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Another Interview With Dominique De Villepin On The Conflict In Palestine (MoA)
‘Catastrophic’ Mistake for US to be Drawn Into War With Hezbollah and Iran (Sp.)
The Nothingness of a War Consciousness (Dennis Kucinich)
Russia’s Public Pivot To Palestine (Pepe Escobar)
Israel Attempt To Destroy Hamas Will Breed More Radicalisation – UN Expert (G.)
The Incredible Lightness of Barack Obama (Victor Davis Hanson)
‘Open War’ May Break Out Within Kiev Regime Leadership – Analyst (Sp.)
Ukrainian Women to Be Zelensky’s New Cannon Fodder (Sp.)
‘We Have A Plan’ – Zelensky (RT)
Ukraine Will Bring War To EU – Hungary (RT)
Wife of NY Judge In Case Against Trump Attacking Him On Social Media (PM)
US House Panel Subpoenas Hunter & James Biden (Sp.)
AstraZeneca Taken to Court Over “Defective” Covid Jab in Landmark Case (DS)







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Translated By Arnaud Bertrand, who says: “Another masterful interview on Gaza of Dominique De Villepin, former Prime Minister of France, who IMHO is the best diplomat the West has produced in decades.”

“The wounds of history are awakening.”

Another Interview With Dominique De Villepin On The Conflict In Palestine (MoA)

We are essentially dealing with a policy of vengeance from the Netanyahu government. Israel has the right to self-defense, but self-defense does not give an indiscriminate right to kill civilian populations. When you target an ambulance, you can always imagine that there was a terrorist in one of the ambulances, or not. But the result is that there are children, women who die. Every child, every woman killed, that’s more terrorists. Therefore, Israel’s objective, what Israel achieves, is exactly the opposite of what they wish. So, it is essential today to change this logic and return to a strategy that is sound. Hostages, everything must be done to secure their release. But let’s not forget: the Palestinian people are also taken hostage, by Hamas and by Israel.

And Hamas, we all know, cares little for the Palestinian people. So telling Hamas: “we will not lift the siege, we will not have a humanitarian truce until the hostages are released,” is a dialogue of the deaf. Benjamin Netanyahu is waging a war to do everything so that the political solution does not come to the table. And this is where the international community, Europe, the United States, must tell Benjamin Netanyahu that this war is not acceptable. It is not acceptable because it leads us directly [to escalation] – because we can see it well, from Hamas we will move to Iran, from Iran we will move to other targets, and we then enter into the logic of a clash of civilizations. When Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu says that on one side there is the people of light and on the other the people of darkness, we can see the kind of spiral we are getting into.

All the wars that have been going on for the past twenty years are wars that begin and do not end. These are frozen conflicts. We know how to start a war; we do not know how to end it. And Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu could control Gaza, it would change nothing. There will continue to be terrorist attacks, Israelis will continue to live in fear. We must get out of this. The second reason why this is yesterday’s war is that the war against terrorism has never been won anywhere. Force is not the answer, once again. Vengeance is not the answer. The answer is justice, and that is what all the peoples of the world, all those who today watch what is happening, call for justice. Today the direction we must follow is to prevent Benjamin Netanyahu from continuing his suicidal logic that will make Israel a besieged state. They can besiege Gaza, but they will be besieged. And do not think that tomorrow we will again have a pacified discourse with Saudi Arabia, with the Arab states that will normalize the situation: no! The wounds of history are awakening.

Israel’s interest is to have a responsible state at its side. And this responsible state, let’s stop splitting hairs, must clearly be the West Bank, all of the West Bank. It must be Gaza, with access between the two territories, and East Jerusalem. The problem, and this is the whole point of Benjamin Netanyahu’s escalation, is that Benjamin Netanyahu does not want it. And the policy of separation must be dignified. That is, it must confer to the Palestinians a state where they can live, a viable state, a true state, which can build itself and which will be all the more at peace… [Host: “Does that mean that the settlements in the West Bank have to be removed?”] Well, when we left Algeria, there were a million French who left Algeria. Today there are 500,000 Israelis colonizing the West Bank, and there are 200,000 in East Jerusalem. [Host: “They must leave the West Bank?”] Yes. Yes, that is history, that is responsibility, that is the price! I tell you solemnly, it is the price of security for Israel! And all those who today consider that it will never be enough are pursuing the worst policy.”

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“Netanyahu has asked three successive American presidents to either attack Iran or to join with Israel to attack Iran, and the answer has been ‘no’ three times.”

‘Catastrophic’ Mistake for US to be Drawn Into War With Hezbollah and Iran (Sp.)

In an article for Al-Mayadeen earlier this week, former US Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter argued that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu is trying to escalate the situation in Lebanon in order to draw the US into a multi-front war against Hezbollah and ultimately Iran. However, Ritter also argued that such a maneuver would not succeed, because Hezbollah won’t be goaded into a conflict that will put it at a disadvantage on the global stage. Ritter said if Hezbollah takes the initiative and launches a full-scale attack on Israel, “people will stop talking about Palestine. People will stop talking about Israel’s aggression, and they will now focus on a new front that will probably include Iran.”

“This is again why [Hezbollah leader] Hassan Nasrallah speaks of perseverance. Perseverance means that you have to struggle through the difficult times to ensure that you are not distracted from the strategic vision,” Ritter said, adding that “Hamas is winning this fight. Israel cannot prevail. Israel cannot defeat Hamas on the ground. Israel has lost the propaganda battle globally; they have lost in the United States.” John Kiriakou, a former CIA officer and whistleblower about the US torture program, told Radio Sputnik’s “The Critical Hour” on Tuesday that Ritter and Nasrallah are right: the US cannot win a war against Hezbollah and should not get involved in such a fight.

“I think Scott Ritter is right. And, you know, I would remind everybody, too, if you recall a month ago, in the immediate aftermath, just in 24 or 48 hours after the Hamas attack on Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu said – and he said it definitively at the time – that the Iranians were behind it all, that that Iran was supplying weapons to Hamas, that Hamas couldn’t have pulled this off by itself, this had to be an Iranian operation. And it wasn’t an Iranian operation. But that was very consistent with Netanyahu’s thinking over the past two decades,” said Kiriakou, who is also the co-host of “Political Misfits” on Radio Sputnik. “Netanyahu has asked three successive American presidents to either attack Iran or to join with Israel to attack Iran, and the answer has been ‘no’ three times. And so now he sees this as an opportunity to bring the Americans in, to either help defeat Hezbollah while the Israelis focus on Hamas, or to defeat Iran, while the Israelis focus on Hamas. Because the truth of the matter is: Israel cannot fight a two-front war. It’s just not equipped,” Kiriakou said.

“Now, we heard from Netanyahu’s office today that the IDF is – their words – ‘deep in the heart of Gaza’. Well, good luck with that. Good luck with miles and miles of tunnels, good luck finding an enemy that is intertwined with the civilian population. Good luck. That doesn’t mean that the United States should be dragged into it. We have our own problems now with Ukraine and with what seems to be an overwhelming national desire to jump in on the side of the Israelis from a distance – but that doesn’t mean that we have to send American troops to help Israel fight its war.”

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“The America that could be, our own hopes and dreams for a prosperous and secure nation, lie alongside the bodies of the men, women and children in those ruins.”

The Nothingness of a War Consciousness (Dennis Kucinich)

We are now being presented, several times a day, with media examples of the effect of extreme violence visited on the captive people of Gaza. The images are heartbreaking. The reality unbearable. Bodies of Palestinian families strewn like refuse along a road that they had trekked as a path to safety. A car turns around at a checkpoint in Gaza, its occupants are hit with a shot from behind, from a tank and everything, the car and its occupants, disappear in a puff. A Palestinian journalist mourns his colleague, who only a half hour earlier, was reporting on air. After work, he went home, a bomb hit, killing him and his 11-member family. The video of his ruined house shows several children’s party dresses that lie amidst the rubble. The human family is in the rubble.

An ambulance convoy, filled with injured Gazans, under the supervision of medical authorities, headed to the Rafah border crossing, was struck by the Israeli air force with the stated suspicion that the vehicle, which was headed away from the battle, carried Hamas fighters. War reduces all nothingness. It is as if 10,000 Palestinians and more had never existed. But they did, just as the 1,400 Israelis killed on October 7 existed. They had birthdates, names, fragile exchanges of human emotion, of love of family, private moments in everyday life that confirmed their existence. Obliterated. Nothingness. Whatever media we consume, we see only a fraction of the massive display of inhumanity occurring in Gaza, the reduction of living, breathing, feeling people to objects. This is heartless. This is soulless. This reduces all of existence to the nothingness of smoke, human smoke.

The violence it is calculated. It is rooted in power politics, in racism, in apartheid, in twisted history, opportunism disguised as vengeance, statecraft as slaughter. We in America, are paying for the extermination of our fellow humans. Our weapons are creating carnage against helpless people. Our aircraft, our ships, our troops have entered the fray, greatly outnumbered. But we are not helpless. We must demand, now, that our government take a new direction, and soon, not only for a cease fire, but a ceasing of war, the end of arms sales to fuel war, the end of 800 military bases around the world; the end of the theft of our tax dollars for killing; the end of policies that pit people against each other, the end of the destructive psychology justifying violence to maintain “strategic balance,” the end of the false justifications for sending our troops into harm’s way.

