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Edward Hopper Room in Brooklyn 1932


Russia To Achieve Goals Of Special Operation – Zakharova (TASS)
Putin Did Not Threaten Germany – Scholz (RT)
Chess Master Putin Is Moving Closer To Destroying The US Dollar (Macleod)
US Fails Miserably in Efforts to Isolate Russia (NC)
Moscow ‘Legitimate’ Target For Ukraine – MP (RT)
Ukraine ‘Will Burn’ If It Strikes Crimea – Medvedev (RT)
Pepe Escobar: Ukraine War is Desperate Move by US to Preserve Hegemony (SCF)
EU Sanctions Blocked Nord Stream Repairs – Company (RT)
Congress Set To Expose The Largest Censorship System In US History (Turley)
Critics Shrug as Musk Wins Major Victory in Court (Turley)
Cut The BS – NOW (Denninger)
The Good News About Vaccine Hesitancy (Atlantic)
Japanese Researchers Sue Government For Covering Up Vaccine Side Effects (GP)










Tucker MT balloon








A shark can swim faster than me, but I can run faster than a shark.
So in a triathlon, it would all come down to who is the better cyclist.





“Western attempts are futile..”

Russia To Achieve Goals Of Special Operation – Zakharova (TASS)

Participants in the Ukraine-EU summit, held in Kiev on February 3, will be frustrated, as the goals of Russia’s special military operation will be achieved, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a statement on Saturday. “Western attempts are futile. As the Russian leadership has reiterated, the goals and objectives of the special military operation of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine will be achieved in full. All the participants in the February 3 gathering in Kiev will be bitterly disappointed. They will have to be accountable also to their own population, at the expense of which the bloody geopolitical game ‘to the last Ukrainian’ waged by the West is being funded,” the diplomat said.

According to Zakharova, the recent event was yet further proof that “for the sake of weakening Russia and serving the hegemonic aspirations of the United States and NATO,” the European Union proceeds with its unconditional support of the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev. “By promising a EU prospect in violation of its own standard requirements for EU candidates and by declaring ‘common values’ shared with it, the European Union is condoning the all-out persecution of dissent, the trampling of freedom of speech and expression, the flagrant violation of linguistic and confessional rights in Ukraine,” the diplomat said. “Nevertheless, in the summit’s joint statement they cynically ‘reiterated’ the commitment to full respect for ‘the rights of persons belonging to minorities’. This totally overrides those principles on which the EU was once built,” she stressed.

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman pointed out that no less hypocritical were the EU representatives’ calls for peace when they pledged readiness to invest in military action to be continued “for as long as it takes”. “Twelve billion euros has already been allocated at the expense of European taxpayers. The beefed-up funding for the conflict, more shipments of weapons and equipment, more training camps, and more training programs for the Ukrainian armed forces – all of these will result in more casualties in the conflict, including among civilians,” Zakharova continued. According to the diplomat, under these circumstances, the attempts to launch the process of creating any quasi-structures to hold accountable for the Ukraine crisis are “absurd and immoral”.

“As they say, who are the judges? [Are they] those who cheated in the Minsk agreements, covered up the Kiev regime’s war crimes against civilians in Donbass since 2014, pumped weapons and money to Ukrainian criminals, and those who are trying to misappropriate Russian state assets and the money of our citizens?” she asked rhetorically. Zakharova stated that it was proved once again that the leadership of the European Union and its member countries had invested all political, financial and military means into deploying the front to Ukraine against the establishment of a multipolar world order, which was firmly advocated by Russia and the majority of the world community.


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Scholz plays both sides.

Putin Did Not Threaten Germany – Scholz (RT)

Chancellor Olaf Scholz has claimed a “consensus” was reached with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky that Kiev will not use Western weapons, including German Leopard tanks, to stage attacks on Russian territory. The West, however, still considers Crimea and four other new Russian regions to be part of Ukraine. In an interview with the Bild am Sonntag newspaper published on Saturday night, chancellor Scholz once again pinned all the blame for the conflict on Moscow, arguing that Russia’s “unprovoked aggression” justified the collective West’s intervention with military aid to protect the “European peace order.” “Together with our allies, we are giving battle tanks to Ukraine so that they can defend themselves,” Scholz argued. He added that Berlin “carefully weighed every arms shipment, closely coordinating… first and foremost with America.”

Scholz pledged 14 Leopard 2A6 tanks to Ukraine from the Bundeswehr’s own stocks last month, after the US promised to send some of its own M1 Abrams tanks sometime later this year. In the interview, the German leader dismissed any concerns about his country’s weaponry once again being used against Russian soldiers as “abstruse historical comparisons.” At a ceremony marking the 80th anniversary of victory at the Battle of Stalingrad on Thursday, Russian President Putin said it was “unbelievable, but true – we are once again threatened with German Leopard tanks, with crosses on their hull. And once again seeking to battle Russia in Ukraine with the help of Hitler’s followers, the Banderites.” “Those seeking to defeat Russia on the battlefield apparently do not realize that a modern war with Russia would be entirely different for them,” he added, promising a response that goes beyond armored vehicles.

“No, Putin didn’t threaten me or Germany,” Scholz said about their phone conversations with the Russian leader, when the interviewer brought up recent claims by Britain’s ex-Prime Minister. The Kremlin said Boris Johnson had either deliberately lied about a “missile threat” or simply didn’t understand what Putin was talking about. Further justifying Western arms shipments to Ukraine, Scholz said there was a “consensus” that these weapons will only be used on “Ukrainian territory,” when asked if there was any kind of “agreement” on that with President Vladimir Zelensky. He did not elaborate on which territory he considered to be Ukrainian. The US also allegedly provided its military aid to Ukraine on condition that it is not used to strike targets in Russia.

However, American officials have said this restriction does not apply to Crimea and the other new Russian territories, and repeatedly stated that Kiev was free to pick its own targets. Crimea and the city of Sevastopol joined Russia in 2014, while the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, as well as Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, did the same last year. Kiev dismissed referendums in which people living in those territories voted for the move as a “sham.” On Wednesday, President Putin tasked the military with “eliminating any possibility” of Ukrainian strikes against Russia. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov clarified that includes the territories that Ukraine still considers to be its own, saying that Moscow will “push back” the Ukrainian troops to a range at which they will not be a threat, and that “the longer range the weapons supplied to the Kiev regime have, the further the troops will need to be moved.”

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“..Germany has a strong manufacturing ethos, benefitting from access to Russian resources, markets for its products, and through Russia renewed access and cooperation with China..”

Chess Master Putin Is Moving Closer To Destroying The US Dollar (Macleod)

There were several claims as to who the Father of a United Europe was, but the version which triumphed was authorised by the American Committee on United Europe (ACUE), which was set up in 1948 by senior American intelligence figures from the CIA. Germany is still kowtowing to US intelligence seventy-five years later. But as the recent episode over Leopard tanks has shown, there is some resistance to this status quo. We also know that other Germans at high levels have been unhappy with the ECB’s monetary regime. Jens Weidmann, who resigned as President of the Bundesbank in October 2021, is not the only critic of monetary policy, though the Bundesbank now appears to have been purged of critics of the ECB.

Therefore, there are two issues holding back Germany. It has been forced to abandon its sound money principals, and to cut itself off from its natural markets in Asia. But a resumption of NATO backed hostilities will throw Germany’s suppression by the US political and military establishments into sharp relief. Chancellor Scholtz will know that Russia is highly unlikely to be easily defeated. If anything, this forthcoming NATO venture is the western alliance’s final desperate throw of the dice. And despite NATO, Scholtz must keep his options open. If against all alliance propaganda NATO fails to win in Ukraine, Russia consolidates its position, and Putin remains as a strong Russian leader, Germany must be prepared for a political accommodation with Russia.

It is not only a question of geographical proximity, but Germany has a strong manufacturing ethos, benefitting from access to Russian resources, markets for its products, and through Russia renewed access and cooperation with China. Clearly, Germany’s commercial ethos has more in common with the industrial revolution being planned by the Asian axis and their emerging plans for sound money than it has with most of her EU partners. If only Germany was free of US political control, in time she could establish a new Hanseatic League, a trade corridor from Eastern Europe encompassing the Baltics and Netherlands. It is considerations of this sort that must make the US establishment determined to not release its grip over Germany and the wider EU.

