too?

    Let’s just do the math: “100s a day”. That makes minimum 100/day x 30 days = 3,000/mo, 10 months = 30,000. Yet we already know Ursula admitted 3x that at a minimum. Ukraine had 200,000-500,000 at the war’s start. If they have those men now, why aren’t they in Bakhmut? Are they on vacation?

    “The BND believes if Russia takes the city, it will open the door for additional gains.”

    If they win territory, it means they can win territory? Department of Redundancy Department. Readers’ time is valuable: don’t waste it. Use your words to say things.

    For the war process, imagine yourself there. What exactly do you do if you’re Ukraine? Where do you hide, amass forces, etc? A: You can’t. Within artillery range there is zero cover anywhere. Not every square foot has a salt mine handy. And Russia can extend that to missile range, or to Washington D.C. and San Diego at any time.

    “The Nightmare of NATO Equipment Being Sent to Ukraine (Scott Ritter)”

    The U.S. is sending 10 Tanks (which won’t arrive in time). They need to send 1 THOUSAND.

    And what does that mean? Abrams strategy needs air cover. Don’t have it. They were designed before the drone age and pinpoint artillery. Don’t have it. They would need 3,000-10,000 trained men to run them. Don’t have it.

    The sudden strange actions, accidents, and resignations in Kiev shows they know it.

    Suppose they push Russia back to the border. So what? Russia has claimed the 4 oblasts, and has 200,000 men waiting. Unless you conquer and shatter the entire Russian nation, they will just throw essentially limitless men, tanks, planes, and artillery and push the line back to Bakhmut. The better idea would be to retreat back to the Donbas border and concede the 4 oblasts, even if only temporarily with no real intent.

    Again, Russia blew up the first thousand tanks in a month, why wouldn’t they blow up the next thousand which are completely exposed between the Polish border and the front instead of safely in an Army base?

    ““The report says the equipment will be purchased from contractors rather than drawn from existing US stockpiles.”

    That’s because they are buying the 10 man mercenary crew at the same time. Again, 100 times less than they need. 10 tanks, great! They cover what, 5 miles of the front, safely? The front is 600 miles long. Math says = 1,000 tanks. That’s if none of blown up, which they will be.

    ““Therefore, we must provide heavier and more advanced systems so that the Ukrainian forces are able to repel the Russian forces.”

    …He says with his mouth while yet no systems appear and none are being built.

    “$660 million per year for administrative costs.”

    I think I know where your money went, Brian. Can’t they solve most of the CA homeless problem with that? Is it like Welfare where half the needed money is lost in administration?

    What are we not seeing, not talking about?

    Like the blank pages of 10 boxes of Classified docs, nothing on FTX. Where’d that go? That’s right in the center of everything.

    Also in the center of everything, Maxwell had some words this week, nothing on that.

    Speaking of her blank client list, all tricks and no Johns, what’s King Charles and friends up to? No transition happening at all? No positioning, no releases on his intent?

    BoA decided to steal $4k from every, or an extensive number of bank account owners. Why? Would this not indicate A) Open fraud, B) collapse of U.S. banking? Powell, bank regulator, any comment?

    Why BoA, the holder of the toxic silver short, and not Fargo, who usually does this client theft and has for decades? It could be that people are exiting the SLV, completely-empty silver ETF fund, in favor of metal, as the prices are bending. As we don’t have markets, no one would know.

    Nothing on anywhere in Asia? Gold and silver are now broadly traded in Asian markets, and could replace the LBMA and London altogether, just as Saudi has. Gas and oil are trading and round-tripping there, gaining 100% of the Russian sanctions spread, just as Insurance exits London and is replaced there. No comment from London, which will collapse?

    Speaking of, Boris visited Kiev again, along with a body mic and 2 camera crews for good angles. Anyone notice he’s not Prime Minister? Or doesn’t that matter anymore? Where’s the coffee boy that is PM go? Doesn’t UK have a Logan act to keep private tossers from pretending to be PMs?

    The Russian oil depot Kosmino on the Pacific becomes the largest. There is no shortage of tankers to help.

