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A Comprehensive Ukrainian Defeat Is The Only Possible Outcome (Scott Ritter)
US Intelligence Sending Mixed Messages On Ukraine (Larry Johnson)
About 280,000 Individuals Enlisted By Contract From January 1 – Medvedev (TASS)
Hungary Calls For ‘Security Guarantees’ For Russia (RT)
G20: Last Waltz In A World Torn Apart (Bhadrakumar)
Ex-UK Defense Chief Sparked Rift With US Over Helicopter Deal (RT)
NATO May Collapse By 2025 – Academic (RT)
No Respite For France As A ‘New Africa’ Rises (Pepe Escobar)
US Dollar A ‘Very Problematic’ Currency – Zakharova (RT)
Gold’s Role Rises As Dollar Hegemony Falls (ZH)
Soros Vows to Stop ‘MAGA-Style Republicans’ From Winning 2024 Election (Sp.)
US Congress is Older Than Ever, But Reform is Unlikely (Sp.)
Biden Asserts Executive Privilege on Hunter Emails, But Waived Trump’s (GP)
Fani Willis Possesses Evidence Exonerating Georgia’s Alternate Electors (Fed.)
Ivermectin Is a Proven Cure for Covid (Paul Craig Roberts)





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“Having articulated the Russian-Ukrainian conflict as an existential struggle where the very survival of NATO is on the line..”

Russians see an existential threat to their country.

In response, NATO pretends to see an existential threat to their power structure.

Not the same thing.

A Comprehensive Ukrainian Defeat Is The Only Possible Outcome (Scott Ritter)

First and foremost, Ukraine must reflect honestly about the causes of this conflict, and which side bears the burden of responsibility for the fighting. ‘Denazification’ is a term that the Russian government has used in describing one of its stated goals and objectives. President Vladimir Putin has made numerous references to the odious legacy of Stepan Bandera, the notorious mass murderer and associate of Nazi Germany who is feted by modern-day Ukrainian nationalists as a hero and all but a founding father of their nation. That present-day Ukraine would see fit to elevate a man such as Bandera to such a level speaks volumes about the rotten foundation of Kiev’s cause, and the dearth of moral fiber in the nation today.

The role played by the modern-day adherents of the Nazi collaborator’s hateful nationalist ideology in promulgating the key events that led to the initiation of the military operation by Russia can neither be ignored nor minimized. It was the Banderists, with their long relationship with the CIA and other foreign intelligence services hostile to Moscow, who used violence to oust the former president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovich, from office in February 2014. From the act of illicit politicized violence came the mainstreaming of the forces of ethnic and cultural genocide, manifested in the form of the present-day Banderists, who initiated acts of violence and oppression in eastern Ukraine. This, in turn, triggered the Russian response in Crimea and the actions of the citizens of Donbass, who organized to resist the rampage of the Bandera-affiliated Ukrainian nationalists.


The Minsk Accords, and the subsequent betrayal by Kiev and its Western partners of the potential path for peace that these represented, followed. Ukraine cannot disassociate itself from the role played by the modern-day Banderists in shaping the present reality. In this, Kiev mirrors the militarists of Imperial Japan, whose blind allegiance to the precepts of Bushido, the traditional ‘way of the warrior’ dating back to the Samurai of 17th century Japan, helped push the country into global conflict. Part of Japan’s obligations upon surrender was to purge its society of the influence of the militarists, and to enact a constitution that deplatformed them by making wars of aggression – and the military forces needed to wage them – unconstitutional.

Banderism, in all its manifestations, must be eradicated from Ukrainian society in the same manner that Bushido-inspired militarism was removed from Japan, to include the creation of a new constitution that enshrines this purge as law. Any failure to do so only allows the cancer of Banderism to survive, festering inside the defeated body of post-conflict Ukraine until some future time when it can metastasize once again to bring harm. This is precisely the message that was being sent by Putin when, during the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum this past July, he showed a video where the crimes of the Banderists during the Second World War were put on public display. “How can you not fight it?” Putin said. “And if this is not neo-Nazism in its current manifestation, then what is it?” he asked. “We have every right,” the Russian president declared, “to believe that the task of the denazification of Ukraine set by us is one of the key ones.”

As the Western establishment media begins to come to grips with the scope and scale of Ukraine’s eventual military defeat (and, by extension, the reality of a decisive Russian military victory), their political overseers in the US, NATO, and the European Union struggle to define what the endgame will be. Having articulated the Russian-Ukrainian conflict as an existential struggle where the very survival of NATO is on the line, these Western politicians now have the task of shaping public perception in a manner that mitigates any meaningful, sustained political blowback from constituents who have been deceived into tolerating the transfer of billions of dollars from their respective national treasuries, and billions more dollars’ worth of weapons from their respective arsenals, into a lost and disgraced cause.

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“Putin and his team are seen in the West as weak, control freaks who block the military from taking off the white gloves and making the magic happen..”

US Intelligence Sending Mixed Messages On Ukraine (Larry Johnson)

The U.S. Intelligence Community is not a monolith. It is more like a feudal society. The big three Feudal lords for intelligence analysis are the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). All three produce “raw intelligence” — the CIA’s case officers produce reports from foreigners who have agreed to work in secret for the United States, the NSA scoops up all forms of electronic intelligence (e.g., phone calls, emails) and the DIA produces reports from U.S. Defense Attaches assigned to U.S. embassies around the world. Each jealously guards its own product and the employees of these three agencies can be considered the vassals. (Gots to have a vassal if you’re a feudal lord.)

Then there is the Director of National Intelligence (aka DNI). This position/office was created in the aftermath of 9-11 and is supposed to “manage” and “coordinate” all members of the Intelligence Community. The standard solution in Washington, DC is to create another layer of bureaucracy to solve a failure of already behemoth bureaucracies who rarely cooperate. The reality is something else — the Big 3 do not always kow tow to the DNI. I am hearing that the CIA and the DIA are doing a pretty good job of reporting honestly what is taking place on the ground in Ukraine — i.e., Ukraine is suffering terrible casualties and the counter offensive is failing. Unfortunately, as Sy Hersh has reported previously, Biden and his National Security team are ignoring those intelligence reports and are embracing “analysis” coming out of the Office of the DNI.

The DNI reportedly is proffering the meme that Ukraine is grinding down the Russian military and that the United States and NATO only need to be patient and wait for Russia’s inevitable collapse. Some of the U.S. military leaders — who are flat out ignorant of Russia’s recent history in dealing with a domestic radical Islamic insurgency — firmly believe that Russia cannot win a military victory over Ukraine, that the war is a stalemate and the Russia will be bogged down for years battling Bandera insurgents. The leaders of the USIC and the military still believe in their initial conclusion that Russia is weak because it did not steamroll through Ukraine and rout Zelensky off 12 months ago. They attribute Russia’s “failure” to inept and corrupt bureaucrats keen on reining in the Russian military.

Putin also gets a heavy share of the blame by these leaders for allegedly not listening to the Russian military leaders and Wagner chiefs to do what is necessary to achieve victory. Putin and his team are seen in the West as weak, control freaks who block the military from taking off the white gloves and making the magic happen. Because the US intelligence and military leaders are looking at the war in Ukraine through this prism, the analysts and their managers, for the most part, face enormous pressure to conclude that Russia is a feckless and incompetent near-peer adversary and cannot last.

I continue to believe that the assumptions about Russia’s alleged failure is ignoring the contravening narrative:
• The Russian economy is robust and healthy despite Western sanctions.
• Russia’s political influence in the world is growing, not shrinking. BRICS is a case in point.
• Russia is inflicting enormous casualties on Ukraine’s military and decimating infrastructure critical to the Ukrainian military campaign.
• Russia’s defense industry has ramped up to levels of production that the West cannot match.
• Russia’s seemingly unlimited access to natural resources, energy and rare earth minerals strengthens Russia’s military position in the world.
• Russia enjoys a massive technological advantage over NATO in terms of electronic warfare, air defense systems, mine laying vehicles and hypersonic missiles.
• Russian leaders and their people genuinely believe they face an existential threat from the West.
• Ukraine is totally dependent on the West to provide money and weapons to continue to fight.

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No forced conscription.

About 280,000 Individuals Enlisted By Contract From January 1 – Medvedev (TASS)

Around 280,000 individuals were enlisted by contract with the Russian Armed Forces from January 1, 2023, Deputy Head of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said. “Let us continue discussing the critical topic that gathered us here this time in the Far Eastern District. This time I meet heads of regions of the [Russian] Federation in person, in view of significant of the staffing work,” Medvedev said when opening the meeting. “According to data of the Defense Ministry, about 280,000 persons were enlisted by contracts to ranks of the [Russian] Armed Forces since January 1,” he noted. Some of them were in the reserve and the other ones are volunteers, Medvedev added.

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“..Russia does not pose a threat to Central Europe” because Moscow has not been able to accomplish a quick and resounding victory in the conflict..”

Hungary Calls For ‘Security Guarantees’ For Russia (RT)

A lasting peace following the Ukraine conflict can only be achieved if Russia receives security guarantees from the West, Gergely Gulyas, the minister in charge of the Hungarian prime minister’s office, has said. Speaking at a students’ event on Saturday, Gulyas stated that Kiev has no realistic chance of regaining the territories it claims as its own from Russia. He added that “it is also clear that Russia does not pose a threat to Central Europe” because Moscow has not been able to accomplish a quick and resounding victory in the conflict. According to Gulyas, peace talks between Russia and Ukraine are impossible without the involvement of the US.

