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“..only “a new horizon of human sacrifice” is capable of allowing the west’s “Ultimate Truth” to continue standing on its clay feet..””

Supporting Genocide To Halt Multipolarity (Pepe Escobar)

Andrea Zhok is a professor of Ethical Philosophy at the University of Milan and one of the foremost independent Italian intellectuals. Zhok takes us further into the – appropriately tragic – dead-end now contemplated by the collective west. The west under the Hegemon, he says, only ever had a Plan A. There was no Plan B. That implies the west will continue to apply all forms of Divide and Rule against the major Eurasian powers – Russia, China, and Iran. Zhok notes, correctly, that India is substantially under control. That’s the crossroads scenario we’re in right now. Looking ahead, it’s either an Open Hot War or an array of Hybrid Wars between major powers and their vassals – essentially, the Third World War. Zhok shows how the west under the Hegemon is now obsessed with creating “systemic wounds” capable of cyclical destruction. To open these “wounds,” there are two main procedures: war and pandemics.

He argues that only “a new horizon of human sacrifice” is capable of allowing the west’s “Ultimate Truth” to continue standing on its clay feet. In fact, it is this “new horizon of human sacrifice” that is conditioning the west’s non-response – or worse, legitimization – of the Gaza genocide. And that is inexorably corroding the European psyche from the inside. What used to be called European civilization – now completely vassalized by the Hegemon – may not ever be cured of the cancer. If these trials and tribulations were not enough, irrational messengers – under orders – are busy bringing us closer day after day to a nuclear war. And some lowly functionaries even admit it, point blank. It’s all here, in a conversation between Judge Andrew Napolitano and analysts Larry Johnson and Ray McGovern, during which the former refers to an email he received from a military/intel source. This is what the source told him:

Today, I listened to an extensive interview with an IDF ex-intelligence officer. His position was clear: ‘We are,’ he said, ‘aiming towards a world war’. Israel, therefore, shouldn’t stop itself from implementing some of the most radical measures because its actions will be measured retroactively in the context of the brutal world conflict to come. This should be seen as the ultimate explanation for the Hegemon/Vassals’ nonstop frantic escalation in the intertwined Forever Wars front – from Gaza to Novorossiya. That includes genocide – and genocide spin-offs, such as the $320 million ‘aid’ pier scam now turned into junk on the Gaza shore, bringing it all back to genocide all over again as the breadcrumb ploy of expelling/shipping Palestinians abroad has miserably failed. “Aiming towards a world war” makes it all so clear who’s really running the show. And the whole multipolar world is still being held hostage.

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“The United States is holding on to enormous amounts of money to maintain its dominant role by supporting its [military] bases, but this contradicts the interests of the American people.”

Israel’s Response To 7 Oct Does Not Resemble War, But Genocide: Putin (Cradle)

Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized the Israeli war on the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip on 6 June, saying, “Israel’s response to the Hamas attack does not resemble a war, but rather a genocide of the people of Gaza.” Putin made the comments during a meeting with the World News Agency at the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg. The Russian President also criticized the US, Israel’s strongest backer, for blocking efforts to end the war. “Russia was always in favor of working for a ceasefire” in Palestine, “but the United States was obstructing these decisions,” Putin said. The Russian President said that in contrast to the US, “Russia’s position on Palestine is consistent and unchangeable, and it is necessary to resolve the issue.”

In addition to supplying Israel with vast quantities of weapons, the US has vetoed multiple UN Security Council resolutions seeking to end the war. In seven months, Israel’s onslaught on the besieged Gaza Strip has killed almost 37,000 Palestinians, the majority women and children. Regarding the global role of the United States and China, the Iranian nuclear energy program, and the war in Ukraine, Putin explained, “The United States is holding on to enormous amounts of money to maintain its dominant role by supporting its [military] bases, but this contradicts the interests of the American people.”

The Russian President considered that “the current American leadership is seeking by all means to maintain its dominant role, but it will inevitably fail.” Regarding Iran’s nuclear energy program, Putin announced that “Iran has implemented everything required of it regarding the nuclear agreement, but the United States withdrew from this agreement.” He added that Russia “continues to cooperate with Iran in advanced technology regardless of the sanctions.” Regarding China, Putin stated that “the Chinese economic model is more important than what they are doing in Europe” and that Europe should “not place obstacles to economic relations with China.”

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“Faced with the outbreak of a devastating war, what does the insane West do? Does the West sit down with Putin and resolve the situation. No. The West announces its plans of how it is going to get US troops to the front lines to fight Russia.”

Normalizing War with Russia (Paul Craig Roberts)

Russia has warned in no uncertain terms that NATO and the US will be held responsible for long range missiles launched into Russia and that such launches will turn Russia’s conflict with Ukraine into a war between Russia and the West. Putin has asked Western leaders to give clear thought to what they have in mind as their destruction will be the consequence. It is extraordinary that such a forceful warning is not heard except as an opportunity for more propaganda against Russia. The British response was to reveal NATO’s plan not for defusing a dangerous situation, but for delivering troops to counter a Russian invasion. In other words, the West poured oil on the fire. The British newspaper, The Telegraph published an article accusing Putin of “pursuing his paranoid obsession of confronting the West,” thus reversing the facts. It is the West that is confronting Russia in Ukraine, and it is the Western leaders who are preparing their publics for war with Russia.

Putin made it clear that his intervention in Ukraine was limited to Donbas, a Russian province stuck into the Ukraine province of the Soviet Union by Soviet rulers. When Washington overthrew the Ukrainian government and installed a Russian-hating one, Donbass seceded into two independent republics and formed armed forces to stop the murder of Donbas Russians by the Ukrainian nazi militias. Both Republics requested Putin to accept them back into Russia where they belong. But Putin refused. Instead he came up with the Minsk Agreement that would keep Donbas in Ukraine but provide Donbas with semi-autonomy so that courts and armed force could not be used against them. Washington’s puppet government in Kiev banned the use of the Russian language and was set on erasing Russian culture from Donbas. Putin got Kiev and the Donbas republics to sign the agreement and France and Germany agreed to enforce it. But as the German chancellor and French president later acknowledged, it was a trick to deceive Putin while the US built and equipped a large Ukrainian army to retake the Donbas republics.