It is an unfathomable, beyond the Orwellian, to commit ethnic cleansing and call it defense, to preach democratic values while practicing apartheid, to claim wholesale theft of property a right, to take Palestinians, their homes, kill their children, destroy their family, their culture, their history and deem it the fulfillment of a prophecy ordained by God. That this genocide is being visited upon the Palestinians by the descendants of those who suffered the utterly condemnable, indelible inhumanity of the Holocaust is incomprehensible. After all, who has suffered more than the Jews during the Holocaust? Entire families wiped out in a racist elimination plan. [..] Do not assume that it is only the artifacts of the humble, daily lives of Palestinians that lay buried in bomb craters. The America that could be, our own hopes and dreams for a prosperous and secure nation, lie alongside the bodies of the men, women and children in those ruins.

Leaving Gaza

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“This is not about Gaza, but about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The State of Palestine is an integral part of that solution.”

Russia’s Public Pivot To Palestine (Pepe Escobar)

The Russian president made a direct connection between the American drive to extend “its global dictatorship” and the policy obsession with promoting non-stop chaos: “This chaos will help it contain and destabilize its rivals or, as they put it, their geopolitical opponents, among which they also rank our country, which in reality are new global growth centers and sovereign independent countries who are unwilling to kowtow and play the role of servants.” Crucially, Putin made a point to “repeat again” to both his internal and Global South audiences that, “the ruling elites of the United States and its satellites are behind the tragedy of the Palestinians, the massacre in the Middle East in general, the conflict in Ukraine, and many other conflicts in the world – in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and so on.”

It is a vitally important point. By conflating the perpetrators of the Ukraine conflict and the war on Gaza – “the United States and its satellites” – the Russian president has effectively lumped Israel in with the western Hegemon and its agenda of “chaos.” Essentially, what this tells us is that the Russian Federation unequivocally aligns itself with the overwhelming majority of Global South/Global Majority public opinion – from the Arab world to all the lands of Islam and beyond, in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Interestingly, Moscow aligns with the analyses by Iranian Leader Ayatollah Khamenei – a strategic partner of Russia – and Hezbollah secretary-general Hassan Nasrallah, in his searing, sophisticated, Sun-Tzu tinged address this past Friday, on “the spider that is trying to entangle the entire planet and the whole world in its cobweb.”

Exhibit B on Russia’s official position, specifically on Israel-Palestine, came from Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya, at a special UN General Assembly session on Palestine two days after Putin’s address. Nebenzya made it abundantly clear that Israel, as an occupying power, does not have “the right for self-defense” – a fact supported by a UN International Court consultative ruling way back in 2004. At the time, the court also established, in a 14 out of 15 judicial vote, that Israel’s construction of a massive wall in occupied Palestine, including East Jerusalem, was against international law. Nebenzya, in legal terms, nullified the endlessly evoked “right to self-defense” argument brandished by Tel Aviv and the whole NATO galaxy. The Hegemon, Tel Aviv’s protector, recently vetoed Brazil’s draft humanitarian UN Security Council just because it did not mention Israel’s “right to self-defense.”

Even as he underscored that Moscow does recognize Israel’s right to ensure its security, Nebenzya stressed this right “could be fully guaranteed only in case of a fair resolution of the Palestinian problem based on recognized UN Security Council resolutions.” The record shows that Israel does not respect any UN Security Council resolution on Palestine. Exhibit C on Russia’s stand regarding Israel/Palestine was provided by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in a press conference with Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sabah Al-Sabah, two days after Nebenzya’s intervention at the UN. Lavrov reiterated Moscow’s priorities already stressed by Putin and Nebenzya: an urgent ceasefire, humanitarian corridors, and a return to the table to negotiate “an independent Palestinian state, as envisaged by the UN Security Council within the 1967 borders, which would coexist in peace and security with Israel.”

Lavrov stressed once again that several US-Israeli diversionary tactics are being employed “aimed at delaying (if not burying) the UN Security Council’s decision to establish a Palestinian state.” This, says the Russian foreign minister, implies condemning the Palestinians “to an eternal existence without rights. This will ensure neither peace nor security in the region, it will only drive the conflict deeper. And you won’t be able to drive it deep. The next ‘grapes of wrath’ will be sown, which will quickly ‘sprout.’” Lavrov’s analysis, as much as Putin’s, converges with Khamenei’s and Nasrallah’s: “This is not about Gaza, but about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The State of Palestine is an integral part of that solution.”

Russia is sowing the seeds to exercise the role of trusted mediator for all parties in Israel/Palestine – a role totally unsuitable for the Hegemon, especially after the tacit approval of the current Israeli ethnic cleansing of Gaza. It’s all here, clearly formulated by Lavrov: “It will be fundamentally important for us to know the unanimous opinion of the Arab world.” That is a message specifically targeting Sunni regimes vassalized by Washington. Then, when they get their act together, “we will support the Arab solution to this very difficult issue.”

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”They live with fear, and their major fear is not to see their mother and father any more, either because they are killed or because the children themselves get killed..”

Israel Attempt To Destroy Hamas Will Breed More Radicalisation – UN Expert (G.)

Israel’s attempt to wipe out Hamas in response to the attacks of 7 October is likely to breed only further radicalisation, besides being unlawful, the UN special rapporteur on theoccupied Palestinian territories has said. In an interview with the Guardian, Francesca Albanese also said the international community was “reaping the whirlwind” of failing to heed the concerns of those, including herself, who had criticised Israel’s “systematic repression of Palestinian human rights”. “We raised the alarm in the international community, the human rights community, but no one has really listened,” Albanese said. “Now it has reached a dangerous point of no return where the chances of peaceful coexistence have dropped vertically off a cliff. In fact, we are staring into an abyss.” Albanese, an Italian academic, has often been accused by Israel of displaying pro-Palestinian bias, a charge she denies.

She challenged Israel to consider what is in its own self-interest. “Half the infrastructure of Gaza has been destroyed. 9,000 people have been killed, 3,500 of them are reported to be children, over 1,000 of them are still under the rubble. How on earth is that going to lead to peace?” She doubted it was possible to eradicate Hamas, which she described as “not just a military presence but a political reality”. “Even if it was possible to eradicate Hamas, if [Israel] was to exterminate everyone, everyone, so not just the militants, but anyone who works for Hamas including service providers, even if that was possible, but Israel’s occupation remained in place, all the grievances would continue to grow and another resistance will emerge. It’s natural, it’s almost a law of physics. History confirms that.” Her most recent report as UN special rapporteur was on children in the occupied territories, and she said she fears for the further psychological damage inflicted over the last month.

“When you see children there, a profound trauma has gone across their tiny bodies,” she said. “They can speak like adults, they speak of the rights, they speak of the world they know and the world they want. They live with fear, and their major fear is not to see their mother and father any more, either because they are killed or because the children themselves get killed. “The parents of these kids say that they’re scared because they see what it is like for them, that there are fewer alternatives to armed resistance. And it’s difficult to keep the kids away from that path because so many hopes have been destroyed. … When they resist peacefully, and use international law such as the International criminal court or the international court of justice, the international community has been deaf. People feel left with nothing and this is a huge responsibility for the international community to reflect upon.”

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X thread.

The Incredible Lightness of Barack Obama (Victor Davis Hanson)

Joe Biden is caught in a quadfecta of corruption, cognitive decline, a failed agenda, and eroding polls. Amid this apparent vacuum, an opportunistic Barack Obama — who used to be more discreet in managing his third term—is reentering the arena. Last week, he came out as the overseer of the Biden administration’s AI agenda, even as his foundation’s “Democracy Forum” was warning Americans about the need for “inclusive capitalism” and the pathologies of “material consumption”—all this from a multi-mansioned multimillionaire. Now, Obama is weighing in on the Gaza war by undercutting his third-term presidential proxy.

Yet just as he seems somewhat clueless about the contradictions of an erstwhile “community organizer” turned into a hyper-capitalist, consumption-addicted elite, so too Obama has little self-awareness about how much of Biden’s unpopularity derives from his continuation of Obama’s own agendas on the economy, border, crime, race, foreign policy, and energy. His apparent obliviousness continues with his most recent odd assertion that, “The occupation and what’s happening to Palestinians is [sic] unbearable.” But Obama surely concedes that Gaza has been autonomous and free of Israelis since 2005, and governed by a “one man, one vote, once” Hamas clique since January 2006. Obama added that, “If you want to solve the problem, then you have to take in the whole truth, and you then have to admit nobody’s hands are clean – that all of us are complicit to some degree.”

In truth, Obama’s blanket accusation is absurd. Over the last 17 years, an autonomous Hamas has managed to create both a hierarchy of billionaires ensconced in luxury Qatari hotels, and the most sophisticated subterranean tunnel city in the world—but little else except corruption, poverty, and violence for all concerned. Obama again seemed unaware of his own confession when he lectured, “nobody’s hands are clean” and “all of us are complicit”. Not quite, Barack.