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“..most of these countries have faced unprecedented pressure from the US but have instead ignored the declining power..”

US Fails Miserably in Efforts to Isolate Russia (NC)

“If Russia does not end this war and get out of Ukraine, it will be isolated on a small island with a bunch of sub countries and the rest of us 141 countries will go forward and build a prosperous future, while Russia suffers a complete economic and technological isolation…” -Victoria Nuland, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs and chief architect of NATO war against Russia, in a March 2022 interview with TASS. Nuland has failed miserably. Instead, Russia’s economy is growing, and the inability to isolate Russia is arguably a larger loss than the one NATO is suffering in Ukraine. Last week The New York Times finally got around to admitting the isolation efforts have failed: “Silverado Policy Accelerator, a Washington nonprofit, recently issued a similar analysis, estimating that the value of Russian imports from the rest of the world had exceeded prewar levels by September.”

It marks quite the change in script. Consider this sampling of headlines from the past year: “Russia’s isolation from global markets is withering its economy and will wreck its status as an energy superpower, experts say” – Business Insider. “Putin’s invasion of Ukraine will knock 30 years of progress off the Russian economy” – CNBC. “Another Nail In The Coffin Of The Russian Economy” – Forbes. “War against Ukraine has left Russia isolated and struggling — with more tumult ahead” – NPR. “A New Iron Curtain Is Falling: The isolation of the Russian economy is striking in its speed and scope” New York Times.

It’s been clear that this has never been the case. US allies Japan and South Korea remain unwilling to cut off energy ties to Russia. Chinese and Russian economic integration has grown, as have ties between Moscow and the Persian Gulf states. The US has been particularly frustrated by two countries that have been key to Russia’s economic resiliency: Türkiye and India. Washington has been unable to get Ankara and New Delhi to join the sanctions party, and it’s not for a lack of trying. What the Times’ piece leaves unsaid is that most of these countries have faced unprecedented pressure from the US but have instead ignored the declining power.

The US neocons continue to double down, however, lashing out in increasingly desperate attempts to achieve the Russian isolation they want. How much will they isolate the US in the process? They’ve long enjoyed creating chaos elsewhere while benefiting from the safety of two oceans. Will that geography play a part in their lasting gift to Americans: the cementing of the US into a backwater nation, effectively quarantined from the economic engine in Asia due to its untrustworthy and aggressive behavior?

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NATO seeks escalation. Ukraine volunteers.

Moscow ‘Legitimate’ Target For Ukraine – MP (RT)

Kiev’s forces will not hold back when it comes to hitting locations inside Russia, according to Fyodor Venislavsky, a member of the Ukrainian parliament’s National Security, Defense and Intelligence Committee. Speaking to Germany’s Bild tabloid on Saturday, he also described Moscow as a “legitimate military target.” Anyone who believes that Kiev should commit to not using the arms supplied by its Western backers in attacks on Russian territory are living in a “parallel world,” claimed Venislavsky, who is also Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s representative in the Constitutional Court.

Venislavsky insisted that any munitions depots as well as other military facilities on the territory of Russia are “legitimate military targets,” adding that the same goes for Moscow. The Russian capital is the country’s most populous city, with around 13 million people, according to official data. Moscow hosts the General Staff headquarters as well as Russia’s National Defense Management Center, which are both in the city center. Venislavsky stressed that he has no issue with Ukraine potentially attacking any command center in the Russian capital.

The MP did not say whether Kiev already has specific plans regarding targets, adding that it was for the Ukrainian military leadership to decide whether to strike locations inside Russia, including Moscow. Venislavsky’s remarks come a day after the Pentagon announced it was supplying Kiev with ground-launched small diameter bombs (GLSDB) – munitions consisting of a rocket motor and an airplane bomb, with a range of up to 150km (93 miles). It is unclear if Kiev has obtained any weapons capable of striking Moscow, since the capital lies some 500km (310 miles) away from Russia’s nearest border with Ukraine. Washington previously stated that it would not prevent Kiev from using the new weapons to strike targets deep within Russia.

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“I can assure you a response would be swift, hard and convincing.”

Ukraine ‘Will Burn’ If It Strikes Crimea – Medvedev (RT)

Washington’s decision to supply Ukraine with longer-range missiles and allow Kiev to use them at will can only lead to further escalation, former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev warned on Saturday. He said the US appears not to want the Ukraine conflict to end. Strikes against the Crimean peninsula will not force Moscow to sit down at the negotiating table, the former president said. “The result would be exactly the contrary. There would be no talks in such a case. There would only be retaliatory strikes,” he warned in an interview with Russian journalist Nadana Fridrikhson. Medvedev insisted that if Washington wanted peace in Ukraine, it could simply urge Kiev to engage in talks with Moscow, but that US President Joe Biden’s administration and “hawks” in Congress are “simply not interested in it.”

Russia could “retaliate in any way possible” should Ukrainian forces strike targets in Crimea or deep inside Russian territory, the former president warned. “We do not set any limits depending on the nature of threats, and are ready to use all types of weapons,” he insisted, adding that Russia would only be guided by its own doctrines, including the nuclear one. “I can assure you a response would be swift, hard and convincing.” Medvedev also accused European leaders, who have been supporting Kiev through means including weapon shipments, of acting at the behest of Washington and to the detriment of their own people. The cost of sanctions, military aid to Ukraine, trade wars, and embargoes are borne by ordinary EU citizens, he added.

Medvedev’s remarks came a day after the Pentagon announced it was supplying Kiev with ground-launched small diameter bombs (GLSDB) – munitions consisting of a rocket motor and an airplane bomb, with a range of up to 150 kilometers. According to US Brigadier General Patrick Ryder, Washington will not prevent Ukraine from using these munitions to strike targets deep within Russia. Moscow has repeatedly warned that providing heavy weapons to Ukraine could see the US and its allies directly involved in the conflict, and spiral into a military standoff between Russia and NATO.

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“..The vast majority of the planet wants liberation from the U.S./Western warmongering system that underpins capitalist exploitation that only enriches a global elite..”

Pepe Escobar: Ukraine War is Desperate Move by US to Preserve Hegemony (SCF)

The war in Ukraine is not just about Ukraine and Russia with the U.S. and NATO acting as seemingly benevolent supporters of Ukraine, as the Western media portray. The United States and its NATO allies are deeply involved in the conflict. The military withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021 – after 20 years of futile occupation – was a calculated “reorganization of firepower” against Russia, says Pepe Escobar. Ukraine is merely a proxy and ultimately cannon fodder for American imperial planners. This war is part of a bigger geopolitical confrontation between the U.S. and Russia, China and other nations that are pushing for the emergence of a multipolar world. That is a multipolar world no longer under the hegemony of U.S.-dominated Western capitalism. Pepe Escobar assesses the bigger picture and outlines how the U.S. imperial state is in “panic mode” to shore up the collapsing American-controlled global capitalist system, and in particular the privileged position of the U.S. dollar.

Going to war with Russia presently and in the longer term against China is part of the desperate dynamic to prolong the dominant position of Washington that was established after the Second World War. That postwar imperial order – euphemistically called the “rules-based order” – is increasingly falling into disrepute from unbridled imperialist wars and abuse of financial controls. The vast majority of the planet wants liberation from the U.S./Western warmongering system that underpins capitalist exploitation that only enriches a global elite. The war in Ukraine is but the manifestation of the breakdown in U.S. global power and the desperation to preserve the systematic inequality that defines capitalism. This year is fraught with extreme danger, says Pepe Escobar. But if the psychotic U.S. deep-state planners can be contained by Russia and China without an all-out catastrophic war erupting then there is a chance of a more hopeful, peaceful and just world order emerging.

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“The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stated that work on the pipelines would be in breach of the Norwegian sanction regulations – and by extension the EU sanction regulations..”