He further stated that Kiev’s Western backers “must give security guarantees to Russia, but definitely not NATO membership to the Ukrainians,” adding that in the long run, peace between Moscow and Kiev could be maintained through the deployment of peacekeepers. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told former Fox News host Tucker Carlson last month that “without involving the Russians in a security architecture of Europe, we cannot provide a safe life for its citizens.” Hungary is not the only Western nation to call for Russian interests to be taken into account. Last December, French President Emmanuel Macron urged the West to think about how to provide security guarantees not only to Ukraine, but also to Russia, arguing that NATO must address Moscow’s concerns about the US-led military bloc “coming right up to its doors and deploying weapons that could threaten Russia.”

The debate over security guarantees for Russia heated up before the start of the Ukraine conflict when in December 2021, Moscow presented a list of demands to the US and NATO, asking the West to impose a ban on Ukraine entering the military bloc, while insisting that the alliance should retreat to its borders as of 1997 before it expanded. The overture, however, was rebuffed by the West. President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly said that Ukrainian neutrality is an issue of “fundamental importance” to Russia, arguing that Kiev’s push to join NATO was one of the key reasons behind the military operation in the neighboring country.

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“I am in blood / Stepped in so far, that, should I wade no more, / Returning were as tedious as go o’er.”

G20: Last Waltz In A World Torn Apart (Bhadrakumar)

The Modi government is not perplexed by the absence of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping in the G20 Summit on September 9-10. Its intuitive cognition helps to be stoical. This is, arguably, a Shakespearean predicament — “I am in blood / Stepped in so far, that, should I wade no more, / Returning were as tedious as go o’er.” [..] One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the common thread in the decisions taken in Moscow and Beijing is that their leaderships are not in the least interested in any interaction with the US President Joe Biden who will be camping in Delhi for four days with all the time at his disposal for some structured meetings, at the very least, some “pull asides” and the like at a minimum that could be caught on camera.

Biden’s considerations are political: anything that helps to distract attention from the gathering storm in US politics which is threatening to culminate in his impeachment that might in turn blight his candidacy in the 2024 election. Of course, this is not Biden’s Lyndon Johnson moment. Johnson made the tumultuous decision in March 1968 to retire from politics as a strong step toward healing the nation’s fissures, while agonising deeply that “There is division in the American house now.” But Biden is anything but a visionary. He was setting up a bear trap for Putin to reinforce his false narrative that if only the latter dismounted from his high horse, the Ukraine war would end overnight, whereas on its part, the Kremlin is well aware that the White House continues to be the strongest proponent of the thesis that a prolonged war would weaken Russia.

Indeed, Biden has gone to extraordinary extents that none of this predecessors ever dared to reach — aiding and abetting Ukrainian terrorist attacks deep inside Russia. In a way, Xi Jinping also faces a trap, as Biden administration is going to great extent to project itself as conciliatory toward China, as the beeline of US officials heading for Beijing recently would testify — Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken in June; Treasury Secretary and Climate Envoy John Kerry in July; and Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo in August. The New York Times on Tuesday carried a report titled U.S. Officials Are Streaming to China. Will Beijing Return the Favor? It chastised Beijing:

“China has much to gain from dispatching officials to the United States. It would signal to the world it was making an effort to ease tensions with Washington, particularly at a time when China needs to bolster confidence in its shaky economy. A visit could also help lay the groundwork for a potential, highly anticipated meeting between President Biden and China’s top leader, Xi Jinping, at a forum in San Francisco in November. “Beijing, however, has been noncommittal.”

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… and lost his job.

Ex-UK Defense Chief Sparked Rift With US Over Helicopter Deal (RT)

Former UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace tried to derail a major deal to buy heavy military helicopters from the US, triggering a diplomatic row between the two long-time allies, The Times reported on Saturday, citing sources. The incident is said to have occurred after Washington reportedly shunned Wallace’s bid to become the next NATO secretary general, although the outlet’s sources insisted that the two issues were not related. According to the paper, Wallace, who resigned on Thursday, spent his last weeks in office trying to cancel the purchase of 14 Boeing Chinook H-47 two-motor lift helicopters. The former defense secretary reportedly had serious doubts about the £2.3 billion ($2.9 billion) deal and suggested canceling it to ease the pressure on the defense budget.

Wallace argued that Britain already has the largest heavy-lift fleet in Europe and favored investment in medium-lift support helicopters, which would have allowed London to save money, the article said. Another concern, according to the report, was that Britain lacked the communications, satellite technology, and transport means to carry out special operations involving US-designed aircraft. However, the initiative left many UK officials unhappy, with one describing it as “mad.” Another Times source suggested that Wallace “was trying to piss off the Americans.” As the diplomatic row was reportedly brewing, Karen Pierce, the UK ambassador to the US, is said to have warned London that canceling the deal would be a bad idea. UK officials reportedly scrambled to calm down their America counterparts, telling them that the tensions would be defused once Wallace was out of the government.

“There has been a lot of reconciliation, just to keep the US reassured,” a source told the paper. The apparent controversy comes after US President Joe Biden refused to endorse Wallace’s candidacy to succeed long-serving NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. According to a Daily Telegraph report in July, Wallace, who was once considered a front-runner for the job, failed to secure Washington’s backing because the UK announced a coalition to help Ukraine procure F-16 fighter jets without first consulting the US. A Times source categorically rejected the “pathetic” speculation that Wallace’s apparent attempts to cancel the helicopter deal were linked to his NATO ambitions. However, one source said that he was “deeply disappointed” that his aspirations to succeed Stoltenberg had come to nothing, which he is said to have blamed on the White House.

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Funny, Tucker Carlson predicted the demise of NATO just a few days ago…

NATO May Collapse By 2025 – Academic (RT)

The return of Donald Trump to the White House could spell the end for US military aid to Ukraine, leaving a divided Europe to foot Kiev’s bills and ultimately ending the NATO pact, academic Phillips Payson O’Brien claimed in The Atlantic on Saturday. Opposition to arming Ukraine is now the position of Trump’s supporter base, who O’Brien estimated account for three quarters of the Republican Party’s electorate. Trump has repeatedly vowed to use military aid as leverage to force Ukraine into peace talks with Russia “within 24 hours” of his inauguration, while his two nearest competitors for the GOP’s nomination – Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy – have also discussed restricting support for Kiev.

Of the three potential candidates, Ramaswamy has gone the furthest, suggesting that the US recognize Russia’s territorial claims in Ukraine in exchange for Moscow distancing itself from Beijing. “If Trump or one of his imitators wins the presidency in November 2024, Europe could find itself faced with a new American administration that will halt all support for Ukraine,” O’Brien warned. In this scenario, he continued, European nations would be unable to make up for the loss of US military aid, resulting in a military defeat for Ukraine. With the US out of the picture, Europe would be divided on the issue too, he added, with the Eastern and Baltic nations eager but unable to keep the arms flowing to Kiev, and Western nations like France and Germany more likely to seek peace with Russia.

“The result could be a legacy of bitterness and distrust at best, and a permanent fracturing of European cooperation at worst,” he stated. A fervent supporter of Ukraine, O’Brien argued that European countries need to increase military production immediately to prepare for this possibility. However, with the Eurozone entering recession in the first three months of 2023 and industrial production down in Germany, European states are unlikely to be able to sustain the Ukrainian military on their own.

O’Brien’s predictions are based on the assumption that Ukraine will still be able to fight by 2025. According to Russian figures, Kiev lost 43,000 men in the first two months of its ongoing counteroffensive, without managing to penetrate the multiple layers of trenches and fortifications laid by Russia along the entire Kherson-Donetsk front line. Before the operation began in early June, multiple Western media reports suggested that continued US and NATO military aid to Kiev depended on the success of the offensive. Now, almost three months in, the counteroffensive is widely regarded as a failure.

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“..Over 30 percent of the population lives on less than $1 a day, and in over 60 percent of regions have zero access to healthcare and drinking water.”

No Respite For France As A ‘New Africa’ Rises (Pepe Escobar)

Africa still lags far behind its Eurasian cousins on the road toward breaking the shackles of neocolonialism. The continent today faces horrendous odds in its fight against the deeply entrenched financial and political institutions of colonization, especially when it comes to smashing French monetary hegemony in the form of the Franc CFA – or the Communauté Financière Africaine (African Financial Community). Still, one domino is falling after another – Chad, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and now Gabon. This process has already turned Burkina Faso’s President Captain Ibrahim Traoré, into a new hero of the multipolar world – as a dazed and confused collective west can’t even begin to comprehend the blowback represented by its 8 coups in West and Central Africa in less than 3 years.

Military officers decided to take power in Gabon after hyper pro-France President Ali Bongo won a dodgy election that “lacked credibility.” Institutions were dissolved. Borders with Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, and the Republic of Congo were closed. All security deals with France were annulled. No one knows what will happen with the French military base. All that was as popular as it comes: soldiers took to the streets of the capital Libreville in joyful singing, cheered on by onlookers. Bongo and his father, who preceded him, have ruled Gabon since 1967. He was educated at a French private school and graduated from the Sorbonne. Gabon is a small nation of 2.4 million with a small army of 5,000 personnel that could fit into Donald Trump’s penthouse. Over 30 percent of the population lives on less than $1 a day, and in over 60 percent of regions have zero access to healthcare and drinking water.

The military qualified Bongo’s 14-year rule as leading to a “deterioration in social cohesion” that was plunging the country “into chaos.” On cue, French mining company Eramet suspended its operations after the coup. That’s a near monopoly. Gabon is all about lavish mineral wealth – in gold, diamonds, manganese, uranium, niobium, iron ore, not to mention oil, natural gas, and hydropower. In OPEC-member Gabon, virtually the whole economy revolves around mining. The case of Niger is even more complex. France exploits uranium and high-purity petrol as well as other types of mineral wealth. And the Americans are on site, operating three bases in Niger with up to 4,000 military personnel. The key strategic node in their ‘Empire of Bases’ is the drone facility in Agadez, known as Niger Air Base 201, the second-largest in Africa after Djibouti.

