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The Defeat of the West (Sp.)
US Lawmakers Sideline Ukraine To Reach Budget Deal (RT)
Without Congress Funds Biden Must ‘Freeze’ Ukraine Conflict – Think Tank (Sp.)
Zelensky Wants West ‘To Teach’ Russia (RT)
Israel Would Not Win War With Hezbollah – US Officials (RT)
Iran Faces ‘All-Out Battle With the Enemy’ Says Military Chief (Sp.)
Joe Biden Is No George Washington, And Valley Forge Proved It (Turley)
Mayorkas Impeachment Center Stage In House Homeland Security Committee (JTN)
California To Provide Free Sex Changes For Illegal Immigrants (RT)
New York Prosecutor’s Office Seeks $370m From Trump After Fraud Trial (RT)
Secret Service Records Undercut Another Key J6 Committee Narrative (JTN)
Bill Barr: DOJ Went ‘Too Far’ In Prosecuting Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Cases (JTN)
Family of Ashli Babbitt Files $30 Million Wrongful Death Action (Turley)





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“Americans have preferred to destroy Europe rather than save the West.”

The Defeat of the West (Sp.)

A renowned French historian and sociologist better known for predicting the Soviet Union’s dissolution well in advance now foretells the West’s overthrow in his newest book. French historian Emmanuel Todd believes that NATO is already losing the Ukrainian conflict. He likewise concluded that the defeat would eventually culminate in Russia’s reconciliation with Europe and its rapprochement with Germany, contrary to the wishes of the United States. This view was expressed to Le Point Magazine during an interview ahead the release of his new book La Defaite de L’Occident (The Defeat of the West). In the book, he denounces the Western attitude toward Russia, stating that “Avoiding the rapprochement between Germany and Russia was one of the US goals. This rapprochement would have signed the ejection of the United States from the European system of power. Americans have preferred to destroy Europe rather than save the West.”

Todd’s La Defaite de L’Occident excerpt highlights America’s waning status as a global superpower and its weak military-industrial complex. The French historian also underlined the diminished influence of Europe, once represented by a strong partnership between France and Germany, highlighting that Germany has taken a dominant role since the 2007-2008 financial crisis. Furthermore, he pointed out that in the wake of the Ukrainian conflict, the European Union has distanced itself from Russia, therefore hurting its own trade and energy interests. “We also saw Emmanuel Macron’s France vaporize on the international stage, while Poland became Washington’s main agent in the European Union, succeeding in the role of the United Kingdom that became outside the Union by the grace of Brexit…

On the mainland, overall, the Paris-Berlin axis replaced a London-Warsaw-Kiev axis piloted from Washington,” Todd opined. Todd decried the dominant narrative in the West about the conflict in Ukraine: “We are in a completely Putinophobic and Russophobic world.” He went on to argue for a pluralistic view that recognizes different perspectives. “I am fighting to keep the West pluralistic. If we look for my values, they are values of truth and pluralism,” he remarked. Addressing the question of how this year’s US election might alter the trajectory of the Ukrainian conflict, the expert highlighted Russia’s steadfast commitment to its existing course. “For the Russians, it makes no difference. For Russia is at war with America, and they ignore changes in rulers,” according to Todd.

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$1.6 trillion.

US Lawmakers Sideline Ukraine To Reach Budget Deal (RT)

Republican and Democrat leaders have reached an agreement on US government spending for 2024, sidelining negotiations to secure additional resources for Israel and Ukraine, as well as money for border control. The deal comes as lawmakers are set to return from a break this week, ahead of a two-tiered federal funding deadline. The agreement follows defense and domestic spending caps set by Congress as part of a bill to suspend the US debt ceiling until 2025. It “clears the way for Congress to act over the next few weeks in order to maintain important funding priorities for the American people and avoid a government shutdown,” Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a joint statement with top House Democrat Hakeem Jeffries on Sunday.

The first set of allocated federal finances are set to expire January 19, the second on February 2, without which the US government would be forced to shut down. Overall, the deal provides for $886 billion in defense funding, and $772 billion in domestic, non-defense spending. In a letter to Republican colleagues, House Speaker Mike Johnson said the deal would secure $16 billion in additional spending cuts compared to the previous agreement negotiated by then-Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden, and is around $30 billion less than what the Senate was weighing. “This represents the most favorable budget agreement Republicans have achieved in over a decade,” Johnson claimed.

Biden thanked the lawmakers for cooperating in reaching a consensus in a statement published on Sunday, but added that he expects them to work harder to unlock billions in military aid to Israel and Ukraine. “Now, congressional Republicans must do their job, stop threatening to shut down the government, and fulfill their basic responsibility to fund critical domestic and national security priorities, including my supplemental request,” he said. In October 2023, the White House released a sweeping set of proposals to support Israel and Ukraine in their respective military conflicts, among other things. The total cost of the supplemental funding request was over $100 billion, of which just over $60 billion was slated for Kiev. House Republicans have blocked iterations of this supplemental budget numerous times, on the grounds that US border security should take precedence over aid to Ukraine.

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He can’t freeze it. Only Russia can.

Without Congress Funds Biden Must ‘Freeze’ Ukraine Conflict – Think Tank (Sp.)

There is no way to help Ukraine aside from Congress approving a new package, Team Biden signaled on Friday. The Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft does not rule out the possibility that US congressmen will refuse provide Joe Biden with requested aid in the near term. US aid funds for Ukraine officially ran out this week, White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told the press on January 3. “We have given now Ukraine the last security assistance package that we have funds to support right before New Year’s, right after Christmas. And we’ve got to get support from Congress so we can continue to do that,” Kirby said. Shalanda Young, the director of the Office of Management and Budget, warned on Friday that Ukraine is running out of time and needs legislators to react urgently. Although the US Department of Defense still has some limited ability to help the Kiev regime, “that is not going to get big tranches of equipment into Ukraine,” Young stressed.

The Ukrainian leadership admitted on Wednesday that they have no “plan B” if US funding runs out despite previous speculations by economist Oleg Ustenko, an advisor to Volodymyr Zelensky. Meanwhile, House Speaker Mike Johnson has demanded illegal immigration issues be solved before approving new aid packages for Ukraine. On January 3, Johnson together with 60 fellow Republican lawmakers visited the Mexican border to push for stronger measures. “If President Biden wants a supplemental spending bill focused on national security, it better begin with defending America’s national security. We want to get the border closed and secured first,” Johnson underlined.According to the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, “it is no great exaggeration to say that what happens on Capitol Hill over the next few weeks could decisively shape the next phase” of the Ukrainian conflict.

The DC think tank suggests that the Senate “has never been the real obstacle” to passing the Ukrainian package, while the House remains the major battleground in this internal game of funds. Johnson wants H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act, which was passed by the lower chamber last May, to be signed into law. One shouldn’t underestimate the House speaker’s determination as he has made it clear that he’s going to risk a government shutdown to pass the bill. H.R. 2 would obligate all employers to verify, under penalty of prison, that all their workers were documented. It would make it far harder for immigrants to claim asylum, and also require the federal government to build at least a 900 mile-wall along the US’s roughly 2000-mile border with Mexico. The bill would also require the Department of Homeland Security to re-establish migrant family detention and fast-track deportations of unaccompanied minors. But with much of the Democrat voter base in favor of liberal immigration laws, the government faction in Congress may block the legislation. “The main takeaway is clear: Congress may well fail to pass new funding for Ukraine aid this year,” believes the DC-based think tank.

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“To fight successfully, to reclaim what is yours… ”

Zelensky Wants West ‘To Teach’ Russia (RT)

Ukraine can continue to resist Russia only if Western countries show solidarity on numerous fronts while intensifying joint arms production programs, President Vladimir Zelensky has said. Speaking via video link at the annual Society and Defense conference held in Sweden on Sunday, Zelensky claimed that Russia, which he described as “a much larger enemy… in terms of military strength,” was using “the potential that has… amassed over the lifetimes of several generations” against both Ukraine and Europe. The president said Moscow’s attacks on Ukraine, and what he described as its “hybrid” activities against the West, could be foiled only via cooperation on numerous fronts. “To fight successfully, to reclaim what is yours… and to teach the aggressor that aggression brings no benefits, is only possible if defense gets strength from solidarity,” Zelensky stated.

In this vein, he urged his European partners to “create an arsenal for the defense of freedom” by intensifying joint weapons production. “Regardless of which political moods will dominate on both sides of the Atlantic, our strength can and should be sufficient to protect our way of life,” he added. Zelensky’s comments come after Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba admitted last month that Kiev was aware of acute concerns in the West regarding Ukraine’s prospects in the conflict, as well as growing “war fatigue” following the country’s botched counteroffensive. In early November, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni acknowledged in a phone call with a pair of Russian pranksters that EU nations were getting tired of the conflict and that it would eventually have to be resolved through some kind of a compromise.

Meanwhile, the EU’s top diplomat Josep Borrell warned in December that the parliamentary election in the bloc scheduled for later this year could result in right-wing politicians – many of whom have been skeptical about sending arms to Ukraine – gaining more clout. On the other side of the Atlantic, US President Joe Biden has vowed to support Ukraine “as long as it takes,” but his efforts have been hampered by congressional gridlock. Republicans continue to block the White House’s supplemental funding request, which includes more than $60 billion for Ukraine, demanding that the administration do more to enhance border security. Russia has repeatedly warned the West against sending weapons to Ukraine, arguing it will only prolong the conflict and make it a direct participant in the hostilities.

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“..American officials have privately warned him against opening a second front, the Washington Post reported.”

Israel Would Not Win War With Hezbollah – US Officials (RT)

A secret assessment from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in Washington has found that Israeli forces would find it “difficult to succeed” in a two-front war against Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Washington Post reported on Sunday. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have engaged in tit-for-tat exchanges of fire with Hezbollah militants since the start of the war with Hamas in October. Initially limited in scale, Hezbollah’s pounding of an Israeli intelligence base with missiles on Saturday in response to Israel assassinating a senior Hamas leader in Beirut several days earlier, has marked a significant escalation. While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has promised to make a “fundamental change” to the security situation along the Lebanese border, American officials have privately warned him against opening a second front, the Washington Post reported.