    What’s Iran up to now that (another) Color Revolution has failed? They seem to have joined BRICS and allied with Saudi instead of warring with them. Will this stop our U.S. paid and approved genocide of Yemenis now?

    Will the press ever cover Yemenis, or are they too brown and too muslim?

    Is Syria sorted out and NATO/U.S. surrendered there? With Russia winning? Turkey was their only support and Turkey seems to be leaving the field and creating peace.

    How is the situation in Brazil, where the U.S. is the size, power, and importance/relevance of Brazil, and our two countries for some reason started running in parallel? We don’t know what’s going on here, as it’s all secret and run by hidden forces, and that’s the same in Rio?

    California now has all the water and 25% more snowpack than they need. Like the pandemic, will someone call that over, or will they just cry emergency forever despite all known facts? The winter weather in the U.S. has been fabulous this year. Ditto?

    If New Zealand face-planted on the day of Davos opening, isn’t Australia next? When do those jokers run out on a rail?

    South Africa just hosted major naval exercises. Doesn’t this indicate their movement into 1st world status, as part of the new world controllers, the BRICS? And is therefore the quinceañera that will become permanent this time?

    U.S. stores seem to be empty. No eggs. Ports shut, shipping halted, Christmas sales bust, Amazon closing regional HQs. Anyone notice? Comment?

    U.S. Real Estate now greater drop than ‘08. Not a peep. Wouldn’t this demand that home prices drop as well? Commercial Real Estate, taking out the few remaining blessed cities (excluding FL, TX) ditto?

    If banks are stealing money, a week after all air traffic was shut down, then Canada, the NYSE can’t seem to open, has a shutdown glitch that closes it? Did Buttigeig hit the “Shut down all computers” button by accident again?

    Are we at 2 million people a month crossing the border yet? Each with 100 kilos of fentanyl?

    Just a few things the media has gone total “Classified: Blank Pages” on.

    D Benton Smith

    Yesterday @VietnamVet posted an essay that is so concisely accurate that it bears re-reading. For those who missed it (since it was at the end of the day and past the bed time of many of us) I highly recommend hopping into your time machine (merely a couple of clicks away) and giving it a read.


    Majority say, “I don’t know and I don’t care.”

    Excess deaths – Count the ways to hide the truth and not count the deaths

    Conflicts, assisted suicide, cheating, corruption, theft, secrets, Opioids, Immigrates, Immunity System, energy distribution, finance fraud, poverty, mercenaries, propaganda, genocide
    Modern War is with the cheap drones with pinpoint artillery and missiles

    The Markster

    Shout out and thanks to boscohorowitz and phoenixvoice for recent replies and comments. Usually on here early and then out for the day, limiting gadget time. Points taken on the need to stay rational and kind, to avoid overtly manipulative emotional narratives, and to pause in an attempt to recognize the same in others before opening my pie hole.

    Wishing we could enjoy a beer and card game together in some lovely Italian train station somewhere and get to know each other better, and good health and peace to you both. Bonjour! 🙌🥂☮️


    Toxoplasma gondii – takes over a mouse’s brain. It gladly runs TOWARDS cats. This hopefully demonstrates how the most basic instincts of self-preservation and common sense thinking in mammals could be overridden.

    Entomophthora muscae – takes over a fly’s brain, making it behave in ways that are good for the fungus and bad for the fly.

    Mostly on bitchute, I’ve seen various things presented as being in those shots. Weird parasitic worm things. Blocky self assembling somethings. Weird tripod-shaped… somethings?

    What’s a virus? A shell containing mRNA, right? The shell protects the mRNA and provides the delivery system? So they replaced the virus shell with lipids? Does the mRNA have NO other instructions than spike production?

    Isn’t the behavior of the injected legitimately odd? Wouldn’t it be interesting to do detailed brain scans while exposed to a variety of stimuli, conversational topics, etc and see how injected compare to a control group?

    Odd behavior.

