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    The Taliban has just renounced the poppy trade again.

    John Day

    Go Taliban!
    This will be good for Russia, good for China, good for Iran, and BAD for CIA!
    I’m sure the first 3 can fil in where the last one cuts out.
    Opioids shuffled into Russia, China and Iran by the CIA have been a steady push of assymetric-warfare upon those countries, by getting little-people in the countries addicted with expensive habits that involve theft and hospitalizations and make them unfit for work and untrustworthy.
    This can be win-win-win-win-win and… lose for the aforementioned parties.
    Other local neighbors can also benefit.


    Delta Variants, PCR Tests and Cognitive Dissonance

    Can’t post any tweets with NEO links because you know…. Russia

    John Day

    Deflationista’s Simpson’s Paradox remark may have referred to this:

    Here is analysis from (ID scrubbed) C19D list:
    I checked out the guy’s arithmetic because it seemed so illogical and sure enough.
    The basic arithmetic on this page is incorrect beginning at the very top of the page. His statement is FALSE that “out of 515 patients currently hospitalized with severe cases in Israel, 301 (58.4%) of these cases were fully vaccinated” because if the given numbers (by the Israeli Health Dept) are 214/100000 hospitalized are not vax’d and 301/100000 of the hospitalized are fully vax’d, then the hospitalized rate of vax’d per person is 0.00301 and of non-vax’d is 0.00214, so out of 515 persons 1.1021 would be not vax’d and 1.55015 would be vax’d. Multiplying that rate times the total populations of not vax’d is 2,788.23 and of fully vax’d is 16,960.25. It is very clear that the ABSOLUTE risk protection from hospitalization from being vax’d is NEGATIVE -0.00087 or -0.87% GREATER Risk of being seriously hospitalized for the fully vax’d than for the non-vax’d. This whole page is manipulated incorrect arithmetic to fool people into getting booster shots. Highly unethical nonsense!


    Between 7 fires…and ready to break.

    Hazardous air quality for three weeks on end has driven most of us crazy. Monday night was the crescendo as skies were so black and putrid red/orange at 2 PM, headlights came on and it was impossible to see 40 feet ahead and or be outside. Many left Tuesday when Weaverville got the “prepare to evacuate” notice. The winds shifted on Wednesday and things are holding for the moment. Managing the fires is a painful process but with extreme conditions and limited resources that is the only choice. That means you have to LET IT BURN until it gets to where you are waiting, and are set up to defend it. It’s an ugly job and I am grateful to the firefighters from around the State/Western states who are here.

    It is this slow form of dying that I have been “practicing” for months without end. The May/June heat dome and numerous 100 degree days really got things rolling. Living in it/living with it – is like being in a LIVING MEDITATION. No need to sit on a cushion for this! One can practice BEing positive and Peaceful in the Present by being present. It is a battle.

    In the middle of this, I came down with what I believe is COVID. At first I thought I was reacting to the smoke because I was out in it with no mask over several days. On Sunday morning upon rising I felt like I had hit a brick wall. Temperature 102, nose running, dizzy, nauseous, diarrhea, zero energy, massive headache, sore throat, chest tension at breastbone. I could barely move. I went to bed. By Tuesday AM I “knew” intuitively it was more than smoke so I started IVM @ 2mg level. Followed up with the second dose @ 4mg level on Wednesday AM. Was also using nano-silver spray in throat, eyes, mouth + vitamins, zinc, aspirin, etc. Am so much better today. Will do my third dose here shortly – with one set aside for day seven.

    Am grateful for the protocol and the support received here – thankfully I had an OPTION.

    Mr. House

    Temperature, nauseous, diarrhea, zero energy, chest tension at breastbone” That was me starting Aug 2nd. Fever only broke this past sunday. I didn’t do IVM, just vitamins and fluids. The ticker guy also got it at the beginning of august. His was triggered by stings from yellowjackets, mine just by wearing down my body with too many late nights. Yours could have been in the smoke. Its strange, its like you already have it, its dormant, but it needs a trigger to overwhelm the immune system.

    Mr. House

    Also lost taste and smell friday the 6th. Still not back yet.

    Mr. House

    Also no appetite for about two weeks. Only started eating regularly again when the fever broke.


