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West Doesn’t Believe In Kiev’s Crimea Hopes – Former Ukraine MOD Chief (RT)
Slovakia To Destroy 1,500 Tons Of Ukrainian Grain (RT)
Musk Says Twitter Secrets ‘Blew’ His Mind (RT)
Beijing Would Take Early Control Of Taiwanese Skies – Pentagon Leaks (RT)
China’s Century Of Humiliation Is Over (Fomenko)
China Speaks The Language Of Pragmatism (Fomenko)
Snowden and Texeira: Ten Years of Disaster (Craig Murray)
Disney Reportedly Lost Over $250 Million on Two Woke Movies (Turley)
South Korea Orders Google To Disclose Data Gathered By US Spy Agencies (RT)
South Korea Starts Paying Single Citizens $500 Monthly (Az.)
The Orwellian RESTRICT Act Is A Chilling Echo Of ‘1984’ (Cheong)
Yellen Says Sanctions May Risk Hegemony Of US Dollar (AFP)
Europe’s Largest Nuclear Reactor Launches 14 Years Behind Schedule (RT)
Climate Czar Kerry Boasts There’s ‘No Rolling Back’ Clean Energy Transition (TP)
Think Tank Insists Climate Change Alarmism Is ‘a Lie that Must Stop’ (BB)





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@CheburekiMan: The AFU chief, Zaluzhny, goes to Washington, meets with Sec Def Lloyd Austin and Gen Mark Milley, where he states Ukraine’s KIA at 257K. This was according to Col Doug Macgregor, former Pentagon advisor, citing anonymous inside source(s). The recent major escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian war (actually U.S. proxy war) started Feb 24, 2022, while Zaluzhny’s visit occurred on Jan 16th, 2023. That is a 326 day spread, which works out to ~800 losses per day. Given that Zaluzhny was on a begging mission for long-range weapons and support, he’d have no incentive to underestimate losses. Instead, he’d be appealing to fact, in order to make the case for how Ukraine is paying dearly in lives and that the U.S. must do everything it can to help. According to CIA estimates of manpower fit for military service, Ukraine draws from a theoretical pool of ~7,000,000, while Russia’s is ~23,000,000. This isn’t accounting for the mass exodus of military age Ukrainians to Russia, the West and elsewhere, which could knock millions off the pool numbers. The leaked Pentagon docs indicate a kill ratio of 1:7, meaning that for every one Russian loss there are seven Ukrainian losses.

West Doesn’t Believe In Kiev’s Crimea Hopes – Former Ukraine MOD Chief (RT)

Most in the US and EU do not believe Ukraine is capable of fulfilling its pledge to retake control of Crimea from Russia, former a Ukrainian defense minister has acknowledged. “The vast majority of Western politicians, analysts and journalists don’t see the liberation of Crimea as a realistic prospect. This is a fact,” Andrey Zagorodnyuk said in an interview with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) on Thursday. However the former minister, who was part of President Vladimir Zelensky’s government between August 2019 and March 2020, stressed that Western doubts do not mean Kiev should give up on the idea of attacking the peninsula. “We need to persuade them [the West], convince them, put them before a fact, look for different reasoning” to receive the required weapons and other forms of assistance, he insisted.

According to Zagorodnyuk, there are a number of reasons why foreign backers have doubts over Ukraine’s ability to achieve military success in Crimea, which became part of Russia in 2014 following a referendum organized in response to a violent coup in Kiev. “First of all, it will be very difficult to do this because significant Russian forces will be gathered there to prevent its return by military means under Ukrainian rule. The second issue is the integration of Crimea [into Ukraine]. It’s a rather problematic story,” he explained. The minister also said that – when thinking about a Ukrainian operation against Crimea – Kiev’s Western backers are “considering its aftermath in terms of the escalation of the situation” in the conflict overall. During his address on Saturday, dedicated to Orthodox Easter, Zelensky again promised that Ukraine will return Crimea and all other territories it has lost to Russia.

This includes the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, and the Zaporozhye and Kherson Regions, which were incorporated into the Russian state last October, following referendums, in which the local populations voted overwhelmingly in favor of the move. “Our flag will fly on the shores of the Sea of Azov and the Seversky Donets River, over the slag heaps, and [Crimea’s] Ai-Petri mountain. The sun will shine in the south, the sun will shine in the east, the sun will shine in Crimea,” the Ukrainian leader pledged. Last month, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who serves as deputy head of the country’s Security Council, said threats against Crimea by Ukrainian officials were just “propaganda” and should not be treated seriously. However, Medvedev warned that if the peninsula is actually attacked, it could become “the basis for the use of all means of protection, including those provided for by the fundamentals of the doctrine of nuclear deterrence.”

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Pesticides… Are they in all the grain exports? Has anyone else tested?

Also, the EU has said countries can’t ban Ukrainian grain to save their own farmers. Only Brussels gets to decide.

Slovakia To Destroy 1,500 Tons Of Ukrainian Grain (RT)

Slovak authorities have banned the processing and sale of Ukrainian grain after discovering a dangerous pesticide in a shipment, the country’s Agriculture Ministry announced on its website on Thursday. According to the statement, the ban will cover all grain of Ukrainian origin and flour made from it that is currently stored in the country. Earlier this week, Slovak authorities discovered a 1,500-ton shipment of Ukrainian grain to be contaminated with chlorpyrifos, a pesticide subject to an EU-wide ban. “The presence of a pesticide, which is not authorized in the EU and has a negative impact on human health, was confirmed in the controlled sample,” the ministry said. The country’s Agriculture Minister, Samuel Vlcan, said earlier on Thursday that the entire shipment would be destroyed.

The duration of the ban is not specified, but the ministry noted that in the coming days the authorities intend to collect samples of all Ukrainian grain and flour stored in Slovakia to determine whether it is safe for consumption. The ministry stressed that it “does not recommend the import of any Ukrainian grain and its products” at the moment and will notify all EU member states about the findings. Ukrainian grain has been flooding the markets of Eastern Europe in recent months, after Brussels permitted duty-free imports from the country to help the products reach customers in Africa and the Middle East. Much of the produce, however, stayed in the EU due to logistical constraints, sparking complaints from local farmers, who blamed cheap Ukrainian imports for the drop in prices for domestically produced grain.

Last month, the prime ministers of Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia demanded action from the European Commission on Ukrainian agricultural imports, calling for the reintroduction of import tariffs. In early April, the countries urged the Commission to buy back accumulated Ukrainian products from them on “humanitarian grounds.” On April 7, Polish Agriculture Minister Robert Telus said his country had reached a deal with Kiev, which would see Ukrainian grain imports to the country halted, while transit will be allowed but closely monitored, ensuring that the grain does not stay in Poland.

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“..the exact opposite of a free press envisioned in the US Constitution..”

Musk Says Twitter Secrets ‘Blew’ His Mind (RT)

The billionaire Twitter owner Elon Musk has claimed that he was shocked to find out the real scale of the US government involvement and access to Twitter communications when he purchased and took full control of the social media giant last year. “The degree to which government agencies effectively had full access to everything that was going on on Twitter blew my mind,” Musk told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, claiming he “was not aware of that” up until he eventually purchased Twitter for $44 billion last October. Musk confirmed that “everything” includes users’ supposedly private direct messages, but the brief Sunday teaser of the upcoming interview did not show whether Musk went on to call out any particular agencies or their methods. It is also unclear what, if anything, has since changed to limit the scope of the government’s access to people’s private communications.


Since purchasing Twitter in October and installing himself as the platform’s new CEO, Musk has been releasing regular batches of internal documents and communications in a bid to shed light on its previously opaque censorship policies and cozy ties with federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies, enlisting independent journalists to break each document dump. Journalist Matt Taibbi, who reported on the first batch of files back in December, recently described the collusion between social media platforms, non-governmental organizations and the US government to suppress information they did not like as the “censorship-industrial complex,” calling it “a bureaucracy willing to sacrifice factual truth in service of broader narrative objectives,” and the exact opposite of a free press envisioned in the US Constitution. Last month, along with fellow Twitter Files journalist Michael Shellenberger, Taibbi was called to testify before the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.

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“The Japanese annexed the island from the mainland in 1895, and China sees the reunification of that territory as its right..”

Beijing Would Take Early Control Of Taiwanese Skies – Pentagon Leaks (RT)

Washington has concerns over Taiwan’s capacity to defend itself in the event of an attack from Beijing, according to leaked documents that have shaken the US military intelligence infrastructure, the Washington Post reported on Saturday. Responding to the concerns outlined in the documents, a spokesperson for Taiwan’s Defense Ministry told the Post that it “respects outside opinions about its military preparedness” but its defense protocols are “carefully constructed based on enemy threats.” The papers, which were allegedly uploaded to a gaming web forum by a 21-year-old US National Guardsman, suggest that Beijing would very likely gain early air supremacy over Taiwan should a conflict break out in the vicinity of the Taiwan Strait.