EU Sanctions Blocked Nord Stream Repairs – Company (RT)

Norway’s Equinor on Wednesday revealed that it was the government in Oslo and EU sanctions that blocked it from responding to a request for assistance in dealing with the damage to Nord Stream pipelines. The Baltic Sea pipelines delivering Russian natural gas to Germany were damaged by sabotage in September, which Moscow blamed on the West. “The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stated that work on the pipelines would be in breach of the Norwegian sanction regulations – and by extension the EU sanction regulations,” Equinor said a statement emailed to Reuters. Equinor is the Norwegian oil company that administers the Pipeline Repair and Subsea Intervention (PRSI) Pool, established by Oslo to deal with leaks and ruptures. The Swiss-based operators for Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 are among the 72 members of PRSI, and sent requests for assistance in October, shortly after both pipelines were damaged by undersea explosions.

Because PRSI “adheres to current legislation related to sanctions,” it “notified NS1 and NS2 (operators) that we were not able to do work as requested,” Equinor said in the statement. Nord Stream 2 AG told Reuters that it had filed a request for support to inspect the damage, “as a full member of the PRSI Pool,” but was turned down. Its sister company, which operates the original Nord Stream, said in early October that the survey vessel it attempted to charter was waiting for permission from the Norwegian government. The original Nord Stream was inaugurated in 2011, and supplied Russian natural gas to Germany and the rest of the EU while bypassing Ukraine and Poland. The second pipeline, which would have doubled the volume of gas deliveries, was finished in 2021 but Berlin refused to certify it for operations even before the conflict in Ukraine escalated. The US had sought to block the second pipeline’s construction with sanctions and vowed it would prevent it from becoming operational.

On September 26, 2022 both strings of NS1 and one string of NS2 were damaged in a series of powerful undersea explosions. As NS1 was pressurized at the time, a large quantity of gas was released into the Baltic Sea. Washington insinuated that Moscow was behind the blasts, while Russia pointed the finger at the West for the “act of terrorism.” Sweden, Denmark and Germany launched an investigation into the explosion, but refused to share the results with Russia. Anonymous EU officials have since leaked to the US media that there was “no evidence” to suggest Moscow was behind the sabotage. Russia’s energy company Gazprom was allowed access to the site only once, in late October. While the German gas company Uniper has estimated it would take 6-12 months to repair the pipelines, it is unclear whether Berlin even wants to do so.

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“Despite the push for censorship by some politicians and pundits, most Americans still want free-speech protections. It is in our DNA.”

Congress Set To Expose The Largest Censorship System In US History (Turley)

For years, many politicians and pundits have dismissed free-speech concerns by noting that the First Amendment only applies to the government. So long as corporations do the censoring, they contend, it is not a free-speech problem. This obviously is wrong on several fronts. The First Amendment is not the exclusive measure of free speech. Corporate censorship of political commentaries or news stories are denials of free speech that harm our democratic system. Second, this is a First Amendment violation. The Twitter files have substantiated long-standing concerns over “censorship by surrogate” or proxy. As with other amendments like the Fourth Amendment, which protects against unreasonable searches or seizures, the government cannot use private agents to do indirectly what it cannot do directly. Just as a police officer cannot direct a security guard to break into an apartment and conduct a search, the FBI cannot use Twitter to censor Americans.

To be fair, there were occasions when Twitter reportedly balked at government demands for raw political censorship — in one case, a demand by Rep. Adam Schiff (D., Cal.) led a frustrated Twitter censor to object that “We don’t do this.” Nevertheless, Twitter’s management certainly now seems to admit that the company worked as an agent of the FBI and carried out most demands for social media suspensions, removals or blocks of individuals. At the same time, the FBI pushed for closer collaboration on content removal. We do not know the full extent of this operation or its impact, but Congress should want to know if the FBI and other agencies created a system of censorship-by-surrogate. The only reason we now have Twitter’s previously secret communications is because an eccentric billionaire bought the company.

The broader effort with other companies could well constitute the largest censorship program ever run by the government — a system designed to escape both public and judicial scrutiny. It also shows how it is no longer necessary to have a “Ministry of Information” to maintain a state media: You can have an effective state media by consent rather than by coercion or control. The FBI’s response to disclosure of these long-secret communications is particularly chilling. When some critics denounced it as raw censorship, the FBI accused them of being “conspiracy theorists … feeding the American public misinformation.” So, criticism of the FBI’s work to censor citizens resulted in an official statement denouncing those citizens. None of these denials or attacks succeed, however. The public understands the threat and strongly supports an investigation into the FBI’s role in censoring social media. Despite the push for censorship by some politicians and pundits, most Americans still want free-speech protections. It is in our DNA.

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“..This unhinged campaign against Musk is being led by the same anti-free speech figures that long supported censorship..”

Critics Shrug as Musk Wins Major Victory in Court (Turley)

For months, media has been relishing the investor lawsuit against Elon Musk, who became persona non grata when he moved to restore free speech protections on Twitter. Coverage spoke of Musk losing billions in the lawsuit while others speculated that Musk might be “setting himself up to lose Tesla.” Not yet. Not only are stock prices up for Tesla, but Musk just won a unanimous verdict in the investor trial. The reaction to the trial has been a shrug from critics as they continue to try to hammer Musk into submission. It does not appear to be working. A jury found Elon Musk not liable for losses of investors due to a series of tweets saying he had “secured” funding to take the electric car maker private. They deliberated for less than two hours. Musk personally testified at the trial and noted that he was relying on a handshake agreement in 2018 with Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund.

The verdict is a buzz kill for the alliance of media, political, and business interests against Musk. Critics of his effort to restore free speech protections on Twitter have pressured advertisers while celebrities have publicly renounced their own Teslas. The very thought of allowing opposing views on issues from Covid to climate change to elections appears intolerable for many in politics and the media. The public itself, however, has consistently supported the effort to restore the protections and Twitter has experienced a sharp increase in users. That success, however, has only led figures like Hillary Clinton to call on foreign governments to censor fellow citizens. This unhinged campaign against Musk is being led by the same anti-free speech figures that long supported censorship. That is precisely why Musk may be the only person who could have fought this fight. While these figures and companies have a long history of forcing others into compliance, Musk has proven the immovable object in the face of this seemingly irresistible force.

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The balloon is boring me.

Cut The BS – NOW (Denninger)

Nobody launches a “balloon” of that sort of size and mass without a means of “de-orbiting” it should it veer out of its expected flight envelope or on command. I don’t care if China intended it to enter our airspace or not (although I will assume they did); they most certainly had the ability to prevent it from doing so by sending it a command to come down before it did so. They didn’t do that, on purpose. Period, end of discussion, full stop. The United States has full authority under both US and International law to shoot it down and did from the point at which it entered our EEZ’s airspace. We did not have to wait and there is utterly no excuse for our failure to destroy it before it crossed over into the United States.

Nobody has the right to enter the airspace of a nation without permission. If you do it as a manned aircraft you can be forced down and, if you refuse to land, destroyed. An unmanned device, which this clearly is, can be destroyed without warning. Something of that size and lifting capacity could easily have a thermonuclear warhead on board. Detonation of such at that height would produce minimal direct damage however nothing prevents the device from rapidly descending first and then exploding at, for example, 2 miles of altitude. Oh, they’d never do that? Sorry, that’s not how it works. An unannounced and uncleared incursion by a heavy-lift air vehicle capable of carrying such a device must be presumed to have one on board with intent to use it.

There are no “do overs” if you get this wrong. Our military is derelict in permitting this craft into our airspace and our so-called “civilian leadership” is either incompetent or deliberately in league with the Chinese. Either way both must be removed and destroyed, replacing same with functional entities. The Pentagon appears to be more-concerned with what pronouns some “soldier” wants to use than whether a potential nuclear device is floating over several of our major cities and a decent part of our nuclear missile silos inventory. We are a sovereign nation and its damn time we started acting like one.

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Just wow. The Atlantic. The only problem is not more people get vaxxed.

The Good News About Vaccine Hesitancy (Atlantic)

The world has just seen the largest vaccination campaign in history. At least 13 billion COVID shots have been administered—more injections, by a sweeping margin, than there are human beings on the Earth. In the U.S. alone, millions of lives have been saved by a rollout of extraordinary scope. More than three-fifths of the population elected to receive the medicine even before it got its full approval from the FDA. Yet the legacy of this achievement appears to be in doubt. Just look at where the country is right now. In Florida, the governor—a likely Republican presidential candidate—openly pursues the politics of vaccine resistance and denial . In Ohio, kids are getting measles . In New York, polio is back . A football player nearly died on national TV, and fears about vaccines fanned across the internet .