Putin tried to avoid this looming conflict with diplomatic efforts in December 2021- February 2022, but was given the cold shoulder by Washington and NATO. It was not possible for Putin to stand aside while Donbas Russians were slaughtered, as the Arabs have stood aside while Palestinians are slaughtered. Putin was intentionally forced by Washington to intervene in Donbas. As I predicted, Washington and NATO described the limited intervention as “Putin’s invasion of Ukraine,” and became progressively more involved. The conflict dragged on, because having declared the intervention limited, the Kremlin left Kiev able to continue the war, thus playing into Western hands as the West gradually widened the war. Putin did not expect to be confronted by an insane West willing to risk its existence rather than lose its proxy war against Russia. Currently the West is desperately trying to keep the war alive with long range missiles to be used against Russian cities and by pulling off a color revolution in Georgia in order to open a second front against Russia.

No Russian leader can submit to missiles sent by the West into Russian territory. Putin and other members of the Russian leadership have made this clear. If this is the West’s intention, Putin said, Europe and the US can expect serious consequences. The consequences are that every Western country involved will find themselves attacked. Putin being a reasonable and intelligent man sees no point in war. He did his best to avoid intervening in Ukraine and once at war he has refused to widen the war to all of Ukraine. Putin’s reasonableness in the face of provocations encouraged more provocations, and now as I said would happen, his back is to the wall. The war that is about to happen is being forced on Russia by Washington. We are about to experience the self-suicide of the West over the borders of an artificial country of no consequence to the West. Indeed, no Western country will even defend its own borders. Faced with the outbreak of a devastating war, what does the insane West do? Does the West sit down with Putin and resolve the situation. No. The West announces its plans of how it is going to get US troops to the front lines to fight Russia.

Do you realize that our leaders have normalized the idea of war with Russia? Clearly our leaders do not understand what this means? Do you?

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First time I’ve seen Putin address Russian casualties.

Russian Public Opinion Sharpens On End-of-War Objectives (Helmer)

A newly released national poll reveals that Russian public support for the Army and for President Vladimir Putin is growing. At the same time, the proportion of Russians in favour of expanded military operations is rising at the expense of those who favour negotiations. The outcomes for negotiations acceptable to the Russians who support them are rapidly shrinking, too. This Russian conviction is strengthening in the face of the battlefield casualty rate which, unusually, Putin acknowledged this week to be ten thousand a month. Putin told a press conference on June 5 : “our losses, especially as concerns irreparable losses, unfortunately, then they are several times less than on the Ukrainian side. If we talk about approximate irretrievable losses, then the ratio is the same: one to about five… According to our calculations, the Ukrainian army loses 50,000 people per month as sanitary and irretrievable losses both, although their irretrievable and sanitary losses are approximately 50/50.”

Since the Russian rate of casualty survival for troops at the front is substantially better than the Ukrainian rate because of superior evacuation, front-line and rear medical care, Putin’s numbers suggest that the Russian killed-in-action (KIA) number is at least 3,000 per month. According to a nationwide survey by face-to-face interview in Russian homes between May 23 and 29, the Levada Centre in Moscow, an independent polling organisation, reports: “Half of the respondents believe it is necessary to move on to peace negotiations — 43% are in favour of continuing military operations, their share has been growing in recent months. However, the majority is not ready to make concessions regarding Ukraine and this share is growing. Russians consider the exchange of prisoners of war and a ceasefire to be acceptable conditions for signing a peace agreement, while the return of new regions and Ukraine’s accession to NATO are completely unacceptable.

If there was an opportunity to go back in time and cancel the start of Special Military Operation, slightly more than a third of respondents would reverse this decision — their share has decreased slightly in recent months.” This also means that Ukrainian missile, artillery, and drone attacks on civilians, refinery and other targets on Russian territory are having no impact on the nationwide commitment to the war and its strategic objectives. On the contrary, threats by NATO leaders to intensify these attacks and extend their range into Russia are increasing public Russian support for lifting Kremlin restrictions on the General Staff’s operational plans for finishing the war at and over the Polish border. For the official interpretation of what Putin said at his press conference, RT, the state propaganda organ for non-Russian audiences, published “key takeaways”, omitting the casualty disclosures. RT had reported Putin’s remarks on the casualty rates shortly after he made them, with emphasis on the Ukrainian losses and with the claim that “without specifying the number of Russian casualties, Putin said the number of [Russian] irrecoverable losses was at least five times less than those incurred by Kiev’s forces.”

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“Have you gone completely insane? Are you as thick as this table?”

‘Bulls**t’ – Putin On ‘Plans’ To Attack NATO (RT)

The idea that Moscow has some kind of plan to attack NATO is a stupid attempt to maintain the West’s global hegemony by fear, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said. Putin was asked about NATO’s preparations to defend from a Russian “invasion” at a meeting with the heads of major international news agencies on Wednesday, on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). “Look, someone has imagined that Russia wants to attack NATO. Have you gone completely insane? Are you as thick as this table? Who came up with this nonsense, this bulls**t?” Putin said. The Russian president suggested that the “bulls**t” was in the service of deceiving the Western public, urging them to arm themselves and send more weapons to Ukraine.

“Why is this being done, really? To maintain their own position of greatness, that’s why. There’s nothing to these scary stories, intended for the townsfolk in Germany and France and elsewhere in Europe,” Putin explained. “In Ukraine, we’re just protecting ourselves.” “Don’t make up things and then form opinions about Russia on the basis of them,” he added. “You only hurt yourselves this way.” During the session, which lasted more than three hours, Putin repeatedly addressed the root causes of Russia’s intervention in Ukraine, from the 2014 US-backed coup to the atrocities of the Kiev government in the Donbass and the failed Minsk peace process that Western leaders have admitted to being a sham.

The Russian president argued that the US hasn’t poured billions of dollars in cash, weapons, ammunition and equipment into Ukraine because it loves Ukrainians, but because of the belief that this will further American “greatness and global leadership.” “Nobody in the US cares about Ukraine’s interests,” Putin told the agency heads. While Moscow has no intention of “invading” Europe, it will consider retaliating against the US and its allies for providing Kiev with long-range missiles by supplying adversaries of the West with similar weapons in “sensitive” areas, he added.

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“..because we participate in all events that have peace on the agenda.”

Hungary Urges Immediate Ukraine Peace Talks (RT)

Peace talks must start right now to end the Ukraine conflict, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told journalists on Thursday on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) in Russia. The minister is attending the economic forum to discuss energy cooperation between Hungary and Russia, among other things. Hungary differs from the majority of EU and NATO members in opposing the continued arming of Ukraine. Szijjarto said Budapest’s position is driven by the fact that as long as hostilities continue, the risk of a major escalation will grow “each day.” “Peace needs to be achieved as soon as possible. Peace talks need to start, and a ceasefire has to be achieved now,” he was quoted as saying.