The leaked Pentagon assessments also indicate that Taipei’s military leadership has doubts surrounding its own ability to “accurately detect missile launches,” and that only around 50% of its aircraft are capable of effectively engaging Beijing’s more advanced air force. China’s tactic of obscuring the movement of military hardware within civilian infrastructure – such as passenger ferries – has impeded US intelligence-gathering efforts, the report claims. The Pentagon has been critical of Taiwan’s defensive preparedness, according to the leaks, particularly as it relates to problems in relocating Taiwanese military assets to make them less vulnerable to airstrikes. Washington, the Post adds, is also concerned by the prospects of Taiwan translating its military drills into real-world, live-action scenarios.

However, Taiwan’s Defense Ministry added in its statement to the Post that its military forces are “absolutely capable, determined and confident” that it can ensure security on the island. The damning reports on Taiwan’s defensive efficiency comes days after it held military drills in which it planned an array of responses to attacks by missiles and chemical weapons. These took place after Beijing conducted its own exercises, which reportedly included a scenario involving the ‘encirclement’ of the island.

Washington’s concerns regarding Taipei’s apparent security problems coincide with frustration in Beijing about apparent US meddling in the region. China upped its military drills last year following a visit to Taiwan by then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, while Beijing also expressed anger when the island’s leader, Tsai Ing-wen, held a meeting with current Speaker Kevin McCarthy in California earlier this month. Beijing, which views Tsai as a separatist, considers Taiwan to be a breakaway province which will one day be returned to full rule. Washington has diplomatically acknowledged Beijing’s position that there is only one Chinese government under its ‘One China’ policy, though it has maintained unofficial ties with the island. The Biden administration has also suggested that it would aid Taiwan should China attempt to take it by force.

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“..and trying to repeat it is a grave mistake..”

China’s Century Of Humiliation Is Over (Fomenko)

The century of humiliation is understood as the era when foreign colonial powers subjugated, coerced and exploited the declining Qing Dynasty, forcibly opening up China in order to economically exploit and attain political influence over it. The period is typically considered to have begun with the opium wars of the mid-1800s, whereby the Qing’s refusal to import opium from British India led to war, which ended with the signing of an “unequal” Treaty of Nanking. This not only forced British trade interests on Chinese ports, but also annexed Hong Kong island. The opium wars were followed by many other conflicts directed against Beijing, including the forcefully created “treaty ports” that were quasi-colonial annexes where foreign law was applied over Chinese law, and atrocities such as the 1860 burning of the Old Summer Palace occurred.

The impact of the century of humiliation unleashed ideological and political change in China and led to the birth of new revolutionary ideologies which sought to revive the country, one of which became the Communist Party. On obtaining power following the 1927-1949 civil war, the Communist Party framed itself as the driving force of China’s revival and modernization, and the “humiliation” of the past as a backdrop to the rebirth of the country bringing the country to where it is today. In doing so, China’s leaders consider American attempts at containment of the country as an effort to impose a new century of humiliation. US efforts in blockading the rise and development of China through military encirclement and technological embargoes and sanctions are designed to prevent it from overtaking the US as the world’s largest economy. This naturally draws comparisons in China to the old foreign aggression against it. The US does not want China to do well, it wants to politically and economically dominate it to its own advantages, but it has only hardened the political resolve in Beijing that the failures of the past must not be repeated.

In doing so, China’s leaders consider American attempts at containment of the country as an effort to impose a new century of humiliation. US efforts in blockading the rise and development of China through military encirclement and technological embargoes and sanctions are designed to prevent it from overtaking the US as the world’s largest economy. This naturally draws comparisons in China to the old foreign aggression against it. The US does not want China to do well, it wants to politically and economically dominate it to its own advantages, but it has only hardened the political resolve in Beijing that the failures of the past must not be repeated. China’s determination to be an independent world power, in itself, immensely raises the risk of war and conflict.

Beijing is not seeking hegemony, as some Western commentators choose to portray it, but is nonetheless seeking to restore what it deems its rightful status following its national decline in the past. China does not want sagas such as the opium wars to ever be repeated, and in doing so is likely to accelerate its own military development and size in a bid to deter the US and its allies. Critical to all this is that Taiwan remains an unresolved legacy of what Beijing perceives to be part of the century of humiliation. The Japanese annexed the island from the mainland in 1895, and China sees the reunification of that territory as its right, and sees attempts to block such reunification, such as those by the US, as an effort towards a new humiliation.

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“… while the US only understands sanctions, militarism and confrontation..”

China Speaks The Language Of Pragmatism (Fomenko)

Once upon a time, US diplomacy was pragmatic and shrewd. China, of course, is the chief example of that. In the 1970s Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger masterfully paved the way to opening relations with Mao Zedong’s China, believing it could be incorporated as a critical strategic partner in the Cold War, despite itself having once been a Communist adversary. It was arguably one of the smartest diplomatic moves of the 20th century. Yet somehow its lessons have been forgotten by the current crop of foreign policymakers in Washington DC, who have become obsessed with a zero-sum rendering of American hegemony that is ideologically zealous and eschews the concept of pragmatism, compromise and engagement in its dealings with other countries.

Bloated by the corrosive influence of the military-industrial complex and their affiliated neoconservative extremists, contemporary American foreign policy doctrine revolves around the perpetual creation and prolonging of tensions and conflict to force countries into its geopolitical orbit, framing every single dilemma as a “good vs. evil” conflict in which the US presents itself as the only good force. It is a mindset which consolidated following America’s victory in the Cold War, and the belief its hegemony over the world is a divine right. In this twisted world view, peace is derided as “appeasement” and anyone who does not sign up to the agenda of perpetual war and arms races is derided as morally corroded. Allies are not to be listened to, but coerced into following America’s will by hook or by crook.

This foreign policy fanaticism has crippled the US ability to build pragmatic relationships with countries for the greater good outside its own ideological disposition, precisely what China is deploying in its diplomacy with countries across the world, and by an ironic twist this has limited America’s ability to secure its interests, get what it wants, or “sit at the table.” What is very telling, for example, is how China was able to broker a normalisation of ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran. The US has shown no diplomatic capacity to do so in its current outlook, because its entire Middle East policy, for one, is based on an aversion to peace, perpetually antagonizing Iran as a “threat” and therefore leveraging its own military capabilities as a security guarantor for its own strategic and commercial gain.

Likewise, this bizarre militarist zealotry is why the US has been set on prolonging the conflict in Ukraine in the belief that Russia can never be offered a particle of compromise, while simultaneously attempting to repeat the same process in the Taiwan Strait. But what happens if other countries have different ideas? Or no longer buy into this agenda? If a nation such as China, by virtue of maintaining good ties with as many nations as possible, is able to shape the international outlook? The US has forgotten the meaning of diplomacy, knowing only the language of sanctions, containment, militarism and confrontation, and in doing so has found itself on the back foot against China, which appreciates the importance of true mutual interests, and leverages its influence to that end accordingly.

Had the current crop of US leaders been in the White House in the 1970s, the great geopolitical rapprochement with Beijing would never have happened, because the only objective could have been hegemony, hegemony, and more hegemony. Thus, in the present day, the belief that the US can in any way work with China for the greater good is derided. But when you don’t sit at the table, you cannot expect to have the meal, and it is these delusions of grandeur which increasingly make China look like a kingmaker, and America like an unhinged zealot.

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“..precisely the same as that which came over from Daniel Ellsberg’s original Pentagon Papers leak 50 years ago – that the public is being lied to about how the war is going.”

Snowden and Texeira: Ten Years of Disaster (Craig Murray)

Ten years ago Edward Snowden was helped to escape by Wikileaks and to publish his revelations by The Intercept, Guardian, New York Times and others. In 2023 Jack Texeira is tracked down by UK secret service front Bellingcat in conjunction with the New York Times and in parallel with the Washington Post, not to help him escape or help him publish or tell people his motives, but to help the state arrest him. Those outlets have accessed a cache of at least 300 additional secret documents in doing so – and have kept them secret, with the exception of a couple of snippets that forward the official state narrative. That contrast with ten years ago tells a very real and glaring truth. The idea that the legacy media in any way serves the truth or the public interest is now completely buried. The legacy media serves the state, and the state serves the billionaires.