Vaccinologists, pediatricians, and public-health experts routinely warn that confidence is wavering for every kind of immunization , and worry that it may collapse in years to come. In other words, America is mired in a paradoxical and pessimistic moment. “We’ve just had a national vaccination campaign that has exceeded almost all previous efforts in a dramatic fashion,” says Noel Brewer, a psychologist at the University of North Carolina who has been studying decision making about vaccines for more than 20 years, “and people are talking about vaccination as if there’s something fundamentally wrong.” It’s more than talk. Americans are arguing, Americans are worrying, Americans are obsessing over vaccines; and that fixation has produced its own, pathological anxiety.

To fret about the state of public trust is rational: When vaccine adherence wobbles, lives are put in peril; in the midst of a pandemic, the mortal risk is even greater. More than 60 million Americans haven’t gotten a single COVID shot, and a few thousand deaths are attributed to the disease every week. But the scale of this concern—the measure of our instability—may be distorted by the heights to which we’ve climbed. Evidence that the nation has arrived at the brink of collapse does not hold up to scrutiny. No one knows where vaccination rates are really heading, and the coming crash is more an idea—a projection, even—than a certainty. The future of vaccination in America may be no worse than its recent past. In the end, it might be better.

The first alarms about a widespread vaccination crisis—the first suggestions that a leeriness of COVID shots had “ spread its tentacles into other diseases ”—were raised by clinicians. Megha Shah, a pediatrician with the Los Angeles public-health department, told me that she began to worry in the spring of 2021, while volunteering at a medical center. Two years earlier, she recalled, working there had been uneventful. She’d meet with parents—mostly from low-income Latino families—to discuss the standard vaccination schedule: Okay, here’s what we’re recommending for your child . This protects against this; that protects against that. The parents would ask a couple of questions, and she’d answer them. The child would be immunized, almost every time. But in the middle of the COVID-vaccine rollout, she found that those conversations were playing out differently. “Oh, I’m just not sure,” she said some parents told her. Or, “I need to talk this over with my partner.”

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When will US and EU follow suit?

Japanese Researchers Sue Government For Covering Up Vaccine Side Effects (GP)

During a press conference, a team of Japanese researchers led by Professor Masanori Fukushima stated their intention to sue the Japanese government if the Health Ministry continues to refuse to acknowledge the causal link between the vaccine and deaths. “Around April last year, the pathology and forensics societies have already issued a statement that in the future, an autopsy should be done on people who have died after vaccination,” said Prof. Fukushima. “In the future, we need to urgently establish guidelines on what kind of medical treatment should be provided for victims injured by vaccines, and we need to develop diagnostic techniques.”According to Fukushima, Japan’s Health Ministry won’t acknowledge the causal link between the vaccine and deaths.

The Japanese researchers threatened the government that additional lawsuits would be filed for the COVID vaccine harm cover-up.“One more thing, pathological autopsies have already been conducted on people who died after receiving the vaccine. However, the Health Ministry is still unwilling to acknowledge the causal link between the vaccine and the deaths. If the health ministry maintains this unjustified position, we intend to file additional lawsuits in consultation with our lawyers,” said Fukushima “We demand the Health Ministry provides appropriate victim compensation based on the vaccination law. In other words, the victim is compensated based on the vaccination law that is properly stipulated by Japanese law,” he continued.

When asked by a reporter on what he would say to medical professionals who provide vaccines to patients, he responded:”I want to say one thing very clearly to the Health Ministry in addition to the medical professionals. They should distribute a Vaccination Victim’s Handbook to everyone who has been vaccinated. The Vaccination Victim’s Handbook is similar to the Atomic Bomb Victim’s Handbook, which is distributed to survivors of atomic bombs. After distributing the vaccination victims handbook to vaccinated people, medical institutions should be encouraged to properly follow up with vaccinated people. It is necessary to examine whether there is a link between the disease and the vaccine. Biopsy tests should be performed on sick people suspected a vaccine-induced illness.”

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Visual effects



In 2015, photographer Atif Saeed captured this intense photograph of a male lion moments before it launched an attack on him. He narrowly escaped with this incredible shot of a face-to-face with a lion about to kill.
















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    Mister Roboto

    Every now and then, The Atlantic manages to come up with a take that doesn’t completely suck. As we see in today’s selection, those instances are becoming increasingly rare.


    That Zakharova speech was a ball-tearer. Incredible and if she has writers they know they nailed it. Whoa. Micro, Macro, political, personal, strategic, anecdotal. Man they got leverage from history.




    AI oh boy!




    I just went through the comment section for the Atlantic article. 108 comments, 107 anti-vax! The pro-vaxxed aren’t even bothering to argue.

    May I suggest that the mainstream media continuing to project that the majority supports the official narratives is nothing more than projection. Support may be in collapse.


    We’ve just had a national vaccination campaign that has exceeded almost all previous efforts in a dramatic fashion,” says Noel Brewer, a psychologist at the University of North Carolina who has been studying decision making about vaccines for more than 20 years, “and people are talking about vaccination as if there’s something fundamentally wrong.”

    And who has been paying this moron for the past 20 years? Bill Gates? Fauci? The Atlantic – yes, I know it is marxist crap – needs to do better than say that its emotions are hurt so we are bad people. Maybe they could do some journalism? You know, find out what really happened, why people are now anti vax, you know, something useful rather than keep on complaining that their feelings are hurt. Fuck your feelings. My aunt has suffered multiple mini-strokes over the past two months and you tell me that you know what you are talking about when you have investigated nothing?

    Exceeded all previous campaigns by killing more people and saving fewer. Even your financer, Billy Boy, has stated that the vaccine “has issues”. The Atlantic is like The Guardian: the fanatic liars have become fanatic killers.

    Just Some Randomer

    “EU Agrees To $100 Russian Diesel Price Cap‘


    Or, as the Daily Telegraph explains – this is the next escalation of ‘Putin’s Diesel War’.

    Remarkable idiocy.


    deleted my Ticker password – your forebearance por favor

    Mr. Denninger (alias Mr. Cut The BS Now)
    “He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword” , find the profit in that, Sport

    Grow Up!

    Mister Roboto

    Well, I just watched that Jimmy Dore video from yesterday about Peter Hotez, Anthony Fauci’s likely replacement. Cheese and rice, I wouldn’t be completely shocked if I were to find out that this is who deflationista really is!

    Dr. D

    What happened to FTX? All disappear, all good now?

    Trying to get up to speed on weather balloons. How normal, where, what size, what laws. It seems a bit scattershot at this time, but perhaps balloons over China would NOT be considered or destroyed. Something bugging me is why in this age of satellites would you need anything else? Also, you can just get a plane ticket and drive around America, no one’s stopping you, why do you need a balloon? But that would require knowing so much more about surveillance and spywork. Or relative payload, EMPs, and who’s been hinting to whom.

    Still, the BBee article: “Biden will Shoot Down Balloon as Soon as It’s Done Spying” comes to mind.

    Article on J6, https://amgreatness.com/2023/02/03/theater-of-the-absurd-in-j6-courtrooms/

    Nevermind about the author’s position on this, consider this part: Man serves 80 months for being near pepper spray. Another probably the same for putting his feet on Pelosi’s desk and so on. So here we have non-stop, career-wide, bribery, corruption, perhaps ascending to treason, monthly, in the paper, 20 years running. We have the common “proofs”, Biden, Pelosi, etc never held a job and are now hundred-millionaires matching perfectly their access to power. New corruptions, as their orders to the FBI, their orders to allow, encourage and likely provoke J6 appear weekly. Yet a man who selfied a stunt with a podium, harmless in every sense of the word, gets life in prison (at his age) in the same office as the most corrupt people in America, who walk free and indeed are further empowered. Not even to protect them, as there was nothing to protect, no harm or danger occurred, but merely to associate with them, to dare to be more than distant peasants, to enter their invitation-only restaurants and clubs.

    Juxtaposition. Killing 100M Americans? Get paid an extra $1M for private security. Be in the crowd, but having done nothing, ever? No record, no trespass, no misdemeanor acts at all? 12 months prison, after already having trial delayed 2 years in order to pull election tampering political stunt, as D.C. protects itself from us. It’s so common perhaps it can’t psychologically connect anymore. All men are not created equal. Some animals are more equal than others.