”It is absolutely obvious that the war cannot be resolved with arms,” he added. “The sooner negotiations start, the fewer people will die.” Next week Switzerland is hosting an international conference that it organized on Kiev’s behalf, where the Ukrainian government will promote its so-called “peace formula” – which Moscow says amounts to a demand for capitulation. China has said it will not participate in the summit because Russia has been excluded at Kiev’s behest. Szijjarto said Hungary likewise considered this fact regrettable, but chose to attend “because we participate in all events that have peace on the agenda.” He will be representing Budapest in Switzerland, although he expects no breakthrough due to Russia’s absence.

The top Hungarian diplomat declined to comment on Moscow’s assertion that Vladimir Zelensky has usurped power in Ukraine since his presidential term expired last month. ”Without Russian energy, we will not be able to provide for the country,” he said. “This is not a question of politics or ideology. So we need to continue energy cooperation in Russia. And, frankly, I see no reason to do otherwise.” The EU declared decoupling from the Russian economy to be one of its priorities after Russia began its special military operation in 2022. Hungary argues the attempt to punish Moscow by replacing its natural gas with more expensive sources of energy has dealt a major blow to members of the bloc and thus was shortsighted.

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“They’ve suffered enough that they’re looking for an inspiration and a model that works. And a partner in how to get out from under that jackboot.”

Russia Has Become ‘Economic Role Model’ to Rest of the World (Miles)

The emergence of the Russian Federation from a recent set of severe US-led sanctions largely unscathed, then, is seen as a landmark moment by Global South nations seeking to resist a tactic often employed by the West. Moscow has not only survived the economic aggression but has thrived, surpassing Germany and Japan to become the world’s fourth-largest economy, notes security analyst Mark Sleboda. The international relations expert joined Sputnik’s The Critical Hour program Wednesday to discuss why countries around the world increasingly see Russia as an economic model and partner. “I don’t think we’re quite at a multipolar world yet, but we definitely see it envisioned and it’s birth taking place, even if the US-led Western global hegemon is trying to strangle that birth and prevent it from taking place,” said Sleboda, agreeing with the premise of analysis on the website Orinoco Tribute that examined participation in this year’s St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The article posits the creation of “new growth centers” as a building block for such an order, with Global South countries strengthening bilateral relations to build power independent from the Western-led economic system. The article notes efforts to strengthen ties in areas such as pharmaceuticals, energy production, education, security, and space programs. “Isolation” was “the buzz word of 2022,” Sleboda noted, with observers predicting Russia’s economic demise in the face of denunciations from the West over its special military operation in the Donbass. But “out of 192 countries, plus or minus, in the world, 136 of them are going to have participants at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum,” the analyst noted, “including several heads of state. “In terms of GDP adjusted for purchasing power parity, during this time period of the existential economic war of sanctions on Russia by the West, Russia’s economy has leapfrogged from sixth place to jump Germany for fifth place,” he added.

“And now, in recent months – the World Bank has announced the new numbers – Russia has jumped Japan as well to reach the fourth-largest economy in the world… despite the West’s best and most heated efforts to destroy Russia’s economy.” “Boom. That is the sound of the US-led Western global hegemony cracking. That is amazing,” the analyst added. “Everyone wants to know how did Russia become the Teflon Don of global geoeconomics,” Sleboda explained. “Because they don’t know when they might be put in the same position. Now there’s a train coming and Russia is directing that train.” The international relations expert noted that African countries, in particular, are seeking cooperation with Russia as they look to break away from patterns of dependency established after their independence from Western colonial rule in the 20th century.

“[Sergey Lavrov] is being welcomed by the Africans and there are a number of Africans that he is visiting who also have representatives, of course, at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum,” he reported. “And all of those countries right now are seeing the performance of Russian weapons on the battlefield against the vaunted wonder weapons of the West. And, let me tell you, there is a queue right now for when this special military operation ends.” “And that’s why Lavrov is being greeted as almost a conquering hero as a representative of the Russian government and the foreign minister of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Russia is an inspiration because the countries of Africa have long been very much suffering under the heel of US-led Western global hegemony… They’ve suffered enough that they’re looking for an inspiration and a model that works. And a partner in how to get out from under that jackboot.”

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What the $320 million pier was always intended for.

US Uses Aid Pier to Roll Out New Military Tech for Testing in Gaza (Sp.)

New analysis by the Libertarian Institute takes a look at how the United States is unloading new anti-drone weapons via Gaza’s aid pier to test the technology for use in the Russo-Ukraine conflict. “The US has deployed a new combat vehicle to Gaza with the aim of field testing the weapon for use in Ukraine, as the Pentagon hopes it will help repel Russian drone attacks,” reports the Libertarian Institute via the newspaper The Telegraph. “The Defense Department stationed two Mobile-Low, Slow, Small-Unmanned Aircraft Integrated Defeat Systems (M-LIDS) in Gaza starting in May.” “When the US Army sailed some of its coastal landing ships to Gaza as part of the US military’s humanitarian flotilla, the ships carried – along with a floating pier for food aid – one of the initial M-LIDS vehicle sets,” the British media outlet noted.

“As the humanitarian pier took shape in early May, at least one M-LIDS vehicle rolled down the pier and took up station at the edge of the beach alongside a heavylift truck packing a radar-guided 20-millimeter auto-cannon – a land-based version of the US Navy’s main anti-missile gun.” The report confirmed speculation by observers that US President Joe Biden’s aid pier may serve a military purpose in addition to its purported humanitarian justification. Regis Tremblay, an American filmmaker living in Crimea, joined Sputnik’s The Critical Hour program Wednesday to offer insight on the development. “When we look at this, what we see is $320 million for the pier – one of the things which, of course, is falling apart, right?” noted host Garland Nixon. “They said it was $320 million for the pier, but buying weapons was part of the $320 million. So that’s the whole neoliberal fraud. Part of what we’re seeing here in the Ukraine conflict is Russia has nationalized a good part of their military industrial complex so they can make things that work, and they’re not really expensive to make.”

“They cost what they cost,” he continued. “We keep seeing with neoliberalism, with the US – whether it’s the F-35 or whatever, these boondoggles – it doesn’t work. It costs a fortune and a bunch of crooks fill their pockets – and the big guy always gets his 10%, of course. And that’s one of the reasons that the whole militarism can’t work, because it’s all just a self-serving racket.” Analysts have noted the rapid privatization of the US defense industry after World War II, with private contractors increasingly responsible for much of the country’s military production. Critics allege the dynamic has damaged the country’s military effectiveness, with significant waste built into the system. “I agree with you completely,” said Tremblay. “Most of the Russian military industrial complex is nationalized. They are able to produce weapons, missiles, artillery shells – you name it, whatever – for a fraction of the cost that it costs for the United States and their military industrial complex, which is bloated, which is overrun with cost overruns everywhere you look.” “And what Russia is spending on the same things, it’s just a fraction of the cost because they have nationalized their military industrial complex.”