Those most culpable for the current catastrophe are Obama and his team, who invited in Robert Malley to be their point man on Hamas; cooked up the “Shiite crescent” misadventure; snubbed the grass-roots Green Movement that sought to overthrow the Iranian theocracy; invited the Russians back into the Middle East after a 40-year hiatus; fled Iraq and fueled the ISIS caliphate; lifted sanctions on Iran, giving it a multibillion-dollar war chest that armed to the teeth Hezbollah and Hamas; estranged the U.S. from Israel; and created the media echo chamber that empowered the disastrous Iran Deal.

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“What we can hear from what he’s saying and when he is giving some interviews, it’s seems the guy is losing his footing and he knows it.”

‘Open War’ May Break Out Within Kiev Regime Leadership – Analyst (Sp.)

The prospects of the 2024 presidential election in Ukraine taking place as intended seemed rather unlikely since the escalation of the Ukrainian conflict in February 2022, since the martial law imposed in the country around that time effectively bars elections. This week, the Kiev regime boss Volodymyr Zelensky has also announced that he thinks “the time is not right” for elections in Ukraine. Commenting on this development, independent journalist Sonja Van Den Ende suggested that Zelensky appears “freaked out all the time” as of late, seeing how his army suffers defeat after defeat on the battlefield and his Western backers seem skeptical about Kiev’s odds of winning the Ukrainian conflict. “He is desperate,” Van Den Ende said, arguing that in this situation, elections are the last thing Zelensky wants. “He doesn’t want it because he knows he will be out.”

She argued that Kiev’s inability to defeat the Russian military has become increasingly apparent today, and Ukrainian forces’ attempts to pretend otherwise by launching drone strikes against Russia’s Crimean Peninsula cannot change that. “When countries lose the war, like Hitler did, in the end they get desperate and more radicalized,” van den Ende remarked. “And I think Zelensky is more radicalized now. What we can hear from what he’s saying and when he is giving some interviews, it’s seems the guy is losing his footing and he knows it.” Meanwhile, international relations security analyst Mark Sleboda noted that the United States seems to be “pushing” for Ukraine to hold next year’s presidential election, “even though, according to Ukraine’s constitution, they should not be held” under the martial law.

“But then why is the US pushing for elections, especially since all the real opposition is banned in the country?” Sleboda inquired. According to him, there are hints that the US government wants to “switch horses”, so to speak, by replacing Zelensky with one of Kiev regime’s top generals Valery Zaluzhny, “without going through the embarrassment of another US backed coup in the country to replace the leader so quickly after the last one.” Sleboda also observed that there seems to have been a falling out between Zelensky and Zaluzhny after the latter recently told British media that the much-hyped Ukrainian counteroffensive turned out to be anything but a success.

Noting how one of Zaluzhny’s aides, Gennady Chistyakov, got killed by an explosion while celebrating his birthday earlier this week, Sleboda remarked that Ukrainian social media channels are just “full of speculation that this was a political hit. They also allege that this was a warning to Zaluzhny and taking one of his pieces off the board by Zelensky’s Chief of Staff Yermak who is seen as kind of a gray cardinal manipulating a lot of things within the regime.” “This seems a fairly credible version to me, considering the way they’re trying to cover this up and wash it away and the embarrassing feature of the whole thing. And that would indicate that we’re pretty much on the brink of open war between the Kiev regime’s political and military leadership,” Sleboda added.


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“..”a step towards equality”..

“.. It also raised the age limit for women eligible for conscription from 40 to 60…”

Ukrainian Women to Be Zelensky’s New Cannon Fodder (Sp.)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky submitted legislation to the country’s Verkhovna Rada – the parliament – extending martial law and general mobilization in the country for another 90 days starting from November 16 this Tuesday. The move comes as the Kiev regime is struggling to increase the number of troops in the nation’s army after the botched summer counteroffensive claimed the lives of over 90,000 soldiers. A general mobilization in Ukraine was announced immediately after the beginning of Russia’s special military operation on February 24, 2022. Under the law, military reservists between the ages of 18 and 60 have been eligible for conscription. In September 2023, Kiev called upon EU member states to deport alleged Ukrainian “draft dodgers” – something which European countries have largely refused to do so far – while in August, Zelensky ordered a full review of all mobilization exemptions granted by Military Medical Commissions (MMCs) starting from February 24, 2022.

It was earlier reported that those Ukrainians who did not want to fight gave hefty bribes to MMC officials to get fraudulent passes. In the course of the conflict, reports and video-evidence have emerged showing Ukrainian men being forcibly grabbed by conscription officers in various part of the country. Ukrainian prisoners of war (POWs) report that morale is low and that many conscripts are pushed to the frontline as “cannon fodder”, without proper training, protection or ammo. Meanwhile, a US newspaper has drawn attention to the Kiev regime’s effort to fill its soldier gap by mobilizing more Ukrainian women. According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, roughly 43,000 women now serve in the nation’s armed forces which constitute a staggering 40% increase since 2021. Accordingly, the Ukrainian military canceled restrictions which prevented female recruits from serving as machine gunners, tank commanders, snipers and truck drivers. It also raised the age limit for women eligible for conscription from 40 to 60.

The newspaper noted that while the Ukrainian Army’s decision to draw more women and lift restrictions is “a step towards equality”, it “also reflects the tremendous toll” the Ukraine conflict has exacted. In fact, female recruits are no news for modern armies. Around 40,000 Russian women serve in the country’s Armed Forces. Of these, roughly 5,000 are officers, including 44 colonels. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, 1,100 Russian military servicewomen are directly involved in the special military operation in Ukraine; a third of whom have received state awards. When it comes to Israel Defense Forces (IDF), women make up 33% of soldiers and 51% of its currently serving officers. Prior to Israel’s massive operation against Gaza, which brought together around 360,000 reservists of both genders, around 10,000 women served in the IDF in permanent service.

Per the US Department of Defense, women make up 17.3% of the active-duty forces in the US Armed Forces (231,741 servicewomen) and women also constitute 21.4% of the National Guard and reserves (171,000). However, the problem with Ukrainian female recruits is not the quantitative increase in the number to fill the existing gaps, but the dire situation at the front that may quickly turn them into cannon fodder.

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Go away.

‘We Have A Plan’ – Zelensky (RT)

Ukraine has a strategy to continue its stalled counteroffensive push against Russia and will try to yield victories shortly, President Vladimir Zelensky has claimed. The president made the remarks on Wednesday as he appeared at the Reuters NEXT conference via a video link. “We have a plan. We have very concrete cities, very [concrete] directions where we go. I can’t share all the details but we have some slow steps forward on the south, also we have steps on the east,” Zelensky stated. While largely avoiding naming any exact locations where such activities are expected to happen, Zelensky promised certain “good steps near Kherson Region,”without elaborating further. Ukrainian forces have a plan for next year, but will “try” to show “battlefield results” by the end of 2023, Zelensky insisted.

“I am sure we’ll have success. It’s difficult,” he added. Zelensky’s remarks contrasted with the assessment given by his top general, Valery Zaluzhny, in an interview with The Economist published last week. The top military commander claimed the conflict between Moscow and Kiev had reached a WWI-style stalemate, with Russia having better chances given its far larger population and vast resources. This may “drag on for years” and“wear down” the country, with a“deep and beautiful breakthrough”unlikely, he warned. Zelensky has previously acknowledged the slow progress of the long-heralded counteroffensive launched by Kiev in early June.

While “some people”expected quick success, the drive ran into “certain difficulties,” Zelensky admitted. However, he somewhat shifted the blame for the lack of progress to Kiev’s Western backers, stating the country received less weaponry from abroad than it had originally hoped for. The botched counteroffensive has resulted in little to no territorial gains for the Ukrainian military, which sustained heavy personnel and material losses. According to Russian estimates, Kiev lost more than 90,000 soldiers in the push, with hundreds of military hardware pieces – including assorted Western-supplied vehicles – damaged and destroyed.

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It already has. Billions worth of it.

Ukraine Will Bring War To EU – Hungary (RT)

Conditions are simply not right for the European Union to consider membership for Ukraine, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Wednesday. His words came in response to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s enlargement proposal earlier that day in Lisbon. She had said that that the EU should commence “accession negotiations” with both Ukraine and Moldova, while upgrading the former Soviet republic of Georgia to official candidate status. “By admitting Ukraine, the EU would also get war, which obviously no one wants to happen,” Szijjarto said, according to Hungarian media. “Enlargement should serve to spread peace, not to bring war into the EU.” He said it would be “absurd” for Brussels to assess Ukraine’s progress in implementing reforms or rule of law or any other membership criteria, given the ongoing conflict.

“Right, there is a war in Ukraine, so we can see that neither media freedom nor freedom of speech is enforced, we can see that elections are not held either,”Szijjarto noted. Budapest’s standing position is that Ukraine needs to restore the rights of the Transcarpathian Hungarian community to the level they had in 2015, before Kiev’s drive to disenfranchise the Russian-speaking population. “Since, according to the European Commission, Ukraine has not met the conditions set for membership, we do not consider any further steps to be timely with regard to the accession negotiations with Ukraine,” the foreign minister concluded. According to Szijjarto, the bloc is facing serious security and economic challenges and is getting weaker, so if it’s looking to admit new members as a way of regaining strength, it should look to the Western Balkans, first and foremost Serbia, instead.