French and American interests clash, though, when it comes to the saga over the Trans-Sahara gas pipeline. After Washington broke the umbilical steel cord between Russia and Europe by bombing the Nord Streams, the EU, and especially Germany, badly needed an alternative. Algerian gas supply can barely cover southern Europe. American gas is horribly expensive. The ideal solution for Europeans would be Nigerian gas crossing the Sahara and then the deep Mediterranean.

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“..the US initially proposed the dollar as an international currency “to make everyone’s life better, easier, more comfortable.”

US Dollar A ‘Very Problematic’ Currency – Zakharova (RT)

Ever more countries are turning to national currencies for trade rather than use the US dollar, which has become a “very problematic” means of payment, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stated in an interview with the Turkish news outlet Aydinlik published on Sunday. According to Zakharova, the US initially proposed the dollar as an international currency “to make everyone’s life better, easier, more comfortable.” “They were very insistent on this, saying that it would bring the world economy to a new level and simplify our transactions and relationships… And at the time, those who made such a policy in the US and abroad… probably wanted to take that first step towards globalization honestly.” Now, according to Zakharova, the dollar is used to pressure Washington’s political opponents.

“What we faced last year is something completely different,” she stated, referring to the numerous Western sanctions placed on Russia over the Ukraine conflict, including an effective ban on Russia using the dollar in international transactions. “There is no simplifying or making our lives easier. The currency is being used as a tool of hegemony and a new kind of colonialism, used to punish, segregate, and make our lives a nightmare.” According to Zakharova, the process of de-dollarization, which Russia and a growing number of other countries have been pursuing in cross-border trade, is not a goal in and of itself but a simple fact of reality.

“They say de-dollarization is a kind of ultimate goal of different organizations or some countries. But it is not. This is not our target. This is just a reality… The dollar is a very problematic currency these days. This is not my political view, it is an objective economic fact.” Zakharova noted that most global economic problems originate in the US, including the 2008 global economic crisis. National currencies, on the other hand, are more stable, which is why an increasing number of countries are opting for them, she believes. They want to establish and create a kind of a guarantee, a financial guarantee system in order not to once again be a victim of an American crisis… It is up to the countries to decide [how to do it], but as I understand it, more and more countries want to do something to avoid becoming another victim of the American financial system,” the official said.

Russia has been reducing the use of the dollar in foreign trade since 2014, but last year’s sanctions forced the country to step up these efforts. For instance, the share of national and ‘friendly’ currencies in the country’s trade with the Eurasian Economic Union grew to nearly 80% in 2022, and is expected to reach 90% by the end of this year. Last week, reports emerged that the BRICS group of emerging economies – which presently comprises Russia, Brazil, India, China, and South Africa, but is due to add six new members next year – is also considering switching all cross-border trade to national currencies.

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“.. this increasingly beleaguered, self-destructive, debased and less popular US currency.”

Gold’s Role Rises As Dollar Hegemony Falls (ZH)

Rickards noted, “It’s the weaponization of the dollar… you’re not just stealing our money with inflation, you’re actually telling us we can’t get it back,” emphasizing that while the BRICS countries might not fully trust each other, they are more likely to trust a “common trading currency backed by gold.” Rule described the U.S. dollar’s previous “exorbitant privilege” advantage is coming to an end, thereby making things more expensive for Americans. “The enemy of the U.S. dollar isn’t in Beijing or Moscow or Riyadh, it’s in Washington.” For Piepenburg, the end-game is clear. Debt drives policy and debt drives current market directions. This debt will not and cannot be sustained by GDP growth or tax revenues,… …which means ultimately money printers will continue to de-value that world reserve currency,… …and hence devalue the once hegemonic respect for the US holder of that currency.

Piepenburg states, “America doesn’t seem to be the America that it was in 1944 or the America that it was under Kissinger in the early 70s,” indicating a significant shift in global economic dynamics. While all experts seemed to agree that gold could play an increasingly important role, Piepenburg was skeptical that national leaders and central bankers would willingly give up their power to print money at will, dubbing this the “Nietzsche thesis,” questioning why leaders would want to “relinquish that ability to print at will.” Overall, the panel agreed that the weaponization and debasement of the dollar have diminished its credibility, setting the stage for other forms of currency or assets like gold to gain importance in protecting investors from this increasingly beleaguered, self-destructive, debased and less popular US currency.

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At your age, you’re supposed to be planting trees whose shade you’ll never sit in.

Soros Vows to Stop ‘MAGA-Style Republicans’ From Winning 2024 Election (Sp.)

The Soros family has waged a years-long political war against Donald Trump and his supporters, with George Soros calling Trump a “danger to the world” and characterizing his ideas as a “threat to democracy.” Trump has alleged that “district attorneys hand-picked and personally funded by” Soros are behind the ongoing effort to put him behind bars. Last month, George Soros’ Open Society Foundations soft power empire announced a dramatic scaling back of funding for operations in Europe, sparking an outcry from liberal activists, NGOs, and think tanks regarding the impact the end of the financial gravy train will have on their operations.

Alexander Soros, the 37-year-old son of the Hungarian-born US billionaire who took the reins at the OSF in June, responded with a manifesto-style appeal this week explaining the shift in focus under his leadership, assuring that the OSF isn’t really “leaving Europe,” and that the region “remains of huge strategic importance.” Rather, Soros indicated, the shift in funding is the result of a shift in focus, from Western to Eastern Europe and the United States. “The future of accountable, democratic government in Europe is now being determined not just in Paris and Berlin but also in Warsaw, Kiev and Prague,” he wrote. “This isn’t about funding levels – it’s about priorities as the focus of funding shifts back to the continent’s east,” Soros Jr. noted, recalling that, after all, his father’s soft power meddling in nations’ political affairs began in Eastern Europe in the 1980s.

Spending in Ukraine won’t be affected by the cuts, Soros assured, recalling with “pride” the $250 million in cash funneled into the country since the 2014 Euromaidan coup, and which played “such an important role in Kiev’s resilience” amid the ongoing NATO-backed proxy war against Russia. The OSF will also continue to “support” operations in Moldova and the Western Balkans, per Soros, and Central European University – the Vienna-based school booted out of Budapest in 2019 amid allegations of meddling in Hungary’s politics. The reorganization will also include a redoubling of Soros foundations’ efforts against Donald Trump and MAGA-style Republicans, Soros indicated, expressing concerns over the impact Trump’s possible return to power in 2024 would have on the OSF’s global agenda.

“As someone who spends up to half their time working on the continent and thinks former United States President Donald Trump – or at least someone with his isolationist and anti-European policies –will be the Republican nominee, I believe a MAGA-style Republican victory in next year’s US presidential election could, in the end, be worse for the EU than for the US. Such an outcome will imperil European unity and undermine the progress achieved on many fronts in response to the war in Ukraine,” Soros opined. Accordingly, he noted, the OSF is being “adapted” to “be able to respond to whatever scenarios might emerge, on both sides of the Atlantic.”

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Same here: plant trees your grandchildren will enjoy.

US Congress is Older Than Ever, But Reform is Unlikely (Sp.)

McConnell is not the only prominent member of US legislature whose health became a point of discussion. Last year, media reported US lawmakers questioning the mental fitness of long-time US senator Dianne Feinstein, who has served as a member of the US Senate since 1992, representing California. In 2023, Feinstein, now aged 90, announced that she will not run for reelection in 2024. This illustrates a trend of US political class becoming older compared with the past, with the 80-year-old incumbent president, Joe Biden, being the most prominent example as the oldest sitting US leader. His predecessor and likely opponent during the 2024 election, Donald Trump, is not that far behind, being 77 years old. According to the FiveThirtyEight polling website, both House and Senate are older than ever before, with the median age for US representatives and senators being 57.8 and 65.3, respectively.

Similar to Feinstein and McConnell, many of those people have been in Congress for decades. “The US Congress and the Presidency constitute a gerontocracy, and I see no chance that such graybeards will reform themselves on that score anytime soon,” John Seery, the George Irving Thompson memorial professor of government and professor of politics at Pomona College, summarized the situation. This development has triggered a conversation about whether it is appropriate for a senior lawmaker to stay in power well into their old age, especially since there is no mechanism to remove them similar to the Constitution’s 25th Amendment, which outlines the procedures for replacing the president or vice president in the event of death, removal, resignation, or incapacitation.

While the both chambers of Congress can expel members with a two-third majority, only 20 lawmakers have been removed this way since 1789, with a majority of those cases involving support for Confederacy during the Civil War.
There have been proposals to introduce age limits for elected officials, which is also not that out of the ordinary, considering there are already minimum age requirements for holding political office. “Now that Americans are living longer, and the consequences of having octogenarians running the country (specifically President Biden and Senator McConnell) are apparent, a conversation around age limits in needed. Public opinion polling has shown that a majority of Americans are in favor of this.

It could also be a consideration for the Supreme Court, as it tends to have the same issues around older justices becoming unwell in post and potentially leaving the bench short of a member,” Clodagh Harrington, a lecturer in US politics at University College Cork, said. When asked whether a version of the 25th Amendment for members of Congress could be passed, the expert noted that even that addition to the constitution has been controversial. “The few times in the modern era that it has been considered in relation to, for example, President [Ronald] Reagan, have caused significant unease. No-one wants to be the person informing the president that they are no longer considered fit for office,” she explained.

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You cannot have two different justice systems for long.

