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Biden’s Use Of Fake Names In Email Could Cost Him (Turley)
Zelensky Sponsor Kolomoysky Charged With Money Laundering (RT)
Russia Is ‘Absolutely Invincible’ – Putin (RT)
US Laying Groundwork for Defeats in 2 Wars of Choice, vs Russia & China (Sp.)
Moscow Warns Of Direct Clash With NATO (RT)
Ukraine’s Western Backers Are ‘Pro-Nazi Coalition’ – Medvedev (RT)
Is Ukraine Losing Because Foreign Fighters Are Walking Away? (ZH)
Funny Old Man Borrell Typifies The Arrogant Mediocrities Running The EU (Bordachev)
German Chancellor Says Nuclear Power ‘Dead Horse’ Despite Energy Crunch (Sp.)
Sanctions Against Russia Turning Germany Into ‘Kamikaze’ – MP (RT)
EU Migration System ‘Has Been Broken For Years’ – Austria (RT)
Alexander Dugin: Global Liberalism in Crisis (Sp.)
7 Civilisations -1 Against 6 (Alexander Dugin)
Why They Hate Imran Khan? A Short Note. (Haider Mehdi)





Imagine Putin doing this. Or Trump. What excuses this behavior?





RFK Pfizer trial










“People under 50 kilograms banned from the streets in China due to Typhoon Saola”





Look who’s back…

”..Obama has 30 days to bar the release of the emails and to help shield his former vice president in a growing corruption scandal ..”

Biden’s Use Of Fake Names In Email Could Cost Him (Turley)

Last year, at an event at the White House, former president Barack Obama jokingly referred to the current president as “Vice President Biden.” At the time, it was described as the more popular politician “reminding Biden who’s boss.” Yet, this needling carried an added bite, given reports of Obama’s private doubts about Biden’s judgment. In 2020, Obama had famously warned fellow Democrats, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f— things up.” Obama is now being asked to bail Biden out from another debacle of his own making, going back to his time in Obama’s administration. Various committees and private groups are seeking more than 5,000 emails from Biden in which he used an array of aliases during the Obama administration.

Under the Presidential Records Act, Obama has 30 days to bar the release of the emails and to help shield his former vice president in a growing corruption scandal over the influence-peddling operation run by Biden’s son, Hunter. Recently, it was learned that Joe Biden went by a variety of code names and false names, including Robin Ware. Robert L. Peters, JRB Ware, Celtic and “The Big Guy.” House investigators believe that may only be a partial list. For many Americans, it is understandably unnerving to learn that their president has more aliases than Anthony Weiner. However, while the number seems unusual, the practice is not unprecedented. Top officials have used such aliases in the past for emails, including former Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch.

During the Obama administration, the practice was defended by then-White House press secretary Jay Carney, who assured the public that any such emails would still be subject to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and congressional inquiries. He added, “We do not use and should not use private email accounts for work.” The problem is that there was “work” being discussed on some of these emails, including official foreign travel plans and the hiring of associates of Hunter for high-level positions. More importantly, some emails are relevant to the clients of Biden’s son. Biden has previously lied that he knew nothing of these dealings, but these emails could reveal even more about his knowledge and involvement.

Congress is investigating more than $20 million that was transferred to members of the Biden family from foreign sources through a labyrinth of shell companies and accounts. Even the Washington Post has been forced to admit that the president has lied in the past about aspects of Hunter’s dealings. Devon Archer recently confirmed that Joe Biden’s long-standing denial of any knowledge of their business dealings is “categorically false.” Most reporters now admit that Hunter was clearly engaging in influence-peddling, Washington’s favorite form of corruption. Yet in the face of this growing evidence, Democrats insist that Hunter and his associates were merely selling “the illusion of influence,” not actual access or influence over Joe Biden. Obviously, these foreign clients believed that they were buying more than an illusion for the millions they spent. One corrupt Ukrainian figure said that Hunter Biden was dumber than his dog, but that he paid him anyway for access to his father.

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Is Kolomoysky the target, or Zelensky?

Zelensky Sponsor Kolomoysky Charged With Money Laundering (RT)

Ukrainian authorities have informed oligarch Igor Kolomoysky, whose support helped Vladimir Zelensky secure the presidency, that he is suspected of fraud and real estate laundering amid Kiev’s ongoing crusade against rampant corruption. In a statement on Saturday, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) said that the billionaire – whom it described as the “de facto owner of a large financial and industrial group” – had legalized more than 500 million Ukrainian hryvnia ($13.5 million) by “transferring it abroad, while using the infrastructure of banking institutions controlled by him.” Ukrainian officials stated that Kolomoysky, who has Cypriot and Israeli citizenship, was informed that he is suspected on two counts – fraud, and legalization of property obtained by criminal means.

The development was also confirmed by the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine, which said that Kolomoysky was “served with a motion to choose pre-trial restrictive measures,” adding that the agency is continuing its investigation into the matter in coordination with the SBU and Economic Security Bureau. This comes after Kolomoysky’s home was searched by SBU operatives in early February, according to local media reports. At the time, the raid reportedly focused on Kolomoysky’s potential involvement in the alleged embezzlement of 40 billion hryvnia ($1.1 billion) and evading customs duties at the oil companies Ukrtatnafta and Ukrnafta. Kolomoysky burst on to the political scene in 2014, when he was appointed governor of the southeastern Dnepropetrovsk Region following a Western-backed coup in Kiev.

A year later, however, he was dismissed from his post over a conflict with then-Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko amid a struggle for control of Ukrnafta and state-owned oil pipeline operator Ukrtransnafta. In 2016, Ukrainian authorities also nationalized Kolomoysky’s PrivatBank after declaring it a major threat to the country’s financial system following allegations of large-scale fraud. Kolomoysky is also widely considered to have played a major role in the rise to power of incumbent President Vladimir Zelensky. Before launching his political campaign in 2019, Zelensky was a comedian, whose show was hosted by a Kolomoysky-controlled media holding. The magnate himself said he “wanted” Zelensky to become president, but denied close contacts with him.

In 2021, the US State Department sanctioned both Kolomoysky and his family members, citing his involvement “in corrupt acts that undermined rule of law and the Ukrainian public’s faith in their government’s democratic institutions.” In July 2022, media in Ukraine reported that he was stripped of his Ukrainian passport. However, while the news was confirmed by several officials in Kiev, the relevant presidential decree is classified while the oligarch himself dismissed the reports as “nonsense.”

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Talking about the spirit of the Russian people. Ergo, WWII.

Russia Is ‘Absolutely Invincible’ – Putin (RT)

Russia has always been and remains “absolutely invincible,”President Vladimir Putin told a group of students at an open lesson marking the start of the academic year on Friday. The mentality of the Russian people makes it impossible for the country to be defeated by anyone, he added. The president recalled the history of his own family, telling students about his ancestors who lived through World War II. According to Putin, his grandmother was fatally shot by a Nazi soldier but, even as she was dying, she was still thinking about her husband and told Putin’s grandfather “not to cry” in order not to upset her in her final moments. “Do you understand the depth of these relationships between the ordinary people, this love?” the president said, adding that, even in the face of death, his grandmother was caring for her loved one.

“How can we not take that for a model?” he added. Putin also said that all members of his family felt deep respect for each other and had a “strong inner culture.” Putin also said he believes most families in Russia are like this. “And here I understood why we won the Great Patriotic War,” the president said, referring to the Soviet struggle against Nazi Germany in World War II. “One cannot defeat a people with such a mentality,” he said, adding that “we have been absolutely invincible. And we remain as such now.” His words came as Russia has been locked in a conflict with neighboring Ukraine for more than a year and a half. The latest developments have seen Kiev’s forces unable to breach Russian defenses in nearly three months since the start of the much-hyped Ukrainian counteroffensive.