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“The defense is not asking the jury to consider the evidence. It is asking the jury to ignore it.”

Just Ask Mookie: Hunter Biden Has No Defense Other Than Nullification (Turley)

The day after he bought the gun, Hunter was texting a guy named “Mookie” to score drugs behind a minor league baseball stadium. Mookie appears to have come through for Hunter since the next day (two days after denying that he used drugs), Hunter allegedly texted Hallie Biden that he was “waiting for a dealer named Mookie.” Then, two days after the gun purchase, Hunter texted, “I was sleeping on a car smoking crack on 4th street and Rodney.” That corner appears less than a mile and half from the federal courthouse where Hunter is sitting. It is roughly five miles from the gun shop where he denied using drugs. Hallie will also testify. She was the widow of Hunter’s deceased brother and started an intimate relationship with Hunter after Beau’s death. She was also allegedly doing crack.

Yet, when Hallie saw the gun in the console of Hunter’s car, she had the presence of mind to realize he was an unstable addict. She took the gun and threw it into a dumpster behind a restaurant. The brutal start of the hearing raises the question — again — of why Hunter decided to go to trial. There is no viable defense. The most that the defense can come up with is a claim that someone else may have completed the form, or that he had a moment of sobriety before heading off to meet Mookie. In his book, Hunter describes an addiction that led him to smoke crack almost every 15 minutes. That would seem likely to come to mind when you are given a form asking “Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?” Certainly his need for drugs was much on Hunter’s mind when he was texting Mookie.

Indeed, not long after the purchase, the Biden family held an intervention at their Delaware home to deal with Hunter’s raging addiction. These defenses are about as convincing as saying that your client got locked into the bank vault after losing his way to the restroom . . . hours after the bank closed. So why present unbelievable defenses in Wilmington? Because it is Wilmington. This is Biden’s hometown. The President maintains his residence in the city and remains the town’s favorite son. As if the jury needed any reminder, First Lady Jill Biden sitting behind Hunter brings home that this is a Biden trial in Bidentown. The combination of sympathy for a reformed addict and identification with the Bidens could be enough for a jury nullification strategy. The defense is not asking the jury to consider the evidence. It is asking the jury to ignore it.

Every juror appeared to confirm knowing someone with a drug addiction, including siblings or other relatives. Given that panel, Hunter could well take the stand to describe his addiction and lack of clarity of thought. Hunter’s book offers moving descriptions of his struggle with addiction and could sway some jurors, especially given the relatively minor criminal charges. Wilmington for Biden is the opposite of Manhattan for Trump. This is a town that overwhelmingly voted for Biden in 2016 and 2020. It is a great jury pool for the defense. Viewed through a nullification defense, it does not matter how absurd the actual defense is in the case. It is merely a pretense. Whether it is sympathy for a drug addict or a Biden, the defense clearly hopes that the jury will look beyond the evidence and the crime in this case.

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“Now, Garland has what appears flagrant perjurious statements made by the President’s son and brother..“

AG Garland Faces a Clear Choice Between Principle and Politics (Turley)

For each of us, there often comes a moment when our principles are put to an undeniable and unavoidable test. It may be as simple as cheating on a test, shoplifting a product, or admitting to a wrong. It is natural to want to avoid such moments, particularly when we cannot even admit to ourselves that we may not be the person we have long claimed. For Attorney General Merrick Garland, that moment of truth has finally arrived. Garland has long maintained that he is an apolitical attorney general who does not even consider the political consequences of his actions. Over the last three years, some of us have questioned that commitment in a series of actions or, more importantly, non-actions.

Yet, Garland has always been able to evade responsibility by shifting decision-making to others or claiming a lack of knowledge. Yesterday, Garland ran out of room to maneuver when three House committees (Oversight, Judiciary, and Ways and Means) sent him formal referrals for the perjury prosecution of Hunter Biden and his uncle, James Biden. The evidence of false answers to Congress is overwhelming and Garland’s department has prosecuted Trump associates and others with far less in past cases, including the prosecution of former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Here is the Committee’s summary of the allegations, which I also previously discussed in an column:

“During his deposition, Hunter Biden made false statements about holding a position at Rosemont Seneca Bohai (RSB), a corporate entity that received millions of dollars from foreign individuals and entities who met with then-Vice President Biden before and after transmitting money to the RSB account that then transferred funds to Hunter Biden. After deposing Hunter Biden, the Committees obtained documents showing Hunter Biden represented that he was the corporate secretary of RSB. Additionally, Hunter Biden during his testimony relayed an entirely fictitious account about threatening text messages he sent to his Chinese business partner while invoking his father’s presence with him as he wrote the messages. Hunter Biden testified he had transmitted this threat to an unrelated individual with the same surname.

However, documents released by the Committee on Ways and Means demonstrate conclusively that Hunter Biden made this threat to the intended individual, and bank records prove Hunter Biden’s Chinese business partners wired millions of dollars to his company after his threat. A portion of the proceeds has been traced to Joe Biden’s bank account. During James Biden’s transcribed interview, he stated that Joe Biden did not meet with Tony Bobulinski, a business associate of James and Hunter Biden, in 2017 while pursuing a deal with a Chinese entity, CEFC China Energy. His statements were contradicted not only by Mr. Bobulinski, but Hunter Biden. Mr. Bobulinski also produced text messages that establish the events leading up to and immediately following his meeting with Joe Biden on May 2, 2017.”

These are straight-forward questions and answers. More importantly, both men knew and prepared for these questions. They were widely discussed before their testimony. They appear to have knowingly lied. The question is what Garland is now prepared to do about it. For Garland, a bill has come due. I supported his appointment as Attorney General because I respected his integrity and intellect as a federal judge. I believed his claim that he could not allow political considerations to cloud his judgment. I grew more critical as I saw Garland struggling to avoid decisions that would work against President Biden or his family.

Now, Garland has what appears flagrant perjurious statements made by the President’s son and brother. Given the fact that these were anticipated questions, the false answers appear premeditated and egregious. Hunter and Jim Biden displayed a sense of impunity in denying facts that the committees (and many commentators) believe are well established on the available evidence. Those facts were highly embarrassing to the Biden family and they allegedly chose to lie rather than admit to them. The fact that such alleged false statements occurred in the midst of an impeachment investigation only magnifies the concerns. This was an effort to establish the President’s knowledge of a massive corrupt influence peddling operation maintained by his family. The gun charge in Delaware is a relatively minor criminal allegation. This is far more serious and could impose far greater punishment for the President’s son.