Biden Asserts Executive Privilege on Hunter Emails, But Waived Trump’s (GP)

On Wednesday, America First Legal (AFL) revealed they obtained “over 1,000 emails between Rosemont Seneca and the Office of the Vice (OVP) President” from the National Archives (NARA) via a lawsuit. AFL started the thread on X by saying “The sheer volume of emails exchanged between Hunter and his associates at Rosemont Seneca and the Office of the Vice President is telling in itself.” Joe Biden asserted executive privilege over 200 emails because “release would disclose confidential advice between the President and his advisors, or between such advisors.” Meanwhile, President Trump’s executive privilege was obliterated by Joe Biden. The Biden White House worked directly with the Justice Department and National Archives to facilitate the investigation into Trump’s handling of documents, according to memos reviewed by investigative reporter John Solomon.

Joe Biden’s spokeswoman has repeatedly claimed Joe Biden had no knowledge of the raid and that he found out about it in the media. According to the memos, the Biden White House instigated the criminal investigation by eliminating Trump’s claims to executive privilege. Joe Biden paved the way for his Justice Department to arrest his political opponent after he retroactively revoked Trump’s executive privilege. Biden revoking Trump’s executive privilege opened the door for the former president to be subpoenaed – the subpoena then opened the door for the Justice Department to charge Trump with federal crimes. “By May, [White House Deputy Counsel Jonathan] Su conveyed to the Archives that President Joe Biden would not object to waiving his predecessor’s claims to executive claims, a decision that opened the door for DOJ to get a grand jury to issue a subpoena compelling Trump to turn over any remaining materials he possessed from his presidency.” – John Solomon reported last August.

On May 10, 2022, Acting National Archivist Debra Steidel Wall sent Trump’s lawyers a letter revealing the Biden White House’s involvement. According to John Solomon, within two weeks of Debra Steidel Wall’s letter to Trump’s lawyers, the DOJ sent a grand jury subpoena to Trump’s counsel demanding he return documents stored at Mar-a-Lago. Shortly after Trump was subpoenaed, the feds showed up to Mar-a-Lago and retrieved some documents and told the former president to put an extra lock on the storage locker. Two months later the FBI descended on Mar-a-Lago and rummaged through Trump’s belongings without allowing any of his lawyers in the area.

By November 2022, shortly after the Mar-a-Lago raid, Jack Smith was appointed special counsel to investigate the documents stored at Trump’s Florida residence. By June 2023 Trump was indicted on 37 counts related to Jack Smith’s classified documents case – 31 counts for willful retention and the other 6 counts included conspiracy to obstruct justice, withholding a document or record, corruptly concealing a document or record, concealing a document in a federal investigation, scheme to conceal, false statements and representations. Meanwhile, Joe Biden hasn’t even been interviewed yet by the special counsel investigating his stolen SCIF-designated documents and he was able to assert executive privilege over 200 emails related to his son Hunter.

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I don’t see Fani last for much longer. What a mess.

Fani Willis Possesses Evidence Exonerating Georgia’s Alternate Electors (Fed.)

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis possesses evidence that exonerates several Republicans she’s targeting in her legal crusade against former President Donald Trump and other Republicans for their lawful contesting of Georgia’s flawed 2020 election. In her Aug. 14 indictment, Willis alleged the existence of Republican electors for Trump constituted an unlawful “conspiracy” to overturn the Peach State’s 2020 election results. Among those charged for partaking in this so-called “conspiracy” are David Shafer, one of Georgia’s 2020 Republican electors, and Ray Smith, who served as one of Trump’s lawyers at the time of the contest. Specifically, Willis claimed Shafer and the other alternate electors “unlawfully falsely held themselves out” as Georgia’s “duly elected and qualified” presidential electors.

She further insisted these electors — with Smith’s assistance — intentionally attempted to “mislead” figures such as then-Vice President Mike Pence and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger “into believing that they actually were such officers.” However, among the documents Willis obtained during her years-long investigation of Republicans was a meeting transcript refuting her allegations. A transcript of the Georgia Republican electors’ Dec. 14, 2020, meeting, obtained by The Federalist, explicitly shows the intent behind casting alternate electors was not to impersonate public officers, as Willis alleged, but to lawfully preserve Trump’s legal challenge to the state’s election results. At the meeting’s outset, Shafer specifically noted how he and his fellow Republicans were acting as “Republican nominees for Presidential Elector,” not as “duly elected and qualified” presidential electors.

“[President Trump] has filed a contest to the certified returns. That contest — is pending [and has] not been decided or even heard by any judge with the authority to hear it,” Shafer said. “And so in order to preserve his rights, it’s important that the Republican nominees for Presidential Elector meet here today and cast their votes.” For context, Shafer and Trump filed a lawsuit against Secretary of State Raffensberger in Fulton County state court on Dec. 4, 2020, alleging tens of thousands of illegal votes had been cast in the state’s presidential election. The suit came after a recount, requested by Trump, deemed Biden the winner of Georgia’s 16 electoral votes by a margin of 11,779. The recount prompted Raffensberger to recertify the election on Dec. 7 while Trump’s legal challenge remained ongoing.

By the time Dec. 14, 2020, arrived — the day on which nominees for presidential electors are required by federal law to meet — Trump and Shafer’s lawsuit was still pending. As such, Georgia’s Republican nominees, including Shafer, cast their electoral votes for Trump while the state’s Democrat nominees cast theirs for Biden. During the Dec. 14, 2020, meeting, Shafer further clarified the legal rationale for filing alternate electors in a conversation with Smith, asking Trump’s then-lawyer: “And so the only way for us to have any judge consider the merits of our complaint, the thousands of people we allege voted unlawfully, is for us to have this meeting and permit the contest to continue?” “That’s correct,” Smith replied.

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Coming from a Reagan economist.

Ivermectin Is a Proven Cure for Covid (Paul Craig Roberts)

The Covid years taught me that relatively few doctors are competent, capable of independent thinking, and have the interest to find approved medicines, such as Ivermectin, that are effective against new pathogens. Those doctors saved patients lives to the great distress of the Medical Establishment, and the doctors who saved their patients’ lives are still being punished for doing so. In September 2021, the corrupt American Medical Association told doctors to stop prescribing Ivermectin for COVID-19. In a statement, AMA, along with the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) and American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP), warned:

“We are alarmed by reports that outpatient prescribing for and dispensing of ivermectin have increased 24-fold since before the pandemic and increased exponentially over the past few months. As such, we are calling for an immediate end to the prescribing, dispensing, and use of ivermectin for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 outside of a clinical trial.” “In addition, we are urging physicians, pharmacists, and other prescribers — trusted health care professionals in their communities — to warn patients against the use of ivermectin outside of FDA-approved indications and guidance, whether intended for use in humans or animals, as well as purchasing ivermectin from online stores.”

Dr. Joseph Mercola asks. “How many died unnecessarily as a result of these commands?” Mercola’s question is a good one. Those who died from Covid died because of a lack of treatment. For an untested vaccine to be put into use under “emergency use authorization” there must be no cures. Therefore the Medical Establishment, which serves as a marketing agent for Big Pharma, had to deny that there were any cures and to prevent doctors from curing patients with Ivermectin and HCQ before the knowledge of the cure spread. Otherwise the agendas served by the Death Shot would be blocked.

Now that the Medical Establishment has a new Covid variant with which to scare people and an updated dangerous vax, there is talk of a new round of vax, mask, and lockdown mandates. These measures are very dangerous and totally unnecessary. But they maximize profit and control, and that is their purpose. My advice is that if you have a doctor who warns you away from Ivermectin, you have a dumbshit or corrupt doctor who is very dangerous to your life and health. Quickly find another one who has the interest to know the facts and the determination to put his patients ahead of Big Pharma’s profits. And certainly do not trust any corporate hospital.

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Lambs and birds







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    Claude Monet Japanese Footbridge 1899   • A Comprehensive Ukrainian Defeat Is The Only Possible Outcome (Scott Ritter) • US Intelligence Sending
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle September 4 2023]

    V. Arnold

    Do you think dogs should be allowed in hospitals?

    Hell yes!

    Dr. D

    “A Dire Warning: The US Plan to Make Ukraine into Europe’s ‘Big Israel’

    Just as said here months ago. Israel is their pretend heritage, they want their ancestral homeland and to settle 1,000 year old scores with neighboring nations. Of course we approve. There’s never been an immigrant to the ‘States that didn’t want the U.S. army to settle every score for them back in the Old Country.

    “Donald Trump’s Trial for Election Interference Set to Begin in Time to Interfere with Election “ –Bbee

    “‘Mudpocalypse’ Hits Burning Man, 73,000 Trapped In ‘Toxic’ Lake Bed In Nevada Desert
    “President Biden has been briefed on the situation”
    …and to help he’ll be sending more tanks to Ukraine.


    That goes with this one:


    Paranoid anti-chippers. And here I thought it was a bad idea because not one of their existing computers works worth a s—t and needs a reboot or update every 4 hours or it’ll fail and stop working. When all I’m trying to get out of the device is a recipe for bacon I could write down on paper.

    “Raided Trump’s House” And so they say we’re stopping fascism” yesterday.

    They don’t care. I don’t know how much clearer it can be. They live in emotion-mind. There is no logic-mind, it’s never contacted or referred to. It might as well be a different part of the galaxy.

    “Our Country” 40 years since the first milk cartons, finally thinking about maybe sorta getting started. Well, I appreciate it, I guess. Have to start somewhere since no doubt this puts all the abortion deaths to shame.

    Speaking of, article this week, School pushed trans on disturbed kids, didn’t tell the parents (grandmother) and pushed, pushed, pushed until they were alienated enough to run away. …And be trafficked at 15, duuuuuuuuh. But NO! That’s not enough!!! So they get her back, having been raped by five people God knows how many times – I guess THEY noticed she was a woman – and the State then #Helps by pulling her out of her Parent’s house and into foster care. Why? Deadly, violent abuse: they called her by her actual, real, biological gender. The one she was raped by and is therefore somewhat relevant to the discussion?