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“..US establishment politicians maintain that “if the US does not defend Ukraine, China will invade Taiwan”, a theory the report says is flawed.”

US Laying Groundwork for Defeats in 2 Wars of Choice, vs Russia & China (Sp.)

In an effort to live up to its promise to “fight Russia to the last Ukrainian,” the Biden administration is “laying the groundwork for defeats in two more wars of choice, against Russia and China,” a US report has asserted. The Democrat POTUS has been burning through cash (although national debt stands at $33 trillion), and munitions stockpiles in an effort to prop up the Kiev regime. The US announced a new package of military assistance for Ukraine on 29 August, worth $250 million, that includes AIM-9M missiles for air defense, munitions for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS), 155mm and 105mm artillery ammunition, mine-clearing equipment, Javelin and other anti-armor systems and rockets, three million rounds of small arms ammunition, as well as other items.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken reiterated on 29 August that the US and its allies “will stand united with Ukraine, for as long as it takes”. Some of the contenders for the Republican 2024 presidential nomination fully support this stance – former governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley recently stated: “A win for Russia is a win for China. We have to know that. Ukraine is the first line of defense for us.” According to the report, US establishment politicians maintain that “if the US does not defend Ukraine, China will invade Taiwan”, a theory the report says is flawed. “If China does make a move on Taiwan in the next few years, stockpiles already reduced by Ukrainian aid will make aiding Taiwan more difficult and expensive if policy makers decide to do so. The foreign policy establishment that lost in Iraq and Afghanistan is laying the groundwork for defeats in two more wars of choice, against Russia and China—both nuclear powers, putting human civilization on the line,” the American media outlet highlighted.

The US military aid donated to Ukraine thus far amounts to more than $41 billion, with a further $100 billion appropriated for supporting Kiev, the report’s author emphasized. But by continuing to pile military aid worth billions upon Kiev the US is purportedly fast-depleting its own military stockpiles of various weapons. Accordingly, America’s own manufacturers are left “struggling” to replace the hollowed-out weapons caches. Amid its botched counteroffensive, launched on 4 June, Ukraine has been rapidly chewing through all the weapons funneled from the West. However, Kiev still has no territorial gains to show for it, with its military sustaining tremendous losses. As of 30 August 2023, Ukraine has reportedly lost 466 airplanes, 247 helicopters, 6,234 unmanned aerial vehicles, 433 air defense missile systems, 11,570 tanks and other armored fighting vehicles, as well as 12,528 special military motor vehicles since the beginning of the special military operation.


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“Anything could happen. Nothing is ruled out amid such an intense proxy-standoff between NATO and Russia..”

Moscow Warns Of Direct Clash With NATO (RT)

The military confrontation in Ukraine has reached a point where it could easily spiral into a full-blown conflict between Russia and NATO, Moscow’s deputy envoy to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky, said on Friday. The diplomat blamed the US-led military bloc’s ever deeper involvement in the fighting between Moscow and Kiev. “We have repeatedly warned that the situation is quite dangerous and there is a big risk of a direct clash between Russia and NATO,” Polyansky said while answering questions on X (formerly Twitter). The US-led alliance is already supporting Ukrainian forces by every means possible, except for direct troop deployment, he said.

Moscow sees “many indications that there are some instructors, mercenaries” in Ukraine, the deputy envoy stated. He also pointed to some “strange messages” about the deaths of NATO officers and generals. “That does raise major suspicions,” he said, adding that “we cannot rule out that they [NATO specialists] are participating in certain actions in Ukraine,” Polyansky added, without naming any specific examples. Polyansky also claimed that the current situation is “very bad” for the Ukrainian military and that “Western aid is their only salvation.” Many people in the US and elsewhere “are starting to understand that the Kiev regime is losing,” he added.

“Anything could happen. Nothing is ruled out amid such an intense proxy-standoff between NATO and Russia,” the diplomat warned. Ukraine’s Western backers maintain that they are not directly participating in the conflict despite having sent more than $100 billion in arms to Kiev. Moscow has repeatedly said that continued weapons supplies only prolong the conflict and extend human suffering as well as increase the risks of a direct confrontation between Russia and the US-led military bloc. It has also blasted the US and its allies, accusing them of enabling Ukrainian drone attacks on Russian civilians, and labeling them as “sponsors of terrorism.”

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“..Russia should not “lapse into sweet daydreaming” about achieving reconciliation with the West and joining what he called a “big polyamory family of non-binary genders.”

Ukraine’s Western Backers Are ‘Pro-Nazi Coalition’ – Medvedev (RT)

Washington and its allies in Europe and elsewhere continue to support Kiev despite it acting increasingly like the Nazis during World War II, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said in a Telegram post on Saturday. Moscow should abandon hope of reconciling with the West and see it for what it is, he believes. The leaders of Ukraine are “increasingly talking about ‘holding all Russians accountable’,” Medvedev said, adding that Kiev sees all Russian citizens as ‘Russians’ regardless of their ethnic background. In a thinly veiled reference to the Nazis’ plans for the Soviet Union, the former president said that the world had already seen similar aspirations. Medvedev noted that Ukraine is still being supported by almost every single Western leader, as well as by the heads of Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

All of them “are direct and obvious Nazi accomplices,” he stated, adding that “they should be treated as the leaders of a pro-Nazi coalition.” The former president, who now serves as the deputy head of Russia’s National Security Council and the Military Industrial Committee, then insisted that Russia should not “lapse into sweet daydreaming” about achieving reconciliation with the West and joining what he called a “big polyamory family of non-binary genders.” Medvedev had earlier condemned what he called open glorification of Nazism in Ukraine, pointing to an initiative calling for the establishment of the Stepan Bandera Order that would supposedly be awarded to Ukrainian servicemen.

Bandera was a notorious Ukrainian nationalist leader during World War II whose organization was responsible for mass killings of Jews and Poles in Ukraine. The petition requesting the creation of such an order in Ukraine appeared on the official website of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky in May. It has since received nearly 2,300 signatures of the required 25,000. Medvedev blasted the initiative by comparing it to Germany establishing an order of Adolf Hitler or Italy introducing an order of Bennito Mussolini. “What is there to be ashamed of?” Medvedev mockingly wrote on Telegram at the time. “Let’s just glorify all European Nazis at once. This appears to be the new European ideology,” he added.

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“..One potential explanation is the sheer number of foreign fighters joining with Ukraine last year that are now gone..”

Is Ukraine Losing Because Foreign Fighters Are Walking Away? (ZH)

It has been almost 3 months since the launch of Ukraine’s long anticipated counter-offensive which many “experts” claimed would be the fatal blow that would remove Russian forces from the country altogether. The initial action gained little; around 90 square miles of territory in June and a handful of villages, and at great cost. There are no accurate casualty reports for Ukraine, which is by design, but estimates suggest that the nation’s military has doubled its number of dead since the counter offensive began. Official numbers from the DoD claim that Ukraine has lost over 100,000 troops since the beginning of the conflict (almost double the amount of US dead during the entirety of the Vietnam War). Other estimates are far higher.

