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The Supreme Court Sees the Politics – Jack Smith Denied Request (CTH)
A Rigged System From Top to Bottom (Donald Jeffries)
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“For the Supreme Court to accept the request of Smith, would be for the Supreme Court to pretend the political motive was unknown..”

The Supreme Court Sees the Politics – Jack Smith Denied Request (CTH)

As we stated yesterday, following the Smith request, the Trump attorney response, and the Smith re-response, the transparency of the special counsel motive is obvious. For the Supreme Court to accept the request of Smith, would be for the Supreme Court to pretend the political motive was unknown. The Supreme Court did not pretend and was curt in their retort: “The petition for a writ of certiorari before judgment is denied.” Special Counsel Jack Smith argued in his petition to the court, the speedy resolution of Trump’s claim of presidential immunity is of an urgent national interest. The motive was/is a transparent speedy timeline effort to influence the 2024 GOP presidential primary race.

The court, heck, the entire world can see it. Arguments on the presidential immunity issue, within the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, are set for January 9, 2024. The decision of the 3-judge panel will come thereafter. Depending on the outcome, Donald Trump can then ask for a full panel appellate court review. If the Circuit Court appeal results in a non-favorable outcome, the next step is the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, the DC trial of Donald Trump is frozen awaiting a determination on the original issue of presidential immunity.

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“Peter Navarro was convicted for contempt of Congress, because he ignored a subpoena. You know, the same thing presidential offspring Hunter Biden just did this week. Former Attorney General Eric Holder did this as well. Some subpoenas are more equal than others.”

A Rigged System From Top to Bottom (Donald Jeffries)

Just the other day, New York Attorney General Letitia James issued a remarkable statement. “Before this trial even began, the judge ruled in our favor and found that Donald Trump did engage in years of significant financial fraud,” James boasted publicly. This is associated with just one of Donald Trump’s absurd legal cases. Let what this laughable, biased prosecutor said sink in for a moment. She admitted that the honorable judge had “ruled in our favor” before the case had gone to trial. Even for this collapsing Banana Republic, it’s a shocking precedent to openly brag about such a serious breach of basic legal protocol. James, whom Trump has called “racist,” recently stated, “The Donald Trump show is over.” James has referred to Trump as an “illegitimate president,” and said “his days are numbered.” She lashed out at Trump at many rallies, even declaring, “We’ll bring him down!”

Upon being elected in December 2018, James vowed, “We will use every area of the law to investigate President Trump and his business transactions and that of his family as well.” In this case, Trump is accused of exaggerating the value of his assets. Now, I’ve known a lot of people in my lifetime that exaggerated the value of whatever they had. Bullshitters, I believe they’re called. Or to be more polite, blowhards. Until now, being a bullshit artist wasn’t a criminal offense. The good judge in this case, Arthur Engoron, is about as biased as can be, a perfect example of the new judges who rule over the Orwellian courtrooms of America 2.0. Engoron slapped a gag order on the former president after he insulted his law clerk in a post on Truth Social. Some insults are more equal than others. Trump also received a gag order in his equally ridiculous trial for “conspiring to overthrow” the 2020 election, by complaining about the many obvious irregularities that smacked of fraud.

It’s hard to keep track of the players without a scorecard, but Jack Smith, the prosecutor in the case where Trump is being tried for alleging electoral fraud, something which Stacy Abrams continues to do in the same state, is in a category by himself. Smith has regularly taunted Trump on social media, at Trump’s own grade school level. It makes you proud to be an American to witness it. Judge Tanya Chutkan is almost identical to Engoron in her transparent bias against Trump. Trump has no chance in either case. Although a bit less classless than the TikTok judges Alex Jones has been tried by, they are similar in their disregard for traditional appearances of impartiality and the presumption of innocence, and their distaste for free speech.

Just as the lethargic American public permitted tyranny to be constructed all around them, without protesting or even noticing, they have allowed the implementation of a politicized justice system. The prosecutions of Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Mike Flynn, Sydney Powell and other Trump associates were all politically motivated. Peter Navarro was convicted for contempt of Congress, because he ignored a subpoena. You know, the same thing presidential offspring Hunter Biden just did this week. Former Attorney General Eric Holder did this as well. Some subpoenas are more equal than others.

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“ is up to society to protect citizens from the “nefarious” uses of free speech or free elections by cleansing ballots and social media.”

NYT Editor: Opponents to Trump’s Disqualification The New Confederates (Turley)

“Why are you standing with confederates who betrayed this country?” Those words from New York Times editorial board member Mara Gay on MSNBC captured the unhinged coverage of the Colorado Supreme Court’s disqualification of Donald Trump from the 2024 election. While the underlying theory under the 14th Amendment had been previously rejected by jurists in various states (including many Democrats), Gay had a simple take for viewers: anyone raising democratic or constitutional objections are modern day confederates. Gay was asked on MSNBC’s Morning Joe how she would respond to many of us who have questioned the constitutional basis for using the 14th Amendment to bar Trump from ballots.

Gay responded: “Why are you standing with confederates who betrayed this country? This is what they’re standing with. It’s the spirit of those confederates rather than the Americans who came together after a long and brutal Civil War that was fought to keep the Union together and clearly saw a threat in ex-confederates running for office. So much so they amended the Constitution to prevent those traitors from running for office.” It is that simple for the editors of the New York Times: either you support this previously rejected theory to prevent voters from casting their ballots for a candidate or you are a confederate. So those three Democratic appointees on the Colorado Supreme Court were just more confederate fellow travelers. Gay knows that other states and courts have rejected this theory. She knows that even the majority said that the precedent for the decision was “sparce” and that this was “uncharted territory.”

Yet, if you reach the opposing view of most judges who have looked at this question, you are standing not with the Constitution but the confederacy. The obvious attempt is to intimidate and ostracize those who may have qualms over barring citizens from voting for candidates. It is akin to being called a racist on campus if you oppose diversity policies or standards on academic grounds.

It is only the latest example of how the left is engaging in McCarthy-like tactics to portray advocates for free speech or other constitutional protections as enemies of the state. Back in the day, it was the Democrats who were denounced for raising such legal objections. Now, Democratic members and pundits attack witnesses as “Putin lovers” or supporters of “insurrectionists” in opposing censorship. Or confederates for objecting to ballot cleansing. Indeed the rhetoric used by Gay is strikingly familiar to the defense for censorship on the left. She added on MSNBC that the Colorado decision “should send a message that our electoral system can be used for nefarious purposes against democracy itself. It’s clear. It’s clear as day.” Thus, it is up to society to protect citizens from the “nefarious” uses of free speech or free elections by cleansing ballots and social media.

Of course, others simply used the opinion to vent on an almost schoolyard level. Rick Wilson of The Lincoln Project, taunted the former president and said that the court “called you out for what you are. You’re a filthy insurrectionist. You’re a losing loser who loses.” That is still weirdly preferable to labeling anyone raising constitutional concerns as standing with “confederate traitors.” Yet, it is remarkable how these critics who have long objected to Trump rhetoric have adopted the same personal and reckless rhetoric. Gay’s interview should be chilling for anyone who cares about both law and journalism. It shows the righteous rage that fuels the intolerance in our country. It also shows the potential for this insidious theory as more Democratic politicians, like those in California, who are calling for their own officials to find ways to block Trump from ballots.

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“..then it’s off to the races for something potentially unspeakable..”