According to an EC report, the talks with Ukraine should begin once Kiev satisfies the remaining demands involving the fight against corruption, adopting an EU-compliant law on lobbying and “strengthening safeguards” for ethnic minorities. The EU has not admitted any new members since Croatia in 2013. Earlier this year, Brussels outlined a vague plan to expand by 2030, eyeing the rest of the former Yugoslavia, Albania, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

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“This is incredible bias,” Loomer wrote. “Less than 24 hours ago she posted tweets in which she said ‘F*CK TRUMP.’ ”

The judge must recuse himself but seems to enjoy the attention too much.

Wife of NY Judge In Case Against Trump Attacking Him On Social Media (PM)

It has been revealed that the wife of the judge overseeing the civil case against Donald Trump in New York has been attacking the former president and his lawyer on social media. Dawn Marie Engoron’s posts came just days after her husband, Arthur, expanded a gag order against Trump and his legal team in order to prevent them from speaking publicly against anyone involved in the case. Screenshots obtained by investigative journalist Laura Loomer showed that Mrs. Engoron created, liked, and shared a number of anti-Trump posts, many of which were directly related to the trial. One post included an AI-generated image of Trump bald in an orange prison jumpsuit next to one of an old lady scrawling “F*ck Trump” on a brick wall. Another was simply the latter.

In another series of posts, Mrs. Engoron took aim at Trump lawyer Alina Habba, retweeting someone who described her as someone who “doesn’t know how to act in front of a judge,” and replying to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) with a story about The View’s Whoopi Goldberg mocking Habba as a “whiny baby.”Loomer became aware of Mrs. Engoron’s online behavior after the judge’s wife posted about her interview with Rep. George Santos (R-NY), which focused largely on the trial. After being exposed, Mrs. Engoron locked her account. “This is incredible bias,” Loomer wrote. “Less than 24 hours ago she posted tweets in which she said ‘F*CK TRUMP.’

She posted photoshopped pics of President Trump in an orange jump suit, she attacked me during my Live show last night for exposing her husband, and she is openly attacking President Trump’s lawyer [Alina Habba].” Loomer’s sentiments were shared by many who called on Engoron to recuse himself or “dismiss this nonsensical case.” “Where are all of the leftists asking Justices to recuse themselves over the political leanings of their spouses?” one user asked, referring to the backlash Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas faced over his wife’s views. Engoron has already fined Trump for violating the strict gag order after the former president went after the judge’s clerk on Truth Social.


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“The House Oversight Committee has followed the money and built a record of evidence revealing how Joe Biden knew, was involved, and benefited from his family’s influence peddling schemes..”

US House Panel Subpoenas Hunter & James Biden (Sp.)

The US House Oversight Committee announced Wednesday that Chairman James Comer issued subpoenas for Hunter and James Biden, Rob Walker and others to appear for interviews as part of the investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings. “House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-KY) today issued subpoenas to President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, brother, James Biden, and Biden family associate, Rob Walker, to appear for depositions,” the release said. Comer also requested additional members of the Biden family and their associates appear for transcribed interviews, including the US president’s daughter-in-law Hallie Biden and sister-in-law Sara Biden, the release said.

The Kentucky lawmaker plans to send additional subpoenas and transcribed interview requests later this week. “The House Oversight Committee has followed the money and built a record of evidence revealing how Joe Biden knew, was involved, and benefited from his family’s influence peddling schemes,” Comer said. “Now, the House Oversight Committee is going to bring in members of the Biden family and their associates to question them on this record of evidence.”In September, Comer issued subpoenas for Hunter and James Biden seeking to obtain their personal and business records. The Oversight Committee has disclosed since January that the Bidens and their associates had established more than 20 shell companies, amassing more than $24 million from sources in China and other countries.

Earlier this week, Comer said Joe Biden received a personal check for $40,000 in allegedly laundered money from China involving Hunter Biden’s companies. The latest comes after the top prosecutor in the Hunter Biden case told the House Judiciary Committee during a closed-door meeting on Tuesday that politics did not play a factor in filing charges against Hunter Biden. The meeting marked the first time a special counsel answered questions during an active probe before congressional lawmakers. Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty in October to three charges related to the possession of a firearm while he was under the influence of illicit drugs. The charges date back to gun forms from 2018.

Read more …

“Victims of VITT – a new condition identified by specialists – question the Government’s monitoring of the vaccine’s rollout and its efficacy”

AstraZeneca Taken to Court Over “Defective” Covid Jab in Landmark Case (DS)

The Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine has been branded “defective” in a multi-million pound landmark legal action that will suggest claims over its efficacy were “vastly overstated”. The Telegraph has the story. The pharmaceutical giant is being sued in the High Court in a test case by Jamie Scott, a father-of-two who suffered a significant permanent brain injury that has left him unable to work as a result of a blood clot after receiving the jab in April 2021. A second claim is being brought by the widower and two young children of 35-year-old Alpa Tailor, who died after having the jab made by AstraZeneca, the U.K.-based pharmaceutical giant. The test cases could pave the way for as many as 80 damages claims worth an estimated £80 million over a new condition known as Vaccine-induced Immune Thrombocytopenia and Thrombosis (VITT) that was identified by specialists in the wake of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine rollout. …

The vaccine, which was heralded at its launch by Boris Johnson as a “triumph for British science“, is no longer used in the U.K. The Government recommends three other vaccines for its autumn booster programme. In the months following the rollout, the serious side-effect of the AstraZeneca jab was identified by scientists. Following this, it was recommend it no longer be given to the under-40s in the U.K. because the risk of receiving the jab outweighed the serious harm posed by Covid. AstraZeneca last night told the Telegraph that patient safety was its “highest priority”, that its vaccine, called Vaxzevria, had “continuously been shown to have an acceptable safety profile”, and that regulators around the world “consistently state that the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks of extremely rare potential side-effects”. It is understood AstraZeneca, in its legal response, denies causing Mr. Scott’s injuries.

Official figures from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) show at least 81 deaths in the U.K. are suspected to have been linked to the adverse reaction that caused clotting in people who also had low blood platelets. In total, almost one in five people who suffered from the condition died as a result, according to the MHRA’s own figures. … As many as 80 claimants could lodge legal cases with the High Court by the end of the year in a class action that threatens to undermine faith in the rollout of the AstraZeneca vaccine that was developed jointly with Oxford University. In Mr. Scott’s claim, his lawyers argue that he suffered “personal injuries and consequential losses arising out of his sustaining Vaccine Induced Immune Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia (VITT) as a result of his vaccination on April 23rd 2021, with the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccination”, which the legal claim alleges was “defective”.

They also argue that no warning of the risk of VITT was included in the product information on the date of supply of the vaccine. AstraZeneca issued press releases following clinical trials saying the vaccine – known as Vaxzevria – was between 62% and 90% effective at preventing symptomatic COVID-19 depending on dosages, with an average of 70%. The legal claim states: “In fact, the absolute risk reduction concerning COVID-19 prevention was only 1.2%.” An absolute risk reduction measures how much the vaccine reduces an individual’s baseline risk of getting ill from Covid at a particular time. If Covid levels are low, the absolute risk reduction rate will be much lower too. This is different from a relative risk reduction, which compares the numbers of vaccinated people getting ill with those getting ill who did not receive the jab.

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    Hieronymus Bosch Adoration of the Magi c1472   • Another Interview With Dominique De Villepin On The Conflict In Palestine (MoA) • ‘Catastrophic’
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle November 9 2023]


    The dichotomies of the TAE commentariat:
    – We are all controlled by the borg; MSM is propaganda: So why is there expensive propaganda if we are all controlled? Why don’t “they” just force us to do things? Go milk the Covid years when TAE was full of “they” doing shit and us being the victims, think again.
    – Jews do not choose to be born Jews; secular Jews do not believe in them being the superior race; leaving Judaism is impossible as it is against the Jewish religion: So Jews cannot denounce Judaism but there are secular Jews? So where did they come from? More Jewish bullshit, more attempts at persuading people that the Jews are like randomness, there are all sorts. Think again.

    The problem is that people are trying to persuade me of all sorts of things, but they keep on using contradictory arguments, as if the previous conversation never took place. I say “all Jews believe they are superior to the rest of us” then someone says “there are secular Jews who don’t think that way”, so I say then let the people who do not support the genocide in Israel stand up for themselves and leave the Jewish whatever, and the reply is “you cannot leave Judaism”. What? How does that work, why do I think I am being conned by a bunch of Jew defenders?

    I see the Jews as the core of American cowardice, the power of the Jews in America is a symptom, and that is why I attack the Jews in America and Israel (essentially the same place). I actually have no problem with people who follow religions, whether it be the Jews, the Moslems etc. What I do have a problem with is a religion that separates itself from society, the same way as sects have done in the past, they separate and operate outside the law of the country. The Jews do this everywhere, they NEVER assimilate, they are proud to never assimilate and they operate as a sect. The real damage is done because they operate outside the aspirations of the country, they are leeches, stealing from the body.