“If it were to do so, a new secret assessment from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) found that it will be difficult for Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to succeed because its military assets and resources would be spread too thin given the conflict in Gaza,” citing two anonymous officials and a classified report by the DIA. Israel’s military is relatively small in peacetime, relying on reservists to swell its ranks in times of conflict. The IDF called up around 360,000 reservists when the war with Hamas began, although a senior Israeli official told Reuters last week that an undisclosed number would soon be released from duty.

Amid this drawdown, Hezbollah has been open about its role in the conflict. The group’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, claimed in November that his forces had tied up around a third of Israel’s troops along the Israel-Lebanon border, preventing them from being deployed to Gaza. He added that Hezbollah’s continued skirmishes with the IDF were causing “a state of anxiety, anticipation, panic, and fear among the enemy’s political and military leadership.” Multiple US officials told the Washington Post that they fear Netanyahu may attack Hezbollah in order to save his political career. The Israeli leader faced widespread protests before the start of the war, and was criticized afterwards for failing to pre-empt Hamas’ October 7 assault, which left around 1,200 Israelis dead.

“A full-scale conflict between Israel and Lebanon would surpass the bloodshed of the 2006 Israel-Lebanon war on account of Hezbollah’s substantially larger arsenal of long-range and precision weaponry,” the paper stated, citing officials who also warned that the militant group could launch missile attacks on Israeli petrochemical plants and nuclear reactors. Washington also fears that such a conflict could draw in Iran – Hezbollah’s principal backer – and eventually the US, the paper’s sources said. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrived in Jordan on Sunday, ahead of visits to Israel, the West Bank, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. “We have an intense focus on preventing this conflict from spreading,” he said, before meeting Jordanian King Abdullah II and Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi.

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“..We need to defend our national interests to wherever they extend..”

Iran Faces ‘All-Out Battle With the Enemy’ Says Military Chief (Sp.)

The commander-in-chief of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) sounded a note of defiance in a speech Saturday, warning enemy countries to “stay away from this area.” “Today we are facing an all-out battle with the enemy,” said Major General Hossein Salami in a ceremony marking the debut of a new ship and missile launchers. The remark comes as war threatens to break out in the Red Sea, where Houthi militants in Yemen have been attacking ships associated with Israel in retribution for the country’s incursion in Gaza. The death toll recently reached 22,438 in the besieged enclave according to local authorities. “We need to defend our national interests to wherever they extend,” said the general in the speech carried on Iranian television.

“It will be harmful for the enemy to be found near and at a half distant.” He added that Iran’s navy had made a “brilliant leap in its offensive and defensive powers.” The United States recently announced a coalition of countries would work together to counter the Houthis’ attacks, but the Biden administration has had difficulty securing substantial commitments. Spain was originally believed to be part of the coalition, but its defense minister clarified it would only act along with NATO or the EU. France insisted its ships would only operate under its own command. Meanwhile several shipping countries have begun taking longer routes around Africa in order to avoid the area.

Iran sent a warship to the Red Sea earlier this month to protect its own commercial interests there. Some analysts have suggested Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu desires a broader war between the United States and Israel’s arch-enemy Iran. Netanyahu frequently employs threatening rhetoric against the country. The Israeli president recently announced military operations would continue in Gaza for several more months, but international condemnation of the country’s conduct there is mounting. Recently South Africa filed charges against Israel in the International Court of Justice, accusing the country of authoring genocide. Israel is expected to answer the charges next week in The Hague.

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“In this election, voters can choose anyone they want, as long as it is Biden.”

Joe Biden Is No George Washington, And Valley Forge Proved It (Turley)

“This is like something out of a fairy tale, a bad fairy tale.” That line, from the speech of President Joe Biden at Valley Forge this week, may have been the most accurate observation in the entire address kicking off Biden’s 2024 campaign. The speech was a masterpiece of contradiction. Biden started by denouncing how Donald Trump’s campaign is only “about him” and “obsessed with the past.” He then spent virtually all of the speech obsessing about Trump and Jan. 6, 2021. It was an early indication of the Orwellian character of the speech. Facing the lowest polling numbers of any modern president, Biden attempted a constructive substitution. “Democracy is on the ballot,” he said. So voters do not have to vote for him. When they see Biden, they should just read “democracy.”

That will require more than an act of substitution in the voting booth. It would require an act of willful blindness. Biden spoke of how Democrats are fighting to protect the “right to vote.” Democratic activists and officials across the country are seeking to remove Trump from the ballot even though he is the most popular choice for the presidency right now. In fact, dozens of Democratic officials have sought to remove 126 Republicans from Congress on the same basis. Even as Biden was telling citizens to vote Democrat to preserve democracy, a Democratic activist was seeking to remove a GOP congressman from the ballot in a nearby Pennsylvania district. Biden’s speech would be more credible if he had joined principled Democratic politicians who have denounced this nationwide effort. As usual, he has remained silent as he did on court packing in the last election.

It would also have been a tad more convincing if his party were not preventing citizens from voting for anyone other than Biden in the primary. Florida called its Democratic primary for Biden and blocked opposing candidates, despite two-thirds of Democrats wanting an alternative to Biden. Faced with such polling numbers, the party establishment is so committed to democracy that it has decided voters cannot be trusted with a choice. North Carolina’s Democrats became the latest to bar anyone but Biden from the ballot. Democratic officials are approaching democracy the way Henry Ford responded to calls for different color choices for the Model T. He pledged to provide “any color the customer wants, as long as it’s black.” In this election, voters can choose anyone they want, as long as it is Biden.

For millions of voters, democracy may be on the ballot but it is aspirational. If you vote for Biden, you might just get democracy back, but only after the election. Even more galling was Biden’s claim to be the defender of free speech. As I have previously written, Biden has been the most anti-free speech president since John Adams. His administration has been unrelenting in pushing for censorship and blacklisting of those with opposing views.The Biden censorship efforts have been described by one federal court as unprecedented in our history and a virtual “Orwellian ‘Ministry of Truth.’” The Biden Administration has called for the censorship of even true statements that it deems misleading. For Biden to run on free speech is about as convincing as Bill Clinton running on abstinence.

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“The majority are single, military age men.”

Mayorkas Impeachment Center Stage In House Homeland Security Committee (JTN)

The House Homeland Security Committee will be holding a hearing this week as part of its chairman’s stated plan to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Chairman Mark E. Green, R-Tenn., said the Wednesday hearing will be held to evaluate the impacts on the country of” Mayorkas’ “failed leadership and refusal to enforce the laws passed by Congress.” The hearing is the first of three the committee has scheduled this month, Green said last month as the committee released its fifth report evaluating Mayorkas’ policies. The committee majority released five reports as part of its nearly year-long investigation into “the causes, costs, and consequences of the crisis at the Southwest border and how the reckless decision-making and legally dubious policies of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and President Joe Biden have precipitated the worst border crisis in American history.”

The first report details the laws and court orders the committee says Mayorkas “ignored, abused or failed to follow.” The second report details how Mexican cartels “have seized unprecedented control at the Southwest border to smuggle illegal aliens, criminals, suspected terrorists, and deadly fentanyl and other drugs into the United States.” The third report detailed how transnational gangs are working with cartel operatives to oversee a massive human smuggling operation; the fourth estimated border crisis costs to U.S. taxpayers of over $451 billion. The fifth report details “consistent misuse and abuse of taxpayer resources enabled by Mayorkas, specifically through his failure to detain illegal aliens and use Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention resources in accordance with their intended purpose.” It also addresses the costs of halting construction of the border wall already paid for by taxpayers.

The committee also released 65 pages of transcripts of interviews with multiple Border Patrol chiefs. The chiefs told committee members “illegal aliens spread the word the border is open” and that the policy of pulling Border Patrol agents from the field has had “detrimental consequences and the homeland isn’t safe.” Agents in California and Arizona also described the consequences of these policies on CBP sectors in their states, including closing checkpoints at ports of entry and in the field with no boots on the ground to interdict criminals, and expressing concerns about the record number of gotaways entering the country posing national security risks. “Gotaways” is the official CBP term to describe foreign nationals who illegally enter the U.S. between ports of entry, avoid capture and don’t return to Mexico or Canada.

Gotaways don’t file asylum or other immigration-related claims; intentionally illegally entering to avoid being caught. Many have criminal records and often run when they are pursued by Border Patrol agents or others in law enforcement, authorities have explained to The Center Square. The majority are single, military age men.

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New American priorities.

California To Provide Free Sex Changes For Illegal Immigrants (RT)

As of last week, California’s taxpayer-funded healthcare system now covers sex changes for illegal immigrants, thanks to legislation recently signed by Governor Gavin Newsom. The cost of the program is expected to top $3 billion. California became the first state in the US to provide health insurance to all adults regardless of immigration status on January 1, when legislation signed by Newsom last summer came into effect. Approximately 700,000 illegal immigrants will now have their healthcare covered by the state’s taxpayer-funded Medi-Cal insurance system, according to a press release from State Senator Maria Elena Durazo in May. Among the procedures covered by Medi-Cal are hormone therapy and gender transition surgery, according to a report this week by the Daily Caller, a conservative news outlet.

“Gender affirming care is a covered Medi-Cal benefit when medically necessary,” a 2022 state memo cited by the outlet states. “Requests for gender affirming care should be from specialists experienced in providing culturally competent care to transgender and gender diverse individuals and should use nationally recognized guidelines.”According to the Transgender Law Center, Medi-Cal should cover “hormone treatment, gender reassignment surgery, and other necessary procedures.”Newsom’s expansion of the Medi-Cal program will cost California taxpayers an estimated $3.1 billion, according to an Associated Press report from last year. Republican lawmakers criticized the expansion even before it emerged that it would cover transgender surgery, but their criticism turned to ridicule in recent days. “California is now paying for illegal aliens to get sex changes,” Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert wrote on X (formerly Twitter) on Friday. “There’s no punchline to this tweet. California is the punchline.”

