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    René Magritte Empire of light 1950   • Stupid Is Supposed To Hurt (Denninger) • Only Half Of Israelis Want A Third Covid-19 Vaccine Shot (JPost)
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle August 2 2021]

    V. Arnold

    René Magritte Empire of light 1950

    The beautifully surreal is a perfect marriage; love that Magritte…

    One of my favorite sayings is from the movie “Castaway”
    The most beautiful thing in the world, is of course, the world itself…


    It’s surprising, but there is not a real desire for a third vaccination.”

    Is the business model looking shaky on sentients as opposed to plants and pets.


    If there is a small group of evil Davos Reset dudes running this whole thing – they definitely wrote that article for the Guardian. OMG. I want to punch myself in the face. I have never seen such a set-up as this kind psy-ops journalism.


    I stopped in this morning at the Vaccines Don’t Work post to catch up on the dozens of comments made last night. Y’all are amazing. 🙂

    I especially like the little fluff balls in the Infographic: History of Pandemics. They remind me of the balls cats like to bat around that wind up soggy after carried in their mouths.

    Anyone who watched the Yuri video took one for the team. (I tried and just plain couldn’t). The link House posted to Yuri’s bio was nauseating.

    @madam, excellent observation and summary: “Watching this cloud of convergence, theories and narratives mutating as fast as the variants, counter-counter-propaganda campaigns, a populace seemingly dangerously close too collective nervous breakdown after competing collective delusions beat each other senseless, a government both this close to reliable push-button control of its Standard Business Model but also this close to peaking out like Titanic’s last stand.”

    Thanks, you guys, for helping keep me semi sane, at least most days anyhow.


    I agree upstateNYer about the sanity thing. I’ve been feeling a little guilty about not flicking Raul any money for a bit but now I am just back at work I aim to rectify that situation shortly because without him we don’t hang and share.
    Also I took one for the team – well 20 minutes and I am 100 percent with Madam Bosco on this one – he just straight away felt like someone not looking for truth but making their own. Felt yukky.

    Dr. D

    “It is a crucial question, whose answer will determine just how severe will be the return of Covid-19 in the autumn”

    Interesting he asks this, as Delta is supposedly everywhere, (with CDC admitted totally-wrong tests) and “Delta is 10,000x more contagious!!!!!”. Yes, so everybody has it then, don’t they? As I said 19 months ago. So practically everybody would be, by their own science and admission, exposed and naturally immune.

    Do the numbers support this? Delta = LamboMoon! Deaths = Zero. So yes. Can we stop now? How long are we going to fight bubonic plague when there are no deaths from bubonic plague? 1,000 years? A: The minute you stop paying.

    “Experts Fear Unlocked UK Could Become Incubator for New Covid Variants (CNBC)”

    More variants which according to their own science, you will be immune to. Because natural immunity covers variants. Vaccines do not. …Nor even the original variant, apparently.

    “Major Unions Push Back Against Biden’s Vaccine Mandates (ZH)”

    Again, as if anyone cares, totally, ridiculously, planet-wide-ly, illegal. You cannot coerce participation in medical experiments. Even offering $100 is probably illegal.

    But this is the law today. For example, down at the border, Immigration is arresting Texas for refusing to ship illegal immigrants out of Texas. Think about that. Arresting people for ENFORCING the law, while the law-enforcers are enforcing the non-enforcement of the law.

    So law = not law. Not law = law. Just like death = not death, pandemic = not pandemic, vaccine = not vaccine. #OppositeLand, where the real danger, is losing your MIND.

    “Democrat strategists have internal worries about [Kamala]” Speaking of.

    …And they didn’t realize this when she polled sub 2%, always? Picked her and the least popular man as running mates?
    Of course they did. They’re just going to nuke her when Biden leaves and install Pelosi. …or try.

    “Craig Murray reported to prison yesterday.”

    Speaking of the end of all human rights while we fight about is it 99.97%? Or 99.9997%? I mean, almost completely, totally safe? Or totally, totally safe? Or wait: has anyone actually gen-coded CV-19 at all? Meanwhile: this is life. We’re not living it. We’re all losing it. What it means to be human, or what health, and life, and death, is all for.

    Fear is the mind-killer.