    A shark can swim faster than me, but I can run faster than a shark.
    So in a triathlon, it would all come down to who is the better cyclist.”

    A fish and a bicycle?

    “By promising a EU prospect in violation of its own standard requirements for EU candidates”

    This is a great point. Ukraine is too poor, does not have economic requirements. At war, which is forbidden. And does not have stable borders. Ironically it could if it abandoned Crimea and now the Donbas and signed. But why bother as EU doesn’t care.

    So anyway, WHY add Ukraine at all again? What new actions does this provide for everyone? Because Kiev is the Capitol and will transfer it from Brussels?

    The other irony is that none of the other EU nations meet the requirements either and never have. Don’t we remember Sachs v Italy and Greece where they fabricated every line of the two nations’ budgets to make it look kinda-sorta plausible? How about UK where they arrest journalists and publishers who are covering their well-known international war crimes in their openly illegal war of aggression? Ring a bell?

    Scholz “dismissed “abstruse historical comparisons.”

    It doesn’t matter what YOU think. You’re not important here. What matters is what THEY think. If I take out a vial reading “Danger! Arsenic, Deadly Poison Do Not Consume Under any Circumstances!!!” and put it in my wife’s tea in front of her, it doesn’t matter if it’s ACTUALLY vanilla syrup. What matters is what she THINKS, not me.

    (Boy was that a rough weekend. Some people just can’t take a joke…)

    “Scholz said there was a “consensus” that these weapons will only be used on “Ukrainian territory,”

    Remember when they said that we would only give money? (after giving a few billion, 10 years, and training an entire army of 200,000 Nazis) Then only Humanitarian aid? Then only “Defensive” aid. Then only trucks, gas, air cover, advisory support, and full satellite and all-points intel? Then only give an entire low-orbit satellite system for free? Then only blowing up the pipeline? Then only blowing up the flagship? Then only attacking Russia’s nuclear bases with long-range missiles? Boy those were the days. I guess When Ukraine is going to win out to Vladivostok, 300 miles inland on those nuclear bases really is Ukrainian territory already. Well, they are on “The American Plan”: they looked at us funny, so we had to invade. 1M child deaths was worth it.

    “Scholz said there was a “consensus” that these weapons will only be used on “Ukrainian territory,”

    Or vice-versa. IT’S A MERGER. I don’t know how so many people can remain so hard-headed about it. I guess they want to see their own nation as “wouldn’t do such a thing” are victims to the bad Americans. So why not a bad rogue element? No nation is helping their own people, therefore they must by definition be anti-public rogue elements. So simple.

    Who was the “CIA” in his example? In 1948 they just absorbed the whole Nazi cadre in Paper Clip. Again, they did a Merger, or in this case, as reverse merger. What did you think would happen if you get your direction from such people?

    Scholtz must keep his options open. … Germany must be prepared for a political accommodation with Russia.”

    I don’t see how that can happen at this point. I don’t care what industry Germany has. Russia will not and can not help it. Even taking cars from Germany means you are beholden to a German repair parts supply, and are better off with Russian cars, Chinese, anybody. You cannot accept sales from Germany on anything, for any reason. For that reason, it is pointless to sell Germany any thing for any reason.

    This may not have been true last year, but their continued actions make it clear now.

    ““Russia’s isolation will wreck its status, experts say” – Business Insider.
    ““War against Ukraine has left Russia isolated” –NPR

    It’s impossible to be discredited. Being totally wrong every time is no reason we shouldn’t listen to them and do it!

    How did we get here? What did I say, “The whole POINT of POWER is so you don’t have to take the consequences of your actions”? I don’t know how that trickles down to NPR and us in the street, but it’s my only hypothesis. WE never take the consequences of OUR actions, so we never fear them or even keep track of them in others.

    Experts: Always Wrong, Never in Doubt. Newspapers: It was Printed, Therefore It’s a Lie. I would like this to be an exaggeration again someday.

    ““..The vast majority of the planet wants liberation from the U.S./Western warmongering system that underpins capitalist exploitation that only enriches a global elite..”

    And that ‘Planet’ includes almost everyone in America. So if we don’t want it ourselves, who’s giving the orders? Not Ol’ Joe.

    “EU Sanctions Blocked Nord Stream Repairs – Company (RT) “

    They’re so shocked and appalled at Russia’s attack on their own pipeline that they won’t let them repair it and turn it on. Or was it Space Aliens who did it, because seems no one knows.
    That’s an embarrassment as the Discovery Channel guy is way more credible.

    ““Despite the push for censorship by some politicians and pundits, most Americans still want free-speech protections. It is in our DNA.”

    Yes but they got the other part backwards: THEY don’t give us free speech OR protect it. WE do. We do that by not shutting up and refusing to obey, which generally, we have. The government is US. They are useless chair-polishers who commit crimes on the clock all day.

    Same system: how do we win then? By exposing them and telling the truth, getting it generally consensus accepted, which is going pretty well. Again, Government are irrelevant, corrupt, self-serving, people-attacking boobs. You can’t get anything from them, so probably should shut them off, remove their power back to us. “WE” are not more moral than “ourselves.” If we the People can’t be trusted with power, certainly the government can’t.

    “At least 13 billion COVID shots have been administered—more injections, by a sweeping margin, than there are human beings on the Earth.”

    Yeah, about that: Liberals are bad at math. REALLY bad. Saw the same thing “400M shots in America”. Sir? There are only 300M people in America, we know something near 30% didn’t take one. Many for being too young, the rest by choice. If 400M doses were given, there would be no “Vaccine Deniers” and therefore you won. By 33%!!! Did 400M doses leave the lab and we paid for them? No doubt; it’s always a day for corporate welfare, the merger of corporation and state called “Fascism”. But betting 60% of the adults got one, and 2, 3, and 4 drop to zero on a fast curve.

    So 13B doses for 8B people? When zero got to Africa, elsewhere? Which was its own scandal? I bet they are not recording Russia’s and China’s different-sourced shots. We know none of the migrants at the Mexican border got any. So that means everybody remaining got 6 while we know for a fact half the U.S. didn’t get one?

    I’m not being accurate here, this is ballpark math. Like, did our dinner bill come to $50 dollars, or to $50,000 dollars? Liberals can’t do math even to this level and that is AMAZING. Point it out and they get salty and defensive. “Defend the Narcissists!” should be their battle cry. Now I’m going to have my kids charge these gun turrets over here.

    Americans are obsessing over vaccines; and that fixation has produced its own, pathological anxiety.”

    American media: “We make s—t up!” They LOVE these words. If you prefer corn flakes, YOU ARE OBSESSED!!! Do you worry about what’s in them sometimes? As proven by how you immediately forget and take no action? YOU HAVE PATHOLOGICAL ANXIETY and need to be institutionalized and drugged, voting rights taken away. Not kidding. American Bulls—t. They don’t care if it’s TRUE. They don’t even care if it’s POSSIBLE. We just say s—t, could care less if it’s true. I made it up! Out of my head! Right now.

    …Logic of a 2 year old.

    She’d meet with parents—mostly from low-income Latino families—to discuss the standard vaccination schedule”

    Why did she add this? Because as race is the most important feature of all humans, the only means by which we interact with them, we must track and badge them by race? Not just poking on that. Note, the child vax schedule used to be like 3 or 4 when we were kids, so as parents we think nothing of it. The childhood vax schedule now can be as high as SEVENTY. Eighty-six now as they recommend yearly flu + 4 covid. Let’s see: if I took one every other MONTH, I’d be a teenager before I was done. One a year and I’d be DEAD before they were done.

    Now vaccines MIGHT be safe, sure. But if I take one every month, my risk has risen near 100-fold hasn’t it? YOU created this problem, not us. YOU are the ones being illogical, irrational, and anti-medicine, not us.

    “In Ohio, kids are getting measles .” Yes, vaccinated kids, like those at Harvard. “In New York, polio is back .” Yes, got it from the vaccine. Or the link they gave, which was ONE case. One.

    “in the midst of a pandemic, the mortal risk is even greater.” Yes, the risk was 0.03%. 99.96% chance to be fine. MUCH greater than…well sharknadoes, I guess?