Slip, Sliding Towards Civil War as Trump Tossed From Colorado Ballot (Bridge)

In an effort to ‘protect democracy,’ the Colorado Supreme Court declared Donald Trump “constitutionally ineligible” from running in the state’s 2024 primary in what appears to be the latest sign that America is heading for a calamitous train wreck. Was it any coincidence that on the very same day the Biden administration began the removal of the ‘Reconciliation Memorial,’ which was unveiled 109 years ago in Arlington National Cemetery in the aftermath of the Civil War as a symbol of America’s “national unity,” the state of Colorado denied thousands of its citizens the right to vote for – who else? In a 4-3 ruling, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that former President Donald Trump lacked the legal credentials to participate in the state’s presidential primary because of the 14th Amendment’s “insurrectionist clause,” removing his name from the state’s 2024 ballot.

The 14th Amendment on insurrection states, Section 3. No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States…shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may, by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability. Colorado’s highest court overturned a ruling from a district court judge who ruled that Trump incited an insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021, but said he could not be removed from the ballot because it was unclear that the provision – written in the post-Civil War period – was intended to cover the presidency.

The obvious problem with the Colorado ruling is that Special Counsel Jack Smith did not charge Teflon Trump with an attempt to mount an insurrection on January 6, nor any other day. However, if by some chance the U.S. Supreme Court would affirm the Colorado ruling, leaving Trump disqualified not just in Colorado but in many other states, then it’s off to the races for something potentially unspeakable. Meanwhile, the cancel-culture commandos continue their attack on civil liberties in other ‘democratic’ venues as well. YouTube, for example, said it will remove videos that make false assertions that institutional fraud cost President Trump the 2020 election (suitcases filled with ballots magically appearing from under desks after the media have all called it a night is just a ‘conspiracy theory,’ right?). Since September, the company has sent to the memory hole over 8,000 channels for spreading “harmful and misleading” content.

To add to the Orwellian-ness of its draconian handiwork, the Google-owned monstrosity was creepily happy to inform in its blog page that “over 77% of those removed videos were taken down before they had 100 views.” If we were talking about the game ‘whack the mole,’ such swiftness might be something to brag about. But since we’re talking about severe violations of the First Amendment, the company should feel nothing but shame. Incidentally, speaking about violations of the 14th Amendment, how about the part at the end that speaks about giving “aid or comfort to the enemies thereof”? With an estimated 5,000 illegal immigrants swarming across the U.S.-Mexico border every day, some traveling as far away as the Middle East and China just for the privilege, couldn’t these mostly military-aged strangers be considered very real enemies? It certainly would seem that U.S. President Joe Biden, who has exposed the American people to every sort of danger, could be found guilty of ‘aiding and abetting’ a very real threat – an epidemic, if you will. Is there not one Republican-led high court in the land to take up the challenge?

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“..using aliases and private email addresses..”

Biden Emailed Son’s Business Associate 54 Times In 1 Year– Republicans (RT)

US President Joe Biden exchanged dozens of emails with his son Hunter’s business associate while he was vice president, according to a Republican-led committee investigating Biden’s alleged influence-peddling. Biden has denied any involvement in his son’s overseas dealings. Files released by the House Ways and Means Committee this week show Biden using aliases and private email addresses to communicate with Eric Schwerin, Hunter Biden’s accountant, 54 times. The bulk of these exchanges took place either side of Biden’s two 2014 trips to Ukraine, with Hunter Biden appointed to the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy firm, after the first trip. The committee did not publish the contents of the emails, only describing when they were sent.

Nevertheless, the messages “directly refute previous public statements the president has made that he had no knowledge of his son’s business dealings,” the committee said in a press release. Asked earlier this month whether he knew about or partook in Hunter’s business activities, Biden said “I did not, and it’s a bunch of lies.” Hunter Biden was lavishly compensated for his work with Burisma, earning around $1 million per year for as long as his father was in the White House. Hunter’s former business partner, Devon Archer, told the House Oversight Committee in July that Hunter was appointed solely to guarantee that the company would have influence over US policy, and that Joe Biden regularly called Hunter during meetings with Burisma clients.

Biden admitted in 2018 to using $1 billion in American aid money as leverage to have a Ukrainian prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, fired. According to the Oversight Committee, Hunter asked his father to ensure that Shokin was sacked while the two spoke by phone during a Burisma meeting. The House Ways and Means Committee, Oversight Committee, and Judiciary Committee are currently conducting an impeachment inquiry into Biden’s alleged corruption and influence-peddling. The House of Representatives voted along party lines to formalize this inquiry earlier this month, a move that grants greater subpoena power to the committees. However, Hunter Biden has defied a subpoena calling for him to give a closed-door deposition to the Oversight and Judiciary committees, stating that he would only answer questions in a public session.

Citing witness testimony and files retrieved from a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden, Republicans allege that the Biden family received around $24 million in payments through shell companies from business figures and politicians in China, Kazakhstan, Romania, Russia, and Ukraine while Biden was vice president. Some 150 of these transactions were flagged as “suspicious” by the US Treasury Department, according to the committees. The Ways and Means Committee describes Schwerin as “the architect of the Biden family’s shell companies,” which were allegedly used to conceal these payments. Democrats insist that Schwerin merely helped Joe Biden file his tax returns during his time as vice president.

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No Gaza or Red Sea today, but lots of Ukraine. Feels like things could change there, fast.

Ukraine Can’t Defeat Russia – Fico (RT)

No amount of Western weapons pumped into Ukraine will be enough to secure a victory over Russia, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico has said, adding that this means that the conflict has no military solution. In an interview with the local Pravda newspaper on Friday, Fico – a vocal critic of sending arms to Kiev – suggested that while the West was trying its best to use Ukraine to “destroy” Russia both economically and militarily, this approach was doomed from the very start. “This plan can never work, it is an absolute misunderstanding of reality and the real position of the Russian Federation,” he noted, recalling that Moscow has gained more territory than Ukraine this year, even despite the latter’s ill-fated counteroffensive.

According to Fico, while Western sanctions are certainly unpleasant for Moscow, it would be a mistake to think that “a Russian citizen is beating his head against the wall because he cannot buy an American phone” as he can simply buy a Chinese one. When it comes to the battlefield situation, the West should honestly admit that “Ukraine does not have enough forces to militarily reverse the situation,” according to the premier. We can pour all the weapons of the world, all the money there, and Russia will never be defeated militarily. It is the turn of 2023 and 2024, and you will see that Russia will begin to dictate the terms of settlement of this conflict. Meanwhile, Fico recalled that Ukraine had a chance to end the conflict in its early stages by signing an agreement with Russia but walked away from the negotiation process after receiving promises of support from the West.

This past June, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that in the spring of 2022 Moscow and Kiev drew up a peace treaty in which Ukraine had committed to a neutral status. David Arakhamia, a Ukrainian MP who led Kiev’s delegation at the talks, later confirmed that this was one of Russia’s key demands. He also said that Ukraine broke off the engagement after then-UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson dissuaded it from taking the deal. Several months after the talks collapsed, four former Ukrainian regions overwhelmingly voted to join Russia in public referendums, with President Vladimir Zelensky later barring negotiations with Moscow. Russia, however, maintains it is open to engagement with Kiev. As things currently stand, “only a naive person” could imagine that Russia would contemplate leaving its new territories, Fico concluded.

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“People of cultures other than Ukrainian, be they Russian or something else, do not want to fight for a monoethnic Ukraine because Kiev discriminates against them..”