    If I’m still alive when historians write of this debacle I’m going to hide my head in shame. It beggars belief that the FDA is seriously considering approving a vaxx that uses novel technology following only a year of use, and one that has already killed tens of thousands worldwide. Likely over 100,000 have been killed worldwide, we simply don’t know.

    This morning I was reminded of the announcer’s stretch call when Zenyatta became the first female horse ever to win the 2009 Breeder’s Cup Classic. As she reached the finish he exclaimed …

    “This. Is. Unbelievable!!!! … what a performance, one we’ll never forget!!!”

    Mister Roboto


    @Dr D: “Meanwhile: this is life. We’re not living it. We’re all losing it. What it means to be human, or what health, and life, and death, is all for.

    Fear is the mind-killer.”

    Thank you.


    Mister Roboto I confess that I have a mad crush on what’s her face. She also looks so healthy that she couldn’t possibly be hosting 40 trillion inserted messenger RNA gene lipid nano particle thingies. I’m makin’ one of those red triangles this week to wear with pride. Maybe

    a kullervo

    Squaring the circle:
    – The most voted presidential ticket ever turning into the most unpopular VP; colour me surprised.

    those darned kids

    what’s gonna happen if it turns out the cuban vaccines are the only ones that work?

    those darned kids

    what i still can’t fathom is how people can accept (beyond reasonable salaries) all that money for something that is supposed to be necessary for the survival of humanity.

    “what?! you’re drowning? the life preserver? sure. got 25 bucks?”


    Executive TAE summary
    Our street light shines on diamonds

    A Pandemic now does NOT mean anyone died.

    about 80% of the population has natural immunity.

    treatment with HCQ or ivermectin, is good

    re-defined the word “pandemic”

    need a variant to pump up fear

    no functional PCR test, had a 90% false positive rate

    two narratives –
    1. the vaccine protects against infection, it prevents the spread of the virus and it protects against developing symptoms.

    2. a financial motive

    Propaganda – fake news –
    There is a major effort to divert the attention of lookers who don’t mind their own business.
    There is a major effort to divert the attention of buzzy bodies who want to meddle/interfere in other people’s business


    Mister Roboto

    what’s gonna happen if it turns out the cuban vaccines are the only ones that work?

    I guess we’ll just have to invade and then claim we invented those vaccines after proclaiming that the chocolate-ration has been raised to twenty grams per week in celebration of these two glorious victories.

    Mister Roboto

    @oxymoron: I would probably have a crush on her, too, if I were straight, but alas….(or should I say “a lad”?) 😉


    Once again thanks to one and all with extra kudo’s to Raul. Read this blog almost every morning. The comment section usually the day after due to time zone differences. Just like to add that our provincial chief medical officer Dr.Strang, who I refer to as Dr Strange Love, said on a radio news clip over the weekend: “the models show that a fourth wave of the delta variant is likely come October”. Models? Aren’t these the same idea that was pooh poohed by the “mainstream everything” when the Limits to Growth came out as well as the “models” showing the climate changes coming in the distant, (like now!), future. These were all wrong! The models predicting the future of delta are iron clad? Lets see the LTG looks like it was spot on, the climate models are looking right about the results of pollution sinks filling to over flowing just missed the timing by about one century. So maybe they’re trying to make sure no one will believe any modelling. It’s only useful when it benefits a certain segment of the populace. That segment isn’t the serfs!


    The Pandemic Narrative and the War Against the People: Day 2 of an Online Interdisciplinary Symposium

    those darned kids

    99.999% of dentists recommend saddam for voters who chew vaccines!

    Doc Robinson

    • Only Half Of Israelis Want A Third Covid-19 Vaccine Shot (JPost)

    Half of the population is going to be sorry they allowed the vaccine passports, when “fully vaccinated” is redefined to mean having the third shot.

    madamski cafone

    My mind begins to wander. Way back yonder I recall.
    The day Aunt Osie stood on the porch and said to me, “Be careful of the world and all.”
    She knew much more than I thought, but I was young too young to know.
    Now I have seen too much too soon and somewhere, and somehow, something’s a-gonna blow.

    Gabriel Won’t You Go On Home

    Gabriel your face is red. Be careful you’ll hurt your head. And wind up dead.
    Like the world has lost its ears and eyes.
    Is it wise to sympathize, when harmony has been kicked in the knee.
    And sour notes a-singin’ their sad, sad song.
    Gabriel won’t you go on home. Gabriel won’t you go on home.