Foreign fighters back from the front lines report a mismanaged and chaotic Ukrainian military using ill conceived tactics. Some say that the units they were assigned to have lost 80% or more of their men in recent months. Ukraine military leadership has also been misusing their fleet of tanks and armored vehicles from NATO, sending them ‘straight into mine fields’ in some cases. As volunteers note, the Ukrainians were given training on how to operate the vehicles, but no training on how to use them effectively in a fight. There is also a flurry of reports suggesting that friendly fire has been doing significant damage, so much so that “mercenaries” have taken to covering themselves in reflective blue or yellow tape so that they aren’t mistaken for Russian troops.

This disorganization seems to be far removed from the precision shown by Ukraine in their 2022 offensive, which forced Russia to reposition a large number of forces and give up over 3000 square miles of territory. Numerous successful strikes on Russian armored columns were widely publicized, all with a suspicious level of expertise employed by Ukraine. Yet, by 2023 their momentum was stopped cold. They were tied up in Bakhmut where they lost thousands of soldiers. And now, Ukraine’s hyped up counter action has been effectively dragged down to a crawl. You wouldn’t know it by reading sensationalized western media reports and propaganda, but Ukraine is losing, badly. So what happened? What changed since the end of 2022?

One potential explanation is the sheer number of foreign fighters joining with Ukraine last year that are now gone. While the data on volunteers is limited, multiple sources claim at least 20,000 mercenaries (many with prior combat experience) joined with Ukraine in 2022. Then, there are the covert operatives – At least one General out of the UK let slip that Royal Marine units were in fact deployed on high risk operations in Ukraine. Sources also indicate that US special operations teams have been stationed out of the US embassy in Kyiv since the beginning of the war. Though officials claim that the soldiers do not go to the front lines and stay near the embassy (which begs the question – what’s the point of having them there?). The presence of highly trained western covert ops troops in Ukraine would help explain the far more effective offensive in 2022.

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“..You are already in paradise, fellow Western Europeans, what more do you need?..”

Funny Old Man Borrell Typifies The Arrogant Mediocrities Running The EU (Bordachev)

Josep Borrell, the head of the European Union’s diplomacy, known and loved by us, in Moscow, for his paradoxical statements, has reported on the effectiveness of his bloc’s economic war against Russia. In the first lines of his message, he claims that “sanctions are working” and that those who claim otherwise are simply telling untruths. But the main indicator of the effectiveness of sanctions for Borrell is not even the dynamics of the Russian economy. The emphasis in the report is on the reduction of Russia’s bilateral trade with EU countries: This is what particularly pleases their chief diplomat. However, for him, it doesn’t matter that Russia’s trade with the rest of the world, with the exception of the US, has grown at the same time (even Japan and South Korea do not show a significant decline in trade turnover).

The EU’s chief diplomat is known to live in his own ‘Garden of Eden’, and everything outside this hallowed ground has no meaning for him. One could simply mock the degradation of the Western European perception of the surrounding reality embodied in Borrell’s remarks. But this approach is not an aberration; it reflects the whole philosophy of the EU’s relations with the rest of the world. It is only now that we have seen the inadequacy of such a strategy in a reality which there will never again be a center and a vast periphery to serve its interests. We are now really opening our eyes to the – to put it politely – uniqueness of our partners in Western Europe. What the Russian foreign policy culture, in a delicate manner, has tried not to talk about for the past 30 years is becoming public knowledge.

The question is what lessons can be learned for the future when the active military phase of relations with the West subsides somewhat? This will happen sooner or later, unless the world really splits into opposing closed camps. And then it will be extremely dangerous for us to harbor illusions about the fundamental intentions of our Western neighbors towards the rest of humanity. Josep Borrell is a somewhat caricatured but still credible embodiment of the nature of EU foreign policy. This funny old man is certainly a product of his time – the ‘beautiful 80s and 90s’ in Spanish and European history. In those days, either the most backward or the least ambitious, went into politics. And they are a product of a Western European order which educates its elite in a spirit of exclusivity and contempt for others.

From the point of view of mass psychology, exceptionalism is a very good means of control. Those who consider themselves special, the best and unparalleled in their superiority, never compare their own position with others. This means that they are ready to accept not only aggression against “outsiders,” but also the restriction of their rights: they are still the best in the world. You are already in paradise, fellow Western Europeans, what more do you need?

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It will get dark in Germany. Too late to prevent it now.

“..Anyone who wanted to build new nuclear power plants would need 15 years and would have to spend €15-20 billion ($16.2-21.6 billion) each..”

German Chancellor Says Nuclear Power ‘Dead Horse’ Despite Energy Crunch (Sp.)

Berlin’s move to join the West’s energy sanctions against Russia and ditch Moscow’s reliable and abundant energy supplies, along with the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage and the “green agenda” aimed at replacing fossil fuels and phasing out nuclear energy, have all contributed to Germany’s dismal economic data and looming deindustrialization. Chancellor Olaf Scholz has insisted that nuclear energy “is over” in Germany, and firmly dismissed calls from Free Democrats (FDP) lawmakers in his coalition government to re-embrace the technology in light of the ongoing energy crunch. “The issue of nuclear energy in Germany is a dead horse. Anyone who wanted to build new nuclear power plants would need 15 years and would have to spend €15-20 billion ($16.2-21.6 billion) each,” the chancellor said in an interview for German radio.

He added that the phase-out “has been done by law… I don’t need to put my foot down at all.” The issue of nuclear energy has fired off a fierce debate among Germany’s coalition partners in the government: Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s center-left Social Democrats (SPD), the Free Democrats, and the Greens. The energy crisis and soaring electricity costs have prompted the FDP to argue the need for halting the dismantling of Germany’s nuclear power plants. The door for resorting to nuclear power ought to be left open, the FDP – a proponent of the technology – has argued. The FDP’s parliamentary group approved a policy statement earlier in the week that called on Germany “to stop the dismantling of the nuclear power plants that are still fit to use,” adding: “That is the only way we will remain capable of acting in every situation.”

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“..Germany should “react accordingly to the new multipolarity.” “Germany and Europe need a sovereign foreign policy that is no longer subordinate to the US and NATO..”

Sanctions Against Russia Turning Germany Into ‘Kamikaze’ – MP (RT)

Western sanctions have failed to destabilize Russia and are now backfiring on the countries that imposed them, including Germany, Sevim Dagdelen, a German MP from the Left Party (Die Linke) wrote in an op-ed for the Berliner Zeitung published on Friday. According to the lawmaker, Russia’s economy has successfully weathered the restrictions and is steadily adjusting to the new economic realities. “In order to ruin Russia, it was hoped that the punitive measures that violate international law will have a long-lasting effect. But the reality is different. Even the Russian auto industry is recovering. Chinese companies are stepping in for the German manufacturers who leave Russia,” Dagdelen wrote. “Contrary to what was hoped, Russia has not been ruined. The consequences of the sanctions are evident, but on our side.

“While Germany’s economy collapsed by 0.3% in the last quarter and stagnation is also threatening the Eurozone, Russia is now forecast to grow by 2.5% this year. As is often the case, a merciless idealism characteristic of the German ruling party obscures the view of reality.” According to the lawmaker, the sanctions are strengthening Russia while the German government “is ruining domestic economy with open eyes.” “The federal government acts here like a kamikaze pilot, replacing politics with dubious morality and is happy about a friendly nod from Washington,” she stated, noting that double-digit inflation in Germany is the product of sanctions, as well as the “ever increasing military support for Ukraine.” Dagdelen also noted that the sanctions war has prompted the largest redistribution of capital in the country, with large corporations boosting profits while ordinary German consumers suffer from a drop in real wages and a cost-of-living crisis.