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” Washington is not worthy of your defense. Washington is so much against you that Washington is about to provoke Russia into bringing about your destruction..”

Patriotism Has Destroyed America (Paul Craig Roberts)

First, let’s understand who we are talking about. Not the liberals, not the leftwing, not the woke. These are the creatures who spend their time denouncing America. We are talking about conservatives. They are the patriots. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with patriotism. It is a good thing when it is not blinding. But patriotism can be very blinding.

I could write a book about this, but who would read it? So I will go straight to the basic point. Conservatives are not blind to the fact that much is wrong, but who do they blame? They blame foreign “enemies”–Russians, Chinese, Muslim terrorists, Iranians, Palestinians. The fault is never in their own government. When you tell them it is, they get defensive, angry, and call you a “commie who hates America.” Their patriotism confuses country (that is, the Constitution) with the government, and they defend the government that is the cause of the problems. Consequently, conservatives do not understand Washington’s hand in all of the crises that we currently face and, therefore, conservatives are impotent and can do nothing to avoid the crises. Instead, they project the blame externally as the propaganda does. Their patriotism makes them victims of propaganda serving agendas of which they are unaware.

Try telling a conservative that Russia didn’t invade Ukraine, but merely intervened in Donbas, Russian Ukraine, to protect the Russians there from being massacred by a Ukrainian army trained and equipped by Washington. This is an absolute fact. One that is child’s play to document and prove beyond every doubt. But if you tell an American conservative this, you will be regarded as a traitor of your country in service to Russia. If you tell a conservative that the real sources of America’s economic trouble is not China, but Washington, Wall Street, and the Federal Reserve, He will wonder how much China is paying you to help China take over America. For conservatives, patriotism requires you to believe the government’s narrative. If you don’t, you are suspect. Consequently, conservatives find themselves going along with the developing American Police State as it “protects” them by dismantling the Constitution that actually does protect them.

[..] American patriots have been indoctrinated, even brainwashed, to see Russia as a deadly enemy. This goes back to the Cold War with the Soviet Union. The Cold War served, as President Eisenhower reminded us in his farewell speech, to institutionalize a powerful military/security complex that had a massive vested interest in Russia as an adversary. All sorts of power and profit flowed from having the Russian (Soviet at that time) enemy.The CIA controls the narrative with “leaks” to the compliant, unquestioning media. Putin was forced to send troops into Donbas, formerly a Russian province, to protect Russians from slaughter by a Ukrainian army raised by Washington. Instantly in the Western whore media, this became a “Russian invasion of Ukraine.” The narrative quickly coalesced. Ukraine had to be defended or Europe would be next.

Putin misjudged his enemy, thinking the West more capable of reason than it is. Putin did not realize that his slow process of evicting Ukrainian troops from Russian Donbas would provide time for the West to get involved and to widen the conflict, which has now occurred. Now Russia is faced with long range missiles fired by US and NATO operators deep into Russia and with NATO troops occupying the large areas of Ukraine where there is no Russian presence. At a recent press conference in Tashkent, Putin advised Europe to think, because it was putting its continued existence in question. It only requires a tiny percentage of Russia’s nuclear weapons to wipe Europe and the UK off the face of the earth.

The morons in Washington, the people whose narratives are defended by patriots, were also told that American military inferiority and nuclear inferiority also means that with minimum expenditure of resources Russia can disappear America. What was the response? Non-reporting. Instead, Putin’s straight talk was turned into Russian threats and propaganda. In other words, when confronted with a direct warning, Washington and the whore media turned a deaf ear. Dear conservative American, Washington is not worthy of your defense. Washington is so much against you that Washington is about to provoke Russia into bringing about your destruction. Sometimes foreign governments and foreign media tell you more truth than your own government and media. Learn to listen and to think. Your very survival depends upon it.

Read more …

Now do Bragg and Jack Smith.

Note: this is the case where we know the White House held 8-hour sessions to instruct the prosecutors… No doubt they did for the other 3 cases too.

“Fallen On Her Fani”: Trump Lawyer Gloats After Georgia Case Collapses (ZH)

Donald Trump’s lawyer Alina Habba took a victory lap after a Georgia appeals court halted DA Fani Willis’ election interference case against the former president. “She’s fallen on her fanny since the very beginning,” Habba told Newsmax’s Carl Higbie. “This has completely been a disaster. It was a fake case to start with, her arrogance, her demeanor has been incredibly telling.” On Wednesday, the Georgia Court of Appeals halted the case while it reviews Judge Scott McAfee’s ruling allowing Willis to remain on the case amid several scandals. The ruling prevents McAfee – who donated to Fani Willis – from moving forward with pretrial motions he had planned while the appeal was pending. While the case was unlikely to go forward before the November US election, this was the final nail in the coffin. On Monday, the appeals court docketed appeals filed by Trump and eight other defendants. Oral arguments are tentatively scheduled for Oct. 4, after which the court will have until mid-March to rule.

The losing side can then appeal to the Georgia Supreme Court. “The Georgia Court of Appeals has properly stayed all proceedings against President Trump in the trial court pending its decision on our interlocutory appeal which argues the case should be dismissed and Fulton County DA Willis should be disqualified for her misconduct,” said Trump attorney Steve Sadow in a statement. Trump and 18 other defendants were indicted last August on allegations that they participated in a scheme to illegally overturn the 2020 presidential election. The case was upended when one of the defendants revealed that Willis had paid over $600,000 to her lover – who was obviously prosecuting more than just the case on lavish, (effectively) taxpayer-funded trips that Willis claims she paid back in cash.

Read more …

“Biden is “not at the top of his game” and “was never the brightest bulb” among American politicians – even when he was younger.”

Biden Could Cause Nuclear War – Trump (RT)

US President Joe Biden may end up destroying the world in a nuclear conflict, his election rival Donald Trump has claimed. Speaking to Fox News host Sean Hannity on Wednesday, the former president warned that “we have a chance of going into World War III because of our leader.” The remark came after Hannity suggested that Biden was in a state of mental decline, showing several clips of the president appearing distracted or fumbling his words during public appearances. Hannity and Trump were discussing a report published in the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, which said the incumbent was showing “signs of slipping” behind closed doors. Trump suggested that, unlike the leaders of Russia, China and North Korea, Biden is “not at the top of his game” and “was never the brightest bulb” among American politicians – even when he was younger.