Wikileaks is now so hamstrung by attacks on its finances, personnel and logistics as to be almost inoperable. Propaganda outfit Bellingcat was conceived as a way to counter it, by producing material with the frisson of secret access but actually as an outlet for the security services. An astonishing amount of “liberal opinion” falls for it. Similarly the Intercept, like the Guardian, was subject to an internal takeover that delivered it entirely into the hands of the neo-conservatives. Neither the alleged journalists of New York Times, Washington Post, nor Bellingcat did the most basic things a real journalist would do. They did not contact Texeira, speak to him, ask him to explain his motivation, and look through the other secret material to which he had access, to get Texeira’s view on its meaning and implications, and to publish what in it was in the public interest.

Instead they simply shopped him to the FBI and closed down the remaining documents. I am not at all surprised by Bellingcat, which is plainly a spook organisation. I hope this enables more people to see through them. But the behaviour of the New York Times and Washington Post is truly shocking. They now see their mission as to serve the security state, not public knowledge. In the ten years between Snowden and Texeira, the world has changed hugely for the worse. Not only has a huge amount of freedom disappeared, freedom’s former Guardians have been subverted. It has been ten years of disaster. A cache of twitter images of some of the leaked documents is here. I am not aware of any broader cache – feel free to insert links to any in the comments. The initial reaction to the leaked documents was to rubbish them with the memes routinely applied to all information embarrassing to the state nowadays – they were either “Russian hacks” or “faked or amended disinformation”.

These attacks were particularly important as the message that came over clearly from these Texeira leaks was precisely the same as that which came over from Daniel Ellsberg’s original Pentagon Papers leak 50 years ago – that the public is being lied to about how the war is going. (It is worth reflecting that in today’s world the NYT and Washington Post would have condemned Ellsberg and emphasised those bits of the Pentagon Papers which reflect badly on the VietCong). Ukraine was particularly concerned about US official figures showing Ukrainian casualties much higher, and Russian casualties much lower, than the Ukrainian official figures the US ostensibly endorsed. I have to say I always find both Ukrainian and Russian casualty figures laughably false. The idea that either side is telling the truth appears to me one that no half-sensible person could entertain. I had presumed that was the general view.

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“These companies could trigger shareholder revolts if the moves continue to spark boycotts or diminish sales.”

Disney Reportedly Lost Over $250 Million on Two Woke Movies (Turley)

We have been discussing the right of shareholders to push back on the social and political campaigns of corporations that reduce share value or damage brands. The concern over the “Go Woke, Go Broke” trend is greatest with companies like Disney, which has been particularly open about its corporate advocacy. That has proven most controversial not just in its announced opposition to the Florida education bill, but children movies that contained controversial sexual elements. Now, Deadline has released an analysis showing that Disney lost a staggering quarter of a billion dollars on two of these woke movies: Lightyear and Strange World. According to Deadline, Lightyear lost $106 million and Strange World lost a whopping $152 million.

“Strange World” is about an explorer family named the Clades. The movie, however, caused a great deal of buzz due to young Ethan talking to his grandfather about his same-sex crush on another boy. Then there is the actual “Buzz.” In Buzz Lightyear, Disney featured a same-sex kiss. Pixar initially removed the scene. However, after the controversy over the Florida education bill, it was put back into the movie as a reported statement of solidarity. For many parents, the sexuality elements were a statement that they did not want to address with their young children. The movies bombed at the box office to the tune of a quarter of a billion dollar loss. Disney has even entered the fray over racial reparation with a controversial children’s episode.

Obviously Disney has company these days in being the subject of a public backlash. In the case of Bud Light, a boycott over its its sponsorship deal with controversial transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. While Anheuser-Busch InBev CEO Brendan Whitworth issued a non-apology apology, customers are reportedly shunning not just Bud Light but other Anheuser-Busch products. That led to continued backlash. For its part, Nike is unapologetic and pushed back on critics over its campaign featuring Mulvaney. It told consumers that they needed to be “kind” and “inclusive” while declaring “hate speech, bullying, or other behaviors that are not in the spirit of a diverse and inclusive community will be deleted” from its sites. These companies could trigger shareholder revolts if the moves continue to spark boycotts or diminish sales.

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Google is a spy agency worldwide.

South Korea Orders Google To Disclose Data Gathered By US Spy Agencies (RT)

South Korea’s Supreme Court has ordered Google to disclose any personal data it has collected on South Korean citizens and shared with third parties, including US intelligence agencies. The decision is binding, even as the case against the tech giant continues in a lower court. Thursday’s ruling came after several South Korean plaintiffs sued Google and its local branch, Google Korea, seeking to force the company to reveal whether it had gathered or shared their data. They alleged that personal information was passed to the US National Security Agency (NSA) through its ‘PRISM’ program, which collects a massive amount of data from the internet, including private communications, as well as from service providers directly.

While South Korean law mandates that internet service providers must respond to customer inquiries related to their own personal data and whether it has been shared with third parties, an appeals court previously ruled that Google had the right to reject such requests so long as the decision was in line with US law. However, the Supreme Court partially overturned that ruling, finding that Google must disclose the relevant information upon request regardless of American law, though it nonetheless returned the case to a lower court to continue litigation. “Comprehensive consideration should be given to whether the need to respect foreign laws is significantly superior to the need to protect personal information,” the court said in a statement. The top court also ruled that even if personal data was transferred to a foreign intelligence service for legitimate reasons, companies still must disclose that fact after the person in question is no longer under investigation.

In a statement, Google Korea said it would review Thursday’s decision “carefully,” and claimed that user privacy was a priority for the company. The PRISM program was first revealed to the public in 2013, after NSA contractor Edward Snowden leaked a massive trove of classified documents showing, among other things, the extent of domestic mass surveillance in the United States. According to the leaked material, PRISM was once “the number one source of raw intelligence used for NSA analytic reports” after it was launched in 2007 under President George W. Bush. The program has come under fire by privacy advocates for its sweeping scope, with Snowden deeming it “dangerous” and accusing the NSA of “nakedly, aggressively criminal acts.”

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Curious article. And sad.

South Korea Starts Paying Single Citizens $500 Monthly (Az.)

The South Korean Ministry of Gender Equality and Family will provide up to 650,000 Korean won (about $500) per month to isolated social recluses, in a bid to support their “psychological and emotional stability and healthy growth,” Report informs referring to CNN. About 3.1% of Koreans aged 19 to 39 are “reclusive lonely young people,” defined as living in a “limited space, in a state of being disconnected from the outside for more than a certain period of time, and have noticeable difficulty in living a normal life,” according to the ministry’s report, citing the Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs.

The new measures specifically target young people as part of the larger Youth Welfare Support Act, which aims to support people extremely withdrawn from society, as well as youths without a guardian or school protection who are at risk of delinquency. The monthly allowance will be available to reclusive lonely young people aged 9 to 24 who live in a household earning below the median national income — defined in South Korea as about 5.4 million won (about $4,165) per month for a household of four people.

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“Restricting the Emergence of Security Threats that Risk Information and Communications Technology Act, or RESTRICT Act..”

The Orwellian RESTRICT Act Is A Chilling Echo Of ‘1984’ (Cheong)

In an eerie semblance to George Orwell’s ‘1984’, the Restricting the Emergence of Security Threats that Risk Information and Communications Technology Act, or RESTRICT Act, looms as a dark cloud over American liberties. Branded as a mere “TikTok ban,” this act possesses a sweeping reach that would empower the federal government to designate any nation a “foreign adversary,” ban online services and products even indirectly controlled by an entity within their jurisdiction, and severely punish Americans who engage in almost any transaction with them. Sponsored by Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), the RESTRICT Act not only targets the Chinese-linked TikTok platform but also has the potential to dismantle the very foundations of American freedom.

One cannot help but draw comparisons to Orwell’s dystopian masterpiece, where pervasive government surveillance and control are the norm. In a frightening twist, this proposed legislation could make such nightmarish fiction a stark reality. The chilling provisions of the RESTRICT Act would impose a civil penalty of up to $250,000 by the Secretary of Commerce on individuals who conduct transactions that violate the act. The bill’s definition of a transaction is disturbingly broad, encompassing activities such as acquisitions, importation, data transmission, software updates, repairs, data hosting services, and other transactions designed to evade or circumvent the act’s application. However, as in the oppressive world of ‘1984’, the $250,000 fine is only the beginning. American citizens found to be in violation of the act could face a criminal fine of up to $1 million and a jail sentence of up to 20 years.

The parallels to Orwell’s vision are striking, as the RESTRICT Act essentially serves as a tool of control and punishment. It is a sobering reminder of the dystopian fate that awaits the public if it allows government unchecked power in the name of security from foreign nations. Moreover, the bill allows the federal government to seize and access various devices and services belonging to American citizens, including phones and computers, internet access points, e-commerce technology and services, cryptocurrencies, and even advanced technologies like quantum computing, post-quantum cryptography, advanced robotics, and biotechnology. To add insult to injury, the government is granted immunity from public oversight by restricting Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests related to the enforcement of the bill.