    Side note: On the Thursday, 4 days before “it” hit me, I was out at the Trinity County Fair/Fairgrounds all day and evening – running the annual logging show. All though I was outdoors, there were at least 80 contestants (mostly guys under 30), piles of kids, all kinds of people all around me. Not a mask on a single soul. One thing I did observe was how many had runny noses because I heard folks sniffing/snarfing. My guess is that this was a mostly unvaxed crowd, just like me.

    Mr. House

    After getting it, i still wouldn’t get the jab. Just me though

    Dr. D

    MoneyCircus sounds right on to me. And it’s not so simple, yes they sacrifice one thing to leave, but balanced against other things they want or push forward. Only by seeing it as an open battlefield, divorced from “governments” and mostly run by corporations and families can you get a picture. One critical picture is that the plan – pushed and achieved in China – is to install a “Technocracy”, that is, Plato’s “Scientific Dictatorship” as coined by Bernays. They did this in the USSR, but their full-plan didn’t work, and the rival plan of Soviet-lite, the West loves was a success. Same now. China’s plan is doing what they like, so they pay everybody from the dogcatcher to the textbook writer, the NYT editor, Halliburton, TikTok, and Joel Osten to promote and import it. Easy as signing a check. Apparently there is more resistance than expected, and they are attempting to deal with that, but if you don’t de-fund them, they will. They print it every day, is this a shock? NYT: “North Korea’s Media is much to be admired and emulated.” No joke.

    Media turns on Biden. Hahahhaha. No that never happened ever. There’s no lie they won’t tell. So turning on Biden is planned, probably for the 25th. That puts the literal slave-catcher, slave-seller in, but people may have other plans, since she’s CLEARLY sidelined, and clearly hated, as if that matters. Ol’ Nancy? Why not? But all these motions make them, the U.S. Federales, look like a clown car with no driver. Which they are. And so goes “Full faith and Confidence” of a nation with no leader, no replacement leader, and no military leader. De-volve. Last time the Federal shut down I never met a single person who noticed or cared. The Federales have been shut down since Covid — all home, lights out D.C., no one can tell or cares. But they’re super-important mister, better do everything they say! Whatever would we do without them except everything.

    We’d beat the Dynamic Drones 50 ways to Sunday. Maybe not even in the field. More like the expense, fragility, supply-chain, run-time, they’re hollow, hollow people with hollow, hollow heads. Bullfrog puffed up, trying to look strong. Mohammed’s goat just f—d you and you think you want West Virginia? Okay, man, don’t say I didn’t warn you, just like I told you about Iraq, F-Stan… I will laugh the hearty laugh as I do now.

    Article did have some important clues though: One, they can let F-Stan go because the CIA has replaced their Dark Money with Wuhan Fentanyl. As seen with no longer trunkloads, which is enough to kill 3 cities, but TONS. The West desired and set up the oil pipeline, and therefore runs the Silk Road, or one thread on it, and we know for decades they back China to destroy the U.S. – That’s no different. They destroy the U.S. to erase law and buy us up too. As “devolving” “let’s divorce” “Civil war” would say: we’d love the U.S. to regionalize like the British promoted via the War between the States. Then you re-re-re-regionalize until each county is their own nation, like the Balkans are. Then China is the only large nation on the planet, and what they say goes. Don’t do this, and there’s no need since for mutual defense we already signed a “Constitution” that nobody follows. Dust it off, lightly used, seldom read, and make it the law again. 80 million people voted for that, it might work.

    But yeah, Biden “surprise”, media “notices”. Hahahahaha! Never.

    those darned kids

    mr house: my wife had an initial bout of the ook last year march/april. i had a series of essential oils for her to sniff at during the day. although she has many other lingering symptoms, her sniffer is back at 100% if the salsa she makes is any indication.

    the oils i used were: lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, cedar, oregano, citronella, and patchouli. i used these because they are cheaper. some nice florals would have been helpful, too.

    oh, and lotsa, with a capital lotsa,sunshine. most seriously.

    those darned kids

    i wonder how many other “flu” epidemics were caused by greed-driven flück ups.

    sometimes swine walk on two legs.


    Reiner Fuellmich interviewed by Mike Adams

    up to date summary

    Doc Robinson

    Are you ready to be debunked? This article is by a university professor (“a UNLV communication studies professor who specializes in strategies for countering misinformation about science”) so she must know more than you.

    Be prepared for false assurances based on partial understanding and oversimplification, to say the least.