    My mind begins to wonder, way out yonder I can see.
    A brand new star has now been born to make things warm and bright for you and me.
    Hey here, hey there, hey you, I’ve got some proof, it’s really so.
    Peace on earth, goodwill to men. And somewhere, somehow, something’s a-gonna blow.

    Gabriel your face is red. Be careful you’ll hurt your head. And wind up dead.
    Like the world has lost its ears and eyes.
    Is it wise to sympathize, when harmony has been kicked in the knee.
    And sour notes a-singin’ their sad, sad song.
    Gabriel won’t you go on home. Gabriel won’t you go on home.

    And all that happy Hollywood hippy horseshit. 🙂

    TAE Summary

    * The Covid Daily
    – People don’t want a third jab
    – Puff ball pandemic info-graphic is popular with cats
    – The populace is close to a nervous breakdown because of competing collective delusions
    – Watching Yuri is taking one for the team
    – Semi-sanity is the new sanity
    – Science works wonders
    – Natural immunity covers variants
    – Wear your read triangle proudly
    – Everyone has Delta; Mission Accomplished

    * Mission Statements
    – Pfizer: At Pfizer, we innovate every day to make the world a healthier place.
    – Moderna: Deliver on the promise of mRNA science to create a new generation of transformative medicines for patients.
    – J&J: We believe our first responsibility is to the patients, doctors and nurses, to mothers and fathers and all others who use our products and services.

    * Business Models
    – The more critical a drug is to survival, the more we can charge for it

    * No law is the new law, cause law just don’t go around here, savvy?

    * Kamala is unpopular; The most votes ever narrative is becoming the most downvotes ever narrative

    * Once Upon a Time Definitions
    – Test: A procedure used to identify a disease in a person
    – Case: An instance of a disease in a person
    – Pandemic: An outbreak of a contagious disease that spreads rapidly and widely over a wide geographic area
    – Vaccine: an antigenic preparation of a typically inactivated or attenuated pathogenic agent

    * Protection from the vaccinations
    – Yes! I want protection from vaccinations!
    – Unvaccinated are 25X more likely to die from Covid
    – Those over 65 are 95x more likely to die from Covid
    – Those with comorbidities are 20X more likely to die from Covid
    – Dr. Fauci initiates campaign urging people to stay under 65 and avoid comorbidities

    * A model has suggested that a fourth wave of the Delta variant is coming in October. When pressed for details, the model stumbled on her high heels and was taken to a nearby emergi-care for a sprained ankle. A full recovery is expected.

    Dr. D

    Sorry for more posting, I may have to leave this job and go do real work somewhere. Millions of stay-homes depend on it.

    “Watch: Chaos Erupts on the Streets of Berlin as Police Attack Anti-Lockdown Protesters
    Throwing old women to the ground and hitting kids, all for their own health…”

    How many will you kill to save them from death? Safety first! If any disease is going to kill you, it’ll be me!

    Pretty straightforward rundown of how to engineer fear, obedience, and totalitarianism (Video):

    Other than the specifics, lockdown, isolation, fear, the goal is, “Anything you want just to end this.” …But of course giving psycho power-people obedience doesn’t stop them, oh no. It ENCOURAGES them to do more, due to their own mental illness. I mean, duh.

    Anyway, yeah, they been at this since 2001. And STILL people don’t see it’s a scam. Man up. You’ll never get out of here alive anyway.

    But I don’t really understand the method described. Why would I care what the chronically mentally ill think? And why would I do wrong, shouldn’t I do all the more right BECAUSE they are abusive, misguided, and mentally ill? Surely if someone is deluded, the answer cannot be to join their delusion but to protect them and others. Certainly, absolutely you would never obey them, ever.

    Responses: humour, forbearance, and parallel structures. We have all three.

    You know, actually I hear a lot in articles and ads that “minorities can’t get vaccinated” for blah, blah, too stupid and lazy according to them (White Karen Media LLC) I guess. But what is this admitting? That they know minorities aren’t vaccinated. That is, like the listed table yesterday, it’s NOT, NOT a white, southern, GOP thing. They’ll claim for different REASONS, oh they WANT to, oh-so-much, and just can’t, but do we know that? Not at all. Like everything, they’re (White Karen + Kamala) are making it up out of nothing. The only fact is the numbers ARE the same. And 38%? It can’t be that low, but that was yesterday’s provided official table. We saw that in young and old too. Young aren’t getting it, although they lean left. The Narrative™. Poof.