In this regard, the RESTRICT Act resembles an American version of China’s “Great Firewall,” which isolates its citizens from a significant portion of the World Wide Web. However, unlike in China, where VPN usage does not automatically lead to imprisonment and many citizens use it to access popular apps and video games without repercussions, the RESTRICT Act imposes much more severe penalties on those who violate its provisions. Already, conservatives are sounding the alarm on the dangers of the bill, including Tucker Carlson, who dedicated a monologue warning that it would provide the government the ability to “punish American citizens and regulate how they communicate on the Internet.”
Donald Trump Jr. wrote on Twitter: “Nothing is ever as it seems. The uniparty wants more power to control what we do and see. And now we’re going to give the Biden goons the ability to throw us in jail for 20 years if they decide we’re in violation of this craziness? No thanks.”

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No, it won’t happen over night. Butt it doesn’t have to.

Yellen Says Sanctions May Risk Hegemony Of US Dollar (AFP)

Economic sanctions imposed on Russia and other countries by the United States put the dollar’s dominance at risk as targeted nations seek out an alternative, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Sunday. “There is a risk when we use financial sanctions that are linked to the role of the dollar that over time it could undermine the hegemony of the dollar,” Yellen said on CNN. “Of course, it does create a desire on the part of China, of Russia, of Iran to find an alternative,” she told the network’s Fareed Zakaria in an interview. “But the dollar is used as a global currency for reasons that are not easy for other countries to find an alternative with the same properties.”

The robust US capital markets and rule of law “are essential in a currency that is going to be used globally for transactions,” she added. “And we haven’t seen any other country that has the basic… institutional infrastructure that would enable its currency to serve the world like this.” Yellen noted that sanctions are an “extremely important tool,” all the more so when used by the United States and its allies as “a coalition of partners acting together to impose these sanctions.” Asked about the possibility of using frozen Russian assets to rebuild war-ravaged Ukraine after Moscow’s invasion, Yellen said that “Russia should pay for the damages that it’s caused.” But she noted there are “legal constraints on what we can do with frozen Russian assets, and we’re discussing with our partners what might lie in the future.”

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At the same time that Germany closes three. Where’s the logic?

Europe’s Largest Nuclear Reactor Launches 14 Years Behind Schedule (RT)

The Olkiluoto 3 (OL3) nuclear reactor in southwest Finland has begun electricity production, the head of the plant’s operator Teollisuuden Voima (TVO) said in a statement on Sunday. After a lengthy testing phase at the facility in Eurajoki, regular output was scheduled to start on Monday, but was instead launched at 2am on Sunday. The 1.6 gigawatt OL3 is the most powerful nuclear reactor in Europe, and the third largest in the world. According to TVO President Jarmo Tanhua, it is expected to operate for at least 60 years and meet around 14% of Finland’s electricity demand. “The production of Olkiluoto 3 stabilizes the price of electricity and plays an important role in the Finnish green transition,” Tanhua stated. The construction of OL3 was launched back in 2005, and it was due to start producing electricity in 2009, but setbacks in the design work and a string of legal disputes resulted in a 14-year delay in its launch.

The reactor was connected to Finland’s national power grid in March last year and started test production, but several technical glitches forced TVO to postpone its transition to regular operation several times. OL3 is the third reactor at the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant. The first two units, OL1 and OL2, were commissioned in 1978 and 1980, respectively. During 2021, the Olkiluoto facility produced 14.4 terrawatt hours of power, roughly one sixth of Finland’s total electricity consumption. The newly completed reactor is expected to help Finland cut its reliance on power imports from Sweden and Norway, and make up for the supplies lost after Russia stopped power exports to the country last May, when Russian utility Inter RAO stopped receiving payments for electricity sold to Finland via the pan-European exchange Nord Pool.

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“Kerry has flown over 180,000 miles as ‘Climate Czar,’ emitting 10 million pounds of carbon.”

Climate Czar Kerry Boasts There’s ‘No Rolling Back’ Clean Energy Transition (TP)

U.S. climate czar John Kerry claimed in an interview on Sunday that “so much has been invested in clean energy that there can be no rolling back of moves to end carbon emissions,” according to an interview with the Associated Press. Kerry claimed that if countries phase out petroleum-based fuels, the world can purportedly limit average global warming to 1.7 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit). “We’re in a very different place than where we were a year ago, let alone two and three years ago,” Kerry said. “But we’re not doing everything we said we’d do,” he said, after attending a meeting of energy and environment ministers of the Group of Seven wealthy nations. “A lot of countries need to step up including ours to reduce emissions faster, deploy renewables faster, bring new technologies online faster all of that has to happen.”

Kerry said the G-7 talks in northeastern Japan’s Sapporo were “really constructive” in attempting to forge a consensus on eliminating carbon-based fuels. “The United States and all the developed world has the responsibility to help the developing world through this crisis,” he said. “Those countries will really determine what happens. If they will reduce, if they will take the lead, if they will start deploying the new technologies, if they will stop using unabated fossil fuels, we’ll up the chance of winning this battle.” On Thursday, President Joe Biden is scheduled to attend a Major Economies Forum, which includes leaders of 20 nations that account for more than three-quarters of global carbon emissions. The summit offers another opportunity for committing resources to the goal of reaching zero emissions by 2050, Kerry said. “We agreed that we need to get back together personally, visit and try to see what we can find to work on together to accelerate the process. Is that doable? I hope so,” Kerry said.

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“..a dangerous fiction crippling the West..”

“..the economic growth and well-being in Europe and the United States are more threatened by extremist and delusional environmental policies than by global warming.”

Think Tank Insists Climate Change Alarmism Is ‘a Lie that Must Stop’ (BB)

Alarmism over a so-called “climate emergency” is a dangerous fiction crippling the West, declares the Gatestone Institute, a non-partisan international policy council and think tank. The West is unilaterally destroying its energy generating capabilities while the rest of the world continues to take advantage of readily available and relatively inexpensive fossil fuels, Gatestone notes in an April 14 report. As an example of this, China has been opening an average of two new coal-fired power plants a week and global CO2 emissions in the entire non-Western world continue to rise since there is not yet “any available, inexpensive alternative to fossil fuels,” states the report, written by Drieu Godefridi.

The 16th century was the coldest century of the last 9,000 years. This occurred at a time when 100 million bison roamed the Great Plains emitting methane. According to cultists of the #ClimateScam, a comparable number of cattle now is heating the earth out of control.

Citing data from the most recent study by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Gatestone asserts that “the economic growth and well-being in Europe and the United States are more threatened by extremist and delusional environmental policies than by global warming.” In other words, efforts to combat climate change in the West are doing more harm than anything seen from climate change itself. Dangerously diminished energy security has been starkly evident over the past year during the Russian aggression against Ukraine, as energy prices have soared and Western nations have found themselves scrambling to meet demand by seeking assistance from unfriendly regimes.

Attempts to transition to so-called renewables have also produced a “a cruel increase in Europe’s dependence on China’s rare earth minerals,” which Beijing will use to full advantage, the report argues. Zealous climate alarmist Frans Timmermans, First Vice-President of the European Commission, for instance, has multiplied “measures, initiatives, and declarations aimed at drastically reducing European CO2 emissions — even at the cost of Europe’s economic devastation,” the report contends, as well as “at the cost of freedom.” The report concludes by asserting that future generations “will judge us harshly for allowing extremist environmental activism to enfeeble us in the West, while a hostile East – China, Russia, North Korea and Iran — continue to advance their industrial and military capabilities.”

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RFK jr



Indonesia’s remote Sumba Island is famous for a great many things, but above all its uniquely shaped mangroves, dubbed “dancing trees” for the way they seem to sway with the setting sun in the background



Deinosuchus is an extinct genus of alligatoroid crocodilian, related to modern alligators and caimans, that lived 82 to 73 million years ago. The largest adults measuring 10.64 m






The story of the tiger that in 1997 was wounded by a poacher who also stole part of its kill: the tiger found the poacher’s cabin, destroyed his belongings, waited at least half a day for him to return, then killed and ate him [read more: https://buff.ly/2IhMG4w]



Photographer Karmen Jones-Cox captured this stunning shot of a whale shark off the Big Island of Hawaii, providing an idea of the scale of the filter-feeding fish compared to a diver [source: https://buff.ly/3AB1mHc]





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    Auguste Renoir The umbrellas 1881-6   • West Doesn’t Believe In Kiev’s Crimea Hopes – Former Ukraine MOD Chief (RT) • Slovakia To Destroy 1,500 T
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle April 17 2023]

    V. Arnold

    Auguste Renoir The umbrellas 1881-6

    Love that painting; especially the little girl with her stick and hoop.
    Her face is just perfect; the expression on her face is just right, IMHO…


    In the UK they used up so much Midazolam during the “plandemic” murdering: the elderly in care homes, those needlessly put on ventilators and those they put on ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ protocols – that they’ve now run out of it!