Newsom has defended the decision to add 700,000 more patients to the program. “In California, we believe everyone deserves access to quality, affordable health care coverage – regardless of income or immigration status,” his office told ABC News. “Through this expansion, we’re making sure families and communities across California are healthier, stronger, and able to get the care they need when they need it.”Some 300,000 illegal immigrants were caught entering the US from Mexico in December 2023, the highest number on record for a single month. Under President Joe Biden’s controversial ‘Catch and Release’ policy, almost all of these migrants are released into the US with orders to show up at court hearings at a later date. Amid a backlog of more than two million cases, the average wait time for such a hearing stood at 762 days as of last January.

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“..the attorney general has woefully failed to prove her case and is not entitled to any of the relief,” including any financial penalty.”

New York Prosecutor’s Office Seeks $370m From Trump After Fraud Trial (RT)

The New York attorney general on Friday asked the judge who had overseen the civil fraud trial of Donald J. Trump to penalize the former president about $370 million, saying the trial had demonstrated that he had gained that amount through unlawful conduct, Report informs, citing The New York Times. The sum was well over the $250 million that the attorney general, Letitia James, had estimated in the fall of 2022, when she sued Mr. Trump, accusing him of inflating his net worth to obtain favorable treatment from banks and insurers. The trial began in October and proceedings ended last month, but Mr. Trump’s fate is not yet settled. The attorney general’s penalty request came in a post-trial brief filed on Friday. Mr. Trump’s lawyers, in one of their own filings, wrote that “the attorney general has woefully failed to prove her case and is not entitled to any of the relief,” including any financial penalty. In a statement, a lawyer for Mr. Trump, Christopher M. Kise, called the amount “unconscionable, unsupported by the evidence, untethered from reality and unconstitutionally excessive.”

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“All presidential trips are highly scripted because of the need for security. The Secret Service places assets at all locations where a president may go.”

Secret Service Records Undercut Another Key J6 Committee Narrative (JTN)

It has become one of the enduring messages of the House Democrats’ final report on the Jan. 6 riot: Donald Trump had a plan and an intention to go directly to the U.S. Capitol to join those disrupting the certification of the 2020 election results. “The Committee’s principal concern was that the President actually intended to participate personally in the January 6th efforts at the Capitol, leading the attempt to overturn the election either from inside the House Chamber, from a stage outside the Capitol, or otherwise,” the committee wrote in its final report on December 2022. “The Committee regarded those facts as important because they are relevant to President Trump’s intent on January 6th. There is no question from all the evidence assembled that President Trump did have that intent,” it added.

Lawmakers, pundits and journalists have all echoed that line in the months before and after the report’s release. “I imagine that he thought that he would enter like Mussolini being carried on the shoulders of his supporters and enter the Capitol,” Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., said, comparing Trump to Italy’s fascist leader during World War II. In his speech at Valley Forge on Friday reviving his argument that Trump and MAGA supporters pose a threat to democracy, President Joe Biden pointedly avoided making the claim. In fact, he took the opposite tact and suggested a cowardly Trump declined to join his supporters storming the Capitol. “He promised he would right them — right them. Everything they did, he would be side by side with them. Then, as usual, he left the dirty work to others. He retreated to the White House,” Biden said.

Such conflicting portrayals may be confusing to voters. That confusion is also rooted in an undisputed fact: Trump never actually went to the Capitol after his speech on the Ellipse. The House Democrats claims are based on two pieces of testimony. Some Trump aides recalled to the committee the 45th president mentioning in a meeting on Jan, 4, 2021, that he might want to go to the Capitol. And then former aide Cassidy Hutchinson claimed in a disputed account based on hearsay that on the way back from his speech Trump lunged at the driver of the presidential limo to commandeer it and take it to the Capitol. The Secret Service and Trump deny that happened, and no evidence has emerged to validate Hutchinson’s claim.

That did not stop the account from making its way into mainstream media. The Democratic Party’s narrative is further undercut by internal Secret Service documents reviewed by Just the News, which show there was no plan heading into the Jan. 6 event to take Trump to the Capitol. All presidential trips are highly scripted because of the need for security. The Secret Service places assets at all locations where a president may go. That did not happen at the Capitol, according to the Secret Service records reviewed by Just the News, suggesting Trump’s alleged statements to the presidential aides two days earlier did not result in a change of plan.

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“..have been hounding people that really, you know, just walked into open doors in the Capitol and hung around..”

Bill Barr: DOJ Went ‘Too Far’ In Prosecuting Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Cases (JTN)

Former Attorney General Bill Barr said that the Justice Department went “too far” in charging more than 1,200 people in the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot, including those he said simply walked around the building but did not assault anyone. “Like everything else the left does, they did, I think, go too far,” Barr said Saturday, the third anniversary of the Jan. 6 riot, in an interview on Fox News. Some people, such as those who assaulted police officers and literally broke into the Capitol, should be prosecuted for Jan. 6, Barr said. “But I think they cast their net far too broadly and have been hounding people that really, you know, just walked into open doors in the Capitol and hung around,” he also said. “I think they just took it too far.”

Barr said that he does not want to “minimize” the events of Jan. 6, but he thinks it was a “shameful episode” rather than an insurrection. The Justice Department said last week that more than 1,265 defendants have been charged in connection to the riot in nearly all 50 states. More than 90% of the defendants, or about 1,186 of them, were charged with entering or remaining in a restricted federal building or grounds.

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“Under these standards, police officers should not shoot unarmed suspects or rioters without a clear threat to themselves or fellow officers.”

Family of Ashli Babbitt Files $30 Million Wrongful Death Action (Turley)

The long-awaited tort action from the family of Ashli Babbitt has now been filed in Southern California. Babbitt was shot and killed on Jan. 6th and her family is seeking $30 million in a wrongful death. Equally important, the lawsuit could force additional answers to why Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd shot and killed the unarmed protester as she attempted to climb through a window near the House Chamber. I have previously raised concerns over the shooting as conflicting with governing standards on the use of lethal force despite the Capitol police. I also noted contradictions Byrd’s own statements and the government’s conclusion that this was a justified killing. The complaint below adds some troubling facts to these prior concerns. Babbitt, 35, was an Air Force veteran and Trump supporter who participated in the riot three years ago. She was clearly committing criminal acts of trespass, property damage, and other offenses. However, the question is whether an officer is justified in shooting a protester when he admits that he did not see any weapon before discharging his weapon.

Just to recap what we previously discussed in the earlier column: When protesters rushed to the House chamber, police barricaded the chamber’s doors; Capitol Police were on both sides, with officers standing directly behind Babbitt. Babbitt and others began to force their way through, and Babbitt started to climb through a broken window. That is when Byrd killed her. At the time, some of us familiar with the rules governing police use of force raised concerns over the shooting. Those concerns were heightened by the DOJ’s bizarre review and report, which stated the governing standards but then seemed to brush them aside to clear Byrd. The DOJ report did not read like any post-shooting review I have read as a criminal defense attorney or law professor. The DOJ statement notably does not say that the shooting was clearly justified. Instead, it stressed that “prosecutors would have to prove not only that the officer used force that was constitutionally unreasonable, but that the officer did so ‘willfully.’”

It seemed simply to shrug and say that the DOJ did not believe it could prove “a bad purpose to disregard the law” and that “evidence that an officer acted out of fear, mistake, panic, misperception, negligence, or even poor judgment cannot establish the high level of intent.” While the Supreme Court, in cases such as Graham v. Connor, has said that courts must consider “the facts and circumstances of each particular case,” it has emphasized that lethal force must be used only against someone who is “an immediate threat to the safety of the officers or others, and … is actively resisting arrest or attempting to evade arrest by flight.” Particularly with armed assailants, the standard governing “imminent harm” recognizes that these decisions must often be made in the most chaotic and brief encounters. Under these standards, police officers should not shoot unarmed suspects or rioters without a clear threat to themselves or fellow officers. That even applies to armed suspects who fail to obey orders.

Indeed, Huntsville police officer William “Ben” Darby was convicted for killing a suicidal man holding a gun to his own head. Despite being cleared by a police review board, Darby was prosecuted, found guilty and sentenced to 25 years in prison, even though Darby said he feared for the safety of himself and fellow officers. Yet law professors and experts who have praised such prosecutions in the past have been conspicuously silent over the shooting of an unarmed woman who had officers in front of and behind her on Jan. 6. Byrd went public soon after the Capitol Police declared “no further action will be taken” in the case. He proceeded to demolish the two official reviews that cleared him. Byrd described how he was “trapped” with other officers as “the chants got louder” with what “sounded like hundreds of people outside of that door.”

He said he yelled for all of the protesters to stop: “I tried to wait as long as I could. I hoped and prayed no one tried to enter through those doors. But their failure to comply required me to take the appropriate action to save the lives of members of Congress and myself and my fellow officers.” Byrd could just as well have hit the officers behind Babbitt, who was shot while struggling to squeeze through the window. Of all of the lines from Byrd, this one stands out: “I could not fully see her hands or what was in the backpack or what the intentions are.” So, Byrd admitted he did not see a weapon or an immediate threat from Babbitt beyond her trying to enter through the window. Nevertheless, Byrd boasted, “I know that day I saved countless lives.” He ignored that Babbitt was the one person killed during the riot.

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    Dr. D

    “Obama’s Weird New Movie and America’s Extreme Vulnerability to Cyber-Attack

    Yes, they’ve been in front of Congress warning about this since 2000. And it would cost like $6B to start – a rounding error. And Obama did exactly NOTHING about it, just like all the others. …So Congress doesn’t like printing money and handing it to giant corporations now? No? Yeah, it’s all a setup. There’s no EMP, there’s no Cyberattack: there’s just YOU. YOU are the ones doing this.