It is currently the “most dangerous time in the history of our country,” he warned, citing the destructive potential of nuclear weapons. In the event of a nuclear exchange, “nothing will matter because practically nothing will be here anymore,” he warned. “This is obliteration. Maybe world obliteration. And we have a man that is incapable of even discussing it.” Trump pointed to the Ukraine conflict as a major source of danger. Russian President Vladimir Putin “is talking about nuclear weapons,” he said. The Biden administration has recently granted Kiev permission to strike targets outside of what Washington recognizes as Ukrainian territory with US-donated weapons.

When asked on Wednesday how he would react to possible attacks deep inside Russia using Western arms, Putin said Moscow may “supply our weapons of the same class to parts of the world, where strikes would be delivered against sensitive assets of the nations that act like that against Russia.” The US and its allies are getting “directly involved in the war against us,” he added, and this path of escalation “leads to very serious problems.” Asked directly whether Moscow would consider using nuclear weapons, Putin said he’d rather stay clear “not only from the use, but even from the threat of use” of such arms. However, he warned people in the West not to delude themselves that such a scenario was impossible.

Read more …

“Maher recently described Biden as “cadaver-like,” and that “he should get out, because he’s just lost the faith (of) people.”

Bill Maher: Biden “Is Going To F***ing Lose” (MN)

Bill Maher warned his leftist audience this week that Donald Trump is going to beat an ailing Joe Biden in the November election. During a podcast interview with Kara Swisher, Maher stated “I would vote for [Biden’s] head in a jar of blue liquid over Donald Trump, but that doesn’t mean that I’m — first of all, I think it’s a moot point at this point. He’s going to fucking lose.” Maher cited Biden’s age and the efforts his campaign are making to pretend that isn’t the case. Maher added that too many Democrats are ignoring concerns about the physical and mental fitness of now 81-year-old Biden.

Swisher refused to accept Maher’s assertion, claiming that a “silent majority” will vote for Biden. “We don’t want chaos again,” she said. Maher responded, “Do I think that’s absolutely possible, what you described? Yes. Or it could not be, and I can’t tell the difference.” “The shy Trump voter is the one who is going to vote for Trump but doesn’t want you to know it because it’s a little déclassé,” he added. Maher’s comments come as a Wall Street Journal report citing several Democrats and Republicans claims Biden is showing signs of severe cognitive decline behind the scenes as well as in public.

The report notes that over 45 lawmakers and staffers from both sides of the aisle were interviewed and described Biden as “not the same person” as he was even four years ago. Maher recently described Biden as “cadaver-like,” and that “he should get out, because he’s just lost the faith (of) people.” The ‘Real Time’ host also stated that many leftist ideas are “stupid,” and that is stoking even more division which could lead to a civil war with “MAGA nation” types if jailing Trump is really on the table.

Read more …

“Putin was an undercover Soviet KGB agent in Leningrad in the early 1980s. He turned 30 in 1982 and worked in East Germany during the latter half of the decade..”

Biden Claims He Knew Putin in 1980s (RT)

US President Joe Biden has made an apparent mental stumble in trying to disparage Vladimir Putin, saying he has known the Russian leader for more than four decades and has been concerned about him all that time because he’s “not a decent man.” Biden’s latest gaffe came in an ABC News interview on Thursday in Normandy, France, where he was attending a ceremony commemorating the 80th anniversary of D-Day. Asked about President Putin, he said, “I’ve known him for 40 years. He’s concerned me for 40 years. He’s not a decent man. He’s a dictator, and he’s struggling to make sure he holds his country together while still keeping this assault going [in Ukraine].” The comment drew online ridicule, as observers pointed out that Putin was an undercover Soviet KGB agent in Leningrad in the early 1980s.

He turned 30 in 1982 and worked in East Germany during the latter half of the decade. He didn’t become an internationally known public figure until 1999, after his surprise appointment as acting prime minister. “Either Biden is lying, or he is admitting he was in contact with a KGB agent since 1984, or Biden’s brain is so cooked that he doesn’t know what on earth he is talking about,” former US Senate staffer Steve Guest said. The 81-year-old Biden, who is ten years older than Putin, was a US senator from 1973 until he took office as vice president in 2009. He reportedly met Putin, then Russia’s prime minister, for the first time in March 2011. Biden has repeatedly insulted Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and other world leaders. For instance, he called Putin a “crazy SOB” in February, and he claimed last year that China was run by “bad folks.” The Kremlin has denounced such attacks as “shameful.”

Polls have shown that most Americans believe Biden is mentally unfit to serve as president. A Wall Street Journal report earlier this week claimed that beyond his frequent mental gaffes in public, Biden was showing “signs of slipping” in closed-door meetings with US lawmakers. The article was based on interviews with 45 people, including Republicans and Democrats, who had spent time with the president in recent months. US Representative Ronny Jackson (R-Texas), who served as White House physician under Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, told Fox News that the media report confirmed what he has been saying about Biden for years. “He’s got significant issues,” the congressman said. “He shouldn’t have the job. You know, it’s a national security issue for us.”

Read more …

No Secret Service and no gun.

New York Police Set To Revoke Trump’s Gun License – CNN (RT)

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) is set to revoke Donald Trump’s license to carry a concealed gun after the former US president was found guilty on 34 felony charges last week, CNN has reported, citing a senior police official. Trump obtained a concealed carry permit in New York a decade ago and had three pistols registered under it, the broadcaster said on Wednesday. According to the police official, the permit was “quietly” suspended on April 1, 2023, following the former president’s indictment on criminal charges. A day before, Trump handed two of his guns over to the NYPD, while his third pistol “was lawfully moved to Florida,” he said. Under federal and state law in both New York and Florida, it is illegal for people with felony convictions to possess firearms.

It is unclear if the presumptive Republican presidential nominee still owns a gun in Florida. The NYPD’s Legal Bureau will complete an investigation into Trump’s possession of the third pistol “that will likely lead to revocation of his license,” the source claimed. The former president would still have the right to legally challenge any revocation. In a statement issued after the report by CNN, Trump’s campaign spokesman, Steven Cheung, claimed that “[US President Joe] Biden’s cronies in the Democrat Party are panicked and have chosen to continue to abuse our once great justice system to pursue their number one political opponent and interfere in the coming election.”

Last Friday, Trump was found guilty of 34 counts of falsifying business records, becoming the first US president to ever be convicted of a felony. The trial was related to supposed ‘hush money’ payments he made to porn actress Stormy Daniels in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, and the alleged altering of paperwork to conceal them. The 77-year-old has denied the accusations, branding the case a politically motivated “witch hunt,” and dismissing the trial as “rigged” and “disgraceful.” The former president’s sentencing has been scheduled for July 11. Trump has claimed he is “OK” with serving potential jail time or being placed under house arrest. He has insisted that the “real verdict” will be delivered by the public in the presidential election on November 5.