    Pain relief shortages are worsening the suffering of dying cancer patients

    ” …end-of-life drugs such as the sedative and muscle relaxant midazolam, and glycopyrronium bromide, used to prevent the build-up of secretions that can lead to lung and breathing issues, were unavailable.”




    Final mopping up of the gullible and brainwashed:

    NHS Covid booster appointments available to millions in England
    “About 5 million people eligible for jab until end of June as vaccinations get under way across 3,000 sites”

    Eligible people include those who are 75 and over, and anyone five or over who has a weakened immune system, alongside the care home programme of vaccinations that began two weeks ago.”

    Weakened immune system?
    What a hoot!



    V. Arnold

    Anyone having anything to do with any of the covid mRNA “vaccines” at this point in time, is a blithering idiot!!!!!!!


    That’s a majority of the population, VA.

    Dr. D

    “Italy’s Meloni Declares ‘State Of Emergency’ As Illegal Immigration Quadruples: Italy could see up to 50,000 migrants arriving a month…”

    Italy can build another city of a million people, right? They won’t mind. I’m sure they have the power and gas. Besides, Africa’s empty: They’re defenseless; now I can buy it.

    “Is Free Speech Killing Us? FDA Commissioner Declares “Misinformation” A Medical Risk”

    Pretty sure that’s outside your mandate. What does Congress think?

    Congress says that’s outside CONGRESS’S mandate. Free Speech “shall not be infringed”.

    “US Appeals Court Judge Rejects ProPublica Story On Justice Clarence Thomas

    Must attack all Black me, especially if they’re powerful. That’s the new Democratic Party.

    “All Hell Breaks Out In Chicago As Hundreds Of Teenagers Wreak Havoc”

    Burn the Casino, then buy it up at 5c on the $1. You’ve been driven out of your own home and sold at a loss. Perfect!

    “Russia Behind Document Leak.” — All major media But also a 21-year-old without CIA clearance. Both! Neither! Gaaaahhhh!

    Yes, the PLAN here, the GOAL, is to be a post-Truth world. #Logos is #Truth. It is the word and face of God. Therefore, like Hell, it must be expelled. Once there is no objective #Truth, then the only Reality is #Power. Reality really will be “Whatever I say it is,” because it’s impossible to come about a conclusion as to what it is anymore. That’s why AI, Deep Fakes, Fake News, no scandal, no consequences, it’s all going wonderfully.


    “Most in the US and EU do not believe Ukraine is capable of fulfilling its pledge to retake control of Crimea from Russia, former a Ukrainian defense minister has acknowledged.”

    Because that’s not the point. The War and #Murder is the point. Who cares about land or money when you can kill people? Killing people is the ultimate, highest good, and when they’re Slavs on both side, even better. Biden would keep the war going 1,000 years if he could. Europe already has there for almost 500 years.

    “Slovakia To Destroy 1,500 Tons Of Ukrainian Grain (RT)”

    Killing the people AND destroying the farmers. What’s not to like? Those are two top EU goals, Mandates, even. When the farmers are gone, we’ll buy the land at 5c and put up more condos and solar farms so the trees can’t grow back this time. That’s #Green!

    “claiming he “was not aware of that” up until he eventually purchased Twitter for $44 billion last October.”

    His lawsuit should go well. Is that a “material event” regarding the company and sale? That Twitter doesn’t own it, doesn’t run it, but it’s entirely run by and for Government? Pretty clever though, since none of it refects back on “lawsuit” and all the releases look like legitimate press events of real public interest, which they also are.

    “China’s Century of Humiliation Is Over (Fomenko)

    That is not great as when we’ve seen these words used before, in Germany or Japan for instance, it didn’t foreshadow good things. I hope it will be better this time around.

    “Beijing is not seeking hegemony, as some Western commentators choose to portray…the opium wars …accelerate its own military development…”

    So not hegemonic, but is expanding military (where? To what?) and supporting the Opium War against the U.S. Call me skeptical. Like other empires, it may not INTEND to do this, but once has power and opportunity, it just does. Then meet the new boss…le Meme Chose.

    It was arguably one of the smartest diplomatic moves of the 20th century.”

    Exporting all U.S. manufacturing and becoming a hollow non-entity was smart? Or does that go next ‘round with Bush and Clinton?

    “The legacy media serves the state, and the state serves the billionaires.”

    Other way ‘round. The Media has been owned (pwned?) by billionaires for decades. (“Give me the pictures and I’ll give you the war” — Pullitzer (prize)) They’re a loss-leader, why else would you own them? The same billionaires have completed their ownership of government partially by USING the air-tight monopoly of media created by Bill Clinton. ‘Cause democrats hate corporations, which is why they never saw a monopoly they didn’t like.

    “the Intercept, like the Guardian, was subject to an internal takeover that delivered it entirely into the hands of the neo-conservatives.”

    For why you have to shut off the money power or you have nothing.

    We have been discussing the right of shareholders to push back”

    “Right of Shareholders”. Hahahahahaha! First of all, no one’s a shareholder. They hold the shares via a Fund Manager run by Blackrock. So Blackrock gets to vote, not you. Second, if that’s an issue, they naked short 51% more shares and vote using those. We see this all over but one case was Taser where I dunno, 120% of people voted for the new board. No news, no comment. Why should it be when that’s perfectly normal for decades now? Proven with the many companies that went back private, bought all the shares, and all the shares were still trading on the NYSE at the same time. That this fraud was open caused no alarm or concern to anyone or changed behavior because they already knew it was a complete fraud. …Bu they think they’re on the inside not the outside, Hahahaha!

    “Nike is unapologetic and pushed back on critics over its campaign featuring Mulvaney. It told consumers that they needed to be “kind” and “inclusive”, and STFU you hateful redneck bigots and Do What You’re Told. You’ll get nothing and like it!!!

    This is so widespread as to be without comment now. Doesn’t matter what book, album, movie, clip, shoe, event, or whatever fails. It’s always the fault of those same 3,000 Racist White Supremacists and not – oh never – that their book, album, or movie sucks and everybody hates them because they have no talent, but are the most boring, uninspired, uninsightful, un-brave, corporate-sucking shills in the history of the Universe. You’d have to go back to Germany or the Soviet Union to see art this State-mandated, flat, uniform, and uninspired. Inhuman almost. So when billionaire mega-slave-running earth-killing operations like Nike fail, that’s considered bad for the little guy, and IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT.

    Like what level does narcissism have to reach before people notice? I was just sitting here, your shoes cost $200, are made by child slaves in Asia and last two months, how am I the problem?

    “South Korea’s Supreme Court has ordered Google to disclose any personal data it has collected on South Korean citizens”

    You are kidding right? They’ll just say No. What data? Google IS the CIA you darling summer child.

    “South Korea Starts Paying Single Citizens $500 Monthly (Az.)

    I’M SINGLE! And Lonely! Really, really lonely! And totally isolated. Maybe double-reclused. Can I have two? See how that works? Socialism in action in two steps or less. Once everybody gets the $500, no one is special, then we have to give the special ones $1,000! But then that’s not fair and we give everyone the $1,000, on and on forever, lacking all merit. Because that wouldn’t be each according to their (made-up) need, but to each according to their merit.

    “would empower the federal government to designate any nation a “foreign adversary,”

    WHICH government? Yes, that’s right, this de facto act of war would NOT be decided in Congress, but with the 3rd agency head in charge of paper clips. That’s also all events, all people, all money, and all actions. Then the 3rd Minister of Paper Clips jails anyone he likes! Perfect! All legal.

    “we haven’t seen any other country that has the basic… institutional infrastructure that would enable its currency to serve the world like this.”

    Correct. One problem though Janet: why would it have to be one country?

    Kerry claimed that if countries phase out petroleum-based fuels, the world can purportedly limit average global warming to 1.7 degrees”

    So much here. Except China and India won’t. At all. Ever. And you mean EXACTLY 1.7°? Not 1.6° or 1.9°? Yup, because we have that kind of both knowledge and power. We can take a 380 meter supertanker and stop it in heavy seas down to the centimeter! See if we can’t! If not, I’ll have the head of the Harbormaster on a pike, it’s all HIS fault!

    These are the dumbest guys ever born in the history of earth. I thought we were “evolving” and “Progressing” but apparently the #Opposite.

    “Kerry said the G-7 talks in northeastern Japan’s Sapporo were “really constructive” in attempting to forge a consensus”

    We booked a conference room and catered 5-star meals for most of this years calendar dates somewhere, but of course with constant CO2 jet-flights in-between. Then we didn’t HAVE a consensus, we THOUGHT about maybe ATTEMPTING to have an agreement, someday. After Copenhagen where it all wasn’t signed, failed, and what they did promise was never enacted.