    Suppose you went out and all four tires are bald with the wires sticking out the sides. On your 2020 Tahoe. And then, when you have a blowout, you BLAME THE RUSSIANS, Iranians, and Chinese for it. Would any of us buy that? Same thing. NOT A FINGER has been lifted, ever, on any of this. If anything, it’s straight-line worse, more computerized, straight-line on purpose as every time you add a computer it works less.

    “White House Wasn’t Aware For Days that Defense Secretary Austin Was Hospitalized

    Yup, he’s so vital you can remove him, nobody notices and nothing happens. Like the rest of the Federal Government. I suppose we killed fewer people that week overseas. Brown people were safer for a few days.

    “Can Congress Overturn Presidential Election Results? Here Are Changes Since Jan. 6, “ USA Today

    Why am I reading this now?

    WASHINGTON — Three years ago, the nation’s Capitol underwent a marathon day that disrupted a centuries-old tradition of peaceful transitions of power in the United States.”

    Yeah, remember that time we didn’t have a President?

    “A bill to change vague and vulnerable wording in the 19th-century Electoral Count Act – supported by dozens of members of both parties – was included in a year-end spending bill signed by President Joe Biden in December 2022.

    The law made some significant changes. It:

    Clarified that the vice president’s role is ceremonial and does not include the power to accept or reject electors
    Designates one official in each state to submit the state’s slate of electors, rather than leaving the possibility of multiple slates being submitted to Congress, and requires Congress to accept only that slate
    Created a process of expedited court review of electoral challenges from presidential candidates
    Raised the threshold to object to a state’s election results from one senator and one representative to one-fifth of both the House and the Senate
    These changes significantly decrease the risk of Congress overturning valid election results, experts said, by preventing dueling slates of electors and requiring more consensus to mount an objection.”

    Overturning “Valid” election results? That was the whole point: which ones are “Valid”? The law makes it more difficult to ask if they’re Valid.

    ““The idea is that only serious objections would be entertained,”

    What is a “Serious” objection? When my guy doesn’t win? A good thing the guys who wrote this aren’t lawyers, or they would notice this sort of thing. Oh, they WERE lawyers?

    ““There’s lots of potential places where things can go wrong.”
    Since 2021, Trump’s grip on the Republican party has also intensified, multiple experts noted.”

    Why are those two sentences together? Are you trying to say something? If so, are you ashamed to simply say it? If you’re ashamed of yourself, is what you’re saying therefore illegal and unethical? Perhaps violent? And you know that?

    “[Cruz objected to the vote in Arizona] But the two chambers split to debate the objection, which was intended to be the first of six – lawmakers planned objections to Georgia, Nevada, Michigan and Wisconsin as well. The debate was interrupted when a mob of Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol.” “Stormed”? You mean “Escorted”?

    What a coincidence! The Trump supporters – who opposed the vote – ended up preventing all objections to the vote. Well whaddya know? If only 1,000 FBI agents had been there to stop this, then we could have got these objections aired and voted on properly.

    They say 50% of Republicans and 50% of Congress don’t think the vote was correct or have faith in it. Why is that? Can we convene a committee or something and restore that faith? It’s the most obvious and even the weakest possible step. No? Why is that not possible? Isn’t that done for every other government question and problem, however small, even if it’s not government related at all, like steroids in baseball? Yet a group of people who’ve done nothing but form committees since the 6th grade, one day forgot or don’t know how to form a committee that can restore faith in the ENTIRE government of the United States, which is at risk of utterly collapsing and killing 200 million people in a deadly war.

    Huh. I do not find that suspicious at all, and neither does USA Today. Carry on Hoagan, I see noooo-tink.

    “French historian Emmanuel Todd believes that NATO is already losing the Ukrainian conflict.”

    Wow, he’s a genius. In this article, the author jumps back and forth between “Russia” “The West” “Europe” and others. WHO? Reconciliation of Germany and Russia leading to expulsion of the U.S. Really? That was Trump’s stated goal, and he was President, voted in on this platform, so not THAT United States. You mean the OTHER United States, the one NOT make of the electorate? A kind of Deeper State?

    “Avoiding the rapprochement between Germany and Russia was one of the US goals. This rapprochement would have signed the ejection of the United States from the European system of power. Americans have preferred to destroy Europe rather than save the West.”

    That sounds like MacKinder. Who’s the progenitor and promoter of MacKinder since, dunno, 1840? Americans “May Prefer” and so why did Germany and Europe go along with it if it’s bad for them? We didn’t say we would nuke them. They’re weak, spineless weasels? The U.S. “Just said it” – I mean other than half the country and 95% of the counties – and then “It just happened” despite being more people than we are, where they have zero-mile supply chain and they’re sitting in all those nations, and we can’t force project to beat some goatherders on the coast. That’s why they obeyed. THey’re weaker and less brave than a Pushtin goatherder of 12.

    You know my theory: Europe, that is Davos, WANTS this to happen. London WANTS this to happen. But they can never sell it to their people, especially the hardship, so they USE OUR ARMY, then BLAME US, to take the moral high ground, and so they can what? That’s right, steal their oil and kill everyone in 12 time zones like they did in Iraq. And that oil goes where? To make cheap gas in Texas? No, it goes to GERMANY. Then bank flows go to LONDON. Without it they both die, but the U.S. is the bad guy for spending $200B to get oil FOR OUR COMPETITOR while everyone in the America lives in tents. Got it. We so bad.

    If he doesn’t suspect some of that here, I’m not sure what use he is as a historian or geopolitical thinker. It’s not like Davos n Co are hiding it.

    This is what Armstrong said. No one makes financial commentary there, because no one in Europe can tell the truth. It isn’t nice, and whatever country you’re from you’re seen as partisan to the French, Spanish, etc and bent for your team. So his “Team” and he can’t say, “Yeah, well, really WE did this. WE set up an entirely undemocratic EU which was very obviously Germany finally conquering the continent, and when that happened, liquidating their enemy Greece, etc and running it all under an unaccountable Soviet Bureaucracy created by East Germany (like Merkel).” That wouldn’t be “Nice,” see?

    Americans for all our faults will say, “Joe, you’re a lazy, drunken arsehole and your work sucks. Your brother’s a drunk too.” Just say it. And we take a lot of heat for it. But WHY do we say it? “Because your work sucks, now shape up or I’ll bounce you out of here.” Why? Because used to be everywhere, but with corruption is now only down on the ground, because we want the WORK to happen. Competently, because who wants to do it again? If it happens, some yelling is okay. You’re not supposed to be “Nice”. In the U.S. You’re supposed to get good work. Which is what Elites, PMCs, Blue-hairs have all forgotten and part of what makes them so antagonizing. You think if they were being so mealy-mouthed and “Nice” but everything was working well and the trains were running on time with new Soviet-Art stations, we’d be so pissed off at them? No. It’s because they’re dedicated to being “Nice” but even if everything falls down, everyone is killed, and the whole world burns.

    As we read every day, OUR commentators are NOT very nice. But that isn’t just towards Europe, we take the same hatchets to our own guys with abandon, maybe more than we should. We could stand to be a little less hard on our Team and a little bit harder on theirs.

    “We are in a completely Putinophobic and Russophobic world.” He went on”

    Why? France was very close to Russia. They always get along. Now they’re not, and why? Why are all European cultures and languages FORCED to be okay, you are REQUIRED to love them all equally, except this one? That’s sort of odd, for a “Fraternitie”, a “Brotherhood of Man”, a “United States of Europe”. Last I checked, Russia is in Europe, yes? They treat the Icelandic, the Lithuanians this way? Ohhhhh, so it’s only countries you want to STEAL from, like Greece, Turkey, and Russia that get the “Special Treatment”. Right.

    And again, how did this start? After 1993 we were all set to integrate Russia, right? Everyone was relieved, the usual immigrants appeared and created social integration, all that? And yet THIS ONE TIME, that led to “Europe” (whoever that is) to become “Russiaphobic”, that is, as we’ve seen with the British Philharmonic, blinding, spit-flecking rabid hateful racists, worldwide. Shutting off banking, making ghettos. Against only ONE people. The People of the Oil.

    Gosh and by golly, happens every time! Whenever there’s oil, it makes that people and culture awful somehow. Oil must poison the drinking water and make them oil-nations mean and evil or something. Right before we go to war with someone we suddenly become YOU-Phobia and YOU-racist, and for no reason at all! Just falls down from the stars like fairie dust or something.

    “suspend the US debt ceiling until 2025.”

    No debt ceiling. That’s alright, the one we had never affected spending at all anyway. Look at the chart. “We print money, or we collapse entirely into ruin”. Whaddya know, we print the money! Aaaaaand again today.

    ““This represents the most favorable budget agreement Republicans have achieved in over a decade,” Johnson claimed.”

    Sadly that’s true, and it’s over a Trillion. So…if you really mean it, how about we just brush off the 2019, pre-Covid Budget and just do that? Were we not spending enough money then? …This is what they said about CARTER, 1977, “Is the Federal Government not large enough already?” Yeah, it was like 1/50th the size and everything was getting done? Anyone? No, because they are Republicans. We go over the cliff, but SLOWLY. If everything was getting done, what did we add since then?

    Ohh, we added, Epstein, Pfizer, GM, Ukraine….

    “There is no way to help Ukraine aside from Congress approving a new package, Team Biden signaled on Friday.”

    Jesus I would think so. If he could without Congress, there would be no United States. He’d be the King Joe the First. Like we — the reporters — need to SAY this?

    “House Speaker Mike Johnson has demanded illegal immigration issues be solved before approving new aid packages for Ukraine.”