    President Trump tells @ClayTravis and @BuckSexton he’ll consider @TuckerCarlson for VP: “I like Tucker a lot. I guess I would consider him. He’s got great common sense.”

    Trump is such a nob. Tucker Carlson has all the talking points that denounce Trump. Assange, wikileaks, Trump supported them during his campaign then dumped them when the rubber hit the road. Trump was being paid by the Jews – mostly Adelston – so we understand why he did not pardon Assange. I assume that Assange pissed off the Jews in London, same as Corbyn did, so they used their usual corruption to pervert the justice system and get him detained like a Jew in a concentration camp. Corbyn’s assassination was based on him being “anti-semitic”, the calling card of every Jew.

    Next issue. Israel’s right to defend itself against the people who’s house they invaded? That may also be a tricky conversation. A bunch of blacks invade a house in Brooklyn and the Jewish owner starts shouting “they have a right to defend themselves” …. seems unlikely to me. Hypocrisy is the Jewish way. So Hitler marches into Paris and is pissed off that the French tried to defend themselves … bad example, the French were pussies, the Palestinians are not pussies. Mind you, the Germans are now pussies too.


    Israel has the right to delf defense

    They stole Palestinian land and now they have a right to self defense? How does this work? If I steal your house to I have a right to self defense? But I am homeless. Eh? What has that got to do with it? You are stealing my house. One law for the Jews, another for the rest of us.

    What is this “right”? What does that word mean? It appears to mean that the world police in the USA will allow it to happen, because they too are Jews. But the word “right” is bullshit. Every individual has a capacity to defend themselves, to a lesser or greater degree, but a military force having a “right” to defend ittself is bullshit. There are no rights involved, it is pure violence, survival of the fittest.

    Israel is the fittest because it has the USA backing it up. Without the USA it would not be here today. It has no “rights”, it is a military tyranny, it has capacities provided by America, it has no rights at all, it gave up its legitimacy when it was formed. It’s actions are as legitimate as any robber killing people to steal goods. It is a thief and the Americans are supporting that robbery.


    Hey Aspnaz. I wasn’t doing a ‘hit’ on you and others last night (said in non-defensive tone). I was just throwing it out there that I am a bit weary of my information/communication flows even here now. My trust horizon reaches to my kitchen sink and doesn’t make it to Larry Fink.
    You do you, but know that you have an impact and treasure it because it means something. I’ll take the good with the bad and on a personal level – I am finding the fourth turning from my place pretty brutal and tapping out of a bunch of info feeds. I am also getting the feelz that no one really cares enough to make lifestyle changes (which is the money spigot to the Oligarchs and since they are not getting kneecapped by the golden billion who keep indebting themselves to big Daddies everywhere I am turning to pictures of attractive women and food production.

    Maybe I give us all too much credit, because I think we are a class act, but in the end we may be meaningless moths bashing into the light of good intel Raul and others bring and nothing more than a phenomena to the intel dorks.

    Oh and if that overeducated comment CelticBiker made was directed at me – I take it as a compliment, being raised by a single teenage mom with 3 kids in the public housing area of one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Eastern Aus. Public school no tutor just born a nerd.
    Anyways anger and frustration are covers for fear and I do plenty of that feelz myself so no biggie. Just wanted to bring awareness to ‘The Vibe Man’

    Dr. D


    Whoops, I mean shoot EVERY hostage. All 2 million at a 50:1 ratio. Now you see why it’s prophesied Israel will become like an albatross around the world’s neck. They win points for simplicity and economy though.

    …And now you see why Shapiro has been so protected (relatively) to this point.

    “Republican Party Checks Into Rehab For Addiction To Losing” – BBee

    …no wonder they support Israel.

    “Once we got that first taste of losing, we just couldn’t stop,” said Ronna McDaniel, Chairwoman of the Republican Party. “Next thing you know, you have to lose even bigger just to match the thrill of that first crushing defeat. It’s a vicious cycle.”

    Over the last several years, friends have watched the Republican Party steadily descend into addiction, with one loss inevitably leading to dozens more. “The Republican Party kept saying it didn’t have a problem, that it could quit losing any time it wanted to,” said long-time acquaintance Dan Gould. “They even got clean for a few months here and there, like back in 2022 with that Virginia governor. But — they could never stay away for long.” –BBee

    Worth the click.

    The Screw America pic, saved it is titled the Imperative form: [You! must] Screw America!

    Always reminds me of this one: (Ben Garrison)

    Yes, the “CIA” did. But the “CIA” are the Lettermen, the non-American, un-American, WorldWide Party of the Derp state, with branch offices in Brussels, London, Tel Aviv, and even Iran. Yes, they wanted the money stopped, but “Stopping the money” means attacking, destroying them, their worldwide Mafia, K-pop, and scattering them to the winds.

    So there is only one fight and we’re on that same fight. We know that’s the fight since 1963, but also since 1943, or even 1933, when London armed Germany and pointed them at RUSSIA, only to have their funny little Agent double cross them (like Osama, Saddam, Hamas, literally every single time…) and take Western Europe first. …Well, they needed the resources! Even WITH all Europe behind them a Medieval-level Soviet Union crushed them. Imagine it without.

    Having lost, they then imported everyone back to the U.S., Canada, and of course London, while re-christening the same Nazis as mayors and industrialists where they were in Germany, Brussels, Austria, Switzerland…

    Now as long advertised, either one of these guys wins, or the other. Either centralization and orders, a boot on your neck and Feudalism, or decentralized power and messy Liberty. They have positioned themselves for no alternatives. We have no alternative because they will kill every last one of us. They COULD have kept it down up there, but didn’t, and won’t, and have given us no plausible choice but to find them or die.

    And here we are. You’re Next, so you might as well pull in the good direction.

    “Italian Intelligence along with U.S. sworn testimony confirms the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election was stolen from President Trump. Satellites being controlled from Italy added votes to Biden to defeat Trump. Joe Biden is not the lawful U.S. President.”

    Yes. As we’ve known since election night. And there were other foreign governments involved too, making it all “Treason”. Now will the Supreme Court do anything about it? Are the people at the point of supporting them yet if they do?

    ““The wounds of history are awakening.”

    No, they are being forced open because they’re desperate. Like Slavery? In the United States? Jesus, Mary, and Joseph that was 200 years ago. I weren’t never no slaveowner, and you never picked no cotton. But Like Ukraine you can be utterly strategically defeated, no moves, and yet still have an army and still kill a lot of people from Normandy to Berlin.

    “And Hamas, we all know, cares little for the Palestinian people.”

    That may be true, however, they have made the people so desperate that Hamas is overwhelmingly supported. THEY did that. Israel created Hamas to split the vote only to find that – for the 100th time in a row – the Terrorists they funded got off the leash and won the first election and every election, therefore the election was no longer “Democracy” as they voted in the wrong guys. See how that works when they shut the doors on Gaza and were fully self-governing? So I would too, since you can die fast or die slow, and Hamas are the only people doing something about it, so you might as well. Dying fast sounds like an improvement. So Hamas perhaps “Cares about the ‘Palestinian people” (persisting over time) but not about civilian casualties? Because that is no longer a strategic option? A good example of the Overton window. He’s placing the window in a conciliatory and useful location, but it’s still not really true. Meh. I guess I don’t mind as I see his clear good intent.

    “Netanyahu has asked three successive American presidents to either attack Iran”

    Four: Biden, Trump, Obama, Bush. Every day of every month since 2000. And like Russia, we’ve been at war with Iran since 1979. CARTER invaded Iran. (well, attacked deeply at least). A “Blockade” is an act of war, legally and actually, and we’ve been embargoing Iran for 50 years. Before then, we and the British were “Attacking” Iran by installing leaders who torture all the people and hand over all the national goods to BP. Before then we were “Attacking Iran” at the time of Lawrence of Arabia… on and on. We’ve been “Attacking Iran” longer than any of us have been alive, longer than our parents were alive, and probably before then.

    “Good luck with miles and miles of tunnels, good luck finding an enemy that is intertwined with the civilian population.”

    That is no problem for the IDF. No problem at all for the present doctrine. They are going to kill EVERYONE, anything that moves, with no regard whatsoever for Civilians. So who cares if they’re intertwined with the civilian population we are all going planning to kill anyway?

    “The video of his ruined house shows several children’s party dresses that lie amidst the rubble. The human family is in the rubble.”

    Yes, and as he says on “war consciousness”, you’re next if you don’t halt this centralized paradigm of “power over.” The Point of Power is Power. The Purpose of Power is More Power. There is never enough power, until everyone else is killed and my Ego is alone, at peace at last. Everything must be subservient to me. Everything in the Universe. I am God.

    “After all, who has suffered more than the Jews during the Holocaust?”