‘Old Ukraine’ Is Dead – Arestovich (RT)

Ukraine cannot exist as a monoethnic and monocultural state in its 1991 borders, which is the essence of what the government of President Vladimir Zelenksy seeks in the conflict with Russia, his former aide Aleksey Arestovich said in an interview on Friday. Speaking to journalist Yulia Latynina, the ex-official declared the nationalist Ukrainian project “dead,” stating that Kiev is unable to find people willing to fight for it. He claimed that 30% to 70% of troops on the front line refuse to go into combat and seek opportunities to desert. According to Arestovich, the refuseniks “have passed a sentence on this system, they have sealed its end.” Zelensky’s statement that the Ukrainian military leadership wants to mobilize up to 500,000 people for the war effort appears to be a form “trolling” by the commanders, Arestovich said.

The target is absolutely unrealistic, he claimed. With Kiev ramping up the pressure on draft dodgers, they will soon stop running from conscription teams and start shooting at them, the ex-official predicted. People of cultures other than Ukrainian, be they Russian or something else, do not want to fight for a monoethnic Ukraine because Kiev discriminates against them, the commentator noted. The same is true for people who live in territories under Russian control, which Kiev wants to take back by force. Ukraine “has nothing to offer to the residents of Donbass and Crimea, except for a second-rate citizen status,” he said. Meanwhile, Ukrainians who support the monoethnic project may have other issues with the government, be it a grudge over an unfair economic system or lack of political liberties.

“We live in a country of prohibitions, a country where freedoms are suppressed… where you are caught and forced into the army. Who would want to fight for such a nation?” Arestovich asked. He claimed that only by radically reforging itself as a multiethnic and multicultural nation, as befits its democratic composition, and putting its national interest first can Ukraine have a future. Such a Ukraine could convince people to live and die for it, rather than seek opportunities to flee. That kind of Ukraine could also reach a deal with Russia and the West on a viable European security architecture, thus eliminating the cause of the current conflict, he argued.

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“..the more ludicrous Team Biden’s idea about Russia’s threat to Europe gets, the more desperately they stick to it. “I saw this happen before,” McGovern said..”

McGovern: Biden’s Proxy War in Ukraine Evokes Strong Memories of Vietnam Sp.)

Joe Biden claimed earlier this month that the US can’t let Russian President Vladimir Putin win in Ukraine since “he won’t stop there. “[If] Putin attacks a NATO ally — if he keeps going and then he attacks a NATO ally — we’re committed as a NATO member to defend every inch of NATO territory, and we’ll have something that we don’t seek and that we don’t have today,” the US president stated on December 6.In response, Russian President Putin called Biden’s claim “complete nonsense”, adding that he believes that his American counterpart understands that. “Russia has no reason, no interest — no geopolitical interest, neither economic, political nor military — to fight with NATO countries,” Putin emphasized on December 17.

“The more I hear Biden and his advisers, the more I think they actually believe that the Russians are out to take over Europe like us,” Ray McGovern, a former CIA officer who prepared the president’s daily brief during the Ronald Reagan administration, told Sputnik. “It reminds me of back in the sixties when I was working on Russian policy toward Vietnam and Southeast Asia. The domino theory or the Russians theory, the Russians were trying to take over the whole world, especially Southeast Asia. Not only that, but Indonesia, the whole world just better go down the drain if the Russians prevail in Vietnam. “The “domino theory” meant that “when one nation falls to communism the impact is such as to weaken the resistance of other countries and facilitate, if not cause, their fall to communism,” as per a 1964 memo from the Board of National Estimates to the director of central intelligence. The US used the now-discredited theory to justify its involvement in the Vietnam War years after its unfortunate military campaign in Korea.

Eventually, the US got bogged down in Vietnam, with its leadership continuing to stick to the false narrative. The same is happening now in Ukraine, according to the CIA veteran: the more ludicrous Team Biden’s idea about Russia’s threat to Europe gets, the more desperately they stick to it. “I saw this happen before,” McGovern said. “There was a false narrative. We were winning in Vietnam and our forces were just about to complete the victory, except General Westmoreland was saying, and this is late 1967, ‘We just need 208 more troops because we’ve got to go into Vietnam, right up to the Chinese border, and then we’ll win for sure’. Now, that was delusional. That was crazy. And, you know, those of us who have been around a while knew what happened last time we went up to the Chinese border in Korea. Right?”

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“..221,571 Ukrainian men have arrived in Germany since then and 189,484 remained in the country..”

Ukrainian Military Vows To Boost Numbers By Any Means (RT)

Ukraine will boost the size of its army one way or another, a Defense Ministry spokesman said on Friday as cited by local media, adding that citizens should not delude themselves into thinking that only volunteers will have to fight. President Vladimir Zelensky previously stated that the Ukrainian military was looking to enroll between 450,000 and 500,000 people into the armed forces. Illarion Pavlyuk, the ministry spokesman, said on national television that the enlistment goals will be achieved through a combination of volunteer recruitment and mandatory conscription.“We urge people to join the armed forces voluntarily, without waiting for a mobilization summons, and offer them the chance to choose their specialty,” he said. “But it does not mean that only those who want to serve will do, or that one can pick from only non-combat jobs.”

The official said the military would prefer to see more volunteers but that it will make up the difference through mobilization. Zelensky reported the target draft number during a press conference on Tuesday. He implied that he had reservations about some of the ideas being floated by the military leadership, such as mobilizing women, and claimed that the plan would come at a price tag of $13.4 billion for Ukraine.German media reported this week that Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umerov wanted male citizens aged between 25 and 60 who reside in foreign nations to report for mobilization or face sanctions and dishonor.Kiev shut its border for men of conscription age after the hostilities with Russia erupted in February last year, banning anyone without a special waiver from leaving. However, the tabloid Bild reported that 221,571 Ukrainian men have arrived in Germany since then and 189,484 remained in the country.

In comments to Ukrainian media on Wednesday, Pavlyuk claimed that German journalists had “shifted the emphasis” of the minister’s remarks. He clarified that at this time no legal mechanisms to pressure or punish those dodging the draft on foreign soil are being considered.Meanwhile, Mikhail Podoliak, a senior aide to Zelensky, suggested on Friday that Kiev could convince host nations to strip social benefits and residency permits of draft-dodgers in order to coerce them to return.On Tuesday, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu estimated Ukrainian losses since the start of the conflict at over 383,000, with roughly half of the casualties sustained during the so-called summer counteroffensive, which Kiev launched in early June.

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“..Kirill Budanov, the chief of Ukrainian intelligence, said last week that forcing people without motivation into service would not make the army stronger..”

All Ukrainians Must Fight – Security Chief (RT)

Every Ukrainian citizen, and not only the members of the military, must serve their country during its conflict with Russia, Aleksey Danilov, the Secretary of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council, has said. In an interview with local media on Thursday, the security chief signaled that the era when some Ukrainians could turn a blind eye to the fighting was over. “This kind of calm, when… it was believed that the war was purely a matter for the military, and the rest of the country could live its own life… has passed, it must end, it doesn’t work that way,” he insisted. “Everyone should take part in this war, and not selectively: while someone is fighting, others are throwing chips in the casino. This is not fair,” the official said. At the same time, Danilov noted that Kiev’s planned mobilization drive would not last only one day or one month, but that the whole process could take at least a year.

His comments come after Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky revealed earlier this week that the military had proposed calling up an additional 450-500 thousand people, and that the government wanted to allocate an additional 500 billion hryvnias ($13.3 billion) to the effort. He also stressed that Ukrainian authorities must prioritize “justice” when replenishing the military’s ranks. Meanwhile, on Thursday, Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umerov said all Ukrainian men who had left the country since start of the conflict would be invited to report to recruitment centers, warning that those who fail to comply could face sanctions. However, Kirill Budanov, the chief of Ukrainian intelligence, said last week that forcing people without motivation into service would not make the army stronger.