    3 Common COVID Vaccination Objections & How to Debunk Them

    1. Some people believe that natural immunity is just as good as vaccine immunity... natural immunity protection is mostly limited to the same strain, not mutations or variants. On the other hand, vaccine immunity has been shown to be effective against mutations of the virus. This is due to the way the mRNA teaches the body to respond to the crown/spike protein shape of the coronavirus…

    2. The vaccine is “experimental” and not proven scientifically… the mRNA within the vaccine “breaks down and is flushed out of your system within hours,” so monitoring past a few months is not necessary to identify and measure reactions. Think about taking Advil: It also doesn’t stay in your system long, so any negative reactions are likely to happen immediately…

    3. Some people believe that the vaccine will have serious side effects… There are people who have died after taking the vaccine, but there is no causal link established between vaccination and dying.

    those darned kids

    that should read “”

    Mr. House

    Bomb threats in NYC and DC today, false flags me think. Nancy P is probable running around with burner phones placing calls and giggling.

    madamski cafone

    “It is this slow form of dying that I have been “practicing” for months without end. The May/June heat dome and numerous 100 degree days really got things rolling. Living in it/living with it – is like being in a LIVING MEDITATION. No need to sit on a cushion for this! One can practice BEing positive and Peaceful in the Present by being present. It is a battle.”

    The hardest battle to win, it seems, is the battle to surrender to the reality before one. YOu always liuft me up, Susmarie.


    @ Raul:

    you said:
    “you look at Afghanistan and you STILL think they’re capable of executing some grand plan?”

    You’re Whistling in the Dark, Sir.

    Their incompetence is not going to save us just because their plans that won’t ultimately work. Yes, The People in Charge are, in many ways, inept because they’re clinically insane and in total denial of the reality of Life on Earth in the 21st century. (As we all are) But, they ARE still in complete charge. Their minions still turn the screws tighter every day and every day we meekly allow them to nudge us towards our assigned fate as disposable serfs. Because they have the power to do so and we’re too spoiled and pampered and weak to do the only thing that could save our sorry asses – which is to physically resist.

    I respect what you’ve done here. I’ve learned most of what I know about C-19 and the Plandemic here and i’d like to see the expose continue. BUT…… a very real sense what you’re ALSO doing here is arguing with “them” AS IF they were not very bright people who simply hadn’t done their homework correctly and that once shown the Truth™ would come to their senses and lift all these pointless restrictions, etc. But it’s not they who don’t understand – it’s you. They know very well what they’re doing. They know they lie 24/7/365 with a straight face. Their job is to keep you distracted – to keep you worked up – to keep you trying to get them to be “reasonable”. Because they know that if they keep you spinning your wheels that they’ll keep you from doing the ONLY thing that can work – which is to say NO! – and mean it.

    Back when people lived in actual (instead of virtual) communities when a revolt became necessary we checked with our friends & neighbors for consensus before grabbing our pitchforks and lighting our torches. But over the course of my lifetime “they” have successfully destroyed the nuclear family, making us “individuals” who’ve become completely dependent on to corporate state. We can’t check for a consensus on any response to these injustices because “they” now own the entire means of public discourse. The tiny minority that has seized power owns and controls 100% of the public conversation. We’re left wringing our hands and gnashing our teeth with our imaginary online friends.

    I understand that you can’t accept what i’ve said here because it implies a level of Evil that’s monstrous in scope. And normal, decent human beings like yourself simply can’t allow themselves to believe that they’re surrounded by monsters. But, as P K Dick pointed out some time ago, the fact that you won’t accept our current reality doesn’t mean that it goes away. In fact the cruel irony is that it’s only the refusal of 98% of the normal, decent human beings to accept the reality of our times that prevents us from overturning it!

    Which is why a few thousand “monsters” are able to destroy what’s left of Western Civilization as we “disbelievers” stand by like impotent ghosts at our own funeral.

    madamski cafone

    Incidentally, Yogi brand herbal tea’s Breathe Deep blend really works. Powerful stuff. Tastes good too.


    So you want to kill a robot? Let me count the ways!

    On second thought why bother when the “not so dumb” homeless in San Francisco already have “killing robots” down pat!

    They just peeeeeed on the robots and smeared shit over the robot’s sensors!