The lawmaker criticized the government that “wants nothing to do with diplomacy” and urged Berlin to distance itself from Washington and NATO. She suggested closer ties with BRICS, a G7 rival economic bloc of countries that includes Russia and that will represent nearly 40% of global GDP after it officially admits new members at the beginning of next year. According to Dagdelen, Germany should “react accordingly to the new multipolarity.” “Germany and Europe need a sovereign foreign policy that is no longer subordinate to the US and NATO. Supporting the BRICS peace initiative would be a first step towards freeing ourselves from the socially and politically fatal paternalism of the US. It would represent a step towards democratic sovereignty. No war is our war, not even this one.”

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No solutions here.

EU Migration System ‘Has Been Broken For Years’ – Austria (RT)

The EU must urgently fix its dysfunctional asylum system to prevent another iteration of the 2015 migration crisis that could potentially lead to the collapse of the entire bloc, Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer said in an interview published on Saturday. Speaking to Welt am Sonntag, Nehammer railed against the current EU regulations, claiming that the bloc’s “asylum system has been broken for years” and calling for immediate action. He admitted that while European policymakers have finally got “more sense of reality” and had started discussing migration, “the road is far from over.” According to the chancellor, migration is among the serious issues that need to be addressed at the European level, “as irregular migration can be an issue that can divide and possibly even destroy the European Union.”

To solve the problem, Nehammer proposed a list of changes, including the creation of effective border protection, rapid asylum procedures both at the EU’s external borders and in third countries, and concluding agreements with other nations allowing for the rapid deportation of migrants. He also strongly opposed an initiative supported by Germany and the EU Parliament that would exempt women with children from these suggested practices, branding it “impractical and ultimately counterproductive.” According to Nehammer, such an exemption would result in women and children being sent off by their relatives “on the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean and helplessly handed over to unscrupulous traffickers.”

“Such a derogation would be practically an invitation for women with children to risk illegal migration to Europe – and, if protection is granted, to bring the entire family to join them,” Nehammer told the German newspaper. The bloc saw a sharp increase in asylum applications between June 2022 and May 2023, according to EU data. The number is approaching the record levels of the 2015 crisis, when some 1.3 million migrants sought refuge in the EU. In 2022 alone, the number of asylum applications in the bloc hit almost one million, with the most people coming from Syria, Afghanistan, and Türkiye. Furthermore, the bloc’s social welfare system remains under severe pressure from refugees who fled to the EU from Ukraine.

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“.. there is no other possible vision of the future in the modern Western liberal civilization outside of global decay..”

Alexander Dugin: Global Liberalism in Crisis (Sp.)

Liberalism is headed for “catastrophe” following decades of global ideological hegemony, political philosopher Alexander Dugin told Sputnik’s New Rules podcast. The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 allowed liberalism to emerge as the undisputed, dominant global ideology. Over the past several years, however, the ideology’s future has come increasingly under question. Populist upheavals in the United States and Europe exposed growing discontent with the inability of liberal institutions to cope with foreign policy and economic failures. At the same time, new emerging powers such as Russia, China, and India among others have begun to put forth their own ideological alternatives. Dugin said that liberalism had no solutions for the problems it helped create – a fact that is implicitly admitted by the ideology’s own supporters.

Liberalism’s only path forward, he warned, was to double down on its mistakes. “If we consider the futuristic vision in the cinema and the art made by the Liberal West, we don’t see a single positive scenario. Everything is a ‘Mad Max’, everything is Armageddon – atomic catastrophe, atmospheric catastrophe, or ecological catastrophe,” he said. “So, there is no other possible vision of the future in the modern Western liberal civilization outside of global decay. That offers a revelation of liberalism’s inner void because liberalism started as an individualistic version of humanism, but now it is approaching anti-human, transhuman individualism.” “That is precisely the political agenda of [Joe] Biden, of Kamala Harris, of modern day progressives in the United States that are openly post-human,” he added.

“They are trying to destroy history, the family, the sexes, and all kinds of traditional institutions. It is just a kind of imperative, political imperative of destruction of humanity. So, that is the catastrophe [of liberalism].” Dugin argued that liberalism was a “disguised path to the abyss” from the very beginning due to its intrinsic desire to tear down all forms of collective identity, such as religion, family, and nationality, in the name of individualism. The Russian philosopher insisted that it was only a matter of time before the ideology began trying to deconstruct the very concept of humanity. “The last thing [liberals] needed to accomplish on their way is to liberate individuals from their human identity – precisely because it is the last form of collective identity,” he said. As evidence of liberals’ increasingly “anti-human” worldview, Dugin pointed to the growing popularity of transhumanism, a movement that advocates for the use of emerging technologies to remake human beings, and radical environmentalism among Western elites.

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“..Fukuyama is left only doomed to lecture the Ukrainian neo-Nazis, the last hope of globalists to stop the onset of multipolarity..”

7 Civilisations -1 Against 6 (Alexander Dugin)

But at the XV summit, held from 22 to 24 August 2023 in Johannesburg, the final formation of the multipolar club took place. The entry of three Islamic powers – Shiite Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia and the UAE – was fundamental. Thus, the direct participation in the multipolar world of the entire Islamic civilisation, represented by both branches – Sunnism and Shiism – was assured. In addition, along with Portuguese-speaking Brazil, Spanish-speaking Argentina, another strong and independent power, joined the BRICS. Even in the mid-twentieth century, theorists of South American unification into a consolidated “Greater Space” – primarily Argentine general Juan Perón and Brazilian president Getúlio Vargas – considered a decisive rapprochement between Brazil and Argentina to be the first principle of this process. If this is achieved, the process of integration of the Latin American ecumene (term of A.Buela) will be irreversible. And that is exactly what is happening now in the context of the accession of the two major powers of South America, Brazil and Argentina, to the multipolar club.

The admission of Ethiopia is also highly symbolic. It is the only African country that remained independent throughout the colonial era, preserving its sovereignty, its independence and its unique culture (Ethiopians are the oldest Christian people). Combined with South Africa, Ethiopia strengthens by its presence in the multipolar club the African continent as a whole. In fact, the new composition of the BRICS gives us a complete model of uniting all poles – civilisations, “Greater Spaces”, with the exception of the West, which desperately seeks to preserve its hegemony and unipolar structure. But now it faces not disparate and fragmented countries, full of internal and external contradictions, but a united force of the majority of humanity, determined to build a multipolar world. This multipolar world consists of the following civilisations:

— The West (the USA+EU and their vassals, which includes, alas, the once proud and sovereign Japan now degraded to passive puppet of the Western conquerors);
— China (+Taiwan) with its satellites;
— Russia (as an integrator of the entire Eurasian space);
— India and its zone of influence;
— Latin America (with the core of Brazil+Argentina);
— Africa (South Africa+Ethiopia, with Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, etc., liberated from French colonial influence).
— Islamic world (in both versions – Shiite Iran, Sunni Saudi Arabia and UAE).

At the same time, one civilisation – the Western one – claims hegemony, while the other six deny it, accepting only a multipolar system and recognising the West as only one of the civilisations, along with others. May be still strongest (relatively and not for too long) but not unique. So the rightness of Samuel Huntington, who saw the future in the return of civilisations, has been confirmed in practice, while the fallacy of Fukuyama’s thesis, who believed that the global hegemony of the liberal West (the end of history) has already been achieved, has become obvious. Therefore, Fukuyama is left only doomed to lecture the Ukrainian neo-Nazis, the last hope of globalists to stop the onset of multipolarity, for which Russia in Ukraine is fighting today.