Ukraine announced a general mobilization shortly after the start of the conflict with Russia in February 2022, barring most men aged between 18 and 60 from leaving the country. The campaign, however, has been marred by widespread draft dodging and corruption. Ukrainian officials have repeatedly signaled plans to recruit more soldiers amid Kiev’s faltering counteroffensive which has been underway since early summer but failed to gain any substantial ground. Moscow has described Ukraine’s losses during the push as catastrophic, estimating them at about 160,000 casualties.

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“..the German constitution forbids forcing any German national to serve in the military with arms in their hands and he “cannot imagine” Berlin “forcing people from other countries to do so.”

Foreign Nations Should Sanction Ukrainian Draft Dodgers – Zelensky Aide (RT)

Ukrainian men of fighting age who fled the country amid the conflict with Russia should be forced to return, Mikhail Podoliak, a senior aide to President Vladimir Zelensky, has said. A set of restrictions that would limit their access to aid and services in their places of stay is required to achieve this goal, he told Ukraine’s Channel 24 in an interview published on Friday. Podoliak’s words support comments made by Defense Minister Rustem Umerov, who told Germany’s Bild tabloid earlier in December that all Ukrainian men of military age living abroad were to be summoned to recruitment centers. The minister also warned that those who fail to comply could face sanctions.The Ukrainian Defense Ministry then clarified his statements by saying that a mobilization mechanism for Ukrainians living abroad was “not on the agenda.”

In his interview on Friday, Podoliak said that Umerov had “a right idea.” According to the Zelensky aide, no one should be allowed to just “sit out” the conflict and shed responsibility for their nation. “They should be equal,” Podoliak said, referring to Ukrainians living abroad and those who stayed and are now being mobilized. “Those should be the consultations with the governments of foreign nations where our men are residing,” he said, adding that the talks should be focused on “whether they [the Ukrainians] can further get temporary residence permit, have certain preferential treatment, get aid” there. Podoliak also said that Umerov was “probably” already considering a set of measures that would “give our guys abroad an opportunity to make a choice: either to get drafted or… lose certain opportunities granted to people that temporarily left Ukraine.”

His words came amid reports that Ukraine is struggling to refill the ranks of its army and is taking additional measures to enhance border controls amid daily attempts by men desperate to illegally flee the country. In December, Zelensky said that the nation’s military had proposed calling up an additional 450,000-500,000 people, and that the government wanted to allocate an additional 500 billion hryvnia ($13.3 billion) to the effort.

Earlier this week, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu estimated that Ukraine had lost over 383,000 soldiers since the start of the conflict, adding that roughly half of the casualties were sustained during its much-hyped summer counteroffensive. Some of Ukraine’s Western backers have already expressed their opposition to plans to force Ukrainian refugees to go back and fight. “It will not be the case that we are now forcing people to get drafted or [join] the military service against their will,” German Justice Minister Marco Buschmann told journalists on Friday. The minister said that the German constitution forbids forcing any German national to serve in the military with arms in their hands and he “cannot imagine” Berlin “forcing people from other countries to do so.”

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“..Berlin would not “force people to do compulsory military service or military service against their will.”

Germany Vows To Protect Ukrainian Men From Zelensky (RT)

Ukraine’s new mobilization drive will have no practical consequences for Ukrainians living in Germany, the country’s Justice Minister Marco Buschmann told the German Press Agency (DPA) on Friday. Kiev’s Defense Minister Rustem Umerov had told German newspaper Bild on Thursday that calls for people to report to recruitment centers would be sent out to all citizens of military age – including Ukrainians living abroad. He also warned that anyone who ignores the “invitations” would face sanctions, although he did not discuss the potential penalties. “It’s not a punishment to defend and serve your country. It’s an honor,” he stated. It comes after Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky revealed earlier this week that the military had proposed drafting an additional 450,000 to 500,000 people, and planned to allocate a further 500 billion hryvnias ($13.3 billion) towards the effort.

Bushmann said Berlin would not “force people to do compulsory military service or military service against their will.” He explained that it was a positive thing that war refugees had been accepted into Germany via a simplified procedure and given the opportunity to work.“I cannot imagine, as our constitution stipulates that German citizens do not have to serve in the armed forces against their will, that we can force people from other countries to do so,” he concluded. More than 221,000 Ukrainian men arrived in Germany after the conflict broke out, with almost 190,000 of them still in the country, according to German authorities.

Ukraine announced a general mobilization shortly after the beginning of the conflict with Russia in February 2022, prohibiting most men aged between 18 to 60 from leaving the country. Kiev has signaled plans to expand recruitment drives for more soldiers amid its stalled counteroffensive, which has failed to show any substantial results since its start in early summer.Moscow’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, speaking at a ministerial meeting on Tuesday, estimated Kiev’s losses during the push at 159,000 killed and wounded, and the total casualties sustained by the Armed Forces of Ukraine at 383,000.

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“ is extremely difficult for the US ruling circles to accept the changing world order. Many of them are simply organically incapable of moving away from thinking in terms of their own superiority..”

Russia Warns Of ‘Complete Breakdown’ In Relations With US (RT)

Russia-US relations could sink to a new low if Washington makes more “reckless” decisions regarding the Ukraine conflict, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov has warned. In an interview with Interfax published on Friday, the Russian official accused the US of pursuing a “misguided” and “dangerous” policy aimed at inflicting a “strategic defeat” on Moscow. These actions have left bilateral relations in a “comatose state,” Ryabkov said. “I can’t rule out that at some point in the future… Washington won’t go below this near-zero level that our relations are currently at, if there is no brightening when it comes to… views on what is happening [regarding] Russia and Ukraine,” he stated.

A “complete breakdown” in ties is even possible, Ryabkov added, suggesting this would mean a dramatic reduction in the respective diplomatic presence in the two countries. Even though the US is wary of completely dismantling relations, it is “not ready to find common ground… even in theory,” the diplomat further claimed.According to Ryabkov, while the two powers continue dialogue in several narrow areas, this “equilibrium could collapse at any moment due to Washington’s recklessness.” The seizure of Russian assets or military escalation could be among the triggers for a further deterioration, he said. Ryabkov stressed that Russia is not seeking to sever ties, but cautioned that “the diplomatic relations in themselves are not a totem to be worshipped, or a sacred cow to be protected.” “We are ready for any scenario,” he emphasized.

Russia and the US could potentially restore relations, although this will be hard, Ryabkov acknowledged. “The problem is that it is extremely difficult for the US ruling circles to accept the changing world order. Many of them are simply organically incapable of moving away from thinking in terms of their own superiority,” he explained. Ryabkov’s comments come after the New York Times reported on Thursday that the White House had intensified talks to seize $300 billion in Russian assets blocked in the West, which could be used to help Ukraine. Moscow has repeatedly denounced the freezing of its funds as “theft,” warning of retaliation if the West goes ahead with the confiscation of the assets.

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“ brand someone a criminal, there must be a record of indictment and conviction for a particular crime, and that, in the case of Mr. Trump, a politically-motived fairy tale about an “insurrection” doesn’t cut it.”

Whatever It Takes Won’t Be Enough (Kunstler)

And just like that — snap ! — the news about the Colorado Supreme Court’s droll action against candidate DJ Trump vanished from the front page (or top screens) of The New York Times. Do you know why? I’ll tell you: Because the political Left has finally managed to embarrass itself with a “lawfare” gambit so nakedly fatuous that it exposes the faction’s drive to destroy the election process, and with it our country. This is what you get from a regime that faked its way to power and now must strain to cover up its long train of crimes, abuses, and effronteries to common sense, while running out of tricks to keep fooling even its own deranged followers. Somehow, the act of kicking a leading candidate off the ballot has finally registered as inconsistent with “defending our democracy.”