    Um…everyone? All the normal people were rounded up too you know. All people in the wrong parties, war protestors, Roma, slavs, Greeks, everyone. I know of two in work camps, One Greek, one Pole. Why? Duh, they were “Greek” and “Pole” and Kaiser needed workers. Same as American prison system today, right now, with legal slavery, papered over at $1/hr “or else”. Kamala was a top rounder-upper of black kids to toss into the system and enslave and she gloated about it, both for pot, and for needed workers to die fighting forest fires. 250,000 “normal” Germans died in OUR camps after the war, and they were eating shoe leather before then. Now why didn’t they share their kid’s shoe leather with some Jew they never met? Hateful, I tells ya. Get a grip.

    “warning Americans about the need for “inclusive capitalism” and the pathologies of “material consumption”

    See? Now this is slick. This is how you do it. “Inclusive Capitalism” is of course the “Dead opposite” of “Capitalism”, that is, Capitalism without price, markets, money, choice, or bankruptcy. Aka “Soviet Socialism”. But it SOUNDS great. “Material Consumption”, ending this wendigo sickness of consumption, who could oppose that? …Except he means in “Soviet Socialism” is “Misery Spread Widely”, as Widely as Possible, and “Work or no Food” changing to “Work AND no food”.

    That is, “You’ll own nothing.” And I’LL be very happy. Because it’s not about “owning”, it’s about CONTROL. That’s what “owning” is supposed to mean, but in a world with no meanings, “Owning” now means NOT having control, the government can tell you everything to do on every inch of your property, every minute of your time, and every screw that composes that car you built. While NOT owning means we put all property in a national Trust, and WE, you know, insider Committee Members, the Very Important People have access to Al Gore’s 5 sea-level mansions and 500 more. Well somebody has to live in them, right? By sheer coincidence it had to be ME. Somebody has to eat wild berry jam and eat waigu beef. And coincidentally that was only ME. YOU get to work in the Uranium mines.

    “you have to take in the whole truth, and you then have to admit nobody’s hands are clean – that all of us are complicit to some degree.”

    Ah, but it SOUNDS nice. People are all in. THIS is how you do it. “Everyone” is responsible, so No One is. Therefore when something happens YOU are responsible and arrested, while when I smoke crack and bang 15-year-old hookers with $30 Million from Russia, I am NOT arrested, as “We are ALL complicit”, human, and frail. You understand, pal.

    But who could disagree with such a magnanimous statement if you didn’t grow up with psychopathic narcissists and have the Orphan Annie decoder ring?

    “Ukrainian Women to Be Zelensky’s New Cannon Fodder (Sp.)

    Yes, but Military Summary, which is generally Russian but even-handed wanted to add that they are not FORCING women, not conscripting. These women are destitute because no income, their men were killed, their husbands, sons, etc,, which is precisely why the age was raised. They WANT to fight back, to do something, and Ukraine is only letting them. Okay, that’s a generous view, but fine. However, as we all know, it never stops there. Governments, narcissists, can never stop and this just cracks the door to Daddy’s room. Sure TODAY that’s what’s meant but tomorrow they will conscript in the streets, etc. However, for them the war will be over before they get to this point, so I’m not worked up about it.

    “She had said that that the EU should commence “accession negotiations” with both Ukraine and Moldova, while upgrading the former Soviet republic of Georgia to official candidate status.”

    Moving forward with The Plan. Regardless of any and all reality.

    “Wife of NY Judge in Case Against Trump Attacking Him on Social Media (PM)

    Behavior of noble wives before the French Revolution. This is what happens when you are a special protected class for generations, no longer even feel shame, no longer have any sense that rules or principles even exist, and therefore cannot demonstrate to the public that they are worthy or competent to rule. …But they hate that because so long as they must FEELZ shame or pretend to feel da shame while ruling, they are ruled by the people. Have to think about the dirty deplorables at all. Ever. Or like a toddler, have ANY limits on their behavior, their desires, at all.

    So when you reach this level – and why it takes this level I don’t know – then the people come for you and chuck you in the river. They have an internal mental deference, that “makes things work”, practically. When you remove that, well…

    “US House Panel Subpoenas Hunter & James Biden (Sp.)

    As the Italian Intelligence statement, they are pushing forward all these in coordination, at once. But they all depend on the PEOPLE being sick of eating lies, sick of being poor, sick of being ordered around, sick of irrational stupidity and theft. That clearly takes FAR longer than anyone imagined. But imagine: USSC comes forward. Military deposes Biden and holds – CLAIMS to hold – new elections. But 2/3 of Congress (to be generous) is ALSO bribed, raping traitors. They then need to be removed too. So NO Federal government. What the USMC needs is for the PEOPLE to at least NOT RIOT under Martial Law. Because under Martial Law in a nation with now 400 Million guns, the Army will at some point end up shooting someone, and they need the PEOPLE to not start shooting back. But sit down and wait for elections. Which takes time, we have no candidates nor campaigns right now.

    And Davos will be buying off everyone still, and Money flows will want to go to Europe And/Or a year long market close (this has happened before). Can you grasp the level of the problems involved? Doing this is the SAME AS CONQUERING THE UNTIES STATES. As we WERE conquered, the Americans need to RE conquer it, as Cheeto said, to “Hand the nation BACK to The People”. ..When the people don’t want that, and don’t know what’s going on.

    Annual Interest payments on a Mortgage:

    Annual Interest payments on the National Debt:
    $400 Billion
    $1,100 Billion = $1.1 Trillion.

    Overall debt $18 Trillion to $31 Trillion since 2016. The rates are also rapidly rising, headed to 5% or up 5 fold. So it would be $2 Trillion in no time even if we didn’t double the debt, which we have every 4 years.

    One thought for this week, fighting K-pop, they have shut down their high-water-mark of setting up an ethnostate in Ukraine homeland, which was turned back. Losing that, they are now attacking and losing their middle eastern ethnostate home base. That will take a little time. And after that, where will K-pop have left as a secret base, a control center? Take the big picture here. They’re losing.


    What I hear when Obama speaks.

    Dr. D

    @Aspnaz appreciate your thinking and refining your views here, that’s all we ask.

    We’re not the only ones with double thinking, “hypocrisy” as you say, a human condition. “The Jews” are one thing, but can be both secular AND religious (and as I said, two other flavors as well) Okay, so we have two types of Jews. Now WHY don’t religious (you mean Zionist) Jews ‘convert’ to being secular and thereby sort of sideline from your attacks? Because they no longer undertake actions offensive to you?

    They do. They have. YOU won’t let them. YOU say they cannot be secular Jews. Like Kunstler, growing up in NYC, which is not just from a “Jewish” (non-Jewish?) secular family, but in a city that is very influenced by the Holocaust, the creation of Israel as a solution, etc. So if I grow up in a Pentcostal family who cheers the Dallas Cowboys, guess what? I’m going to understand and sympathise with the Pentacostals and cheer the Dallas Cowboys. Surprise. It’s very rare and takes a long time to re-choose and re-build all that. Being a Blue Dog Democrat, Kunstler is and has been doing that whole journey, in front of us, in public, for decades. The Whooooooole time. He’s now with Trump, the “Anti” Democrat. Against the Blue Party. Against Wokeness. And while he still hasn’t made some jumps, he’s been moving steadily the whole time.

    But none of that matters to you, because: Born Jew. Once a Jew, always a Jew, even for Jews who were never Jews in the first place. His views, are the views of ALL OF NY CITY. They are the views of the WHOLE EAST COAST. So all the atheists, the “Christians” there are nominal, honorary Jews? Maybe. I’m not sure how you come down on that issue. But at the least I believe I read your opinion that no Jew whose any ancestor was a Jew, they are therefore all the same.

    Even atheist pork-eating non-Jews like Kunstler. Even anti-Zionist Jews throughout America. Even Pro-Palestinian Jews being beaten and arrested in the Streets of Israel this week. They’re all the same, WHETHER THEY ARE FOR, WHETHER THEY ARE AGAINST, no matter what very wide range of perspecitves and opinions they hold.

    So therefore, The Nazis are Germans. = The Germans are Nazis. This is not true, a logical fallacy, you can never assume the supergroup (set theory) from the subgroup. And when = All Germans are Nazis, .: therefore, the WHite Rose Society are Germans. Who are Anti-Nazis. Who are .: Therefore Nazis. AntiNazis = Nazis, QED.

    Acting AGAINST something is the same as acting FOR it. Intending and choosing a thing is the same as being born into it.

    And I’m sure all “Americans” are the same, Adam Shiff = Rand Paul. AOC = MTG. Trump = Hillary. Joe Rogan = Anderson Cooper.

    Or any other subgroup. Pro-Abortion, Christ-denying Universalists are the same as snake dancing Pentecostals. Black America, Jussie Smallet = Candice Owens. Louis Farrakhan = Garland Nixon.

    The fallacy is that although we must create categories, words, groups, to use our brains and have logic, yet there is also in a real sense no such thing as a group. They and we are al individuals.

    Which is why We are Individualists, and they are Collectivists. We belive you’re more than the “Critical Theory” of your Birth, Race, Gender, etc. YOU may have to start wherever you were born, but you have active agency, and can think and decide. You don’t HAVE to be whatever you were born as, the core American belief and American Way.