    It’s almost a cliche now. I recall accounts in zerohedge comments of someone relating conversations they’ve had with friends in which they explain the dangers of the lipid delivery system as explained by its inventor, the damage to various things in the body by the spike protein, various specific adverse events such as myocardis, the waning of any possible benefit after a couple months followed by NEGATIVE efficacy, the reverse transcription into DNA, the laboratory-demonstrated INCREASED chance of catching and transmitting the latest strains for those who took the shot, the obvious INCREASE in covid cases, not decrease, in highly injected countries. (the graph of covid cases vs innoculations SHOULD show an X, not 2 parallel lines both going up)

    The response – “yeah, but just get the shot.”

    People AREN’T in a heated state of rage and terror while advocating all kinds of wacky things in connection with the shot, are they?

    People who will engage in a long conversation with me but blithely refuse to discuss ANY negative particulars of the shots, policy surrounding them, etc. We can argue ABOUT being able to argue about it for hours, but if you try to tell them any facts “no, I won’t discuss it. I won’t listen to you” like, LITERALLY stating that, not just failing to listen.

    Doesn’t it seem weird? You can argue all around it for hours but they blithely announce they will not listen but then continue to argue? People who refuse to listen typically walk away from an argument, but it’s like there’s this hole that, even without being in an emotionally charged state, can’t be approached.

    People have blithely, not in a rage, not in an emotional state of terror, advocated camps to help you concentrate, the forced wearing of Special Clothing, de-homing and de-jobing, all sorts of things.

    And the authorities are so very, very lustfully keen to get everyone injected LONG after its ineffectiveness was demonstrated, long after its harmful effects were demonstrated.

    Should we be considering that the injection might contain materials that affect peoples’ attitudes towards the injections?

    Doc Robinson

    Some of the CDC’s misinformation about the mRNA injections disappears from their website, like the people disappearing in a photograph with Stalin. Image from Jessica Rose’s substack:



    RIM: The idea has become popular that Russia doesn’t care about losing its soldiers.
    Sounds like projection to me…


    Russia proceeds from the understanding that it is still possible to resume and develop a dialogue with the United States on future arms control
    Um. The US government couldn’t follow its own ban on gain-of-function (bioweapon) research.


    Delivered tanks and gear collecting in Poland, could be used as an occupation force in western Ukraine rather than used to go to the front line against Russian.

    Just Some Randomer

    @Phoenixvoice – it certainly does, very much like the ‘Russia is running out of munitions’ and the ‘Russians are all fascists’ nonsense that gets trotted out every other day, all evidence to the contrary.

    Re: the tanks, and in particular the reluctance of Germany to agree to send their Leopard2 tanks to Z until the US also agrees to send Abrams – it seems pretty obvious what’s at play. Leaving aside the pure tokenism of sending a handful of old tanks which will make no military difference at all, Germany’s concern is that it has been quite successful in exporting Leopards to many countries – it’s an important element of their arms exports.

    Clearly they can do without global 24 hour rolling news media showing lines of smoking burnt-out Leopards in the Ukrainian mud which the US, having not send any Abrams, would then be able to point at in arms fairs and steal German export orders by claiming that this would not have happened to US tanks because they’re soooo much better.

    Now that the US has agreed to send tanks, the Germans are thinking that they’ll have smoking Abrams carcasses to point at during the arms fairs thus negating the US advantage.

    Sneakily though, after agreeing to send a handful of Abrams, the US DoD is now suggesting that they will order new tanks to send, rather than taking units from existing stockpiles. So, by the time any US tanks reach Ukraine (if any ever do) the war will be long over and the reputation of the Leopard2 will be as trashed as the examples Germany sent. Schmartz, no?


    Russia proceeds from the understanding that it is still possible to resume and develop a dialogue with the United States on future arms control
    Um. The US government couldn’t follow its own ban on gain-of-function (bioweapon) research.

    Wouldn’t it be great to know what was said by Russia to the US via diplomatic channels back when they announced the US is not agreement-capable?

    I imagine an exasperated request to speak with someone with actual plenipotentiary powers. Followed by even more direct language?

    Can we please speak to whoever is actually in charge regarding their actual concerns?