    In foster care, alone, the State alienating and separating this disturbed person from love and family again, #Helping!!, she then ran away to a guy in Texas who turned out to be…Shocker!!! NOT 16 and her age, but another adult male trafficker who raped her some more. Yay! #Winning! Thanks Daddy government!

    Did they learn their lesson? NOT ON YOUR LIFE. In the custody hearing, the State turns on the Zoom, The parents says, “I love you Katie” “I love you to, Nana” she says. Boom. Close connection. WELL, the State says. “I guess I’ve made my case. Such intolerable abuse right here in the courtroom! This violence cannot stand!” Why! Families saying they love each other! Throw away the key! (If they use the wrong gender that clearly no one is bothered by)

    So…tell me again how the State is NOT the trafficker, themselves? The Teachers, the Social Worker, the D.A? The Judge, the policemen, the courts? The doctors who stamp it, tell me how they’re not all in on it, since that is the only natural consequence of their action, they know it, they saw it happen, one minute ago, and still don’t care?

    How long is she removed for? So the parent will serve a longer sentence than the rapists, and a more certain one, that starts today and not years from now like their 6+ trials. Uh-huh. And with the State’s behavior the issue multiplies as more children are raped and raped again and more trials start, although as this trailer says, practically no one is chased and caught, too busy monitoring Catholics and School Parents. If like Chicago, +90% chance of getting away with every murder, why WOULDN’T you? It only shows how good people are they can know this and DON’T do that all day, because it’s strictly logical and sensible to do so.

    …Thanks to Chicago and the State system.

    Oh that’s just one case. Suppose this already disturbed young woman will remain, I dunno, possibly more disturbed after being raped 100x by 6 different men? Therefore require care from the rest of us her whole life? Nah! We’ll give her to the GOVERNMENT to figure out, and the Doctors who already helped and made all the decisions that GOT her there. That’s what Medicare Therapy is for! #Helping! To Infinity, and Beyond!

    This is not their GOAL for YOUR kids, this is their daily action and literal, legal history with your kids.

    “Oklahoma School Hires Drag Queen Principal Once Arrested For Child Porn, Drugs

    Trust us. The School and State know what they’re doing. Now quick, there’s a fire, all get on that bus!!!

    Ukraine caused by the CIA, who funded nobody BUT Nazis, literal, active, armed, shop-smashing Nazis as reported by the NYTimes for a decade?

    Nobody cares. I cannot express to you how emphatically and deeply no one here cares. Illusionary White Supremacists used a “dog whistle” (aka a “conspiracy theory”) racism no one can actually identify? Solitary without trial forever! Lose your job, have to move out of state. If you said that other guy is a crummy worker and he also happened to be black under the “single drop of black blood” theory. ACTUAL Nazis with nukes doing ethnic cleansing of millions, leading to WWIII Nukes dropping in Staten Island?

    I cannot express to you how much they don’t care. Buy me one, buy me a thousand, shut up and take my money, no price is to high, get yours today. …The rest of the country? Too tired to take up this ANOTHER issue they won’t win. Thanks to the money and the one-way wealth pump. As you noticed, we can’t even save our own kids from rape camps, much less take on Bandarites 10,000 miles away. As according to plan. Polished up with CIA ops worldwide now brought home to you!

    “..Russia does not pose a threat to Central Europe” because Moscow has not been able to accomplish a quick and resounding victory in the conflict..”

    It is a relevant reason not to Shock and Awe as they could, and not to roll over the entirely missing Ukrainian army last month. You know the minute the line falls France will fall down and writhe around on the ground like a football (soccer) foul about how Putin will be in Paris tomorrow. Even as every part of that is literally impossible, much less not a Russian goal. But when has that mattered? They were going to nuke them for being 100 miles in the oblast, much less at the border.

    I somewhat disagree, this makes it all go on forever, but I understand the state-of-play on the board.

    “G20: Last Waltz In A World Torn Apart (Bhadrakumar)

    Luongo points out that India – having 100s of years history getting screwed by the British – are trying to play both sides still. We understand. However, Iran is going right around them and India will be left behind. Hopefully that can get the lead out. That means Biden is on a fool’s errand, which makes him perfect for the job.

    No one can, or will, ever trust the U.S. again, thank God. How COULD you sign anything with us? Unless like Turkey, the money is released instantly, and you already don’t care about the inevitable double-cross.

    “Phillips Payson O’Brien claimed in The Atlantic on Saturday.”

    Good thing the People don’t read The Atlantic, or they’d vote Trump in immediately.

    “Ramaswamy has gone the furthest, suggesting that the US recognize Russia’s territorial claims in Ukraine in exchange for Moscow distancing itself from Beijing.”

    You’re…you’re kidding right? This is the apex of talking out your -ss. We’re now going to tell people who their FRIENDS are? This is what I was saying about his childish platform being easily positioned by the NeoCons. I cannot express how incredibly STUPID you sound. Which is why Americans like it.

    “Now, almost three months in, the counteroffensive is widely regarded as a failure.” he says.

    Huh. That’s odd. I don’t see anyone PRINTING that it’s an open failure. Everyone knows, but no one will say? No one will be on record as admitting what they all believe? Even “widely”? Wow, cowardice that deep is hard to come by! Bottle it and sell it!

    ““The enemy of the U.S. dollar isn’t in Beijing or Moscow or Riyadh, it’s in Washington.”

    Jimmy Dore said the same thing (about Ramaswamy): all the real enemies to the United States are here at home. Everyone who’s trying to destroy us is already in D.C. We all know that since 1996, so welcome to the party, pal.

    Yet “Gold’s Role Rises”? Yes, and it NEVER MATTERS. Price never changes, in fact it goes the other way. No effect, change, reality, shortage, ever changes anything. Prices never go up, shortages never come down. That’s “Capitalism”! I hear, when complete shortages have no effect on price, ever, for decades.

    ““district attorneys hand-picked and personally funded by” Soros”

    Speaking of all the happy-happy rapes above, arranged for your children, just such D.A.s and other officials are going to let every death row criminal go in California. ‘Cause we ain’t got enough problems, jack. …Now if you should SHOOT them, when these horror-crime, murder-rapists inevitably attack your daughter, if you cave in their head with a hammer defending yourself in Bakersfield, You’ll be in big trouble, mister!!! How dare you pick on this poor man who had a bad childhood? Who’s the real victim here? Your daughter? Or a convicted death row inmate? I guess I’ve made my case!

    Cloward-Pivon. Overwhelm the State, and then the People, in the “Three World Wars” a battle of all against all, in service to our master, the Prince of Lies, aching for his return. They are fanatics for death, and this is their religion.

    “• US Congress is Older than Ever, But Reform is Unlikely (Sp.)

    Congress progresses one funeral at a time. So…not a single person there is coherent anymore, every day, on camera, including young’uns like Fetterman, and no one cares. “How dare you sir?” Even MENTIONING it makes you a big meanie, hateful bigot, disowned from the family, fired from your job. How dare you even SUGGEST employees must be competent??? I kid you not. If you want people to go bat-s—t, like your kicked their dog, even suggest something like this about ANYONE protected by the little blue square. They. Will lose. Their minds. Rape their daughters? Meh. Get in line. Don’t care a bit.

    (won’t allow pics)

    Dr. D

    “You cannot have two different justice systems for long.
    • Biden Asserts Executive Privilege on Hunter Emails, But Waived Trump’s (GP)


    As far as I know, dogs are allowed in hospitals, but under specific conditions, just like their family members, who make far bigger problems and far more messes. Allow the dogs, prohibit the humans.


    Can we pan back for a minute and look at the human trafficking issue from a cold energy dynamics perspective. The reduction in net energy into the economic system coupled with unbelievable levels of debt seems to lead to human slavery throughout history. Fossil fuels gave us 7 x humans and now we are tapping out and on the downslope of the prosperity curve.
    I’m sorry to say it goes into the mix along with depop agendas, war and command and control economics.

    Also – Dr D, I shared your thoughts re Lahaina (and gave you mention) on Rounding the Earth substack and lo and behold Sasha Latypova asked ‘who are the Good Guys?.
    You are making me seem clever and interesting and I like it.

    Who are the good guys?

    Dr. D

    (Site going goof: won’t post, says “3 Comments” including mine, won’t show them, etc)

    Alternate realities:


    Or alternate universes. Not “Women are from Venus”, but the Pinwheel Galaxy, far, far, very far, very very very very very far away. Democrats: the Woman’s party, who will believe anything men tell them, I guess.


    See the truth/fact.

    Same reality. Two points of view.

    Read more TAE/RIM

    Die and go to Hell, and Die and go to Heaven.

    President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping will not be at the G20, (G18), Summit on September 9-10.
    Global Trade in Services Summit of 2023 CIFTIS held in Beijing

    Ivermectin Is a Proven Cure for Covid.  Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Different.

    Ivermectin Worked: New Peer-Reviewed Study Proves It
    By Dr. Joseph Mercola • Aug. 30, 2023

    Ivermectin Worked: New Peer-Reviewed Study Proves It!/

    Dr. D

    Good Question, who are the Good Guys. We don’t know since they have to keep their heads down. Also unlike the Mafia, which is a strict Hierarchy with “The Memo”, they are a loose aggregate of collective interests. They’ve been called a SOC, a “Self-organizing Collective”

    Now who literally? That we absolutely know for fact? “America First”. That is, a group of patriotic generals who saw this drift and arranged to discuss and oppose it, restoring the spirit of America. Literally named that. Literally open and discussed back then. Clinton had them all killed. That’s no surprise, so they went underground, being far smaller, and including mostly Colonels (workers), not Generals (Politicos). Nor do they get a pension and go to industry conventions. Someone just calls you on the phone and says they need a favor since you just retired Green Beret and maybe some money can appear too although like “Sound of Freedom” you’d probably do it for free anyway. That’s a patriot call. Do you go? Free choice. That’s the Good Guys.