    Nevertheless, the places which were the LEAST compliant had the highest drop in CO2 – the United States. And somehow we managed that DESPITE John Kerry flying around wasting and destroying everything. In fact, Lake Tahoe is the cleanest it’s been in decades, AFTER California has a wild desert bloom thanks to all the life-giving water. Clean lakes? Greening deserts? This must be stopped! Or It’s all due to John Kerry! He MADE the rain, the deserts, the lakes. He’s God himself in person!

    “The 16th century was the coldest century of the last 9,000 years. This occurred at a time when 100 million bison roamed the Great Plains emitting methane.”

    Not only that, the CO2 they had was captured the week before, in the grass. But that’s Science for you: unaware of EVERYTHING and Unable to admit it. I mean, I’m embarrassed FOR them, since they seem incapable of shame for themselves. It’s like them saying it rains because God’s crying, it’s so down to child-level. Then I tell them it’s not God crying, and they just say it again anyway.

    Deinosuchus is an extinct genus of alligatoroid crocodilian,”

    If only we could increase CO2 to adequate levels unlike the near-choking ones we have now, truly great animals like the Deinosuchus could live again. Too bad we hate animals and the earth so much.

    “If you want total security, go to prison. There you’re fed, clothed, given medical care and so on. The only thing lacking… is freedom.” — Dwight D. Eisenhower

    Dr. D

    I was thinking of the different approaches. “If I told you the truth, you wouldn’t do what I want.” This was widespread in New Age thinking as well, an outgrowth of the occult and spiritualism. We sometimes link to the Archdruid who openly reports on this. Practically all the Occult schools of magic or thought Blatavsky, Crowley, Yeats, whoever, almost universally just borrow something from before – and no harm there – but then “No one will believe me if I say it” so therefore, “If I told you the truth you wouldn’t obey and give me wealth and power.” My ideas wouldn’t get out there. So they fabricate the most intricate, outrageous backstories for what might be good data, good philosophy (or not). Based entirely on a lie from the get-go.

    Not that the real story of Tarot isn’t great and interesting, not that real tarot can’t or doesn’t work. But they just – because they open their mouths – just HAVE to lie. Lie and lie and say it’s made in ancient Egypt. …Because ancient Egypt was a hot-bed of mass paper-printing??? Use your head. Paper cards exist AFTER the printing press, people. Then elaborate back-stories about the Roma, who come from Egypt (they don’t), and bring it with them from Thoth himself (it wasn’t). Including fabulous word etymologies, created symbols, probably songs, stories, oral sagas for all I know.

    Why? Why did everyone having to do with it going back 1,000 years feel the desperate need to lie with every breath about everything? Just naturally, like breathing?

    How does that affect the thing they are trying to promote? What does that say about men in general?

    Well for one thing, they’re really creative.

    All because they thought, “If I were honest, this would be hard.” Oh. Wow. Okay then, great reason. No problem. “Not as many people would pick this up and try it.” Oh, well then. And why would this matter to you? Enough to create astonishing back-stories of people, lives, histories that never were?

    All and always, “I can’t tell you the truth or you won’t obey me.” I just HAVE to trample your free will with my violence. I had no choice, you see.

    Now it comes out – with Covid for instance – and no one’s mad. All lies told for murder and profit, but because we’re all complicit, we all understand. We would all do the same thing. Shhhhhh. Hush darling, we understand. It’s okay when you murder my child because I would have murdered yours too. We’re partners. Pals. Brothers in arms.


    • China’s Century Of Humiliation Is Over

    • The Empire of Lies Century Of Humiliation Is Just Beginning!

    Since 1972, the Empire of Lies has offically, in writing, recognized Taiwan as part of China.

    China can’t “invade” a part of its own country anymore than the USA can invade Florida or Alaska

    Presidementia Pedo Joe is running a “psy-op-tard” on the Sheeple with talk of China invading itself.

    “We have to prevent China from taking over China!”

    The smell of High Treason hangs over the Capitol like rotting carrion

    Why is the criminal syndicate running DC not hanging from the lamp posts down Pennsylvania Ave?

    Cause Duhmericans revel in their own willful stupidity and wear their ignorance like a Red Badge of Courage when in fact it’s just craven moral, spiritual and legal cowardice, top to bottom, Left to Right, front to back, in the Rainbow Vomit of a degenerate has-been ‘culture’ of decadence, that’s why.

    “America is the Only country that went from barbarism to decadence without any civilization in between”

    ~ Oscar Wilde



    21st Century


    The Triumph of Death



    The same way the Main Stream Media Whores are financially propped up by the Deep Dipshit State with black budget printed fiat (WaPo, NYT, CNN etc…) Disney and other parts of the Media Industrial Mafia will have back door funding to keep churning off Woketard filth no matter how much they loose.

    It about control of ‘The Narrative” with propaganda, no matter the cost.

    If the shareholders get paid off/bought off by the Deep Dipshit State, that’s all that will matter, being cowards to the bone, they will keep their collective Pie Holes zipped.

    The Empire of Lies has no god except Mammon, which is worshiped as the One and Only True God.

    “….a handful of gimme and a mouthful of much obliged”



    “The same kind of psychopaths — only more emboldened now — are still running the US.

    They are thinking the same way about the war in Ukraine now.

    And they will use the same sick logic for a war against China.

    They have no soul, no compassion, no spirituality, and no humanity. Just sociopathic obsession about conquering and ruling the world.”

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

    Well Bobby, the only powers left to defeat the Military Industrial Mafia are Russia and China

    No internal forces in the Empire of Lies can kill them because it would kill the country

    It’s a metastasized cancer that dwells in every nook and cranny, down to the bone marrow.

    Try to cut it out, the patient dies.

    Dr D Rich

    Condensed version of Dr. D.

    COVID Hysteria translated over time into
    an Incomprehensible Level of Indifference.

    I’d say the malicious brainwashing that was COVID Hysteria writ large achieved/imparted something akin to frontotemporal dementia or a frontal lobotomy.

    So, they found a way to do it…cut masses of people off from reality without sensory deprivation.

    Christ almighty, they detached “folk” from reality in just a few dozen hours with only orange mittens, earmuffs and opaque goggles (remember the photos of detainees from Gitmo, Bagram etc)

    7 stages of FTD
    1. Mild cognitive impairment
    2. Changes in sharpness/behavior
    3. Language difficulties
    4. Diminished quality of life
    5. Mood swings/personality change
    6. Memory deteriorates
    7. Health declines, unable to live alone

    So much like POWs, torture victims, targets of ritual defamation of character (gaslighting)


    Musk Says Twitter Secrets ‘Blew’ His Mind (RT)

    Continual coordination between Twitter and 3 letter agencies. Totally silencing some, wall to broadcasting other messages. The platform used for witchunts and kangaroo trials.

    Wait, wasn’t there a CIA person in an important position?

    Anheuser-Busch / In Bev

    Destroyed their own brand by summing up current Leftist/Wokeist/Democrat thought in a single absurd kernel statement the normies have gotten their heads around. We hate you and want to cut off your son’s penis. Weird, not entirely the point perhaps, but it seems to have registered.

    Wait, why is the CEO of Anheuser-Busch ex-CIA? (is anyone EVER really ex CIA?) How does that happen? What’s with all these CIA people scattered throughout the top of corporate america?

    Disney Reportedly Lost Over $250 Million on Two Woke Movies (Turley)

    That’s just a couple recent movies!

    Solo: A Star Wars Story lost money. Star Wars! Lost money! A Thing That Should Not Be. But apparently Disney thought what people wanted out of Han Solo was:
    –The story of his pant stripes (as if he wears the same EXACT pants all his life?)
    –The story of his blaster
    –Han Solo continually asking everyone what is happening
    –Han solo getting beaten up by women

    Like, a continually bewildered henpecked han solo with a series of petty, banal “stories of” things that aren’t his actual character? Shut up and take my money?

    How hard is it to make a cool, awesome han solo movie? Ridiculously easy? There’s a gagillion books with cool stories about him. What they did with him IS the point of the movie.

    Captain Marvel – in 2019, they decided the Ghostbusters 2016 marketing strategy Hasn’t Ever Really Been Tried Yet and doubled quadrupled octupled down on it while the lead actress made herself as unlikeable as possible. Her hero character beats up old women. When a man offers directions because she looks lost (and she IS ACTUALLY lost) she breaks his arm and steals his clothes and vehicle, because his words were violence and she’s a noble hero who Stands. Standing is super awesome.

    Disney crowed that the movie made a BILLION dollars. This awful movie starring an actress that seemed determined to alienate any potential fans in the lead-up.