Of course, the reckless abuse of law — “lawfare” — proceeds from the Left’s disrespect for boundaries and limits, which is exactly what law in principle concerns itself with. And from there it’s a quick leap into totalizing bad faith, the operating system for government under an imposter president, “Joe Biden.” Suddenly, mere days before Christmas, when the people want to be preoccupied with things other than politics, events merge explosively to shape the fate of the nation. In a sane world, the US Supreme Court would not just summarily strike down the Colorado ruling, but would issue a career-ending rebuke to the brain-damaged state justices who managed to not learn a basic principle of due process: innocent until proven guilty — that to brand someone a criminal, there must be a record of indictment and conviction for a particular crime, and that, in the case of Mr. Trump, a politically-motived fairy tale about an “insurrection” doesn’t cut it.

Also, in a sane world interested in truth and justice, the Republican-majority Congress would have months ago convened new hearings about the Jan 6/21 Capitol riot to undo the manifold perfidious frauds instigated by the previous Democrat-majority committee under Chairman Bennie Thompson. By now, testimony should have been compelled from Nancy Pelosi, the then Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund, and former Defense Secretary Chris Miller about Ms. Pelosi’s refusal to call in national guard troops to reinforce security around the building, and to answer for the odd behavior of the Capitol Police, such as opening doors for the mob and then serving as ushers to show off the place. It seems obvious that many elected Republicans also have an interest in supporting the Jan 6/21 “insurrection” fairy tale. Do you still wonder why the evil entity infesting Washington is called “the blob”?

The Substack blogger who styles himself as El Gato Malo offers the alluring theory that a SCOTUS ruling on whether the 14th Amendment clauses that were applied to the presidency in the Colorado case, could enable Special Counsel Jack Smith to slip-in a superseding indictment (replacing the original indictment) in his DC Jan 6 case against Mr. Trump with new insurrection / rebellion charges, thus setting-up a fortified argument for states to chuck Mr. Trump off any ballot. More “lawfare,” you see. Whatever it takes. . .!

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If you have absolutely nothing to do this Christmas…

2023 Year in Review: Down Some Dark Rabbit Holes (Dave Collum)

What keeps me writing? Narcissism. I love the hugs. Catherine Austin Fitts put my entire writeup on the coming pension crisis in her Solari Reports noting, “I loved reading your year-end War and Peace.” Larry Summers told me “you have no filter.” My first Covid writeup in 2020 was said to be in the hands of Steve Scalise’s staff for uploading to the Congressional record. (I have no idea if it made it.) As outlined below, I have wonderful chats with brilliant people on the podcast circuit.

There are the Joe Sixpacks who have no voice and reach out in comments sections or by emails thanking me for voicing their concerns. So many people just want a voice. Tweeters with 20 followers are thrilled when they get a response because somebody heard them. These are the guys who listened to Oliver Anthony’s Richmen North of Richmond and were brought to tears.3 The media tried to tell us Oliver wrote an anthem for angry white guys, but montages of black guys rockin’ to his lyrics proliferated on social media. When Elon Musk publicly told Disney’s Bob Iger to “Go fuck yourself” for trying to blackmail him by pulling ad revenues, that was the fuckoff heard ‘round the world. I don’t know if Elon is a good person—probably not—but he is playing one on the internet, and he is very special in his own way.

Good writing on important subjects does not go out of date. If something is not important a month or even a year later, it was not important the day it was written. I try to touch third rails. If a 68-year-old tenured professor can’t speak up, then who can? It gets me in trouble occasionally. I got canceled pretty seriously in 2020, sleeping with a shotgun fully committed to taking at least one of those death-threatening neo-Stalinist Antifa curb stompers to the light with me if they had showed up at my house. Regular readers certainly have detected elevated anger as I witness the world’s events unfold in ways that were unimaginable a few years back. I have no intention of pussy footing around my foes. I would love to see that mass-murdering Tony Fauci fed to the spirit cookers.

If you came out of the Covid pandemic and not figured out that the entire narrative was an exercise in authoritarianism and possibly a largely peaceful depopulation, I think you are pretty lame. If, however, you grasp the Covid story, you probably have also figured out that the CIA whacked Kennedy, 911 was an inside job, and every war in at least a century was started with one or more false flag events. If so, Pat yourself on the back for grasping many big issues. Robbie Parker understands…

Maybe the Covid scam and all the associated lies proffered by credentialed experts have you wondering if the credentialed climate experts are lying too. Climate change, in my opinion, is the biggest scam in history. If, by contrast, you are supergluing yourself to roads during rush hour and throwing tomato soup onto masterpieces to save humanity, you suffer Munchausen by progressive and are a member of the biggest cult in history. Please—I beg you—when Reverend Jones gives you the nod, drink. (I have returned to climate change again this year, just to top off previous thoughts with some fresh ones and to piss of The Cult.)

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Sarcosuchus is an extinct genus of crocodyliform that lived during the Early Cretaceous, 133 to 112 million years ago. The largest specimen reached 9–9.5 meters (29.5–31.2 ft) long. This is a comparison between its skull a nile crocodile’s.







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    Edward Hopper New York office 1962   • The Supreme Court Sees the Politics – Jack Smith Denied Request (CTH) • A Rigged System From Top to Bottom
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle December 23 2023]

    Dr. D

    “”Hamas invaded Israel on October 7th, October 7th is Putin’s birthday.” — Nikki Haley

    YGTBFKM here. Where does she come from? Why does she exist? Whose bastard daughter is she? Azazel, demon of war + cosmetics?

    She was also this week “I am SURGING in the polls!” Yes, from 1% to 2%. “I am #2 contender!!” Only 90% behind the other guy. She. Is a public embarrassment. Can we remove her citizenship? Is there some legal process to expel her? My resolution and devout hope for 2024 is to never see Nikki Haley again.

    “Trump, waited three years then rushed”

    This is exactly the point. And J6 guys still trickling in like Siaka Massaquoi? You had no idea they were there? Really? BTW where’s the DC bomber? You put out a wanted poster for him yet? He’s talking on his cell phone. You subpoena the records? A “Mostly peaceful” bomber. We were busy prosecuting Brandon Straka for being gay, on the other side of the Capitol, where ZERO of the police he supposedly harmed were stationed. One wasn’t even IN THE CITY at the time.

    If they can wait 3 years can they wait 20? And THEN they rush-rush the trial? It’s super-dooper important we get this guy off the street as a threat to society and housepets?

    PS Now you see why they needed the Supreme Court and are apoplectic, hebephrenic about it 100% of the time. ..And this USSC are barely functional, mostly left, and like Roberts, raging Statists.

    “NYT Editor: Opponents to Trump’s Disqualification The New Confederates (Turley)

    Yes because they are astonishing illiterates. Knowing nothing of history, law, America, or “Confederates”. And they get away with it as their audience is even more illiterate than they are. Again, who took people off the ballot in 1860? The Confederates. You know, racist, slave-owning, plantation Democrats. People who want Trump on the ballot are…secessionists? Um, I think that taking him OFF the ballot will cause secession, not on.

    Also as doesn’t please me to say because it’s one of the major problems, she is clearly a low-information voter. Very, very low. So she’s applauding a court that is so spineless it put a stay on their own court order? Shouldn’t she be mad at the CO court instead if she believes something needs to be done? But she doesn’t, because she doesn’t look or find out. She is illogical and knows nothing. She feelz.