August 2023 can be considered the birthday of the multipolar world. Multipolarity is established and somehow institutionalized. It is time to take a closer look at how the civilisational poles themselves interpret the situation in which they find themselves. And here we should take into account that virtually every sovereign civilisation has its own idea of the structure of history, the nature of historical time, its direction, the goal and the end. Contrary to Fukuyama, who ambitiously proclaimed a single end of history (in his liberal version), each sovereign civilisation operates with its own understanding, interpretation and description of the end of history.

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X thread.

Why They Hate Imran Khan? A Short Note. (Haider Mehdi)

*Why they hate Imran Khan? A Short Note. Haider Mehdi. 1 Sep 2023*

He took away religion from the Molvis. Took away Spirituality from the Sufis. Took away intellectualism from the intellectuals. Took away social welfare from the socialists/ leftists / communists. Took away patriotism from the Military. Took away machismo from the so called hulks. Took away fame from the rich and famous.

Every man, father, husband, brother hates him because their wives, sisters and daughters fell madly in love with him! He left everybody without their pretentious personas. Naked! Except the poor. To whom he gives dignity and compassion and well being. And the Youth to whom he gives hope and pride. And the Nation to whom he gives self respect and honour! He’s a rare one. Value him. Save him. Fight for him. Sacrifice for him.

Salaams and Prayers
Haider Mehdi

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    Claude Monet Bain à la Grenouillère 1869   • Biden’s Use Of Fake Names In Email Could Cost Him (Turley) • Zelensky Sponsor Kolomoysky Charged Wit
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    V. Arnold

    If you were raised on bologna,drank Coke, played in the dirt, got my butt spanked, etc., etc. ………
    Damn straight/right!
    I can’t even imagine growing up in today’s world…it is anti-life……………


    @v-arnold Damn right! Even if you could start again knowing what you know now navigating through adolescence and up in what is now the west would be quite a trip.

    Dr. D

    It’s very, very difficult to both be very specific about Lahania and very open and vague. Calling them “Space Weapons” is one of these. How about this: that-which-is-not-matches. Most likely, in fact, almost certainly, not actually from orbit. However, microwave-like directed energy frequency weapons of some sort almost certainly. Since line of sight, I’d just do it from a truck on the high road, I hear they were put on cargo planes, problem being you’d have to circle many times and get on camera. Drones are now high and above sight now though, and clearly these were high-pro, high-cost weapons so a super-drone isn’t out of the question (it would prob have to be large).

    Where are the kids? Where were they taken? Why are they safe? Why did this – “someone” – wish to level a very-high-profile town and draw astonishing attention to themselves, just when they had everything lined up on the quiet and downlow?

    And then they did NOT swoop in and behave usually? But put up a tent around it? Who has the bucks and authority for that? Yet if they’re helping, “national” security wildly and completely transcends all disaster aid. And why? Why bother? Every minute of it just brings more eyeballs.

    If the basis of what I’m saying isn’t true, there’s like 5 cross-currents here that need to be explained.

    “The campaign group Euthanasia Prevention Coalition estimates that 13,500 people chose state-assisted suicide last year.”

    I mean, they did just open, (backlog) but for instance that’s the same as 150,000 dead in the U.S. One whole U.S. city per year. They’ll transcend Dachau in no time! Gooooo Moosilini!

    “Dr Jordan Peterson, perhaps the most high-profile Canadian in the world other than the country’s leader.”

    That is crazy since Peterson is so boring and normal. So being a mid-range, circle-talking, average University prof is now superstar, and jail time for saying things that were perfectly normal in 2014? Is everyone out there 5 years old and doesn’t remember?

    Speaking of, 80k Ukrainians so far, for another 100,000 dead. We’re at half a mil now? What’s half a mil between friends? That’s more than BOTH sides lost in WWII, from ONE country. But remember kiddies: Ukraine is “casualty averse”! They’re just cowards, says the NYTimes.

    Even at their peak the 400,000 certain dead are equal to 2.5 Million dead in the U.S. (25M vs 300M). Twice that now as Ukraine’s pop is probably 12M.

    In Trump’s valuations, examples here again. What’s the value of Real estate in San Fran? Well this one building was over $100M. It just sold for $40M and that may be too high. I’m sorry if there’s one price and we all know that price, how is that possible? And the rules are that all the nearby owner’s, who claim that their properties are worth $100, are worth near $40 too. Are we going to sue them all? Better get jumpin’! Oh “this is a CRE (Commercial Real Estate) crash”? So it’s okay now if it goes down but not to anticipate to increase the values when it’s a CRE boom?

    Here’s an answer: I imprison whoever I like, whenever I like, for any THING I like. DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD.

    With money, we see Powell being very quiet, but what’s the Fed doing? Well with their recent bank bailout fund they dropped $400 Billion. If you wondered why the market didn’t drop or banks continue to run.

    Sorry, my bad: $400 Billion in ONE WEEK. Remember when they needed Congress to do a mere $700B? Now it’s $400B/week for I dunno, 6 months now or something?

    Now my point with this, walking around looking at things, is that EVERYTHING IS FAKE. Not a single price is real anymore. No matter how much of a shortage there is, no price will rise. No matter how failed, stupid, or surplus a thing is (Tesla and other EV stock) the price just goes up. All stupid ideas are funded. All smart ideas are stalled.

    Reality never occurs, as that fake money means you buy all the Senators, Judges, and NY Times reporters ever born. Wipe out whole neighborhoods, or, if you F– up all of San Fran with your bad choices, CREATE an entire city of 100k out of farmland in the central valley (this is happening. illegally of course, we’d be arrested if we filed any paperwork legally).

    At our level, I see all objects are both worthless (dumped on the street as everyone moves to Florida) and priceless (If you try to go to a store and see prices double). People both work, 60+ hours/week plus 24/7 phone, 500 emails a day, AND no one works, sitting home while their house falls apart. They’re both paid, like $100k to yoga and latte at work for Twitter, and paid $16/hour to sweatshop in a 100f warehouse.

    This is what happens when you screw up the money. Totally, completely, and irrevocably. Not the moral part here, but no one can make decisions. At all. We can’t get stuff done. Should I work or not work? Should I re-sell this stuff off my street or what? My house is worth $100B, next day it’s worth 1/10th that. So…pay my mortgage and taxes, or what?

    “You wouldn’t know it by reading sensationalized western media reports and propaganda, but Ukraine is losing, badly.”

    Yet it never matters. Just like the money. Russia clearly knows since they have a pacing that put this to fall, and into next year, and have for months. No money = $1M valuation. No Soldiers = We still fight war.

    So how do you PREDICT in such an environment? A: You can’t. This has been bad since 1994 and Greenspan/Clinton opening the floodgates, doubled in 2001, doubled in 2008, doubled again since then, and every market predictor or pundit like Kunstler or Schiff or Pento says “this can’t go on.” Yet it goes on another decade without blinking. Their only saving is whether they read market signals or invested based on intel, logic, and philosophy. All information is always wrong when everything said is a lie. And every statistic is a lie, private or government. And every price is a lie.

    “Obama has 30 days to bar the release of the emails and to help shield his former vice president in a growing corruption scandal over the influence-peddling operation run by Biden’s son, Hunter.”

    Ah, now I know why they’re not moving to impeachment. There’s still a lot that can be done first. Whether O-man says yes or no, he just got roped in and involved, which is appropriate. It’s impossible he didn’t know. First, they’re all followed by Secret Service and like FBI looking for people trying to blackmail them, and second because Biden has ALWAYS done this, and they (who?) chose him for VP anyway, and probably BECAUSE of it. (Fundraising, Global merger with CCP)

    “…US establishment politicians maintain that “if the US does not defend Ukraine, China will invade Taiwan”,

    The “Dominoes of Democracy.” Why does it work, worked then, always works? Only because the nation and the people want war, think of war, believe in war, love war above all things.