    Most condescending article of the day: “Can You Do Something about Stubborn Unvaccinated People?”

    Amazingly, and she’ll get fired from CNN, she does NOT say “round them up and shoot them.” However, it never occurs to her to read their sourced data, because when you’re practically perfect in every way, why would you? She does say be open and non-confrontational and very, very patient, for which I don’t care, let her have her opinions if that’s the way to present them. She can do whatever she likes. If those were the only forces right now, we’d have no disagreements. However, check out her info:

    “Covid cases are going up. And yet, vaccine resistance grows.” Are you making this up? Every day MORE people are jabbed, not less. How could it “increase”? What is “resistance”? That you’ve converted the fence-sitters, so the never-wills remain? No duh, Sherlock.

    “The ongoing surge in all 50 states, plus DC and Puerto Rico — one that’s putting cases in some regions at the same levels they were one year ago, at the height of the pandemic and before there was a vaccine — is largely due to the fact that about half of the US population remains unvaccinated,”

    Cases rise, health events remain flatlined. And Cape Cod showed that it had nothing to do with the unvaccinated – the vaxxed are more than capable of spreading everything, everywhere, maybe moreso. So: Lie. No “pandemic” in the sense of health and no consequence of vax rates.

    One would think that the mounting and incontrovertible evidence that the Delta variant is something to fear would convince all vaccine holdouts”

    Fear? Wow, that’s logical, good work, I’m convinced. Anyway, the mounting evidence is that Delta is a total flop and not very dangerous at all. She is “incontrovertibly” evidence-free. But this is CNN, so…

    “But the needle is not moving” The needle is totally moving. Every shot moves the needle. It’s just slower than yesterday. So you’re just lying here, or fearing? Obviously it’s going to continue dropping off, but if it held here, everyone would indeed be jabbed…someday. And if she’s as patient as she claims, then what’s the what? She’s not, because she’s fearing, lying, AND getting paid el biggo buckos for it. Moving the needle on that career.

    Besides, back to square one: You’re vaccinated; why do you care? Maybe the people want to die. Is it your job to stop them all?

    “Mommy, they’re not doing what they’re Tooooold. I’m going to tell on you.” Uh-huh. Totally convinced. Convinced snitches get stitches. Now mind your own business while you still can.

    Mister Roboto

    madamski cafone

    Incidentally, if deflationista is intent on selling pro-covid firewater, we just gave him good feedback on wghat works and what doesn’t. Trouble I think s/he’s running into is that there’s little low-hanging fruit left. The sides have been drawn, and the resistant side is waxing stronger than the submissive side.

    But then, isn’t that how you end viral memedemics like the offocial covid narrative: resistance?


    @Dr D: “I may have to leave this job and go do real work somewhere.”

    Now why would you want to go and do that? C’mon, man!

    To provide a bit of levity today, as I take a brief moment from uselessly submitting resumes to remote job openings in the hopes that St Nicholas soon will be here …

    I followed Raul’s link the other day to the RT article about the MA covid outbreak. Skimmed the comments and some were downright funny. I’m sharing a few here, openly admitting to outright plagiarism, to offer a bright moment in the day:

    Nothing makes sense in their scamdemic.

    – the unvaxxed are spreading delta
    – but it’s actually 3/4 of the vaxxed who get it
    – and the vaxxed can transmit it, so everybody needs masks
    – but please get vaxxed, because the unvaxxed are spreading it
    – so we need vaxx passports because it’s safer.

    The vaxxed can have more privileges.
    – because … now read from the top.

    Rinse repeat.


    I need a Celebrity or a government official to lie to me so I can feel better and virtue signal. I also need to redirect my shortcomings on to strangers.


    It looks like it is a pandemic of vaccinated people. They get sick and they spread virus. What are we going to do about them?

    Mister Roboto

    One thing about the Delta Variant, it is less likely to kill people, but it may very well be more likely to make people seriously ill. I’m only pointing this out because I believe narrative-skeptics who aren’t lost in QAnon-Land need to stay honest and acknowledge the real-life shape this pandemic is taking, whether it’s something we like to hear or not.