    “You’re a filthy insurrectionist. You’re a losing loser”

    Man, he lives rent-free in their head and it’s wonderful to see. So long as they pay attention to this pointless blowhard they can’t pay attention to doing something useful and effective. Plus the rest of us get to see. Free speech. Never stop speaking, fools.

    “Since September, the company has sent to the memory hole over 8,000 channels for spreading “harmful and misleading” content.”

    Speaking of Democracy, we debate and work out our truth in the marketplace of ideas, right? Also taken down before 100 views, Again, Section 230 “Editor” and “Publisher”. Again, Whitney Webb is on, detailing this is in no way organic but they specifically placed Intel Agency heads inside, wined and dined – or feared and awed – Social Media executives down to the desk clerks with letterhead agency, brand-name people telling them to directly censor. Every one, every instance a felony, a Human Rights violation, a million of them in a row, and no one’s arrested. …Like Wall Street! 200,000 front-running felonies a SECOND, and no charges. SEC is too busy NOT ruling on Bitcoin.

    Biden Emailed Son’s Business Associate 54 Times In 1 Year– Republicans (RT)

    Yes but it’s the Republicans, so no arrests for crimes. We arrest for NOT-crimes!

    “Ukraine Can’t Defeat Russia – Fico (RT)

    Russia is very, very conservative, (in the cautious sense) but Joe Biden has given them something more than a nation the size of France. Something far more valuable: Russia has finally overcome their inferiority complex with Europe. They are elated – in the Russian sense – about the war, feeling strong, capable, joyful about the future. Like us in 1950. They see Europe is useless, stupid, fallen, pointless. …Which they are. Their future is now truly “Russian”, not as an accessory to anywhere.

    You can’t pay money for this sort of change. It’s more priceless than all the gold in all the Faberge eggs ever made. That’s it. MI6 and London got this going, kept this going for 100 years. But when they STOP LISTENING, (just as the U.S. does) it’s all worthless. You no longer have influence, power, a hook. That’s the important part, for 50-100 years.

    Now the part on the ground, Russia, Duma, and Putin are all discussing what to do now as they can do anything they want. Anything. But being conservative and not wanting to borrow back in a trouble they just left, they are only taking the “Russian” parts of Ukraine, out to Odessa. Orlov says they will simply expand the Romanian parts to Romania, the Hungarian parts to Hungary, etc, which makes everyone happy. Those nations are pushed around for being too small anyway. Then that leaves a tiny, equally-sized rump state that is too far West to bother anyone. But there are details, should they take Kiev, gay coke capitol, infested with DerpStaters like our DC is, and push the capitol out to Lviv, or not?

    Any Thing they want. Any Time they want. Any Way they want. Just as Jimmy Dore and others said 2 years ago. Again, any IDIOT (no offense) who never looked before and reads one thing can tell that must happen. As I did too, being an idiot myself. They are 10x Ukraine and have hypersonic nuclear missiles and 5,000 tanks. Yet that’s too complicated for the plagiarists at Harvard, and the glue-sniffers at the NSA.

    I’d say the same of CNN and NPR, but they are illiterates who have to be shown cartoons written in crayon. Okay, many a slip, but show me what you think you’re going to do. The only thing I can think of is, they kill Putin and that doesn’t LOSE, instead it causes elated warhawks in the Kremlin to start a much larger war on Europe. That’s the only scenario I can see derailing this now, and both Europe and the United States would LOVE it, and do ANYTHING to make that happen, and the nuclear-lite war thereafter. They’ve been open about wanting and promoting and positioning a direct nuclear war my entire life. You can read the “Dr. Strangelove” right back to 1946 with actual attempts many times and not just 1962 with Dulles.

    “Ukrainian military leadership wants to mobilize up to 500,000 people for the war effort appears to be a form “trolling” by the commanders”

    Whitney Webb pointed out something else that we did state several times but let drop: Russia has totally defeated NATO, in every way, on every front, with men, material, weapons, types, strategy, everything. Yes we hear that. But Russia also did this WITHOUT USING THEIR ARMY. We take it for granted, but WHO was the “Army” in 2022? The Donbas. Essentially their provincial army was the whole army of engagement with Kiev, and while they were fortified but as manpower it was mostly supporting their rebellion. Or their autonomy if you wish. Who else? Some useless criminals picked up and paid in Wagner. Bad News Bears. And a dusting of actual Russian Army overseeing it all.

    But they were rolled in, and with referendum must legally be all Russian Army now. And? …And they still defeated all Ukraine of 400,000 NATO trained men plus ALL NATO with arms, all intel, all weapons, all strategy, with a force of what? 40,000 men? RUSSIA HAS 400,000 MEN in arms now. They beat all 10 Western European nations with 1/10th if their army, with both hands tied behind their back.

    And I think this was part of the point. Putin was alarmed the plan was to start the larger war on Russia and Moscow and wanted more men at home, yes, but the second part is, if he does NOT roll over Ukraine in 5 days the way the Pentagon demanded they do, if he suffered additional losses from being somewhat underpowered, then it would deliver this point to the Pentagon without having to ACTUALLY mobilize and ACTUALLY demonstrate by ACTUALLY leveling Berlin and Brussels to make their point. …And the Russians are good at suffering.

    Now WE don’t get that. Certainly pinheads at NPR and BBC don’t get that, knowing nothing about nothing any day of their lives, but the message is delivered to the REAL people, the top generals in France, Britain, and America. And they will walk into the President’s Office and say, “You want to escalate with Russia? Okay, here’s what you need:” 10,000 tanks, 2 million men, 6,000 aircraft, 2 million shells a day…etc. ” …Just like Zulzheny did. He wasn’t kidding. He was telling Germany the MINIMUM was every tank in Europe, NOW.

    The Presidents then say, “Um, are you sure, I don’t think I can politically do that…” No s—t Sherlock. Now knock it off. That’s the message sending 1/10th of Russia’s military there while the rest drink tea and work out at the gym, having not even fully mobilized yet.

    Note WE are also the size of Russia. We CAN also do a similar mobilization. But against who for what purpose? We’re the CAUSE of all the problems worldwide and at home, not the solution. Just saying if we were in a similar situation, all the boys, all the gamer kids on the couch would suddenly go “H–l yeah!” and jump in with cool stuff and adventure like shootin’ some folks. …As boys always have. But we won’t, that’s not our point on the wheel of time right now. That’s RUSSIA’s point. They are America 1950. Sure, the same thing will happen and in 70 years they’ll be tired and decrepit as we are. But not now. Nobody’s figured out how to change the wheel of time, the “psychohistory,” and I haven’t either. You ride them, with markets. We are in the 4th turning Brown bottom here.

    “McGovern: Biden’s Proxy War in Ukraine Evokes Strong Memories of Vietnam Sp.)”

    Vietnam was never better than when we left it. All the neighboring countries Anti-Dominoed instead. Brilliant! And now we have this test case staring us in the face and STILL can’t take it. Every day of my life this was pointed to as an example, and every and each day newly ignored. By “Experts”.

    “• Ukrainian Military Vows To Boost Numbers By Any Means (RT)

    Great! “By any means” in TIME? Time exists, fellows. Wars run on TIME. Btw, that’s why we lost Vietnam, it was their country, they could set the TIME. Time of engagement, and to some extent its location. .: you lose. Next was the Moral Right. West Point should pull your degree and fire you if you don’t know that. But the point was never to “win” was it? That’s just what they tell the rubes.

    “forcing people without motivation into service would not make the army stronger..”

    No, it’s likely to make it weaker, as our giving them NATO weapons did.

    Every Ukrainian citizen, and not only the members of the military, must serve their country during its conflict with Russia, Aleksey Danilov said.”

    Really? Why? Make me.