    “As of 30 August 2023, Ukraine has reportedly lost 466 airplanes, 247 helicopters, 6,234 unmanned aerial vehicles, 433 air defense missile systems, 11,570 tanks”

    Ah! But we’re sending them TWENTY F16s! Maybe next year! They’re each worth 25 of their former jets! AND, we’re going to send them 6 tanks! Someday. And one by one. They’re each worth a THOUSAND Soviet tanks!

    Magical Thinking. Always the magic light saber, the magic arrow, the magic glock that jumps off the counter and goes and shoot someone on its own.

    This is the same for the bad guys: in movies a gun is 100% of the time a communication device. No. A Glock is not a walkie talkie. It’s not a certified therapist. Magical, child thinking.

    “German Chancellor Says Nuclear Power ‘Dead Horse’ Despite Energy Crunch (Sp.)

    I have to think that’s not true. They had 5 reactors closed? They didn’t raze them; turn them back on although it will take a little time and doing.

    “He added that the phase-out “has been done by law…”

    You mean the law YOU passed, can un-pass in 10 minutes and never follow anyway? That “law”? Hahahahaha! This Bozo still thinks we have “Laws” in Europe. Ah, how last century! Maybe he should buy a car with fins. We haven’t had laws since Thatcher.

    “The EU must urgently fix its dysfunctional asylum system to prevent another iteration of the 2015 migration crisis that could potentially lead to the collapse of the entire bloc,”

    Er…I don’t know about this. With Sweden and a bad winter the migration crisis could be everyone going OUT of Europe and BACK to a newly prosperous (and warm) Africa. I’m sure of it, but not the timing. Only hearty, strong, and pale (melanin) types will survive there. Vitamin D is critical to sickness in dark and cold climates. Lacking free healthcare and free, unlimited nuclear warmth, you won’t make it long.

    Alexander Dugin: Global Liberalism in Crisis (Sp.)

    This follows all philosophies if allowed to express themselves in the realities of culture. They seem good, reach a point of order, then exaggerate, become parodies, and lose themselves into madness. Then a new religion pops up and we do it again. It’s sad but since it seems there’s never been a time or place in all recorded history without this issue, I guess we’re stuck with it. Keep free speech, reduce authority to impress this on others, and we can minimize the fallout. Rather than one paradigm running at 120% (“It goes to ELEVEN” – Spinal Tap) we have 12 paradigms running from 2-40%.

    ““…Fukuyama is left only doomed to lecture the Ukrainian neo-Nazis, the last hope of globalists”

    Reminds me of “Get Smart”. Who is the Villain there? “K.A.O.S.” So who are the good guys? “C.O.N.T.R.O.L.”
    This is a joke, so it reflects our inner perception of things. All “Control” is good, anything out of my “Control” is by definition, Evil. Simple! So simple that Stanford could do it. (Tired of picking on Yale).

    Anyway, as Dugin, WE are resisting this. WE are resisting OURSELVES — sort of – and being rounded up and killed by the ten-thousands right here in Missouri and Iowa. Not that what you’re saying is false, but explain?

    “Body Odor” pic. Right Arm. Gravy. Smelly Hippies.

    “If you said Sir or Ma’am,” you’re a fascist. How dare you? Again, this reminds me that the Left is the pinnacle of the Toxic Feminine. And why toxic? There’s so much good in the feminine.


    The Blood Drinking Satanists currently ‘running the shitshow’ are really into ritual and especially Ritual Humiliation

    The Maui ‘fires’ are part of a human sacrificial ritual of fire and death and ‘mystery’.

    Only the inner circle of Satanists know what happened there.

    Their ‘helpers’ are the Minor Demons of bureaucracy and the Manwhores of ‘law enforcement’.

    Having Pedophile Joe-Joe grope women in-your-face while hectoring the Sheeple with Woketardism is just part of the general ritual humiliation.

    Psyop-ville top to bottom

    Disorient and demoralize

    The Sheeple are so stupid they don’t know which end of a paint brush to pick up

    In Your Face


    Don’t forget your Face Diapers

    They fix everything don’t ya know…..


    In Your Face Sheeple


    Meanwhile, back in Reality, the Ukronazis are losing their shit and getting great presstitute coverage with just outright lying that they are ‘closing in’ on Crimea.

    They’ve lost 40,000+ men in three months of ‘offensive’ and haven’t even come close to the Russian 1st Line of Defense which is where they will experience the full on slaughter and true weight of the Russian military machine.

    They’re outta shells, outta men and shit-outta-luck stuck in the “Grey Crush Zone”

    Burn Baby Burn

    The Satanic Witch Cookies Nuland is your Mother Mary Fairy

    Dr. D

    Politico, new dividing the country into District 12, Hunger games, a theory which is true, about the settlement patterns in the US, Appalachia vs Dutch vs Yankee vs Spanish, etc.

    This overrides all other factors, including class, etc. Wow. (I think I will have to look at their data more, it sounds cherry-picked)

    SO: What this says to me is, there is no racism. If this paradigm overrides everything, it therefore overrides race and our overwhelming belief it it as the Primacy of all Events past, present, and future, all actions animal, vegetable, and mineral, and all nouns, verbs, and adjectives. The poorest black person in CA clearly lives on average longer than the richest guy in Charleston.

    Politico Says!

    (…Actually, people of these areas would propose a wealth pump that is making these supposed successful, morally-superior places able to 1) Kill everyone in the colonial areas and 2) so rich they can even provide service to their own poor in Capital City. This would also need to be proven, but is their belief, including which counties/ares “Create GDP”.)



    THIS DAY IN HISTORY – The Stars and Stripes flies in battle for the first time – 1777


    That’s when men were men, not Snowflakes


    Run for your lives



    My reality is what is in “my bubble of facts”. You’re not in it.
    Drought … Floods …. Wild forest fires … Destruction … Rebuilding … Depopulation
    Gaia … Weather Exstream … Burning man festival
    There are 20 shell companies to keep you out of “my bubble of facts”.

    What do you want to believe, ” Me or your lying eyes?”
    • Ukraine’s Western Backers Are ‘Pro-Nazi Coalition’ – Medvedev (RT)
    Reality is full of bubbles

    “..You are already in paradise, fellow Western Europeans, what more do you need?..”

    • Funny Old Man Borrell Typifies The Arrogant Mediocrities Running The EU (Bordachev)
    ” … a merciless idealism characteristic of the German ruling party obscures the view of reality.
    • Sanctions Against Russia Turning Germany Into ‘Kamikaze’ – MP (RT)

    Supporting the BRICS peace initiative would be a first step towards freeing ourselves from the socially and politically fatal paternalism of the US. It would represent a step towards democratic sovereignty. No war is our war, not even this one.”
    Hmm…this page doesn’t exist. Try searching for something else.

    7:47 PM · Sep 1, 2023
    I still turned out okay. I am still surviving in my bubble.



    The Old Manse was the house Emerson’s grandfather built literally a stone’s throw from the North Bridge in Concord, where the Minutemen stood and the ‘shot heard round the world was fired’.

    Been there several times down through the years.

    Nathaniel Hawthorne rented the Old Manse for $100 a year in the 1840’s with his wife Sophia

    On the second floor, where Hawthorne had his study, I remember seeing an inscription Sophia had etched on the glass of his window with a diamond tipped pen, it’s still there, like the evening she wrote it:

    Man’s accidents are God’s purposes.
    ~Sophia A. Hawthorne 1843

    Nath Hawthorne This is his study, the smallest twig leans clear against the sky
    Composed by my wife and written with her diamond

    Inscribed by my husband at sunset, April 3 1843.
    In the Gold light.