    ““from all of the vaccine misinformation that was circling during the pandemic.” You mean like the CDC who said they were safe, effective, and stopped the spread? Which Ms. Birx said she knew was a complete lie?

    “Americans with false beliefs about vaccines are falling sick and dying stubborn and alone .” False beliefs like “You won’t get Covid” and “it stops the spread”? And alone? Wtf? And not dying nearly as fast as the vaccinated have.

    “No crunching of the numbers can excuse the spread of vaccine misinformation, or suggest that those who peddle it are anything but a hateful scourge on individuals and a threat to public health.”

    Yes, the CDC, WHO, Dr. Birx etc were totally wrong, admitted liars, and certainly and provably are a hateful scourge and a threat, thanks for pointing it out again.

    Insert:[ Read: How many Republicans died because the GOP turned against vaccines?”

    Um, it was their Republican President who was FOR the vaccines and still is? The GOP is officially pro-vaccine? Older people – the GOP – were vaccinated at a far HIGHER rate, while young people and minorities – the DNC – refused? How can you hate facts so much?

    “perhaps it makes more sense to err on the side of freaking out.” Yes, good sense always = freaking out. If we just did Math for Liberals, this is “Logic for Liberals”. Sense and reason always = and are replaced by, panic, fear, obsession, accusation, and emotion. Wtf?

    “Larson said, every effort should be taken to build confidence, no matter what.” And “The ends justify the means.” That’s morality! We start from the conclusion, and work back to the evidence. Well, at least he openly admits it. “A) I am not a Scientist. B)I also have no morality whatsoever! In fact, I’d kill you for a nickel and sleep like a baby! I already have!

    A commenter adds: “It would take 253 factories making the covid shot 24 hours a day non stop, a full year to produce just under 8 billion doses of the shot. Now add on top of the first shot and additional shot plus a first booster. If I remember correctly they are currently on booster 2. Most factories didn’t start full production of the shots until mid to late 2021. They don’t have 253 factories producing the shots. Let that math sink in.”

    Ran Prieur, after how we can’t have “AI” if we don’t know what “I”, “Intelligence” is: “Could [dolphins] develop human-level abilities to live mentally in elaborate worlds of abstraction and imagination? Probably, but they have no reason to, because it’s so much fun being a dolphin.

    I think what makes humans special is creating our own environment. And this goes hand in hand with our isolation, our separateness from the rest of the living universe. Why did our ancestors do cave paintings? Because they were big-brained animals stuck in a cave all winter, and they got bored looking at a blank wall. And since then, the better we get at creating our own environments, the more time we spend in them, the more separate we get, and the more reason we have to be even more inventive.”

    When we talk about finding “intelligent” life on other planets, this is what we mean: another creature that has explored separateness and self-created environments in the same way that we have. If we weren’t looking for something so specific, we would be trying harder to talk to large-brained animals on our own planet.

    That is, just as it’s 1,000x easier to colonize Antarctica or the Ocean than Mars, but we ignore them, we have 1,000 forms of “Intelligent” life right here, most of which can communicate with us, but “we” ignore them. That is to say, some people do, but I don’t, so who cares what they do? “Other people” are stupid more or less all the time. YOU do. Who cares what THEY do. YOU do the “right thing”. If enough of us do the “Right thing” we will have a “right culture.” Like the Buddhist 8 fold path.

    Humans are building creatures. Like ants. It’s not that unusual. This is our way, and we have a right to it. The problem is when smart people get lost in a delusion of separation and begin to aggrandize themselves, thinking we are NOT animals, and NOT Nature when we clearly are because what else would we be? I was born an animal of an animal. I was raised here under the sky and weather eating other plants and animals. I cannot NOT be an animal, but at the very least I can not delude myself about it. Because I am also a spirit of an animal at a much more fundamental level.


    Ya know it was only a matter of time before German tanks would garner a Bounty

    Sudoplatov Battalion Of Russia Announces 12 million Ruble ($160,000) Award For Leopard/Abrams Capture

    The thought of German tanks on Russian soil with an Iron Cross on their side is enough to make most Russian’s blood boil and to call up very deep national memories.

    I wonder if you get bonus points for have the driver’s heads on sticks.


    Kaiser Permanente is both an insurance company and a healthcare provider company. It negotiates with employers once a year to set its health insurance rates. I wonder if Kaiser started getting worried at the amount of excess illness it was seeing. Once people are too sick to work, they lose their health insurance. But what if they are somewhat sick, but keep working? What if their chronic, mystery illnesses consume a larger amount of medical care than Kaiser bargained for? Kaiser might be willing to do a little truth-telling as it tries to calculate who is going to pay for this unexpected hit, which presumably did not stop in 2021 but continues apace.



    However, some governments appear to maintain excellent data tracking “the kill”. Here is an example sent to me by a colleague form Australia, of an online database with beautiful graphing tools (this is for New South Wales). NSW includes Sydney, it’s population is ~8 million (of Australia’s total of about 25M) and was founded by the British as a penal colony. Perhaps that last factoid is why they are so unabashedly clear in reporting the results of their mass injury/murder campaign? Or maybe they simply have good database skills available.



    The Deranged Mindset that unleashed both the Covid operation and the Maidan coup is still at large and well.

    They are one and the same and still fostering child trafficking, narcotic, weapons and organ harvesting, not just in Ukronaziland, but worldwide and soon, in a neighborhood near you. Yes, you.

    It’s not a misstep, it’s a plan.



    Thank you to Alex Berenson for calling attention to this preprint, which is rather devastating regarding covid vaccine efficacy. This paper has several strengths: 1) it is large – 50,000 people; 2) reputable organization with no apparent bias; 3) clear and simple methodology. Finally, its results demonstrate a “dose-response” relationship.

    The problem is that this relationship is exactly the opposite of what it should be:

    John Day

    1) About the shark and the triathlon. THE SWIM COMES FIRST! Shark wins by eating you.

    2) @jb-hb: thanks for the exposition on Derrick Jensenism. I really did read all of everybody’s comments from the past couple of days yesterday, having gotten a setback when our electricity went out from all of the ice on trees and lines in Austin. We are in Yoakum since Friday afternoon, where rural electric is more-reliable than urban electric, same as it was for that Big Freeze 2 years ago.

    3) False Consciousness: Consciousness is not a word or a concept. Our true and not-true ideas of everything are all jumbled up together, which is difficult. We are fed societal-control-narratives, which are meant to work instead of reality. That system of societal control-narratives “working” is pretty dysfunctional, so people have to look for something, like TRUTH, as a desperate backup plan. Even a few workable facts would suffice some days. “Truth” is a pretty high bar. Searching for Truth takes a lot of time and effort, but, when systems break down, those who have rigorously sought the truth as a long-term habit are better prepared to deal with the Reality of a broken life-support system.

    4) “Life is never so terrible if you can just get a good cup of coffee”, My Dad, USMC, Korea & Vietnam.


    Correct on point messaging is everything

    Dr. D

    Looks like I pasted the wrong Scholtz link:
    “1948 by senior American intelligence figures from the CIA. Germany is still kowtowing to US intelligence seventy-five years later.” “…Or vice-versa. IT’S A MERGER. Etc” We are in a way kowtowing to Germany, or the WEF, EU thereof. Or Germany is to the WEF/Davos running our Neocons. Or we people are all being abused by this same slice.


    The SARS-CoV-2 virus is still spreading worldwide, and there is an urgent need to effectively prevent and control this pandemic. This study evaluated the potential efficacy of Egg Yolk Antibodies (IgY) as a neutralizing agent against the SARS-CoV-2. We investigated the neutralizing effect of anti-spike-S1 IgYs on the SARS-CoV-2 pseudovirus, as well as its inhibitory effect on the binding of the coronavirus spike protein mutants to human ACE2. Our results show that the anti-Spike-S1 IgYs showed significant neutralizing potency against SARS-CoV-2 pseudovirus, various spike protein mutants, and even SARS-CoV in vitro. It might be a feasible tool for the prevention and control of ongoing COVID-19.



    Hurry,hurry, money is no objection, voters don’t object
    An aircraft with the first Leopard 2 tank on board that Canada is sending to Ukraine has departed from Halifax.