    It’s not unusual, it’s STANDARD not to know anything. No op, in fact, no gov’t department tells you anything, EVER, so it’s not like not knowing the big plan is strange, or that there’s no hierarchy is unusual or weak construction for human actions. That also means they read the highest intel, as Admiral Rogers did when he went to talk at Trump Tower. They read the same highest intel and are in the same mainframes, with the same AI as the bad guys. So what are they fighting over? Resources, yes, but it’s really YOUR MIND. WHICH America will we create?

    Who else? Cheeto is protected from on high so it’s impossible he is not knowingly integrated with them. It’s actually impossible they didn’t prep and arrange him as far back as “Home Alone”, WWF, and “The Apprentice”. Along with JFKJr. And therefore his cabinet, like Meadows, must be carefully distinguishing the useful idiots like Bolton they place there, then monitor who they talk to and what they do. Bolton can’t NOT act, and what records he accesses and who he talks to tells them who’s on which side. Bolton unknowingly becomes their patsy and snitch.

    All other nations are in the same split, compromised position with the Mafia, so all of THEIR White Hats are on your side, although you can’t identify them. But you go to NoKo or Iran and say “War is bad for business” and they agree, so they are “self-organizing” with complimentary goals. That’s how we have Russia killing every Nazi and the Pentagon handing a nation the size of France to Russia without a peep. Wot a coincidence! Handing one of the largest nations on earth to the Christians! That’s how Taiwan will end up with China without a shot. You USE the NeoCons. They are simple-minded and predictable. Davos — roughly their/our enemy here — uses the NeoCons as simple-minded disposable idiots too.

    Who else? Like NoKo and Iran, Wall Street has complimentary interests. One-World Socialism puts them all out of a job, they finally noticed, so they lined up their sizeable army against Davos as well. At last. (And sadly, since “with allies like these”.) But if Dimon, etc wants to crush the Nazi Mafia and are willing to clean themselves up to do it, then what can you say? Make them prove it and let them. Fink at BlackRock must surely know but chose the Davos side and is sinking, hammered on all sides. ESG in flames, his house portfolio tanked.

    Who else? YOU. You are resisting. You believe in the Principles of the Enlightenment and the innate dignity of Man. That means every Doctor like the World Doctors Alliance is. They’re a whole group that are unaware of the “political” side, mostly. Nor do they need to. Every Whistleblower, of which there are thousands throughout government. They file reports that are ignored in the IRS and State, and eventually if they have bandwidth, someone shows up at your door, a Colonel or a Congressman, and says “We promise we can protect you. Are you willing to take the risk to go public?” And some do. Free Choice. The Good Guys.

    And so on. So in a sense we have a Parallel government, like nesting dolls, one inside the other. The bad guys have had the over-doll since Kennedy. The nesting Doll has always persisted inside it. Although Obama purged everyone he could find, he can’t “Fundamentally transform the United States” because WE, us, The People, still believe in it, and that we have Rights, Order, and Process. Clearly they’ve done everything in the Universe to kill us all, but we still believe in Rights, and Work, and Property and God.

    The White Hats are trying diligently NOT to have the fighting break out into the streets and have a Civil War where the Bad Guys operate better. That means like Sun Tzu, you must “Appear Weak” although they never seem to be able to touch Cheeto nor anyone? Huh. So weak the Bad Guys we know are there, run the world, have the universe at their disposal, can’t dispatch ONE guy? Not one. Never. For years? Maybe you’re not so strong, it seems. Yes, that’s frustrating. And more time consuming than Washington and Hamilton vs Gage. 8 years open war, probably +20 years legal-political war. But we won that and we already won this one too. We just need the Yorktown to admit it, and Ukraine will probably be that issue.

    So back to Maui: The Bad Guys have plans for it, that’s transparent. The Good Guys can’t just swoop in. Why? Because they have to appear weak, like rabble hiding behind trees or they’ll release smallpox or something. But they’re inside the same system and are reading their mail every day. They’re IN the upper NSA, they READ Josh Green’s mail to Klaus. Besides, where’s the battle? In Maui? H–l no! It’s IN YOUR MIND. For not just the United States, but the WHOLE PLANET. We can lose the whole d–n ISLAND of Maui and be worth it if we win the war. Sorry to the townsfolk there, but get your adult on, kiddies.

    So they NEED the governor to act like a maniac, in HI, in NZ, in Ottawa. The more they think they’re free and can do anything, the more the PEOPLE realize “These guys are insane!!!!!!!!!!!!” “Everything they told us about them…my GOD, it’s actually REAL!!!!!!” As we all did at some point, although some of us decades ago in grade school. Only the PEOPLE are large enough to defeat them, and only by ADMITTING and UNDERSTANDING the drugs, the trafficking, the war, the advertising mind-control. WE have to be the ones who win, WE have to be the Army. If the Army did it for us, it’d be useless: we’d sit on the couch and let them take over again. We, You, HAVE to be kicked in the teeth or you won’t learn and change. Sorry, we tried all the other ways. So WE, sir, are the White Hats. When you decide to KNOW and stop denying. Decide to take small action, like Hercules, a mere tailor, informing on British uniforms. Like Quaco and James Armistad, slaves and cooks. People who point out that their (communist) plans are illogical and anti-science. YOU are that man.

    So in Hawaii, we have the stage: We’re very busy and not at the level of arresting Governors for Treason yet. We can and do constantly divert the blows like a skilled swordsman, so they never quite land, — must be a coiniky-dink 500x in a row! — but we have to and WANT to keep them, and their WEF 15-minute city plans IN THE MEDIA, to show YOU who they are, what their goals and methods are. YOU can resist, or not, as you choose. YOU are the territory they are winning.

    In that environment, somebody drops a third joker and sweeps the pot, unsettling the table. Someone ALSO up high has given orders — way outside of our normal war parameters and escalation level right now — and uses weapons that DON’T EXIST on a wide-open, camera-area, visible to all. Now what you a-gonna do? Have Trump stand up and say “We have UFOs and Space Lasers, and there’s a Mafia from a small nation in the eastern Mediterranean that we’re at war with trying to kill all life on the planet?” Uh: don’t think so! Why? We ALREADY say that, and march 100 miles further back to Normaltown where RFK lives and SAYS this, the most POSSIBLE, Plausible, Provable thing on camera about our 50-year KNOWN bioweaons research, all consensus-reality, and they STILL lose their minds and kick him out of “serious” running for President. Saying the OBVIOUS. You think telling the truth about Maui is going to go over? With anyone? Puh-lease. So you tell ME how they’re going to explain that there are bad guys IN YOUR GOVERNMENT, and we’re all fighting them with Space Lasers, and have been for 50 years.

    Thus the problem. The White Hats can’t NOT try to stop Maui, and they probably did, as stated. The town was burned, most of the plan went off, but a number of people were saved, the children we can only assume were re-captured, and it’s rumored the people involved were rounded up. But do YOU want to have this break into the open today, this minute, without planning? Me neither, much as that burns. Now IF there are White Hats and IF they came in and busted heads as suspected, then they are presently tracking down everyone involved very quietly, one by one, using the same NSA docs and mainframes the Black Hats use. Notice people like bankers out windows, and helicopters with Roths crashing and that now years ago.

    That’s STANDARD in a non-declared war. The CIA did that for near 100 years, since the OSS. The difference is, the White Hats built their OWN mafia, and their OWN club, and their OWN servers, and are doing it all back to them, using the Mafia’s same “blackmail-and-capture” tactics.

    Dr. D

    The Americans may look stupid, but like the Russians, we’re smart about war. Painfully, immeasurably smart. What’s more, like the Russians we only APPEAR to be “Western” about it. Russia is Asiatic and Eastern in their approach, trading time and distance. America is also Asiatic and Eastern about it, but in the sense that we’re Native American ambush fighters. Like Russia, there’s a western top, but in reality our fighting is all underground, from nowhere, being nothing, appearing for a hit, then vanishing into the forest, all deniable. You have to realize our real war and our real fighters are like this, down into their bones, and the big, fat Pentagon Tank army is just the masquerade, the forest they hide in. That’s why they don’t care so much whether our stuff works or not. Like paintball, it’s all inflatable tanks and plywood jets. All just theatre for the rubes.


    Interview with Dmitry Orlov on Dialogue Works about BRICS and Dedollarization

    BRICS already represents more of the world’s global trade than the G7

    The G7 is collapsing with Germany and France taking the lead.

    The G7 is the new ‘Green Colonialism’ and thankfully will crash and Burn Baby Burn.


    Ah, the Abrams are finally arriving for their Ritual Blood Sacrifice on the Steppes of Ukronaziland!

    Big bonus points for Russian troops for burning the first Abrams

    Giant Bullseye should be painted on their sides and tops.

    Another demostration of Empire of Lies military inferiority for all the world to witness.

    Profit before performance.

    Even Col. Douglas Macgregor who commanded a battle group of Abrams in the Gulf War says the turbine engines are a nightmare of fuel comsumption and produce a ‘heat signature’ so great they can be seen and located easily by the Russians from low earth orbit satellites!



    Turkey shoot!


    The Empire of Lies Gangster Nation Military Mafia is funded by Dollars Printed from Nowhere (DPN)

    Dollars Printed from Nowhere (DPN) are ending with BRICS

    Fewer and fewer countries want to be slaves to the Empire of Lies.

    The Debt that is in dollars can be defaulted on if you have BRICS to fall back on

    Stuff the IMF loans and Western Bank, they are usury and parasitic.