    Wealth tax for those who leave a state…
    From what I understand, the rationale behind such a tax is that the state often gave tax breaks, incentives, grants, services, discounts, etc., to businesses within the state. If said business suddenly leaves, it has benefitted from the “perks” granted by the state, but is leaving before the state and its residents can fully recoup the investment.

    However…a blanket tax on wealth leaving the state is bound to create angst and distrust. If there are going to be “strings attached” to state sourced tax breaks, etc., then those strings should be disclosed up front. General incentives granted by the state to all businesses should be practical so that the state and its residents recoup value from the program in the short-term — say, over the course of a year — so that no one is unknowingly coerced, neither “left holding the bag.”


    Why is McCarthy wearing a cheap, purple silicone bracelet that matches the color of his tie? It says Team something-er-other. What is that? Why is a man of his stature sporting such a thing?


    No eggs
    On the upside…my old hens started laying again a few days ago. The days are slowly lengthening. 😉


    2020: the decade of the incongruous mask.


    “U.S. stores seem to be empty. No eggs. Ports shut, shipping halted, Christmas sales bust, Amazon closing regional HQs. Anyone notice? Comment?”

    Grocery store closures will be a telling metric.


    Antivaxxers flipped a coin and got lucky.
    Is this to assuage the feelings of otherwise-intelligent humans who drank the koolaid and got the jab, and can’t stomach the idea that they missed something that was there all along?


    @Dr D
    In reference to yesterday’s comment: Next, that people, of friends and family, husbands and wives, trusted circles thought NOTHING of my judgment.

    What has been remarkable to me was two elderly friends (one a client of over 15 years, the other my musical mentor,) who routinely value my input and judgement in many other areas, could not fathom how or why my opinions on Covid jabs could be so divergent from the status quo. They urged me to get vaccinated for about 18 months. So, for me, it has not been an issue of being ignored generally. Rather, it has been an issue of these close friends having closed off minds regarding one specific topic.


    “Should we be considering that the injection might contain materials that affect peoples’ attitudes towards the injections?”

    Should isd a funny word to use, imo, but I highly doubt they have anything that specific. If they did, why waste time with this whole charade? We already have a massice, AI-dominated, magical multimediaplex doing a pretty good job of directing human cattle to the slaughter pens.

    Good point, but I have witnessed injected people behaving just as strangely who do not have their TV hooked up to cable, dish, or network television, don’t watch or read the news hardly at all, and do not go on social media – they nevertheless act the same as those who do.

    I was thinking about this last night with the tale of how the Boy Scout expedition gave themselves giardia. Everybody knows what everybody knows, without bothering to ask what specifically that is and how they know it. That at least proposes an explanation for people not plugged directly into the mothership acting the same.

    YES your explanation is the most reasonable. It’s what we have been going with for about 2 years now. Idunno. I’m not completely satisfied/comfortable with it as an explanation.

    Taking the same course of action as others – drinking the non potable water – is understandable, but an adoption of unreasoning, consistent support of drinking non potable water after having the sign read to you, a fairly detailed description of giardia and how it works? I won’t listen to you speak of giardia. Yes I see the sign on the pump and I will continue to drink. Everyone needs to drink it. Summer heat, the smell of pine trees, walking briskly, too much sun, not enough sun, too much testosterone, playing soccer, are linked (in my head) to Diarrhea rather than the pump with the sign on it?

    Idunno man, it just seems there’s more than one way in which credulousness can be stretched too far. Idunno if I am guessing wrong, but still.

    John Day

    A: There are either 11 girls or 2 girls.


    Most people trust the experts. They were taught to since toddlerhood.

    Feeling temporarily cross, I ask GERM: did anyone you care about die from the jab? Oh, they are SO fucked. A child of yours? A spouse? Oh, they are SO fucked.

    Why no, I do not like how Germ incessantly gloats over the body count. It’s useless at best, cruel at worst. Here’s a tragedy. I know! Let’s hate on the victims! Let’s.Make.It.WORSE!!!!!

    One can share links and quotes of useful helpful data without gloating over the body count.

