bill of rights

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    bill of rights

    Have you ever wondered how the new “warp-speed developed” corona vaccines were labeled 95% effective while time-tested flu vaccines are only considered 50% effective? I just read the FDA report ( and discovered it’s a statistical trick:

    1. 35,000 participants with no prior corona infection were divided into 2 equal groups. Half got the new drug and half got a placebo.

    2. 7 days after the 2nd dose was given, both groups were checked for a corona infection with the following results:

    a. 162 placebo participants were found to be infected. 99% were not infected.
    b. 8 drugged participants were found to be infected. 99.95% were not infected.

    3. The drug, therefore, improved protection from infection by almost 1%. Not 95%.

    The trial result was very disappointing for the drugmaker. No one would buy a drug – with all it’s unknown side effects – if it only reduces your risk of infection by 1%. But the drug maker was better at developing effective statistics than inventing effective drugs. He simply said: “Look here! Only 8 people who took our drug got infected compared to 162 who took the placebo. 8 is 95% less than 162. So our drug is 95% effective! Not 1%.”

    4. The government then purchased the 1% effective drug for nationwide distribution. Later on – even after the drugmaker admitted the drug really wasn’t as effective as originally claimed – the Supreme Court ruled that many of us must be terminated from our jobs if we don’t take it.

    5. 7 days is a short time to study the effectiveness of a new drug. So to make the study a lot more serious, the drugmaker wrote on page 40 of the report:

    “Participants are planned to be followed for up to 24 months, for assessments of safety and efficacy against COVID-19.”

    The drugmaker, however, corrupted their trial by encouraging the placebo group to take the new drug soon after the government approved it. Over 90% accepted the offer, thus invalidating any follow up comparison. Destruction of evidence so to say.

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    bill of rights

    Austria is a Catholic country. Austria experienced Hitler. Isn’t there some constitutional limit on imprisonment there such as we have in the U.S. Constitution (8th Amendment forbids excessive punishments)?

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