    Besides, who wants their assets and foreign reserves seized at a whim from the The Empire of Lies Gangster Nation Military Mafia?

    Answer: No one but the Brain Dead

    BRICS doesn’t need a new ‘reserve currency’, just a currency exchange/swop understanding.

    Necessity is the Mother of Invention.




    Figmund Sreud

    Alastair Crooke, … expands on his “Hotel California” theme.

    Hotel Ukraine: ‘Sure, Check-Out Any Time, but You Can Never Leave’



    On Kolomoisky “K”, UKR oligarch … charged with money laundering. (prev. top post.)

    The UKR Oligarchs had sweet positions post-1991, grabbing and controlling assets incl. banking (as K did.) They went overboard, *high* on power, developed networks of control -> over land, industry, transport, media – as well as setting up private ‘armies’ (gangs..) plus, focus no. 1, control of Politics.

    Zelensky was elected at the spurring and support of K (via media, TV show, etc.) To be a puppet.

    They did not realise that branching out further, such as cozying up to foreign powers (Ex. Biden), as well as fighting amongst themselves (. ?), and other mistakes, would diminish their influence, hold, power.

    K and others are now targets, enemies, of the US Corporate PTB, who aim to (and do already in part) control segments of UKR. ‘Local potentates’, such as K, are thus attacked, via a *drive against corruption* launched to eliminate competitors. Zelensky can only obey.

    Just one reading…


    Dogs in hospitals….
    Allowed? Yes, however, there must be caveats.
    There is a great deal of variation from dog to dog in their level of socialization and training.
    Patients themselves are not always well enough to care for the dog. Dogs don’t require a great deal, but they do need food, water, and access to a place to relieve themselves.
    Hospitals have not been designed with the need to keep dogs where they are intended to be, which means they require an able-bodied handler.
    There is the matter of cleanliness — we don’t want fleas and ticks brought into the hospital setting.
    It makes sense that dogs that have a proven track record (therapy dogs, human-assistance dogs,) would have greater privileges within a hospital setting than other dogs.

    So, yes, but…
    Dogs might require a quick inspection for cleanliness, no obvious signs of pest infestation. If the dog doesn’t pass inspection, then the patient could come to an outdoor courtyard and interact with the dog there.
    Dogs would require a short leash and an able-bodied handler to be with the dog at all times.
    Dogs who have proper certifications and training could be allowed to stay with a patient, provided the patient is ambulatory enough to get food, water, access to an outdoor courtyard for the dog, and able to clean up its droppings from the courtyard. Leash could be optional for these dogs in the patient’s room. Should the patient no longer be able to provide these things, there must be a friend or family member who can come a minimum of twice a day to provide these things. (It can’t be hospital staff.)


    Pot calling the pot black
    CNN present study to Fauci, that face masks don’t help/work.
    Fauci continues to tell lie.
    CNN continues to tell lies.

    D Benton Smith

    If you tell the truth about something that the government has done wrong then the government will treat you as an enemy, but if you tell a lie about the government doing something wrong (for example, if you say that the vax is safe and effective, or that the dollar is strong, or that Ukraine is beating the Russians) then you will rewarded with praise, privilege, wealth and authority over other people.

    That’s about as bad as bad gets. We have a government that literally hates and punishes truth and good, while at the same time lavishing rewards and power upon falsity and evil.

    And make special note of the fact that I’m not talking opinions and theories. I’m talking tangible and personally pragmatic facts. We are all experiencing this inversion of the most basic human grip on reality itself. The ability to tell true from false in order to seek workable solutions. True solutions work. False solutions fail, and our government has made truth illegal.

    Am I exaggerating or overstating the case for dramatic purposes? Well, no, actually. I’m not.

    I am, if anything, actually understating the self-evident fact that major factions (in some cases RULING factions, like in America and Europe) of every government large and small, at all levels, is intensively dedicated to the complete elimination of truths, and the replacement of those facts with absolute lies, obfuscation and and evilly purposeful deceit.

    This is no small thing. because ultimately such a purpose is far worse, even, than being anti-human or anti-life. It is in the category of anti-EXISTENCE, because the the extant Universe as created by SOME sort of originating intelligence, is what truth IS. To be against THAT is to be against existence itself.

    Figmund Sreud

    John Helmer plugging away his book, Sovcomplot: How pirates tried to capture the treasure of the Russian seas, and were caught out





    Whatever you believe about Russia’s motivations for the SMO, it isn’t hard to imagine that Russian speakers in the Donbass and Crimea might have ample motivation for desiring independence from Ukraine after 2014. The following writeup by Gilbert Doctorow about Latvia makes it much easier to see why Ukrainian Russians might believe their future prospects were problematic if they remained part of Ukraine.

    Latvia’s actions since 1991 are reminiscent of the early stages of Nazism experienced by certain ethnic groups in Eastern Europe in the 1930s and early 1940s. Slavs such as Russians, Czechs, and Poles were among those singled out for special treatment. We all know how that all ended.

    New Russia-baiting provocations from Latvia


    Time to re-evaluate your preparedness.

    70,000 middle class, well to do, survivalist in expensive campers have been challenged by an extreme rain event/mud event.

    20,000 forest fire evacuees from Yellowknife returning home.

    I watched in horror as Maui burned to the ground. Now I’m leaving my dream home with survivor’s guilt.


    You read, you make up your mind/opinion of where is the truth.
    How many people died in Maui fires? Officials near end of search for wildfire victims

    Figmund Sreud

    Hmmn, … a family member just received a word from his doctor – after about eight months of investigation with following diagnosis: … it’s either giant cell arthritis or polymyalgia rheumatica, and promptly was prescribed corticosteroids pills of some kind. No trouble, …

    The trouble, however, started when that family member received fourth jab (… early January ‘23) which resulted – virtually with an hour – with most the symptoms that, say, Mayo Clinic Press lists. To boot, the idiot family member, in a meantime, allowed himself a fifth jab after about five months after fourth.

    Anyway, … in plane language, as I understand, his doctor is basing the above diagnosis on examination of arteries for inflammation, … declared as “massive” and a result of “bad eating habits”, and definitely not a result of allowing to vaxxed five times!

    Any comments on above? Dr. Day perhaps?

    … thanks,


    Dr D Rich

    I too look forward to John Day’s discussion on:
    GCA, temporal arteritis,
    non-arteritic AION vs arteritic-AION,
    accuracy of superficial TA biopsy versus clinical findings in assessing GCA.
    MRI, ultrasound and retinal angiography role and accuracy in detecting GCA/TA

    Best wishes for an optimal recovery to your family member, FS. The road is long, difficult, and aggravated by side effects from prolonged corticosteroid use.


    Best wishes for a pain free life.

    John Day

    @Figmund Sreud: Here is an overview of the quadrant they are searching for rheumatic issues involving pain. It is conveniently titled the things they said:,tend%20to%20improve%20with%20activity.
    The jabs do tend to cause autoimmune disease. This paper says polymyalgia Rheumatica is on the rise in the vaccinated:!/

    John Day

    Emergent Threats

    Sasha Latypova, More on Peculiarities of Lahaina Fire
    ​ Today’s post is short and comes from another reader. This is an interesting video from a Lahaina resident who was allowed to go to his house in the mostly unburned neighborhood of Kahoma Village. It is in the middle of the area that burned completely, so it is a miracle of sorts.

    ​ This particular Navy laser weapon is mounted on the USS Portland, which is docked in San Diego. The Navy has not had much to say about lasers and microwave directed energy weapons recently. They would light different things on fire. The lasers are typically near infrared, especially commercial lasers, so invisible. They make things get hot and burn. The microwaves don’t heat dry grass, cardboard, or ceramics but do heat polar molecules. Different microwave frequencies/wavelengths could act differently on materials. They would and do heat up flesh.
    ​ The AN/SEQ-3 Laser Weapon System or XN-1 LaWS[1] is a laser weapon developed by the United States Navy. The weapon was installed on USS Ponce for field testing in 2014. In December 2014, the United States Navy reported that the LaWS system worked perfectly against low-end asymmetric threats, and that the commander of Ponce was authorized to use the system as a defensive weapon.[2] …
    ..The LaWS is designed to be used against low-end asymmetric threats. Scalable power levels allow it to be used on low power to dazzle a person’s eye non-lethally to turn away a threat, and to be used at high power, up to 30 kilowatts, to fry sensors, burn out motors, and detonate explosive materials. By lasing a vital point, LaWS can shoot down a small UAV in as little as two seconds. When facing small boats, the laser can target a craft’s motor to disable it, then repeat this against other boats in rapid succession, requiring only a few seconds of firing per boat.​..
    ..Against a larger aircraft like a helicopter, LaWS can burn through some vital components to cause it to crash.[3]​ …
    ​..With tests going well, the Navy expected to deploy a laser weapon operationally between 2017 and 2021 with an effective range of 1 mi (1.6 km; 0.87 nmi). The exact level of power the LaWS will use is unknown but estimated between 15–50 kW for engaging small aircraft and high-speed boats. Directed-energy weapons are being pursued for economic reasons, as they can be fired for as little as one dollar per shot, while conventional gun rounds and missiles can cost thousands of dollars each. The Navy has a history of testing energy weapons, including megawatt chemical lasers in the 1980s. Their chemicals were found to be too hazardous for shipboard use, so they turned to less powerful fiber solid-state lasers. Other types can include slab solid state and free electron lasers.[6] The LaWS benefitted from commercial laser developments, with the system basically being six welding lasers “strapped together” that, although they don’t become a single beam, all converge on the target at the same time. It generates 33 kW in testing, with follow-on deployable weapons generating 60–100 kW mounted on a Littoral Combat Ship or Arleigh Burke-class destroyer to destroy fast-attack boats, drones, manned aircraft, and anti-ship cruise missiles out to a few miles.