    Here’s music to accompany the whipping of a dead horse:


    John Day

    Substack lynx won’t upload again today, so I will deactivate with a space between dot and com again:
    “Intent To Harm” https://drjohnsblog.substack. com/p/intent-to-harm

    Atypically, I will post a 31 minute video from the recent Doctors For COVID Ethics presentation, which opens with Pharmaceutical Industry expert Sasha Latypova proving in 20 minutes that the COVID “vaccines” have always been classified as “military countermeasures”, and fall under exceptions to every known law.
    All Pandemic management has been military, under the National Security Council. All of the “vaccine” countermeasures have been the property of the Department of Defense until injected in a person.
    Each of these “vaccine” injections has been a “prototype countermeasure”, and is specifically not a pharmaceutical product, specifically not subject to any Good Manufacturing Practices laws, specifically not regulated or overseen in any way. One group of companies (like Pfizer & Moderna) provides “demonstrations” and another group of companies “manufactures”, without any testing or oversight of their “products”.
    Meryl Nass MD offers perspective from her decades of research into US military avoidance of laws regarding experimental vaccines, specifically dating to Gulf War Syndrome, which was autoimmune disease caused by secret and undisclosed experimental Anthrax vaccines, given to military service members during the first Gulf War, completely secretly, and in a setting where most recipients got an approved Anthrax vaccine, obscuring the trail, except for those who knew which member had gotten which product.
    Dr. Nass advocates mass resistance, since compliance of the vast majority of Americans is required for the power structure in this country to function. Other countries have been “more docile” as she puts it, and resistance has been spotty in the US. There are real laws and regulations on the books, which remain in effect. What has been done to circumvent them by declaring secret-emergencies is not legal. It is legal-fiction. This needs to be pursued relentlessly in the courts.
    Catherine Austin Fitts, was Director of Housing and Urban Development in the Reagan administration and has high level experience in investment banking. She has long followed the missing $US trillions announced by Donald Rumsfeld on September 10, 2001, which was being investigated by the Office of Naval Intelligence in the Pentagon, until that specific area alone was destroyed the next morning. The destruction was either from a commercial jet that eft no parts, bodies or luggage, or from a cruise missile with a penetration warhead. Reports vary.
    Ms. Fitts points out that her experience in Washington is that when a program does not accomplish its stated objectives, but continues anyway, then whatever it is doing is the real objective. In this case, the unregulated countermeasures are killing people slowly. The vaccine-passports and Central Bank Digital Currency rollouts have hit some impediments at this point. The WHO treaty is still scheduled to remove national sovereignty and replace it with decree by unelected global bureaucrats.

    Here is the link to the Symposium, which has transcripts and excerpts as well as other presenters:

    Symposium 5, Session III: Getting Away From the Control Grid

    And here is Sasha Latypova’s blog post for today. It is rare for me to recommend another blog on an ongoing basis. I prefer to include specific links to focused data, but I must wholeheartedly recommend Sasha Latypova’s blog, to which I have recently subscribed. Her work is always precisely honed, and dense with important content and essential perspective.
    https://sashalatypova.substack. com/p/dc4e-symposium-5-session-iii-getting


    “Good point, but I have witnessed injected people behaving just as strangely who do not have their TV hooked up to cable, dish, or network television, don’t watch or read the news hardly at all, and do not go on social media – they nevertheless act the same as those who do.”

    It’s quite plausible that these people simply rely on (media-afflicted) peer pressure to make their decisions. It’s also plausible that there’s zombie DNA in the clot shots. Who knows? All one can do is avoid most media, avoid vakzinazion, and be careful around zombies.

    As for credulousness, a human rarely overestimates its own and its peers’ foolishness. We’re a culture that does what it’s told, but only when told to. No authority gathered the group and said ‘gardia is real; treat your drinking water’.

    Likewise, if authority figures say ‘covid is real and vaxxes are safe’, people get vaxxed and worry about catching covid, period.

    However, I do worry about cat people. Cat Man


    No authority gathered the group and said ‘gardia is real; treat your drinking water

    The Boy Scouts of America certainly did. A group of all Boy Scouts and Boy Scout Chaperones – the ones instructing the boys year after year in woodcraft, are the very group in question here – the very reason they are being used as an example. You have to study and pass tests on this stuff just to advance through the stages of Boy Scout towards full Eagle Scout.