    Ordinary, regular people all over the US, while going to see other movies, poked their head into supposedly sold-out theatres (you can check online to see what seats are taken already) playing Captain Marvel, panned their camera around — EMPTY THEATRES.

    Disney was going to release an Indiana Jones 5 in which a virtuous woman wipes out all of Indiana Jones’s past actions and Indy himself is retroactively removed from existence, the woman grabs his hat and puts it on her own head.

    Kind of like how Rey, in Star Wars, is like the Sylar character from Heroes. She wanders around – apparently innocuously, but implicitly hunting – everyone that is a Skywalker by blood or marriage. They all conveniently die while she absorbs, takes on all their attributes. By the end of the Disney trilogy, ALL Skywalkers have been liquidated and Rey PALPATINE has acquired or absorbed everything that was theirs – their spacecraft, sidekick, abilities, even abstract things like the Skywalker NAME and standing in front of two sunsets on Luke’s family moisture farm.

    And of course, by involving themselves in demanding child-indoctrination politics, they lost all their special privileges in Florida not to mention acquiring a lot of ill-will, permanent damage to their brand, and hemorrhaging Disnely+ subscriptions.

    Someone calls on the Stockholder’s meeting and literally tells them how they are killing the company, their business, their brand, explains that stopping that is the right thing to do. And the response is that they must carry on. They CANNOT stop.

    Anheuser-Busch KNOWS what they did to themselves. Can’t bring themselves to stop. Can’t stop themselves from releasing an “apology” that clearly isn’t. Can’t, apparently, bring themselves to fire anyone. Got to keep going.

    It’s starting to look like we live in a post-customer age. For whatever reason, loss of business is now IRRELEVANT. It is now IRRELEVANT if someone wants to buy your product or not. Presumably billions of dollars are somehow poured into these companies regardless of what they do. All while there’s plenty of billions to buy all the houses in the country, billions to send to Ukraine, just billions everywhere. I more than half expect to look out my window and see a blizzard of money just blowing around outside.


    Pesticide in Ukraine grain exports
    What I want to know:
    What *is* the pesticide found therein?
    One little word…and no outlet writes the pesticide name?
    Do none of them know what the pesticide is — they just on rehashing the same tidbits of information into articles?
    Do they all know what it is, but don’t want the public to know?
    Is it glyphosate?

    Mr. House

    Anheuser-Busch is not an American company and hasn’t been since 2006 i believe. Why is anybody surprised they did this? Since 2015 or 2016 or so major corporations have either been trying to drum up sales by insulting a large portion of the population, or they’ve been told by those above them to do this to discredit the current way of life. Just another reason to break them all up and spread the assets around. A resurgence of small business is what we need and the death of mega TRANSnational corporations.

    Mr. House

    “It’s starting to look like we live in a post-customer age”

    I’ll keep stating this until you people understand, why do you need customers when you have QE and bailouts? You can’t fail, so who cares?


    It’s starting to look like something more than QE and bailouts.

    Gillette blew themselves up in January 2019. Permanently lost a massive amount of business. There’s people who avoid Proctor-Gamble products to this day.

    No apology, not even an attempt to fix their image, come back. For all practical purposes, ZERO effort by a company to… bring its business back? For YEARS?

    It SEEMS that they are communicating a strategy of becoming a monopoly, then doing whatever they want because there is nowhere else to go. waddayagonnado now?

    But this has been with easily substituted products. Mass-produced disposable razors? Beer? I can’t buy a different brand, switch to electric or a straight razor? I can’t switch beer brands, make my own beer, or take this as a perfect time to make a healthy change in my life and NOT drink beer?

    There was a degree of smugness over the various ruined franchises in geek culture. Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, every Comic Book, the list is exhaustive and longer than you think. WE’VE got your Star Wars and you are dying of thirst for Star Wars in a desert. You’ll just HAVE to come to us.

    Like if I want an almost neverending space opera saga, I can’t watch, just for example, Space Battleship Yamato (the recent 2199 reboot was excellent), Macross, or Legend of Galactic Heroes? I can’t just watch the good Star Wars originals?

    There’s some sense in which this is the behavior of a smug monopoly. But ostensibly, they are not monopolies and can be replaced, substituted. But they’ve behaved with the smug confidence OF a monopoly now for years and years now.

    They’re acting like Pravda in the USSR. The paper continues to be written, printed, and distributed no matter WHAT.

    Are all these ESG/DIE alliances and memberships more than simply making donations and adhering to certain behaviors to keep a high score? Have they somehow adopted communal loss-sharing? Have they already, essentially, merged all the corporations via accounting, like in Marx’s dream of Historicity?

    The Louis CK bit about Bill Gates starts to look like the explanation of what is happening.


    Disney’s movie losses
    I worked at Disneyland for three summers just out of high school. The culture of Disney is very important — all employees received 2 full weeks of paid, 40-hr/week, orientation/training — even if their eventual job was part time. Walt Disney was very into family entertainment that was wholesome, where parents were comfortable bringing their children. I suspect that the idea of slipping sexualized messages into kids’ films would be abhorrent to him.

    We can be tolerant of lifestyles that deviate from the norm without glamorizing them. Right now, the wokesters are insisting that the only way to provide “justice” for those with deviant lifestyles is to trumpet their lifestyles from every media channel. This is bizarre. These lifestyles are fringe because they are bell curve outliers. Pretending that they are in the middle of the bell curve is nonsensical and false. When children’s media constantly brings up fringe lifestyles, we confuse our children into believing that these fringes are commonplace — which they are not. I believe that children should be strongly acquainted with “the norm” and that they should see adults in their lives tolerating the fringe, and see that adults are evaluating their relationships with everyone (norm & fringe) based upon healthy interpersonal relations — not based upon some external code, such as forcing “diversity.” (I.e.: I need one gay friend, one trans friend, one black friend, one — ah, the Latin/Asian mixed ancestry friend checks off *two* boxes! etc.)


    Orthopedic surgeon sounds off on COVID vaccine after developing career-ending condition: I’ve been ‘abandoned’

    “One orthopedic surgeon had his career ripped away from him by developing a career-ending condition just seven days after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine …. he contracted Transverse Myelitis, going from a “completely healthy 50-year-old” to a crippled, unemployed orthopedic surgeon, in a matter of a week.”




    Has it been noticed that both the left and the right are pointing to each other and accusing “censorship!”?

    The left decries the right for not permitting children access to books that reference kids thinking about and/or engaging in sex or who are dealing with transgender type issues. Personally, I don’t think that the books should be banned, but they should not be in the children’s section of the library! They should be set somewhere so that the parents who want to share such ideas with their children can find them and check them out.

    The right decries the left for altering classics so that they fit more readily into the Woke worldview. I agree wholeheartedly with the right on this issue. There have been myriads of human ideologies. One of the things I like best about “old books” is that they are a window into the mind of a human that didn’t live in today’s culture. It helps to broaden my mind and my perspective. The Woke see all other ideologies than their own as “backwards” and “wrongthink” and are trying to purge other ideologies from humanity.

    Mr. House

    “which they are not. I believe that children should be strongly acquainted with “the norm” and that they should see adults in their lives tolerating the fringe”

    Or you really are grooming the kids to confuse them that may be them. Then they won’t have children and will pay for your expensive medical products and procedures FOREVER 😉


    On “China Speaks the Language of Pragmatism” (> top post)

    China’s *One Belt One Road* initiative did not only seek to augment trade, or create new trade routes (e.g. land vs. sea) or whatever, but imho invested in a policy of seduction, thru investment and cooperation, that would bring some of the periphery, and specially some African states, into the Chinese orbit. With investment that could be, or was even expected to be, a loss. A forward stake: “Well we will see…”

    The US uses the stick, the promotion of conflict, perpetual ‘wars’, interventions, manipulations, attacks, engineered color revolutions, murdering popular leaders (e.g. Saddam)…

    The Chinese are using the carrot, and mouthing about peace, harmony, and so on.

    John Day

    @Phoenixvoice: “Chlorpyrifos” is the EU-banned pesticide found in Ukrainian grain.
    For half a century, staple food crops in the United States — such as corn, wheat, apples and citrus — have been sprayed with chlorpyrifos, an organophosphate pesticide that can permanently damage the developing brains of children, causing reduced IQ, loss of working memory, and attention deficit disorders.
    Now, after a decades-long legal fight and under a court-ordered deadline, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has finally issued a final rule banning all food uses of chlorpyrifos.

    Maybe this opens a window to making Ukrainian lands held by global agribusiness unprofitable…

    Dr. D

    They seem to be getting closer to getting the Right to misbehave, but in general, they are merely lying.