    ​The expert battlefield mercenaries that did not get killed went home already.
    Failed Counter-Offensive: Is Ukraine Losing Because Foreign Fighters Are Walking Away?

    ​Moon of Alabama has this, but I would like to point out that once a soldier or general is trained, he may well think for himself. (The military men I know think for themselves)
    ​ The U.S. used its training of African officer to subtly find and train people it could work with. An astonishing number of these officer were later involved in coups which often turned out to be anti-French and pro-American:
    ​ [S]ince 2008 U.S.-trained officers have attempted at least nine coups, and succeeded in at least eight in five West African countries alone: Three times in Burkina Faso; three times in Mali; and once each in Guinea, Mauritania, and the Gambia.
    ​ U.S. training and support to the region flows through the State Department and Africa Command, an arm of the Department of Defense, in charge of military operations across the continent.
    ​ Since the above was written Niger has followed:
    ​ Brig. Gen Moussa Barmou, the American-trained commander of the Nigerien special operations forces, beamed as he embraced a senior U.S. general visiting the country’s $100 million, Washington-funded drone base in June.
    ​ Six weeks later, Barmou helped oust Niger’s democratically elected president.

    John Day

    Google hiding websites of Trump and other Biden challengers – report
    Searching ‘presidential campaign websites’ returned incumbent Joe Biden’s webpage and several inactive Democrats

    ​Alex Berenson on COVID-vaccine immunosuppression:
    The mRNA Covid jabs damage immune responses to other viruses in children, a new study finds
    Yet another reason giving mRNA shots to kids looks like an increasingly bad choice

    ​Thailand Medical News posts that Okinawa is seeing a wave of increased COVID infections and hospitalizations in July and August, which may go global.

    Okinawa is pretty far south of the rest of Japan, and is really a separate culture and ethnicity. Okinawans are the longest-lived people in the world, spending a lot of time outdoors the in sun and fresh air, and eating a widely varied fresh diet. Initial uptake of COVID-19 vaccines by September 2021 was the lowest in Japan, about 55%, based on this graph…

    John Day

    Thanks to Noirette and others:
    Eugyppius 12/20/2021, Omicron is Not Normal , Everything suggests this variant was leaked from a laboratory engaged in gain-of-function research

    From 11/15/2021, The Ethical Skeptic looks at evidence of COVID variants circulating in early 2018, and also concludes that Omicron was so very genetically divergent that it had to be released from a lab.
    China’s CCP Concealed SARS-CoV-2 Presence in China as Far Back as March 2018

    China’s CCP Concealed SARS-CoV-2 Presence in China as Far Back as March 2018

    ​ A recent Japanese research paper provides conclusive evidence that none of the many recent COVID variants of Omicron sub-lineage that they tested could have feasibly arisen naturally. Two articles look at that, with different styles and a lot of overlap.

    Who’s Making the Variants?

    “Unnatural evolution”: indisputable evidence for deliberate and systematic creation of circulating covid variants
    Comprehensive panels of “reversion mutations” found in general circulation look like an experiment

    Dr. Meryl Nass explains how the WHO’s proposed pandemic treaty will enable the WHO “to take over jurisdiction of everything in the world by saying that climate change, animals, plants, water systems [and] ecosystems are all central to health”.​ (3 minutes only)

    Michael Reid
    John Day

    ​Meryl Nass MD, via Door To Freedom shows how this W.H.O. “treaty-revision” is a short-circuit of human-rights recognized by nations and constitutions, negating all of that if an unelected bureaucrat declares a “public health emergency”, which has no clear definition, and no checks or balances. This happens automatically if no nation objects promptly.
    The WHO’s Proposed Treaty Will Increase Man-Made Pandemics

    The WHO’s Proposed Treaty Will Increase Man-Made Pandemics 

    ​ On September 20, about 2 weeks from now, the UN will silently approve these 13 pages, which will supersede all constitutional governments in 6 months, if no formal objection is raised by a government. This is very stealthy international law, and it is internally redundant, giving lip service to human rights, then clearly stripping them and enforcing emergency mandates without individual or national recourse. Reading a few pages is about like reading 13 pages. You have seen this kind of writing far too often by now.
    Political Declaration of the United Nations General Assembly High-level Meeting on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response

    On Door To Freedom, from Yours Truly, for your reference and benefit: Vitamin D, Your Defense In Depth

    Vitamin D, Your Defense in Depth

    Michael Reid

    Thank you John Day. I have broken out the video (3 minutes) for those who want to send it to others.

    Dr. Meryl Nass explains the proposed International Health Regulations (IHR) ammendents

    The International Health Regulations (IHR) are a legally binding instrument of international law that applies to 196 countries, including the 194 WHO Member States.


    The Soros family has waged a years-long political war against Donald Trump and his supporters, with George Soros calling Trump a “danger to the world” and characterizing his ideas as a “threat to democracy.”

    Soros has the same problem that all tyrants have, their conscience, which is deeply buried under layers and layers of hate, gives them ideas such as “let’s blame Trump for undermining democracy”, the exact crime that Soros has been committing for decades. He has passed the mantle on to his son, a done nothing trust fund kid, who will now wield the Soros power and will continue to undermine democracy once the Nazi is dead; so much for Soros believing in one man one vote. These people are a scourge on the planet, I just hope that the demise of the west takes down most of these people and their trust fund children who are causing the demise.


    JD said

    It generates 33 kW in testing, with follow-on deployable weapons generating 60–100 kW mounted on a Littoral Combat Ship or Arleigh Burke-class destroyer to destroy fast-attack boats, drones, manned aircraft, and anti-ship cruise missiles out to a few miles.

    I doubt the bit about the anti-ship cruise missiles a few miles out. One of the problems with lasers has to be the accuracy and responsiveness of the aiming system. You are trying to hit a target that is probably about one square foot in size at a few miles. This is from a rolling ship and across a distance where the air will be distorted by thermals. Unlike an anti-missile missile which gains accuracy as it gets closer to the target, then explodes in the vicinity of the target, shooting down a tiny object at a few miles is quite a feat and may be impossible. I suspect that is why this technology is not considered a solution to hypersonic missiles and the like, in fact is not generally used to defend against missiles, simply because it would have to operate at rather close range, closer than would be comfortable for the target. The other question would be whether it would be that difficult defending against such missiles; would a mirrored finish on the anti-ship missile offer any protection?


    Watch How Openly Mass-Murderer Fauci Lies and Contradicts Himself

    Sub-human filth like Fauci need to be caned and beaten and paraded in chains and then publicly executed on the mall in DC at the base of the Washington Monument.

    He like ritual human sacrifice, likes make him the center of attention.


    You don’t need to read this post.

    I’m repeating the SARS-CoV-2 knowledge that was known and never investigated and as a result Fauci was able to do his covid scam

    “Unnatural evolution”

    , Omicron is Not Normal , Everything suggests this variant was leaked from a laboratory engaged in gain-of-function research
    China’s CCP Concealed SARS-CoV-2 Presence in China as Far Back as March 2018
    Posted on November 15, 2021 by The Ethical Skeptic

    From 11/15/2021, The Ethical Skeptic looks at evidence of COVID variants circulating in early 2018, and also concludes that Omicron was so very genetically divergent that it had to be released from a lab.

    The knowledge was out there circulating in the science community, for Fauci to lie about.

    One must remember two principles in this deliberation of how fast Covid, and in particular the Delta variant, spread globally. First, Covid vaccines do not stop the transmission of the virus, rather only serve to mitigate its severity in vaccinated individuals.10 In fact, the opening of society based upon higher levels of vaccination, only served to speed the transmission of the Delta variant, not slow it. Second, the Delta variant still infected those with natural prior immunity from previous Covid B.1 and B.1.1.7 infection. So the notion that, for these reasons, the Delta variant spread more slowly across the globe is incorrect. Therefore, the fastest actual global spread we witnessed for a Covid variant, was indeed 10 months in duration, as indicated in Exhibit 2.2 below.

    (Note: Genetic analyses of both Covid-19 and its Omicron variant are contained in Questions #7 a. and b.)

    7a. and 7b. Do Covid-19’s genetics/variants indicate that it existed as a lab-release pathogen well before Oct 2019?
    Answer: Yes.


    There are no White Hats Doctor D no one is coming to save you or me, We are on our own.When you witness a genocide, which we are and no1 , no1 is held to account…you know you’re in big fucking trouble. Get right with your God. People are being murdered by injection, incinerated, burnt to death from the sky. If an honorable, moral person existed in these “governments”, they would not allow all this killing.. They do not exist.


    The Empire of Lies Gangster Nation Military Mafia and it’s Ukronaziland Dildo

    Unconditional surrender is their only option

    From Scott Ritter;

    “Kiev was offered a peace deal long ago, but chose war instead, egged on by its Western backers. Now its fate is sealed…

    September 2 marked the 78th anniversary of the World War Two unconditional surrender ceremony onboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay.

    There was no negotiation, only a simple surrender ceremony in which Japanese officials signed documents, without conditions.

    Because that is what total defeat looks like.


    The Empire of Lies is ‘agreement incapable’.

    So it will have to submit to:

    Unconditional Surrender

    On Russian terms

    Nothing to talk about, no details to discuss, just…


    Michael Reid

    The Empire of Lies will never have ‘super soldiers’ cause they always designed for profit not performance

    Against a peer power like Russia or China with real industrial bases, the Empire of Lies can only produce ’boutique’ weapons system that can’t be mass produced for an efficient price point and require ungodly amounts of over priced maintenance to keep the delicate snowflakes working.

    Look at the Ukronazis

    They can’t even repair and maintain their tanks in Ukronaziland because the Russians routinely blowup their repair facilities and they have to send them to Polandistan.

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