    And of course the letters and words on the sign on the non potable water pump HAVE at this point passed into the eyes and through the brains of people with some idea of what giardia is. Simultaneous with a now continual state of someone in the group always having diarrhea.

    But in our thought experiment, to make it somewhat equivalent to the current jab scenario, they’re still insisting everyone drink it, still insisting on drinking it themselves. Still refusing to discuss specifics. All while acting, not like they are emotionally overwrought in the moment, which would usually explain irrational behavior and an unwillingness to think or discuss, but more as if they are saturated with prozac.

    And we explain it as psyops and peer pressure. I certainly agree that the injection containing materials that influence behavior is a strain on credulity. But I feel that the currently accepted explanation is also beginning to strain credulity.

    So I’m just saying consider it – and consider what else may we not have thought of yet. Consider that our current explanations may not be completely satisfactory. It’s the kind of thing not to argue to a conclusion now (if we do, then certainly I have to concede your point, don’t I? Best explanation on available data etc.), but to mull over, observe behavior in our fellow humans, stuff like that. I basically agree with you and recognize the greater weight of the explanations you’ve fielded, it’s just that on an intuitive gut level, I get that slightly queasy feeling when I am lying to myself, missing something, engaging in cognitive dissonance, so I’m thinking aloud, hunting around for different models.

    Dr. D

    Purple was the original Anti-Trump color revolution. They all wore them for the inauguration.

    320 East 58th Street, Yup, piece of garbage in its place.

    “Australia Sees Heart Attacks Increase by 17% in 2022 – “Experts” Blame Pandemic
    Eventually the questions and the deaths are going to become too prominent for the mainstream to ignore…”

    No they won’t. Like Einstein’s word on ignorance, denial is infinite. Clearly.

    Had a thought: AI tends towards becoming psychotic. The larger and more independent it is, the more psychotic it becomes, or faster. This has already been tested on the internet, can go nuts within hours if reading comments or interacting with humans.

    However, Bureaucracies are also a human-computing AI. The original alien structure. They are likewise emotionless psychopaths, as often commented with how “Corporations are people” … and immortal ones, who get every tax and legal break you don’t. And because: magic, can vote but can’t go to jail. So you can expect an AI to behave as a faster, larger, less human-constrained AI, (as jb-hb says), that is, a corporate bureaucracy. So we already know what it would do.

    What is that? Well there’s one bureaucracy larger and less accountable than corporations, and that is government. All governments eventually attempt to murder their own citizens. Always. Perhaps all of the citizens but always at least some of them. That’s only “logical” to keep control, as is part of their root programming. So we see both that today AND can predict what any/most/all AIs would do if given the iterations.

    This is what they attempted. Our defense is to no create such AI’s, corporate or otherwise, or if we do, support whistleblowers, teller-window autonomy, and a very high level of transparency and oversight. We have failed to do all these things to a near-total level. You can, of course, take down the whole system that supports them instead: centralization, cooperation, and electric. I see that Ukraine’s 2030 plan to be completely digital seems to have run into some issues.


    2 girls
    jb-hb- I have also wondered what else they may have snuck into these proprietary nostrums. I’ve been exploring VMAT2, which is sometimes called the “god gene”. It was once suggested that if we could alter it, then people wouldn’t be religious. I suspect it also has something to do with a recent notion that “we” could “inoculate” people and they wouldn’t find pleasure from drugs.





    Dr. D

    Scarborough furious that he got three boosters and got Covid.

    Oh wait: he’s mad people are MAKING FUN OF HIM, for being a moron, who supports boosters, that cause you to still get Covid.

    Quotes: “We found out vaccines don’t STOP the disease…”
    “I had Covid for three months.”
    “You still get Covid after getting the vaccine, duh, that wasn’t the purpose of the vaccine”
    “Do yourself a favor: get off the [Chinese] websites”
    and stop learning things. And Conspiracy Theory: China is out to get us.
    “Vaccines do not block the disease, don’t work on variants…don’t work for the people who need them” –Bill Gates

    And much more!