    They act like this is too much to ask. Like, seriously: WE WILL GIVE YOU ALL THE UKRAINE. $200 more Billion I guess while more Americans die in winter tents. All you have to do is spend MORE money with YOUR pals making the border only as bad as it was under Obama, that is to say, a total free-for-all, but 1/3 less.

    THEY CAN’T DO IT. Why???

    Why? Because they need those soldiers here to attack and destroy the U.S. and “Fundamentally change America” as the O-man promised. Otherwise, WHY? Can anyone come up with a single other theory?

    BTW, NOT doing border thingie is an impeachable, arguably treasonous offense. But we’re worried about how Hunter paid for his crack? Yes, because: Republicans. The “Jump off a bridge slowly” party.

    “Ukraine can continue to resist Russia only if … intensifying joint arms production programs”

    Yes, except there is this thing called “Time”. “Time Exists” as a root function of “Reality”, you may have noticed. Sure, we could “Produce arms” and get them to you by 2026, because “Factories”. How’s that work for you?

    “Republicans continue to block the White House’s supplemental funding request, which includes more than $60 billion for Ukraine,”

    Again, they’re not blocking it at all, not a bit. In fact, they are demanding you spend MORE money, on MORE Federal Union employees and with your friends and corrupt subcontractors. But you won’t. A government that won’t spend money? I do not find that suspicious at all.

    “A secret assessment from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in Washington has found that Israeli forces would find it “difficult to succeed” in a two-front war against Hamas”

    Or a one-front war. Hezbollah destroying IDF was one of the most sound defeats of the last 40 years.

    “The commander-in-chief of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) sounded a note of defiance in a speech Saturday”

    You’re fired. It’s “He said”. Okay, Mr. Reporter, WHO is he “Defying”? You didn’t put that in. Some reason for that? If you are “Defying” it predicates you are “subservient” and “obedient” to someone. Who would that be? Oh, so your sentence means that “In reality, everyone knows that really Iran should obey, and be subservient to the United States” and the West. Right? That’s the only possible interpretation of your sentence, right?

    He. Said. How about this: “Iran, a sovereign nation, has stated that they will pursue their national interests and will not be subservient to other countries, especially if they are not even in the area and have no functional military.” Not very defiant, is it?

    “For Biden to run on free speech is about as convincing as Bill Clinton running on abstinence.”

    Living here, I can tell you this sentence will have no effect, and in fact harden Democrats to stay loyal against their principles and their best interests. But I can’t tell you why. I continually struggle to figure where their heads are at, I can only assume it’s “The Feelz” but I don’t actually comprehend it, thus you have to put up with me struggling with it every day.

    Let’s see: single Party election, single candidate election. That’s “Democracy” and this is okay with you? “Yessssssss!!!!!!!!” The thinking has shut off, they are not hearing words at this point. I know because I’m still trying to find a way, any way, to ask without triggering them. But EVERYTHING is a trigger, and therefore they have been immunized against words in general. All words. From everyone? Apparently some “authority” can still use words so they can again obey the Memo and approve of this new alteration an eternal one-party system that is “Democracy”. WHO is giving that Memo and why are they trusted when your own family, husband, wife, townsman, kinsman, is not? My only guess is, I’m not an abuser. If I were, they would obey and respond.

    “ Mayorkas Impeachment Center Stage In House Homeland Security Committee (JTN)

    Three years, how many perjuries to Congress? The “We jump off the bridge slowly” Party.

    “California to Provide Free Sex Changes for Illegal Immigrants (RT) Don’t worry, no one will want one. That’s for soft, lilly- white liberals.

    Cloward-Piven. Collapse California and it’s a good way toward collapsing the United States, breaking it up and re-colonizing us for Europe, as Britain worked to since always, but esp the U.S. Civil War. Then we can cede the West, PNW to China, as Podesta planned. The West coast is blockaded, the U.S. is landlocked on one side. And “Patriots” like MTG say we should have an amicable divorce where we shut in the country and add a dangerous enemy under our bed. How about no? How about No when every thing they do to promote this is already a felony? Going pretty well, though. Newsom for President, I guess.

    ““Like everything else the left does, they did, I think, go too far,” Barr said”

    And Barr is planning on doing exactly nothing about it, just like the other Republicans. This is not even a “Strongly-worded letter”.

    “were charged with entering or remaining in a restricted federal building or grounds.”

    Okay, and how is this legal? The doors were open, police waved them in and escorted them. You may not know this, but on a daily basis, the Capital is “Open”. So it was not unusual it was “Open”. It is always “Open”. But on only one day in the last 100 years, for a few hours, when the police waved you through open doors, it was “closed”? And I know this how? You do know you can’t Tresspass someone without posting a sign, right? You do know you have to warn them? No literally, you can take a gun on someone’s property, claim you’re hunting, and if it’s not “Posted: No Tresspassing” signs, you’ll get tossed out of court.

    Nope: that’s the law, and we don’t do that. We Make S—t Up.

    “Lt. Michael Byrd shot and killed the unarmed protester as she attempted to climb through a window”

    Maybe. I’m not crying about it: don’t come through the window. What part of “Normal, safe, well-meaning people don’t enter through windows” do you not understand? …And then he logged a false police report. AFTER firing into a crowd with police officers in his direct line of fire. The police – in his line of fire – then all covered it up.

    Firing into a crowd always saves countless lives. That’s just common sense.

    Yuri is classic, but nobody knew nothin’ and there wasn’t a Plan. Just prove it by going and (not) reading it for yourself! Then you can tell me all about how there’s no plan that you never read and ignore when I send it to you.

    Yeah, I remember the Murtha case alright. And I remember nobody cared. Media? Obviously. But the Navy, military themselves? How about the people who would be treated there, or by these guys? How about the other doctors in the system? The FBI, CIA or anyone, knowing someone is out there, murdering important brass and getting away with it? Yeah, that was a sign of how deep this goes.

    Good indicator with Austen, as an outsider I can’t know how the military brass or regulars will think of it or take it. So, it be basically abdication of duty? MIA, abandon his post on a lark for a few days? When he caught thinks he can say “’Cause I didn’t wanna”? What’s the closest corollary here?

    Why is this serious? Because you’re in a foxhole, and then next foxhole walked off and didn’t tell you, so the Krauts just walk over you and the whole line, that is: you’re risking, killing, everyone in the whole armed forces when you don’t “Punch out” the clock officially, with stamps and orders. Something like this?


    It is interesting watching how the RINOs “say” the US/Mexico border needs to be secured, while “acting” to ensure the border stays wide open!

    The Rino House speaker visits the border to draw attention to it being wide open, then makes a budget deal with no new funding for border security!

    Rino’s plan impeachment “inquiry” of Homeland Security secretary for doing a good job of completely failing to secure the southern border!

    By the way how is that Rino impeachment “inquiry” of Joe not going?


    As the World Turns

    Sultry Sausage Scholtz to Resign

    Macron will then eat him







    And in Retailing History….

    The Drag Queen of Beers

    This Bud’s for You!



    They are willing to lose billions because it’s not about profits

    …it’s about propaganda

    It’s just the cost of “doing brainwashing business’


    And celebrating not just propaganda but Ritual Humiliation of an entire country and culture

    In Your Face Duh’merica

    Keep them like mushrooms, in the dark and fed lots of horse manure



    D Benton Smith

    @oxymoron (in reference to comment #149930 )

    Interestingly, with the single exception of that video interview made in 1998, Katherine Pollard Griggs has been erased from the internet. It is as though she did not exist prior to that interview, or after it. Just …gone without a trace.

    I find that exceedingly curious. It takes a LOT of work to disappear somebody that thoroughly.

    If you do not already know of her existence then the chances of discovering that she did, indeed, ever exist, are essentially and effectively ZERO.

    I think she has been, (how does one say?) “cancelled”, with extreme prejudice.

    D Benton Smith

    I did find ONE other reference to her, and it was on the international biography site called Prabook.com. It was a pretty thorough and complete bio, too. Unfortunately, when 12 hours later I revisited the page that had her bio that page and her name had both been removed (and I mean REMOVED! You can now not even find her name listed anywhere on the site. No bio, no search results, no nuthin.

    Bye bye Katherine. Lucky for us that I saved a copy of the page, and lucky for Katherine that she was a lady of sincere faith in God.


    • Without Congress Funds Biden Must ‘Freeze’ Ukraine Conflict

    Same delusional mind set and drivel headlines that thinks there will be ‘negotiations’ about the Fate of Ukronaziland.

    It’s soooo not a ‘stalemate’

    Nazilensky and Ukronaziland is being pistol whipped and bitch slapped to Death.

    Kiev’s former Prosecutor General Lutsenko wants the real causality numbers to be released to shame the population into continuing to support the lost war effort cause.

    Lutsenko wants them to be revealed to motivate people to register to fight.


    Ukronazi jokes write themselves!

    UKRAINE LOSING 30,000 SOLDIERS EVERY MONTH! Bombshell admission from Kiev’s former Prosecut

    (Let’s not sugar coat it, it’s actually closer to 40,000 a month)



    And as a counter point to all the hate and greed and stupidity in Life

    We have Daisy

    And this is what it’s like to be truly loved in this world……


    D Benton Smith

    So what does the bio of Katherine Pollard Griggs say? It confirms that all of her birth, education, employment, memberships, and familial connections are exactly as she reports them to be in the interview.

    She is (was) exactly and precisely as she represents herself to be. Top drawer Old Virginia, going back many generations. In other words, she’s simply reporting the truth as she experienced it. In other words, the state of the nation is far, far, FAR worse than I thought it was and there is not a snow ball’s chance in Hell of fixing by any MATERIAL means possible. All of the levers of conventional official power are captured to the satisfaction of those who currently control the levers.

    It’s in Gods hands now, and he could use an extra hand if you are of a mind to help him run this place the way He want’s it run.


    WES posted: Just ask Haiti about the Clinton’s helping.

    Right on.

    Haiti, never forgiven for ‘black slaves’ winning.