    “• Germany Vows To Protect Ukrainian Men From Zelensky (RT)

    Germany back-fills their million vax deaths, and leaves Ukraine empty for the taking. Was by BlackRock but will now be by Russia.

    “Russia Warns of ‘Complete Breakdown’ in Relations with US (RT)

    As we say every day, every American anywhere near power, every Rutger’s guy screwing goats, every Harvard guy cheating his way to a law degree, are mind-bendingly, “Little-white-coats” drooling bat s—t insane. They are psychotic in the literal definition, devoid, divorced of the slightest reality, a danger to themselves and the whole planet. So it’s hard to have dialogue with people who think it is 1979, and they are in Malta talking with Brezhnev of the Soviet Union. They literally do. It’s been quoted numerous times, with Lindsay Graham among others. We pretend what they actually say is a “gaffe” but why would we do that? We are attributing, putting words in their mouths to say so.

    “2023 Year in Review: Down Some Dark Rabbit Holes (Dave Collum)

    Sadly Collum is spending most of his efforts now following 40 years of pedophilia in politics. Sad because it’s a sad subject, and because when he accurately lists points of legal fact in this pursuit, he will be discredited. But as he says, he’s an old man and who cares?

    Somebody has to break us out of our psychosis and Stockholm and tell the truth, right?

    For Christmas, an interesting tale which I’m almost certain isn’t true: the Three Wise men, Magi, visited Mary, not at the birth, but quite some time after. Why? Surely a “Star in the East” isn’t the reason. What’s “East” of Israel except water? No, in this story, Mary, or rather Mary’s mother, was a concubine of Persian Kings, who then returned to her (occupied) home country, and live life on the quiet and down low. So the point was, they may have seen the birth in the “Stars” that is the astrology, but certainly not in the East, and following the “East” star, West? Duh. No, they saw an auspicious chart of a king’s birth in astrology and thought maybe they should track down one of the royal heirs, however distant. That’s why they finally showed up to find out about it. Make of it what you will. It’s good to think outside the box, and see what other scenarios fit the actual words written down.

    For the old books, I can read it, I believe they are perfectly accurately writing it all down to the best of their ability, but I can’t understand what they meant by it, as all our context has changed. Often there are translations which compounds the problem and it’s no good to jump on the easy answer. One thing they always always do now, as we are the evolutionary apex of perfection and light, is assume everyone in the past was a complete backwater idiot, who lived in caves and moved mud for a living. This is what makes the guys at Harvard being the backwater idiot, getting it wrong constantly when it’s written plainly on the face for anyone who isn’t an arrogant pin-head, so much the funnier.

    Keep talking, Harvard: never change.

    Dr. D

    Here’s a great example of the type:

    It’s archeological(?) documented(?) Written(?) history(?) It’s very hard to describe. Wikipedia entry is mistaken. Someone is wrongs on the Internets. Let 20 minutes of rube goldberg hilarity ensue.

    Dr D Rich

    The country, The Ukraine hasn’t lost yet…

    (((despite defunding and withdrawal of U.S. Congressional support)))

    When someone declares themselves to be a Narcissist, believe them.

    Self-gaslighting is always unwise. There’s plenty of other ppl more skilled in the endeavor. Ppl want to belong. They’ll do almost anything to remain in favor by putting their target out of favor.

    Organically Incapable IS NOT the opposite of Inorganically Capable.


    “Ukraine cannot exist as a monoethnic and monocultural state in its 1991 borders,”
    It can’t and it won’t. It’s most likely to return to it’s borders of 1900.


    Why is New York Tiimes editor Gay going on about an imagined civil war and confederates, confederates she tells you! ? There’s no civil war; there’s a class war brewing between the PMC elite class trying desperately to hold on to their elite status and everyone else whose lives they’ve managed to make worse. That’s my opinion. Falling life expectancy, increasing homelessness, increase in suicides, more inflation, open border bringing in cheap labor to undercut US wages on the bottom of the scale. The PMC elite class only cares about itself, and it shows.


    Many ways to say the same thing

    Living/Operation/Function/culture/survival Skills
    Required Teaching/Learning/Education/Function Skills

    Look Both Ways/Traffic Rules
    Critical Thinking/Scams/Addictions
    Social skills
    Sanitary/Health Skills
    First Aid
    Rights and Wrongs,
    Truth and lying
    • ‘Old Ukraine’ Is Dead – Arestovich (RT)
    Wishing – Appreciations -Thank You – Peace on Earth to All



    Pepe Escobar: The most fabulous Orthodox church of Russia with Yuliana Titaeva

    Overview of the main Cathedral of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation with Pepe Escobar.

    Pepe was blown away by this cathedral and he has seen many around the world in his day.

    At the 6:02 mark he leans into the camera and says:

    This is the Power of a civilizational culture”


    Censorship is a last refuge of the weak minded.


    Nikki Haley is a Threat to World Peace

    by R Poindexter

    Everyone in South Carolina knows that Nikki Haley (born Nimrata Randhawa) is a disgrace. It has been thoroughly documented by the local and national press

    * SC Gov. Nikki Haley Named As Other Woman In Divorce Case
    Here’s Nikki, denying infidelity rumors three years ago. I honestly don’t care who’s cheating with who — unless that person sets themselves up as some kind of moral arbiter of other people’s behavior.

    * Even her Democratic opponent in her re-election bid in 2014 called her a whore in a public speech. The Washington Post claims it was a gaffe, but even if it was a genuine Freudian slip, everyone in the crowd cheered in agreement. I think there is a great hashtag in that speech: #EscortWhoreOutTheDoor..

    Has she contracted some sort of STD, which attacks the brain and leads to insanity or severe mental retardation?

    Hahahahahahaha! Bingo!

    We have been writing about her obvious lack of knowledge of foreign affairs ever since she went to the United Nations.




    Irish reporter showing how hard the sanctions are biting Moscow over the holidays

    Figmund Sreud

    Wow amazing

    Not really, vertical of the frame changes, … magic, sleight of hand, trick.


    Pedo Jo-Joe and his low-rent thugs and Pimps sure know how to hurt a country with ‘sanctions’

    The Capital’s Industry has Doubled in Five Years: Moscow Experiences Major Growth

    Washington DC looking good!




    Infinite chocolate bar trick explained:
    Not quite the same as the posted video, but the principles are similar.


    A nice touch, the wheel chair on the lower right in the homeless tents under the bridge abutment in DC.

    Merry Christmas from the Nation’s Capital!

    Duh’merica the Beautiful, Beacon of Hope, the Shining House on the Hill


    Guess what?
    All of those retired war experts/mongers don’t have answer on how drones/missiles and electronic toys have changed how to fight a war.
    1. Close The Suez Canal red sea.
    2. Close The Strait of Hormuz
    3. Close Strait of Gibraltar
    4. Close The supply chain


    The scapegoat in the Bible (Lev. 16: 6-10) “To Azazel”, in the RSV. Simply “scapegoat” in KJV.
    If Trump stood before his haters and took all their sins upon himself (I mean that to be ambiguous), then drove him into the wilderness (where God would bestow atonement for the guy), would the haters be content?
    Nah. Like the eye of Sauron, hate is easily redirected.


    To every good man everywhere who languishes in prison
    For crimes of simply speaking what is true:
    A blessèd Christmas to you all. I pray for the decision
    Of your release. Then, may your captors get their due.

    (I’m not as saintly as Bukowski).

    Israeli-linked Merchant Vessel Hit by Drone Strike off India’s Coast
    December 23, 2023

    An Israeli-affiliated merchant vessel in the Arabian Sea off India’s west coast was struck by an unmanned aerial vehicle, causing a fire, British maritime security firm Ambrey said on Saturday.