    Score: Homeless 1. Robot 0.

    madamski cafone

    “I understand that you can’t accept what i’ve said here because it implies a level of Evil that’s monstrous in scope. “

    Raul’s a big boy who can defend himself blah blah but I have to say: the above is laughable. A man who posts images of infants drowned by bureaucratic decree surely has some idea of evil.

    The Shadow Knows



    And what it leads to:


    Re severity of outbreak in NZ. 3 out of 22 cases on hospital. One was in before testing positive, none are serious.

    These lock downs will become as endemic as ‘the new flu’

    D Benton Smith


    ref: ” “I understand that you can’t accept what i’ve said here because it implies a level of Evil that’s monstrous in scope. “

    It’s not just the evil that is monstrous in scope, but the sheer magnitude of data that must be sifted through before the picture gradually comes into focus. To make a long story short, I very much do accept what you say, but I also understand fairly precisely why your observation falls so often on closed ears. Even smart people reject what they are emotionally incapable of experiencing.

    Keep trying anyway. It won’t make anyone worse off than they are, and who knows . . . it might actually help a little bit.

    Mr. House

    Excellent comment Laffinboy. You see what i see. This isn’t just the plandemic, its been building for decades. Most americans have short term memories though, they can’t even remember 08 let alone 2001.

    Mr. House

    A question to the people here: What has .gov done correctly in the last 20 years? I can’t think of a single thing. Anybody have any suggestions?

    Michael Reid

    “ because it implies a level of Evil that’s monstrous in scope”

    and I second this assessment. Most cannot accept the monstrous evil that will crush us unless we say “no”


    Michael Reid


    @Mr House: I think your use of the word “correctly” could depend on your point of view. Everyone in congress is a millionaire several times over, so they’re doing something right, even if it isnt what we think we are electing them for…

    those darned kids

    mr. house: “What has .gov done correctly in the last 20 years?”

    ask the kind folks at monsanto, the makers of white phosphorus for the u.s. military. it’s been great.

    [the article actually says, “at least the past 20 years”..]


    @ Germ

    Yes, regarding Lincoln woman, looks more like a vax injury than “bad Covid case.” Perhaps if the vax injury was sub clinical, infection could bring it out?

    “130,000 residents in nursing homes have sa- — have sadly, over the period of this virus, passed away.” –Biden
    At the local retirement community my friend cited the number lost from “assisted living” to Covid…I immediately wanted to ask: okay, what was the total number that passed last year, and the total number who passed the year before? Because…the number that died from Covid is only relevant in perspective with the total deaths. I didn’t ask, because I knew that she didn’t have the answers.


    “Or how about a handful of marbles?”

    The marbles would be nice. Banana peel? Missing manhole cover?


    Salon article parody:
    “It is the saddest thing to have somebody come in and say, ‘but I GOT VACCINATED.’ And have to admit them to a hospital, put them on a breathing machine, when we have great prevention [t]hat is REPURPOSED DRUGS,”

    Seriously? What is the point?
    It means nothing.


    I am wondering when food stamps and Medicaid will be withheld from myself and the children because we are not vaccinated.

    Formerly T-Bear

    How closely related do ‘The Great Reset’ and ‘The Great Cull’ appear to be?

    Again, the world’s first trillion-airs will be the law partners in the firm handling a class action suit. The respondents myriad; governments, pharmaceutical industry, medical establishment, academia, media being the prime subjects but these do not exhaust the deep pockets involved. Invest in popcorn!


    @laffin_boy: I also ratify your assessment, in the main. Yes, it is monstrous. Yes, it is far, far and away above most people’s rational ability to process, absent a long period of development and education. And that is what we, Raul, you are doing. We’re not aiming at the top, we’re trying to reach out to the sides, to find the chinks in the narrative and expose them.

    those darned kids

    wow, even politicians are gonna lose their jobs for not getting <echo>THE JAB</echo>.


    Ah, the banality of pure evil.


    ~ Josef Mengele

    “The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.”

    Participant ~ Josef Mengele “The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.”” alt=”.” />


    From a survivor of the medical experiments in the camps in WWII:

    “I was given five injections. That evening I developed extremely high fever. I was trembling. My arms and my legs were swollen, huge size. Dr Mengele and Dr. Konig and three other doctors came in the next morning. They looked at my fever chart, and Dr. Mengele said, laughingly, “Too bad, she is so young. She has only two weeks to live…”

    A little back story to the Nuremberg Code

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