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    oxymoron- Interesting – I was starting to think along the same lines – that Substack is oddly the way to go for artists, content creators, etc even if it isn’t geared towards the particular format.

    I feel like the Fandom Menace guys, the Neo Feudalist guys like The Distributist, the traditionalist guys like Sargon or Morgoth, or the MGTOWish guys like Aaron Cleary, they should be doing more than just complaining about Hollywood stuff and occasionally saying stuff like “Furiosa wasn’t bad” or “The Fall Guy was actually OK” Like, the Prudentialist and Auron MacIntyre say, “We should start acting like we’re picking sides, not be afraid to wield power”

    …well, that could consist in part of doing monthly roudups of Indie Artists That Don’t Hate You – books, art, sculpture, indie film, music – it wouldn’t kill them to actually do the positive power-wielding stuff they are talking about WITHIN the culture war. (there’s GiantArt Productions, I guess they’re trying to do this) Or the non woke billionaires – you might want to funnel some money into dissident artists’ subscribestar or whatever. (Because the people that want to hang you are fighting for it down there in the culture war which is more than Hollywood) Breaks my heart that Bandcamp went woke. Can’t bear to to take a closer look at CDBaby just yet.

    I think a lot of people think lyrics/poetry is less work than prose. No! – whatever style, rap, rock, folk, whatever, it’s MORE work. Horrifyingly so. Once you have to confine yourself to a specific number of syllables – and specifically long or short – and rhyme, you realize how hard it is to convey something in a very limited specific format. Kudos to you man in the Rap or any genre, hey.

    So far I’m a discouraged coward. Can’t quite decide whether to stick my neck out. And maybe everyone is dopamine-overdosing – maybe art is dead because of that WHILE free speech is on its way to dead. It’s discouraging.

    “If you write the cheeze about love and pet ownership or whatever but watch ONE Andrew Tate Video or like ONE Putin quote – THEY KNOW.” you said it!!! But who knows if, for instance, Taxi is influenced by such things for song submissions.

    That is smart going with substack. I’ve been thinking about that avenue for awhile now. Pretend the world doesn’t exist or that it’s 1994 or something and just make stuff unfiltered without any thought extraneous to that until it’s polished and done. Then put it wherever seems appropriate. Or like fine, everything is political? The front line is everywhere? Then MAKE it overtly something they’d disapprove of. Idunno.

    I guess the super-glaring need is for decent aggregators. Anthony Fantano definitely does not cut it. What good is a library of a billion books without a decent card catalog? You don’t have to burn a library if you burn the card catalog.

    But I shouldn’t be so negative. You’re doing something and that’s awesome. lol it reached me and I liked it!


    Benton the Jew said

    @aspnaz is starting to sound like an outright lunatic. Can somebody douse him with cold water or something? Snap out of it man. I thought you were Chinese, you know, calm realistic rationality and all that kind of thing, not some mad man screaming from a street corner.

    So still no explanation for why the “good” Jews are supporting genocide, instead we get the vilification that the Jews love to use on people who question their actions. I know the answer, I am just waiting to see whether Benton the Jew is driven by evidence or by his emotional love for the Jews. Will he wake up and smell the reality, or will he hide in his safe space pretending that his immagined world is real, in true post modern fashion.


    The whole Eisenhower thing is a hall of mirrors.

    Each side in it can just say the other side is using Deep Fake AI, pro and con.

    Where does that leave someone.

    With only their Confirmation Bias?

    What I am confident of it that if the Empire of Lies thinks Russia is bluffing about it’s red lines about hitting Russia proper with Western missiles, the illegal Duh’merican bases in Syria will get a missile visit and probably the Eisenhower too.

    Larry Johnson in St Pete:

    Put it On Your Bucket List



    I wonder whether that number includes the 100 million from Mrs Adelson in return for wiping out the Palestinians in the west bank?

    I suspect it does, the Trump used to pretend to be a moral person but that disguise fell by the wayside when he murdered the Iranian General for the Jews. He is an entitled American, an amoral actor in an amoral world, he will not lose a minute of sleep over killing another few darkies for the Jews. The Jews certainly will not lose any sleep over it, they will be in a world-wide party time.


    I can kind of see getting rid of Palestine in a way.

    IF we take as a given that Israel is going to be a bunch of relentlessly murderous, genocidal assholes and that nobody has the balls to risk nuclear war with them to stop them….

    …then YES moving the Palestinians out of there is better for them than endless oppression and intermittent but continual genocide forever.

    PAY THEM. Holy fuck, PAY THEM to move! You idiots.

    How much is Israel spending to kill them? For the same price, couldn’t you PAY them to leave? Pay to set them up with a house on some land? Pay Egypt or Jordan or any number of countries to take them in?

    And couldn’t the US apply diplomatic pressure, throw printed money at this same goal?

    One man one vote, equal protection under the law for everyone YES and that includes Palestinians.

    But failing that, omfg just #%#&ing well PAY THEM to move. What the fuck. Just do something POSITIVE for them for the SAME OR LESS MONEY than the bagillions to Raytheon or whoever for stuff that just blows up and benefits nobody. How hard is this, how retarded yet evil do you have to be?

    D Benton Smith


    No one cares whether I’m a “Jew Lover” or not, and no one cares to hear you keep saying it either. Save your breath. Move on to your next trolling assignment why dontcha?


    The World Wars, all sides were financed by the same people, out of NY, London and Switzerland. Why would you think it’s different now? Post WW2 the NWO was in place, America, in its prime, as the corrupt cop to beat the shit out of anyone who did’nt want the World bank or the IMF. Korea, Vietnam, South America; Saddam, Quaddiffi, etc. The bankers are done with the US, stole everything, now they’re shitcanning it. Killin the natives and bringing in the hordes. Politics and news is delusion/distraction, while they set you up for the kill. The Mossad motto tells you all you need to know.



    I agree the Eisenhower is a hall of mirrors.
    This is why I focused on making a list of possible changes in behavior, as clues as to what happened or didn’t happen.
    So far there are few behavior clues showing up, as everyone is busy pretending nothing happened.
    Time will tell us the truth, sooner or later.

    Maxwell Quest

    Sorry, more bad news!