    “The country thus became the first independent nation of Latin America and the Caribbean, the second republic in the Americas, the first country in the Americas to eliminate slavery, and the only state in history established by a successful slave revolt.”


    Can one hope that what the Clintons did will be exposed? Idk but doubt it.


    Hidden in the white noise

    A leveraging dream
    “to protect our way of life,”
    $1.6 trillion.

    $886 billion in defense funding,
    $772 billion in domestic, non-defense

    to support Israel and Ukraine in their respective military conflicts,
    a supplemental funding request was over $100 billion,
    of which just over $60 billion was slated for Kiev.

    national security, it better begin with defending America’s national security. We want to get the border closed and secured first.

    Zelensky – “to protect our way of life,”

    US Secretary of State Antony Blinken “We have an intense focus on preventing this conflict from spreading,”
    two-front war against Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon
    Washington also fears that such a conflict could draw in Iran – Hezbollah’s principal backer – and eventually the US.

    Don’t forget, the Red Sea, where Houthi militants in Yemen have been attacking ships associated with Israel in retribution for the country’s incursion in Gaza.

    Iran sent a warship to the Red Sea.

    threatening rhetoric
    vote Democrat to preserve democracy,

    Democratic activists and officials across the country are seeking to remove Trump from the ballot even though he is the most popular choice for the presidency right now. In fact, dozens of Democratic officials have sought to remove 126 Republicans from Congress on the same basis. Even as Biden was telling citizens to vote Democrat to preserve democracy, a Democratic activist was seeking to remove a GOP congressman from the ballot in a nearby Pennsylvania district.

    North Carolina’s Democrats became the latest to bar anyone but Biden from the ballot.

    Biden’s claim to be the defender of free speech. As I have previously written, Biden has been the most anti-free speech president since John Adams. His administration has been unrelenting in pushing for censorship and blacklisting of those with opposing views.
    The Biden censorship efforts have been described by one federal court as unprecedented in our history and a virtual “Orwellian ‘Ministry of Truth.’” The Biden Administration has called for the censorship of even true statements that it deems misleading. For Biden to run on free speech is about as convincing as Bill Clinton running on abstinence.
    Babbitt was the one person, (the only person), killed on Jan. 6.

    Family of Ashli Babbitt Files $30 Million Wrongful Death Action

    January 7, 2024
    Family of Ashli Babbitt Files $30 Million Wrongful Death Action

    The family is being represented by Judicial Watch.
    She, Ashli Babbitt, 35, was an Air Force veteran and Trump supporter.
    Here is the complaint: Babbitt v. United States


    Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin went into the hospital on Jan. 1 after suffering severe pain as a result of an earlier elective procedure


    Important Report by Dr. William Makis.
    The State of Florida has called for a halt of the use of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccines, setting a precedent for the implementation of similar decisions not only across the United States, but Worldwide.

    The evidence is overwhelming.

    Read the letter of Florida State Surgeon General Joseph A. Ladapo below

    We call upon people across the United States to pressure State officials to cancel the mRNA Covid-19 once and for all.

    The evidence of mortality and morbidity resulting from vaccine inoculation both present (official data) and future (e.g. undetected microscopic blood clots) is overwhelming.

    The official data (mortality and morbidity) as well as numerous scientific studies confirm the nature of the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine which is being imposed on all humanity.

    Our thanks to Dr. William Makis

    Breaking: Florida Will be the First Jurisdiction to Halt COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines


    Our industrial civilization is in full denial of its mortality. We teach Ozymandias to our children, yet somehow manage to remain fully oblivious to the temporal nature of our culture. Why do I tell such “depressing” stories? Well, while I’m fully aware that the decline of our modern age is inevitable, I do believe that we ‘doomers’ and ‘collapseniks’ have an important role to play.


    D Benton Smith

    Some among you (maybe the majority. I don’t know or care all that much) may think that I’ve gone off the deep end as regards God and adherence to His wishes and all that sort of thing.

    I assure you very sincerely that this is not the case. I am just an earnestly truth seeking old geezer with a lot of free time available and the opinion that contributing here on a semi-regular basis is the best use for it, just like the rest of you.

    In full honesty all that I can tell you is that I’m earnestly sincere in my attempt to contribute constructively, and that my thoughts are known by me to be my own thoughts MOST OF THE TIME, but possibly not ALL of the time. Sometimes I feel that the thoughts are too far above my personal moral and intellectual grade level (both of which are just a tad above average, at best, and WAY below the many many other people who I see operating consistently better than I am capable of at this time.

    Here’s what I’m trying to say, If you know that Kay Griggs is giving a TRUE and honest reporting of personally observed and lived facts and events, then when listen to what she reports in that 7 hour interview, , then you just have to KNOW that this country of ours has been 100% captured since long long BEFORE the 1998 interview, which is now itself 25 years into the past.

    If a highly revered “hero” of our cause becomes too effective then that hero CAN be killed by cabalistic interests whenever they want to, with 100% complete impunity from human law.. For them to NOT do so is convincing evidence that something is stopping them. It seems pretty obvious to me what that intervening force must be.


    From Larry Johnson:

    Britain Is a Bad Joke, Especially its Military

    “When I saw the news on Andrei Martyanov’s latest podcast that the Britain’s Royal Navy posted a job notice for an Admiral to run Britain’s submarine service I thought he had been hoodwinked by the Babylon Bee….Nope!”

    The Royal Navy was forced to advertise for a top job on social media in a move described as “utterly shameful” by military sources.

    Navy chiefs posted the advertisement for the £150,000-a-year rear-admiral position on LinkedIn in December as it struggled to fill the role internally. . . .

    The chosen candidate would replace Rear-Admiral Simon Asquith as director of submarines and would be responsible for “elite operations” and the nation’s nuclear deterrent.


    Take that James Bond!

    Maybe the Limey Tards® can recruit Rear End Admiral Rachael Levine from Duh’merica to fill the Void in UK defenses!


    Stop, yur killin’ me…

    At first glance you’d think this was a nasty prank by the Monty Python crew.

    Maybe Benny Hill came back to life and decided to take a piss on the Royal Navy.

    The absurdity of this not only defies words, but it compels any clear thinking analyst to conclude that the once mighty imperial military power of Great Britain has become a clown show.

    D Benton Smith


    I thank you for posting the link to the full and unabridged National Anthem of Britain, because it was very interesting and informative of the British psyche, but my ears may never forgive you. And not just the awful instrumentation and melody, either, but the bone jarring lyrics too! It may take days for me to recover full use of the affected senses.

    Figmund Sreud


    Beneath the gimcrack and baubled veneer, the western meta-narrative “from Plato to NATO, that superior ideas and practices whose origins lie in ancient Greece, and have been transmitted down the ages so that those in the West today, are the lucky inheritors of a superior cultural DNA” has transpired to be nothing more than the faded tinselry of hollow narrative.

    Something Lost, Never to Be Found Again


    @D Benton Smith

    Just bring a little light into the pale Winter Season ;>)

    Pomp & Circumstance


    Dr D Rich

    John Murtha was:

    Chair of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense or simply House Appropriations as in cuts the checks for the Armed Forces.
    Yes that guy.
    Lost a vote for Speaker of House to Steny Hoyer. Soon after, my Navy career was destroyed and Murtha “lost his life”.

      Main article: Haditha killings

      The Haditha incident occurred on November 19, 2005, and since then there have been differing accounts of exactly what took place.

      In November 2005 Murtha announced that a military investigation into the Haditha killings had concluded that U.S. Marines had intentionally killed innocent civilians.[40] Referring to the first report about Haditha[41] in Time magazine, Murtha said:[42]

      It’s much worse than reported in Time magazine. There was no firefight. There was no IED that killed these innocent people. Our troops overreacted because of the pressure on them and they killed innocent civilians in cold blood. And that’s what the report is going to tell.

      The Marine Corps responded to Murtha’s announcement by stating that “there is an ongoing investigation; therefore, any comment at this time would be inappropriate and could undermine the investigatory and possible legal process.”[43] Murtha was criticized by conservatives for presenting a version of events as simple fact before an official investigation had been concluded.[44]

      In August 2006, Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich filed a lawsuit against Murtha for character defamation during an ongoing investigation into the Haditha incident. In April 2009 this suit was dismissed by a federal appeals court

    SecDef Austin was too embarrassed to admit that he had “stomach stapling” ((not really but you all know)) and it went awry.
    Maybe he suffered small bowel obstruction, ischemic injury to stomach or small intestine, the lap-band “slipped” leading to catastrophic bowel.
    Embarrassing but legally and personally oh so private.
    @dr John Day…did you ever convince a colorectal staff and general surgery chief resident that you were right and they were wrong about a 4yo with SBO and 21 inches of necrotic bowel. No amount of bedrest, NPO and IV hydration was ever gonna fix that notwithstanding the retention sutures used to torture the child when their delay prevented gut closure. Explain that to the group.
    SecDef Austin went into Harm’s Way. Wouldn’t you love to be at that M&M!?


    Is Lloyd Austin Actually Dead?

    MoA commentary are wondering if Lloyd Austin is dead?

    They find the strange saga of Austin’s extended stay in hospital hard to believe and therefore rather suspicious. They are speculating he was killed in Kiev during the early January missile strikes while in a secure underground bunker, while meeting with the top Ukrainian general who also hasn’t been seen alive in over a week either.

    So should we, any day now, expect to hear Lloyd Austin died due to complications from his (unscheduled Russian) surgery?

    Or did he die in a helicopter crash?


    Control the narrative (I’m telling the truth. That’s a fact. That’s no joke.)
    Pro-Palestinian, (peace, cease – fire demonstrators), demonstration interrupt Biden’s speech, (truth & freedom speech), by shouting “cease fire” at Mother Emanulame church in SC funeral.


    Narrative control needs to be controlled. Some good old fashioned public stoning’s might be in order. No less cruel.