    Thus the “Jewish”, of whatever category, can be for or against ISRAEL, and ARE. Non-Jews can be for and against Israel, AND ARE. So as they are all individuals, sure a majority of American Jews are pro-Israel, why not? But that says literally nothing about any individual, nor opens them to collective punishment on Israel’s behalf.

    …As “Collective Punishment” is a war crime, especially of an ethnic group. I’m not for war crimes. As an individual or an American. Nor is America as 65% of Americans are against the war, despite the most relentless life long propaganda in the history of earth.


    Watters “I was told”

    i saw pictures and videos of members of the United States armed forces patroling and, thus by their presence, protecting poppy fields in Afghanistan. These images were created during the presidency of Donald J. Trump.

    What i did not see was a video of Donald J. Trump acknowledging the corruption and bringing forth court martial procedings for anyone in the command structure of the U.S. armed forces. Lest someone raise an objection. One of the functions of the Executive Branch under Article II of the United States Constitution is found in Article 2, the president is the commander and chief of the Army of the United States.
    El no tienes los cajones.


    The art of the deal

    Watters and Carlson – they are lying, we know they are lying, they know we know they are lying. The lying has no value yet it is profitable.
    This morning:
    National US Debt – $33.7 trillion
    Debt is 124.44% of GDP
    Do you own your car outright? Do you own your water craft outright? Do you own your home outright? Are your clothes part of your credit card debt? Did you add the fabulous vacation you posted images of on social media to your credit card debt?
    Well then you own nothing and are happy. The proposal is to simply increase your happiness.


    I saw Trump try to pull US troops out of Afghanistan and get blocked from the effort. Biden comes in, pulls the US presence out of Afgha, then plant US efforts in Ukraine, the most corrupt country in Europe by everyone’s assessment. Another country for drugs, weapons, and human trafficking.


    Here’s a crazy idea. What if the CIA and da mob are in cahoots in the US to run the country for their own enrichment?

    John Day

    ‘Cave Sweet Cave?’ Geologist Builds Cozy Abode In Vertical Cliffs In New Mexico

    Was it nuclear holocaust he was expecting? Who in their right mind would spend $20,000 excavating the side of a cliff in a steep valley for a few extra square feet of office space?


    Will the Israeli-Gaza war spread?
    Not according to the gold and oil markets!
    Prices for both good and oil keep falling.
    (Admittedly both of these markets are heavily manipulated.)

    Obama, Muslim Brotherhood supporter, is smiling as his plans for Israel unfold.

    Ukraine has abolished all age restrictions, for both men and women, to increase their extortion revenues. Now every Ukrainian will have to pay!

    Mr. House

    Epstein lives on, still waiting for the release of his “client” list.

    Mr. House

    I mean that list of clients wouldn’t have anything to do with unwavering endless support of a certain country right?


    here is a particularly ugly response to the racial profiling currently the rage

    the forebearers of the human population emigrated from Africa, out of Africa as the saying goes. The whole problem can be traced back to this dislocation of humanity. Some have known the problem all along. it’s all the niggers fault.
    “What a piece of work is man…though by your smiling you seem to say so.”
    do you keep a record of your deaths? Do you die daily and the count is of no matter, or do you give harbor
    to every slight and allow them to swell as sun bred maggots in a dead dog?
    “How noble in reason…”


    Easy-peasy cut and paste this morning.

    See? Now this is slick. This is how you do it. “Inclusive Capitalism” is of course the “Dead opposite” of “Capitalism”, that is, Capitalism without price, markets, money, choice, or bankruptcy.

    One of those blissful moments after which Dr D has to wipe his dick so he can continue writing.
    Man is totally oblivious to:

    Do you own your car outright? Do you own your water craft outright? Do you own your home outright? Are your clothes part of your credit card debt? Did you add the fabulous vacation you posted images of on social media to your credit card debt?
    Well then you own nothing and are happy. The proposal is to simply increase your happiness.


    Fixing any problem depends first on recognizing what is the problem.

    My insight
    The sound of war are decapitating.
    The images are heartbreaking.
    The reality unbearable.
    The calls for peace are white noise.
    Live and let live are ignore
    My AI, Gem contribution
    Poem about War

    The sound of war are decapitating
    The screams of pain are penetrating
    The blood of innocents are staining
    The soil of the earth that is aching

    The images are heartbreaking
    The scenes of horror are haunting
    The faces of despair are confronting
    The eyes of the world that are watching

    The reality unbearable
    The suffering unimaginable
    The injustice intolerable
    The hope of change that is invisible

    The calls for peace are white noise
    The voices of reason are drowned out
    The pleas of mercy are ignored
    The ears of the powerful that are closed

    Live and let live are ignored
    The rights of others are violated
    The lives of humans are destroyed
    The hearts of the people that are shattered
    Contribution from Dennis Kucinich:
    The Nothingness of a War Consciousness

    November 7, 2023

    Mr. House

    Why are we still in Iraq? Are we still searching for weapons of mass destruction? Why are we in Syria? Did the Sovereign of that country ask us for assistance in the civil war we funded?

    Mr. House

    Why did we overthrow a stable government in Libya and turn it into an open air slave market?


    We are all controlled by the borg; MSM is propaganda: So why is there expensive propaganda if we are all controlled? Why don’t “they” just force us to do things?

    Right, like when I buy a hamburger for $5. And then I say, look man, I have a hamburger, so what’s the reason for the $5? No reason. I have a hamburger right here. Everyone I see paying at the counter ends up with a hamburger. Everyone has hamburgers now. Ergo, no $5. I mean just LOOK. They all have hamburgers!

    Anyway, if there is no invisible hand that works towards unwelcome ends, then I think you can stop worrying about Jews, can’t you?


    Do you own your car outright? Do you own your water craft outright? Do you own your home outright? Are your clothes part of your credit card debt? Did you add the fabulous vacation you posted images of on social media to your credit card debt?
    Well then you own nothing and are happy. The proposal is to simply increase your happiness.

    No. I refuse the offer. Absolutely not.

    First gather everyone looking to impose an “increase” (decrease) in MY happiness, band together, and then all of you Come Together As One (CTAO), WITH YOUR OWN RESOURCES, use those methods to increase YOUR happiness.

    The monkeys near Bikini atoll all wash their fruit. Because one monkey tried it, it obviously worked, and now they all do, and it continues to work. No monkey had to gather everyone together and make them all, as one, behave how they imagined. Rather, they did something that obviously, demonstrably, repeatabley worked and then others imitated what worked.


    On Dominique de Villepin speeches.

    When France refused to join the Coalition of the Willing for invading Iraq, the announcement was made by Villepin, it weas masterful. Underground news / gossip – was that the USuk would not allow Chirac (Pres. of F at the time) to make such an announcement, it had to be some other person, and France complied. To take some of the ‘sting’ off…

    Villepin’s first speech on the current matters, here in F, on RMC (MSM) Oct. 27, 2023. 20 mins. (Not about the his latest speech quoted up top, I listened to the first one.)

    A translated-print at MOA:

    excerpt from that:

    The Palestinian cause was a political and secular cause. Today we are faced with an Islamist cause, led by Hamas. Obviously, this kind of cause is absolute and allows no form of negotiation. On the Israeli side, there has also been a development. Zionism was secular and political, championed by Theodor Herzl in the late 19th century. It has largely become messianic, biblical today. This means that they too do not want to compromise, and everything that the far-right Israeli government does, continuing to encourage colonization, obviously makes things worse, including since October 7th.

    OK, maybe as Dom. sees it, he is navigating complex waters, perhaps doing his best in the hope of some de-escalation ? .. ?

    He refuses to address the question of ‘fault’, that is for historians to do … He says ‘we’ (who?) cannot manage as the world’s policeman (correct) and have to accept that Russians can provide (not his words) input, efforts at stability, they must be listened to.

    He says:

    There is certainly a realistic objective to pursue, which is to eradicate the Hamas leaders who committed this horror. And not to confuse the Palestinians with Hamas, that’s a realistic goal.

    He paints the pic of a regional, localised conflict, between ‘some’ parties. Those who commit *horror* aka Hamas (he avoids the wd terrorists) must be *eradicated*! and Pals are not all ‘Hamas’ .. OK.

    Sounds very ‘sensible’ yet distracts from, obscures (imho) that for ex. Hamas was supported by Isr, and that the ‘wars’ / ‘crisis’ in Isr. and UKR. are proxy ‘wars’ engineered by USuk, as in UKR, and/or the result of US control, interference, perhaps slipping out of control somewhat.


    Figmund Sreud

    Dr. D – Okay, so we have two types of Jews.

    Uhm, … three (3) in fact? Parable: The year 1969: My father, Pole – residing in Canada – for the first time since the WW-3 separated them – meets with his very best friend in childhood years and beyond, Jew – residing in Chicago. They meet in Midland, Ontario, Canada. Most warmest, emotional reunion I ever witnessed! These two men sat down around the table and talked and talked for seemed like eternity, …

    Anyway, at one point talk turned towards children, … my father asked about his children, how many, where are they, … what do they do?

    His friend indicated that he has three sons, … and one daughter, … and he just kept talking about her for an extended bit of time. Eventually, my father interrupted, asked ‘and your sons?’. The old Jew hesitated for a bit, … than conversation restarted and went as follows ( I summarize it – it’s been long time, so forgive me).

