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    Captain Nemo

    The curves concerning the SARS-CoV2 positive cases in Southamerica provide a biased picture as usual. Normalizing the provided absolute numbers with the populations in the respected countries, the lead goes to Chile.

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    Captain Nemo

    Sorry the numbers for the weekly testing were not user friendly:
    11 – 127457 – 7582 – 5.9%
    12 – 348619 – 23 820 – 6.8%
    13 – 360964 – 31347 – 8.7%
    14 – 392984 – 35389 – 9.0%

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    Captain Nemo

    From the daily report of the Robert-Koch-Institut (April 8, 2020, 00:00):
    CW n Tests performed n Tests positive Quotient (+/total n)
    11 127 457 7 582 5.9%
    12 348 619 23 820 6.8%
    13 360 964 31 347 8.7%
    14 392 984 35 389 9.0%
    Total death reported (RKI): 1861
    Sex distribution: 62% men
    Median age of deceased: 82 years (Range 28 to 105 years)
    Number of deceased < 60 y: 87
    Beds in ICUs: 14 255, of which 8218 are occupied, of which 1854 by patients with SARS-CoV2 positive tests.
    There are in average 2500 deaths per day in Germany. Therefore in the last four week roughly 70 000 had died, of which 1861 had a positive SARS-CoV2 test result.

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    Captain Nemo

    Lung physicians in Germany did recommend to avoid intubation whenever possible, due to the stress it induces to the lungs. Instead oxygen masks should be used.
    Then I came across this youtube video of an american physician who indicates that patients with Covid-19 show symptoms resembling those of high altitude sickness and not those of pneumonia. Interesting but I do not know if it is authentical.

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    Captain Nemo

    You might find that article informative; it was published April 4 and addresses a 50 minutes interview, Bill Gates gave an March 24 on TED Connects. There is a link within the article to the video of this interview.
    Come to your own conclusions.

    Did Bill Gates Just Reveal the Reason Behind the Lock-Downs?

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    Captain Nemo

    @Dr. D. Rich. Concerning H1N1 there was an investigation by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe; “In December 2009, a motion was tabled under the title “Faked Pandemics – a threat for health” by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg (Germany, SOC), outgoing member of the Parliamentary Assembly and medical expert specialising in epidemiology.” A preliminary report is available but be warned it is a “busy document”.

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    Captain Nemo

    This might an alternative site to look for Covid-19 data for the USA:

    As far as I can see, NY has an exceptionally high positive rate among the US states. I live in Germany and although I am also not entirely happy what is reported by the Governmental Instiute, the Robert-Koch-Institute especially concerning the cause of death. This institute recommended to avoid autopsies and to classify any death due to pulmonary issues as Covid-19 related.
    There is certainly some variability among countries concerning the test itself as the sampling for the tests (swaps taken either in the pharynx or nasal; in some cases the samples are taken by the patients themselfes), but that is to the medical community to discuss.
    A German virologist Prof. H. Streeck, Univerity Bonn has investigated the viability of the SARS-CoV2 on surfaces, since it was reported from China that the virus remains infectious for up to 7 days on surfaces; he will publish his results soon, however on Television he stated although they were able to detect the RNA of the virus, the cultivation of viruses from the swaps taken was not sucessful.

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    Captain Nemo

    I checked on
    Indeed that is a very low number of tests performed in one of the assumed hot spots of the epidemic – and a rate of round about 40% positives is very high.
    The German Robert-Koch-Institute provide weekly numbers for tests performed and number of positive results:
    CW 11 127 457 tests performed 7582 positive 5.9%
    CW 12 348 619 tests performed 23 820 positve 6.8%
    CW 13 354 521 tests performed 30 741 positive 8.7%
    And in Germany only those with symptoms of a cold will be tested right now.
    Now one can speculate why there is that striking difference versus the NY data. Assumingly different test kits are used. But we need data and not constant shock doses – and the worldometer data are not very informative.

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    Captain Nemo

    Ilargi, I find your summary concerning NY misleading because it is not clear whether the tests performed is a cumulative number or refers to the number performed within the last 24 hrs. That makes a huge distinction conderning the interpretation of the given figures.
    Is it possible to provide the data for say the last 7 days given for each day the new “cases” and the number of tests performed. Then by looking at the change of the fraction of positives over the time period, we would get a better picture of the “epidemic”.

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    Captain Nemo

    Swiss Propaganda Research has a site called “Facts about Covid-19” – it will be updated daily. You’ll find the newest information by scrolling down.
    The relativ low fatality rate in Germany is also due to recommendations by lung specialists (physicians) to be very conservative with intubations.
    I have to admit, I would like to see more facts and not the repetition of the mainstream propaganda here concerning the virus. We had fake pandemies in the past – e.g. the swine influenca in 2009 that followed a similar script.

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