    @madam: Is “deflationista” a he? That name strikes me as feminine. Interesting …

    Good point. “the resistant side is waxing stronger than the submissive side.

    I also like the moon cycle reference. (thumbs up, you just can’t see it)

    Polder Dweller

    “ I’m makin’ one of those red triangles this week to wear with pride”

    It’s a good idea but I don’t like the ’U’ as it doesn’t work in other languages (in Dutch it would be ‘O’ and in French’N’) so I think a ‘V’ with a line through it would be better like this: ‘V

    We thought V was for Vendetta but in fact it’s for Vaccine.


    @mister: delta “may very well be more likely to make people seriously ill“. I’m going with Dr D’s notion that “fear is the mind killer.” Mainly because in my experience that’s true, although sometimes I lose sight of it (note to self … don’t lose sight of it). I also think that “fear is the [physical] body killer”. (For what it’s worth).

    Hang in there. None of us gets out of this alive. 😉

    Btw, I’m still confused as to what QAnon actually is. Who are these people? How do they find each other? How many are there? How many people actually listen to them, much less buy into the nonsense? I’m thinking it’s yet another divisive tool. A way to discredit legitimate skepticism by pointing to way-out skeptics as representative of all skeptics. However, I know nothing about QAnon aside from talking with a believer a few times last year. My brain shut down and I changed the subject quickly.


    @polder: “We thought V was for Vendetta but in fact it’s for Vaccine.


    madamski cafone

    “I also need to redirect my shortcomings on to strangers.”

    This dynamic is HUGE, I think. It contains, provides foundation, for the ‘crab bucket syndrome’

    The analogy in human behavior is claimed to be that members of a group will attempt to reduce the self-confidence of any member who achieves success beyond the others, out of envy, resentment, spite, conspiracy, or competitive feelings, to halt their progress.

    Because most of us hardly know ourselves by the time we reach adulthood (now we have to pick a gender too?) it is easy for us to be unaware of how we project our shortcomings onto others. Dumb crude joke alert:

    Hi, my name is Dan but friends call me Shorty, or Short for Short. Short Cummings. I work in the porn industry.”


    Hi All, I have been reading this blog since…well I’m not sure but definitely since the old days with Nicole – (2009? 10?). Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say reading this every morning keeps me sane. Ok well probably not sane, but keeps me from totally losing it. You also all inspired me to completely transform my life, walk away from my career (working in the belly of the beast) and $$ and head to a red state in 2020. Thank God.

    Wanted to share this with everyone. I love Zero Anthropology and it was really sad to see Maximilian go all covid crazy, but hey, he woke up. Some good stuff here

    Thanks for existing everybody!

    madamski cafone

    “I also like the moon cycle reference. (thumbs up, you just can’t see it)”

    An example of a fave comm phenom of mine, a form of what the telephony industry once called “glare”.

    I didn’t see how ‘waxing’ evoked a lunar cycle image until you pointed it out with an invisible thumbs up. Moebius circuit.

    Mister Roboto

    I’m thinking it’s yet another divisive tool. A way to discredit legitimate skepticism by pointing to way-out skeptics as representative of all skeptics.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s some kind of psy-op designed to make anybody who questions official narratives into somebody to be painted with the “crazy conspiracy theorist” broad brush. “”The Great Reset’??? What are you, some kind of QAnon loony?”

    That’s why I think it’s important to stay honest, so that it won’t be so easy for the proverbial “them” to do that to us.

    madamski cafone

    While Yuri annoys us, we have bias filters set to at least stun regarding youtube guru wannabes. I might score some street Xanax and spend an hour studying his schtick. Charlatans know things.


    My head hurts. This is getting serious– cognitive dissonance on steroids. 1. The virus was not dangerous and the world wide death rate does not show significant increase. (R. Fuellmich and others). 2. We courageous physicians have battled this serious virus with our winning protocols (FLCCC etc.).
    I have my “Protected by Ivermectin” T-shirt and I think that it was a Plandemic for economic reasons. I am confused and I don’t think that I am the only one!

    D Benton Smith

    I just had a SciFi sort of nightmare about a dystopean future that consisted of being incessantly told about a dystopean future.

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