    The lobbying group for older Americans just told its nearly 38 million members to “hustle” for another Covid jab, even if they have already had five boosters.


    Dr. D

    So effective you need one every 10 days. That’s what “Vaccine” means, right? 10 day immunity?

    * (not entirely an exaggeration. The original shot this is identical to said you wouldn’t be out of a safe immune reaction for as long as 20 days. So if you need one more or less monthly, you do the math. What’s the number? Booster 8 since 2022? That’s quarterly. This is not my issue: my issue is people hear all that and nod wisely, then go get it, thinking it perfectly sensible and doubleplus gooder. If I suggest this is not quite as keen as advertised, I am an evil, scum-sucking villain trying to kill them and will be rejected henceforth for all actions, public and private, of ever looking on them again. …You know, the sort of perfectly normal behavior when I say a certain type of cough medicine hasn’t been know to work so well.)


    Blinken clueless about Austin

    Apparently Pedo Jo-Joe cabinet officers don’t communicate much or even care what other ‘affirmative action hires’ the Presidementia of the Free World has.

    Outta sight, outta mind.

    That would be craptastic if Lloyd “Darth Vader’ Austin got snuffed in Kiev.

    Maybe just wounded bad enough to come back to Walter Reed.

    The Empire of Lies needs a back story

    I think saying Lloyd had complications from transgender transition surgery is the funniest by far.

    The fact that no one at the White House even knew he was not ‘on the job’ is hilarious in itself.

    The Proud, the Few

    Darth Lloyd Vader



    Alex Christoforou


    Alaska 737 Max Cockpit Data Erased After Mid-Flight Door Blowout

    National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) chair Jennifer Homendy said cockpit recording data on the Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 9 jet, which lost a fuselage panel that triggered a sudden decompression event near Portland on Friday, won’t be retrieved because the data was erased.

    On Sunday, Homendy told reporters that after Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 made an emergency landing at Portland International Airport – the ground crew did not pull the circuit breaker on the cockpit voice recorder, or black box, to preserve the audio, which only holds two hours or data, as required by federal law.

    “There was a lot going on, on the flight deck and on the plane. It’s a very chaotic event. The circuit breaker for the CVR (cockpit voice recorder) was not pulled. The maintenance team went out to get it, but it was right at about the two-hour mark,” Homendy said.

    Favorite Zerohedge comment:

    Who pulls the fuse when the plane crashes ??????

    737 Max: “designed by clowns who in turn are supervised by monkeys”

    In the wargame Starfleet Battles, the Tholians are a well-developed race with a great backstory. In the original Trek TV show, they were a one-episode thing, but in the game, they were interesting.

    A group that fled from another galaxy. Paranoid about being pursued and found. Did not bring the industrial or scientific base with them. They have some knowhow, so they have a few types of ships their shipyards can crank out, but that’s it. They can’t do new stuff. For what it is, the stuff they can build is good.

    The one innovation they had was when they realized they needed heavy cruisers or battleships, they welded a bunch of their ships together. Best they could do.

    But at least they could crank out the old stuff.

    If we can’t make new things – if new planes are 737’s built by idiots and monkeys, why not go back to the simpler pre fly by wire 747 design, just crank those out. Super safe. Verified design. Can land safely with zero engines. Still better than the Galactic Empire from the Foundation series that forgot how to build warships.

    Is everything an Amazon product now?


    GERM would like the following information


    Breaking: Florida Will be the First Jurisdiction to Halt COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines

    Over 180 Canadian doctors (COVID-19 Vaccinated) have died suddenly & unexpectedly since COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

    I testified to the National Citizens Inquiry and gave extensive documentation on COVID-19 Vaccinated Canadian doctor sudden deaths

    On Nov.28, 2023 – FINAL REPORT was released – my extensive data on Canadian doctor deaths can be downloaded on pages 148-150 of the report (HERE)
    (September 18, 2023, Dr. William Makis)
    VT-3m-Makis-Doctor Deaths Excel 03e-NCI-Canadian Doctor Deaths 2019-2023 (as of
    2023.06.30) Page 148 of 643



    Canadian doctors have 54% excess mortality in 2022
    Canadian Medical Association responded to my letters and data by deleting all Canadian doctor deaths and data from their own website for the years 2022 and prior
    The following public officials had been issued subpoena letters to participate as witnesses in the hearings.
    No public officials accepted the invitations.
    6.2.2. Vancouver, British Columbia Hearings Summons

    Tracey-Anne McPhee YU—Summons
    Mike Farnworth BC—Summons
    Mark Lysyshyn BC—Summons
    Julie Green NWT—Summons
    Dr. Sudit Ranade YU—Summons
    Dr. Patricia Daly BC—Summons
    Dr. Kami Kandola NWT—Summons
    Dr. Catherine Elliott YU—Summons
    Dr. Bonnie Henry BC—Summons
    David Eby BC—Summons
    Brendan E. Hanley YU—Summons
    Adrian Dix BC—Summons
    6.3.6. Langley, British Columbia
    Public Hearings were held in Langley, British Columbia on May 2, 2023, May 3, 2023 and May 4,
    The schedule of witnesses was as follows:
    198 – 230
    6.4. Exhibit Archive
    The following is a list of the Witness Exhibits presented to the Commission during the hearings held
    across Canada and in subsequent virtual hearings heard by the Commissioners following the

    6.4.6. Vancouver, British Columbia Exhibits May 2, 3, 4, 2023

    Why do Canadians have a longer waits for health care?

    John Day

    Deadly Dancing https://drjohnsblog.substack.com/p/deadly-dancing

    Simplicius has this headline and further context. I can’t tell what this declaration means. There are lots of moving parts, but this is a signal of de-escalation in the Gaza genocide. Israel has reportedly run out of targets for the air force to bomb, even with their AI target-generation system. Update on Palestine: IDF Claims Gaza City Victory

    Professor Anthony Hall , The Strange Dance of Hamas and Netanyahu , The History of Hamas Underlying the Israeli Assassination of Saleh al-Arouri in Beirut Lebanon
    The designation of Hamas as a terror organization served a number of agendas. Some in the Israeli government expressed their pleasure with the new arrangement. For instance Amos Yadlin, Israel’s National Security Adviser, told the US Ambassador that “Israel would be ‘happy’ if Hamas took over Gaza, because the IDF would then be able to “deal with Gaza as a hostile state.”

    Israeli Military Chief Says ‘Fighting’ in Gaza Will Continue All Year
    “The year 2024 will be challenging. We will be at war in Gaza,” said IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi during a visit to the West Bank. “I don’t know if it will be all year long. We will be fighting in Gaza all year, that’s for sure, and this will also hold the other arenas, certainly in [the West Bank], to a certain state of alertness.”
    Halevi also warned of the possibility of “another war” in Lebanon as cross-border strikes between Hezbollah and the IDF have increased since Israel launched a drone strike in Beirut that killed a senior Hamas official last week.

    Israeli Military Chief Says ‘Fighting’ in Gaza Will Continue All Year

    ​ Israeli war cabinet cracks at the seams over possible 7 October probe
    An investigation of the Israeli army’s actions during Hamas’ Al-Aqsa Flood operation may shine further light on Israel’s killing of its own soldiers and civilians
    ​ War cabinet minister Benny Gantz says he supports the Israeli Army Chief of Staff’s call for an investigation into the security and intelligence failures of 7 October, the Times of Israel reported on 6 January.
    ​ During a cabinet meeting on 5 January, several extremist ministers, including National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir and Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich, ganged up against Chief of Staff Herzl Halevi for his intention to launch a probe into the army’s shortcomings on 7 October, when Hamas carried out an unprecedented attack on military bases and settlements in southern Israel.
    ​ Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu abruptly ended the meeting after shouting erupted as some ministers came to Halevi’s defense.
    ​ Gantz acknowledged it was appropriate for government ministers to challenge the information provided to them by security chiefs at cabinet meetings but added: “What happened yesterday was a politically motivated attack in the middle of a war.”

    John Day

    The senior Hamas officials says the Resistance will take revenge from the Israeli occupation for the assassination of leader Sheikh Saleh al-Aroui and his companions.
    The assassination of martyr Sheikh Saleh al-Arouri will not change or alter the Resistance’s convictions, Hamas politburo member Osama Hamdan confirmed on Sunday, vowing that revenge from the Israeli occupation entity for its crime is definitely coming.
    “The enemy will face a response from us that will teach it that the assassination will not weaken the Resistance,” Hamdan said in a televised address.
    However, he stressed that the greater revenge that the Resistance will take is the liberation of occupied al-Quds, ending the occupation, and the return of Palestinians to their land.
    “The ones who will leave the land of Palestine and go back to where they came from will be the occupying settlers,” Hamdan stressed.
    “Our land will only be Palestinian, for the Palestinian people.”

    John Mearsheimer: Genocide in Gaza
    I am referring to the 84-page “application” that South Africa filed with the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on 29 December 2023, accusing Israel of committing genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza.1 It maintains that Israel’s actions since the war began on 7 October 2023 “are intended to bring about the destruction of a substantial part of the Palestinian national, racial and ethnic … group in the Gaza Strip.” (1) That charge fits clearly under the definition of genocide in the Geneva Convention, to which Israel is a signatory.2
    The application is a superb description of what Israel is doing in Gaza. It is comprehensive, well-written, well-argued, and thoroughly documented. The application has three main components.
    First, it describes in detail the horrors that the IDF has inflicted on the Palestinians since 7 October 2023 and explains why much more death and destruction is in store for them.
    Second, the application provides a substantial body of evidence showing that Israeli leaders have genocidal intent toward the Palestinians. (59-69) Indeed, the comments of Israeli leaders – all scrupulously documented – are shocking. One is reminded of how the Nazis talked about dealing with Jews when reading how Israelis in “positions of the highest responsibility” talk about dealing with the Palestinians. (59) In essence, the document argues that Israel’s actions in Gaza, combined with its leaders’ statements of intent, make it clear that Israeli policy is “calculated to bring about the physical destruction of Palestinians in Gaza.” (39)
    Third, the document goes to considerable lengths to put the Gaza war in a broader historical context, making it clear that Israel has treated the Palestinians in Gaza like caged animals for many years. It quotes from numerous UN reports detailing Israel’s cruel treatment of the Palestinians. In short, the application makes clear that what the Israelis have done in Gaza since 7 October is a more extreme version of what they were doing well before 7 October.