    We kind of know most wars are bankers wars.
    Certainly all of the big wars.
    While no doubt Jewish bankers were involved in financing wars, there are still too many non-Jewish bankers involved in financing wars too.
    I have come to the conclusion that whoever becomes a banker, they all support wars because they are so profitable for bankers.
    As a banker, you would have to be crazy not to finance wars.

    Somehow we need to change our economic system, so financing wars is a money losing proposition.
    Killing the bankers financing wars should be at the very top of the list of war consequences!
    Digital currencies should make it clear which bankers financed a war!
    Off with their heads!


    The whole Eisenhower thing is a hall of mirrors.

    Each side in it can just say the other side is using Deep Fake AI, pro and con.

    Where does that leave someone.

    With only their Confirmation Bias?

    Just one more reason/way to say,
    “Yanky Go Home”

    Dr. D

    Yes, I don’t want to name the parasite because I can’t prove it and don’t need to. We actually are able to experience it more directly if we describe it directly without a name. Names seem to be thoughtstoppers lately.

    But nor do I need to. Some rabbit holes you don’t need to go down. I don’t need to know the names of the guys in the pillbox and what they had for dinner. It can be a major detriment and distraction as everyone starts arguing about it. It’s enough to know Bldg 7 wasn’t hit by a plane and there’s the Pentalawn™, a lawn so clean it repels Samsonite luggage and jet engines. I know all I need to know from that. Who, what, where, when, and why. Would I like to know every detail? Someone should dig it up and write it down, but I’m busy and need to stick to action items. WHO, therefore knew, who was involved, who is protecting it, and therefore WHO are my enemies, foreign and domestic. Their actions the very next day revealed their intent.

    It’s enough to know THAT they are all morons, weaklings who could not POSSIBLY have advanced themselves. Then we can dispense with all the normal narratives about “Growin’ up in the old coal mines”, “Loving wife”, “Firstborn killed” (a common one), “Graduated Harvard while not being there” (that was new) and so on. All garbage. You, sir, are a nobody. A perennial lowlife scoundrel or you couldn’t be there 10 minutes without screaming murder like MTG. There are 50,000 better men than you in the city you come from. So therefore I all need to know is 1) What do they have on you? And 2) What did you promise them? And then we’ll uncover it and dispense with you and move on to the next.

    We need to unbury the HANDLERS. Nothing else matters. Do you understand why the White Hats are taking so long now? And why MAXWELL is in prison and Epstein isn’t? What good is it to chop off another branch without striking the root?

    Hail Hydra.


    Mr Aspnaz comment is articulate and thought provoking. Yours is just low ad hominem.


    And you look a lot more like a troll than him

    D Benton Smith


    So you like the name calling and lies (yes, lies. Good old fashioned horse pucky falsehoods) that @aspnaz throws at me every time he speaks of me at all, and call them thought provoking. What sort of thoughts is he provoking, is it that all people should hate all Jews? You don’t like the snark (but accurate and true) criticisms that throw at him, calling my comments borderline ad hominem and apparently approving of his diatribes about the tribe as well. I see.

    If I’m Trollish then I must be the most successful troll in internet history (up until you caught me, that is) because I’ve been posting to TAE on a pretty regular basis for nearly 12 years and you are the FIRST customer to call me out. How astute. That’s pretty sharp sleuthing.

    Your opinions have been noted.



    Every morning is like the Spring-
    A brand new start to everything.


    Benton the Jew said:

    What sort of thoughts is he provoking, is it that all people should hate all Jews?

    Those may well be your thoughts. I am simply trying to help the American mind discover their delusion regarding the Jews and to reconsider their support for Israel. Their self assessment as the indispensible country is incompatible with their acceptance of the behaviour of the Israeli and American Jews over the past 60+ years.

    I expect your sort of response, so it doesn’t bother me. Yours is the reaction of someone who is not accustomed to reassessing his beliefs. You are stuck in a rut and you are fighting the people trying to get you out of that rut. It is very difficult to make people change their minds, especially about things they never decided in the first place, but were taught to believe.

    I know this will come as a shock, but I do not hate any Jews. The problem is actually not with the Jews, the problem is with the Americans descended from European stock. As with a spoilt child, you do not hate the spoilt child, you recognise that his problems are caused by bad parenting. Why would you hate the child, the parents caused the problem. Similarly, why hate the Jews, the white Americans caused the problem. You allowed them to take over your political system, even down to the local level where Soros buys DAs that are obviously bad for America, and you allowed and helped them to commit crimes in Israel, showing Americans to be without any moral backbone. Once your reputations were fully demolished by letting the Jews ruin your country, you now have nothing to offer the world.



    Just the intro, but it raises some interesting points:

    Did the feds seize Scott Ritter’s passport because Ritter was going to Russia for a conference—or because Ritter has outspokenly supported the Palestinian resistance? I suspect it’s the latter. After all, I (among others) was prevented from traveling to Iran by Zionists occupying the US Treasury Department, not by American patriots. (Our citizen diplomacy with Iran benefited the US, but was bad for Israel.)

    It’s increasingly obvious that the war on free speech is almost entirely a Jewish-Zionist thing. Examples:

    *The Washington Post just launched a Zionist-directed hit piece against The Gray Zone—obvious revenge for The Gray Zone’s taking the lead in exposing the fact that most of the atrocities of October 7 were committed by Israel, not Hamas.

    *Zionist billionaires nuked the Columbia Law Review website because they didn’t like a pro-Palestine article;

    *Rich Oregon Jews are now determined to starve Americans, not just Gazans, because the Food Bank supports Palestine; and

    *Zionist-Occupied Washington is preparing to blackmail the Maldives for its anti-Israel stance.

    We’ll discuss these stories, and more, on Saturday’s False Flag Weekly News.

    How did we reach the point that a hostile foreign nation’s fifth column has terminated the American free speech experiment? Below is my new Crescent piece addressing that issue.


    See what I mean, the 8 million Jews in American are now controlling the 150 million white Americans of European descent. How did this happen? Why did the white people make this happen? Why do the white people still refuse to see that this is a problem.

    TAE Summary

    The End of Poetry

    I cannot write a sonnet anymore
    The faculty’s now lost, the talent gone
    The muse inspiring poems walked out the door
    She’s sitting on a blanket on the lawn

    She says that I’ve ignored her long enough
    And poetry can go jump in the lake
    That I’ve refused her gifts for worthless stuff
    There’s limited abuse a muse can take

    I’ve tried to coax the muse to come back in
    I’ve offered her some come cookies and some milk
    Ignoring me she wears a scornful grin
    Refusing to engage one of my ilk

    Erato, give me one more fleeting chance
    I promise I’ll write poems and sing and dance

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