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    Those Darn Kids:

    I plead guilty to facilitating the removal of many a mountain top by building big ass electric mining shovels! Even build a shovel in West Virginia in the next mountain near the area of the famous Hatfield and MCCOY feud!

    I enjoyed working with these hillbillies. Very down to earth people. They sure loved their coon dogs. They all sported large cages in the back of their pickup trucks! They would proudly show me pictures of their champion dogs. More than once they would arrive at work “all plum tuckered out” after spending all night chasing their dogs who wouldn’t give up the chase when called!

    They also had a rather cute expression. “Could you please run that by me again?”

    TAE Summary

    * The Covid Daily
    – I disapprove of your vaxx status but will defend to the death my right to force you to be vaxxed
    – Delta variant death/case ratio is low; If you can’t scare ’em with deaths, scare ’em with cases
    – Sweden didn’t flatten the curve and is now in long tail freedom
    – The mainstream narrative has the full faith and credit of the US government; The counter narrative is punishable as piracy of the truth and an offense against the laws of nations
    – The unvaxxed to become persona non libera
    – Mexican President won’t be held hostage to big pharma
    – Speaking out may cause disappearance
    – Either go to war with death or kill everybody right now
    – Masks hinder communication
    – We need a test that can diagnose all viruses
    – A million VAERS reports by year end likely
    – The unvaxxed risk their life every time they leave the house, every time they go cliff diving, every time they play golf in a lightning storm and every time they go swimming with sharks

    * The Summum Bonum
    – Protect the most vulnerable
    – Intervene with effective drugs when needed
    – Leave everyone else alone

    * The Madamski Kerfuffle
    – Effective communities require disruption; Perturbation isn’t a sin and won’t cause you to go blind; Perturbate as often as the urge strikes you
    – If you don’t like a comment, skirt it, skip it or skim it
    – Madamski accepts forthright, rude attempts at correction; Insult straight, ya bastards!
    – Madamski admits he’s corrupted the youth of TAE; Proposes a pension for life as his punishment
    – A commenter handled madamski
    He posted annoying, bad spamski
    Some think he’s to critical
    Lacks skills analytical
    You don’t like his stuff? Well be damnedski!

    * Bits and Pieces
    – The Oath Breakers and Sissies want to ban Oath Keepers and Proud Boys
    – Van Gogh paints AOC as she weeps for the Constitutions
    – Team Blue is morally bankrupt; The Problem is the Solution
    – No more voting, no more debates; The road to totalitarianism is paved with good abstentions
    – Nothing is going to save us
    – Walls and gates work both ways
    – What Would Geissel Do?
    – Smart people spout gobbledygook and brflgnk
    – All’s for the best in this, the best of all possible worlds
    – Evict them all, God shall know his own
    – The Will of the people doesn’t matter but The Won’t of the People requires a draconian response

    * Kieth Olberman
    – Was against the Iraq war
    – Would prefer Bush to Trump
    – Is madder than Maddow
    – Switched sides to avoid bed sores

    * Preppers Corner
    – Evaporated milk is natures most perfect food
    – If the air smells funny buy food and stockpile booze

    * Biden suggests “Babylon Bee” be renamed “The Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth Bee”

    * An excellent effort. You have shown an analysis that is quite new.
    But now and then it seems to have … how shall one say?
    Too many numbers, Sire.
    Exactly, too many numbers.
    There are just as many numbers as I require, neither more nor less.
    My dear fellow, there are in fact only so many numbers the brain can comprehend in an evening.



    I keep meaning to ask you how your book writingis going or went?

    Somehow I envision writing a book to be quite a difficult task because of the amount of organizing that is required and then the discipline required to follow the plan and not constantly second guessing yourself by going back and making constant changes in the beginning of the book.

    My only book writing experience was writing numberous machine/robot manuals. Once you had an acceptable structure established, you kept repeating the same formula over and over again. The only changes that were required occurred when the subject matter changed.

    One thing for sure, my bosses always complained that writing new manuals took too long! They would always conviently forget that they had earlier in the designed process approved all the new engineering changes! I never won that argument!

    madamski cafone

    “– A commenter handled madamski
    He posted annoying, bad spamski
    Some think he’s to critical
    Lacks skills analytical
    You don’t like his stuff? Well be damnedski!”

    *swoon* You make a 65-year old man feel like an 89-year old woman, TAE Sum. I’ll miss being madamski. TIme to put her back in the novel now that I will have some clear long uninterrupted time to use. (Writing serious long-term fiction is like going into a trance weeks at a time.)

    In real fictional life, not phony TAE commentor life, madamski is a 72-year old woman named Eleanor with significant Alzheimers compounded by a mild stroke. I have a sex scene between her and an 84-year old love magician named Carlton. Pre-readers tell me that it actually works.

    And they all live happily ever after for a little while longer.

    “– If the air smells funny buy food and stockpile booze”

    Best advice since… long time. ‘nite

    madamski cafone

    “I keep meaning to ask you how your book writingis going or went?”

    I’ll get back to you tomorrow, WES. Dream young dreams.

    those darned kids

    “it’s good to tell them won’ting is ok. hear them out, listen to their theories with an understanding ear. then stick the needle in their pathetic limb.”


    For TDK: this website.

    Mister Roboto

    Sadly, stopping donations to Team Blue won’t have much effect now that they are the party of the government and super-rich.

    I know, I just don’t want anymore of their crappy, schmoozing spam cluttering my G-Mail inbox.


    @ Michael Reid
    I remember when my ex was doing that he ordered some sort of fancy yeast that was supposed to get an initial fermentation around 20%.


    @madam: you are correct, my ego got involved in my comment (apparently it reached out and took a bite and I was tardy in scolding it). I realized that as soon as I posted but didn’t attempt an edit. I am sorry. It was unfair.


    @TAE Summary: excellent!!!

    Mister Roboto

    For a lot of us, the editing function doesn’t really work. I myself have entirely given up on it.

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