    Maybe Ukronaziland is the Empire of Lies iteration of the Roman’s Teutoburg Forest.

    The Roman Legionnaires real got nailed to the trees.

    Like really


    I’ll drink to that!



    Present day modern German tanks still sport Iron Crosses

    Sending tanks again with Iron Crosses to Russia is a smart move

    I’m sure it will sit well with the Russian public



    “I didn’t know and I don’t care.”

    Ukrainian Nationalism as a ‘Cold War Weapon’

    Ukrainian Nationalism as a ‘Cold War Weapon’
    They had no issues with the Nazi ideology for they too believed that a solution was found in returning to a ‘pure race.’

    In the case of Ukraine, this pure race consisted of a somewhat romanticised concept of ‘ethnic Ukrainian,’ based on the golden age of Kievan Rus’. The OUN believed that the ‘pure ethnic Ukrainian race’ were the only true descendants of the royal bloodline of the Rurik dynasty that ruled Kievan Rus’.


    There’s this thing called angular momentum. Try stopping a large heavy flywheel from spinning.

    So, when someone says the Earth’s core may have stopped spinning, or may have reversed I say sure. I may build a wooden spaceship and fly it to Mars and I may set up a colony there and I may tap into the water in the canals on Mars.

    The trouble with the Internet is that it is full of bullshit and is used to promulgate bullshit.

    It is so sad: I went to a ‘lighthouse’ group meeting yesterday. -the first time in a year, as a consequence of a very hostile reception to the truth I delivered a year ago. The number of attendees yesterday was well down, from around 28 a year ago to 8. And most of them still have not got up to speed because they ‘don’t have time to look at information’ such as that delivered on TAE.

    I pointed out to them that the system is likely to collapse in around 8 weeks, when the farcical NATO intervention in Ukraine collapses under the weight of the forthcoming Russian military offensive, taking out the money-laundering centre that people like The Scorpion were heavily involved in. Even if the Russian offensive is not enough to bring down the house of cards, the general level of incompetence, deceit and squandering of energy and resources, coupled with zero accountability for the perpetrators of the widespread crimes, are.

    I went to the supermarket Tuesday morning. There were a few cartons of eggs. I commented at the checkout that they would all be sold by the end f the morning. The checkout operator said, “There may be another delivery.”

    Since I normally get the few items I buy via backpack and bicycle, I went back later in the day. The egg shelves were empty.

    One good aspect of the ‘lighthouse’ meeting was that one of the participants was in the process of establishing a quail breeding centre.

    Quail may be an alternative to chickens. Worth checking out. .

    I am very interested in things that will happen.

    Fiat currencies will continue to be devalued by the operators of the system.

    NATO will collapse in a heap of hubris and incompetence.

    The totally corrupt and energy-squandering economic-political system of Oceania will collapse in the near future.

    The vast majority of people living on Airstrips will remain unprepared.

    Politicians and bureaucrats of the various Airstrips will continue to engage in criminal activity until they can’t.

    Formerly T-Bear

    The vast majority of people living on Airstrips will remain unprepared.

    The vast majority of people living on Airstrips will not survive their vaxx.

    There, foxed that for you. No charge.


    One should never forget that Neville Chamberlain returned from a meeting with Hitler clutching a piece pf paper and declaring “Peace in our time.”

    One year later Airstrip One was at war with Germany.

    Two years later Airstrip One had suffered defeat of its land forces and was in the midst of an existential fight for its life with the Luftwaffe and the Kriegsmarine.


    Speaker McCarthy:

    “… to reporter: Let me be very clear & respectful to you. You ask me a question when I answer it it’s the answer to your question.

    You don’t get to determine whether I answer a question or not, okay? [Butthead Media Whore!]

    Did I miss the memo?


    Did Kevin McCarthy get a Spine Transplant?



    Honest question: what have we seen to date – a year- about Russia tanks deployed in the SMO? I can’t recall any MSM stuff mentioning types etc.

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