    Source: Anita Anand, Minister of National Defence of Canada,
    • Russia To Achieve Goals Of Special Operation – Zakharova (TASS)

    Territory of Ukraine 1991
    With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Ukraine became an independent state, formalised with a referendum in December 1991. On 21 January 1990, over 300,000 Ukrainians[46] organized a human chain for Ukrainian independence between Kyiv and Lviv. Ukraine officially declared itself an independent country on 24 August 1991, when the communist Supreme Soviet (parliament) of Ukraine proclaimed that Ukraine would no longer follow the laws of USSR and only the laws of the Ukrainian SSR, de facto declaring Ukraine’s independence from the Soviet Union. On 1 December, voters approved a referendum formalizing independence from the Soviet Union. Over 90% of Ukrainian citizens voted for independence, with majorities in every region, including 56% in Crimea. The Soviet Union formally ceased to exist on 26 December, when the presidents of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia (the founding members of the USSR) met in Białowieża Forest to formally dissolve the Union in accordance with the Soviet Constitution. With this, Ukraine’s independence was formalized de jure and recognized by the international community.

    Also on 1 December 1991, Ukrainian voters in their first presidential election elected Leonid Kravchuk.[47]

    “Despite the push for censorship by some politicians and pundits, most Americans still want free-speech protections. It is in our DNA.”

    • Congress Set To Expose The Largest Censorship System In US History (Turley)

    “..This unhinged campaign against Musk is being led by the same anti-free speech figures that long supported censorship..”

    • Critics Shrug as Musk Wins Major Victory in Court (Turley)



    Post# 128272 it would appear on further digging the eggs in question came from vaxxed chickens.

    Aims: COVID-19 pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2 has become a public health crisis worldwide. In this study, we aimed at demonstrating the neutralizing potential of the IgY produced after immunizing chicken with a recombinant SARS-CoV-2 spike protein S1 subunit.

    Methods and results: E. coli BL21 carrying plasmid pET28a-S1 was induced with IPTG for the expression of SARS-CoV-2 S1 protein. The recombinant His-tagged S1 was purified and verified by SDS-PAGE, Western blot and biolayer interferometry (BLI) assay. Then S1 protein emulsified with Freund’s adjuvant was used to immunize layer chickens. Specific IgY against S1 (S1-IgY) produced from egg yolks of these chickens exhibited a high titer (1:25,600) and a strong binding affinity to S1 (KD = 318 nmol L-1 ). The neutralizing ability of S1-IgY was quantified by a SARS-CoV-2 pseudotyped virus-based neutralization assay with an IC50 value of 0.99 mg ml-1 . In addition, S1-IgY exhibited a strong ability in blocking the binding of SARS-CoV-2 S1 to hACE2, and it could partially compete with hACE2 for the binding sites on S1 by BLI assays.

    Conclusions: We demonstrated here that after immunization of chickens with our recombinant S1 protein, IgY neutralizing antibodies were generated against the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein S1 subunit; therefore, showing the potential use of IgY to block the entry of this virus.

    Significance and impact of the study: IgY targeting S1 subunit of SARS-CoV-2 could be a promising candidate for pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis or treatment of COVID-19. Administration of IgY-based oral preparation, oral or nasal spray may have profound implications for blocking SARS-CoV-2.



    Directing Attention Span

    Defcon 1

    99 Red Balloons go by………

    A nice cover for the current media squirrel!..squirrell!…Squirrel!!!…over there!…..


    Can the electronic tech. used to take down drone be used to take down the internet?

    Italy Hit With Nationwide Internet Outage, Reports Say

    D Benton Smith


    If I was a big hospital network that sets prices for treatments, and was also an insurance company that decided what price it will pay to the hospital and what premiums to charge my insurance customers for that protection, then I think I could make a whole lot of money for awhile.

    D Benton Smith

    The same trick that I just quipped to @Red can be applied in many other industries. Defense, for example. I start the wars that require expensive armies and weapons to be purchased from me at an enormous profit, AND I set the tax rates extracted from the “protected” citizens to pay for all those armies/weapons. Wham, bam, thankyou ma’am.

    Want some other examples where the same, identifiable, individual people & gangs control BOTH of the two moving parts in such a money machine?

    Here’s a short list : every major institutionalized endeavor on the planet from soup to nuts. Food, energy, health, security, education, Communications, etc, etc. ad infinitum.

    No great stretch of the imagination is required to see that this exactly what happened to almost the whole planet. When a single power controls the production of a necessity, the price of the necessity, as well as control the identity of who will receive the item and who will pay it . . . . then the game is over.

    It was not until that nearly hegemonic Cabal tried to consolidate it’s power into ONE central hub that there was any meaningful push-back anywhere. Lucky for us that the push-back was enough to beat back the attempt THIS time.

    How many of us as kids playing Monopoly realized at the time that the game could be so deadly.

    D Benton Smith

    That balloon story was just too weird, right?

    That’s what I think, too.

    Too weird. From startling start to anticlimactic brushing into the memory hole. TOO weird.

    No matter how you parse the possibilities the story comes up BULLSHIT every time. Even the “a distraction too boring to bother with” angle doesn’t wash as things now stand.

    Somethin’s up, boys and girls. (pun unintentional. Don’t know how I missed it)


    Red posted (prev thread):

    In his book Crowds and Power, written in 1960, Nobel laureate Elias Canetti argues that fear leads people to devolve into pack behavior. Fear of the virus did just that, leading people to set aside their basic humanity and common sense.

    Remember the mother who put her 13-year-old son in the trunk of her car? The boy had tested positive for the virus and she was taking him for additional testing. To protect herself from exposure, she had him lie in the trunk while she drove him to the testing site. (…) ..

    Red then goes on to mention M. Desmet and ‘mass formation’ (a trad. term in psychiatry) and links to a piece by the Brownstone Institute, where one can read:

    In essence, Desmet was saying: “This virus is a nasty piece of work and the world has gone mad”

    Debt Rattle February 4 2023

    Red’s post was v. interesting to me because I have been thinking about similar, some thoughts.

    Cannetti deserves reading +++, he describes different types of ‘crowd’ and ‘propagation of ideas’ / ‘facts’ (my words.)

    One important function of ‘crowd’ action is to preserve and defend crowd members, it is not just crazy hysteria, see for ex. actions in an earthquake, an avalanche (sudden events, but humans as social-pack acting animals is inherent, the aim is to save as many as poss, with minimal sacrifice..) More could be said about crowds, or ‘other’ cohesive groups of humans.

    The behavior of individuals in a top-down repressive authorit. scheme varies *extremely* as we all know.

    With Covid, I have seen, a Resto owner refusing to close and welcoming COV-pos ppl, ppl without a ‘pass’, etc. By contrast, a shop refusing entry to those who had no pass, were not wearing a mask, did not ostensibly disinfect hands and genuflect to the owner..

    In WW2, some ppl sheltered Jews in their cellar, and others denounced Jews to the Nazis. (Netherlands, France… )

    Desmet and the like never question, analyze, where the fear came from in the first place, heh.


    Yesterday, 2 examples of systems that are stumbling:

    (1) I was working on my business’s taxes. The software says that I need to print, sign, and import a document. It gives NO instructions on how to do this. Years ago, software instructions were in an included help file. There was a cumbersome index and rudimentary search function — but, typically, all capabilities of the software were in there. Today there is no built-in help file, only a link to a website. The website has neither a search box nor an index — all it has are a list of about 10 FAQs and a button at the bottom to “load more.” So…I am expected to continually “load more” and hope my question is “frequent” enough? No chat support; no email support. So I call. The phone is answered by an AI. The AI understands when I speak numbers, but struggles to capture numbers when entered in the handset. I ask for “software support.” The AI starts trying to find my account, asking for my phone number. I have a rudimentary account with this company only — from registering the software purchase. When the AI starts asking for my birthdate and last 4 digits of my SSN, I know that it has misunderstood my request, because I have never given the company this information. I hung up and tried again, but the AI sends me to the same place. Eventually, I am brought to a real person, who insists on obtaining the same personal information to “pull up my account.” I balked, “I need support for software,” I explained. But the “real person” insists on behaving just like an AI, so I fork over the data. The “real person” finally wakes up from her employer-mandated AI trance when she realizes that an account in her department doesn’t exist with the data I provided. Suddenly, she really *hears* me when I explain that I want support for business software, and points out to me that I’ve been routed to the wrong department. (No, really!?) She then routed my call to the correct department. A genial man answered that call and was rapidly able to direct me to the correct area of the program to upload the document. I can’t help but wonder….would it not have been more convenient to have just included a comprehensive help file? Or at least have a knowledge base online that was searchable?