    The fire on the Liberian-flagged chemical products tanker was extinguished without crew casualties in the incident 200 km (120 miles) southwest of Veraval, India, it said.

    “Some structural damage was also reported and some water was taken onboard. The vessel was Israel-affiliated. She had last called Saudi Arabia and was destined for India at the time,” the firm said on its website.

    It said the Indian navy was responding. The navy did not immediately respond to Reuters request for comment.


    The country, The Ukraine hasn’t lost yet…

    You’ve only lost when you admit it? Not sure.


    Ukronaziland Wishes You a Most Dreadfully Cringeworthy of Christmas’

    Hard to believe Nazilensky’s Ministry of Propaganda would churn out such a sad desperate little turd like this.

    Winter is Here, the End is Nigh



    by Gaius Baltar

    “Many of us have the feeling that the world is empty and sterile.

    There are no mysteries anymore, or magic.

    Many of us have a deep need for mystery and magic as demonstrated by the popularity of such books, TV shows and movies. We retreat into a more exciting and meaningful world of fiction to escape the grey and mechanistic reality which increasingly seems to be sucking our life force out of our bodies.

    We are told by all the experts and scientists that this is a normal state of affairs.

    They say we live in an age of reason; in enlightened societies where science has triumphed. We finally understand how the world works they say. When they say “we” they are obviously talking about themselves, not us. We just have to take their word for it.

    Many people don’t feel this way at all.

    They bask in the enlightenment of our culture and seek the truth in the scientific consensus. They feel that we have moved into the light from a barbaric past, populated by stupid and brutish people. They focus on their lives and the self-affirming feedback they get on social media, and leave the thinking to the experts. There are no problems they say, and the world is far from being empty and sterile.

    There is no need for meaning in an enlightened world……..

    “Now, here is the funny thing: If we were to assume that the human race is on a journey to discover the full nature and meaning of the universe and reality in general, how far have we come?

    A scientist may tell you that we are at 70% or 80%.

    An exceptionally delusional scientist might even say 90%.

    They are wrong.

    We are perhaps at 5%, or maybe just at 1%.

    Why do I say that? Well, let’s take a few examples of what we don’t know:

    Our entire civilization is based on electricity – but we don’t know what electricity is or how it really works…….

    • We don’t know what light is

    • We don’t know what frequency of light actually is

    • We don’t know what magnetism is

    • We don’t know why the Earth has a magnetic field – or why the Moon and Mars have one

    • We don’t know how memories are stored in the brain

    • We don’t know what consciousness is

    • We don’t know how atoms are structured

    • We don’t know what gravity is

    • We don’t know how life started

    • We don’t know how big the universe is

    • We don’t know why the universe is structured like a central nervous system

    Fake It til You Make It



    We don’t know why we have “king of the hill”, hate, anger, more than peace on earth.


    Happy New Year!

    What a Blessing



    Willful Ignorance

    It will look good on your resume for that fast food job.




    You forgot something…



    Deacon Blue

    “This is the day
    Of the expanding man
    That shape is my shade
    There where I used to stand

    It seems like only yesterday
    I gazed through the glass
    At ramblers, wild gamblers
    That’s all in the past……”



    2 year old boy solves math problems

    But not in Oregon!


    “Many of us have the feeling that the world is empty and sterile.
    There are no mysteries anymore, or magic.


    Israeli-Linked Tanker Struck By Drone Off India, Signaling Attacks Set To Widen.

    Global commerce is impossible without insurance.

    Just the perceived threat is enough to get your insurance yanked.

    Ya don’t even have to actually hit to lose coverage.

    Boy, that is some butthurt



    I guess open season on ANY Israeli tanker ANYWHERE in the world is ON

    Dr. D

    Re-enchantment, intro. Wait, how was he a Christian and did not believe in magic, miracles, and enchantments?

    This always amazes me, even when it’s very common. Did you READ Moses? Did you read Jesus walking about Jerusalem? Did you read Romans and the jail? Boys, you have a very different Bible than I do, that’s for sure.

    Okay, also since it IS common, WHY is it common? Clearly because they, Christians, are the Very Smart People, very sophisticated, and DON’T BELIEVE A WORD. Which they have in common with Academics and Scientists, because it is a pan-universal outlook for our culture. Words have no meaning, we belive nothing because everything from the cradle is lies. Therefore, we ALSO don’t believe OUR OWN stories. I am a strong, empowered woman. I am a man in control. The rest of us are ALSO so pathological that WE don’t notice that THEY don’t notice.

    Older people, tribes, medieval people, think we’re insane. AND WE ARE. Very, very much.

    And back the point, this is a trope across our culture that Christians don’t believe in magic. But that’s not all: WITCHES don’t believe in magic either. They’ll have a book, an altar, and when something happens, call a doctor and read self-help books. Woman: WHAT ABOUT YOUR MAGIC??? Don’t you want to kill a chicken in moonlight? Like the Christians, it’s a show, some sort of mentalism that connects to nothing, creates no worldview. The planet is NOT alive, trees do NOT talk to you, you cannot converse with the dead. So what the actual kind of witchcraft is that all about? One where spirits are only in theory?

    …As with Christians. So this is very, VERY pan-societal. VERY “the water we swim in”.

    Back to my usual, this is what is so interesting about Science, it’s so very identical. It believes nothing, enacts nothing. Now at least when they’re sick, they seek out Science, but their “Science” is identical since it depends on priests, dogma, ritual, and evangelizing. As well as their real favorite: burning heretics. But not better, worse, more believed, less believed but “The Same.”

    Why? If the three of you are so different why are you all so the Same?


    Charles Bukowski. Wow. Haven’t heard that name in a long time. Ham On Rye. Hopper sure got a sense of the alienation coming for us all, did he not? This fake and gay Clownworld gets more dismal by the day.Head for the hills, boys and girls. Your jewowned masters want you dead after they bankrupt you./




    Wait, how was he a Christian and did not believe in magic, miracles, and enchantments?

    This always amazes me, even when it’s very common. Did you READ Moses? Did you read Jesus walking about Jerusalem? Did you read Romans and the jail?

    I was watching a review of the awful unwatchable flop Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. With Phoebe Waller-Bridge, this annoying, uncharismatic, trashy “actress” who Hollywood wasted at least a Billion on flops TRYING to make her the new IT girl somehow…

    They have Indiana saying he doesn’t believe in magic or any kind of occult or supernatural. The guy who knew to avert his gaze while nazis melted, watched his dad cured by the Holy Grail, not to mention any number of other supernatural things. nevertheless, they stuff the words in his mouth for Disney Indie 5 – I believe in nothing. Sure, sure. We believe you that you’re the same Indy and that’s what Indy believes, suuuuure. No $ for you.


    “We live in a country of prohibitions, a country where freedoms are suppressed… where you are caught and forced into the army. Who would want to fight for such a nation?” Arestovich asked. 

    Arestovich, spooky spook or spook of spooks. He was aligned with Dugin against NATO back in ‘05.

    Here was his 2019 interview.

    A year ago, he was all in on scenario #3 playing out in 2023. Looks like scenario #1 turned out to be the script, though Shogui and Zaluzhnyy were ceding scenario #2 at the end of October

    Veracious Poet

    When life imitates art…

    In Estremis, Aegrescit Medendo.


    The Israeli broadcaster added that this phase will include “ending the ground operation in the Strip, reducing forces, and demobilizing reserve forces.”

    The new phase will focus on heavy bombardment and the establishment of a “buffer zone” near the strip’s border in line with a longstanding Israeli goal.


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