    A lot of history in that house by the Old North Bridge, everyone should visit it once.

    Buried across the field from the Old Manse on the edge of the property near the Old North Bridge, are the graves of the British soldiers killed that day in April 1775


    Emerson’s presence still rings True



    Why buy mayonnaise? It is easy to make, here is my recipe:

    Enjoy farm fresh…


    On. Only 10% of W firms have left Russia

    DBS prev. thread finds this fascinating.. I did too..

    Of course 10% is a kind of meaningless number…but never mind that…

    When the first sanctions hit, Putin immediately signed a decree explicitly allowing parallel imports. E.g. Iphone is imported into Poland, a P. intermediary sends it along to Russia. (To block this the US would have to sanction some cos. in P. – which? how to enforce? .. etc.)

    That the US imagines that it can affect what goods, commodities, ppl. etc. enter or leave another country was always fanciful and is now openly derided. The US was a main mover in this ‘globalisation’ of commerce scheme – and now.. Err what no?

    No electronic chips for Russia? Bare-bock was recently on the TeeVee saying that the Russians are using chips from washing machines to power tanks (or whatever)! In past times the men in white coats would have quietly shepherded her into an ambulance…

    So what we see re. the ‘sanctions’ is a blatant example of cultish hysterical decrees attempting to override reality. The terrifying part is that those spewing it all out appear to believe what they say will ‘hold’…

    > The political class is dominating the commercial class but via pronoucements only.. so they are failing…

    Some time ago I ?? about all this and watched a few vids from this vlogger who walks around Moscow. One lovely ex. is that Bentley has a show room in the Lux district in Moscow. BoJo apparently couldn’t or didn’t want to stop the sale of Bentleys.

    Watching 2 vids I made a list of the brands available, it is very long, and it includes practically all the brands that one can see on sale in the Lux shopping district in Zurich.

    Large Cos (not brand ‘products’ like Armani, Chanel, Tom Ford, KitchenAid, etc.) are another story. IKEA seems to have left R of its free will. Cos. like MacDo and Starbucks, it is complicated.



    On August 5th 2023 a Japanese research team published a pre-print that appears to contain the most important and shocking revelations of the covid era.

    Atsuki Tanaka and Takayuki Miyazawa, of Osaka Medical University and Kyoto University, wanted to trace the historical evolution of the omicron variant of SARS-CoV2 by studying viral sequences found “in the wild” and deposited in public databases.

    In doing this they found around 100 separate omicron subvariants that could not conceivably have arisen through natural processes. The existence of these variants seems to provide definitive proof of large-scale lab creation and release of covid viruses.

    eugyppius posted along the same lines (not based on the same type of data) that Omicron was not ‘normal’, in Dec. 2021.


    Burning Man gone all soggy in its dried up lake-bed.

    John Day

    Damn, the spam-blocker threw away my nice work this time!
    It was about the Navy’s ship based anti-missile laser weapon 30kW, from 6 welding lasers, and some look at microwave beam weapons, which are microwaves, like microwave ovens, so heat water, polar-molecules, and anything which is “permissive” to their wavelengths.
    Microwave weapons would have to be line-of sight from a big military transport plane with a serious generator/batteries, but a surface ship 3okW laser has been in use since 2014 on the USS Portland (currently in San Diego)
    Following a review of several ship classes to determine which had available space, power, and cooling, it was decided that after Ponce’s planned decommissioning in 2018, the LaWS will be moved to the new amphibious transport dock ship USS Portland (LPD-27) for indefinite testing. It will utilise the space and power connections reserved for its vertical launching system to house the LaWS power and control modules while the laser itself will be bolted to the deck. Because the installation will be only a trial, LaWS will not be integrated into the ship’s warfare system.[16]

    However as a developmental project the issues, some of them due to the nature of its development as a developmental prototype such as the bulky trickle charge capacitors and long charge time, difficulty tracking small targets and problems producing a single synchronised and coherent beam from the six smaller emitters prevented the LaWS from entering serial production.[17] In January 2018, the Navy announced a $150 million contract with Lockheed Martin for the production of two HELIOS laser units to be delivered in 2020; one will be fitted to USS Arleigh Burke (DDG-51) while the other will be used for land-based testing. Further contract options could bring its value to $942.8 million.[18]


    re: bioengineered ingredients

    Just did a quick pass and checked the (very few) processed foods we have.

    1) Nabisco crackers – binned
    2) Vons-brand chocolate chip cookies – binned
    3) Top Ramen instant noodles – binned

    My wife likes a brand of parmesan crisps. They had a statement that did not admit to jabbing the cows, but painted a pretty picture of the harmlessness of artificial hormones. Binned!

    “Sorry, my dear Shinta, but we must now up our vigilance against this s#(+!”

    John Day

    @Noirette: Thank you for the SARS-CoV 2 family tree closet-skeletons. Here the Ethical Skeptic lookes at that from late 2021, drawing similar, yet extended conclusions about lab origins and release or leak timing.

    China’s CCP Concealed SARS-CoV-2 Presence in China as Far Back as March 2018


    Ukrainian officials stated that Kolomoysky, who has Cypriot and Israeli citizenship

    No surprise there.


    Ritual Humiliation



    More Ritual Humiliation with it’s own logo seal

    US Special Operations Command Will Deploy Argus AI Program to Scour Social Media for Disinformation, Misinformation and Malinformation, National Security Authority to Protect U.S. Internet from “Pain Points”



    The lawmaker criticized the government that “wants nothing to do with diplomacy” and urged Berlin to distance itself from Washington and NATO. She suggested closer ties with BRICS, a G7 rival economic bloc of countries that includes Russia and that will represent nearly 40% of global GDP after it officially admits new members at the beginning of next year.

    Merkel sealed Germany’s fate with the BRICS. Why would the BRICS welcome any of the lying, scheming western countries into their fold? The west is on the decline, BRICS do not want to support the arrogant imperialist wankers of the west. Do BRICS really want the woke, warmongering and other shite (such as an abundance of criminal Jews) that the west has to offer? I think not.

    Michael Reid

    John Day

    When you click on Submit and you are taken to some weird screen,
    I have found the thing to do is then click on Reload this page to get the comment to go through

    Michael Reid

    Regarding laser, perhaps line of sight from laser to target is not required if mirrors are used to direct the laser to target. In theory the laser could be ground based

    Veracious Poet

    Emerson’s presence still rings True

    Never negotiate with terrorists, toddlers, teenagers or members of the bar.

    Oroboros, I thought you were an nobby mate, aren’t you in Straya?

    Perhaps another ex-pat fleeing the robber baron + socialist apocalypse that defiled The American Experiment, whereupon the Sons of Liberty’s progeny were overwhelmed, compromised, gaslighted into psychosis and/or murdered…

    A man’s power to connect his thought with its proper symbol, and so to utter it, depends on the simplicity of his character, that is, upon his love of truth, and his desire to communicate it without loss.

    The corruption of man is followed by the corruption of language.

    When simplicity of character and the sovereignty of ideas is broken up by the prevalence of secondary desires, the desire of riches, of pleasure, of power, and of praise,—and duplicity and falsehood take place of simplicity and truth, the power over nature as an interpreter of the will, is in a degree lost; new imagery ceases to be created, and old words are perverted to stand for things which are not; a paper currency is employed, when there is no bullion in the vaults.