    They say Florida is banning books, but they’re not. “Banning” means not allowing OTHERS to read them. They are just merely not PROVIDING the books. If you, the parent, the child even, want those books, they are welcome to get them. …Just not in the School Library, paid for by the people of the district.

    That is to say, the #Opposite of “banning.” Just lying.

    This is quite common. They say “Banning” behavior, gay sex, cross dressing, etc. But they’re LYING. Is someone going into your house to stop you? Peering in your windows trying to find out? No. Has anyone been arrested? No. Actually, they’ve been lauded for bravery, promoted at work, and hired when unqualified. Are they being attacked by Nike, Disney, Google, Amazon? No. When’s the last time they were? 1959? Long before they were born? I for one don’t remember a time they were picked on, or no more than anyone else.

    Banning? Hate? I’ll say it again. “Movement Celebrated by Hollywood, Academia, Corporations, and Government Tired of Being Marginalized” –BBee.

    “Shocking Study Shows More Kids Identifying as Members of World’s Most Celebrated, Popular Group” — BBee

    Meanwhile on the other side, are they searching for speech? Yes. Are they punishing speech, opinions? Yes. If you speak somewhere else, a conference, a private room, are they listening? Yes. Do they punish for the speech and opinions? Yes. Do they ban books? Yes. But not from all earth? Yes. They attempt to prevent all publishing, all distribution, and all sales. They re-write all books and prevent, say, other school districts, not their own, and other people they’ve never met, from reading even such classics as Huckleberry Finn.

    And why? Why prevent the speech, opinions, and knowledge of people you’ve never met? Only religion. Zealotry. Otherwise, what interest have you in people you don’t know anything about and you’ve never met?

    Well, you tell me. Banning speech is different from requiring or paying for it.

    Mr. House

    The right hasn’t censored anything for ages. Its been non stop the “left” winning since the 90’s at least.

    Mr. House

    @the readers here

    Should children be allowed in strip clubs? If no then why should you have people in drag reading to them? Drag is just wearing your sexual preferences on your sleeve.

    Mr. House

    “It’s starting to look like something more than QE and bailouts.”

    No, they just enable all the other crazy going on currently. Can’t have crazy without free money and nobody believing in responsibility.


    “Earlier this week, Slovak authorities discovered a 1,500-ton shipment of Ukrainian grain to be contaminated with chlorpyrifos, a pesticide subject to an EU-wide ban.” (from the article above)
    Chlorpyrifos is an organophosphate pesticide. It is neurotoxic and smells of rotten eggs. It blocks an enzyme called acetylcholinesterase. Here’s more.

    Mr. House

    All of the bad ideas and crazy are coming from industries who rely on the government. The government has been printing money for about 20 years or so and giving that money to Higher Education, Healthcare, Homeownership, ect ect ect. The entire economy these days relies on .gov money, so if .gov says promote this or lose your funding, well most people promote it. It also explains why you see such a divide between the cities and the rural areas. .Gov has been picking the winners and losers for quite some time, you deplorable 😉


    16 months ago I was fired for refusing the jab. I began making videos showing the insanity of the past few years. Many have gone viral. Here’s a thread featuring some of them…

    Excellent 7 min compilation of the Cult Leaders, including the Pharma, Media, Celebrity scum- Never Forget, Never Forgive

    Cops/ Pigs brutality on Cvd Cult push back- Australia

    Sickening compilation on how far the “gay community” has strayed to insanity, Delusional mentally ill men thinking they are ‘women’ and competing against them- “we just want to get married” – to mutilating themselves and mutilating children for Rape-


    Phoenix- John Day beat me to it, but I see we found the same link.

    When I lived in Princeton, NJ, I was invited to a show done by the Triangle Club. I dislike clowns, and cross-dressing male performers are like clowns, so I didn’t go.

    So I goggled Triangle Club 1960-1983 (for it is not at all today what it was in the early 80s) and it “looks like there aren’t any great matches…” Hunh. Go figure.


    Thanks citizenx for the videos- the Smeg one showing the Australians banding together and advancing against the menacing cops brought happy tears to my eyes.

    Learn to welcome rage that fills your heart;
    And let it guide refusal and defiance.
    Don’t leak it through your fists; but just be smart:
    It is the mother’s milk of non-compliance.


    @ citizenx – great compilation of lying morons getting covid. I hope at least some of them really got injected. Thanks.



    ‘They’ keep hinting/threatening to put spike protein in the food supply

    How about grain from UkroNaziland that had 40 bio-weapons labs conducting live experiment on the Ukrainian people AND on trafficked children.

    The children weren’t just for the pleasure of the Satanic Pedo Crowd, the trafficked children were also for medical experiments at the bio-weapon labs

    And if someone says, “Oh, they would never be THAT EVIL”

    Sure “They” would, don’t be a Tard


    Weather isn’t scary very often, but it is most always entertaining! [Said while listening to a full chorus of spring frogs singing as last night’s four inches of snow melt in the breezy 41 degree F sunshine.]

    okay. I’ll stop now.


    People tend to forget that the whole Oceania/NATOstan circus is run by the banksters and that their prime concerns are to keep their Ponzi Scheme running a little longer and to maintain the flow of fiat money towards the banksters and their agencies a little longer, whatever the costs or consequences.

    The fact that all the financial systems of ‘the West’ are all phony and are derivatives of the real world, entirely supported by the conversion of fossil fuels into carbon dioxide to release stored chemical energy, is almost universally overlooked or misunderstood.

    There is now no escape from The Progress Trap.

    All efforts to either turn back time or escape from The Progress Trap -especially those promoted by NATOstan governments- are futile and are counter-productive.

    The fact that attempts to prop up dysfunctional arrangements are both futile and counter-productive has yet to sink into the collective consciousness because the masses are subjected to a continuous onslaught of carefully constructed propaganda and the vast majority are scientifically and financially illiterate anyway.

    More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly.

    Woody Allen.

    Until we reach the point of ‘despair and utter hopelessness’ that is an important marker on the path to self-annihilation imposed on us by the banksters and their agents, officialdom will continue to make everything that matters worse because they are rewarded for doing so., i.e. contrary to what Woody Allen said, there is only one path.

    Food prices on Airstrip Five -once described as the ‘a food bowl for the world’- rose at the highest rate in many decades in the last quarter, whilst at the same time average home values plummeted.

    The peasants have not yet revolted, so the bankster circus, run by the criminals and clowns that constitute the government, continues.


    Pedo Joe is Actually Trying to Destroy the United States

    Styxhexenhammer666 snarky rant


    The Empire of Lies has no god except Mammon, which is worshiped as the One and Only True God.

    I agree entirely.

    And it is the banksters who made is so because much of their Ponzi Scheme is predicated on people being selfish and greedy and buying crap they do not need and doing things that cause them harm.

    We should note that the Oceania-NATOstan sector of the Mammon-worshipping concentration camp is now suffering collapse as a direct consequence of diminishing energy supplies, environmental degradation and unravelling of Ponzi finance and Ponzi economics.

    Under such circumstances, the banksters have to have a war. Or several wars at once.

    As Gerald Celente has said many times recently: “When all else fails, they take us to war.”

    I believe the banksters ‘cannot afford’ peace, which is why they have been promoting war for such a long time.


    Let’s not lose sight of TPTB manipilators whose operations ALWAYS transcend left/right, red/blue, city/rural. They are ‘The Ones’ whipping the rest of us into a frenzy across/on every front.

    Here is one example:

    To attribute the woke madness to the efforts of the left/Dems alone is incorrect. Of course this is what TBTB want you to do! Yes please, power up your hate and aim it at the targets of their choosing.

    Their “playbook” is always the same. Can’t you see-track/feel-sense the extreme efforts being deployed in creating/generating, FORCING a new reality?

    The left/Dems have lost control; they thought they were promoting inclusion! Haha. It was co-opted long ago – and warped into an array of woke craziness. The shove it in-your-face trans thing (Budweiser) is a red line – and the responses are telling.

    The left/Dems did not reach this level of insanity organically. It was forced by the manipulations of TPTB. Most left/Dems DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT HAS HIT THEM! Since they are in a trance induced by TPTB, they have become powerless to fight it – all they can do is keep owning it.

    I’m not defending the left/Dems. Am just pointing to the root cause of the chaos. This goes way beyond the usual suspects on the left or right – we can’t let the real enemy stay hidden behind them.

    Kunstler’s Monday post lays all things woke on the left/Dems. In this passionate quest he’s lost sight of reality. We have been captured by the same evil, Jim. Why not pull together and get the real devil out into the fight/light?

    Day from last week – thank you for sharing your Teacher’s wisdom, gleaned from daily living and Victor Frankl’s life. “A Man’s Search for Meaning” is the Way.

    LOVE to All Seekers.

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