    One son stayed in Poland, became a politician, his father said, … was a hi-ranking government official, … continued helping building socialism – both my father and his friend concluded. When asked about second son, word was that that one was in the US, practicing and promoting socialism, … was a businessman and activist in Chicago – both men concluded building capitalism.

    At that point, a long pause – I was puzzled, … so was my father, in fact. I actually recall that it was me who asked about his third son. Old man took a deep breath, hesitated a bit, … and than uttered: my Yitzhak now lives in Israel, on a kibbutz – northern Israel, and that he has five children already, … sixth one on its way!

    Neither one of the two old friends suggested any further than that. There was no mention of politics.

    … and that’s what I remember.



    Good heavens, aspnaz, you needn’t be obtuse.

    I left the LDS/Mormon religion…and I no longer belong to it.
    But I could not “leave” the fact that my ancestors on both sides were more or less “faithful” Mormons, some of whom crossed the plains in wagons in the 1800s, a few did the multi-wife thing generations back, etc. I embrace that culture every time I pull out my water bath canner.

    It’s the same for Jews: they can individually leave the religion, not believe a whit of it, they can individually disagree with Zionism, but that does not change the fact that their family heritage is a Jewish one.

    One cannot change the history of one’s family tree anymore than a man can become a “real woman” through gender reassignment surgery.

    What *matters* is what one does as an individual — how a person lives and treats others. You know…I think that Jesus would agree with me: “By their fruits ye shall know them.” Not the fruits of their parents or siblings or great-great gandpa — but their own words and actions.

    We humans have a nasty habit of letting our pattern recognition get the best of us, and it causes us to draw conclusions about individuals based on inadequate knowledge — such as, their clothing style or family tree. Now, such prejudices are likely impossible to overcome, and they are sometimes harmless, sometimes helpful, and sometimes tragic. When the Nazis blamed the Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, and disabled for the problems of society and put them to death — this was tragic. When the Israeli government and too many Israeli nationals blame “the Palestinians” for the actions of Hamas, calling them “human animals” and slaughter countless innocents to kill one member of Hamas — this is devastating.

    Yes, there is a great deal of evidence that suggests that there is an elite cabal attempting to remold the world in their favor. There is evidence that some members of this elite cabal are Jewish, and have strong ties to Israel, etc. There are others in this elite cabal who are not Jewish and have strong ties to other, non-Jewish institutions, countries, etc.

    I don’t give a rat’s arse what the ethnicity, family, religion, etc., may be of the person is who is trying to take away the liberty and rights of myself, my children, my family, my friends, etc. — I care that someone is making the attempt and I oppose it. If I spend time condemning that person’s ethnicity, family, religion, etc., I’m likely to get distracted from my goal — which is to maintain my rights and liberty, not to pour out hate and vitriol at everyone who shares a background with the oppressor.


    Communism Doesn’t Know How
    People living in “those” countries knew that half a century ago. Einstein.
    Thus heavy immigration traffic from the East to the West and just on time to experience all the internal contradictions (that bearded man predicted 150 years ago) of the new system adopted them.



    An ‘allowed site’ – I presume, as has been up for some days – is recruiting French volunteers to the Azov battalion.

    Front page says, “Join the camp of the Good”…(lit trans to give flavor)

    2nd sentence on the front page states:

    “France has already contributed greatly both in support and military assistance to our cause, but it is not enough to gain victory.” (my fast trans)

    Follows how to apply, what docs are to be submitted, no experience necessary …. nothing about pay.

    (Which I believe to be very high, but can’t show that for now.)

    Home Page

    Figmund Sreud

    News flash: Israel will begin daily four-hour pauses in northern Gaza to allow people to flee hostilities, the White House said moments ago, …

    Figmund Sreud

    Latest from Crooke:

    John Day

    Meryl Nass MD asked Sasha Latypova about the Slovenian Nurse vial-numbering scheme in the image above.
    It is about a year olld and “not true”, by Sasha’s report.

    Dr. D

    Man is totally oblivious to: Do you own your car outright?

    I do not understand. (Or the other, actually, WHO is moving East, and who West, etc?) So the existence of a Centrally-owned, government protected Central bank that issues money only to their friends and insiders outlawing or disadvantaging all other forms of money and therefore are a complete merger of corporation and state, altering prices, preventing their bankruptcy and insuring ours is an example of “Capitalism”?

    I think that would broadly be considered to be “fascism” and at the very least, a government-decreed monopoly outlawing all competition.

    The debt could never reach this level nor the rates without guns pointed at every guy pushing for a free market. As we see on Youtube every day. Or the new Capitol Police Force SWAT teaming grandmas in Idaho. Is it normal to be arrested if I don’t wish to buy or use your product? Von NotHaus was arrested for merely minting rounds.

    “Why are we still in Iraq?”

    Yes, and in a Free market where does the money come from to pay for it? Oh wait… We don’t have a free market, in money or anything else. Thus we know WHY the complete merger of corporation and state exists: because it can beat up other countries and steal their stuff. This is not possible voluntarily.

    Villepin: What was it Kissinger who said, Politics is the Art of the Possible? That is, a good diplomat like he is tells WHAT IS. That’s how he builds credibility. Our guys can’t even do THAT for 40 years. After that, he says, okay, this is what is, WHAT IS POSSIBLE? …Like I don’t care who did what, I don’t care why, I don’t care who thinks it is moral or immoral – that’s not helpful. …And better or worse that is the frame of mind and specialty of diplomats. It’s up to Politicians, or the People, who are supposed to control them to tell them whether this is good or bad, wanted or not wanted. That’s okay: my dentist doesn’t have to be my priest too, I understand. Villepin seems to say, “We’re here: now what?” And the other thing they have to do very carefully, is know who they are addressing, and where that guy’s Overton Window is.

    I forget what the 4 Types were, I think it was Practicing, Non-practicing/atheistic, only by DNA and race, and People who happen to live in Israel.

    Noirette: do you think “French”? Or “Francophone”? I.e anyone, Swiss, Belge, etc? NOt that it matters but I guess it implies if it’s direct French Govt run.

    Mr. House

    Question for everyone here: What does Israel intend to gain from the current operation? What is the goal?


    People living in “those” countries knew that half a century ago. Einstein.
    Thus heavy immigration traffic from the East to the West and just on time to experience all the internal contradictions (that bearded man predicted 150 years ago) of the new system adopted them.

    From the comments on that video:
    I was born in the Soviet Union 60 years ago under the ideas of Karl Marx.
    Now in the US I am about to die under the same ideas.
    This evil stuff has been pursuing me all my life.

    Escape from Communism. Communists ruining new place. Ono! See? Capitalism doesn’t work!!! Every time communists ruin something, it proves how it doesn’t work. They have to ruin it to prove it to you, otherwise you might never learn unaided.

    Kind of like how wokeists got me fired for not taking their sacrament, passing their purity test. Their presumption was that I have a debt to everyone else in my community to make them safe (blank out the middle part) therefore take a shot. Then they re-imagined my job as being a resource to me as opposed to me being a resource – at a profit – to my employer – and said if he does not act for his community, he should be deprived of resources. The very same people who took over infrastructure they couldn’t build and couldn’t maintain, but called it “their” resources they were denying me of to make it fair.

    Are these the contradictions of Capitalism of which you speak?


    Brain fart:

    The Zionists, for the most part, have ‘encamped’ themselves, and held a safety hostage all these years. They are now attempting to extinguish the hostage, concurrent with the power crash of their ‘Uncle Schmuel’ (thanks, Saker!).


    My best guess is that Israel is not going to gain anything from this.
    Bibi was following orders. In fact, it is a desperate move because if it fails (which it likely will) Israel will suffer hugely.

    In my mind, there is not much difference between the bush/Cheney Iraq campaign and the narrative that is being constructed around Iraq and Palestine. Axis of evil has already been resurrected. Terrorism has become common use demonization for middle-eastern sympathisers and the phrase the war on terror is likely due to be put back into common use again. Israel will legitimise this new narrative and it will be driven into the minds of all people in the western sphere of influence in order to take their attention off of a collapsing economy, increased mortality from the shots and the implementation of stage 2 of the great reset.


    Brain Cataract

    I used to see the world in vivid colors
    But now it’s all a blur of gray and white
    I don’t know what is real and what is not
    I can’t tell day from night

    My memories are fading like old photographs
    I can’t recall the faces of my friends
    I don’t know who I am or where I belong
    I feel like this is the end

    But sometimes I catch a glimpse of something bright
    A flash of blue or green or red
    A spark of hope that ignites my soul
    A reminder that I’m not dead

    Maybe there is a way to heal my eyes
    To remove the cataract that clouds my sight
    Maybe there is a way to restore my vision
    To see the world in a new light

    by Gem


    Impunity – U.S. hits Iran-linked facility amid ongoing attacks on U.S. forces in Iraq, Syria
    1. Floating coffins
    2. Hard of hearing – Go home

    Mr. House

    UH OH:

    Is it time for cyberpolygon hoax already?

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