    Spiritual sanity was the spark that ignited The Sons of Liberty to take arms against King & Parliament, but that fire was extinguished by the time FDR et al. transmogrified The Democratic Republic under Natural Law into The Empire under Equity & Admiralty Law est. March 1933…

    There is no path available for The People to return to Truth, Justice & The American Way, only the trudge forward! into slavery, suffering, *evil*, decay & death 😐


    Michael Reid

    Control the money, you control everythiing. Every fuckin thing. Who controls the money?


    Spam blocker has blocked me from posting several times. Supposedly request were sent to the administrator, but nothing changed — same result every time. Am I still blocked? This is a test.

    D Benton Smith


    Control the money, you control everything. Every fuckin thing. Who controls the money?”

    Not quite.

    The actual fact of the matter is that control of the money is only control of the money. If one controls the money sensibly then the money can be used to control people and things because people are willing to do things for money, and people are willing to trade things for money.

    BUT if one controls the money very very badly (for example, by those Jewish money changers that you have expressed so much affection for) then eventually the money becomes less and less valuable until it is worth nothing at all.

    When the money is worth nothing then people won’t sell their souls for it, and they won’t trade their genuinely valuable things for it either. At that point, the money changers lose their control over people and things, and control passes to the actual people who have (and control) the actual things.

    To avoid this calamity the typical money changer will try to sell the suckers some “new” form of money (like “Federal Reserve Notes”, or Treasury Bonds, or Central Bank Digital Currency) to buy up the old defunct currency, but this only works when the suckers are not wise to the scam.

    Otherwise, the money changers are stuck with ownership of worthless butt wipe (like “dollars”) that no longer provides them with enough control they need to keep the Ponzi scheme rolling, and it all comes crashing down. To keep control they need money, but to keep the money they need the control that only more money can provide.

    Basically they’re screwed, and consequently turn to totalitarian authoritarianism, censorship, violence and murder in an effort to retain the control that they absolutely cannot live without ….. but since they no longer have enough ACCEPTABLY VALUABLE “money” to pull it off , they fail and down they go.

    Like now.

    It’s messy. They try to weasel their way into the new system, but that doesn’t work because everyone knows who they are and the nature of the game. You’re not exactly the only “anti-Semite” out there, ya know?

    Sure they’re inside Russia, China, and the rest of the BRICS too. And sure they still have enough power to make it VERY difficult to dislodge them (for example Blackrock, State Street and Vanguard still DO operate, for the time being, inside Russia, and China , etc., as well) but they are being inexorably squeezed out by nationalistic factions inside those countries.

    That’s why Blackrock, State Street and Vanguard are waging war against all of the BRICS nations from the outside. Basically they want to use the countries that they still control (US, EU, UK, etc.) to crush the nationalistic nations that are driving the old money changers off the playing field. It ain’t working. The old money changers are losing.

    This is the most existential battle the world has seen in many many thousands of years. Some even say it’s the prophesied Biblical End Times. Maybe it is, but in any case it’s one Hell of a fight and it the bad guys will swept from the field like a scythe, because that is the only outcome possible.

    Those who want to be on the winning side better go with the good guys.


    Meanwhile, at the Burning Man “festival” (who wouldn’t celebrate a man being burned in a basket?), there are rumors of eeeeeeeebola.
    Two tweets from comments in zh suggest deep state interference (inference): one suggests ebola, another points a finger at a guy who “broke quarantine” and left (with Chris Rock!)- and he was definitely where “ebola” was found. These comments are outrageously convenient. Planted.
    This looks like a lovely “ground zero” for flying the next “pandemic”…. Will it have wings?
    70,000 people trapped in alkaline mud (which might cause illness), giving a scary name to what the illness might be (eeeeeeebola) and all of them trying to get home.
    Why ebola? I mean, really? It polled well as the scariest next disease?


    I’m sure some people will not see good news in this CIFTIS links
    Presentation of CIFTIS 2023.pdf

    Global Trade in Services Summit of 2023 CIFTIS held in Beijing
    Source: Xinhua Editor: huaxia 2023-09-02 16:12:22

    Supporters: World Trade Organization; United Nations Conference on Trade and Development; Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

    CIFTIS ends, sees large number of deals, agreements, product launches
    By ZHONG NAN | China Daily | Updated: 2022-09-06 07:03
    The grand event, which concluded on Monday in Beijing, saw 1,339 deals clinched, including 513 commercial transactions, 175 investment agreements and 173 releases of new product and service solutions, according to the fair’s organizing committee.


    On spam blocker: I haven’t gotten it for a while- when I do, I just back up and try again. I find that if I have my gmail open- or have opened it without closing it and deleting cookies and clearing caches- I even get ads on TAE, and am much more likely to get “checked”.
    I just reload. It’s the brave new world, with such nonsense in it!
    I hate gmail. It has tentacles.

    Veracious Poet


    While your “good guys” wearing white hats are gonna ride in & *win win* sentiment is nice & all (I’m sure a few readers started to get all Kumbaya with it), the “bad guys” hold a planet killing dead man’s switch, just in case you forgot…

    Why do you think that CH & RU tread lightly when it comes to dealing with them?

    This isn’t a scenario that’s cut & dried like some 80s action flick, it’s a genuine nightmare that *no one* knows how it’s gonna play out, with an obvious dearth of white hats + a clueless citizenry that doesn’t possess the wherewithal to find their arses with *both* hands….

    Anyways, keep your hoping, something’s gotta *BREAK* sooner, or later, let’s just hope it doesn’t take a large number of *innocents* with it 😐

    With that said, it seems like BRICS+ *might* have the right idear, i.e. Starve The Addict Out, but you have to be really (like REALLY) naive to think that the BRICS+ hodge podge of *multi-polar opposites* is going to smoothly sail away from the UniParty GlobalCap Vampire Octopus ~ What I’m seeing really looks like 10 lbs. of crap in a 5 lb. bag, with a major probability of warfare dividing valuable resources & dis-unifying participants…

    Getting 3-4 people on the same page, for any length of time, is hard enough, but 3-4 billion? LOL

    Never let a crisis go to waste.


    D Benton Smith


    the “bad guys” hold a planet killing dead man’s switch, just in case you forgot…

    Why do you think that CH & RU tread lightly when it comes to dealing with them?”

    You raise a valid point about the potentially “planet killing dead man switch”, by which I assume you mean nukes, but you no, I haven’t forgotten. And and neither have the Russians or Chinese.

    That’s why I think you’re misreading their slow and steady (but inexorable) progress as being a matter of “treading lightly”.

    They are not treading lightly.

    They are winning in slow, steady, effective but unprovocative and minimally threatening SMALL advances designed to weaken the West while at the same time lulling it into a hopeful mindset of nurtured belief that a Western victory of SOME kind is still possible. They are boiling the frog, not inducing a terror driven panic response that might result the West hitting that red button which would end the world.

    Never push hard enough to make the other guy need to to swing. Just keep trimming away his power a little at a time until he hasn’t got enough left to hurt you. Eventually the Western “Empire” will be like North Korea or France. A nuclear armed lap dog that can’t even exist without your help, dependent on charity just to eat and have a roof over its head.

    D Benton Smith

    As an additional (but important) note. Long before America becomes a toothless charity case to the world the nationalistic faction within its borders (like Trump or other like him) will depose the weakened idiots inside the Beltway and turn America back into a normal country that can co-exist (relatively peacefully) with other nations in a multi polar world.

    Or else (as Putin said a few months ago) a few depraved monsters die and go to Hell, and the rest of us die and go to Heaven.


    John Day thx for another article (re. covid) by ethical sceptic 🙂

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