    (2) I received a card from the AZ Secretary of State that it is time to renew my business’s trade name, which expires in about 2 months. (The card is still labeled for SOS Katie Hobbs.). I proceeded to the correct website — it has been possible to do this online for several years now. The website has messages to please excuse them as they transition to the new SOS. There is a new procedure. An account with the new “eAZ” is required. I began the process of creating an account, discovering that I must fork over my AZ drivers license number, last 4 of SSN, verify my email address with a texted code, and verify my phone number via text or robocall. (I was surprised that they weren’t insisting that I upload a photo of my DL….). I think about my retired-age friends, and how they would struggle mightily to complete these tasks, and think about the message on the main AZSOS site that states that no filings on paper are accepted, and in-person services are only available for Apostilles. (That was a new word for me – I had to look it up.). I arrived in the account. There are six buttons of possible activities. One is labeled for “registering new trade names only.” There is nothing for renewal. I can’t look up my current trade name, claiming it, and renewing it. I accessed chat (not that I expected a live response on a Saturday) and plugged in “renew trade name.” I can tell from the response of the chatbot that it has absolutely no programming with the word “renew” — it was at a complete loss. I noticed that the account has a “message center” and I clicked the link. The message center has an empty inbox only — with no way to *send* a message. There was no point in calling in on a Saturday. I made my way back to the main AZSOS page, found a contact form, and filled it out. So, let’s get this straight: my trade name expires in 60 days, the ONLY way to renew it is online, and the online account has no means of accomplishing this task. I guess the state no longer cares whether or not I dot my i’s and cross my t’s in this manner? My business’s financial institution won’t check to see whether or not the trade name is active with the state, but an expired trade name would prevent me from opening an account with a new financial institution. It used to be that new systems were tested out before they were foisted on the public…I suppose that has become so passe’.

    D Benton Smith


    Kafka wasn’t far from the mark.

    Alexander Carpenter

    DBS at 128278: What you are describing here is called “Control Fraud Racketeering.” It is the universal fundamental governance-strategy and tactic od the corporatized neo-fascist neo-feudal rule of the Owners and their minions. I describe CFR and its context at length here:
    And many others have recognized and explored this recognized pattern online. Look it up, folks; you too will recognize it.
    And here is an exploration of one application, in the Cannabis “scene” in California:
    <a href=”https://www.dropbox.com/s/a59kpyvzsayun61/CannabisManifestoofError.docx?
    Enjoy (if that’s what it is, except as a rueful enlightenment)…


    U2 versus the totalitarian, fascist, police state. Nice. But the totalitarian, fascist, police state won, of course.

    It’s nice to know that the days of the totalitarian fascist police state are numbered, thanks to Putin and friends.

    The death throes of the totalitarian, fascist police state(s) are going to be horrific, and millions of innocent people are going to suffer even more than they already have, of course.

    There is a kind of sick inevitability about it all: US of A, established via violence gets terminated via violence.

    How many people has the totalitarian, fascist police state of the US of A poisoned, impoverished and murdered so far? 500 million? 1,000 million? 1.500 million? 5 billion? We’ll never know.

    Let’s not blame Airstrip Two entirely though, since it was taught how to steal, poison, murder, impoverish and destroy by Airstrip One. And Airstrip One is right in there on the Eastern Front, poking at The Bear with everything it has, which isn’t much these days.

    Oceania is at war with Eurasia. Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia.

    An American friend told me how, in the 1960s, the thugs hired by the fascists to eliminate dissent corralled protesters by parking buses around them, they sealed the exits, and then went in with the batons, smashing into spines and skull with gay abandon. Actually killing people with guns out in the open got a bad name after university students were murdered by state thugs ‘in the name of protecting ‘freedom and democracy’. A bit like blowing up hundreds of a Vietnamese villages to ‘save the inhabitants;.

    The Scorpion had her gang of thugs attack peaceful protesters when turning fire hoses on them failed to discourage them, after they had occupied the grounds of the scorpion nest in Wellington.

    The Crazy Chipmunk ‘Chippy’, Chris Hopkins, obviously has not had the years of training in sociopathy that The Scorpion had before being installed as Big Brother’s murderous, deceitful, WEF saboteur, and is attempting to play the ‘nice lad makes good’ card for the moment. Chippy is obviously just a short-term fill-in, a bit like the ‘Cheese Lady’ of Downing Street. Just has to carry the can for LINO until the next WEF saboteur can be installed.

    With The Scorpion off the scene, things might be a little calmer this Waitangi Day, Waitangi being a celebration of the defeat of the indigenous people of Aotearoa by The Empire of Lies and a fake celebration of their culture, being a national holiday, because The Empire of Lies Airstrip Five sector is so ‘kind’ to its debt-slaves and wage-slaves.

    I’m sure it will only take a little more murder and impoverishment of the Proles by Big Brother to trigger a revolution, and then Big Brother will have the perfect pretext for incarcerating people and murdering them by the thousand.


    Well at least you didn’t kill your Grandma…

    How many Grandparents were taken out by the Bio created Viral weapon? How many by the “Vax” ?
    How many by ventilators and incubation homes?

    Brave Brave Sir-Miss Robin has offered to take care of all the Vax injured children, orphaned by their dead vax injured parents who forced their children to get vaxd. Oh how Virtue signalling of the Vax apologist. Brave Brave Miss Robin…

    I have multiple Vax injured friends, and I’m slowly hearing about friends who died from the vax cancer implosion. Watching another round of Vaxd getting Cvd for their 3rd or 4th time…. Guess who’s working for them while they are sick? Pure blood me…

    The vax cult pushers get exactly what they deserve. Fuck around and find out. It’s one thing to make your own personal health decisions, another to force inject those who choose their own path for health, vitality and natural immunity.

    The sheep cult need to be bitch slapped back to reality… if their own deaths is what it takes then so be it. You can’t un-inject your ignorant choices- f’n deal with it. Obey this vax cult scum.

    Do no harm

    My body my choice

    Informed consent

    The right to decline medical treatment

    I watched the Virtue signalling Vax Sheep wave their papers high in the air…. “sorry you can’t enter, you’re not fully Vaxd” Jokes on you tyrannical fuckers.


    @ citizenx – The Vaxxed Are So Fucked 🙂






    Dr D said

    Man serves 80 months for being near pepper spray. Another probably the same for putting his feet on Pelosi’s desk and so on. So here we have non-stop, career-wide, bribery, corruption, perhaps ascending to treason, monthly, in the paper, 20 years running.

    What is disturbing here is that the criminals are now applying their standards to people who are not involved in their business. The actions they take are very common, in fact a little lightweight. In China, when Xi first came to power, he had allot of his political enemies executed, the excuse being that they were corrupt. Of course, the billionaire Xi is not corrupt, he earned his money by slaving away in factories every day \s. That this dog eat dog attitude is being applied to ordinary citizens is very disturbing but again reveals just how corrupt the US system has become, it is now worse than China.


    Alexander Carpenter. Thank you for sharing your detailed paper about Control Fraud Racketeering (CFR). I find your research and conclusions compelling, and will study much and pass along to educated and open-minded friends.

    I agree with your anti-CFR “California Cannabis Manifesto: Do It Right This Time.” I wish there were more sanity in the U.S. about this extremely useful natural herb, which should be very cheap and easily available to adults. Cheers!

    If you wish to share any more of your writings, I would appreciate reading what you have to say. Cheers!


    German tanks with Iron Crosses streaming across Deutchland heading for their Kill Zone

    Russian helicopters operate with impunity taking out Ukronazi tanks by the hundreds with wire guided missiles.

    Can’t wait to see the first Leopards vaporized

    Rus Ka-52 Obliterates AFU Tank With Vikhr (Whirlwind) Guided Missile

    A little air traffic chatter, then bingo.

    The last Ukronazi tanks being mopped up.

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