    The Ministry of Health in Gaza confirmed on Sunday that the Israeli occupation forces committed 12 massacres against Palestinian families in the Gaza Strip during the past 24 hours.
    The Ministry said that the massacres claimed lives of 113 people and left 250 others wounded.
    This brings the total deaths from the Israeli occupation aggression against the Gaza Strip to 22,835, in addition to 58,416 wounded since October 7, 2023.

    The “Transfer” of Palestinians Out of Gaza Is Not a “Voluntary Migration”
    Palestinians have known all along that the real objective of Israel’s horrendous assault on Gaza is emptying the Strip of all Palestinians and the return of Jewish settlements. After nearly 90 days of relentless bombardment and a lackluster effort on the part of the Israeli government to negotiate the release of the hostages taken by Hamas, it has become clear even to Israelis that Netanyahu’s declared goals of “dismantling Hamas, returning our hostages, and ensuring that in Gaza there will be no one that threatens Israel” are nothing more than a cover for the government’s “transfer” plan.
    The first phase of the transfer plan commenced with the carpet bombing of northern Gaza and an evacuation order telling Palestinians to leave the area — one of the most densely populated in the world — and move to southern Gaza “where they will be safer.” But no sooner had they reached southern Gaza than bombs started to rain on them again — in Beit Lahia, Khan Younis, Maghazi, and other heavily populated residential neighborhoods…
    ..Recall Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant saying, “We are fighting human animals, and we are acting accordingly.… We will eliminate everything — they will regret it.” Or retired Maj. Gen. Giora Eiland telling Israeli media, “Creating a severe humanitarian crisis in Gaza is a necessary means to achieve the goal. Gaza will become a place where no human being can exist.”

    The “Transfer” of Palestinians Out of Gaza Is Not a “Voluntary Migration”

    John Day

    Gaza destroys western divide-and-rule narratives
    Since Israel’s assault on Gaza began, three separate polls show that Arab and Muslim populations are shifting their support away from Washington’s regional allies toward West Asia’s Axis of Resistance.

    ​ Moon of Alabama , Palestine SitRep: Lebanese Resistance Causes Enemy Losses – Is Ready To Fight Off Attacks
    ​ Hizbullah’s Secretary General Hassan Nasralla has given another speech.​ (1/5/24)
    ​ He emphasized the successes of the campaign which Hizbullah started on October 8 2023, a day after Hamas’ latest revolt against Israel, along the Lebanese border with Palestine.
    ​ On the longer than 100 kilometer front all Israeli military bases have been targeted, as well as its settlements, with a total of 670 operations.
    48 border posts have been targeted 495 times as well as 50 posts behind the borderline.
    17 settlements, where Israeli soldiers went into hiding, have also been attacked.
    Technical surveillance equipment with a cost above a $100 million has been destroyed.
    The resistance published 90 videos and photos that showed the destruction of Israeli tanks and other vehicles.
    Israeli media is silent about the resistance successes.
    The eight Israeli hospitals nearest to the border have taken in some 2,000 wounded soldiers.
    230-300,000 settlers have fled from northern Israel.
    120,000 Israeli soldiers have to stay in the north to secure the border.
    ​ Nasrallah also empathized that the various resistance members can bring advantages to their respected homelands (Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen).
    ​ Since 1948 it was Israel that displaced Lebanese people and built security zones on Lebanese land. Today the settlers are fleeing and Israel is building a security belt on its side of the border.
    Should the situation in Lebanon escalate it will have a chance to regain all its land that Israel still occupies.
    ​ In Iraq the resistance now has a chance to again kick the U.S. out. The U.S. claims to be there to fight ISIS but ISIS is a U.S. product.
    ​ In Yemen the resistance is winning international applause and respect for its Ansar Islam (Houthi) government.
    All resistance countries are in danger of Israeli attacks should the resistance in Gaza be defeated. Helping Gaza is thereby in the interest of all those countries.

    Anasrallah member: Yemeni operations in Red Sea will continue despite US, British, Israeli threats

    US senator vows to make Iran’s ‘worst nightmare’ come true
    Doing so is “essential” for Israel’s security, Lindsey Graham argued during his visit to Tel Aviv

    ​ US spies believe Israel wouldn’t defeat Hezbollah – WaPo
    ​ A secret assessment from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in Washington has found that Israeli forces would find it “difficult to succeed” in a two-front war against Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Washington Post reported on Sunday.

    John Day

    ​ Gilbert Doctorow, Are there any winners in the Russia-Ukraine war?
    The single most flagrant error in the analysis of the enlightened and independent minded diplomat whose lecture caught my attention was to measure Russia’s success or failure in the Ukraine war by what we impute to Russia and not what Russians themselves define as their aims. In this war, Vladimir Putin listed three tasks at the outset: to demilitarize Ukraine, to denazify the country and to ensure it does not join NATO. The most important among them is, of course, ‘demilitarization’ which means crushing the Ukrainian armed forces. From this the other two follow necessarily. And destruction of the Ukrainian army is now a realistic expectation in the foreseeable future.
    ​ I have little doubt that this war will end, quite possibly in the coming six months, with a peace settlement that amounts to Ukrainian and Western capitulation to Russia’s demands.

    Are there any winners in the Russia-Ukraine war?

    Mayorkas impeachment takes center stage inside House Homeland Security Committee
    Hearing Wednesday will highlight impact on the country of Mayorkas’ “failed leadership and refusal to enforce the laws passed by Congress,” Chairman Mark Green says.

    ​ Celia Farber looks into the life one of the most important and multifaceted spies in history.
    ​ “Robert Maxwell” Was First a Soviet Agent, “Kremlin’s Most Important Propagandist Of The Soviet System Abroad” Also British Intelligence Asset, And Robert Maxwell Was His Fifth Name

    Epstein document dump is ‘cover-up’ – plaintiff​ , Conservative commentator Mike Cernovich claimed the FBI was hiding the deceased pedophile’s blackmail stash

    ​ Footprints to singularity: A global population model explains late 20th century slow-down and predicts peak within ten years​
    ​ Conclusions​: Hyperexponential population growth implies a dynamic system with two intrinsically growing quantities, human impact and technology. In a closed system, growth of one quantity implies depletion of another. Knowledge depletes ignorance, and the humansphere depletes the ecosphere. The quantities that are being depleted affect each other in a negative feedback loop leading to a sharp peak followed by a collapse of humansphere and knowledge. The timing of the collapse was determined by fitting the global limits to population in the context of hyperexponential growth. Population is predicted with 80% confidence to be 7.0 to 7.5 billion in 2020, and to peak between years 2018 and 2023 at a value of between 7.2 and 7.6 billion people.

    Dr D Rich

      “…won’t be retrieved because the data was erased.”

    Notice The Passive voice.
    They/She know the erasers.

    I investigated aviation mishaps, medical errors in hospitals, peer reviewed colleagues, specialty reviewed for the top of navy medicine and authored the aeromedical analysis for a Class A aviation mishap that killed all 4 Marines aboard.

    There is a propensity to obscure.
    There is a tendency to opacify.
    There is an urge to blame, deflect and deny.

    There exists an overwhelming need to engage in “Undo Command Influence”.

    Then imagine this Beast called Corporate Governance does NOT share any priorities of Aviation Safety, Customer safety, and Patient Safety. We, most of us, are down with that in the name of shareholder value, bottomline profitability and the certainty other would do it too if they were talented enough ever to be CEO or board member material

    John Day

    ​ Meryl Nass MD , People ask about the WHO Deadlines, so I made a chart to clarify them
    ​ While the deadline for NEW amendments is late Jan 2024, the WHO is claiming that the modified amendments to be voted on in May were derived from amendments tabled in 2022, so they met its deadline.​ https://merylnass.substack.com/p/people-ask-about-the-who-deadlines

    ​ Jessica Rose Ph.D, Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo calls for moratorium on modified mRNA COVID-19 injectable products
    Now it’s time to make it illegal to destroy vials and confirm/deny degree of damage

    ​ Meryl Nass MD , French Researchers Identify ‘Improbably High Rate of Deaths’ in Newborns Who Received New RSV Shot
    Independent French researchers discovered a significant increase in newborn deaths in France coinciding with the rollout of Beyfortus, a new respiratory syncytial virus shot for infants.​ https://merylnass.substack.com/p/french-researchers-identify-improbably

    ​ Can Green Tea Naturally Lower Blood Pressure?
    ​ Green tea, consumed either in the form of a beverage or extract for two weeks or more, significantly lowers systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure
    A meta-analysis involving 25 randomized controlled trials also concluded that long-term tea intake — defined as 12 weeks or more — significantly improved blood pressure
    ​ Drinking about 0.5 to 2.5 cups of green tea daily for at least one year reduced the risk of developing high blood pressure by 46%, while those consuming more than 2.5 cups reduced their risk by 65%​.

    Can Green Tea Naturally Lower Blood Pressure?

    Dr D Rich

    Stupid F*cks version 497

      Another source assures that one or more lower-level staffers are likely to be fired, however. “Not telling the [White House], Congress or the media he is sick, and then telling Pentagon staff he is working from home is next level. This is a problem,” a former senior DOD official told Politico. “Someone made the decision not to disclose. That person will likely be gone shortly.”

    Fire a couple subordinates, but Biden says Austin’s job is not in danger.
    That’s just too perfect description of cold-blooded psychopathy. Lnp
    John Murtha must be spinning. Who got fired for killing my congressman?

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